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Each episode of CES Tech Talk features industry experts talking about the latest consumer technology trends and what to expect at this year's CES. You’ll be counting down the days until you arrive in Las Vegas with this podcast, brought to you by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), producers of CES.

Episode Date
Get Ready for CES Asia

Did you know that CES also puts on a show in Shanghai? Join us this week as we discuss what to expect at CES Asia. From Automotive to AI, 5G and more, we discuss all the exciting exhibitors, keynotes and conference sessions happening next week at CES Asia. Ritch Wood from Nu Skin will be joining us to share why the Asian market is especially relevant today for his company.


  • John T. Kelly, Show Director, CES Asia
  • Ritch Wood, CEO, Nu Skin
Jun 10, 2019
Talking Tech and Policy with Rep. Hurd

CES Tech Talk kicks off Season 3 with a discussion on the policy behind some of the most important tech trends today. Plus, we learn why Capitol Hill staff have him to thank for their Uber and Lyft rides.


  • Congressman Will Hurd
  • Tiffany Moore, SVP Political and Industry Affairs, Consumer Technology Association
May 23, 2019
Recap of CES 2019

We wrap up CES 2019 with great discussions from media and breakout exhibitors to learn what this year’s CES meant to them.


  • Sara Fischer, Media Reporter, Axios
  • Mike Mansuetti, President of Bosch, North America
  • Dr. David Lipman, Chief Science Officer, Impossible Foods
Feb 01, 2019
Day Three of CES 2019

Reporters and editors from some of the top technology media outlets discuss the hot trends and products for the day at CES 2019.

• Moderator: Tyler Suiters, Vice President, Communications, Consumer Technology Association
• Dana Wollan, Editor-in-Chief, Engadget
• Dean Takahashi, Leader Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat
• Matt Swider, Senior Editor, TechRadar.com
• Nick Mokey,Managing Editor, Digital Trends

Jan 11, 2019
Day Two of CES 2019

Reporters and editors from some of the top technology media outlets discuss the hot trends and products for the day at CES 2019.


  • Moderator: Sarah Brown, Senior Manager, Event Communications, Consumer Technology Association
  • Connie Guglielmo, Editor-in-Chief, CNET News
  • Patrick Seitz, Senior Reporter and Writer, Investor’s Business Daily
  • Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief, Tom’s Guide
    Charles Warner, Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today
Jan 09, 2019
Day One of CES 2019

Editors and reporters from leading technology media outlets discuss the hot products and trends for the day at CES 2019.


  • Moderator: Rachel Horn, Director Thought Leadership Communications at Consumer Technology Association
  • Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist & Director of Engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute
  • David Kender, Editor in Chief at Reviewed
  • Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor at The Verge
Jan 09, 2019
Are You CES Ready?

Tune in for conversations with the experts on CES who are talking about key areas to visit at CES 2019, exhibitors to see and programming to add to your schedule.


  • Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
  • Karen Chupka, Executive Vice President, CES
  • Lauren Sallata, Chief Marketing Officer, Panasonic
  • Jean Foster, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, CTA
Jan 04, 2019
The Importance of Design and Sourcing for Tech Products

The Design & Source Showcase at CES is a place for attendees and companies large and small to find partners to help with product design, sourcing and more. Our guests on this episode run the gamut from a major global sourcing company to an American design expert discussing the importance of design in tech products.


  • Allan Chochinov Partner, Core77 Chair, SVA MFA in Products of Design
  • Kuo Zhang, Head of Alibaba.com
Jan 02, 2019
Learn how Arlington County is a Digital First County

Bonus Episode!

Sponsored by Arlington Economic Development

Arlington County in Virginia made national news this year when it was selected as one of two locations for Amazon’s new HQ2. Learn how this county drives innovation and the platform technologies involved to make this transition complete.


  • Victor Hoskins, Director of Economic Development, Arlington County
  • Aaron Miller, Director of the Department of Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management, Arlington County
  • Dennis Leach, Director of Transportation, Arlington County
Dec 28, 2018
AR and VR at CES and Beyond

Today we are focusing on an evolving category in the tech world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). They both have remarkable potential and applications across many industries – healthcare, agriculture and retail to name a few.


  • Yoon Lee SVP, Content & Services, Product Innovation, Samsung
  • Dan O'Brien, General Manager of Americas, HTC
Dec 27, 2018
Drones at CES and Beyond

Drones can save lives, deliver packages and even collect whale snot (yes, you read that right) for analysis. Today we talk to DJI, a globally known innovator in the drone sector, about drone's potential and the Federal Aviation Administration about what their approach is to bringing to life the benefits of drones.


  • Dan Elwell, Acting Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, DJI
Dec 18, 2018
Every Company Is a Tech Company

Every company is a tech company, or at least needs to be. Today two major exhibitors from two diverse sectors — agriculture and health and beauty — join us. Both are longtime brands who see the benefits of driving technology.


  • John Teeple, Director, Advanced Technology, John Deere
  • Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L'Oreal Technology Incubator, L'Oreal
Dec 13, 2018
Smarter Tech in Smarter Homes

Not only are our homes becoming energy efficient; they are also easier than ever for us to use. Our guests dive into how 5G, AI, voice activation and more are helping manufacturers develop the tech that is powering our homes.


  • Matt Swatsky, Vice President-Residential Mid-Market Business, Lutron
  • Chris Turkstra, Director of Product Management for Google Assistant, Google
Dec 10, 2018
How Robotics Will Impact Our Homes

One of the most exciting sectors of the artificial intelligence industry is robotics. Discussing the future for robotics and how it will improve our lives, we talk to a new company and an established organization about what to expect for the robotic industry, particularly applications in our homes.


  • Steve Ewell, Executive Director, CTA Foundation
  • Andy Miller, SVP of Innovation and Product Development, AARP
  • Jill Nguyen, Head of Partnerships and Growth, OhmniLabs
Dec 04, 2018
How Diversity Is Shaping Tech

Hear from two CEOs in the tech space about how they are using their diverse backgrounds to shape and improve the industry. Carolyn Rodz of Alice talks about how her company democratizes opportunities for entrepreneurs, and Elizabeth Vilchis discusses how her engineering background and startup experience helped her create latinoTech.


  • Carolyn Rodz, CEO & Founder, Alice
  • Elizabeth Vilchis, CEO & Founder, latinoTech
  • Guest Host: Tiffany Moore, Senior Vice President, Political & Industry Affairs, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Nov 28, 2018
A Look at the Latest Trends in Streaming Content

C Space is a destination at CES for all disruptive trends that are changing the future of entertainment. This week we focus on a section that is critical to how we view content: streaming. Our guests include a pioneer in the streaming music sector and a new disruptor in video streaming.


  • Jeff Shultz, Chief Business Officer, Pluto TV
  • Alex White, Head of Next Big Sound and Curation Programming, Pandora
Nov 20, 2018
Smart Cities: How They Evolve and the Benefits They Bring

Guests from Intel and the Smart Cities Council dive deep into how smart cities from 5G to AI - can help improve our lives.


  • Sameer Sharma, Global General Manager IoT (New Markets, Sart Cities, Intelligent Transportation
  • Jason Nelson, Executive Director, Partnership Engagement at Smart Cities Council
Nov 13, 2018
The Intersection of Technology and Sports

CES is where you will find the intersection of professional athletes and sports technology. Our two guests, the partner and CEO of HYPE Sports Innovation and a professor of sports management from George Washington University, talk about eSports, immersive fan experiences, the quantified athlete, technology for sports venues and more.


  • Dr. Lisa Neirotti, Professor of Sports Management, George Washington University
  • Dr. Ilan Hadar, Partner and CEO, HYPE Sports Innovation
Nov 06, 2018
How Is AI Shaping Our Future?

Did you know that companies adopting artificial intelligence technology report higher profit margins? Top brands talk about their AI initiatives, ranging from biometrics to predicative analytics to the future of transportation. We also talk about how consumers are getting more familiar with AI too (hint: smart speakers play a role).


  • Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO, IBM Watson AI
  • Julie Choi, Global Head, Intel AI Marketing
  • Amish Parashar, Partner & Director of Strategic Business Development, Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley, Inc.
Oct 30, 2018
Redefining the Experience of Flight with Bell

Sponsored by Bell

Bonus episode! Learn what you get when you add up self-driving vehicles, drones and the sharing economy. 



Michael Thacker, EVP of Technology and Innovation, Bell

Mark Moore, Engineering Director of Aviation, Uber

Jean-Baptiste Jarin, Safran Helicopter Engines Vice President, Hybrid Propulsion System Program

Oct 25, 2018
The Future of Work

Nine out of 10 small businesses say that they have a growing need for skilled tech workers. What are the expectations of these companies for the workers that they need? What are the skills employees should have for the centuries ahead? Guests from two of the county’s biggest employers answer these questions and more.



  • Kelli Jordan, Talent Leader, New Collar Initiatives, IBM
  • Sean Thurman, Director of Global Public Policy, Walmart
  • Jennifer Taylor, Vice President, US Jobs, Consumer Technology Association
Oct 23, 2018
How to Stand Out As a Startup at CES

A must-listen for startups coming to CES, this week's episode features two companies who have great advice for entrepreneurs. The first is a Fortune 500 company, Arrow Electronics, and we learn what they are looking for in startups and how they are supporting the ones they meet at CES. The second is a major funding company, Indiegogo, who talks about what they are excited to see from the entrepreneurs at Eureka Park.


  • Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer & President, Arrow Electronics
  • John Vaskis, Vice President of Sales, Indiegogo
Oct 15, 2018
When Will We See Self-Driving Cars on the Road?

Tired of driving your own car? Want to know when self-driving vehicles will actually be available? This week we talk to two experts in the autonomous vehicle industry about everything from the policies being created for the cars to the technology being created to go in the cars.


  • Kim Hart, Managing Editor, Axios
  • Sherif Marakby, President and CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC
Oct 09, 2018
Resilience: Securing New Tech for a Safer World

Hear from two experts in the resilience field as they discuss the ways that cities and corporations can use new technology to prepare for a safer world.


  • Carmichael Roberts, Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Partner, Material Impact
  • Nichole Jordan, National Managing Partner of Markets, Clients & Industry, Grant Thornton LLP
Oct 02, 2018
Technology and the Future of Advertising

Data, metrics, transparency, blockchain, AI — all of these and more are trends technology is bringing to the ad world. This week, tune in to hear from the tech editor at Ad Week and the CEO of a company on the cutting edge of all of these trends.



  • Anda Gansca, CEO and Cofounder, Knotch
  • Josh Sternberg, Tech Editor, Ad Week
Sep 25, 2018
The Future with 5G

Steve Koenig of CTA and Dr. Derek Peterson of Boingo Wireless dive into all the ways 5G is going to affect our lives, both from a business and consumer perspective.


  • Steve Koenig, Vice President of Research, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
  • Dr. Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, Boingo Wireless
Sep 17, 2018
Digital Health

Dr. David Rhew of Samsung and Matthew Stoudt of appliedVR discuss the ways that digital health is evolving and leading to better health outcomes for consumers and doctors.


  • Guest Host: Kinsey Fabrizio, Sr. Director, Member Engagement, CTA
  • David Rhew, M.D., Chief Medical Officer & VP and GM Enterprise (B2B), Samsung
  • Matthew Stoudt, CEO, appliedVR
Sep 11, 2018
Sports Tech and CES

Tune in to hear how the exciting world of sports technology is rapidly changing and evolving. An NBA All-Star, an NFL player and Olympic Gold Medalist all discuss how they made the transition from athlete to tech entrepreneur.


  • Baron Davis, Entrepreneur and Founder, Baron Davis Enterprises
  • Angela Ruggiero, CEO, Co-Founder, Sports Innovation Lab
  • Shawn Springs, Founder and Chief Executive, Windpact
Sep 04, 2018
Eureka Park Startup Success Stories

Welcome back! We are kicking off Season Two of CES Tech Talk with an exciting lineup of guests who all have one major thing in common: they saw startup success at CES in Eureka Park. 

We will hear from Robbie Cabral, the founder of BenjiLock, about his Shark Tank experiences; Xyla Foxlin about what it is like to exhibit at CES twice before turning 21; and Jonathon Perrelli about what it takes to get a major beverage company to make a multimillion-dollar investment in your company. 


Robbie Cabral, CEO and Founder, BenjiLock
Xyla Foxlin, CEO and Founder, Parihug
Jonathon Perrelli, CEO and Founder, LifeFuels

Aug 28, 2018
CES 2018 Media Round Table (Day 3)

A group of reporters from various tech media publications share their thoughts on the best finds of CES 2018, recommendations on not-to-miss exhibits, and insights into trends they see in the consumer technology industry.

  • Moderator: Jeff Joseph, CTA
  • Dana Wollman, Executive Editor, Engadget
  • Michael Artsis, Founder, BeTerrific
  • Natt Garun, Senior Editor, The Verge
  • Charles Warner, Editor in Chief, Innovation & Tech Today
Jan 12, 2018
CES 2018 Media Round Table (Day 2)

A group of reporters from various tech media publications share their thoughts on the best finds of CES 2018, recommendations on not-to-miss exhibits, and insights into trends they see in the consumer technology industry.

  • Moderator: Tyler Suiters
  • Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief, Tom’s Guide
  • Matt Swider, Senior Mobile Editor, Tech Radar
  • Joe Cox, Brand Development Editor, What HiFi
  • David Kender, Editor-in-Chief, Reviewed.com
  • Laurie Jennings, Deputy Editor & Director, GH Institute, Good Housekeeping
Jan 11, 2018
CES 2018 Media Round Table (Day 1)

A group of reporters from various tech media publications share their thoughts on the best finds of CES 2018, recommendations on not-to-miss exhibits, and insights into trends they see in the consumer technology industry.

  • Moderator: Allie Fried
  • Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Trends
  • Jerry Beilinson, Content Development Team Leader, Consumer Reports CNET
  • John Falcone, Executive Editor, Reviews, CNET
  • Andrew Soergel, Economy Reporter, US News & World Report
Jan 10, 2018
A Look at CES 2018 with President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro discusses what to expect at this year’s shows.  Get ready because CES 2018 is right around the corner!

Jan 02, 2018
C Space at CES

Jeremy Legg, CTO of Turner;  Paul Peterman, Head of Industry, Technology and Connectivity at Facebook; and Karen Chupka, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Business Strategy for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), discuss the role technology plays in content marketing. 

Dec 27, 2017
The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From big data analytics to speech recognition to predictive technology, artificial intelligence is changing how we do business. Hear from CTA's Steve Koenig and Buzz Radar's Patrick Charlton as they discuss the future of AI and where to see it at CES.

Dec 19, 2017
The Future of Technology in Cars

Join Jeff Joseph as he interviews Hilary Cain of Toyota and Ram Vasudevan of University of Michigan and talks about the future of self-driving cars.

Dec 12, 2017
A Look Inside Digital Health Trends

Join us for an in-depth discussion with Robin Raskin and Jill Gilbert of Living in Digital Times about what we can expect to see in the digital health space at CES 2018.

Dec 04, 2017
The Intersection of Sports and Tech

Join us as we discuss sports, technology and CES with two great interviews. First, we are talking with the founders of The Sports Innovation Lab on the latest trends. Then we discuss how technology is influencing the players with the NFL Players Association.

Nov 27, 2017
The Future of Smart Cities

Check out our new podcast, CES Tech Talk. Our first episode is going to tell you all you need to know about the trends and future for Smart Cities. It features interviews with John Kwant of Ford Smart Mobility, Frank Sgambati of Bosch and Steve Koenig of CTA.

Nov 17, 2017
Welcome to CES Tech Talk - TEASER

Every week leading up to CES on Jan. 9, Jeff Joseph of the Consumer Technology Association (producers of CES) will talk with the leading minds of the technology world to find out about the coming industry trends and what to expect at CES 2018.

Nov 14, 2017