A Teaspoon of Healing

By Dawn DiMare

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Category: Alternative Health

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Episode 27 – Healthy Skincare with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki
Did you know that our modern skincare habits could be doing us more harm than good? We are doing far more cleaning and scrubbing than we should be. Sensitive skin is on the rise, and when we suffer from eczema, contact dermatitis, rashes and other skin conditions, we often look to the food we eat as the sole culprit. Perhaps it’s the gluten, or the dairy - or perhaps it’s also our soaps, cleansers, shampoo, toners, moisturizers and laundry detergent? My guest is Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, whose main sub-specialty is contact dematitis. She is the author of the best-selling book “Beyond Soap: The Real Truth about What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix it for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow.” Learn how the fragrances and preservatives in our body care products can be damaging to our skin’s microbiome, and how even “natural and organic” products may be contributing to the rise in sensitive skin disorders. Learn all about Dr. Skotnicki's product-elimination "diet." Buy “Beyond Soap” on Amazon and check out her website. Show notes: 3:30 - What is contact dermatitis? 4:00 Why it might not be the food you are eating that’s contributing to your skin rashes 5:00 Are natural products better? How irritating can fragrance from essential oils be? 8:00 Dr. Skotnicki’s “product elimination diet” and why products labeled as “hypoallergenic” may not actually be good for sensitive skin. 9:00 Studies on the sensitive skin epidemic, the rise of atopic allergies and skin conditions - and how we got here. 15:00 Why fragrance is absolutely unnecessary in skincare products and why most products only need about 5-10 ingredients to function. 20:00 The skin’s microbiome and the pH needed to maintain it 23:00 - The effects of over-washing 32:00 Help for acne and other conditions 36:00  Help for aging skin. Why do some people appear age slower than others? 43:00  The skin reset; comparison of different paragons and other preservatives
Sep 17, 2018
Episode 26 – Women and Weight Training with Sara Grey:: Tips for starting a weight training program:: how movement helps you heal :: reclaim your power through fitness
Are you a woman who is new to weight training, or wondering how you can incorporate more weights in your workouts? Are you afraid you might get injured, too bulky, or are you looking for guidance on how to start? Or, are you someone who has been inactive due to illness, a life change or depression, and want to learn how movement is a key to healing? This episode is for you! My guest, Sara Grey, is a three-decade athlete who is passionate about fitness and the weight room. A former NCAA Division 1 athlete and an attorney, Sara runs, weight trains, bikes, hikes, swims and does yoga. She is the Founder and CEO of WANNABE, a company that makes functional protein blends and supplements to help power up the everyday female athlete. We discuss tips on how to get started with a weight-training routine, how working with weights helps your health and weight loss, how to learn the right lifting technique, working with a personal trainer and more! We also talk about the benefits of superfoods, adaptogens and other ingredients to power up your smoothies or protein shakes. Sara is also the host of the Power the Hustle podcast!
Sep 04, 2018
Episode 25: Your Body is Your Ally With Stephanie Burg :: Tap Into Your Body’s Intuition and Recover from Emotional Eating
Learn how to view your body as an ally, tap into its innate wisdom and recover from emotional or disordered eating in this episode! I chat with board-certified nutritional and lifestyle coach, Stephanie Burg. Stephanie was a professional ballet dancer since she was a young child. We discuss her healing journey from injuries she sustained during her dance career, as well as her journey toward learning to love her body from years of disordered eating. After leaving the dance world, she shifted focus to holistic nutrition and now helps women recover from emotional  eating and guides them into seeing their bodies as allies rather than adversaries. Your body’s innate wisdom can help you heal! Emotional eating is a coping mechanism and you can recover from this relationship with food and the shame that accompanies it! Learn more about her coaching programs at stephanieburgcoaching.com. Show notes are below.   [3:12] Introduction [5:00] Stephanie’s background as a professional ballet dancer and her story of healing from disordered eating [18:30] Her realization that she had a new purpose, Holistic Nutrition, as her dance career ended and her journey toward seeing her body as an ally [25:17] How to tap into your body's innate wisdom [27:30] Recovering from emotional eating [30:15] Shame and our relationship with food [34:15] North American culture and the over-availability of junk food [39:42] How holistic nutrition and lifestyle work together [43:40] Cultural differences, enjoying life and enjoying food
Jul 18, 2018
Episode 24 – Detox Your Home with Ron and Lisa Beres
Find out how to remove toxins from your living environment in this episode of A Teaspoon of Healing! I am joined by Lisa Beres of Ron and Lisa, The Healthy Home Dream Team. Lisa is a Building Biologist, certified Green Building Professional and author. We talk about the toxic chemicals found in your home, such as formaldehyde, fragrance, pesticides, and more, as well as their effects on your health. We also discuss ways to make your home healthier. Lisa also shares her story of healing from living in a brand new home that ended up actually being toxic to her health.
Jun 27, 2018
Episode 23 – Healing Crystals with Christy Funk :: Using crystals as healing tools in your practice :: How do crystals align with your chakras :: and more
Learn how to use crystals as tools for healing in this episode of the podcast! My guest is Christy Funk, women's empowerment leader and jewelry designer from Orange County, California. We discuss her journey into empowerment, her background with creating healing jewelry and all about crystals! Learn how to find a crystal that resonates with you, how crystals work with chakras, and using crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, citrine, kayanite and amethyst as healing tools. Show notes are below. [3:30] Christy's background and how she got into female empowerment [7:40] Her work as a jewelry designer and as a healer [9:20] What makes a piece of jewelry healing? [12:00] How do you find crystals that resonate with you? [14:10] The healing power of rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian and citrine, kayanite and selenite [20:00] How to clear and charge your crystals [22:00] How to use the crystals as healing tools [24:10] Where to find good crystals without breaking the bank [29:00] Information about her courses, women's circle and jewelry
Jun 19, 2018
Episode 22 – Inside Out Fitness with Dr. Daphne Erhart
Learn how to be healthy from the inside out! My guest, Dr. Daphne Erhart, is a clinical psychologist who has tips on how to be healthy from an emotional and psychological aspect, as well as physical! Learn how doing the activities you love, rather than forcing yourself into workouts or lifestyles that don't work for you, can help you live your best life! Dr. Erhart is the author of a new book called "Shrink: Become Bulletproof, Move Mountains and Create a Revolution in Your Body for the World to See." We chat about this book, which is about living a healthy, purposeful and FUN life! In addition, she shares her story of self-healing, as well as her father's journey of healing from multiple myeloma. Show notes are below: [2:00] Introduction to Dr. Daphne Erhart, Clinical Psychologist [3:20] About her new book, “Shrink” [6:30] Making healthy living fun by choosing activities & a lifestyle you love [9:00] Being vegetarian and eating plant-based [11:00] The impact of your environment and the people you interact with on your health [13:30] Dr. Erhart’s experience with self-healing [16:45] Her father’s diagnosis with multiple myeloma and his story of healing, his complete change of lifestyle and diet habits
Jun 06, 2018
Episode 21 – The Restaurant Business with Nick Bishop, Owner of Fork-in Aussie Pies
Have you ever thought about opening up your own restaurant, food or catering business? This is the episode for you! Episode 21 is a little detour from our regular programming, but it's still about food and nutrition. I chat with Nick Bishop, the owner of Fork-in Aussie Pies, which has locations in Santa Monica and Inglewood, California, as well as wholesale and catering. Nick shares his tips on getting into the restaurant, food or catering business, how to determine if you have what it takes to work in this competitive industry, how to work with a chef and more. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, his pies differ from traditional Australian savory pies, due to the influence of his chef. We also chat about what an Australian pie is, and how it differs from an English savory pie and about their gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options.
May 31, 2018
Episode 20 – Heal Yourself, Heal the World with Suzanne Hanna :: Face Your Fear and Your Shadow Side to Live a More Inspired Life
Learn how by facing your fears and healing your emotional wounds, you can help heal the world. My guest, Suzanne Hanna, is a healer, visionary, writer, and inspirational speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more positive life. Suzanne is the founder and creator of The Wilderness Walk, which takes people through an internal healing journey while hiking in nature. She shares her personal healing journey and we discuss how facing our shadow side is vital to our growth. We discuss how to face and conquer your personal demons, and by doing that, how we can help heal society. Show notes are below [3:30] Introduction to Suzanne's work, her healing journey, and The Global Healing Collective [5:31] How we can send out ripples of healing from our own internal healing [6:58] Suzanne's wilderness walk and emotional healing journey [10:00] How we "numb out" to avoid discomfort [14:45] How by facing our own fear, anger and divisiveness can change the world [19:51] How pain is a catalyst for growth [24:10] Information about the Global Healing Collective's Walk-Fest event in September 2018
May 16, 2018
Episode 19 – Reiki Attunement: A Discussion :: How to Flex Your Reiki “Muscle” and Other Tips for New Energy Healers
Learn how to flex your Reiki "muscle" as a new practitioner, and how Reiki attunement, the process by which one learns how to practice Reiki, can affect your energy and vibrational level. Reiki master teacher and practitioner, "Reiki Joe" joins me again on this episode. We discuss what can happen energetically after being attuned to Reiki, the importance of flexing your Reiki "muscle," challenges faced as a practitioner and how to deal with the skeptics in your life. Show notes are below: [3:23] Introduction and Joe's background with Reiki [5:46] Dawn's experience being attuned to Reiki level 2 [9:46] The importance of getting Reiki sessions when you are a practitioner yourself [10:00] How to deal with skeptics, either people in your life or prospective clients [21:30] Reiki and Christianity
May 08, 2018
Episode 18 – Emergency Medicine with Dr. Augusto Cigliano, M.D. :: How Holistic Practices Can Keep You Healthy and Out of the ER
Learn about emergency medicine in this episode of A Teaspoon of Healing. My guest, Augusto Cigliano, M.D. is a doctor of emergency medicine in Glendora, California. Learn when you should consider going to the emergency room vs. the urgent care, the effects of stress on your health and Dr. Cigliano's opinion about holistic medicine. He also gives advice to students hoping to get into medical school. The doctor is a ukelele player and vocalist, in both English and Italian, and plays a song for us at the end of the episode! Show notes are below. [3:23] Dr. Cigliano's background and training [10:00] When you should go to the emergency room vs. the urgent care [12:10] His experiences in the ER [14:50] Dr. Cigliano's opinion on holistic medicine [16:00] Effects of stress on your health and how holistic practices can help [19:00] Sugar and inflammation [21:00] Tips for getting into medical school [25:00] Dr. Cigliano plays a tune on the ukelele for us!
May 03, 2018
Episode 17 – Healing From Abuse With Morgan McKean :: Help Recover From a Relationship With a Narcissistic Partner :: Energy-Saving Tips for Empaths
Learn how to heal from an abusive relationship, especially one with a narcissistic partner, in this episode of A Teaspoon of Healing. My guest, Morgan McKean, is an intuitive empath and a healer. She has extensive experience helping clients with relationship issues, especially recovery from narcissistic abuse. She also shares her own personal healing journey from intimate partner abuse. In this episode, you will learn what an empath is, what narcissistic personality disorder is, the narcissistic relationship cycle, and how to heal from a relationship with a narcissist. Visit beingmorgan.com to learn about Morgan's support groups for people involved in or healing from abusive relationships. Show notes are below.   [4:21] What is an intuitive? What is an empath? [15:30] Morgan's history of dealing with abusive relationships [22:00] What is narcissistic personality disorder? [29:50] Red flags that your new partner might be a narcissist [35:34] What is the narcissistic relationship cycle? [44:51] Going "no contact" and the "gray rock method" [51:00] Healing from the trauma
Apr 26, 2018
Episode 16: Plant-Based Nutrition With James & Dahlia Marin
Learn about plant-based nutrition, beating your sugar addiction, reversing pre-diabetes and more in this episode of A Teaspoon of Healing! I chat with James and Dahlia Marin from Married to Health. James and Dahlia are both holistic Registered Dietitians from Orange County, California. James is also an Environmental Nutritionist and Dahlia has a background in functional nutrition. James and Dahlia discuss what conditions can be helped with a whole-food, plant-based diet, the impact of the environment on your nutrition and overall health, helping parents of children who are picky eaters, nutrition for pre-diabetics and diabetics and much more! Visit their website at marriedtohealth.com. Show notes are below. [1:30] Intro and disclaimer [4:54] Dahlia’s journey of healing from pre-diabetes, PCOS and Hashimoto’s and how changing her diet helped cure her thyroid condition [10:14] The effects of your environment on nutrition and your well-being [16:39] Help for families with picky eaters [21:50] Intro to a plant-based diet and the conditions can it can help [25:00] Help with sugar addiction [33:00] Can pre-diabetes or Type II diabetes be reversed with a plant-based diet?
Apr 18, 2018
Episode 15 – Optimize Your Digestion :: The importance of eating in a relaxed state :: the benefits of probiotics fermented foods
Digestion is so integral to our health! Even if you eat the most nutritious food available, if you aren't digesting properly, you won't be reaping all of the benefits of the food you eat. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to optimize digestion. In this episode, Reiki Joe returns and interviews me, Dawn DiMare, about how you can optimize your digestion. I also discuss the benefits of fermented foods and probiotics. This episode is part of a community outreach project that I am completing for my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Please email me at dawn@teaspoonofhealing.com with questions and comments! I welcome all of your input. Show notes are below. [1:00] Introduction and disclaimer [4:40] An overview of digestion and potential issues [8:50] Eat in a relaxed, parasympathetic state [14:58] Optimizing digestion by chewing your food properly [17:53] Why do we need stomach acid? [21:10] Other things you can do to optimize digestion [24:45] The importance of probiotics and fermented foods [27:55] What is fermentation? [35:54] Reiki, relaxation and eating in a parasympathetic state
Apr 04, 2018
Episode 14 – Energize Yourself: A Discussion
Learn how to energize yourself when you're feeling sluggish! Reiki Joe joins Dawn on this episode, and they talk about different ways to "charge yourself up" naturally. They discuss activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, being barefoot in nature, Reiki, crystals, getting enough sleep, putting away your devices, and more. Learn how to get more energy without having to reach for yet another cup of coffee! Show notes are below:   [0:27] Introduction & disclaimer [3:54] Coffee, sugar, adrenal fatigue and the mid-afternoon slump [7:06] Energizing yourself with exercise, especially yoga [8:42] Charging up by connecting with nature and walking barefoot outside [10:00] Smartphones and energy drain. Disable notifications, reclaim your time. [12:00] Meditation as a source of energy [14:00] Crystals and energy [17:00] Recharging with Reiki [19:00] Energizing foods, detoxing from sugar [21:20] The importance of face-to-face social interaction and eye contact
Mar 29, 2018
Episode 13 – Healing From Toxic Relationships with Cindy Lee Cannon
Learn how to heal and reclaim your self-worth after a toxic relationship! My guest, Cindy Lee Cannon, Attorney at Law and Certified Family Law Specialist, shares tips on how to become “you” again after an abusive relationship. These relationships can be with spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, co-workers or friends. Survivors of these relationships are often left with post-traumatic-stress disorder, and it can be difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But rest assured, you CAN heal from this and you CAN reclaim your self-worth! Show notes are below: [0:45] Episode introduction and disclaimer [4:00] Cindy’s background with family law and helping people leave abusive relationships. [8:30] Cindy’s experience dealing with a traumatic childhood. Why do these relationships cause PTSD? [11:08] Cindy’s steps for recovering your self-worth after a toxic relationship. [18:30]Maintaining limited contact when you share custody of children. [21:07] How to forgive yourself and heal from shame. [24:50] Forgiving your abuser
Mar 22, 2018
Episode 12 – Thriving After Trauma with Jennifer Kauffman
This episode is about not only surviving, but thriving after a traumatic event. My guest, Jennifer Kauffman, was at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, waiting for her friend’s son to cross the finish line. A few moments later, 15 feet away, she heard a loud noise and screaming. She soon found out that the noise she heard was a bomb. Ms. Kauffman was one of many people injured during the terrible events of that day. She ended up in the hospital, and eventually, against her doctor’s orders, discharged herself from the hospital. She decided that she wanted to heal naturally, and that’s exactly what she did! Through acupuncture, whole food nutrition, brain integration therapy, and other methods, she was not only able to heal physically from her injuries, but also emotionally, from the traumatic events of that fateful day. She is now thriving! She was a guest author of Jack Canfield’s best-selling novel “Mastering the Art of Success,” where she wrote about her experience. Ms. Kauffman is also about to release her own book: “Shattered - The Boston Marathon I Never Wanted to Run and Did! The Journey of Healing Naturally.” This book is about moving beyond the struggles in your life, as well as healing from trauma naturally! Visit jenniferkauffman.com to learn more about her coaching programs, and to read her chapter in “Mastering the Art of Success.” Show notes are below.   [1:30] Intro & disclaimer [3:48] Her experience at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, being 15 feet away from the bombs [9:02] Her injuries and what happened when she arrived at the hospital [11:30] Her decision to discharge herself from the hospital against her doctors’ wishes, and her quest to heal naturally [13:20] Healing with whole food nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic care and applied kinesiology. Discovering the extent of her injuries. [16:00] Dietary changes to manage the pain due to her injuries [19:08] How she managed her pain naturally [22:30] How the events of that day changed her life [29:00] Her guest author chapter in “Mastering the Art of Success” [31:00] Information about her upcoming book, “Shattered - The Boston Marathon I Never Wanted to Run and Did! The Journey of Healing Naturally” [33:00] How to let go of naysayers in your life. Information about her coaching sessions.
Mar 07, 2018
Episode 11 – Raise Your Vibration With Reiki Joe
This episode is part two of a two-part series about Reiki! Dawn chats with “Reiki Joe,” a Reiki master and practitioner from Phoenix, Arizona. Joe talks about his career change from fraud investigator at a Fortune 500 company to the world of Reiki, explains how Reiki can heal your mind and body, distance Reiki and more. Dawn and Joe also discuss how you can raise your vibration through Reiki, self-care and surrounding yourself with positivity! You can reach Joe for Reiki sessions, either in the Phoenix area or anywhere in the world via distance Reiki, at rootshug@gmail.com or on Instagram at @hyrvibrations. Show notes are below. [1:00] Introduction and disclaimer [2:40] How Joe discovered Reiki and his spiritual awakening [7:08] Joe’s career change from fraud investigator to Reiki practitioner [8:47] What is Reiki and who can it help? [11:30] What is distance Reiki and how is it done? [14:24] The Reiki attunement process [15:56] Being a male healer in a female-dominated industry [17:15] Raising your vibration through love, self-care and positive thinking [19:58] How to contact Joe
Feb 16, 2018
Episode 10 – Reiki – with Kerry Walker-Collins
Learn about the healing art of Reiki! Episode 10 is part one of a two-part series about Reiki. In this episode, I chat with Reiki Master and Practitioner Kerry Walker-Collins, from Laguna Beach, California. She’s been practicing for 11 years. She talks about how Reiki can help you, how it's done and how to become attuned to Reiki. She also provides tips on choosing a Reiki practitioner. Kerry also shares her personal healing journey in the latter part of this episode. Visit mysticreiki.com to learn more about the services Kerry offers in her practice! Show notes are below. [2:50] What is Reiki and who can it help? [9:15] How does one learn, or become attuned to, Reiki? [10:30] How do practitioners channel the reiki energy? [12:15] Is it normal to cry or feel emotional after a Reiki session? [13:38] Reiki and the medical community [17:00] How to find a Reiki practitioner [19:00] Kerry’s personal journey of healing from alcoholism [26:30] How meditation and other practices work along with Reiki.
Feb 07, 2018
Episode 9 – Therapeutic Writing with Laura Di Franco, MPT
Learn how to tap into the power of your intuition and write therapeutically! In this episode, I chat with Laura Di Franco, MPT. Laura is an intuitive writing strategist, holistic physical therapist and third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing. She also teaches intuitive writing workshops, and describes the healing power of writing from your intuition. When you silence your “inner critic,” amazing things can happen while you write! We also chat about her book, “Living, Healing and Tae Kwon Do,” her series of Warrior Journals and her intuitive writing workshops for healers! Visit her website, www.bravehealer.com, for information about Laura’s workshops. Show notes are below: [3:10] What is holistic physical therapy? [6:00] Information about her book, “Living, Healing and Tae Kwon Do.” How is martial arts healing? [11:30] What does “being a warrior” mean? [15:30] Writing as a path to healing and information about her writing workshops. [18:30] Tips for tapping into your intuition and writing with body awareness. [25:15] Information about her online intuitive writing workshop for healers
Jan 31, 2018
Episode 8 – Cancer, CBD Oil and Chemotherapy
Learn about childhood cancer, chemotherapy and CBD oil. Dawn’s guest talks about her child’s diagnosis with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphocytes in the body, and subsequent treatment with chemotherapy. She discussed her decision to use CBD oil to help with nausea abatement during her child’s chemotherapy treatment, effects that it had on recovery and how her child’s eating habits improved. Dawn also answers a listener question from a new mom about losing the baby weight, and provides names of support groups for parents who have recently received similar diagnoses as her guest. One of these organizations is the Max Love Project. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Android, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! You can also visit www.teaspoonofhealing.com to listen to episodes, get show notes, transcripts and read the blog! Show notes are below. [2:00] Dawn answers a listener question from a new mom about losing baby weight [5:50] What is Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma? [9:00] Hospitals, the medical system and stress [12:45] Chemotherapy and its effects on the body [15:00] Using CBD oil for nausea abatement during chemotherapy [17:00] What is CBD oil? How did it help her child during treatment? [21:45] Support groups for parents going through similar experiences. Cannakids.org [24:30] How we can “stack the deck” against cancer. [26:00] Organizations for support with childhood cancer. http://www.maxloveproject.org/
Jan 19, 2018
Episode 7 – Avoiding Sports Injuries with Michael Coyer, DPM
At the beginning of a new year, many of us start or re-start an exercise program or decide to sign up for a triathlon, marathon or other race. While these endeavors have wonderful health benefits, it’s important to ensure that we avoid foot and ankle injuries when starting a new program! In this episode, I chat with Michael Coyer DPM, Podiatrist and Foot & Ankle surgeon based in Orange County, California. He discusses how to avoid the most common foot and ankle injuries when exercising. We discuss proper footwear, the best surfaces on which to run, preventing overuse injuries and more. He also chats about his background and his career change from law enforcement to medicine, and has advice for other career changers. Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Android, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts! Visit www.teaspoonofhealing.com to read my blog or download transcripts! Show notes: [2:00] Dawn’s intro and tidbit about a running injury [4:45] Introduction to Michael Coyer, DPM [7:30]The most common athletic injuries to the foot and the ankle: plantar fasciites, heel pain, Achilles tendon injuries, tendonitis, ankle sprains, and more. [14:00] Injury prevention. Discussion of the athletic shoe types, running techniques, the best surfaces for running & more. [17:00] The best surfaces on which to run and which surfaces might create more potential for injury. [19:00] High heels - are they bad for your feet or not?
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 6 – The Creative Process with Dr. Nicholas Hernandez
Episode 6 is about the healing power of the creative process and meditation. I chat with international award winning sculptor Dr. Nicholas Hernandez from Chapman University. We discuss creativity, which is so integral to our emotional well-being. He also shares his tips and experience with meditation, the stress-buster that boosts our physical health, and calms the mind. We also talk about his background as an artist, some of his new pieces and some upcoming events he will be involved in. Subscribe to A Teaspoon of Healing on iTunes, Android or wherever you get your podcasts! If you enjoy this podcast, please leave me a review and a star rating in iTunes! Show notes: [3:50] Introduction to Dr. Nicholas Hernandez, his background and his latest work. [13:35] Information about an event on January 6, 2018 at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., where one of his sculptures will be installed. [14:00] The healing power of the creative process. [17:00] The importance of practice. [20:00] Meditation and how it helps with stress and the creative process. He shares his meditation tips. [28:00] Depression and its effect on the creative process. Creativity as a tool to beat depression. [32:00] Dr. Hernandez’s upcoming lecture series about the creative process at Chapman University.
Dec 27, 2017
Episode 5 – Forgiveness with Juliette Willoughby
Forgiveness is so important for emotional and physical well-being! It sets you free. Learning to forgive is very powerful, but it isn't easy. In this episode, I chatted with intuitive speaker, trainer and coach Juliette Willoughby from South Lancaster, Massachusetts. We talked about the importance of forgiveness for your emotional and physical health, and the seven steps of forgiveness. We also discuss reclaiming your self-worth after a bad relationship or similar situation, and learning not to stand in someone else’s shadow. We also talk about female empowerment and becoming a “sensuous warrior.” Juliette discusses her upcoming Sensuous Warrior Retreat for women, happening in April 2018! Visit Juliette's website at http://www.creatingyoursoftplacetoland.com. Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! [2:00] A Tidbit about forgiveness [11:00] The seven steps to forgiveness [20:00] Reclaiming your self-worth [24:00] How to stop standing in someone else’s shadow [27:00] What is a Sensuous Warrior? [31:50] Information about Juliette’s Sensuous Warrior Retreat
Dec 13, 2017
Episode 4 – Plant Medicine With Deanna Gabriel Vierck
Learn how to heal with plants! Deanna Gabriel Vierck is a certified clinical herbalist, certified clinical nutritionist and certified flower essence practitioner from Colorado. She joins Dawn on A Teaspoon of Healing to talk about healing with herbs, flower essences and CBD oil. Deanna chats about using herbs from the vitalist lineage to support digestive health, which is the root of so many conditions. Find out how nettles, raspberry leaf, clover, mint, fennel, ginger and other herbs can help support digestive and overall health. She also discusses working with flower essences to heal your mind, body and soul. Deanna also works with CBD oil in her practice, and is an advocate for its use. What is CBD oil and what conditions can we use it for? Deanna tells us all about it! Visit Deanna’s website at www.deannagabrielvierck.com. To learn more about CBD, visit www.projectcbd.org. Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! Show notes: [3:00] Introduction to healing with herbalism and using herbs from the vitalist lineage to aid with digestive health. [7:00] Flower essences - what are they, and how does a practitioner use them for emotional and bodily healing? [18:00] What is CBD oil? CBD vs. THC - which one is psychoactive? Introduction to our endocannabanoid system and the “bliss molecule.” [26:00] Health conditions that are helped by CBD.
Nov 23, 2017
Episode 3 – Heal Your Gut with Nicole Carter
Heal your gut and hear an amazing personal account of healing! In this episode, Dawn chats with wellness educator and health coach Nicole Carter. With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry, Nicole shares tips about how to heal your damaged gut, the “brain-gut connection,” changing your diet, adrenal fatigue, stress management and more! She also shares her own personal journey into healing. Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! Contact Nicole here: www.healthywithnicole.com. Show notes 5:35 Nicole’s personal journey of healing 15:00 How she healed her gut by switching to a paleo diet from a vegan diet, learning stress management techniques. 19:13 Nicole’s opinion on the standard American diet and how we can improve how we eat. 21:42 How to heal your damaged or leaky gut and inflammation by eliminating sugar and changing your diet. 25:00 What is gut health? What is leaky gut? What can we do to heal our gut? 26:50 Candida, antibiotics and gut health. Discussion about dietary changes. 29:00 Stress and adrenal fatigue. The brain-gut connection. 31:30 Information about Nicole’s wellness course
Nov 03, 2017
Episode 2 – Healing Happens with Avital Miller
On this episode of A Teaspoon of Healing, Dawn interviews energy healer and author, Avital Miller. Avital discusses her new book, "Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds." This book is about people who have healed beyond their doctor's diagnosis from conditions like cancer, diabetes, MS and bipolar personality disorder, among others. She also shares her personal healing journey. **  Donate $25 to her Go Fund Me campaign at www.gofundme.com/healing-happens-book and be entered into a drawing to win an energy healing session with Avital! More information here: http://www.avitalmiller.com/energyhealing  ** Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! 2:09 - Introduction to Avital Miller, her background and about her book, “Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds” 3:53 Avital’s personal story of healing and her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. 6:37 The seeds of her book idea. 8:26 Using meditation and yoga to heal, walk again and get off medication for his condition 11:50 Healing through dietary changes and energy healing 14:00 Energy healing - what is it and how does it work? 19:20- How can the medical establishment begin to recognize the holistic community more than they do now? 24:00 Story of Maureen Bell and her healing journey from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 26:40 Key takeaways from her book
Nov 02, 2017
Episode 1 – Beating Breast Cancer with Tracy Dean
On the first episode of A Teaspoon of Healing, we talk with breast cancer survivor Tracy Dean. Tracy shares what it's like to be diagnosed with breast cancer, how to stay positive and healthy while going through chemotherapy and lifestyle tips for survivors. Rebuilding your life after chemotherapy and other cancer treatments isn't often discussed, but Tracy will guide you through this process. We also discuss holistic and alternative healing methods. Show notes are below. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts! 2:08 Introduction to Tracy Dean, her diagnosis and her reaction 5:40 Her signs and symptoms 9:33 Discussion of cancer drugs, chemotherapy and insurance 11:20 Chemotherapy - what is it like? Choosing an oncologist and other medical providers 14:00 Staying positive, healthy and organized during chemotherapy. What is "chemo brain?" 23:30 Vanity and post-chemotherapy changes to your appearance 29:30 Lifestyle tips for breast cancer survivors and how to rebuild your life after chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Exploring holistic healing methods. 37:40 Information about the Team Tracy D Facebook page
Oct 26, 2017