House of Strauss

By Ethan and Allie Strauss

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Category: Sports & Recreation

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Podcast by Ethan and Allie Strauss

Episode Date
ep 16: How the Warriors were won
House of Strauss returns! Allie is back for an in depth look at Ethan's "How Lacob and Guber won the Warriors and Ellison lost" Athletic article. Here we discuss, with Jade cutting in original audio from the article interviews.
Jul 25, 2018
ep 15: Warriors Wednesday with Marc Stein
Marc Stein drops by! It's an NBA heavy episode where we talk Kawhi Leonard, Warriors draft strategy and whether Jade is a hero.
Jun 19, 2018
ep 14: Warriors Wednesday with Zach Harper
Strauss and Harper talk Warriors parade and all the traditions that come with winning a championship. Plenty of audience questions. Also Jade had a baby. Also an Allie cameo. Happy offseason, folks!
Jun 13, 2018
ep 13: Warriors Wednesday with Zach Harper & Marcus Thompson
Zach Harper hosts to talk Warriors-Cavs Game 3 and Finals MVP stuff. Special guest Marcus Thompson. Also Ray Ray from East Oakland. Also Ethan Strauss
Jun 07, 2018
ep 12: Warriors Wednesday with Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson of The Athletic stops by to discuss everything from what happened in the WCF to whether this is Curry’s or Durant’s team, to the mayor of San Francisco’s awkward introduction to Steve Kerr
May 30, 2018
episode 12: Warriors Wednesday
Tom Haberstroh stops by to tell Warriors fans exactly what the Warriors need to do. Care to find out, ladies and gents? Also, we discuss Klay's evasion of criticism, and the merits of iso ball.
May 24, 2018
episode 11: Warriors Wednesday
Warriors Wednesday special Thursday addition! We invite back resident homer bully Andy Liu and TV star Amin Elhassan to talk Game 2, Steph's struggles, whether KD played well, the narrative shift from Game 1, and Warriors stans vs. Warriors haters. Also there's a helping of Radio Ethan nonsense.
May 17, 2018
episode 10: Warriors Wednesday
Warriors Twitter Villain Andy Liu stops by for some cocky Western Conference Finals talk. We discuss the Rockets, whether KD ever leaves, and whether Anthony Davis will arrive.
May 09, 2018
episode 9: Warriors Wednesday
Contributing Slate sports person Nick Greene (@nickgreene) steps into the House of Strauss for some premium #WarriorsWednesday takes. On this episode we discuss Steph's return, Ethan's poor locker room interactions, Barkley vs. Draymond, and other NBA scuttlebutt.
May 02, 2018
episode 8: Warriors Wednesday
Marcus Thompson of the Athletic stops by to talk Warriors, on a Wednesday. We discuss what happened in the Spurs series, when Steph comes back, whether the Pelicans are a threat, Russell Westbrook and finally, Jacketgate
Apr 25, 2018
episode 7: Warriors Wednesday
Warriors Wednesday is back with the high energy intro! Strauss and Harper talk about Golden State’s advantages, Aldridge vs. JaVale, Radio Ethan vs. Popovich, and a future of Anthony Davis on the Dubs.
Apr 18, 2018
episode 6: Antisocial Media Edition
In Part 1, Ethan talks to Steve Kerr about our brains in the social media age. In Part 2, Ethan talks to newly famous Facebook critic Matt Klinman about his viral allegations. Matt proceeds to blow our minds. Produced by: @Jade_Hoye Support us on Patreon:
Mar 28, 2018
episode 5: Sports and Politics with Andrew Bogut:
What happens when Andrew Bogut invites Ethan to see a Jordan Peterson talk?
Feb 23, 2018
episode 4: Adrenaline
Ethan and Allie talk about adrenaline, the sickness that makes victory so sweet. Additional help from JJ Redick, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green. Shout out to puking! 0:00- Introduction 1:00- Upcoming in this episode 2:30- Dumb Questions 4:30- What is Adrenaline 6:45- Noradrenaline vs Adrenaline 8:15- Evolution of Adrenaline 9:20- JJ Reddick 10:45- Pregame jitters 14:30- JJ Reddick 15:00- Andre Iguodala on matching Adrenaline 16:40- Iggy on positives and negatives of Adrenaline 17:15- Harnessing Adrenaline 19:05- Intensity of a game 21:20- Tachypsychia 25:50- Impact of fear on time 26:50- Unconscious decision making 28:00- Lingering Adrenaline 32:30- Adrenaline dumping 34:40- Draymond Green 35:40- Give and take of Adrenaline 36:20- Embracing fear 37:00- JJ Reddick on nerves 39:00- Usefulness of fear
Dec 11, 2017
episode 3: NBA Man of Mystery
Ethan and Allie run down what's going on with sneakers. Ethan talks to sneaker expert Coseezy
Oct 26, 2017
episode 2: NBA Power Broker Warren LeGarie
Ethan and Allie delve into the world of sports agenting with NBA power broker Warren LeGarie. SUPPORT ON PATREON:
Sep 14, 2017
episode one
Ethan explains the mysterious Warren LeGarie, Radio Ethan interviews Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr (28:43). SUPPORT ON PATREON:
Jul 20, 2017
Ethan hints at what he's been up to and theorizes that Allie would make a good killer. SUPPORT ON PATREON:
Jul 06, 2017