Women in the Middle: Loving Life After 50 - Midlife Podcast

By Suzy Rosenstein

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Women in the Middle is a podcast for women over 50 who don't want to let life pass them by. You'll learn from someone who knows what it's like to be stuck in a midlife funk and want to change but not know what to do. Master Certified Life Coach Suzy Rosenstein shares the mindfulness skills, tools and upbeat perspective you need to stop wasting valuable time, do midlife on purpose and get excited about your life again. Download a free guide to help you get unstuck at https://suzyrosenstein.com/ninesecrets/

Episode Date
EP #159: Stories that Keep You Stuck in Midlife

Today we’re talking about the way that the stories that you tell yourself can keep you stuck. Stories are part of who we are. We interpret our lives through stories and use them to help us understand life.

The problem is when your stories are on autopilot and don’t end up helping you get the results you want. You just keep believing your interpretation without question. Nothing changes. You accept your results. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-159-stories-that-keep-you-stuck-in-midlife/

Jul 30, 2020
EP #158: Finding Peace as a Midlife Woman with Jennifer Forster

Today we’re talking about the importance of finding the courage to make a shift in your life. The thing is, this path forward may not be clear. Instead, you may notice a constant nudge or pull toward making a big change in midlife. Even when you’re a serial entrepreneur. Even when you’re in corporate. Even when you don’t have a plan.

My guest today is Jennifer Forster and she has quite a story to tell. She’s the author of the Power of a Peaceful Woman: 49 Ways to drop the armour and defuse the drama. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-158-finding-peace-as-a-midlife-woman-with-jennifer-forster/

Jul 16, 2020
EP #157: Learning How to Network in Midlife with Nefateria Fonda

Today we’re talking about the importance of learning how to network in midlife with Nefateria Fonda.

Nefateria Fonda is Certified Business and Sales Coach and PRESIDENT of Go Get It, Inc. She’s also an Author and Speaker specializing in helping new parallel-preneurs. Parallel-preneurs are  professionals who are building a service-based business while they are working. Nef helps them get clear on who they serve and how they serve them. She also helps them build confidence in their sales skills so that they can get cash into their business. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-157-learning-how-to-network-in-midlife-with-nefateria-fonda/

Jul 09, 2020
EP #156: Finding Joy in the Present Moment with Tom Sterner, Author of The Practicing Mind

Today we’re talking about the importance of developing more thought awareness, especially in midlife.

Our guest today is Thomas M. Sterner, author of the amazing book, The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life -- Master Any Skill or Challenge by Learning to Love the Process. He’s also the founder and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute and is an expert in Present Moment Functioning.

Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-156-finding-joy-in-the-present-moment-with-tom-sterner-author-of-the-practicing-mind/

Jul 02, 2020
EP #155: How to Make your Midlife Marriage Better with Maggie Reyes

Today we’re talking about midlife marriage and how to make it better with guest marriage expert, Maggie Reyes.

Maggie is a Life Coach and Modern Marriage Mentor who specializes in helping driven, ambitious women create the marriages of their dreams. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-155how-to-make-your-midlife-marriage-better/

Jun 25, 2020
EP #154: Midlife Make Up and More with Elise Marquam Jahns

Today we’re talking about midlife make up and more with guest midlife beauty expert, Elise Marquam Jahns.

It’s no surprise that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for beauty products. It’s hard to find information about what’s best to use when you’re over 50. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-154-midlife-make-up-and-more-with-elise-marquam-jahns/

Jun 18, 2020
EP #153: Be the Queen of your Brain Domain in Midlife

Being the “Queen of your Brain Domain” is something that you hear at the end of every Women in the Middle Podcast episode. Today we’re talking about what this phrase means and why it’s an amazing way to be in midlife. 

It feels way better to understand your emotions and feel like your life is under control. However, when you don’t have the skills to understand your thinking and how it affects your emotions, it’s common to feel like more things are uncertain and just respond to life willy nilly. It’s a much more “out of control” experience. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-153-be-the-queen-of-your-brain-domain-in-midlife/

Jun 11, 2020
EP #152: Why your Midlife Hair is Happy on Holiday

Hair is a common bonding topic during the pandemic. Today’s episode is all about why you and your midlife hair are enjoying a holiday from constant coloring, trimming, shaving and more.

Many women and men are experiencing hair angst during this strange period of time. Gray hair, armpit hair, leg hair, long hair, beards and moustaches are getting a lot of attention these days. They’re also opening the door to a lot of thinking and self-reflection. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-152-why-your-midlife-hair-is-happy-on-holiday/

May 28, 2020
EP #151: Seven Ways to Bring Excitement Back to your Future

Today’s episode is all about setting yourself up for the exciting future you want and specifically,  seven ways to bring excitement back to your future.

When you think back to your childhood and younger years, it’s usually not too difficult to remember a time or two that you were really excited about your future.  Perhaps even tingling with excitement. But now that you’re older, that same level of excitement about your next chapter isn’t the same at all. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-151-seven-ways-to-bring-excitement-back-to-your-future/

May 21, 2020
EP #150: Why Thinking about What you SHOULD Do in Midlife Keeps you Stuck

Today’s episode is all about why thinking about what you SHOULD do in midlife keeps you stuck, why it’s a problem and what you can do about it.

It can be surprising to realize how often you think about what you should be doing instead of what you are doing. The way “should thinking” plays out in your mind is that it creates incredibly negative emotions that aren’t typically that motivating and actually serve to keep you stuck.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-150-why-thinking-about-what-you-should-do-in-midlife-keeps-you-stuck/

May 14, 2020
EP #149: Top 5 Reasons to Write Letters Again in Midlife

Today’s episode is all about the importance of writing letters again and the top five reasons you should consider bringing this meaningful activity back into your life, especially now, in midlife.

If you’re like most women in the middle, you probably haven’t written too many letters lately. However, you probably did quite a bit of letter writing as a kid; it was a popular thing to do back then. It was also a popular way to stay in touch with people you cared about. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-149-top-5-reasons-to-write-letters-again-in-midlife/

May 07, 2020
EP #148: 5 Togetherness Tips when your Empty Nest Fills Up Again

Today’s episode is all about the bumpy transition of adult kids moving back home, or, what it’s like when your empty nest fills up again.

It’s common for this to happen on occasion after your kids leave the first time; however, the pandemic situation has created a bit of a different situation in that many grown kids have moved back home without much warning or emotional preparation for anyone. Pre-pandemic, graduates would move back home when they were looking for work, or perhaps your grown kid lost his or her job and needed to move home because of financial reasons. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-148-5-togetherness-tips-when-your-empty-nest-fills-up-again/

Apr 30, 2020
EP #147: The Beauty and Curse of Midlife Boredom

Today’s episode is all about the beauty and curse of midlife boredom.

Being bored is common for women in the middle. Boredom might have been coming up for you on the regular, even without the pandemic, but the situation with COVID-19 is definitely shining a big spotlight on it for many women our age. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-147-the-beauty-and-curse-of-midlife-boredom/

Apr 23, 2020
EP #146: 4 Things to Consider When You Need More Midlife Space

Today’s episode is all about the importance of having more space in midlife. You’ll learn four specific things to consider when you really want to change your personal, physical and/or emotional space in your home.

For sure, you probably feel stuck at home during the restrictions and orders to stay at home during COVID-19. It’s important to notice how you feel when you think about anything, especially this during such a trying time. There’s a big difference when you compare these two thoughts: being stuck at home vs. being safe at home. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-146-4-things-to-consider-when-you-need-more-midlife-space/

Apr 16, 2020
EP #145: 7 Calming Life Hacks for Uncertain Midlife Times

Today’s episode is all about actual suggestions to create more calm in your life. You’ll learn seven calming life hacks for uncertain midlife times.

For sure, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. There’s a lot going on and we’re all in this together. This kind of collective feeling has ever happened before in our lifetime. It’s an unprecedented time in our history. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-145-7-calming-life-hacks-for-uncertain-midlife-times/

Apr 09, 2020
EP #144: The Joy of Coaching with Like-Minded Women

Today’s episode is all about the beauty of coaching with like-minded midlife women and why joining the Finally First Midlife Membership may be what you were looking for but didn’t really understand why.

But first, we talked about urge management; in particular, the urge to touch your face was discussed because it’s an important public health message right now with COVID-19. It turns out, most people touch their face way more than they know. NOT touching your face is an important skill to develop. Mindfulness strategies can help.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-144-the-joy-of-coaching-with-like-minded-women/

Apr 02, 2020
EP #143: How to Put Yourself First without Midlife Guilt

Today’s episode is all about how to put yourself first in midlife without the guilt. Unfortunately, feeling guilty is a common part of self care with women in the middle. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are several common reasons why it’s so common to feel guilty while focusing on self care at our age and stage.  You may have recognized feeling indulgent or generally uncomfortable when trying to follow through on doing things specifically because you decided it’s important for you. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-143-how-to-put-yourself-first-without-midlife-guilt/

Mar 26, 2020
EP #142: 4 Things You Need to Know to Make a Midlife Career Change

Today’s episode is all about the four things you need to know when you want to make a midlife career change. 

For me, feeling stuck and confused for five years, from 45 to 50 years old, taught me a lot about what this is like for so many women in the middle. Feelings of boredom, being stagnant and unfulfilled are super common. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-142-4-things-you-need-to-know-to-make-a-midlife-career-change/

Mar 19, 2020
EP #141: Why your Midlife Crisis is Not the One your Momma Had

Today’s episode is all about what a midlife crisis is and how it’s likely not the same as what your mom experienced.

When thinking about what a “midlife crisis” is, it’s important to understand a little bit about how the use of the phrase has evolved and changed for men and women. It used to be more common to only think of men having trouble with this tradition in an effort to reclaim their youth, whereas women struggled and coped with menopause. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-141-why-your-midlife-crisis-is-not-the-one-your-momma-had/

Mar 12, 2020
EP #140: The Cost of Staying Stuck & Playing the Waiting Game in Midlife

Today’s episode is all about staying stuck and playing the waiting game in midlife. We’re going to put a different spin on the way you usually think about it too.

It’s common to think of being stuck as having no control and wanting something external to actually fix the problem or get you unstuck. You sometimes catch yourself waiting for something to happen so that you can have a change. Being stuck might go on for years. It’s not fun. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-140-the-cost-of-staying-stuck-playing-the-waiting-game-in-midlife/

Mar 05, 2020
EP #139: 5 Ways to Use Envy for Good in Midlife

Today’s episode will help you understand how to use envy for positive change in your life. Envy is one of those common negative emotions that can make you uncomfortable. But, when you understand what envy is helping you see about yourself, you can use envy for good, especially in midlife. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-139-5-ways-to-use-envy-for-good-in-midlife/

Feb 27, 2020
EP #138: Following your Passion to Create, Recycle & Educate with Joanne Jones

Today’s episode is all about the road to following your passion. Specifically, my guest today is Joanne Jones, Textile Artist, Designer and owner of Mined reCreations in Ontario.

Mined reCreations is where fashion is meaningful and style has a cause. Joanne makes one-of-a-kind handbags and satchels made from recycled clothing. As if this wasn’t cool enough, Joanne’s story gets even better. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-138-following-your-passion-to-create-recycle-educate-with-joanne-jones/

Feb 20, 2020
EP #137: 6 Steps to Make your Midlife Plans More Fun

Knowing how you can make midlife plans and planning more fun can bring a lot more joy and pleasure into your life. Today’s show is all about why you should consider doing this on a regular basis.

In midlife, it’s common to feel like you’ve been spit out at the other end of a chaotic swirling vortex, only to find yourself older and more confused. There are many reasons for this and most of them have to do with the transition into a new and very different stage of life. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-137-6-steps-to-make-your-midlife-plans-more-fun/

Feb 13, 2020
EP #136: Mahjong as a Mother & Daughter Tradition with Cheryl Zeldin & Ruth Zimelman

Today’s episode is all about the game of Mahjong as a Mother and Daughter Tradition. My guests today are a mother daughter team who love the game of Mahj. The thing is that Mahjong turns out to be an amazing way to meet new people, spend time with your family and create an important family tradition. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-136-mahjong-as-a-mother-daughter-tradition-with-cheryl-zeldin-ruth-zimelman/

Feb 06, 2020
EP #135: Weight Loss & Wake Up Calls in Midlife with Cookie Rosenblum, MA.

Today’s episode is about weight loss and wake up calls in midlife. My guest today is Weight Loss Coach and Entrepreneur, Cookie Rosenblum, MA. It turns out that she’s the perfect person to talk to about this unique combination of topics today.

For over 25 years, Cookie’s expertise has helped thousands of women change their bodies and their lives from the inside out. She’s a master level life coach, an author and host of a highly  acclaimed podcast on itunes. She shares some amazingly helpful weight loss perspective and tips for women in the middle.

Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-135-weight-loss-wake-up-calls-in-midlife-with-cookie-rosenblum-ma/

Jan 30, 2020
EP #134: Do you Feel Old in Midlife?

Today’s episode is about feeling old in midlife. It’s important to talk about feeling old because it takes up so much emotional and intellectual real estate at this age and stage of life.

Do you remember when you first felt old? It’s funny but feeling old isn’t intrinsically positive or negative. In fact, often, when you’re young, you probably enjoyed when you felt old. But it’s a different story in midlife. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-134-do-you-feel-old-in-midlife/

Jan 23, 2020
EP #133: Honoring your Introversion in Midlife, Interview with Caroline Wood

Today’s episode takes a look at what it’s like to be an introvert in business in midlife.  

It turns out that introversion is a thing in midlife.  My guest today is Caroline Wood; 

Caroline is an introvert supporting other introverts to build a successful businesses that honours their introversion, rather than feeling like they have to pretend to be an extravert to get ahead. 

Caroline teaches that you can be a successful business owner as an introvert without having to pretend to be an extravert. She believes that you’re probably going to be more successful being authentic to your introversion rather than exhausting yourself as an extravert. Such good news, right?

Caroline teaches specific strategies and the mindset shift necessary to be open to the wide variety of opportunities available now to build a business that works with your personality, even as an introvert. 

That’s what I call midlife on purpose.  Enjoy the interview! 

Lear More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-133-honoring-your-introversion-in-midlife-interview-with-caroline-wood/

Jan 16, 2020
EP #132: Top Three Vision Board Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

The year 2020 is the perfect time of year to create a vision board.  This episode is about how to avoid the top three common mistakes that get in the way when it comes to making a vision board that really works. 

Vision boards can be exceptionally helpful and fun tools to increase clarity about what you want to create in the future. However, it’s easy for many people to make mistakes that will make it more difficult to move their vision and dreams about the future forward into action. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-132-top-three-vision-board-mistakes-to-avoid-in-2020/

Jan 09, 2020
EP #131: Make your 2020 New Year’s Resolution the BEST One Ever!

Today’s episode takes a bit of a different twist on New Year’s Resolutions. Not everyone embraces the idea of a New Year’s Resolution.

Resolutions can throw you for a loop and bring up all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings. So many of us have had a disappointing experience with them. Like everything else, however, the way you think ABOUT resolutions is directly related to their success. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-131-make-your-2020-new-years-resolution-the-best-one-ever/

Jan 02, 2020
EP #130: Three Steps to Regret-proof Your Holidays in Midlife

Holiday time with family in midlife can be a blast but can also be quite stressful. Thinking about self-care is probably the last thing on your giant list.

This week’s episode is all about three simple steps to help you put YOU back on your list. When you learn to invite mindfulness into your life, you also take a giant step toward taking care of yourself. In midlife, this can mean being more intentional about your life.

How you define “intentional” is up to you, but you may not naturally think about feeling on purpose. When it comes to your emotional state, you may be more prone to closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

It turns out that there’s more you can do. Tune in to learn three simple steps to increase your awareness and increase the likelihood that you won’t have regrets over the holidays. You have more control than you think when it comes to regret-proofing your life!

Don’t miss this episode!

Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-130-three-steps-to-regret-proof-your-holidays-in-midlife/

Dec 26, 2019
EP #129: When your Parent has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Interview with Heather Negin

My guest today has a unique approach for Alzheimer’s and Dementia treatment. As a Speech Language Pathologist, Heather Negin unknowingly had a special set of skills and insights to bring to her personal situation with her parents. This insight has shaped her career and she’s never looked back.

As you know, we’re inundated with negative messages about adult onset cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and caregiving responsibilities. And, it’s totally a midlife thing. As daughters, it’s super common to be dealing with this with our parents and others we love at this age and stage of life.

Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-129-when-your-parent-has-alzheimers-or-dementia-interview-with-heather-negin/

Dec 19, 2019
EP #128: Midlife Resistance or Midlife Regret

Today we’re taking a look at midlife resistance and midlife regret and asking which is worse. Each one causes pain but in a different way.

There are three common areas where resistance will show up in midlife: career, relationships and self-care. You may not know how much you’re resisting a goal until you’re really honest with yourself about the results you’re creating. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-128-midlife-resistance-or-midlife-regret/

Dec 12, 2019
EP #127: The Secret To Finding your Midlife Passion Project

Today we’re talking about the secret to finding your midlife passion project, as well a new midlife coaching program, the Finally First Midlife Membership.

Many think that hobbies and passion projects are the same. However, there are subtle differences. Passion projects feel “bigger” than hobbies. You might actually feel compelled to do your passion project where you might simply choose your hobby as a relaxation outlet. The energy is different. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-127-the-secret-to-finding-your-midlife-passion-project/

Dec 05, 2019
EP #126: 10 Reasons to be Grateful for Midlife

Today we’re talking about my top 10 reasons for feeling grateful for midlife. Notice the word “for.” We’re taking a look at feeling gratitude for midlife itself rather than feeling more grateful while you’re in midlife. This is a subtle but important nuance in today’s episode. 

Gratitude is really about feeling thankful. You can express gratitude and you can notice that you feel grateful. Either way, studies show more and more that there can be a relationship between gratitude and many positive health and lifestyle effects. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-126-10-reasons-to-be-grateful-for-midlife/

Nov 28, 2019
EP #125: Why You Need to Create Community in Midlife?

Today we’re talking about why you need to actually create community in midlife. That may come as a bit of a surprise to you. But, just like everything else in midlife, it’s important to be intentionally as you do midlife on purpose.

Community is, by its most basic definition, a group of people who are connected in some way. There’s a feeling of fellowship. There are shared commonalities. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-125-why-you-need-to-create-community-in-midlife/

Nov 22, 2019
EP #124: What Triggers Your Resistance in Midlife?

Today we’re getting to the bottom of what triggers your resistance. Even resistance for things you really want.

This can be super frustrating and confusing. You think you know what you want. Perhaps it’s a change; maybe it’s going after a goal. But you’re not seeing the results that are in alignment with what you want. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-124-what-triggers-your-resistance-in-midlife/

Nov 14, 2019
EP #123: How to Avoid an Accidental Midlife

Without careful attention, your midlife might not be what you had hoped. Today we’re talking about how to avoid what I’m calling an accidental midlife.

Why should you avoid having an accidental midlife, you might be wondering? So you can do midlife on purpose instead of just winging it and responding to life. 

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-123-how-to-avoid-and-accidental-midlife/

Nov 07, 2019
EP #122: From Soldier to Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs with Kalvina Shelton

A midlife funk might find you ahead of schedule. Being in the military can have an interesting effect on your life. My guest today explains how her military experience and her midlife funk led her to create a fulfilling career that incorporates all of her gifts and interests.

Kalvina ‘Kali’ Shelton is a Business Strategist & Launch Coach partnering with multi-passionate, service-based women entrepreneurs that are transitioning from corporate back into full-time BOWSE Bawse CEOs. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-122-from-soldier-to-strategist-for-women-entrepreneurs-with-kalvina-shelton/

Oct 31, 2019
EP #121: Retrain your Brain to Think on Purpose in Midlife

Learning to think on purpose can change your life, both now and in the future. It’s a skill that you can learn how to do, but it will take practice to maximize your effort.

Thinking on purpose will retrain your brain. Your brain isn’t used to thinking this way. Most of us think on autopilot; this means that the thoughts we think are habitual, unplanned and unsupervised. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-121-retrain-your-brain-to-think-on-purpose-in-midlife/

Oct 24, 2019
EP #120: Angry in Midlife: How Writing Changed My Life with Valerie Runyan

Being angry in midlife can feel overwhelming and confusing. It can seem like there’s no way out, and if you’re not careful, you can set yourself up for regrets.

Today you’re going to meet Valerie Runyan.  Valerie’s a writer and photographer who struggled with a lot of physical pain over the years. Her job didn’t help. She was definitely in a midlife funk. As she describes, she went from being enraged with her husband, her job, her house and her city to actually loving her life.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-120-angry-in-midlife-how-writing-changed-my-life-with-valerie-runyan/

Oct 18, 2019
EP #119: Thinking about Time in Midlife

Thinking about time and running out of time can be a big deal in midlife. In fact, it can create a lot of stress and sadness. 

It’s pretty common to find yourself stressed about the passage of time, think that time’s flying, feel like time’s going so fast or even spin about the idea that you’re running out of time. Thinking this way can happen even if you’re typically pro-aging.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-119-thinking-about-time-in-midlife/

Oct 10, 2019
EP #118: Catching Autopilot Thinking in Midlife

Thinking and doing things on autopilot is super common in midlife. You might even notice yourself sounding like your mother or other family members on occasion, saying things and thinking the way that they did. It only becomes a problem when you notice that the results of this type of thinking aren’t what you want. You might be confused about it too, because you may not understand that it’s actually your thinking causing the problem. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-118-catching-autopilot-thinking-in-midlife/

Oct 03, 2019
EP #117: How Astrology can Help You & your Brand in Midlife with Leslie Tagorda

Today is about how you can use astrology to gain important insights that could help you and your brand in midlife.

My guest today is Leslie Tagorda, who calls herself a “brand navigator.” She guides brands and people from unknown to unmatched by illuminating their star-charted treasure maps (astrological natal charts). Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-117-how-astrology-can-help-you-your-brand-in-midlife-with-leslie-tagorda/

Sep 27, 2019
EP #116: 49 and Fabulous with Wiona Porath

Today we’re taking a look at how you can celebrate turning 49 as a beautiful way to prepare and set the stage for celebrating your 50th birthday. 

My guest today is Wiona Porath, an amazing woman in the middle who is turning 50 in the near future. Wiona is rocking her 49th year ON PURPOSE. 

Wiona’s friend told her about her personal experience when she turned 49;  that is, her friend decided to take back her life.  This idea inspired Wiona.  She decided to focus on the mantra “49 and fabulous.” Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-116-49-and-fabulous-with-wiona-porath/

Sep 19, 2019
EP #115: Creating a Digital Midlife Magazine with NextTribe’s CoFounder, Jeannie Ralston

Today we’re taking a look at what it’s like to use your past experience to do something new like start a digital magazine for midlife women.

My guest today is Jeannie Ralston of NextTribe Digital Magazine. Like most midlife women who make a big career pivot, Jeannie’s path to entrepreneurship was an interesting one. It even included some serious life on a lavender farm.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-115-creating-a-digital-midlife-magazine-with-nexttribes-cofounder-jeannie-ralston/

Sep 12, 2019
EP #114: Childfree by Choice with Therese Shechter

Not all women make the choice to have children. This week, we’re using a midlife lens and talking about what it’s like to be childfree by choice.

My guest today is Thesesa Shechter. She’s a 57 year old documentary filmmaker and writer in New York City.  She’s been making documentaries about ideas about womanhood that are sacred and exploring aspects of women’s lives that are rarely questioned, like motherhood.  Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-114-childfree-by-choice-with-therese-shechter/

Sep 05, 2019
EP #113: Finally First in Midlife

Midlife women often struggle with putting themselves first. It tends to become more of an issue at this stage of life; putting yourself last becomes more and more obvious and exhausting and the need to improve the situation becomes glaringly obvious.

Learn what four reasons are for this to continue in many women’s lives for so long and how the Thought Model Framework can help to understand the whole dynamic. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-113-finally-first-in-midlife/

Aug 29, 2019
EP #112: How to Find a New Job in Midlife with Danielle Bradley

There are a lot of misconceptions about what’s possible career-wise for midlife women. Fortunately, times have changed and we have an opportunity to leverage this right now to our advantage and get the type of work and career we want. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-112-how-to-find-a-new-job-in-midlife-with-danielle-bradley/

Aug 22, 2019
EP #111: What do you Stand For in Midlife?

It’s important to figure out what you stand for, especially in midlife. It turns out that it’s relevant in all parts of your life, personally and professionally. It’s part of regret-proofing your life.

When you really think about it, there are actually two parts to this equation. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-111-what-do-you-stand-for-in-midlife/

Aug 16, 2019
EP #110: Turning 50 with Cindy Lopez

Turning 50 is a different experience for everyone. Talking about it is fascinating and inspirational for this reason. 

My guest today is Cindy Lopez, an amazing woman in the middle who shares her experience of turning 50, what she enjoyed about planning her milestone and what her plans are now that she’s on the better side. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-110-turning-50-with-cindy-lopez/

Aug 08, 2019
EP #109: Midlife Underwear Reboot; 2nd Anniversary Edition

Today we’re talking about anniversaries and underwear! What a fun topic!

This week marks an important milestone in the Women in the Middle Podcast’s history. It’s time to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary! And what a ride it’s been! Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-109-midlife-underwear-reboot-2nd-anniversary-edition/

Aug 01, 2019
EP #108: Guaranteed Success in Midlife

Today we’re talking about the interesting concept guaranteed success.

This idea of guaranteed success comes up a lot when you’re stuck. Like it’s the magical missing piece of desired decision making.

It’s fascinating to ask yourself what you would do if you were positive you would be successful. For most people, you know exactly how to answer this question. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-108-guaranteed-success-in-midlife/

Jul 25, 2019
EP #107: How to have More Fun with Midlife Birthdays

Midlife birthdays can be a cause for celebration, but not always. Like so many other parts of midlife, if you’re not mindful, birthdays can become less fun, more stressful and even a bit of a downer. Overall, less joyful. 

This doesn’t have to be the way it is. In honour of MY birthday this month, we’re going to take a deep dive into the whole topic and teach you how to take back control and have more fun with your birthday, no matter your age. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-107-how-to-have-more-fun-with-midlife-birthdays/

Jul 18, 2019
EP #106: Demystifying Midlife Personal Parts with Dr. Heather Bartos

Menopause is more confusing than so many midlife women expect. Today we’re talking about demystifying midlife personal parts and related issues in midlife. Specifically, this episode’s all about your vagina, menopause and more. 

There are body changes galore as a woman in the middle. A doctor is with us today to share some well needed clarification and perspective. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-106-demystifying-midlife-personal-parts-with-dr-heather-bartos/

Jul 11, 2019
EP #105: Do you Want to be an Entrepreneur in Midlife?

Do you wonder if you could be an entrepreneur? Is it something you’ve been thinking about most of your life? Episode 105 is all about tuning into yourself and your entrepreneurial aspirations…or not. It’s also about realizing that it’s never too late to start your next career which may actually be an entrepreneurial adventure. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-105-do-you-want-to-be-an-entrepreneur-in-midlife/

Jul 04, 2019
EP #104: Massive Action after Massive Adversity with Shontelle Dubois

What would you do if you knew that giving up wasn’t an option? Today we’re talking about what it looks like to actually take massive action to change your life in the face of massive adversity.

My guest today is Shontelle Dubois, a woman who doesn’t allow the challenges and obstacles that life has thrown at her keep her down. When you hear her story, you can’t help but be blown away by her resilience, weight loss, drive, creativity and overall amazingness. In fact, you won’t be alone because her story was featured in a Goal Cast video and has millions of views. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-104-massive-action-after-massive-adversity-with-shontelle-dubois/

Jun 27, 2019
EP #103: FOMO in Midlife: 4 Tips to Reduce Fear of Missing Out

When you feel FOMO, you know it. Fear of missing out isn’t fun. Episode 103 of the Women in the Middle Podcast explores what it’s like to feel FOMO, why it’s such a common part of midlife and four easy tips to reduce it so you can enjoy your life.

Midlife FOMO can sometimes feel a bit different than regular ol’ FOMO. It’s common to think about the past in a way that makes you think you’ve missed out; it’s also common to think about the future and be concerned that it’s too late and you’ve missed out; and then of course, it’s also common to feel FOMO about what you’re missing in the present moment.

This episode explores 4 tips to reduce FOMO. Specifically, you’ll learn how you can 1) decide how you want to feel on purpose; 2) reconsider what FOMO means in your life; 3) practice handling disappointment and 4) examine your use of social media. These tips will help you get back to the emotional life you want.

Don’t miss this episode!

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-103-fomo-in-midlife-4-tips-to-reduce-fear-of-missing-out/


Jun 21, 2019
EP #102: The Secret to Midlife Balance

When you don’t have work/life balance, you can really feel that something’s wrong. Episode 102 of the Women in the Middle Podcast explores the secret to midlife balance, why it’s elusive, the secret to finding it and how it can improve your life.

There are several reasons why it’s common for work/life balance to be “off” for women, especially in midlife. As much as your life and/or career can feel stagnant at this time of your life, there can also be a lot of unpredictability, change and transition that can throw a wrench into things, as you knew them. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-102-the-secret-to-midlife-balance/

Jun 13, 2019
EP #101: Older & Wiser or Older & Worse: Midlife Signs that Make You Think

Thinking you’re “older and wiser” is an option when it comes to midlife aging. The problem is that so many midlife women choose to think that they’re “older and worse” instead. Episode 101 of the Women in the Middle Podcast explores this tendency.

Things that happen in the world are actually neutral. It’s super common though, to see “things” as “signs” and use them to interpret as something negative as well, especially about aging. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-101-older-wiser-or-older-worse-midlife-signs-that-make-you-think/

Jun 06, 2019
EP #100: Midlife Reflections on Commitment & 100 Episodes

Time to celebrate 100 episodes of Women in the Middle! Reaching this milestone is worthy of some reflection. It takes a lot of planning and commitment to create 100 podcast episodes, every week for almost two years.

Today, we’re talking specifically about what I’ve learned about keeping this commitment to both myself and to you.  Of course, it’s also about what you can learn too. You don’t need to be creating a podcast to learn something about commitment and habits. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-100-midlife-reflections-on-commitment-100-episodes/

May 30, 2019
EP #99: Empty Nest Remix: 6 Steps to Help You when they Move Back Home

This episode is about how you can become better prepared when your kids move back home. Adjusting to your empty nest filling up again is what I call “empty nest remix.” Everything is different now since your kid left a few years ago and it can be a big transition for everyone.

Kids moving back home after college can be a big adjustment for all involved that’s both exciting and challenging. While graduation is a cause for celebration and future focus, moving “back home” often doesn’t feel that way to your kid or to you. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-99-empty-nest-remix-6-steps-to-help-you-when-they-move-back-home/

May 23, 2019
EP #98: Inner Circle Relationships in Midlife

Today, we’re talking specifically your relationship with the people in your inner circle. More importantly, relationships like these are a critical part of regret-proofing your life. We’ll also talk about what you want those relationships to be so that you don’t have regrets.

It’s easy to understand why so many well-intentioned, loving women in the middle aren’t as intentional as they sense they should be about the most important relationships in their lives. When you’re busy, it’s easy to lose focus on people and things in your life that don’t demand the most attention. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-98-inner-circle-relationships-in-midlife/

May 16, 2019
EP #97: Setting the Stage for Midlife Weight Loss

Today we’re talking about how to set the stage for weight loss in midlife. By the time you’re an amazing older and wiser woman, you’ve probably tried more than a diet or two over the years. If you’re thinking about wanting to lose weight now, chances are you have yet to be successful and still don’t weigh your ideal weight. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-97-setting-the-stage-for-midlife-weight-loss/

May 09, 2019
EP #97: Setting the Stage for Midlife Weight Loss
May 09, 2019
EP #96: 6 Confusion Hacks for Important Midlife Decisions

Today we’re talking about how to stop being confused in midlife. Sometimes you stay stuck spinning around being confused, without making a decision, for quite some time. It’s not fun. It isn’t pretty. And you can do something about it.

So many midlife women end up confused because this age and stage of life is full of transitions, potential for big change and actual changes. Making a change doesn’t come easily for many. The thing is, it often feels like being confused is out of your control, when in fact, it’s more in your control than you might imagine. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-96-6-confusion-hacks-for-important-midlife-decisions/

May 02, 2019
EP #95: 8 Top Tips for More Midlife Travel

Want to travel more? This week is about eight top tips for more midlife travel. The thing is that with travel, you may say you want to do it, but allow so many things to get in the way. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-95-8-top-tips-for-more-midlife-travel/

Apr 25, 2019
EP #94: Big Midlife Mistakes & 4 Secrets to Avoid Them

This week is about the big midlife mistakes that are so easy to make and four secrets to avoid them. Or, more specifically, we’re taking a close look at how you can get in your own way when it comes to being happier in this middle phase of life.

The thing is...you’re doing it to yourself. Making mistakes, that is. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-94-big-midlife-mistakes-4-secrets-to-avoid-them/

Apr 18, 2019
EP #93: My Unique Midlife Perspective from Losing my Parents as a Kid

This week our host, Suzy Rosenstein, shares her personal story about experiencing early parental death. The topic is about what it’s been like for her as a midlife woman, to outlive her parents and the perspectives and lessons she’s learned as a result.

When both of your parents die so young, you know your situation is a little unusual. Suzy explains that she never had friends who went through anything similar. As a kid, you’re don’t want to be different for any reason. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-93-my-unique-midlife-perspective-from-losing-my-parents-as-a-kid/

Apr 11, 2019
EP #92: 3 Reasons Why You Should Act your Shoe Size instead of your Age in Midlife

This week we’re exploring why you should act your shoe size instead of your age in midlife.

Specifically, this episode is about the compelling reasons why you should consider acting more like you did when you were much younger, like your shoe size equivalent in age.

My shoe size is seven, for example. We take a look at how acting seven is dramatically different than acting 50 and what that can mean in your life. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-92-3-reasons-why-you-should-act-your-shoe-size-instead-of-your-age-in-midlife/

Apr 03, 2019
EP #91: How to Avoid Common Regrets in Midlife

This week we’re taking a look common regrets in life and what you can do to prevent them.

Specifically, this episode is about the incredibly common themes of regret that author Bronnie Ware, someone who worked in palliative care, highlighted in her popular blog article, Regrets of the Dying and book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing. We’re also talking about what you can do to make sure you don’t have these regrets yourself. I call this “regret-proofing.” Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-91-how-to-avoid-common-regrets-in-midlife/

Mar 29, 2019
Ep #90: 9 Secrets to Get Unstuck in Midlife

This week we’re taking a look into how to get unstuck in midlife, especially in your 50s.

So many midlife women think that they are stuck being stuck. What I mean is that when you feel stuck, it can feel like the answer for how to move forward is beyond your reach, that you can’t do anything about it yourself. Thinking about being stuck like this actually works to keep you stuck.

It may seem counterintuitive to believe this. Understanding your thinking and then changing your thinking can be one of the keys to forward movement. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-90-9-secrets-to-get-unstuck-in-midlife/

Mar 21, 2019
EP #89: How to Reinvent Yourself in Midlife with Frankie Allen

This week we’re taking a look into why learning how to reinvent yourself in midlife is an important skill.

So many midlife women think that what they started 20 or 30 years ago professionally “should” make them happy forever. However, this isn’t always the case. The problem compounds when you get a sense that you need to make a change, but don’t because of fear and a variety of thinking patterns that keep you stuck and confused. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-89-how-to-reinvent-yourself-in-midlife-with-frankie-allen/

Mar 15, 2019
EP #88: How to Find your Midlife Fashion

Your personal style can be easily overlooked in midlife. Fashion isn’t something that everyone values or prioritizes. But, being intentional about how you look and dress can be more meaningful than you think.

As a women in the middle, you know first hand how quickly time flies.  Before you know it, a couple of decades have gone by but you might still be wearing the same clothes. Your priorities don’t always include staying current with the latest fashion trends. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-88-how-to-find-your-midlife-fashion/

Mar 07, 2019
EP #87: Midlife Memories, Memorabilia & Things Turning 50

Midlife memories can mean so much to you as you age. Some memories fade; others get stronger. All memories can really make you think. As a women in the middle, you’ve been around for more than a few decades and have built up lots of meaningful memories. Sometimes there are visual reminders of your past that you actually have in your home. You may have memorabilia of some sort from your childhood that you’ve decided to keep for one reason or another. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-87-midlife-memories-memorabilia-things-turning-50/

Feb 28, 2019
EP #86: How to Prioritize Downtime in Midlife

So many midlife women think that downtime is important but don’t prioritize it in their lives. In fact, there’s a lot of resistance toward downtime as a concept.

Downtime is one of those topics where there’s a big disconnect between what is generally accepted intellectually as something that’s desirable AND what actually happens in reality. There are several reasons for this. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-86-how-to-prioritize-downtime-in-midlife/

Feb 21, 2019
EP #85: Online Dating in Midlife

Many single midlife women feel overwhelmed with online dating and Apps. It’s no wonder. The whole dating landscape has changed dramatically since we were in our 20s.

My guest this week is Renee Suzanne, who’s a coach for smart, successful women who want to find love. She helps women go from heartbroken to happily-married. Renee believes that true love is possible for anyone who’s willing to create the conditions in her life for it to flourish.

The emphasis is on being willing. Read More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-85-online-dating-in-midlife/

Feb 14, 2019
EP #84: Dealing with Cancer in Midlife

Cancer can be quite a wake up call and change your life in so many ways.

Our guest this week is a Ceca Mijatovic, a bad ass life coach who focuses on helping women who know this all too well.  She works with women who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Ceca has had her own battle with the “Big C” and it became a catalyst for positive change in her life. Now she wants to help other women use their diagnosis as an opportunity to transform their lives for the better.  She’s also the host of the Truth & Dare Cancer Podcast. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-84-dealing-with-cancer-in-midlife/

Feb 07, 2019
EP #83: Asking Powerful Questions in Midlife

Powerful questions can help you think better and deeper. When you practice asking yourself better questions in midlife especially, you help yourself increase awareness of your actual thoughts. This is because a question isn’t the same as a thought, but asking questions sets up your brain to look for answers immediately. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-83-asking-powerful-questions-in-midlife/

Jan 31, 2019
EP #82: Midlife Reflections on Adoption & Assisted Reproduction with Dr. Michael Grand

Today we’re talking about adoption and assisted reproduction from a midlife perspective.

We’ll be taking a look at a variety of issues related to the adoption constellation, including the areas of adoptees' sense of identity, attitudes in adoption, policy and legislation, openness, search and reunion, and step adoption, all from a midlife lens. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-82-midlife-reflections-on-adoption-assisted-reproduction-with-dr-michael-grand/

Jan 24, 2019
EP #81: Understanding How to Commit to Change in Midlife

This week is all about what it’s like to think you’re committed to making a change, but then understanding that you’re really not. It’s about learning to tell the subtle difference in feeling 80% committed and 100% committed and why this is important when it comes to following through on your goals. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-81-understanding-how-to-commit-to-change-in-midlife/

Jan 17, 2019
EP #80: How to Lose Weight & Become Fit in Midlife with Amanda Mueller

My guest today is the amazing Amanda Mueller. She went from being, in her words, “the fat woman in the room” who regularly hid in her own skin, to someone who lost over 100 lbs and became a marathon runner.

She successful lost 140 lbs, to be specific. She also fell in love with Minnie Mouse and shares an interesting story about how this helped her start running marathons.

Her story is super inspirational, especially this time of year, when you’re probably thinking about your own personal goals, including weight loss and exercise. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-80-how-to-lose-weight-become-fit-in-midlife-with-amanda-mueller/

Jan 10, 2019
EP #79: Believing What’s Possible in Midlife

This week is all about becoming aware of your beliefs about what’s possible for you. We explore what your beliefs are about how you can become the person you want to be.

The reason it’s so important is because so many of us well-meaning humans find it easy to practice thinking that we have less control about who we become than we think.

Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-79-believing-whats-possible-in-midlife/

Jan 03, 2019
EP #78: Why you should Celebrate Traditions in Midlife with Bob Schneeweiss

Family traditions are really important to think about in midlife; you may be surprised when you are the one who’s in charge of creating them and making them happen for your family to experience.

The week’s episode introduces you to Robert Schneeweiss (Uncle Bob), a talented and creative retiree who has decades of experience and specific expertise in the creation and celebration of life through fun and meaningful traditions. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-78-why-you-should-celebrate-traditions-in-midlife-with-bob-schneeweiss/

Dec 27, 2018
EP #77: A Feminist Look at Midlife and Body Image with Kara Loewentheil

A woman aging in today’s society has many thoughts about her own beauty and self image that are due to societal messaging.

Cursing and Language Warning: More than a few “F bombs” are dropped on today’s episode.  You may NOT want to listen to this episode with others, or you may choose to skip this episode if you find cursing offensive. If you don’t care, then you’re in the right place. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-77-a-feminist-look-at-midlife-and-body-image-with-kara-loewentheil/

Dec 20, 2018
EP #76: Fear-based Decision Making in Midlife

This week is all about understanding fear-based decision making in midlife. We’re talking about how common it is in midlife to feel stuck because you’re confused, but realize that it’s probably based on fear instead.

When you catch yourself making fear-based decisions, you may never be satisfied with your reasons for doing what you’re doing. You may not like the reasons. You may not be proud of them either. That’s why it’s so important to get to the bottom of it. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-76-fear-based-decision-making-in-midlife/

Dec 13, 2018
EP #75: Why It’s Important to have a Whale of a Passion

This week we’re taking a deep dive into why it’s important to connect with your thoughts about what you really want in your life and strategies for how to find the time to make it happen.

For some reason, it’s common for many midlife women to have difficulty connecting with their “passion.” Without this awareness, they are left feeling like something’s missing and feel compelled to look for it. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-75-why-its-important-to-have-a-whale-of-a-passion/

Dec 06, 2018
EP #74: How to have Fun with Blogging in Midlife with Hope Hanson

Blogging is something that many women in the middle say they want to do. Today’s episode features another interview in the Weekly Wow with Women in the Middle Series with someone who can totally help you finally get your blog off your to-do list.

The Weekly WOW episodes introduce you to someone who’s got some pretty useful info for women in the middle. My guest this week is Hope Hanson who’s an expert in blogging. I’m pretty excited for you meet her because so many women in the middle are wannabe writers. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-74-how-to-have-fun-with-blogging-in-midlife-with-hope-hanson/

Nov 29, 2018
EP #73: Turning 50 with Gratitude, Interview with Andrea Pines

Turning 50 is a common milestone we Women in the Middle experience, but we don’t all experience it the same way. Today’s episode features another interview in the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Series. I will be interviewing women in the middle who are across the board in terms of views about this important milestone.

Today’s guest is someone who celebrated her 50th birthday in style this summer surrounded by family and friends. Her name is Andrea Pines and she’s a neighbor and close friend of mine. I’m excited for you to meet her and hear her views on aging gracefully and experiencing this milestone. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-73-turning-50-with-gratitude-interview-with-andrea-pines/

Nov 22, 2018
EP #72: Life after an Unexpected Divorce with Lynne Ellen

Being blindsided by an unexpected divorce can turn your world upside down. This week my guest experienced this first-hand. Today’s episode features another interview in the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Series.

I’m thrilled to welcome Lynne Ellen to the podcast.  Lynne went from being a happily married midlife woman in Pennsylvania who was beginning to plan her pre-retirement move to Florida with her husband to becoming a divorced woman enjoying her single life near the beaches of Rhode Island. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-72-life-after-an-unexpected-divorce-with-lynne-ellen/

Nov 15, 2018
EP #71: How to take a Seemingly Impossible Career Break with Katrina McGhee

Deciding to take a career break can be incredibly stressful. Today’s episode features another interview in the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Series.

My guest this week is Katrina McGhee and this is her story. Taking a break was nothing she ever imagined or planned, but the more she thought about it, the more it became obvious that it was the right path to take. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-71-how-to-take-a-seemingly-impossible-career-break-with-katrina-mcghee

Nov 08, 2018
EP #70: Reinventing the Family Farm for Midlife Happiness with Andrea McFadden

Going back to your family roots can be surprisingly rewarding. This week my guest did this quite literally. Today’s episode features another interview in the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Series.

I’m thrilled to welcome Andrea McFadden to the podcast. Andrea went from being a teach of special education to running a vertically integrated herb farm specializing in lavender.

Basically, she reinvented her family farm. Her family had a long history of farming in the Kelowna, British Columbia area, which is called the Okanagan region. It’s known for its rich history of fruit packing and growing. You may have enjoyed some delicious wine from this area of Canada.

Andrea grew up on her family’s apple orchard. She pursued a career in teaching, specifically, Special Education. However, after she took at 10 year break to raise her young family, she decided to make a big change. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-70-reinventing-the-family-farm-for-midlife-happiness-with-andrea-mcfadden/

Nov 01, 2018
EP #69: Be a Mentor, Have a Mentor & Change Your Life, Interview with Tyson Sharpe

Mentorship can totally change your life. And, there are many similarities between being in transition after college and in in midlife. This week’s episode features another interview in the Midlife Mentorship Mini-Series, but this week you meet an amazing younger-than-normal guest who shares some insight with you about transitions.

In fact, we’re switching things up a bit. My guest is not a Women in the Middle.

In fact, he’s not a woman. And he’s not in the middle. He’s a 28 year old guy who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring this past year.

My guest this week is Tyson Sharpe. It’s been so incredibly fulfilling for me to coach Tyson as he was at the brink of making some really significant changes to grow his coaching business. I’m a firm believer in the importance of not only HAVING a mentor in midlife, but also BEING a mentor in midlife. What an opportunity it is to give back to someone who is ready to learn. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-69-be-a-mentor-have-a-mentor-change-your-life-interview-with-tyson-sharpe/

Oct 25, 2018
EP #68: Designing your Home after your Empty Nest, Interview with Tobi Fairley

Your home and the way you feel in it is so important. Empty nest can shake things up in your life, especially the way you relate to your home. This week’s episode features another interview in the Weekly Wow Series, where you meet an amazing guest who shares some cool information with you!

This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Tobi Fairley to the podcast. She’s a woman in the middle who’s a successful designer and coach. Her award-winning interior design, product design and ideas have been featured on television and in publications worldwide, including House Beautiful, Veranda, Traditional Home, Huffington Post, HGTV and more! Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-68-designing-your-home-after-your-empty-nest-interview-with-tobi-fairley/

Oct 18, 2018
EP #67: 50 Unplugged Mastermind: Fall in Love with your 50s and Regret-Proof your Life!

This week we’re talking about how common it is in midlife to think about what you CAN’T do instead of what you CAN do. You’ll also hear about the 50 Unplugged Mastermind, an amazing new coaching program to help you fall in love with your 50s and regret-proof your life!

Maybe you’re almost 50, maybe you’re in your 50s. Whatever your age, you’re probably thinking about how old you are in some way or another. You may have even noticed that you’re quite aware of your age and what it means for you…and it’s not all positive. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-67-50-unplugged-mastermind-fall-in-love-with-your-50s-and-regret-proof-your-life/

Oct 11, 2018
EP #66: The Awesome Power of Midlife Mentorship, Interview with Susan Hyatt

Mentorship in Midlife is a super important topic. This week’s episode is the forth interview in the Midlife Mentorship Series on the Women in the Middle Podcast and features an interview with Susan Hyatt. Susan is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach based in Evansville, Indiana. She specializes in helping women get more of whatever they want—whether it’s more money, more media recognition, more pleasure, more passion, or more time to pursue meaningful goals. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-66-the-awesome-power-of-midlife-mentorship-interview-with-susan-hyatt/

Oct 04, 2018
EP #65: How to Relocate with Confidence, Interview with Margaret Vandergriff

Empty Nest Relocation! This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Middle interview features Margaret Vandergriff, someone who turned her disastrous relocation experience into a business that helps people relocate with confidence and ease. Basically, she works with them to make sure they feel confident that they’ll thrive in the new community of their dreams.

When Margaret’s found herself deep into an empty nest, she made a decision to move and shake things up. She had great intentions. But it didn’t turn out the way she hoped. Read more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-65-how-to-relocate-with-confidence-interview-with-margaret-vandergriff/

Sep 28, 2018
EP #64: How I Finally Became a Full-time Artist, Interview with Elaine Hoffman

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Middle interview features Elaine Hoffman, someone who left a full-time institutional art environment to pursue making her own art full-time. It took several years to make the decision, but now that she’s on the other side of it, she’s thrilled she took the leap.

Elaine had a pretty traditional life. She had a job and raised her family. In order to do all of this, she sacrificed some things that were important to her too, which is no surprise to women in the middle! One of those things was making her own art. She was an artist, of course, but during those years, it wasn’t anything she spent a lot of time on. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-64-how-i-finally-became-a-full-time-artist-interview-with-elaine-hoffman/

Sep 21, 2018
EP #63: Empty Nest after Triplets: How to Find Your Career Path Again, Interview with Carol Molko

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Middle interview features Carol Molko, a talented, busy mom who discovered her career path again when she had an empty nest. Her nest emptied out in a drastic way too because she had four children really close in age; in fact, three of them were triplets.

Back in the day, Carol went to university and got a job related to her degree. Everything changed quickly, however, after she had triplets. With four children under two years old, she made the decision to stay home and be a full time mom. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-63-empty-nest-after-triplets-how-to-find-your-career-path-again-interview-with-carol-molko/

Sep 13, 2018
EP #62: How Midlife Envy can Lead to Moving Abroad, Interview with Leslie Ender

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Woman interview features Leslie Ender, someone who moved to Austria in midlife and started a small group travel business. She did what many of us fantasize about - she moved to a foreign country and did something cool!

Moving abroad wasn’t on her radar. She was quite busy dealing with her life. As her kids grew up, things became more difficult for her in several ways. Dealing with menopause was challenging; dealing with her empty nest wasn’t smooth either. Leslie noticed she actually felt jealous when making college plans with her kids. Read more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-62-how-midlife-envy-can-lead-to-moving-abroad-interview-with-leslie-ender/

Sep 06, 2018
EP #61: How to Find Joy when you Quit your Job without a Plan, Interview with Rose Schmidt

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Woman interview features Rose Schmidt, someone who quit her job without a solid plan for how to make a living. She totally did something scary and is here to tell you all about how she did it and what she learned.

Rose  lives in Ontario, Canada. She had  a  pretty  big  wake  up  call after some pretty significant loss. As a result,  she knew she just couldn’t stay in career she had for 25 years. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-61-how-to-find-joy-when-you-quit-your-job-without-a-plan-interview-with-rose-schmidt/

Aug 30, 2018
EP #60: How to Think and Grow Young: Being Young at Heart

This week, we’ll be talking about our efforts to stay young at heart. Specifically, we’re taking a deep dive into what it’s like to be young at heart, why it’s a good idea to work on your thoughts and feelings about aging, and some solid ideas that can fit into your life when you want to be young at heart. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-60-how-to-think-and-grow-young-being-young-at-heart/

Aug 24, 2018
EP #59: Why a Midlife Mentor is a Priority, Interview with Jenny Shih

This episode features another one of my mentors, Jenny Shih! It’s the third interview in my mini-series about the importance of mentors in midlife. Jenny is a business coach and just loves helping women be more successful in business!

Specifically, Jenny’s the creator of one of the most effective online business coaching programs around, Make It Work Online™. MIWO is a three-month coaching intensive that gives you a proven, step-by-step plan and the high touch, personalized support you need to a grow a business that supports your life. I took this course, and several others that Jenny offers and am so grateful to have learned so much and to be able to call her a mentor. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-59-why-a-midlife-mentor-is-a-priority-interview-with-jenny-shih/

Aug 16, 2018
EP #58: How to Use Words to Change your Life, Interview with Mary Shores

Today’s guest episode is going to give you insight into how words can help you change your life. Our Women in the Middle Weekly WOW guest is Mary Shores, the author of the book, Conscious Communications.

Mary’s someone who has a lot to share when it comes to empowering yourself and taking your natural skills and talents and applying them. She spends her career as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, generating positive and pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out. She blends personal experience with her extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior to guide businesses and individuals to defeat the freak out and create their ideal life. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-58-how-to-use-words-to-change-your-life-interview-with-mary-shores/

Aug 10, 2018
EP #57: Starting a Scary, New Thing like Running, Interview with Jill Angie

This episode gives you an inside look into what resistance to starting something new looks like. In my case, it’s running, but really, it could be anything, which is why I know you’ll identify with it too. And…, it’s a different spin on an interview because I’m the one who’s going to be sharing what’s going on in my mind that’s been getting in my way.

What you’ll hear is a pretty candid interview between Jill Angie, Life Coach and Running Coach at Not Your Average Runner (who you met in Episode 30, and ME, Suzy Rosenstein, a midlife gal who has been thinking about running for decades but is too afraid to get started. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-57-starting-a-scary-new-thing-like-running-interview-with-jill-angie/

Aug 03, 2018
EP #56: When you Realize you’re a Grown Ass Woman

Welcome to the one-year birthday episode of The Women in the Middle Podcast! To celebrate this growth, we’re taking a deep dive into how it actually feels to be a grown ass woman!

First, thank you so much for connecting with and listening to the Women in the Middle! This podcast wouldn’t be a “thing” without you and your support. Please continue to send me email and connect with me about more topics you want to hear and explore. I love your feedback and can’t wait to celebrate the next milestone with you as well! 

Today’s episode is all about that subtle realization that you’re a grown ass woman and are more capable than you thought. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-56-when-you-realize-youre-a-grown-ass-woman/

Jul 26, 2018
EP #55: Why you Need a Midlife Mentor, Interview with Kendrick Shope

This episode features another one of my mentors, Kendrick Shope! It’s the second interview in my mini-series about the importance of mentors in midlife. Kendrick is a sales expert and just loves helping women be more successful in business!

Specifically, Kendrick’s the creator of the leading sales training for women entrepreneurs, Sales School. She also developed the Authentic Selling® process, which has created millions of dollars in revenue and new business for her clients. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-55-why-you-need-a-midlife-mentor-interview-with-kendrick-shope/

Jul 20, 2018
EP #54: When your Relationship with your Mom is Difficult, Interview with Karen C.L. Anderson.

This week’s episode features an interview with Karen C.L. Anderson, someone who is an expert at creating inspiration and advice for difficult mother/daughter relationships.

It’s another interview in my series called Weekly Wow. Weekly Wow introduces you to amazing women who have something relevant to share with women in the middle.

Specifically, today’s episode introduces you to Karen C.L. Anderson, who is a Master Certified Life Coach (certified at The Life Coach School) and also the author of the book, The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating from a Difficult Mother, which, by the way, is an international bestseller, and has sold over 130,000 copies (no longer available). Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-54-when-your-relationship-with-your-mom-is-difficult-interview-with-karen-c-l-anderson/

Jul 13, 2018
EP #53: How Music has Healing Power for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Interview with CNN Hero, Carol Rosenstein

This week’s episode features an interview with Carol Rosenstein, Co-Founder of Music Mends Minds and 2018 CNN Heroes Award Nominee.

Carol is one of these women. She’s an unbelievably talented woman and has been recognized for her work creating musical support group bands for seniors with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and Veterans with PTSD. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-53-how-music-has-healing-power-for-neurodegenerative-diseases-interview-with-cnn-hero-carol-rosenstein/

Jul 05, 2018
EP #52: Is It Time for an Empty Nest Dog?

This week’s episode is all about the wonderful option of getting an “empty nest dog” to help fill the void when your kids leave home. We’re going to be taking a close look at why this is an awesome idea for many people and also why it’s important for you to become aware of your thoughts about your desired lifestyle before you make this decision.

Making the transition from life with kids at home to life once they’re all moved out can sometimes be a bit of a bumpy ride. There can be some sadness and loneliness thrown in here and there as well. It’s definitely a phase that can be difficult for many. Learn More here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-52-is-it-time-for-an-empty-nest-dog/


Jun 29, 2018
EP #51: Drinking More than You Want in Midlife, Interview with Rachel Hart

Today’s interview about drinking more than you want in midlife. Meet Master Certified Life Coach, Rachel Hart, who’s the author of the new book Why Can’t I drink like Everyone Else: A Step by Step Guide to understanding why you drink and how to take a break. Rachel knows first-hand that in order to change your drinking, you have to change your thinking. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-51-drinking-more-than-you-want-in-midlife-interview-with-rachel-hart/

Jun 22, 2018
EP #50: The Unbelievable Value of a Mentor in Midlife, Interview with Brooke Castillo

Welcome to the 50th episode of Women in the Middle Podcast!

Today’s episode of Women in the Middle kicks off a miniseries developed in honour of the one year anniversary of the podcast about why mentors rock in midlife.

Specifically, we’ll be talking about the unbelievable value of a midlife mentor, why you NEED a mentor in midlife and also why it’s amazing to BE a mentor in midlife.

I couldn’t think of a better person to help launch this mini-series than one of the most significant mentors in my life, Brooke Castillo. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-50-the-unbelievable-value-of-a-mentor-in-midlife-interview-with-brooke-castillo/

Jun 15, 2018
EP #49: My Decision to let my Hair Go Gray in Midlife, Interview with Perri Bender

This week’s episode features an interview with someone who thought about letting her hair go gray naturally for years and finally did it. The interview’s part of the mini-series, Getting Real with Women in the Middle, where you’re introduced to an amazing woman in the middle who made a big scary decision so that she would be happier in midlife. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-49-my-decision-to-let-my-hair-go-gray-in-midlife-interview-with-perri-bender/

Jun 08, 2018
EP #48: Gray Divorce in Midlife, Interview with Eva Sachs

Today's guest episode  is  going  to  help  us  understand  a  common  life circumstance  for  women  in  the middle,  midlife  divorce.  Our  Women in the Middle Weekly  WOW  guest  is  a Certified  Divorce  Financial  Analyst  and founder  of  Divorce  Financial  Consulting  in  Toronto,  Ontario,  Canada.  She's  also  the  co-author  of  the book,  When  Harry  Left  Sally, Finding  Your  Way  Through Grey  Divorce. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-48-gray-divorce-in-midlife-interview-with-eva-sachs/

May 31, 2018
EP #47: Are you playing small?

This week’s episode is about staying and playing small. It’s when you make a decision not to show up the way you know you could. We’re also talking about why you might be making this decision and what baby steps you can take to stop playing so small so that you can finally step into your zone of genius and shine. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-47-are-you-playing-small/

May 24, 2018
EP #46: Why I Left Teaching & Moved Home after my Husband Died, Interview with Jen Mowrer

This week’s episode features an interview with someone who made a huge change in her life after her husband died at only 38 years old; she quit her job as a classroom teacher to move back to her hometown after 30 years away. The interview is part of the mini-series, Getting Real with Women in the Middle, where you’re introduced to an amazing woman in the middle who made a big scary decision so that she would be happier in midlife.

Jennifer Mowrer is a woman in the middle. She had a lot to handle after her husband died of cancer at such a young age, on 38 years old. She was only 40 at the time. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-46-why-i-left-teaching-moved-home-after-my-husband-died-interview-with-jen-mowrer/

May 18, 2018
EP #45: Why I Said Goodbye to my Medical Practice, Interview with Katrina Ubell, MD

This week’s episode features an interview with someone who said goodbye to a career she worked extremely hard to excel in, her pediatric medical practice. The interview’s part of the mini-series, Getting Real with Women in the Middle, where you’re introduced to an amazing woman in the middle who made a big scary decision so that she would be happier in midlife.

Katrina Ubell found herself questioning how happy she was as she transitioned into midlife. As a busy pediatrician, she loved helping people and working with children, but found the lack of flexibility in her job a real problem. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-45-why-i-said-goodbye-to-my-medical-practice-interview-with-katrina-ubell-md/

May 10, 2018
EP #44: When You’re Too Busy

This week’s episode is all about another common occurrence in midlife – feeling too busy.

More specifically, we’re going to be talking about what happens when you feel too busy on a regular basis, how feeling this way can create unnecessary stress and what you can actually do about it to make sure you’re out of autopilot and living intentionally, even when you have a lot to do. Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-44-when-youre-too-busy/

May 03, 2018
EP #43: Empty Nest from the Inside Out, Interview with a Kid who Flew Away

Join us today for some unique insight about the whole empty nest thing from the inside out. This week’s episode features an interview with a twist because it’s with a 21 year old GUY! It’s part of the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Mini-Series, but this week we’re going deep inside the mind of someone who knows what it’s like to be a kid who left the nest and has some insights to share with us all. Women in the middle will definitely appreciate hearing things from his point of view! Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-43-empty-nest-from-the-inside-out-interview-with-a-kid-who-flew-away/

Apr 26, 2018
EP #42: When you Get a Midlife Wake Up Call

This week’s episode is all about a common occurrence in midlife – getting a wake-up call. We’re going to be talking about what a wake-up call looks like, what a wake-up call feels like, why it’s important to listen to your wake-up call, and how to take the important next steps when a wake-up call has your name on it. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-42-when-you-get-a-midlife-wake-up-call/

Apr 20, 2018
EP #41: How to Build an Adventurous Attitude, Interview with Stacey Newman Weldon

This week’s episode features an interview in the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Mini-series that introduces you to a real life woman who has has made a big change and figured out how to love her midlife.

Stacey Newman Weldon went from being an award-winning corporate sales director at major magazine brands to being an entrepreneur who focuses on helping women be more adventurous.  Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-41-how-to-build-an-adventurous-attitude-interview-with-stacey-newman-weldon/

Apr 12, 2018
EP #40: How Selling my Business Helped Me Discover Myself Again, Interview with Sara Petroff

This week’s episode features an interview that’s part of the Getting Real with Women in the Middle mini series.

Getting Real introduces you to real life women in the middle who have made a big change and figured out how to love their midlife.

Join us as we meet Sara Petroff, an creative entrepreneur who made an incredibly difficult decision to sell a successful art gallery business after 20 years. It was a hard road back, but she eventually rediscovered herself and her core gifts and talents as an interior designer. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-40-how-selling-my-business-helped-me-discover-myself-again-interview-with-sara-petroff/

Apr 06, 2018
EP #39: Why What You Loved as a Kid is Important in Midlife

This week’s episode is all about taking a close look at what you really loved as a kid and why it’s important for you now, in midlife.  More specifically, this episode looks how you get a handle on what used to bring you joy, explores why it used to bring you joy and shows you how important it is to be open to finding clues from your past to have a richer and more fulfilling life going forward. Learn More here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-39-why-what-you-loved-as-a-kid-is-important-in-midlife/

Mar 30, 2018
EP #38: How Yoga Pants Help You Hide

This week’s episode is all about YOGA PANTS.  More specifically, we’re going to be talking about your relationship with them, what you make them mean, and how they can help you completely disconnect from the truth. In a way, yoga pants give you freedom and also take freedom away.

Most Women in the Middle have discovered the extreme comfort of wearing yoga pants. You’re probably wearing them right now. You certainly don’t have to DO yoga to WEAR the pants. And many of us subscribe to that behavior. Learn More: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-38-how-yoga-pants-help-you-hide/

Mar 23, 2018
EP #37: Interview with Jennifer Thornton, Clifton Strengths Coach - The Importance of Knowing Your Strengths

This week’s episode is all about the importance of identifying your strengths in midlife. Essentially, what makes you tick and how to identify what you’re great at. I bet that’s something you might want to know more about! Today we’re talking about all of it.

This is another episode in the Weekly Wow with Women in the Middle Series, which introduces you to real life women in the middle who have some pretty cool and highly useful information to share with you. That’s how I feel about this strengths work.  

My goal for Weekly Wow is to bring you topics that will literally make you say, WOW! I’m glad we’re talking about this!

This week, meet Jennifer Thornton, a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, who first discovered strengths work in her own career, and then saw such powerful results, she decided to help other people the same way. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-37-interview-with-jennifer-thornton-clifton-strengths-coach-the-importance-of-knowing-your-strengths/

Mar 16, 2018
EP #36: Why Multitasking is Bad for Your Health

This week’s episode is all about something that you can easily relate to. It’s extremely common because you probably think it’s a really good thing and strive to do it better. But...it’s not. It’s MULTI-TASKING. More specifically, we’re going to be talking about the myth of multitasking, why multitasking feels efficient but really isn’t and how multitasking may really be a bad thing, for your brain and your health. Read more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-36-why-multitasking-is-bad-for-your-health/

Mar 08, 2018
EP #35: Midlife, Mindfulness and Sex with Jessa Zimmerman

This week’s episode features an interview that’s part of the mini series, WEEKLY WOW with Women in the Middle. WEEKLY WOW introduces you to amazing people who have really useful information to share with you, so much so that at the end, you’ll be thinking, “WOW, I’m so glad we’re talking this!”

Today’s interview is all about better sex in midlife, even with menopause and everything else related to aging. Jessa Zimmerman a certified sex therapist, addresses some of the challenges and opportunities that midlife presents you with when it comes to your sex life. Learn more: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-35-midlife-mindfulness-and-sex-with-jessa-zimmerman/

Mar 01, 2018
EP #34: Expect the Unexpected when You Have an Empty Nest, Lizards and All

This week, I want to talk to you about a common midlife experience, the adjustments that you have to continue to have to make as you deal with the whole empty nest thing. This episode is all about really pushing yourself to communicate and manage your emotions better so you are a happier and less aggravated midlife mom. Read more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-34-expect-the-unexpected-when-you-have-an-empty-nest-lizards-and-all/

Feb 22, 2018
EP #33: How to Start Regret-Proofing Your Life - BONUS Minisode

This week, I want to talk to you about a concept I’ve been working with called “regret-proofing your life.” One thing’s for sure. Nobody wants to have regrets; and you will absolutely regret having regrets, so it’s critically important to do something about it.  This is not about regrets you may already have. For more visit: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-33-how-to-start-regret-proofing-your-life-bonus-minisode/

Feb 15, 2018
EP #32: How to be More Accountable

This week, I want to talk to you about something that many of you are working on, especially in midlife – how to be more accountable to yourself. Specifically, we’ll be talking about taking a deep dive into understanding what accountability really feels like and guiding you to notice this feeling in other areas of your life; you’ll also learn some strategies to make it easier to practice becoming more accountable to yourself. Visit: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-32-how-to-be-more-accountable/

Feb 15, 2018
EP #31: Orthopedic Surgeon by Day, Musician by Night - Interview with Dr. Jackie Auguste.

This week, I introduce you to Jackie Auguste, successful Orthopedic Surgeon and musician, songwriter and singer with the Canadian Band, Across the Board. Jackie is a woman in the middle who knew that being a doctor wasn’t enough; she really needed to follow a musical path in a serious way to feel creatively challenged and fulfilled. She knew nothing about running her own music business, and yes, she was busy. But she understood that her life wouldn’t be as meaningful as it could be without more music. More here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-31-orthopedic-surgeon-by-day-musician-by-night/

Feb 08, 2018
EP #30: How I Quit My Corporate Job to help midlife, plus-size women RUN!

This week’s episode features an interview that’s part of the Getting Real with Women in the Middle SeriesGetting Real introduces you to real life women in the middle who have made a big change and figured out how to love their midlife.

This week, I introduce you to Jill Angie, Life Coach and Running Coach at Not Your Average Runner. Jill is a woman in the middle who took a big risk and left a great job in “Corporate America” to follow her dream. She knew nothing about running her own business. But she understood that needed to make a change. For more visit: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/episode-30-how-i-quit-my-corporate-job-to-help-midlife-plus-size-women-run/

Feb 02, 2018
Ep #29: How I Decided to Go Back to School at 55

This week’s episode features an interview that’s part of the Getting Real with Women in the Middle Series. Getting Real introduces you to real life women in the middle who have made a big change and figured out how to love their midlife.

This week, I want to introduce you to Patty Shore, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, Texas. Patty is a woman in the middle who has done just that; she worked hard to figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up, after the kids moved out of the house. For her, this included going back to school at 55 years old.

Patty shares what it was like for her in midlife when her kids started to graduate, how she figured out what she wanted to do, how she decided to go back to school, and what it’s like to finally find a career that you love, even at this age.

Like so many of the episodes in this podcast, Patty shows us how you can really do what you want if you focus and keep working hard to accomplish your goal. Sometimes the clarity about what you want to do isn’t so obvious, but through trial and error, you can figure it out and find a job that you love.

Learn more here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-29-how-i-decided-to-go-back-to-school-at-55/


Jan 25, 2018
Ep #28: When It’s Time To Grow

This week, I want to talk to you about a common midlife experience, that sense that you have that it’s time to grow. More specifically, we’ll be talking about deciding when it’s time to grow. And when stuck just isn’t cutting it anymore. This episode is all about really pushing yourself forward, even though it’s hard.

We’ll be talking about feeling resistant too. And of course, we’ll dive into what to do when you know it’s time for you to do something scary, and how actually embracing how uncomfortable it can be will help move you forward to making the change you really want to make. Finally, you’ll learn three amazing reasons why you should really push yourself to grow. How great is that? Don’t miss this episode!

For more please visit: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-28-when-its-time-to-grow/

Jan 19, 2018
Ep #27: How to Worry Less

This week, I want to talk to you about a common emotion that most of us deal with, and that is WORRY.

So many of you spend way too much time on worry. It’s a huge time suck and it’s quite draining to boot. So that’s what we’re going to dive into today. What’s up with worry? We’ll define worry and take close look at this emotion in greater context.

We’ll also talk about how you have more control than you think when it comes to your emotions, why you choose to think thoughts that create worry and review and four easy steps to help you supervise your mind so you can actually worry less. How great is that? Don’t miss this episode!

Full Episode Notes: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-27-how-to-worry-less/

Jan 12, 2018
Ep #26: How to have more confidence

Join me on this episode as we talk about what confidence is, why many of us aren’t confident at all, and what you can actually do to create more confidence. Get full episode notes here: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-26-how-to-have-more-confidence/

Jan 05, 2018
Ep #25: How to Be Less Grouchy in the Winter

Join me on this episode as we talk about the gloomy mood that cold weather may bring, how to be less grouchy in the winter, and what you can do about it. Listen in for my 4 solid steps to help you be less grouchy about anything and enjoy yourself this winter.

Get full show notes and more information here: http://womeninthemiddlepodcast.com/25

Dec 28, 2017
Ep #24: New Year’s Resolutions

For many of us, the process of making resolutions is often cringe-worthy; and according to the  statistics, less than half of people in the U.S. even go through with it, not to mention sticking with those resolutions for the long haul.

In this episode, we get into why you should consider making resolutions, what prevents you from making them, and, most importantly, what gets in the way of sticking with them.

Get full show notes here: http://womeninthemiddlepodcast.com/24

Dec 21, 2017
Ep #23: How to Bring Your Vision Board to Life

On this episode of Women in the Middle, we’re talking all about what you need to think and feel in order to ensure that you’re using your vision board to keep your life moving in the direction that you want it to go. We explore how your relationship with failure can get in the way of your goals and how simply being busy is NOT enough to create the results that you want.

Get full show notes and more information here: http://womeninthemiddlepodcast.com/23

Dec 14, 2017
Ep #22: Why You Need a Vision Board and the Secret to Making One that Really Works

In this episode of Women in the Middle, I will explain why you should seriously consider creating a Vision board, especially at your stage in life. Join me as I explain how to prepare to make a Vision Board, how to make sure you regret-proof the vision of what you’re trying to create, and how to move your Vision Board into action after it’s finished.

Get full show notes and more information here: http://womeninthemiddlepodcast.com/22

Dec 07, 2017
Ep #21: Turning 50 this Year? Here’s the One Thing You MUST Do

In this week’s episode of the Women in the Middle podcast, we’re talking about the lead up to turning 50 and why it’s the perfect time to think about how you want to leave your 40s. We also cover the process for opening yourself up to the opportunities that come with being 50, as well as the one important thing you absolutely MUST do before you reach that milestone.

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Nov 30, 2017
Ep #20: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

This week, I want to talk to you about what you are doing right now that’s setting you up for failure during this holiday season and what simple changes you can make to ensure that you don’t have regrets about what you put into your mouth. Join me as I share my top 7 strategies to help you turn the “tides of destiny” and master the skill of avoiding overeating whenever and wherever you want.

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Nov 23, 2017
Ep #19: How to Have the Best Thanksgiving Ever

This week, I share three actionable strategies that you can use to enjoy your time with your family during holidays without the stress and drama that you may have experienced before.

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Nov 16, 2017
Ep #18: Chin Hair, Tweezers and You

In this session, I want to talk to you about a “touchy” subject for many of you – the increasing population of black whiskers on your face and your love for your tweezers. 

Listen in to find out what you can do to handle an issue like chin whiskers and move toward your goals instead of stalling and indulging in confusion.

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Nov 09, 2017
Ep #17: How to Conquer Procrastination

This week, we delve into why you choose to procrastinate and explore the most common thoughts that lead to postponing your intentional goals. Then, I share 3 powerful strategies to help you conquer procrastination, get those things that are important to you accomplished and feel better about yourself in the process.

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Nov 02, 2017
Ep #16: Surprising Lessons from Leaving a Long-Term Job with Wendy Goodridge

In this episode, Wendy shares her experience dealing with being unexpectedly restructured out and how she was able to find her way again. Wendy also shares her journey and the thought work she had to do to find a new full-time permanent job and create more job satisfaction as a result.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the surprising lessons from leaving a long-term job, especially if it wasn’t your choice to leave. 

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Oct 26, 2017
Ep #15: When You Need More Women in Your Life

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the topics of the importance of having girlfriends in midlife, nurturing your relationships with them, and what to do if you need more women in your life.

I talk about my experience going to New York City to visit my hand-made work at the exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art and how that once-in-a-lifetime experience was enriched by bringing my two best girlfriends along. I also share my tips for creating amazing memories with midlife friends and how to meet new girlfriends if you’re lacking in that department.

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Oct 18, 2017
Ep #14: How to Stop Failing Ahead of Time

Join me in this session of Women in the Middle to find out how I was able to guide my mind to prepare for success rather than failure and how you can do the same in your life. Discover how you too can learn to take action and grow in spite of what your brain is telling you.

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Oct 12, 2017
Ep #13: Do What You Love – Why You Need a Passion Project

In this episode of the Women in the Middle podcast, I’m thrilled to talk to all of you about the importance of having “passion projects” in your life and doing what you love. Join me as I talk about what happens when you ignore an important part of yourself and the crazy goodness that can happen as a result of living in alignment with who you are at your core.

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Oct 05, 2017
Ep #12: How Your Expectations of Others Are Making You Suffer

On this episode, I explain why having expectations for people is a huge source of pain and suffering in your life without your knowledge. It often feels like frustration, but it can be much more than that. I also talk about the reasons why it’s so difficult to let go of these expectations and share some effective tips to help you rewrite your “manuals” in the way that serves you and allow you to move forward to happiness, freedom, and acceptance.

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Sep 28, 2017
Ep #11: How to Find More Awe and Wonder in Your Life

On this episode, I want to talk to you about why it is so important to see and experience life through the lens of curiosity and wonder. I explain how practicing living with more radical amazement can result in a deeper ability to be grateful and live your life to the fullest.

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Sep 21, 2017
Ep #10: How to Adjust to the New "Normal" After Your Kids Leave for University

On this episode, we talk all about whether the glass is empty or half full when your kids leave the nest and how your perspective on this next milestone can really affect how you adjust to the new normal. I explain how being more mindful of your thoughts around your current situation can help you make this new phase fun and exciting. Plus, I show you how you can take the first steps to creating a life you love.

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Sep 14, 2017
Ep #9: How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Now

On this episode of Women in the Middle, we’re talking about getting a handle on what you’re waiting to do in your life, why you’re waiting to do it, and, more importantly, how to stop waiting and start living now. Tune in as we take a good look at how your thinking is holding you back and what you can start doing today to begin living your life to the fullest.

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Sep 07, 2017
Ep #8: Why You’re Miserable at Work and How to Change It

This week, we’re talking about why you’re not happy at work and how you have more control over your feelings than you may think. I explain how you can use one of our trusty coaching tools to dissect what exactly is going on in your head when you’re feeling those negative feelings. Discover how you can begin managing your mind to actually enjoy your time at work rather than feeling anxious, or perhaps even desperate.

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Aug 31, 2017
Ep #7: Making Big Decisions

This week, we’re taking a deep dive into the topic of making big decisions: Why some people seem to have no problem with it at all, and why others feel so stuck and overwhelmed.

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Aug 24, 2017
Ep #6: A Look at Your Underwear Drawer & the Importance of Self-Care

On this episode of Women in the Middle, we take a good look at the importance of self-care, why it may be a problem for you, and what you can do about it. We dig into the reasons why you should get rid of your bad panties and how it will help you create a physical reminder to you that you’re worth it.

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Aug 17, 2017
Ep #5: Feeling Like You’re in a Midlife Funk, and Why It’s the Best News Ever!

In this episode, I will explain exactly why being in a midlife funk is not necessarily a bad thing and how you can use this great opportunity to grow.

Don’t miss this episode’s tips, tools, and strategies that you will need for coaching yourself through midlife funk and embracing a new and exciting stage of your life!

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Aug 10, 2017
Ep #4: Empty Nest and When It's Finally Time for Your Baby to Go to College

Tune in for my tips on how you can lessen the overwhelm of your baby going off on their own with a little preparation, a “Life Lessons from Mom” list, and intentionally managing your thoughts. Join me as I share where your feelings are coming from and how to create a happier transition into this next phase of your life.

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Aug 03, 2017
Ep #3: Do You Feel Your Age? – Tips for Good Mental Hygiene

In this episode, we’re talking all about our age: what we make that number mean and how that affects our lives on the large scale.

Listen in to discover a step-by-step process that will help you define your age in a way that serves you and allows you to live the life you love.

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Jul 27, 2017
Ep #2: The Model – Your Mindfulness Framework

In this episode, I walk you through a framework that will help you get perspective on your thinking, help you get out of the negative spin cycle of your thoughts, and help you manage your thoughts intentionally so you can feel the way you want and create the results you want. Listen in to discover five sure ways to become more mindful and how understanding the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and actions can help you create the life that you’ve always dreamt of living.

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Jul 27, 2017
Ep #1: Welcome to The Women in the Middle Podcast!

Welcome to the very first episode of Women in the Middle podcast. 

Join me on this inaugural episode as I share my personal woman-in-the-middle story and tell you all about what you can expect from this show.

Life in your 50s doesn’t have to be about watching your life pass you by. And you don’t have to feel stagnant or be fearful of regrets. Make sure to tune in every week to discover how you can change your perspective to embrace your power to create the life that you love!

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Jul 12, 2017