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Category: Alternative Health

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Life On Earth Podcast, The Peace Project with Nathalie Croix: aims for global and intergalactic equality through celebrating diversity one Earthling at a time. Join Nathalie Croix as she teaches how to connect with the divine and transform darkness to light through topics such as yoga, meditation, optimal living, creativity, sun and moon rituals, philosophy, diverse cultural dynamics, nature, sacred movements, the healing arts and—ultimately—love. We are one; spread the love; join the movement!

Episode Date
#37 All About Podcasting & Overcoming Your Downfalls with Andrew Gordon
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Aug 21, 2018
#36 Are Your Thoughts, Your Thoughts ? with Vincent Tamplain

Show Notes:

Connect with Vincent Tamplain  @little_leaf_pottery on Instagram 

Come see Nathalie and Vincent for Tea Ceremony on August 18th 3-4PM Space is Limited - Register today Online

The ceremony ticket includes a special tea bowl made for you by Vincent

We will be drinking high vibrational living teas imported from mountains in Asia.

Purchase and reserve your spot today :

If you cannot make it to our tea ceremony - you are invited to come check out Vincent’s pottery and ceram [...]

Aug 04, 2018
#35 Mastering The Business Of Yoga M.B.Om with Amanda Kingsmith

In this episode I interview Amanda Kingsmith the founder of  M.B.Om, a podcast all about mastering the business of yoga 

Amanda is dedicated to bringing interesting and inspiring yoga teachers to your ears. Finding yoga teachers who have been successful in the yoga industry to help teach you about the business of yoga; the possibilities of being a yoga teacher, the realities of being a yoga teacher + the awesomeness of being a yoga teacher.


I hope you enjoy the show!

I was recently interviwed for Amanda’s podcast M.B.Om - if you would like to check out this episode click on this link


Join me August 1-5 in one of the world’s most beautiful [...]

Jul 06, 2018
#34 - Back To Nature with Aimee Thomas

Keeping in touch with nature seems easy enough- take a walk outside, admire the stars at night, wake up and enjoy sunrise yoga. So why do so many of us disregard the enjoyment our planet provides. Taking care of and nourishing our Earth is the best way to manage and continue our relationship.

Have you ever heard of Nature deficit disorder?

Our guest today is Aimée Thomas a Professor of Biological Sciences at Loyola University in New Orleans. We discuss spiders, Natural History, the Galápagos Island and getting in touch with nature. Aimée has spent the past year exploring the flora and fauna within New Orleans City Park which covers over 1,300 acres. She also talks about how she learned to have a relationship with the outside from a young age.

We also discuss the importance of yoga and the latest Golden Sunrise Retreat. Our connection to our mind, body and spirit healing is conveyed through yoga and is the totality of everything in nature. Our relationship wi [...]

Jun 12, 2018
#33 - We All Need Connection with Denise Milfort

Navigating the dating world and relationships in general is difficult.

When you mix dating apps, other people’s opinions, your own expectations and anxieties it can be downright exhausting.

Loving, nourishing and investing in yourself is the best way to find a connection within and with others.  

At the end of the day everyone wants to be connected; have you ever thought about what it takes to find that connection?

Our guest today is two-time guest Denise Milfort; an actress from Port au Prince, Haiti, now residing in California. We discuss love, life, friendships, marriage and dating. There are many reservations when you put something out into the world- you must think will my frequency and response be the same next year? Five years from now? Ten years?

You must be open to change in your relationships.

Relationships can succeed when you set expectations, are true to yourself and are your own beloved. If you are alone and want connection [...]

May 24, 2018
#32 - The Water Magister: Astral Travel with David Rodriguez

There are many things that we should be doing to maintain a happy and healthy life. Knowing our self-worth, believing in healing power, and surrendering or letting go of issues we cannot change are a few. Our guest explains how obtaining these can lead you to an enlightened life.

Do you know that you alone can be the ultimate healer of your own body?

We have two guests today. First is Nicole, manager at the Space and Raw Republic. Our main guest is David Andrew Rodriguez, also known as the Water Magister. Nicole went to the Okeechobee fest in Florida this March and took an astral travel class with David. She explains the feelings and thoughts through this session.

David is a teacher of meditation, Ashtanga yoga, astral-projection, ritual, sigil magic and more. He also just published a book titled, “The Water Magister’s: Self-Discovery” which consists of his journey through journaling, “sponge-mode” and meditation to heal depression. David also tells u [...]

Apr 27, 2018
#31 - The Human Energy Field with Sarah Murray

Everything has an energy field; all beings from humans to crystals. Many of us have busy lives with many stressors - we learn how crystals can draw from past experiences to help us in future situations.

Do you know how to utilize crystals to quiet our minds and souls?

Sarah Murray joins us today to talk about healing and therapy using crystals. Her company Pure Healing Insight based out of New Orleans, LA focuses on Crystal Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Astrology and much more. Sarah reminds us that we are much more than our physical body. She believes in the benefits of using crystals and shares how they have helped her and clients through various issues.

Why are crystals so special? Sarah explains they are a manifestation of the perfection of Earth. They are based on sacred geometry. Crystals also form according to a specific protocol. They are living beings and require water, minerals and heat. They also grow and disintegrate.

Learn ab [...]

Apr 22, 2018
#30 - Ion Alkaline Water with Gail Brown

Many of us have adjusted our diets to eat clean, healthy food, but what about the water we drink?

The human body is mainly comprised of water, so shouldn’t we be drinking the best water available?  

Gail Brown joins us today to talk all about alkaline water. She and her husband sell alkaline water and purifiers through their business, Ion Alkaline Water. They are true believers in its benefits, based on results from their own lives. Gail battled cancer twice and was told she only had a 2% chance of surviving. Her husband suffered severe gout. Both are living well now and greatly attribute this to alkaline water.

Learn about the downsides of tap and traditional bottled water, why pure alkaline water is important for humans, and other suggested benefits of alkaline water!

At the start of this episode, Nathalie shares some announcements regarding a Full Moon Ceremony, summer intensive yoga teacher training, and an upcoming retreat. See details below! [...]

Apr 12, 2018
#29 - Meditation Benefits with Dr. Rebecca Hutchings - The Medical Mythical Panacea


Dr. Rebecca Hutchings, owner of Live Oak Yoga, teaches both adult and kid yoga. Her primary focus is vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on breath work and injury prevention. Rebecca guides her students through their practice with clear instructions, intelligent sequencing, and hands-on adjustments. She encourages her students to enjoy the physical challenges of yoga, play with personal limits, and find a quiet mind. Rebecca was born and raised in Berkeley, California. She discovered yoga while studying medicine in Manhattan, and has now been practicing for 20 years. In her travels she has been able to study Aryuvedic medicine, as well as yoga at Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, India. Although Rebecca practices traditional western medicine, she believes that adding alternative therapies can be quite beneficial for some of her patients. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW school at Sha [...]
Mar 29, 2018
#28 - Brock Pierce From A World Of Me To A World Of We & Bitcoin

Brock Pierce is a visionary, a magician, an alchemist, and the chairman of The Bitcoin Foundation among many other things - including a lover life, our beloved Planet and Burning Man.

Brock is know for his work in the cryptocurrency industry and a former Hollywood child actor with apperances in movies such as The Mighty Ducks, First Kid and Little Big League.

He is also know for his extensive work in Bitcoins and other digital currencies as an advisor, founder, and investor. Having invested in over thirty companies in the blockchain ecosystem - helped raised over two hundred million dollars for companies he’s been involved with. 

Some on my favorite quotes from Brock are :

” A billionaire to me is not someonewho has a billion dollars, but someone who has positively impacted the lives of a billion people. A trillionaire to me is someone who is positively impacting lives of a trillion things.” 

” If anyone is successful in [...]

Mar 16, 2018
#27 - Power Walking with Avery Werther

Walking is so simple that we can easily forget just how beneficial it is! Avery Werther joins us today to remind you of the amazing benefits that walking provides and give some tips on how to walk for maximum benefit.

Walking can improve mood, reduce health risks, boost memory, and much more! With our busy lives, it may seem that we simply don’t have the time to walk, but it doesn’t take long. Also, the benefits of walking include being more productive, so you may actually end up with more time because you set aside 30 minutes to walk!

To get the most out of walking, Avery recommends power walking. She’ll explain what power walking is, how to do it, how fast you should power walk, the calories you can walk, and more.

What are you waiting for? Podcasts make great company for walking! Download this episode, get outdoors, and let’s get walking!


Links: [...]

Feb 27, 2018
#26 - Meditation Studio - Patricia Karpas

Joining Nathalie today is Patricia Karpas from Meditation Studio.

Meditation Studio is an award-winning app that makes meditation simple.

Patricia is also the host of the Podcast Untangle.

In this episode, we hear all about mediation, and the reasons to make time for meditation. Many of us may think we’re too busy for meditation, but often this means that we end up going through life anxious, or with some other unwanted effect. If we just took the time to meditate, we’d feel much better!

Whether it’s dealing with everyday stresses, anxiety, relationships, performance, sleep, or something else, there are many benefits to meditation, and Meditation Studio offers meditations for them all.

You’ll also learn about the importance of treating ourselves as good as we treat our friends and tips for everyday life, bringing yoga and meditation outside into your everyday interactions.



Feb 17, 2018
#25 - Keep The Fire Burning with Angela Kukhahn

Angela Kukhahn joins Nathalie for a discussion all about yoga! Yoga lovers, especially teachers, will not want to miss this one. Nathalie and Angela talk about being a yoga teacher, tools and techniques developed along the way, and more.

As yogis and yoga teachers, we’re always growing and evolving. Our views on what was right at one point in time can easily change, and often do, over the years.

Angela shares what inspires her to inspire others while teaching and how to address the individual in a group setting.

We hear about the use of props like blocks, belts, and blankets. Props bring many benefits, although some people have concerns about their use. Is it right to want to stick with some yoga traditions from the past, or is it okay to evolve and accept the use of props?

Social media provides great opportunities to connect and share information. Angela tells us about the growth of her Instagram account to over 80,000 followers, the dedication involv [...]

Feb 06, 2018
#24 - AWAKENING with Preston Smiles

For most of our lives, we’re taught that we need something outside of ourselves in order to feel whole and complete. But, the thing is, in this moment, all of our needs are met.

Preston Smiles joins Nathalie to talk about this, and more advice for living happily. Learn how to break down the walls to being yourself. Nobody should be holding you back. Discover the truth of your being.

Preston also challenges the idea that we all have to find just one “thing” to do for our entire lives, discusses the reasons why he thinks men should show emotion rather than repressing, and we learn about the primal benefits of doing activities like dancing, yoga, or even just screaming. They all help to dissipate negative energy, something that many of us don’t even realize needs to be done!

In a culture where we are taught and many times programed that men don’t cry or are allowed to express deep feelings and emotions - Preston challenges us to a new belief system a [...]

Jan 21, 2018
#23 -Zen Tea Master WuDe : The Simple Things In Life, Meditation & Nature

“Nature is always speaking to us and tea helps us understand what she’s saying”

Get enlightened by this thoughtful conversation between Nathalie and WudDe Tea Master from Global Tea Hut.

Along with an in-depth discussion about tea’s effects, brewing methods, and advice for beginners getting into tea, we hear a deep conversation about nature.

Are we losing our ability to communicate non-verbally in the present day?

Can tea help us change that and learn from the world around us? 

WuDe also shares information about courses taking place at Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan, what it’s like being a part of Global Tea Hut, and how you can get involved.


Jan 11, 2018
#22 - Life and Death. Energy and Peace. Letting Go Of Someone You Love with Brooke Baudot

While Christmas is a joyous time for many, it can also be a sad time, particularly for those who have experienced loss. We’ve all experienced loss, some more recently than others, and Christmas can bring on memories and feelings of sadness.

This episode, Nathalie speaks with Brooke Baudot about life and death, advice for grieving, and dealing with loss. In the western world, we seem to have a much harder time dealing with the transition than in other cultures. We never know how much time we have left ourselves, or how much time we have with others. Although it may be difficult to understand why bad things happen, we all have a purpose on this planet, and you may understand one day.

Also in this show, you’ll hear a bit about Brooke’s journey opening her own yoga studio and air plant business, near-death experiences, dreams, and a question about animals being drawn to meditation.



Global Tea Hut< [...]

Dec 24, 2017
#21 - How To Remain Grounded During The Holidays

Nathalie wishes you a happy holiday season from New Orleans! This time of year means different things to different people. The holidays can be happy, sad, stressful, among many other things. In this episode, Nathalie will share some methods for staying grounded during the holidays and tending to your inner fire. Whether it’s walking meditation, bathing rituals, tea ceremonies, or listening to music, there are many things you can do for yourself.

With the winter solstice and new years approaching, we reflect on the past year and prepare to transition to the new year!



Winter Solstice Clearing Ritual: Let Go & Release at Shanti Yoga Shala

Dec 09, 2017
#20 Yoga & Life Tips For You ! Q & A

Join us for a Q & A with our teacher training group and gain tips for yoga and for life!

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience.

Shanti Yoga Shala Teacher Training School in New Orleans has shared the love of yoga with many students. Today, Nathalie brings you to a Q&A session with students of the teacher training, answering questions from each student. Topics include Yoga Nidra, assistance with poses, class sequences and poses, meditation, and more!

Interested in yoga teacher training?


Support Nathalie on Patreon

Want to join us on some fun outings and community support ? Join our LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST Facebook Group Page 

Nov 28, 2017
#19 - Energy Healing - My Own Experience

My experience with energy healing has been transformational in my practice, teachings and life. 

I first began realizing the power of energy healing through my yoga classes and later on by discovering reiki. 

I hope you enjoy this episode where I give you a glimpse of a magical world! 

- Nathalie Croix

Show Notes :

Have you ever wondered what happens at a guided energy healing session? On this episode, Nathalie talks about her journey to becoming an energy healer, the technique she developed, and explains how energy healing sessions work. If you can’t attend a session with Nathalie, a distant healing session may also be an option!

To learn more or find out about booking a session with Nathalie:

Phone/Text: 310-435-6098


Aghora Crystals: Website /

Nov 12, 2017
#18 Food As Medicine - Dr Mignonne Mary - The Remedy Room
Be Healthy. Be Well. Be Happy!
This is your right on this Earth planet.
Dr. Mignonne Mary ( M.D.)  is here to empower you! 
You Have The Power To Heal Yourself. 

Dr. Mary Speaks about how we can heal ourself and the importance of vitamin C - plus she he gives insights on the sources of food we are eating and stresses on the importance of medicine prevention by addressing life style. 

The importance of eating organic. 
A large fraction of the population has inflammation and is dehydrated : how can we assist our bodies and prevent this epidemic? 
Dr Mary  gives lot’s of tips on how to improve your whole well being and health and stresses on how there are many things we can do to thrive health wise. 
She empowers people to take ownership of their health and explains how in tod [...]
Nov 04, 2017
#17 - Hello From Malta! #Beloved

Hello from Malta ! The girls have an amazing experience with Sri Mati of - ” The Plant Power Way ” & ” This Cheese Is Nut’s ”  book author at her retreat #Beloved in Malta, exploring sun rise gazing meditations, tea ceremonies, yoga, holotropic breathing and lot’s of empowering conversations. Nathalie is joined by guests Anita and Susan as a weekend retreat at Sanya in Malta comes to a close. Hear about their experiences at the retreat and how life led them here - plus lot’s of tips on how to enhance your life with daily tools. You’ll also hear about vegan life and clean eating, spirituality, yoga, meditation, and perhaps be inspired to experience a retreat for yourself!

Anita’s Instagram: 


Susan’s In [...]

Oct 17, 2017
#16 Himsa - Light On Violence with Christopher Galliano

Following the heartbreaking violence in Las Vegas, Nathalie and Chris Galliano contribute to the ongoing conversation about dealing with these types of incidents. In our hyper-sensitized society, it can be too easy to mourn for a few days until the next distraction comes along. However, this means that the underlying issues are never really addressed.

Chris, who has spent time in the military, offers his perspective on gun violence and the 2nd amendment, and Nathalie speaks to the spiritual perspective. While Himsa means violence, Ahimsa is non-violence, and is the first and foremost of the five Yamas practiced in yoga.

The goal of this conversation is to bring attention to violence, as a step towards making the world a more loving place. How are you contributing to the situation on our planet?

 The True Cost Documentary 

AHIMSA - Blog by N [...]

Oct 08, 2017
#15 Yoga Nidra - A Powerful Healing Technique

You Can Heal Yourself.

Join Nathalie for a guided Yoga Nidra session. All Levels Welcome! Anyone can practice Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful healing and relaxation technique.

This can be done on the floor, a yoga mat, mattress, or bed.

You’ll need something comfortable to wear, a Mexican blanket or pillow for your head, an eye pillow, and optionally a pillow or blanket for under your knees.

Find a quiet place and enjoy your practice !

Every Wednesday, I teach Yoga Nidra at 1:15-1:50PM at Shanti Yoga Shala in New Orleans.

Every Friday, I teach Meditation 1:15-1:50PM also at Shanti Yoga Shala. Drop Ins Are Welcome. Sign Up Online!

I also teach Yoga Nidra in my Yoga Teacher Trainings - 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered School 

  • Anyone [...]
Sep 29, 2017
#14 Co-Creation in Nature with Vanessa De Rover

How to ask for what you want, in the light of manifestation, grace and love ?

Shamanic circles, Astral Travel, Dreams, Spirit Animals, Creating + Co-Creating Your Best Life and Spirit Counseling with Vanessa De Rover. 

Vanessa, leads Shamanic circles, reiki healing sessions and is forefront on pychic work in the mysterious, historic city of New Orleans.

On this special day we sit with her and dive into many of her healing modalities and access the unnown - learning tools for creating and co-creating your most auhtentic Self. 

Nathalie and Vanessa discuss our experiences on Earth and beyond.

The two explore the Divine Male, finding the answers within us, ascension, energy healing, and much more.

To conclude, join Nathalie & Vanessa for a mantra and bonus meditation.

Vanessa’s Facebook / Instagram / Phone: 5 [...]

Sep 10, 2017
#13 Taking Inspired Action with Sheena Mannina & The Solar Eclipse

Sheena Mannina returns to Life On Earth for a deep, inspiring, spiritual discussion with Nathalie Croix.

The duo discuss navigating vibrations, the fourth dimension of existance, effective ways of clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances of planet Earth. 

Sheena speaks about the power of Tuning into higher vibrations and taking inspired action. 

Accessing this new moon in Leo / Mercury Retro and the 8/21 Solar Eclipse.

Nathalie talks about clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances

Nathalie reads from Many Moons and leads the way for Sheena to share her thoughts on what’s happening in the world right now. The two also talk about the exchange and depletion of energy in life, and how even bad experiences can be empowering.

 Sheena: Raw Republi [...]

Aug 19, 2017
#12 Energetic Growth & Spiritual Perspectives on the Solar Eclipse 08/21/17 with Noell and Nathalie

Noell and Nathalie discuss their prespectives on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 8/21 - The New Moon in Leo. Being in betwtween two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. They give many tips on how to navigate this time on the planet - calling it a detoxification time - evaluating challenging times and how there is growth no matter what. Nathalie gives tips on how to raise your vibration while working in a small office spaces. Making the best out of every situation. Planting seeds with new moons! Noell explains how the human body has an inate intelligence and capacity to heal thyself. The two discuss how things need to come up to heal - reminding us that after the storm there is a rainbow. 


Check out Kaypacha and watch the video :
< [...]
Aug 16, 2017
#11 House On Fire * Light After Dark With Chris Galliano

The house burned down. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Even bad situations, although difficult to understand, can happen for the greater good. Nathalie’s guest Chris Galliano understands this well, after losing his home and belongings in a fire. He tells the story of picking up the pieces afterward, and how the experience has made him a stronger person.

Also this episode, Nathalie & Chris marvel at nature, discuss division caused by politics and why the two-party system may no longer be ideal, and Chris shares some thoughts on his recent travel experiences, including praise for Canada and Canadians!



Nathalie’s Blog

Benjamin Bullins Art

Chris’s previous Life On Earth appearance

Jul 29, 2017
#10 Yin / Yang - Finding Balance with Noell Eanes - Eastern Medicine Practitioner

Healer, wellness consultant, licensed acupuncturist, and eastern medicine woman are just some of the many titles taken by Noell Eanes.

Nathalie and Noell begin by discussing how it’s more common these days to have a wide skillset, rather than a single job title. Noell is great proof of that, and she tells us about her background which entails Shakuju Therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and much more.

From this episode, you’ll discover the importance of finding balance and being present in life. We’re all the same, no matter how much money we have. Balance and being grounded is key, and we should all be able to achieve it. Noell explains this using yin and yang from Chinese philosophy. Learn to let go of what isn’t important and enjoy the moment. Balance also applies to relationships in terms of masculine and feminine energy.

Noell tells us about forest bathing, a practice in Japan that promotes health benefits from taking a walk in the woods, and then we [...]

Jul 09, 2017
#9 Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers : On The After Life, Ghosts, Angels, Fairies and More!

Celebrity Psychic, Host, Model, Actress, Singer, and Adventurer Laura Powers spend a special  hour with us for this Life On Earth Episode. Join us, as Laura shares her positive energy and tells the story of how she came to be a psychic.

Nathalie and Laura cover a variety of topics such as psychic attacks, having energy boundaries, the power of prayer, spirits, ghost-whispering, angels, fairies, genies, and more.

We learn why some places, such as New Orleans, have more supernatural activity than others, and you’ll get some advice for clearing such unwanted beings.

Sometimes in life, we deal with seemingly negative or terrible experiences, but these can actually create space for more positive things to manifest. Nathalie and Laura discuss how to deal with these situations, and Laura shares her thoughts on understanding the passing of loved ones and reincarnation.

Laura tells us about her books, including a new one about publishing works of your own. Bef [...]

Jul 04, 2017
#8 Shine Your Light Into The World In Alignment - The Bahamas ~ New Moon Episode

“ I was sitting by the ocean in the Bahamas when I wrote this  blog and recorded this Podcast Episode. Channeling Higher Source, Divine Beings Of Love And Light. Surrounded by water in the Cancer moon I downloaded deep information ~ healing and soothing to our Souls. I hope you too can sit in silence while listening to episode #8. Close your eyes and just breath steadily. Finding a soft rythm, allowing whatever message that is intended and meant to be to resonate with your Soul. In Love And Light ”  ~ Nathalie 


Join Nathalie from the Bahamas as we all welcome the new moon. In this new Summer Solstice cycle, we celebrate the light within. Let the new moon wash away your insecurities and bath in the light. Nathalie shares a powerful affirmation to close this episode. 

Nathalie’s New Moon Summer Solstice Blog

Jul 01, 2017
#7 Live Be Yoga (Yoga Journal) Tour with Rosie Acosta & Brant Williams

Brant Williams & Rosie Acosta, Ambassadors for Live Be Yoga, join Nathalie for an episode all about yoga! The duo visited Nathalie’s Summer Solstice Celebration yoga class at her studio Shanti Yoga Shala. After class they sit together at Raw Republic for an inspiring  conversation. 

The Live Be Yoga Tour has Brant & Rosie on a journey to experience yoga in 22 cities across the U.S., and explore how yoga differs from place to place.

You’ll hear about their adventures on the road, what they’ve discovered so far, and how they made it through the application process to land such an amazing job.

In addition to lots of yoga talk, we’re reminded of how important meditation can be as well!

The three discuss New Orleans’ haunted history, how Nathalie communicated with a spirit living in her home, and Rosie shares a story about her stay at a haunted hotel in the French Quarter that had to be cut short.

The conversati [...]

Jun 23, 2017
#6 Aliens, Life, Wellness & Spirituality with Sheena Mannina

Get ready for an inspiring conversation between Nathalie and this week’s guest, Sheena Mannina. This episode comes to you from The Space, upstairs of Raw Republic, Sheena’s wellness boutique in New Orleans. Sheena tells us what inspired her to open Raw Republic, and how the journey taught her the importance of having struggles in life. We also hear what Sheena does that has led her to more success and happiness in life.

You’ll also hear about the importance of being in tune with your vibrations and taking a step back to assess your life, giving the universe the opportunity to provide what you need.

The two chat about religion, praying, spirituality, and vibrations, which leads to some discussion about aliens and messages that are not from this planet.

Wrapping up, we hear about channelers, traveling, amazing food, plus Sheena shares a delicious smoothie recipe and gives you the opportunity to win a treat!



May 27, 2017
#5 In Topanga Canyon : Nathalie and Emily Cadenhead On Nature, Animals, Childbirth and Motherhood

Manifesting friendships, animals, nature, pregnancy and natural childbirth are the themes in this episode of Life On Earth. Nathalie is joined by Emily Cadenhead. We hear how the two became friends and Emily’s experience as a clothing designer.

At the time of recording, Emily was expecting that her second child would be born very soon! She explains that, for this child, they had a birth blessing rather than a traditional baby shower. For the second time, Emily is giving birth at home. The two chat about why they prefer this method using doula and midwife rather than a hospital birth. Emily also shares some insight about why nature has associated pain with a beautiful thing like childbirth and believes the answer lies in the profound feeling she had after giving birth.

Nathalie and Emily discuss how humans and animals are sharing the Earth, and discuss how to live peacefully, even with animals that may pose a threat. Emily shares a tragic story of losing pets to coyo [...]

May 20, 2017
#4 Nathalie meets Denise Milfort in Hollywood For An Inspirational Talk On : Healthy Living, Positivity, Gratitude, And Beauty.

Nathalie & Denise Milfort spend a beautiful L.A. evening on a rooftop bringing you inspiration and good vibrations. You’ll hear about eating clean and living healthy, including why Denise is so particular about the water she drinks. The two discuss the Law of Vibration, the importance of treating others well, and getting back from the universe what you put out. We hear about skin care, hiking, the importance of getting vitamin D the natural way, and Denise explains her admiration for beauty while discussing some of her favorite places such as Sedona, Big Sur, and Esalen.


Denise Milfort: IMDB / Facebook

Nathalie’s Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagr [...]

May 07, 2017
#3 ” The Intro ” Episode : France, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, USA : Many Oceans. One Earth.

On this episode of Life On Earth, you’ll get to know all about Nathalie Croix. Nathalie tells us about her life journey, travels, background, career, and her love of animals.

You’ll hear about Nathalie’s vision for the Life On Earth podcast and what you can expect to hear. This includes interviews with amazing people, with hopes to inspire you to become a better person.


Nathalie’s Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Shanti Yoga Shala’s Website / Twitter / Facebook

Check out this article on Nathalie : h [...]

Apr 29, 2017
#2 Chris Galliano on Meditation, The Military, True Friendships, New Orleans and Dolphins in Hawaii

For this episode of Life On Earth, Nathalie is joined by the fascinating Chris Galliano. Chris tells us the story of how he ended up joining the military and talks about his time spent there, including working with dolphins who can find mines underwater. We hear about Chris’s time in Iraq and why he thinks it’s unlikely something like that will happen again. Nathalie shares her perspective on what it’s like to have a friend in the military and wondering if they’ll ever return home.

Getting into some deeper conversation, Nathalie and Chris talk about friends and family, religion, beliefs, life and death. The two share their love for New Orleans, its history, and the many events that take place there.

We hear about the benefits of meditation and stopping illnesses before they reach the physical body. Nathalie issues a simple challenge to smile at others with kindness and find something you love about them. Everything else fades away, leaving only peace and joy. [...]

Apr 14, 2017
#1 Life On Earth: Nathalie Speaks With Lisa Byrne And Laurie Gambacorta Of E.P.I.C Magazine in Durango, Colorado mountains


Empowering People - Inspiring Community

SOULutions for daily living.

Are you tunning in to daily messages from Spirit ? Every day we receive messages to empower and show us the path. The question is are we able to recognize them?

Finding what’s unique to you in this lifetime is a must. Your unique expression in this Planet matters, because there is only one of you. 

As one of my all times favorite quotes says ….

” Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” - Oscar Wilde 

Lisa Byrne and Laurie Gambacorta are the founders of the awesome inspiring E.P.I.C. magazine in Durango, Colorado, where I got together with them to explore topics such as health, Spirituality, sustainibility, meditation, rei [...]

Apr 05, 2017