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 Apr 13, 2019

 Nov 26, 2018
Favorite podcast hands down. Super entertaining and informative.


Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.

Episode Date
Luke Caudillo

Luke Caudillo is back on the podcast.  You're welcome.

Aug 04, 2020
Danny Farris

Danny Farris rejoins the podcast to talk about his decoys, hunting stories, and announces a new partnership between Bowhunter Magazine.


For more information about Stalker Decoys check out


Hunting decoys have been around since the dawn of mankind. Unlike most tools of survival though, their evolution has been a slow process. The decoys we use today aren’t really that different from those used by our forefathers. That certainly doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement. It is with that in mind that the product development team at Ultimate Predator, set out to design the most efficient and deadly decoys in the marketplace today.



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Jul 30, 2020
Sheep Feet

If you are having trouble finding the perfect boot for upcoming hunts this episode may help.  Aron's feet are about as bad as can be, yet he found relief using Sheep Feet.


All SheepFeet are 100% custom and handmade in the USA to ensure quality and durability.  When making SheepFeet, we had the vision to make them rugged, and as hardcore as the hunting you do. The terrain you experience can often be harsh and unforgiving, resulting in wear and tear on your body that can lead to injury. Which is why we knew SheepFeet had to be strong enough to protect and support you through anything. Especially if you're packed into the backcountry where injury could cause significant problems or end your hunt. That's why SheepFeet are made with the highest quality, state of the art materials to be strong and durable when you need them the most.


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Jul 28, 2020
Levi Morgan

Levi Morgan joins the podcast again, and covers the technical side of tuning a bow.  For more information from Levi Morgan be sure to check out his youtube channel, Bow Life TV.


Whether they are standing on the line, shooting for a world title, or chasing a giant whitetail on a cold November morning, the Morgans would like to welcome you to “Bow Life TV”. Championship titles aren’t all that the Morgans excel at collecting. They demonstrate their knowledge bow hunting whitetails and other exciting big game animals on Bow Life TV. In addition, the new video series “Archery Fit”, an archery tips segment, allows Levi to help archers and bow hunters alike with archery tips, bow hunting tips, and an assortment of how-to and advice giving videos. This video series, the show, and even some helpful information from both Levi and Samantha can also be found in the Bow Life TV “Bow Blog”. The show, the video series, the blog, and the Morgan’s resume speaks for itself! Through his well-honed skills and love for the sport, Levi and Samantha Morgan have become the most dominant shooters in the history of archery.


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Jul 23, 2020
Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompsons joins the podcast offering insight into his artistic journey as a photographer.  Thank you for your service sir.  Below is an excerpt from his website


An artist who served and grew in the martial life as a Navy SEAL. I am back to my roots as a full time photographer, speaker, and student of light, sound, and life. 

I spent my childhood in Southern California drawing, climbing, and enjoying an ‘Americana’ life. Following a year of study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago I chose to serve in the military and spent 2007-2016 as a Navy SEAL deploying across the globe and war torn Afghanistan, through the process and the pain, I was changed. I am now a full time photographer of life and living light. Enjoying the difficulties of life and the joys of experience, capturing I feel it.


See more @trevor.p.thompson



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Jul 21, 2020
XLR Industries and Viking Armament

2020 is already crazy enough...then the fine folks at XLR Industries and Viking Armaments built a custom rifle for Aron Snyder...the end is nigh!

At Viking Armament we provide cutting edge AR15/M4 style weapon system and accessories. Quality and pride in craftsmanship is our main objective. Our professional staff will inspire our customers to achieve more with their AR15/M4 weapon system and accessories than any other company.

XLR is a U.S. based manufacturer of world-class rifle chassis, components, and accessories. The company manufactures the renowned Element 3.0, ENVY Pro, Carbon, and Evolution chassis systems for professional shooters, tactical shooters, and hobbyists.

All XLR chassis systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. XLR chassis feature a multi-point radial cut inlet that mirrors your receiver, creating a perfect chassis to action union. This inlet method eliminates any external stresses commonly found in traditional or v-block stocks.

This style of 'bedding' has proven to increase accuracy and repeatability beyond traditional bedding or inletting methods. Mounting your action into our chassis only requires a torque wrench and few minutes of your time.

What makes our chassis systems so unique is the use of our adjustable buttstocks. Renowned for their large range of adjustment and usability across numerous platforms, including AR15 style rifles. XLR buttstocks allow the shooter to truly fit their rifle to their build and shooting style. Making your shooting experience more enjoyable, accurate and repeatable.

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Jul 16, 2020
Mike Duplan

Mike Duplan is back in the Kifarucast studio.  Great conversation and great information on a multitude of subjects in this episode.

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Jul 14, 2020
Matt Chan

Matt originally took up CrossFit in his late 20s to help improve his endurance as a Denver area firefighter. After four Top 10 finishes at the CrossFit Games (including the runner-up slot in 2012), Chan became a full-time athlete and one of the most popular and knowledgeable veterans in the sport.


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Jul 09, 2020
Jack Carr

Applying the experience and emotions from real-world combat to the pages of The Terminal List, True Believer and Savage Son, Jack Carr brings unprecedented levels of authenticity to the political thriller, taking readers on a behind the scenes journey into the mind of a modern-day special operations soldier, dispensing an ancient form of justice in today’s modern geopolitical landscape.

Jack Carr

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Jul 07, 2020
Tipton Cook

Professional archer and longtime friend, Tipton Cook, joins the podcast to discuss his career and passion for hunting.

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Jul 02, 2020
Evan Williams: Hoyt

Aron Snyder sits down with Evan Williams, former kifaru employee and Pro Staff Manager at Hoyt, for an in depth conversation on bow setups.

Innovation is our driving force at Hoyt. We strive to build the highest quality, most advanced bows in the world, to be a market leader, and to constantly raise the bar. We don't just talk about innovation. We define it.


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Jun 30, 2020
John Barklow: Essential Gear

This episode is a no nonsense discussion on the gear you should never skimp on.

Multifuel stoves and water 00:00:00 - 00:32:48
Sleeping pads and bags - 00:32:48 - 01:02:18
Clothing - 01:02:18

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Jun 26, 2020
Steve Tetrault

This episode delves into Aron Snyder's military service with longtime friend and mentor Steve Tetrault.  Thank you both for your service.

Jun 23, 2020
Elk Shape Camp Colorado Q&A

This episode was a live Q&A recorded at Elk Shape Camp Colorado.

Instagram @elkshape

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Jun 18, 2020
Alex Nestor

The conversation is always interesting when Alex Nextor, guide and outfitter, joins the podcast.  The controversy begins right from the start!


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Jun 11, 2020
Compound Bow Review

If you are in the market for a new Compound bow you don't want to miss out on this Episode.  Brandon Mcdonald and Aron Snyder put several compound bows to the test recently and share their findings as to which bows came out on top.

To see the bows Brandon mentioned in this podcast put to the test, check out his YouTube page to watch in depth information on each bow.

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Jun 04, 2020
Compton Traditional Archery

Dennis Harper, President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, joins the podcast to discuss how the organization is adapting and gaining new members who are passionate about traditional archery.

For our organization to remain strong we need new members who believe in traditional bowhunting and everything it stands for. We need people who understand the need to teach traditional bowhunting ethics and conservation to our kids. Members who love to watch the flight of an arrow, measure their success by the effort involved, and are willing to fight for our right to bowhunt in this great country forever.

If this sounds like you, then please Join Compton Traditional Bowhunters Now.

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Jun 02, 2020
Dallas Safari Club

A member of IUCN, DSC is a mission-focused conservation organization, funded by hunters from around the world. With an administrative staff of less than 15 and a volunteer army of 500, DSC hosts the Greatest Hunters Convention on the Planet™ that raises funds for grants in conservation, outdoor education and hunter advocacy. In the past five years, more than $5 million has been channeled to qualified projects, organizations and programs in support of that mission. Get involved with DSC as a member, volunteer.

Corey Mason is the Executive Director at DSC, a leading international conservation organization and a member of the IUCN. As Executive Director, Corey oversees all of DSC’s staff, programs, growth, and mission execution. He works extensively with federal and international delegations, policy makers, and like-minded conservation organizations to support conservation and the demonstrated benefits of the conservation through hunting model.

Corey serves on numerous Boards and Committees, including state advisory committees for mule deer, whitetail deer, and desert bighorn sheep. He is a Past President of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Prior to his work at DSC, he had a 16-year career with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department where he held the positions of Regional Director, Program Leader, and Management Area Biologist.

Corey is a published author, including both popular and peer-reviewed scientific articles. He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® and holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Wildlife Management.

May 28, 2020
John Dudley: Nock On Archery

John Dudley, with Nock On Archery, meticulously built a compound bow for Aron Snyder, and joins the podcast to discuss the nuances of different compound bow setups, as well as the changes John has made to his own bow.


Nock On Archery
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May 26, 2020
Dale Perry: Evolution Outdoors

Dale Perry, owner of Evolution Outdoors, gives listeners insight into the design process for his latest broadheads, Jekyll & Hyde.


The Evolution of Jekyll & Hyde
After inventing the original GraveDigger Broadhead, I had to be innovative and creative in order to compete with myself when designing JEKYLL & HYDE. A great product always provides a solution to a problem. One obstacle many hunters face, especially when traveling to hunt, is that each state has their own broadhead regulations. I thought it would be helpful if a bowhunter could easily convert their mechanical broadhead to a fixed in a matter of seconds. This eliminates the need to shoot different broadheads in different states. With that in mind, I developed the first of its kind, patent-pending, interchangeable ferrule; allowing the hunter to choose a fixed or mechanical setup based on their hunt. During development and extensive testing, I found that the arrow mechanics and flight pattern did not change between the two configurations.

Using today’s technology, I was able to create a better, patent-pending, blade locking system that ensures consistent deployment every time. With that, the HYDE was born. Knowing I had the pleasure of designing a fixed blade broadhead as well, I add a second one-inch fixed blade creating atypical four blade cut, known as the JEKYLL.

We are truly committed to produce and stand behind the highest quality products in the world. With our high standards in quality and machining we continue to use our local expert, Nick Fisher, from AAE, in Prescott, Arizona. With Nick’s working knowledge of machining and archery, the quality and workmanship are top notch.

Our processes are evolving as technology changes and our products are tested to the highest standards. We strive to always be at the leading edge in quality, innovation, and customer service.

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May 21, 2020
Brent Burns: San Jose Sharks

Brent Burns, Defenseman for the San Jose Sharks, joins the podcast to discuss his passion for hunting in the off season, and the future of Hockey during Covid-19.

The versatility that allowed Burns to play forward or defense helped him fashion an NHL career, but the decision by the San Jose Sharks to have him focus on playing defense turned him into a force on the ice.

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May 19, 2020
Cody Covey

After moving to Colorado from Vermont ten years ago, Cody Covey became fast friends with Aron, after a chance meeting at a local grocery store.  Cody shares the lessons he learned finding the right gear for mountain hunting, as well as his hunting adventures with Aron.

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May 15, 2020
Doug Rosin

Doug Rosin, backpack hunter and tournament archer, joins the podcast to discuss the realities of extended hunts in the wilderness.  Doug and Aron offer advice to those who may be thinking about seven to ten day backpack hunting trips, how to hunt efficiently, and what gear to bring.

Doug was born and raised in California and has been hunting the last 25 years. He started out rifle hunting then moved to long range hunting, but in the last several years has taken all his big game by bowhunting. Over the last 25 years, 90% of all of Doug’s hunts have been backpack wilderness hunts DIY. California wilderness areas are his primary hunting grounds, but he will hunt at least two to four other western states annually depending on what tags he draws. He also also spends plenty of time in winter calling predators, doing fairly well every year.

Doug is also a gear junkie and has sorted through many good and bad equipment choices. He shoots all year round entering about 20 tournaments a year. Most of the tournaments are in California, but include several state championships and one of the NFAA National Championships. In 2012, Doug won the California State Field Championship. He is also on the the pro staff for Spot Hogg Archery, Wilderness Archery, Relentless 365 Magazine, and Kifaru.

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May 12, 2020
Clay Lancaster

Clay Lancaster gives us a feel of what its like to truly be alone in the Northwest Territory, as well as insight about his Guide career, and great stories from his hunts with Aron Snyder.

Lancaster Family Hunting

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May 05, 2020
Eastmans TagHub

Guy Eastman and Scott Reekers, join Aron on the podcast to discuss their new hunting research tool, TagHub.

TagHub gives you next level research ability in a customizable, sortable, 24-7, digital platform that’s at your fingertips.

Eastmans’ is a three generation media based hunting company whose goal is to promote the pursuit of elk hunting, deer hunting and all western big game. Our mission is to educate and entertain along the lines of bowhunting and rifle hunting to provide sportsmen with the most up-to-date tactics, hunting gear and hunting area research for both archery hunting and rifle hunting in the West.

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May 01, 2020
Turkey And Pig Hunt

Amy and Aron Snyder just returned from a Turkey and Pig hunt with Top O Texas outfitters.  Amy had the chance to use her new bow, complete with custom bow rest, as well as a new pack setup.

Top O Texas Outfitters

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Apr 28, 2020
Greg Poole

Aron Snyder and Greg Poole, from BowJunky Media, talk competition shooting in this episode. (This episode was recorded in February before Covid-19)

BowJunky Media

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Apr 23, 2020
Jon Pynch "Live Stream"

This episode was recorded from an Instagram live Q&A.  Aron and Jon answer listener questions covering archery and long range shooting.

Precision Rifle Series 

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Apr 21, 2020
Tom Clum

Welcome to your Master Class on Archery Mechanics.

RMS Gear

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Apr 16, 2020

Learn about the humble beginnings of Kryptek in this episode.  From battle field, to business battleground, to backfield.

While serving together in the Ninewa Providence in Northern Iraq, Kryptek founders Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting discovered they shared a common thread: an unprecedented passion and desire for extreme big game hunting, especially in austere environments. They shared a common mentality and philosophical attitude about the pursuit of big game. Their success on the battlefield was directly related to this mentality - the same principles applied. Skill sets necessary in combat are often applicable to the hunter. It is here that Whiting and Cleghorn began their journey toward what would result in Kryptek Outdoor Group.

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Apr 14, 2020
Harold Fahrenbrook

Hunting guide, Harold Fahrenbrook, rejoins the podcast to discuss how the Covid-19 virus has impacted hunting.  Harold, a huge advocate of bow hunters, also provides an update of his latest efforts to improve archery seasons here in Colorado.

Apr 09, 2020
Brian Call

Aron Snyder and Brian Call haven't spoken in a while.  In this episode they put the past behind and have a good ol' manversation.

Apr 07, 2020
Denny Sturgis and Randy Cooling

Denny Sturgis and Randy Cooling join the podcast, and the conversation between these two fine gentlemen, along with Aron Snyder is packed with information and advice for traditional bowhunters.

Denny Sturgis

Randy Cooling

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Apr 02, 2020
Texas Goat Hunt

Expert Guide and Hunter, Luke Caudillo, fearlessly leads Aron and John to success in Texas.

Mar 31, 2020
Safari Club International

Hunting is an ancient tradition passed down from the earliest times of man to the present day. Hunters participate directly in the natural world and care enough to make sure that it continues in all of its awesome beauty and diversity.

Safari Club International is a U.S.-based organization of more than 50,000 hunters dedicated to protecting the right to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. Between SCI and its sister organization, the SCI Foundation, we have put more than $70 Million on the ground for conservation since 2000. In the U.S. and abroad, hunters are part of a system that keeps the rivers, forests and fields intact and maintains the wildlife.

Fighting for Hunting Hunting is under constant attack by anti-hunters who introduce legislation and use the courts to stop hunting. SCI employs staff, contractors and volunteers in a team effort to fight for hunting. SCI operates in the U.S. Congress, in the state legislatures and wildlife commissions, in Canada, in the European Union and elsewhere internationally.

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Mar 26, 2020
Bryan Martin - Asian Mountain Outfitters

Owner/guide: Bryan Martin has personally shot or guided over 35 Marco Polo sheep & over 25 Ibex. He built a solid reputation for himself as a top North American Sheep guide and outfitter, running a British Columbia hunting operation from 1999 until 2010. Currently he guides 2 Canadian Bighorn sheep each year. Since 2002 he has been guiding and organizing hunts in Asia, with Marco Polo and Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan being his main destinations. Bryan has been featured on several TV hunting programs and videos and he is routinely asked to present seminars on sheep hunting and preparations/gear for backcountry adventures. He writes for Western Hunter and the Journal of Mountain Hunting Magazine. Without a doubt, Bryan and AMO provides hunters with the most comprehensive gear lists and preparation manual in the sheep hunting world!

Asian Mountain Outfitters

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Mar 24, 2020
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

If you have had any questions about what Backcountry Hunters & Anglers stands for, hopefully, Land Tawny and Ryan busse from the organization will be able to enlighten you.  The conversation between these two fine gentleman and Aron is truly worth a listen.


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Mar 20, 2020
Jordan Jonas - Alone

Jordan Jonas, who managed to survive for seventy seven days in the frigid Arctic on season six of History Channels Alone, joins the podcast.  Jordan offers not just theory on how to survive in the wild, but knowledge from many years of living and learning from nomads in Northern Siberia.


About Jordan Jonas
Extensive experience in the wilds of North America and Siberia has made Jordan into a woodsman with unique survival skills that allow him to thrive in the harshest environments.

Assyrian American who grew up on a farm in Idaho, spent time riding freight trains across the USA, lived for many years in Russia including several amongst Evenki reindeer herders in Northern Siberia. Proficient at many practical trades and skills. Follows a constantly evolving Christian path.

Watch me put it all together on Alone Season 6 - Thursday, June 6 at 10/9c #AloneOnHistory @History

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Mar 17, 2020
Bob Fromme

World Record Holder Bob Fromme is the man behind the bow and mind behind the business philosophy at Performance Archery. Bob has been in the archery business for over 35 years. Bob is a world class archer, bowhunter and human being. He is one of the few individuals in the world to complete a Super Slam which requires the hunter to harvest one of every twenty-eight big game species in North America. As a bowhunter, this is a true challenge and a real accomplishment. Not only did he do so with his bow, but every single animal was record class. Bob’s technical knowledge, experience and service oriented business philosophy has been proven to be a winning combination for Performance Archery for decades.

Performance Archery
A pro-shop with a passion for archery in all it’s forms. We offer something that no one else does: we are invested in and dedicated to you – the shooter. We take pride in our ability to provide award-winning customer service paired with the very best equipment in the archery industry. We put every piece of gear on our floor through extensive testing for performance and reliability. Regardless of your budget or skill-level, you can rest assured that we have hand-picked only the top performers out of each product category and price-point.

Every archer is different. We take the time learn about each archer and their objectives to provide the equipment and education needed to ensure they have every chance possible to be successful. The moment you walk through the door, you’re a part of the family – so it’s more than just dollars and cents to us. It’s about enjoying every aspect of the sport, creating knowledgeable, consistent archers and ultimately have a great time doing it.

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Mar 12, 2020

Eric, Tech Product Line Manager at Leupold, joins the podcast to talk about the latest version of Leupold's archery range finder.  Aron is currently putting the range finder through serious testing and is very impressed thus far.


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Mar 10, 2020
Chris Roe

Another three hour epic with wildlife biologist, Chris Roe.  There is plenty of passionate conversation on hunting with bait, social media validation, and whether or not Chris should start his own podcast.

Roe Hunting Resources
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Mar 05, 2020
Davey Hughes

In part two, Swazi co-founder Davey Hughes, joins the podcast.  When four gentlemen who live and breath in the backcountry get together to talk hunting, gear, and survival, amazing stories are sure to be told.  This episode does not disappoint!

Donnie Vincent
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Mar 03, 2020
Donnie Vincent

Donny Vincent returns to the podcast to talk about his upcoming Bear hunt with Aron Snyder using a traditional bow for the first time.  This will be part one of a two part series.  In part two, Swazi co-founder, Davey Hughes and Frank Peralta join in. 

Feb 27, 2020

Shawn Clarkson, a nonprofit development office, joins the podcast to help people find the pertinent info needed before donating to a nonprofit.

Feb 25, 2020
Levi Morgan and Justin Hannah

Levi Morgan and Justin Hannah, both world class archers with a passion for bow hunting, join the podcast.  Levi and Justin talk about their hunting adventures, near death experiences, and their bow setups for competition shooting as well as bow hunting.

Feb 20, 2020
Make Hunting Great Again

Let's keep the hate mail coming!

Feb 18, 2020

Love them or hate them Tanner Coulter and Kyle Brockman run a humorous Instagram page holding hunters accountable.  Let the hate mail begin.




Feb 13, 2020
Iron Will Wide Series

Bill Vanderheyden, Co-founder and lead engineer at Iron Will Outfitters, joins Aron to discuss the release of their newly designed wide series broadheads.

About Iron Will
We watch the morning sky’s eastern light erase the nighttime stars. We earnestly listen for the deep bass of dead branches cracking on the forest floor. Our hearts accelerate and smile from the pungent odor of our nearby quarry. Our off-season is spent reminiscing about past hunts, refining our skills for next season, and anticipating the trophies to come. Our passion for becoming better hunters drove us to engineer the ideal broadhead; a premium broadhead as reliable as science allows.

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Feb 11, 2020
Traditional Bow Tuning

Aron answers listener questions regarding how to tune a traditional bow, covers the steps he follows when tuning his bows for hunting, and offers information for those looking to pick up a traditional bow.

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Feb 06, 2020
Compound Bow Tuning

Aron answers listener questions regarding how to tune a compound bow, covers the steps he follows when tuning his bows for hunting, and offers troubleshooting solutions for fine tuning arrow flight.

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Feb 04, 2020
Brady Rettarath

Aron's good friend, Brady Rettarath, joins the podcast to talk about the gear he has used over the years and why he ultimately chose Kifaru.  Thank you for your support Brady.  May you have many more years of successful hunting for you and your family.

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Jan 30, 2020
Luke Caudillo

Luke Caudillo rejoins the podcast to announce his foray into the podcasting world.  There are plenty of hunting stories in this episode, some great hunting advice, as well as terrible marriage advice.

Jan 28, 2020
Craig Van Arsdale

Craig Van Ardsale joins the podcast to talk about his hunting trip in Kazakhstan, and the sacrifices he made to spend more time in the backcountry.

(Excerpt from Craig's trip) This trip had been on the books for a couple years now and it was time to go! I flew from Phoenix AZ, to San Francisco CA, to Istanbul Turkey, to Almaty Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 then a Domestic flight in KZ where we met our driver who would take us 6 hours via dirt road to the hunting base camp. The next morning we shot our rifles, ate breakfast and headed out on the ponies to our first camp location you see here!

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Jan 24, 2020
Harold Fahrenbrook

Harold Fahrenbrook rejoins the podcast to talk about his hunting adventures in Africa.  The conversation transitions to wildlife management, and an informative discussion on the future of hunting in Colorado.

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Jan 21, 2020
Mike Duplan

Always a good time when Mike Duplan is in the Kifarucast studio.  Great conversation and great information on a multitude of subjects in this episode.

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Jan 17, 2020
XLR Industries

Frank recently used one of XLR's chassis on an Elk hunt, and is joined by Matthew Means, National Sales And Marketing Director at XLR Industries LLC, to discuss how the chassis performed, and their latest offerings for 2020.

About XLR Industries

XLR is a U.S. based manufacturer of world-class rifle chassis, components, and accessories. The company manufactures the renowned Element, Evolution™, Carbon, and Envy™ chassis systems for professional shooters, tactical shooters, and hobbyists alike.

All XLR chassis systems are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum. XLR chassis feature a multi-point radial cut inlet that mirrors your receiver, creating a perfect chassis to action union. This inlet method eliminates any external stresses commonly found in traditional or v-block stocks.

This style of 'bedding' has proven to increase accuracy and repeatability beyond traditional bedding or inletting methods. Mounting your action into our chassis only requires a torque wrench and few minutes of your time.

What makes our chassis systems so unique is the use of our adjustable buttstocks. Renowned for their large range of adjustment and usability across numerous platforms, including AR15 style rifles. XLR buttstocks allow the shooter to truly fit their rifle to their build and shooting style. Making your shooting experience more enjoyable, accurate and repeatable.

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Jan 14, 2020
Sleeping Bags

Aron answers questions from Kifaru Insiders regarding our slick bag temperature ratings, and offers advice based off his many years of field experience on how to stay warm overnight in the backcountry.

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Jan 09, 2020
Randy Kitz

Randy Kitz, President of Black Eagle Arrows, joins the podcast to talk about their latest offerings.


Black Eagle Arrows is a family owned and operated business that was created with this goal in mind: To offer the highest quality products at the best price.

Our superior carbon arrows are the choice of world-class competition archers and seasoned professional hunters. We use their expertise to shape and refine the finest precision arrows on the market. These professionals have shot every shaft on the market and don’t settle for second best. Neither should you.

To offer the best prices on our products, without sacrificing their superior quality, we got creative; we employed the latest technology in our inventory control system and shipping methods to operate as efficiently as possible. These and many other methods let us pass the savings along to you.

The quality of our product is only matched by our customer service. We guarantee your satisfaction and encourage all of our customers to interact with us and become part of the growing Black Eagle Arrows family.

At Black Eagle Arrows, we are evolving through constant innovation. Our loyal customer relationships allow us gather real-world feedback. We will continue to be a solid foundation in the industry and give you the edge to down that Booner buck or take home the championship.



Jan 07, 2020
Danny Farris

Aron is joined by longtime friend and industry veteran, Danny Farris, to talk about his recent acquisition of Ultimate Predator Gear and their awesome line of bow-mounted Stalker Decoys.

GIVEAWAY: Visit Ultimate Predator Gear’s Facebook and Instagram pages to watch a video of Danny using a Stalker Decoy to take a 200-inch Colorado muley this fall and then enter to win the ENTIRE SET-UP he used to take the monster buck. The prize list includes his Stalker Decoy, his Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Ultra with all of the accessories, and as an added bonus, a Kifaru Antero Pack! It’s a prize pack worth well over $3000 so make sure to check it out!

Ultimate Predator Gear
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Jan 02, 2020
Lance Banning

Lance Banning joins the podcast to discuss a foundation close to his heart, Special Forces Foundation, as well as mental toughness and medical preparedness in the field.  Thank you for your service Lance, and for humbling us mere mortals.

Please support the Special Forces Foundation by texting: OG20 to 41444 or directly on their website:

The Special Forces Foundation (formerly the Green Beret Association) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization serving U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and their families. The Foundation provides a range of programs aligned with the SOCOM Commander’s Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF) program, designed to address the fraying of the forces after nearly two decades of sustained combat. Our programs contribute to the maintenance of the mind and body, and, provide acute and ongoing support in resolving, psychological, emotional and relationship issues before they become chronic.

During times of tragedy, the Special Forces Foundation provides immediate support to the soldiers family with the goal of maintaining long term support to those left behind. The Special Forces Foundation also provides counseling and other services to those left behind and the Special Operations community.

The Special Forces Foundation assists warriors transition from military to civilian life through career counseling, professional network support, and mentorship. Successful transition is key to the emotional, mental, and family stability necessary for a long healthy life post service.

Dec 31, 2019
Frank Peralta: Idaho Mule Deer Hunt

A rare occurrence for Kifarucast...Frank Peralta takes us through his Idaho Mule deer hunt using a rifle, and provides information on long range shooting.

Dec 26, 2019
Dayna Monroe: Wisconsin Whitetail

Congrats to Dayna Monroe on her first archery Whitetail!  This episode covers her adventure in Wisconsin, and her thoughts regarding her first experience tree stand hunting.

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Dec 24, 2019
Arrow Tuning

In this episode, Aron answers listener questions, and provides a walk through of his arrow tuning process.

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Dec 19, 2019

Aron is joined by the creators of BaseMap to give you an in depth overview of their app.

To download the app and receive 20 percent off on the BaseMap app use the following link: 

GIVEAWAY: For those using the app you have a chance to be entered to win a Kifaru Stryker Cargo Panel and frame, listen to the podcast for details.

About BaseMap
Here at BaseMap we want to empower outdoorsmen and women to spend more time outside doing what they love. We want everyone to be able to go for a hike, go fishing, or even just explore your own hometown with our product. Our goal is to continuously provide cutting edge technology, innovation, and information that our customers really want. We believe that BaseMap will allow people to spend more time outdoors in a safe way, creating memories to last a lifetime. Our vision is to empower everyone to Own The Outdoors.

Dec 17, 2019
Cody Greenwood

Cody Greenwood, from Tradlab, joins Aron and offers listeners a wealth of knowledge for those looking to start the Trad bow journey.

For more in depth information on archery be sure to check out The Push podcast and Tradlab.

Traditional tackle is not readily available for Archers to pick up and test locally. My goal is to provide Archers with unbiased quality information that helps them make a well educated choice and pick a bow that fits their needs. I have chosen metrics associated with Ergonomics, Performance and Sound to highlight the compromises within each Bowyer design. I have worked hard to make sure my testing results are accurate and repeatable. If you see a error or flaw feel free to contact me, I will correct it.

My goal is to continuously improving myself as an Archer, the Archery Community and our Sport. The Trad Community at its core is made up of selfless people that help one another. I hope this effort maintains that spirit and adds value.

God Bless,
Cody Greenwood

Dec 12, 2019
Top O Texas Outfitters

Scott from Top O Texas rejoins the podcast to discuss recent hunts with Aron and Amy Snyder.


About Top O Texas Outfitters

WE OFFER WHITETAIL • MULE DEER • AOUDAD • TURKEY & QUAIL • ALL LOW FENCE PRIVATE RANCHES IN TEXAS for more info contact- Scotti Campbell (806) 203-0600

Awesome hunts for whitetail , mule deer & varmints

General Information

All Fair Chase. No High Fence, all private ranch land.
For more information please contact Scotti Campbell - @ (806) - 203-0600 Cell
or (806) - 779-2877 Home.

Top O Texas Outfitters is family owned & operated . Hunting & Ranching is our business, come hunt with us & discover the best kept secret...THE TEXAS PANHANDLE !

Our goal at Top O Texas Outfitters is to offer each and every hunter a quality trophy hunt. Our hunts are conducted in tower stands, ground blinds & ladder stands.
Although all hunts are not successful you can be assured that we will give you a 110% effort. NO HIGH FENCES HERE all fair chase & free ranging.

We offer Trophy Whitetail, Mule deer & Predator

Dec 10, 2019
Amy Snyder

A huge congrats to Amy Snyder on her first Whitetail hunt!  Aron and Amy talk about their journey learning how to successfully hunt together as a couple when emotions are high.


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Dec 05, 2019
Josh Bowmar: Lightning

Josh Bowmar joins the podcast to discuss his latest hunt, as well as the problems Fish and Game is causing in his life. 

Nov 21, 2019
Jake Downs: Texas Hunt

Jake Downs joins the podcast to discuss his recent hunt with Top o Texas Outfitters.  As usual, Jake and Aron provide great practical knowledge from the field regarding the gear and tactics they used.

Bob Lee Custom bow giveaway!  Check out Bob Lee Bow's Instagram page for instructions on how to enter this amazing giveaway!

Bob Lee Custom bow
Mountain Muffler String
Day Six Arrows
Great Northern Quiver

Jake Downs Instagram: Jake_D_Downs

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Nov 19, 2019
Amanda Roe

Kifaru's own Amanda Roe joins the podcast to discuss her latest successful hunt, as well as potential changes to her role here at Kifaru which bodes well for those craving more video content.

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Nov 13, 2019
Q & A

Aron and Frank took a brief break from hunting to answer listener questions.  They are back in the field, hence fewer podcasts at the moment.

Nov 06, 2019
Alberta Hunt 2019

John Barklow recently joined Aron and Frank on a guided Alberta hunt.  Together they discuss the challenges they faced, and share their findings when cold weather set in for the hunt.

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Oct 30, 2019
Frank Peralta: Colorado Elk Hunt

Frank Peralta discusses his recent Elk Hunt.


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Oct 24, 2019
Rob Patuto

Rob Patuto, host of The Stickbow Chronicles, joins the podcast to offer advice about what he thinks are the best rifle and optics combo for late season Elk in Colorado...

Rob and Aron discuss forum advice,  how to choose the correct bow, and the decisions that need to be made after a bad shot.

The Stickbow Chronicles
We are a podcast devoted to the adventure of hunting with traditional archery equipment.

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Oct 22, 2019
Bailey Smith

Bailey Smith joins the podcast, fresh from being turned to the trad side by Aron Snyder.  Bailey knows her way around bows from her work experience in a local pro shop as well as competition shooting.  Of course, these days, all her hard work is boiled down to "privilege."

Bailey Smith


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Oct 17, 2019
Kifaru Lead Designer: Eric Bender

Eric Bender, the brain behind current Kifaru designs, joins the podcast and, gives us insight into his design process, manufacturing constraints, and upcoming pack designs.


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Oct 15, 2019
Colorado Goat Hunt: Broadheads

Bill Van Vanderheyden Co-Founder and Lead Engineer at Iron Will Outfitters joins the podcast to talk about his successful Goat hunt, and dives deep into the engineering behind the broadhead that contributed to Aron and Bill's success.

Oct 10, 2019
Colorado Goat Hunt

In this episode Aron Snyder, Frank Peralta, and Luke Caudillo discuss their recent Colorado Goat hunt.  Aron also talks about the crossfit injury that nearly led him to abandon his bow for a rifle, and Luke discusses his legendary guide skills as well as an update on Justin Gaethje's latest MMA win.

Oct 08, 2019
Aron Snyder: High Country Mule Deer Part 2

Aron Snyder returns to the Colorado high country for Mule Deer.  Listener questions are answered regarding gear, hunting tactics, and food choices.



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Oct 03, 2019
Frank Peralta: Alaska Goat Hunt

Frank Peralta gives a detailed account of his first ever Alaskan Goat hunt

Oct 01, 2019

This is a quick podcast from Aron Snyder talking about his recent hunt in Alaska, the gear he used in the relentless rain during the hunt, and updates on his upcoming hunts.

Sep 24, 2019
High Country Mule Deer Hunt 2019

Aron and Frank cover their 2019 high country mule deer hunt.  They talk about what gear worked best for them, food issues, and answer questions folks have regarding their hunting methodology.

Adapted fats


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Sep 17, 2019
Hunting The High Country

In this episode Aron talks with Omni, the hunter he met on last years Mule Deer hunt in the high country of Colorado.  Omni goes over his latest Sheep hunt, last years Mule Deer hunt, and covers the gear and tactics he used for success.

Sep 10, 2019
James Yates

James Yates, creator of the Adak Bino System, joins the podcast to talk hunting Muleys and discusses his design philosophy behind the Adak.


Adak Bino System



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Sep 03, 2019
T and K Hunting Gear

Tyler Kath, Co-owner at T and K Hunting Gear, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of making quality gear in America.  Tyler doesn't F@ck around so there is a bit of colorful language in this episode.


Built American. Built Tough.
Established in 2018, T and K Hunting Gear is a Veteran/Law Enforcement owned company. We pride ourselves in using USA sourced materials, and manufacturing our gear right here in the USA. Our gear is unlike many others in the industry. We use Cordura, not Polyester, which is built for extreme terrain and weather in the backcountry. The materials we use are the best in the industry, which doesn't make our products the cheapest. Yet, it does make our gear the most durable and long lasting that you will find out there. Below you will see a small portion of the many videos and testimonials from our family (customers). Give our gear a try, as we're certain you will not be disappointed! Happy Hunting.

Tyler and Keith Kath (Owners)



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Aug 29, 2019
Luke Caudillo and Gerry Shaw

Things are always interesting when Luke Caudillo and Gerry Shaw are at Kifaru together.  Mix that with a feisty Frank and you have the makings for another great podcast.


Photolab Studios

Gladiators unleashed


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Aug 27, 2019
South Cox / Bane Pack

South Cox brought in a new bow for Aron...end result, a podcast full of hunting stories and a little bit of info on the new Bane pack co-designed by South Cox and Kifaru.

Stalker Stick Bows



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Aug 22, 2019
Joel Turner and Ben Maher

Joel Turner and Ben Maher join the podcast to discuss controlling your mental game and working through target panic.

Shot IQ

Ben Maher



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Aug 20, 2019
Tyler Freel Bear Hunt

Tyler Freel rejoins the podcast to discuss his latest bear hunt among many other great topics.

Aug 15, 2019
The Push

Aron has been taking a lot of flack with all the traditional archery episodes on Kifarucast, so why not invite Matt Zirnsak from The Push podcast and provide more high end information on traditional archery.


About The Push

This passion for traditional archery manifested itself into the production of a film series called “The Push – A Traditional Archery Film” as well as launching a podcast; “The Push – A Traditional Archery Podcast”. My partner Tim Nebel and I are passionate about helping expedite the learning curve for new traditional archers

Aug 13, 2019
Bob Lee Bows

If you're looking for a new bow, this episode offers great advice from the fine folks at Bob Lee Bows.


Bob Lee built his first bow in 1951 with the launch of Wing Archery.

Bob’s contribution to the sport and industry are renowned, earning him dual inductions into the Archery Hall of Fame and Bowhunters Hall of Fame.
At age 89, Bob Lee remains fervently passionate about his beloved bows, and his inspiration for the company’s current line of nationally-acclaimed recurves and longbows is indelible.
Aug 08, 2019
Q & A With Harold Fahrenbrook

Nothing beats experience gained from time in the backcountry.  The next best thing may be listening to folks who spend most of their time in the backcountry.  Harold Fahrenbrook rejoins the podcast to share his knowledge of gear along with Aron and Frank, who combined have nearly a lifetimes worth of knowledge regarding backcountry hunting.

How much should a pack weigh for a 10 day hunt? beginning - 00:25:25
boots 00:25:25 - 00:36:22
Optics 00:36:22 - 01:01:03
Arrow setup 01:01:03 - 01:10:08
Pack weight again 01:10:08 - 01:20:00
Clothing 01:20:00 - end

Aug 06, 2019
Matt Bernier

There is potential to gain some information regarding fitness longevity in this episode.  Matt Bernier dives into the role physics plays in your workouts and how to maximize your potential to stay in the field longer...potentially.

Aug 02, 2019
Jeff Landers

Jeff Lander, from Primitive Outfitting, joins the podcast to reminisce about past hunts with Aron and Frank.


Jeff Lander, originally from Washington State, moved to British Columbia in 1988 and resides in BC with his wife Lana. Jeff has bowhunted most of his life and decided in 1994 to pursue his passion with making it his job.

Jeff and his three daughters, Rachel, Kirsten and Lisse, have been living in Alberta since 1996 where he started outfitting whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl.

In 2005, Jeff acquired an outfitting concession in British Columbia to pursue his dream of guiding bowhunters to grizzlies, black bear and moose.

While Jeff prefers to hunt with traditional equipment, he primarily guides hunters who use compound bows, and occasional rifle hunters. Jeff's hunting experience and easy going attitude will make your hunt enjoyable and one to remember.



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Jul 30, 2019
Black Eagle Arrows

When someone is truly passionate about what they do, like Randy Kitts owner of Black Eagle Arrows, then what they create truly shines.  Aron and Randy have a wonderful conversation about the performance of Black Eagle Arrows on the field and in competition.

Black Eagle Arrows

Conquest Archery


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Jul 24, 2019
Defiance Health

The Defiance Health team was honored to return to Kifarucast today for a more nutrition-focused conversation. If you enjoy hunting, good banter, jokes, etc. give this one a listen.

Defiance Health


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Jul 19, 2019
Iron Will Outfitters

Bill Vanderheyden, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer at Iron Will Outfitters, joins the podcast to discuss the science behind his designs.  He goes into great detail about broadheads and makes Aron's head hurt.  Overall a great listen.

Iron Will Outfitters


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Jul 16, 2019
Robert Herbert

Robert Herbert aka"Old Man Herbie", owner of R&N Blades in Australia, and craftsman of the Helium 1 Blade for Kifaru, joins the podcast to discuss how his hobby as a knife maker is quickly turning into a successful business.  Also discussed...ample hunting stories from Australia and North America.

Find more information on Roberts outstanding knives:


R & N Blades



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Jul 11, 2019
Arrow Drama

Just a quick episode from Aron and Frank discussing the recent controversy regarding their exclusive use of Day Six Arrows.

Jul 10, 2019
Phil Mendoza

Phil Mendoza, owner of No Limits Archery, and the creator of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, stopped by Kifaru to say hi.  Phil ended up doing a podcast with Aron and Frank and the knowledge he shares will benefit all listeners.

No Limits Archery


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Jul 09, 2019
Mike Duplan

Mike Duplan, wildlife photographer, writer, and big game hunter joins the podcast with Aron and Frank.  An overall amazing conversation ensues.  


Check out Mike Duplan's book The Edge on Mule Deer hunting

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Jul 05, 2019
Tony Clem

Tournament archer Tony Clem and family join the podcast to talk about their tournament careers, hunting adventures, and the gear they found works best over the years.

Jul 02, 2019
Curt Wells

Curt Wells, Editor of Bowhunter Magazine and co-host of Bowhunter TV, an outdoor show that appears on the Sportsman Channel, joins the podcast and talks about how social media has changed print circulation.

Instagram: kurt.wells.bowhunter

Jun 27, 2019
Luke Caudillo BC Bear Hunt

Luke Caudillo and Drew Holm join the podcast to talk about their 2019 BC Bear hunt with Frank Peralta.

Jun 25, 2019
Jon Pynch

Jon Pynch joins the podcast to discuss long range shooting, along with caliber recommendations and rifle recommendations.  If you would like to learn more about competition shooting, rifle training and the like, be sure to check out VP Precision Podcast.


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Jun 20, 2019
Bear Hunt 2019 with Bart Lancaster

Bart Lancaster, with Guides Eye Outfitters, joins the podcast to discuss the highs and lows of hunting with dogs on Aron Snyder's latest Bear hunt.


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Jun 19, 2019
Matrix Target System

Kevin Peterson, president and founder of Matrix Targets, joins the podcast to discuss what makes his target system unique in the industry.  Like Kifaru founder Patrick Smith who designed the hunting packs he wanted, Kevin set out to design a durable, long lasting target, that suits his needs.

Matrix Target Systems


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Jun 13, 2019
Al Kidner

Al Kidner and Aron Snyder have a great conversation about traditional archery and also discuss how hard work and dedication to improve their bow craft have paid off in the field.

Jun 11, 2019
Josh Bowmar Part 2: Hunting

In addition to having the physique of a Greek God, Josh Bowmar is also a lifetime hunter.  In this episode he talks about his hunting adventures, including a a minor incident (viral, worldwide that is) on a bear hunt, as well as the joys and frustrations of hunting with his wife.


Bowmar Nutrition


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Jun 06, 2019
Josh Bowmar Part 1: Nutrition

Josh Bowmar (Superman, Captain America, A-hole) joins the podcast to talk nutrition and hunting.  in Part one, he talks about diet and nutrition, and if you will take a moment to look at the featured photo for this podcast, he definitely has the diet and nutrition thing figured out.

Bowmar Nutrition


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Jun 04, 2019
Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel joins the podcast to talk about the heated topic of predator management from an Alaskan perspective.

May 30, 2019
Layering Systems

If you are considering upgrading or updating the layering system for your adventures in the backcountry this episode with John Barklow of Sitka Gear is a wonderful knowledge base toward understanding the vital roll the various layers of clothing provide.  Aron Snyder and John Barklow discuss what to look for in the clothing you choose, and the importance of regulating body temperature in the field.



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May 28, 2019
Aaron Hitchins

Aaron Hitchins, Director of Business Development at Rockhouse Motion hosts this episode of Kifarucast and interviews Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta about what sets Kifaru above the rest, how the company started, and how Aron and Frank decide what gear to take into the field.


Rockhouse Motion

Rockhouse is about stories through images. Stills or films, a successful image should stop someone just for a few moments and alter the course of their day. We sleep little, love what we do, and embrace the title "geek".
Armed with a plethora of overpriced camera gear, a senary of overactive imaginations, and a well-worn thesaurus. Battle hardened from the flash and burn of tungstens and LEDs, this team of advertising assassins stand at the ready to respond to any and all threats to market share, brand image, or boredom. They react quickly and with ruthless efficiency to any and all calls to action, and leave behind them a wake of overloaded hard drives and empty beef jerky packages.
May 23, 2019
Matt Comment

Matt Comment joins the podcast to talk about his hunt in Tajikistan, and offers great advice to backpack hunters about not only staying in shape as we age, but working out efficiently to stay healthy and avoid injury.


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May 21, 2019
Dayna Monroe

Kifaru's own Dayna Monroe joins the podcast to discuss her hunting adventures in Hawaii, including the perseverance it took for success, the gear she used and what she learned along the way.


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May 16, 2019
Luke Caudillo

In this episode, Luke Caudillo from Gladiators Unleashed, talks about the success of Justin Geathje, Aron disrespects women, and Frank and Aron help Luke get over his fear of bears for his upcoming BC bear hunt.

May 14, 2019
Reintroduction of Wolves in Colorado

This is a bonus episode produced and shared by Brian Barney at Eastmans' Elevated Podcast

In this episode Brian sits down with Guy Eastman and Aron Snyder from Kifarucast podcast. The guys break down the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado. Yes, this is a real thing and a possibility as it is now on the ballot for the residents of Colorado to vote on. This would have major implications and repercussions if passed and something all of us sportsman should be informed about. Also, there is some explicit language in this episode.

Brian Barney is an outdoor writer for Eastmans. He is an adventure bowhunter that spends over 100 days a year hunting our public lands. He has a wealth of knowledge hunting western big game and has a knack for harvesting huge mind blowing trophies.

May 13, 2019
Ben Guttormson
In this episode, Ben Guttormson tells Frank Peralta how easy it is to hunt Mule Deer, Aron drops his vast knowledge About rifles, and includes a bonus round about instafamous and entitled "influencers".]]>
May 10, 2019
Jake Downs

Jake Downs and Aron Snyder spend some time testing bows and offer their feedback on what worked best for them, what to look for in a bow, as well as advice about traveling with your bow.

May 07, 2019
Off Grid Food Co.

The last thing you want after a long day of hunting is to be demoralized by sub-par food at camp.  Enjoy your hunt, enjoy your food.


Founded in 2017 in northwest Washington, Off Grid Food Company is a premier manufacturer of high quality, pack-able foods for the backcountry. Nutritionally balanced and hand-crafted, Off Grid Food Company products are meant to thrive in the harshest conditions, where performance is not a choice, but a must. Our small team comes from a background of hunting, fishing, guiding, and professional cooking. Our backgrounds and dedication to our craft ensures a top-notch product in nutrition and taste.

We select each ingredient with thought and purpose. Our proteins provide more pound for pound value than traditional meats, and we source local vegetables, honey, and freeze-dried fruits. We also pick and choose prime sources for ingredients we cannot source locally to make sure our meals are the highest of quality from top to bottom.

Our small-batch processing and in-house freeze-drying allows us to make meals that truly stand apart. Our premium ingredients are skillfully cooked in small batches as an entire meal before they are freeze-dried, allowing us to develop better flavor profile and meal cohesiveness that other freeze-dried meals can’t offer.

Our products were ultimately derived for a need to perform in the backcountry. Every aspect of our products from the ingredients, to the processing, to the packaging, were designed to perform in the wild and were built from years of experience. Our breakfasts, snacks, and meals are conveniently packaged, lightweight, durable, require less water, and re-hydrate quickly.

May 02, 2019
Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith, the man who created his own world in which he could thrive in the backcountry, including the outdoor companies Mountain Smith and Kifaru, joins the podcast to share his wealth of knowledge of backpack hunting.  Also, the beginning of this episode, Aron and Patrick provide an update on the status of our forums, and how they will be run in the future.

Apr 30, 2019
TJ Perez

This episode is all about photography...and gets pretty technical.  If you are interested in getting into photography then this episode is worth your time.  TJ Perez has gone on quite a journey over the last few years learning photography and now has a budding career taking photos of folks who make you feel down right lazy.  TJ and Aron share their years of in field knowledge and recommend how to save money on camera gear.



Apr 25, 2019
Texas Turkey Hunt

Amy, Aron's wife, joins the podcast to discuss her first ever Turkey hunt, her thoughts on hunting, and her overall experience in Texas.  As always Aron takes the reigns and shares a bit too much information.

Apr 23, 2019
Greg Poole

Greg Poole and Aron Snyder team up to ruin traditional archery forever...they then proceed to spread misinformation and hate across the social universe.  In other words this is a great episode.  Also, listen carefully and you too can ruin your archery experience forever as part of a giveaway in this episode.


About BowJunky Media

The owner of Bowjunky media is Greg Poole.

Greg has competed in archery, professionally, for many years. Additionally, he has also worked for, and continue to work for, some of the manufacturing companies in the archery industry. Greg hopes his semi-understanding of both sides of the industry and sport will allow him to have a very unique and thorough perspective, as Bowjunky moves forward. His goal will be to build upon the foundation of Bowjunky–while continuing to provide unique exposure and insight into the sport of archery and the industry itself.

Greg will also be building a new Bowjunky Media team, to help properly execute goals on how to best serve the sport and industry; Bowjunky will be reporting on all pertinent archery stories with the respect and consideration the sport deserves.

Thank you all, for your continued support, and we hope to see you all very soon at an archery tournament!


Apr 19, 2019
Top O Texas Outfitters

The folks at Top O Texas Outfitters that successfully guided Aron on his Aoudad hunt join the podcast to talk hunting in the Texas pan handle.


Top O Texas Outfitters

WE OFFER WHITETAIL • MULE DEER • AOUDAD • TURKEY & QUAIL • ALL LOW FENCE PRIVATE RANCHES IN TEXAS for more info contact- Scotti Campbell (806) 203-0600

Awesome hunts for whitetail , mule deer & varmints

General Information

All Fair Chase. No High Fence, all private ranch land.
For more information please contact Scotti Campbell - @ (806) - 203-0600 Cell
or (806) - 779-2877 Home.

Top O Texas Outfitters is family owned & operated . Hunting & Ranching is our business, come hunt with us & discover the best kept secret...THE TEXAS PANHANDLE !

Our goal at Top O Texas Outfitters is to offer each and every hunter a quality trophy hunt. Our hunts are conducted in tower stands, ground blinds & ladder stands.
Although all hunts are not successful you can be assured that we will give you a 110% effort. NO HIGH FENCES HERE all fair chase & free ranging.

We offer Trophy Whitetail, Mule deer & Predator

Wes Campbell

Johnny Gibbs film

Apr 16, 2019
South Cox

South Cox, with Stalker Stickbows, returns to the podcast and regales us with his ninja stalking skills and talks about his upcoming shooting experiments with his newly acquired Hooter Shooter and Lab Radar.

Apr 12, 2019
Joel Turner

Joel Turner, from Shot IQ, rejoins the podcast to discuss the shot process and how to gain mental fortitude for greater shot accuracy.

Apr 10, 2019
John Barklow

Aron, Frank, and John "The Winter Soldier" Barklow discuss the cold weather survival essentials that are always part of their kit should they have to spend a night away from camp.

Apr 04, 2019
Danny Farris

Danny Farris, one of the last legitimate people in the outdoor TV industry, joins the podcast to discuss his hunting career, as well as his hopes that younger generations can afford to hunt.

Apr 02, 2019
Outback Outdoors

Trevon Stoltzfus and Lane Walter from Outback Outdoors, join Aron and Frank to talk about their love of the outdoors, and the true spirit of the hunt. 

Outback Outdoors

For us success was never measured by inches of antler, but rather the thrill of the chase, the challenge of closing the distance and the camaraderie of the campfire. In 2008 the image that hunting videos and hunting TV portrayed was very focused on the “Whack ‘em and Stack ‘em” style. The emphasis of a successful hunt in earlier hunting entertainment was on the kill, and not the adventure. For us that has never been what hunting was about and we wanted to change that storyline and help pass on this amazing hunting heritage to the next generation.

Outback Outdoors was formed by a group of hunting buddies who wanted to change the narrative and show viewers how we really hunt in a cinematic style of storytelling, dedicated to being true to the adventures that unfold in the wild places we roam and one that keep our hearts engaged. As a production team it is vital to know WHY we do this…. What is our core mission/belief that guides us through this journey? For OO its simple… “It is our desire to INSPIRE others to find their WILD.” Whether that is the Rocky Mountains of the western states in search of elk or the back 40 of your uncle’s farm in the Midwest for whitetails… enter, embrace and thrive in your personal wild!

Mar 28, 2019
Defiance Health

Aron is doing all he can to stay healthy in the field, on road trips (word of advice...keep your snacks away from Aron on road trips) and avoiding "moobs." Don't get it right with Jessica at Fit MD and Defiance Health.

Fit MD

Defiance Health


A team of collaborating experts in culinary nutrition, preventive medicine, and physical fitness who are committed to the highest achievable health of our clients and communities.

"You can do what I cannot do.

I can do what you cannot do.

Together we can do great things."

-Mother Teresa



To offer comprehensive & customized nutrition, medical, and fitness services & programs that consistently achieve optimal health outcomes.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau


To maximize the potential of all team members by supporting lifelong learning, team-based health & personal growth.

 We rise by lifting others.

-Robert Ingersoll

Mar 26, 2019
Tim Gillingham

Professional Archer, Tim Gillingham, engages in a passionate debate regarding FOC, arrow tuning, and broadheads with Aron Snyder

Mar 21, 2019
Texas Aoudad Hunt

Aron Snyder and Brian Broderick recount their Aoudad hunt in Texas.

Mar 19, 2019
Harold Fahrenbrook #3

Harold Fahrenbrook joins the podcast again to discuss a bit about the latest Colorado hunting policy, a bit about controversial predator hunting topics, and a whole lot of great hunting tactics for traditional bow hunters.


Mar 15, 2019
Lonesome Dove Outfitters

Dennis Zadra, owner of Lonesome Dove Outfitters, joins the podcast to discuss what gear works for him while hunting the perpetually wet conditions in Alaska's Chugach National Forest.


Lonesome Dove Outifitters

Alaska’s Premier Hunting Tours
Welcome to Lonesome Dove Outfitters where you will find honest and sincere people providing you with a memorable Alaskan hunt. We are not based out of a lodge or from a boat, but instead, we operate out of comfortable tent camps which we move frequently to keep you in the best hunting areas for the given time and game movements. The slight sacrifice in comfort of this type of hunting is more than made up for in the quality and quantity of game you will encounter. We do not over-hunt our areas and only book a limited number of clients per year. There are currently more Hunting Guides licensed in Alaska than ever before, so you have a lot to choose from. Make this choice wisely. You are investing a great deal of time and money to come to Alaska and hunt, and there is a huge variety in the service you will get. Unfortunately, some Outfitters you may encounter are far better salesmen than they are hunting guides, and you will have to be able to tell the difference.

Our FAQs page can help you with this and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We are a small, family-run business and not a large hunting corporation who farms their Alaskan hunts out to whoever will give them the best commission. Our success rates are high and our clients go away satisfied. We operate primarily on a Special Use Permit from the Chugach National Forest, which gives us access to approximately 2.5 million acres of Alaskan Wilderness. We know this country well and can provide you with a very personalized hunt, so check us out before you book your Alaskan Adventure


Postal Mail
Dennis M. Zadra
PO Box 1389
Cordova, Alaska 99574


Mar 12, 2019
Gerry Shaw

Gerry Shaw, owner of Photolab Studios and designer of Kifarucast graphics, joins the podcast to discuss his work and various hunting adventures.


Photolab Studios is located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. An area as rich in history as it is in the intrinsic beauty that surrounds the area. As we primarily focus in the arenas of the hunting and outdoors industry, we are not afraid to take on any project you might have. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry as well as some of the newest up and coming brands and companies in the industry. So if you’re in need of a brand overhaul or are starting a whole new company, be sure to give us a call and find out what PHOTOLAB STUDIOS can do for you!

We offer a full service solution to your creative design and marketing needs, including but not limited to:

Mar 08, 2019
Spartan Precision Equipment

True adventurist Rob Gearing joins the podcast to discuss what drives his passion to create the best bipods and tripods for rifles, optics, and cameras.


The Spartan Precision Equipment Ethos. Design it right, use the best materials to make it right, don’t become arrogant and listen to others.

With these things in mind he set about to build Spartan Precision Equipment. Securing a World Patent and working with a Satellite Design Engineer, he was able to launch the business with the Javelin Bipod version 1, of which 3000 units were sold in the first two years. Listening to customer feedback, the version 1 evolved into what we sell today. The Javelin bipod has been a huge success, having sold over 35,000.00 to date.
Our Products are now being used by some of the best names in the hunting world and featured in many of the top publications. The Javelin is considered by many to be the best “hunting bipod” on the planet.
Today we are working with some of the Biggest and Best Rifle brands. You only need look at our website to see who we now make bipods for. Our partner list continues to grow.
Mar 06, 2019
Tbone Turner

Travis "T-Bone" Turner, one of the most respected archers and hunters in the outdoor industry, joins the podcast to discuss arrow setup, including arrow weight, shaft construction, and how to improve accuracy.

Feb 28, 2019
Alabama And Florida Hunt

This episode covers Aron Snyder's Alabama hunt and Florida hunt with Bryan Broderick.  Also talked about this episode, the Day Six arrow system, sheep show, and son of a...FOC...just a little bit.

Feb 26, 2019
Altitude Sickness

Dr. Abigail Lara, from University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center, and her husband Jody Martinez join Frank Peralta and Dayna Monroe to discuss the potential life threating symptoms of altitude sickness.

Feb 21, 2019
Bart Lancaster

Bart Lancast with Guides Eye Outfitters joins the podcast to discuss Aron Snyder's latest predator hunt and the importance of predator management.

Feb 19, 2019
Chris Roe

Chris Roe joins the podcast to discuss public issues and issues with going public in social media.


Roe Hunting Resources


Feb 13, 2019
Jason Phelps

Jason Phelps joins the podcast to discuss his new collaboration with Angry Mountain Productions called Tradition.


Angry Mountain Productions is proud to release our first series, Tradition. Tradition is a day to day YouTube series encompassing six friends. Jason Phelps, Nick Schmit, Jon Gabrio, Tyson Drevniak, Charlie Smith and Kelley Smith. They hunt six states in the fall of 2018. Everything from archery elk, muzzleloader elk, rifle and even deer hunts. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of our daily video as each drops at 5pm day after day. Find out what Tradition means to us, as hunters, family, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. This action packed series is one you will surely not want to miss!gry Mountain Productions


Phelps Game Calls

Phelps game calls was established by myself (Jason Phelps) in 2009. I was always fascinated with calling animals into close range and thinking about hunting, so I asked myself what better hobby than making calls? I set out to make the most realistic and easy to use cow elk call available. After extensive testing, I found a combination that sounded very good and was very easy to play. I then started making and marketing my first elk calls. Since then I have made Predator, Deer, Turkey, and other calls. I am always working to provide calls that first produce the most accurate sounds possible and second I want an attractive looking custom call.

Feb 07, 2019
Dark Timber Coffee

All I want is a good cup of coffee after editing this episode.


Dark Timber Coffee

Since 2004, our founder and master roaster has been sourcing, roasting and blending some of the worlds finest coffees. Every coffee that we roast is carefully, and skillfully, developed to highlight their unique flavors.

Feb 06, 2019
Lathrop & Sons

This one is all about boots.


About Lathrop and Sons

Lathrop & Sons is not your run-of-the-mill mail order footwear company. We're not salesmen, we're outdoorsmen!

When you call us, you won't get somebody peddling products that they have never used, or better yet even know how to use. No call centers. No answering services. Not in our business. You will speak directly with either Stephen or James two of the owners, both whom have been infected with a passion to hunt comfortably.

Couple these facts with over 50 years of specialized foot-care training and it becomes obvious why we are a step above the competition.

 To all of you, from all of us at Lathrop and Sons - Thank you and Happy Hunting!

Feb 01, 2019
Chris Molina

Frank Peralta, in his first solo podcast, discusses a multitude of hunting topics with his good friend, Chris Molina.

Jan 24, 2019
Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Dave Hewett, Vice President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, joins the podcast to discuss the growing community of traditional bowhunters.


Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Traditional bowhunters talked about having their own organization for years, but it wasn't until May of 1999, at the Pope and Young Club Awards Banquet, that a meeting of interested bowhunters was held to discuss the possibilities of such an organization. An article by Glenn St. Charles, “IT’S TIME,” appeared in the Dec/Jan 1996 issue of TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTER MAGAZINE encouraging traditional bowhunters to form their own organization, and to create a separate identity distinct from the modern bowhunter. Many bowhunters agreed with Glenn, feeling it was, indeed, time. Out of this initial meeting came a second, smaller, meeting held in conjunction with the “Traditional Bowhunter’s Nationals,” which were held each year in Cloverdale, Indiana. The 15 to 20 bowhunters who attended this meeting became the nucleus of the steering committee which formed COMPTON TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTERS. Glenn St. Charles attended both meetings and was a major contributor to the formation of the organization. Glenn also formed the famed Pope and Young Club in the late 1950's to show the hunting world of the day that the longbow and recurve bow and arrow was a worthy hunting weapon and should be taken seriously...goals that few of today’s bowhunters recognize as necessities in that era.

Jan 22, 2019
Alabama Hunt

Bryan Broderick, Aron Snyder, and Frank Peralta discuss their recent Alabama hunt.  If you have questions pertaining to broadhead selection this episode provides ample information.

Jan 16, 2019
Donnie Vincent

Donnie Vincent joins the podcast!  Aron and Donnie discuss shooting discipline, gear, food, and poo (Lord knows Aron works hard on poo maintenance) in this episode, as well as Donnie's desire to pick up a Trad bow.


Driven by nature, Donnie has consistently let the outdoors and his passion for adventure be the compass for his life. The wide open expanses of the world’s most remote territories dominate his thoughts and conversations. Deep in the heart of the wildest of terrain is where Donnie thrives. On his expeditions into remote wilds, in the lands where seemingly no one lives, he finds a wilderness and peacefulness that is all his own. The premier example of explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman, Donnie takes a wider view of the topics he tackles while in the field, because to him, this is all a story worth telling. A story of ancestral heritage, native respect, and the desire to live strongly, empowering us all to open our minds to the bigger picture and inspiring us to find our own adventure.

Jan 15, 2019
Ninety Minute Q&A


Q: 00:01:13 How bad would the podcast have been if you didn't edit Drummond!?

Q: 00:02:49 Are you working on puffy pants?

Q: 00:03:34 Are you going to do a series of workout videos?

Q: 00:04:25 Will you do a 10k giveaway?

Q: 04:42:00 Any suggestions on gauging boot stiffness when shopping online?

Q: 00:05:54 Is there any reason not to shoot small veins?

Q: 00:07:05 What rain gear would you choose for the northwest?

Q: 00:08:25 What is the best species for teaser pics?

Q: 00:08:47 Best pad for side sleepers?

Q: 00:09:35 How are you so successful on public land?

Q: 00:11:08 Are you going to have more apparel?

Q: 00:11:18 Best budget bow setup?

Q: 00:12:32 Did Aron ever hunt high country Black Tails in Washington?

Q: 00:13:54 Best optics choice when not using a tripod?

Q: 00:14:11 Does Frank live in your basement?

Q: 00:14:41 Can we drink a few beers together sometime?

Q: 00:14:56 Recommendation on boots for planter fasciitis

Q: 00:16:24 Are Aron and Amy in the process of adopting Tort Life...Optics recommendation?

Q: 00:17:19 How do you hunt with the same people for a week?

Q: 00:18:46 What were you carrying for packs in Alberta?

Q: 00:20:41 How important is a quality Gator for late season hunts?

Q: 00:21:27 Can you explain the Day Six center pin system?

Q: 00:22:36 What is a good way to improve passthrough?

Q: 00:23:13 Why did you switch to a Prime bow?

Q: 00:23:55 What do you mean by how many miles you hiked in for a hunt?

Q: 00:24:51 Have bow designs stagnated?

Q: 00:26:50 Who would win a fight between Jocko and Frank?

Q: 00:27:13 How many times has Frank been treated with STD's?

Q: 00:28:16 Glove recommendation for BC?

Q: 00:29:44 Frank...what is the best Cougar unit in all the states you have hunted Cougars!

Q: 00:30:38 Best tripod for 300 - 400 dollars?

Q: 00:31:15 Top three pants for hunting?

Q: 00:32:24 What type of layering system do you use when hunting Whitetails?

Q: 00:33:07 What do you look for in a day pack?

Q: 00:33:49 What is your opinion on Texas private land hunts?

Q: 00:35:03 Which is a better sleeping pad, Thermarest Neo Air, or Klymit Static V?

Q: 00:36:27 Are you looking for new gloves for 2019?

Q: 00:37:09 Would you take a frontal shot with a recurve?

Q: 00:37:15 How do you protect extra lenses in your pack?

Q: 00:37:43 For a first time bow hunter which would be better, a traditional bow or compound bow?

Q: 00:39:11 Long cut or snuff?

Q: 00:39:45 What is one piece of gear that is never left out?

Q: 00:40:17 What is a good middle of the road spotting scope?

Q: 00:40:51 Are hunters being too PC?

Q: 00:44:25 Any new products this year, how about hike seminars?

Q: 00:45:04 Which direction do you need to offset your fletch when using a single bevel broadhead?

Q: 00:45:29 What stove do you recommend for a SuperTarp?

Q: 00:45:52 Frank what is your predator calling sequence?

Q: 00:47:18 Is is bad to leave a bear hide in the field and only take home the meat?

Q: 00:49:16 Frank, what is your opinion on the new Prime Logic?

Q: 00:49:28 ???

Q 00:49:40 Have rubber boots made a difference in you Whitetail hunts?

Q: 00:50:00 What are some of your favorite bow sights?

Q: 00:50:34 Can you really only get Syphilis once?

Q: 00:51:03 Puffy Vests

Q: 00:51:38 How do you figure out what size traditional bow to shoot?

Q: 00:52:43 Do you have any plans to hunt in Africa?

Q: 00:52:59 Can you make some videos on bare shaft tuning?

Q: 00:53:21 What components would you use for high FOC starter arrows?

Q: 00:53:38 Can you hunt without camo clothing?

Q: 00:54:10 How do you cook your wild game?

Q: 00:54:19 What gear do you take for a 3 - 4 night hunt with rain in the forecast?

Q: 00:55:00 What is your recommendation for a varmint rifle and caliber?

Q: 00:55:52 Does Kifaru make a pack that separates from the frame to haul meat?

Q: 00:56:19 Arrow weight set up for Whitetail

Q: 00:56:59 What differences have you noticed since switching up your diet?

Q: 00:57:25 Would a Kifaru pack benefit a person who has had herniated discs?

Q: 00:58:00 Would you recommend Lathrop and Sons insoles?

Q: 00:58:29 Angled or straight spotter?

Q: 00:58:44 Do you really need the latest bow designs to hunt?

Q: 00:59:24 Are you planning on changing your setup for Whitetail hunting?

Q: 00:59:31 What is a good weight to start with for a traditional bow?

Q: 00:59:38 Do you do anything to protect your camera batteries in cold weather hunts?

Q: 00:59:51 Which do you like better, Maven or Meopta?

Q: 01:00:16 Are you planning on coming out with a chest rig?

Q: 01:00:32 What is your favorite non typical characteristic on antlers?

Q: 01:01:32 What is your favorite hunt you have been on, what is your favorite animal to hunt?

Q: 01:02:18 With all the instafamous hunters unable to eat the meat they harvest, at what point do they become trophy hunters?

Q: 01:05:06 DIY Elk hunt, what state do you recommend for high success rate and affordability?

Q: 01:05:59 Which pack do you prefer for a 5 - 10 day hunt, the Crater, Cavern, or Muskeg?

Q: 01:06:32 How many Alberta Cougars did Tort Life take down?

Q: 01:06:42 What causes porpoising of arrows coming out of the bow?

Q: 01:06:58 Spotter recommendation, Leica 65 or Zeiss Victory 85?

Q: 01:07:30 Do you think there will ever be a Aron Snyder/Kifaru Black Widow signature bow?

Q: 0107:43 What pin would you use as a floater on a moveable sight?

Q: 01:08:12 Any plans on making a camera holster?

Q: 01:08:25 ParaTipi design a mistake?

Q: 01:09:40 What is a good starter Recurve?

Q: 01:09:56 What could be a negative of being over-spined?

Q: 01:10:17 Worst guest on the podcast?

Q: 01:10:57 Attempt to stir up shit...

Q: 01:11:32 Any plans to make another panel loader?

Q: 01:11:38 Know anyone wanting to buy a Kifaru Ultralight Rifle?

Q: 01:12:03 All Swazi questions

Q: 01:13:07 Do you keep a hunting journal?

Q: 01:13:22 Do you rate your Slickbags as a true temperature rating?

Q: 01:14:04 Good headlamp for blood trailing?

Q: 01:14:18 Will Frank the Tank go Trad?

Q: 01:14:38 Boot recommendation

Q: 01:15:30 How do you organize your gear at home?

Q: 01:15:48 What do you do when other hunters camp near you?

Q: 01:16:58 Importance of nocks?

Q: 01:17:52 What factors make for a stalk able buck?

Q: 01:18:44 What do you look for in a glassing spot and how long to you glass?

Q: 01:19:31 What is your favorite Spam concoction?

Q: 01:19:41 What is the best way to find a cow elk in late season November?

Q: 01:20:18 Do you reuse game bags?

Q: 01:20:43 How do you pick a camp location so as not to disturb the animals?

Q: 01:20:59 What are the pros and cons of the new frame vs the old one?

Q: 01:21:44 Can you touch on the Steripens that work?

Q: 01:22:49 What are the biggest lessons you have learned about hunting?

Q: 01:23:14 Will the center pin in the Valkyrie system fit the Day Six arrows?

Q: 01:23:48 Are there any drills to help improve traditional bow accuracy?

Q: 01:24:43 How do you determine a good archery Mule Deer unit in Colorado?

Q: 01:25:19 What is one thing a rookie should never leave behind?

Q: 01:31:48 Can I come to the shop and try on pack with different weights?

Q: 01:32:03 What is the best all-around bag size you have found?

Q: 01:32:23 Where do you find wind floaters?

Jan 11, 2019
Jake Downs

Experienced traditional and compound bow hunter, Jake Downs, joins the podcast to dicsuss his Mountain Goat hunt.

Jan 08, 2019
Lonesome Dove Outfitters

Dennis Zadra with Lonesome Dove Outfitters joins the podcast and answers Aron Snyders many questions on what to expect when booking a guided hunt.


Dennis began his guiding career in 1984 with elk hunters in Colorado. He attended Colorado State University where he graduated in 1990 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Realizing that a career in Engineering was not going to provide a great deal of adventure, he headed to Alaska to try the commercial fishing industry. It was love at first sight, and he began to participate in every fishery possible, including the Bering Sea crab fisheries. In 1993 he bought a boat and a gillnet permit, and began fishing for himself, catching the famous Copper River Salmon. He got his assistant guide license for Alaska in 1991, and guided for other outfitters across the State until 1995. He then had the qualifications necessary to obtain his Registered Guide/Outfitter license, and started Lonesome Dove Outfitters in 1996. He suffered a major setback with the costly divorce from his first wife in 1995, but that gave him the opportunity to meet his second wife, Alicia, who is instrumental in helping with the businesses. They also operate Wild Salmon, Inc which is a direct marketing business providing their salmon products to consumers across the United States. In 2005, Dennis obtained his OUPV near coastal license from the Coast guard, allowing him to transport clients on their new Aluminum fishing boat, the “Raging Bull”. Dennis BrownBear 2000By 2010, Dennis had the necessary qualification to obtain his Master Guide’s license, he became Alaska’s Master Guide #182. Dennis has 41 years of hunting and guiding experience under his belt, and still actively guides hunters every year. They have an excellent team of guides and packers who possess the same strong work ethic, and are constantly working at improving and expanding the operation. “We are very fortunate to be able to make our living from hunting and fishing, and are very grateful to have this close connection to the Great Outdoors. It is not very easy, and Mother Nature has a way of keeping us on our toes, but we are blessed with excitement and adventure every day. We take pride in the services we offer, and will make sure we do everything possible to make sure your Alaskan Adventure will be remembered for years to come!”

Jan 03, 2019
Shot IQ With Joel Turner

Joel Turner joins the podcast to explain the science behing the shot.



ShotIQ is the new brand that was born from Ironmind Hunting. We wanted to do more. The goal of ShotIQ is to bring shooters control through knowledge. We wanted to lay out the complete blueprint of shot control and end the frustration of all shooters, no matter the weapon. This knowledge transcends all weapon systems and unlocks the shooting mind.
The letters “IQ” stand for Intelligence Quotient. A person’s IQ is derived from several standardized tests that measure cognitive ability. But, these tests measure cognition in the skill sets of math, science, languages, etc. Have you ever taken a test to measure your cognitive ability during a high stress shooting event?

At ShotIQ, we want you to perform at your cognitive best during the worst times for the human mind. The shooting mind of the human is a super efficient machine. However, that does not make it the most accurate machine. To put efficiency into precision under stress takes knowledge, knowledge of how the mind works and how it attempts to protect the body.

Gaining this knowledge has taken a lifetime of failure, success, and analysis. The analysis of shots taken under extreme stress has led to a system of instruction. That system is Controlled Process Shooting. This system will teach you WHAT decisions must be made in a shot, specifically WHEN to make these decisions, and scientifically HOW to carry these decisions out. Do not allow your mind to follow the natural path of shot anticipation. Destroy target panic at its core. End the frustration. Raise your ShotIQ.



I shot my first bow at the age of seven. From the first time I saw the spinning flight of that arrow, I was completely immersed. Archery became my life.  However, by the age of eight, target panic had engulfed me. This frustration carried all the way through to my adult life. I read everything, tried everything, hoping for that magic method to cure me of this ailment. It wasn’t until I began the analysis process of my firearms shot that I realized there is no method out there that will work for me, I had to work for it, but I didn’t know HOW to do the work. Research into my many failures and my few successes began the workings of the blueprint to control. Once I realized the two facts that target panic is the mind’s natural path of efficiency and the core problem of the shooting mind is pre ignition movements, I was able to develop the system of Controlled Process Shooting. More importantly, I was able to present a system of instruction that conveyed this message in common sense terms. Target panic is within all of us. It takes decisions, determination and knowledge to even be able to take the first steps down the path of shot control. The path, however, is very short when you put those key components together. Myself and those I instruct enjoy archery one perfectly controlled shot at a time.

I began hunting while riding in a backpack carried by my father. I harvested my first deer with a rifle at the age of 12. That shot was completely out of control and it was only luck that made that bullet connect. My early hunting career was fraught with failure.
I harvested my first deer with a bow at the age of 15. That shot too was completely out of control. I was deep in the throws of target panic in my early days and that malady followed me into my 30’s. It took me 13 years to harvest a bull elk with my bow. My lack of success was not because of a lack of opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to hold two RMEF Professional World Championships in elk calling. That being said, I have no problem getting bulls close, I just didn’t know HOW to control my shooting. I had to take the science I had figured out in the firearms realm and transfer it into my archery shot, it only made sense. Now that I have complete control of my shot, my hunting success has grown exponentially. I can now predict my own future in shot control. When I get a shot in the field, I will shoot a controlled arrow, no matter what. Further, I have a very specific blueprint on HOW I will do that. I now know WHAT decisions to make in a shot, WHEN to make them within the shot, and scientifically HOW to carry those decisions out. What a powerful feeling it is to know how your next moment of truth will be controlled.

Dec 26, 2018
CPW License Changes

Steve Hilde from Colorado Bowhunters Association and Harold Fahrenbrook join the podcast to discuss the upcoming changes to hunting license fees in Colorado


Join Colorado Bowhunters Association to have your voice heard in future legislation.


Future Generations Act Changes

With the passage of Senate Bill 18-143​, CPW is able to adjust pricing to meet the pressures of increased management costs and resource usage across the state. These adjustments allow the agency to continue our​ conservation mission, while also ensuring transparency and accountability in working to achieve the ten key goals​ laid ou​t in the bill.

Dec 19, 2018
Sam Soholt

Sam Soholt, a professional hunting photographer, and champion of public lands joins the podcast to discuss, you guessed it, all things photography.  There is plenty of info here for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Follow Sam's public land adventure on YouTube

Dec 13, 2018
Jordan Budd

Jordan Budd is truly an inspiration in the hunting community.  Aron and Frank sit down and discuss her hunts and film career, while acting like perfect gentlemen as always.

Follow Jordan's hunts on YouTube

Dec 11, 2018
Justin Gaethje and Luke Caudillo

Justin Gaethje and Luke Caudillo from Gladiators Unleashed join the podcast to discuss Lukes "record" setting Whitetail Deer.


Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje

Born in Safford, Arizona, Gaethje began wrestling when he was 4 years old. He was a two-time Arizona state champion as a wrestler at Safford High School, and a NCAA Division I All-American wrestler during his time at the University of Northern Colorado. He began his amateur MMA career while in college, turned professional in 2011 and joined the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) in 2013, where he became Lightweight Champion. He defended his WSOF belt five times before vacating it to join the UFC in 2017.


Luke "Lil Hulk" Caudillo

Born and raised in the railroad town of North Platte, NE. Like a lot of rural Americans, Caudillo began hunting and fishing with his brothers, cousins, and friends at the age of ten. After high school, Caudillo got involved in mix martial arts (MMA). Next thing you know fighting became his career. MMA was good to Caudillo, as he made it to the top level of the sport (UFC) and currently has made coaching a big part of his life. He has enjoyed seeing his two joys come together, fighting and hunting. Hunting has always been about family and friends to Caudillo, and now it's about his teammates too.

Dec 05, 2018
Robby Denning

Author Robby Denning, Mule Deer expert and Franks man crush, joins the podcast to discuss Mule Deer hunting tactics.  Also, in this episode…a discussion on how everyone adores social media.

Nov 29, 2018
Oklahoma Whitetail

Aron Snyder and Brian Broderick with Day Six Arrows recount their Whitetail hunt in Oklahoma.  More great information on arrow configuration and Whitetail hunting tips.

Nov 27, 2018
Striker Bows

This episode is a wonderful conversation about bows and traditional archery.



Rick Ellis has been producing custom handcrafted longbows and recurves since 1997. What started out as a simple urge to construct his own handcrafted longbow has turned into over a decades worth of customer happy products that can be found nearly around the world. The product speaks for itself. A simple internet search for Striker Bows will result in pages of comments and reviews from customers who all have different stories but one common theme…they love their bow.

Sometimes in life things just fall into place. Striker Bows was born from a desire to harvest a deer with a small and sleek traditional bow that wasn’t available on the market, so Rick Ellis went to work building his own. Those first simple designs out of a garage in Ohio have evolved into a unique line of longbows and recurves sold across the globe. A family business from the beginning, Rick’s sons, Dusty and John, have gone from helping dad whenever needed to full partners in bringing ingenuity and performance to the traditional bow market.

Twenty years of hard work and constant innovation have led to the introduction of the RK1. This bow incorporates the performance and precision that Striker is known for, while adding new options and flexibility that the modern archer is accustomed to.The drive for excellence has taken Striker from a one-man operation to one of the leading traditional bow companies in the world. The Striker Bows family will continue to work with modern technology and time-honored values to bring the traditional archer the best equipment available in the cosmos.

Striker Traditional Archery
22 S. Main St.
Minster, Ohio 45865

Nov 21, 2018
Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel

Alaska is a unique melting pot of people who are drawn here, and as far as the United States goes, it truly is The Last Frontier. I have been a contributing writer for Outdoor Life magazine for the past 7 years, and have been living and hunting in Alaska for 16 years.

Tyler's Podcast

Tundra Talk


Nov 15, 2018
Coach Perkins

Aron invites his high school football coach hunting in Colorado, which results in an exemplary buck.  Topics discussed this episode are Arons high school football days, how coach Perkins influenced his life, and wildlife management via the government vs hunters hunting public lands.

Nov 13, 2018
Alberta 2018

Jeff Lander from Primitive Outfitting joins Aron to discuss his 2018 Alberta Mule Deer hunt


Jeff Lander, is originally from Washington State. He moved to British Columbia in 1988 and resides in BC with his wife Lana. Jeff has bowhunted most of his life and decided in 1994 to pursue his passion with making it his job. Jeff and his three daughters, Rachel, Kirsten and Lisse, have been living in Alberta since 1996 where he started outfitting whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl. Jeff acquired an outfitting concession in British Columbia in 2005 to pursue his dream of guiding bowhunter's to grizzlies, black bear and moose.

While Jeff prefers to hunt with traditional equipment, he primarily guides hunters who use compound bows, and occasional rifle hunter.
Jeff's hunting experience and easy going attitude will make your hunt enjoyable and one to remember.

Nov 08, 2018
Elk Shape
Dan (The Fitness Man) Stanton joins the podcast to discuss practical fitness and nutrition for hunters.
Hunt Like An Athlete » by Dan Staton

Hunt like an athlete sounds a hell of a lot better than hunt like a couch potato. An athlete is fit for the mountains and conditioned to excel at the sport of hunting. The essence of hunting is becoming a formidable predator. A predator enters the woods prepared for any and all eventuality and gladly welcomes adversity. In order to hunt like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete. Stop. I didn’t say you had to run ultra-marathons, shoot everyday, nor did I say you had to be an extremist. But there is definitely a rising tide of new age hunters taking to the field fit to conquer new ground and tame the mountains. An athlete trains in all areas of fitness throughout the year and above all, possesses mental toughness. Athletes test their physical and mental capacity often, and thrive when competing against the ravages of Mother Nature. Whether you’re young, old, wealthy, poor, weak or strong, Mother Nature does not discriminate.

Elk Shape


Nov 06, 2018
Wengerd Archery

I was fascinated with archery ever since I was able to pull back the string on the small fiberglass bows my dad had bought for us kids to play with.
When I got a little older I started building my own bows out of the serviceberry bushes that were plentifull around our house in NW Montana.  None of them would last more then a few days of course because I was building them green and as soon as they would dry out they would stiffen up. Even so I got some kind of satisfaction out of it. When I was around 11yrs old my grandpa gave me an old Bear Grizzly, a bow he had bought for my dad and uncle to use when they were teenagers.  I shot that for awhile then bought an older Martin compound to use for my first year bowhunting.  I hunted that season but never got a shot with a bow.  
The recurve bug had started to bite when a good friend gave me a copy of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.  I read it cover to cover multiple times.  One day I was showing my dad a picture of someone building a bow.  He looked at it and said "that looks like something you would do".  After talking about it some more and a bit of planning, the materials were ordered.  Even though I was only 12yrs old my dad had let me work in his wood working shop on a number of projects ranging from nightstands to turkey calls.  My first bow however was definitely a notch harder than what I was used to.  Even so I was able to finish it and believe it or not it still shoots even though it's the ugliest bow I have ever seen.  
When I started building bows I had no intention of hunting with them I just wanted to build and shoot recurves for fun but hunt with a compound.  It didn't take long to change my mind. The idea of killing a deer or elk with a bow I had built was just too good to pass up.  So that year I decided to hunt with my recurve.  It took a few years but I finally started having success, and as time went on the more success I was having.  
​Getting into bow building full time was something I had wanted to do ever since I was 12 but I guess I never quite had the guts to make the jump till now. Having a job I enjoyed didn't help either.  I was working in the mountains all summer and building/carving furniture and doors in the winter.  But now my family and I are moving back to NW Montana where I grew up and I Figured it's now or never.  
​M. Trent Wengerd


Myron Trent Wengerd
Wengerd Archery
(406) 529-0888
​HERON, MT 59844

Nov 01, 2018
Live To Learn With Matt Davis

Theories abound for the perfect arrow setup…no single setup works for everyone in the rising world of traditional archery.   Practice your butt off,  find what works best for you, then get outdoors and enjoy the experience of the hunt…successful or not.

Oct 30, 2018
Randy Cooling

Randy Cooling shares a lifetime of traditional archery experience on this episode.

Oct 25, 2018
South Cox: Elk Hunt

South Cox rejoins the podcast to recount his Elk hunting adventures with Llamas.

Oct 23, 2018
Airing Of Grievances With Jon Pynch

John Pynch joins Aron Snyder to discuss the nuances of competition shooting and finding balance between the love of competition vs advertising for sponsors.

Oct 19, 2018
Aron Snyder Is F’d Up: Matthew Bernier To The Rescue

Matthew Bernier, Soft tissue expert and first-time hunter joins the podcast with Aron Snyder, longtime hunter, combating the toll years of intense backcountry adventures has taken.  Together they share expertise in their respective fields with the end goal to make Matthew a better hunter, and to help Aron find muscle relief and regain his full potential in the field.



Matthew James Bernier 

Matthew has been a Health & Exercise Professional since 1994. Graduating from George Mason University as an Academic All American and a Division 1 Wrestler/Athlete with a BS in Education certified to teach Health & Physical Education. Matthew became a Personal Trainer and attended the Potomac Massage Training Institute. After graduating from the Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI). Matthew opened a private massage practice and worked for Arlington County, VA as Personal Trainer. Matthew moved on to become Lead Trainer at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center and prepared the training staff to work with the participants and helped to grow the program to one of the largest and most successful in the area. At the same time he returned to The Potomac Massage Training Institute to become an instructor in the final portion of their deep tissue program where he worked for 4 years educating many massage professionals and building his knowledge of the muscular system. Also at this time he continued to take as many continuing education courses as possible at PMTI including Neuro Muscular Therapy, Rolfing, Reiki, Cranio Sacral, Myo Facial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Massage as a Medical Intervention.

After leaving Arlington County and continuing his private massage practice, Matthew became the Director of Education for Arington, VA based Fit One Personal Training, again educating the staff to provide the best exercise services possible. Around this same time Matthew met Tom Purvis the creator of The Resistance Training Specialist Program (RTS). Matthew had a passion for exercise and strength training and quickly gained his Mastery Level Status in this physics based program. He excelled in his understanding of exercise mechanics and became one of RTS’s first instructors helping Tom Purvis educate exercise professionals in understand the importance of a physics based training model and decision making process.

In 2001 Tom Purvis met and introduced the RTS Instructor group to Greg Roskopf the creator of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). It was at this point that the blend of body work/massage and personal training, two separate businesses started to come together. Greg shared his concepts of bringing stability/contractile ability back to the body through a process of range of motion, muscle testing and origin and insertion work. At this point Greg decided to teach a 10 month 8 weekend specialist program to train others in MAT. Matthew was in the first group of students to complete the program in 2002 and the first MAT Certified Specialist in the country. It was at this point that Greg asked Matthew to move to Denver and work at the MAT Corporate HQ seeing clients and educating fitness professionals about MAT by teaching the first phase of MAT, the JumpStart Program. For the next three years Matthew traveled the country on the weekends helping to grow the MAT & RTS communities teaching the MAT JumpStart Programs and the RTS 123 courses. During the week Matthew built a thriving private practice at MAT HQ and helped Greg evolve the MAT program. While at HQ along side Greg and the instructor core Matthew helped to develop the MAT Mastery program and also became the first MAT Mastery Level Specialist. In 2005 Matthew became the Lead Instructor for the MAT Specialist Program. Over the last 10+ years Matthew has taught over 45 10 month 8 weekend Specialists courses that accounts for over 2000 students. These courses have covered the U.S. and International locations including New York, Miami, Columbus, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Barcelona, London & Mexico City.

In 2015 Matthew decided it was time for a change and decided to move his private practice closer to home in an effort to create more time for his family due to the busy travel schedule of teaching. This has created an ability to spend a lot more time with his wife Jennifer also an MAT Certified Specialist and RTS Mastery Level Trainer, daughter Rhys and son Ryker. This is when THE MUSCLE PROJECT was created. With 20+ years of experience & education in the health, fitness, exercise & body work industries.



The Muscle Project is an Exercise based facility that was developed out of a passion to help others function better and participate in life to their fullest potential. Fueled by an understanding of how important an optimally contracting muscular system is to participation, The Muscle Project was born.

Core Beliefs:

  1. A properly contracting muscular system is vital to optimal health.
  2. Optimal contraction is vital to a properly functioning muscular system.
  3. Having a systematic approach to assessing proper contraction is vital to improving this function.
  4. Without proper function the system will eventually break down and participation will become less and less efficient leading to less than optimal health.
  5. Maintaining this system over time is vital to long term health gains.
  6. Proper progression over time is vital to reaching the systems optimal potential.
  7. Education of the inner working of the system is vital honoring how to progress this system.
  8. Education is vital to understanding how to maintain this system overtime.
  9. A solid understanding of physics is vital to understanding how force affects the system.
  10. Properly applying forces is vital to achieving, progressing and maintaining a healthy muscular system.

Oct 17, 2018
Hunting Hippie: Grant Gladson

Grant Gladson, "guidling" at Midnight Sun Safaris out of Alaska, joins Aron Snyder on the podcast to discuss gear effectiveness hunting in Alaska vs. Colorado.

Midnight Sun Safaris

Oct 11, 2018
Henry Ferguson: 2018 Mule Deer Hunt

After almost an hour of social media distraction and Frank Peralta making everyone uncomfortable, Henry Ferguson finally gets to talk about his Mule Deer hunting adventures.

Oct 10, 2018
Tom Clum - Arrow Setup

This episode with Tom Clum is all about arrow setup

Oct 04, 2018
Zac Owens

Zac Owens joins the podcast to discuss his archery equipment and his upcoming hunts.

Wild Chaos

Lifestyle brand built to bring the outdoor community together for the ones who like to live wild...not weak! 
Order gear at 👇🏻

Oct 02, 2018
A Very "Un-PC" Episode

Baboons and goats are involved...enough said.

Sep 27, 2018
2018 High Country Mule Deer: South Cox

South Cox joins the podcast to discuss his 2018 Mule Deer hunt

Sep 26, 2018
2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt: Day Six Arrows

Brian Broderick joins Aron and Frank on the podcast to discuss Day Six Arrows.

Day Six Gear

Born out of necessity, Day Six designs and builds specialized equipment for hunters. As the hunting industry steers away from quality and towards quantity, Day Six remains focused on gear that will perform in the worst of conditions.

Our goal is to identify holes in the market where quality gear is needed and provide solutions to fill those gaps. Everything we design is for our own use, we are just making extra for others who also want good gear.

The system that fails the consumer is the wholesale-retail system. Other manufactures simply can't offer the quality that is possible due to the way their business is built and structured. The cost of manufacturing has to be kept low to allow for the retail markup when it hits the shelves at dealers.

We have purposely configured this business to deliver our customers a superior product at a fair price utilizing the Consumer-direct model.


Thanks again,

The Day Six Crew

Sep 20, 2018
2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt: Gear and Tactics

Fresh off their epic Mule Deer hunt, Aron and Frank cover the gear they used, glassing techniques, and lessons learned after over twelve days in the field.

Sep 18, 2018
2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt

Aron and Frank provide a day by day account of their high country mule deer hunt.  An incredible amount of blood sweat, and tears went into this hunt.

Sep 13, 2018
2018 Hunting Season With Brian Call

Brian Call and Aron Snyder get together to discuss their upcoming hunts for 2018, including Aron’s upcoming high-country mule deer hunt.

Sep 11, 2018

Andrew Munsell, co-owner of HAMSKEA, joins the podcast with Aron and Frank.  Discussions include, Accuracy, optics, tuning, and a healthy dose of squirrels.



HAMSKEA Archery Solutions LLC is a company for archers by archers. It is owned and operated by Andrew Munsell and Shawn Greathouse. Each are passionate tournament archers and die hard bowhunters. They live and breathe the sport of archery. That passion is the foundation of HAMSKEA ARCHERY SOLUTIONS. In their constant drive to be better, more accurate archers themselves, they saw a need in the market for products they couldn’t find anywhere else. So they began to design, develop, and manufacture the products they were looking for.

All of the products that they create come directly from their own shooting experiences and needs. They are designing the products all archers need to maximize their accuracy! It is their mission to unleash the passion of archers and bowhunters everywhere. They do this because they love the sport, they live to shoot! They hope their products help each of you to find that same passion.


Andrew picked up his first bow and arrow at the age of eight and hasn’t put it down since. Growing up in Illinois introduced Andrew to big game hunting through the pursuit of whitetail deer. After college, he moved out west (California, Arizona, Colorado) which presented its own set of bowhunting challenges.

Longer range shots, steeper terrain and a greater diversity of animals fueled his desire to become as proficient as possible. Bowhunting is the fundamental core of Andrew’s archery passion, but Andrew also follows and participates in as many types of archery as possible. Through his experiences he has acquired a vast amount of archery and bowhunting knowledge. This coupled with his background in aerospace engineering enables him to separate the products that work from the ones that don’t.

In his spare time, he likes to help his fellow archers and often has them over to the house for shooting lessons along with tuning and string making sessions. Andrew also writes about his archery experiences as published in several regional and national periodicals

Sep 06, 2018
New License System With Harold Fahrenbrook

Harold Fahrenbrook returns to the podcast to discuss the current state of affairs at the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Sep 04, 2018
Ultralight Backpacking

If you are having any trouble finding the right information on gear to pack for this seasons hunt, give this episode a listen.  Learn from two people who spend most of their time outdoors and have refined their gear list based on experience, not opinion.

Kevin's gear list is available on his blog..check it out!


Who am I?

I am Kevin Underwood, a husband, father, and hunter from Oregon. Big game hunting has been my passion since before I was old enough to hold my own tag, and it continues to be so today. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend a very large amount of time hunting in the western US, as well as thousands of hours research and fine tuning the gear involved around the pursuit of hunting.

Hunting has so many things to offer both in terms of recreation, and in terms of personal development. The struggle, the failure, the success, and the self-confidence that it has brought to my life over the last 20 years has been immeasurable. Naturally, I want to share with you something that has made such a drastic impact for the better in my life.


The Problem

Over time however, I’ve noticed the trends as social media has swept through our culture. The lines between helpful and worthless as well as between genuine and contrived have become blurred at best. At the same time, hunter numbers are at all time lows, and few people are finding the real connection they seek between nature and society.

Finding solid information and genuine people to glean information from is all but impossible for those wanting to take their first steps down a path into the woods. Hunting is a complicated discipline that can take a lifetime or more to master, yet it has become impossible for the beginner to navigate the cloudy waters of overloaded information while trying to find the meaningful help that they need.

It is estimated, in the meantime, within the next 15 years hunters will no longer be able to financially support the conservation model we have in place currently. The straightforward, but laborious solution is for the hunting community to extend its arm and to help along those interested in partaking in the hunt. I believe in this process completely, but I want to do more.


My Solution

As I continue to help and engage with new hunters on a face to face level, I also want to provide content to those out there who I have never met, in hopes that they will come to enjoy the thing that has shaped so much of my life and world view. By providing what I have spent years learning for myself, I believe that the passion for the natural world will continue to spark the interest of others. My hope is that this interest will continue to grow the community of hunters around the world, and bring that community just a little bit closer together. It is a small bit in the larger picture, but if it can push us all the slightest bit in the right direction, then it will be worth the effort.



Aug 30, 2018
John Dudley Returns

John Dudley returns to the podcast to discuss his latest Total Archery Challenge experience, including his arrow setup.  Also included is everybody's favorite topic...FOC!


This Video explains the Nock On Arrow Series including the Nock On Axis and FMJ. Both of these shafts are only available at and are the perfect combination of match grade quality, heavy hitting accuracy and affordability all bundled into one complete package



For more in depth info on archery be sure to check out Johns Nock On Podcast

Aug 28, 2018
Calvin Halladay

Calvin Halladay, one of the owners at Sheep Mountain Outfitters, and Aron Snyder discuss the outdoor industry in todays social media world, how to watch out for misinformation from instafamous hunters, and then go into thier personal experence regarding what makes a great optic, along with their glassing techniques in the field.


Sheep Mountain Outfitters


Aug 23, 2018
Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman and Aron Snyder discus how uncomfortable hunting can be, the basic skills everyone going into the backcountry should know, plus some good hunting stories including that one-time Aron asked Frank if his farts burn...epic.




Hunting Gear,Hunting,Archery hunting,Bow hunting,Deer Hunting


Aug 21, 2018
Hunting Season Q&A

Thinking about backpacking in this hunting season?  Aron answers listener questions regarding where to camp, what to bring, and how to stay in touch.


Bivy hunt or base camp? 00:01:04 - 00:05:58
Where to place your camp 00:05:58 - 00:08:08
How far into the backcountry should I go? 00:08:08 - 00:10:05
Condensation 00:10:05 - 00:13:04
How much do I leave at the truck? 00:13:04 - 00:16:39
Gear/clothing list 00:16:39 - 00:24:44
Pack size 00:24:44 - 00:27:35
How many arrows should I bring? 00:27:39 - 00:29:27
Boots 00:29:27 - 00:30:14
How long can you leave meat in the backcountry? 00:30:14 - 00:33:40
Communication devices 00:33:40 - 00:34:43

Aug 16, 2018
Ryan Harder

Guide Ryan Harder joins Aron on the podcast.  Ryan has been a guide for thirteen years and has been running his own outfit Hunt Harder Guide Services for the last six years.

Ryan Harder on Facebook


Aug 14, 2018
Know Your Limits with Levi Morgan

World champion Levi Morgan joins the podcast to discuss his latest tournament season, his tournament and hunting bow setup, and the importance of knowing how to tune your bow.


About levi Morgan

I grew up in the small town of Rosman, NC. One red light kinda town and if you didn’t like to hunt or fish there just wasn’t much to do. Maybe thats the reason I grew to love archery so much at a young age. My dad was a big bowhunter so naturally I would shoot and spend time outdoors with him. He started taking me to local club shoots when I was 5 years old, and I won pretty much all of them.

From there he noticed something in me I guess and he took me to my first world shoot when I was only 6. I took first runner up in my age division. I was in love with competition and the bow and arrow. I continued on through my youth competing in ASA and IBO events and winning most that I entered. Bowhunting was also a huge part of my life and as I got older I grew to love it more than the competition. Through high school I quit competing and I focused on other sports. I loved basketball and baseball but in my heart I always knew what I was gonna do. My senior year I had full rides in both sports but turned them down to pursue my real passion…..Archery and Bowhunting.

Looking back its a little scary how as an 18 year old kid I threw scholarships away to chase an archery career. 2006 was my first year as a pro I was very successful but didn’t get a single win. Maybe because I spent the entire year trying to win the heart of a girl named Samantha Kline, now my wife. I did win rookie of the year that year and in 2007 I got my first professional win. I went on to win Shooter of the Year that year as well as the ASA World Championship. I have now won Shooter of the year 10 years in a row and several more World titles. Samantha and I also started a outdoor television show in 2008 and now that is a huge part of our lives. That show is now called “Bow Life” which really describes our past, present, and hopefully future. We have a 4year old son named Landon who is our world and I cant wait for him to start his own journey in the outdoors with mom and dad tagging along! God has been so good to our little family and we owe all of our success to HIM.

(excerpt from bowlife)


Ten-time Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, returns to Mathews’ Pro Staff more confident than ever.

“When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything. I need to go into every tournament knowing my bow will hold its tune.” says Morgan. “That’s what I had with Mathews for 15 years. They make the best-tuning, most accurate bows in the world.”

Born and raised in Rosman, North Carolina, Morgan began competing in archery tournaments at age six. Since first signing with Mathews at age 18, he has become one of the most decorated archers of all-time. His long list of accomplishments includes 8 World Championships, 40 National Championships, 10 Shooter of the Year, 3 Triple Crowns, and 10 World Records.

“I was super impressed with Mathews’ new target bows,” says Morgan, “I shot perfect scores on my first three rounds shooting the new TRX, which has made me more confident than ever going into this season.”

Morgan, and his wife Samantha, return to Mathews’ dominant Pro Staff just one month after 5-time World Cup Champion, Jesse Broadwater, also joined the team shooting the new TRX. “Levi Morgan is the best 3D shooter of this century and we’re excited to have him back,” says Mathews Pro Staff Manager, Derek Phillips. “I think it speaks volumes to what we have created for our new target line. It’s catching a lot of attention from the best competitors in target archery.”

(excerpt from Mathews Archery)

Aug 09, 2018
Backpack Hunting With Kendall Card

Entrepreneur Kendall Card joins the podcast to discuss the rigor and joy of backpack hunting.  Kendall runs a multitude of companies including Black Ovus, Camo Fire, and Crispi USA.

About Kendall Card

I was born in Springville, Utah where I spent my childhood. When I was 12 my family moved to a suburb of Portland, Oregon named Tualatin where I “grew up”. Frequent trips to Mount Hood to ski, a crew of great friends and reggae concerts at the Pine Street Theater in Portland made for solid high school year memories.

After traveling solo in Europe for a summer followed by a 2 year mission for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I moved back to Utah for school at Brigham Young University where I could go to school spring, summer and fall and then quit school for the winters in order to ski.

Fortunately for me I met a girl who thought that was perfectly normal. We were quickly married and have been enjoying life together for 13 years and counting.

After graduating from BYU we moved back to Park City where I worked for The Canyons ski resort for 6 years as the Utah Sales Manager before jumping ship to where I managed grassroots and community marketing for nearly 3 years. I worked for a stint with Base Camp Communications as Director of Social Media

With my longtime friend Mark Strickland, we started in late 2008 and I am now working full time in my business, feeling blessed for the success we’ve seen and confident and optimistic for our future.

My outdoor passion is backcountry skiing, followed by climbing, road cycling, trail running and ski mountaineering. I’ve recently taken up archery hunting, an extension of my many years as a youth and teen hunting and fishing with my family.


What is is set up to be your best hunting asset. In its essence, we want it to be a one-stop place for you to find all of the hunting gear you need from all of the top brands you know and trust. With a full catalog of items you can browse through and with posted reviews from our customers and gear experts about brands and products, BlackOvis is ready to get you properly geared up for your next big hunt.


About is all about bringing you back to back deals on top quality hunting products at prices well below retail, prices so low it’ll almost feel illegal. We strive to get gear from all the best brands that every hunter wants and offer it at a ridiculously low price. Unlike most hunting websites that offer a full catalog of items, Camofire is unique in that we offer five deeply discounted hunting deals at a time, each with limited quantity and limited time to “Pull the Trigger”.

Aug 07, 2018
Elk Calling Part 2

Wildlife biologist Chris Roe owner of Roe Hunting Resources offers science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication on part two of our Elk calling series.



From my childhood and youth in the dairy country of Upstate New York, I developed a fascination with, and a passion for, animal behavior and the manner in which certain behaviors affect the outcomes of hunter/animal interactions. As my level of learning and understanding of animal behavior grew, so did my hunting success.

Elk calling and hunting seminars with Primos Hunting CallsThat success, in part, helped me land a position with Primos® Hunting Calls as one of their ProStaffers. As I began to give calling and hunting seminars across Colorado, SE Wyoming, and northern New Mexico, the truly unique material that I taught, how I taught it, and the success of my "students," others came, hungry for the type and level of education I provided.

Between 1999 and 2003, demand for my seminars increased to the point where—in the months preceding turkey and elk seasons—I was speaking to a different group of hunters nearly every weekend, and even on some weeknights.

Because others across the country were starting to put out hunting-related educational material on CDs and in various video formats, the pressure built for me to do the same. While I did record some material for private distribution, I held off on producing material for the public at large, not only because of increased demands on my time as a wildlife consultant, but also because I just was never satisfied with the production quality, or the professional appearance, of what could be produced economically.

While my material was circulated around the country (with its influence being seen in the educational resources provided by some of my competitors over the years), I put off producing my own video material until I had sufficient time to devote to the effort, and until the necessary technology became faster and more affordable. Moreover, while some hunters were asking for “portable” resources such as DVDs, others were asking for more in-depth educational opportunities. To satisfy the latter demand, in 2003, I started conducting three-day clinics, which focused on elk behavior, vocalizations, communication, and hunting strategies.Online hunting instructional videos

But demand continued to grow. People grew increasingly hungry for quality information, yet disappointed with much of what was available to them outside of actually attending one of my seminars or clinics. Between 2003 and 2008, demand grew to the point where, in 2009, I finally committed to start producing educational videos for the public-at-large. With today's technology and internet streaming capabilities, there really was no reason why I COULDN'T provide what you all wanted: professional, science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication, that could be accessed through a high-quality, web-based, affordable format. Thus was born Roe Hunting Resources.


Aug 02, 2018
Elk Calling Part 1

Wildlife biologist Chris Roe owner of Roe Hunting Resources offers science-based information about animal behavior, vocalizations, and their communication on part one of our Elk calling series.



About Chris Roe

I have a degree in wildlife biology from Colorado State University and—in addition to running Roe Hunting Resources—am also a managing partner of a separate wildlife management and consulting company. In this capacity, I am fortunate to be able to work on a variety of wildlife conservation and management issues ranging from routine wildlife surveys for capital development projects, to designing comprehensive wildlife and habitat management plans for large property owners. My specialty is the understanding, and utilization, of wildlife behavior to maximize the success of my wildlife and habitat management plans and projects. In addition to my wildlife expertise, I bring to the table a background in range and forest management.

As a hunter, my credentials run even deeper. Starting out as a wide-eyed kid tagging along with my uncles hunting across the farm country of Upstate New York, I have continued to hunt across the country, and credit my passion for wildlife behavior and communication as the basis of most of my success. The only hunting seasons that I missed since those early childhood days were during my assignment in Germany with the U.S. Army. This didn't stop me from taking after-hour jaunts into the German countryside to observe and discover new aspects regarding the behavior of some of that country's most notable big game species: the roebuck, red stag, and wild boar.

Study of Elk Vocalizations and Interactions
While knowledgeable about the habits of a variety of game species, my real passion is hunting turkey and, even more especially, elk. Over the past 20+ years, I believe I have become a leading expert in elk behavior, communication, calling, and hunting. My knowledge of elk behavior grew exponentially in the late 1990s when he served as a research field technician on the Upper Eagle River Elk Study near Vail, Colorado. For three years, he hiked Colorado's backcountry recording the behavioral interactions of wild, free-ranging, public-land elk in their native habitat.

Study of elk biology and behavior to understand elk calls and vocalization for elk hunting Logging several thousand hours of direct observation of physical interactions between elk—from when they entered their spring calving areas, to just prior to the fall rut—I couldn't help but be exposed to literally THOUSANDS of vocal interactions. Like a sponge, I soaked up every vocalization, interaction—and the result(s) of those vocalizations and interactions—and began to tease out what specific body positions and vocalizations meant, and how the combinations of vocalizations and body language translated into very deliberate and specific elk communication. During the fall of each of those years, I took what I had learned and applied it to my hunting efforts, with great results.

I continued my investigations into elk behavior and communication through the seasons, including winter. Throughout these years, I began to realize that elk were consistently using the same vocalizations and methods of communication regardless of whether it was early spring, the middle of summer, the peak of the rut, or the dead of winter. This shattered my previously held notion that elk use "special" vocalizations during the rut; an idea that is still being taught by many “professional elk callers” today. Study of elk behavior, communication, and calls to improve hunting success
As I continued my investigations over the years, I was able to codify certain vocalizations and behavioral characteristics of elk into what I truly believe are almost “universal truths.” These truths now form the foundation of the educational program found here at Roe Hunting Resources regarding elk behavior and communication.

Since my initial work, I have continued to follow elk through the seasons—from their summer ranges to their winter ranges—and use that ever increasing knowledge not only in my own personal elk-hunting efforts, but now bring it to you, through the resources found here at Roe Hunting Resources. This in-depth, science-based information regarding elk behavior and communication is unmatched anywhere else. 


Jul 31, 2018
Dr. Ed Ashby

A lifetime of huning knowledge is shared by Dr. Ed Ashby in this Episode.  Learn from the master, learn to hunt, and find what arrow works best.


Dr. Ed Ashby invested 27 years in the study of arrow performance and broadhead lethality. Starting in 1981, while working as a PH in Zimbabwe, Dr. Ed Ashby was recruited by the Mkuzi Game Reserve head Game Ranger Tony Tomkinson to assist in a bowhunting research study. At the time bowhunting was not legal in South Africa. The government commissioned a study to determine if African game could be ethically and humanely harvested with the bow and arrow.

Four years later, Dr. Ashby and his team published what has come to be known as the “Natal Study.” The research was based not on scientific method but outcome driven research. Arrow penetration test were conducted on hundreds of freshly culled animals and results were meticulously recorded and documented.

Read the full bio here

Jul 26, 2018
Broadhead Review Part Four

The Broadhead series concludes with Brian Broderick and Aron Snyder discussing the science behind arrow tuning.

Jul 24, 2018
RMSGear - Broadhead Review

Danny Clum joins the podcast to discuss Cutthroat Broadheads in part three of our broadhead series.


Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear got its start in 1995. Back then, in Denver, if you wanted to buy a quality knife, backpack, or set of binoculars in person then you had to drive to the nearest Cabela' Sidney, Nebraska! For this reason RMSGear was started. We have become a niche store specializing in quality hunting products related to traditional archery.

Since the shop's beginnings we have built one of the best knife shops in Denver, if not the best. We currently have over 450 bows in stock and most any other product you would need related to traditional archery.

RMSGear is a family run Mom & Pop type of store with old fashioned customer service. The shop is ran by Tom Clum and his sons, Tommy and Danny. Tom has 40 years of traditional archery experience, and his two sons have been shooting stick bows since they were coordinated enough to hold one up.

In this day and age a brick and mortar retail store devoted to traditional archery is rare. In the whole country there are only a handful, and among them only a small few are open to the public 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. The staff here is proud to serve the traditional archery community. It is their passion and they would do anything to help others get started in this wonderful sport.

In 2015 we decided to jump into the compound world on a small scale, mainly so we can keep quality service as high as possible. We weren't willing to do it without the right guy, and we found him. Matt Hogue runs the RMSGear Pro Shop. Matt has the same kind of professionalism and dedication to personal service as RMSGear has been built on.

Jul 19, 2018
Valkyrie Archery Systems

Valkyrie Archery designs, manufactures snd sells components for moderate weight extreme foreward of center arrow systems for the serious archer.

My relentless quest for superior hard hitting and accurate performance has arrived. For over 25 years, I’ve tested every archery product and component available and have refined arrow technology as you know it by thinking outside the box and simply making it better… A lot better.

The new standard is now available and here for the taking. We’ve changed everything you know about arrow performance and have set the bar for a new era of archers.

For the competitive shooter, every component of the Viking CenterPin™ System works together to deliver precision, forgiveness and stability in all shooting conditions.

For the hardcore bowhunter, you get punishing on target precision coupled with unsurpassed lethality. Valkyrie arrows are designed for zero impact failure on big game. When you couple the Valkyrie Jagger™ with Viking CenterPin™ System, both accuracy and penetration are maximized and pass throughs become the standard.

The days of disposable arrows and components are over.

If you are looking for improved accuracy, dependability, and simplicity… Valkyrie Archery makes the system you need.

Have you been Chosen?

Welcome to Valkyrie Archery.

Get the test kit!


Jul 17, 2018
Aron and Frank's Hunting Gear List

Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta are about to embark on a fourteen-day hunting trip and cover all the gear they plan to take on this trip and include the core gear they have on hand for every trip into the backcountry.


Frank's Gear List:


            -Prime Centergy Hybrid 28” Draw/ 75lbs Right Hand

            -Hamskea Hybrid Hunter

            -3/16 Peep

            -Spot Hogg Hogg-It 7 pin or Hogg Father single pin

            -Day Six 300 Spine Arrow 11.5 gpi, 29”, titanium Easton outsert, 125gr tip x17

            -G5 Dead Meat, Iron Will Solid, G5 Striker

            -Tightspot 5 arrow quiver

            -Hamskea Drop Tine Trigger release with scott wrist strap



            -Kifaru 26” Lite Frame

             -small belt pouch

             -water bottle pocket

            -Muskeg 7k

            -Guide lid

            -medium belt pouch x3 (2 on pack, 1 on lid)

            -compression kit


Camera Gear

            -Sony A7R2 w/ peak design strap and shoulder mount

            -35mm Zeiss 1.4

            -18mm lens

            -GoPro Hero 4 w/ pole mount

            -Camera Kit

            -SD Cards, Batteries, lens wipes, lens pen, hurricane blower



            -Zeiss Victory Sf 10x42

            -Leica Televid 82mm Angled

            -Gitzo Carbon Tripod

            -Outdoorsman Micro Pan Head

            -Swarovski Bino Adapter

            -Sig 2200 or 2400 (rifle hunting)

            -Thermarest Z Seat


Alaska Guide Creations CUB Chest pack

            -FHF range finder case

            -Flagging Tape


            -Tyto blades


            -Petzl E-light

            -Lens Pen & lens wipe

            -MSR Aquatabs




            -face paint 


Clothing Worn In

            -Salewa Vultur

            -First Lite Compression Socks

            -Under Armour or First lite Aerowool boxer

            -Prana Zion Pants

            -Nike fit ‘the tank’ sleeveless shirt

            -Ice Breaker 200 top

            -Kryptek last chance belt

            -Kifarucast hat

            -Garmin Fenix3 Watch

            -ZT carbon folder knife

            -OR Flex Tech II Gaiters


Clothing in Pack

            - Hoodie of some sort (sitka fanatic, FL Klamath, kryptek Sherpa)

            - First lite 200 bottom

            -First Lite Compression Sock

            -1 extra underwear sometimes

            -FL neck gaiter

            -FL Tag Cuff Beanie

            -sitka mtn glove

            -Kifaru Lost Park Parka half zip

            -Rain Gear (sitka flash, Kryptek Takur, First lite Vapor



            -Super Tarp/ Annex/ ground hog stakes + OR Helium Bivy

            -ground cloth (scrap fabric or Tyvek)

            -Easton Trekking poles


            -Hilleberg Niak or Soulo

            -Cocoon Pillow

            -Thermarest neoair xlite, xtherm, or exped UL lite

            -Kifaru Quilt or slick bag, Western Mountaineering Megalite or badger

            -Kifaru 5 string stuff sack

            -55L dry sack




            -msr aquatabs

            -nalgene w/ humangear lid

            -6L MSR bladder

            -Life Straw



            -MSR Reactor

            -small msr fuel canister

            -titanium spork

            -small red ditty sack


Possibles Pouch

            -pain killers (ibuprofen, Vicodin)

            -super glue

            -small bandaids, bandages, misc

            -mole skin/ leukotape

            -spare contacts

            -duct tape/electrical tape

            -small zip ties




            -leatherman carbon model



            -tenacious tape/patch kit

             -d-loop material

            -allen wrench (in camera gear)

            -string wax

            -extra broadheads/ field tips

Kill Kit

            -Kifaru Medium UL Pull out

            -flagging tape

            -tag bags

            -spare blades

            -Tyto Knife

            -contractor trashbag

            -Cord 25’-50’



            -dark energy charger

            -delorme inreach

            -Black Diamond Icon Head lamp

            -iphone charger cord

            -android charger cord



            -toilet paper

            -wet wipes

            -hand sanitizer

            -tooth brush and toothpaste  

            -contacts case

            -contacts solution

            -pack towel

Jul 17, 2018
Iron Will Broadheads

In the first of a four part series, Aron Snyder talks with the Co-creator of Iron Will Broadheads, Bill Vanderheyden.


Iron Will Outfitters

We chose to name our company Iron Will Outfitters because of Bill’s relentless quest for the ideal broadhead and because of the individual resolve bow hunters must possess to earn the opportunity for a shot. We believe that every hunt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When the time comes to complete the shot, make the most of the opportunity by choosing broadheads that are as reliable as science allows.

Jul 12, 2018
Shooting Discipline With Tom Clum

Tom Clum joins Aron Snyder to discuss traditional archery discipline.  A lot of great info in this episode!


Interested in learning to shoot?  Contact the experts at RMS Gear.


Archery Lessons:

We charge $50 for an instructor, plus $7 per shooter (up to 4 shooters at a time). All of our instructors are at least certified Level 2 USA Archery instructors with a minimum of 20 years shooting experience each. We teach based off of USA Archery's NTS system, with maybe a few small changes to accomodate instincitive shooting for bowhunters or target archers who do not want to use sights.

We have found this system to be incredibly valuable for not just target shooters, but bowhunters as well. We have catered our lessons specifically to whatever you are trying to get out of the sport, compound shooters, traditional shooters, target archers and bowhunters, we will meet you where you're at.

Brand New Archers:

We want folks who are just getting into archery to enjoy the sport and stick with it for the long term. Hitting what you are aiming at is fun! And when you can hit what you want you'll stick with the sport longer. So we provide a free introductory lesson to every new archer that walks in our door. This introductory lesson is also part of the process in helping customers select a bow that is a correct fit for them. We do not hold back any information in this introductory lesson. We make sure to get you in proper archery form (whether you want to be a bowhunter or just a target shooter), teach you the proper motions, and answer any questions that you have.

We try hard to make sure that every new archer who leaves our store is equipped with proper archery knowledge and confidence that they have a set up that is correct for them. We try to go above and beyond, and give you personal attention, so that you get into this sport with a chance to get good and ultimately have more fun with archery.

Jul 10, 2018
Spartan Precision Equipment

Lighter, Tougher, Stronger

Built using only the very best materials available, our products represents a major leap forward for Rifle support systems. Using Rare Earth magnets, the systems are fitted to the rifle in seconds, which enables the shooter to follow live targets and stay level on uneven ground. This is a serious game changer for the hunters that value accuracy and success. Weighing less than traditional solutions, you have to ask yourself, why you would not have one!

 Spartan Precision Equipment is a British company based in Sussex dedicated to producing the finest hunting products in the world. Our drive comes from years of experience hunting with gear that just didn't live up to the job and knowing that the humble bipod had to get with the times.

The result is our maiden product the Javelin Bipod, featured in Rifle Shooter, American Rifleman and a huge number of other top publications. Soon after came the Kapita, a modular tripod, bipod trekking system, and more, made from the same high quality carbon fibre and 7075 aerospace aluminium.

Since our launch we've partnered with other high quality hunting industry names like Blaser and Sauer to produce branded bipods, Niggeloh to make our amazing rifle slings, and there are a couple more big names on the horizon, watch this space!

Jul 05, 2018
FOC with John Dudley

Hours can be spent discussing FOC and arrow tuning, thankfully John Dudley joins the podcat and goes into great detail about tuning arrows, proper equipment, and how to improve accuracy.


About John Dudley

I started hunting at the age of ten in my childhood state of Mississippi. I was raised to be a passionate deer and turkey hunter. To improve further on my hunting skills I started shooting at local clubs and shop tournaments. I quickly realized that archery was a talent I felt I was gifted with and shooting competitively seemed very natural. I started shooting professionally in 1997 and have competed in over 120 Professional events Worldwide. Since recognizing my talent I have successfully competed in 3D, field, indoor and outdoor target archery. I have represented the US Archery team for several years and won multiple medals and championships in each format. When I was 18, I left a college football scholarship opportunity to instead work in an archery shop for 4$ an hour simply because I loved it! Later I opened my own shop for a brief period before being hired at one of the leading bow manufacturers where I worked for nearly 9 years. I ventured on my own in 2006 to work independently as an International public relations/sales/ marketing manager for several archery manufacturers. I spend my days with my sales, marketing and R+D task, as well as, testing new gear, writing articles, taking photos or traveling the globe conducting educational compound archery training seminars for retailers, clubs and National teams. I have dedicated my life to archery and it has always been for the purpose of being better as a Bowhunter. I am fortunate to see a lot of places and coach some of the best shooters in the world and hunt with good people including my family and friends.

For more in depth info on archery be sure to check out Johns Nock On Podcast



Jul 03, 2018
Sheep Hunting With Nathan French

Nathan French, Sheep guide and photographer, joins the podcast to discuss his many adventures as a guide.








Nathan French Photography



Jun 28, 2018
Cold Weather Gear with John Barklow

John Barklow, Product Manager at Sitka Gear joins Aron Snyder to discuss cold weather gear from shelters to boots.


Go for a short walk, and you’ll know if your gear fits. You might notice the stretch, the lightness, the breathability, the warmth. But you won’t really know if it can keep you alive.

You could take your clothing maker’s word for it. But if you’re a Navy SEAL operating in frigid conditions where leaving early isn’t an option, and holding your position is mission critical, you have to know exactly what your gear can handle. You have to test for yourself how it will perform in the worst possible conditions.

And that’s why Sitka Big Game Product Manager John Barklow and his fellow Naval instructors came up with the Rewarming Drill.

John was 19 when he enlisted and formally trained as a Navy diver. He built up some experience climbing and mountaineering in his off time, and took stations in the Philippines, the southern U.S., and California. After 9/11 he ended up in Kodiak, Alaska, where he used his experience to teach SEALs how to survive like mountaineers.






Jun 26, 2018
Black Widow Bows

Toby and Roger from Black Widow Bows join the podcast

Black Widow Bows


Greetings from Black Widow!
As we look back on 2017, we found Black Widow in its 60th year of producing quality custom bows. We would like to thank everyone for making it a great year.
As we look forward to 2018 we are excited for what's ahead. Our Arrowhead Overlays were very popular on the 60th Anniversary bow. We have decided to offer them on the 2018 bows in the wood of your choice, with or without the laser engraving of your choosing. We will also be offering Snakeskin Limb Overlays as well.
Make plans to join us on the Black Widow Bear Hunt at Squapan Mountain Outfitters this fall. For the last few years we have joined Tony and Lynn Boucher and Company for a traditional bear hunt in Northern Maine. We have made great friendships that will last forever and seen some great bears taken that have resulted in a free bow to the biggest bear of the week taken with a traditional bow. For more information look up Squapan Mountain Outfitters on their website or you can email Tony or his wife Lynn at or give them a call at (207) 764-7844. Or give us call and we can get you details of the hunt also.
We wish you all the best for 2018 and we would love to help you continue or begin your traditional adventure.
From the entire gang at Black Widow, have a great 2018.
Shoot Straight, Toby Essick, John Clayman, and Roger Fulton
“May the good LORD be your Outfitter and Guide; May HE cause you to always shoot straight; And may the trophies you pursue be worthy of the Book.”

Jun 21, 2018
Hunting Ibex with Trevon Stoltzfus

Trevon Stoltzfus returns to the podcast with Frank Peralta to discuss his latext Ibex hunt, and the current state of hunting television shows.


Outback Outdoors was formed when a group of hardcore western hunters decided that the same old big game hunting videos and TV were no longer good for the hunting industry. Bringing decades of varied hunting experience as well as a fresh perspective to the table, the Outback Outdoors team spends hundreds of days each season behind, and in front of, the camera capturing their adventures.

With over 40 years of experience in the outdoors, this is not the usual collection of weekend warriors with big trucks and handi-cams. Instead, our team consists of solid industry professionals with collective experiences in all aspects of outdoor media including outdoor writing, hunting seminars, producing big game hunting videos, outfitting and guiding, along with years of personal success in the field.

The Outback Outdoors team has a goal to provide outdoor enthusiasts with exciting and fresh web-only big game hunting videos, with the proper emphasis on entertainment along with sharing the tips, tactics, and bowhunting gear we use for success.

Outback Outdoors wraps our dynamic deer hunting videos and bowhunting videos in an adrenaline charged web-only package with a western flair. This is not to say the Outback Outdoors team only hunts the west; but rather, they take their western bow hunting style with them, which puts an exhilarating and entertaining twist on the typical Eastern and Midwest hunts you’re used to seeing.

Trevon Stoltzfus


The Rock - An Ibex Adventure

Some adventures call to you from far off places, but some call you back to where you started it all. Trevon Stoltzfus travels back to his roots and The Rock, or the Florida Mountains, in southern NM where the transplanted Bezoar Ibex call home and hold the title as the toughest animal in the US to bowhunt.

Jun 19, 2018
Long Range Shooting

Brian Pence, Jon Pynch, and Austin Orgain join the podcast to discuss competition shooting.  If you have any questions on reloading or precision shooting in general be sure to reach out to one of these fine fellows.


Brian Pence - Reloads


Jon Pynch


Austin Orgain


Precision Rifle Series

The Precision Rifle Series is a yearly points race for several series including the PRS Bolt Gun Series, PRS Gas Gun Series and the PRS Club Series. The intent is to provide a national framework as the aggregation point for local, regional and national matches, tracking of scores and the growth of the practical, long range rifle discipline. By providing structure and governance the growth of the discipline has been exponential since the PRS was launched in 2011 thanks to the exceptional coalition of the match directors, shooters and sponsors participating in the PRS.

The outlaw nature of the sport has made this a very unique collection of matches in all of the series. Matches are run very differently, focus on different fundamentals and include a vast number of stressors, no two matches are the same! This provides for regional variances that are unique and very challenging. Texas and Oklahoma matches are far different from the west coast and east coast matches and allow the shooter to really test the full extent of their capabilities by participating in various series, styles and regions.

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series. Whether you are looking for a local club to join, wanting to compete with America’s favorite rifle the AR-10/15 or you want to test your self against the best shooters in the nation and the world, the Precision Rifle Series has a spot for you.

Jun 14, 2018
Finding Balance with South Cox

South Cox returns to the podcast to discuss everything from raising kids to camp food


Since 1987 Stalker Stickbows has integrated exquisite craftsmanship with a devotion to the sport of traditional archery. I welcome your interest in the most exciting and durable bow you will ever shoot.  Furthermore, I extend a sincere hand of friendship to those of you who share my love for a sport that reflects a profound respect for the great outdoors.  It has been my goal to create more than just a beautifully handcrafted and powerful bow. I believe that our customers are friends who are asking us to create a trusted hunting or shooting companion that they can rely on… a partner as durable as they are…one who will be with them for as long as they have the will and the strength to draw both breath and the bowstring. My bows are built to be as enjoyable to shoot as they are beautiful.  I believe that you deserve nothing less when the chance of a lifetime shot presents itself. This is my commitment to value…and is the philosophy that puts backbone into every bow that I proudly build with both your name and mine.

Stalker Stick Bow video

Stalker Stickbows

Shop: 970-586-4448
Mobile: 707 496-0136

Stalker Stickbows
1765 Olympian Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

Jun 12, 2018
Hunting Partners With David Hoff

Ultrarunner and hunter, David Hoff, joins the podcast to discuss hunting partners and long distance running.

Jun 07, 2018
Perseverance with Fred Bohm

Fred Bohm Outdoorsman, hunter, writer, photographer, inventor and owner of Sage & Braker talks with Aron Snyder and Frank Peralta about hunting, photography, and pooping!


Fred Bohm

We are all in this together whether we know it or not. Some of us understand this when young, some never do. My realization struck me like a brick in the face early in August 2014. I can’t think of the event that caused it, but I knew that my life would never be the same because of this awakening.

We are blessed with time on this earth and there is no guarantee we will be given another breath. Some die in a bed, insides rotting of cancer, others never make it out of their mother’s womb. You’re reading this and I’m writing it, so our time isn’t up. Make it count. Don’t let others decide how you are going to live it, and for the love of God, Allah or science, don’t let the rat race trap you into a life you never intended.

So this is me. These stories are intended to share with you a part of what makes my life worth living. Most will be about hunting. All will involve people and creatures I love.

So I invite you to take this walk with me. Through the woods, through the fields, through whatever adventures this great world throws at me. You will learn more about me as I learn more about myself. And I hope in the process to get to know some of you as well.

// Fred


Sage & Braker

Crafted at the Highest Caliber

We live, breathe and make everything at the highest caliber possible. In our products, in our pursuits and in our vision. And we’re proud to pass that caliber of craftsmanship to you.

Our Story

I have to admit, I didn’t start this company with the purest of thoughts. I started it to escape an industry that I really didn’t like, to spend more time in the outdoors and of course with my family.

But as often happens, when you pour your heart into something it starts to take over. It starts to create a life of it’s own. It gives you opportunities that you never thought were possible. Make a living for my family? That’s cool. But to have an opportunity to help preserve the lands that I love so much? Never. How the hell could that be possible. That’s for the big guys, the Patagonias of the world, not the small Sage & Brakers out there.

But I said the hell with it. Even if it was a couple of hundred dollars a year to a good cause, I had to at least try. After all, it has to be more than just about me. I’m on this earth for a short time, but maybe the good my company could do would outlive me. Affect more people than just myself. Meh, who knows?

Then not more than half a year later it was solidified. The only thing that has made me weep in the last 15 years came into this earth as a beautiful baby boy. Atlas. And like my father before me, I now bear a tremendous responsibility. I am here to point him in the right direction, to show him the values that I hold so dear. And I realize that I have to SHOW him these values, not tell him about them. I don’t remember a lick of advice my father gave me, but I remembered what he showed me by his example. That is what formed the man I am today, and Atlas’s moral fiber will be learned the same way, by example, not by well meant advice.

The way I run my company will be the way my son will learn his work ethic and how to treat other people, whether I like it or not.

So I have a responsibility. To him, to the community I love and towards keeping our public lands in their most raw form around for his generation and the ones to follow. To give him the same opportunity to sit in the middle of nature and just listen. Not to the busy streets, to the beeps and chirps of a cell phone and not to the news on the television blaring the destruction of mankind. To search his soul the same way I continually search mine.

Just a company right? Just a way to pay the bills?

I did that before and it stole a part of my soul from me. A mistake. A costly one, but one that has set my path straight.

So what does this have to do with you?

Everything. You are the foundation of this company and without you guys there is no reason to have it.

A small company, yes. A small impact, perhaps at first. But I’m not a fella that likes to back down and I’m pretty sure you’re not either. We can do this together. I encourage each and every one of you to reach out to me and I promise to listen.

~ Fred Bohm

Made in America, bred in the back country, and galvanized in combat, you won’t find tougher, better built outdoor gear. In fact, we’ve been doing so since 1979 – from backpacks to sleds, Tipis and other shelters. We continue to innovate, and others continue to follow.

May 30, 2018
Wilderness Education With Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela, Writer, History teacher, semiprofessional adventurer, and wilderness survival educator, joins the podcast to talk about land nav, essential equipment to carry always, animal signs and trapping, and bug out bags...if you get lost in the backcountry, or if it’s the zombie apocalypse, this is the guy you want with you.


Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela first fell in love with the outdoors as a child. Entertained by the WWII survival stories his father endured in the jungles of the Philippines, Kevin wanted to learn more. Kevin grew up hiking, kayaking/canoeing, fishing and hunting in New England and spent his free time outside or reading about survival and wilderness skills. Over the years, his childhood interests became stronger and developed into his lifelong passion. Kevin’s passion now includes sharing what he knows with his students, family and friends.

Kevin is the Owner and Head Instructor of Estela Wilderness Education. He brings extensive educational experience to the courses and material he offers. Kevin is a regular contributing author for RECOIL and OFF-GRID Magazine, American Survival Guide, American Frontiersman, Survivor’s Edge and other magazines through Beckett Media, Engaged Media and Athlon Outdoors Media with over 100 published print articles. He is the author of many online articles for various websites and he is the top-billed Contributing Author for the website of Discovery Channel Host, Joel Lambert.

In addition to outdoors education, Kevin has been a Full-time High School History Teacher since 2006.

(excerpt from

Kevin Estela on Facebook


Phone: (860) 214-3629



Prometheus Design Werx

May 24, 2018
Orthotics with Scott VerBurg

Aron has put a lot of miles on his feet over the years, and subsequently suffers from foot pain.  Dr. Scott VerBurg, the man who helped relieve the pain joins the podcast and talks orthotics and boot choices.


Scott VerBurg

Scott is certified in Prosthetics and Orthotics by the American Board for Certification. In 1999, he graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine's Orthotic and Prosthetic program in Chicago. Scott completed his clinical residency at Becker Orthopedic in Troy, Michigan, and moved to Denver in 2001. He opened the Longmont Office of OPS in 2006.  Scott offers complete prosthetic and orthotic services with considerable experience in lower extremity orthoses, spinal, and lower limb prosthetics.  He specializes in geriatric services, especially difficult fittings, and sports medicine, and has worked extensively with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  His goal is to provide the highest level of care, service and education to his patients and their referring physicians as well as working efficiently with insurance providers and third-party payers.


Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions


With over 30 years providing Northern Colorado and the Front Range with Orthotics and Prosthetics care, we are dedicated to our patients and to our community.  All of our Practitioners are ABC certified and educated from accredited schools.  We are qualified to fulfill any of your needs.  From locations in Fort Collins, Longmont and Scottsbluff Nebraska, to coverage in Wyoming and across the front range we have a facility for you. We have full labs at all of our locations and do our own fabrications.  Certified practitioners do all their own modifications neverrelying on technicians to modify patient molds.  Having everything built in our facilities gives us tremendous quality control making sure everything we deliver is the best.

May 22, 2018
British Columbia Bear Hunt

Aron and Frank recount their British Columbia Bear hunt.  Aron makes sure he gets his fiber, and talks about notable gear used on the hunt, including arrow setup.  Also, Aron and Frank compare sizes... (bear sizes).



Primitive Outfitting

Poison Dart Bows

Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear

May 14, 2018
Aaron Neilson

Aaron Neilson, owner of Global Hunting Resources, and host of Trijicons World of Sports Afield, joins the podcast to talk about his big game hunts from around the world.

Global Hunting Resources
Global Hunting Resources (GHR) offers to you the client, hunting and fishing adventures around the globe. Its our job to help each traveling sportsman arrange what is often times for them, the adventure of a lifetime! From matching clients to the right outfitters, to helping with travel and gun transportation needs, to finally making sure your trophies arrive home safely and swiftly. GHR and our associates have the time, dedication and most importantly - the experience. To make sure your next unforgettable!!!!

Aaron Neilson is one of the world’s most well-traveled big game hunters. His experience as guide, outfitter and professional hunter and TV-host make him a unique expert in international hunting circles.

Hosted by international big game hunters Aaron Neilson and Dan Catlin, Trijicon’s World Of Sports Afield takes the viewer around the globe in search of big game adventure. From the rugged Yukon, to the windswept mountains of North America and Asia, to the great game fields of Africa, this series delivers world class hunting in each episode!

Trijicon’s World Of Sports Afield

May 11, 2018
Yeti Dave

Dave Ziegman, research and development at Yeti Cycles and avid traditional bow hunter, joins Aron and Frank to recount their adventures shooting the 3d course at American Bowmen.  Topics discussed include bow setup, cut charts, and Franks inability to listen.


Yeti Cycles

Founded in 1985
Yeti Cycles. Ride Driven.
Yeti Cycles is a high-end mountain bike manufacturer. We are Ride Driven.
May 08, 2018
Not Mormon Friendly with Les Welch

Aron gets together with his long time friend Les Welch and talk hunting in Colorado...things get a little out of hand in the end.

May 03, 2018
Nebraska Turkey Hunt

Aron and Frank talk about their Turkey hunt in Nebraska with Medicine Valley Outfitters.


Medicine Valley Outfitters

Turkey Hunting Nebraska

Everyone wants to be #1… but we really are! Medicine Valley Outfitters is located in one of the best locations around for spring turkey hunting. As lifelong residents in this area we know how to get you on some of the best areas to hunt. With a great population of turkeys, we are now offering archery and shotgun spring turkey hunting. We are also archery only outfitters for deer, and with some of the best bow hunting opportunities in the central US for whitetails and mule deer, we are sure to put you on your next trophy.

Medicine Valley Outfitters on Instagram

May 01, 2018
Three Guys Talking

This episode with Paul Gustafson contains a wealth of knowledge on hunting seasons, building arrows, and archery hunting in general.

Apr 26, 2018
Arrow Setup

Aron and Frank talk about their arrow setup...or at least it sounds like they're talking about arrow setup...sometimes the line blurs in this episode.

Apr 24, 2018
Bear Ban with Harold Fahrenbrook

Aron, Harold, and Frank discuss the affects the spring Black Bear hunting ban has had in Colorado.  


DENVER, Colorado: During the 1992 general election, Colorado voters approved Issue 10 which prohibited the hunting of black bears. Now the Colorado General Assembly is considering a bill that would repeal the 19-year-old law. The formal title of the repeal measure is House Bill 1294, which is being sponsored by State Representative J. Paul Brown. Brown argued, "There are more and more human-bear conflicts around the state. It's a health and safety issue."[1]

A House committee planned to consider the bill on April 18, 2011.

HB 1294, according to reports, is drawing criticism from animal rights advocates, who are stating that black bear cubs would be left orphaned if the law was overturned and hunting of the animal was resumed.

The repeal would not overturn the part of the voter-approved measure that banned the use of dogs and bait in hunting black bears.

The language appeared on the ballot as:

Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes to prohibit the taking of black bears by the use of bait or dogs at any time,
and to prohibit the taking of black bears by any means between March 1 and September 1 of any calendar year,
and subjecting violators to misdemeanor penalties and a loss of hunting privileges?

Info from:


Colorado Initiative 10 (1992)

Result   Votes Percentage
Approved Yes 1,054,032 69.70%
   No 458,260 30.30%

Election results via: Colorado State Legislative Council, Ballot History

Apr 19, 2018
Fixed Blade Broadheads

Aron and Frank cover fixed blade broadheads in this episode.  Aron talks about his thorough field tests with multiple broadheads and goes off on a tangent describing how he scarred a couple Mormon missionaries for life.

Apr 17, 2018
Target Panic

Aron and Frank cover target panic in this episode and offer some tips to overcome mental and physical barriers that may be preventing you from getting back on target.

Apr 13, 2018
Aron Snyder vs Luke Caudillo

Aron Snyder and Luke Caudillo engaged in a friendly competition at the American Bowman Club, near Bailey Colorado.  It was a battle between the Trad bow and Compound bow.  One of them ended up with a shaved head.


Luke 'Lil Hulk' Caudillo

He was born and raised in the railroad town of North Platte, NE. Like a lot of rural Americans, Caudillo began hunting and fishing with his brothers, cousins, and friends at the age of ten.  After high school, Caudillo got involved in mix martial arts (MMA). "I was a wrestler my whole life, I missed the competition, and fighting looked fun to me," says Caudillo.

Next thing you know fighting became his career. MMA was good to Caudillo, as he made it to the top level of the sport (UFC) and currently has made coaching a big part of his life.  Caudillo states, "It keeps me around the game...I want to give the younger athletes a chance to experience everything that I experienced.  It was just plain good for me, kept me out trouble, and gave me drive on a daily basis."

He has enjoyed seeing his two joys come together, fighting and hunting.  Hunting has always been about family and friends to Caudillo, and now it's about his teammates too.  Not to mention, Luke is excited to take his daughter Eva out into the outdoors!

Gladiators Unleashed Instagram

Gladiators Unleashed Youtube

Apr 11, 2018
Eastern Colorado Hunting with Alex Nestor

Alex Nester, Guide with Eastern Colorado Outdoors joins the podcast, and discusses spot and stalk hunting on the Eastern Plains with Aron and Frank.


Alex Nestor AKA The BG


Lead Guide ECO (Eastern Colorado Outdoors)

Alex was born and raised on the Plains of Eastern Colorado.  At an early age he began hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors with his father and uncle.  Alex has been guiding spot and stalk Muleys, Whitetail and Antelope with some of the most prestigious outfitters on the Plains Colorado for over a decade.  Although having the reputation as a “wild man”, it’s easy to see that he has changed a lot from his youth to appreciate conservation and understand his past to provide a legal and ethical means of hunting the plains.  Alex is now employed as the Lead Guide for ECO (Eastern Colorado Outdoors) with a powerhouse lineup of guides alongside him.  He is considered by many to have pioneered the early season crop hunts using a technique of hunting standing corn fields to get ridiculously close to deer with archery and muzzleloader hunters.  In addition, Alex is an avid houndsman with an extreme passion in following hounds through the mountains trailing lions, bears and bobcats.  Watching others fulfill a dream hunt has always been his priority, rarely hunting for himself.  Did anyone mention that this Ginger is funny as hell!?!  You can follow his journey by following him on Instagram:huntnest

Apr 10, 2018
Broadhead review

Aron and Frank talk about the broadheads they have used and offer advice on what to choose based on affordability and effectiveness.

Broadheads covered:

Valkyre Center Pin System for skinny shafts
Iron Will

Apr 05, 2018
Harold Fahrenbrook Part 2

Harold Fahrenbrook rejoins the podcast with Aron and Frank to discuss the art of traditional bow shot placement, training techniques, and lessons learned from years in the field.  

Apr 03, 2018

Aron's Daughter Kaley joins the podcast and talks about her upbringing in the outdoors.

Mar 27, 2018
Trevon Stoltzfus - Capturing the Adventure

Trevon Stoltzfus, member of Outback Outdoors, joins the podcast to discuss the process of capturing the adventure of hunting on film.


Trevon Stoltzfus

A former collegiate and freestyle wrestler and professional bull rider was born and raised in southern New Mexico, where he had the privilege of working as an Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope guide. From an early age the love of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors was instilled in him by a heritage passed down through his grandfather, uncles, and older cousins. Having taken numerous trophy big game animals he now desires to pass that passion for the outdoors on to others through the written word, outdoor seminars, television, and videos. Trevon in the past has had the pleasure of working for Eastmans’ Hunting Journal as the research editor and was the archery Co-Host for the Television show “The Best of the West.” He continues to work with multiple outdoor Television shows and is passionate about capturing the thrill of the hunt on video. As a freelance writer Trevon writes for many national hunting and bowhunting magazines and serves on multiple outdoor industry promotional staffs. (from Outback Outdoors website)

Outback Outdoors

Mar 26, 2018
Optics Review Part 2

Optics reviewed this episode

High end 10 power binos 
Swarovsky EL
Leica Noctovib
Zeiss Victory SF
Swarovsky SLC

High end 15 power binos
Leupold Santiam
Swarovski SLC
Zeiss Conquest
Meopta Meostar B1
Maven B4
Steiner HX

Mar 22, 2018
Unknown Legend Harold Fahrenbrook - Pants Were Crapped

Harold Fahrenbrook joins Aron and Frank on the podcast and shares his harrowing hunting stories and overall traditional bowhunting experience.  Also discussed this episode is the political arena as it relates to hunting, specifically the bear hunting bans and its repercussions on the ecosystem.  Sadly, feels trump science, in the general publics view of the  hunting world.

Mar 21, 2018
Leo the Lion

Leo joins the podcast and lends his knowledge and perspective of the hunting world gained from 34 years as a Fish and Game Warden.

Mar 14, 2018

The Bromance is alive and well.  Brian Call joins the podcast to discuss the use of new technology in the hunting world.


Brian Call
I grew up on a rural countryside property in the woodland forests of Oregon’s Willamette Valley adjacent to large patches of untouched timberland. I spent my childhood roaming the woods with my cousin and next-door neighbor, Ben Morris; catching crawdads, fishing, shooting bows, and riding horses.

My father was an avid archery hunter, and he bought me my first hunting bow when I was 12 years old—the legal age to hunt in Oregon. Soon after, Ben and I went on our first elk-hunting trip and have been devoted elk hunting fanatics ever since.

Ben and I have a natural synergism that stems from a lifetime of hunting together; but our initial elk-hunting success was limited—an ingredient was missing. In 2006, we began hunting with our childhood friend, Anthony Spencer, and amidst new-found success, a brotherhood formed between us. was formed as a vehicle to share our love of hunting and of wild places—to help unite hunters and non-hunters alike so that we might preserve the animals we love and a way of life that we cherish.


Mar 09, 2018

Luke Caudillo and Santino Castellanos join the podcast to discuss the importance of fieldcraft with Aron and Frank.  The new Garmin sight is the point of contention, technology can augment shooting skills, but should never replace tried and true fieldcraft.


Luke Caudillo

He was born and raised in the railroad town of North Platte, NE. Like a lot of rural Americans, Caudillo began hunting and fishing with his brothers, cousins, and friends at the age of ten. After high school, Caudillo got involved in mix martial arts (MMA). "I was a wrestler my whole life, I missed the competition, and fighting looked fun to me," says Caudillo.

Next thing you know fighting became his career. MMA was good to Caudillo, as he made it to the top level of the sport (UFC) and currently has made coaching a big part of his life. Caudillo states, "It keeps me around the game...I want to give the younger athletes a chance to experience everything that I experienced. It was just plain good for me, kept me out trouble, and gave me drive on a daily basis."

He has enjoyed seeing his two joys come together, fighting and hunting. Hunting has always been about family and friends to Caudillo, and now it's about his teammates too. Not to mention, Luke is excited to take his daughter Eva out into the outdoors!

Gladiators Unleashed



Santino Castellanos

Santino Castellanos is a native to Colorado who grew up with a passion for the outdoors, and for capturing his outdoor experiences through the lens of a camera. He went on his first big game hunt at the age of six and has been hooked on hunting ever since. Santino caught the entrepreneurial spirit early in life as well, running multiple businesses at a young age and quickly learning the art of making deals and designing partnerships that are greater than the sum of their parts.

His business acumen and love of the outdoors eventually led Santino to found OuttaBounds LLC, an online community and media hub for people with a passion for the outdoor lifestyle. This enabled Santino to focus his attention exclusively on the Outdoor industry, honing his production, cinematography, interactive design and social media skills while learning to navigate the brand landscape of the Outdoor business environment.

Santino has quickly become recognized as a thought leader in the industry, and in 2012 he brought his unique combination of skills and experiences to TrueSight Media as its Director of Business Development. Working in the outdoor industry has only increased Santino’s love of the outdoor lifestyle. His passion for the great outdoors also extends to his wife and two sons, who accompany him on his adventures whenever and wherever they can.


Mar 08, 2018
Trad life is the Plaid life

Henry Ferguson joins the podcast again...when you carry your bow for your senior picture, you must be serious about Archery.  The fellas meant to talk about gear that stands the test of time but end up talking about stiff shafts, gluten free tacos, and plaid shirts.


Henry runs a website called Not Fit To Hunt

Henry (bigchiefwhackabuck) Furguson on Instagram

Come along with us as we help other archers to become better, more efficient shooters and hunters. We'll be posting weekly YouTube videos, articles and tips that have helped us become consistently successful in the field and on the tournament line.

​As bowhunters we realize that there are much more efficient methods for taking big game, but the challenge and the extended seasons are what we live for. Working all year to prepare your bow, backpack and yourself to perform at your peak in the singular moments where our skills are put to the ultimate test is practically a full-time job! However, we both have actual full-time jobs and families. Couple that with being active in conservation organizations, church, Boy Scouts, coaching our kid’s sports teams and the time to hone those skills is hard to come by. But if matters enough to you, you will find a way.

Topics will range from archery form, equipment setup and how to use it, to how we scout, hunt and pack out game after a successful hunt. Bringing hope to the lost and disenfranchised hunters who might be 100 sit-ups away from perfection, will be our goal. Looking like you were chiseled out of granite is not and never has been a prerequisite to being a successful hunter.

Mar 01, 2018
Paul Navarre - Colorado Bowhunters Association

Paul Navarre shares a wealth of knowledge from his near lifetime of bowhuning. Paul shares his passion regarding the preservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat. You can't get this info on YouTube...(well you can now, but experience trumps videos any day)

Colorado Bowhunters Convention & Awards Banquet March 16th and 17th, 2018


About the CBA

The CBA was originally formed in 1969 by a small but highly passionate and dedicated group of bow hunters. Their goal was simple; try to establish equitable big game seasons just for bow hunters. Through their individual effort, modest but improved opportunities were established with the cooperation of the Division of Wildlife (DOW), the Colorado Wildlife Commission (CWC), and the state legislature. From those humble beginnings, the CBA grew to eventually become the recognized voice for bow hunting in Colorado.
As CBA memberships grew in number, new and greater opportunities were envisioned and pursued. Success was not always a given however. Organizations opposed to hunting were equally motivated to advance their political agendas. As a consequence, CBA efforts to expand opportunities for bow hunters were often redirected toward the protection of existing privileges. It eventually became necessary to engage the professional assistance of a lobbyist in order to detect and mitigate potential threats. This political watch guard continues today and remains a costly but necessary expense.
Throughout its existence, the CBA has nurtured and refined its relationship with the DOW and CWC. The success of this on going endeavor has resulted in several key events. Most notable include invitations from the DOW to provide input to the 5-Year big game archery season structures, requests from the CWC to present an archery education seminar to its commissioners, and solicitations from the commissioners to speak at CBA Area Rep meetings. These key events are ample evidence of the mutual respect developed between our state agencies and the CBA through years of cooperation and diligent negotiation.
The CBA is first and foremost a bow hunting organization; comprised of dedicated and ethical bow hunters. Colorado archers enjoy a liberal hunting season highlighted by the fact that we have 10 big game species available to the bow hunter not including numerous small game. But the CBA is also an organization dedicated to the fulfillment of family values and camaraderie amongst members. To that end the CBA hosts several family oriented events such as its annual Jamboree, Awards Banquet, and 3-D shoots around the state. We provide state affiliated hunter safety education, college scholarships, and volunteer assistance to public television and various youth programs. Our Colorado Bowhunter news magazine is recognized for its quality of content and informative articles. Our website provides members and non-members alike, critical information on a variety of topics, a forum for open discussion, and a new medium for finding essential information in this electronic age.
The CBA promises to continue its responsibility to safe guard the privileges we enjoy today and to explore new opportunities for an ever changing tomorrow. But that responsibility demands support in the form of new and enduring memberships. If you bow hunt in Colorado and are not a member of the CBA, please consider joining now and give your fair share in protecting the privilege. As our membership grows, so will the opportunities available... this is our pledge to you the members.

The Colorado Bowhunters Association proudly accepts the mission:

  • to encourage and perpetuate the sport of bowhunting for all legal game;
  • to protect, improve and increase the opportunities for hunting with the hand held, hand drawn bow;
  • to cooperate with and support federal and state agencies, sportsmen’s associations, and conservation organizations, which are insuring the propagation and preservation of game and its habitat;
  • to encourage and conduct educational programs designed to acquaint the public and the archer with the safe and ethical use of the bow for hunting and bowhunting as an effective method of hunting legal game;
  • to foster unity and perpetuate the spirit of good fellowship among bowhunters;
  • and to develop and advocate specific policies that support and help fulfill the Mission.

Since 1969 the Colorado Bowhunters Association:

is a state bowhunting association comprised of dedicated, ethical bowhunters;
is the only recognized voice for bowhunting in Colorado;
is recognized by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Wildlife Commission and the state legislature;
is an organization who preserves your hunting seasons and negotiates season structures and license/permit numbers;
hired a lobbyist to keep a watchful eye on issues at the Colorado capitol;
created the concept of the “Network” to oppose animal rights and anti-hunting elements in Colorado;
promotes bowhunter education for all bowhunters;
provides a wealth of information and bowhunting insurance through membership dues;
provides six information packed “Colorado Bowhunter” news magazines per year to members;
sponsors pro-bowhunting Channel 12 programming in Denver;
participates in the Colorado Division of Wildlife Landowner Recognition Program;
is actively pursuing a state constitution giving sportsmen the right to hunt and fish; and
provides a CBA Info Line 303-697-9660.


Why you should support the CBA.

Hunting and fishing are forms of outdoor recreation as are hiking, rock climbing, biking, and 4-wheeling. Not everyone however, participates in outdoor recreation activities but those that do are often passionate about their involvement.

Bowhunters can probably be characterized as one of the more passionate groups of outdoor enthusiasts. We dearly love the outdoors and the wild things that reside within it. We are a diverse and extended family who regards bow hunting as a perfect union of man and the natural world. Our love for bow hunting and the scenes that accompany the privilege can only be understood by those that relish the environs as deeply as we do. We are literally drawn to nature…autumn arriving like a golden chariot piercing the pure air and azure sky on contrails of yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s promises. Our treks into the tall grasses and deep forest quench an ancient urge that others cannot apprehend. Yet, defeating our quarry isn't nearly as important as having had the opportunity to be among them… having had the opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves.

There are those however, that totally disregard our passion for the outdoors and are financially motivated to take those freedoms from us. Organizations like HSUS, PETA, and others are determined to destroy hunting starting with archers…and will go to any means to accomplish their goals.


If you bowhunt in Colorado and are not currently a member of the CBA ... please consider joining today. We need your support to protect the privilege so many enjoy. Here are some other reasons to join:

Six issues of The Colorado Bowhunter magazine every year
Drawing entries for free bows and other top prizes
Personal input to season structures and other state regulations
Special information mailings on CBA events and 3-D shoots
Personal identification as a valued member and conservationist
Access to future "members only" features on the CBA webssite

Feb 23, 2018
Alabama Recurve Hunt

"Ya gotta shoot them Does!"  Aron and Frank recount their hunting and dining experiences in the great state of Alabama.

Alabama Recurve Hunt on YouTube

Feb 20, 2018
Aaron Hitchins - Rockhouse Motion

Aaron Hitchins with Rockhouse Motion joins the podcast to try and help Aaron Snyder not be a dick.


Aaron Hitchins (Excerpt from Rockhouse Motion)

Aaron is our token foreign guy, hailing from the distant and mysterious land that most people call Canada. Whether it was the long, cold, isolated winters in the North, or just a byproduct of his Business School Education, Aaron has a rather overactive imagination. While in most avenues of life that would serve as a distraction, Aaron’s bountiful creativity meshes with his corporate vision to create the fire in which brands are forged at Rockhouse.


About Rockhouse Motion

Whether that is as a director of photography on a busy film set, alone on a mountain top shooting a sunrise, or in your board room helping your team come up with the next winning concept, the Rockhouse team strives to find a way to move the needle in beautiful, creative, and successful ways. While this may all be well and good, you are probably hoping for some more details as far as what it is we can do.

United States
Little River is a city in Rice County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 557. So we’re basically like the mayors of the town at all times.

Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada, located approximately 81 kilometres west of Calgary near the southeast boundary of Banff National Park. Yes, there are awesome outdoor activities and beautiful things to gaze upon with a beer in hand.

Feb 15, 2018
Optics Review Part 1

In this episode Aron discusses the performance of $1,000 optics in various situations, including low light, clarity, durability, and manufacturers warranty.


1k optics reviewed:

Leica trinovid
vortex razor
Maven B2
Zeiss Conquest
Nikon Monarch HG
Meopta Meostar
Steiner HX

Feb 08, 2018
Socked In

Phil Mendoza, owner at No Limits Archery, and creator of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, re-joins the podcast and recounts harrowing weather conditions with Aron and Frank while sheep hunting.  Apologies to the fine folks in Australia and New Zealand...just wait for it.


About Phil Mendoza:

Hunting and family have always gone hand in hand since I was first able to join my dad and uncles on their annual big game hunts. I have been fortunate enough to create a business in the field that I love and can't wait to raise my boys in the archery world. With my wife Missy at my side, we have made it our commitment to provide a welcoming atmosphere for anyone wanting to participate in all that archery and the outdoors have to offer.


The Alpha Bowhunting Challenge began as an archery competition with a fitness twist. It has since evolved into so much more. We are here to challenge you, teach your, learn from you and encourage you to be the best bowhunter you are capable of becoming.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Target Panic and how to build a plan to overcome it
  • How to develop a bullet proof shot sequence
  • Hunting goals and building your archery "System" to ensure success
  • How to Determine your effective range, The Alpha Way
  • Baseline tests to measure you current abilities
  • Practice routines to elevate your current abilities
  • Bow Tuning Basics
  • Implementing the Alpha Rule of Thirds to situational archery

No Limits Archery Pro Shop Location:

3050 E. 78TH AVE.
DENVER, CO 80229

Feb 06, 2018
Phil Mendoza: No Limits Archery

Phil Mendoza, owner at No Limits Archery, and creator of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, joins the podcast and discusses his teaching philosophy with Aron and Frank.  This one is all about compound bows.


About Phil Mendoza:

Hunting and family have always gone hand in hand since I was first able to join my dad and uncles on their annual big game hunts. I have been fortunate enough to create a business in the field that I love and can't wait to raise my boys in the archery world. With my wife Missy at my side, we have made it our commitment to provide a welcoming atmosphere for anyone wanting to participate in all that archery and the outdoors have to offer.


The Alpha Bowhunting Challenge began as an archery competition with a fitness twist. It has since evolved into so much more. We are here to challenge you, teach your, learn from you and encourage you to be the best bowhunter you are capable of becoming.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Target Panic and how to build a plan to overcome it
  • How to develop a bullet proof shot sequence
  • Hunting goals and building your archery "System" to ensure success
  • How to Determine your effective range, The Alpha Way
  • Baseline tests to measure you current abilities
  • Practice routines to elevate your current abilities
  • Bow Tuning Basics
  • Implementing the Alpha Rule of Thirds to situational archery

No Limits Archery Pro Shop Location:

3050 E. 78TH AVE.
DENVER, CO 80229

Feb 02, 2018
Traditional Archery Round 2

Aron talks about his return to traditional archery, getting aggressive with his middle finger, upcoming hunts, new gear from Kifaru, and upcoming gear reviews.

Jan 31, 2018
South Cox - Stalker Stickbows Part 2

In this episode Aron and South discuss the gear they use and the real world experiences they have had with gear failing, from shelters to boots to sleep systems, all is covered in detail.



South Cox’s interest in archery started at the age of five when he found an old wood recurve under a neighbor’s house. Despite having no mentor and growing up in a vegetarian family during his younger years, the instincts of the hunter ran deep. At 16, he shot his first deer with a bow—cementing a lifetime commitment to the sport.
In 2007, with 20 years of professional woodworking experience, South took over Stalker Recurves, reviving a company that had been dormant for the better part of a decade. Combining both of his passions; a profound love of woodworking and archery, he enthusiastically dove into the new venture. His keen eye for detail and diligent work ethic can easily be recognized in the artistic changes, additions and technical advances in the bow lines.

In 1989, South’s first bowhunting article was published, spawning a new career that would eventually have him published in a half dozen different archery magazines, contributing to a couple of bowhunting books and earning him a position as Field Editor of Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, a position that he still maintains.
In 2012, with the blessing of his wonderful wife, Kyri, after 25 years in construction, South decided to “retire” and take up bow building full time. Between writing and bow building, he is now fully immersed in the hunting industry—truly “living the dream!”

Since 1987 Stalker Stickbows has integrated exquisite craftsmanship with a devotion to the sport of traditional archery. I welcome your interest in the most exciting and durable bow you will ever shoot.  Furthermore, I extend a sincere hand of friendship to those of you who share my love for a sport that reflects a profound respect for the great outdoors.  It has been my goal to create more than just a beautifully handcrafted and powerful bow. I believe that our customers are friends who are asking us to create a trusted hunting or shooting companion that they can rely on… a partner as durable as they are…one who will be with them for as long as they have the will and the strength to draw both breath and the bowstring. My bows are built to be as enjoyable to shoot as they are beautiful.  I believe that you deserve nothing less when the chance of a lifetime shot presents itself. This is my commitment to value…and is the philosophy that puts backbone into every bow that I proudly build with both your name and mine.

Stalker Stick Bow video

Shop: 970-586-4448
Mobile: 707 496-0136

Stalker Stickbows
1765 Olympian Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

Jan 29, 2018
South Cox - Stalker Stickbows

South Cox’s interest in archery started at the age of five when he found an old wood recurve under a neighbor’s house. Despite having no mentor and growing up in a vegetarian family during his younger years, the instincts of the hunter ran deep. At 16, he shot his first deer with a bow—cementing a lifetime commitment to the sport.

In 2007, with 20 years of professional woodworking experience, South took over Stalker Recurves, reviving a company that had been dormant for the better part of a decade. Combining both of his passions; a profound love of woodworking and archery, he enthusiastically dove into the new venture. His keen eye for detail and diligent work ethic can easily be recognized in the artistic changes, additions and technical advances in the bow lines.

In 1989, South’s first bowhunting article was published, spawning a new career that would eventually have him published in a half dozen different archery magazines, contributing to a couple of bowhunting books and earning him a position as Field Editor of Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, a position that he still maintains.
In 2012, with the blessing of his wonderful wife, Kyri, after 25 years in construction, South decided to “retire” and take up bow building full time. Between writing and bow building, he is now fully immersed in the hunting industry—truly “living the dream!”

Since 1987 Stalker Stickbows has integrated exquisite craftsmanship with a devotion to the sport of traditional archery. I welcome your interest in the most exciting and durable bow you will ever shoot.  Furthermore, I extend a sincere hand of friendship to those of you who share my love for a sport that reflects a profound respect for the great outdoors.  It has been my goal to create more than just a beautifully handcrafted and powerful bow. I believe that our customers are friends who are asking us to create a trusted hunting or shooting companion that they can rely on… a partner as durable as they are…one who will be with them for as long as they have the will and the strength to draw both breath and the bowstring. My bows are built to be as enjoyable to shoot as they are beautiful.  I believe that you deserve nothing less when the chance of a lifetime shot presents itself. This is my commitment to value…and is the philosophy that puts backbone into every bow that I proudly build with both your name and mine.

Stalker Stick Bow video


Shop: 970-586-4448
Mobile: 707 496-0136

Stalker Stickbows
1765 Olympian Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

Jan 25, 2018
Trad Bow Hunting with Tom Clum

Tom Clum, owner of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear joins Aron and Frank on the podcast  Tom was essential in Aron's transition from Compound bow to traditional bow.  In this episode Tom and Aron provide a wealth of knowledge for those looking to get into traditional bow hunting.  You can truly get a sense of Tom's passion for traditional bows, and his willingness to share his knowledge and wisdom with others looking to get into bow hunting.  Tom started RMSGear from the ground up. Thousands and thousands of arrows later he has been blessed with many true friendships and is fortunate to enjoy life in a great atmosphere every day. Tom has been bow hunting since 1976 and shooting a traditional bow since 1982. He has successfully hunted many species with the stick and string.



Antero Giveaway: Follow  RMSGear, and Tom_Clum_Sr on Instagram to enter.  Antero winner will be announced 2/2/2018.


About RMSGear:

Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear got its start in 1995. Back then, in Denver, if you wanted to buy a quality knife, backpack, or set of binoculars in person then you had to drive to the nearest Cabela' Sidney, Nebraska! For this reason RMSGear was started. We have become a niche store specializing in quality hunting products related to traditional archery.
Since the shop's beginnings we have built one of the best knife shops in Denver, if not the best. We currently have over 450 bows in stock and most any other product you would need related to traditional archery.

RMSGear is a family run Mom & Pop type of store with old fashioned customer service. The shop is ran by Tom Clum and his sons, Tommy and Danny. Tom has 40 years of traditional archery experience, and his two sons have been shooting stick bows since they were coordinated enough to hold one up.

In this day and age a brick and mortar retail store devoted to traditional archery is rare. In the whole country there are only a handful, and among them only a small few are open to the public 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. The staff here is proud to serve the traditional archery community. It is their passion and they would do anything to help others get started in this wonderful sport.

In 2015 we decided to jump into the compound world on a small scale, mainly so we can keep quality service as high as possible. We weren't willing to do it without the right guy, and we found him. Matt Hogue runs the RMSGear Pro Shop. Matt has the same kind of professionalism and dedication to personal service as RMSGear has been built on.

4298 Kipling St Unit B
Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Phone: 303-421-2259
Toll Free: 1-877-843-5559


Jan 24, 2018
Floorless Shelters Q&A

Floorless Shelters Q&A


Talk about setting up on snow, and dealing with mud in the shelter 00:01:28 - 00:15:30

How do you run your guy outs so you can periodically tighten them to re tighten the shelter: 00:15:30 - 00:18:05

Does a floorless shelter make sense in a desert environment: 00:18:07 - 00:20:30


Setup for and tricks to avoid: 00:20:30 - 00:22:31

Would you use a floorless shelter in Arizona? 00:22:30 - 00:22:47

Do you need to purchase poles for the tarps or can you use Trekking poles? 00:22:47 - 00:24:22

Why did my KUIU Summit Refuge melt like a candle? 00:24:23 - 00:24:51

Can I seam seal my Tut when it is 30 degrees out: 00:24:51 - 00:25:29

What is the footprint of the Megatarp compared to the Paratarp? 00:25:36 - 00:26:03

when going floorless to you always use a groundsheet, and if so what material do you use? 00:26:03 - 00:26:30

Will you be bringing back the Megatarp? 00:26:30 - 00:27:03

Advantages and disadvantages of a floorless shelter over a floored shelter? 00:27:03 - 00:31:03 also covered further at 00:38:16 - 00:40:40

Can you retro an old Megatarp to put a zippered annex on it 00:31:04 - 00:31:14

Is there anything you can do to keep mice out? 00:31:16 - 00:34:15 and 01:34:53 - 01:35:49

Advantages over a covered hammock: 00:34:20 - 00:35:44

How do you deal with mosquitoes? 00:35:46 - 00:37:40

Would you recommend a tarp shelter for late season? 00:37:48 - 00:38:02

Any tips on dealing with condensation besides bringing the stove? 00:40:41 - 00:42:40

The Tut is better suited for below timberline vs the Sawtooth which is better suited for above timberline? 00:42:44 - 00:43:16

How often do you deal with rodents getting to your gear? 00:44:05 - 00:44:21

when would you use a Tipi instead of a Tarp? 00:44:21 - 00:44:37 and 01:52:00 - 01:52:09

What do you think is the best shelter for northern Idaho and northwestern Montana thick and rainy? 00:44:41 - 00:45:51

Any concerns from sparks from the stove burning the Tipi? 00:45:53 - 00:47:55

What are the harshest conditions each Kifaru shelter has withstood? 00:47:56 - 00:50:14

I'm having trouble pitching my Tut tight to the ground, what am I doing wrong? 00:50:33 - 00:51:44

Discuss how your fabric is superior to others: 00:51:49 - 00:57:49

Any tips on using smaller amounts of cord to pitch the Paratarp, do you pitch with trekking poles or sticks lying around? 00:57:52 - 00:59:55

With a floorless setup, what is the best way to protect your sleeping pad? 00:59:56 - 01:01:00

Will a floorless shelter keep unwanted Cougars out? 01:01:24 - 01:01:54

Why don't high end single wall shelters come seam sealed? 01:02:00 - 01:02:55

What function does a liner play in a four season shelter through the individual seasons? 01:03:00 - 00:03:35

How to keep it warm during Colorado rifle season: 01:03:37 - 01:03:47

Do you use a ground tarp and a bivy in windy situations? 01:03:48 - 01:06:48

Can you fit two cots and a stove in a Sawtooth? 01:06:55 - 01:07:49

How do you use the tipi stove combo to dry clothing, and how do you ventilate to prevent overheating? 01:07:51 - 01:08:30

How do you get over the fear of going floorless? 01:08:33 - 01:10:18

Box vs. Cylinder stoves and recommended sizes for your shelters
(Frank has some mic issues on this one, they are using a temporary plastic table while waiting for the wood table to come in and the mic keep falling...sorry):
01:10:27 - 01:14:05

With modern tent technology, what makes a Tipi/tarp a better option over other lightweight shelters? 01:14:12 - 01:15:40

Is it possible to ruin a carbon fiber pole by having it too close to the stove? 01:15:43 - 01:16:33

How would you vent in rainy weather to mitigate condensation without a liner? 01:16:36 - 01:17:09

What makes a Kifaru shelter better than the competition? 01:17:10 - 01:18:07

Can you talk about stove use in a tent? 01:18:12 - 01:19:32

Do you advice seam sealing every year or is once good? 01:19:34 - 01:19:56

How do you decide what shelter to start out with for an Elk hunt in the western states? 01:20:25 - 01:21:10

Why floorless? 01:21:14 - 01:21:34

Do you have to use a spark arrestor in a stove? 01:21:47 - 01:21:58

How do your shelters handle snow loads? 01:22:02 - 01:22:57

What is your cold weather setup? 01:22:59 - 01:23:2600

How to deal with condensation: 01:23:26 - 01:23:56 and 01:43:00 - 01:43:32

How is the Tarp in strong winds? 01:23:54 - 01:24:03

How do you sell the idea of a high end tent to your wife? 01:24:49 - 01:24:05

What are some considerations in heavy rain with a floorless shelter? 01:24:50 - 01:25:01 and 01:26:50 - 01:27:27

What would be the most versatile sleep/shelter setup for four seasons? 01:25:21 - 01:26:06

How do you decide when to bring the stove? 01:26:08 - 01:26:48

What is the best ground cloth? 01:27:27 - 01:27:32

Do you ever cook with a gas stove? 01:27:33 - 01:27:50

Is a floorless shelter doable in the South East? 01:27:54 - 01:28:21

Trendiness and minimal weight savings aside, What are the benefits? 01:28:25 - 01:31:42

Is it safe to size up in a floorless shelter if you are going to be in windy locations? 01:31:42 -

How would you rate the Seek Outside shelters? 01:32:38 - 01:33:25

Can you successfully join two trekking poles to make one longer center pole? 01:33:25 - 01:33:46

Seam sealer...paint thinner or no paint thinner?  Can you still seam seal if it is cold out? 01:33:51 - 01:34:15

If I leave a box of wine outside alone, will the cougar leave me alone? 01:34:20

How would you use a backpack-able shelter when not in the mountains? 01:35:49 - 01:37:08

How do you secure you stove jack in the wind? 01:37:08 - 01:38:04

Does compressing the shelter long or short term affect the shelter? 01:38:47 - 01:39:16 and 01:50:35 - 01:50:44

At 6'3" will I be able to stand and change in the Sawtooth? 01:39:16 - 01:39:55

At what elevation do you need to be at to not be eaten alive by bugs? 01:39:56 - 01:40:23

Floorless shelters are trendy: 01:40:23 - 01:41:06

Any tricks to keep the stove from melting the snow around the shelter then re-freezing? 01:41:06 - 01:41:58

when would you use a tarp bivy combo and do you use the tarp for glassing? 01:41:58 - 01:42:56 and 01:46:34 - 01:47:14

What do you use to keep your bag from getting wet and how do you battle heavy rain? 01:43:33 - 01:44:59

What are the benefits of using a Sawtooth vs. a Hilleberg? 01:45:50 - 01:46:29

What is the all around best budget shelter stove combo for all seasons for solo application? 01:47:14 - 01:47:44

Are you using a floorless shelter or a Hilleberg during high country archery season? 01:47:45 - 01:49:13

Best option for Kodiak for two people? 01:49:16 - 01:49:28

Best shelter for BC on a budget? 01:49:29 - 01:50:00

When planning a trip what factors do you consider when selecting a shelter? 01:50:05 - 01:50:31

How much extra cord do you need to pitch a tarp? 01:50:44 - 01:51:31

What shelter would you use with family? 01:51:30 - 01:51:43

Do you need a bivy with a down bag because of condensation? 01:51:43 - 01:52:00

Liner or no for late season high elevation in the Sawtooth? 01:52:10 - 01:52:25

How do you deal with pitching the shelter in rocky areas? 01:52:25 - 01:52:38

Best three person shelter with a stove? 01:52:39 - 01:52:43

I'm looking at buying a Tut for summer trips with my boys, how do you deal with mosquitoes, and what stove do you recommend: 01:52:43 - 01:53:12

Prime Synergy Hybrid give away!

Megatarp Giveaway!

Jan 17, 2018
Not Sure We Should Talk About This

Not Sure We Should Talk About This

Food, clothing, camp stoves and more, Frank and Aron cover a broad spectrum of gear that worked best for them in 2017.  Frank drops info on new gear coming out in 2018 from Kifaru, and Aron covers upcoming gear from other outdoor companies.  Sadly, Even though Frank and Aron live in the same house, Aron admits he kept Humble Foods to himself while Frank suffered in the backfield with Ramen and Tuna...and of course Spam, but at least Frank loves Spam.

Jan 12, 2018
Photo Series Part 3

Photo Series Part 3

There is no easy button in photography.  The learning curve is steep, but the rewards last a lifetime.  Aron covers what he has learned when first starting out in photography, from the fundamentals, to learning his own style.  Be sure to leave comments and questions for Aron, and look for podcasts with other professional photographers in the future.

Jan 08, 2018
Photo Series 2.5

Photo Series 2.5

Aron pauses the photo series to answer some listener questions regarding Photo Series 2.  Aron goes into further detail on camera settings for low light situations, water photography, and snow.

Jan 08, 2018
Photo Series Part 2

Photo Series Part 2

Aron gives you a red neck photo lesson regarding Shutter Speed, Aperture Priority, and ISO.  Aron also gives some hypothetical situations on how to set up your camera for certain shots in the field from low light to "perfect" light.

Jan 05, 2018
Photo Series Part 1

Photo Series Part 1

Aron covers his extensive photography background in this episode, and gives advice for those looking to get into photography.  Aron covers the cameras he has used in the past (its a lot) and why he moved into his current camera setup.  This is a three part series, in part one, Aron covers high end, and budget conscious camera gear, what to look for when starting out in photography and where to go for advice when first delving in to the detail oriented world of photography.

Jan 05, 2018
Kifaru: Present, Past, and Future

Kifaru: Present, Past, and Future

Aron discusses the decisions made over the years regarding what products to build, why some products are discontinued, and current market demands.  Also discussed are the exciting products coming in the near future, along with the overall long term goals of Kifaru.

Jan 04, 2018
Alabama Whitetail

Alabama Whitetail


Aron and Frank recap their hunting experience in Alabama.  Frank discusses his first experience hunting from a tree stand, and hunting Whitetails in general.  They both discuss how their gear performed in the cold weather and what changes they would make to prepare for the next hunt in Alabama. 

Jan 02, 2018
Q&A #3

Q&A #3

What state would you recommend for a first Elk Hunt? 00:00:52 - 00:01:30
What bipod are you using Frank? 00:01:30 - 00:02:26
How do you call in a Bull Elk inside 75yds 00:02:26 - 00:04:55
What type of Archery Elk hunting is more productive in Colorado? 00:04:56 - 00:06:56
What camera does Aron use. What would you recommend for a beginner outdoor photographer? 00:06:57 - 00:08:45
Do you like private land or public land hunting? 00:08:46 - 00:10:07
What weapon do you prefer for weapon hunting? 00:10:08 - 00:11:53
What DOA arrow rest do you prefer? 00:11:57 - 00:13:24
Is there a lot of public land in eastern Colorado to hunt Mule Deer with a bow? 00:13:25 - 00:13:50
How would you prep for a hot weather mule deer hunt? 00:13:51 - 00:15:06
When would you use a Kifaru Meat Bag over a synthetic bag? 00:15:12 - 00:15:56
What after market cables do you use? 00:16:07 - 00:17:50
Where do you buy SPAM in bulk and how would you field judge a cougar? 00:17:51 - 00:19:06
What do you have planned for hunts next year? 00:19:07 - 00:21:46
What shelter would you run for 2 guys on a 12 day hunt in Alaska? 00:21:47 - 00:22:22
Can you swap out stays at home? 00:22:23 - 00:22:45
Any plans to release a 3000ci bag next year? 00:22:56 - 00:23:06
What is your beef with KUIU? Frank didn't say "Wonderful" 00:23:11 - 00:26:20
Advice on buying a used bow 00:26:25 - 00:27:00
How many times can you post a photo of the same animal before it is too much? 00:27:52 - 00:29:22
What is your favorite sleeping pad for early and late season? 00:29:22 - 00:30:05
When looking for an OTC Elk Tag what do you look for? 00:30:16 - 00:31:16
When will you open up a satellite store? 00:31:17 - 00:31:28
What grain broadheads do you recommend for Elk? 00:31:28 - 00:32:38
What is your third favorite podcast? 00:33:04 - 00:33:41
Best recommendation for cleaning the blood off of your pack? 00:33:41 - 00:34:37
What books do you recommend for bowtuning? 00:34:39 - 00:34:59
Sawtooth or TUT? 00:36:51 - 00:38:19
What is the best way to travel with gear when flying? 00:38:20 - 00:39:41
What is your favorite rain gear? 00:39:44 - 00:42:27
Puffy pants...what do you recommend? 00:42:34 - 00:44:13
Do you take items for luck? 00:45:51 - 00:46:22
Stabilizers and Cams: 00:46:41 - 00:47:43
What three person shelter do you recommend with kids? 00:47:51 - 00:48:48
Peanut butter bar or SPAM sando? 00:48:53 - 00:49:46
What other packs have you used that have performed better than expected? 00:49:46 - 00:50:23
Merino wool or Cotton? 00:50:54 - 00:52:10
Pack options for an Elk hunt: 00:52:10 - 00:52:54
Do you use a Prime Logic? 00:53:01 - 00:54:23
Is Kifaru going to make a nest for a floorless shelter? 00:54:51 - 00:55:40
what is most important when eastern hunters are preparing to hunt out west? 00:55:45 - 00:56:34
Hunting in Minnesota: 00:56:35 - 00:57:33
How to deal with Jeff Lander: 00:58:52 - 00:59:25
Insert and outsert: 00:59:26 - 01:00:02
What is the new pack in recent photos? 01:00:03 - 01:00:47
What is your choice for software for audio video and photography? 01:00:49 - 01:00:58
How did Aron get into the outdoor industry? 01:01:05 - 01:02:38
Should I buy a Kifaru pack now or wait for the new gear to drop? 01:02:42 - 01:03:28
Pack with a rifle scabbard: 01:03:45 - 01:04:09
Giveaway: comment on this podcast!

Dec 20, 2017
Bear Ban

Bear Ban

On this episode Frank and Aron talk about the total Bear ban in BC, and the repercussions the ban will have on the hunting community, revenue lost for wildlife management, and the overall health of animal populations in general.

Dec 19, 2017
Gritty Bowmen Invades Kifarucast

Gritty Bowmen Invades Kifarucast

Aron, Brian Call, and sometimes Frank, talk for days on this episode.  Brian and Aron review their hunts this season from Texas to BC, and also talk about workouts and nutrition in the off season, along with new gear being released in the new year.  Aron and Frank gush about Amy, who spoils them with culinary delights, and Aron politely educates his community regarding bears.  The only reason this podcast ends is because everyone needed to pee.

Dec 15, 2017

1.21 Gigawatts!

Aron talks about his supplement usage over the years...he's tried it all, whether legal or a bit less than legal.  Aron provides info on the most beneficial supplements to take for overall health, and delves into not so kid friendly stories about what happens when you abuse supplements.

Supplements covered:

protein intake
fish oil
Vitamin C
pre workout

Dec 13, 2017


Love them or hate them Tanner Coulter and Kyle Brockman run a humorous Instagram page holding hunters accountable.  They talk with Aron and Frank about keeping respect for the animals above the social media game.

Follow them down the rabbit hole: @T_S_.D

Dec 12, 2017
White Tail Deer Hunting with Rod White

White Tail Deer Hunting with Rod White

Rod White joins the podcast, an Olympic Archery Gold Medalist and Professional Bowhunter.  Rod shares his knowledge to help you become a better Archer, Bowhunter.

Rod has made nearly his entire living from shooting professionally around the world and guiding North American game from Western backcountry elk hunts to whitetail deer and bear in the Midwest. His trophies to date consist of nearly 50 Pope and Young Class animals, mostly whitetails, 9 of which Boone and Crockett caliber whitetails and 2 whitetails scoring over 200". 

For more info on Rod White please visit his page at:

Facebook: Rod White


Dec 11, 2017
Cougar Hunting with Frank Peralta

Cougar Hunting with Frank Peralta


Frank hunts Cougars...I mean predators, with Dan Whittington, in this episode.  Frank and Dan review calls and strategies for predator hunting success.

Dec 08, 2017
Back Country Water Purification

Back Country Water Purification

Aron covers the topic of back country water purification using filters, tabs, straws, and Steripens.  The pros and cons of each are covered, and why he uses what he does after extensive field testing.

Dec 07, 2017
Bow Tuning and Broad Head Selection

Bow Tuning and Broad Head Selection

Aron discusses the primary methods to properly tune your bow, then goes into detail on how to fine tune and sight in on the range.


Primary tuning tips:
Make sure your bow is the correct draw length
buy Arrows that fit the bow (proper spine depending on point weight )
Spin every broadhead to make sure they spin true
Make sure the second and third axis on your sight are level
Make sure cams are in sync

Dec 06, 2017
Suunto Review

Suunto Review

Aron reviews the Suunto Traverse Alpha and the Suunto Core


Traverse Alpha

"Suunto Traverse Alpha combines strong build quality with a full set of outdoor features. It is your guide in the wild, keeping you on track with GPS/GLONASS navigation. Specific fishing and hunting features provide useful tools for your activity, including moon phase calendar, shot detection, sunrise alert, weather trend, and red backlight for nighttime use. Plan your routes and keep a diary of your fishing and hunting trips with Suunto Movescount."

Suunto Core

"Designed to be your reliable companion wherever you go, the essence of the great outdoors is distilled into Suunto Core. Combining an altimeter, barometer and a compass with weather information, it will bring out the explorer in you."

Dec 06, 2017
Spam Strikes Again

Spam Strikes Again

Isaac Aleman, Sales Coordinator with Easton Technical Products, joins the podcast today and discusses, F.O.C, arrows, and broad heads.  Also, Frank and Isaac talk about hunting the Wasatch Range, how Spam was more important than the hunt, and how social media has created armchair experts.

Dec 04, 2017
Buy Once Cry Once

Buy Once Cry Once

Aron and Frank talk about tripods and heads for glassing and photography.  The elusive perfect combo is still out of reach.

Dec 01, 2017
"The Best"

"The Best"

Frank rejoins Aron after a successful hunt in the Wasatch Range.  On this episode Frank and Aron discuss folks opinions about the best gear and how it might not be the best for you.

Nov 30, 2017
Meal prep

Meal prep

Aron talks about what works for him in regards to back country meal prep.  From store bought food to dehydrated food, Aron covers caloric intake, healthy fats, and keeping regular.  Nope, no

spam this episode, Frank is in the field.

Nov 29, 2017
Buying gear on a budget

Buying gear on a budget

Aron quickly covers how to find gear when you're on a budget.

Gear covered this episode:

clothing, bows, boots, headlamps, stoves, sleeping bags, shelters, sleeping pads, optics, packs

Nov 28, 2017
Jon Pynch

Jon Pynch

Precision rifle shooter Jon Pynch talks rifles and the dedication it takes to fine tune competition rifles. Also discussed are, scopes, bullets, Hunting attitude,
and Aron's hanger issues.

Nov 22, 2017
Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel, contributing writer to Outdoor Life, joins the podcast.  Aron and Tyler talk Trad bow vs. compound bow hunting, camo choices, Tyler's bow setup
and go to gear.

Welcome to the Outdoor Life’s Points North Facebook community!  It is our mission to provide you with the best hunting and fishing news and entertainment for you to share with your friends.  We look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with you.

Nov 21, 2017
Luke Caudillo

Luke Caudillo

Aron and Frank talk with Luke Caudillo, host of Gladiators Unleashed, about how he manages his two joys in life, fighting and hunting.
Also in this episode, Frank talks about his curious love affair with spam, why not to drink, and how not to take a shoe to the eye.

Nov 20, 2017
Not Fit to Hunt

Not Fit to Hunt

Henry Ferguson, creator of Not Fit to Hunt, joins the podcast and talks bows, bow set up, animal stalking, accuracy,  and how he has fit friends (not that there is anything wrong with that)

Nov 17, 2017
Common law

Common law

On this episode, Aron gets personal and explains what has happened in his life this past year and warns listeners regarding the pitfalls of common law marriage in Colorado.

Nov 16, 2017
Drummond Lindsey

Drummond Lindsey

Longtime hunting guide, Drummond Lindsey, joins Aron and Frank on Kifarucast, and discusses how blessed he is for being able to guide families in Mexico for so long.  Aron and Drummond also discuss optics, glassing animals, and hunting fitness...sadly, Aron informs Drummond he is too short for his weight.

Nov 16, 2017
Hunting stories with James Petker

Hunting stories with James Petker

James Petker, avid hunter and record  Mountain Goat holder in Washington State is called out of the blue from Aron and put on the spot for hunting stories.  Aron and James also talk about how important it is to stay mentally active when in the field for extended periods of time and how a good hunting partner is key to success.

Nov 15, 2017
Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

In this episode Aron interviews Patrick Smith, the founder and designer of Moutainsmith and Kifaru. Patrick discusses his design philosophy on how he developed
a rugged mountaineering pack system for the hunting world. Patrick also discusses how he developed a pack-able stove for truly sustainable hunting in comfort and warmth
while in the back country.

Nov 14, 2017
Shot placement

Shot placement

Aron discusses his experience with shot placement and how long to wait after the shot before harvesting an animal.


Nov 13, 2017
Giveaway Q&A

Giveaway Q&A

For the first time ever in the history of Kifaru, we are giving away a one of a kind prototype pack that may or may not enter our production line up.
Eric Bender, our in house master designer, dreams up a plethora of pack designs, many of which go through several design refinements, and may or may not end up
as a product for sale. To get your hands on one of his designs, simply leave a comment on itunes. A winner will be picked at random from the comments on this episode.
Good luck to all! Also, Aron and Frank answer more questions from listeners. Frank admits he never watched the Walking Dead. (Shame)

Question: how to find Budget clothing. 00:01:56 - 00:07:17

Question: What Budget optics do you like? 00:07:17 - 00:11:00

Question: What bow sight do you use? 00:11:02 - 00:13:18

Question: Aron, what is your trad bow setup? 00:13:18 - 00:15:04

Question: Aron, what do you think about the Accubow? 00:15:06 - 00:16:42

Question: What supplements do you use?: 00:16:58 - 00:29:20

Question: Why haven't you tried certain Broadheads? 00:29:20 - 00:32:12

Question: Aron, What headlamp should I buy? 00:32:20 - 00:35:32

Question: Do Steripens really work? 00:35:34 - 00:42:52

Question: Aron, what camera would you choose? 00:43:00 - 00:48:34

Nov 10, 2017
Dr. G

Dr. G

Aron and Frank talk with Dr. G, the man who puts Aron back together after extensive hunting. Dr. G also gives advice on how
to maintain your body, and trades hunting stories with Aron.

Nov 09, 2017
Everyone misses

Everyone misses


In this episode Aron and Frank talk about their experience or inexperience in their early days of bow hunting. 
Frank flat out ignores rifle scope instructions, and other excuses made when missing an animal.

Nov 08, 2017
Q&A session #1

Question and answer session #1


Aron and Frank will have a weekly queston and answer podcast so be sure to send your questions to or

In this episode Aron and Frank answer questions ranging from boots to backpack stoves, as well as Mule deer tips and tactics to increase your chance of a successful hunt.

Below are all the questions asked in this episode along with the corresponding time code.

Question - Aron, Why are you using a stiff boot as opposed to a softer boot? Timestamp 00:01:25 - 00:12:10

Question - What socks do you wear? Timestamp 00:12:10 - 00:14:50

Question - Aron, why do you shoot such a heavy arrow? Timestamp 00:14:50 - 00:23:30

Question - What broadheads do you use? Timestamp 00:23:30 - 00:31:55

Question - Aron, why did you switch from First lite to Sitka? Timestamp 00:31:55 - 00:38:25

Question - Frank, what call do you use while predator hunting? Timestamp 00:39:10 - 00:44:50

Question - What fishing reel and rod do you use for backpack fishing? Timestamp 00:45:00 - 00:50:05

Question - Aron, how long have you been a photographer? Timestamp 00:50:05 - 00:57:25

Question - Aron, What backpacking stove do you use? Timestamp 00:57:30 - 01:00:15

Question - Aron, Frank - I Need advice on a mule deer hunt. Timestamp 01:00:25 - 01:07:45

Nov 07, 2017
Hunting lingo

Jerkin dirty and glitter beards?

Aron and Frank educate listeners on the various regional sayings used in the field, in the Gym, and on the range.  Also in this episode, flat brims, mullets and skinny sweatpants...aka cultural differences.

Nov 06, 2017
Gear review

Episode 3: Gear Review

In this episode, Frank and Aron discuss their favorite gear from this past year.

Gear reviewed this episode:

Spotting scopes
Lost Park Parka
clothing - inner layer/outer layer
Arrow rests
More Bows

Nov 06, 2017
Frank almost died! And other hunting adventures

In this episode, Frank and Aron go over this years hunting adventures and share the triumphs,  trials and tribulations that go along with backcountry hunting.

Nov 03, 2017

Welcome to the first KifarCast!  Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, Traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc.  We wanted to get the first few podcasts out to you as quickly as possible, so there will be no fancy intros or video until we move into our new recording space.  For now enjoy the adventures of Frank Peralta and Aron Snyder as they share expertise from their time in the back country.

Nov 03, 2017