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 Jul 5, 2020

 Jun 15, 2020

 Jun 2, 2020

 May 10, 2020
One of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. Jack, Miles and guests are funny and well-informed. Great way to keep up with what's happening.

 Apr 21, 2020


There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racist for some reason. From Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien, THE DAILY ZEITGEIST is stepping into that fray with some of the funniest and smartest comedic and journalistic minds around. Jack and co-host Miles Gray spend up to an hour every weekday sorting through the events and stories driving the headlines, to help you find the signal in the noise, with a few laughs thrown in for free.

Episode Date
Weekly Zeitgeist 137 (Best of 8/3/20-8/7/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 145 (8/3/20-8/7/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 09, 2020
This is the Trend 8/7: Kylie, MLB, Hiroshima, Cuomo
On this edition of This it the Trend Jack and Miles discuss Kylie Jenner appearing in the 'WAP' music video, the Oakland A's coach was caught doing Nazi salute (and it's Mike Trout's birthday - as well as DJ Danl's), today is the anniversary of the US bombing Hiroshima, and Cuomo is trying to open schools in New York. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 08, 2020
Student Muckrakers, RIP NRA? 8.7.20
In episode 689. Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Chris Crofton to discuss Attorney General of New York Letitia James coming for the NRA, social media apps taking down Trump videos with misinformation, school's reopening, house parties in the time of Covid, what we are watching for Monday, and more! FOOTNOTES: New York seeks to break up National Rifle Association, alleging financial mismanagement New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA Facebook and Twitter removed a Trump video for Covid misinfo — and it revealed something about Fox News Two Students Say They Were Suspended From Their Georgia High School For Posting Photos Of Crowded Hallways City to cut power, water to hosts of huge pandemic house parties, Los Angeles warns An 'irresponsible act': Nashville officials may prosecute Fashion House party organizers WATCH: TNGHT - DOLLAZ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 07, 2020
Trendercaster 8/6: Thailand, Mike DeWine, NBA, Mulan x Tenet, Cameron Diaz
On this edition of Trendercaster Jack and Miles discuss Trump pronouncing Thailand like "Thigh-land", the Governor of Ohio has tested positive for COVID-19, the boys discuss more NBA Bubble news, Mulan is being released on Disney+ while Tenet is still slated for theatrical release, and Cameron Diaz sat down with Gwyneth Paltrow to discuss how hard it is to be an actor. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 07, 2020
ANOTHER One (cringe interview), Coca-CoLIE 8.6.20
In episode 688, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Lydia Popovich to discuss Trump's Fox & Friends interview, Kanye West's presidential campaign, Coca-Cola trying to hide that soda is bad for you, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump indicates he's likely to deliver his RNC speech from the White House, which would be an egregious abuse of his office for political gain Kanye West Campaign Helped By Multiple GOP Election Pros Coca-Cola 'paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,' medical journal study finds Union Says Coca-Cola in Colombia Uses Thugs WATCH: Buttering Trio - Sail With Me Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 06, 2020
ZeitRider 8/5: Lebanon, Reels, Jake Paul, Ren & Stimpy
On this edition of ZeitRider Jack and Miles discuss more news coming out of Lebanon, Facebook has launched Instagram Reels to battle Tik Tok, Jake Pauls' house has been raided by the FBI for unconfirmed reasons, and Ren & Stimpy is coming back! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 05, 2020
Trump <3 Ghislaine, Harley COVIDson 8.5.20
In episode 687, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Anime in America podcast Yedoye Travis to discuss Trump's interview with Jonathan Swan, Trump's campaign plans, a massive concert coming to the Ozarks, Men's Wearhouse filing for bankruptcy, and more! FOOTNOTES: Watch the full "Axios on HBO" interview with President Trump Trump actually doesn’t appear to understand how bad the pandemic is Huge explosion rocks Beirut, injuring thousands across Lebanese capital Trump campaign manager: We want more debates against Biden, and sooner No social distancing in sight at massive concert in Lake of the Ozarks The Legendary Sturgis Concerts and Entertainment Lineup at the Buffalo Chip Men’s Wearhouse Owner Files for Bankruptcy WATCH: El Michels Affair - 12345678910 Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 05, 2020
Right In The Trend Basket 8/4: Yo-Semite, Beirut, Barack Obama, Fall Guys
On this edition of Right in the Trend Basket Miles and DJ Danl discuss the President mispronouncing one of our National Parks, there was an enormous explosion in Beirut, it's Obama's birthday, and a new game from Devolver came out for free on PS+. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 04, 2020
mAsKs cAuSe cOmPaSsIoN, Ellen Degenerate? 8.4.20
In episode 686, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marcella Arguello to discuss the anti-mask movement, celebrities fleeing the United States, Ellen DeGeneres feeling betrayed by the crew she tortured for speaking out, and more! FOOTNOTES: Mom Influencers on Instagram Are Spreading Anti-Mask Propaganda 5 Questions: Stanford scientists on COVID-19 mask guidelines Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus Anti-mask protesters' new weapon: wearing masks that offer no COVID-19 protection ‘Not handling the pandemic well’: Man fires at officers with AK-47 after refusing to wear a mask, police say Zac Efron to Possibly Join Long Line of Rich People Fleeing the United States Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are officially Greek citizens Ellen DeGeneres ‘Wants Out’ of Her Show Amid New Claims, Feels ‘Betrayed’ WATCH: Godtet - Max Lush Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 04, 2020
Speed of Zeit 8/3: Back the Blue, I'll Be Gone in the Dark, The Rock, Bryan Callen, NBA Bubble
On this edition of Speed of Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the Back the Blue "mural" showing up in Tampa, the HBO series is coming to a close, The Rock bought the XLF for $15 Million, Bryan Callen has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, and Jack and Miles discuss basketball. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 03, 2020
Wahlberger King, Free Pizza for Karens? 8.3.20
In episode 685, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Fight Island podcast co-host Sam Wiles to discuss the USPS needing monetary help, different companies hoping on the Karen train, how the baseball season is going, Spenser Confidential, Last Chance U, and more! FOOTNOTES: USPS Gift Shop USPS Plans to Slash Hours at Many Post Offices, Hoping to Save A Buck Treasury agrees to lend Postal Service $10 billion in trade for rivals’ shipping contracts Calgary brewery pulls Karen Cherry Sour beer recognizing entitled, privileged white women Calgary company pulls Black Lives Matter gelato in face of criticism CALLING ALL (MASK WEARING, LAW ABIDING) KARENS! Dominos Will No Longer Reward 'Nice Karens' With Free Pizza Play ball? Experts mixed on 60-game MLB season The weirdest MLB season ever is about to start. Here's how baseball in 2020 could play out 3 MLB games postponed as Marlins deal with coronavirus outbreak MLB fake crowd noise will not include booing, per report The Dodgers Put A Cutout Of The Late Brody Stevens At Dodgers Stadium The Koreatown Oddity - Weed In L.A. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 03, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 136 (Best of 7/27/20-7/31/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 144 (7/27/20-7/31/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 02, 2020
Felt Cute, Zeit Delete Later 7/31: Ellen, NHL, NBA, Epstein
On this edition of Felt Cute, Zeit Delete Later Jack and Miles discuss Ellen Degeneres might be quitting her show, the NHL is back, the NBA is back, and more files from the Epstein case are being unsealed. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Aug 01, 2020
Trump Tries To Flip The Gameboard, Rush Limbaugh is Confused 7.31.20
In episode 684, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Greg Edwards to discuss Rep. Gohmert claiming he will take hydroxychloroquine to treat his Covid, Herman Cain passing from coronavirus, Trump floating the idea of delaying the 2020 election, how public opinion has changed on Black Lives Matter, Rush Limbaugh not being able to believe that people support Black Lives Matter, what we're re-watching, and more! FOOTNOTES; Gohmert Says He Will Take Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19, Flouting FDA Warning HERMAN CAIN DEAD AT 74 FROM COVID ... Attended Trump Tulsa Rally Trump floats idea of election delay, a virtual impossibility How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter Majority agree with Black Lives Matter and say major police reform is needed — CBS News poll Most view kneeling during anthem as acceptable form of protest - CBS News poll Rush Limbaugh Hates White Women So Much Right Now, He Just Called Them Black Men 8 Of The Top 20 TV Shows Right Now Are Netflix Originals The 10 Most Popular Movies On Netflix (So Far) In 2020 WATCH: Wilma Archer - Like A Hunger ft. Amber Mark Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 31, 2020
Chairtrend of the OverZeit Committee 7/30: Earthquake, Lakers, John Lewis, Inglewood
On this edition of Chairtrend of the OverZeit Committee Jack and Miles discuss the 4.2 Earthquake in LA this morning, the NBA season starts back up today, John Lewis' funeral is happening today, and Inglewood is being gutted in certain areas to build a new stadium. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 30, 2020
dEmOn sPeRmZ, SCAMborghini 7.30.20
In episode 683, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Sara June to discuss Representative Louie Gohmert testing positive for Covid after refusing to wear a mask, tech companies wanting Trump to win, Trump giving up on Michigan, services to call instead of the police, a PPP scammer, and more! FOOTNOTES: Rep. Gohmert Tests Positive For COVID After Perennially Refusing To Wear Mask GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Mask Wearing Gave Him Coronavirus GOP @RepLouieGohmert, who just tested positive for COVID-19 tells a reporter he blames wearing a mask for his result: "I can't help but think that if I hadn't been wearing a mask so much in the last 10 days or so, I really wonder if I would have gotten it." Tax Hike Under Biden Poses Bigger Threat to Tech Than Hearing Michigan Threatens to Slip From Trump as He Goes Quiet on Airwaves 99% Invisible: Freedom House Ambulance Service Florida man fraudulently obtained $3.9 million in PPP loans and used some of it to buy Lamborghini, feds say WATCH: 79.5 - Sisters Unarmed Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 30, 2020
Music of the Zeit 7/29: Sundar Pichai, Succession, National Chicken Wing Day, Suburbs, Starbucks
On this edition of Music of the Zeit Jack and Miles discuss Sundar Pichai testifying in front of Congress, Succession is trending for their Emmy noms, today is National Chicken Wing Day, Trump said people in the 'Burbs "wont have to worry" about affordable housing near them, and Starbucks is not doing so hot! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 29, 2020
GOP Presses Donors, 1%er Coachella 7.29.20
In episode 682, Miles and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian Noah Gardenswartz to discuss William Barr defending the presence of federal law enforcement agents at the Portland protests, Trump's fake Yankee stadium pitch, Trump's campaign and Republican in-fighting, the investigation into Ellen DeGeneres Show's workplace, the one percenters Coachella in the Hamptons, and more! FOOTNOTES: Barr Expected To Condemn Protests As ‘Assault’ On American Government At House Hearing Trump Announced, Then Canceled, a Yankees Pitch. Both Came as a Surprise. Trumpists Explode Over GOP’s Thirsty-for-Cash Texts Team Trump’s Mounting Fear: His Base Will Abandon Him ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Workplace Under Investigation by WarnerMedia (EXCLUSIVE) Here's Everything We Know About the Chainsmokers' Upcoming Drive-In Concert Andrew Cuomo Is Livid About That Packed Chainsmokers Show in the Hamptons WATCH: Khruangbin - Pelota (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 29, 2020
Trendi Handbags 7/28: 2 Chainz x Rick Ross, MGK, Emmys, Shark Attack
On this edition of Trendi Handbags Miles and Laci discuss the next Verzuz battle between 2 Chainz and Rick Ross, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are officially dating, many awesome people and shows were nominated for Emmy awards, and someone has passed due to Shark attack off the coast of Maine. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 28, 2020
Senator King Cotton, Próst Malone 7.28.20
In episode 681, Miles and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian and super model Arisce Wanzer to discuss the Covid-19 vaccines, Black activists calling the Portland federal crackdown a distraction, Senator Tom Cotton targeting curriculum on slavery, Post Malone's world beer pong league, what movies are being delayed, and more! FOOTNOTES: Anatomy Of A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Moderna unveiled encouraging coronavirus vaccine results. Then top execs dumped nearly $30 million of stock COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Heads To Widespread Testing In U.S. Black activists in Portland call federal crackdown a 'distraction' from police reform efforts Bill by Sen. Tom Cotton targets curriculum on slavery POST MALONE WORLD BEER PONG LEAGUE'S MY DREAM ... Closer to Reality!!! James Cameron “Disappointed” About ‘Avatar’ Delays, Promises Sequels “Will Deliver” Disney Delays Mulan Indefinitely, Avatar Sequels Pushed Back ‘A Quiet Place 2,’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Delayed Until 2021 Amid Theater Chaos, Indie Films ‘Unhinged’ and ‘Fatima’ Forge Ahead Sorry, there won’t be any good films until the US sorts itself out WATCH: Unhinged Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers ‘Unhinged’ Sets August Release In Wake Of ‘Tenet’s Labor Day Weekend Plan How Russell Crowe's Temper Got Its Nasty Reputation: Fighting, Yelling, Phone-Throwing and a Decade of Resentment WATCH: Acoustic Alchemy: "One For The Road" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 28, 2020
Zeits Camera Action 7/27: Miami Marlins, Tom Hanks x Rita Wilson, Joe Jonas x Sophie Turner, National New Jersey Day
On this edition of Zeits Camera Action Miles and Laci discuss Marlins players testing positive for COVID, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are now Honorary Greek citizens, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had a baby, and today is National New Jersey Day apparently. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 27, 2020
CDC: (shrugs), Reality Romance Reigns 7.27.20
In episode 680, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Who's Your God? podcast co-host Amy Miller to discuss Dr. Fauci's family needing security, new CDC guidelines for opening up schools, what could happen if Trump refuses to step down, Palm Springs, Indian Matchmaking, and more! FOOTNOTES: Did Dr. Fauci Create Covid-19? Fauci Says He And His Family Have Been Assigned Security Detail Due To ‘Serious Threats’ Fauci: 'I certainly don't think we're near the end of this' New CDC guidelines come down hard in favor of opening schools Majority of teachers say they are worried about coronavirus exposure on the job: poll Trump's assault on election integrity forces question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss? WATCH: Made Me - Sango, Waldo Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 27, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 135 (Best of 7/20/20-7/24/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 143 (7/20/20-7/24/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 26, 2020
Trend Asunder 7/24: Paw Patrol, Halloween Horror Nights, Dave Portnoy, UFOs
On this edition of Trend Asunder Jack and Miles discuss the rumor that Paw Patrol is getting cancelled, Halloween Horror Nights is actually cancelled and people are upset, Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports interviewed Donald Trump and has caused in-fighting at Barstool, and the NY Times is releasing more stories about UFOs. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 24, 2020
Florida Flummoxed, Tenet(flix) 7.24.20
In episode 679, Jack and Miles are joined by writer and Full Court Chat podcast host Dave Schilling to discuss Stephen Miller's grandmother passing from Covid-19, Joe Biden surging in the polls while Florida's governor Ron DeSantis is plunging for his Cover handling, a public health employee from Florida being fired after predicting their coronaries catastrophe, Kayleigh McEnany's explanation of Trump's well wishes for Ghislaine Maxwell, Christoper Nolan's Tenet being delayed, and more! FOOTNOTES: Stephen Miller’s Grandmother Died of COVID-19. Her Son Blames the Trump Administration. Biden holds 13-point lead over Trump in Florida: poll DeSantis approval on handling of coronavirus plunges: poll A public health employee predicted Florida's coronavirus catastrophe — then she was fired: 'This is everything I was trying to warn people about' DOH Names Director for Division of Disease Control and Health Protection Transcript: Dr. Deborah Birx discusses coronavirus on "Face the Nation," April 19, 2020 Kayleigh McEnany has a baffling explanation for why Trump offered well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell Sorry, ‘Tenet’ is Not Skipping Theaters and Going Straight to Streaming  WATCH: New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 24, 2020
Would You Be My Girltrend 7/23: Jacksonville, Avatar 2, Taylor Swift, Halo Infinite
On this edition of Would You Be My Girltrend Miles and DJ Danl discuss part of the RNC in Jacksonville getting cancelled, Avatar 2 has been pushed back, Taylor Swift is releasing her 8th studio album tonight at midnight (!!!), and Halo Infinite showed some new gameplay at the Xbox presentation. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 23, 2020
QA-gone, PREPLANNED Vacay 7.23.20
In episode 678, Jack and Miles are joined by the Forgotten: Women of Juárez's co-host Mónica Ortiz Uribe to discuss the Republicans lack of a Covid-19 bill, Twitter banning QAnon, Trump sending Ghislaine Maxwell his best wishes, Tucker Carlson's many issues, and more! FOOTNOTES: 'What in the hell are we doing?' Senate Republicans clash over coronavirus relief The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by Facebook - Dems to GOP: Where is your COVID-19 bill? Twitter Is Finally Going After QAnon Trump says he wishes accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well and has 'met her numerous times' Tucker Carlson's top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum Tucker Carlson Attacks “Ghouls” Over Fired Fox News Writer Blake Neff’s “Wrong” Racist Online Posts, Announces Vacation Tucker Carlson to Take ‘Long-Planned’ Vacation After Writer’s Resignation Tucker’s Got Real Scandals, So He Keeps Inventing Imaginary Enemies Fox News, Ed Henry, Sean Hannity & Tucker Carlson Sued In Sex Trafficking, Sexual Harassment & Retaliation Suit Tucker Carlson claimed the New York Times planned to expose his address. Then his fans doxed the reporter. WATCH: Daringer - Gold 97s Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 23, 2020
Don't Trend It All In One Place 7/22: Alaska Earthquake, iPod, Donald Glover, NBA Bubble
On this edition of Don't Trend It All In One Place Jack and Miles discuss the 7.8 earthquake in Alaska that set off tsunami warnings, people are remembering the many forms of the iPod for whatever reason, Donald Glover is going to star in a Lando Disney+ series, and the boys discuss the state of the NBA Bubble. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 22, 2020
Masc Off, EXOTIC Groceries 7.22.20
In episode 677, Miles and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Unpopular and This Day In History Class host Yves Jeffcoat to discuss Ted Yoho accosting Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the men's rights activist murdering a federal judge's son, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the McCloskey's facing gun charges, Trader Joe's changing it's branding, and more! FOOTNOTES: Ocasio-Cortez accosted by GOP lawmaker over remarks: 'That kind of confrontation hasn't ever happened to me' Lawyer Roy Den Hollander posted chilling remarks before murder at judge’s house Men's Rights Activist Lawyer Moves From Suing 'Ladies Nights' To Murder Ginsburg says she's undergoing chemotherapy due to liver cancer Missouri governor’s comments on coronavirus, McCloskeys raise eyebrows St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters face charges Trader Joe’s to Change Branding Criticized as Racist Because It ‘Exoticizes Other Cultures’ WATCH: Daringer - Afet Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 22, 2020
Third Party Trendors 7/21: Liz Cheney, Robin Williams, Tik Tok Witchcraft, Dave Chappelle
On this edition of Third Party Trendors Miles and Jamie discuss Liz Cheney praising Dr. Fauci in public causing uproar amongst Republicans, it's Robin William's birthday, Witches are currently hexing the moon, and Dave Chappelle went to Wyoming to check on Kanye West. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 21, 2020
Inside Portland, Netflops? 7.21.20
In episode 676, Jack and Miles are joined by Ridiculous History and Stuff They Don't Want You To Know's Ben Bowlin to discuss The Old Guard and Fatal Affair on Netflix, and more! Plus Robert Evans joins to talk about the protests and arrests going on currently in Portland, Oregon. FOOTNOTES: Behold the falcon sex hat, a species-saving hump helmet PDX Protest Bail Fund 50 Nights of Unrest in Portland What You Need To Know About The Battle of Portland This Makeshift Kitchen Provided Free Food Outside Portland’s Justice Center. Now, Police Have Locked Them Out. Why You Can’t Trust Netflix’s New 10 Most-Watched Movies List The Old Guard is one of Netflix's most popular movies  ‘The Old Guard’ Unseated By A Truly Surprising Movie On Netflix’s Top 10 List An Unexpected Netflix Movie Has Quietly Been Dominating Despite Terrible Reviews WATCH: Benny Sings - Passionfruit Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 21, 2020
Zeito Dark Trendy 7/20: John Lewis, Nicki Minaj, Mark Zuckerberg, Fox News, Tenet
On this edition of Zeito Dark Trendy Jack and Miles discuss the passing of Civil Rights leader, politician, and good human John Lewis, Nicki Minaj is pregnant with her first child, Mark Zuckerberg went surfing and Denny's may be trolling him introducing their 'Zuckerburger', a few Fox News personalities are being accused of sexual assault. and Tenet has been delayed indefinitely. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 21, 2020
FOXic Workplace, Burger Kringe 7.20.20
In episode 675, Miles and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by There Are No Girls On The Internet host Bridget Todd to discuss Black Fox News staffers erupting over network's racism, Trump's election campaign polls, Burger King's new publicity stunt, and more! FOOTNOTES: Fox News Staffers Erupt Over Network’s Racism: Bosses ‘Created a White Supremacist Cell’ Kellyanne Conway Urges Trump to Resume Coronavirus Briefings to Boost Approval Ratings Cook shifts 20 House districts toward Democrats Disapproval of Trump coronavirus response jumps to 60 percent amid surge: poll Burger King Introduces 'Reduced Methane Emissions' Whopper as It Changes Cows' Diets Amid Climate Change WATCH: Burger King | Cows Menu Mexico Burger King is selling a burger made from cows on low-methane diet US farmers' beef with Burger King over cow fart ad Op-ed: Burger King’s New ‘Reduced Methane’ Beef May Be All Hat, No Cattle Inside the Race to Build the Burger of the Future WATCH: Cornelius - MIC CHECK Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 20, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 134 (Best of 7/13/20-7/17/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 142 (7/13/20-7/17/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 19, 2020
Ms. Geist 7/17: Portland, National Tattoo Day, James Harden, Schools
On this edition of Ms. Geist Miles and Anna discuss Secret Police invading Portland, today is National Tattoo Day, James Harden says his Blue Lives Matter face covering was just for looks, and there is much discussion around schools reopening as parents speak out in protest. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 17, 2020
CamPAIN, Spenser Confidential > Empire Strikes Back 7.17.20
In episode 674, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss Trump demoting Brad Parscale, poll numbers for the 2020 election, Chuck Woolery deleting his account, masks being our savior, Trump administration covering up coronavirus information, Netflix top original films, what we're watching for Tuesday, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump shakes up campaign leadership as he struggles in latest polls The Trump campaign has a new effort to rebut his lousy poll numbers. It’s not good. Power Up: Trump is touting an enthusiasm gap with Biden. But his campaign may be looking at the numbers the wrong way. Brad Parscale is wrong. The campaign probably can’t save Trump. Nationscape: A comprehensive view of the American electorate Game show host retweeted by Trump deletes his account after announcing his son has coronavirus Here's Your Sign COVID-19 could be controlled in 1-2 months if people wear masks: CDC Director Robert Redfield Georgia governor overrides all local mask orders in the state Trump administration accused of covering up COVID-19 hospitalizations after current data VANISHES from CDC site despite director's claim the agency's access to the information was NOT cut by the White House Netflix reveals its 10 most popular movies, and most of them have something in common Top Lifetime Adjusted Grosses WATCH: Spirit of the Beehive - fell asleep with a vision Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 17, 2020
Best Trends Forever 7/16: #DogsForBiden, Science, Birkin Bag, Jake Paul
On this edition of Best Trends Forever Jack and Miles discuss a hashtag of people showing their dogs for Biden, the word "science" is trending because Kayleigh McEnany is saying "science shouldn't stand in the way" of kids going back to school (?!?!?!), Offset gave his child, Kulture, a Birkin Bag for her 2nd birthday, and Jake Paul is having a big party just because. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 16, 2020
The Boomers Are Not Alright, QAnon’s Most Wanted 7.16.20
In episode 673, Jack and Miles are joined by New's O'Clock's Hayes Brown to discuss a city in North Carolina approving reparations for Black residents, the White House trying to take control of the coronavirus data, the Wayfair human trafficking conspiracy theory, a lead poisoning thesis, and more! FOOTNOTES: In historic move, North Carolina city approves reparations for Black residents Trump Administration Strips C.D.C. of Control of Coronavirus Data Anthony Fauci has been wrong about everything I have interacted with him on: Peter Navarro CDC director says COVID-19 spike in the South likely caused by people from the Northeast traveling to those states for vacation - and warns the fall will likely be 'one of the most difficult times' seen in US public health Fact check: No evidence slinking Wayfair to human trafficking operation The Conspiracy Theory About Wayfair Is Spreading Fast Among Lifestyle Influencers On Instagram Wellness Influencers Are Spreading QAnon Conspiracies About the Coronavirus How the Wayfair human-trafficking conspiracy theory grew out of QAnon Boomers exposed to lots of lead as kids are at higher risk for mental health problems An Updated Lead-Crime Roundup for 2018 One Author Argues 'Sociopathic' Baby Boomers Have Hurt America WATCH: StereoLab - Diagonals Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 16, 2020
Champagne on Geist 7/15: BTC, Walmart, Megan Thee Stallion, Chrissy Teigen
On this edition of Champagne on Geist Jack and Miles discuss many verified Twitter accounts getting hacked at the same time to scam people, Walmart is finally making people wear masks in stores, Megan Thee Stallion responded to rumors about her supposed arrest and actual shooting, and Chrissy Teigen blocked a million twitter accounts due to abuse she was receiving. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 16, 2020
Defining Wealth, IvankAntoinette 7.15.20
In episode 672, Jack and Miles are joined by the Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss a white supremacy f*ckery round up, Trump retweeting baseless claim by Chuck Woolery, Ivanka's great advice for the jobless, and more! Plus Ian Campeau, an activist, musician and Anishnaabe speaker from Canada, joins to talk about Indigenous language, decolonization, and more. FOOTNOTES: North Carolina Cop Fired Over BLM Comments Says They Were Religious Speech Fired North Carolina Cop Explains That His Super Racist Comments Were Actually His Religious Beliefs Trump retweets game show host Chuck Woolery’s baseless claim that ‘everyone is lying’ about coronavirus White House campaign advice to jobless: "Find something new" Follow Ian Campeau on Twitter #HomiesChatting on Youtube WATCH: Yazmin Lacey - Marie Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 15, 2020
They'll Tell the Story of Tozeit 7/14: Bari Weiss, LA Times, Blindings, The Donner Party
On this edition of They'll Tell the Story of Tozeit Jack and Miles discuss Bari Weiss leaving the New York Times, the LA Times is suggesting we find a new National Anthem, Police partially blinded 8 people so far in protests, and Rush Limbaugh suggests America "adapt" like the Donner Party did (?!?). Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 14, 2020
Tragic Kingdom, Millionaires To The Rescue? 7.14.20
In episode 671, Jack and Miles are joined by the Forgotten: Women of Juárez's cohost Oz Woloshyn to discuss Disney re-opening this past weekend, white supremacy terrorism watch, millionaires begging to be taxed, and more! FOOTNOTES: Proposed Asylum Rule- Public Comment Resources Florida shatters single-day infection record with 15,300 new cases Disney World Reopening Gets Mixed First Reactions As Fans Give Park’s Welcome Back Videos Horror Treatment Walt Disney World employees petition to delay reopening as coronavirus cases surge in Florida Disney World Draws Excitement and Incredulity as Reopening Nears Actors’ Equity Says Walt Disney World “Retaliating” Over Coronavirus Testing Demand; Disney Says Park Protocols Accepted By Other Unions – Update Mandatory masks, Mickey at a distance as Walt Disney World reopens ‘Inviting Disaster’: Disney World Reopening Inspires Worry From Health Experts, Optimism From Some Workers BREAKING: Hong Kong Disneyland to Close Again Due to Slight Rise in COVID-19 Cases 'We don't want to die': Father livestreams multi-town police chase with 5 kids in van Racist Flat-Earther Caught With 30 Bombs Trying To Blow Up Building Protesters hit by cars recently highlight a dangerous far-right trend in America Millionaires For Humanity WATCH: Dinner Party - First Responders Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 14, 2020
The Zeit Stripes 7/13: Naya Rivera, #RecallGavin2020, Earthquake, HIPAA
On this edition of The Zeit Stripes Jack and Miles discuss a body being found during the search for Naya Rivera in Lake Piru, people are calling for Gavin Newsom to resign as he once again closes California, a series of small earthquakes slightly increases the chances of a big quake on the San Andreas fault, and HIPAA is trending because they were forced to respond to a bad-faith meme about Malaria drugs. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 13, 2020
Hamilton NOT Accurate?!? 7.13.20
In episode 670, Jack and Miles are joined by activist and #GoodMuslimBadMuslim co-host Taz Ahmed to discuss Hamilton on Disney+, and more! FOOTNOTES: Hamilton is censored on Disney Plus; Lin-Manuel Miranda gives two fucks Disney+ Censors Cleavage From Episode of Old Disney Channel Series Disney Didn’t Just Buy ‘Hamilton’ for $75 Million; It Bought a Potential Franchise Disney CEO stresses Hamilton’s importance to Disney Plus in private all-hands meeting WATCH: Horace Silver: Soul Searchin' Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 13, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 133 (Best of 7/6/20-7/10/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 141 (7/6/20-7/10/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 12, 2020
Zeit Like You're Running Out of Time 7/10: Will & Jada, Goya, Robert Deniro, Greyound
On this edition of Zeit Like You're Running Out of Time Jack and Miles discuss Will & Jada's 'Red Table Talk', the head of Goya praising Trump and the emerging Goya Boycott, Robert DeNiro' lawyers claim Covid has made it hard for him to make money, and Tom Hanks has a new project called "Grey Hound" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 11, 2020
The Real Lady A, Karenology 7.10.20
In episode 669, Miles and guest host Sofiya Alexandra are joined by comedian and Drag Her co-host Mano Agapion to discuss Disneyland re-opening, Lady A(ntebellum) suing the original blues singer Lady A for their new name, Kelly Loeffler showing her ass, and more! FOOTNOTES: Disney World Draws Excitement and Incredulity as Reopening Nears Lady A, Formerly Lady Antebellum, Sue Seattle Blues Singer Lady A Loeffler doubles down against BLM, calls movement 'anti-Semitic' amid continued WNBA blowback WATCH: Saib - Jet Set Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 10, 2020
She's Dancing Like a Trender 6/9: Eminem x Kid Cudi, Michael Cohen, Seoul, Naya Rivera
On this edition of She's Dancing Like a Trender Miles and DJ Danl discuss Eminem and Kid Cudi releasing a collab, Michael Cohen is going back to jail after violating the details of his COVID related home sentencing, the Mayor of Seoul has passed away amid sexual assault allegations, and Naya Rivera is still missing in Lake Piru. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 09, 2020
Learn Or Die, “Op-Ed” 7.9.20
In episode 668, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Charla Lauriston to discuss Trump's approval rating going down in cities where the virus is spreading, Trump trying to force children back to school, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump Support Withering in Areas Where Virus Cases Are Rising Trump Threatens to Cut Funding to Schools That Don’t Reopen in Fall DeVos blasts school districts that hesitate at reopening IS AMERICA HEADING FOR CIVIL WAR? OF COURSE IT IS… This Little Girl Was Caught Red Handed Stealing Snacks And Tried To Get Away With It By Pretending To Be Asleep WATCH: Blockhead - What That Dictionary Do? Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 09, 2020
Chicky Trendies 7/8: Brooks Brothers, Christian Cooper, Mary Kay Letourneau, Tik Tok
On this edition of Chicky Trendies Jack and Anna discuss Brooks Brothers filing for Bankruptcy, Christian Cooper has decided to not press charges against Amy Cooper, Mary Kay Letourneau has passed away, and Tik Tok is trending because Mike Pompeo suggests it should be banned in the US and Anna breaks down the LATEST Tik Tok GOSS. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 08, 2020
Yeezy = Small Business, Racism Double Down 7.8.20
In episode 667, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Bitchuation Room host Francesca Fiorentini to discuss PPP going to the rich and not the small businesses who need it, Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day film, Trump pushing racism, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump administration hands emergency loans to Kanye West and Church of Scientology as small businesses go bust De Niro-backed restaurants took 14 coronavirus aid loans Trump donors among early recipients of coronavirus loans A Mark Wahlberg Flop Totally Dominated Netflix On July 4 And I Can't Get Enough Why Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day is a vanity project: For a movie that has taken such great pains to be authentic, Wahlberg's casting defies reason The bizarro big business of Mark Wahlberg and national tragedy Boston Critic Defies ‘Patriots Day’ Praise: ‘Exploitation,’ ‘Narcissism,’ ‘Propaganda’ "Patriots Day" Is The First Movie Of Trump's America Trump’s push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him The Memo: Trump's race tactics fall flat Lindsey Graham Breaks With Trump On NASCAR Tweet, Says Confederate Flag Isn't a Good Way to Grow a Business WATCH: Little Beaver: Get into the Party Life Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 08, 2020
Trender Loving Care 7/7: Bolsonaro, Joe Shapiro, Ringo Starr, Student Ban
On this edition of Trender Loving Care Jack and Miles (!) discuss Jair Bolsonaro testing positive for COVID-19, Mary Trump's new book suggests someone took Trump's tests for him in school, it's Ringo's 80th birthday, and ICE is using international student's inability to attend physical classes to force their deportation or force their transfer to a school that allows in-person classes. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 08, 2020
NO LIBS = NO FUN, Gentrification Explanation? 7.7.20
In episode 666, Miles and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian Pallavi Gunalan to discuss new evidence in the Breonna Taylor case, more info on the Parler app, what is going on with Quibi, and more! FOOTNOTES: Discontinued Candy Breonna Taylor’s Family Says LMPD Search Warrant Was Tied to Louisville Gentrification Project in Updated Lawsuit ‘Parler feels like a Trump rally’ — and MAGA world says that’s a problem Is Anyone Watching Quibi? The streaming platform raised $1.75 billion and secured a roster of A-list talent, but it can’t get audiences to notice. WATCH: ENNIO MORRICONE -"Death Rides a Horse" (1967) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 07, 2020
Trendace to Society 7/6: Amy Cooper, Olivia Munn, Charlie Daniels, Ennio Morricone
On this edition of Trendace to Society Miles and DJ Danl discuss charges being filed against Amy Cooper, Olivia Munn took a birthday tumble, and two musical legends, Charlie Daniels and Ennio Morricone, have passed away. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 06, 2020
COVID Party Panic, Ghislaine In The Membrane 7.6.20
In episode 665, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian Teresa Lee to discuss the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Covid-19 parties, the movie Love and the television show Dark on Netflix, and more! FOOTNOTES: Jeffrey Epstein confidant charged Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Burger might have been staged with her lawyer's help Alabama students throwing 'COVID parties' to see who gets infected: Officials 'Love' on Netflix: What The Cast and Crew Have Said About Filming Graphic Sex Scenes WATCH: Sa-Roc - Forever (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 06, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 132 (Best of 6/29/20-7/2/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 140 (6/29/20-7/2/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 05, 2020
Sounds of Zeitence 7/2: Herman Cain, Clone High, Masks, Jersey Mikes
On this edition of the Sounds of Zeitence Jack and Jamie discuss Herman Cain testing positive for COVID-19 after attending the Trump rally in Oklahoma, Clone High is getting a reboot, a new study ranks masks on how well they suppress a sneeze, and Yassir Lester's joke tweet has spiraled almost out of control. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 02, 2020
Healthy Mountain Dew, Wrestling Is Real 7.2.20
In episode 664, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian and Nerdificent co-host Dani Fernandez to discuss the Covid case numbers rising, the St. Louis couple who pulled out their guns on protestors, Trump believing wrestling is real, what gas station snacks they're buying, what we're watching for Monday, and more! FOOTNOTES: Pandemic caused 18 pc rise in deaths in US: study Official U.S. coronavirus death toll is ‘a substantial undercount’ of actual tally, Yale study finds St. Louis couple pulls firearms on protesters cutting through their private street Calls for St. Louis Mayor’s Resignation Intensify After She Doxxed Black Lives Matter Protesters on Facebook Live Central West End couple explains why they pointed guns at protesters who demanded Krewson's resignation The Bio of the Lawyer Representing Two Gun-Toting St. Louis Attorneys Will Leave You Speechless Triple H: Donald Trump Is Unclear On Whether Wrestling Is Real WATCH: Peter Matthew Bauer / Wild Light Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 02, 2020
Good Zeit Moon 7/1: Elon Musk, Olivia de Havilland, Gavin Newsom, Canada, Beavis and Butthead
On this edition of Good Zeit Moon Jack and Jamie discuss Elon hanging out with Kanye West Olivia de Havilland - the remaining member of Old Hollywood - turns 104 today , Gavin Newsom closes down businesses - once again - after reopening far too early, it's Canada Day, and Beavis and Butthead is being rebooted on Comedy Central. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 01, 2020
Dumb American Gothic, Disney’s Third Degree Racism 7.1.20
In episode 663, Jack and Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to discuss the murder of Elijah McClain by the Colorado police, Trump sharing videos of armed white couple confronting protestors, two Trump tell-all books coming out, Disneyland changing Splash Mountain, and more! FOOTNOTES: Colorado Police Investigate Officers Over Photos Taken Near Elijah McClain Site Colorado officers probed over photos of them at Elijah McClain memorial Trump Shares Video of Armed White Couple Confronting Protesters In the Race for Trump Tell-Alls, Simon & Schuster Is Leading DISNEYLAND DELAYED AND SPLASH MOUNTAIN MAKES SOME BIG CHANGES Grown Local Podcast WATCH: Haim - 3am (Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 01, 2020
Blame It All On The Zeits On Broadway 6/30: Twitch, Carl Reiner, McGrath x Booker, Claudia Conway
On this edition of Blame it All on the Zeits on Broadway Jack and DJ Danl discuss Twitch drama around streamers getting paid to do charity streams, comedy legend Carl Reiner has passed away, the Kentucky Democratic Primary is being called for McGrath but the votes are still being counted, and Kelly Anne Conway's daughter, Claudia, is coming out against her and police brutality on Tik Tok (Tac). Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 30, 2020
Mask Rage, Space The Final Funktier 6.30.20
In episode 662, Jack and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian and Facial Recognition Comedy's Fizaa Dosani to discuss Trump tweeting out racist videos, Americans refusing to wear masks, Trump's Russia problem, what space smells like, the new MAGA social media app, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump Retweets Racist Video Showing Supporter Yelling ‘White Power’ Why do so many Americans refuse to wear face masks? Politics is part of it — but only part The Condoms of the Face: Why Some Men Refuse to Wear Masks Timeline: What we know about Russia’s bounties on U.S. troops — and Trump’s response This is what space smells like Trump fans are flocking to the social media app Parler — its CEO is begging liberals to join them Parler, the MAGA sect's new favorite social media app, is a nightmare Social Media App Parler Releases ‘Declaration Of Internet Independence’ Amidst #Twexit Campaign The Right’s New Favorite Social Media Platform Parler Is Just as Restrictive as Twitter WATCH: Guapdad 4000 - "Lil Scammer That Could" (feat. Denzel Curry) [Official Video] Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 30, 2020
Zeit of Passage: The McCloskeys, Reddit, Chris Pine, Supreme Court
On this edition of Zeit of Passage Jack and DJ Danl discuss the couple in St Louis brandishing assault weapons, Reddit has banned several subreddits, Chris Pine was seeing wearing a mask and buying books, and Supreme Court has struck down restrictions on Abortion Clinics! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 30, 2020
Floor is Lava’s Movie Magic, Trump’s 2nd Term Vision 6.29.20
In episode 661, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marcella Arguello to discuss Trump realizing he is losing, a spike in coronavirus cause of cities opening up, The Nut Job, Floor Is Lava, and more! FOOTNOTES: Sad! Trump Seems To Realize He’s Losing And It’s No Fun At All Trump Ignores Virus Spike as U.S. Cases Surge to Record Level Texas Governor Orders Pause On Reopening As COVID-19 Cases Surge Cuomo Rips DeSantis On COVID-19 Spike: ‘You Played Politics With This Virus And You Lost’ Packed Bars Serve Up New Rounds Of COVID Contagion You Can Thank 1950s Suburban Architecture for ‘The Floor Is Lava’ Here's Where 'Floor Is Lava' Players Go After They Fall How ‘Floor Is Lava’ became Netflix’s weapon in the new arms race of ridiculous game shows Netflix’s ‘Floor Is Lava’ Is the Stupidest Thing that You Must Watch In Its Entirety Immediately WATCH: Orion Sun - Antidote Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 29, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 131 (Best of 6/22/20-6/26/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 139 (6/22/20-6/26/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 28, 2020
John Dies at the Trend 6/26: The Office, NBA, Kanye West x GAP, McGangBang
On this edition of John Dies at the Trend Jack and Miles discuss fans rediscovering the Office episode featuring blackface, 16 players are COVID-19 positive in the NBA, Kanye signed a big deal with GAP, and people think Saweetie invented the McGangBang. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 26, 2020
3rd Degree Racism, Big Ally Energy 6.26.20
In episode 660, Jack and Miles are joined by Inside Voices and Good Christian Fun podcast co-host Kevin T. Porter to discuss Wilmington police being fired over racist comments, third degree racism, racist hiring practices, a cop lying about a tampon in his coffee, Jenny Slate and Kirsten hell leaving roles where the voiced black characters, the Netflix top ten, and more! FOOTNOTES: Fired Wilmington cop: “We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them f—— ni—–. I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.” [Free read] Black woman attacked by men wielding lighter fluid, racial slurs The Difference Between First-Degree Racism and Third-Degree Racism Sports Media Giant Bill Simmons Finds Himself Playing Defense An off-duty cop says a tampon was put in his Target Starbucks Frappuccino. Target denies it. Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell Leave Voice Roles as Black Characters An Unexpected Movie Finally Dethroned ‘365 Days’ From The #1 Spot On Netflix WATCH: Nice Guys: Dumbo Gets Mad - Makes You Fly (Lyric Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 26, 2020
Zeit Men Can't Jump 6/25: Pokemon Unite, Noose, Splash Mountain, Dixie Chicks
On this edition of Zeit Men Can't Jump Jack and DJ Danl discuss the newly announced Pokemon-MOBA, Pokemon Unite, pictures have come out showing the noose in Bubba Wallace's trailer, Splash Mountain is updating to follow the story of the Princess and the Frog, and the Dixie Chicks have dropped the 'Dixie' and are now The Chicks. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 25, 2020
Eracism, Welcome To ‘93! 6.25.20
In episode 659, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Danielle Radford to discuss Bill Barr continuing to f*ck the country, the Blackface apology tour by Jimmy Kimmel, Tiny Fey, and more, third degree racism, the massive dust cloud floating across the Atlantic and coming for the Southeast United States, the drive-in movie theater box office, and more! FOOTNOTES: STATEMENT FOR THE RECORD: Assistant United States Attorney Aaron S. J. Zelinsky Testimony of John W. Elias U.S.House: Committee on the Judiciary Hollywood’s Blackface Apology Tour Isn’t Very Convincing The Difference Between First-Degree Racism and Third-Degree Racism Massive Sahara desert dust plume closing in on the United States ‘Jurassic Park’ Roars To No. 1 Again At Weekend Box Office, 27 Years After Original Release Domestic 2020 Weekend 25 WATCH: Wet - Old Bone (Jim-E Stack Remix - Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 25, 2020
Beverly Hills Zeit0210 6/24: Biden Landslide, Ahmaud Arbery, French Revolution, California
On this edition of Beverly Hills Zeit0210 Jack and Miles discuss people assuming Joe Biden is going to crush Trump due to high poll numbers, the 3 men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery have been indicted, Lindsey Graham is scared of Progressives, and California just had its biggest one day increase in Corona Virus cases. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 24, 2020
Trump Goes AGGRO, Manufactured Chaos? 6.24.20
In episode 658, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Culture Kings podcast co-host Jacquis Neal to discuss Trump slowing down coronavirus testing, Trump facing back-lash for tweeting out race-baiting videos, Facebook advertisers pulling out, a cop 'finding a tampon' in his drink, and more! FOOTNOTES: 'I don't kid': Trump contradicts aides and insists he meant it when he asked for coronavirus testing to be slowed down Trump Faces Backlash For Tweeting Race-Baiting Vids Of Black Men Attacking White People Product Recommendations Facebook advertisers hit pause Police say deaths of black people by hanging are suicides. Many black people aren’t so sure. Firework Complaints Increase By 230X In June As Officials Seek Supplier Crackdown Police Officer 'Finds Tampon' Inside His Starbucks Coffee, Probe Launched WATCH: Jai Paul – Do You Love Her Now Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 24, 2020
Geist Day for a Zeit Wedding 6/23: 7.4 Magnitude, Fauci, Ron Jeremy, Mel Gibson and Winona Ryder
On this edition of Geist Day for a Zeit Wedding Jack and Miles discuss the 7.4 earthquake that just hit Mexico, Dr. Fauci is "cautiously optimistic" about getting a vaccine before years end, Ron Jeremy has been charged with 4 cases of Sexual Assault, and Winona tells behind the scenes stories of Hollywood and Mel Gibson telling racist and sexist jokes constantly. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 23, 2020
Tired Racism, FLAVORTOWN > Columbus 6.23.20
In episode 657, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Guy Montgomery to discuss Trump's Tulsa rally, a petition for the city of Columbus to change it's name to Flavortown, Scientology trying to use Covid-19 to recruit, and more! FOOTNOTES: How TikTok Users Targeted Trump Rally Organized TikTok campaigns jammed up Trump rally tickets by the hundreds Did TikTokers and K-pop fans foil Trump’s Tulsa rally? It’s complicated. Duval County, Florida Survey: A Survey of Duval County, FL Voters Goodbye, Columbus. Hello... Flavortown? Restaurants Have Accidentally Promoted Coronavirus Info From Scientologists Scientology volunteers spend R100m disinfecting buildings and taxis to fight Covid-19 We Asked the Church of Scientology How They’re Combatting Coronavirus. This Is Their Wild Response. WATCH: Classica Orchestra Afrobeat - Zombie Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 23, 2020
Days Of Our Zeits 6/22: White Lives Matter, Mixer, Joel Schumacher, Breonna Taylor
On this edition of Days of Our Zeits Jack and Miles discuss White Lives Matter trending as KPop Stans take over another hashtag to drive it into the ground, Mixer has been absorbed by Facebook Gaming and all former Mixer streamers can go back to Twitch, Director Joel Schumacher has passed away at 80 years old, and Breonna Taylor is no longer trending and her killers still walk free. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 22, 2020
Hollywood’ing While Black, Mask Off/On? 6.22.20
In episode 656, Miles and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined comedian Mamoudou N'Diaye to discuss AMC's flip-flopping mask policy, navigating Hollywood while Black, junk food making a come back, and more! FOOTNOTES: AMC Won’t Require Masks, CEO Says, Fearing ‘Political Controversy’ AMC Will Now Require Face Masks, Reversing Policy After Mass Outrage Navigating Hollywood’s Creative Police State Has Pandemic Snacking Lured Us Back to Big Food and Bad Habits? WATCH: Fela Kuti - Mister Follow Follow Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 22, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 130 (Best of 6/15/20-6/19/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 138 (6/15/20-6/19/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 21, 2020
Introducing 'Behind the Police'
How did American police get so violent? The answer to that question goes back centuries, to the earliest days of this nation. On this special podcast miniseries hosts Robert Evans and rap artist Propaganda (Jason Petty) draw a straight line from the darkest days of slavery, to the murder of George Floyd and the mass violence American police meted out to their citizens this summer.  Behind the Police is brought to you by iHeartRadio and you can listen here. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 20, 2020
Down on Trended Knee 6/19: Ansel Elgort, Tulsa, Gavin Newson, Juneteenth
On this edition of Down on Trended Knee Miles and Laci discuss Ansel Elgort being accused of raping a 17-year old girl in 2014, Trump is about to host a rally in Tulsa, Gavin Newsom has mandated mask wearing in the state of California, and today is Juneteenth - a celebration of the day slaves were freed in Texas after the Civil War. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 19, 2020
The Dream Continues, Ain’t Jemima 6.19.20
In episode 655, Jack and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian and The Male Gaze, Views From The Vista and Who's Your God? co-host Steve Hernandez to discuss the Supreme Court blocking Trump's attempt to end DACA, the Atlanta officer being charged with murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks, Quaker Oats finally scraping the Aunt Jemima brand, and more! FOOTNOTES: The Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s Attempt to End DACA—for Now Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks Atlanta police call in sick to protest murder charge against officer who shot Rayshard Brooks Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype' Nancy Green, the original “Aunt Jemima” Revisiting Aunt Jemima: 'Slave in a Box' Aunt Jemima's Kitchen How Betye Saar Transformed Aunt Jemima into a Symbol of Black Power Aunt Jemima Is A Negative American Myth WATCH: Hanz - Ambivalence (feat. emawk) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 19, 2020
Trending Nightgeist 6/18: RIP Taco Bell, Jamie Foxx. Beethoven, Raven Symone
On this edition of the Trending Nightgeist Miles and Laci discuss Taco Bell firing an employee for wearing Black Lives Matter clothing, Jamie Foxx is going to play Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic, early descriptions of Beethoven suggest he was Black, and Raven Symone is getting married! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 18, 2020
SLOW DOWN, Our Diana? 6.18.20
In episode 654, Miles and guest host Scam Goddess Laci Mosley are joined by comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh to discuss the lack of transparency around the PPP fund, how to fix our economy, Kristen Stewart being cast as Princess Diana, and more! FOOTNOTES: The $500 billion black box COVID-19 Broke the Economy. What If We Don’t Fix It? Pablo Larraín To Direct Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In ‘Spencer’, On When Lady Di Rejected The Fairy Tale Ending: Virtual Cannes Hot Package WATCH: Tom Misch x Yussef Dayes - Kyiv Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 18, 2020
Trends with Friends 6/17: Felony Murder, McMuffin, Pete Hunziker, Earthquake
On this edition of Trends with Friends Miles and Laci discuss the officer who murdered Rayshard Brooks being charged with Felony Murder, a Police officer complained on the internet about their McMuffin coming too slowly, another member of the Below Deck show has been fired for being racist, and there was a 3.6 magnitude Earthquake in the Bay. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 17, 2020
How Can We Win, Oscars? LOL 6.17.20
In episode 653, Miles and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Joelle Smith to discuss the oscars being delayed and good films to watch, and more! Plus we're joined by activist and author Kimberly Jones to talk about her viral video "How Can We Win" and how education of black history is lacking, and more. FOOTNOTES: The Oscars have been delayed until April 2021 WATCH: How Can We Win by: Kimberly L. Jones Kimberly's Instagram: @kimberlylatricejones Kimberly's Twitter: @kimlatricejones Kimberly Jones website WATCH: Chloe x Halle - Tipsy Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 17, 2020
Trendstones 6/16: Brush Fire, Dexamethasone, Shake Shack, Tupac
On this edition of Trendstones meet Miles and Jamie as they discuss Brush Fires popping up in the South Western states, Dexamethasone is a steroid that is the first drug shown to help certain cases of COVID-19 in the UK, Shake Shack was accused of poisoning three police officer's milkshakes which turned out to be very untrue, and today is Tupac's 49th birthday. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 16, 2020
SCOTUS Does Good? National Pride? 6.16.20
In episode 652, Miles and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Alex Schmidt to discuss the Supreme Court's decision when it comes to LGBTQIA job discrimination, government officials still not getting it when it comes to police abolition, a new poll letting us know Americans are not happy with America, what to replace racist statues with, and more! FOOTNOTES: Justices rule LGBT people protected from job discrimination Transgender Health Protections Reversed By Trump Administration Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau found dead ‘You Don’t Need to Protest’: Cuomo Declares Victory After Passage of Police Reform Package Gallup: Pride in the US falls to new low Dolly Parton statue may replace KKK leader memorial at Tennessee Capitol Tennessee Just Voted to Keep a Racist Statue of a KKK 'Grand Wizard' Creator of popular petition to replace Confederate statues with Britney Spears tributes says singer 'means more to us than most of the historic figures we've learned about in history class' Gwar back campaign to replace Robert E. Lee statue with monument of frontman Oderus Ungerus Replace All the Racist Statues. Literally Anything Would Be Better. A petition to replace the Christopher Columbus statue with the Route 1 orange dinosaur is gaining steam, sort of Roots and Racism: The Tale of Doctor Jack WATCH: Dirty Art Club - Arctic Garden Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 16, 2020
Trending Zeit 6/15: Hydroxychloroquine, Mary Trump, SCOTUS, Florida
On this edition of the Trending Zeit Miles and Jamie discuss the FDA pulling Hydroxychloroquine from its COVID-19 recommendations, Mary Trump is about to release a book that alleges some family drama but who knows, the SCOTUS has voted to grant federal protection to LGBTQIA+ workers while also voting to not hear cases on Qualified Immunity, and Florida is trending for being the newest, most dangerous COVID-19 hot spot. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 15, 2020
Netflix Viewers = Very Horny, Economic Outlook = Doom 6.15.20
In episode 651, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Flagrant Ones co-host Carl Tart to discuss how we still have a lot of work to do for the Black Lives Matter movement, an economic catastrophe, QAnon becoming more mainstream, the new Dave Chappelle special, the film 365 DNI, and more! FOOTNOTES: The Real Economic Catastrophe Hasn’t Hit Yet. Just Wait For August. The Prophecies of Q WATCH: 8:46 - Dave Chappelle How the ‘365 Days’ DP Shot Those Authentic-Looking Sex Scenes in Netflix’s Steamy Drama 'It literally felt like I was watching porn with my parents': People share their horror after watching Netflix's VERY raunchy new movie 365 DNI with their families '365 Dni' Part 2: How the Second Book in the Series Sets Up a Movie Sequel 365 DNI Book 3 'Kolenje 365 DNI' Shows A Surprising Turn In Laura-Massimo's Lives; Read WATCH: Run The Jewels – Yankee And The Brave (ep.4) (Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 15, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 129 (Best of 6/8/20-6/12/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 137 (6/8/20-6/12/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 14, 2020
Good Zeit and Good Luck 6/12: Prenup, Kristen Bell, Dave Chappelle, Robert Fuller
On this edition of Good Zeit and Good Luck Jack and Miles discuss Melania adjusting her prenup, Kristen Bell catching flack for her controversial children's book, Dave Chappelle has released another incredibly poignant special, and the death of Robert Fuller whose police report leaves many questions. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 13, 2020
Unlearning Copaganda, Tulsa on Juneteenth? Really? 6.12.20
In episode 650, Jack and Miles are joined by The Male Gaze and The Dark Weeb co-host and comedian Brodie Reed to discuss another cringeworthy PSA from celebrities, Lady Antebellum changing their name to Lady A, Trump having a rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, 365 DNI, what a study of what 10,000 white-collars about race revealed, Cops and Live PD being cancelled, and more! FOOTNOTES: Hollywood Celebs ‘Take Responsibility’ for Racism in Incredibly Cringeworthy PSA Lady Antebellum Changes Band Name and Apologizes for Making Fans Feel "Unsafe, Unseen or Unvalued" 'Slap in the face to black people': Trump faces backlash over rally on Juneteenth Trump administration won’t say who got $511 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus loans Netflix’s steamy movie ‘365 DNI’ slammed for glamorizing Stockholm syndrome At a #ThinkIn last week, @JohnAmaechi explained how a survey of 10,000 white-collar workers revealed that the behaviour of ‘reasonable, well-intentioned people’ carries undertones of bias. ‘Cops,’ Long-Running Reality Show That Glorified Police, Is Canceled The untold truth of COPS Cops on TV: The reality show 'COPS' is 'the best recruiting tool for policing ever' Running from Cops: How a decades-old reality TV show distorted America's view of policing 'Cops' crew member killed in police shooting ‘Live P.D.’ Canceled By A&E Amid Ongoing Protests Against Police Brutality WATCH: damanwitdahorn - for the rest of my life Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 12, 2020
Trends of the World 6/11: Boycott Starbucks, PS5, Statues, Stock Market
On this edition of Trends of the World Jack and DJ Danl discuss Starbucks not allowing their employees to wear Black Lives Matter clothing, the PS5 showed itself for the first time alongside 26 upcoming games, racist statues are being taken down around the country, and the Stock Market took an alarming dive today amongst COVID Second Wave numbers becoming more clear. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 12, 2020
GOP POC, Purpose Over Politics 6.11.20
In episode 649, Jack and Miles are joined by There Are No Girls On The Internet podcast host Bridget Todd to discuss how white supremacists MAY try and do something about white supremacy, what white supremacy means, and more! FOOTNOTES: White House says Trump may issue executive order on police reform Reckoning with white supremacy: Five fundamentals for white folks Donation Resources WATCH: H.E.R. - 2 (Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 11, 2020
Gone With the Trend 6/10: Gone With The Wind, Ramsey Orta, Tom Morello, Ice Cube
On this edition of Gone With the Trend Jack and Miles discuss how HBO Max pulled Gone With The Wind causing a stir amongst conservatives, more of the story about Ramsey Orta (who filmed Eric Garner's killing) is coming out, conservative fans of RATM are waking up to what their message actually was, and Ice Cube has been on an internet deep dive into Russian bots. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 10, 2020
The Elderly Face of Antifa, Cops Less Regulated Than Barbers 6.10.20
In episode 648, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Scam Goddess and comedian Laci Mosley to discuss one proposal requiring cops have a state license, Camden, New Jersey having disbanded their police department seven years ago, the mainstream media's coverage of the protests, Trump calling a 75 year old man Antifa, protests needing to get Covid-19 tests, and more! FOOTNOTES: Require Cops To Get State License? Gov. Pritzker Considering Proposal This city disbanded its police department 7 years ago. Here's what happened next The Headlines That Are Covering Up Police Violence WATCH New York police boss Mike O'Meara went off on the media today Trump, Citing ‘Conservative Treehouse,’ Says Man Shoved to Ground Set Up Buffalo Cops DC National Guard members called to respond to protests test positive for COVID-19 While Coronavirus Case Rate Slows in Some Areas, Others Accelerate WATCH: I Love My Body by Maya Rudolph featuring Chrissy Guerrero, Jessi Klein, Chelsea Peretti, Jenny Slate, and Mark Rivers Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 10, 2020
The Geist Bucket Challenge 6/9: Henry Winkler, Martin Gugino, Vanderpump Rules, Bill and Ted
On this edition of The Geist Bucket Challenge Jack and Anna discuss the NYPD Chief, who has never heard of "self reflection", looking like Henry Winkler, Trump is tweeting about Martin Gugino, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have been fired from the cast of "Vanderpump Rules", and a new trailer dropped for 'Bill and Ted: Face the Music'. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 09, 2020
Police Abolition Vs 8 Can’t Wait, Wall St White Supremacy 6.9.20
In episode 647, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined comedian Sara June to discuss Minneapolis city council members vowing to disband their police department, how things would work with a police department, #8toAbolition versus 8 Can't Wait, Fox News' racist stock market infographic, and more! FOOTNOTES: Minneapolis lawmakers vow to disband police department in historic move Do you or somebody you know think that #AbolishThePolice is unrealistic? It might be because you haven’t taken the time to understand what it means, the reasons for it, and why it actually makes a lot of sense. [Thread] #8toAbolition Fox News Apologizes For Infographic That Showed Stock Market Gains After Martin Luther King Assassination, Other Moments Racial Unrest The End of Policing Are Prisons Obsolete? Donation Resources WATCH: Doomtree - Slow Burn Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 09, 2020
Circle of Zeit 6/8: Dan Bilzerian, Congressional Democrats, 38% of Americans, KPop Stans
On this edition of the Circle of Zeit Jack and Anna discuss Dan Bilzerian wrote an autobiography and it brought up some hilarious anecdotes, Congressional Democrats are wearing Kente garb in "solidarity with Black Lives Matter", a new poll shows 38% of Americans approve of Trumps COVID/Protest response, and KPop stans are flooding a Dallas snitch line with BTS memes. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 08, 2020
Aunty Fa, The...Help? 6.8.20
In episode 646, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Nerdificent co-host Ify Nwadiwe to discuss the fear of Antifa in this country, The Help, Space Force, and more! FOOTNOTES: Tiny Town In Washington Gets Ramboed Up, Traps Family Over False Antifa Scare Viola Davis on What ‘The Help’ Got Wrong and How She Proves Herself Donation Resources WATCH: Jungle - House in LA Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 08, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 128 (Best of 6/1/20-6/5/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 136 (6/1/20-6/5/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 07, 2020
You Got the Zeit Stuff 6/5: Sbarro, The Athletic, Breonna Taylor, 3rd Amendment
On this edition of You Got the Zeit Stuff Jack and Miles discuss some troll chart Barstool Sports made about fast food, The Athletic has laid off 46% of its staff, today would have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday, and people are pointing out that National Guard soldiers are staying in Hotels on tax payer dollars which is a violation of the 3rd Amendment. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 05, 2020
Crisis Fatigue, Weekend Eye Bleach 6.5.20
In episode 645, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Maggie Maye to discuss crisis fatigue, the police reform we really need, what we're watching, and more! FOOTNOTES: All This Chaos Might Be Giving You ‘Crisis Fatigue’ Police “Reforms” You Should Always Oppose Donation Resources WATCH: Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders - Journey In Satchidananda Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 05, 2020
The Trending Nightgeist 6/4: Did Mexico, Tiffany Haddish, Jake Paul, Drew Brees
On this edition of The Trending Nightgeist Jack and Miles discuss the fence going up in front of the White House and whether "Mexico paid for it" (as a troll), Rev Al Sharpton refrained from giving Tiffany Haddish a shout out at the George Floyd Memorial, Jake Paul has been charged with Criminal Trespassing and Unlawful Assembly, and several NFL players are trending for their responses to Drew Brees' takes on "respecting the flag". Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 04, 2020
Mystery Of The Flaming Cop Cars, White Supremacy On Every Channel 6.4.20
In episode 643, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Dulce Sloan to discuss the current state of the United States, and more. They are also joined by Pastor Edward "Eddie" Anderson to talk about how the public can help. FOOTNOTES: Poor Peoples Campaign Black Lives Matter Los Angeles THAT BLACKASS SHOW with Dulce Sloan Donation Resources WATCH: Bob Marley - Small Axe Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 04, 2020
Trending Nightgeist 6/3: Attack the Block, Bunker Boy, Pete Carroll, Fascism/AntiFa
On this edition of Trending Nightgeist Jack and Miles discuss John Boyega speaking out against Racism, Trump tried to make up some nonsense about why he hid in the bunker during the protests, Pete Carroll speaks highly of Colin Kaepernick after not giving him a contract, and the FBI is apparently screening any person who gets arrested during protests about whether they are "involved" with "ANTIFA". Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 04, 2020
Don’t Get Distracted, The Killology Problem 6.3.20
In episode 642, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Brandie Posey to discuss a history of curfews in this country, the man who thought cops to kill, people who are speaking out against looting, Trump trying to label Antifa a 'terrorist organization,' and more! FOOTNOTES: Ferguson clampdown: a brief history of curfews to contain protest in US cities Behind The Bastards: The Man Who Teaches Our Cops To Kill Stephanie Pratt Slammed for 'Shoot the Looters' Tweet as 2006 Shoplifting Mugshot Resurfaces Memphis Suburbs Bracing for Possible Violence From Antifa Trump says US will designate Antifa 'terrorist organisation' Trump says he's naming antifa a 'Terrorist Organization.' Can he do that? An Intimate History of Antifa The Long History of Antifa Two senators want antifa activists to be labeled ‘domestic terrorists.’ Here’s what that means. Why Trump's plan to label antifa a terrorist group is little more than 'political theatre' Trump’s ‘ANTIFA’ Threat Is Total Bullshit—And Totally Dangerous Donation Resources WATCH: Leikeli47 - Girl Blunt (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 03, 2020
The Nighting Trendgeist 6/1: David McAtee, Virgil Abloh, White House,
On this edition of The Nighting Trendgeist Jack and Miles discuss David McAtee being killed by the National Guard last night, Virgil is getting backlash on Social Media for his takes on looting around the country (and also donating the bare minimum to relief efforts), and protests are continuing outside the White House. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 01, 2020
Reopening Out The Frying Pan, Epstein and Lovebirds Rewatch 6.1.20
In episode 641, Jack and Miles are joined by Citizen Critic co-host Greg Conley to discuss Janelle Monae and Labyrinth, America re-opening, The Lovebirds, the new Netflix Jeffrey Epstein doc-series, and more! FOOTNOTES: Who should play the Goblin King in the ‘Labyrinth’ sequel? L.A. County can reopen restaurants, barbershops, salons, Newsom says Florida Governor Outlines Next Steps In Theme Parks’ Reopening Path Universal Studios Orlando Also Has A Blunt Warning For People Choosing To Visit The Parks Before Netflix’s Epstein Docuseries Filthy Rich There Was A Bombshell Book 7 Shocking Revelations From Netflix’s New Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s ‘The President Is Missing’ is an awkward duet James Patterson looked for Clinton, Trump links to sex offender. What did he find? Bill Clinton and James Patterson Are Writing a Second Book Together black people riot when their anger over being murdered and oppressed reaches a boiling point. here are some fun reasons why white people have rioted WATCH: Juls & Sango - Ritmo Coco (Visual) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jun 01, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 127 (Best of 5/25/20-5/28/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 135 (5/25/20-5/28/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 31, 2020
Triends 5/29: Omar Jimenez, Minneapolis, Trump Tweet, Space Force, 3rd Degree, Mark Zuckerberg
On this edition of Triends Jack and Miles discuss CNN reporter Omar Jimenez arrested on TV, there are developments from the Minneapolis protest, Trump refusing to address his "When the looting starts the shooting starts" tweet in the Rose Garden, more info on the Space Force Netflix show, the police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with 3rd degree murder of George Floyd, and people are spreading rumors about Mark Zuckerberg because he says social media shouldn't fact check posts.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 29, 2020
Inside Minneapolis, Tom Cruise’s Selfish Movie Career 5.29.20
In episode 640, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by super producer (and co-host of Ethnically Ambiguous and Deckheads) Anna Hossnieh to discuss a Republican testing positive for Covid-19 but hiding it from Democrats, White House forgoing their summer economic forecast, Tom Cruise making a movie in space, and more! Plus Stef Alexander AKA rapper P.O.S. joins us to talk about the protests going on in Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd. FOOTNOTES: This Guy Builds Insane Swimming Pool In 60 Days By Hand WATCH: Build The Most Temple Underground House Bath Pool Underground The latest on the George Floyd case MINNESOTA FREEDOM FUND PA Rep. Andrew Lewis says he has recovered after testing positive for COVID-19 White House to forgo summer economic forecast amid COVID-19, breaking precedent Tom Cruise Is Making a Movie in Space With SpaceX and NASA WATCH: Khruangbin - So We Won't Forget (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 29, 2020
Trenderson, NV 5/28: Twitter Executive Order, Minnesota Freedom Fund, George Soros, John Krasinski, Denzel Washington
On this edition of Trenderson, NV Jack and Miles discuss Trump trying to issue an Executive Order to censure Twitter, the Minnesota Freedom Fund is getting scads of donations, Candace Owens is suggesting protesters of being hired by George Soros, John Krasinski sold Some Good News to CBS and is rightfully taking heat for it, and Denzel Washington put himself between two cops and a black man to stop any potential escalation by the police. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 28, 2020
Bowie 2.0, Leave Both Joe’s Alone! 5.27.20
In episode 639, Jack and Miles are joined by Citizen Critic podcast co-host Scott Janowitz to discuss Joe Scarborough, George Floyd, the Labyrinth sequel, and more! FOOTNOTES: ‘Ugly Even for Him’: Trump’s Media Allies Recoil at His Smear of MSNBC Host Video shows Minneapolis cop with knee on neck of motionless, moaning man who later died Scott Derrickson Set To Direct ‘Labyrinth’ Sequel For TriStar Pictures; Maggie Levin To Write Script WATCH: Clutchy Hopkins - 2:15 Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 28, 2020
Florence Zeitingale 5/27: Disney World, BurgerKingIsOver, John Boyega, SpaceX
On this edition of Florence Zeitingale Jack and Miles discuss Disney World planning to reopen mid July, Burger King is cancelled because of the way they replied to a question about Taylor Swift, John Boyega said "fuck racists" and people on twitter came for him (?!), and SpaceX WAS set to launch its first manned mission today (but scrubbed due to weather). Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 27, 2020
Party City USA, Woman Weaponizes Whiteness 5.27.20
In episode 638, Jack and Miles are joined by the Randy and Jason Sklar to discuss people's lack of social distancing on Memorial Day weekend, misinformation being spread about coronavirus, this week in racist white women behavior, and more! FOOTNOTES: No social distance here: Videos show Americans packing parks, beaches for Memorial Day Florida scientist says she was ousted after refusing to manipulate state’s COVID-19 data 'I'm looking for the truth': States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups WATCH: Unmasking The Science You Aren’t Hearing On TV | COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Tony Robbins A white woman apologized after calling police on a black man and saying 'there's an African American man threatening my life' No, Covering Your Face To Keep Out The COVID-19 Isn’t Slavery Night of a Thousand Sklars - Live Stand-Up Comedy with the Sklar Brothers WATCH: Metronomy - Summer Jam Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 27, 2020
JasTrend Vorhees 5/26: Minneapolis Police, Bryce Hall, Jimmy Fallon, SpaceX
On this edition of JasTrend Vorhees Jack and Miles discuss the Minneapolis Police killing George Floyd, an unarmed black man while in custody, two Tik Tok stars were arrested for drug possession, a video has resurfaced of Jimmy doing blackface in the early 2000's, and SpaceX is going to launch its first manned-mission. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 26, 2020
Hot Capone Is An Airbender, Gaffe City 5.26.20
In episode 637, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedy writer and podcaster Cody Ziglar to discuss Joe Biden talking to Charlemagne the God, Riverdale, Capone, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more! FOOTNOTES: @JoeBiden telling a black person this morning the following: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." He Makes Archie Deep and Sabrina Dark. Meet Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Same New Archie Andrews For a Bizarre Moment, Riverdale Was Almost a Time-Travel Movie Starring Louis C.K.  Comic-Con: Archie's a hunk, Ms. Grundy's hot in 'Riverdale' Riverdale frames statutory rape as a sexy forbidden romance The Forgotten Legacy of Archie Comics’ Terrible and Delightful Made-for-TV Movie WATCH: Jughead does hip-hop "Sugar Sugar" (1990) Archies reunion For Josh Trank, Making a Movie About Syphilitic Al Capone Was Therapy Capone Features Tom Hardy at His Most Maximalist Ranking the accents of Tom Hardy: cockney, Welsh, or unintelligible? WATCH: Nicole Bus - You (Official Lyric Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 26, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 126 (Best of 5/18/20-5/22/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 134 (5/18/20-5/22/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 24, 2020
Don't Trend Too Close To Me 5/22: Brooklyn Bridge, Megan Fox is Filipino, Jerry Sloan, TENET
On this edition of Don't Trend Too Close To Me Jack and Miles discuss a person threatening self harm atop the Brooklyn Bridge, people think Megan Fox is Filipino, the long time coach of the Utah Jazz Jerry Sloan has passed away, and there's a new trailer for Christoper Nolan's 'TENET'. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 22, 2020
Great White Goat, SWEAR YOU’RE HEALTHY!!! 5.22.20
In episode 636, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Yo Is This Racist's Andrew Ti to discuss Lori Loughlin finally taking a plea deal, a new model showing we should have closed down a week sooner, self-attestation at companies, The Last Dance but white, what shows to watch on Netflix for Monday's episode, and more! FOOTNOTES: LORI LOUGHLIN, MOSSIMO GIANNULLI COP PLEA DEALS ...In College Bribery Scandal New Model Finds Shutting Down U.S. Even One Week Earlier Could Have Cut Death Toll in Half The Dawn of the COVID Self-Attestation ‘Last Dance’ For The Gridiron? ESPN Sets Deal With Tom Brady For 9-Episode Series On QB’s Remarkable Career The Gronkiest Moments from Rob Gronkowski's Party Cruise #thesquad this is gonna happen (Andrew's tweet) WATCH: How to Meet Women in the Grocery Store : How to Approach Women at Grocery Store WATCH: Connan Mockasin - I Want Troll With You - Gentle Dom (Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT) Remix Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 22, 2020
Words With Trends 5/21: Qanon, Karl Malone, Amy Klobuchar. Breitbart
On this edition of Words With Trends Jack and Miles discuss a Qanon believer challenging an Oregon senator for their seat, the stories of Karl Malone's relationship with his child are coming back up, Amy Klobuchar has submitted herself for vetting to be Joe Biden's VP, and Trump is parroting Breitbart headlines. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 21, 2020
Empathy Wad, Michael Bay Back 5.21.20
In episode 635, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by War On Women singer and the author of Making Spaces Safer Shawna Potter to discuss the Trump administration trying to shut down covid-aid, GOP seeking doctors to support their re-opening claims, some covid-19 conspiracy theories, Trump threatening to withhold federal funding for states considering vote-by-mail, Michael Bay planning on filming a pandemic-themed thriller, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trumpworld Wants to Pump the Brakes on COVID Aid, Figures It Can Spend Closer to the Election GOP seeking doctors to back reopening strategy: report Trump Fans Gobble Up His Favorite, Unproven COVID Drug—Some Are Even Trying To Cook It Themselves Trump threatens to withhold federal funding for these states considering vote-by-mail "Anti-Coronavirus" movie filmed in Arizona in 7 days A Coronavirus Thriller Was Finished Just Before the Shutdown Adam Goodman & Michael Bay Team On Pandemic-Themed Thriller ‘Songbird;’ Production Starts In Five Weeks The Biggest Conservative Dog Whistles in Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie 13 Hours WATCH: War On Women - Pleasure & The Beast Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 21, 2020
Trends, Romans, Countrymen 5/20: Mike Schultz, Parallel Universes, Hagen Mills, Fred Willard, Shad Gaspard, Lynn Shelton, Matt Lauer
On this edition of Trends, Romans, Countrymen Jack and Miles discuss the before and after photos of Mike Schultz after his battle with COVID-19, a Cosmic Ray shower is traveling away from Earth (which is unnatural), a number of celebrities have passed away tragically, Matt Lauer has added to the Ronan Farrow discussion, Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 20, 2020
Roe V Paid, Scoob! Opens Portal to Hell 5.20.20
In episode 634, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Steven Wilber to discuss Jane Roe being paid to say she was pro-life, Georgia needing to repeal it's citizen's arrest statute, the Trump administration firing an inspector general who was investigating Mike Pompeo, Trump claiming to be taking hydroxychloroquine, Scoob!, the one year anniversary of the Game Of Thrones finale, and more! FOOTNOTES: The woman behind ‘Roe vs. Wade’ didn’t change her mind on abortion. She was paid Georgia Can Honor Ahmaud Arbery by Repealing Its Horrible Citizen’s Arrest Statute Fired inspector general was examining whether Pompeo had a staffer walk his dog, handle dry cleaning, official says State Dept. Investigator Fired by Trump Had Examined Weapons Sales to Saudis and Emiratis Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug FDA has cautioned about using for COVID-19. He started "a couple weeks ago" "I think it's good. I've heard a lot good stories. And if it's not good, I'll tell you right, I'm not going to get hurt by it" Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine Dosing Divides Fox’s ‘News’ and ‘Opinion’ Wings Trump threatens permanent freeze on WHO funding without 'major' reforms within 30 days ‘Scoob!’ Is for Those That Want Scooby-Doo to Open the Gates of Hell | Review Review: ‘Scoob!’ is everything we could want in a Scooby-Doo reboot Happy anniversary to the biggest ending flop of modern television #GameofThrones #IStandByDaenerys  WATCH: Clark - Ted (Bibio Remix) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 20, 2020
Don't Trend It All In One Place 5/19: Jojo Siwa, Pier 1, Krispy Kreme, Machine Gun Kelly
On this edition of Don't Trend It All In One Place Jack and Miles discuss Jojo Siwa turning 17, Pier 1 is for real closing this time - actually, Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts to class of 2020 graduates, and MGK is trending because he and Megan Fox are now dating. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 19, 2020
Risky Haircuts, The Last Thoughts 5.19.20
In episode 633, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Cracked's Jason Pargin to discuss Trump's approval rating, taking the 'red pill,' and more! Plus super producer Anna Hossnieh joins to recap the The Last Dance. FOOTNOTES: How popular is Donald Trump? Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny Lilly Wachowski rounds on Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk over Matrix tweets Why we should be worried that Ivanka Trump has “taken the red pill” Reddit’s TheRedPill, notorious for its misogyny, was founded by a New Hampshire state legislator WATCH: Kenny Lattimore - Days Like This (Video) Final Takeaways From the ‘Last Dance’ Finale WATCH: JUNIP - Official Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 19, 2020
With Trends Like These 5/18: Hong Kong Gym, Fine Dining, Harry Styles, Morderna, Marbula One
On this edition of With Trends Like These Jack and Miles discuss a video of a gym in Hong Kong showing the new preventative measures they'll take amid the pandemic, as well as how upscale restaurants will handle service, Harry Styles released a new video for his song "Watermelon Sugar", Moderna has made promising developments in their COVID-19 vaccines, and Jack and Miles discover the very professional Marbula One Marble Racing scene on Youtube. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 18, 2020
A Shrekening, Hero “Bonus” 5.18.20
In episode 632, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian and Natch Beaut host Jackie Johnson to discuss Joe Biden's recent gaffes, the NBA possibly coming back, Kroger being shady, and then a discussion of Sleepless, Shrek: The Musical, and The Wrong Missy, and more! FOOTNOTES: IN ANOTHER BIDEN GAFFE, FORMER VP SAYS PANDEMIC COST U.S. 85,000 JOBS AND 'MILLIONS' OF LIVES Can the N.B.A. Come Back, and Stay Back? Report: Michael Jordan Agreed to Release 1997-98 Bulls Footage During 2016 Cavaliers Championship Parade Kroger Pays CEO $21 Million After Ending Store Workers' 'Hero Bonus' Orchestrating an Ogre’s Monster Makeover Smash Mouth Booking Agency Profile "Shrek" a family musical with gay-pride element Shrek: The Musical drops 'dehumanising' transphobic slur ‘Shrek The Musical’ coming to L.A. with a lighter tone of green Shrek the Musical Drop the curtain, it’s ogre WATCH: Four Tet - Twenty Three Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 18, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 125 (Best of 5/11/20-5/15/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 133 (5/11/20-5/15/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 17, 2020
Crisis on Trendfinite Earths 5/15: AP US History, Space Force, SCOOB!, Scarface
On this edition of Crisis on Trendfinite Earths Jack and Miles discuss students struggles to get the AP US history test working online, the Space Force flag is a Star Trek ripoff, the reviews for the new Scooby-Doo movie are predictable, and a Scarface remake is in the works with Luca Guadagnino set to direct written by the Coen brothers. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 15, 2020
Wisconsin Parties, Mannequins > Real People 5.15.20
In episode 631, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Couples Therapy podcast's Andy Beckerman to discuss how outside may be the way to go for quarantine times, how to re-open America, diners using mannequins at tables, and more! FOOTNOTES: Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Quarantine Fatigue Is Real How to Reopen America Safely So small restaurants can open, some Cincinnati streets will close - and become outdoor dining spaces Diners at this reopening restaurant can get social with dressed up mannequins WATCH: Slum Village - Selfish feat. Kanye West & John Legend (junior state remix) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 15, 2020
Trend Dead Redemption 2 5/14: Jeff Bezos, Black Light, Percy Jackson, Obama et al
On this edition of Trend Dead Redemption 2 Miles and Jamie discuss how Jeff Bezos is on track to become the World's first Trillionaire by 2026, a video from Japan is going viral using blacklight to show how easily germs spread, a live action Percy Jackson series is in development for Disney+, and several Obama hashtags are trending: ObamaGate, ObamaGateGate, and ObamaGreat (the best one). Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 14, 2020
Pasta King Robert Pattinson, Listen to Women 5.14.20
In episode 630, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by The Reddot Comic's Kim Winder to discuss the politics around Tara Reade's accusations, the House Democrat's The Heroes Act, the antics of Robert Pattison, and more! FOOTNOTES: Tara Reade, Megyn Kelly, and the Politics of Believability The agonizing story of Tara Reade House Democrats Introduce The Heroes Act I Think About This a Lot: The Time Robert Pattinson Blatantly Lied on the Today Show robert pattinson pasta story has been the only thing on my mind for the past 30 minutes and the only thing that will be on my mind for the next 30 hours WATCH: Kehlani - TOXIC (Quarantine Style) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 14, 2020
They Zeit Be Giants 5/13: Have a Good Trip, Red Lobster, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, Obamagate
On this edition of They Zeit Be Giants Jack, Miles, and Anna discuss celebrities tripping (and tripping in general), an altercation at Red Lobster starring peak Karen energy, Paul Manafort has been released from prison while the Judge presiding over Michael Flynn's case is trying to keep the case going, and Trump is threatening Obama with an unknown crime. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 13, 2020
I’m Sorry Guy Fieri, Viral Loads 5.13.20
In episode 629, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Smart Mouth's Katherine Spiers to discuss the viral load of coronavirus, Trump ignoring coronavirus polls, haters preferring Biden, how a second wave of coronavirus cases could fuel more economic depression, pandemics changing us forever, the Guy Fieri renaissance, and more! FOOTNOTES: The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them Two big warning signs for Trump in the new coronavirus poll — signs he doesn’t seem to want to see Many governors win bipartisan support for handling of pandemic, but some Republicans face blowback over reopening efforts Trump is getting trounced among a crucial constituency: The haters A 2nd wave of US virus cases will plunge the economy into a depression, Moody's economist says Pandemics Leave Us Forever Altered We’ll say it again: Guy Fieri is good WATCH: Zero 7 - Somersault (Official Video) ft. Sia Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 13, 2020
Trendster 5/12: Jeff Goldblum, Another 3, Bryan Adams, Tony Hawk
On this edition of Trendster Jack and Miles discuss a viral fight video starring to people who look like Jeff Goldblum and Joe Exotic's ex-husband Joe, the Shelter in Place rule in LA has been extended 3 months, Bryan Adams tweeted some dumb shit, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 are being remastered! Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 12, 2020
Safety Is Relative, Jordan Holds Grudges? 5.12.20
In episode 628, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by The Black List's Kate Hagen to discuss states re-opening, how coronavirus spreads, #Plandemic going viral, The Last Dance recaps, and more! FOOTNOTES: Coronavirus cases expanding in states preparing to reopen The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them A 2nd wave of US virus cases will plunge the economy into a depression, Moody's economist says As '#Plandemic' goes viral, those targeted by discredited scientist's crusade warn of 'dangerous' claims Who is Judy Mikovits in ‘Plandemic,’ the coronavirus conspiracy video just banned from social media? Fact-checking ‘Plandemic’: A documentary full of false conspiracy theories about the coronavirus ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary: Big takeaways from Episodes 7 and 8 of 'The Last Dance' Craig Hodges: 'Jordan didn't speak out because he didn't know what to say' WATCH: Jurassic 5 - Swing Set Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 12, 2020
Dead Trend Job 5/12: Jerry Stiller, Nelly v Ludacris, Kobe Pilot, Dave Grohl
On this edition of Dead Trend Job Jack and Miles discuss the passing of legendary comedian and actor Jerry Stiller at 92, the next VERZUZ battle is Ludacris vs Nelly, the Helicopter company that flew the copter Kobe and Gigi passed away in has reflected blame onto the other passengers in the helicopter , and Dave Grohl wrote a piece for the Atlantic about when we get to go to live shows again. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 11, 2020
RIP Driving Tests, Trolls vs Pogues 5.11.20
In episode 627, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian and Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss the republicans coming for the Green New Deal, Georgia giving out driver licenses to teens without a road test, and then a pop culture round up about Outer Banks, Extraction, and Trolls World Tour, and more! FOOTNOTES: G.O.P. Coronavirus Message: Economic Crisis Is a Green New Deal Preview Nearly 20,000 teens in Georgia have received their driver's licenses without a road test Why Does ‘Trolls World Tour’ Relitigate Rock-Critic Debates? Justin Timberlake’s Return To R&B And Funk Is Depressingly Predictable Trolls World Tour Is A Poptimist Nightmare  AMC Theatres Refuses to Show Universal Movies After ‘Trolls World Tour’ VOD Release, Universal and Theater Owners Respond AMC Theatres Refuses to Play Universal Films in Wake of 'Trolls: World Tour' Regal Cinemas warns Universal over Trolls World Tour skipping theaters AMC’s Blacklist Of Universal Is A Risky Bluff Or A Major Mistake WATCH: Flying Lotus - Massive Attack (vibeangel mix1) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 11, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 124 (Best of 5/4/20-5/8/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 132 (5/4/20-5/8/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 10, 2020
IndeTrendence Day 5/8: Tekashi 6IX9ine, CostCo, NBA, Al Gore
On this edition of IndeTrendence Day Jack and Miles discuss Tekashi's new music, people are boycotting CostCo for making them wear masks, Which player from the 2000s from the NBA do you wish had a longer career, and Al Gore's hot takes on the pandemic response. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 08, 2020
Fauci BEEN Bae, SFW = NSFW 5.8.20
In episode 626, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Sara June to discuss Trump questioning the death toll, the CDC report for re-opening businesses, Elon and Grimes' baby name, Dr. Fauci in a romance novel, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump and some top aides question accuracy of virus death toll White House shelved CDC reopening guidance: report Trump and His Infallible Advisers Draft report predicts covid-19 cases will reach 200,000 a day by June 1 Big Government Won’t Let Elon Live IN DR. FAUCI WE STAN Fauci was model for hero in romance novel by Sally Quinn Sally Quinn Modeled the Erotic Hero of Her 1991 Bestseller on…Anthony Fauci Dr. Fauci Inspired a Main Character in a Steamy Bestselling 1991 Romance Novel, Says Author: ‘I Fell in Love With Him’ He Dies in Her Arms How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor WATCH: Guuurl - Lapalux Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 08, 2020
Fox in the Trendhouse 5/7: Sean Reed, Neiman Marcus, Micahel Flynn, Michael Jordan
On this edition of Fox in the Trendhouse Jack and Miles discuss the killing of Sean Reed by the Indianapolis Police, Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy, The DOJ is dropping the case against Michael Flynn after he plead guilty twice, and 'The Last Dance' is causing idiots online to pontificate on Michael's basketball skills. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 07, 2020
VIP PPE, Demolition Man Too Real? 5.7.20
In episode 625, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by The Black List founder Franklin Leonard to discuss the film trends, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Trump not wearing a face mask while visiting a factory, what we learned from the whistleblower from Jared Kushner's coronavirus task force, how venues will be re-opening, Demolition Man, and more! FOOTNOTES: Ahmaud Arbery: anger mounts over killing of black jogger caught on video Trump does not wear coronavirus mask at Honeywell factory that makes masks Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers What will concerts look like after the pandemic? Upcoming show, experts give us ideas Uh Oh, We’re Inching Towards the ‘Demolition Man’ Future Demolition Man 2 in the Works at Warner Bros. Fauci: 'In a perfect world' Americans would stop shaking hands The Writer of Demolition Man on the Predictive Power of His 1993 Movie 5 WTF Scenes You Forgot Were In Your Favorite Movies Sylvestor Stallone On Instagram: Questions and answers WATCH: Common - Heat (prod. by J Dilla) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 07, 2020
Electric Zeit Orchestra 5/6: IRS Stimulus Checks, Marsha Blackburn, Donald Trump, Greg Abbott
Today on the Electric Zeit Orchestra Jack and Miles discuss the IRS messing up sending out Stimulus Checks, Marsha Blackburn wants you to be able to sue China, Donald Trump is questioning the death toll numbers, and Greg Abbot is suddenly worried about the health of Texans when they start reopening. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 06, 2020
Trump-Free(ish) Wednesday: Giant Hornets, Hungry Skin 5.6.20
In episode 624, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by the author of OMG WTF Does the Constitution Actually Say? Ben Sheehan to discuss Elon Musk and Grimes new baby, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's break up, murder hornets coming to America, skin hunger, the top recipes people are searching for, Wendy's running low on beef, and more! FOOTNOTES: Elon Musk and Grimes welcome a baby boy Tom Cruise And Elon Musk Working On Action Movie To Be Shot In Space: Report Amanda Palmer’s Patreon Subscribers Found Out About Her Breakup Before Neil Gaiman Did Invasive giant hornets have been spotted in the US for the first time The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World 'Murder hornets' have arrived in the U.S.—here's what you should know Trump and His Infallible Advisers Skin hunger helps explain your desperate longing for human touch 6 Reasons America Is Starting To Pay For Cuddle Parties Chicken Recipes, Bread Recipes Among Most Popular Coronavirus Cooking Searches Across America Meat Shortages Leave Wendy’s Diners Asking, ‘Where’s the Beef?’ WATCH: Melody's Echo Chamber - Shirim Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 06, 2020
The PreTrenders 5/5: Kurt Loder, Uber x Lyft, Sudafed, Kawasaki Disease
On this edition of The PreTrenders Jack and Miles discuss Kurt Loder's 75th birthday today, a new law in the state of California forcing Uber and Lyft to recognize their workers as employees instead of Independent Contractors, a picture of the President's desk reveals a surplus of Sudafed, a group of 15 schoolchildren in NYC have shown symptoms of Kawasaki Disease potentially in response to COVID-19 issues. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 05, 2020
Jordan Was Quarantining In the 90s, Is THIS Our King? 5.5.20
In episode 623, Jack and Miles are joined by quar-bae Jamie Loftus to discuss Mike Pence admitting he should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic, Trumps new war on surgical masks, coronavirus data, The Last Dance recaps, a Florida man living in Disney World, and more! FOOTNOTES: Pence Admits He Should’ve Worn A Mask During Mayo Clinic Tour Trump World Turns on the True COVID Villain: Surgical Masks US coronavirus data is at odds with Trump’s push to get the economy back up and running 34 days of pandemic: Inside Trump’s desperate attempts to reopen America Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Administration Models Predict Near Doubling of Daily Death Toll by June She Predicted the Coronavirus. What Does She Foresee Next? ‘The Last Dance’ Episode 5 recap: Michael Jordan was Kobe Bryant’s ‘big brother’ ‘The Last Dance’ Episode 6 recap: Being Michael Jordan was ‘an impossible task’ Alabama man arrested for camping out in coronavirus-shuttered Disney World WATCH: Matt Martians Ft. Steve Lacy - Pony Fly Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 05, 2020
Zeits of the Old Republic 5/4: Cinco De Mayo, Kim Jong Un, Meteor Shower, Midnight Sun, Don Lemon,
On this edition of Zeits of the Old Republic Jack and Miles discuss ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in quarantine, Kim Jong Un has reappeared in public, there will be a Meteor Shower this evening, there's a new chapter in the Twilight saga, and Don Lemon is making headlines for saucing the President directly on TV. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 04, 2020
The Definitive Her Rewatch, Trained Crow Armies 5.4.20
In episode 622, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Sofiya Alexandra to discuss the film Her for the TDZ Movie Club. FOOTNOTES: Spike Jonze, Video Game Character Spike Jonze, Why Are There No Brown People in Your Future Los Angeles? How The Her Filmmakers Created A Utopian Los Angeles Of The Not-Too-Distant Future WATCH: Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color in "Her" 'Her,' In Translation Q: In “Her,” what’s the significance of the color red? WATCH: Rhi - Plain Jane Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 04, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 123 (Best of 4/27/20-5/1/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 131 (4/27/20-5/1/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 03, 2020
Gamecube NinTrendo 5/1: Ashlee Simpson, Erykah Badu v Jill Scott, Valorant, Tony Allen
On this edition of Gamecube NinTrendo Miles and DJ Danl discuss Ashlee Simpson expecting her first child, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott are facing off in the next VERZUZ Battle on IG Live, Valorant have activated their Ranked playlists, and legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen has passed away at 79. Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 01, 2020
Sex or Sourdough? Oprah Owes You An Apology 5.1.20
In episode 621, Jack and Miles are joined by There Are No Girls On The Internet podcast host Bridget Todd to discuss some coronavirus facts to take into consideration before we re-open, how cover-19 effects people of color, Trump not happy with his polling against Biden, condom sales down, which movie they will watch for TDZ movie club, covid documentaries, and more! FOOTNOTES: Oprah Winfrey Rolls Out A Wagon Of Fat 3 Coronavirus Facts Americans Must Know Before Returning To Work, School If COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate, Then Why Are Black People Dying at Higher Rates? Trump presented with grim internal polling showing him losing to Biden Condom sales down as lockdown limits sex lives, says Durex maker There Are Too Many Covid-19 Documentaries in the Works WATCH: Mia Doi Todd - My Room Is White (Flying Lotus Remix) Learn more about your ad-choices at
May 01, 2020
Poppin' Wheelies Bustin Trendos 4/30: Michigan, Mike Pence, Parks and Rec, J Crew
On this edition of Bustin Trendos Miles and DJ Danl discuss Mike Pence bringing in, the ultimate, Karen Pence to say "he didn't know" he needed a mask, terrorists storm the Capitol building in Michigan to protest and intimidate cops and law makers, Parks and Rec are doing a reunion episode tonight, and J Crew is looking like they're about to file for bankruptcy. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 30, 2020
MyPillow Autobiography, Pence Doesn’t NEED Protection 4.30.20
In episode 620, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss Mike Pence not wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic, Justin Amash wanting to run for president as a Libertarian, Trump forcing meat facilities to re-open, Steve Mnuchin claiming small business loans over two million will be audited, the MyPillow guys autobiography, and more! FOOTNOTES: Leaving Off Mask At Mayo Clinic, Pence Said He Wanted To Look Workers 'In The Eye' Rep. Justin Amash to seek Libertarian Party nomination for president Workers in States Quick to Reopen Would Lose Unemployment Benefits Even if They’re Too Fearful to Return Yet Small business loans above $2 million will get full audit to make sure they’re valid, Mnuchin says Lakers got money from loan program, returned it oh -- and i cannot stress this enough -- my god WATCH: Luiz Carlos Vinhas - Ye Mele Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 30, 2020
GoldTrend State Bridge 4/29: Remdesivir, Jared Kushner, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Warp Speed
On this edition of GoldTrend State Bridge Jack and Miles discuss the drug Remdesivir that has proven helpful in speeding up the healing from COVID-19, Jared Kushner said the response to COVID has been a great success, new images have been released for the next Assassin's Creed game Valhalla, and Operation: Warp Speed is the name they went with for the WH getting it together to assist in the fight against COVID. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 29, 2020
“Small” Businesses, Down With VOD 4.29.20
In episode 619, Jack and Miles are joined by Ethnically Ambiguous co-host Shereen Younes to discuss PPP going to the wrong companies, the Kentucky governor's latest faux pas, a round up of Trump flubs, Trolls World Tour killing it on video on demand, and more! FOOTNOTES: Multi-millionaire Trump donor is top recipient of funds intended for struggling small businesses Dallas Hotel Owner Is Biggest Beneficiary of Coronavirus Loan Program What’s Wrong With America? Kentucky governor apologizes after accusing resident named Tupac Shakur of unemployment prank Trump to Order U.S. Meat Plants to Stay Open Amid Pandemic Trump Claims His ‘Talent’ Or ‘Luck’ Saved Lives As COVID-19 Death Toll Approaches 60K Three weeks of Trump coronavirus briefings under a microscope: 2 hours spent on attacks, 45 minutes on self-congratulation — and 4½ minutes of condolences for victims President's intelligence briefing book repeatedly cited virus threat ‘Trolls World Tour’: Universal PVOD Experiment Racks Up Near Estimated $100M To Date WATCH: Childish Gambino - Time (Audio) ft. Ariana Grande Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 29, 2020
Harry and the Trendersons 4/28: Mayo Clinic, Kate Hudson, Diamond and Silk, UFO
On this edition of Harry and the Trendersons Jack and Miles discuss Mike Pence touring the Mayo Clinic with no mask out of defiance, Jimmy Fallon keeps the bit going of telling people he had a crush on - this time it was Kate Hudson, Diamond and Silk have been kicked off Fox, the US Navy released the videos this podcast has been watching for YEARS. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 28, 2020
Poisonings Up? Dennis Rodman NOT Interesting? 4.28.20
In episode 618, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and rapper Open Mike Eagle to discuss the new symptoms added for coronavirus, the White House cutting back on Trump briefings, if Trump is behind the spike of calls to poison control centers, long-term isolation being tough on boomers, how cell phone data shows people quarantining less, people craving plastic surgery, The Last Dance recap, and more! FOOTNOTES: Symptoms of Coronavirus 13 hours of Trump: The president fills briefings with attacks and boasts, but little empathy When Trump says he was being ‘sarcastic,’ it’s just part of his gaslighting Governors say Trump’s disinfectant comments prompted hundreds of poison center calls NYC Poison Control Sees Uptick In Calls After Trump's Disinfectant Comments Illinois coronavirus death toll at 1,874, as poison calls about injecting and ingesting bleach spike Calls to poison control centers spike after Trump disinfectant comments COVID-19: Exposures to potentially harmful cleaning products on the rise, especially among children Long-Term Isolation Is Really Not OK for Boomers COVID-19 Impact Analysis Platform Cellphone data shows more people are venturing outside as 'quarantine fatigue' sets in The Great Deflation: Plastic Surgeons On What's Happening to Famous Faces 'Last Dance' shows old wounds haven't healed in Pistons vs. Bulls rivalry Open Mike Eagle's Patreon WATCH: Shigeto - Ringleader Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 28, 2020
Radioheads 'The Trends' 4/27: Famotidine, Memorial Day 2020, Kristin Cavallari, Dennis Rodman
On this edition of Radiohead's 'The Trends' Jack and Miles discuss the active ingredient in Pepcid being the next supposed miracle cure for COVID, Pence says we'll be past the worst of it by Memorial Day weekend, Kirstin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have decided to split after 10 years of marriage, and Bill Simmons has come under fire for suggesting that Dennis Rodman is not interesting. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 27, 2020
The Definitive Men In Black Rewatch, Respect Amphibians 4.27.20
In episode 617, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian and Lady To Lady co-host Brandie Posey to discuss who Richard A. Epstein is and his take on 'coronavirus overreaction,' Men In Black, and more! FOOTNOTES: Michigan Couple Hold Wedding with Cardboard Cutout Guests amid Coronavirus Inside the Rainbow Gulag: The Technicolor Rise and Fall of Lisa Frank Adam White and I disagree, and how. Will the curve bend back and when. Sooner than later say I, and the some movement to roll back the blockade is necessary. Firm and individual responses will work better. Coronavirus Overreaction Is ‘Men In Black’ Our Best Progressive Immigration Movie? WATCH: Rosalia - Que no salga la luna Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 27, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 122 (Best of 4/20/20-4/24/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 130 (4/20/20-4/24/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 26, 2020
Just Around the River Trend 4/24: Injection, Breitbart, Messenger Rooms, Social Distancing
On this edition of Just Around the River Trend Jack and Miles discuss the President suggesting we all inject ourselves with disinfectant, Breitbart is trying to defend that one, Zoom has competition, and people are already forgetting to distance socially! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 25, 2020
Olive Garden Prom, Steak-Umm Literary Theory 4.24.20
In episode 616, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Karl Hess to discuss what Joe Biden is up to, how the billionaires are just getting richer, sacrificing the weak, protesting being safe and healthy, a former Labradoodle breeder joining the U.S. pandemic task force, Steak-umm's Twitter account, and more! FOOTNOTES: Biden campaign says it has refunded donation from Louis C.K. American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes, and Pandemic Profiteers ‘Sacrifice the weak’ and ‘Give me liberty’: Signs at coronavirus protests across US Dozens rally at TN capitol, call for Gov. Lee to re-open state immediately The Quiet Hand of Conservative Groups in the Anti-Lockdown Protests Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder was tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force The Trumpian Truth Trap Americans Trust Governors Most Among Economic Players Olive Garden is sending kids to virtual prom Easter Advertising Evolves; Steak-Umm Shines as a Beacon of Truth: Friday’s First Things First friendly reminder in times of uncertainty and misinformation: anecdotes are not data. (good) data is carefully measured and collected information based on a range of subject-dependent factors, including, but not limited to, controlled variables, meta-analysis, and randomization Steak-umm Exploits Millennial Angst to Sell Frozen Cheesesteak Filling Meet the minds behind the bizarre, truth-bombing Steak-umm Twitter account Brand Twitter Is Absurd, and It Will Only Get Worse A Juicy History of Steak-Umm WATCH: Ned Doheny - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 24, 2020
The Geist is Right 4/23: ICP, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Wood, NFL Draft
On this edition of The Geist is Right Jack and Miles discuss the Insane Clown Posse have cancelled this year's Gathering, Elizabeth Warren has lost her oldest brother to COVID-19, Elijah Wood showed up to a random stranger's island in Animal Crossing to sell turnips, and the NFL Draft is happening and how much Jack and Miles care is very little! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 23, 2020
Make Netflix Free?, Dr. Oz NOT Smart? 4.23.20
In episode 615, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Guy Montgomery from New Zealand to discuss all the misinformation being spread about coronavirus, the 'miracle' drug Hydroxychloroquine, seniors getting grumpy with Trump, Netflix subscriptions going up due to the pandemic, and more! FOOTNOTES: Chinese Agents Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say U.S. Adversaries Are Accelerating, Coordinating Coronavirus Disinformation, Report Says Why Bill Gates is the focus of the latest coronavirus conspiracy theories Trump and Fox News Are Suddenly Silent on Their “Miracle” Drug Hydroxychloroquine On Fox & Friends, Dr. Oz suggests that hydroxychloroquine isn't more widely embraced because people hate Trump: "If it had never been brought up at a White House briefing, this medication, would people still feel the same way about it?" Dr. Oz, on Fox & Friends, says the VA study on hydroxychloroquine shows that "we don't know" if it works and "we are better off waiting for the randomized trials Dr. Fauci has been asking for." 'It's Fine If You Die' Miiiight Not Be Best Trump Campaign Slogan Netflix Adds 15 Million Subscribers Amid Coronavirus, ‘Tiger King’ Boom; Warns of Downturn in Future Free Netflix: Petition asks streamers to stop charging due to coronavirus WATCH: Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 23, 2020
Trend Asunder 4/22: Earth Day, Honey Boo Boo, Las Vegas, Kim Jong Un
On this edition of Trend Asunder Jack and Miles discuss Earth Day and how others are celebrating indoors, Honey Boo Boo may have been pregnant at 14 but it was fake, Las Vegas is potentially opening prematurely - offered up by the Mayor as a control group for spread, Kim Jong Un has gone into surgery and potentially succeeded by his sister, Kim Yo Jong. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 22, 2020
Immigration Explanation, COVID Commercials 4.22.20
In episode 614, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Shannon Coffey to discuss Trump blaming immigrants for coronavirus, the Smithfield pork plant outbreak, the problem with grocery stores, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas wanting to re-open the state, continued racism and problems at Lululemon, coronavirus era advertisements, a dangerous knife sculpture, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump vows to ‘suspend immigration’ to US because of virus Smithfield Foods Is Blaming “Living Circumstances In Certain Cultures” For One Of America’s Largest COVID-19 Clusters Coronavirus at Smithfield pork plant: The untold story of America's biggest outbreak Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside because of Covid-19 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doubles down on argument that people should be put at risk for death in exchange for a strong economy amid COVID-19: "There are more important things than living." LULULEMON APOLOGIZES AND FIRES EMPLOYEE Over 'Bat Fried Rice' Shirt 8 Outrageous Remarks By Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Pre-coronavirus TV commercials make us cringe; new ads reflect a time of threat HERSHEY PULLS ADS WITH HUGS AND HANDSHAKES AMID CORONAVIRUS CONCERNS KFC ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ ad falls victim to coronavirus concern along with Coors’ ‘Beer of Working Remotely’ WATCH: Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same If every COVID-19 commercial feels the same, it’s because they totally are Knife sculptor doing aerobics falls on nearby knife sculpture WATCH: Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 22, 2020
The San Francisco Nightly Zeiters 4/21: Bill Clinton, Val Kilmer, Taco Tuesday, UCB
On this edition of the San Francisco Nightly Zeiters Jack and Miles discuss the latest meme of Bill Clinton holding album covers, Val Kilmer has a new book out, it's Tuesday - therefore Tacos, and UCB has announced it is closing its NYC operation. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 21, 2020
San Angeles 2032, Immunity Pass! 4.21.20
In episode 613, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by High & Mighty host and comedian Jon Gabrus to discuss open beaches in Florida, the future of America with coronavirus, The Last Dance doc-series, Demolition Man predicting our future, and more! FOOTNOTES: ‘Very, Very Scary’: Officials Dumbfounded as Florida Beaches Reopen, 3 Days After Death Spike The Coronavirus In America: The Year Ahead MJ played 4d chess Biggest Takeaways from Night 1 of Chicago Bulls Documentary 'The Last Dance' Demolition Man's Writer Wasn't Trying to Be Prescient, He Just Wanted to Make a Funny Movie WATCH: put me in coach WATCH: Christine and the Queens - I Disappear In Your Arms Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 21, 2020
Hold On to the Zeit 4/20: 420, Oil Prices, Shake Shack, Protest Lockdown
On this edition of Hold On to the Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the 4/20 holiday, Oil prices are plummeting, Shake Shack is returning the money they received from PPP, and people are protesting the lockdown across the country. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 20, 2020
The Definitive Goofy Movie Rewatch, Tiger King Overrated? 4.20.20
In episode 612, Jack, Miles, Jamie and Anna are joined by Yo Is This Racist's Andrew Ti for the inaugural TDZ Movie Club to discuss The Goofy Movie! FOOTNOTES: Mrs. Goof Gawrsh! Goofy’s entire family may be dead A Goofy Movie star reflects on film 25 years later: ‘Unlike any other project I’ve worked on’ DuckTales Quietly Confirms A Goofy Movie Is Canon I Interned for Pauly Shore (and It Really Sucked) Things You Didn't Know About 'A Goofy Movie' WATCH: Mariposa De Coalcomán - Y La Bamba  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 20, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 121 (Best of 4/13/20-4/17/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 129 (4/13/20-4/17/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 19, 2020
Definitely Don't Zeit It 4/17: Comic Con, Fiona Apple, Laura Ingraham, Reopen America
On this double edition of Zeit the Hand That Feeds (again) Jack and Anna discuss Comic Con cancelling, Fiona Apple released a new album today, Laura Ingraham had a collection of doctor's on her show to try and confirm her bias, and some parts of the country are prematurely opening back up. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 17, 2020
Quar vs Lockdown, 2 Many Girl Scout Cookies 4.17.20
In episode 611, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian and Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss right wing organizations threatening public safety, why we need to be in quarantine, an argument against lock downs, an airline conducting blood tests on passengers, Ford testing buzzing wristbands for their employees who are to close to each other, the issues with immunity passports, Girl Scouts cookies needing a bail out, and more! FOOTNOTES: Poll: Don’t stop social distancing if coronavirus will spread DeVos Group, Right-Wing Fringe Organization Threaten Public Health 'Operation Gridlock' rally caused delays during shift change at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing The public health case against coronavirus lockdowns The reason we should not have lockdowns is not because their economic costs are too large but because they are not actually very good at reducing the number of fatalities. Airline conducts COVID-19 blood tests on passengers Ford Tests Buzzing Wristbands to Keep Workers at Safe Distances ‘Grave concerns’ about Covid-19 immunity passports GIRL SCOUTS PARENTS FRET OVER UNSOLD COOKIE TAB Org Vows To Bail 'Em Out WATCH: Against All Logic - If Loving You Is Wrong Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 17, 2020
Don't Zeit the Hand That Feeds 4/16: Brian Dennehy, Britney and Justin, Angelyne, 2-3%,
On this edition of Don't Zeit the Hand That Feeds Jack and Miles discuss the passing of Brian Dennehy, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake broke up 18 years ago today, Emmy Rossum is playing Angelyne in a bio-series on Peacock, and Doctor OZ has been rightfully lambasted for suggesting kids can go back to school even if "it costs us 2-3%" of children's lives. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 16, 2020
Disney’s Weird Censorship, Rats Inherit New York 4.16.20
In episode 610, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian, Get Rich Nick, and Deckheads podcast host Nick Turner to discuss an ER doctors experience in New York, Kellyanne Conway's lack of facts, Democrats trying to push a bill to give Americans 2k a month, LA coronavirus deaths going up FOOTNOTES: I’m an E.R. Doctor in New York. None of Us Will Ever Be the Same. Kellyanne Attacks WHO’s Command of ‘Facts and Figures’ With Nonsensical ‘COVID-1’ Dig Coronavirus Relief: Proposed Bill Would Give Americans $2,000 A Month During Pandemic L.A. County confirms 40 new coronavirus deaths, the highest toll in a single day Rat Expert Predicts Rat Turf Wars As Some Parts Of NYC Produce Less Trash 5 Reasons Rats Are Way Scarier Than You Think Disney Plus racks up 50m subscribers in five months Disney Plus’ butt cover-up hides a much bigger problem On Disney+, Not All Butts Are Created Equal Disney+ users baffled by Lilo and Stitch alteration: ‘It’s annoying how they’ve changed scenes’ Filtering Your World Is Understandable—But It's Not Helpful WATCH: Cougar - Rhinelander Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 16, 2020
Zeity Ducks 4/15: Drew Barrymore, Open It Back Up, OBJ, Stimulus Check (PNC)
On this edition of the Zeity Ducks Jack and Miles discuss Drew Barrymore talking about being a parent and business owner in the COVID age, people are out in the streets protesting to get the country back open, Odell Beckham Jr may be traded to the Vikings, and some Stimulus Checks are en route and some are held back by a missing signature. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 15, 2020
Federal Pirates, Carole Baskin = Hillary? 4.15.20
In episode 609, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blair Socci to discuss Florida governor declaring wrestling an essential service, the Feds continuing to steal from states, Trump's PR stunt falling short, Michigan governor shutting it down, interesting takes on Tiger King, Disney trying to make us horny for Robin Hood, and more! FOOTNOTES: Florida Governor Expands Pandemic Essential Services to Include Professional Wrestling How a stockpile of 39 million masks was exposed as fake Trump administration has many task forces — but still no plan for beating covid-19 Trump PR Stunt Falls Flat, as White House Video Exposes His Failure to Prepare for Pandemic For Some on the Right, No Rumor Is Too Outlandish About Michigan Gov. Gretcher Whitmer Interesting take on the Tiger King 'Robin Hood' Remake in the Works at Disney+ With 'Blindspotting' Director (Exclusive) Disney Announces Live-Action Robin Hood, Ignoring the Lessons of Cats Disney+ announces live-action Robin Hood reboot that's definitely gonna give kids some thoughts  Will We Still Be Horny for Robin Hood in Disney’s Upcoming Remake? HOW FURRIES BECAME A FANDOM Proof Disney Is Actually Marketing "Zootopia" To Furries WATCH: Aesop Rock - Drums On The Wheel Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 15, 2020
Trend Lease Act 4/14: Obama, Tornados, The Kardashians, FAANG,
On this edition of the Trend Lease Act Jack and Miles discuss Obama endorsing Joe Biden, Tornados ripped thru the South on Easter Sunday, The Kardashians are trending because the most recent fight between Kim and Kourtney inspired an incredible piece of quarantine content, and Netflix is now included in the acronym family, formerly GAFA, now FAANG. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 14, 2020
Fire Fauci? No Sports Until 2021? 4.14.20
In episode 608, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh to discuss Dr. Fauci's future with the Trump administration, Trump coming up with his own D-team task force, vote-by-mail, the new Tiger King episode, Joe Exotic's music blowing up in Europe, how experts think we will be able to restart America, how the movie Jaws parallels our pandemic, and more! FOOTNOTES: MELTING GLACIERS AND THAWING PERMAFROST COULD RELEASE ANCIENT VIRUSES LOCKED AWAY FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS See how coronavirus restrictions and rain have improved air quality April showers break records in L.A. County, with more rain and snow on the way Our Growing Food Demands Will Lead to More Corona-like Viruses Climate change and human health - risks and responses. What Dr. Fauci has coming 'I will decide when to re-open the country - soon': Donald Trump announces 'task-force' to make crucial call that includes Ivanka, Jared, White House aides AND Governors Cuomo and Whitmer New salvo in expanding political fight over vote-by-mail as Wisconsin results come in TEXAS TO EASE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER TO 'RESTORE LIVELIHOODS,' GOVERNOR SAYS Joel McHale’s ‘Tiger King’ Aftershow Mauled by Viewers: “One of the Cheapest Pieces of Television I’ve Seen” JOE EXOTIC SPOTIFY MUSIC ON THE RISE ... Especially in Denmark!!! Restarting America Means People Will Die. So When Do We Do It The Pandemic Movie of Our Time Isn’t Contagion. It’s Jaws. How coronavirus advice from Boris Johnson has changed Boris Johnson's hero is the mayor who kept the beaches open in Jaws. That's fine by me We Are Watching the Probable Demise of Trump’s Reelection in Real Time Column: ‘You knew and now my boy is dead.’ Trump is as craven as the mayor in ‘Jaws’ Florida judge strikes down lawsuit concerning safety at the beaches during COVID-19 WATCH: Roberta Flack - Gone Away Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 14, 2020
Trend in the Clowns 4/13: Bernie Sanders, Tara Reade, George Stephanopoulos, Prayers for KAT
On this edition of Trend in the Clowns Jack and Miles discuss Bernie endorsing Biden, the Biden allegations continue to go without much further investigation, George Stephanopoulos has tested positive for COVID-19 though he is asymptomatic, and NBA Star Karl Anthony Townes mother has passed due to complications from COVID-19. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 13, 2020
What A “Tragedy”, TV Doctors Betray Us 4.13.20
In episode 607, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Francesca Fiorentini to discuss how the Trump administration was briefed about coronavirus way before they will admit to, how TV doctors need to chill out, new horny Netflix shows, Oscar predictions, quarantine activities, and more! FOOTNOTES: Golf, handshakes and a Mar-a-Lago conga line: Squandered week highlights Trump’s lack of COVID-19 focus White House was briefed by medical intelligence specialists about the spreading contagion in China as early as NOVEMBER - and warning about carnage in Wuhan was in Donald Trump's daily briefing in early January US Surgeon General says some parts of the country may be able to reopen on May 1 - but the majority will have to remain on strict lockdown in order to defeat coronavirus TRUMP TODAY: “We're doing a great job, as good a job as you can possibly do." Dr. Phil is not a medical doctor. But he is now a paid spokesperson for a diabetes drug. Dr. Drew Apologizes for Widely Shared Claim That Coronavirus Was ‘Press-Induced Panic’ The Unholy Alliance of Trump and Dr. Oz Trump Eyes Accused ‘Quack’ Dr. Oz for Coronavirus Advice Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Will Fill the Love Is Blind–Size Hole in Your Life Who Will Win the Oscars Next Year If No More Movies Come Out This Year? WATCH: Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band — Wede Harer Guzo Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 13, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 120 (Best of 4/6/20-4/10/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 128 (4/6/20-4/10/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 12, 2020
867-530Zeit 4/10: RIP XFL, Apple and Google, Rudy Gobert, Save the Post Office
On this edition of 867-530Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the XFL suspending operations entirely, Apple and Google are working on a surveillance tool together, Rudy Gobert's antics are not sitting well with his teammates, and #SavethePostOffice is trending because they received no part of the $2T Stimulus Package and are especially hurting during this time. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 10, 2020
nOrMaL, Shrkrelief 4.10.20
In episode 606, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and writer Michael Swaim to discuss when things will go back to normal and what the new normal will be, Martin Shkreli wanting to be let out of jail to find a cure for coronavirus, a murder plot involving an ex-NFL player, Vulture movie club, quarantine activities, and more! FOOTNOTES: Wuhan Gradually Returns To Everyday Life. But It’s Not The Same As Before. Martin Shkreli Wants Out Of Prison To Save Us All From The Coronavirus Ex-NFL star Chris Johnson accused in murder-for-hire shootings It’s Only Fitting That We All Watch Parasite This Friday WATCH: Mos Def 'If You Can Huh! You Can Hear' [1997] Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 10, 2020
Trender Bender 4/9: 799, Robert E Lee, Kaepernick, Sbarro and Auntie Anne's,
On this episode of Trender Bender Jack and Miles discuss how 799 New Yorkers passed today alone, today is Confederate Surrender day, Colin Kaepernick is trending because of a fake announcement he was going to the Jets, and a challenge was thrown to the internet about which mall staple you would pick. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 09, 2020
Go To Joe 30330, Luke Wilson? 4.9.20
In episode 605, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Guy Montgomery to discuss Bernie Sanders dropping out of presidential campaign, coronavirus updates, Trump removing the independent watchdog for coronavirus funds, Jared Kushner wanting to create a national surveillance state for healthcare, Luke Wilson, and more! FOOTNOTES: Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Race for President Coronavirus Live Updates: Record Number of New York Deaths; W.H.O. Warns Against Politics Trump removes independent watchdog for coronavirus funds, upending oversight panel Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system Tested positive for coronavirus? Health workers may share your address with police We'll Never Stop Fighting For America's Small Business Owners! Luke Wilson WATCH: Puma Blue - (She's) Just A Phase [official video] Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 09, 2020
Let's Go Fly a Zeit 4/8: Linda Tripp, Bernie Sanders, Rex Manning Day, Subway Grocer
On this episode of Let's Go Fly a Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the passing of Linda Tripp from Pancreatic Cancer, Bernie Sanders has suspended his 2020 Presidential Campaign, today is Rex Manning Day from 'Empire Records', Subways are offering essential food items like bread and meats to help out their communities, Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 09, 2020
Lethal Primary, QUIBI IS HERE 4.8.20
In episode 604, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Teresa Lee to discuss Forbes doxing a bunch of billionaires, the butthole cut of Cats, the Wisconsin elections, Trump's new campaign spokeswoman, who is to blame for the coronavirus blunder in the US, Quibi, Dr. Fauci merch, and more! FOOTNOTES: World’s Billionaire List: The Richest in 2020 At Last, the True Story of the ‘Cats’ “Butthole Cut” Can Be Told – And It’s More Horrible Than We Imagined Editing the Buttholes Out of ‘Cats’ Was a Total Nightmare for VFX Crew Wisconsin Election: Voters Find Long Lines and Closed Polling Sites Trump Has a New Press Secretary: Kayleigh McEnany, a Campaign Spokeswoman Alarm, Denial, Blame: The Pro-Trump Media’s Coronavirus Distortion Trade Adviser Warned White House in January of Risks of a Pandemic Will Arnett's Quibi show 'Memory Hole' was accused of plagiarizing a 2014 YouTube channel of the same name Quibi only had 300,000 live downloads on its first day Fauci socks, Fauci doughnuts, Fauci fan art: The coronavirus expert attracts a cult following Museum to sell Fauci bobbleheads Petition to name Dr. Anthony Fauci ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ gains momentum Beat the Bomb virtual video game created to raise money for NYC Health + Hospitals WATCH: Matt Large - Dusty Conscience Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 08, 2020
Zeit at the Museum 4/7: Exclusion Zone, Carnival, National Beer Day, Take Out Tuesday, Alec Baldwin
On this edition of Zeit at the Museum Jack and Miles discuss a fire in the Exclusion Zone at Chernobyl causing a huge radiation spike, Carnival cruises losing business but has found a new investor, it’s National Beer Day - so have one, TakeOut Tuesday is a new holiday to support smaller industries and restaurants, and Alec Baldwin is expecting his fifth child with his current wife.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 07, 2020
The Tabasco Agreement, 5Geez... 4.7.20
In episode 603, Jack and Miles are joined by Night Call podcast's Emily Yoshida to discuss a White House trade advisor making claims about coronavirus, the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory, a possible new Tiger King episode, how coronavirus is hitting teens especially hard, and more ! FOOTNOTES: WH Trade Adviser Claims He’s Qualified To Speak On COVID-19 Treatment Because He’s A ‘Social Scientist’ Top WH trade adviser feuded with others on whether hydroxychloroquine can treat coronavirus, sources say. A Conspiracy Theory That 5G Is Causing The Coronavirus Is Spreading Alongside The Pandemic Woody Harrelson among stars sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories tied to 5G Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims Coronavirus: Scientists brand 5G claims 'complete rubbish' New ‘Tiger King’ Episode Coming to Netflix, Says Jeff Lowe The Reality of Covid-19 Is Hitting Teens Especially Hard WATCH: The Frightnrs "Till Then" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 07, 2020
Arizone Geist Tea 4/6: Zoom, Boris Johnson, Mrs Kintner, Karen
On this edition of Arizona Geist Tea Jack and Miles discuss Zoom's stock dropping due to security issues being revealed, Boris Johnson has been moved to the ICU, the actress Lee Fiero who played Mrs. Kintner in Jaws has passed from COVID-19 complications, and the word Karen is trending because certain people continue to look for things to be offended by. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 07, 2020
Jordan Superpowers, Oprah Is a Forgiving God 4.6.20
In episode 602, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Worst Year Ever's Katy Stoll to discuss Oprah letting Stedman back into the house, Jane Fonda on TikTok, Jared Kushner continuing to be a useless idiot, super humans like Michael Jordan, quarantine activities, and more! FOOTNOTES: Oprah Let Stedman Come Back to the Mansion Jane Fonda, 82, resurrects her iconic workout videos on TikTok WATCH: Jane Fonda's Workout for Beginners, 1982 Trump makes sure to take a question from OAN staffer Chanel Rion even though she was banished from the White House Correspondents' Association for attending briefings she wasn't supposed to be at Jared Kushner Ripped For Saying ‘Our Stockpile’ Isn’t Meant For States To Use Behind the scenes, Kushner takes charge of coronavirus response JARED KUSHNER: "The notion of the federal stockpile was it's supposed to be our stockpile. It's not supposed to be states stockpiles that they then use." Carrier Roosevelt CO Relieved Over ‘Extremely Poor Judgment’ in Creating ‘Firestorm’ Over COVID-19 Outbreak WATCH: Studio Rio - Bill Withers - Lovely Day Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 06, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 119 (Best of 3/30/20-4/3/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 127 (3/30/20-4/3/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 05, 2020
Introducing: Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald. An iHeartRadio Original.
Introducing Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald! You loved Scrubs, and now it's time to listen along as the cast rewatches every episode and gives you all the behind the scenes info you could ever want! Listen and subscribe today! You know what's long, tedious and boring? Surgery. You know what isn't? This new podcast! Join Scrubs co-stars and real-life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a weekly comedy podcast where they relive the hit TV show, one episode at a time. Each week, these BFFs will discuss an episode of Scrubs, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and reminiscing on some of their favorite memories from filming. They’ll also connect with Scrubs super fans and feature beloved show cast members for exclusive interviews.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 04, 2020
Don't I Got Zeits? 4/3: PPP, Bill Withers, HBO, Frank Ocean
On this edition of Don't I Got Zeits Jack and Miles discuss the Paycheck Protection Program and how it may help you, the legendary Bill Withers has passed away, HBO is making 9 of their shows free, and Frank Ocean just released two tracks! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 03, 2020
Brad Pitt IS ... Joe Exotic? Americans Stay Snitching 4.3.20
In episode 601, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Pallavi Gunalan to discuss updates on the coronavirus spread, how snitching has gone up, all Los Angeles residents being ordered to wear a mask, alcohol making a come back, Joe Exotic speaking out about his own casting, the Paycheck Protection Plan, and more! FOOTNOTES: Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count America is the first country in the world with more than 1,000 coronavirus deaths in a day as fears grow that Detroit will be next epicenter after Michigan deaths double in three days Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns Los Angeles mayor says all residents should wear masks It’s Time to Make Your Own Face Mask Millennials Killed Alcohol But the Pandemic Brought It Back Joe Exotic wants Brad Pitt or ‘Joe Dirt’ to play him in ‘Tiger King’ biopic Tiger King director says Joe Exotic is ‘categorically’ a racist WATCH: Spade Chats With Kelci Saffery from Netflix’s “Tiger King” - Lights Out Lo-Fi Chats (Mar 27, 2020) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) WATCH: barnes blvd. - now, i see Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 03, 2020
Don't Tell Me No Zeits 4/2: Toilet Paper, Quavo, Jared Kushner, Animal Crossing
On this edition of Don't Tell Me No Zeits Jack and Jamie discuss the Medium article about hoarding toilet paper, it's Quavo's birthday, Jared Kushner joined the National Address on COVID-19 to do show and tell, and Animal Crossing is trending more than "sex" on Google. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 03, 2020
Dirty Sinks, Cigarettes To The Rescue! 4.2.20
In episode 600, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by Night Call podcast's Molly Lambert to discuss Pinterest questions, how pandemics shape human history, who is being left behind in this pandemic, Big Tobacco trying to save our lungs, Netflix numbers being released, Wayne Brady's quarantine situation, fun quarantine activities, and more! FOOTNOTES: “I’m gonna make you my favorite Cosmopolitan and you probably have all the ingredients right in your house. So you need a big pitcher ‘cause I like to make a lot of Cosmos. You never know who’s gonna stop by. Wait a minute... no one’s stopping by.” - Ina Garten, 9:30AM PINTEREST Quarantine Questions ... HOW DO I CLEAN MY BATHROOM SINK?!? Pandemics and the Shape of Human History Left Behind Celebrity Culture Is Burning British American Tobacco working on plant-based coronavirus vaccine Could tobacco cure coronavirus? Don’t laugh. Big Tobacco Is Donating Ventilators for Coronavirus. Seriously. Smoking or Vaping May Increase the Risk of a Severe Coronavirus Infection People Are Watching An Incredible Amount Of ‘The Office’ On Netflix While Self-Isolating One Celebrity Is Bravely Quarantined With His Ex & Her New Boyfriend WATCH: The Budos Band "Up From The South" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 02, 2020
Florence Zeitingale 4/1: Florida, Zantac, Zoom, Tekashi69
On this edition of Florence Zeitingale Jack and Miles discuss Florida finally enacting a Stay at Home order, the FDA has ordered that Zantac be pulled from shelves, the rise of Zoom has lead to a rise in scrutiny of some of Zoom's actual policies and practices, and Tekashi69 wants to get out of prison early. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 01, 2020
CUOMO’S NIPPLES, Quar Induced Divorce? 4.1.20
In episode 599, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to discuss the Cuomo brothers, Caroline Calloway's long-waited response, divorce rates spiking, weather forecasts, the Mafia in Italy raising hell during the lockdown, Tiger King leading to the re-opening of the Don Lewis disappearance case, and more! FOOTNOTES: CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Diagnosed With Coronavirus Pierced or Not? The Mystery Over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Nipples Caroline Calloway's Long-Awaited 'Natalie Response' Essay Is Here China’s Divorce Spike Is a Warning to Rest of Locked-Down World Drop in aircraft observations could have impact on weather forecasts The Mafia’s Using the Italy Lockdown to Raise Hell and Recruit Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Sparks Flurry Of Tips In Florida Cold Case WATCH: Wild Nothing - Foyer Learn more about your ad-choices at
Apr 01, 2020
Zeity Morphing Power Rangers 3/31: Nickelodeon, Lindsay Lohan, Bacon, Taco Bell
On this edition of Zeity Morphing Power Rangers Jack and Miles discuss Nickelodeon showing the NFL, Lindsay Lohan is "back", people are NOT buying bacon, and Taco Bell is offering a free Doritos Locos Tacos today. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 31, 2020
Corona Poets, RIP Pants 3.31.20
In episode 598, Miles and Jamie are joined by comedian Matt Lieb to discuss celebrity coronavirus songs, how none of this is Trump's fault, needing to keep an eye on prisoners and the disabled, the pants industry failing, fashion companies creating protective gear for hospital workers, Canada taking their social services seriously, updates from Tiger King, and more! FOOTNOTES: Jon Bon Jovi Crowdsources Lyrics for New Song About Coronavirus Pandemic (Video) #DoWhatYouCan - These are uneasy times we’re dealing with, but we’re all in this together. I wrote the first verse and the chorus. Write me a verse. Let’s tell your story.... #DoWhatYouCan -JBJ 'Sing across rooftops': Bono writes coronavirus song dedicated to Italy Bono Enlists, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki for ‘Sing for Life’ Jeremy Renner Just Dropped a New EP, and He’s Hoping It’s The Medicine You Need Nothing That Happens Is the President's Fault. It's Hoarding Hospitals, or Ungrateful Governors, or Obama. People With Intellectual Disabilities May Be Denied Lifesaving Care Under These Plans as Coronavirus Spreads Vulnerable prisoners 'exploited' to make coronavirus masks and hand gel Texas turns to prison labor to help cover face mask shortages Activists Are Not Happy With New York’s Plan to Use Prison Labor to Make Hand Sanitizer Inmates are manufacturing hand sanitizer to help fight coronavirus. But will they be allowed to use it? Cuomo's Prison Workers Say They're Not Actually Making Hand Sanitizer As population works from home, Walmart reports increased sales for tops but not pants Business on top, pajamas underneath: Walmart is selling work shirts, but not so many pants FANATICS 1 MILLION MASKS, GOWNS FROM JERSEYS ... For Coronavirus Heroes Fashion industry answers the call for masks and personal protective equipment to fight Covid-19 Canada to Pay 75 Percent of Wages for Entertainment Producers Hit by Pandemic Yep, That's Doc Antle Wrangling a Tiger During Britney Spears's Iconic 2001 VMA Performance SHAQ FIRES BACK AT 'TIGER KING' CRITICS ... Joe Exotic Is NOT My Friend To anyone currently bingeing #tigerking on Netflix: I spent four years working on a podcast and a long magazine story about Joe and Carole. I spent a week living at the zoo. I’ve spoken with almost everyone you’re seeing in the doc, and I attended the trial. Ask me anything! WATCH: Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover) - Brad Mehldau Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 31, 2020
Zeitger King 3/30: Sophie Brussaux, John Krasinsky, 30 days, Instacart
On this edition of the Zeitger King Miles and Matt Lieb discuss Drake sharing pictures of his son, Adonis, and partner Sophie Brussaux, John Krasinsky made a video with Steve Carrell, the quarantine will last (at least) 30 more days, and Instacart workers are striking due to working conditions. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 30, 2020
Tiger King Thoughts, Testing IS Best Thing? 3.30.20
In episode 597, Jack, Miles, and Jamie are joined by new quar-bae and The Women's War host Robert Evans to discuss Stanford professors views on the coronavirus, the NYU Tisch dean sending out a video of herself dancing, Trump breaking up with Dr. Fauci, internet slowing down, the NextDoor app, Bob Dylan's new hot track, Tiger King, and more! FOOTNOTES: Adam White and I disagree, and how. Will the curve bend back and when. Sooner than later say I, and the some movement to roll back the blockade is necessary. Firm and individual responses will work better. Coronavirus Overreaction Two Stanford Professors of Medicine say COVID is no worse than the flu The next frontier in coronavirus testing: Identifying the full scope of the pandemic, not just individual infections NYU Tisch Students Demand Tuition Back, Dean Responds With Dance Video As Trump signals readiness to break with experts, his online base assails Fauci Surging Traffic Is Slowing Down Our Internet Suddenly Nextdoor is filled with kind neighbors. But also new kinds of shaming. Bob Dylan Releases 17-Minute Song About JFK Assassination WATCH: Everything in Its Right Place - Brad Mehldau Trio Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 30, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 118 (Best of 3/23/20-3/27/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 126 (3/23/20-3/27/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 29, 2020
Introducing The Women's War, a Brand New iHeartRadio Original Podcast
Hi #Zeitgang - today we wanted to give you a preview of the newest project from Robert Evans (host of Behind the Bastards and It Could Happen Here and co-host of Worst Year Ever). It's called The Women's War, and you can listen to episode 1 now over in that feed here. And don't forget to subscribe in the new feed so you never miss an episode! These are...not optimistic times for most Americans. Across the world, the dangers of climate change and the terror of creeping authoritarianism present an increasing danger to all of us. After covering this degeneration for four years, Robert Evans went looking for hope. He found it in the unlikeliest of places: Northeast Syria, in a region known as Rojava that’s become host to a feminist, anti-authoritarian revolution.  When you’ve heard about these folks in the mainstream media, they’re usually just described as the “Syrian Kurds”, and credited with beating ISIS. They did, in fact, beat ISIS. But their military successes were just part of the story. In The Women’s War, Robert will introduce listeners to dozens of men and women fighting a war for the future of the human soul.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 28, 2020
Zeittime Channel 3/27: Doris Burke, Krispy Kreme, Cruise Ship, Apple COVID
On this edition of the Zeittime Channel Jack and Miles discuss that Doris Burke has tested positive for COVID-19, Krispy Kreme is doing everything it can to support people on the front lines of treating patients, 4 people have died on a cruise ship from COVID-19 and many on board have flu symptoms, and Apple has launched an app for COVID screening. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 27, 2020
Chairman Cheesecake, Neglected Foods 3.27.20
In episode 596, Jack and Miles are joined by quar-bae Jamie Loftus to discuss how Cheesecake Factory is refusing to pay their rent, a sharp drop in jobs in America, Joe Biden's accuser speaking out, how coronavirus is affecting crime rates, a Gwyneth Paltrow approved doctor pushing coronavirus conspiracies, grocery store foods people don't care to hoard, and more! FOOTNOTES: The Cheesecake Factory Tells Landlords Across the Country It Won’t Be Able to Pay Rent on April 1 Working Age Population: Aged 15-64: All Persons for the United States U.S. Jobless Claims Skyrocket Amid Coronavirus Outbreak TRANSCRIPT of Joe Biden's accuser Tara Reade finally telling her full story. CW: Sexual Assault How will the coronavirus affect crime rates? It’s complicated, experts say Gwyneth Paltrow Models Contagion Chic and Good Farmers Market Behavior The Gwyneth Paltrow-Approved Doctor Pushing Wacky Coronavirus Conspiracies How We Can Learn to Tolerate Emotional Pain The five most ridiculous ideas from Goop's 'health' conference HIV DOESN'T CAUSE AIDS ACCORDING TO GWYNETH PALTROW GOOP 'TRUSTED EXPERT' DOCTOR KELLY BROGAN Desperate shoppers not desperate enough for odd foods on picked-over grocery shelves WATCH: Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight (LP) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 27, 2020
Daily Zeitgeist 2: Electric Trendaloo 3/26: Carol Baskin, Bison, Space Force, Kathy Griffin, New Orleans, Video Games
On this edition of Electric Trendaloo Jack and Miles discuss Carole Baskin being played by Kate Mckinnon in the upcoming biopic, a Yellowstone “reporter” almost gets trampled by a herd of Bison, Space Force is officially launching, Kathy Griffin went into the Hospital with COVID-19 symptoms and took to twitter to talk about it, New Orleans may have the greatest increase in cases post Mardi Gras celebrations, and Video Gamers are finding themselves not bored during this quarantine. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 26, 2020
$timulation, Good News? 3.26.20
In episode 595, Jack and Miles are back with Jamie Loftus to discuss famous people who have coronavirus, the #MeToo allegations against Joe Biden, social distancing possibly working, the coronavirus stimulus bill, the televangelists having solved coronavirus, a museum security guard running the social media, and more! FOOTNOTES: Prince Charles tests positive for novel coronavirus TIME’S UP SAID IT COULD NOT FUND A #METOO ALLEGATION AGAINST JOE BIDEN, CITING ITS NONPROFIT STATUS AND HIS PRESIDENTIAL RUN New York Gov. Cuomo says social distancing efforts are working to slow coronavirus What's in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Paula White Is Using the Coronavirus Crisis to Bankroll Her Church Trump’s Megachurch Allies Promise COVID-19 Snake Oil and ‘Miracles’ Missouri Sues Televangelist Jim Bakker For Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure Marriage equality is responsible for coronavirus according to Christian pastor Museum gives its security chief a new job and his attempts at 'social media management' have people LOLing WATCH: Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango (Original) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 26, 2020
She Was a Young Ameritrend 3/25: Disneyland, Karl-Anthony Towns, Waffle House, RINO
On this edition of All Zeit - She Was a Young Ameritrend Jack and Miles discuss Disneyland still saying they’ll open on April 1st, Karl Anthony Towns’ Mom is in a medically induced coma, Waffle House has closed an unprecedented number of stores, and Trump tweets nonsense about Mitt Romney. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 25, 2020
DIE FOR DIVIDENDS, Jeremy Renner: Victim 3.25.20
In episode 594, Jack and Miles are back with Jamie Loftus to discuss Greta Thunberg possibly having coronavirus, rent freezes, Trump trying to get America back to business regardless of the warnings, the clear class divide over the stock market, why Trump and Republicans keep referring to covid-19 with racist nicknames, a new Mountain Dew flavor, Jeremy Renner trying to lower his child support payments, fun activities to do while in quarantine, and more! FOOTNOTES: Greta Thunberg Says It’s ‘Extremely Likely’ That She Had Coronavirus How close is NYC to instituting a rent freeze? California landlord group calls on members to freeze rents and evictions I want it over by EASTER! Donald Trump says the U.S. doesn't shut down for deadly flu and defies doctors' advice that millions could die if he pushes ahead with getting America back to business - in just 19 days Texas Lt. Gov. Urges Old People To Sacrifice Themselves To Save Economy Amid Coronavirus Philadelphia 76ers star @JoelEmbiid has decided to pledge $500K to COVID-19 medical relief—to help survival and protection efforts in the community. AND he’s committed to helping Sixers employees who will suffer financial hardship in light of the franchise’s salary reductions. Devils, Sixers cut some staff salaries for three months Why Trump, The Radical Republicans And Fox News Are Calling It The ‘Chinese Virus’ Even a national crisis can’t stop Mountain Dew from innovating Jeremy Renner requests child support reduction due to coronavirus pandemic WATCH: Prefuse 73 - Pentagram Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 25, 2020
Zeity Zeity Bosstrends 3/24: Terrence McNally and David Edwards, $6T, Easter, Half Life: Alyx, Britney Spears
On this edition of the Zeity Zeity Boss Trends Jack and DJ Danl discuss the passing of Terrence McNally and David Edwards due to COVID-19 complications, the $6 Trillion injection to Wall Street, Trump trying to send everyone back to work on Easter, Half Life: Alyx is out, and Britney Spears wants to eat the rich. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 25, 2020
S o c i a l, Swift Justice 3.24.20
In episode 593, Jack and Miles are joined by frequent quarantine podcast guest Jamie Loftus to discuss Harvey Weinstein contracting coronavirus, people continuing to congregate regardless of warning, how Trump's original response ruined it for everyone, the Senate coronavirus bill, Tiger King on Netflix, a wonderful thread on Twitter about Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift and Kanye West's forever feud, Rita Wilson rapping, and more! FOOTNOTES: Harvey Weinstein Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus JOSHUA TREE PARK BESIEGED BY OUT-OF-TOWNERS ... Local Neighbors Pissed Trump amid COVID-19 pandemic: With great power comes great irresponsibility. Democrats again block key vote on $2 trillion coronavirus bill as Senate floor erupts with partisan anger The coronavirus outbreak is exposing the devastating gaps between the rich and poor at a moment when America is primed for class warfare Who is Carole Baskin, Big-Cat Sanctuary Founder at Center of Netflix Docuseries Tiger King? Right now we all need a little kindness. You know, like Ellen Degeneres always talks about! She’s also notoriously one of the meanest people alive. Respond to this with the most insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean & I’ll match every one w/ $2 to @LAFoodBank  Taylor Swift and Kanye West's 'Famous' Phone Call Video Leaks Online — Read the Transcript Rita Wilson rapping in quarantine is beyond impressive WATCH: Nomo - Nu Tones Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 24, 2020
The Night Time is the Zeit Time 3/23: The Olympics, National Puppy Day, Zoom, The Spanish Military, Surgeon General, Kenny Rogers, Anthony Fauci
On this edition of Night Time is the Zeit Time Jack and Miles discuss the Olympics being postponed, it's National Puppy Day, the Zoom plugin for Chrome and Firefox so you don’t have to actually download Zoom, the incredibly attractive men of the Spanish Military, the Surgeon General warning America that this coming week is going to get bad as more people get tested and start to show symptoms, we honor the passing of Kenny Rogers, and Trump is butting heads with his head on COVID-19, Anthony Fauci.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 23, 2020
Thirstiest Celebrity, Quarantine Escape Room 3.23.20
In episode 592, Jack and Miles are joined by quarantine bae Jamie Loftus to discuss internet speeds, insider trading by our senators, tax day, Aaron Paul wanting to play Kurt Cobain, Josh Gad crying, great online content to check out, and more! FOOTNOTES: COVID-19 impacts on Internet traffic: Seattle, Northern Italy and South Korea COVID-19 Update: Growth of video during work at home 2020 Mobile Internet Phenomena - Report Highlights Netflix, Other Streamers Urged to Degrade Video Quality to Conserve Internet Bandwidth Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Interest in Pirate Sites and Services Four senators sold stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness Weeks Before Virus Panic, Intelligence Chairman Privately Raised Alarm, Sold Stocks IRS extends tax deadline to July 15 from April 15 Aaron Paul Is Interested In Playing Kurt Cobain In A Nirvana Biopic Josh Gad Shares Video of Himself Crying to Let People Know It's OK to be Emotional Club Penguin Online Escape your boredom with this at-home escape room made with Google Docs I wrote a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about Corona virus. Collective Care Is Our Best Weapon against COVID-19 Los Angeles AA Online Meeting Directory WATCH: Zoot Woman- Chicago, Detroit, LA Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 23, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 117 (Best of 3/16/20-3/20/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 125 (3/16/20-3/20/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 22, 2020
Trend Don’t Break 3/20: Doctors, CashApp, Ahsoka Tano
On this edition of Trend Don’t Break Jack and Miles discuss new information that we’re about to feel the worst of it, CashApp is giving away money, and Rosario Dawson has been cast to play Ahsoka Tano in season 2 of The Mandalorian! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 20, 2020
Truckers Need Love, Celebs Need to Sit This One Out? 3.20.20
In episode 591, Jack and Miles are joined by quarantine co-host Jamie Loftus to discuss the youth ignoring warnings, how to get the coronavirus test if you're not a celebrity or NBA player, spring break in Florida, truckers, Netflix slowing down the internet, celebrities trying to entertain us, Hallmark movies, movies dropping on VOD, and more! FOOTNOTES: “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings.  Younger Adults Make Up Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S. FDA Urges Caution After Trump Says Malaria Drug Will Be Available to Coronavirus Patients ‘Almost Immediately’ Celebrities get virus tests, raising concerns of inequality Coronavirus Cases in N.Y.C. Near 4,000; Brooklyn Count Soars: Live Updates Coronavirus comes for spring break: Locals close Florida beaches after governor refuses to. Forced Quarantines Spark Confusion and Worries About Precedent Trucking hit by coronavirus concerns, CTA stresses drivers are ‘essential service’ Netflix asked to slow down streaming so the internet doesn't break Carriers suspend internet data caps during coronavirus Celebrities Sing ‘Imagine’ to Console the Little People Hallmark Channel to Start Airing Christmas Movies, Proving Time Means Nothing Now What the Coronavirus Means for Watching Movies Studio’s Movies in Theaters Will Be Offered for In-Home Rental DAILY ZEITGEIST DISCORD WATCH: Zoot Woman - Its Automatic Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 20, 2020
Dear Zeit People 3/19: Quarantine Life, Spring, Oak Park
On this edition of Dear Zeit People Jack and Miles discuss Quarantine Life and what people are doing, it's officially the first day of Spring, and a suburb in Chicago has made a Shelter in Place rule. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 19, 2020
Celebs In Quarantine, IKEA Pizza Table 3.19.20
In episode 590, Jack and Miles are joined by quarantine co-host Jamie Loftus to discuss the TDZ jobs reddit thread, Amazon hiring but not caring about coronavirus spread in warehouses, the Democratic primaries, racism in the time of Coronavirus, how the White House plans on helping, bored celebrities, Pizza Hut joining forces with IKEA, things to do while in quarantine, and more! FOOTNOTES: Miles was asking about everyone’s job situation Amazon’s warehouse workers sound alarms about coronavirus spread Amazon is hiring 100k new workers to meet demand Democratic primaries live updates: Sanders to assess his campaign in wake of three decisive wins by Biden on Tuesday Trump orders HUD to suspend evictions and foreclosures 'It's NOT racist!' Donald Trump lashes out as he is challenged on using 'Chinese virus,' saying Beijing did NOT give fair warning and doesn't condemn White House official who called it 'kung flu' How ugly could it get? Trump faces echoes of 1929 in coronavirus crisis. White House coronavirus plan aims to send $2,000 to many Americans, includes $300 billion for small businesses The Celebrities Are Bored Pizza Hut and IKEA collaborate on an awesome pizza that we’ll never get to eat Pizza Hut and IKEA are now making furniture together, too IKEA closes all U.S. stores, China back up except for Wuhan store Couple Have Dizzy Blindfolded Pillow Fight WATCH: EarthGang - Up | A COLORS SHOW Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 19, 2020
Trend, Oregon 3/18: PS5, Amanda Bynes, China Virus, Utah Earthquake, Defense Production Act
On this edition of Trend, Oregon Jack and Miles discuss Sony revealing some stats about the PS5, Amanda Bynes is pregnant, more people in charge are using racist language to describe COVID-19, there was a 5.7 earthquake in Utah, and the White House is getting medical equipment out there as fast as possible. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 18, 2020
Big Brother Blindness, RuPaul: Frack Queen 3.18.20
In episode 589, Jack and Miles are joined by Bechdel Cast's Jamie Loftus to discuss how the media is finally starting to take Covid-19 seriously, mental health, Wall Street Journal blaming young people for everything going on, the remaining primaries, Big Brother Germany, Jared Leto, RuPaul fracking, and more! FOOTNOTES: Civilization, Interrupted How to Care for Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Lockdown A Generational War Is Brewing Over Coronavirus Ohio voting postponed but other primaries today go on despite coronavirus risks Big Brother Contestants Have No Idea What the Hell Is Going on Out Here  Wow. 12 days ago I began a silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication etc. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility. Amid *Waves Hands* All This, RuPaul May Be Fracking WATCH: Sia - Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 18, 2020
Alt-Zeit 3/17: Tom Brady, Yang Was Right, Amazon, Netflix Party, Brooklyn Nets
On this edition of Alt-Zeit Jack and Miles are talking about Tom Brady leaving the Patriots and going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, YangWasRight trending as the idea of a cash stimulus package is being floated by the government, Amazon has 100,000 new job openings, use this awesome Chrome extension to watch Netflix with friends at the same time, and 4 Nets players have tested positive for COVID-19. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 17, 2020
R.E.M. Thriving, Tarantino Saves 3.17.20
In episode 588, Jack and Miles are joined by Bechdel Cast's Jamie Loftus to discuss the Fed throwing money in the wrong place, Trump trying to buy the coronavirus antidote, the man who bought seventeen thousand bottles of hand sanitizer, the origin of Draconian, REM blowing up in the charts, fun things to do to kill time, Fiona Apple's advice on how to quit cocaine, why we need to stay in with Arnold, and more! FOOTNOTES: Exclusive: Fed is ‘throwing money in the wrong place,’ says Sheila Bair, former top banking regulator Germany tries to stop US from luring away firm seeking coronavirus vaccine He Has 17,700 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer and Nowhere to Sell Them Man Who Hoarded 18,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer To Resell: I'm Not Sorry Draco (lawgiver) Cool, R.E.M.'s "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" is charting again Fiona Apple says she quit cocaine after "one excruciating night" at Quentin Tarantino's house with Paul Thomas Anderson: "Every addict should just get locked in a private movie theatre with Q.T. and P.T.A. on coke, and they’ll never want to do it again." Fiona Apple’s Art of Radical Sensitivity this gets better with every single second & i will never recover from it ...if I preface the video by saying it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in his kitchen wearing a Terminator t-shirt and giving coronavirus advice, while feeding a pony called Whisky & a donkey called Lulu.... it is somehow still better than you imagined WATCH: The Meters - Thinking Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 17, 2020
God Trended Me 3/16: New Jersey, Stock Market, Tom Brady, Penguins
On this very quarantined edition of God Trended Me Jack and Miles discuss New Jersey establishing a curfew, the Stock Market plummets as Trump reveals how long things may take to go back to normal, people are actually discussing where Tom Brady might be traded (or not traded), and some penguins are walking the grounds at the Chicago Aquarium.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 17, 2020
FB Group Saves WH,VHS Archive FTW 3.16.20
In episode 587, Jack and Miles are joined by The Daily Dive's Oscar Ramirez to discuss what health experts are saying about the coronavirus pandemic, how Jared Kushner is on the case, restaurants that are providing paid sick leave, Democrats trying to help, people buying up grave sites, what to watch while in quarantine, the film Contagion blowing up, and more! FOOTNOTES: White House coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says complete US shutdown is 'on the table' and warns the crisis could last TWO MONTHS Inside Jared Kushner’s coronavirus research: A wide net on a giant Facebook group A running list of restaurants and food-related businesses providing paid sick leave for employees McCarthy says Republicans won't support Democrats' coronavirus bill House Democrats’ virus bill: Free testing, paid sick leave HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY Customers Rush For Gravesites ... IF CORONA KILLS ME, BURY ME HERE!!! The Internet Archive’s VHS Vault will send you on a 90s nostalgia trip Coronavirus: List Of Canceled Or Postponed Hollywood & Media Events Global Film Industry Facing $5 Billion Loss Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Contagion shows the lengths people go to watch a movie they can’t stream ‘Contagion,’ Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 Thriller, Is Climbing Up the Charts WHY WATCHING CONTAGION MAY MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS A Scientific Adviser On “Contagion” Said People Should Have Taken The Film More Seriously For Me, Rewatching ‘Contagion’ Was Fun, Until It Wasn’t WATCH: BINKBEATS: Without You Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 16, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 116 (Best of 3/9/20-3/13/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 124 (3/9/20-3/13/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 15, 2020
Was a Good Trend of Mine 3/13: Friday the 13th, CEO, Coronapocalypse, Andrew Gillum
On this edition of Was a Good Trend of Mine Jack and Miles discuss Friday the 13th trending (because that is today), CEOs are on blast to see how they react to Coronavirus as well as why certain CEOs are rallying around Trump, people are sharing info re: Corona for health, safety, and mental comfort, and Andrew Gillum was found with drugs and someone who had OD’d (no fatalities).  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 13, 2020
Border’s Closed, Buffet’s Open 3.13.20
In episode 586, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Sara June to discuss coronavirus updates, who is backing Joe Biden, sport leagues suspending their seasons, Golden Corral Buffet staying open, and more! FOOTNOTES: Tom Hanks Got Sick in Australia, Where Coronavirus Testing Is a Snap Brazilian president's press secretary tests positive for coronavirus, days after meeting Trump Trump has 'no plans' for coronavirus test despite contact with infected Bolsonaro aide – live Trump claims (falsely) all Americans returning to country are being tested:"We have heavily tested. If an American coming back or anybody coming back, we have a tremendous testing set up where people coming in have to be tested ... if it shows positive ... We have to quarantine." McCarthy says Republicans won't support Democrats' coronavirus bill House Democrats’ virus bill: Free testing, paid sick leave JOE BIDEN’S CHIEF STRATEGIST LOBBIED TO UNDERMINE BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA’S SIGNATURE INITIATIVES Coronavirus live updates: NHL suspends season; MLB to halt spring training; NCAA conference tourneys canceled NBA suspends season until further notice after player tests positive for the coronavirus BUFFET RESTAURANT CHAINS NOT PUTTING A FORK IN IT FOR COVID-19 ... Chill, We'll Keep It Clean!!! Covid-19 Can't Stop People From Looking for Love (or Hookups) WATCH: Thool - Tepeu Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 13, 2020
But In The Trend 3/12: MLB, NCAA, DOW, Disneyland, Toilet Paper, Ilhan Omar
On this episode of But In The Trend Jack and Miles discuss the MLB getting cancelled, NCAA March Madness getting cancelled, the DOW had the biggest single drop since the 80’s, Disneyland IS closing (thankfully), toilet paper is just gone around the country, and Ilhan Omar got married!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 12, 2020
Biden Wave? Cruise Lines Lying? 3.12.20
In episode 585, Miles and special guest host Laci Mosley are joined by comedian Brooks Wheelan to discuss Harvey Weinstein's sentencing, the Biden wave, Trump's economic stimulus plan, Norwegian Cruise Lines being shady, Joel Osteen continuing his services regardless of the coronavirus scare, Disney's Avengers land coming soon, and more! FOOTNOTES: Harvey Weinstein’s Stunning Downfall: 23 Years in Prison As Biden wave continues on 'mini Tuesday,' here are 5 key points going forward Talks Begin on Stimulus Plan as Trump Plays Down Virus Threat Norwegian Cruise Lines Pushes Staff to Sell Trips by Lying About the Coronavirus JOEL OSTEEN HIS HOLY SHOW'S ROLLING ON ... Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Disney Sets Opening Date For Avengers Campus, Reveals More Details About California Adventure’s Marvel-Themed Attractions WATCH: ZGTO - Whippin’ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 12, 2020
It’s on Zeit 3/11: 3/11 Day, Hand Sanitizers, Harvard (again), E3
On this edition of It’s on Zeit Miles, Laci, and DJ Danl discuss 3/11 Day and all its associations, people are over-using or buying the wrong kind of hand sanitizer, the Harvard story was fake, and E3 is getting cancelled.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 11, 2020
Panic at the CostCo, RIP America’s Butts 3.11.20
In episode 587, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Veronica Kwiatkowski to discuss the Coachella reschedule, coronavirus updates, full surveillance app for kids, a new cleaning Quibi show, Taco Bell's new long shell, and more! FOOTNOTES: COACHELLA & STAGECOACH CORONAVIRUS PUTTING FESTIVALS ON HOLD ... Moving to Fall Dates Fox Host Trish Regan Goes on Batsh*t Rant Against ‘Coronavirus Impeachment Scam’ In what sounds like a subtweet of the President, Tucker Carlson says leaders should stop telling people everything will be fine and start telling the truth Only 6,563 Americans have been tested for the coronavirus so far Secret Service faces unique challenge of protecting Trump from coronavirus exposure You Might Be Buying a Hand Sanitizer That Won’t Work for Coronavirus Surveillance Firm Banjo Used a Secret Company and Fake Apps to Scrape Social Media Quibi To Launch Cleaning Competition ‘Squeaky Clean’ In Latest Commission From Endemol Shine Taco Bell to launch longest shell ever, Triplelupa WATCH: Wu Lu - Habesha Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 11, 2020
The Enemy of My Enemy is My Trend 3/10: Harvard, AR-14, DemExit, COD BattleRoyale
On this edition of the Enemy of My Enemy is My Trend Jack and Miles discussing Harvard kicking kids out of dorms with little notice, Biden argues with a factory worker about guns, people are threatening to leave the Democratic Party if Sanders loses, and Call of Duty has released a stand-alone Battly Royale mode.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 10, 2020
Wall Street Healthy? Froot Loops Healthy? 3.10.20
In episode 586, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian James Heaney to discuss coronavirus updates, the stock market, senators' self-quarantining themselves, top cereals ranked, how corporate companies are celebrating International Women's Day, festivals being canceled, and more! FOOTNOTES: Coronavirus updates live: World markets tumble and all of Italy goes on lockdown Stock market news live: Oil crashes, stocks crater on coronavirus, crude war fears Exclusive: The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar will self-quarantine after interacting with individual with coronavirus Italy’s Draconian Lockdown Shows Why Mass Quarantines Won’t Work in the West Your favorite childhood cereals, ranked by sugar Apple Gathers an Incredible Cast for Its International Women's Day Ad Apple’s credit card is being investigated for discriminating against women Things We Saw Today: Shell Gas Station Attempts to Celebrate International Women’s Day by Becoming “She’ll” After Being Harassed And Pushed Out Of A Shell Oil Refinery, This Woman Pushed Back International Women's Day risks becoming 'corporate Mother's Day', feminists say COACHELLA FATE UNCERTAIN AMID PUBLIC EMERGENCY ... 1st Coronavirus Case The Cost of Canceling SXSW Could Keep the Festival from Returning in 2021 WATCH: Dungen - Var Har Du Varit (Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 10, 2020
Zeit Remixed 3/9: LA Rams, Reggie, Max Von Sydow, Corona Virus: Ohio
On this edition of Zeit Remixed Jack, Miles, and DJ Danl discuss the new LA Rams logo, Reggie Fils Aime has reappeared in the space of video games by joining the board of Game Stop, lifelong actor Max Von Sydow has passed at the age of 90, and 3 cases of COVID-19 have popped up in Ohio. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 10, 2020
Peep Shoe, Who Run The World? Olds! 3.9.20
In episode 585, Jack and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Chris Crofton to discuss the Democratic primaries, why politicians are so old, Katy Perry's pregnancy, the Peeps x Crocs collab, and more! FOOTNOTES: Biden Praises Sanders, Snubs Clinton: "No One Questions Bernie's Authenticity" ‘Life After Bernie’: The Young Left Braces for Disappointment in 2020 Why Do Such Elderly People Run America? Katy Perry announces she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are expecting a child Peeps And Crocs Dropped A Collab And It's The Perfect Thing To Add To Your Easter Basket WATCH: I'm The Baby, Gotta Love Me (Music Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 09, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 115 (Best of 3/2/20-3/6/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 123 (3/2/20-3/6/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 08, 2020
The Price is Zeit 3/6: SXSW, 538, Rosie the Riveter, The Way Back, Draymond Green, Kim Kardashian
On this edition of the Price is Zeit Jack, Sophie, and DJ Danl discuss SXSW getting cancelled, a new 538 poll about nomination potential, Rosalind P. Walter - the inspiration for Rosie the Riveter - has passed at the age of 95, the new Ben Affleck movie is....good, Draymond Green is saying some rude things about Charles Barkley, and Kim Kardashian needs some questions answered.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 06, 2020
Girl Scout Cookie Rankings, Biden Jazz? 3.6.20
In episode 584, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blair Socci to discuss Love Is Blind, Chuck Schumer coming for the Supreme Court over abortion laws, Elizabeth Warren dropping out, Biden leading in the polls with his Biden jazz, Americans not trusting the government to take care of the coronavirus, a big upcoming box office opening for Mulan, the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffeemate creamer, Chrissy Teigan's Girl Scout cookie rankings, and more! FOOTNOTES: So, We're Probably Going To Lose Some Abortion Rights Soon Schumer Softens Comments Amid Republicans’ Sustained SCOTUS Outrage WATCH: Chuck Schumer says Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch Elizabeth Warren, Once a Front-Runner, Drops Out of Presidential Race Poll: Biden holds massive lead over Sanders in Florida ‘Biden can finish Bernie off in Michigan’ Politicians Are The Last People Americans Want Fighting Coronavirus Box Office: ‘Mulan’ Eyes Huge $85 Million-Plus Opening Weekend Would your coffee be tastier with a Cinnamon Toast Crunch spoon? Chrissy Teigen’s Girl Scout cookie rankings strike a chord with America WATCH: Herbie Hancock: Textures Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 06, 2020
Zeit Boy Rick 3/5: The Wire, Supreme Air Force 1, Art Van, The Last of Us
On this edition of Zeit Boy Rick Jack and Miles (and DJ Danl) discuss whether the Wire or Breaking Bad is better, Supreme is working with Nike on a new Air Force 1, Art Van is closing down, and a Last of Us show is in development.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 05, 2020
Joe No, Pizza What? 3.5.20
In episode 583, Jack and Miles are joined by activist and co-host of #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast Taz Ahmed to discuss the new IKEA and Pizza Hut collab, Super Tuesday, a global sick day, Twitter's new horrible idea, James Dolan waging a war on Spike Lee, Coronavirus helping the private jet business, how people are profiting off of coronavirus, and more! FOOTNOTES: Pizza Hut and IKEA collaborate on an awesome pizza that we’ll never get to eat Live Forecast: Who Will Win Super Tuesday? Stopping the coronavirus requires health care access and paid sick leave. America's in trouble. Twitter Is Testing Tweets That Vanish After 24 Hours The Donald Trump of the NBA Wages War on Spike Lee, His Team’s Biggest Fan One way the wealthy hope to avoid coronavirus? Private jets CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK CROWDS CLAMORING FOR PRIVATE JETS!!! ... Shelling Out $$$ For Virus-Free Skies Pray for coronavirus victims Comforter Coronavirus Merch Is Here, But Who's Buying It? ‘CoronaCoin’ cryptocurrency lets traders cash in on coronavirus outbreak There are already more than 65 songs with “coronavirus” in the title on Spotify Coronavirus Porn Is Going Viral on Pornhub Pretty Bitches: On Being Called Crazy, Angry, Bossy, Frumpy, Feisty, and All the Other Words That Are Used to Undermine Women WATCH: Air (Abstract Orchestra Remix) (feat. MF DOOM) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 05, 2020
Means to a Trend 3/4: Batmobile, Alex Trebek, Tulsi Gabbard, LA Corona Virus
On this episode of Means to a Trend Jack and Miles discuss the new Batmobile being teased, Alex Trebek gives us a 1-year update on his Cancer treatment, Republican news outlets are supposedly scheming against...Tulsi Gabbard, and the first death from Corona Virus has been reported in Los Angeles.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 04, 2020
BARKitecture, How To NOT Coronavirus 3.4.20
In episode 582, Jack and Miles are joined by MEGA podcast's Holly Laurent to discuss Quibi's upcoming slate, Super Tuesday and how Joe Biden is doing in polls, Chris Matthew's leaving Hardball, the spread of coronavirus, Taco Bell's 'veggie mode,' Ben Affleck's movie ideas, movies releasing in March, and more! FOOTNOTES: Short-form streaming app Quibi now available for pre-order Joe Biden takes aim at front-runner Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday Chris Matthews Out at MSNBC Top US doctor says coronavirus now an ‘outbreak,’ possibly a ‘pandemic’ Did a Noted Pathologist Write This Viral Coronavirus Advice Letter? The WHO sent 25 international experts to China and here are their main findings after 9 days Taco Bell's New 'Veggie Mode' Automatically Makes Everything on the Menu Vegetarian Ben Affleck Still Wants To Make A ‘McMillion$’ Movie Starring Matt Damon Every Movie Releasing In March 2020 WATCH: Cosurmyne - Jungle Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 04, 2020
Avatar: The Last AirTrender 3/3: Nashville Tornado, Corona Virus, Where to Vote, Sexy Vixen Vinyl
On this edition of Avatar: the Last AirTrender Jack and Miles discuss a tornado that ripped through the city of Nashville, Corona Virus continues to rage across the World, it's Super Tuesday and everyone wants to know "Where to Vote", and Brit Hume gets tab-sniped and reveals their niche interests. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 03, 2020
Bye Tom/Pete/Amy, Corona Beer Thriving 3.3.20
In episode 581, Miles and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by the Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss the South Carolina primaries, the end of Pete and Amy's campaigns, Mike Bloomberg's apology for his past behavior, how Bloomberg dealt with past emergencies, the passing of James Lipton, Chili's 45th birthday, the truth behind the Corona beer slander, the end of Judge Judy, and more! FOOTNOTES: South Carolina 2020 Primary: Live Results Pete Buttigieg ends his historic presidential campaign Amy Klobuchar will end 2020 presidential campaign and endorse Joe Biden “If I annoyed somebody or hurt somebody, I apologize. I can’t go rewrite history; I can only tell you now it is a different world,” says Michael Bloomberg in response to claims about his treatment of some female employees in the early years of his company. Bloody Sunday remembered: civil rights marchers tell story of their iconic photos Mayor Bloomberg under fire for handling of blizzard Shocker: Bloomberg Was Totally in Bermuda During Blizzard James Lipton, Creator and Host of 'Inside the Actors Studio,' Dies at 93 Chili’s is hell-bent on celebrating its 45th birthday in style What the Dubious Corona Poll Reveals Are 38 Percent of Americans Avoiding Corona Beer Because of the Coronavirus? Corona Beer Brewer Disputes Claims of Virus Impact on Sales Corona will continue controversial promotion for hard seltzer amid coronavirus outbreak 'Judge Judy' to end after 25 seasons as Sheindlin moves on to a new project WATCH: PoptartPete - So Special (Gonna Last) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 03, 2020
Street Zeiter 2 TURBO 3/2: Flavor Flav, Potatoes, Wendy’s Breakfast, Valorant, Trader Joes
On this edition of Street Zeiter 2 TURBO Miles and DJ Danl discuss Public Enemy and Flavor Flav parting ways over political differences, a new medical treatment involving potatoes and your butt, Wendy’s launched breakfast items, the newest tactical FPS from the makers of League of Legends shows a little gameplay, and the founder of Trader Joes has passed.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 02, 2020
Coronavirus Whistleblower, Bagelrito? Bagelrito! 3.2.20
In episode 580, Jack and Miles are joined by our wonderful writer J.M. McNab to discuss Tom Steyer performing with Juvenile, Trump's coronavirus conspiracy theory, a new whistleblower out of the Human Health Services department, Biden surging in South Carolina, the bagelrito, The Invisible Man, and more! FOOTNOTES: Watch Tom Steyer Dance to Juvenile’s ‘Back That Azz Up’ Performance at South Carolina Rally Here’s Trump at his rally tonight in South Carolina dismissing worries about the coronavirus as the “new hoax” Whistleblower Claims Retaliation After Alleging Reckless Coronavirus Response Election Update: Biden Surges In South Carolina The Bagelrito is a literal hot mess, but it has a confidence you can only dream of With The Invisible Man, Horror Is Starting to Get #MeToo Right ‘Invisible Man’ Male Director Asked Elisabeth Moss to Correct His Script, Ensure Female POV Can Universal Create a Marvel-Like Universe With 'The Mummy' and Other Monster Flicks? WATCH: Hiatus Kaiyote - The Lung Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 02, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 114 (Best of 2/24/20-2/28/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 122 (2/24/20-2/28/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 01, 2020
The Good the Bad and the Trending 2/28: Barry Sanders, James Harden, MDMA Wine, Apple Stock
On this edition of The Good, the Bad and the Trending Jack and Miles discuss the Barry Sanders jersey Garth Brooks was wearing, James Harden throwing shade at tall players, a woman has passed by drinking one sip of MDMA Wine, the DOW is down the most points ever and Apple stock is all over the place!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 28, 2020
The Suitcase Game, Pence Prays Pandemic Away 2.28.20
In episode 579, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Daniel Van Kirk to discuss a check in with Florida woman, the Trump administrations plan for combatting coronavirus, Democratic leaders willing to risk it all, Mike Bloomberg's history of dealing with emergencies, the end of beards, Amazon's new grocery store, the coolest websites, and more! FOOTNOTES: Florida Woman Arrested for Killing Her Boyfriend By Leaving Him in a Suitcase Mike Pence Is Your New Czar Of Finding Out If Coronavirus Is Gay, Praying It Away White House GAGS government health experts from speaking about coronavirus saying they must have Mike Pence's approval for EVERYTHING they say about mounting crisis - despite VP having zero medical qualifications Coronavirus Patient in California Was Not Tested for Days Trump Administration Can’t Promise You’ll Be Able To Afford Coronavirus Vaccine Here's the clip of Azar not assuring Rep. Schakowsky a covid-19 vaccine will be affordable to all. Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders Mayor Bloomberg under fire for handling of blizzard New York Struggles as Blizzard’s Impact Chastens Bloomberg NYC Mayor Bloomberg Criticized for Storm Response Bloomberg Team on Blizzard Response: We’re Sorry! (But It’s Not Our Fault.) As coronavirus spreads, the CDC has a very thorough guide to optimizing your facial hair for a mask Amazon opens full-sized, cashierless grocery store, fulfilling unclear human need What is the coolest website you’ve visited that no one knows about? Steve Lacy - Playground (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 28, 2020
Just a Trend 2/27: TrumpVirus and PenceDemic, Supreme, Dunkin' Bacon Snacks, Mayor Pete
On this edition of But You Say He’s Just a Trend Jack and Miles discuss the blame thrown at Trump and Pence for public perception of Corona Virus, Supreme just released their Spring line (Oreos included), Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a new “snack”, and Pete has some interesting condiment combos.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 28, 2020
Nothing to CDC Here, Half Past Half Time 2.27.20
In episode 578, Jack and Miles are joined by super producer Anna Hossnieh to discuss the last of Harry and Meghan's royal duties, the Coronavirus hurting the stock market and Trump's thoughts on it, the Democratic debates, Cuba, conservatives still being angry about the Super Bowl halftime show, and more! FOOTNOTES: Prince Harry No More as Mr. Windsor Declares: Call Me Harry Coronavirus Shows the Problem With Trump’s Stock Market Boasting I cannot believe that @CNBC allowed @larry_kudlow to spread disinformation that will endanger Americans. The CDC clearly stated that we need to prepare for an outbreak and this Trump sycophant says it's all ok Election 2020 live updates: Democrats jockey for support ahead of S.C. primary Pete Buttigieg Deletes Tweet Slamming Bernie Sanders and 'Revolutionary Politics' of 1960s Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine we in the US had no access too because we sanctioned Cuba. WHO validates elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis in Cuba Over 1,300 complaints were sent to the FCC about Shakira and J.Lo's Super Bowl halftime show WATCH: Thundercat - 'Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington) [Single Version]' (Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 27, 2020
Triend Zoned 2/26: Maria Sharapova, Face Masks, Little Caesar’s, Jobs for Miserable People
On this edition of Triend Zoned Jack and Miles discuss Maria Sharapova retiring, a Texas manufacturer can’t meet the demand for face masks in the wake of Corona Virus, Little Caesar’s is doing a campaign with a cardboard thrown, and the boys discuss miserable jobs trending on twitter as well as their own.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 26, 2020
You A Hard G? Trump Vs Snakes 2.26.20
In episode 577, Jack and Miles are joined by rapper P.O.S. aka Stefon Alexander to discuss Jif peanut butter working with GIPHY, what Joe Biden is up to before the Democratic debates, Dr. Ronny “PILLZ” Jackson running for office, the Supreme Court making it harder for poor immigrants to enter the country, the IOC possibly canceling the Olympics due to the Coronavirus, Harvey Weinstein having chest pains after verdict, Netflix giving us a top ten, and more! FOOTNOTES: Iffy on the pronunciation of GIF? Jif peanut butter is here to help Here @JoeBiden says to the crowd in South Carolina that he is "running for the United States Senate" and that if they don't like him they can "vote for the other Biden." Trump’s Doctor Thought He Had a Ticket to Congress. It Hasn’t Been So Easy. Supreme Court Lets Trump Enforce Policy Against Poor Immigrants Exclusive: Trump's "Deep State" hit list IOC member casts doubt on postponing or moving Tokyo Games Coronavirus updates: US warned of possible outbreak, Italy locks down Harvey Weinstein taken to hospital after feeling chest pains and having heart palpitations, attorney says Netflix rolls out Top 10 feature to help show what people are actually watching WATCH: P.O.S - “Faded” (Official Music Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 26, 2020
Zeitning McQueen 2/25: Steven Spielberg, National Pancake Day, the Bachelor, Fat Tuesday
On this edition of Zeitning McQueen Jack and Miles discuss Steven Spielberg’s daughter starting a sex work business, it’s National Pancake Day, the Bachelor is getting spicy, and it’s Fat Tuesday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 25, 2020
Miles Gray: Amateur Astronaut, Stallone’s Nightmare Future 2.25.20
In episode 576, Jack and Miles are joined by journalist and author Joel Stein to discuss the death of flat earth-er Mike Hughes, the Harvey Weinstein verdict, the Nevada caucuses, Sylvester Stallone's new film, PAW Patrol, and more! FOOTNOTES: Mike Hughes: Man who wanted to prove Earth is flat dies after crashing homemade rocket Live Updates: Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Rape Nevada caucuses highlights: Sanders wins, Buttigieg campaign challenges some results Sylvester Stallone Sci Fi-Action Pic ‘Little America’ Pre-Sells To Raft Of Major Territories For AGC At EFM PAW Patrol Does Paw Patrol encourage our kids to embrace capitalism? Andrew Scheer Defends Free-Market Capitalism And 'Paw Patrol’ WATCH: Denny Laflare - Twelve Hundred Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 25, 2020
Catch Me Zeitin’ Dirty 2/24: Katherine Johnson, Kobe and Gianna, New Order x Pet Shop Boys, Chicago Weather
On this edition of Zeitin’ Dirty Jack and Miles discuss the passing of NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson, the Kobe and Gianna Memorial is happening right now, New Order and Pet Shop Boys are going on tour, and Chicago is getting a lot of snow! (Just in time for the live show!) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 24, 2020
Quarantine Choice Awards, Bloomberg Pays for Friends 2.24.20
In episode 575, Jack and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Get Rich Nicks and Deckheads podcast co-host Nick Turner to discuss Trump clouding the Russian election meddling discussion, Mike Bloomberg's Instagram meme campaign, how the REAL ID is connected to Trump's border wall, the 2020 White House Correspondents Dinner, a study about dog owners, the coronavirus, and more! FOOTNOTES: Trump Names Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence 8 U.S. Intelligence Groups Blame Russia for Meddling, but Trump Keeps Clouding the Picture Bernie Sanders on Bloomberg debate performance: "I think it's quite likely that Trump will chew him up and spit him out." How Bloomberg Bungled a Debate That He Had Been Prepped For Bloomberg hired Fyre Festival promoters to make his campaign memes BLOOMBERG PLAGIARIZED PARTS OF AT LEAST EIGHT OF HIS PLANS Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere Mike Bloomberg Is Paying ‘Influencers’ to Make Him Seem Cool Mike Bloomberg is paying people to send their friends texts about him Meet the developer that's making apps for the conservative movement It Looks Like the Trump Campaign’s App Will Track Users’ Locations. Is That Normal? Trump Administration to Waive Contracting Laws to Speed Border Wall Construction REAL ID ACT SHOULD BE REPEALED, NOT “FIXED” THE LITTLE-KNOWN LAW THAT THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS USING TO BUILD A BORDER WALL Air Travelers Must Have REAL ID-Compliant Driver’s Licenses by October 2020 Trump Is Blowing Up Native Burial Grounds to Build His Wall Native American tribe says Pentagon failed to consult on border wall construction Kenan Thompson to host 2020 White House Correspondents' Dinner Study: Dog owners take more photos of their pet than spouse, family Diamond Princess ordeal ends for passengers who tested negative for COVID-19 Updates on Diamond Princess WATCH: DHL - Frank Ocean Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 24, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 113 (Best of 2/18/20-2/21/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 121 (2/18/20-2/21/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 23, 2020
There is a Zeit and it Never Goes Out 2/21: Quaden Bayles, Nikki Haley, Grimes, Westworld
On this edition of There is a Zeit Jack, Anna, and DJ Danl discuss the bullying of Quaden Bayles, Nikki Haley has hired Tim Chapman to her team, Grimes releases a new album, and a new Westworld trailer is out.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 21, 2020
Elizabeth Warren Commits Murder, 157 Lbs of Weed 2.21.20
In episode 574, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to discuss the Democratic Debates, Dana Rohrbacher, Roger Stone's sentencing, the Brown's Greg Robinson's arrest, the McDonalds Quarter pounder scented candle pack, the Lovers & Friends festival, and more! FOOTNOTES: NBC NEWS AND MSNBC BREAK RATINGS RECORD AGAIN WITH THE MOST-WATCHED DEMOCRATIC DEBATE EVER Someone Set Elizabeth Warren's Roast Of Mike Bloomberg To Nas' 'Ether' Beat Putin’s favorite congressman Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to protect Trump Greg Robinson arrested for alleged possession of 157 pounds of marijuana, could face up to 20 years in prison McDonald’s Gives Quarter Pounder Fans a Perfecter New Way to Display Their Burger Love Ludacris, Ms. Lauryn Hill, TLC & Usher to Headline Lovers & Friends Festival WATCH: Wun Two - Ragazza Al Mare Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 21, 2020
Hey Big Trender 2/20: Kurt Cobain, Hanau, Fortnite, Arsenal
On this edition of Hey Big Trender Miles and DJ Danl discuss Kurt Cobain's birthday (he would have been 53), a right-wing terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany, Fortnite Season 2 has begun, and Arsenal squeezes out a late game victory against Olympiacos. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 21, 2020
University of Jake Paul, Target’s Shipt Show 2.20.20
In episode 573, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian, Black Men Can't Jump podcast co-host, and Astronomy Club member Jerah Milligan to discuss Mike Bloomberg's transphobia, the possible resignation of William Barr, how Susan Collins is going in the polls, how the impeachment trial affected Trump's approval ratings, Kickstarter unionizing, Shipt, BoneLESS wings, and more! FOOTNOTES: Human Rights Campaign says Bloomberg should apologize for comments about transgender people Barr Privately Says He May Resign Over Trump’s Tweets About Roger Stone Case Colby College poll shows Collins, Gideon tied in hypothetical match-up Impeachment Didn’t Change Minds — It Eroded Trust YouTuber Jake Paul Launches Entrepreneur How-To Platform, Financial Freedom Movement Kickstarter employees vote to unionize Shipt: How this 32-year-old high school dropout built a business that sold to Target for $550 million 'Every Single Person Is Losing Money': Shipt Is the Latest Gig Platform to Screw Its Workers Starting the decade with a splash: Say hi to the new Shipt.  Target's Delivery App Workers Describe a Culture of Retaliation and Fear Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Change Name to Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony (for Buffalo Wild Wings) WATCH: Sam Wilkes - Tonight Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 20, 2020
Call it, Trendo 2/19: Pop Smoke, Julian Assange, Supreme, #CancelHouston
On this edition of Call it, Trendo Jack and Miles discuss the passing of Pop Smoke, Julian Assange offered a pardon to help the Russia coverup, Supreme is branding Oreos, and #CancelHouston is trending due to the Astros.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 19, 2020
Biden Slidin’, Too Many Tens 2.19.20
In episode 572, Jack and Miles are joined by Couples Therapy podcast's Andy Beckerman to discuss All Star Weekend, a check in with the polls, Subway's new deal, Boy Scouts of America filing for bankruptcy, Shipt, and more! FOOTNOTES: NBA All-Star Weekend Winners and Losers: New All-Star Game format shines; Aaron Gordon robbed again Sanders opens 12-point lead nationally: poll Subway’s latest deal great for customers, potentially disastrous for franchise owners Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy After Surge in Sex Abuse Lawsuits 'Every Single Person Is Losing Money': Shipt Is the Latest Gig Platform to Screw Its Workers Shipt: How this 32-year-old high school dropout built a business that sold to Target for $550 million Target's Delivery App Workers Describe a Culture of Retaliation and Fear WATCH: Drugdealer - Suddenly Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 19, 2020
Boogie Zeits 2/18: Rod Blagojevich, Rosario Dawson, Pier One, Kaitlin Bennett
On this edition of Boogie Zeits Jack and Miles discuss Rod Blagojevich getting his sentence commuted, Rosario Dawson releases statement on perceived coming out via Instagram, Pier One has filed for bankruptcy, and Kaitlin Bennett, Kent State gun girl and alleged pants pooper, visited Ohio State and was not welcome.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 18, 2020
Crystal Pepsi Engagement Ring, Trump vs. Short Kings 2.18.20
In episode 571, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian, journalist, and correspondent for Redacted Tonight Natalie McGill to discuss James Carville criticizing Bernie Sanders, the DNC needing a shake up, Trump attacking Michael Bloomberg's height, the coronavirus, the Crystal Pepsi engagement ring, the first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman, the movie The Hunt, and more! FOOTNOTES: James Carville hits back at Bernie Sanders after criticism: 'At least I'm not a communist' Senior black Democrats urge party chairman to take responsibility for Iowa Short People Are Pissed at Trump for His Bloomberg Height Attacks Whistleblower Li Wenliang: There Should Be More Than One Voice In A Healthy Society They Documented the Coronavirus Crisis in Wuhan. Then They Vanished. PEPSI: PEPSI ENGAGEMENT RING BY VAYNERMEDIA ‘The Batman’ Camera Test Reveals First Glimpse of Robert Pattinson in Batsuit Controversial film The Hunt is daring you to own the libs — or the right wing — by seeing it Why ‘The Hunt’ Is Finally Being Released… with a Very Different Marketing Campaign I saw 'The Hunt,' which had its release pulled over the summer. It's deranged and extremely violent but is not about liberals hunting 'deplorables.' WATCH: FloFilz - Blue Orchard Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 18, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 112 (Best of 2/10/20-2/14/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 120 (2/10/20-2/14/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 16, 2020
Darlin’ You Trend Me 2/14: Heart Shaped Pizza, Stranger Things, Banksy, Fantasy Island
On this Valentine’s Day edition of Darlin’ You Trend Me Jack and Miles discuss heart shaped pizzas, the first Stranger Things (4) trailer, Banksy has a new piece in Bristol, and a fresh trailer for Fantasy Island.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 14, 2020
Bloomberg Meme God, Cocaine: The Book 2.14.20
In episode 570, Jack and Miles are joined by AfroPunk host Bridget Todd to discuss Michael Bloomberg paying Instagram influencers to support him, Michael Bloomberg's past problematic behavior, Hope Hicks returning to the White House, Corey Lewandowski endorsing a Pablo Escobar phone on Cameo, and more! FOOTNOTES: Huge Instagram Meme Accounts Are Shilling For Michael Bloomberg Mike Bloomberg Is Paying Fuck Jerry Now What 2020 Presidential contender said the following?- "I'd fuck that in a second," - "I’d do that piece of meat…” - “If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s” - Called women: “fat broads” & “horse-faced lesbian.” 'I'd Do Her': A Brief History of Michael Bloomberg's Public Sexism Hope Hicks to return to White House Corey Lewandowski Endorses a Pablo Escobar Phone That Probably Isn’t Real WATCH: BluntOne - New Dawn Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 14, 2020
Trendinent Domain 2/13: Jeff Bezos, Sonic the Hedgehog, Galentine's Day
On this episode of Trendinent Domain Jack and Miles discuss Jeff Bezos new super expensive home, Sonic reviews are out and looking positive, and Galentine’s Day is upon us! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 14, 2020
Trump’s “Good Economy Pay Cuts”, Sicko Guac Mode 2.13.20
In episode 569, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and co-host of Unofficial Expert podcast Sydnee Washington to discuss Guac Mode, Bernie Sanders' victory in New Hampshire, Bernie versus MSNBC, Trump cutting the federal pay raise, weird and crappy merch from the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, and more! FOOTNOTES: Chipotle unleashes “Guac Mode” upon customers nationwide Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO rips Bernie Sanders: He’ll ruin our economy and doesn’t care about our military Bernie Sanders Has an MSNBC Problem Trump Cuts Scheduled Federal Pay Raise, Citing “Serious Economic Conditions” in the Country Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Invest in Black America’ T-shirt sparks backlash A stock image was used to promote Pete Buttigieg’s plan for black America. The photo was taken in Kenya. What the 2020 candidates’ merch says about their campaigns The Strokes Bring the Bernie Sanders Revolution to New Hampshire WATCH: Take_it_Back_v2 by Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 13, 2020
Trend the Knee 2/12: Wes Anderson, Sarah Sanders, Mack Culkin, Two Year Old Tricycle
On this edition of Trend the Knee Jack and Miles discuss the new Wes Anderson trailer, Sarah Sanders calling Bloomberg racist, Macaulay “Mack” Culkin auditioning for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, and a two year old who escaped his own daycare on a tricycle.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 12, 2020
Brooms Take A Stand, Roger Stone Gets Away With It 2.12.20
In episode 568, Jack and special guest host Nick Turner are joined by comedian Joey Clift to discuss the standing broom, Bloomberg's campaign, Trump feeling bad for Roger Stone, the Cats visual effects artists commenting on the Oscars bit, updates with Aunt Becky's admission scandal, the new Star Trek: Picard, and more! FOOTNOTES: Hate to break it to you but you can make a broom stand upright any day of the year Predict It Audio of @MikeBloomberg’s 2015 @AspenInstitute speech where he explains that “you can just Xerox (copy)” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops. Reports: DOJ To Make Extraordinary Reversal On Tough Sentence For Roger Stone Hey guys I haven't watched all of the Oscars but I assume these two were really classy and thanked me for working 80 hour weeks right up until I was laid off and the studio closed, right? LORI LOUGHLIN OLIVIA JADE'S FAKE ROWING RESUME ... Good Enough for USC, But Who Wrote It??? Star Trek: Picard's Bleaker Vision of the Future Targets American Isolationism ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ With Its Refugee Crisis and Anti-Trump Messaging, May Be the Most Political Show on TV Star Trek Is Brilliantly Political. Well, at Least It Used to Be Hollywood Flashback: 'Star Trek' Showed TV's First Interracial Kiss in 1968 Racists and Sexists Hate On Star Trek Discovery‘s Diversity Even Though It’s Still Unbalanced in Their Favor WATCH: Jax Anderson - Queen (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 12, 2020
Eye Color, Zeit, and Weight 2/11: Zaya, Wes Anderson, Rebecca Black, Call of Duty
I'm gonna need your eye color, date of birth, Zeit, and weight because Jack is joined by DJ Danl and Anna Hossnieh to discuss Zaya, child of Dwyane Wade of Gabrielle Union, the new Wes Anderson film, Rebecca Black celebrates the 9yr reunion of 'Friday' releasing with a heart warming message, and the new, mysterious 68gb update. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 12, 2020
SOSHULIZM IS DEADLY! Dog-Faced Pony Soldier? 2.11.20
In episode 567, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Tiff Stevenson to discuss Joe Biden's reaction to a question about electability, the mainstream media claiming Trump had a good week, Chris Matthew's absurd fear of socialism, Oscar's coverage, and more! FOOTNOTES: Joe Biden just called his own supporter a Lying Horse-Faced Pony Soldier during a Town Hall in New Hampshire!  8 very good things that happened to Donald Trump this week Here's the video of the moment... It really is something WATCH: Oscars 2020: Winners, speech highlights from the Academy Awards Joaquin Phoenix's Oscars speech in full: 'We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and steal her baby' We don’t talk enough about animal suffering. That’s why Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars speech matters. “I Fucking Love My Life”: Joaquin Phoenix on Joker, Why River Is His Rosebud, His Rooney Research, and His “Prenatal” Gift for Dark Characters Why Don’t We Talk About Joaquin Phoenix When We Talk About Casey Affleck? WATCH: Twistclip Loop - Hudson Mohawke Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 11, 2020
Parazeit 2/10: Rage Against the Machine, Valentine's Day, Presley Gerber, Reaper of Death, New Hampshire Primary, Bill Gates
On this edition of Parazeit Jack and Miles discuss Rage going back on a 40-stop tour, Valentine's Day is coming up, Cindy Crawford's son gets a face tattoo, a new fossil discovered in Canada, the New Hampshire Primary is tomorrow, and Bill Gates DID NOT buy a Hydrogen yacht. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 10, 2020
Bloomberg Pays ‘Influencers’, Heidi Klum Gets Called A White Woman! 2.10.20
In episode 566, Jack and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss how the mainstream media is portraying the 'top Democratic candidates' for the 2020 election, Uber and Lyft drivers problematic reactions to the Coronavirus, the Harvey Weinstein trial, Kirk Douglas, Heidi Klum defending America's Got Talent, and more! FOOTNOTES: Pete Buttigieg continues to surge in N.H. polling Mike Bloomberg Is Paying ‘Influencers’ to Make Him Seem Cool Inside the Ugly Uber and Lyft Driver Freakout Over Coronavirus This Is the Toughest Question Facing Harvey Weinstein’s Jury The 'ultimate feminist' defending Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein's lawyer says she's never been sexually assaulted 'because I would never put myself in that position' Did Robert Downey Jr. Really Just Accuse Kirk Douglas of a Brutal Rape? Lana Wood, Natalie’s Little Sister, Has Plenty to Say Heidi Klum defends ‘AGT’ after Gabrielle Union calls out toxic work environment WATCH: Mac Miller - Jet Fuel (Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 10, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 111 (Best of 2/3/20-2/7/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 119 (2/3/20-2/7/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 09, 2020
Zeitning Round 2/7: Lt Col Vindman, Pete's Billionaires, Ke$ha, Swagger, Pod Save America
On this edition of Zeitning Round Jack, Jamie, and DJ Danl discuss Lt Col Vindman getting escorted out of the Whitehouse, the "Pete's Billionaires" meme, another unfortunate development in the case between Ke$ha and Dr Luke, the passing of "Swagger" the mascot for Cleveland Browns, and the Pod Save America hosts may know more about SHADOW than we thought! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 08, 2020
Haunted Boner, Old Man Down? 2.7.20
In episode 565, Jack and Miles are joined by The Greatest podcast co-host CJ Toledano to discuss Coach Dave wanting to sue the NFL over the halftime show, surprises from the Iowa caucus, Trump's acquittal, the Pepsi universe, Oscar campaigning, and more! FOOTNOTES: Dave Daubenmire Is Looking to Sue the NFL for Putting His Eternal Salvation at Risk Via the Super Bowl Halftime Show DNC chair calls for Iowa to recanvass caucus vote, says 'enough is enough' Not Guilty: Split Senate acquits Trump of impeachment You are more than likely familiar with Pepsi's batshit insane identity redesign document from 2008 — but did you know that the man responsible, Peter Arnell, also near single-handedly took out the Tropicana brand less than a year later with a redesign so bad it cost them $33MM? ‘Joker’ ad compares Todd Phillips to Gandhi 5 LAUGHABLE QUOTES FROM 'VARIETY'S STUDIO-SPONSORED 'JOKER' ARTICLE Netflix Spent Big on Oscar-Worthy Films. That May Not Be Enough. ‘Netflix Queue’ WATCH: bsd.u - late night Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 07, 2020
Avengers Trendgame 2/6: The Rolling Stones, NBA, Snoop Dogg, Even Flow
On this edition of Avengers Trendgame Jack and Miles discuss The Rolling Stones going back on tour, the NBA is in a trade frenzy, Snoop adds his 2 cents to the discussion of sexual assault, booster seat manufacturer Even Flow is making whack products.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 07, 2020
RIP, IG Shoppers 2.6.20
In episode 564, Jack and Miles are joined by Go Fact Yourself podcasts J. Keith van Straaten to discuss the State of the Union, Instagram pulling in more revenue than Youtube, social detoxing, Chris Rock's Saw reboot, top Valentine candies by state, and more! FOOTNOTES: Fact-checking the 2020 State of the Union Trump’s State of the Union suggests he’s worried about Bernie Sanders Trump Goes On Twitter Tear Over Pelosi Ripping Up His Speech Instagram Brings In More Than a Quarter of Facebook Sales Social Detoxing and Solitude: Alone, Lonely, or Aloneliness? Chris Rock's 'Saw' Reboot Offers Up First Twisted Trailer Most Popular Valentine's Candy by State [Interactive Map] WATCH: Shark Tank - Out For A Rip Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 06, 2020
Don't Trend on Me 2/5: Meek Mill vs Nicki Minaj, Mayor Pete, Mitt Romney, Trayvon Martin, Robert Pattinson
On this edition of Don't Trend on Me Jack and Miles discuss the Meek x Nicki beef happening right now on Twitter, Pete "passing" Bernie on the popular vote, Mitt Romney becoming the first to advocate for impeachment within party lines, Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today, and Robert Pattinson, not Jack, named the sexiest man in the World. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 05, 2020
IOWAck AF, Dunkaroo Strategies 2.5.20
In episode 563, Jack and Miles are joined by The Greatest podcast co-host Megan Gailey to discuss the Iowa caucus, Trump supporters explanations for why he shouldn't be impeached, Wendy's breakfast, the return of Dunkaroos, 2020 movies that may influence the election, and more! FOOTNOTES: Abolish the Iowa Caucus Iowa Might Have Screwed Up The Whole Nomination Process Iowa caucuses: Attendee drops, breaks ‘concealed bottle of wine’ How unpopular is Donald Trump? Wendy's promises to end the era of stale fast-food breakfast on March 2 Dunkaroos are coming back—what else do you need to know? Spielberg’s Lincoln holds a mirror up to Barack Obama Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story' Movie Unveils A Cool First Look Meet the Cast of the James Comey Miniseries From CBS TV Studios Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton influenced 'The Purge: Election Year' Looks Like The Candyman Reboot Is Taking The Character To New Places Mulan 2020 Mike Pence: Disney's Mulan is 'mischievous liberal propaganda' WATCH: Westside Gunn X Conway - Fendi Seats Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 05, 2020
It's All Zeit 2/4: Shannen Doherty, Chasten Buttigieg, Knicks, McMillions, Iowa Caucus
On this edition of It's All Zeit Jack and Miles discuss how Shannen Doherty announces her cancer has returned, Chasten Buttigieg claps back at the bigoted person who withdrew her vote for Pete, the Knicks fire their president, the new McDonald's documentary, and the Iowa Caucus is happening...sort of. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 05, 2020
Eyes On Iowa, Google Grampa 2.4.20
In episode 562, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Yelling About Pâté podcast co-host Karl Hess to discuss ghost kitchens, the Senate's conclusion to the impeachment trial, the Iowa caucuses, children's books being used as protest, an in-depth analysis of the Super Bowl, Budweiser's Super Bowl ad, and more! FOOTNOTES: Ghost kitchens open up in ghost malls to serve...ghost patrons? Impeachment trial heads to historic end in frenetic week How do the Iowa caucuses work? Saratoga Springs author releases new book Scholastic Under Fire for Children’s Book Portrayal of Trump New Book 'The Pumpkin And The Pantsuit' Explains The 2016 Election To Kids 21 Books Set In a Post-Trump World A colorful children's book tries to explain border walls Watch the Entire Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Starring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez 2020 Super Bowl commercials: Rewatch the ads that ran during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday Trump and Bloomberg Super Bowl Ads Provoke Sharp Viewer Reactions WATCH: Budweiser | Typical American | 2020 Super Bowl Commercial Budweiser slammed for using Charlotte 2016 protest footage in Super Bowl beer commercial WATCH: Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2017 Born The Hard Way Budweiser uses a Super Bowl ad to tell an obscure immigrant story — its own A Boycott Budweiser movement begins over Super Bowl immigration ad WATCH: Denny Laflare - Number 7 Intro Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 04, 2020
Zeider-Man 2/3: Rush Limbaugh, Madonna, Nick Lachey, Dumbledore
On this edition of Zeider-Man Jack and Miles discuss Rush Limbaugh announcing he has advanced Lung Cancer, Madonna is being sued by some fans, Nick Lachey opening up about former relationships, and Dumbledore being used in the Senate.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 04, 2020
Remember Favors? Vote MAGA Or Die! 2.3.20
In episode 561, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Steven Wilber to discuss the new 'Papadia' from Papa John's, Trump's Iowa rally, the gig-economy, Taylor Swift getting political in her music, Elon Musk's new EDM track, and more! FOOTNOTES: Papa John’s debuts Shaquille O’Neal-approved flatbread sandwich, ‘Papadia’ In Iowa, Trump threatens his fans that their farms will “go to hell” if he isn’t re-elected. “You’re going to make so much money” — This is the language of a mob boss, not a president TRUMP: "They want to kill our cows. That means you're next." The Help Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Only the Young’ Encourages Fans to Get Political Elon Musk just dropped an EDM track on SoundCloud Don't Doubt ur Vibe - Emo G Records WATCH: KAYTRANADA - The Worst In Me (Audio) ft. Tinashe Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 03, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 110 (Best of 1/27/20-1/31/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 118 (1/27/20-1/31/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 02, 2020
Zeit of the Bumblebee 1/31: Impeachment, School Sickness, Super Bowl
On this edition of Zeit of the Bumblebee Jack and Miles discuss how there will be no witnesses at the Impeachment trial, an entire school district called in sick, and the 49ers face the Chiefs this Sunday in the Super Bowl. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 31, 2020
Impeachment...Over?, Groundhogs dA.I. 1.31.20
In episode 560, Jack and Miles are joined by Behind The Bastards / Worst Year Ever / It Could Happen Here podcast host Robert Evans to discuss the new emojis, impeachment updates, WHO declaring an international public health emergency over the coronavirus, scientists discovering why stress causes grey hair, Trump's wall falling apart due to wind, PETA wanting Punxsutawney Phil to retire, and more! FOOTNOTES: PSA: New food emoji are coming Impeachment state of play: Senate Republicans on brink of bringing trial to an end WHO Declares Coronavirus Outbreak a Global Public Health Emergency Coronavirus: French Asians hit back at racism with 'I'm not a virus' Secretary Wilbur Ross says coronavirus will be good for [checks notes] American jobs: "I think it will help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America." Scientists discover 'why stress turns hair white' Trump border wall between US and Mexico blows over in high winds Punxsutawney Phil should be replaced with AI groundhog, says PETA WATCH: Naomi & Kate - Coco & Clair Clair Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 31, 2020
Zeit Time Sleepy Tea 1/30: Hummer, George Wallace, Rand Paul, Seattle Kraken
On this On-The-Road-in-PORTLAND edition of Zeit Time Sleepy Tea Jack and Miles discuss Hummer releasing a new electric truck, a Bernie article has resurfaced about George Wallace, Rand Paul names the whistle blower in a press conference, and Seattle may be getting a new NHL team - potentially called "The Seattle Kraken" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 31, 2020
Impeachment Fatigue, popBeyONCe 1.30.20
In episode 559, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Tiff Stevenson to discuss impeachment updates, if the MSM is getting tired of the impeachment, Trump's New Jersey rally, if a traditional Democrat can win, Trump allies handing out cash to black voters, people thinking Coronavirus is connected to the Corona beer, Popeye believing it inspired the new Ivy Park line, the new Hunger Games book, and more! FOOTNOTES: McConnell Says GOP Doesn’t Have Votes to Block Impeachment Witnesses Trump campaign: New Jersey rally attendance 26.3% Democrats and 10.4% people who didn't vote in 2016 Trump allies are handing out cash to black voters The coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer. But, some people seem to think so. Popeyes starts off 2020 strong by selling its employee uniforms fans say look like Beyoncé’s sold-out Ivy Park x Adidas collection Here's What We Know About the Hunger Games Prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Who's the star of the Hunger Games prequel? Read the exclusive first excerpt Extract from Hunger Games prequel sparks anger among fans The Hunger Games is getting a prequel that centers on the villain: a young President Snow The Hunger Games Pulls a Star Wars With Its Prequel Hero  WATCH: Little Dragon - In My House Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 30, 2020
Zeit Unseen 1/29: Syphilis, Shaun Weiss, Mini Mouse, Top Secret, Old Bay
On this edition of Zeit Unseen Jack and Miles discuss untreated Syphilis, Shaun Weiss getting arrested, a video of Mini Mouse beating someone up, the White House doesn’t want the secrets in John Bolton’s book to reach the public, and Old Bay announces a hot sauce.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 29, 2020
Goop > Science, Knife Party! 1.29.20
In episode 558, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to discuss the new Batman production, QAnon figuring out the cure for Coronavirus, more on what we have learned from John Bolton's book and the strife it's creating on the right, the Trump hotel, Kobe's last game, the new Goop Netflix show, and more! FOOTNOTES: Production Begins on ‘The Batman’ as Director Matt Reeves Shares First Photo From the Set QAnon-ers’ Magic Cure for Coronavirus: Just Drink Bleach! Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says Lou Dobbs: "John Bolton himself has been reduced to a tool for the radical Dims and the Deep State" Tucker: John Bolton has always been a snake Trump Hotel Sale Has DC MAGA Groupies Scared About Losing Their Safe Space ESPN Re-Airing Kobe Bryant's Final Game, and Fans Are Tearing Up Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Goop’s $75 Vagina Candle ‘Punk Rock’ Because Words Mean Nothing Experts fact-check health claims in Netflix’s ‘The Goop Lab’ Netflix’s Gwyneth Paltrow show is a gateway drug for the Goop circus What The Goop Lab gets right (and wrong) about sex Our crappy healthcare system is to blame for Goop WATCH: Puma Blue - Bruise Cruise Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 29, 2020
This Will Be the Nightly Zeitgeist 1/28: Jamaica, Loeffler v Romney, Hailey Bieber, Living Single, Challenger
On this episode of This Will be the Daily Zeitgeist Jack and Miles discuss Jamaica being struck by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake, Loeffler is turning on Romney, Hailey Bieber is the “luckiest woman in the world”, David Schwimmer has never seen “Living Single”, and today is the anniversary of the Challenger tragedy.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 29, 2020
The Bolton Factor, A Tragedy 1.28.20
In episode 557, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Eric Lampaert to discuss the 2020 Democratic candidates' celebrity crushes, what we learned from John Bolton's book, impeachment updates, televangelist Paula White, the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, and more! FOOTNOTES: Do you have a celebrity crush? Bombshell book: What we know about John Bolton's allegations about Trump and Ukraine Trump was determining just how necessary US support was for Ukraine. He figured they'd give him *anything* in exchange for it. Paula White, Trump’s Personal Pastor, Joins the White House Civil rights groups wary of Trump's latest faith-based initiative Trump’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Order Actually Undermines That Principle Why televangelist Paula White is the perfect Trump administration hire Did Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Ask People to Send Her Their January Salaries? Trump's spiritual adviser, Paula White, fires back at critics Trump’s “spiritual advisor” may as well be a Righteous Gemstones character  Kobe Bryant never stopped trying to inspire Kobe Bryant’s death: Live updates and remembrance WATCH: Sudan Archives - Iceland Moss | A COLORS SHOW Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 28, 2020
Zeits of the Round Table 1/27: Kobe, Chris Wallace, Google Docs, Tyler the Creator
On this edition of Zeits of the Round Table Jack and Miles discuss the tragic passing of Kobe and Gianna Bryant as well as 7 other passengers in a helicopter crash, Chris Wallace putting the heat on the Senate, Google docs went down, and Tyler the Creator rightfully calls out the racism of the Grammys. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 28, 2020
Nonstop Rudy, Fecal Felon 1.27.20
In episode 556, Jack and Miles are joined by comic artist Kim Winder to discuss Lev Parnas being younger than Jared Leto, impeachment updates, Pete Buttigieg defending himself, a potential New Orleans Saints cover up, a mystery pooper being caught, and more! FOOTNOTES: Lev Parnas is somehow younger than Jared Leto 'Take her out': Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired Trump’s Team Warns GOP Senators: Vote Against Him, And Their ‘Head Will Be On A Pike’ — Report 'Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike': GOP Senators 'are warned' not to break ranks with Trump in impeachment vote Trump’s Mad His Lawyers Have To Defend Him When TV Ratings Are Low ‘Bulls---’: Buttigieg chafes at criticism over McKinsey work Pete Buttigieg Bakers, grocers involved in 16-year price-fixing conspiracy: Competition Bureau How Mayor Pete's consulting work for Loblaws brought the Canadian bread price-fixing scandal to Democratic primary Pete Buttigieg Denies Involvement With Canada's Bread Price-Fixing Scandal NFL’s Saints seek to shield PR help to church in sex crisis MASSACHUSETTS WOMAN ALLEGED PARKING LOT POOPER ... Busted By Cops WATCH: Andy Shauf - "Neon Skyline" Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 27, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 109 (Best of 1/21/20-1/24/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 117 (1/21/20-1/24/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 26, 2020
Presenting Will You Accept This Rose? now on iHeartRadio
It's the same Arden you know and love but with an all new home! Check out Will You Accept This Rose? to get all that latest on your favorite reality dating series! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 25, 2020
Zeit Club 1/24: Serena Williams, Corona Virus, Scientology, NBA All Star Game
On this edition of Zeit Club Miles and Jack discuss Serena Williams being out at the Australian Open, Corona Virus NOT coming from snakes, Scientology has poisoned dogs to silence accusers (again), and the NBA announced the East/West lineups for the All Star game. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 24, 2020
Why Why Why, Soy Sack 1.24.20
In episode 555, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Who's Your God? and Views From The Vista co-host Steve Hernandez to discuss James Corden's Carpool Karaoke scandal, Joe Biden's reaction to a reporter asking him about Bernie Sanders, impeachment updates, the new Sonic movie, Crystal Geyser dumping arsenic into California's ecosystem, if you can taste with your testicles, and more! FOOTNOTES: James Corden Has Been Exposed In A Viral Tweet That Shows He Does Not Actually Drive The "Carpool Karaoke" Car WATCH: After a campaign event in Mason City, Iowa, @joebiden reacts to @edokeefe's question about his ongoing feud with @BernieSanders: "Calm down, it's okay."  Biden to CBS reporter: 'Why, why, why, why, why?' POLL-Let them speak: Most Americans want witnesses in Trump impeachment trial Trump shows anxiety as Democrats lay out case against him in Senate impeachment trial Mick Mulvaney becomes top Democratic impeachment target U.S. senators on 'digital detox' as they hear Trump's impeachment trial Republican Senators Are Literally Playing With Kids’ Toys During The Impeachment Trial Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump's Senate impeachment trial -- What does it take to remove a president? Tucker Carlson began his show dismissing the #ImpeachmentTrial by comparing it to "a movie written & directed by children whose ending you already know, & by the way, it's 20 hours long, in Hungarian, with misspelled subtitles." That's how his viewers will process things. ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Could Jump As High As $47M In Opening Weekend – Box Office Crystal Geyser Water Pleads Guilty to Dumping Arsenic into California's Ecosystem No, you can’t taste anything with your testicles WATCH: Menahan Street Band - The Traitor Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 24, 2020
When the Zeit has Come 1/24: Corona Virus, Doomsday Clock, Nicki Minaj, Comcast
On this edition of When the Zeit has come Jack and Miles discuss Corona Virus spreading, the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds, Nicki Minaj is coming, and Comcast has a nation wide blackout. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 24, 2020
Messy Crown Prince, World Series > Homelessness 1.23.20
In episode 554, Miles and special guest host Blair Socci are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss how LA officials care more about the World Series than homelessness, updates on the impeachment trial, Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, MBS being messy, Bernie Sanders surging in the polls, Hillary Clinton responding to criticism of her thoughts on Bernie Sanders, the death of Mr, Peanut, furries making a citizen arrest, an update on Aunt Becky, and more! FOOTNOTES: L.A. POLITICIANS OFFICIALLY DEMAND WS TROPHIES ... Dodgers Deserve Them!!! Impeachment trial: Senate hears opening arguments against Trump Trump admits to obstruction of Congress — one of the impeachment charges against him. Trump Just Called Climate Scientists ‘Foolish Fortune Tellers’ UN calls for investigation into alleged Saudi involvement in Bezos phone hack CNN poll: Bernie Sanders surges to join Biden atop Democratic presidential pack BERNIE SANDERS LEADS DONALD TRUMP BY WIDEST MARGIN OF ALL 2020 CANDIDATES: ELECTION POLL I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views! PLANTERS REALLY HAS KILLED OFF MR. PEANUT, WITH A FUNERAL PLANNED FOR THE SUPER BOWL A group of 'furries' stopped a domestic violence assault and helped police make the arrest Olivia Jade vs. Aunt Becky vs. the United States Government WATCH: Sault - Friends Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 23, 2020
Trend Of The World As We Know It 1/22: Terry Jones, Earthquake, Vanessa Hudgens, Gritty, Britney Spears
On this edition of It's the Trend of the World as we know it Miles and Blair Socci discuss Terry Jones passing away, the 3.6 Earthquake in Granda Hills, Vanessa Hudgens on a date with Kyle Kuzma, Gritty investigated for assault, and #FreeBritney is trending as she is in court. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 22, 2020
Luxe BJ Water, NOBODY LIKES HIM!!! 1.22.20
In episode 553, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and co-host of Mega The Podcast Greg Hess to discuss Space Force, Mitch McConnell being shady as usual, Trump lawyers trying to stop John Bolton from testifying, Hillary Clinton's new documentary, Coronavirus, The Matrix 4, updates on Megxit, Watchmen not being renewed, Andy King teaming up with Evian Water, and more! FOOTNOTES: US Space Force mocked for unveiling camouflage uniforms Washington National Cathedral dedicates Bible for newly formed U.S. Space Force McConnell Doing To Impeachment What He Did To Garland McConnell drops two-day limit on opening arguments Trump’s lawyers, Senate GOP allies work privately to ensure Bolton does not testify publicly Hillary Clinton in Full: A Fiery New Documentary, Trump Regrets and Harsh Words for Bernie: "Nobody Likes Him" First U.S. Case of Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus Reported in Washington State, CDC Says National Outbreak Reporting System (NORS) First Patient With Wuhan Coronavirus Is Identified in the U.S. ‘The Matrix 4’ Won’t Bring Back Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, But It Sounds Like That Was the Original Plan Let’s Break Down Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are In Canada Welcome to Canada, Dude! Watchmen Is Getting the F*ck Up Off the Pool and Will Not Return for a Second Season  'So Good You'd Do Anything For It': Fyre Festival's Andy King Teams Up with Evian for New Campaign WATCH: Khruangbin & Leon Bridges ‘C-Side’ (Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 22, 2020
This the Trend, My Only Friend 1/21: Ozzy Osbourne, "Please Clap", Pamela Anderson, #CHEARS
Ozzy Osbourne has Parkinson’s, “Please Clap” is back thanks to Mayor Pete, Pamela Anderson has married producer John Peters, #CHEARS is trending because Chelsea and Arsenal drew in a thriller of a match. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 22, 2020
Trump’s Dream Team, entert(AI)nment 1.21.20
In episode 552, Jack and Miles are joined by the Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss Kellyanne Conway claiming Trump is innocent, Trump adding more lawyers to his team, Boeing releasing some shady internal messages, NBC's new streaming service, 1 Million Moms coming for Burger King, Hollywood using AI to decide which movies to make, and more! FOOTNOTES: WATCH: Conway calls Dems' latest impeachment antics 'embarrassing' and 'desperate' Trump Impeachment Team Will Include Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz Boeing releases internal messages on 737 MAX, calls them 'completely unacceptable" Boeing Employees Mocked F.A.A. and ‘Clowns’ Who Designed 737 Max NBC’s Peacock streaming service will launch on July 15th with three different price tiers A conservative moms group has a beef with Burger King — and the ‘d-word’ Burger King Continues to Cross the Line HOLLYWOOD IS QUIETLY USING AI TO HELP DECIDE WHICH MOVIES TO MAKE Warner Bros. Signs Deal for AI-Driven Film Management System (Exclusive) WATCH: GARY LOW - You are a danger Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 21, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 108 (Best of 1/13/20-1/17/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 116 (1/13/20-1/17/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 19, 2020
Down on Trended Knee 1/17: Betty White, Karlie Kloss, Jonas Brothers, Ivy Park
On this edition of Down on Trended Knee Miles and Laci discuss Betty White turning 98, Karlie Kloss saying she will - once again - not vote for Trump, Jo-Bros have a new video, and Beyoncé has released her Ivy Park collab with Adidas. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 17, 2020
Liar! Liar? RIP Wine 1.17.20
In episode 551, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Kyle Ayers to discuss Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders' exchange after the Democratic debates, the classic 'I was joking about murder' defense, the DOJ clearing Hillary Clinton in Uranium investigation, an Aunt Becky update, wine consumption dropping, M. Night Shyamalan being accused of plagiarism again, and more! FOOTNOTES: Exclusive: Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV ROBERT HYDE SAYS HE WAS ONLY 'PLAYING' IN TEXTS ABOUT SURVEILLANCE OF MARIE YOVANOVITCH Ukraine launches criminal investigation into alleged threats against former US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch FBI investigators visit Robert Hyde's home and office Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry once championed by Trump. It found nothing of consequence. Things Aren't Looking Too Hot for Aunt Becky and Her Husband Americans' wine consumption dropped for the first time in 25 years The Filmmaker Who Says M. Night Shyamalan Stole Her Movie Author Says New Film Is Similar to Her Novel Author mulls lawsuit over ''The Village'' 'The Sixth Sense' Ripped Off An 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' Episode & Here's the Proof WATCH: MonoNeon - "Hot Cheetos" [Official Music Video] Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 17, 2020
Rainbow Zeit 1/16: Houston Astros, Odell Beckham Jr, Christopher Tolkien, Aaliyah, Martha McSally
On this edition of Rainbow Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the Houston Astros cheating scandal, Odell Beckham Jr. in hot water for spanking a teammate, Christopher Tolkien passed away at 95, Aaliyah's birthday is today, and Martha McSally goes off on Manu Raju. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 16, 2020
WTF CNN, Receipts?! 1.16.19
In episode 550, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Harper-Rose Drummond to discuss a new water obstacle competition show, the Democratic debates, impeachment updates, a racist YouTuber asking for money, Bill O'Reilly 'not doing well,' a chef asking people to stop taking photos of their food, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and more! FOOTNOTES: Mike “The Miz” Mizanin To Cohost USA Network’s Water Challenge Competition ‘Cannonball’ CNN: “You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman couldn’t win the election?” Docs Reveal Trump and Giuliani‘s ‘Personal Henchmen‘ Were ‘Physically Stalking a U.S. Ambassador’ New Lev Parnas Documents Suggest U.S. Ambassador Was Under Surveillance In Ukraine Did Trump Goons Stalk Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch? Man Who Claimed Lipstick Was Like A Boner On Your Face Can't Get Job Instagram food porn: Top U.K. chef reignites debate over diners’ meal pics Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, and Biggie Lead 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Class WATCH: Bastien Keb - Pork Belly Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 16, 2020
I'm Mr. Zeitside 1/15: Rocky Johnson, Snowpiercer, Aaron Hernandez, Dolittle
On this edition of Mr. Zeitside Jack and Miles discuss the passing of wrestling legend Rocky Johnson, the new Snowpiercer TV show, the Aaron Hernandez Docuseries on Netflix, and Dolittle is bad. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 16, 2020
Sham Trial? Kanye’s New Crew? 1.15.20
In episode 549, Miles and special guest host Blake Wexler are joined by comedian Chris Crofton to discuss the Senate impeachment trail, Republican Senators considering bucking Trump on war powers, a Murdoch family member defending climate change, Felicity Huffman's daughter booking a tv role, Kanye West joining a MAGA Evangelical crew, the history of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and more! FOOTNOTES: White House expects GOP defections on calling witnesses in Senate impeachment trial Senate GOP Wary Of Voting To Dismiss Impeachment Case Early In Trial Up to 10 GOP senators consider bucking Trump on war powers James Murdoch Slams Fox News and News Corp Over Climate-Change Denial FELICITY HUFFMAN DAUGHTER LANDS IN 'TWILIGHT ZONE' ... After College Admissions Scandal Kanye West Joins Dominionist Pro-Trump ‘Prophets’ for Stadium Prayer Rally How Philadelphia Cream Cheese Took Over the World WATCH: Africa Express - Johannesburg Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 15, 2020
Died In Your Arms Tozeit 1/14: Vince Vaughn, Billie Eilish, Build a Bear, Catcher in the Rye
On this edition of Died in your Arms Tozeit Miles and Blake Wexler discuss Vince Vaughn shaking hands with Trump, Billy Eilish making the new Bond song, Build a Bear stocks skyrocket thanks to Baby Yoda, and Catcher in the Rye: Cancelled? Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 15, 2020
Oscars So Homogeneous, Bernie vs Warren? 1.14.20
In episode 548, Miles and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian Alyssa Limperis to discuss Cory Booker dropping out of the presidential race, Secretary of Defense Mark Ester claiming he didn't see any evidence about Iran planning an attack, Trump accepting money to put enlisted members of military at risk, Bernie Sanders getting more endorsements, a private meeting between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie, how meaningless the Dow being up is, the 2019 RITZ Crushed Crackers recipe contest winner, Oscar nominations, and more! FOOTNOTES: Sen. Cory Booker exits the Democratic presidential primary, making the field less diverse Trump's "Many embassies" speech WATCH: Mark Esper says he "didn't see" specific evidence showing Iran planned to strike 4 U.S. embassies Trump claims Saudi Arabia has already deposited one billion dollars “in the bank” in exchange for US troops being sent. He then goes on to talk about South Korea paying $500 million for US troops defending them against North Korea. Bernie Sanders’s Latest Endorsement: Sunrise Movement Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can't win, sources say 'Inequality in a nutshell': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the Dow's record high is meaningless for many Americans 2019 RITZ Crushed Crackers recipe contest winner updates a classic Oscar nominations 2020: See the full list of nominees A Conversation With The Creator Of #OscarsSoWhite Oscars Almost So White as Diverse Nominees Overlooked After 2019's Historic Wins The Awkwafina Oscars Snub Is Even Worse Than You Think Oscar Nominations Presenter Issa Rae Calls Out Female Directors Snub: Congrats to 'Those Men' Universal Has Abandoned Its Academy Awards Campaign For "Cats," Shocking Everyone Who Heard It Was Even A Plan WATCH: Chris Gaines (Garth Brooks) - Lost In You Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 14, 2020
They Zeit Be Giants 1/13: Coyote Cat, Houston Astros, Nikkie de Jager, Dr. Oz
On this edition of They Zeit Be Giants Miles and Jamie discuss Coyote Cat - a cat that fought off neighborhood coyotes, the Houston Astros stealing signs, Nikkie de Jager blackmailed into coming out, Dr. Oz cancels breakfast and Mark Wahlberg is UPSET. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 14, 2020
Pricey Turd Protection, Wokelympics? 1.13.20
In episode 547, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss Mike Pompeo claiming Soleimani posing an imminent threat with no evidence, Steve Mnuchin trying to hide how much is spent on protecting the president, whether or not Harvey Weinstein really needs that walker, the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo, Heinz refusing to stop, Family Feud in Canada, and more! FOOTNOTES: Pompeo reasserts that Soleimani posed imminent threat, but won't define 'imminent' Mnuchin seeks delay of proposed disclosure of Secret Service spending on presidential travel until after election Harvey Weinstein spotted without his walker: Is he only using one for sympathy? We Asked a Doctor If Harvey Weinstein Really Needs That Walker Does Weinstein Need A ‘Go Fund Me’ To Buy A Walker Without Tennis Balls? Harvey Weinstein’s Sympathy Campaign 100 Women vs. Harvey Weinstein  Harvey Weinstein Criminal Lawyer Previews Defense Strategy: Police Misconduct and "Non-Victim" Actresses 2020 SUMMER OLYMPICS BAN ATHLETES FROM KNEELING, FIST RAISING ... In Tokyo Heinz HoneyRacha sauce will arrive in style this spring WATCH: Popeye's favourite food is... Chicken? | Family Feud Canada TICKETS for DAILY ZEITGEIST at SF SKETCHFEST! WATCH: Gary Low-I Want You Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 13, 2020
Weekly Zeitgeist 107 (Best of 1/6/20-1/10/20)
The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 115 (1/6/20-1/10/20.) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 12, 2020
Rhythm of the Zeit 1/10: Sleeping Beauty, Neil Peart, Kendrick Perkins, Selena Gomez, Marianne Williamson
On this edition of the Rhythm of the Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the Sleeping Beauty proposal, Neil Peart has passed away, Kendrick Perkins getting into it with Kevin Durant on Twitter, Selena Gomez album release, and Marianne Williamson has suspender her campaign for presidency. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 10, 2020
WORST. Briefing. Ever. MEGxit 1.10.20
In episode 546, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Dave Huntsberger to discuss needing to write 2020 out on our checks, Iran possibly accidentally shooting down a passenger plane, Michael Bloomberg refusing to release women who sued him from their NDA's, Trump being our 'O.J.,' the Pentagon giving a terrible briefing to senators, woke Taco Bell, Megxit, and more! FOOTNOTES: Do You Really Have to Write Out “2020” on Checks to Avoid Being Scammed? New video shows 'missile' hit Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737 before it crashed killing 176 - after Trump and Trudeau both said attack was a 'mistake' while Iran accuses the West of 'psychological warfare' as it DENIES it blew jet out of the sky Bloomberg won't release women who sued him from NDAs ‘He Is Our O.J.’ 'Absolutely insane': Republican senators turn on Trump over Iran briefing Taco Bell to test paying managers $100,000 a year, nearly double industry standard Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out WATCH: Deaton Chris Anthony - RACECAR feat. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair (Official Video) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 10, 2020
The Nightgeist w Michael Zeiton 1/9: Boosie, Mike Leach, Pokemon Direct, Ghislaine Maxwell, Tom Steyer
On this edition of Michael Zeiton's Nightgeist Miles, Anna, and DJ Danl talk about Boosie wearing Kappa, Mike Leach joins Mississippi State, the latest Pokemon Direct, Ghislaine Maxwell pics are popping up again, and Tom Steyer qualified for the next Dem Debate. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 10, 2020
YOU’VE BEEN DRAFTED LOL! QAnon But Star Wars 1.9.20
In episode 545, Miles and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian and co-host of the Black Men Can't Jump podcast Jonathan Braylock to discuss influencer Emma Chamberlain's thoughts on influencing, updates on the US and Iran tensions, scam texts going out telling people they've been drafted, updates on the impeachment trial, how the Democratic candidates are doing, a NY GOPer blaming his wife for his DUI, a pizza ATM, Oscar Mayer hiring, the JJ cut of Star Wars, and more! FOOTNOTES: 'Influencer' Is a 'Disgusting' Word, Says Extremely Influential Influencer Are You Cool Enough to Know Who Our February Cover Star Is? Iran Fires on U.S. Forces at 2 Bases in Iraq, Calling It ‘Fierce Revenge’ Watch Full Video: Trump’s Address on Iran Texts telling people they’ve just been drafted into the Army are fake, officials say Pelosi Unmoved By McConnell’s Announcement On Having Votes For Senate Trial Sans Witnesses Warren Fundraising Drops, Lagging Behind Other Top Candidates Every American family basically pays an $8,000 ‘poll tax’ under the U.S. health system, top economists say NY GOPer Arrested For DUI Allegedly Blamed Wife For Crash: ‘You Know How Women Drive’ University installs pizza ATM Oscar Mayer has a way with H-I-R-I-N-G D-R-I-V-E-R-S Star Wars Fans Think There's a Secret, Three-Hour J.J. Abrams Cut of The Rise of Skywalker Here's what I've been told from a source that worked on TROS. “Release the JJ cut”: the Star Wars conspiracy that offers fans an impossible fantasy The alleged 'Rise of Skywalker' J.J. Abrams cut is "bullshit." Here's why. TICKETS for Daily Zeitgeist at SF Sketchfest WATCH: Darondo - Didn't I (Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 09, 2020
The Dark Zeit Rises 1/8: Harry & Meghan, Grimes, Lyme Disease, Oscars, College Humor
On this edition of The Dark Zeit Rises Miles and Jamie discuss Harry & Meghan leaving the Royal Family, Grimes is gregnant, Justin Bieber has Lyme disease, the Oscars have no host this year, and College Humor has its doors closed. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 08, 2020
Photoshop of Horrors, We WON’T Do War Crimes? 1.8.20
In episode 544, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Ali Ghandour to discuss Rand Paul's feelings on the current situation, the Pentagon claiming they would not destroy Iranian cultural sites, Iraq signing a letter for the US troops to leave, congressman Paul Gosar posting photoshopped images to prove his dumb points, Harvey Weinstein's trial already being a mess, a new accuser of the president from Fox News, the Avatar sequel, the Tesla car company, updates on Aunt Becky, and more! FOOTNOTES: Rand Paul Rails Against Trump’s Soleimani Strike: ‘I Hate This’ Pentagon Chief Esper Rejects Trump’s Threats To Destroy Iran’s Cultural Sites Iraqi prime minister says unsigned U.S. troop-withdrawal letter sent by mistake COUNTS despite Arabic translation not matching the English⁠—as Pentagon chief vows 'we are not leaving' but Donald Trump insists it will happen 'at some point' A GOP congressman tweeted a fake image of Obama with the Iranian President. They never met. Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape in Los Angeles as N.Y. Trial Starts Harvey Weinstein rebuked by judge for using phone in court Former Fox News reporter says Trump invited her to his office 'so we can kiss' ‘Avatar 2’ Debuts First Look at New Worlds With Nearly Two Years Left Until Release Tesla Is the Most Valuable Car Company In America Ever LORI LOUGHLIN ROWING PICS OF DAUGHTERS NOT SENT TO USC WATCH: Kamaal Williams - New Heights (Visions Of Aisha Malik) (Official Audio) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 08, 2020
Dreaming of a Zeit Christmas 1/7: Kevin Bacon, Shaq and Kobe, Phil Jones, Aubrey Huff, Coachella
On this edition of Dreaming of a Zeit Christmas Jack and Miles discuss Kevin Bacon the hairdresser, who could beat Shaq and Kobe, Phil Jones getting crossed up on the pitch, Aubrey Huff's racist tweets, and the lineups for Coachella and Bonnaroo. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 07, 2020
2020 Food Trends, Goop TV 1.7.20
In episode 543, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marcella Arguello to discuss food trends of 2020, Nancy Pelosi planning a vote on a war power resolution, Trump's unclear Iran strategy, John Bolton planning on testifying if he is subpoenaed, a coalition of congress asking Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade, military leaders threatening Russian oligarchs, Goop getting a Netflix show, the Golden Globes, a palm reader's scam, and more! FOOTNOTES: The hottest food trends of 2020, or chicken sandwiches are soooo last year Pelosi plans war powers resolution over Iran. Here’s how Congress could limit Trump What Is Trump’s Iran Strategy? Few Seem to Know For Trump, the Burden May Be Proving This Is Not the Moment His Critics Predicted Defenders of History Take Aim at Trump’s Threat to Strike Iran’s Cultural Sites Bolton Will Testify In The Senate Impeachment Trial If Subpoenaed Here Are the 207 Members of Congress Who Just Asked SCOTUS to Consider Overruling Roe v. Wade U.S. Cybercom contemplates information warfare to counter Russian interference in 2020 election Goop Crawls Into a Vagina to Promote New Netflix Show WATCH: the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow | Trailer | Netflix The Goop Lab Trailer: It’s Dangerous, It’s Unregulated, and It’s Gwyneth Paltrow Goop has a Netflix deal – this is a dangerous win for pseudoscience Golden Globes: 15 things to know, from ‘The Irishman’ shutout to that racy Obama joke Somerset Police Arrest and Charge Palm Reader with Stealing Over $70,000 from Client Daily Zeitgeist at SF SKETCHFEST tickets WATCH: Sade - By Your Side (CottonBelly Remix) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 07, 2020
Do the Zeit Thing 1/6: Meat Loaf v Greta Thunberg, Puerto Rico, George Lopez, Prodigy 7700, Jeffrey Epstein
On this edition of Do the Zeit Thing Jack and Miles discuss Meat Loaf going off on Greta Thunberg, the earthquake in Puerto Rico, George Lopez' comments 'threatening' Trump, the Prodigy 7700 toilet, and new autopsy pictures of Jeffrey Epstein. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 07, 2020
The WALL-E Chair Is Here, Also WW3 1.6.20
In episode 542, Jack and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian and Facial Recognition Comedy co-host Pallavi Gunalan to discuss Cats, what is going on with Iran with super producer Anna Hossnieh, Kohls x Under Armour trending, Mark Zuckerberg shopping at Costco, the new updated Segway, and more! FOOTNOTES: 'Cats' Visual Woes Began Early On In Production U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces Timeline: How tensions escalated with Iran since Trump withdrew US from nuclear deal Timeline: How the Iran crisis unfolded after Qassem Soleimani's murder FLASHBACK: Trump Predicted Obama Would Attack Iran To Get Re-Elected “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate...So the only way he figures he’s going to get reelected, and as sure as you’re sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.” Bernie on Iran 6 months ago MARK ZUCKERBERG BARGAIN HUNTING ... Shopping At Costco?!? Segway’s newest self-balancing vehicle is an egg-shaped wheelchair TICKETS FOR DAILY ZEITGEIST AT SF SKETCHFEST WATCH: Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Freedom Fry Cover) Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 06, 2020
Update! 1/03
A quick update from Jack, full episode on Monday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 03, 2020
Best Of The Decade!
Jack, Anna, Caitlin Durante, and Shereen Younes discuss what they feel is the most overrated and underrated films, people, music, news stories, and innovations of the last decade. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 02, 2020
The Yearly Zeitgeist 2018/2019
Jack, Anna, and Caitlin Durante go over all the most memorable parts of the 2018 and 2019 years. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 31, 2019
The Yearly Zeitgeist: 2016/2017
Jack, and Miles go over all the most memorable parts of the 2016 and 2017 years. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 30, 2019
The Yearly Zeitgeist: 2014/2015
Jack, Miles, and Danl go over all the most memorable parts of the 2014 and 2015 years. Learn more about your ad-choices at