Reid This Reid That

By Joy Ann Reid and Jacque Reid/DCP Entertainment

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Category: News & Politics

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Reid This Reid That is a podcast hosted by play cousins Jacque Reid and Joy-Ann Reid who happen to be professional journalists that you may have heard of... or not. Anywho, we cover pop culture, politics and black girl magic all while having fun.

Episode Date
Decatur Where It’s Greater

The lovable Omar J. Dorsey, who plays Hollywood on Queen Sugar, joins the play cousins in the studio and he instantly becomes family. He talks Queen Sugar, Oprah, Aunt Vy, but the best moment is when Omar and Jacque realize they grew up literally around the corner from one another in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, GA! You don’ t want to miss this one.

Aug 10, 2018
Girl, You Ain’t Swole

The play cousins discuss a vegan night on the town. They also have some rewrites for The Walking Dead team. And Broadway diva LaChanze stops by to talk playing Donna Summer in a new musical and why vocal lessons are her secret weapon. 

Aug 03, 2018
Beam Me Up Black Cindy

Cousin Jacque goes missing causing Cousin Joy Ann to reveal a particular set of skills. The Aunties also talk topics and OITNB actress Adrienne C. Moore joins in on the fun. 

Jul 27, 2018
What In The Helsinki?

Jacque and Joy-Ann are joined by fellow journalist-extraordinaire, Soledad O'Brien, (who discusses her recent knee injury, doing journalism her way and her Twitter clap-backs.) 

The cousins also talk black hair woes, the latest Trump drama, and "mole" people possibly living in NYC subways.

Jul 20, 2018
The Man Had An Axe In His Lap
Jacque becomes Captain Save on the D Train.  Joy pays homage to her favorite cousin and talks almost performing in a cousin's Do-wop band.    The cousins discuss a morsel of hope in Handmaid's Tale finale (spoiler alert), the dangers of the SCOTUS nomination, and Kylie Jenner's Forbes cover. 
Jul 13, 2018
Praise Be, Hon-tee
Chris Witherspoon (and his eyebrows) guest-host with cousin Jacque and foolishness ensues.  First, there is the no holds barred recapping of the BET Awards. Then, among other things, they talk about the moment queen Oprah did a Handmaid’s Tale cameo.
Jun 30, 2018
Fix It, Jesus-The Insomnia Episode
Finally, we get a professional in the studio to focus on Cousin Joy Ann’s insomnia. We dig deep into the history of Joy Ann’s sleep issues, define causes and explore possible remedies. And yes, there is wine!
Jun 22, 2018
There's a Baby in The Room
Jacque is stressing about over-packing and needs therapy, while Joy-Ann is preparing to speak at her youngest son's graduation. The cousins celebrate Madison's death on FEAR TWD, talk Me Too defendants getting due process and Tiffany Haddish getting backlash from Sanaa Lathan's parents for "bite-gate". Chris Witherspoon also joins The Reid's to discuss the summer's hottest shows with black leads!
Jun 16, 2018
Just Say it, "Kim K. Did a Great Thing"
Jacque and Joy-Ann debate Kim Kardashian's meeting with pres. Trump; celebrating their hatred for Fear TWD's Madison Clark and side-eyeing Serena Williams haters while challenging beauty "standards".    Dr. Ben Michaelis joins the "cousins" in-studio discussing the rise of suicide rates and mental illness. 
Jun 09, 2018
The Black AF Royal Wedding
The "cousins" gleefully recap the most soulful Royal wedding and tearfully break down the sexual harassment allegations against God, aka Morgan Freeman. Jacque & Joy-Ann also talk evicting grown-ass kids and the NFL's (Trump) new kneeling policy.
May 25, 2018
We have a Black Princess--Ya'll!!
Joy-Ann tries to convince her daughter skip graduation to cover the royal wedding; Jacque is making sure her black doesn't crack! The cousins also talk Fear TWD, deciding the cocktails for their early morning royal wedding coverage, and being sick and tired of being sick and tired!!
May 19, 2018
Eat The Chips, Anna Mae
The cousins are back! Jacque discusses the TJMS Fantastic Voyage and Joy-Ann shares a update on her son's speedy recovery from a injury. The ladies also talk 'This is America', canceling R.Kelly, Melania stealing from Michelle Obama- again and racial profiling.
May 12, 2018
Why We Need Joy
Chris Witherspoon joins Jacque in-studio talking Joy-Ann's haters, Avenger: Trinity War's snoozy review and Jacque's #MuteRKelly follow-up. The two also discuss Bill Cosby's guilty verdict, Meek Mill jail release and Kanye West certifiably being in the "sunken place".
Apr 27, 2018
Stop Calling 911 for BS... Unless it's for R Kelly
PR extraordinaire Marvet Britto joins Jacque and Joy Ann in-studio to tackle the latest on the Starbucks boycott controversy. The cousins also Joy Ann’s mom guilt and Jacque’s involvement in a Twitter beef. And of course we talk Scandal ending and Fear The Walking Dead beginning.
Apr 24, 2018
All That Shade
The ladies talks Joy-Ann's viral "h&m" drag, Killer Mike falling short on AM Joy and the rise of Fear the Walking Dead and #TWD finale.  Toure' joins the "cousins" in-studio and shots fired between him and Jacque! The trio also talks Beychella and all things Prince.
Apr 16, 2018
Just Buy the Bootleg
Black Girls Rock! founder, Beverly Bond joins Jacque and Joy-Ann in studio discussing the importance of representation for young girls, her annual award show, and summer camp. In addition, Jacque explains walking out of Acrimony and both "cousins" are not here for Roseanne's show reboot or her bizarre antics in real-life.
Apr 06, 2018
  Jacque surprises Joy-Ann with the infamous vegan burger and turns out-- it's tasty! The cousins eagerly talk "bite-gate", Stormy Daniels spanking Trump, the significant impact of March For Our Lives and Killer Mike getting it all wrong.
Mar 30, 2018
...Stormy Weather!
Joined by returning guest, Chris Witherspoon and new "cousin" Jarrett Hill, the Reid ladies talk #TWD x #fearTWD correlation; the Austin Bombings; Donald Trump bracing for Sunday's 60 minute "Storm", as his Junior's past tryst finally catches up with him
Mar 23, 2018
The Art of the Mercy Flush
Jacque’s stomach has something to say about a special vegan burger;Joy-Ann sheds light on Survivor: White House Edition and white women being tired of Trump. Both ladies weigh in on Craig Mack's death and his apparent link to a cult- TF?
Mar 16, 2018
Popping Bottles and Bringing Shade
The Reid ladies are joined by honorary "cousin" Chris Witherspoon as a guest-host. They talk about that Rachael Dolezal's Netflix documentary, #OscarsSoBlack, and wonder who the hell decided to release A Wrinkle In Time so close to Black Panther??! Of course there are waaaaay to many cocktails, and a reenactment from the Oscar Red Carpet... cue the shade.
Mar 11, 2018
Condoleezza, Omarosa-Omarosa, Condoleezza
The Reid cousins are still in Wakanda. Jacque talks #BlackPantherApollo and being moved to tears; Joy-Ann's Nigeria garb finally arrived, so she is off to the movies, again- just not the theatre in Harlem. The two talk Black Panther haters and hope for the  success of 'A Wrinkle in Time'. Joy celebrates 21 years of marriage and reveals her husband was her first (and only) post-college boyfriend.    The ladies talk the return of The Walking Dead, the crazy 'skinfolk' running for Congress, and a study FINALLY admitting menstrual cramps are as painful as heart attacks-Seriously??!! 
Mar 02, 2018
...Wait There Is More!
  The Reid "cousins" winedown after a long week and Jacque shares her horrific Wakanda experience at the the Magic Johnson theatre in Harlem; while Joy-Ann unplugged from the world and simply enjoyed being a couch potato.   The ladies talk Black Panther’s astonishing  worldwide box office numbers, Fergie's National Anthem fail and Laura Ingraham's "Shut Up and Dribble" comment to Lebron James. They ladies also weigh in on CNN's Town Hall with the Parkland and other mass shooting survivors and the backlash Pres. Trump and the NRA faces with the with the upcoming millennials. 
Feb 23, 2018
Concrete Park
Joy-Ann and Jacque wine-down with actress Erika Alexander discussing her graphic novel series, the excitement of Black Panther and reasons why she is against a Living Single reboot.    The Reid cousins also talk the latest school shooting tragedy in Florida, the Obama portraits and the black-French figure skater receiving praise over her Beyoncé medley performance while wearing pants! 
Feb 16, 2018
Jacque and Joy-Ann are back together and better than ever! Joined in the studio by Restaurant extraordinaire, Alexander Smalls, and Martini & Rossi brand ambassador, Colin Asare-Appiah; the ladies are popping bottles and learning how to make the perfect frank?!    Joy-Ann talks attending fashion week and backsliding on her weight loss, while Jacque experiences her first drag show- can you say fabulous?! The cousin also discuss the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl fiasco and Quincy Jones spilling everyone's tea but his own. 
Feb 10, 2018
Lady Haiti
Where in the world is Joy-Ann Reid? Honorary Reid, Chris Witherspoon, is our guest Co host. He and Cousin Jacque sit down with legendary artist Wyclef Jean in-studio. Wyclef talks gigging with Prince, going back on tour and how the music industry has changed. Jacque and Chris winedown discussing Jacque's GET OUT Birthday girl's trip. Chris is brainstorming ways to teach his young son authentic black history, without making him a bitter child.  And Black Panther is almost here! Jacque and Chris discuss how it is already making history. 
Feb 02, 2018
What's the Opposite of the Sunken Place? Wakanda!
  Jacque & Joy-Ann wine-down with Fandango's Chris Witherspoon discussing 2018 Oscar Nominations, the overall significance of Get Out, and Mary J. Blige being homeless?? The trio also talk Hollywood's wage disparity against women of color and compare thoughts on Monique Vs Netflix?    The play cousins chat about their personal wellness journeys... Joy Ann updates her weight loss and Jacque is more committed to  a vegan.  
Jan 26, 2018
Not Today, Satan!
Joy-Ann and Jacque are movin' on up and drinking to their health.    Jacque is extremely skeptical about getting the Flu shot; While Joy-Ann confirms she is a girther and simultaneously gets inducted into ShondaLand after the TGIT Queen retweeted Joy's epic clap back to a Trumper's nonsense on her weekend show.    The ladies also discuss the conflicts they have with the accusations against Aziz Ansari and how the alleged bad date shouldn't be associated with #MeToo.    The play cousins are joined in their new studio with both The Baylor Project, the 2x Grammy Nominated Husband-Wife Jazz Duo, The Baylor Project, and Life Coach Sharmayne Jenkins, getting lives together for two-thousand GREAT-teen!
Jan 19, 2018
Don't Be Afraid of The Dark
The aunties are back! Jacque and Joy-Ann return from their holiday hiatus and they're better than ever!   The ladies catch up after having the month off and talk JoyAnn's epic birthday party-- just in case there is a nuclear holocaust; Jacque going vegan—except for her mother's holiday Chitlins; and Oprah in 20/20?   Me Too Founder, Tarana Burke joins the play cousins to discuss who got a seat at her table during the Golden Globes, #TimesUp, and Mainstream media's lack of empathy for women of color in the wake of the Hollywood Scandal and why we [frankly] shouldn't give a damn!
Jan 12, 2018
And That's How Bonquiesha Gets Away With Murder
JoyAnn and Jacque are joined by returning guest, Chris Witherspoon, discussing JoyAnn's weave catastrophe and wig names; American Idol versus The Voice and their The Walking Dead weekly update and how they're both over Jesus… (not THE Jesus). Jacque is continuing her Golden Globes workout while simultaneously anticipating her holiday chitlins.   The trio talks the Omarosa wedding picture at the White House debacle, election formulas and historical wins; and is Tiffany Haddish really making history by hosting SNL??   Chris shares his career journey along with a wild drinking story about a night out with JoyAnn.
Nov 21, 2017
Black Jesus has a Good Memory
Jacque and Joy-Ann "wine-down" without the wine discussing their crazy work week. Jacque hosted for Mika Brzezinski's celebrity infused "Know Your Value" Women's conference. Meanwhile, JoyAnn continues to receive Jacque's mail; been on a traveling frenzy hosting speaking engagements primarily discussing fake news and still needs an assistant. The ladies give their weekly "The Walking Dead" update and debate why Fear of the Walking Dead" deserves a chance. They also talk the Briana Brochu case, Hollywood's glasshouse; dealing with workplace harassment, and Robert E. Lee being an evil man. Period. The play cousins get a good laugh out of JoyAnn's viral "Uranium One" read and Jacque interview's a black witch just in time for Halloween.
Nov 21, 2017
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand We’re Back
Jacque and Joy-Ann are reunited and to feels so good.  One of them has completely kicked Insomnia the other has it ever worse.  Joy-Ann shares details on her recent trip to the USVI to report on the post hurricane devastation there.  Jacque shares details on new movies and tv shows you need to watch.  The ladies celebrate the return of The Walking Dead and explore why Negan is still alive.  The also weigh in or whether Janet Jackson should perform in the Super Bowl if invited.  Last, but not least the one and only Kim Fields stops by the studio to talk about her new movie, sexual harassment in Hollywood and whether the ladies of Living Single are coming back to tv.
Oct 27, 2017
Are You Still Watching ‘Empire”?
Jacque and Joy-Ann are joined by entertainment experts Chris Witherspoon and Blue Telusma to talk Black folks making their mark in front of and behind the camera on the small screen.  The ladies also discuss where they are with the battle with Insomnia.  Joy-Ann shares the juicy details of her most recent Twitter beef with Joe Walsh.  In wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the ladies discuss whether the NRA will ever lose it’s control over the US government.  They also get into the controversy surrounding Tina Campbell, of Mary Mary, standing with ‘Christian’ Trump. 
Oct 06, 2017
Sleep Deprived, Visually Impaired But Thinner
Actress Danielle Brooks is in the studio talking pretty bras, kicking it with Oprah and why she is hesitant to launch a music career despite her amazing vocal talent. Meanwhile, Jacque gets to the bottom of Joy-Ann squinting on tv and discovers Bikram yoga may be answer to her insomnia. The ladies also talk about the kneeling/NFL controversy and whether they would take the knee. And Joy-Ann shares what she did not get to ask Hillary Clinton in that recent interview she snagged (yaaaaay AM Joy!)
Sep 29, 2017
Sweetie, You Don't Know Me Like That
  Joy-Ann and Jacque get to the bottom of Joy-Ann's Twitter beef that went viral, Hon-tee! The ladies weigh in on the Jemele Hill controversy and more hot topics. And our special guest, actor Lamman Rucker of Greenleaf, talks being a part of television's hottest shows and spills the tea on what Oprah is really like.
Sep 23, 2017
Don’t Piss Off Jesus, Santa or Al Roker
  Jacque and Joy-Ann discuss Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and why some people don’t  evacuate.  They also talk about the possibility of a Black woman becoming a member of the British royals and Black Girl Magic at the US Open.  Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams stops by the studio to talk about confronting Trump and the death threats that followed.  And Joy-Ann welcomes Jacque to the Insomniacs club.
Sep 08, 2017
Wait... Is That Jacque, Joy Ann, Nina or Tamron??
Joy-Ann and Jacque break down the GOT season finale, and interview guests Rev Al Sharpton and actress/director Tasha Smith.
Sep 01, 2017
My Brother's Keeper
Jacque and Joy-Ann welcome their brothers in the business, Ed Gordon, Jawn Murray and Don Lemon. They discuss Ed's controversial interview with Omarosa and the emotional toll covering race and hate takes on Black journalists.
Aug 18, 2017
Our Black Girls Rock
Joy-Ann and Jacque talk about hair issues, Dave Chappelle and the latest Game Of Thrones.  Also special guests Congresswoman Maxine Waters talks Trump and her love for Tupac, and the ladies dig deep into #noconfederate and Black Twitter with April Reign. 
Aug 11, 2017
Why Are You Orange?
The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. joins Jacque and Joy-Ann to discuss hot topics Reclaiming My Time, Praise Dancing to Jay Z, Trump Phone Call Leaks and Politicon.  Also actor Laz Alonzo stopped by to talk about his role in the powerful new movie Detroit and R Kelly interrupts the studio.
Aug 05, 2017
Manicures, Madames and Squeezing balls
In Episode 4, Joy-Ann and Jacque discuss OJ’s release, how the struggle for well manicured nails is real and why you need to see the new movie Girls Trip.  The Reid girls also get an education from the author of Black People’s Guide to Game of Thrones and this weeks celebrity game show host reveals her secret life as a Madame.
Jul 21, 2017
The Aunties go to Westeros
Jacque and Joy Ann prepare for Game of Thrones.  Guest Rolonda Watts talks comedy and her first novel.  Joy Ann takes Trump to West Indies.
Jul 15, 2017
Excuse me, there's a toe in my cocktail
Jacque and Joy-Ann get personal and share how Reid This/Reid That became a show.  More game show antics with Real News/Fake News.
Jul 07, 2017
In the beginning there was Irv Gotti and a little Trump
Joy-Ann and Jacque interview media mogul Irv Gotti about his new tv series, Tales, on BET and the relaunch of  Murder Inc records.
Jun 30, 2017