Flagrant 2: No Easy Buckets

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 Oct 25, 2018


Athletic analysis by assh*les. Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh and Kazeem Famuyide bring you a weekly sports podcast filled with unapologetic and flagrant hot takes. Remember, nobody is safe and there are no easy buckets.

Episode Date
Eggplants and Assholes - Flagrant 2 Patreon
This week Andrew, Akaash, and Kaz talk about Andrew getting nut on his face, D Wade’s last game in the Staples Center, Kaz getting cyber-bullied, NBA east teams being boring to watch, and NFL coaching getting taken over by the younger generation. INDULGE!!!
Dec 14, 2018
HERpes not HIMpes
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx media chop it up about Andrew not having herpes, Kevin Hart & the Oscars, Retiring in your prime, and more. INDULGE!
Dec 11, 2018
Passport & Shots - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Andrew and Akaash have an intervention with Kaz about his tardiness, and also the fact that he was supposed to write this description. Then the fellas ponder whether Aaron Rodgers ain’t shit, Markelle’s nerves, we call up Alexx' white girl, and more. INDULGE!
Dec 07, 2018
Made By Virgil (feat. Mouse Jones and Jax Dell’Osso)
The battle is here! Mouse Jones and his alleged white girl face off in a showdown of pride and principles. It’s the thot/fuckboy super bowl. Also Akaash and Schulz discuss Kareem Hunt kicking a girl, Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder and more. INDULGE!!!
Dec 04, 2018
Hooked - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Andrew, Akaaash and Kaz talk about the LeBron of MLS soccer, Kawhi’s new shoe deal, Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury, are the Clippers for real?... the NFL kicks up leading into the postseason and much more!
Nov 30, 2018
Osama Bin Masin
Schulz, Akaash and Alexx discuss Masin Elije’s claims that Dwight Howard was her boyfriend and a bottom, Knicks can’t even lose right, Jimmy Butler taking over, Baker Mayfield is the new Barkley, getting rid of field goals and more. INDULGE!!!
Nov 27, 2018
Black Balled (feat. Nate Robinson) - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Akaash , KAZ, and Schulz sit down with 3 time NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion Nate Robinson. They discuss Nate being black balled from the NBA, The problem with coach Mike D’Antoni, which city has the craziest groupies and what’s going wrong with Washington wizards. INDULGE!
Nov 23, 2018
Introducing Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez & Football Inc.
Football star Aaron Hernandez went from the bright lights of the Super Bowl to a convicted murderer in a few years. The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team, best known for its investigation of the sexual abuse scandal inside the Catholic Church, takes a hard look at the crisis facing football through the lens of Aaron Hernandez’s life and terrible crimes. Listen today: wondery.fm/flagrant
Nov 22, 2018
Greatest NFL Story NEVER Told (feat. Miko Grimes)
Schulz and Akaash sit down with Miko Grimes wife of NFL Pro Bowl corner Brent Grimes. Miko dishes on how QB’s are snitches for the team, gay NFL athletes, how teams ruin your image to pay you less and why Drew Brees is better than Tom Brady. INDULGE!
Nov 20, 2018
Pinky and the Bron (feat. Carlos Boozer) - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Akaash, Schulz and Kaz are joined by two-time NBA All Star Carlos Boozer. They discuss his awful fake hair, being married in the league, Golden State’s impending championship and more. INDULGE!!
Nov 16, 2018
Easting The West (feat. Pastor Carl Lentz)
Pastor Carl Lentz sits in with Schulz and Akaash. They discuss Lebron’s master plan, Praying for Melo, the oppression of white Ballers and of course Dan Majerle. INDULGE!
Nov 13, 2018
Batman and Robbing (feat. Yannis Pappas) - Flagrant 2 Patreon
This week Andrew and Akaash are joined by comedian, Yannis Pappas. They talk about getting robbed in NYC, the Amazon of religions, Kyrie tossin’ balls, Martin Luther King, D-Rose hitting 50, if Floyd Mayweather will remain undefeated, and Tyrone Lue getting canned. INDULGE! For the Full Episode go to: www.patreon.com/flagrant2
Nov 09, 2018
Doodie Booty feat. Style Bender Israel Adesanya
Akaash and Schulz are joined by undefeated UFC fighter Style Bender Israel Adesanya. They talk MMA striking being trash, faking orgasms, booties smelling like doodie, recovering from a KO and Akaash’s beautiful eyes. INDULGE!
Nov 06, 2018
Allegedly - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Schulz, Akaash and Kaz get in the Halloween spirit and talk about the “Fuck You” Warriors, Kyrie Irving and the power of a fresh haircut, LaVar Ball saving Kanye West, the death of defense in the NFL and the NBA and much more. INDULGE! To listen to the FULL episode, join us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/Flagrant2
Nov 02, 2018
Martin Luther King Of Comedy
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx discuss Apu getting axed, both Cleveland coaches getting canned, how Giannis becomes the next GOAT, and how Schulz is the Martin Luther King Of Comedy. INDULGE!
Oct 30, 2018
Ghengis Kaz - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Schulz, Akaash and Kaz discuss: Britney Renner and buying thots flights, Odell biting off more than he can chew, Is CP3 a bad teammate, Schulz has to massage Kaz feet and more. INDULGE! To listen to the FULL episode, join us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/Flagrant2
Oct 26, 2018
Alexx Mandela
Huge Alexx Media update!!! Schulz and Akaash discuss CP3 Rondo scuffle, Melo being trash, G League stealing our ideas, Pumas cause injuries, Cowboys newest mess up and more. INDULGE!
Oct 23, 2018
Pusha Tea - Flagrant 2 Patreon
Akaash, Schulz and Kaz give and update on Alexx, The NBA being back, why Aaron Rogers is the GOAT, and Pusha T spills all the Tea. INDULGE! Want to hear the FULL version and get more exclusive content? Become one of our Patrons! https://www.patreon.com/join/Flagrant2?
Oct 19, 2018
Clit Bait
Akaash and Schulz discuss circumcision, Lebron’s The Shop, cutting Odell and of course Akaash’s feet. INDULGE!
Oct 16, 2018
In our inaugural episode, Akaash, Andrew, and Kaz discuss Kaz’s Bumble write up, Odell and Eli, Midget Basketball, and more. INDULGE! Sign up to become one of our Patrons! https://www.patreon.com/join/Flagrant2
Oct 12, 2018
Alexx Speaks!
Akaash and Schulz play audio from Alexx in jail in Sweden and give an update. They also discuss Conor vs Khabib, Celtics vs Cavs brawl, Melo still trash, Flagrant 2 Patreon and more. INDULGE!
Oct 09, 2018
Flat Girth Theory
Schulz is joined by Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon from the Irish Goodbye podcast. They chop it about Ronaldo’s #MeToo, baseball sucking, conspiracy theories, Supreme tattoos, Comedians bombing and more. INDULGE!
Oct 02, 2018
Akaash and Schulz sit down and and discuss Alexx’s absence, Tiger’s victory, Jimmy’s injury, Space Jam 2 and more. INDULGE!
Sep 25, 2018
Serena Get the Strap
With Schulz in Europe and Kaz still Deadbeating, Akaash brings in “The Bay Ridge Boys,” Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano. They talk about Chris’ time at The US Open, trash talking JJ Reddick, and more. INDULGE
Sep 18, 2018
BaCardi and Broke
Kaz is back!!! Schulz, Kaz and Akaash chop it up about Nicki and Cardi MMA fight, Football is back! Comedy is being stolen, Serena’s melt down and more. INDULGE!
Sep 11, 2018
Who’s Burning Mans Is This?
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx sit down to chop it up about their experience at Burning Man, Kaepernick and Nike, Odell’s contract and Louie CK’s return to stand up. INDULGE!
Sep 05, 2018
No Easy Buckets
Schulz and Akaash are joined by Leah McSweeney and Abdi Rage. They talk Asia Argento being a fraud, What a girls face says about her vagina, why immigrants love republicans and more. INDULGE!
Aug 28, 2018
The Small 3
Schulz, Akaash and Alexx discuss Burning Man struggles, Missed Joke opportunities, NFL injuries, G League replacing NCAA, Zion’s future and more... INDULGE
Aug 21, 2018
Alexx Didn’t Sleep With Mandi
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx sit down and actually discuss sports! Tiger woods almost winning and why we forgive him, Melo to Houston, Cam Newton Vs Benjamin and more... INDULGE!
Aug 14, 2018
WHOREibly Flagrant (Feat. Weezy)
Kaz, Schulz and Alexx are joined by Weezy from the Whorible Decisions podcast. They discuss homelessness, Kanye, Breaking the cycle, Alexx and Weezy’s “friendship”, pegging and more INDULGE!
Aug 09, 2018
Macro Aggression
FOOTBALL IS BACK! Kaz, Schulz and Akaash spit Flagrancy on TO in the Hall Of Fame, Trump vs Lebron, Kapernick vs The NFL, Women not knowing how to have fun and more. INDULGE!
Aug 07, 2018
Lugz & Kisses (Feat. Mouse Jones)
With no Brilliant Idiots this week Schulz, Akaash, Mouse Jones and Alexx come to the rescue with an extra episode of Flagrant 2. No sports talk on this ep. They discuss Mouse’s beef with Funk Flex, spanking your kids, Akaash’s primate feet and more. INDULGE!
Aug 02, 2018
Franks & Beans
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx go PEAK FLAGRANCY. Shit gets wild. We could give you a full description but it wouldn’t do it justice. INDULGE!!!
Jul 31, 2018
Dead Beat Kaz
Kaz is back! Kaz Schulz and Akaash explain why Jimmy G is dating a porn star, why LA doesn’t deserve Lebron, and of course WHITE WOMEN. Indulge!
Jul 24, 2018
Air Bubble Bullsh!t
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx discuss vagina lips, why air bubbles make the worst sneakers, France winning the World Cup, Serena’s loss, Bron at Summer League and more. INDULGE!
Jul 17, 2018
What Happens In Vegas...
Schulz is half drunk from a 3 day bender in Las Vegas for NBA’s Summer League and stacked with stories. Akaash explains why liberal white women are the worst. Alexx tries to get the guys to speak about sports. The flagrancy is PEAK in this one. INDULGE!
Jul 10, 2018
A Side
Kaz, Akaash and Andrew air their grievances. Then sit down to discuss potential free agency moves. This was recorded Sunday morning before the madness! Akaash and Schulz reminisce about their early comedy careers.
Jul 03, 2018
Flagrant Chew
Akaash and Kaz share their Blue Chew stories. Is Andrew the worst person to play basketball with? NBA draft drama, World Cup wackiness and more. INDULGE!
Jun 26, 2018
World Cuck
Akaash and Schulz discuss someone almost dying at Andrew’s DC show Kyrie’s recent sassiness, Kawhi’s future and the Cooligans (Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco) come on to explain soccer and the World Cup. INDULGE!
Jun 19, 2018
Bron’s Supporting Cast
The Assholes chop it up in the Warriors unfortunate victory, The Fate Of Lebron, The broken hand, Will he go to Cleveland? And is Boston manipulating the press to get rid of Kyrie??? INDULGE!
Jun 12, 2018
JR Glitch
Akaash, Schulz and Alexx hold it down while Kaz is on the road. They talk the refs questionable calls, who’s really to blame for the game 1 loss, Kanye’s album, and they workshop some jokes... INDULGE!
Jun 05, 2018
Schulz, Kaz and Akaash are back in the studio dishing flagrancy on Drake and Pusha T’s beef, Lebron being the GOAT, CP3 becoming likable and the NFL doing everything they can to ruin their league. INDULGE!
May 29, 2018
The Socio-Path To Success (Feat. Amin Elhassan and DJ Hed)
The Socio-Path To Success Description: Schulz is in LA and gets joined by ESPN’s Amin Elhassan and DJ Hed. They discuss Lebron vs Jordan 1 on 1, How to not catch a #MeToo, and who’s more homophobic men or women? INDULGE!
May 22, 2018
Golden GAPE Warriors
Kaz, Akaash, and Schulz try their hardest to talk sports. They get distracted by topics like dating white women, fame not being what it used to be and political correctness coming to an end. Eventually they drop playoff predictions and sports gambling. INDULGE!!!
May 15, 2018
King Of The North
Lebron is the greatest basketball player ever. Kaz, Schulz and Akaash discuss. Schulz apologizes to coach Stevens. Drake hurt Rihanna and more. INDULGE!
May 08, 2018
Celery feat. Wax and Hani
With Kaz and Akaash out of town Schulz holds it down with Wax and Hani. They try to discuss the NFL draft and the NBA playoffs but mostly converse on why letting your man cheat will save your relationship. INDULGE!
May 01, 2018
Bruce Leroy
Kaz, Schulz, and Akaash are dropping flagrant hot takes as usual. Did super teams save the playoffs? Is Jay Feely an Asshole or hilarious? James Johnson almost destroys Ben Simmons and more INDULGE!
Apr 24, 2018
The Beyoffs
The Assholes are United once again. They wax poetic on the NBA Playoffs, Tristan Thompson NOT cheating, Dez getting dropped and more. INDULGE!
Apr 17, 2018
Luck Of The Irish
Akaash and Schulz hold it down while Kaz is at WrestleMania in New Orleans. The Flagrant 2 Curse continues as Kyrie goes down, Conor Mcgregor is the best friend anyone could have, How to save baseball, and more. INDULGE!
Apr 10, 2018
Baseball Is Dead (Live From The NBA Players Association HQ)
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz record live from the National Basketball Players Association headquarters in NYC. Dropping hot takes on why no one watches WNBA or Baseball, NBA fake fights, Boxing's future, Kawhi and more... INDULGE!
Apr 03, 2018
Stormy Handles
The whole crew is back. Kaz, Akaash and Schulz dropping Flagrancy on Gronk in Miami, Steph's Injury, The Celtics being Unlucky, thot cheerleaders and the asshole of the week is Geno Aurriema. INDULGE!
Mar 27, 2018
Booty Hole Bonanza
SORRY FOR THE AUDIO ISSUES. WE DID OUR BEST TO SALVAGE THE EP. With Kaz out of town Schulz and Akaash dish flagrancy on Glen Davis' drug empire, The sour Celtics vs Ray Allen, IT losing $150 million and of course getting your butt ate.
Mar 20, 2018
White Pirate B!Tch
Kaz, Akaash, and Schulz discuss Odell Beckham JR’s new video, Alexx receiving penis pics from the Asshole Army, OJ confessing, and Paul McCartney’s one legged ex wife... INDULGE!
Mar 13, 2018
Akaash is back in town and the assholes are once again United. They drop flagrant hot takes on Kobe’s Oscar, Dating a girl uglier than you, Deontae Wilder’s KO, Jimmy Butler’s twitter fingers and of course the King of Cute James Harden. INDULGE!
Mar 06, 2018
No Country for Amateur Athletics
With Akaash out in Hollywood, special guest Spencer Paysinger (New York Giants, Miami Dolphins) sits in and talks about locker room culture, growing up in LA, playing with Jonathan Martin, the dangers of playing in the NFL and NCAA’s dark underbelly of paying college athletes. He also talks about his upcoming CW pilot based on his life with Taye Diggs
Feb 27, 2018
Allstar Freakend
The Assholes take LA for NBA Allstar weekend. They reminisce on their live show, the dunk contest, the all star game, getting denied access to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, and of course Fergie uniting if only for a moment in America in hatred of the national anthem.
Feb 20, 2018
Rain On Your Wedding Day
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz have a moment of silence for their fallen unicorn Porzingis, they explain why Kim Jong Un’s sister is at the Olympics, Lebron got his squad, Why Gabby Union isn’t excited about Miami, and more indulge!
Feb 13, 2018
Die Eagles Die
The Eagles won the Super Bowl and nothing could be worse. Akaash, Kaz and Schulz reflect on the game, how awful Philly fans are, how awful the Cavs are, is Serena Williams overrated and is Roger Federer really the GOAT. INDULGE!
Feb 06, 2018
Thicker Than A Tandoori Oven
With Kaz on vacation, Akaash and Schulz hold the fort. They talk Kevin Love’s being the scapegoat for the Cavs, Players getting injured around all star break, Super Bowl pics, Larry Nasser and more. INDULGE!
Jan 30, 2018
Bicken Back Being Brady
Akaash, Kaz and Schulz are back at again. Akaash brings his newly neutered dog to the show in a pink crate. The fellas talk Tom Brady’s excellence, Philly trash, Cavs are unraveling and more. INDULGE!
Jan 23, 2018
From Sea To Shining Aziz
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz discuss Akaash’s new career opportunities now that Aziz got #MeToo’d, The NFL Playoffs picture, is Belichick afraid of Tom Coughlin? And the proper way to get your groceries eaten INDULGE!
Jan 16, 2018
I Love You Mom
Schulz and Akaash get calls from their moms, Kaz joins and immediately the trio begin a revealing discussion about Oprah’s sex life, Lavar knows what’s best for Lonzo, NFL playoffs and more INDULGE!
Jan 09, 2018
23 and #MeToo
The assholes are back. Kaz, Akaash and Schulz chop it up about who the most popular #23 is, Jerry Jones sexual exploits, Avery Bradley’s allegations, Diddy buying the Panthers and more. INDULGE!
Jan 02, 2018
Most Flagrant Moments of 2017
Here are some of the most flagrant moments of 2017
Dec 26, 2017
1st Annual Flagrant Awards
Kaz, Akaash, and Schulz sit down and dish out the first annual Flagrant Awards. A sports award that celebrates Assholes not statistics. Asshole of the year, Least Valuable Player, Fight Of The Year and more. INDULGE!
Dec 19, 2017
It’s Always Breaking In PhiLadeLphia (Feat. Loopy Blogger)
Akaash, Kaz and Schulz ponder the Philly Curse, Jeter’s true intentions in trading Stanton, Boogie VS Z-Bo and they get joined by Loopy the unofficial voice of the NY Knicks to talk about his IG beef with Kevin Durant and more. INDULGE!
Dec 12, 2017
Women’s National Baking Association
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz dish flagrant hot takes on Eli’s Benching, Tiger’s Comeback, Melo’s Dark Cloud, A WNBA player challenges Schulz to a game of 1 on 1, and more INDULGE!
Dec 05, 2017
Here Come Dee-Bo!
With Akaash on the bench with an undisclosed illness Kaz and Schulz chop it up about chains getting snatched, Harden playing to cute to be MVP, D Rose’s limping away from 80 million and more INDULGE!
Nov 28, 2017
Locked Up A-Ball
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz chop it up on LiAngelo escaping Chinese prison, Mayweather being the most genius of all geniuses, LeBron coming to NY, and more INDULGE!
Nov 21, 2017
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz discuss why Austin Rivers has the lowest offensive IQ in the NBA, Why LiAngelo Ball getting arrested in China is a good thing, and why making Trump the commissioner of the NFL might save the league and the world.... oh and more. INDULGE!
Nov 14, 2017
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz debate the inductees for the inaugural Flagrant 2 Hall Of Fame. Chris Childs, Cookie Johnson, Deion Sanders, Kris Jenner to name a few. INDULGE!
Nov 07, 2017
Buying Bron’s Baby Gravy
The Assholes are back at it. They chop it up on how much Lebron’s sperm would cost, Are the Knicks legit, The NBA legalizing weed, Beal bitch slapping Draymond, Is CP3 overrated and more... INDULGE!
Oct 31, 2017
Bench-Riding Booty Bandits
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz are back at it, dropping flagrant hot takes on everything from Steph Curry’s foot fetish, Gabriel Union eating groceries, The Greek Freak being the future of humanity, the Entirely Too Early Awards and more. INDULGE!
Oct 24, 2017
FILAYYYY O' FIST (Feat. Jesse "Filayyyy" Jones)
Kaz, Akaash and Schulz are joined by IG basketball legend Jesse "Filayyyy" Jones. They chop it up on Super Teams, Lebron's pettiness, The Morris Twins being the oddest twins ever, Adrian Peterson's redemption, Zeke's suspension and of course SOCCER!!! Indulge!
Oct 17, 2017
Over The Hill
This week has been stacked with sports news. The assh*les react to Jemele Hill getting suspended for her tweets about the NFL, OBJ and JJ Watt's injuries, Do women know routes? Why Steph went off in China, Mchale vs Harden, they pick English Premier league teams to support and more. INDULGE!
Oct 10, 2017
The Juice Is Loose
Akaash, Kaz and Schulz discuss OJ getting released from prison, Football is Violence, Kaz' love for the WNBA, the Wade Lebron Bromance, and is it time to pay college athletes? INDULGE!
Oct 03, 2017
Knee-Grow Please!
Akaash, Kaz and Schulz discuss the growth of the take a knee protest in the NFL, Melo getting traded to OKC, Where D Wade is gonna land, and why Porzingis needs to jerk off. INDULGE!
Sep 26, 2017
Thirst Take
In the first ep of Flagrant 2 Kaz, Akaash and Schulz discuss Kyrie thinking he's better than Bron, KD catfishing himself, why boxing doesn't exist without Mexicans and how football needs to get rid of pads. INDULGE!
Sep 19, 2017