Down 2 Ride

By Letty

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She's small in size but big in talk. From some of the most passionate music talks to life lessons and tests of faith. Listen to hip hop journalist, Letty Peniche's #Down2Ride podcast

Episode Date
Call God
It's been heavy on my heart as I'm sure it's been to many others seeing these videos and hearing audio of children who have been separated from their parents/family members. I want to help and just calling my congress rep or donating to charity/lawyer groups doesn't feel like enough on my end. So I decided to call on God in prayer. This video is for anyone else who'd like to join me in prayer. It's not to argue, complain or hate, it's simply to send my call to God and love to these children and families. (Excuse the audio quality, had to be stripped from my iphone)
Jun 20, 2018
Advice Before You Die Too Soon
One night I was up and on the brink of a panic attack when I turned it around instead and made the most motivational tool out of something so debilitating like the thought of death. If you listen to any of my podcasts, make sure it's this one.
Jun 10, 2018
The Mestizo Wins The Race
For a couple years now I've been battling with a notion that my race as (hispanic/latino/brown/tan) DOESN'T EXIST. Even worse was being told that I can only be black or white. In this episode I will share what happened to me and where it's led me. This may sound heavy because it is. To be told you aren't who/what you've always known yourself to be can be a very scary thing. But the outcome is something I feel everybody in my same position has got to hear.
May 21, 2018
Between A Rock And A Kanye
Kanye's on a troll and I've challenged myself to empathize with him. Listen to this now cuz it'll probably be dated once he posts again. jk but not really. Also, let me know your thoughts AFTER you've listened to the whole podcast. Promise I'm not choosing sides and that's tougher than it sounds.
Apr 29, 2018
Thanking Drake Later
I never thought I'd be so appreciative to Drake for a song and for recent actions but that moment is actually here. Listen as his latest "nice for what" takes me on to a convo about the trials us women have to go through in a club setting and this man's world in general. Promise it's not a combative talk but a very productive one.
Apr 10, 2018
Whus Yo Addiction!?!
The podcast episode the devil didn't want you to hear! Got a heartbreak hack you can use to get over your ex quicker PLUS how we really should be looking at addiction. Love you!
Mar 10, 2018
Inconsistency Is Key
How Watch The Throne, a metaphor from Pitbull & a 2Pac soundbite helped me get over my inconsistency
Mar 04, 2018
Goal Hack!!
Did you know you've been looking at your new year's resolutions/goals the wrong way this whole time? It's all good, I got you with a hack that'll work out so much better for you and it'll only take you 3 minutes to learn. lol sounds like an infomercial, but really it's a gem. listen for yourself and you're welcome in advance :) -- Letty
Jan 06, 2018
Down 2 Ride Podcast: LIVE FROM NEW YORK!
Listen as I talk about the Hov beef I didn't know about, what the fuck I'm doing in NY and what the fuck YOU should be doing if your heart is tugging at you.
May 05, 2017