Living Victoriously

By Doretta Gadsden,RN, Author , speaker

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Category: Alternative Health

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Doretta Gadsden and her guests will be exploring life with chronic diagnosis and life adversities on Living Victoriously. Be inspired, motivated and transformed!

Episode Date
PheMOMenon at Forty with Tamara Gooch

Tamara is a master coach and lifestyle business blogger. She is the founder and CEO of Pink Pearl LLC, a transformative movement that magnifies women's voices and stories of boldness, confidence and truth.



Tamara tells Doretta about taking a year off, and how her business shifted during that time and took on a new direction while still holding true to the previous one.

Doretta speaks up about the importance of taking needed downtime, and how Tamara is setting a positive example.

Tamara goes on to talk about experiencing loss, and having to navigate business and personal in a way that best served her, and how doing so led to clarity in both.

She shares some tips for people who are just starting their businesses, and how the people who are meant to hear you, will always be there.

Tamara shares her hopes, and how she wishes to leave people feeling. She also shares some last moments of wisdom to close out the show.



“If your personal life is not where it needs to be, your professional life will not grow and blossom”

“Silence the noise, because that chatter is going to cause a problem”

“I couldn't give from an empty cup”

:It's okay to take care of yourself”

“Be clear on what it is you want to do?”

“Start doing all of those things you thought and dreamed of doing”




Aug 29, 2017
Winning the Dance with Depression with Doretta Gadsden

In this episode of Living Victoriously, host Doretta Gadsden talks about Winning the Dance with Depression. She explains that she has been living with depression since childhood, and that circumstances in her childhood made her feel sad and damaged. She shares some of the tools she has learned, and used, in her battle with depression to come out on top. She talks about things like meditation, exercise, rest, support and journaling, as well as medication. She shares her experiences and tips as she has come to appreciate them.



"It visits me, but it doesn't bury me"

"Our thoughts keep us sad"

"When we're tired, we're not going to be our best"

"We're all different beings, and there's always a road we can take."

"What can I do for myself?"




Aug 22, 2017
Reach Up For Help with Alex Barlowe

Alex Barlowe is is a best selling author, and participated in the same anthology that Doretta was involved in. She achieved her happily ever after, and understands that there is work to get there, and ever more work to maintain it. She is a strong believer in taking care of your mental health, and having a good support system behind you. She is a source of inspiration, and a reminder that good things come to those who work.



Alex tells Doretta about her chapter within the book, and gives some of the background and commentary from the author's perspective.

Doretta and Alex relate back and forth about prayer, therapy, and support. They also talk about mindset and some of the issues with having a closed mind.

She talks about some of her plans for speaking engagements and groups within her local community.

She shares some of the steps she took to move beyond her old circumstances and into the place she is now.



“That doesn't mean I can just relax and bask in happiness, it comes with work and it comes with every day maintenance.”

“The first step was reaching up for help. Over coming adversity was not something I did on my own”

“Too many people suffer in silence”

“There are so many fragmented people walking around still hurting.

“Needing help doesn't mean you're crazy, it means you're human and had something happen to you”

“I don't think you can ever be told, or inspired too much or enough”

“Reach up for help”




Aug 15, 2017
Life with Betty Speaks

Betty Speaks is a transformational coach, international leadership educator at Betty Speaks LIFE ministry. After serving in the military, and experiencing a multitude of things both positive and negative, Betty has found her calling in serving others who have experienced similar trials in their life.



Betty tells Doretta about her L.I.F.E Ministry, and how it came to be.

She describes the various ways she serves and meets with veterans, and explains the purpose behind her coaching, meet ups and speaking engagements

Betty also talks about some of the feelings and emotions she's experienced first hand and can help with in family, relationships and life.



“I had to be the person to set the example”

“A lot of things we go through in life, someone else has already gone through”

“You don't want to bring a pitbull into a room full of terriers”

“They are loved and they are appreciated for what they've endured and what they went through.”




Aug 08, 2017
Women of Virtue with Sonya McKinzie

Sonya McKinzie is the Founder and Executive Director of the Women of Virtue transitional foundation, a non profit charitable organization aimed at filling in the gaps of domestic violence awareness services and resources.

Sonya describes the different things her nonprofit organization does, and gives a brief look into how it got started, and what is being developed.

Sonya tells Doretta about her experiences with domestic violence, and how she managed to find the courage to put a stop to it. She and Doretta also talk about abusive patterns, and the way it can manifest itself in generation after generation.

She talks about workshops that she's planning to do through Women of Virtue, and the focus she wants to put on the younger generation and their view of self love. She also talks about the activities and hands on stuff she plans to do for them as well.

Finally, Sonya tells Doretta about her books, and gives listeners information on how to reach out, show support, or get in contact with her.



“I don't know what it was, what broke inside, what went off, what light came on but I said this is it. This is over.”

“Most survivors are victims that will go back.”

“It's almost like you go looking for that same kind of man that your father was”

“I love to love”





Aug 01, 2017
Unexpected Purpose with Moshay Akala

Unexpected Purpose with Moshay Akala

Moshay Akala is a survivor of Lupus, being in remission for 8 years. She also helps women with their self esteem and job preparedness. Moshay is a best selling author, and she works in local communities offering self esteem workshops and job preparedness classes.



Moshay fills Doretta in on her life before Lupus, being diagnosed, and how she lived after finding out about the disease. She also talks about her shift in perspective, and how much of a game changer it was to view her diagnosis in a different light.

She shares some of the ways she keeps healthy and honors her body, and how she managed to bring silence to her negative thoughts, and the negative chatter that surrounded her in order to achieve a more vibrant life for herself.

Moshay shares some of the insights she gained while covertly battling Lupus, how it became another purpose, and how it changed her life in an unexpectedly positive manner. She and Doretta also relate back and forth about similar experiences and feelings.



“I went from that 6 figure job to being number 6 in food bank lines.”

“It's hard to become humble. It's hard to surrender”

“I have the power to silence that negative chatter”

“If you didn't have this story to share, you couldn't change these lives”

“There's always going to be a next battle”






Jul 25, 2017
Integrating You with JJ Carolan

Integrating You with JJ Carolan

JJ Carolan loves helping people live a life less ordinary. She loves working with people who are ready to burn like the sun, No holds barred. She holds the space for people to take inspired action to conquer their inner critic and to build resilience so they can take the bold risks necessary to achieve their dreams. As both a certified life coach, and a behavioral analyst, JJ is known for her blend of deep inner work paired with powerful outer action.



JJ explains integration, and how you can apply it to your life in order to stop wearing so many different masks in the roles you play in your life.

She also talks about what she hopes people get out of being in her presence, and what she wants people to feel about themselves as a result of her involvement in their life.

Finally she talks about the Freedom Tracker, a gift she'd like to share with the Living Victoriously audience, and shares a couple of laughs about parenthood.



“We don't have to spend the stress and energy being different.”

“No one is going to lie on their death bed wishing they were more uptight at work”

“It's safe and exciting to be who they are. That's the place to live.”

“Every 2 years I'm going to burn it all down anyway”





Jul 11, 2017
The Depression Perspective with Nicole Matthews

The Depression Perspective with Nicole Matthews

Nicole Matthews is a motivational speaker, who specializes in encouraging people to live beyond their current situation. She promotes positive self-talk and action, and she's a believer in overcoming depression.



Nicole shares a few of her thoughts on depression, and gets into her experience a little bit, relating her feelings, thoughts and opinions about depression and the importance of mental health awareness.

Doretta and Nicole vibe back and forth relating their experiences with depression, how they are able to bounce back from it using tools they've been graced with. They also talk about the very real fact: Depression comes back, but it can be prepared for.

Nicole talks about some of the tools she uses, and raises a strong point on the world view of depression and the stigma surrounding it. She also talks about the importance of changing the tone of discussion surrounding depression.

She also talks about how changing your perspective on depression can greatly lessen the effects it has on your life, as well as gives tool and resources to help.



“So many people think living with depression is a state of doom and gloom, and it doesn't have to be.”

“I don't want people to suffer in silence”

“So many people are dancing with this.”

“You have to prepare your mind for the day you want to have.”

“We wake up and let the day make us instead of us making the day”

“The stigma of depression holds so many people back from achieving the things they want to achieve”

“Understand there's a reason. There's a purpose to everything we do”

“Something good could bring you down just as quick as somebody dying”



Walking Boldly In Hope





Jul 11, 2017
Life After Loss with Cheryl Peavy

Life after Loss with Cheryl Peavy

Cheryl Peavy is a best selling contributing author of 3 books: Living a Fabulous life Vol.2, I Am Beautiful, the Evolution of Beauty, and The Woman Behind the Mask. Cheryl is also a speaker, and a coach. Her passion is to help young girls, and women from diverse backgrounds who have faced traumatic situations in their life.



Cheryl talks about the loss of her mother and grandmother, and the impact it had on her life, as well as how she navigated that turbulence in her life.

Doretta and Cheryl talk about spirituality and surrender, as well as the trials that deepen faith and strengthen the spiritual bond. Cheryl also talks about mentoring young women, and surrounding yourself with the appropriate support in your circumstances.

Cheryl shares some of the things she's learned about grief, the inspiration behind her business, and the resources she wants to give to listeners of Living Victoriously.



“There was just no way that anybody could have brought me back but God”

“Show me my purpose or just let me die”

“It's important to have other women surround you who have been through that situation and can help you”

“Everyone should have a coach or a mentor”

“you can create the life that you want for yourself”

“Grief is a process. There is no time limit.”




Jul 10, 2017
Living Victoriously with Doretta Gadsden

Welcome to the first episode of Living Victoriously with Doretta Gadsden!

In this episode, Doretta explains the motivation behind the show, what you can expect from future episodes, and the passion she has derived from her life, purpose, and business.

Doretta works with women who have been effected by a chronic diagnosis. Having lived 23 years with AIDS, Doretta helps others realize that both she and they can still live a full life.

Doretta aims to create a space for inspiration, motivation, and passion with this podcast, giving women and men from all walks of life a place to feel welcomed and understood. She will be talking to guests, as well as hosting some solo shows to explore topics of interest.

Get ready for an awesome ride with the Living Victoriously Podcast, and remember: Be the light, the sunshine and the smile for someone else today.


"We have the opportunity to reach back and to help and bless other people"

"I will be the rainbow in somebody's cloudy day"

Jul 10, 2017