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 Aug 16, 2018
A charming introduction to house plants. Love the jingle!


Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla interviews different "Plant People" in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection and #keepblooming and #keepgrowing.

Episode Date
Ep 32: Airplants 101

I’m thrilled to be joined by the “Airplant Man” himself, Josh Rosen to discuss all things airplants. Airplants, or Tillandsia, are another popular houseplant you see in many magazines and on social media, but the care instructions online can be very varied and sometimes confusing. Having a small collection of airplants myself (and having killed a couple!) I knew this was a topic I needed the airplant expert for. Enter Josh! Josh is a licensed landscape architect who also is the founder of the company Airplantman: a company focused exclusively on custom installations and California-made products designed specifically for tillandsia. Airplantman installations can be seen throughout Southern California and the world and has been featured in numerous publications. He also has a whole line of airplant frames and vessels that are beautiful to look at and intentionally made. In our conversation he gives us so much useful information on Airplants, from what they actually are to how to care for them. I know that I am a much better Airplant parent after my conversation with him!

In this episode we learn:

  • Josh’s upbringing and how he connected with plants initially
  • Why outdoor gardeners say they can’t keep houseplants
  • What an airplant is, genus, family, and why it is special
  • What are trichomes
  • How Airplants get their nutrients
  • To fertilize or not to fertilize?
  • What airplant “blushing” is
  • How airplants bloom and how to care for them when they do
  • How to propagate airplants from their seeds
  • Airplant Care 101
  • Debunking watering plant myths
  • Everything we need to know about Airplant pups
  • How to separate pups from their mother plant
  • What to know about the sexy and instagram friendly Xerographica
  • Josh’s top 5 recommendations for more uncommon airplants for the planty collector

Follow Josh and his airplant installations:

IG: @airplantman

Twitter: @airplantman

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Aug 07, 2018
Episode 31: Plants and Babies with Molly Mansfield

Today I welcome Molly Mansfield to the show to talk about something I have no experience with- raising babies around a plant collection! Molly is the perfect person to talk about this with, as she grew up with parents who owned a Garden Center and plants played a huge part in her childhood. Now she gets to have plants in her two young boys life! Molly is also the very talented artist behind @mollymansfieldartist and does the most beautiful botanical watercolors. She is a self taught artist living in Austin, Texas with her family. She paints watercolor botanicals inspired by her childhood in garden centers and botanical gardens. She is the brain behind the Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming” print that is a free download to all of the garden club members.


In this episode we learn:

  • What is was like for Molly to grow up in a Garden Center
  • How Molly’s business transitioned with her first child being born
  • Her journey to finding botanical watercolor as her calling and why it inspires her
  • The inspiration behind the Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming Print”
  • Her experience with plants in the different stages of her toddler’s life
  • Her special parenting life hack for teaching her kids not to dig around in her plants
  • Safety with plants and kids
  • Plant that are fun to grow with kids
  • How to grow swallowtail caterpillars with your kids
  • If fertilizer types/brands are important when you have kids
  • How to get your kids to eat their vegetables!


Mentioned in the episode:

Molly’s Parent’s Nursery:

The Great Outdoors Nursery:


Special thank you to the Bloom and Grow Radio Media Plant Lady Intern Chelsey Zaplachinski for editing this episode! Check out her incredible planty photos at @plants_vs_cats and @chelseymeganmedia


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Jul 24, 2018
Orchid 101 with Chris from The Sill

We are joined by Chris today for another installment of our Plant Science Series featuring The Sill. Orchid 101 is near and dear to my heart because I STRUGGLE with Orchids and Chris has been my go to resource for personal orchid care. So I knew he would be the perfect guest to have come on the show and answer your orchid questions!

If you don’t know already, The Sill is a plant brand with two brick and mortar shops in NYC and an online shop that delivers nation wide. Their quality of plants, and the way they ship plants is unparalleled. Their pots are some of my most treasured pots that I own and are locally sourced. They have a huge focus on education with awesome online classes and in person classes in their stores and they just started the Plant Parent Club! The PPC is their monthly plant subscription service. When you join their club you get a monthly surprise plant delivery and included in the membership is also access to all of their online workshops and free shipping on any other plants. So if you are interested in anything I’ve just mentioned, visit and use the code BLOOM5 to get 5 dollars off your order and to let them know I sent you!

In this episode we learn:

- Why Orchids have a reputation for being difficult, and why they can be intimidating

- What an orchid is, where we find them in nature

- The anatomy of an orchid - Myth Busting on ice cubes, level of difficulty, fertilizer

- Orchid care- light and watering

- Orchid bark- how necessary is it? What is it?

- Is it ok to buy orchids at your local grocery store or Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods

- What does a year as a new orchid parent look like (from buying an orchid in full bloom to then having the blooms die and getting the plant to rebloom)

- Fertilizer- to use or not to use

- Myth busting- are ice cubes a good idea for watering?

- Listener questions

- Why everyone should try growing an orchid


Bloom and Grow Radio is an affiliate partner of The Sill.

Jul 10, 2018
Episode 29: Indoor Citrus with MIgardener

 Today we are joined by Luke Marion of MI Gardener to talk all things indoor citrus! You might know Luke from his MI Gardener youtube channel (which I’m a huge fan of!) which has become one of the fastest growing gardening channels with over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. Founded in 2011 MIgardener aims to help gardeners all around the world. Luke & Sindy Marion are the brains behind MIgardener and strive to help people “Grow Big”. I found Luke when I was searching youtube citrus care online and love his videos about his indoor citrus collection and knew he would be the perfect guest for this episode.

I bought Limey, my first citrus tree, when I was still a complete novice with very little knowledge on plant care, so my journey learning how to care for Limey has had it’s ups and downs (as you’ll learn throughout my conversation with Luke). But citrus are amazing plants to learn to care for because they are so communicative and so fun to grow!

Enjoy our plant chat!

In this episode we learn:

  • Luke’s journey from botany to business school to creating a gardening brand
  • What being a Master Gardener really means
  • Lukes citrus forest
  • What trends the younger generation is moving towards with indoor plants
  • Basic Citrus Care 101 – water, pot size, soil,   light
  • Citrus care hacks!
  • Pruning 101
  • Fertilizing basics
  • Pollinating citrus
  • Pest Control
  • Conditioning your plants to go outdoors in the summer

Mentioned in the episode:

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Trifecta plus fertilizer:

Soltech Solutions Light: use code 'bloomandgrow15' for 15% off at

Via Citrus lemon, lime and calamondin tress: use code 'BloomCitrus' for 15% off at

Espoma Organic Cactus/Citrus Soil (This is what I repotted Limey in after my chat with Luke)

*Bloom and Grow Radio is an affiliate partner with these companies, so a portion of the sale will go to Bloom and Grow at no extra cost to you. Using the codes is a fun way to support the show for free while growing your indoor jungle!*

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Jul 03, 2018
Plant Side Chat 4: The Tale of the Tomato Plant

Today’s short and sweet Plant Side Chat is honoring my first balcony herb garden and the lessons I learned, since I just planted up my new garden for this upcoming season. One of my favorite stories to tell is the story behind our first Tomato Plant, why it was kind of an epic #plantfail, but how it was the most important plant in the garden to learn from that summer. Tune in to learn why and how the lesson I learned from it applies to so many facets of life.


Jun 12, 2018
Episode 27: Plants in the Classroom with @mrdtimes3

Joe “Mr. D” Dombrowski is a 3rd (5th next year) grade teacher from Chicago, IL. His passion for education and lighthearted approach to engaging with students has captured the hearts of millions with his viral videos and instagram accounts @mrDtimes3. He has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron Show and many more. He is a young, passionate teacher that is changing the game for how young students learn. AND he is a plant person! Joe and I became friends on instagram and he let me know how he is using plants in the classroom and I instantly knew we needed an episode together. Plant People span all sorts of professions and Joe is a perfect example of how to take you plant passion and let it elevate whatever you’re doing and impact people around you. Also, since I know some listeners are teachers, but also many listeners are mothers or fathers, I know this episode is going to have a ton of fun, inspirational projects for you to do with kids in your life!


In this episode we learn:

- Joe’s journey into the classroom

- Joe’s journey as a green thumb and how it’s influenced his teaching

- Joe’s personal collection vs his classroom collection and how they differ - How to use a petting cactus to encourage presence and stress relief in the classroom

- How the #embraceyourself (#embraceyourweird) movement started - How Joe uses plants to teach discipline and kindness in class

- What the “botanist” of the classroom does each week

- How he’s used growing food to help learn problem solving

- How to problem solve a low light classroom

- Best recommended starter plants for the classroom

- How to use plants to teach various subjects

- Favorite plants of the classroom


Mentioned in the episode:

Thai Cook Friendship Garden @cook_in_the_classroom

Aerogarden links

Aerogarden (6 plants)

Aerogarden Sprout (3 plants)

Aerogarden Cherry Tomato Kit

Aerogarden Lettuce Kit

*Bloom and Grow Radio is an amazon affiliate partner and may receive a portion of the sale with no extra cost to you*

Follow Joe and his Planty and classroom adventures!

Instagram: @mrdtimes3

Facebook: Joe Dombrowski

Twitter: @mrdtimes3

Youtube: Joe Dombrowski


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Jun 05, 2018
Episode 26: Pest Control with Summer Rayne Oakes

I’m so happy to have Summer Rayne Oakes of @homesteadbrooklyn back on the show for a second time. You might have heard her back in the day in episode 04 of Bloom and Grow Radio, when we talked about Advanced Plant Parenthood and the joy of Plant Swaps. Speaking of Plant Swaps- Summer Rayne is hosting another plant swap in NYC on Sunday July 15th. The link to get your ticket will be in the show notes.

Summer Rayne is a model/activist/entrepreneur who is famous for her Brooklyn apartment in which she has over 670 plants. She has dedicated the last decade of her life to being a champion for sustainable practices in the fashion, beauty and food industries. She is the founder of Homestead Brooklyn, a blog and Youtube channel created to help bring more nature to urban living. Her youtube series, Plant One on Me is one of my personal go to resources for learning more all things house plants.

When I realized I wanted to do an episode on pest control, I knew I needed to ask Summer Rayne to come back on because she has degrees in both environmental science and entomology. Yes… that’s a degree in insects. So how lucky are we that she joined me for an epic conversation on pests, what they are, why we get them and how to control them.

Summer is not only a plant mom, but is well known for her pet chicken, Kippee, who you can hear clucking throughout the episode is you listen closely.

In this episode we learn


May 29, 2018
Episode 25: The Fiddle Leaf Fig with @leighkiyoko

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, also known as Ficus Lyrata, has been steadily taking over our instagram, pinterest and drool worthy magazine spreads for some time now. It seems to be many interior designers favorite planty accent to a room. Although it may be a plant that’s a go to for design, it isn’t a recommended “beginner” plant, as it’s been known to be somewhat finicky or high maintenance. Today, Erin Kobayashi, of the instagram account @leighkiyoko, joins us to talk all things Fiddle Leaf Fig. Erin is the proud plant mom of TWO fiddle leaf fig trees: Figgy Spice and Notorious F.I.G. and she joins us to discuss her journey caring for these plants and what she’s learned along the way. She is also the cofounder of the #FLFFriday hashtag with @alina.fassakhova and shares the reason for creating the #flffriday movement.

In this episode we learn:

-The story behinds Erin’s personal collection and what plant she is loving these days

-The stories behind her two insta famous Fiddle Leaf Figs- Notorious FIG and Figgy Spice

- Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101- water, light, fertilizing, pruning Types of Fiddle Leaf Plants Why they are so appealing

- Why Erin created #FLFFriday with Alina

Mentioned in the conversation: Black Coral Taro (Colocasia Esculenta)  

Follow Erin and Figgy Spice and Notorious FIG IG: @leighkiyoko

Use #FLFFriday to connect with other Fiddle Leaf lovers in the world! and follow the other founder @alina.fassakhova  

Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Garden Club: IG: @bloomandgrowradio Facebook: Special thank you to the Bloom and Grow Radio Media Plant Lady Intern Chelsey Zaplachinski for editing this episode! She is another Canadian on the Bloom and Grow Team! Check out her incredible planty photos at @plants_vs_cats and her gorgeous photography portfolio @chelseymeganmedia

May 22, 2018
Episode 24: How to Start a Plant Shop with Folia Collective

Plant Friends... this could be the most epic interview on Bloom and Grow Radio yet. Clocking in at about 1 hour and 45 minutes, this one is a doozy and chock full of so much fun planty information. I sat down with Danae Horst three separate times to talk about how she created and grew her incredible Plant Shop, Folia Collective. Danae is an incredible plant lady/ boss lady who I’ve become friends with over social media, and now IRL, and has an incredible story behind the success of her Brick and Morter Shop in LA, Folia Collective. She shares her story and tips for budding planty entrepreneurs interested in creating their own businesses around plants. I know that diving into more of a business focused show is a bit of a departure from our usual plant care tips, but I know many listeners are actually in the plant business space in their day to day lives, or if you aren’t- we all plant shop and I thought this episode will give us a great appreciation for the hustle and passion that goes behind the makings of a planty empire.

Plant Friends, this is a juicy episode for you to enjoy all throughout the week (as it might take a couple of listens to finish it) but I am just so thankful to Danae and her beautiful energy, helpful advice and her patience with me asking very specific and neurotic questions about business- you don’t want to miss it!  

In this episode we learn about:

- Danae’s personal plant collection and journey to plant parenthood - Her time at The Jungalow

- The behind the scenes view of the beginning of Folia Collective

- How she started the Folia Collective Pop Up shops

- The transition from Pop Up Shop to Brick and Morter Store

- How to use Instagram and IRL to build community

- How to find plants to sell - How Danae managed the growth of the first year of Folia Collective Brick and Morter

- Danae’s top lessons she learned from a year in business

- How to be thrify to create buzz about your business

- How to use social media to grow your business and community

- How important community is for a business

- Tips on how to source planters and merchandise

- Budgeting tools and tips

- The downsides to owning a plant shop

Links Danae mentioned in our conversation:

Follow Danae and Folia Collective:

IG:  @foliacollective  @danaerolynhorst Website: and

Follow Bloom and Grow Radio:

Garden Club:

IG: @bloomandgrowradio


May 15, 2018
Mother's Day Special

Today’s episode is inspired by our mothers. During my most recent giveaway I did on my birthday, I asked you guys to tell me stories about your #plantfriendsIRL. I was totally ready for fun, heart warming stories about your planty friendships, but what I was not ready for was how many of you wrote about your Mothers and Grandmothers. This warmed my heart so much, because it’s been a very important part of my relationship with my Mom and Grandmothers as well. When I realized this, I knew I needed to shine some light and love on it. So here we are with this Mother’s Day Special Episode.

I sent a prompt on instagram asking you if you’d call in your stories so we could hear them in your voice, and you did. Making this episode was somewhat emotional for me, and felt like such a privilege to hear your stories and celebrate the women who made you. You guys have already met my incredible Mom on Episode 20, when she gave us her advice on growing tomatoes. My Mom has been such a huge part of my relationship with plants… I honestly don't think Bloom and Grow Radio would even exist if it wasn’t for her encouragement and help with my brown thumb at the beginning of my plant journey. She picked up every phone call, answered every question, and always reminded me to calm the hell down, that plants are resilient things, and that “its really not that complicated, water and give them light and you’ll be fine.” I’m also so excited that it is now outdoor gardening season in NY so that I’ll be able to watch my Mom marvel at her pride and joy, Failla Farm, and promise to keep you all posted throughout the season.

Thank you to the following listeners who called in with their beautiful stories (In order of appearance):

My Mom J

Vida of @booyoohorticulturalist

Morgan of @plantingpink

Erika of @blackgirl_plantmagic

Alessia of @apartmentbotanist

Melanie of @pnwonderplants



To check out my Mother's Day Gift Guide visit:


To join the Bloom and Grow Garden Club visit:

May 08, 2018
Episode 22- Windowsill Herb Gardening 101 with NYBG

Welcome to Season 2 of Bloom and Grow Radio Plant Friends! I’m so excited that with Season 2, I am launching the Bloom and Grow Garden Club. The Garden Club is my mailing list on steroids with an online community extension. By joining the club ( you’ll get access to the exclusive Bloom and Grow Garden Club Facebook Group, an online community of plant people and a free download of the special Bloom and Grow Radio “Keep Blooming” Print created by Molly Mansfield. I created the Garden Club to streamline my ability to share Bloom and Grow content and offers to you and to make a space for my plant people to empower and help each other with their plant knowledge and plant babies. For more info visit Today we are joined by Mariane Garceau, the Associate Director of the Garden Shop at the New York Botanical Garden. Mariane is a horticulturalist who has spent time in several different aspects of the garden world, from working in landscaping, to owning her own orchid business, to now managing the shop at the NYBG. She gives us a great tutorial on how to keep a windowsill herb garden and best practices for everything from setting it up to properly harvesting the growth. If you live in or around NYC, this weekend is the Specialty Plant Sale at the NYBG and I’m so excited to be participating in it this year. The sale is actually part of an epic weekend which features a demonstration from The Sill on Friday, Saturday I’ll be there in the house plant section from 12-4 and hope you’ll join me for some plant shopping, and Saturday is also the Third Annual Plein-Air Invitational which will feature 20 artists set up around the park painting in real time. I’m so excited for the large array of houseplants that will be at this sale, in addition to a ton of locally sourced herbs, that we can use for our herb gardens after listening to this episode! After my chat with Mariane, stay tuned because I dive into some lighting hacks I used to set up my herb garden, even though I don't have the proper light in my kitchen. In this episode we learn about: - Mariane’s journey to managing The Shop at NYBG - The skinny on what will be at the NYBG Plant Sale this May 5-7 - How to start a windowsill herb garden - Assessing light and what to do if you don't have enough - How to set up your garden - Pots and how their size and material are important - How to care for your herbs once they start growing - Best watering practices - How to properly prune your herbs - Suggested herbs for windowsill specific gardens - My lighting hack I used to put a high light herb garden in my low light kitchen - Special Bloom and Grow discounts for lights to help your herb gardens in low light apartments - For more information to find out about all the events throughout the year Here is the information for the lights I use: Visit and use code B&G10 for 10% off their Growhouse (what I use in my kitchen) or growbar (what I use in my bookshelf) to create your herb garden in a low light apartment Visit and use code bloomandgrow15 for 15% off a grow lamp for larger plants, like indoor citrus (I use their 40 W lamp on my indoor lime tree) Bloom and Grow Radio is an affiliate partner with these companies and receives a portion of this sale at no extra cost to you. Use the discount codes to support your planty dreams and Bloom and Grow Radio all at once! To join the Bloom and Grow Garden Club visit For my Planty Mother’s Day Gift Guide, visit For More information about the New York Botanical Garden and the Plant Sale, visit

May 01, 2018
Plant Side Chat # 3: The Changing of the Seasons

Plant Side Chat # 3, a short and sweet episode about the changing of the seasons in our external world, and what that can mean for us internally.

Apr 05, 2018
Episode 20(!): Talking Tomatoes with Craig LeHoullier and My MOM

I’m so excited to celebrate my TWENTIETH episode with some very special guests today. Craig LeHoullier is THE Tomato man (@nctomatoman to be exact). After a successful career as a chemist in Pharmaceuticals, Craig began a new career as being one of the leading experts on growing tomatoes and celebrating the many varieties that exist. He is an advisor for the Seed Savers Exchange and the World Tomato Society, the co-leader of the Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project, and the author of Epic Tomatoes and Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales. He is responsible for naming and popularizing many well known tomatoes, such as Cherokee Purple. He joins us today to discuss how we, as urban jungle dwellers, even in the smallest of apartments, can grow tomatoes from seed on our windowsills. After my chat with Craig, my Mom joins us to chat a little about what being Italian and growing tomatoes means to her. My Mom is the head farmer at “Failla Farm”, otherwise known as our family home’s front yard, which she transforms every summer. Like her parents, and their parents, she utilizes her space to grow as much of her own food as possible, and the whole family benefits from her produce. It feels very special to have my Mom join me on my twentieth episode, as when I started the show, not knowing whether it would take off, I would often say “worst comes to worst, me and my mom listen to a couple of great episodes”. So 20 shows later, I’m excited to finally share some of her expertise with you. In this episode we learn: - From Craig LeHoullier, author of Epic Tomatoes o Which varieties of tomatoes to choose for indoor apartment gardening o Where to buy seeds o How to start tomatoes from seed o How to germinate and transfer to pots o Best practices for growing tomatoes o His tips and tricks for your best tomatoes yet - From my Mom o What tomatoes mean to us in our Italian culture o How to choose the best pre grown plants at the big lot stores o Tips from an Italian on her experience growing tomatoes Follow Craig LeHoullier: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Buy Craig’s Books: Epic Tomatoes: Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales: *Bloom and Grow Radio is an Amazon Affiliate and earns a portion of the sale of these links at no extra cost to you. This is a great way to support the show!* Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: IG: @bloomandgrowradio Facebook:

Mar 28, 2018
Episode 19: Terrarium 101 with @teenytinyterra

Toronto based Jesse Goldfarb is making a name for himself in the plant world with his creative terrarium designs for his company, Teeny Tiny Terra. You can find him on instagram @teenytinyterra and at He has worn many professional hats from  corporate florist to DJ to managing salons but he is currently establishing quite the creative niche for himself as the go to terrarium artist, with a long waitlist of people waiting to bring his creations into their home. You can find him teaching Terrarium tutorials all over Toronto (say that three times fast!) and he is currently working on an online course to reach the masses. We are so lucky that Jesse is joining us today to give us an introduction to terrarium assembly. I’m so excited to get started on my own after learning the basics from him! In this episode we learn: How Jesse’s plant obsession began Jesse’s two most memorable terrariums he was commissioned to make Jesse’s journey from having just two bonsai trees to becoming a full fledged terrarium expert Build your own terrarium 101!!! An insider peak at what’s up next for Teeny Tiny Terra   Check out my kit with all  you need to make your own terrarium Follow Jesse and Teeny Tiny Terra: IG: @teenytinyterra Twitter: @teenytinyterra Facebook: Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: IG: @bloomandgrowradio

Mar 20, 2018
Episode 18: Prepping Your Houseplant For Spring and the Science Behind Fertilizer With Chris Satch from The Sill

I’m always excited to welcome Chris Satch from The Sill back to the show for our Plant Science Series. This week we discuss what we need to do to prepare our plants for Spring! Chris gives us the lowdown on pruning, trimming, fertilizing and repotting. We cover a LOT so get your pens out and take notes! This episode is for you if you want to make sure you set your plants up for success to bloom and grow in the springtime!


In this episode we learn: - How and why to prune to promote growth - How to properly wipe and care for leaves that are hurting from the dormancy of winter - What is deadheading and why we do it? - How to prune citrus - How and when to repot your plant - To trim the roots, or not to trim the roots? - The Science behind Fertilizer - Why it’s necessary and when to use it - Chemical vs Natural Fertilizer - What you should do if you want to make #plantfriendsIRL

Here is a link to purchase When Green Becomes Tomatoes by Julia Fogliano :


Follow The Sill @thesill and

Follow Bloom and Grow Radio @bloomandgrowradio and

Mar 13, 2018
Episode 17: The Studies Behind Why Plants Make People Happy and Healthy with Christine from @workhardplanthard

We are so lucky to be joined by Christine from @workhardplanthard ( today to discuss various studies behind how and why plants actually help improve your indoor environment. I have always been intimidated by the actual studies behind how plants clean air and improve people’s mood, since I have no science background. Christine is a full time physician and has done an amazing job compiling these studies and breaks them down into layman’s terms for us today! Christine is also a new plant friend IRL of mine after she opened her home and plant shop knowledge to me on my recent trip to San Diego. We met over Instagram and when I was in San Diego, she picked me up and took me on a plant tour of her favorite local plant shops. I got to see her personal collection, meet her kids and family and it was just the perfect example of human kindness and how we can use instagram to actually get off line and make real life memories. So she is the perfect guest to have on the show as we transition out of Friendship February! In this episode we learn about: - How Christine used plants to heal her stress - Christine’s personal collection - What to look forward to on - The dangers of houseplants - Summaries of various studies proving how plants clean the air and eliminate VOCs - Summaries of studies measuring how plants improve peoples lives in various ways To Follow Christine: Instagram: @workhardplanthard Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram and Facebook: @bloomandgrowradio

Mar 06, 2018
Episode 16: Mounting Epiphytes and the Creation of

Rounding out our two-part House Plant Club Series today is second half of the dynamic duo, Erin Harding of the popular blog and Instagram account @cleverbloom! In addition to running, House Plant Club and working for a Pinterest Management Company, Erin is also a mom of two young, adorable boys and plant mom to a collection of plants that she has been growing over 20 years. is her blog dedicated to houseplant related care, DIYs and décor. She has great blog posts ranging from gift guides for Valentine’s Day, how to ship plant cuttings, and her top picks for stylish planty interiors. She now also hosts and teaches plant mounting classes in Portland, Oregon. We are so lucky to have her on the show today to give us a step by step guide to mounting our own Epiphytes, or plants that grow on or around another plant, such as ferns, bromeliads, air plants and orchids. This episode is for you if you are interested in learning about the mind behind and @houseplantclub. This episode is for you if you want to learn how to mount your own epiphytes! In this episode we learn: - Erin’s side to the story of how her and Morgan from @plantingpink took their Instagram friendship into real life - All about Erin’s personal collection of plants, starting from plant # 1 - Different ways to have and enjoy plants - Mounting Epiphytes 101! - How to care for your newly mounted plant! Follow Erin: IG: @cleverbloom @houseplantclub Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: IG and Facebook: @bloomandgrowradio

Feb 27, 2018
Episode 15: 5 tips for Curating and Growing Your Planty Instagram Account with Morgan of @plantingpink

Friendship February for Bloom and Grow Radio will be rounded out by a two part series featuring the two founders of the enormous Instagram account and Etsy shop: @houseplantclub . The two founders of this planty powerhouse, Morgan of @plantingpink (in this episode) and Erin of @cleverbloom (on next week’s episode) actually met and became friends through sharing a Pilea Peperomioides. How perfect to feature them and their plant friendship IRL during Friendship Feb!

First up this week we get to know Morgan of @plantingpink and learn how her personal collection and account came to be. Morgan, an expert in growing popular planty Instagram accounts, with @houseplantclub circling around 300K followers and @plantingpink with 62K followers, gives us a tutorial on her top 5 tips for curating and growing the best planty Instagram account. I am also so excited that they have trusted Bloom and Grow Radio to host a major announcement for their brand and company. So listen in for her tips and this exciting announcement!

This episode is for you if you want to get to know the amazing woman behind @plantingpink and learn her tips on how to curate the best Instagram account and grow your following. This episode is for you if you are interested in knowing Houseplant Club’s newest project! In this episode we learn:

- How Morgan’s collection came to be and changed as she moved South

- How sharing a Pilea Peperomioides (The Friendship Plant featured in last weeks episode!) started her friendship with Erin from @Cleverbloom and @houseplantclub was created!

- The beginnings of @houseplantclub - A very special House Plant Club announcement!

- How to get your photos featured on @houseplantclub

- Morgan’s top 5 tips to having and growing the best planty Instagram account

Follow Morgan and House Plant Club: @plantingpink @houseplantclub

Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: @bloomandgrowradio

Feb 20, 2018
Episode 14: The Friendship Plant! The Ins and Outs of the Popular Pilea Peperomioides with the Founder of PIEP

We can’t have a month devoted to Friendship without having an episode on the Friendship Plant, the Pilea Peperomioides! We are so lucky to be joined by the founder of PIEP – the first commercial grower of Pilea Peperomioides in the US to discuss all things Pilea today! is the go to resource for all things Pilea. It ships nation wide and carries not only Pilea but also other drool worthy plants and accessories. Mackenna, the founder of PIEP, is a Pilea specialist and has had such an interesting journey learning to grow this plant. She joins us today to go through not only care basics but also troubleshooting issues and how to care for your Pilea babies correctly! We are so lucky for not only the knowledge she is sharing with us, but she is also offering a special discount to Bloom and Grow listeners so we can all enjoy this happy plant for ourselves! Stay tuned till the end of the episode to learn more! I also want to give a quick shout out to some listeners that came to my rescue this week. I had one listener write in and ask me how to care for his indoor pineapple plant, and to be frank, I had never even heard of a Pineapple plant before! I put a post on Instagram asking any of you if you could be a good plant friend, and help me out with some information to hook this new pineapple plant dad up with, and several of you got back to me within hours! We’ve started a little Pineapple Plant Care email thread and I’m very excited about learning how to care for it. I’m so thankful to @theeden, @homebyfaith, @dirtydtales and @acrazyplantlady10b to stepping up and offering to help! Now without further ado! If you are interested in learning how to care for a Pilea Peperomioides plant, this episode is for you! If you want some yummy discounts to help get yourself a Pilea of your own, this episode is for you! In the episode we learn: - How the heck to actually pronounce Pilea Peperomioides (Pie- Lee-uh Pepper – o – mee – oy- dees) - How Piep was created - The original story behind how the Pilea spread across Europe - Pilea Care 101! - How to properly care for and separate a Pilea pup from it’s mother plant - Troubleshooting issues with caring for Pilea - How and when to fertilize Pilea - What to look forward to seeing Piep carry in the future - Discounts for Bloom and Grow Radio Listeners! (10 % off using the code Bloom10 on Follow PIEP: Insta:, @pilea.lovers, @plantunicorn Facebook: Pinterest: Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Insta: @BloomandGrowRadio Facebook: Bloom and Grow Radio

Feb 13, 2018
Plant Side Chat # 2 - Planty Friendships

Plant Side Chat #2 - Planty Friendships for Friendship February on Bloom and Grow Radio! We dive into the beauty of plant friendships and why they are so important!

Feb 06, 2018
Episode 12: Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Grow Lights with The Sill's Chris Satch

I’m very excited to welcome back Chris Satch to the show! Chris is the Plant Scientist and Head of Education at The Sill ( and is my go to guy for any plant issues I have with my personal collection. The Sill is an amazing plant shop located in Chinatown, NY that not only sells plants, but also hosts monthly educational events and ships potted plants nationwide. I got a lot of requests this winter for an episode on grow lights, and took some time to think about who I wanted my guest to be. I knew that Chris was the perfect person to help break down the science of grow lights because… I don’t really know anything about them! If you listened to Episode 07 with Olena from @TheOperatingSystem when she mentioned her grow lamps, I actually had to ask her what they were because I had no idea you could use light bulbs to help your houseplants grow. How far I’ve come in such a short time! This is a very special episode for Bloom and Grow Radio because it’s the first episode I’ve crowd sourced my listeners for their recommendations on which grow lights THEY use. The first half of the episode is my interview with Chris and the second half is my roundup of all of the recommended bulbs and companies that you all have found success with. Also… DISCOUNTS! I was able to reach out to several of your recommended companies and they have offered special exclusive discounts for Bloom and Grow listeners- so stay tuned till the end to hear about these special offers! If you are interested in learning more about photosynthesis or indoor grow light… this episode is for you! If you want to know what lights other successful plant parents are using and are interested in discounts on some of them… this episode is for you! In this episode we learn: - What photosynthesis is - Why photosynthesis is necessary for a plant - How light appears to the human eye and what it is broken down into - Difference between red, blue, yellow, orange green light and why plants need each type of light - What can happen to a plant if it’s not given a full spectrum of light - Is the Kelvin scale actually important? - The different types of grow lamps and which work best - Crowdsourcing! Which lights and companies you Bloom and Grow plant people are loving! - Discounts! Special discounts for Bloom and Grow Radio listeners from companies you guys have recommended! List of plants that YOU are loving! Modern Sprout ( is offering 10% off for Bloom and Grow listeners with or using B&G10 at checkout. They have two grow light products, the Growbar (which I am currently installing in my bookshelf!) and their Grow House. Their LED lights are full spectrum and have a soft white light and at its highest light, because you can adjust how strong it is, it’s 4500 lumens! The lifespan of their lights runs up to 12 years and the lights produce little heat and are water resistant. My favorite thing about them is they have a 3 setting timer that dims to mimic dawn and dusk and you can set to 8, 12 r 16 hours. Soltech Solutions ( is offering 15% off for Bloom and Grow Radio listeners with the discount code BloomandGrow15. (They are currently having a 30% sale on their website and the Bloom and Grow discount can be applied ON TOP of ther 30%- so that’s 45% total!). They use wide spectrum LED lights that range from 2100 to 4200 lumens (depending on size) and appear soft white and mimic the sun. The lights look real sexy and have a modern, minimalist design that you can install in a variety of ways and come in two sizes. The feature that excites me the most about Soltech Solutions is their beautifully designed industrial floor lamp stands that are adjustable in height. They are perfectly suited for an indoor tree, like my lime tree I'm always talking about, or a fiddle leaf fig or other popular taller indoor plants. Diane from @howtosucculents who was on Episode 3 of the show, @walt_1990, @thelittlestpinecone and @fuccing_succs all say they use the t5 florescent tubes. Olena of @theoperatingsystem who was on Episode 07 shared the lights she uses with me: (she likes the following two bulbs for the arc of they light they provide) Alessia of @apartmentbotanist who is one of my #plantfriendsIRL also sent me her list of lights she loves: (she uses these in her grow tank she created) (she likes these because they easily clip to various surfaces around her apartment) Go forth and illuminate your worlds as you see fit! #keepblooming and #keepgrowing

Jan 30, 2018
Episode 11: Inside the Mind of @mr_plantgeek and Tips for Traveling Plant Parents

Michael Perry is the entrepreneur and self titled “geek” behind the “Mr Plant Geek” empire. But he is, in no way, a tradition “geek”. I like to call him the “bad boy of the plant world." You might know Michael from his Instagram account (@Mr_PlantGeek) or which have photos and blogs about the worlds most interesting plants. But they also have a collection of selfies showcasing his rugged good looks, impressive collection of tattoos and ever changing hair color. You also might recognize him from his “Rude Botany” line of t-shirts which have sayings like “Philadelphus erectus” or “Rubus cockburnianus” in bold lettering across the chest. Michael approaches plants with a light hearted, fun approach that is completely unique and absolutely fun to follow along with. But don’t be fooled, although his approach to plants is lighthearted, Michael seriously knows his plants. He spent years developing and creating new creations like the “TomTato” and “Egg and Chips” plants for Thompson & Morgan, England’s largest mail order plant company and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of horticulture. After a long and successful career there, he took the leap to become a full time freelancer as “Mr Plant Geek”. He now travels the world lecturing at different garden clubs, trade shows, and can be seen on QVC, BBC’s Great British Garden Revival and The One Show. His website is the go to blog for topics ranging from plant care, introducing new plants and gardening trends, and even travel tips about his constant travels. Today we have a lovely “plant chat” about many things: from how he built his Mr Plant Geek Empire to his tips for traveling Plant Parents on caring for your plants when you are out of town. Michael is a unique and interesting guy with a lovely point of view and I’m thrilled to share our chat with you! In this episode you’ll learn: Michael’s start at Thompson & Morgan designing the “Tomtato” and “Egg and Chips" plant What new types of houseplants Michael is excited about His predictions for the new hot houseplants to come onto the scene All about Michael’s constant travels and finding houseplants in the wild How he grew the “Mr Plant Geek” empire after leaving his longtime custom created job at Thompson & Morgan Michaels list of his favorite houseplants Tips for caring for your houseplants when you leave for vacation Follow Michael: Instagram: @mr_plantgeek Facebook: @mrplantgeek Twitter: @mr_plantgeek Website: Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram and Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio Website:

Jan 09, 2018
Plant Side Chat #1: Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate

First part of the Plant Side Chat series where we will explore the lessons learned from caring for plants. Today's topic: Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate.

Jan 02, 2018
Episode 09: Double the Joy: Cats and Plants (and Poisonous Plants to Avoid) with @plant_lady_is_the_new_cat_lady

Meagan Rosson is the creator behind the Instagram account: Plant_Lady_is_the_New_Cat_Lady. Her two gorgeous cats: Mack and Brooklyn, are quickly becoming “Instagram Famous“ due to Meagan’s hilarious Instagram stories of their impressive acrobatics around her one bedroom apartment and their relationship with her growing collection of 60+ plants.

Meagan and I met early on in both of our plant journeys and have watched each other’s love for plants grow. Since I have no pets, I knew Meagan would be the perfect person to discuss the ups and downs with living with cats and plants and the toxic plants to avoid if you have Cats. We have a fun conversation about her hilarious stories of joining her two loves. She also gives some advice and her perspective on how to live successfully with cats and plants, and how to avoid choosing plants that could be toxic if ingested.

Disclaimer: we are not Veterinarians, plant toxicity specialists or plant scientists. If you have questions about plant toxicity we encourage you to check out ASPCA’s website (link below) and make decisions you are comfortable with for your Urban Jungle.

In this episode we learn: - Meagan’s journey from no plants to 60 + plants and the creation of @Plant_Lady_is_the_New_Cat_Lady

- How her love for plants started in a Plant 101 class with Bloom and Grow Radio Alum, Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn!

- How to make sure your plants in your apartment are non toxic for your cats

- Tips for having cats and plants live harmoniously together - Natural deterrents for keeping your pets away from your plants (links to purchase below) - How to band-aid your plant when your pet nibbles or plays too aggressively with it - A basic guide for how to find out what plants are toxic, different levels of toxicity and where to find solid information to set you up for success - Signs to look for incase your cat has ingested a poisonous plant - Why Meagan thinks everyone should have houseplants

To Follow Meagan, Mack and Brooklyn find them on Instagram @plant_lady_is_the_new_cat_lady

To Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram: @BloomandGrowRadio Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio iTunes and Stitcher

To purchase the all natural deterrent sprays Meagan mentions click here:

Nature's Miracle Just for Cats No Scratch Spray:

Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray:


Dec 19, 2017
Episode 08: Dirty Talk and the Creation of Houseplant Journal

By day, Toronto based Darryl Cheng is a Business Analyst for a Tech Company. By night, he is the creator of the incredibly popular blog and Instagram account - Houseplant Journal. Darryl’s commitment to excellence and his passion for plants and thirst for knowledge have turned him into the king of the internet houseplant world. What was initially a hobby Tumblr page has turned into an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers, a go to blog for anything plant related (, the beginnings of his very own houseplant care book and plant time lapse videos that have gone viral around the world. Get ready… this is an epic episode for Bloom and Grow Radio. We cover a variety of topics, have deep thoughts about our plant friends, a little “dirty talk” and learn some secrets behind his collection. And if you stay tuned through the end of the show, Darryl gives us a sneak peak of another talent and passion of his, that is equally as impressive as his houseplant collection- but you’ll only find out if you stay tuned! If you are interested in learning more about different aspects of soil for your houseplants, this episode is for you! If you are interested in learning more about Darryl’s journey as a Plant Parent- tune in! In this episode we discuss: - The beginning of Darryl’s interest in houseplants and the creation of Houseplant Journal - The journey from a small Tumlr hobby account to an Instagram account and blog with over 200,000 followers - The story behind his “insta-famous” Monstera - The story behind his famous time lapse videos - “Dirty Talk” with Darryl! Darryl breaks down all you need to know about soil for your houseplants - Organic vs Chemical Fertilizers - The importance of soil aeration - The reasons behind his Houseplant Care Book he is working on and how it will differ from the tradition Houseplant Books - Any houseplant’s “subjective lifespan” Follow Darryl on: Instagram and Facebook: @houseplantjournal Twitter: @houseplantjrnl Website: Patreon: Follow Bloom and Grow Radio on: Instagram and Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio Website:

Dec 12, 2017
Episode 07: TheOperatingSystem- Propagation 101 and Using Plants to Disconnect

Olena Shmahalo, otherwise known as TheOperatingSystem on Instagram is the Art Director of Quanta Magazine by day, and has an Etsy shop where she sells her plant cuttings and plant themed merchandise by night. Originally from the Ukraine, Olena has been growing her Urban Jungle of over 150 plants over the span of several apartments. Her current apartment is a masterpiece of Urban Jungle artistry, and her photos that are envied on Instagram are not to be missed (give her a follow at @TheOperatingSystem). We dive into how she created her Urban Jungle, tips for having a successful relationship with so many plants and she walks us through how to propagate plants for ourselves! If you are interested in learning the stories behind her amazing Instagram Photos or curious about how to propagate your own plants, this episode is for you! In this episode you will learn: - The evolution of Olena’s Urban Jungle - Tourism tips for Plant People - The secret to how Olena keeps her plants happy - Relationship advice for Plant Parents - Information about the joys of her Etsy shop and the process of buying and sending her cuttings - Propagation 101 Follow Olena on: Instagram: @TheOperatingSystem Etsy: (temporarily closed because Olena is on vacation, but she will be back ASAP!) Here is the amazon link to the Propagation Book Olena mentions in today’s episode: Visit the blog for photos mentioned in the interview:

Dec 05, 2017
Episode 05: Christmas Tree Extravaganza Part 1/2 - Cut Christmas Trees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas trees are on every corner of NYC and it’s time to pick one up and bring it into your home to celebrate the holidays. Although a cut Christmas Tree isn’t exactly a living houseplant… Christmas Trees could be argued to be one of the oldest indoor plant traditions around which is why I thought it would make a fun and interesting episode! Mary Jeanne Packer, Executive Director of The Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York, takes us through the best practices for caring for a cut Christmas Tree.

Founded in 1953, the mission of the Christmas Tree Farmers’ Association of New York (CTFANY) is to empower its members in the development of the real Christmas tree industry.  CTFANY provides information and opportunities for its members that include national visibility and stature, quality production, preservation, education, pride in their products and customer satisfaction.  They provide education to the public about the real tree industry, enable the public to purchase and enjoy the benefits of farm fresh and fragrant real Christmas trees and evergreen products.  At the same time, they protect the environment that surrounds us and enhance the contributions of the Christmas tree industry to New York’s economy.

If you are interested in learning the best ways to care for your cut Christmas tree this season- this episode is for you! If you are interested in learning about having an actual potted, LIVING Christmas tree this year… check out Episode 06!

In this episode you we discuss:

  • Why a cut Christmas Tree is actually better for the environment than an artificial tree
  • The various ways to recycle your cut tree after the holidays
  • Best practices for having a Cut Christmas Tree, from selecting it, to taking it home, how to position and properly care for it and how to properly recycle it after the season.
  • Myth Busters! Are chemicals and Sprite needed to feed your Christmas Tree? Listen to find out!
  • Shopping local to celebrate the holiday spirit.

For more information on The Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY visit


For more information on Bloom and Grow Radio visit and following us on Instagram @bloomandgrowradio

Nov 28, 2017
Episode 06: Christmas Tree Extravaganza Part 2/2: Living, Potted Christmas Trees for the Holiday Season!

Part two of my Christmas Tree extravaganza is all about celebrating you houseplants enthusiasts who want to take the leap, and jump into the joys of having a LIVING, potted Christmas Tree. This trend has become more popular over the years, and as I was researching it, I came across an amazing article by Joe Lamp’l about this intriguing idea. After reading it, I knew he would be the perfect guest for this episode and I am BEYOND thrilled to have him!

Joe is a podcaster himself with his amazing gardening podcast, The Joe Gardener show. He is also the Creator, Host and Executive Producer of the award-winning national PBS series, Growing a Greener World® and Founder of He is also the previous host of Fresh from the Garden on DIY Network, as well as on-air contributor to The Today Show, Good Morning America and The Weather Channel.

He is a gardening and podcast veteran who takes us through everything we need to know about jumping on the Living Christmas Tree Trend and the joys of replanting your tree and cherishing it forever. If it’s something that interests you, this episode is for you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What a Living Christmas Tree actually is
  • What the options are for using your tree after the holiday season
  • The entire process from selection to replanting of a Living Christmas Tree
  • Average length of time for a Living Christmas Tree to be indoors
  • The secret to preserving moisture in your Living Christmas Tree
  • The experiment that might cause me to get two trees this year…
  • The importance of mulch
  • Proper technique for replanting your tree
  • Using your tree as an heirloom


Follow Joe on:


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Instagram @bloomandgrowradio

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Here is the blog I mentioned!

 Are you inspired? I hope so! Make sure to check out Episode 5 about cut Christmas trees if Living Christmas trees don’t fit into your Holiday this year!


Nov 28, 2017
Episode 04: Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent and Practicing Patience

I learned about Summer Rayne Oaks when I first started researching “Urban Jungles” in NYC. She is a Model/Activist/Entrepreneur who is famous for her Brooklyn apartment in which she has over 670 plants. She has dedicated the last decade of her life to being a champion for sustainable practices in the fashion, beauty and food industries.

She wears many hats including being named the first “eco model”. She has a sugar detox program (, a cookbook, a style guide, a podcast (Idea Nosh), and founded Le Souk, a global materials marketplace. She is a serial entrepreneur with a degree in environmental science from Cornell and a passion for plants.

She is the founder of Homestead Brooklyn, a blog and Youtube channel created to help bring more nature to urban living. And to top it all off… she was even the muse and inspiration for the Toyota Prius C! What can’t she do? Her Youtube channel, Plant One On Me is packed with informative videos about plant care and fun DIY projects.

If you are curious about Summer Rayne’s journey to 670+ plants in her NYC apartment, this episode is for you! If you are an advanced Plant Parent looking to nerd out, this is the episode for you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Plant Swaps as a way to connect behind the Instagram photos
  • Her plant collection of 670+ in her Brooklyn apartment
  • Preparing houseplants for Winter months
  • Bringing Plants in the shower
  • The appealing qualities of Peperomia
  • Best Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent
  • Summer Rayne’s time as an “undercover activist” in the Fashion Industry as an Eco Model
  • Homestead Brooklyn’s mission and purpose
  • The Power of Showing up
  • Practicing patience and going beyond perfection

Follow Summer Rayne at

Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn

Facebook @homesteadbrooklyn

YouTube @summerrayneoakes "Plant One On Me"


Twitter: @sroakes 

Nov 21, 2017
Episode 03: How to NOT Kill Succulents and learning resiliance

Diana Zarins is the mastermind behind the Instagram account and Youtube channel How To Succulents. She is a “black thumb” turned #succulentwhisperer with a following of over 70,000 followers who turn to her for succulent inspiration and education.

If you want to learn how to better care for your succulents, this is the episode for you!

In the episode you will learn:

  • Diana’s journey from “black thumb” to succulent lover
  • Her extensive collection of 300 indoor and outdoor succulents
  • Why succulents are great houseplants
  • 5 things to know to NOT kill your succulent – drainage, water, light, temperature, infestation
  • The secret to knowing how dry your soil really is
  • Transitioning plants from indoors to outdoors for the changing of the seasons
  • Best “starter succulent”
  • How to use her hashtags to learn more about succulent care #propagationweek #howtobeasucculentwhisperer
  • Using succulents to inspire hardiness and grit in your everyday life

Follow How To Succulents:

Instagram: @howtosucculents

Youtube channel: How to Succulents


Nov 14, 2017
Episode 02: Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners and Learning Kindness

Today’s episode is with one of my most favorite Plant People I have met yet… Christopher Satch! He is the Plant Scientist and Head of Education at The Sill. The Sill is an amazing plant shop located in Chinatown, NY that not only sells plants, but also hosts monthly educational events and ships potted plants nationwide. They also have created a somewhat cult following on Instagram with over 150,000 followers who drool over their urban jungle inspirations and informative plant care stories.

I’ve had the pleasure of going to one of Chris’s Plant 101 classes at The Sill, which was not only informative, but wine filled, so fun and a great way to meet other Plant Parents in NYC. His wealth of knowledge about every plant under the sun is unparalleled, but what makes him so special is his humor, perspective and openness. I couldn’t be more excited to have him as my first guest!

If you are looking for an amazing, concise overview of the top 5 plant care basics, this is the episode for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  • A little about Chris’s personal journey with plants
  • How houseplants help you reconnect to nature
  • The Sill, it’s mission and how #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
  • Plant 101 courses at The Sill
  • Top houseplants for beginners
  • All beginners are not created equal! Are you a low maintenance or high maintenance Plant Parent- and how that informs which plants you pick.
  • Fun trick to save your plants from your radiators in the winter
  • Houseplant care 101
  • The difference between low, medium, bright light
  • Using plants to expand your mind and practice kindness and understanding

Visit Chris and the team at The Sill at 84 Hester Street in Chinatown or visit to order some of their plants or register for a plant workshop!

Follow @TheSill on Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler

Nov 13, 2017
Episode 01: The Reason behind Bloom and Grow Radio!

Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla interviews different “Plant Parents” in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has a practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Bloom and Grow Radio’s mission
  • What inspired the creation of Bloom and Grow Radio
  • Founder, Maria Failla’s journey from Succulent Killer to Crazy Plant Lady

Instagram: @BloomandGrowRadio


Nov 13, 2017