Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

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 Aug 10, 2018

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 Jul 15, 2018


Coffee Convos is hosted by Kail Lowry of MTV's Teen Mom and Lindsie Chrisley of USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best. These two reality stars come from totally different worlds, but have become close through their shared experiences as mothers, reality stars, and women. They share who they really are and talk about the issues they face every day. They don't always agree, but they love to have lively discussions about motherhood, friendship, television, family, and life in the public eye. Coffee Convos will feature all the latest in their busy lives, recommendations for other moms, and rants about trying to balance it all.

Episode Date
EP57: Kail's Launch Party, Elf On The Shelf, Relationship Advice

Kail explains why she was in the middle of fasting & decided to have breakfast, why she forgot Lincoln’s lunch & it’s only Monday. Lindsie talks about the life lessons of “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” & Kail admits to sneaking Chinese food into the theater. Lindsie talks about how she almost got ran over at Target. Kail discusses the chaos of her launch party. They discuss Elf On The Shelf, Kail talks about why they don’t do Santa & how it’s different than her childhood. Kail talks about having a hard time w/ punishing Isaac.They discuss ex-boyfriends trying to burn a house down, & more! 

Dec 06, 2018
BONUS EP2: Marriage, Divorce, & Fighting For Your Family

Kail & Lindsie brought you another bonus episode! Kail talks about filming w/ MTV & reconnecting w/ her sister. Lindsie talks about how Will & Jackson are always fighting. They discuss struggles as parents & worrying about their kids. Kail talks about what her kids have been exposed to. They discuss divorces from a child’s view, the parents perspective, & the importance of being truthful. Lindsie answers divorce questions about why she decided to work on her marriage. Kail talks about explaining drugs to Isaac, his experience w/ ghosts & Lindsie talks about Jackson’s imaginary friend. Kail answers questions about her relationship w/ Lauren. 

Nov 30, 2018
EP56: Tower of Terror, Family Photo Disaster, & Mom Shaming

Kail & Lindsie talk Cyber Monday & Black Friday shopping. They follow up on IVF & gender selection & how it actually works. Lindsie talks about her day at Disney & Kail talks about being a fan of Disney from her couch. Lindsie talks about the Hall of Presidents & why she thought the animatronics were real. Kail discusses her PodHead launch party. Kail talks about her disastrous family pictures. They discuss mom shaming & how women should rally together. Kail talks about her son being color blind.

Nov 29, 2018
EP55: Home Intruders, Vaping, & Wild Fires

Kail reveals why she has to scale back. Lindsie seeks advice on how to get respect from her dog. Lindsie talks about why she’s obsessed w/ eyelash extensions. Kail talks about a horrifying experience w/ a home intruder. Lindsie answers Disney questions. They debate cry babies vs daredevils. They discuss the recent shooting & why parents are teaching their kids how to treat deadly wounds. They talk about vaping & how they are confused when/how it became a thing. Lindsie talks abou how she thinks Will is trying to kill her with her back roller.

Nov 22, 2018
BONUS EP1: Christmas Lists, Flipping The Bird, & Helicopter Mamas

Kail & Lindsie brought you a surprise episode! Kail talks about why it looks like a bomb exploded in her office. They talk about Christmas gifts, Kail talks about not being tech savvy & why she’s not on the same page w/ Lindsie making lists. They discuss Lincoln flipping people off & why Lindsie thought this was illegal. Lindsie talks about her first click list experience. They discuss helicopter parenting & why Lindsie wants to improve. They talk about how being exposed to things can be beneficial. They talk about negotiating with your kids. They follow up on Kail’s child support issues. They talk about why Lindsie has over 200 text messages & more.

Nov 16, 2018
EP54: Child Support Drama, Christmas Party, & Forgotten Babies

Kail & Lindsie get caught up & debate drive-thru vs. going in. They discuss child support & why Kail feels Jo was plotting behind her back. They discuss birthdays & how time flies when you’re having fun. Kail answers questions about her book & the Coffee Convos' Christmas Party! They talk about being work from home moms & how it's nice to go out & dress up! Lindsie talks about a man sitting in animal feces on a flight, a man executed in Tennessee, & a baby forgotten in a daycare.

Nov 15, 2018
EP53: Sexual Fetishes, Puberty, & Social Media Anxiety

Kail talks about how she never went to the dentist growing up. Lindsie discusses people w/ alien fetishes. They discuss emails they’ve gotten about selling their underwear & high heels. Lindsie tells a story from when she was dating & why she thought Will had something wrong because of the kind of socks he wore. They talk about morning routines. Kail talks about having to split her times 3 ways & how hard it can be. Kail talks about puberty & going through it w/ a son. Lindsie talks about how sometimes “because I said so,” is good enough. Kail talks about a picture on Instagram that shows her nipples & how people were offended. They discuss social anxiety created by social media.

Nov 08, 2018
EP52: Custody Agreements, Co-Parenting Disasters, & Threesome Gone Wrong

Kail & Lindsie follow up on her co-parenting situation w/Javi. They discuss custody agreements & why it’s best to stick to them. They discuss a woman w/ aggressive breast cancer, who froze her eggs, got a divorce ending w/ a legal battle over the eggs. They talk about a woman trying to bite off a mans genitals & why Kail thinks these things always happen in FL & Lindsie thinks it’s always SC. They discuss the recreation of the Titanic. They talk about Spirit Airlines & how they think its a total scam. They have a hilarious Q&A.

Nov 01, 2018
EP51: Baby Showers, Co-Parenting, & Fan Q&A

Kail is back! Lindsie talks about her mystery illness could have been a deadly salad. Kail talks about planning a baby shower for her sister & how excited she is to have a girl. Lindsie talks about a company that gives rides to minors & how they feel about it. Kail discusses co-parenting with Javi & gives all the updates. They discuss 11 infants found at a funeral home in Detroit. They have a debate about paper plates & bars of soap. Lindsie wants to know how pubes get on a bar of soap. They discuss men wearing fanny packs across their chest & wonder why it’s a thing. They wrap up this week with a fun fan Q&A

Oct 25, 2018
EP50: Special Guest Susie Meister, Disney World, Bullies and Tough Love!

This week, in Kail's absence, Lindsie catches up with guest host, Susie Meister; Coffee Convos producer, Religious Studies PhD, Recovering MTV Reality Star, and host of The Brain Candy Podcast! The couple have fun discussing Lindsie's personality, noting that Lindise is not like your average TV personality. Lindsie shares a story about Jackson receiving a Game Medal for his soccer skills. In contrast, Susie's son doesn’t even know about organized sports! They go on to talk about Disney World, and why Lindsie is so optimistic about it being the happiest place on earth! They both wonder, like we all do, whether people are stealing things out of unattended strollers in the park? They talk about bullying incidents at school, and give great insight from a parents perspective. Is it true that your meanest friend is the one that wants what’s best for you? They talk about volunteering at school, field trips, and also what it’s like being a helicopter parent, rounding things off with a fun and relatable Q&A! 

Oct 18, 2018
EP49: Sex, Single Motherhood, Dieting, & Divorce Filings

Kail talks about being a single mom. Lindsie discusses why your bedroom should only be for sex & sleep. They talk about getting wrapped up in technology. They talk about Jo & Vee’s wedding & why Kail attended. Lindsie talks about her mystery illness that might be soda withdrawal. Lindsie shares a story about preschool kids getting zip-tied at school for punishment. Lindsie answers questions y’all have about Halloween. They have a debate about Pizza Lunchables. Lindsie talks updates since she left the show. They talk about how it feels to file for divorce & more.

Oct 15, 2018
EP48: Dating, PTSD, & Sexual Harassment

Kail & Lindsie catch up w/ Kail’s friend Danielle. She talks about being the most requested guest. They talk about being able to put your phone down while on vacation. Danielle fills us in on her dating life. Kail talks about having PTSD from past relationships. They discuss why communication is so important in relationships & what their love language is. Lindsie talks about how nice she thinks it is to use Mr. & Mrs. Danielle talks about how its refreshing that Kail & Lindsie hangout w/ “normal” people & not just tv people. They talk about why some people are silent about harassment & why it’s not okay. 

Oct 04, 2018
EP47: Childhood Cancer Awareness, Advocating for Your KId, & TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress

Kail & Lindsie talk w/ special guest Anna Thompson about her son's battle w/ cancer. They discuss how Lindsie met Lake while visiting Children’s. They talk about how important it is to join Be The Match if you are 18-44 you can join & swab for free. Lindsie talks about faith & how she feels believers get peace from God when they are facing death. They talk about mom anxiety & how you are forever worrying. Anna talks about going on TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’ & how she picked her wedding dress 2 days before her big day. They discuss being an advocate for your kids, they don’t have a voice & it’s your job. 

Sep 27, 2018
EP46: Bachelor Scandals, Reality TV Divorce, & Internet Trolls

Kail updates Lindsie on the current status w/ Chris. Kail put an offer on a house & says why change is hard. Kail shares her luggage packing philosophy--“as long as you change your panties, you’re fine." They discuss Mac Miller & his secret girlfriend. They debate the latest Bachelor in Paradise scandal & how social media ruined the show. Lindsie talks about her divorce playing out on tv & why she thinks you shouldn’t be on reality tv unless you’re willing to be vulnerable. Hear whether reality tv is “scripted” & more.

Sep 20, 2018
EP45: Pregnancy Kicks & Being Friends w/ The Opposite Sex

Kail & Lindsie talk about being parents w/ preschoolers on the 1/2 day schedule & balancing it w/ work. Kail talks about being overwhelmed w/ life. They talk about Halloween costumes & how they choose. Lindsie talks about feeling pregnancy kicks & why this freaked her out. They talk about running on empty & if it's possible to overdose on caffeine. They discuss dreams for your children & how their dreams don’t always align w/ yours. They talk about being friends w/ the opposite sex & whether it works.

Sep 13, 2018
EP44: Fear, Killers, & Kail's Twitter War

Kail & Lindsie talk about how hard it is to plan to do anything with friends when you have kids. Kail talks about her Twitter War w/ a cast member. Lindsie tells us a story about a woman that was eaten by an alligator, the Madden shooting, & a man who killed his daughters & wife. They talk about Chelsea DeBoer’s newest addition. They discuss caropool & how much howework is required of kids these days. Plus, they answer Instagram questions.

Sep 06, 2018
EP43: Finding Kail’s Mom, Getting Sideswiped & Gunshots at a Red Light

Kail reveals how she got sideswiped & why her trolls think she bought Chris a car. Lindsie talks about Jackson's adjustment to (& struggle w/) school. She found dog poop in her washing machine & tells how it got there. They talk about how people can't get away w/ anything due to Direct Messages. They discuss why they're interested in other couples' dynamics. Kail updates us on the search for her mom & how she’s feeling. They follow up on the intern who staged a murder & Lindsie talks about hearing gunshots at a red light.

Aug 30, 2018
EP42: Teen Mom OG’s Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra, Addiction, & Counseling

Kail & Lindsie catch up w/ Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG! Tyler & Catelynn discuss their new cast mate. Tyler gives an update on where Butch is today. Kail shares how addiction causes her to be angry & asks advice on reconnecting w/ her mom. They discuss how difficult it is to parent your parent. Lindsie talks about expectations on relationships & how people don’t all have the same abilities, & how she was forced to deal w/ emotions after having marriage issues. Lindsie says Disney creates unreasonable expectations for kids & how she struggles w/ perfectionism daily.  

Aug 23, 2018
EP41: Teen Mom Casting, Radio Lunchbox, & Opposites Attract

Kail & Lindsie discuss how they're opposites, but work so well together. They chat w/ Radio Lunchbox from The Bobby Bones Show & why Lindsie thought Bobby Bones was tweeting her. Lunchbox tells why he's a Teen Mom fan & why he wanted to be on the Real World. They discuss why certain girls were picked to be Teen Moms. Lunchbox talks about the girls on the show that he does & doesn't like. They talk about Instagram, what they're doing to  get on Bobby’s good side, & why controlling relationships don’t work. Lindsie & Lunchbox settle the dispute of who’s the best napper & Lunchbox gives the details on Babybox.

Aug 16, 2018
EP40: Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout McKinney, Shark Tank, & Baby Fever

Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout McKinney talks about social media, marriage, & her kids. Maci updates us on her adoption plans. They discuss their feelings on Bristol Palin joining the cast, the live video Farrah posted at the vet, & what is going on with Ryan. Maci reveals what we can expect for the new season. They discuss Javi’s timeline & how messy it was. Kail reveals why she hooked up w/ Javi. Lindsie talks about crying on camera & Kail explains why she cries at everything. 

Aug 09, 2018
EP39: Sixteen and Pregnant's Lindsey Nicholson, NICU Babies, Adoption and Kail's Stomach Bug!

Today, the ladies are joined by special guest, Lindsey Nicholson from Season 4 of Sixteen and Pregnant. They talk about the girls that were on her season, and where they're now. Lindsey updates us all on life, and shares details on her NICU twins. She also tells us what it's like to leave your babies at the hospital whilst going home completely empty. They talk about the very unfortunate staph infection & how the chance of survival is so low. Lindsey's husband felt defeated when the doctors didn't have the answers. They discuss financial struggles & her husband being forced to go back to work during this horrible time.  They discuss adoption & more! Check out @Paisleyannboutique_  to keep up with her story & shop her new store! 

Aug 02, 2018
EP38: Filming Reality TV, Bristol Palin, & Diaper Drama

Kail talks about single mom struggles & a day in her world w/ 3 boys. They discuss what it's like being on reality tv & how things come across wrong because of the stress of being a mom & working. They talk about Bristol Palin Teen Mom OG & how they think it will affect the show. Kail talks about a new show on E! & why she cannot relate to it. Lindsie reveals why Jackson now wants a sibling. Kail talks about how lonely it is not having a family & how she loves that her boys have each other. They talk about home renovations, a pharmacist going missing, & a hot car death. 

Jul 26, 2018
EP37: Justin Bieber Engagement, Teen Moms OG, & Guest Jemmye from the Challenge

Kail & Lindsie talk about Kylie Jenner on Forbes & have a debate over Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin. Find out who is team Selena & who is team Hailey. They chat w/ Jemmye from MTV’s The Challenge about getting buried alive, gameplay, & twitter beefs! They talk about whether they'd go on The Challenge. They reveal how they feel about Teen Mom OG. They talk about a scandal w/ a CaraMaria & a guy from Bachelor in Paradise. Plus, Lindsie tells a story about a possible ghost in her house

Jul 18, 2018
EP36: Tough Love, MySpace Memories, & Fish Pedicures

Kail & Lindsie talk about giving their kids tough love. Kail describes the struggle of taking family pictures. They take it back to middle school & talk about their Myspace profiles. They discuss how they bag everything for Goodwill & never take it in. Find out why Kail is looking for a job, but Lindsie thinks it’s a phase. They talk about fish pedicures & why they're scary.  Lindsie reveals a scary snake encounter she had. And they discuss declining fertility rates. Go to for a deal on the best way to listen to audiobooks!

Jul 12, 2018
EP35: Setting Traps, Private Investigators, & More Babies

Lindsie reveals why she wants to hire a private investigator. Kail talks about why she might get a breast reduction. They talk about a weird sexual statistic you wont believe. Both say it has never happened to them. They debate whether sexual videos are really that popular. Kail & Lindsie bought a website for their merch, which leads to a funny story about a man in China. Lindsie talks about having second thoughts about wanting another child. They theorize what their kids do w/ their dads when they aren’t around.

Jul 05, 2018
EP34: Tabloid Rumors, Subway Murder, & Guests Lincoln & Isaac

Kail & Lindsie welcome Isaac & Lincoln. They talk about frogs in Kail’s pool & how she’s convinced someone put them there.  Kail talks about someone from Teen Mom releasing crickets into someone’s apartment & wonders if there’s a correlation? Lindsie talks about recent tabloid rumors about her. Lindsie talks about a murder case at Subway & she tells a story about her neighbor cutting his grass w/ scissors. They talk about being emotional & how some times things bother them more than they should.

Jun 28, 2018
EP33: Kail's Trip to Europe, Kate Spade, & Poor Life Choices

Kail talks about Europe & Lindsie reveals why she fears traveling to foreign countries. Find out why Lindsie took tons of Kraft Mac & Cheese to Hawaii. They weigh in on Kate Spade's suicide. If you know someone who needs help or you yourself need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK. They discuss the murder of JonBenet Ramsey’s Forensic Psychiatrist. Kail talks about poor life choices &. Lindsie talks about how she prioritizes things. 

Jun 21, 2018
EP32: Fan Follow-ups, Dad Babysitting, & Childhood

Kail talks about her invite to the MTV Movie Awards. We talk about dads “babysitting” their own kids, husbands or bfs with bad manners, & Jackson’s expectations for his future wife. Lindsie reveals how homeownership changed her. They talk about how they were raised & how they are raising children. Lindsie talks about being a conflicted meat eater & Kail talks about the 2 meals she remembers her mom making. Lindsie talks about a woman in Britain whose doctor took our her ovaries without asking. Give your input on our merch on @coffeeconvospodcast instagram.

Jun 14, 2018
EP31: Javi & Girlfriend Expecting, Future of Coffee Convos, & Infertility

Kail & Lindsie talk about Kail going on a dating show! Lindsie thought Kail was undercover dating her friend, tune in to hear more! They discuss the new episode of Teen Mom 2 & Javi & his girlfriend expecting! Lindsie talks about a nail experience & how she wants to open a salon. They discuss the future of Coffee Convos. Plus, Kail & Lindsie welcome guest Megan Smalley to talk about infertility. Tune in to hear this amazing story! If you want to follow Megan’s podcast to hear more about infertility tune in to Give Grace Podcast. 

Jun 07, 2018
EP30: Playboy Model Suicide, Amphitheater Accident, and School Shooting

Kail & Lindsie return home from New York City! Lindsie talks about how sad it is that Toys R Us is closing all their stores & how it’s a favorite past time. If you got a direct message that asked you if you liked medical equipment, would you be afraid? They talk about a horrific story of a former Playboy model while they were in the city last week. Kail talks about being in dark places in her life & how she wishes that she could help people understand that things will get better. Tune in for more. Lindsie talks about an accident she witnessed last summer with Jackson, a mother & her baby & an older lady killed by a teen driver at an amphitheater.  They discuss the latest news on JonBenet Ramsey, Tune in to catch their thoughts. They talk about their thoughts behind euthanasia. What do you think about this topic? Let us know! They talk about findings from the CDC from public pools & hot tubs. Kail talks about school projects & how excessive she thinks they are. They briefly discuss the fight at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion 

May 31, 2018
EP29: Adoption, Kail's Dating Show, & Sperm banks

This week Kail & Lindsie were in NYC for the Teen Mom Reunion & interview w/ Chelsea Houska DeBoer! They talk about the baby on the way, Aubree becoming a DeBoer, & Adam’s current situation. Do Chelsea & Cole EVER fight? They talk about recreating the Simple Life & want to know who would be interested in watching? They talk about the time Kail was going to find a match on Farmers Only. Lindsie talks to Chelsea about being a child from the 1st marriage & her adoption story. They talk about people being social media parents & how Chelsea talks to Aubree when it comes to Adam. Tune in to hear this amazing interview! 

May 24, 2018
EP28: Kail's Date, Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy, & Lindsie's Stalker

Kail & Lindsie talk about how excited they are for NYC, podcasting w/ Chelsea, & Teen Mom Reunion! They discuss Kail's date she's being shady about. Lindsie feels like the show has turned into Gossip Girl! Lindsie talks about her e.Coli scare when she thought she was dying. They discuss a crazy gel manicure story. Hear why the “choking game" is a terrible trend. Lindsie talks about her stalker trying to add her on Facebook. They disagree on the Kylie Jenner baby daddy rumor, who thinks the baby belongs to the bodyguard? Lindsie’s son Jackson joins them for an adorable interview! 

May 17, 2018
EP27: Teen Mom 2 Premiere, Reunion Mystery Guest, & An Almost Kidnapping

Kail & Lindsie talk about the premiere of Teen Mom 2 & the Javi & Briana dating story. Kail reveals how Lux got his name & Lindsie talks about naming Jackson & why she couldn’t wait to do it.They discuss how there will be behind the scene footage of the podcast on Teen Mom 2. Lindsie is glad baseball season is over. Kail reveals why she has a mystery person for the reunion, but won't say who it is! They discuss Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, dating websites, & Mackenzie McGee’s scam podcast deal. Lindsie talks about how she almost got kidnapped.

May 10, 2018
EP26: Twitter Drama, Meditation, Jersey Shore, & Kail's Boyfriend?

Kail talks about people getting butthurt over tweets. Lindsie talks about how she went on a retreat & got a mental reset. Hear about our meditation experience. Would you come on a Coffee Convos retreat? They discuss Ronnie from Jersey Shore & his love triangle w/ his baby mama & Sam. They discuss Bill Cosby & how terrible it all was. They talk about a family inbreeding for generations before getting caught. Kail claims Post Malone is her bf. Lindsie talks about how Will went to Texas for 3 days unannounced. Jackson learns to ride a bike & they are debating about starting a Youtube channel. 

May 03, 2018
EP25: Teen Mom Makeup Drama, Lindsie’s Car Accident, & the 911 Operator

Kail & Lindsie have a late night chat about Lindsie's car accident & why Kail’s baby daddy, Chris Lopez, is dying to come on @CoffeeConvosPodcast. They discuss baby-proofing, a 911 operator hanging up on calls, & Teen Mom drama. This week it was Leah Messer’s daughter's makeup. They talk about the upcoming reunion, where they'll interview Chelsea DeBoer. They debate having Farrah’s dad on. Kail thinks she had a fire. Wait till you hear what it really was! Plus, Kail finally gets a special w/ MTV. 

Apr 26, 2018
EP24: Love at First Sight, Vacations w/ Kids & Kardashian Scandal

Kail and Lindsie discuss what it's like to travel with kids. Kail talks about falling in love-at-first-sight with a man while she was away. Would you be impressed by someone who can hold their breath underwater for 4 minutes? This is a story that you won't want to miss. Lindsie let go of her germaphobic ways for a zoo adventure with Jackson. They discuss Cancun murders and how terrifying it is for tourists. They talk about Japan's school lunches. Kail wants to learn to garden, if any of you garden, head to instagram @coffeeconvospodcast and drop your tips! Kail talks about her baby’s birthday and her hopes for his dad and family. Plus, they discuss the Tristan Thompson scandal. 

Apr 19, 2018
EP23: Donald Trump Jr., Reality TV Nonsense & Kail Interviews Lindsie & her husband Will

Kail and Lindsie talk about the end of the school year and what's in store for summer. They wanted to talk about Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards Teen Mom OG drama, but were shut down. Kail talks about baby daddy drama. They discuss Stormi Daniels 60 Minutes interview & Donald Trump Jr.’s affair with Aubrey O’Day. They discuss drama is involved in reality tv & how it affects you as a person. Lindsie discusses her separation, filing for divorce & they welcome Will for a fun interview!

Apr 11, 2018
EP22: Kids' Milestones, NYC Flashers, Male & Female Stereotypes

Kail and Lindsie catch up from the last couple of weeks of travel and guests on the show! Lindsie talks about how she cried over one of Jackson’s milestones, and Kail can relate. Kail talks about a crazy New York City experience with a naked man wearing nothing but tennis shoes. Kail talks about a shady DM situation and how she got hit on by someone who has a girlfriend. They talk about how society shapes kids and how they are both teaching their kids to think outside of the box. They talk about an upcoming NYC girls weekend & the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Plus, Naked & Afraid, future podcast plans, & More. 

Apr 05, 2018
EP21: Mental Health, Reality & Family Life w/ Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG

Kail and Lindsie talk about how Teen Mom works and how often the cast of the shows cross paths. They welcome Tyler and Catelynn, and hear about Cate’s journey after treatment. Cate talks about genetic testing for mental health & how beneficial that has been for her. They give an update on Carly and her relationship with Nova. Kail talks about what it was like not meeting her sister until adulthood. They talk about their kids being exposed to reality tv. Lindsie talks about how she wants to keep her child's life as "normal" as possible. They discuss new girls in the franchise, Farrah’s dad Michael sending a request to be on Coffee Convos, miscarriages, and more, make sure you tune in! This is one you don’t want to miss! For 30 days of free premium Picniic, the amazing app that helps get you totally organized, go to and use code PODPIC

Mar 29, 2018
EP20: Kail & Lindsie talk w/ Mackenzie Mckee from Teen Mom 3

Kail and Lindsie catch up after travel and sickness that hit both their families. Kail can't remember if she’s met Mackenzie, but remembers a spat about a porn scandal with Vivid Entertainment. They talk with Mackenzie about the drama when they joined the show. Mackenzie tells us how MTV cut ties with the Teen Mom 3 girls & how she recently wrapped something with MTV! Is she going to be on Teen Mom OG? Listen for the scoop! Mackenzie gives us an update on her mom's cancer and an update on her “beef” with Briana.You don’t want to miss this one! For a free month of Premium Picniic, the awesome app that will get you totally organized, go to and use code PODPIC!

Mar 22, 2018
EP19: He's Back--Javi Returns & Is Completely Unfiltered

Kail and Lindsie have Javi back on & he gives himself the title of “Coffee Convos' Favorite Guest.” Kail & Lindsie talk about wanting Javi to come to Atlanta & Lindsie calls him out for flirting with Kail on Twitter! Lindsie asks Kail and Javi questions you guys have asked & they discuss the possibility of getting back together. Can they see themselves getting remarried? Would they ever do Challenge Exes? Hear the juicy details. Kail’s book can be preordered at

Mar 15, 2018
EP18: Kail & Lindsie Discuss the Recent Drama & Confront Vince Russo

Today the ladies talk about their prediction with Leah and Jeremy as well as the drama that unfolded from this week’s show. Kail gives the scoop about the accusations made on Vince Russo’s podcast. He backs down on statements he made on his show with Jenelle. “Kail, if you're listening, let me explain to you the perception and why you are a total turn off, Joe is a good guy, Javi is a good guy. Then we hear about a lesbian affair that disgusts us. We are looking at your poor, 3 freaking kids and a train wreck that they have as a mother.” – Vince Russo Tune in if you guys want to hear all of this go down! 

Mar 08, 2018
EP17: Crazy Dating Stories, Couponing, Waxing & Beyond

Kail and Lindsie welcome Kail's college friend Danielle to the show. Danielle talks about how she was saved as mom in someone’s phone and Kail talks about what she’s been saved in someone’s phone before. If you are interested in hilarious dating stories make sure that you tune in. Kail talks about how she is desperately trying to leave Dover, Delaware. Kail and Lindsie talk about their experiences that they have had trying to coupon. Kail tells a horribly terrible embarrassing waxing story, y’all do not want to miss. 

Mar 01, 2018
EP16: Kail and Lindsie talk all things Teen Mom 2 with Leah Messer

Kail and Lindsie talk to Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2. Leah gives an update on her girls, she tells a story about Addie telling people that she is pregnant, and spills all the details about Jeremy. Y’all will want to tune in for these juicy details. Leah talks about the litter of rescue puppies she has, which are looking for a home. If anyone is interested in adopting you can send your information to Kail and Leah both talk about how they would be interested in moving away from where they're living now. Leah talks about what the viewers can expect from her segment on Teen Mom 2. Kail shares a horror story where she and Javi almost drive off a cliff! Kail and Leah talk about how they went skinny-dipping with Javi and Jeremy. Jeremy calls in and gets put in the hot seat! Today's episode is brought to you by EasyKicks, for go to to sign up and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off.

Feb 22, 2018
EP15: Kail and Lindsie talk to a Psychic Medium

Our special guest this week is Psychic Medium Kareen. Kareen discusses what it feels like to be a Psychic Medium. Lindsie talks about how she grew up being told that going to a Psychic Medium, reading cards, etc is a form of witchcraft, and to stay away from it. One of the girls from 16 and Pregnant has a chance to ask questions about her daughter. Kail talks about wanting to know about her miscarriage, and Kareen gives her some answers and closure. Kail and Kareen dive into Kail's childhood.  Kareen tells Lindsie about her future and more children. Kareen talks about how she believes in God and tells Lindsie about what heaven looks like. Kail believes in nothing and has never prayed. This is a super interesting conversation that you guys will not want to miss. Today's episode is brought to you by EasyKicks, for go to to sign up and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off.

Feb 15, 2018
EP14: Motherhood, Peeing Pants, Kim Kardashian and Time's Up

This week Kail and Lindsie talk about how stressed they've both been. Lindsie feels it is a common misconception that having one child is easier. Kail talks about how she feels like she's constantly raising a circus. Lindsie and Kail talk about how sometimes motherhood and life necessitates a really good cry session. Lindsie tells Kail a Jackson pants peeing story and Kail can relate because she pees her pants all the time. They discuss the reason behind their show and follow up from the episode of with Javi. They discuss some kind of hair trend that is causing women to lose their hair. Plus, they talk about their feelings on the Time's Up and #MeToo movements. They wrap everything up talking about Kim Kardashian and her baby. Today's show is brought to you by Fistuq nuts. To try the ladies favorite snack go to And to try EasyKicks, an amazing subscription service for kids' shoes, go to and use promo code EZLISTEN get $5 off your first order.

Feb 08, 2018
EP13: Psychopaths, Murderers, & the Olsen Twins?

Kail and Lindsie talk about the documentary on Jodi Arias they love. Kail tells Lindsie a riddle about a murderer. Lindsie and Javi both guessed correctly so Kail thinks they're psychopaths. They discuss two teenagers found dead this month, and Kail reveals a creepy reason why she is freaked out. Kail thinks the Hunt a Killer box is too time consuming, but Lindsie feels like she is a real crime solver. They talk about their mutual love of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and how they wanted to be Mary Kate growing up. Plus, they address some current bullying issues they're dealing with and they reveal the exciting Teen Mom guest joining them in two weeks.

Feb 01, 2018
EP12: Kail's Ex-Husband Javi Stops by for Teen Mom News & Gossip

This week Kail's ex-husband Javi stops by! They discuss the news about a meth lab & current Teen Mom 2 breakup news. Lindsie puts Kail and Javi in the hot seat about co-parenting, if they see themselves being better friends in the future, if they think they'll get back together, and if they will finish their book that they were co-writing. Lindsie discusses how leaving the past in the past is the key to success. They talk about what can be expected this season on Teen Mom 2 and whether TV affected their relationship. Today's show is brought to you by HelloFresh, for $30 off your first week deliveries go to and use code COFFEECONVOS30. Try their favorite snack at For 25% off your order at and use code CONVOS. And to try the awesome shoe service for your kids, go to and use code EZLISTEN for $5 off your order! 

Jan 25, 2018
EP11: Prom Pregnancy, Parenting Boys, & Divorce

Kail and Lindsie talk about their busy lives, and how they're nervous about podcasting via phone for the first time. The ladies discuss how it feels when a divorce is final, and you don't want to miss their answers. Kail and Lindsie talk about being guarded with their children and the relationships that they allow in their lives. Kail reveals how Issac was conceived after prom and spills all the details. Lindsie admits that she will be the in-law from hell and claims she and Will are polar opposites and parent differently. They agree that the relationship for moms with boys is different than any other. Moving on to silly subjects, Lindsie talks about how nasty it is to wear shoes in the house and they both say their boys' farting is out of control. Plus, they talk about the flu and Kail claims she's never actually had the flu. Today's show is brought to you by Bioclarity, for your first month for only $9.95 (plus free shipping) go to And don't forget to try Lindsie's new nut addiction (in all 3 flavors). Go to

Jan 18, 2018
EP10: Psychics, Looking for Love, & Freezing Eggs

Today Kail and Lindsie's producer Susie Meister gets on a mic to ask the hosts some questions she is dying to know the answers to. Find out who is homebody, who wears an Invisalign retainer, and why Lindsie got booted from a California Pizza Kitchen. They discuss life in the spotlight, what the biggest misconception is about them, and Kail talks about what she looks for in a relationship. Find out whether Kail and Lindsie are freezing their eggs to prolong their fertility and if they regret being on reality tv. Today's episode is brought to you by Fistuq nuts go to to try Lindsie's new nut addiction. And for $10 off your FabFitFun box filled with goodies, go to and use code COFFEE!

Jan 11, 2018
EP09: Kail's Fear Factor & New Year's Resolutions

New year, who dis? Today Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley discuss their plans for the new year--what they want to change (or not) about themselves. Kail declares her love for Fear Factor, but tells why she's annoyed with the show. The ladies discuss what happens to their stuff when they die, and they reveal whether they are hoarders or purgers. Plus, they play 2 Truths & a Lie, and we find out why Kail is a terrible liar. Today's show is brought to you by BioClarity for your first month for only $9.95, go to and use code COFFEE. And for 40% off your first order on plus free shipping use the promo code COFFEECONVOS40 (some exclusions apply).

Jan 04, 2018
EP08: Elf on the Shelf, Kail the Grinch, & a Toothbrush Scandal

Today Kail Lowry reveals why she's a Christmas grinch, and isn't going to even have a tree. Lindsie Chrisley talks about the Elf on the Shelf, and explains why she participates in the tradition. The ladies have a hot debate on whether Kail is weird because of the way she brushes her tongue. They discuss their fascination with serial killers, Kail reveals why her house is in chaos, and they talk about how they feel about people taking pics of their kids in public. Today's show is brought to you by up to 40% off your first order use code COFFEECONVOS40. And for 20% off all beauty box subscriptions go to and use code COFFEE. For your first month of Kail's miracle skincare routine, go to and use code COFFEE.

Dec 21, 2017
EP7: Teen Mom 2 Cease and Desist, This is Us and Kim Kardashian

Major tea spilling at the start of this week's episode! Kail received a cease and desist letter from another cast member from Teen Mom 2! Lindsie shares her obsession with the popular TV show This is Us, and thinks anyone not watching the show should be. The couple discuss their shared dream of becoming FBI agents by discussing major cases like JonBenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and also whether citizen's arrest is in fact a real thing. Kim Kardashian and her current pregnancy comes up in conversation. Is she expecting twins? Kail also talks about how she drank for the first time ever after putting all her kids to bed. They talk about it all, amongst many other things. Today's show is brought to you by up to 40% off your first order, go to and use code COFFEECONVOS40. And for 20% off all gift subscriptions on & use code COFFEE. Hurry that offer is only good until Christmas!

Dec 14, 2017
EP06: Airports, Freezing Eggs, Movies & Would You Rather!

On this week's Coffee Convos Podcast, Lindsie Chrisley and Kail Lowry discuss the craziness that is the airport, and what it's like traveling for work and with kids. Kail explains why she's left bags unattended, and even had her Vera Bradley bag confiscated by police. The two ladies recognize how they are polar opposites when it comes to planning and preparation, and how they would hate each other at the airport. They also talk about fertility and the process of freezing eggs, and why this would or wouldn't be a good option for them. They share their favorite movies, and we discover Kail's passion for action and Lindsie's softspot for romance. They end the show with a classic game of Would You Rather. Today's show is brought to you by Birchbox--for 20% off gift subscriptions, go to and use code COFFEE. For your first month of BioClarity for $9.95, go to and use code COFFEE.

Dec 07, 2017
EP05: Holidays, Food, Kid's Trips and Surprises

Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley talk about the holidays, what is on each of their menus, what they look forward to, and the difference between menus in the North and South. They talk about traveling and breaking the mold of the typical holiday tradition. They also talk about Instagram and what people send them. Plus, they think about having a podcast meet up, Black Friday shopping and how they feel like it might be a scam. Please take our survey (it's super quick) so we can know who is listening to our show:

Nov 30, 2017
EP04: Growing up in the 90's

On today's podcast, Lindsie Chrisley and Kail Lowry take a trip down memory lane and discuss their experiences growing up in the 90's. From the toys, to the boys. Bands, clothes, and TV shows, they discuss it all. Kail and Lindsie share their first celebrity crushes, and Lindsie tells a story about the Lisa Frank club she started at school. Pagers and car phones, 90's style and more. Lindsie also shares her childhood obsession with Beanie Babies and wonders whether her collection of toys would sell today. 

Nov 23, 2017
EP03: Birthing Stories, Baby Names, Potty Training, and Chicken Wings
On this week's Coffee Convos Podcast, Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley talk about their birthing stories, how they named their kids. What their kids dressed up as for halloween & how Jackson & Lincoln really love getting into their characters. They talk about chicken wings & how Kail doesn't understand the various names & why she doesn't eat chicken off a bone. Kail drops a dating bomb that you will not want to miss & Lindsie talks about how she didn't kiss her first real boyfriend for 6 weeks. Potty training & what that is like being boy moms. Ending with a quick fire round of listener questions!
Nov 16, 2017
EP02: Mom Bods, Smooth Skin, & Plastic Surgery

Today we're getting real about our skin, our bodies, and plastic surgery. We talk with a skincare professional about what we can do to look our best (even after motherhood), and why it's so important to take care of ourselves. We reveal our biggest insecurities, why social media is making them worse, and how we handle it. We talk about how motherhood changed our bodies and why aging can so frustrating. Plus, our guest does a rapid fire question and answer session about our daily routines and habits. Today's episode is brought to you by Use code COFFEE for $20 off your purchase. 


Nov 09, 2017
EP01: Our First Coffee Convo--How We Met & Why We're Doing a Podcast

On their first episode, Kail and Lindsie open up about how they became friends, and how reality TV helped them bond even though they have totally different backgrounds. They share why having time to just talk to each other without the kids is like therapy for them, and how they want the show to be a help to others who need a break from it all. They talk about how hard it is sometimes to be in the public eye--especially as parents. Plus, Lindsie has a yummy recipe she's raving about (and is confusing Kail). This is the first of many, so don't forget to subscribe and give them a 5-star review! And for $20 off plus free shipping on your first order of BioClarity (which is giving Kail some seriously clear skin), go to: 

Nov 02, 2017