Journey To Launch

By Jamila Souffrant

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Category: Investing

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 Oct 5, 2021

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 Jul 19, 2018


Jamila Souffrant is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), host of the Journey To Launch podcast and author of "Your Journey to Financial Freedom: A Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Wealth and Happiness". The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy. The book, "Your Journey to Financial Freedom: A Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Wealth and Happiness," shows you how to skyrocket your savings, blast through debt and ultimately accelerate your unique and truly epic journey to financial freedom and independence. The audiobook, which is narrated by Jamila, and the eBook are available in the Apple store. As a money expert who “walks her talk” she helps brave listeners also known as Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom and Financial Independence.

Episode Date
Episode 378: The Creative Process, Balancing Business + Family & Overcoming Doubts w/ my Writing Coach Amanda Bauch- Part 2
Jun 12, 2024
Episode 377: The Journey of Writing and Publishing my First Book w/ My Writing Coach Amanda Bauch (Part 1)
Jun 05, 2024
Episode 376: Q&A Episode: Rebuilding After Divorce; Getting Your Partner Onboard & Financially Preparing for a Baby + More
May 29, 2024
Episode 375: Life Planning for Fulfillment Beyond Finances & 3 Questions To Help You Live a Meaningful Life w/ George Kinder
May 22, 2024
Episode 374: From $300K in Debt to $1 Million in Investments w/ Bernadette Joy Cruz Maulion
May 15, 2024
Episode 373: Overcoming Poverty, Divorce, and Achieving FIRE with an Over $1 Million Portfolio w/ Jackie Cummings Koski
May 08, 2024
Episode 372: Financial Autonomy, Safeguarding Assets in Toxic Relationships & Ethical Considerations for Achieving FI w/ Jannese Torres
May 01, 2024
Episode 371: Following Your Passions & Navigating Airbnb Success by Building Unique Homes w/ Whitney Hansen
Apr 24, 2024
Episode 370: Paying Off $102K of Student Loans & Buying a House in NYC on a Teacher’s Salary w/ Melissa Jean-Baptiste
Apr 17, 2024
Episode 369: Setting Financial Boundaries with Family & Maintaining Healthy Relationships w/ Gigi Gonzalez
Apr 10, 2024
Episode 368: Save Money, Reduce Food Waste & Eat Healthier w/ Carleigh Bodrug
Apr 03, 2024
Episode 367: Strategies for Financial Security During Income Insecurity & Going Back To The Basics
Mar 27, 2024
Episode 366: How To Bounce Back from Financial Setbacks and Adversity w/ Lynnette Khalfani Cox
Mar 20, 2024
Episode 365: Become a Profitable & Successful Investor with Mabel Nunez
Mar 13, 2024
Episode 364: Empowering Kids for Financial Success with Maya Corbic
Mar 06, 2024
Episode 363: The Real Benefit of Pursuing Financial Independence + Other Key Insights From My Book "Your Journey To Financial Freedom"
Feb 28, 2024
Episode 362: From Corporate America to Coast FI + Van Life With Jessica From The Fioneers
Feb 21, 2024
Episode 361: How Teachers Can Reach Financial Independence & Build Wealth With Rose Mendonca
Feb 14, 2024
Episode 360: What's Next For Journey To Launch + Steps To Take At The Beginning of Your Financial Independence Journey & It's my Birthday w/ Jamila Souffrant
Feb 07, 2024
Episode 359: How these Two First-Gen Latine Siblings Went From Paying Off Debt to Six Figure Net Worths
Jan 31, 2024
Episode 358: Navigating First Generation Wealth + Helping Family With Finances With Maria Melchor
Jan 24, 2024
Episode 357: How To Hack Your Life to Save Money, Optimize Experiences & Amassing 14 Million Credit Card Points w/ Chris Hutchins
Jan 17, 2024
Episode 356: Cultivating Influence, Mastering Networking + Leveraging People Skills To Improve Our Financial Lives With Vanessa Van Edwards
Jan 10, 2024
Episode 355- How You Can Be A Millionaire + Why You Don't Have To Be Born Into Wealth To Leave A Legacy Behind With Arlan Hamilton
Jan 03, 2024
Episode 354: Improving Your Money Mindset & Habits + Why Working On Yourself Is Non-Negotiable On Your Journey To Financial Freedom
Dec 27, 2023
Episode 353: My Business Journey, Failing into Entrepreneurship & Tips To Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey
Dec 20, 2023
Episode 352: How To Set & Prioritize Financial Goals In The New Year
Dec 13, 2023
"Your Journey To Financial Freedom" Book is Out Now! First Reviews Are in + Quick Updates
Dec 07, 2023
Episode 351: Why I Wrote Your Journey to Financial Freedom, Who The Book Is For & Behind-The-Scenes of Becoming A Debut Author
Dec 06, 2023
Episode 350: Creating Your Dream Life, Identifying Your Goals & The Guacamole Lifestyle Levels
Nov 29, 2023
Black Friday Exclusive Deal, New Book Bonus + NYC Book Launch Party (Pop-up Episode)
Nov 22, 2023
Episode 349: The Practical Guide To Reaching Your Financial Goals With Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista
Nov 22, 2023
Episode 348: How A Teacher From The Bronx Moved To Abu Dhabi, Pays 0 Taxes & Had $17K of Student Loans Forgiven With Journeyer Cassandra Henry
Nov 15, 2023
Episode 347: Exclusive Sneak Peak & Content From My New Book "Your Journey To Financial Freedom"
Nov 08, 2023
Episode 346: Index Funds, How To Build Wealth & Financial Independence Wisdom With “The Godfather of FI,” JL Collins
Nov 01, 2023
Episode 345: The Basics of Financial Independence (FI): What Is FI & What You Need To Start Your Journey - Part 2
Oct 25, 2023
Episode 344: The Basics of Financial Independence: How Financial Independence Changed my Life - Part 1
Oct 18, 2023
Episode 343: How To Negotiate A Raise, Pivot Your Career & Finally Love What You Do With Elaina Goldstein
Oct 11, 2023
Episode 342: Quitting Corporate, Becoming An Accidental Entrepreneur & Setting Money Boundaries with Gigi Gonzalez
Oct 04, 2023
Episode 341: How Fear Can Be Your Superpower In Building Wealth, Crushing Your Career & Winning At Life With Farnoosh Torabi
Sep 27, 2023
Episode 340: How To Manage Your Money With ADHD & Unlocking Neurodivergent Financial Empowerment With Ellyce Fulmore
Sep 20, 2023
Episode 339: Disney World vs. Retiring Early- How Much Our Disney World Trip Cost + Book Updates
Sep 13, 2023
Episode 338: Quitting Alcohol, Accepting Your Authentic Self & How Money Allows You Time To Heal With Rich Jones
Sep 06, 2023
Episode 337: How To Stop People Pleasing, Step Into Worthiness, & Protect Your Assets With Divorce Attorney Renee Bauer
Aug 30, 2023
Episode 336: From $30k Per Year To Multi-Millionaire, Having Faith Over Fear & Building Generational Wealth Through Entrepreneurship With Mignon Francois
Aug 23, 2023
Episode 335: How To Coast Your Way To Financial Independence, Save 60% of Income & Reframe What Retirement Means w/ Ada Vargas
Aug 16, 2023
Episode 334: From Poverty to Millionaire, How Pursuing Financial Independence Gives You Options & Living Authentically With Delyanne Barros
Aug 09, 2023
Episode 333: The Secret Weapon To Achieve Your Goals & Change Your Financial Life
Aug 02, 2023
Episode 332: Become Your Own Money Expert & Build A Financial Life True To Your Values & Desires W/ Saundra Davis REWIND
Jul 26, 2023
Episode 331 - How To Rewire Your Brain For Wealth And Financial Success W/ Barbara Huson REWIND
Jul 19, 2023
Episode 330 - How Anita Paid Off $95,000 Of Debt In One Year And Retired Early At 33 Years Old REWIND
Jul 12, 2023
Episode 329: Finding Joy, Wealth & Freedom On Your Journey To Financial Independence With Kerry Ann Rockquemore REWIND
Jul 05, 2023
Episode 328: Navigating Your Financial Freedom Journey Through Busy Seasons While Still Enjoying Your Life
Jun 28, 2023
Episode 327: Juneteenth Collaboration: Gettin’ Free- Historical Tales of Our Journey To Freedom
Jun 19, 2023
Episode 326: Saving $100K To Prepare For Motherhood, Leveraging Transferable Skills & Pivoting From Freelance To Full-Time with Brittany Dandy
Jun 14, 2023
Episode 325: Rebuilding From Broke, Making Wealth A Daily Decision & The Power Of A Financial Plan With Dominique Broadway
Jun 07, 2023
Episode 324: From Teaching Students To Changing The Law & Prioritizing Requiring Personal Finance Education w/ Yanely Espinal
May 31, 2023
Episode 323: Somatic Finance, Money Polarity Myths + The Body Of Money With Gayle Colman
May 24, 2023
Can't Hold This Secret Back Any Longer- Pre-Order My Book Now & Get Free Financial Freedom Toolkit!
May 19, 2023
Episode 322: Traveling The World On A Budget + Paying Off 21K Of Student Loan Debt With Niqua V.
May 17, 2023
Episode 321: Navigating Money Conversations, Setting Personal Finance Boundaries + Learning How To Say “No” With Erin Lowry
May 10, 2023
Episode 320: Quitting Social Media, Prioritizing Connection over Consumption & Following Your Purpose With Isa Watson
May 03, 2023
Episode 319: Financial Activism, First Gen Immigrant Hustle & Why Money Conversations Need to be Loud w/ Berna Anat 
Apr 26, 2023
Episode 318: Investing for Wealth Accumulation & Exploring Direct Indexing with Rich Compson of Fidelity Investments
Apr 19, 2023
Episode 317: Taking $50k From A Taxable Brokerage Account To Buy A Car & Learning To Enjoy Money Now with Andy Hill
Apr 12, 2023
Episode 316: The Power Of Budgeting, Pivoting To Entrepreneurship, & Money Made Easy With Allison Baggerly
Apr 05, 2023
Episode 315: Quitting Corporate America, Accomplishing Goals Through Fear, & Betting On Yourself Kim Rittberg
Mar 29, 2023
Episode 314: Love, Money + Navigating Difficult Conversations Before You’re Ready With Myra Strober & Abby Davisson
Mar 22, 2023
Episode 313- Letting Go of Financial Worries, Fear, and What Wellness “Should” Look Like With Jessamyn Stanley
Mar 15, 2023
Episode 312- Paying Off $60k Of Debt, The Netflix Effect & Saving Money On Groceries With Toni Okamoto
Mar 08, 2023
Episode 311-Paying Off $30k of Debt, Breaking Up With Financial Diet Culture & Enjoying The Journey Along The Way With Nicole Stanley
Mar 01, 2023
Episode 310- How To Take Control Of Your Life, Make Big Changes & Reset Your Money With Jill Schlesinger
Feb 22, 2023
Episode 309 - The Price of Beauty: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Higher Maintenance Beauty Services
Feb 15, 2023
Episode 308- How I Failed at Reaching My Financial Independence Goal But Found Financial Freedom Instead
Feb 08, 2023
Episode 307- Building Legacy Wealth & The Road To Economic Empowerment With Dr. Pamela Jolly REWIND
Feb 01, 2023
Episode 306- From Undocumented Immigrant To National Reporter: How To Own Your Power + Get What You Want w/ Daniela Pierre
Jan 25, 2023
Episode 305- How To Balance a Happy Life & Financial Achievement + Pros & Cons of Quiet Quitting w/ Jason Vitug
Jan 18, 2023
Episode 304- From Making $30K per year to Millionaire; Tips for Boosting Your Income and Building Wealth Through Negotiation, Real Estate & Side Hustles w/ Andrew Giancola
Jan 11, 2023
Episode 303- 4 Money Truths To Help You Succeed + Book & Business Updates
Jan 04, 2023
Episode 302- From Saving $100k to Running A Multimillion Dollar Company Focused On Giving Financial Power Back To You With Tori Dunlap
Dec 28, 2022
Episode 301- From Celebrity Dog Walker To Celebrated Author: Following Your Dreams & Making Money As A Writer With Linda Sivertsen
Dec 21, 2022
Episode 300- Finishing What Matters Most: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time And Attention With Productivity Expert Charlie Gilkey
Dec 14, 2022
Episode 299- How Service Workers Can Achieve Financial Freedom & Increase Their Financial Health with Barbara Sloan
Dec 07, 2022
Episode 298- Taking Ownership Of Yourself & Your Future, Listening To Your Gut + Black Wealth With Chad Sanders
Nov 30, 2022
Episode 297- Uncovering Your Buried Life: Accomplishing Your Dreams & Being The Architect Of Your Own Inspiration With Ben Nemtin
Nov 23, 2022
Episode 296- How Tracy Paid Off $170K Of Debt, Why We Need More Queer Voices In The FIRE Movement & Being Open About Privilege
Nov 16, 2022
Episode 295- Life After Debt, Achieving Financial Freedom & Quitting Law For Full-Time Entrepreneurship With Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez
Nov 09, 2022
Episode 294- How Ariana Paid Off $68K of Credit Card Debt, Quit Her Job & Found A Budgeting System That Worked
Nov 02, 2022
Episode 293- How To Be a Future Millionaire: Teaching Gen Z About Financial Freedom, & Letting Go Of The American Dream With Dan Sheeks
Oct 26, 2022
Episode 292- Building a Community, Using Entrepreneurship to Build Personal Wealth & Scaling a Business w/ Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland
Oct 19, 2022
Episode 291- Spend Your Way To Wealth & Freedom w/ Sam Dogen
Oct 12, 2022
Episode 290- Listener Q&A: Passing Down Generational Wealth, Should You Buy A Home & How To Live A Richer Life w/ Ramit Sethi
Oct 05, 2022
Episode 289- Retiring at 30yrs Old & Living A Full Life On $20k A Year W/ Purple
Sep 28, 2022
Episode 288- How To Protect Your Wealth On Your Financial Freedom Journey
Sep 21, 2022
Episode 287- Balancing Financial Goals & Enjoying Your Money + How We Paid For Our Most Expensive Vacation
Sep 14, 2022
Episode 286- How To Lean Into Rest, Let Go Of Expectations, & Outsource For Peace
Sep 07, 2022
Episode 285- Your Money or Your Life: Transform Your Relationship With Money & Achieve Financial Independence W/ Vicki Robin REWIND
Aug 31, 2022
Episode 284- The Simple Path to Wealth and All You Need to Know About Index Investing with JL Collins REWIND
Aug 24, 2022
Episode 283- Sylvia's Journey To Paying Off 6 Figures of Law School Debt & Becoming Financially Independent REWIND
Aug 17, 2022
Episode 282- Atomic Habits: How Tiny Changes Spark Remarkable Results w/ James Clear REWIND
Aug 10, 2022
Episode 281-Lessons About Living From the Dying and Finding Balance Between YOLO & Protecting Your Financial Future w/ Jordan Grumet
Aug 03, 2022
Episode 280- Saving $30k To Quit Corporate America & Pivot To Teaching Women How To Invest With Amanda Holden
Jul 27, 2022
Episode 279- How To Create Healthy Boundaries in Your Personal, Professional, and Financial life w/ Nedra Glover Tawwab
Jul 20, 2022
Episode 278- How Norly Jean-Charles Found Financial Independence, Saved Half Her Income & Bought Her Mom A Home
Jul 13, 2022
Episode 277- How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, Build Generational Wealth & Scale A Business w/ Bola Sokunbi
Jul 06, 2022
Episode 276- Networking As A Way Of Life, Making A “You Turn” In Your Career With Ashley Stahl
Jun 29, 2022
Episode 275- From Budget Blogger To Venture Capitalist & How to Fund and Build A Successful Business with Kathryn Finney
Jun 22, 2022
Episode 274- Cashing Out Into Financial Freedom + How To Leave The Rat Race With Julien & Kiersten Saunders Of rich & REGULAR
Jun 15, 2022
Episode 273- How To Become Confident With Your Finances, Alleviate Your Money Fears, & Step Into Abundance With Alyssa Davies
Jun 08, 2022
Episode 272- Shifting To An Abundance Mindset, Leaning Into Your Zone Of Genius, & Winning $130,000 in Scholarships With Felecia Hatcher
Jun 01, 2022
Episode 271-Overcoming Spending Guilt, Investing When You Can, The Usefulness of Debt + More With Nick Maggiulli
May 25, 2022
Episode 270- Retiring Early, Paying Off The Mortgage, & Having Space To Focus On Joy With Journeyer Leilani Reed-Logan
May 18, 2022
Episode 269- Overcoming Distractions & Discovering What Truly Matters with Joshua Becker
May 11, 2022
Episode 268- How To Design Your Intentional Life & Pursue What You Really Want
May 04, 2022
Episode 267- Building Multiple Streams Of Income, Diversifying Your Passions, And Knowing Your Why With NFL Player Brandon Copeland
Apr 27, 2022
Episode 266- Launching Financial Grownups & Teaching Your Children About The Importance Of Money With Bobbi Rebell
Apr 20, 2022
Episode 265- How A Career Break Turned Into Moving Abroad & Financial Independence With Lawyer Turned Expat Roshida Dowe
Apr 13, 2022
Episode 264- From Hoarding Money To Enjoying Money & My Financial Freedom Evolution
Apr 06, 2022
Episode 263- How to Create A Legacy & Pass Down Generational Wealth Beyond Money With Chelsea Brennan
Mar 30, 2022
Episode 262- Die with Zero & Get All You Can From Your Money and Your Life w/ Bill Perkins
Mar 23, 2022
Episode 261- How To Improve Your Financial Well-Being, Embrace Fin-Tech Solutions & Evolving Technology w/ Lynnette Khalfani Cox
Mar 21, 2022
Episode 260: Real Estate Investing, Becoming Financially Independent at 31 & Harnessing The Power of Holistic Wealth With Keisha Blair
Mar 16, 2022
Episode 259: Investing For Long-Term Passive Wealth And Making the Shift From Consumer To Owner With Angela E. Matthews
Mar 09, 2022
Episode 258: Financial Adulting, Investing + Recognizing Privilege With Ashley Feinstein Gerstley
Mar 02, 2022
Episode 257- How to Have a Fun Relationship with Money With  Emily Guy Birken and Joe Saul-Sehy
Feb 23, 2022
Episode 256- Create Unstoppable Prosperity & Maximize Your Single Season With Anthony O’Neal
Feb 16, 2022
Episode 255- Embracing Imperfection, The Importance of Being Persistent & Consistent and More Lessons for Success
Feb 09, 2022
Episode 254: Find Financial Fulfillment & Create a Financial Plan That Works With Kumiko Love, The Budget Mom
Feb 02, 2022
Episode 253: How to Step Into Your Power, Follow Your Passion & Make a Good Living With Paco de Leon
Jan 26, 2022
Episode 252: Is Debt Good or Bad? Debt Payoff Strategies & Leveraging Debt to Reach Your Goals
Jan 19, 2022
Episode 251: Using Financial Therapy & Money Reiki to Improve Your Relationship with Money With Steven M. Hughes
Jan 12, 2022
Episode 250: 2021 Recap & Revenue + 2022 Goals & Outsourcing for Success
Jan 05, 2022
Episode 249: Top 3 Investing Mistakes That Are Costing You Thousands Of Dollars
Dec 29, 2021
Episode 248- Small Steps to Reach Big Dreams + Going from an Observer to Main Player In Your Life
Dec 22, 2021
Episode 247: How To Become A Side Hustle Pro With Nicaila Matthews Okome
Dec 15, 2021
Episode 246: Paying Off $123K Of Student Loan Debt With Anjie + RJ from Rich By Intention
Dec 08, 2021
245: BONUS EPISODE: Behind the Scenes of My Experience on Good Morning America
Dec 07, 2021
244- How To Quit Your Way To Financial Freedom And Career Success With Mandi Money
Dec 01, 2021
243- From Side Hustle To Million Dollar Virtual Assistant Business With Tasha Booth
Nov 24, 2021
242: How To Use Every Dollar You Spend, Earn And Save As A Force For Change With Tanja Hester
Nov 17, 2021
241: Paying off $600K Of Debt With Dr. Nii Darko
Nov 10, 2021
240- How To Package Your Expertise, Create A Profitable Business and Make An Impact With Maya Elious
Nov 03, 2021
239- How To Fire The Haters And Find The Courage To Create Online In A Critical World With Jillian Johnsrud
Oct 27, 2021
238- Bonus Episode- Learn to Trade as a Side Hustle
Oct 23, 2021
237-Breaking Barriers And The Mind, Body and Wealth Connection With Lauren Simmons
Oct 20, 2021
236- How To Change Overthinking From A Super Problem To A Superpower With Jon Acuff
Oct 13, 2021
235- Paying Off $30K of Debt, Financially Recovering From Divorce & Building an Authentic Financial Brand w/ Dasha Kennedy
Oct 06, 2021
234- How To Use Practical Intelligence To Achieve Your Goals And Live Your Best Life
Sep 29, 2021
233- Breaking Free Of Shame, Limiting Beliefs And Labels To Live A Full Life With Dr. Adi Jaffe
Sep 22, 2021
232- How You Can Make More Money, Have More Impact, And Thrive In The Corporate World With Dorianne St. Fleur
Sep 15, 2021
231: Minimalism: A Guide To Living With Less So That You Can Have More With Christine Platt, The Afrominimalist
Sep 08, 2021
230- Reaching Financial Independence And Investing $750,000 After Divorce With Dr. Lakisha Simmons
Sep 01, 2021
228- Everything You Need To Know About Student Loan Repayment W/ Travis Hornsby
Aug 18, 2021
227- Leaving Corporate America To Become A Real Estate Agent And Investor + Homeschooling w/ Erika Brown
Aug 11, 2021
226- How to Authentically Build Your Brand, Self-Worth and Net-Worth with Jessica Zweig
Aug 04, 2021
225- Rebuilding Black Wall Street a Century After the Tulsa Race Massacre & Why it Still Matters Now w/ Kevin Matthews
Jul 28, 2021
224-Business, Podcast, and Life Updates- 4 Year Journey To Launch Anniversary Episode
Jul 21, 2021
223- How to Reverse Engineer Your Success + Decode Greatness with Dr. Ron Friedman
Jul 14, 2021
222- How to Travel Hack and Pay Off Debt w/ Cinneah El-Amin
Jul 07, 2021
221- Achieving Financial Freedom as a Creative Entrepreneur & Learning to Invest: A Real Conversation with My Sisters
Jun 30, 2021
220- How to Earn Seven Figures Through Mission Driven Entrepreneurship and Live a Life You Don't Need to Retire From w/ Glo Atanmo
Jun 23, 2021
219- An Introduction to Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know If You Want to Start Investing in Crypto with Dr. Hans
Jun 16, 2021
218- How To Transition into a Career You’ll Love & Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move with Kimberly B. Cummings
Jun 09, 2021
217- How to Leverage Your Skills, Take Charge of Your Money and Get Your Children on the Right Financial Path w/ Catherine Alford
Jun 02, 2021
216- Building a Media Empire, Raising Millions in Capital and Achieving Financial Freedom Her Own Way with Morgan DeBaun
May 26, 2021
215- Nine Money "Mistakes" That I've Made (and I'm still making) + What I'm Doing to Improve Them
May 19, 2021
214: YOLO-ATP: You Only Live Once After the Pandemic:How to Manage Your Spending in A Post Lockdown World While Still Reaching Your Money Goals
May 12, 2021
213- How To Achieve A Million Dollar Mindset and Business with Rachel Rodgers
May 05, 2021
212- Using Side Hustles to Earn an Additional $100,000 a Year and Paying Off $39,000 of Debt with Jannese Torres-Rodriguez
Apr 28, 2021
211: How to Use Frugality and No Spend Challenges to Accelerate Your Money Journey Plus Side Hustle Tips w/ Jen Smith
Apr 21, 2021
210- How to Decrease Stress and Increase Self Care on Your Financial Freedom Journey w/ Aisha Moore
Apr 14, 2021
209: Becoming Financially Whole, Doing What You Enjoy, and Making Good Money with Tiffany Aliche "The Budgetnista"
Apr 07, 2021
208- How to Like Your Job, Even When You Hate It & Finding Peace and Happiness on the Path to Financial Freedom
Apr 02, 2021
207- Surviving and Thriving as a Small Black Owned Business in a Pre & Post Pandemic World
Mar 31, 2021
206- The Emotional and Mental Journey of Financial Independence and Finding Freedom Along the Way w/ Doc G
Mar 24, 2021
205- Stop Being Aimlessly Broke and Create a Money Management System That Works with Melody Wright
Mar 17, 2021
204- How Diania Paid off $30,000 of Debt, Quit Her Job & Achieved FI-Flexibility with Diania Merriam
Mar 10, 2021
203- Tax Free Living: Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and W2 Employees with Carter Cofield
Mar 03, 2021
202- Losing $300,000 of Your Life Savings in an Investment Deal Gone Wrong w/ Kierra Asnauskas
Feb 24, 2021
201- How to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations With the People in Your Life w/ Erin Lowry
Feb 17, 2021
Ep 200: How to Use Trusts and Estate Plans to Build Intergenerational Wealth w/ Ifeoma Ibekwe
Feb 10, 2021
199- Is Financial Independence (FI) a Pipe Dream? The Concept of Congruence and Minimal Viable FI
Feb 03, 2021
198- Q&A: Managing Entrepreneurship & Mom Life During a Pandemic, Picking an Online Brokerage Account, Should you Invest Some of your Savings + More
Jan 29, 2021
197- How to Rewire Your Brain for Wealth and Financial Success w/ Barbara Huson
Jan 27, 2021
196- Our Real Estate Journey Part Two and How We Almost Lost $44,000
Jan 22, 2021
195- Healthcare Options for Financial Independence, Early Retirement Seekers and Entrepreneurs w/ Lynn Frair
Jan 20, 2021
194- Starting a Mobile Bank and FinTech Company with Sheena Allen
Jan 13, 2021
193- How I Bought My Condo at 22 Years Old & My Biggest Takeaways & Lessons Learned
Jan 06, 2021
192- 2020 Year End Business Review: Breaking Down Revenue, Expenses, Profit & Lessons Learned
Dec 30, 2020
191- Identifying The Top Defining Moments In My Life + How to Use Them as Fuel to Get to Your Goals
Dec 23, 2020
190- Teaching Children to be Financial Goal Setters & Starting, Funding and Growing a FinTech Company w/ Tanya Van Court
Dec 16, 2020
189- Live a More Intentional Life & Opt Out of Things That Don't Serve You w/ Cait Flanders
Dec 09, 2020
188- The Immigrant Experience with Money + How To Become the Ultimate Go Getter with Shinjini Das
Dec 07, 2020
187- How to Get Your Employer to Pay $5,250 Towards Your Student Loans Before the End of 2020- Bonus/Emergency Episode
Dec 04, 2020
186- Learn How Investing Works & Grow Your Money w/ Bola Sokunbi from Clever Girl Finance
Dec 02, 2020
185- Give Yourself More Credit & Honor the Journey; A Personal Coaching Conversation w/ Saundra Davis
Nov 25, 2020
184- Money Launch Club Doors Are Open! + The Underlying Theme I've Noticed In My Private Communities
Nov 23, 2020
183- How To Transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship + All The Other Things They Don't Tell You About Owning A Business w/ Tammeca Rochester
Nov 18, 2020
182-Bonus Episode- Everything You Need to Know About Credit Unions and Why Banking with a Credit Union is Good for Your Wallet and Community
Nov 13, 2020
182-Bonus Episode- Everything You Need to Know About Credit Unions and Why Banking with a Credit Union is Good for Your Wallet and Community
Nov 13, 2020
181- How to Build a Bigger Life (not a bigger lifestyle) & Become a Master of Your Money w/ Adam Carroll
Nov 11, 2020
180- How Lawrence Amassed a Six Figure Net Worth and Doubled His Income to Six Figures (while still in debt)
Nov 04, 2020
179- Why the Money Gurus are Wrong & Other Principles You'll Need to Understand to Reach Your Money Goals
Oct 28, 2020
178- Start and Map Out Your Journey To Financial Independence With These Steps
Oct 21, 2020
177- How to Live a Rich Life & Make Your Own Money Rules w/ Ramit Sethi
Oct 14, 2020
176- How to Pay Off Debt & Merge Your Talents with Making Money w/ Yanely Espinal
Oct 07, 2020
175- How To Build Healthy Money Habits & Become A Smart Money Mama w/ Chelsea Brennan
Sep 30, 2020
174- Making 6 Figures Online & Living a Location Independent Lifestyle To Work & Live From Wherever You Want w/ Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Sep 23, 2020
173- Learning Swing Trading as a Side Hustle to Pay Off Debt, Save & Reach Your Money Goals (Real Experiences from Real Journeyers)
Sep 16, 2020
172- Reaching Financial Independence, Buying her Dream Home in Cash & Amassing a $2 Million Portfolio w/ Teri Ijeoma
Sep 09, 2020
171- Money, Goals & Mindset: Lessons from Taco Shells, Bloating & Running
Sep 02, 2020
170- How to Coast to FI: The Slow, Intentional, and Balanced Approach to Reaching Financial Independence w/ The Fioneers
Aug 26, 2020
169- Become Your Own Money Expert & Build A Financial Life True To Your Values & Desires w/ Saundra Davis
Aug 19, 2020
168- How To Live A Life You Love & Can Afford w/ Kumiko Love
Aug 12, 2020
167- How to Not Die Poor w/ Michael Arceneaux
Aug 05, 2020
166- Four Simple Rules For Successful Budgeting, Why You Need A Budget & Entrepreneurship Lessons w/ Jesse Mecham
Jul 29, 2020
165- Lessons on Achieving Your Life & Money Goals From 3 Years of Podcasting + Journeyer Voicemails
Jul 22, 2020
164-The Pursuit of Financial Liberation, Social Justice & Entrepreneurship w/ Ysanet Batista
Jul 15, 2020
163- The Geometry of Wealth: How to Shape a Life of Money and Meaning with Brian Portnoy
Jul 08, 2020
162- How to Create a Life by Design and Combine Creativity and Commerce with Lisa Nicole Bell
Jul 01, 2020
161- Overcoming Adversity and Building Wealth Through Relationships with Casanova Brooks
Jun 24, 2020
160- Four Tips to Help You Manage Your Money, Goals & Career Right Now
Jun 17, 2020
159- How Cindy Zuniga Paid Off $215,000 of Debt in 48 Months
Jun 10, 2020
158- Black Lives Matter & The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America w/ Shawn Rochester
Jun 03, 2020
157- Organize & Simplify Your Money Using This Simple Method w/ Sahirenys Pierce
May 27, 2020
156- Innovative Entrepreneurship & Achieving Financial Wellness w/ Marsha Barnes
May 20, 2020
155- Strengthen Your Mindset & Confidence To Turn Being Underestimated Into Your Greatest Advantage with Arlan Hamilton
May 13, 2020
Episode 154- How Teri Ijeoma Quit Her Job to Begin Trading Full Time and Travel the World
May 06, 2020
153- An Updated Conversation w/ Carmen Perez on Losing Her Income, Staying Positive & Finding the Opportunities in the Obstacles
May 01, 2020
152- Switching Careers from Corporate to Coding & Paying off $57,000 of Debt in 2 1/2 Years w/ Carmen Perez
Apr 29, 2020
151-Everything You Need to Know About the Economic Relief Package with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
Apr 22, 2020
150- How To Thrive in the Current Financial Market Turmoil & Better Position Yourself Financially with Jackie Cummings Koski
Apr 15, 2020
149- Bonus Episode- Coping w/ The Impact to Your Income & Career Due to the Coronavirus w/ Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez
Apr 10, 2020
148- How to Build Your Network, Thrive In Entrepreneurship, & Leverage Your Skill Sets To Make More Money w/ Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez
Apr 08, 2020
147- Your Favorite Podcasters Talk Money w/ Rana Campbell (Dreams in Drive), Dr. Joy Harden Bradford (Therapy For Black Girls), Nicaila Matthews Okome (Side Hustle Pro) & Art Steele (InkSecure)
Apr 01, 2020
146- How To Earn More Through Alternative Income Streams, Side Hustles & Leveraging Your Skills w/ Sandy Smith
Mar 25, 2020
145- A Q&A Episode: Rebuilding Your Credit, Having Money Conversations With Your Partner, How To Get Started and More!
Mar 18, 2020
144- Bonus Episode- Coronavirus, The Market Decline & The Impact on Your Money (& What To Do About It)
Mar 13, 2020
143- Building Legacy Wealth & The Road To Economic Empowerment with Dr. Pamela Jolly
Mar 11, 2020
142- How to Avoid Burnout On Your Financial Journey and Charging Your Worth with Sarah Li Cain
Mar 04, 2020
141- The Simple Path to Wealth and All You Need to Know About Index Investing with JL Collins
Feb 26, 2020
140- A Conversation on Economic Opportunity, Race Privilege, and the FIRE Movement with Brian from Done By 40
Feb 19, 2020
139- Love & Money: How They Got On The Same Page To Pay Off $32,000 of Debt w/ LeDo & Shameka McDowell
Feb 12, 2020
138- Can Anyone Really Reach Financial Independence? My Answer May Surprise You Plus, It’s My Birthday!
Feb 05, 2020
137-The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America with Shawn Rochester
Jan 29, 2020
136- How Anita Paid Off $95,000 of Debt in One Year and Retired Early at 33 Years Old
Jan 22, 2020
136- How Anita Paid Off $95,000 of Debt in One Year and Retired Early at 33 Years Old
Jan 22, 2020
135- Your Student Loan Questions Answered: Refinancing, PSLF, Common Misconceptions, & More w/ David Carlson
Jan 15, 2020
135- Your Student Loan Questions Answered: Refinancing, PSLF, Common Misconceptions, & More w/ David Carlson
Jan 15, 2020
134- Buying the Block and Creating Legacy Through Real Estate Investing with Kyara and Khalil, the Charm City Buyers
Jan 08, 2020
133- You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, 2020 Here We Come!
Jan 01, 2020
132- 2019 Year End Review & How Investing in Yourself is the Greatest Gift
Dec 25, 2019
131- From Broke & Living In A Car to Traveling the World With Kierra Asnauskas
Dec 18, 2019
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Dec 11, 2019
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Dec 04, 2019
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Nov 27, 2019
127- Saving 50% of Your Income on $60,000 While Navigating a Health Condition with Zero
Nov 20, 2019
126- How She’s Building a $500,000 Portfolio & Retiring Early at 30 Years Old (w/ a Purple Life)
Nov 13, 2019
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Nov 06, 2019
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Oct 30, 2019
123- Teaching English Abroad & Paying off $37,000 of Debt with Miss Wise
Oct 23, 2019
122- How Shang of Save My Cents Reached Financial Independence by 31 Years Old
Oct 16, 2019
121- Paying Off $1 Million Dollars of Debt With “The Debt Slayer” Naseema McElroy Plus My Takeaways From Fincon 2019
Oct 09, 2019
120- Q&A Episode: Best Strategies To Pay Off Debt, Turnkey Real Estate Investing, How To Stay Motivated on Your Journey + More
Oct 02, 2019
119-How to Pay Off Debt, Stop Sabotaging Your Financial Success & Tell Family “No” So You Can Thrive with Kenishia Mais
Sep 25, 2019
118- Creating Generational Wealth & Having Necessary Intergenerational Money Conversations with Duane & Taylor Davis
Sep 18, 2019
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Sep 11, 2019
116- Healing Our Money Wounds & Uncovering Our Limiting Beliefs With Money Mitra
Sep 04, 2019
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Aug 28, 2019
114- Minding Your Money To Emotional & Financial Well Being with Kassandra Dasent
Aug 21, 2019
113- Life After Becoming Debt Free With Money Launch Club Member, Josie Espinoza (Bonus Episode)
Aug 16, 2019
112- The Five Journeyer Stages and How to Unlock Freedom Along the Way to Financial Independence
Aug 14, 2019
111-How Cassandra Increased Her Income by $10k & Improved Her Money Mindset (Bonus Episode)
Aug 09, 2019
110- A Deep Dive into Investing & Becoming Financially Successful After Bankruptcy With Courtney Richardson
Aug 07, 2019
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Aug 02, 2019
108- Making Money Fun with Hey Berna
Jul 31, 2019
107- Your 30 Day Money Cleanse To Take Control of Your Finances & De-Stress Your Money With Ashley Gerstley
Jul 24, 2019
106- Creating Financial Freedom & Wealth On Your Own Terms With Bola From Clever Girl Finance
Jul 17, 2019
105 How To Quit Like a Millionaire So You Can Stop Working & Start Living With Kristy & Bryce
Jul 10, 2019
104 Create the Joyful, Purposeful and Rich Life You Deserve with Jean Chatzky
Jul 03, 2019
103- The 2 Year Anniversary Episode- 10 Lessons & Updates From Growing & Running My Business
Jun 26, 2019
102- How Dumpster-Diving and House Hacking is Fueling Charlie's Journey to Financial Freedom
Jun 19, 2019
101 How to Live Abroad and Use Entrepreneurship to Build Wealth with Damien Peters
Jun 12, 2019
100 Q&A Episode: Debt Consolidation, Telling Family No, Emergency Savings + More
Jun 05, 2019
099 How to Unlock Your Full Wealth Potential & The Power Within You With David Neagle
May 29, 2019
098 Paying Off $111,000 of Debt in 4.5 Years on a Teacher’s Salary with Allison Baggerly
May 22, 2019
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May 15, 2019
096 How To Achieve Flexible Financial Independence & Create Your Ideal Life with Jillian Johnsrud
May 08, 2019
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May 01, 2019
094 Tips on Funding and Growing Your Side Hustle with Kara Stevens
Apr 24, 2019
093 The DIY & Trade Job Path to Financial Freedom with Tinian Crawford
Apr 17, 2019
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Apr 10, 2019
091 Leveling up your Money & Investing with Erin Lowry
Apr 03, 2019
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Mar 27, 2019
089- Tax Code Changes, Business & Real Estate Tax Tips & Building Wealth w/ Atiya Brown
Mar 20, 2019
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Mar 13, 2019
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Mar 06, 2019
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Feb 27, 2019
085- The Colors of FI - Roundtable Chat on Financial Independence
Feb 20, 2019
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Feb 13, 2019
083- It’s My Birthday! How I’m Leveling Up & Things I’m Focusing On This Year
Feb 06, 2019
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Jan 23, 2019
080- Finding Joy, Wealth & Freedom on Your Journey To Financial Independence with Kerry Ann Rockquemore
Jan 16, 2019
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Jan 09, 2019
078- Ten Tips And Strategies To Help You On Your Journey To Financial Freedom
Jan 02, 2019
133- You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, 2020 Here We Come!
Jan 01, 2019
077 - 2018 Year End Review & How I’m Making 2019 My Best Year Yet (Plus Tips For You To Do The Same)
Dec 26, 2018
076- How We Can Find Strength, Truth, and Joy in Our Relationship with Money with Lynne Twist
Dec 19, 2018
075- An Interview With My Mom & How She Prepared Me To Prosper
Dec 12, 2018
074- The Impact of Income, Privilege & Race on the Path To Financial Freedom
Dec 05, 2018
073- Journeyer Profile Kari Lorz Finding Her Way to Financial Independence While Building a Financial Safety Net For Her Special Needs Daughter's Future
Nov 28, 2018
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Nov 21, 2018
071- The Business of Money with Farnoosh Torabi
Nov 14, 2018
070- Tiny Home Living w/ Jewel Pearson & Why You Don’t Have To Give Up Luxury To Go Tiny
Nov 07, 2018
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Oct 31, 2018
068- A Modern Woman's Guide to a Wealthy Life w/ Brynne Conroy
Oct 24, 2018
067-Listener Q&A: Paying off $100,000 student loan or investing, handling daycare expenses, preparing for a big career change and more
Oct 17, 2018
066-Build Extraordinary Wealth & Become a Millionaire w/ Chris Hogan
Oct 10, 2018
065-Spark Joy and Abundance in Your Life Using the KonMari Method w/ Kristyn Ivey
Oct 03, 2018
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Sep 26, 2018
063- Journeyer Profile - Lynn Amores How a Massive Stroke Almost Derailed Her Journey To Financial Independence
Sep 19, 2018
062- How Allison & Matt Left Their Jobs Behind To Travel the USA in a Van
Sep 12, 2018
061- I QUIT My Job: Why & How I Quit My 6-Figure Job & How This Affects My Journey To Financial Independence
Sep 05, 2018
060- How 22-Year-Old Cody Berman is Making His Way Towards Financial Independence
Aug 29, 2018
059-Exploring the Personal Finance Crisis w/ Elizabeth White Who Was 55 & Faking Normal
Aug 22, 2018
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Aug 15, 2018
057- Money Lessons from 4x Olympian Lauryn Williams
Aug 08, 2018
056- Create Your Own Rich Journey To Financial Freedom w/ Amon & Christina Browning
Aug 01, 2018
055-The 1-Year Anniversary Episode!
Jul 25, 2018
054- How To Take Mini-Retirements & Enjoy Life Now w/ Carl Seidman
Jul 18, 2018
053- The What, Why & How of The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Movement
Jul 11, 2018
052: Finding Adventure and Happiness on Your Journey to Financial Independence w/ Tanja from Our Next Life
Jul 04, 2018
051- Listener Q&A: Getting Over Analysis Paralysis, Can You Still Retire Early If You've Started Saving Late, Should You Hire A Financial Advisor Plus More
Jun 27, 2018
050- Demystifying Your Finances and Creating a Financial Plan w/ Shannah Game
Jun 20, 2018
049- Bravely Tackle Debt & Take Control of Your Finances w/ Kara Perez
Jun 13, 2018
048- From Unemployed and Broke to a Millionaire in 5 years w/ Grant Sabatier
Jun 06, 2018
047- Sylvia's Journey To Paying Off 6 Figures of Law School Debt & Becoming Financially Independent
May 30, 2018
046- How to Start and Run a Successful Side Hustle w/ Dr. Maria James
May 23, 2018
045- Becoming a Financial Grownup w/ Bobbi Rebell: How To Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom
May 16, 2018
044-Rewrite Your Money Story & Propel Your Way To Financial Success w/ Jen Hemphill
May 09, 2018
043- Being Rich & Regular: A Couple's Journey To Reaching Financial Independence
May 02, 2018
042- Balancing Pregnancy, Motherhood, a Growing Business & Everything In Between
Apr 25, 2018
041- How To Change Your Mindset, Habits & Beliefs To Reach Your Financial Goals w/ Jim Fortin
Apr 18, 2018
040- All About The Health Savings Account (HSA) The Ultimate Retirement and Investment Account W/Jackie Koski
Apr 11, 2018
039- Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence with Vicki Robin
Apr 04, 2018
038- How To Optimize Your Taxes and Make The System Work For You w/ Shane Mason
Mar 28, 2018
037- Understanding Credit and How to Use Credit to Build Wealth W/ Shante Harris
Mar 21, 2018
036- Everything You Need To Know About Your Student Loans And How To Get Rid of Them W/ Robert Farrington
Mar 14, 2018
035- The Power of Frugality and Simple Living To Reach Financial Independence w/ Mrs. Frugalwoods
Mar 07, 2018
034- Trade in Your 9-5 and Reach Financial Independence Through Stock Investing w/ Tela Holcomb
Feb 28, 2018
033- The Importance of Estate Planning for Long Term Wealth w/ Art Steele + How To Get Started
Feb 21, 2018
032- Discussing Marriage, Kids, and Money, Plus The BuzzFeed Effect
Feb 14, 2018
031- The Birthday Episode: My Previous Business Failures & 4 Life Lessons That Contribute to My Success
Feb 07, 2018
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Jan 31, 2018
029- How To Become A Money Nerd With Whitney Hansen
Jan 24, 2018
028- Finding The Right Balance Between Your Income & Expenses with the Paychecks & Balances Duo
Jan 17, 2018
027- The Art Of The Side Hustle With Chris Guillebeau
Jan 10, 2018
026- The Wealth Formula & The Secret Sauce Needed To Make It Work
Jan 03, 2018
025- Identify Your Money Problem & Join Me For The Free MasterClass
Dec 27, 2017
024- Four Things To Focus on For Major Financial Success in 2018 + A Year-End Update on 2017 Our Saving/Investing Goals
Dec 20, 2017
023- The Millennial Path To Financial Independence with Gwen & J From The Fire Drill Podcast
Dec 13, 2017
022- How Investing In Yourself & Starting A Business Can Lead To Financial Success w/ Bola From Clever Girl Finance
Dec 06, 2017
021- The 7 Steps To Wealth w/ Hilary Hendershott The Profit Boss + Should You Hire a Certified Financial Planner?
Nov 29, 2017
020- A Money Chat With My Husband Plus Information About The Budget Boot Camp
Nov 22, 2017
019- The Pillars of FI & How You Can Reach Financial Independence w/ Choose FI
Nov 15, 2017
018- How Couples Can Get On The Same Financial Page, My TV Debut + A Major Announcement
Nov 08, 2017
017- Turning Journey To Launch Into a Full-time Business, 2017 FinCon Recap + a Giveaway
Nov 01, 2017
016- How Single Mom Naseema Paid Off $300,000 in Debt in 2 Years
Oct 25, 2017
015- How Justin Retired at 33 Years Old & Lives a $100,000 Lifestyle on a $40,000 Budget
Oct 18, 2017
014- From Welfare to Running a 6 Figure Business, How Alanya Created Wealth From The Bottom Up
Oct 11, 2017
013- Goal Setting, Journey Points & Listener Q&A
Oct 04, 2017
012- Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing
Sep 27, 2017
011- Rejecting Homeownership, Traveling the World & Retiring by 31 Years Old
Sep 20, 2017
010- How Patrice Washington Became America's Money Maven, A True Rags To Riches Story
Sep 13, 2017
009- End Financial Stress Now- Pay Off Debt & Save Money On Any Income
Sep 06, 2017
008- A Step By Step Guide To Pay Off & Stay Out Of Debt
Aug 30, 2017
007- How To Negotiate a $25,000 Raise, Increase Your Salary & LinkedIn Tips
Aug 23, 2017
006- Improve Your Mindset & Stay Focused on Your Financial Journey
Aug 16, 2017
005- Becoming a Millionaire on a Teacher's Salary
Aug 09, 2017
004- 25 Ways To Improve Your Finances Right Now
Aug 02, 2017
003- Investing Your Way To Freedom + Investing Basics w/ Cassandra Cummings
Jul 26, 2017
002- How We Saved $85K in 12 Months + How You Can Save More Too
Jul 26, 2017
001- The Intro Episode- Launching You To Financial Freedom, Why I Started The Podcast and More
Jul 07, 2017