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Podcast by Pure Desire Ministries

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Episode 111 - Group Leaders & Disclosure
Leading group members through the disclosure process is a very difficult thing for a group leader. Today's episode, we dive into how to handle it, what are do's and don'ts, and what the role of the group leader is in the disclosure process of the group.
Aug 20, 2019
Episode 110 – What Parents Need To Know About Porn
Pornography is becoming more and more mainstream in our culture. As parents, this means we cannot disengage the topic and hope for the best for our kids. Today's episode, we dive into what parents need to know about porn, how to talk to your kids about it, and what your role looks like in the sexual health of your kids.
Aug 13, 2019
Episode 109 – Developing As A Group Leader
Being a Pure Desire Group Leader is hard work. And because of the nature of the work, developing as a leader is a necessity. Today, Nick and Trevor talk to Ashley Jameson about what it looks like to get better as a PD Group Leader.
Aug 06, 2019
Episode 108 – Sexual Discipleship
We talk to Dr. Juli Slattery about what she calls "Sexual Discipleship." She describes the difficulty of talking about sex in the church, how it changes the church, how sexual discipleship changes the culture, and how it all should look in the church.
Jul 30, 2019
Episode 107 – Summer Sobriety 2
Sobriety during the summer is oftentimes a difficult task. On today's episode, we talk through 5 tips on how to maintain healthy sexuality through the summer months.
Jul 23, 2019
Episode 106 – Full Disclosure
Disclosure is a part of the recovery process. It's a very difficult one, but very necessary. We talk through the definition, purpose, and benefits of a full disclosure. And we also talk through what a proper full disclosure should look like.
Jul 16, 2019
Episode 105 – Soul Ties
Scripture describes sexual sin as one that uniquely affects the body. Today's episode, we spend time talking through Soul Ties. Diane Roberts joins us to talk about what Soul Ties are, how to identify them, and how to break free from them.
Jul 09, 2019
Episode 104 – Healthy Sex Life
Everyone wants a healthy sex life. Period. But what does it actually mean to have one? How often should married couples have sex? What qualifies as good sex? How do you improve the health of your sex life?
Jul 02, 2019
Episode 103 – Relapse & Recovery
Relapse often becomes almost a swear word in the journey to recovery. But what qualifies as a relapse? How should we view relapse on the recovery journey? Can we use relapse for future health? Should we disclose every relapse? All these questions are answered here!
Jun 25, 2019
Episode 102 – Power Of Gratitude
Gratitude is a topic most of us know well. But how does it benefit us? What role does it play in recovery? How do we develop it? This and more on today's episode!
Jun 18, 2019
Episode 101 – Men's Q&A
Today's episode is audio from Trevor and Nick's recent Q&A at a men's breakfast. They talk about length of group, neurochemistry, disclosure, and more!
Jun 11, 2019
Episode 100 – Looking Back, Some Favorites, and the Future
WE MADE IT TO 100 EPISODES! We spend some time chatting about the past 99 episodes, Trevor's favorites of Nick's intros, and some cool stuff Pure Desire has going for the future!
Jun 04, 2019
Episode 099 – Pastoral Failure
Why does pastoral moral failure happen as often as is does? Is there anything we can do about it? Will it always be this way? If it does happen, how are we to respond? Today's episode is a heavy one, but it needs to be talked about.
May 28, 2019
Episode 098 – 5 Reasons To Get Counseling
"Counseling" can seem like a taboo topic in the church world. But does it need to be? What if counseling is the one thing to help break those negative habits in our lives? Today's episode we discuss 5 primary reasons to consider getting counseling on your journey to sexual integrity.
May 21, 2019
Episode 097 - Promoting Pure Desire Groups At Your Church
The idea of promoting groups for sexual purity and betrayal in the church is not an easy or necessarily fun one. Today we talk about what the best ways are to promote Pure Desire groups in a way that catches more people and gets them the healing they need.
May 14, 2019
Episode 096 - Smartphone Purity Hacks
Is it even possible to own a smartphone and be sexually healthy? The answer is a huge YES! In this episode, we talk through 5 purity hacks to owning and operating a smartphone.
May 07, 2019
Episode 095 - Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, & Relationships
What does it look like to have healthy relationships? Is true pure love possible? How should sexuality play out in my life? We spend time talking through our newest women's resource: Unraveled, and what life change women can expect to gain from it.
Apr 30, 2019
Episode 094 - FAQ #8
Are wet dreams sinful? How do you manage sobriety on sick days? Why don't we offer same-sex attraction groups? Do we always need group? These are only a few of the questions we address in our newest FAQ episode.
Apr 23, 2019
Episode 093 - Making A Better Commitment To Change
The Commitment to Change (C2C) is a weekly tool that Pure Desire groups use on the road to recovery. But how do we unlock the vast potential of this tool? What makes a C2C effective? How can it help us develop holistic health? Listen in to find out!
Apr 16, 2019
Episode 092 - Escape Plan
Creating a plan for when temptation or triggers show up is always better when done in times of clear thinking and done with brutal honesty. What should this plan look like? What makes an effective escape plan for maintaining sexual integrity? We talk these and more.
Apr 09, 2019
Episode 091 - I Got Caught, Now What?
What do we do if we are caught in our porn/sex addiction? What's the first thing we should do? How can being caught be a good thing for our recovery? These questions and more are answered in this episode.
Apr 02, 2019
Episode 090 – I Caught My Spouse, Now What?
What do we do if we catch our spouse in a porn/sex addiction? What's the first thing we should do? What are some major pitfalls in how to respond? These are just some of the questions we address in today's episode.
Mar 26, 2019
Episode 089 - The Female Addict
Do women struggle with porn or sexual addiction? How do churches help women who do? What does recovery look like for women? How can we diminish the shame women addicts feel? We answer these questions and more in this episode.
Mar 19, 2019
Episode 088 - Leading 7 Pillars
What does it take to lead men through healing from sexual addiction? What do I need in order to lead these men? What kinds of support and resources do I need to effectively lead men into sexual integrity? We answer these questions and more in today's episode.
Mar 12, 2019
Episode 087 - SWORD Drill
We talk to our founder, Dr. Ted Roberts, about the practical bible studying tool used in our group resources–the SWORD Drill. We look at Nehemiah 8:10 and walk through how to read, experience, understand and implement practical steps from God's word.
Mar 05, 2019
Episode 086 - Stories Of Healing: Rick Bulman
We talk to Rick Bulman about how he and his wife, Tiffany, walked through the darkest of times in their marriage and how God took that mess and made it their message. We talk with Rick about what gave them hope and healing, the role of counseling in their recovery, how their relationships have healed, and their new book Mended.
Feb 26, 2019
Episode 085 - Unwanted (Pt. 2)
We talk to Jay Stringer, author, and mental health counselor, about his research and book, Unwanted. We talk to Jay about what he found in his research of almost 4,000 people, how to listen to your lust, and his involvement in the Heart of Man movie.
Feb 19, 2019
Episode 084 - Unwanted (Pt. 1)
We talk to Jay Stringer, Mental Health Counselor and author of the new book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing. We talk to Jay about his story and how he got into counseling. We also talk to him about how our sexual failures are roadmaps into our past harm, and how God views our sexuality.
Feb 12, 2019
Episode 083 - Genesis Process
We talk to the author of Genesis Process and creator of the FASTER Scale tool, Michael Dye. We talk to him about the history of the Genesis Process, how it works, how the FASTER Scale was created, and more.
Feb 05, 2019
Episode 082 - FAQ #7
We talk about how much to care about other people's recovery, examples of practical healthy habits in life, if we can or should watch shows like Game of Thrones, what married couples can do after group, and so much more.
Jan 29, 2019
Episode 081 - Forgiveness & Sexual Brokenness
We talk to Scott Bradley, Senior Pastor of As Is Church, about forgiveness. We define what forgiveness is, the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, how forgiveness changes a family, and more.
Jan 22, 2019
Episode 080 - Accountability Software: Covenant Eyes
We talk to Ron DeeHas, president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes, about accountability software and the role it plays in recovery from sexual addiction. Ron shares the history of Covenant Eyes, the benefits to having accountability software, and what the future holds for accountability software.
Jan 15, 2019
Episode 079 - Leading Betrayal & Beyond
We talk about leading Betrayal & Beyond groups. We talk about what the goal of the group is, who can lead the groups, and what materials are needed for leading. We also discuss how husbands can support their wives as they lead B&B groups, some best practices and some no's-no's as a leader.
Jan 08, 2019
Episode 078 - Help! My Kid is Looking At Porn
We talk through what to do if you find out your kid is looking at porn. We talk about how to prepare yourself for this potential situation, how to dive into the conversation, some do's and don'ts, and more.
Jan 01, 2019
Episode 077 - A Healthy Holiday
We talk through 3 tips on having a healthy holiday. We discuss handling stress during the holidays, communicating your feelings and its effects, and how to identify isolation.
Dec 25, 2018
Episode 076 - Dismissing Group Members
We talk about the difficult situation of dismissing group members. We talk about when to dismiss group members, what the process looks like, what follow up looks like, what to do when you're the one being dismissed, and more.
Dec 18, 2018
Episode 075 - Thought Life
We talk through five practices for sexual integrity in our thought life. We discuss preparing for the battle each day, practicing breath prayers, the involvement of group members, and more.
Dec 11, 2018
Episode 074 - 4 Ways To Renew Your Mind
We talk about 4 ways to practically renew your mind. We talk about how often these practices should be done, where in Scripture these are supported, and encouragements as we implement them in our lives.
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 073 - Help! I Don't Have My Church's Support
We talk about the situation where your church isn't supportive of Pure Desire groups. We talk through why some churches struggle seeing the need for these groups, how to best respond if this happens, what to do if you're in this situation, and much more.
Nov 27, 2018
Episode 072 - FAQ #6
We talk through more Frequently Asked Questions. The questions on today's episode cover topics like how shame diminishes, what to do when a spouse isn't involved in your recovery action plan, how long it takes to get sexually healthy, if disclosure in a dating relationship is ok, and more.
Nov 20, 2018
Episode 071 – Preaching & Purity
We talk through why preaching about sexual integrity and brokenness can be so challenging for the church. We discuss guidelines to preaching on sexual purity, what messages we inadvertently speak when avoiding the topic, how much is too much to share from the stage, and much more.
Nov 13, 2018
Episode 070 – Stories Of Healing–Mike Maxwell
We hear Mike Maxwell's story of healing from his porn addiction. He talks through what was at the core of his addiction and the destruction that it left in his life. He also talks about when things finally clicked and how God has redeemed his relationships and destiny.
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 069 – Legal Issues In Group
We talk about Legal Issues that arise in Pure Desire groups. We discuss how often legal issues come up, what types of issues come up, and how groups/group leaders can prepare themselves for potential issues. We also talk through do's and don'ts when handling legal issues and more.
Oct 30, 2018
Episode 068 – Father Wound
We talk about the Father Wound. We discuss what it is, how it compares to a Mother Wound, and how to recognize if you have a wound. We also talk through where in Scripture we see the Father Wound, how we address it, and how not to pass it on to our kids.
Oct 23, 2018
Episode 067 - Sexual Health For Singles
We talk about sexual health for single men and women. We discuss what healthy sexuality is, the true definition of intimacy, and what it looks like to pursue sexual health as a single person. We also touch on common misconceptions of sexuality for singles.
Oct 16, 2018
Episode 066 – Developing Group Leaders
We talk about the importance of developing Pure Desire group leaders. We discuss the requirements for being a group leader, what to look for in a potential leader, and things to avoid when looking for new leaders. We also talk through what developing group leaders looks like.
Oct 09, 2018
Episode 065 - Leading Conquer Groups
We talk through 6 tips (and a bonus) on leading Conquer Series groups. We discuss leading by example, shaming in group, relationship with God, confidentiality, and more.
Oct 02, 2018
Episode 064 - Social Media Minefield
We talk about maneuvering through the minefield of social media. We discuss how social media can be detrimental to our sexual integrity. We also talk through things to avoid, the positives of social media, and what being a healthy social media user looks like.
Sep 25, 2018
Episode 063 - Stories Of Healing: Patty Moreno
We hear Patty Moreno's story of healing from her husband's unfaithfulness. She talks through how God used the refuse in her life and marriage to create a renewed relationship with her husband and a restored ministry in the kingdom.
Sep 18, 2018
Episode 062 – Bringing Hope & Freedom
We hear from Pure Desire's Advancement Specialist and pastor, Rodney Wright. This episode is Rodney's message titled: Bringing Hope & Freedom.
Sep 11, 2018
Episode 061 – FAQ #5
We talk through more Frequently Asked Questions. The questions on today's episode cover topics like relapse and consequences, generationally passing addiction down, the role of Group Leaders in groups, comparing traumas, and more.
Sep 04, 2018
Episode 060 – Arousal Template
We talk through the Arousal Template tool. We discuss what the tool is, the 5 steps to using it, and how it helps us create a game plan for sustained sobriety. We also talk through the length of use for this tool, who you should share it with, and more.
Aug 28, 2018
Episode 059 – Triggers
We talk about triggers for sexual addiction. We discuss the different types of triggers and how we can identify them, if these triggers stay constant in life, the role of group accountability, and more.
Aug 21, 2018
Episode 058 – Misconceptions Of Marriage
We discuss 7 common misconceptions on marriage. We discuss misconceptions like: sex will always be good, your spouse will complete you, you can change your spouse, my spouse's health is my responsibility, and more.
Aug 14, 2018
Episode 057 – Sex During Recovery
We discuss the role of sex during recovery from sexual addiction. We talk through if it's ok to withhold sex during recovery, how to increase emotional intimacy, how periods of abstinence can help your marriage, and more.
Aug 07, 2018
Episode 056 – Behind The Mask
We talk about our resources and groups available for young women, Behind the Mask. We discuss who the group is for and what the main message is behind the resource. We also talk through why having these groups for young women is so important, how to get groups started, how to develop leaders, and more.
Jul 31, 2018
Episode 055 – Stories Of Healing: Paul Zunker
We hear Paul Zunker's story of healing from sexual addiction. He talks through the depths of his addiction, the legal issues that it created, and what failed attempts he had made to break free from his addiction. He also shares when it all started to click, how he found freedom, and what life looks like now with freedom from his addiction.
Jul 24, 2018
Episode 054 – Nightly Routines
We talk through 6 healthy nightly routines and how they help in our overall health. We discuss device use, protecting your sleep, planning ahead, meditation, gratitude, and eating habits in regards to how they benefit our holistic health.
Jul 17, 2018
Episode 053 – Creating Healthy Guardrails
We talk about creating healthy guardrails for maintaining sobriety from sexual addiction. We discuss why guardrails are important, what makes a healthy/unhealthy guardrail, and who should be involved in the creation or changing of our guardrails.
Jul 10, 2018
Episode 052 – 8 Tips For Launching Groups
We talk through 8 tips for launching Pure Desire groups. We discuss the importance of sharing our story, establishing expectations and standards for groups, and the culture you create in groups. We also give practical tips on how to set your groups up for health and success.
Jul 03, 2018
Episode 051 - When Crisis Occurs
We discuss the situation where men and women find themselves in a crisis due to sexual addiction. We talk about first steps when a crisis occurs, what things to avoid, and how to help others in crisis. We also discuss the role of group members in crisis and the resources available to anyone in crisis.
Jun 26, 2018
Episode 050 - FAQ #4
We talk through more Frequently Asked Questions. The questions on today's episode cover topics like withholding sex during recovery, what is sexual health, what the healing journey from sexual addiction looks like, and more.
Jun 19, 2018
Episode 049 – 5 Tips on Using the FASTER Scale
We give 5 tips on how to use the FASTER Scale tool. We discuss when to check the FASTER Scale, how to work it, when to talk through it, who to do it with, and it's role in life without Pure Desire Groups.
Jun 12, 2018
Episode 048 – Theology Of Addiction
We talk about the theology of addiction. We discuss the biblically-based and clinically-informed approach that Pure Desire's takes on healing from sexual addiction. We identify where addiction is in the Bible, why "loving Jesus more" isn't the solution, and why confession isn't enough for true healing. We also talk through why identifying trauma and triggers are necessary for lasting freedom.
Jun 05, 2018
Episode 047 - Stories Of Healing: Ernie & Jackie Chambers
We hear Ernie and Jackie's story of healing and redemption of their marriage. They talk through their marital tension caused by Ernie's sexual addiction and how they began their healing journey. They also share with us how their relationships with each other and their community changed through the process of healing.
May 29, 2018
Episode 046 - Summer Sobriety
We discuss maintaining sobriety during the oftentimes difficult summer months. We talk about things to avoid, helpful guardrails, and how to maintain accountability during the summer. We also discuss the opportunities that the summer months possess for finding sexual integrity.
May 22, 2018
Episode 045 - Regional Group Leaders (RGL)
We talk to two of our Regional Group Leaders (RGL's) about the RGL volunteer position. We discuss what an RGL is, why they exist, and how they help churches with Pure Desire groups. We also talk through mistakes churches make when it comes to utilizing their RGL.
May 15, 2018
Episode 044 – Pastors & Porn
We talk about the reality of porn/sex addiction in pastoral ministry. We discuss best ways to admit there is a problem, how much pastors should share, and how a church should respond to an admission of addiction from their pastors. We also give encouragement on how to get help and how to best support your pastors in this arena.
May 08, 2018
Episode 043 - Group Guidelines
We talk through Pure Desire's Group Guidelines. We talk about the importance and reasoning behind each guideline. We also discuss some misconceptions about the group guidelines and some common ways we break guidelines.
May 01, 2018
Episode 042 - Betrayal & Beyond
We talk through our Betrayal & Beyond (B&B) groups and group resources. We discuss why groups are needed for betrayed spouses and reasons why churches tend to not offer these groups. We talk about what it means to find healing from betrayal and how the B&B group resource helps betrayed spouses on their journey to healing.
Apr 24, 2018
Episode 041 - Mistakes Churches Make
We talk about common mistakes churches can make when addressing the topic of sexual addiction. We discuss the common approach that churches take when diving into this topic and the issues that it often times creates. We also talk about how to best start this ministry in your church in a way that is inviting and welcoming to people in all seasons of healing.
Apr 17, 2018
Episode 040 - Family Dynamics
We talk about family dynamics and how they play out in our daily lives. We discuss how to identify, address, and change the unhealthy dynamics in our families. We also talk through how discuss unhealthy dynamics in a beneficial way and what it looks like to create healthy dynamics in our families.
Apr 10, 2018
Episode 039 - Love Addiction Pt. 2
We talk about Love Addiction. We discuss how to identify if you are a love addict. We talk through why being a love addict is detrimental in life and how to address love addiction. We also give encouragements on how to find freedom from love addiction.
Apr 03, 2018
Episode 038 - Love Addiction Pt. 1
We talk about Love Addiction. We talk through how it differs from sex addiction and also discuss causes and factors that cater to a love addiction. We also talk about if it is just a women's issue, or if men can struggle with it as well.
Mar 27, 2018
Episode 037 - FAQ #3
We talk through more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The questions on today's episode cover topics like why masturbation is harmful, how to get buy-in for starting the Conquer Series, who can struggle with love addiction, when to pursue counseling, and more.
Mar 20, 2018
Episode 036 - Difficult Group Members
We talk about the reality and nature of having difficult group members. We discuss ways to avoid being a difficult group member and mistakes frequently made when dealing with difficult group members. We also talk through ways we've found success in handling difficult group members and what support is offered to group leaders.
Mar 13, 2018
Episode 035 - 8 Pillars to Freedom
We talk about our group 8 Pillars to Freedom. We discuss who the group is for and what the group time looks like. We discuss the differences between sex addiction and love addiction. We also give some tips on some do's and don'ts in an 8 Pillars group.
Mar 06, 2018
Episode 034 - Healthy Habits
We talk about the importance of healthy habits on the road to freedom from sexual addiction. We talk through what makes a habit healthy, how to implement lasting habits, and when a habit becomes another addiction. We also give personal examples of healthy habits that have worked in our lives.
Feb 27, 2018
Episode 033 - Singleness & Addiction Pt. 2
We talk to Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack about being single and battling sexual addiction. We discuss ways to educate and help young people address this issue, while also unpacking ways that married couples can encourage and support single friends and what resources are available for single people stuck in addiction.
Feb 20, 2018
Episode 032 - Singleness & Addiction Pt. 1
We talk to Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack about being single and battling sexual addiction. We talk through what it looks like to find sexual freedom as a single person and when it's ok to be in a relationship. We also talk about how to best reach the single demographic with the message of hope and freedom, and what resources are available for single people struggling with addiction.
Feb 13, 2018
Episode 031 - PD-University
We talk about our event called Pure Desire University (PD-U). We discuss what the PD-U is and who can attend these conferences. We also talk about what churches will benefit from hosting or attending a PD-U. We talk through how to host or attend a PD-U and why we encourage churches to pursue a PD-U.
Feb 06, 2018
Episode 030 - Living Free
We talk to Ben Bennett about his resource for college-aged men, Living Free. We talk about how the resource came about and what is at the core of its message. We also discuss why reaching the younger generations with freedom is so important and the benefits this freedom brings the church. To purchase a copy of Living Free, go to www.puredesire.org/living-free
Jan 30, 2018
Episode 029 - Conquer Series
We talk to the CEO of KingdomWorks Studios, Jeremy Wiles, about their 10-week cinematic study on sexual addiction called the Conquer Series. We talk about the backstory/history of the Conquer Series and Dr. Ted's involvement in the project. We discuss how the Conquer Series works and what it does. We also discuss the new rollout of Conquer Series 2.0 and all the updated/new tools added.
Jan 23, 2018
Episode 028 - FAQ # 2
We talk through more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The questions on today's episode cover topics like handling relapse in group leadership, who can/should watch the Conquer Series, timeline of full disclosure, healthy habits for engaged couple preparing for sexuality in marriage, and more. To submit your questions for future FAQ episodes: Email your question to: info@puredesire.org Use the subject line: PD PODCAST Post your question to social media, using the hashtag: #PDFAQ
Jan 16, 2018
Episode 027 - 7 Pillars of Freedom (Pt. 2)
We talk about our 7 Pillars of Freedom groups and group material for addicted men. We discuss what the 7 Pillars are, how often groups meet, and what men need to get 7 Pillars groups going. We also talk through what men need in order to lead 7 Pillars groups.
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 026 - 7 Pillars of Freedom (Pt. 1)
We talk about our 7 Pillars of Freedom groups and group material for addicted men. We discuss the history of 7 Pillars and how it compares to your run-of-the-mill bible study. We also talk about the commitment level required to benefit from 7 Pillar groups.
Jan 02, 2018
Episode 025 - Suspecting Spouse
We talked to Debby Flanagan, a clinician on staff, about when a spouse suspects that their husband/wife is struggling with porn/sex addiction. We discuss what first steps should be taken and what to avoid when addressing the suspicion. We also talk through about what support and resources are available for men or women in this situation. Resources Available Ashley Jameson (International Groups Coordinator) (503) 558-2923 Rich Moore (International Groups Coordinator) (503) 489-0246 Counseling Office (503)-489-0237
Dec 26, 2017
Episode 024 - Church Hurdles
We talk to Rodney Wright, pastor at Lake City Church in Idaho, about the struggles and hurdles pastors face when addressing sexual addiction in their church. We discuss what level of pastoral involvement is appropriate, why sexual addiction is a taboo topic, and why it is so important to have groups for people struggling in the church. Resources available for Pastors: PD-Leaders Program: https://puredesire.org/pages/pdl-overview
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 023 - One-Sided Healing (Addicted Spouse)
We talk to Tyler Chinchen, our Clinical Director, about a situation where an addicted husband/wife sees the need for healing but their spouse is not supportive. We discuss some initial steps for the addict in this scenario and types of resources available to them. We also talk through why a supportive spouse is important in the recovery process and how to include a spouse in that journey.
Dec 12, 2017
Episode 022 - Holidays & Sobriety
We talk to Dr. Ted Roberts about what he calls the "Limbic Holiday," aka the Holiday Season. We discuss the issues and struggles that so many have with family and addiction over the holidays. We also talk about ways to maintain sobriety and support your spouse during this stressful season.
Dec 05, 2017
Episode 021 - Disclosing to Your Kids
We talk to Jackie Chambers, one of our Regional Group Leaders, about disclosing addiction to your kids. We talk about what disclosure is and what it should look like when talking with your kids about addiction in the home. We talk about how to disclose, when to disclose, and discuss ways to keep the conversation going with your kids.
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 020 - FAQ #1
We talk through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that we hear at our PD-University events. The questions on today's episode cover topics like the neurochemistry of addiction, same-sex attraction, group struggles, identifying the problem in your church, etc.
Nov 21, 2017
Episode 019 - Starting Women's Groups
We talk to Jackie Chambers, one of our Regional Group Leaders, about starting women's Pure Desire groups at your church. We talk through what makes women's groups unique and what types of women's groups we have available. We also discuss tips and steps to follow when beginning women's groups in your church.
Nov 14, 2017
Episode 018 - One-sided Healing (Betrayed Spouse)
We talk about what it looks like when a betrayed spouse sees the need for healing but their addicted spouse isn't willing to work for freedom. We give encouragement and steps for the betrayed spouse on how to begin healing, and suggest some things they should avoid when trying to initiate change in their marriage, family, and home. We also talk through available resources for betrayed spouses.
Nov 07, 2017
Episode 017 - Recovery Action Plan (Safety Plan)
We talk with Ashley Jameson (International Women's Groups Coordinator) about the Recovery Action Plan (RAP) tool, previously called Safety Plan. We talk through what a RAP is and the benefits of using the tool - whether someone is struggling with addiction or someone has been affected by another's addiction. We talk about how to best use and develop a RAP and how it is a helpful tool that creates a predetermined process for recovery for anyone whether single, married, or divorced.
Oct 31, 2017
Episode 016 - Tech Action Plan
We sit down with Bob Vander Meer to talk about Creating a Tech Action Plan for your devices. We talk through what an effective action plan looks like and topics it should address. We also talk through filtering programs and how to avoid finding loopholes in our safety steps.
Oct 24, 2017
Episode 015 - Personal Promises
We talk about a tool known as "Personal (Prophetic) Promises." Personal Promises are used to combine a real-life experience and the truth of scripture into a powerful tool used on the road to recovery. We talk through what a personal promise is, how it should be used, and give some examples on what one should look like.
Oct 17, 2017
Episode 014 - Growing A Healthy Groups Ministry
We spend time talking about how to grow a healthy Pure Desire groups ministry. We talk through what healthy and growing groups look like and how to creating a developing ministry. We also spend time talking through how to identify, train, and develop new group leaders and what role our Regional Group Leaders (RGL's) play. And we also discuss some tips to use and some practices to avoid when working to grow your Pure Desire groups.
Oct 10, 2017
Episode 013 - Redeemed
We have a special episode this week from our Executive Director, Nick Stumbo. Today's episode is Nick's message from our 2017 Men's Conference - titled "Redeemed."
Oct 03, 2017
Episode 012 - Weekly Phone Calls
We talk to Bryan Roberts about weekly group phone calls. Making your weekly phone calls is a big piece to effective groups and healing. But too often, our phone calls are the first thing to go during a busy week. Bryan talks us through the importance of making your weekly phone calls and why they are a part of the healing process for men and women.
Sep 26, 2017
Episode 011 - Safe
We have our co-host, Nick Stumbo, as our guest today to talk about his new book - Safe: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame. Nick talks us through what the message is of his new book and who it's written for. He also tells how to really get to a place where your church's culture is one of grace and not a performance-based culture. To pre-order Safe: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame - visit puredesire.org/safe
Sep 19, 2017
Episode 010 - Pure Desire Counseling
We talk to Tyler and Shari Chinchen, two of our clinicians on staff, about counseling at Pure Desire. The word "counseling" tends to have a negative connotation attached to it. Tyler and Shari talk us through what counseling looks like and share the outcomes of treatment. They also give us a practical look at the approach of Pure Desire Counseling.
Sep 12, 2017
Episode 009 - Digital Natives
We talk to Bryan Roberts and Heather Kolb, authors of Digital Natives: Raising An Online Generation. Bryan and Heather talk us through the message, purpose, and reasons for this new book. We talk through the importance of raising your kids with healthy online habits and what role parents, leaders, and mentors have in this area. Pre-order your copy here: puredesire.org/digital-natives
Sep 05, 2017
Episode 008 - 3 Circles (Relapse Prevention Tool)
We talk to Harry Flanagan about one of our relapse prevention tools, the 3 Circles Tool. Harry, as one of our Pure Desire Clinicians, has loads of experience with this tool and how to best use it in day-to-day life. He shares with us the importance of having guardrails in our lives to help us maintain purity.
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 007 - History of Pure Desire
We are privileged to talk to the founders of Pure Desire, Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts. They share about the history of Pure Desire and what sparked it's creation. Ted and Diane also talk through the struggles and victories of 20+ years in this ministry. And we also ask them what their hopes are for the future of Pure Desire Ministries.
Aug 22, 2017
Episode 006 - Is It Really An Addiction?
We talk to Heather Kolb who is an author, speaker, adjunct professor, and is our Neuroscience Professional at Pure Desire. We talk to Heather about the nature of sexual addiction and how to identify if it really is an addiction. Heather also gives us tools and tips to battling this addiction.
Aug 15, 2017
Episode 005 - Double Bind & Commitment to Change
We talk to Robert Vander Meer about the ins-and-outs of the Double Bind and Commitment to Change tools. Robert is a pastor and is also one of our Pastoral Sex Addiction Professionals. We talk through what the confusion is surrounding the Double Bind, and also discuss the keys to an effective Commitment to Change. Robert gives us his experience both as a former sex addict and now as a pastor and counselor.
Aug 08, 2017
Episode 004 - Effective Group Dynamics
We talk to our International Women's Groups Coordinator, Ashley Jameson. Ashley talks us through what healthy and effective Pure Desire groups look like. She gives us good practices and some things to avoid.
Aug 01, 2017
Episode 003 - How to Start Pure Desire at Your Church
We talk to our International Men's Groups Coordinator, Rich Moore, about how to implement Pure Desire groups into your church. Rich shares his expertise and experience (over 20 years) with starting, leading, and maintaining groups in his church.
Jul 25, 2017
Episode 002 - The FASTER Scale
We introduce and discuss the FASTER Scale tool with our Executive Director Nick Stumbo. What is the FASTER Scale? How do we use it? Why is it an effective tool for sexual and emotional health?
Jul 18, 2017
Episode 001 - Introducing Pure Desire
We talk to Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries, Nick Stumbo. Nick shares about who Pure Desire is, where we come from, and where we are headed.
Jul 11, 2017