Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

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Get an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the world of food with chef, television personality and author Richard Blais. Hear from anyone and everyone in the culinary industry, including restaurateurs, television hosts, famous chefs, producers of your favorite cooking and competition shows and more. They'll join Blais for spontaneous, back-of-house conversation about what it takes to make it in different parts of the food business, global trends and where the industry overlaps with entertainment. Plus, play along with their games, trivia and other wacky moments.

Episode Date
Down with the Dondada: With Hugo Sanchez and Aarti Sequeira
Richard and Jazmin sit down with honorary co-host Aarti Sequeira and the self-proclaimed Don of Food Network producers Hugo Sanchez. Listen in as they talk about everything Hugo deals with behind the scenes, what typecasts they use for chefs, and answer questions from fans like you. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Aug 14, 2018
Permission Granted: with Grant Achatz
Richard catches up with Chef Grant Achatz in his Three Michelin star restaurant Alinea. Listen in as Richard recalls working under Grant at The French Laundry in the 90's, discuss outlets for their creativity, and reveal some of the ways they get to know their staff. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Aug 07, 2018
Chef's crease with Sang Yoon
Richard, Jazmin, and special co-host Aarti Sequeira sit down with Chef Sang Yoon to talk hockey, hot dog machine guns, and have their first mukbang session on the podcast. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 31, 2018
Friday Game Night: Would your rather with Simon Majumdar
Richard and Jazmin play a rousing game of Would you rather? with Simon Majumdar. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 27, 2018
Kintsugi Boogie with Candice Kumai
Richard and Jazmin welcome Candice Kumai into their home to discuss her new book "Kintsugi Wellness" and her Japanese heritage that informed and inspired it, Candice's experience on the first season of Top Chef, and we find out if Candice can diss. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 24, 2018
Friday Game Night: Ripe or Hype with Alon Shaya and Aarti Sequeira
Richard premieres Ripe of Hype to the world with Alon Shaya and Aart Sequeira. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 20, 2018
Twinterview: The Potash Twins and Elizabeth Falkner
Richard and Jazmin cap off the Aspen Food and Wine classic with Ezra and Adeev Potash, hosts of Bravo's Beats and Bites as well as Chef Elizabeth Falkner. Listen in as they discuss crossing their passions for performance with food, Elizabeth breaks down her croquembouche Samurai installation, and the art of collaboration. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 17, 2018
Friday Game Night: Marinate Shuck or Grill with Gail Simmons
Richard plays Marinate Schuck or Grill with Gail Simmons. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 13, 2018
Between a Rocco and a Hard Place with Rocco DiSpirito
Richard and Jazmin catch up with Chef Rocco DiSpirito at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen to talk about his show The Restaurant, the changing expectations for chefs in the time since the show, and getting on board with healthy living. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 10, 2018
Friday Game Night: Scarf or Barf with Curtis Stone
Richard and Jazmin play a special Aussie edition of Scarf or Barf? with Austrailian celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 06, 2018
Zahav and Zahav nots: With Michael Solomonov
Richard and Jazmin catch up with Michael Solomonov at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic where they talk about the influence of his Israeli restaurant Zahav, what it takes to win awards, and Richard and Michael bond over their love of old school hip hop. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jul 03, 2018
Friday Game Night: Who said what? With Duff Goldman
Richard and Jazmin play Who said what? with the Ace of Cakes himself Duff Goldman. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 29, 2018
Waxing poetic with Jonathan Waxman
Richard and Jazmin catch up with famed Chef Jonathan Waxman during the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen where they chat about Kanye West, Richard asks Jonathan how he feels about Obi Wan comparisons, and Jonathan defends the much maligned Caesar salad.
Jun 26, 2018
Friday Game Night: Would you rather? with Brooke Williamson
Richard and Jazmin play would you rather with Brooke Williamson. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 22, 2018
Aspen Food and Wine Classic: From War Room to Debriefing
Richard and Jazmin give a look behind the scenes as they prepare for and subsequently break down their time at the "grand daddy of them all', The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 19, 2018
Friday Game Night: Scarf or Barf with Ellen Bennett
Richard plays scar or barf for the first time with Ellen Bennentt. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 15, 2018
Doing Food Network since 2011 and generally proud of it! With Troy Johnson
Richard and Jazmin are joined in the mobile walk in by writer and food network regular Troy Johnson to talk about his start in music journalism, Richard's envy of his similes while judging, and feats of strength against Guy Fieri. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 12, 2018
Friday Game Night: DC or NYC with Carla Hall
Richard asks Chef Carla Hall the tough questions, DC or NYC? Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 08, 2018
Anatomy of Eating a Chicken Wing: WITH Adam Richman Part Deux
Richard and Jazmin finally DEUX get ahold of Adam Richman to talk about how his recovery is going, competitive eating challenges, and ketosis. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 05, 2018
Friday Game Night: Marinate, Shuck, Grill With Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso
Richard and Jazmin play Marinate, Shuck, Grill with Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso on the first installment of Friday Game Night. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Jun 01, 2018
Autopsy of a food demo: WITHOUT Adam Richman
Richard and Jazimin are ALMOST joined by Adam Richman from the BottleRock festival in Napa. But instead Richard breaks down his plans to make exploding soup for his presentation at the festival, Richard becomes a Bruno Mars fan mid podcast, and shares a fun story when Giada De Laurentiis didn't recognize him. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
May 29, 2018
LIVE from the hotel room: With Justin Warner, Aarti Sequeira, and David Lewis
Richard is joined on the road by Chef's Justin Warner and Aarti Sequeira along with Producer David Lewis. The quartet talk about the role of the restaurant chef vs TV chef, the entrepreneurial spirit, and "hands and pans". Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
May 22, 2018
Bayless is More with Rick Bayless
Richard joins Superstar chef Rick Bayless in Chicago to discuss the connection between the theater and kitchen, the rise of the airport restaurant, and the role yoga plays in keeping the mind and body strong through life. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
May 15, 2018
LA NATIVE with Nyesha Arrington
Richard and Jazmin are joined by Chef Nyesha Arrington in the walk in to talk about the transition from traditional fine dinning kitchens to cooking shows, getting over the emotional roller coaster of TV shows, and Nyesha's new restaurant Native. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
May 08, 2018
Zach Attack With Zach Pollack
Richard and Jazmin are joined in the walk in by Chef and owner of Alimento, Zach Pollack, to discuss the LA vs San Diego rivalry, what qualifies food as "authentic", and perfecting the mozzarella stick. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
May 01, 2018
Eureka! Flynn's got it! with Flynn McGarry
Teen Chef Flynn McGarry joins Richard and Jazmin to talk about the challenges he faces from the perception of his age, the documentary coming out about him at SXSW, and the role the digital age had in fostering his passion so early in life. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Apr 24, 2018
Not so Hokey Poke Feat. Dakota Weiss
Richard and Jazmin meet the Executive chef Dakota Weiss at the new San Diego location of Sweetfin to discuss the move from being the "angry chef" to the more relaxed atmosphere they prefer to develop in the kitchen now. Richard and Dakota relate over the extreme stresses of performing on television for a competition like Top Chef. They also talk about what's trendy in food including Sweetfin's specialty, poke bowls! Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Apr 17, 2018
Head In The McLeods with Jason McLeod
Executive Chef of San Diego's Ironside Fish & Oyster and former Executive Chef of Chicago's RIA Jason McLeod welcome Richard & Jazmin to his steakhouse Born & Raised to give insight on his attempt to combine old and new cooking techniques, learning how to foster relationships with chefs in the kitchen by recognizing their outside lives, and his unorthodox take on working towards rewards like the beloved Michelin Star. And good news: Richard found a little help with making the airhorn sounds you all love. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Apr 10, 2018
Taco Tuesday with Katy Smith
Richard & Jazmin head to the San Diego taqueria Puesto to meet (and eat with) the Executive Creative Chef Katy Smith and listen to her story of how she became such a huge force behind Rick Bayless' many endeavors and managed to successfully grow a team from both within and outside the kitchen. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Apr 03, 2018
Richard Is Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins' Achilles Heal
Top Chef Colorado's Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins steps into the mobile Walk-In to talk about her experience of the show and how cooking on TV competitions has enriched her work in the kitchen. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Mar 27, 2018
Hummus & Tater Tots with Alon Shaya feat. Aarti Sequeira
The chef innovating modern Israeli cuisine Alon Shaya joins Richard in the Walk-In while The Next Food Star's Aarti Sequeira fills in for Jazmin to talk about Alon growing up with the food behind his heritage to being the James Beard Award-winning restaurateur honoring it. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
Mar 20, 2018
Les Vegétables with Amanda Cohen
The chef behind Dirt Candy Amanda Cohen joins Richard and Jazmin before they head over to the All-Star Chef Classic in Los Angeles to talk about working with vegetarian cuisine before it was cool and being named both the Best Chef of New York City and the Worst Named Restaurant at the same time.
Mar 13, 2018
Shave and a Hair Cutforth...Top Chef! with Dan Cutforth
Reality TV competition producer and the man behind Top Chef Dan Cutforth takes a step into the Walk-In to talk about his creation, as well as the severe lack of Richard Blais in recent episodes and the infamous head shaving incident! Also, Richard takes some fan questions about Top Chef!
Mar 06, 2018
Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Interview
The minds behind the food blog-turned-podcast Michelle Davis & Matt Halloway step into the Walk-In to talk about their rise to fame in the online food space. They also talk about the magic of Trader Joes, dealing with crazy LA shoppers, the numerous conspiracy theories about Salt Bae, and what really makes them Scarf-or-Barf: Vegan Edition. Warning: there's a lot of bleeps in this one.
Feb 27, 2018
Antonia Lofaso Crashes David Lewis' Party
David Lewis and Antonia Lofaso meet up with Richard to enjoy cans of SAN PELLEGRINO as they explain the behind-the-scenes happenings and editing tricks on the set of Guy's Grocery Game while Richard pitches some ideas for the show. David also trains Richard and Antonia on the art of critiquing on camera.
Feb 20, 2018
Blais'd: Live from the Restaurant Innovation Summit in Austin, TX
This week, Richard gives you a look at his keynote presentation at the 2017 National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Innovation Summit in Austin, TX that examines how we can use technology to enhance the food space.
Feb 13, 2018
Trading Skateboards for Cutting Boards with Chad Minton
The Digital Walk-In (a.k.a. Skype) welcomes Chad Minton to talk about his rise through the kitchen, why his name is in the Urban Dictionary and balancing his career as an executive chef with running his lifestyle brand and social media community True Cooks. Also, Richard finally got in trouble for excessive DJ Airhorning on set and at home.
Feb 06, 2018
Romancing The Curtis Stone
Richard and Jazmin finally get Curtis Stone in the Walk-In to talk about finding his passion for food at an early age, making the leap from restaurateuring to television, and the difference in dishing out criticism between staff and Top Chef contestants before playing an Australian edition of Scarf-or-Barf.
Jan 30, 2018
Somebody Feed Phil Rosenthal
"Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal pops by the Walk-In with Richard and Jazmin to talk about his new food-centric travel show on Netflix, where to get a good hot dog (answer: NOT AT DODGER STADIUM) and the creative process of creating a travel show for the common man.
Jan 23, 2018
This Is Not A Product Placement with Carla Hall
Top Chef and co-host of The Chew Carla Hall invites Richard into her house in NYC to talk about the many careers she's had (including being a cast member of The Lion King), keeping her authenticity in a commercial setting, her recent cameo on Girls Trip, and her method of having gratitude for every opportunity she's given.
Jan 16, 2018
Behind The Blais: Rachel Ray Show in NYC
Richard and Jazmin are back at The Ace Hotel in New York to document their experience before and after going on The Rachel Ray Show! Will Jazmin conquer her nerves of her first major TV appearance? Who's the Nick Saban of the cooking world? What does Richard make on the show today!? All this and more will be answered on today's bonus episode of SFA--as well as today's episode of The Rachel Ray Show...
Jan 12, 2018
Just A Bunch of Animals with Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo
LA restaurateurs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo step into the Walk In to talk about the evolution of how they manage their many restaurants over the last 10 years, dealing with harassment in the work place, and their methods for keeping their staff involved in the process.
Jan 09, 2018
An Extra Side of Veggies with Jeremy Fox
Chef and author of "On Vegetables" Jeremy Fox steps into the Walk In to talk about his fall from grace and his road to redemption.
Jan 02, 2018
From The Walk-In: Andrew Zimmern
Happy Holidays from Blaises! Richard and Jazmin pull out an episode from the vault featuring the thankful and talented Andrew Zimmern on his journey rebuilding his life after addiction to becoming a chef and host of several successful food programs, and how he gives back.
Dec 26, 2017
In The Walk-In Freezer with Sam Mason
Richard is joined in a bustling shop in Brooklyn owned by fellow chef and hipster Sam Mason, who talks about how his creation Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. brings together ice cream and strange flavors in a Wonkaesque fashion!
Dec 19, 2017
Blais Reviews: Top Chef Colorado
Richard and Jazmin team up again in the Mini-Walk-In (a.k.a. a random closet in their house) to do another review about the season premiere of Top Chef's 15th season, including: Richard's permanent cameo in the opening, staring with a Potluck challenge, the growing hipster population on Denver, the formidable challengers inside Last Chance Kitchen, and why Jazmin hid her pregnancy from Richard when he was competing on the show!
Dec 12, 2017
True Grits with Marcus Samuelsson
Celebrity chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson serves Richard food from his head quarters in Harlem to talk about the origins of his fashion sense, as well as his use of narratives in his dishes to bring communities together.
Dec 05, 2017
Blais'd: Live From Chicago!
Richard hits The Windy City with a bonus episode from his seminar live in Chicago! Get ready for lots of laughs, food sounds, and a stunning impression of Guy Fieri...
Dec 01, 2017
Jazzing It Up with The Potash Twins
In Minneapolis, Richard joins up with the "Twin Horns of Joy" and hosts of Travel Channel's Travel Channel's "Southern Road Trip" Adeev and Ezra Potash talk about their relationship with Andrew Zimmern, their music, and what they really think about La La Land.
Nov 28, 2017
Blais Reviews: Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent
Richard & Jazmin find themselves in a fitness club of all places as they review the documentary that explores the life and achievements of Jeremiah Tower, a controversial yet influential gastronomist and one of the first American celebrity chefs.
Nov 21, 2017
Sprinkle In Some Cupcakes with Candace Nelson
Founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes and "Cupcake Wars" judge Candace Nelson steps into the Walk In to talk about her role in the cupcake craze, her success as both an entrepreneur and a mother, and the story behind her ingenious idea of creating the 24-hour Cupcake ATM! She also talks about trading in a muffin tin for a pizza paddle in her new restaurant venture, Pizzana.
Nov 14, 2017
Food History with Simon Majumdar
British-American author and television personality Simon Majumdar steps into the Walk In to talk about his unexpected participation on Iron Chef: America, judging on Cutthroat Kitchen, and accepts his nomination as Starving For Attention's resident food historian.
Nov 07, 2017
Blais'd: Live In Minneapolis
As a special treat, Richard brings you a recording of his live seminar in Minneapolis where he talks about cooking techniques and--oddly enough--Guy Fieri. Enjoy this special treat and let us know what you think of this special through social media or the PodcastOne app!
Nov 03, 2017
Watching Fabio Viviani Enjoy An Aged Steak
Italian chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef Fan Favorite Fabio Viviani sits down for a bite to eat and a chat with Richard about spending his teenage years working his way through kitchens, immigrating into the United States, competing alongside Richard on Top Chef, and his method of balancing success with freedom in the culinary world.
Oct 31, 2017
Instagram Stories with Aarti Sequeira & Catherine McCord
Resident judges on Guy's Grocery Games Aarti Sequeira & Catherine McCord step into the Walk In to talk about their experiences judging competitions and that one time Jazmin punched a hole into a wall.
Oct 24, 2017
Blais Reviews: Top Chef Juniors Premiere
In a change of pace, Richard and Jazmin hop on Skype to have a cross-country discussion about the premiere of Top Chef's take on kid-based cooking competitions. ALERT = there are most definitely spoilers!
Oct 17, 2017
Trademarking Salmon Pastrami with David Burke
Restaurateur and branding genius David Burke gives Richard some tips on turning your name into a brand when it comes to working with food.
Oct 10, 2017
Top Chef Reunion with Shirley Chung & Casey Thompson
Richard and Jazmin meet up with Shirley Chung and Casey Thompson in Newport Beach to talk about life after Top Chef and how they manage their businesses and brands in the culinary world.
Oct 03, 2017
Birds of a Feather Rotisserie Together with Evan and Sarah Rich
On location at the Williams Sonoma HQ in San Francisco, the culinary power-couple behind Rich Table, Evan and Sarah Rich, talk about opening up their new restaurant RT Rotisserie, their experience moving from the East Coast to the West, and how they manage to raise a family while running multiple restaurants together.
Sep 26, 2017
A Spicoli Moment with Brooke Williamson
Top Chef Season 10's Brooke Williamson pops into The Walk In to talk about how she really felts about the final verdict of her season, that time Richard was totally mean about serving a cold soup dish, and what her young son thinks about her culinary achievements.
Sep 19, 2017
Getting Baked with Duff Goldman
Owner of Charm City Cakes and the "Ace of Cakes" himself Duff Goldman comes inside the Walk In to talk about his start in the business of craft crazy cakes, the formation of his unusual baking team, and his recent weight loss!
Sep 12, 2017
Off The Court with Dale Talde
Top Chef: Chicago's Dale Talde joins Richard in a hotel room in New York to talk about his time on Top Chef, his current business venture, basketball, and that one time he went full-on crazy at an intern.
Sep 05, 2017
The Devil Wears An Apron with Gail Simmons
Top Chef judge and food writer Gail Simmons meets up with Richard & Jazmin in Aspen to talk about her moviesque (and somewhat hellish) internship in the food space to her current role as a permanent judge on Bravos Top Chef.
Aug 29, 2017
Straight From the Test Kitchen of Justin Chapple
Food & Wine Test Kitchen's Justin Chapple meets up with Richard & Jazmin in Aspen to talk about his start at Starbucks to the method behind his madness in his cooking videos and his own way of handling internet trolls, as well as his upcoming cookbook. Also, we learn the deep, dark secret behind Richard's beard (spoilers: it's not very deep or dark, but it's mildly interesting).
Aug 22, 2017
Ain't No Rest For The Culinary Department with Sandee Birdsong
Richard and Jazmin get an interesting (often unsung and very dirty) point-of-view from the television world of cooking with Sandee Birdsong, the head of the culinary department (i.e. the people who actually make cooking shows run) of Top Chef and MasterChef. Also, listeners can play along with the grossest game Richard's come up with so far...this is not an episode for the squeamish!
Aug 15, 2017
Du Or Donut, There Is No Try with with Wylie Dufresne
Live again from the Ace Hotel, molecular gastronomist and Richards cooking idol Wylie Dufresne joins Richard to talk about engineering the perfect donut at his new venture Du's Donuts, the science behind the art of reinventing food from a molecular standpoint, and his opinion on food television. Also, Richard and Jazmin figure out their respective Game of Thrones houses.
Aug 08, 2017
Bringing Haggis To a Knife Fight With Ilan Hall
Live from the basement of Ace Hotel in New York, Richard (along with fill-in sidekick Eli Kirshtein) talk to chef and restaurateur Ilan Hall about his unconventional take on classic dishes like vegan ramen and Israeli BBQ, going head-to-head with Marcel Vigneron on Top Chef, and his time as creator and host of Knife Fight on the Esquire Network.
Aug 01, 2017
The Taste of Competition with Michael Voltaggio
Top Chef winner and the tattooed restaurateur behind .ink in Los Angeles Michael Voltaggio steps into the Walk-In to talk about competing on television with his own brother, creating his own chef family tree, and the element of surprise he makes sure to incorporate into his food.
Jul 25, 2017
Fermented Whale Anus and the Birth Story of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
During the Aspen F&W Classic, chef, writer, and creator of Travel Channels Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern enters the Walk In to talk about the unconventional start to his massively successful television career, why it's not just about eating bugs, and how to use fame for the betterment of his fellow man.
Jul 18, 2017
Reality Show Domination with Lou Diamond Phillips
Jack Of All Spades, L.D.P., joins us in the walk-in this week to discuss how he went from Iron Chef fan to reality show cooking champion with behind the scene stories from Iron Chef: America and Chopped. Plus, he plays the inaugural round of "Who Said What?" and dazzles with celebrity impersonations.
Jul 11, 2017
Hustle 101 with Ellen Bennett
Founder of Hedley & Bennett Ellen Bennett joins Richard and Jazmin to talk about her experience in reinventing the wheel of the kitchen world: the apron.
Jul 04, 2017
TV Beginnings with Antonia Lofaso & Jet Tila
Richard & Jazmin are joined in the studio by restaurateurs and chef judges from Cutthroat Kitchen Antonia Lofaso & Jet Tila to talk about their humble starts in the television world, working with Alton Brown, and their opinions about the backlash against television chefs.
Jun 27, 2017
Pilot Light with Besha Rodell
For their debut episode, Richard & Jazmin welcome the prolific and mysterious LA Weekly critic Besha Rodell as she talks about her humble journey in the world of food criticism, maintaining her secret identity all these years, and her thoughts on cultural appropriation in the restaurant industry.
Jun 20, 2017
Starving For Attention with Richard Blais Teaser
"Starving For Attention with Richard Blais" debuts Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.
Jun 13, 2017