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Have you heard of functional neurology but you don’t understand what it is? Or maybe you have even been to a functional neurologist but you’re still not clear what’s going on. You’re not alone! Functional neurology is a relatively new discipline showing profound results for today’s ever increasing issues with brain disorders. This podcast features functional neurology patient education interviews about non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical approaches to rehabilitating brain-based disorders and improving brain function.

Episode Date
Episode #22: Food sensitivities: Causes, prevention, and solutions
Feb 05, 2018
Episode #21: Functional neurology for rheumatoid arthritis and gut problems
Jan 17, 2018
Episode #20: Brain injury recovery with functional neurology and functional medicine
Jan 17, 2018
Episode #19: Where intuition intersects with functional neurology
Jan 17, 2018
Episode #18: Posture and the brain: What your posture says about your brain and how neurology exercises can improve posture, pain, brain disorders, and well being
Nov 29, 2017
Episode #17: Got anxiety? How tremoring can relieve stress, speed recovery, and help heal trauma and PTSD
Nov 29, 2017
Episode #16: Healing the gut-brain connection after head injury (even old ones)
Nov 29, 2017
Episode #15: How low dopamine hijacks your ability to get shit done and what to do about it
Oct 07, 2017
Episode #14: How cold laser treatment can radically boost your brain health and performance
Oct 05, 2017
Episode #13: Migraines! How a functional medicine and functional neurology approach can alleviate or banish your migraines
Oct 05, 2017
Episode #12: Diseases of captivity, sitting disease, and being a sedentary athlete: How to reboot your brain through movement
Oct 05, 2017
Episode #11: Things you can start doing right now to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s later
Oct 05, 2017
Episode #10: How you can detect increased risk of brain development disorders such as autism, ADD, ADHD, in newborns and infants
Sep 25, 2017
Episode #9: The role of fight, flight, and freeze responses in early childhood brain development
Sep 25, 2017
Episode #8: Functional neurology and addiction recovery
Sep 25, 2017
Episode #7: The role of brain MRIs in functional neurology.
Sep 25, 2017
Episode #6: How bad gut bacteria can lead to Alzheimer’s and how to prevent it
Sep 14, 2017
Episode #5: Gardasil vaccine injury: A functional medicine approach to evaluating risks and managing vaccine injury
Aug 01, 2017
Episode 4: Why am I Not Right Since My Concussion? Functional neurology for concussion recovery
Jul 26, 2017
Episode 3: The Neurology of Touch and How to Restore Healthy the Ability for Healthy Touch
Jun 29, 2017
Episode #2: Are you stuck in fight-or-flight mode? Solutions for chronic sympathetic stress
Jun 21, 2017
Episode 1: Orthodontics, palate widening, and the brain
Apr 18, 2017
Functional Neurology Minute
Jan 31, 2017