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The podcast about the sex offender registry | Sex Offender News | Sex Offender Policy Analysis

Episode Date
RM253: Chemical Castration: Doesn’t Work But Earns Politicians Votes
This podcast focus on the latest attempt to enact Chemical Castration legislation for PFRs. The latest attempt, House Bill 128, comes out of New Mexico. If passed, New Mexico would become the 9th state to have some form of legislation related to chemical castration and registered sex offenders, or PFRs. Representatives Stefani Lord, who co-sponsored […]
Feb 01, 2023
RM252: When Is Entrapment Not Entrapment?
Tonight’s podcast takes a deep dive into online stings where police officers pose as teens in adult chat rooms. Our guest has done independent research on the legality of these type of cases. We explore them from a child safety situation and conclude that men propositioning minors in adult chat rooms does not happen unless […]
Jan 24, 2023
RM251: The Wheels of Justice Grinds Us Slowly
Tonight’s podcast features three cases–the Butts County Halloween victory, a 7th Circuit of Appeals case, and the latest from the Pacific Legal Fund/ACSOL challenges. And we have learned in following court cases that these cases take ages to finish. And even after there’s a win, the case isn’t always over. Take the Butts County Halloween […]
Jan 17, 2023
RM250: Register as Soon as You Can as Soon as You Can Figure out the Rules
We have a returning guest whose husband is in military custody. Our podcast does a deep dive into registration requirements for PFRs released from federal custody. How quickly should a PFR register? When does the clock for registration begin? What happens if you don’t register? PFRs in military custody generally have fewer resources available to […]
Jan 10, 2023
RM249: Plead Guilty and You Stay Guilty
Most defendants face the dilemma of taking a guilty plea. A trial will be expensive. The prosecution will lessen the charges if you plead guilty. And if a defendant goes to trial and loses, the unstated “trial penalty” often results in a harsher sentence. Sometimes a defendant takes the plea with the hope of latter […]
Dec 23, 2022
RM248: Does child pornography drive sex offender laws?
If the government knows it is on the internet, why doesn’t it take it down? What is the legality of keeping illegal material available for people to find? We discuss whether it is a conspiracy or a way for the law enforcement apparatus to continue to make money through the arrest and conviction of those […]
Dec 13, 2022
RM247: The Difference Between an Extradition and a Probable Cause Hearing?
Add extradition versus probable cause hearings to the process of retaking versus revocation, and it’s enough to make one’s head spin. We take a deep dive into extradition and probable cause hearings and explain A PFR involved in the extradition process would benefit from a probable cause hearing, but they rarely get one. This is […]
Dec 06, 2022
RM246: Interstate Compact Transfers
We take a deep dive into how to get an interstate compact transfer in this episode of Registry Matters. The rules for interstate transfers are confusing and unclear. We give advice on how to start the process, which is through your probation officer, what to expect, and the hurdles and hoops a PFR has to […]
Nov 22, 2022
RM245: Idaho Crimes Against Nature Causes the State to Settle Doe v. Wasden
Our big case this week is a victory in Idaho for PFRs who were put on the registry because of Idaho’s crimes against nature laws. Men caught having sex would be placed on Idaho’s registry even though the Supreme Court had ruled that anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional. On behalf of three men, the ACLU took […]
Nov 15, 2022
RM244: Doe vs. Swearingen: A Victory in Florida?
Our main case is out of Florida, John Doe vs. Swearingen. It’s an ex post facto challenge. The plaintiffs, whose offenses predate the 1997 Florida registry, currently must follow registration rules from the 2018 amendments to Florida’s registry laws. The court ruled against the plaintiffs, who appealed the ruling. The appeals court ruled in their […]
Nov 08, 2022