The Pivot

By Andrew Osenga

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Stories of people who have made a change.

Episode Date
060 - My (anonymous) friend from Eritrea

My guest today is from the nation of Eritrea, in Northeast Africa. He has been granted legal and permanent asylum here in the US. To get here, he was smuggled through 18 countries on a terribly dangerous journey.

He is currently pursuing American citizenship and hopes to return to Eritrea someday, as a visitor. The story you’re about to hear may put some of those things in jeopardy were they to become known, so I’m just going to call him “my friend from Eritrea”.

Here is a wild, almost unbelievable, and deeply impacting story. You’ll be on the edge of your seat. I can’t stop thinking about it. My friend is a great storyteller, and THIS is a story worth telling.

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Aug 20, 2019
059 - Diana Beach Batarseh

Diana Beach Batarseh is, and has been, a number of things. An educator, a school founder, a wife, a mother, a widow, a wife again, a gifted songwriter and a brilliant worship leader. She is one of the most thoughtful, wise, and kind people I know.

This was a wide-ranging and beautiful discussion about life and how we live it. We talk about all of these different seasons of her life and so much more. This was one of my favorite interviews, personally, and I know you are going to love it.

To learn more about Diana’s Children’s Catechism project, go to:

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Jul 16, 2019
058 - Charlie Peacock

Charlie Peacock is a legendary record producer, songwriter, artist, author and thought leader. He’s written hit songs for Amy Grant and dc Talk, discovered and produced Switchfoot and the Civil Wars, and won multiple Grammy awards. He and his wife Andi founded the Art House, where luminaries like Eugene Peterson or Bono would came to speak, and where I now have my studio.

He is one of the most interesting and important people in the history of Christian music, and he has played a pretty important role in my life, personally, as well. He’s done everything you can think of in this business, including at one point working at a record label and dropping a little band called The Normals. (GASP!)

Charlie came back to his old home recently to sit with me and talk about his start in the music business, his first encounters with Jesus, and his family’s move to Nashville. We talked a lot about his past few years, starting a new School of Music at a university and then having to walk away to deal with health issues, and all that he’s learning in this season.

It was an incredible gift and honor to get to have this conversation and I know you’re going to love it.

The new website where Charlie and Andi are sharing their recent writings:

Charlie's paintings:

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Jul 09, 2019
057 - Nathan Tasker

Nathan Tasker is a father, a songwriter and, alongside his wife Cassie, a co-director of the Art House Nashville. Nathan and Cassie have had some of the highest highs and lowest lows over the past dozen years or so, and the insight and wisdom that Nathan has to share is remarkable.

This is an episode you'll wish you could underline and highlight, it's got so many wonderful moments. And a pretty great accent.

To find more info on Nathan, hear his music, and see when he's playing or speaking near you, visit:

To learn more about the Art House:

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Jul 02, 2019
056 - Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker was a seven-year-old banjo champion, and now he plays guitar with Ricky Skaggs. We talk about that a little, but we talk a lot more about prison, being an alcoholic, and running from responsibility until it catches up with you.

Dennis is an amazingly kind and talented man. He speaks with such wisdom, humility and vulnerability. This felt like a sacred moment and I know you will get a lot out of it.

Might be one to share, too, if you know someone who needs to hear it.


Check out Dennis, his music, and his weekly videos:

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Jun 18, 2019
055 - Kelly Corday

Kelly Corday is a radio DJ, a mother, a widow, and (for a brief time) was my cubicle neighbor at the record company where I work.

This one covers a lot of ground, as we talk about grief, family, and what it looks like when you’re in a job that’s not right, and you know it on day one.

Kelly is a lot of fun to talk to, and she also had a home video of her dog go viral, but I forgot to ask about it!


Check out Kelly's blog and listen to her radio show:

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Jun 11, 2019
054 - Eric Peters

Eric Peters is a singer/songwriter I’ve known and admired for half my life. These days, however, you’re more likely to find him covered in grass clippings or acrylic paints than on a stage singing his songs. There are heartbreaking and beautiful reasons why, and Eric is unflinching in sharing his story with us.

Getting to share this conversation is a deep honor and am so inspired by my friend. We touch on everything from used golf books, lobster boiling, and jewelry store jingles to addiction, depression and how hard it can be to raise kids. This one goes deep fast and also made me laugh about as hard as I have all year.

Check out Eric's music, artwork, used books, and tour dates:

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Jun 04, 2019
053 - Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell walked away from law school as an African-American woman because she felt God calling her to ministry. That must have seemed crazy at the time, but it has borne so much good fruit.

Today, Trillia is an accomplished author, speaker and blogger, who I first learned about when I was handed a copy of her INCREDIBLE book "God's Very Good Idea". I tracked her down because I had to learn where this book came from and learned she lived just a few minutes away, here in Nashville.

As well as a mom and fitness guru, Trillia writes a lot about the Bible, fear, race, and parenting. She’s written a series of bible studies and currently serves as the Director of Community Outreach for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention.

Her joy is contagious and this chat was surprising and wonderful. Check our her books and other writings at:

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May 29, 2019
052 - Jody Davis

Jody Davis is the guitar player for the Newsboys. He's also one of America's premier pipe-makers. It was super interesting to talk about the history of the band, but also how Jody discovered a love of pipe-making and how that took care of his family through an incredibly hard season. Who would imagine the paths of our lives will take sometimes?

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Check out Jody's pipes and his work with the Newsboys:

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May 21, 2019
051 - Amanda Lindsey Cook

Amanda Lindsey Cook has been a breakout artist for Bethel Music the past few years. She's also had to face one of the hardest seasons in her life at the same time, which ultimately led to living alone in a house on a hill, where she wrote her newest album.

This was a fantastic chat covering a myriad of subjects, from Canada to piano lessons to the Kingdom of God and why black is the brightest color of the rainbow. Amanda is a joy to talk to and you're going to love this first episode of Season 4!


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May 14, 2019
Season 4 - PREVIEW

Friends! The Pivot is coming back next week for SEASON 4!

We're going to have some amazing guests: More CCM legends, some dear old friends, dear new friends, authors, musicians, and other folks willing to share their stories as they figure out what's next. 

We're super excited to announce that we're partnering with Compassion International to bring you this season. We have some incredible stories to tell of some of the greatest pivots of all, as lives are changed around the world, and here at home, through the great work of Compassion. 

This is going to be great. Check back every Tuesday morning for new episodes.

Now go do something awesome.

May 07, 2019
050 - John Delony

Dr. John Delony told his wife he would never work in higher education again. Then he took a job as the new Dean of Students at Belmont University. This episode is fantastic. One of my favorites. John is super smart, super funny, and super honest. He and his family are new to Nashville and we are definitely catching him mid-Pivot. Though, it may seem, he kind of lives there.

We cover a lot of topics in this one, from child psychology and parenting, to marriage and communication, to kissing your roommate's girlfriend, anxiety and depression, and high school basketball coaching.

Buckle up, this one is a wild ride and you're going to want to come back to listen again.

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Feb 12, 2019
049 - Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan was one half of the duo All Sons & Daughters. She's written some of my favorite songs that the Church now sings all around the world. At the top of her artist career, their band took a hiatus that ended up permanent. Why? And what happens after? Well, some hard things, and a lot of wonderful things, too. That's what. As always with Leslie, this conversation was fun, insightful and super encouraging. 

We talk about Hawaii, working at a Church, adoption, and learning why and how to lead others to be better writers.

You can find Leslie and her work with The Fold at:

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Feb 05, 2019
048 - John Tumminello

John Tumminello was a Manhattan banker who worked two blocks from the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11. What followed was a journey that led to Nashville, a job in radio, free concerts under the shadow of the Parthenon, and a family.

John is a great guy with an amazing story. You're going to enjoy this one.

You can find John and learn more about The Conservancy at:

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Jan 29, 2019
047 - Buddy Greene

Buddy Greene is the best, and probably only, professional harmonica player I know. He wrote the Christmas favorite "Mary, Did You Know?" And more than that, he's a funny, wise, and encouraging friend. 

We got to talk about the great names of harmonica players, pot-smoking Christian hippies, and touring with Bill Gaither. Quite a range of subjects! The meat of this conversation really hangs on identity and how we can so easily find it in what we do rather than who we are as God's children.

Buddy is a legend and this was a super fun way to kick off the new year of Pivot podcasts.

You can find Buddy and his music at:

Please support:

Andrew's links:

Jan 22, 2019
REPLAY - Ellie Holcomb

REPLAY: Ellie Holcomb is a singer/songwriter/author/mom and an all-around delightful person. You'll laugh, you'll cry. At least I did while we recorded this one. Ellie has some beautiful wisdom and encouragement in this chat and a first or second listen is good for the soul.

You can find Ellie and her music at:

Her new Children's book and album at:

My favorite thing today:

Andrew's links:

Jan 15, 2019
REPLAY - Dave Barnes

REPLAY: Dave Barnes is a brilliant songwriter, comedian and all around gentleman. This was my very first episode and it's fun to revisit where we started. I still come back to a lot of the ideas we talked about in this one. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll enjoy listening again, or for the first time!

You can find Dave and his music at:

My favorite thing today:

Andrew's links:

Jan 08, 2019
REPLAY - Sally Lloyd-Jones

REPLAY: Sally Lloyd-Jones is one of the most delightful and inspiring people I know. Her writing is beautiful, funny, insightful and life-changing. Or, rather, she writes in a way that makes the life-changing Gospel inviting and simple to understand. This was one of my favorite early episodes and it's even better on the second listen.

You can find Sally and her books at:

My favorite thing today:

Andrew's links:

Dec 18, 2018
REPLAY - Bebo Norman

REPLAY: Bebo Norman was a successful singer/songwriter, and then, he wasn't...  This is what it looks like to make a decision towards health over what everyone else might assume is best. So happy for Bebo and his family and where he is now.


My favorite thing today:

Andrew's links:

Dec 11, 2018
REPLAY - Annie F. Downs

REPLAY: Annie F. Downs is an author, a speaker and a friend. This is a replay of our episode from Summer 2017, when she was writing the beautiful book "Remember God", which is available now. 

You can find Annie at:

Lovoso pens here:

Andrew's links:

Dec 06, 2018
046 - Ginny Owens

Ginny Owens is a singer/songwriter, author, occasional professor and now, a full-time seminary student. She has an amazing gift for writing and communicating the unique way she sees the world.

This was a fun chat about how she got started in music, what led to her teaching at a college here in Nashville, and what it's like now navigating New York City as a blind seminarian.

I'm such a fan of Ginny, both her music and her as a person. I'm sure you'll understand why as you listen.

You can find Ginny and her music at:

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Nov 28, 2018
045 - Jeff Huxford

Jeff Huxford was a family doctor in small-town Indiana until a car crash dealt him brain trauma and the end of his medical career. He wrote a book about the experience, which is out this week, called "Finding Normal". We got to chat about what drew him to medicine, what happened the day of the crash, and what it's like to lose your memory and have to start over.

We also get a special announcement from my daughter, Sadie, so listen up!

You can find Jeff's book and blog at:

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Andrew's links:

Nov 06, 2018
044 - Casey J

Casey J did not intend to be a full-time Gospel artist. She was quite happy in the teaching roles she had worked hard to create. It would seem that God had other plans.

It was so fun talking to Casey about those plans. She is a deep well and a joy to chat with.

We talk about being the only black family in an all-white school, "code-switching", and practicing the art of walking away from good things. We also discuss aerobic vs anaerobic energy and, and this one kills me: creative ownership vs creative stewardship.

Casey's website:

And her music on Spotify:

Our Sponsor:

Andrew's links:

Oct 30, 2018
043 - Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore, is the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s also brilliant, funny, wise and kind. This was a wonderful conversation about politics, racism, and why you’re in a family crisis ALL THE TIME.


We cover a lot of ground in this one, and spend a lot of time talking about family and the constant state of change that surrounds it. Add a little mid-life crisis in there and you’ve got yourself one fantastic episode!


You can find Russell’s new book, “The Storm-Tossed Family” here:

His website and the ERLC:

Our Sponsor:

Andrew's links:



Oct 23, 2018
042 - Allen Levi

This chat with Allen Levi was such a gift to me. Allen was a lawyer until his early 40's when he quit to become a singer/songwriter. Since then he's written THOUSANDS of songs, travelled all over, been a small town Judge, and takes care of his family's farm in Georgia. A few years ago he wrote a book, "The Last Sweet Mile", about the year he spent caring for his brother as he passed away.

Allen is a poet and unbelievably kind and gentle soul. I don't even believe I get to do this sometimes, getting to have these conversations. This was one of my favorites and I imagine it might be one of yours, too.

You can find Allen's books and other musings at:

And his weekly songs here:

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Oct 16, 2018
041 - Missy Wallace

Missy Wallace founded and leads the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work (NIFW). She became inspired to study faith and work in 2013 after working in Corporate America and then the nonprofit sector for over 10 years each and realizing that work can be a part of God’s unfolding story if we allow him to guide it rather than our false idols.

This one makes you wish you could underline a passage of a podcast, so get ready to hit rewind a couple times to catch every morsel. Missy is a wise and gifted communicator and she so quickly cuts to the heart of WHY we do what we do, and what we're so often missing in the process.

Check out Missy's work, and all the incredible resources of the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work at:

Our Sponsor:

Andrew's links:

Oct 09, 2018
040 - Eric Brown

Eric Brown was pretty lost before he found photography, while on the road pushing cases for a couple bands. Now his images grace the cover of magazines, album covers, and this particular podcast. But Eric's story, and that of his family, forever changed six years ago when they learned their unborn daughter, Pearl, had some serious health issues and would likely not survive. What followed was a series of miracles, and a series of heartaches. 

I was deeply honored that Eric chose to share his family's story with me. This episode was powerful, painful, and beautiful.

Check out Eric's website and his incredible instagram:

Our Sponsor:

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Oct 02, 2018
039 - JJ Heller

JJ Heller is a singer/songwriter, mom, and former high school basketball star who is now building a new phase of her career as a full-time lullaby-ist. Ok, that's not a real thing and a bit of an overstatement, but it's a fascinating story how she got to where she is today.

Listen as JJ shares with us her struggles with anxiety and panic, how she has learned to manage them, and how they have been part of what's led her to her second album of lullabies.

This was a refreshing, open, and hopeful dialogue about a subject that is rarely talked about in Christian circles. And stay tuned after the episode for a special live performance of another new song!!

Check out JJ's new single:


And her website:

Our Sponsors:

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Sep 11, 2018
038 - Larry Kloess

Larry Kloess, founder of Cause A Scene, one of 2015's "50 Coolest Companies" according to Business Insider, built an amazing network of secret concerts for indie artists throughout Nashville's underground. It was all going so well, at least on the surface... and then one day Larry woke up in the hospital, overwhelmed with stress and exhaustion. Two years later, he's one of Nashville's fastest up-and-coming realtors. What?? Larry's on a wild journey and he still sends me a birthday card. You'll love this chat.

Reach out to Larry here: 


Our Sponsors:

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Aug 28, 2018
037 - Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls is an author, a thinker, and the pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church here in Nashville. We had a great chat about being clearly cut out for pro sports, working with Tim Keller in New York City, and different types of diversity. We also got to talk about what career and calling looks like when it's not tied to income. As always, Scott is both challenging and encouraging at the same time.

Check out his books, sermons and weekly email thoughts at:

Our Sponsors:

Andrew's links:

Aug 22, 2018
036 - Chris Sligh

Chris Sligh, artist, worship leader, deep thinker and former American Idol guy, has quite the story to tell. I did not expect where this conversation started nor where it ended up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Chris has undergone maybe the most important and inspiring pivot of all: kindness over "right-ness". And he lets us in on his honest self-assessment and conscious steps towards health and truth.

We talk a lot about fundamentalism, 4HIM and Bebo Norman, Chris's experience on American Idol and life after it. Then we get to the good stuff about identity and choices and why being loving is more important than being right. 

Whew. This was a good one. Check out Chris's new album, "A Modern Liturgy", at:

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Aug 14, 2018
035 - Jaco Hamman

LISTEN TO THIS ONE. Dr. Jaco Hamman is a South African apartheid draft dodger turned American academic.

Aside from running a PhD program for pastoral care and psychotherapy at Vanderbilt, he's written books about how we deal with technology, how we handle change and loss, how the Millennial experience lines up with the book of Joel, and a bunch of others.

I learned so much from this conversation and I'm sure you will, too. This was a complete joy and I can't wait for you to hear it.

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Aug 07, 2018
034 - Katy Hutson

Katy Hutson is cancer-free!! This was not something we were very sure would happen for quite a while this past year.

Katy is one of my oldest friends in Nashville. She's a gifted songwriter and wordsmith, as well as a wonderful friend, wife and mother. Katy and I sat down this past weekend to talk about music, writing, making plans and what happens when those plans get derailed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. 

She wrote a book of poetry during this season that you can currently support on Kickstarter, AND YOU SHOULD. Here's the link:

Our Sponsors:

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Jul 31, 2018
033 - Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson was driving an ambulance when his hit song first came on the radio. Everything was about to take off... but then it crashed. Hard. Years later, he was driving an ambulance AGAIN when his hit song was on the radio. Ryan has got quite a story and I was honored that he came by to share it with me. You'll love this conversation and you should check out his music, too.

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Jul 17, 2018
032 - Jenny Dyer

Jenny Dyer pivoted early on in her career when she learned about the AIDS crisis in Africa in the early 90's. Though she is neither, her story involves working closely with politicians and rock stars, yet that is really the least interesting part of this conversation. Bono is cool, yes, but what is really truly amazing is HOW MUCH GOOD has come of the work that she and so many others have devoted themselves to. 

If this interview doesn't get you off your butt and motivated to use your voice, then, I don't know, listen again. This was fantastic.

Our Sponsors:

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Jul 03, 2018
031 - Jason Mathews

Jason played in the NFL for 11 years, 4 for the Indianapolis Colts and 7 for the Tennessee Titans. Not bad for a Texas kid who hoped to make his college team. Now he teaches economics at a local high school. Talk about a Pivot! This is a fantastic story and Jason has a lot of wisdom and insight that reaches beyond the bounds of sports. It was great to talk to someone whose experience and interests were so different than mine and to see just how much our stories had in common. You'll love this one.

Our Sponsor:

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Now, go do something awesome.

Jun 26, 2018
030 - Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash, lead singer for Sixpence None the Richer, comes by to chat about life before and after a worldwide hit, records we made that we don't like now, and being a conduit for other's words, as well as dealing with worry, and that rascal Dwayne who helps out with the police horses by my house. This was such a fun conversation and it was a treat to get to know more about the Leigh in her own words.

Stay tuned after the interview for Leigh's latest single, a cover of The Pretenders "Don't Get Me Wrong".

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Jun 19, 2018
029 - Joseph Williams

Joseph is running for the Tennessee State House of Representatives, which was not the plan. A former teacher who, with his wife Palmer, became lawyers employed at the same firm. Then came a day when they knew they had to move on and they left the law firm with no plans and a newborn...

and it was a good thing. 

I've never met a politician before and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to have this real conversation with Joseph. Some great insight into a life I could not even imagine.


Jun 12, 2018
028 - Sho Baraka

Rapper/speaker/activist Sho Baraka joins Andrew for the first episode of Season Three. Hear about Sho's winding career path, from hip hop to insurance to musical theatre to Faith & Work conversations in Atlanta. This was a fun and fascinating conversaion, particularly when Sho shares about the years where speaking his mind became a liability.

The Pivot is glad to be back!


Jun 05, 2018
027 - Rob Wheeler

Rob Wheeler is a FASCINATING and thoroughly genius individual. He's running a branch of Covenant seminary, started Friends of L’Abri Nashville, tells some pretty great jokes and is a deeply wise and thoughtful friend. In the intervening months between recording our interview and posting it Rob had another Pivot, so this is a brand-new interview with a little "interviewlet" from the first one added at the end.

Rob is so interesting to me that he lived in Russia and we never got around to it TWICE!

This is our final episode of Season Two. Thank you everyone for listening and for our sponsors for making this possible.

Blind Tiger Record Club - AND THEIR NEW PODCAST

The National Worship Leader Conference - May 7-9, 2018, Nashville, TN

New College Franklin

Please visit for tour dates and music.

Now go do something awesome!

Apr 03, 2018
026 - Carl Meier

Carl Meier left his VP position at a national bank to start his own brewery, Nashville's Black Abbey Brewery. This was a fun conversation with a super smart dude. We learn about Carl's transition from finance, to diaper champ, to running the most successful new brewery in Music City.

We also learn A LOT about Martin Luther, beer-making nuns, and why making Belgian beer was at the heart of the reformation. We also learn a little about Mutt Lange and why Def Leppard, Shania Twain and Bryan Adams all kind of sound exactly the same.

What a fun conversation.

For more about Carl and Black Abbey, visit

Mar 27, 2018
025 - Sandra McCracken

One of Nashville's finest songwriters Sandra McCracken joins Andrew to chat about her start in the music business, old record players, and shouting for the church to "Sing it!". While her roots are still firmly planted in alt-country folk music, she has built a large catalog of songs for the Church, and invests much of her time in hymns, sacred songs, children's music, and her position as a worship leader at her Anglican parish here in Nashville.

Find Sandra's new album "Songs From The Valley" and read her writings for each song here:

Mar 20, 2018
024 - Christopher Williams

Singer/Songwriter, friend and neighbor of Andrew's, Christopher Williams joins us on The Pivot today, to talk about how you can make a personal change of motive and direction while never changing your specific career. Christopher is a loyal and dear friend and this was a sweet conversation full of wisdom. 

Stay tuned after the episode for a song from Christopher!

Mar 13, 2018
023 - Robbie Osenga

That's right, Andrew interviewed his brother. Robbie Osenga may hold the podcast record for number of actual pivots in his career. While currently the CPO of web design company Cybernautics, Robbie is also the founder of the LeRoy Preparatory School, has been featured on TedX, and speaks regularly around Central Illinois about education, calling and communication.

This was a fun conversation in their parents' basement over Christmas break.

Mar 06, 2018
022 - Steve Mason

Steve Mason is probably the only Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist to ever cut my hair, but that's what he's doing a lot of these days. Hear what it was like to go from Jars of Clay to his barbershop, The Handsomzier.

Feb 26, 2018
021 - Jonathan Rogers

Author/Professor/Southern Gentleman Jonathan Rogers joins Andrew for a rousing conversation about Milton, ghost writing, higher education and the nature of calling itself. Jonathan is a brilliant and honest man and his transparency allows for a lot of wisdom. You'll love this interview.

For more about Jonathan:

Thanks for listening!!

Feb 13, 2018
020 - Russ Ramsey

Author Russ Ramsey joins Andrew in front of his Netflix fireplace to talk about his work as a pastor, a writer, and the chief content officer for They also talk about Renaissance Art, Mark Knopfler, Jerry Seinfeld and Russ's heart surgery and subsequent book, "Struck".

Stay tuned after The Pivot for another mini-podcast featuring a new song called "Mercy", inspired in part by Russ and Andrew's friendship.

Feb 06, 2018
019 - Ian Cron

Author, Speaker, Songwriter, Priest Ian Cron sits down with Andrew for a chat about the various points in Ian's career. They also discuss how the enneagram, and knowing more fully who you are, is a valuable asset in handling change in your life.

For more with Ian visit

Also, stay tuned after The Pivot for another bonus mini-podcast with a story and song from Andrew's new album "The Painted Desert".

Jan 30, 2018
018 - Todd Dickson

Todd Dickson, CEO and founder of Valor Collegiate schools in Nashville tells Andrew about his journey from electrical engineering to real estate to India to founding some of the most cutting-edge, and successful, schools in the country. A fascinating story with a really interesting look at how you actually build a diverse, respectful and engaged system of education.

For more about Todd and Valor schools visit

Stay tuned after The Pivot for a BONUS PODCAST talking about the fourth song, "Marjorie" from Andrew's new record "The Painted Desert". The album will be available via Kickstarter from Tuesday, Jan 16 until Tuesday night, Feb 13. Get it now!!

Please visit for more about this podcast.

Now go do something awesome!!

Jan 23, 2018
017 Al Andrews

 Today's guest is Al Andrews, founder and executive director of Porter's Call, a ministry providing free counseling services to recording artists. He and Andrew talk about Al's eleven jobs, what leads someone to go into counseling, and why Al never uses the word "calling" anymore. It's fascinating and Andrew laughs a lot.

For more about Al and Porters Call visit

Stay tuned after The Pivot for a BONUS PODCAST talking about the first song, "Beautiful Places" from Andrew's new record "The Painted Desert". The album will be available via Kickstarter from Tuesday, Jan 16 until Tuesday night, Feb 13. Get it now!!

Please visit for more about this podcast.

Now go do something awesome!!

Jan 16, 2018
016 - Ashley Cleveland

LISTEN TO THIS ONE. This was one of Andrew's absolute favorite interviews so far. The great Ashley Cleveland tells her story and it's just beautiful. Addiction, music, babies, Rich Mullins, Jesus. This one covers a lot of ground. A great start to the new year. 

Jan 02, 2018
015 Kevin Twit

Kevin Twit, founder of Indelible Grace Music and Andrew's personal Yoda, sit down to chat about the nature of calling, discovering great old hymns, New Kids On The Block, and how seminary is not the greatest place to meet girls.

Find out more about Kevin's work at

Come hear Kevin speak about hymns in Nashville on Jan 5-6, $48 tickets for only $15 with code "thepivot" at:

For more about The Pivot, please visit

Dec 26, 2017
014 - Amanda Bible Williams

Amanda Bible Williams, of She Reads Truth, joins Andrew at the dinner table. They discuss writing dialogue for anamatronic puppets, children who walk too early, and how offering to help with your little bit of free time can change the world for hundreds of thousands of people.

You can find Amanda on social media @biblewilliams and her and her team's work at

Please visit for more about the podcast or to support our Patreon. Thanks!!

Dec 19, 2017
013 - Randall Goodgame

Randall Goodgame, of Slugs and Bugs, sits with Andrew to chat about lifeguarding vs background piano music, writing songs for other people, and what it's like when you have a vision and your friends think you're crazy.

And please visit to say hello or support our Patreon. THANK YOU!!

Dec 11, 2017
012 - Barrett Ward

FashionABLE and Mocha Club founder Barrett Ward drops by to tell his story. He and Andrew talk about selling books door to door, green-tinted whiskey glasses, and what it looks to use business to make a quantifiable change in the world.

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Dec 04, 2017
011 - Reed Arvin

Reed Arvin was Rich Mullins' producer, as well as a best-selling suspense novelist and a college professor. Andrew got to sit with him and hear stories about working with Rich and what led him to being an author. They also talk about cancer, South American night clubs and growing up describing the world for a mother who's lost her sight. It's a wide-ranging conversation, with some great stories and wonderful insight.

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Nov 27, 2017
010 - Sally Lloyd-Jones


We’re back for Season 2!!

Today’s guest is the wonderful Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the Jesus Storybook Bible. She and Andrew talk about her first career as a children’s book editor and how she finally decided to pursue her dream of being an author. Inspiring and encouraging. Also, British accents are wonderful.

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We’re glad to be back!!

Nov 21, 2017
009 - Andrew Peterson

Old friends Andrew and Andrew sit down for this final episode of Season One. They talk about community, writing books, gigs under trees, Rich Mullins, and life-changing quotes that no one remembers saying.

Before the chat Andrew gives us a little update on Season Two, whether or not he'll be his own guest, and the Rich Mullins tribute show at the Ryman auditorium this past Sunday night.

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Sep 27, 2017
008 - Stacia Freeman

Andrew chats with Stacia Freeman, founder of Nashville non-profit Epic Girl, and they chat about her beginning in audiology, huge families, being a starter and the work Stacia and her team does here in Nashville. Inspiring story.

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Sep 18, 2017
007 - Steve Taylor

Andrew sits down with music/film legend Steve Taylor where pretty much Steve tells stories and Andrew laughs at them. Hear about starting a record label for Sixpence None the Richer, having a worldwide #1 hit, being a janitor, hiring your own professors, and how great Andrew is at Speed Scrabble. (He's really good.)

This one was super fun.

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Sep 11, 2017
006 - Dan Haseltine

Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay and Blood:Water Mission joins Andrew today as they discuss commencement speeches, fashion consultants, the overlapping circles of calling and vocation, and the amazing work Dan and his team do at Blood:Water.

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Sep 01, 2017
005 - Annie Downs

Annie Downs comes over and chats with Andrew about how long they've been friends (longer than he thought), life as a teacher, being in a group of broke friends, rejection letters, and who's in the picture frame for Annie's new book.

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Aug 28, 2017
004 - Don Chaffer

Andrew talks with his friend Don Chaffer, who he used to stalk, and talk about the beginning of Waterdeep, losing your parents, the choices that choose you as an adult, and musical theater. A LOT about musical theater. It's fascinating.

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Aug 21, 2017
003 - Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman sits down with Andrew as they recount starting music careers before the internet, crashing on couches and playing YoungLife camps, starting families and investing in community, and ultimately putting down the guitar and starting over in a completely new career.

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Aug 14, 2017
002 - Ellie Holcomb

Today's guest is Ellie Holcomb. We talk about growing up never wanting to be a musician, YoungLife camp, her time as a middle school teacher, and what led to her leaving her husband's successful band to start her own solo career.

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Aug 14, 2017
001 - Dave Barnes


It's our first episode! We begin with our guest Dave Barnes. Dave is a successful singer/songwriter, hit country songwriter, occasional comedian, and a deep thinker. This felt like the right interview to lead the series as we talk about careers, Billy Joel, idolatry, and why we need a bar mitzvah for guys quitting music.

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Aug 14, 2017
Episode 00

Welcome to the Pivot. Stories of people who have made a change.

This is our introductory episode where host Andrew Osenga tells us a bit about the journey that led to this podcast and what you can expect to hear in season one.

Upcoming guests include: Dave Barnes, Ellie Holcomb, Dan Haseltine, Bebo Norman, Annie Downs, Steve Taylor, Don Chaffer, Andrew Peterson and Stacia Freeman.

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Jul 05, 2017