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The podcast about the sex offender registry | Sex Offender News | Sex Offender Policy Analysis

Episode Date
RM268: Sixth Circuit Quickly Affirms Dismissal of Class Action Filed by Registrants in Michigan
In this episode, Andy and Larry discuss a case before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that has already been decided. The plaintiffs in the case sought damages from high-ranking Michigan officials, alleging that they oversaw and failed to stop unconstitutional actions by the police. The district court initially dismissed the complaint on various grounds, […]
Jun 05, 2023
RM267: Adam Walsh Act and International Travel: Debunking Myths
In this episode, we delve into the complex intersection of sex offender registration laws and international travel. Our guest, Larry, seeks advice on his ability to travel internationally as a pilot without providing advance notice to sex offender registration authorities. The initial response suggests that there are no legal barriers to such travel, as the […]
May 23, 2023
RM266: The Albuquerque Police Officer Sex Case: A Case Study in Negotiated Pleas
Learn about negotiated plea deals and defense strategies in high-profile cases from this podcast discussion. The hosts explore the case of former police officer Joshua D., accused of child solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and discuss the challenges of negotiating a plea deal in a high-profile case. They also share strategies […]
May 16, 2023
RM265: Demystifying the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
The conversation is about the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision and how it can be confusing. The issue was raised by a question in the Legal Corner about a person who was transferred from Arizona to New Mexico and did not receive a review hearing after five years of supervision, as mandated by New […]
May 09, 2023
RM264: Wyoming Supreme Court Rules Against DCI in Sex Offender Registration Case
On Registry Matters 264, we dive into a case where the Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled that the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) overstepped its authority by requiring a Casper man to register as a sex offender 20 years after he was convicted of a misdemeanor sexual battery charge in Georgia. The court found […]
May 02, 2023
RM263: Cruel and Unusual Punishment Is not Punishment
Most people who have to register for a sexual offense think the registry seems like punishment. But is it “cruel and unusual” punishment? Making it difficult for individuals to find places they can live seems cruel. Some of the restraints placed upon registrants seem cruel as well. And it is unusual that individuals would have […]
Apr 25, 2023
RM262: Risk for Reoffense – Who Decides?
The Static-99 is the most commonly used tool for sex offender risk assessment. Although many states are moving away from using risk-based assessments to offense-based models so they can comply with the Federal Adam Walsh act, some states still use assessments like the Static-99. A case from Rhode Island centers on another risk-based assessment tool, […]
Apr 18, 2023
RM261: Police Stings–Preying on Human Emotions Works
Police stings, where officers go into adult chat rooms and pretend to be an under-aged person, continue to be an important topic. A member of CAGE (Citizens Against Government Entrapment) is our guest. We cover a range of topics, including sentencing guidelines, constitutional issues, and are police stings entrapment if law enforcement is pretending to […]
Apr 04, 2023
RM260: Behind the Broken Promise of Plea Bargains
Today’s podcasts focuses on plea deals and whether a person should take one. The Plea Bargain Task Force studied the plea deal system for several years. It concluded that the plea deal system needs to be more fairer and more transparent. What would that look like? For one, defendants should be made aware of the […]
Mar 28, 2023
RM259: Federal Judge Blocks Expanded Residency Restrictions in Rhode Island
We devote much of the show to good news out of Rhode Island, where a federal judge ruled that residency restrictions that were applied retroactively are unconstitutional. The Rhode Island law would have required tier-three PFRs to move out of the expanded residency zone, even if they owned a home within it. The judge saw […]
Mar 21, 2023