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By Curious J & DITRH

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The Flat Earth Podcast is a weekly audio program covering all things related to the flat and stationary Earth. Hosted by Dave, Matt & Curious J. Visit us on FB/Twitter and online at

Episode Date
138 - Mitchell does not exist
The leading theory about Australia is that there is only one guy. Mitchel. Owen Benjamin talk with DITRH Perspective video: Flat Earth Man album. Vaccine link: Truth Crest Calgary: Music by David J: Unveiling A Titan parts 1-4 Flat Earth T Shirts: Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple. *iPhone link:* *Android link:*
May 03, 2019
137 - A logical fallacy
Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple. *iPhone link:* *Android link:* Also available on Apple TV Banjo sizeures for science. Veritas Radio Jesuits Israel moon landing kid video Israel earth photo Karen B Seasons on a flat earth Song Mr. Matty Moses - Get Over It 🎶 [Flat Earth]
Apr 06, 2019
136 - Flat Earth Dermatology and IT
This week we discuss many flat earth proofs and take a dozen speakpipes. 3 globers and DITRH Owen live stream Owen Benjamin AMTV Flat Earth AMTV NASA roast. Seizures for Science Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple. *iPhone link:* *Android link:* Also available on Apple TV St Croix 50+ miles away Paul on the Plane, Dome life podcast Shoot The Moon Music The Real K-Rhino. K-RINO "FLAT VS GLOBE" 05
Mar 31, 2019
135 - I'll take what globers say for $200 Alex
After another extended break “we” finally manage to record an episode in the middle of the night but not without internet audio issues. We discuss the recent videos by Logan Paul and the Netflix deceptive hit piece, Behind The Curve along with a bunch of other flat earth topics. St Croix drop box link The secrets of our electrical universe Pilots speak out JERAN BEHIND THE CURVE Hyphonate interview PAD video Is the moon a sphere? T shirt link. Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple. *iPhone link:* *Android link:*
Mar 16, 2019
134 - The Heliononsensical Model
This episode we discuss several ball zealot tactics to divert flat earth knowledge, moon rocks, seasons, Owen Benjamin, the possible reason for spraying our sky with aluminum and other conductive materials, Tartaria and the mud floods along with cleaning out our speakpipe backlog. SHOW LINKS: Music: Tears of the Mustache: Owen Benjamin clips playlist: T Shirt shop link: Amazon T Shirt: Taboo and Anthony show: Martin Kenny video Bosley flying ship video: Red pill compilation: Question Everything Conference: Clock app video:
Feb 17, 2019
133 - Blue Pills Don't Work
After a very long honeymoon, Matt emerges from his mini van and we resume The Flat Earth Podcast. This episode we catch up on some of the latest developments. All links provided below. Sofia Smallstorm virus video Sofia website Owen Benjamin DITRH Playlist NoLiesDomedSkys Flat Earther imitations video Crrow777 film Shoot the Moon Baron Trump videos playlist Back to the future and the wire and P brane video from ISS How the sun sets in your PAD video Question Everything Conference video Music: Eratosthenes Was Wrong - Chris Wrock Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple. Download it today and start flat smacking! *iPhone link:* *Android link:* available on *Apple TV:* Just search the Apple TV app store for "FLAT EARTH”
Jan 25, 2019
132 - You had me at flat earth hot sauce.
We are finally back after an exhausting FE2018 conference. We discuss the conference, Logan Paul, some personal stories at the conference along with the new Flat Earth Sun & Moon App and other flat earth topics including Matt being replaced as the number one ranked flat earth tennis player. Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app. Leave a review on the App store! Jamie Lee a plane truth YouTube: StopLookThink Wild Fires Rob Skiba conference presentation Flat Earth Man album Challenger HOAX Veritas Antarctica Novak tennis video
Dec 01, 2018
131 - Ballers go in but they don't come out.
Our last podcast before the 2018 Flat Earth International Conference in Denver CO. Matt and Dave discuss the latest flat earth happenings across the plane. Latest troll arguments along with some conference talk. LINKS: Music by John Niems Jim Fetzer books exposing deceptions. These books are going to be worth a lot of money as the thought police restrict and rewrite history. John B Wells and flat earth Circumnavigation for dummies Fetzer vs DITRH debate on Flat Earth #NEXT! Question everything Flat Earth Podcast Hoodies on Amazon for videos and much more!
Nov 10, 2018
130 - Three Dots and a Silent J
In this episode we discuss Matts presentation at the sky fall conference and a pretty interesting story that happened while watching it. Our history is a bigger lie than most of us realize. Matt goes for the fastest marriage proposal record in history. Halloween flat smacking ideas along with other flat earth topics. A disturbing message from the great Iru Landucci. Curious Jay drops in a message form his interment camp and much more. Matts Skyfall conference DITRH Dot Dot Dot Mole hole and Deliver us from Hell. Free Your Mind YouTube ISS drop screw. Matts sun video The anti gravitic airships of the 1800’s Brian Mullen’s Balls out Physics The HEX Podcast #SaveHoustonWhite Space the final junkyard propaganda video Song by LazyDiamond369 Remember Tesla Amazon hoodie link
Oct 22, 2018
129 - Creepy is the new brilliant! #SaveHoustonWhite
This week we discuss lots of FE topics and life events from art purchases, the upcoming conference, best flat smacks, Daves obsession with The Hex Podcast and we get a last minute visit from Creepy Mitchell who may be conducting the definitive test to prove the earth's lack of rotundity and utter flatness. Show links: Houston White Hex Podcast Amazon P1000n thread THUMB it up Amazon hoodie link Jeranism Amazon link. Use this for ALL your Amazon shopping and make them fund Jeranism at no charge to you. The Flat Earth International Conference Denver Scrawney2Brawney NASA video SUBSCRIBE to the best information show on the plane Torque the line video YouTube Torque the line GoFundMe Bring Robert Sungenisis to FE2018 Jeranism light optics personal dome video Moon light meme Song: Mr Matty Moses Man on the Moon
Sep 27, 2018
128 - Flat Earth is Dave's Baby
We try and squeeze out a quick show in before Matt is traveling "back to Canada" for some reason. Again we are plagued with technological interference but power through. We try and recreate out conversation about stars, planets and angels with a little success. Better luck next time. Matt and I are at odds, not on wether the earth id flat or spherical but rather who the heck is Mitchel and is he for real? Show links bellow. Song, Flat Earth--Mind Control to Major Tom Website: Infrared video. Flat Earth book of memes, downloadable. Sun fadout play list. Yup Yap video Torque the Line Experiment - Introduction Antikythere Mechanism planetary motion computer (@1:29:50 mark) Conference Discount code FEPODCAST
Sep 09, 2018
127 - Space doesn’t suck as much as we thought.
We are back for another quick episode after life delays many record dates. We discuss all the topics linked below and plow through a speed round of many SpeakPipes. Links: Phlat Phish T Shirt A MUST HAVE FOR PHISH FANS WHO ARE FLAT. Flat Earth Conference Denver www.FE2018/com Discount code: FEPODCAST Mark Sargent;s memorial video Exposing the fraud behind PBS Genius episode 6 24 hour sun crane video Morgile Fake Space August 2018 Flat Earth Advanced - Geology Revived Documentary The Great Manmade River by Muammar Gaddafi Where our real water comes from. Ignore the globe. Song: Earth Not A Globe | Moana - How Far I'll Go Song, by Amber Plaster
Sep 05, 2018
126 - I Love You That's Why You Must Die!
After 90 minutes of struggling with a high-tech mic in Estonia Matt who is at the Canada Flat Earth Conference and David who is not, throw in the towel and throw their guest Einar Kuusk over the curve and give up for now. We discuss the latest ongoings in flat earth, play a really dumb game, take a few speak pipes along with a special caller and a few other topics. LINKS: P Brane celestial perspective Einar Kuusk Finding the curve Matt's business card sandwich
Aug 10, 2018
125 - RedHenn - Stay Asleep My Friends
Matt Long from fills in for Curious J this week where we catch up on the last month of what is happening on out flat earth. RedHan Stay asleep my friend Hibler Productions 2018 Documentary 4 Sun fade out videos The Morgile, A Brief History of Flat Earth 2018 South pole flight website Conference link Discount code FEPODCAST The Great Man Made River Flat earth in music RussianVids Martin on OTV morning show Gravity Globebusters Justin Scott Kelly Music "Last of the Real”
Aug 04, 2018
124 - Flat Earth Activism, Suppression and More!
In this episode as we struggle through some unexplained and suspicious technical difficulties but struggle through to get a 2 hour show. “Invited" guests include Steve, aka RealmWalker, Andres aka Friend of Yahweh (allegedly). We talk about all the things linked below. New channels, activism, the moon, the suppression of our podcast and other ground breaking flat earth content. An episode not to be missed! Dean Odel by Mathew Long from FlatWorth Jeran satellite video Globebusters Paper moon video. Thew Tennis Video Authentic Intent video Harrison Hanks. Andrews Round and Curvy Andrews Mars video Andrews proof of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica Steve, ReamWalker channel Chris Jericho interview Antarctica is closed Bible sermon
Jun 30, 2018
123 - Deep indoctrinated thoughts by Jack Handy
10% Discount code for The Flat Earth Conference: FEPODCAST This week we talk with M. Scott Veach, the son of an astronaut. We discuss how he believes what he believes. Scott is also a producer in Hollywood which is following in his fathers footsteps in the world of make-believe. Dave accidentally flat smacks his blue pill sister. The impossibility of the ISS, Mark Sargent clue #13 which points out how space suits are impossible along withe more current flat earth topics. Song DITRH Soyuz video Hillary Green Screen video Sun disappearing into thin air. Nathan Oakley slams Mick West ISS appearing stuffed animal Alexa (the last one is the real one) Rob skiba Chicago Astronauts and stars
Jun 09, 2018
122 - When all else fails, Matt Long
On this episode we talk about some flat smacking, Our new website is a great source for flat earth videos and downloadable flat smacking material. We talk about an observation Rory Cooper ("My Perspective” YouTube channel) made about corpuscular rays at sunrise and sunset being impossible with a distant sun. We body slam Eratosthenes again but it doesn’t really matter because his experiment never happened. Jay’s dreams of doing gold arbitrage in the shipping industry are sunk and much more. Music by Andrew Lanks Friend of Yahweh YouTube Matt Long: There are no tennis players on flat earth Sunset candle video: My Perspective YouTube: DITRH YouTube: Sun fading away video: Dan Dimensions weather balloon YouTube: Edward Hendrie Flat Earth Podcast segment enhanced:
May 28, 2018
121 - The Walking Dead is reality
This week we discuss how shooting a laser at the moon to measure its distance is impossible. We review some new flat earth videos showing how the moon is VERY close to earth once again destroying the already obliterated heliocentric nonsense model. Alex, Flat Earth Man joins with Dave at the beginning while Curious Jay is walking among the dead. The GoFundMe for the Flat Earth Billboard for the conference in November has been launched! Help make this a reality and come join the fun.
May 12, 2018
120 - Pac Man ate the flat earth
In this episode we are joined by Karen B and talk about all things flat earth. How there is no curvature and why things in the distance look like they are rising up over a curve. We also discuss the recent UK Flat Earth convention and how the MSM always grabs the low hanging fruit. Check out our NEW website. A GREAT place to send people for the best Flat Earth videos. Music by: Conspiracy Music Guru Karen B's "My Flat Earth Awakening" FaceBook: The Flat Earth Podcast Twitter: @TheFEPodcast
May 02, 2018
Can you hear me now? Antarctica is closed!
After getting through schedule conflicts, life emergencies and sheer exhaustion we found a small window in the middle of the night to record only to have internet and audio gremlins torture us. We were able to piece the recording together similar to the way they reconstructed the voice mails from the past in 12 Monkeys. Our guest this week is YouTube’r Taboo Conspiracy who made the ultimate video about Antarctica explaining why nobody has gone to the edge to prove the true shape of our world. Taboo Conspiracy DITRH: The Flat Earth Podcast FaceBook: Website: Music: I have no idea who sang that song. Twitter: @TheFEPodcast
Apr 18, 2018
118 - The Convex Earth Society?
In this episode we discuss our thoughts on the new Convex Earth documentary, how ridiculous the moon is, Dave calls BS on the emperor penguins and a bunch of other Flat Earth topics. We answer a bunch of SpeakPipes Music MC Xander 'Sick Of The Lies’
Mar 31, 2018
117 - Curious J is not dead
After another long delay we finally got this episode up with our exclusive premiere of Flat Earth Mans new NASA song just hours before it premiers on Globebusters. We talk about the Elon Musk SpaceX Tesla in space fraud, the new humanity star and what it might be along with answer a bunch of SpeakPipes.
Mar 11, 2018
116 - Surprise Surveillance Guest
A surprise visit from a FE eavesdropper leads to a TON of topics covered, speakpipes answered and much more. Nearly 2 hours of must-hear FE audio! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at:
Feb 12, 2018
115 - We're Back!
It's 2018 and we are back to discuss the latest FE news that includes a wide range of topics (NASA, moon landing, the sun, stars, etc). We also attempt to knock out the huge stack of speak pipe messages that piled up over the holidays and close the show with the latest single from The Flat Earth Man!
Jan 18, 2018
114 - Edward Hendrie
After answering a few more speakpipe messages, Edward Hendrie joins us for a great conversation. Hear how he wrote the book, "The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not A Moving Globe" and much more. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Music: "Never Went To The Moon" by Flat Earth Man
Dec 20, 2017
113 - Robbie Davidson
We open with a little bit of news before taking some speakpipe calls. After the break, we are joined by Robbie Davidson for a discussion on The 2017 Flat Earth Conference. We talk media coverage, future conference plans and much more. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Robbie's YouTube channel: Celebrate Truth Music: "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge
Dec 04, 2017
112 - Crrow777
Join us for a great discussion with Crrow777. Topics include: Dinosaurs, Nukes, ISS, NASA, censorship and (of course) the shape of the earth. Nearly 2 hours of must-hear FE audio! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Crrow's website: Music: "Rain On The Scarecrow" by John Mellencamp
Nov 05, 2017
111 - 'Flat Earth Minerals' w/ Sofia Smallstorm
Back after a 3-week hiatus with 2 more hours of FE audio! This episode covers a lot of FE material during the first hour... recent FE news, a new idea for a possible curvature test, Speakpipe questions and much more. During hour 2 we talk with premiere truth researcher Sofia Smallstorm and discuss how she got into Flat Earth and her new wellness venture appropriately called, "Flat Earth Minerals" Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Sofia's website: Intro Music: "Without Me" by Eminem Additional Music: "Gravity" by The Flat Earth Man
Oct 27, 2017
110 - Conversation With A Glober
Back with 2 full hours of must-hear FE audio! After discussing the topics of the last week or so in our opening segment, get ready for an AWESOME conversation... with someone who is definitely NOT on board with the Flat Earth. After recently bringing up the flat earth on one of his episodes, Luke Thompson from Luke's English Podcast sits down with Curious J, DITHR and Jeran (from the Jeranism chanel) to discuss the flat vs globe issue. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Luke's website: Intro Music: "Earth is Flat" by Jaba & Friends
Sep 30, 2017
109 - Flat Earth 101 w/ ODD (part 2)
Lots of topics covered during the opening segment, followed by Part 2 of of our discussion with ODD. Great stuff for all FE'rs but especially newcomers to the FE theory. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: "The Matrix Has You" by O.D.D.
Sep 20, 2017
108 - Flat Earth 101 w/ ODD (part 1)
After recapping the FE videos of the week during the opening segment, we are joined by O.D.D. for Part 1 of our discussion on the "21 Questions" most likely received when introducing Flat Earth to someone for the first time. GREAT episode for anyone, but especially for those new to the Flat Earth concept. Be on the lookout for Part 2! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: "Dear NASA, Why Are You Lying?" by O.D.D.
Sep 13, 2017
107 - Jason Lindgren
This week we talk with Jason Lindgren from The Secrets of Saturn and Crow777 podcasts. Jason is a very smart, objective and well-spoken researcher who is looking for the same thing we are: the truth. Find out his thoughts on NASA, the heliocentric model, the flat earth and much more! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: "Nothing But The Truth" by ODD
Sep 02, 2017
106 - Stevie Richards
After recapping the events and news from this week's Solar Eclipse, we are joined by Stevie Richards, current fitness trainer and former WWE wrestling star. Stevie shares his feelings on a ton of topics such as NASA, the globe vs flat earth argument, why many pro wrestlers have a tendency to be conspiracy theorists, and much much more. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: "Won't Go Back To The Ball" by Daznez
Aug 27, 2017
105 - Speakpipe Week
This week we take your calls via Speakpipe so a ton of topics are covered: NASA's footage of the earth, Dave's appearance on The Raven Effect podcast, the upcoming Solar Eclipse and much more! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: "Flat Earth Man" by Conspiracy Music Guru, available on iTunes
Aug 20, 2017
104 - D Marble
We discuss a lot of different topics during out first segment this week. After the break, D Marble joins us for even more FE talk. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: ODD
Aug 14, 2017
103 - Kevin The Teacher
More solar eclipse talk this week plus an interview with Kevin, a high school teacher who also happens to be a Flat Earther. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: ODD
Aug 07, 2017
102 - Marty Leeds
More solar eclipse talk this week and a great conversation with the creator of The Flat Earth Litmus Test, Marty Leeds! Follow us on FacebookTwitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: B.O.B.
Aug 01, 2017
101 - Awakenings
This week DITRH and Curious J discuss their own Flat Earth awakening stories, the direction of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, the phenomenon known as 'Missouri Gravity Low' and much more! Follow us on FacebookTwitter and visit our website at: Intro Music: B.O.B.
Jul 30, 2017
Teaser - The Flat Earth Podcast - Coming 7.31.17
The Flat Earth Podcast with DITRH and Curious J launches 7.31.17 Hit SUBSCRIBE now for your weekly dose of Flat Earth audio.
Jul 23, 2017