U Up?

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Category: Relationships

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Faith Calvert
 Jul 15, 2022
I love the U Up? pod. Jared and Jordana are like friends to me and I love their banter and down to earth advice. While I'm not in the dating world anymore, this pod is still so fun and entertaining!

 Mar 28, 2021

 Sep 20, 2020
J&J are hilarious together and so truthful.

 Feb 18, 2020
Girlfriend and I love listening and then talking about this

 May 23, 2019
Love this podcast. Jared and Jordana have such a good rapport and cover so many different relationship topics ❤❤❤


U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and everything in between - they’re here to make sure you don’t die alone. For more fun dating commentary, polls, and bonus content, follow @u.up.podcast on Instagram. Become a friend (with benefits) of the podcast and subscribe to receive early release and ad-free versions of all our new episodes, plus bonus subscriber-only episodes. To sign up and become a friend (with benefits) today head to: subscribe.betches.com

Episode Date
My Guy Friend Confessed His Feelings, So I Ghosted Him
Jun 19, 2024
The Fine Print Of #DatingTok Advice
Jun 16, 2024
Coming To Terms With Your Kinda-Ship
Jun 12, 2024
My Mom Is In Her Divorced Era. How Can I Help Her Date?
Jun 09, 2024
I Love My BF, But He Hates My Dog
Jun 05, 2024
Love, Limerence, And Cop Outs ft. Olivia O’Brien
Jun 02, 2024
They Always Come Back For The Wrong Reasons
May 29, 2024
Should I Tone Down My Personality To Attract More Dates? ft. Emma Willmann
May 26, 2024
The Curse Of The Cool Girl
May 22, 2024
Why Being Mad About A Wasted Relationship Isn’t Helping You
May 19, 2024
A Friends-To-Lovers Story Gone Wrong
May 15, 2024
My Husband's Ex Is Being Petty. Can I Be Pettier?
May 12, 2024
Can I Turn My Friend-To-Lover Back Into A Friend?
May 08, 2024
Why The “When You Know, You Know” Spark Might Be Missing ft. Matthew Hussey
May 05, 2024
Could A 'Certified Lover Boy' Ever Commit?
May 01, 2024
The Situationship Cycle ft. Dulcé Sloan
Apr 28, 2024
Where Does A Digital Affair Fall On The Cheating Scale?
Apr 24, 2024
Can I Force A Closure Conversation After A Breakup?
Apr 21, 2024
I Took My Ex Back and He Dumped Me—Again!
Apr 17, 2024
Should It Matter That My BF’s Mom Dislikes Me?
Apr 14, 2024
Are Some Women Doomed To Be Alone Forever?
Apr 10, 2024
Can You Be Partners In Love And Business? ft. Nick and Elyse Oleksak
Apr 07, 2024
Is It Just Me Or Is The Dating Pool Polluted?
Apr 03, 2024
Feng Shui, Dating Intentions, & Jared’s Sh*tty Energy ft. Jeannette Cieszykowski
Mar 31, 2024
What Is The Right Way To Compliment A Man?
Mar 27, 2024
Erotic Energy, Rethinking Infidelity, And Psychotherapy ft. Esther Perel
Mar 24, 2024
The Worst Kind Of Rematch on Hinge
Mar 20, 2024
A Message To Cheaters
Mar 17, 2024
AITA For Thinking You’re Full Of Sh*t?
Mar 13, 2024
SOS: I've Invested Too Much In A Dead-End Situationship To Walk Away
Mar 10, 2024
If It’s Giving Boyfriend, Just Say That
Mar 06, 2024
Is Jared Just Like The Bachelor? ft. Joey Graziadei
Mar 03, 2024
When To Walk Away From The Person You’re Dating
Feb 28, 2024
How To Break Up Like A Gentleman
Feb 25, 2024
Was This A Red Flag Or Is My Internalized Homophobia Showing?
Feb 21, 2024
I Hate My BF’s Therapist
Feb 18, 2024
V-Day, TikTok Backlash, And Where The Single Men Are
Feb 14, 2024
Bland DMs: Why You Might Be The Problem
Feb 11, 2024
Get Pookie TikTok Away From Us
Feb 07, 2024
Icks Are Ruining Dating ft. Jay Shetty
Feb 04, 2024
Failures Make You A Better Dater
Jan 31, 2024
SOS: Does My Ex Want Me Back Or Is She Messing Around?
Jan 28, 2024
What’s Wrong With Settling?
Jan 24, 2024
The Hard Truth About Getting “The Ick”
Jan 21, 2024
How Much Does Your Past Impact Your Dating Future?
Jan 17, 2024
Beware Of Breakup January
Jan 14, 2024
Are You Dating An Aidan Or A Mr. Big?
Jan 10, 2024
How I Got Engaged After 6 Months Of Dating ft. Rosebud Baker
Jan 07, 2024
Did Jared Find Love On His Blind Date?
Jan 03, 2024
Rizz, Sober Dates, And Dating In 2024
Dec 31, 2023
It’s The Week Of Nothingness
Dec 27, 2023
Toxic Exes, Moms, And Ruining Christmas
Dec 24, 2023
Who Won The Date With Jared?
Dec 20, 2023
Rejections Are Good For You
Dec 17, 2023
The Problem With Playing It Cool
Dec 13, 2023
Should I Be Cleaning My Boyfriend’s Apartment?
Dec 10, 2023
You Want To Be The Prize, Not The Pick Me
Dec 06, 2023
Crystals, Spells, And WTF Is Up With Jared ft. Kelley Knight
Dec 03, 2023
Your Words Are Like Spells: Cheating, Standards, and Situationships
Nov 29, 2023
The Love Of Your Life Is A Teammate, Not A Goalpost Ft. Vir Das
Nov 26, 2023
‘Tis The Season For Hometown Hookups
Nov 22, 2023
SOS: Insecurities Are Cockblocking My Dating Life
Nov 19, 2023
Thanksgiving Prep: Is It Too Early To Invite My SO?
Nov 15, 2023
6 Years, 500 Episodes, And More Dating To Solve
Nov 12, 2023
When The Honeymoon Phase Ends, What’s The Next Step?
Nov 08, 2023
Jared VS Jorge: Is Jared Really 10% Away From All Men?
Nov 05, 2023
Is Caspering The New Ghosting? (Debating This Year’s Spookiest New Dating Terms)
Nov 01, 2023
How Honest Should You Be During A Breakup? Ft. Sam Morril
Oct 29, 2023
Dating Is So Much Easier Now That I’m Married
Oct 25, 2023
Dating When You Don’t Want Kids ft. Girls Gotta Eat
Oct 22, 2023
The Problem With Dating Dog People
Oct 18, 2023
It’s Not Your ADHD, You’ve Got Dating App Fatigue
Oct 15, 2023
Bumble’s New Update: Isn't This Just “Love Is Blind”?
Oct 11, 2023
37, Single & Gay ft. Emma Willmann
Oct 08, 2023
Why Does My BF Keep Backing Out Of Plans?
Oct 04, 2023
My Interracial Relationship Isn’t An Insult ft. Nimesh Patel
Oct 01, 2023
Introducing: Ask Men Anything with Emma Willmann (Ft. Jared Freid)
Sep 28, 2023
Can You Be Old-Fashioned In A Modern Dating World? Ft. The Golden Bachelor
Sep 27, 2023
And Just Like That, We’re In A New Season Of Love
Sep 24, 2023
You Can’t Find A Date Because You’re Missing The Point
Sep 20, 2023
Surviving Your Family Trip As “The Single One”
Sep 17, 2023
How To Tell If It’s A One-Sided Setup
Sep 13, 2023
Nothing Good Comes From Keeping Your Ex Around
Sep 10, 2023
My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Kids, But He’s A Father
Sep 06, 2023
Sometimes, You’ve Got To Take The “L”
Sep 03, 2023
Lightning Round: How Do I Know If They’re “The One”
Aug 30, 2023
Does Cheating Once Make You A Cheater For Life?
Aug 27, 2023
Who’s Responsible For Texting After The Date?
Aug 23, 2023
My Exes Don’t Exist To Me Ft. Sasheer Zamata
Aug 20, 2023
The Unspoken Rules Of Arguing With Your SO
Aug 16, 2023
Should I End My Situationship Before It Gets Serious?
Aug 13, 2023
Does A Small Age Gap Still Make Me A Cougar?
Aug 09, 2023
How Petty Are Exes Allowed To Be?
Aug 06, 2023
Can A Relationship Ever Survive A “Break”?
Aug 02, 2023
Is It Fair To Ask Your Partner To Subsidize Your Dreams?
Jul 30, 2023
How Do I Get Over A Breakup If Nobody Was The Villain?
Jul 26, 2023
Can You Really Be Friends With An Ex? Ft. Robyn Schall
Jul 23, 2023
How Bad Were Jonah Hill's Texts Really?
Jul 19, 2023
Some Dishonesties Are More Dangerous Than Others Ft. Dr. Drew
Jul 16, 2023
I’m Single And Happy, But Should I Try Dating Anyway?
Jul 12, 2023
Enough With The Beige Flags
Jul 09, 2023
Your Issue Isn’t Your Baggage, It’s How You Address It
Jul 05, 2023
You’re Putting Too Much Pressure On The Penis Ft. Dr. Emily Morse
Jul 02, 2023
What’s An Appropriate Age Gap?
Jun 28, 2023
Husband Or F*ck Off: What Happened Next?
Jun 25, 2023
How Long Should I Wait For Him To Propose?
Jun 21, 2023
You’re Wearing The Wrong First Date Outfit Ft. Liza Lieberman
Jun 18, 2023
Announcement: Subscription Update!
Jun 17, 2023
What’s A Socially Acceptable Way To Ghost?
Jun 14, 2023
Rejection Isn’t Always As Deep As It Feels
Jun 11, 2023
What Are The New “Love Languages?”
Jun 07, 2023
What’s The “10-Monther” Timeline?
Jun 04, 2023
Scandoval And The Audacity Of Men
May 31, 2023
Heather McMahan’s Guide To Relationships
May 28, 2023
How Do I Know If I'm Ready To Date Again?
May 24, 2023
Is He Self-Sabotaging Or Does He Just Not Like Me?
May 21, 2023
Why Can’t I Make It Past A 3rd Date?
May 17, 2023
Is Lust Worth Risking A Friendship?
May 14, 2023
Is Being Exclusive Different Than A Relationship?
May 10, 2023
Is He That Busy Or Am I A Benchwarmer?
May 07, 2023
Getting Your Situationship To The Next Level
May 03, 2023
Is It Okay To Play Games In Some Dating Scenarios?
Apr 30, 2023
Why Do I Keep Getting Textzoned?
Apr 26, 2023
We Matched, We Connected, He Canceled
Apr 23, 2023
Does Your Parents’ Opinion Of Your S.O. Actually Matter?
Apr 19, 2023
Behind The Scenes Of A Set Up By Jordana
Apr 16, 2023
Am I A Rebound Or Is He Ready To Move On?
Apr 12, 2023
How Much Does Your Resume Matter On The Apps? Ft. Jesse Metcalfe
Apr 09, 2023
Am I Insecure Or Is He Being Inappropriate?
Apr 05, 2023
The Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes
Apr 02, 2023
Blindsiding Is A Spectrum Ft. Rebel Wilson
Mar 29, 2023
SOS: Can We Be Just Friends If We Made Out?
Mar 26, 2023
The Betchelor Crossover: Love Is Blind Eps. 1-2: The Beginning
Mar 24, 2023
Am I More Invested In The Relationship Than My BF?
Mar 22, 2023
Does Swiping Count As Cheating? Ft. Adam Pally
Mar 19, 2023
Why Are Situationship Breakups So Painful?
Mar 15, 2023
Why You Should Have A Roster Ft. Violet Benson
Mar 12, 2023
The Problem With #DatingTok
Mar 08, 2023
SOS: How To Make First Dates Feel Less Like Interviews
Mar 05, 2023
Breadcrumbing, Cookie-Jarring, & Cobwebbing: Dating In 2023
Mar 01, 2023
Is It “Limerence” Or True Love? (Oversharing Sneak Peak)
Feb 28, 2023
So Jared, Why Do Men Say Things They Don’t Mean?
Feb 26, 2023
Lightning Round: Do Men Hate Situationships As Much As Women?
Feb 22, 2023
SOS: Husband Or F*ck Off
Feb 19, 2023
How Much Can You Embellish On Your Dating App Profile?
Feb 15, 2023
Valentine's Day Dates: The Archive Dive
Feb 14, 2023
Nothing Happens When You Least Expect It Ft. Jay Shetty
Feb 12, 2023
Was Your DTR Talk Too Vague?
Feb 08, 2023
Do You Need To Be Single To Work On Yourself?
Feb 05, 2023
What Counts As Cheating?
Feb 01, 2023
SOS: Blindsided By A Breakup
Jan 29, 2023
Is Ambition A Valid Reason For A Breakup?
Jan 25, 2023
Why Can't I Commit To A Fifth Date? (Jared's Oversharing Therapy Session)
Jan 24, 2023
The Problem With Being Comfy
Jan 22, 2023
How To Revive A Dating App Match
Jan 18, 2023
Don’t Fall For A Selfish Apology
Jan 15, 2023
How Much Does Sexual Chemistry Matter?
Jan 11, 2023
Playing It Cool Is Overrated
Jan 08, 2023
How To Be More Charming
Jan 04, 2023
You’re Not Annoying, He’s Just An Asshole
Jan 01, 2023
Make Your Dating Life About You
Dec 28, 2022
What Does Emotional Availability Actually Look Like?
Dec 25, 2022
Does Splitting The Check On The First Date Mean He’s Not Into It?
Dec 21, 2022
To Play Games Or Not To Play Games
Dec 18, 2022
How To Ask For More Romance In A Relationship
Dec 14, 2022
Was He Using Me Or Did He Just Change His Mind?
Dec 11, 2022
Are You Too Picky Or Not Picky Enough?
Dec 07, 2022
How Gender Norms Are Hurting Your Sex Life Ft. Emily Nagoski
Dec 04, 2022
Do I Need To Live In A City To Date?
Nov 30, 2022
How To Deal With Weird Texts From An Ex
Nov 27, 2022
Sliding Vs. Deciding
Nov 23, 2022
Do You Have To Like Your S.O.’s Friends?
Nov 20, 2022
The Anniversary Episode
Nov 16, 2022
Can Family Dynamics Be A Deal Breaker?
Nov 13, 2022
Why Won’t My Friends Set Me Up? Ft. Fortune Feimster
Nov 09, 2022
Do You Have To Reply To A Breakup Text?
Nov 06, 2022
Why Doesn’t He Ask Me Any Questions?
Nov 02, 2022
Why Do Men Make Promises They Can’t Keep? Ft. Delaney Rowe
Oct 30, 2022
Is “He’s Just Not That Into You” Still Accurate?
Oct 26, 2022
How To Talk About Money With Your S.O. Ft. Ramit Sethi
Oct 23, 2022
Am I Giving Up If I’m Not On The Apps?
Oct 19, 2022
Stop Romanticizing Your Ex
Oct 16, 2022
Do Guys Care Less Once It’s Official?
Oct 12, 2022
Should I Reach Out Again If The Timing Wasn’t Right?
Oct 09, 2022
Lightning Round Part 2: Embracing Disappointment, The World’s Saddest Pep Talk, and Romantic Coffee Dates
Oct 05, 2022
Will Losing Weight Fix My Relationship?
Oct 02, 2022
Lightning Round Part 1: Adam Levine, Standing Out On Dating Apps, & Living With A Disgusting
Sep 28, 2022
What Should You Expect When Visiting A Long Distance Fling?
Sep 25, 2022
How Much Time Do You Need Between Relationships?
Sep 21, 2022
Are You Dating Like You’re In A Relationship?
Sep 18, 2022
How To Avoid Dating App Burnout
Sep 14, 2022
How Secure People Respond To Rejection
Sep 11, 2022
How To Take The Pressure Off Of Your Dating Life
Sep 07, 2022
Are Work Crushes Hurting My Love Life?
Sep 04, 2022
“The Rise Of Lonely, Single Men”?
Aug 31, 2022
Can You Trust A Drunk Text?
Aug 28, 2022
Should I Join A “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” Facebook Group?
Aug 24, 2022
How Much Vetting Is Too Much Before A First Date?
Aug 21, 2022
Would You Want To Be On A Singles List?
Aug 17, 2022
Do You Actually Want To Know Why They Ended It?
Aug 14, 2022
Am I Trusting My Gut Or Being Judgemental? Ft. Zoey Deutch
Aug 10, 2022
Stop Worrying About The Friend Group
Aug 08, 2022
What’s The Right Texting Ratio?
Aug 03, 2022
Can Height Be A Deal Breaker? Ft. Patti Stanger
Jul 31, 2022
Can I Ask My BF To Clean Out His Following List?
Jul 27, 2022
Do Men Avoid Hookups To Avoid Blame?
Jul 24, 2022
It’s Not You, It’s Your Explore Page
Jul 20, 2022
Are Men Really Intimidated By Me?
Jul 17, 2022
What Do Men Actually Mean When They Say They’re Not Ready?
Jul 13, 2022
How Is He Not Thinking About The Future?
Jul 10, 2022
Does The “Crazy/Hot Scale” Still Hold Up?
Jul 06, 2022
“Better Than Nothing” Relationships Are Actually Worse Than Nothing
Jul 03, 2022
Is It Inflation Or Is He Just Not That Into Me?
Jun 29, 2022
How To Spot A Guy Who’s Just Telling You What You Want To Hear
Jun 26, 2022
How To Block Someone In An Empowering Way
Jun 22, 2022
Should You Pre-Qualify Your First Dates?
Jun 19, 2022
Can You Wait TOO Long To Have Sex?
Jun 15, 2022
Should I Call Out A Vibe Shift In My Relationship?
Jun 12, 2022
What’s More Important, Chemistry Or Connection?
Jun 08, 2022
Vague Questions Get Vague Answers
Jun 05, 2022
How To Do A Mini Reveal
Jun 01, 2022
How Should I Interpret Confusing Communication From My Ex?
May 29, 2022
What’s The Right Answer To “How Are You Still Single?”
May 25, 2022
How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To My Boyfriend’s Ex?
May 22, 2022
Is The Saying “When You Know You Know” Actually True?
May 18, 2022
Is This A Red Flag Or Am I The As*hole?
May 15, 2022
When Does A White Lie Become A Regular Lie? Ft. Rebel Wilson
May 11, 2022
How To Take The Hint After Shooting Your Shot
May 08, 2022
Dating Before & After College
May 04, 2022
“The Ultimatum” Review
May 01, 2022
How To Weed People Out On The First Date
Apr 27, 2022
You Can’t Hack The Dating Apps
Apr 24, 2022
The Key To A Better Dating Life Is Your Life Outside Of Dating
Apr 20, 2022
Does Being "Adventurous" Mean Putting Up With No Effort?
Apr 17, 2022
Is It A Good Sign If A First Date Lasts a Long Time?
Apr 13, 2022
Are Men Intimidated By Women’s Success?
Apr 10, 2022
Better App Conversations Come From Better Prompts
Apr 06, 2022
Men Picture The Breakup, Women Picture The Wedding
Apr 03, 2022
The Upside Of A “Failed” 3-Monther
Mar 30, 2022
Is Ghosting Ever Okay?
Mar 27, 2022
The Only Dating Rules That Matter Are Your Own
Mar 23, 2022
Temporary Relationships: Every Man’s Dream?
Mar 20, 2022
Is Instagram The Ultimate Relationship Test?
Mar 16, 2022
Is Sliding Into The DMs Less Creepy When Women Do It? Ft. Taylor Tomlinson
Mar 13, 2022
Is Going On Dates The Same As Dating? Ft. Sebastian Stan & Daisy Edgar-Jones
Mar 09, 2022
Is Timing a BS Excuse?
Mar 06, 2022
Closing The Sexting Gap
Mar 02, 2022
Is The Instagram Follow A Big Deal In Dating?
Feb 27, 2022
How Do I Stop Being A “Cool Girl”?
Feb 23, 2022
Does Acting “Coupley” Actually Mean Anything?
Feb 20, 2022
Winter Dating Pep Talk
Feb 16, 2022
Can We Still Be Friends If He Wants To Hook Up With Me?
Feb 13, 2022
Valentine’s Day Lightning Round: Embrace The Cliché
Feb 09, 2022
“And Just Like That...” Season Review
Feb 06, 2022
Will Men Settle Down With Literally Anyone If The Timing Is Right?
Feb 02, 2022
Does Anything Justify Not Texting Back For Over A Week?
Jan 30, 2022
How NOT To Do Long Distance Relationships
Jan 26, 2022
West Elm Caleb Is Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Dating
Jan 23, 2022
Stop Judging Yourself So Much When Dating
Jan 19, 2022
Can Awkward Sex Be A Deal Breaker?
Jan 16, 2022
Is It Normal To Have FOMO When You’re In A Relationship?
Jan 12, 2022
It’s Okay To Admit You Don’t Want Something Casual
Jan 09, 2022
Is It A Red Flag If My Boyfriend Stays In Touch With His Ex?
Jan 05, 2022
Is It Possible To Separate A Potential Love Interest From Their Income?
Jan 02, 2022
What Does “Settling” Actually Mean?
Dec 29, 2021
Why Do Some Women Reject “Sweet” Guys?
Dec 26, 2021
Jordana’s Wedding: A Dramatic Reading (U Up? With Benefits Excerpt)
Dec 23, 2021
Does Every Situationship Deserve A Breakup?
Dec 22, 2021
Why Does He Keep Texting Me Without Planning A Date?
Dec 19, 2021
Does It Matter How Many People They’ve Slept With Before You?
Dec 15, 2021
All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (J&J’s Version)
Dec 12, 2021
Jared Reviews Jordana’s Wedding
Dec 08, 2021
Do I Really Need My Stuff Back From My Ex?
Dec 05, 2021
You Are Your Explore Page
Dec 01, 2021
When To Take The Loss In Dating
Nov 28, 2021
The Pros & Cons Of Meeting On The Apps
Nov 24, 2021
How To Handle A Breakup With A Coworker
Nov 21, 2021
Lightning Round: Thanksgiving Invites, Holiday Gifts, And Nosey Family Members
Nov 17, 2021
How To Stop Wasting Time On People Who Aren’t Making You A Priority
Nov 14, 2021
Do Exes Always Come Back? Ft. Ricky Velez
Nov 10, 2021
When Should Couples Start Mixing Finances? Ft. Berna Anat
Nov 07, 2021
Is Dating Easier For Men?
Nov 03, 2021
The Best Way To Approach Failed Situationships
Oct 31, 2021
What Is “The Reveal”?
Oct 27, 2021
How To Cut Ties With The Guy In Your DMs
Oct 24, 2021
How To Talk To Your S.O. About Sex
Oct 20, 2021
How To Write An Effective Standard-Setting Text
Oct 17, 2021
What Are The Signs That You’re In Love?
Oct 13, 2021
When Is It Okay To Have A Serious Conversation Over Text?
Oct 10, 2021
How Dating Buzzwords Might Be Hurting Your Love Life
Oct 06, 2021
Am I The F*ckboy?
Oct 03, 2021
Would You Really Want To Know Why Someone Broke Up With You?
Sep 29, 2021
How To Confront Your S.O. About Sketchy Texts
Sep 26, 2021
How To Know If You’re A Rebound
Sep 22, 2021
Are Different Political Views A Deal Breaker?
Sep 19, 2021
Can I Be Confident And Insecure At The Same Time? Ft. Violet Benson
Sep 15, 2021
What Does A F*ckboy Get Out Of Being Friends?
Sep 12, 2021
What To Do When You Let Your “Crazy” Show Too Soon Ft. Giannina Gibelli
Sep 08, 2021
How Long Is Too Long To Wait For A Text Back?
Sep 05, 2021
Should I Accept A “Hangout” Date?
Sep 01, 2021
What You Should Ask Yourself Before You Break Up Ft. Logan Ury
Aug 29, 2021
Lightning Round: Dating In The Age Of Social Media
Aug 25, 2021
Does Playing Games Ever Work?
Aug 22, 2021
Why Would He Act Like My Boyfriend But Not Want To Date?
Aug 18, 2021
Can You Set Your Standard Too Low?
Aug 15, 2021
How To Date Multiple People At Once
Aug 11, 2021
When Is It Time To Block Someone?
Aug 08, 2021
What Does Being A F*ckboy Actually Mean?
Aug 04, 2021
Your Love Language Is Whatever You’re Getting The Least
Aug 01, 2021
Is Cheating Always A Deal Breaker?
Jul 28, 2021
How To Date In Your Twenties Ft. Dr. Meg Jay
Jul 25, 2021
Why Am I Offended If I Don't Even Like Him?
Jul 21, 2021
How To Know If The Timing Is Off Or If They're Just Not That Into You
Jul 18, 2021
Lightning Round: Your Summer Dating Questions Answered
Jul 14, 2021
What To Do When You Catch Feelings And They Don’t
Jul 11, 2021
Why Don’t My Friends Like The Guy I’m Seeing? Ft. Iliza Shlesinger & Margaret Cho
Jul 07, 2021
Am I Settling Or Did I Just Find The Right Person Early? Ft. Lori Gottlieb
Jul 04, 2021
How To Tell If A F*ckboy Has Actually Changed
Jun 30, 2021
Am I Being Avoidant Or Do I Just Not Like Him?
Jun 27, 2021
How To Keep Your Summer Fling From Fizzling Ft. Jared’s College Ex, Ashley Bisman
Jun 23, 2021
Should I Call Out A Breadcrumber?
Jun 20, 2021
Is It Weird To DM Someone If You Didn’t Match On The Apps?
Jun 16, 2021
Is Infidelity Inevitable? Ft. Dan Savage
Jun 13, 2021
Do I Have What It Takes To Have A Hot Girl Summer?
Jun 09, 2021
Why Do Exes Come Back Pretending To Want Friendship
Jun 06, 2021
Lightning Round: Dating App Pictures, Bad Kissers, And Emotionally Slutty Boyfriends
Jun 02, 2021
Are Personality Types Relevant In Dating?
May 30, 2021
How To Hit On Someone Without Being Creepy Ft. Camille Kostek
May 26, 2021
Is Alcohol F*cking Up My Dating Life?
May 23, 2021
Dealing With A Breakup
May 19, 2021
How To Tell Your Best Friend You Have Feelings For Them Ft. Tinx
May 16, 2021
Will My Relationship Survive After The Pandemic?
May 12, 2021
A Matchmaker’s Guide To Finding Love Ft. Matchmaker Maria
May 09, 2021
Is Faking An Orgasm Anti-Feminist?
May 05, 2021
Not Everyone Who Doesn’t Want To Date You Is A F*ckboy
May 02, 2021
How To Have Casual Hookups Without Feeling Disrespected
Apr 28, 2021
Is My Coworker Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?
Apr 25, 2021
What You Should Know Before You Pay For Dating App Features
Apr 21, 2021
Is He Bad At Planning Or Does He Just Not Care?
Apr 18, 2021
Are You Setting Your Standards Or Avoiding Rejection?
Apr 14, 2021
How To Spot a Lazy Dater Before You Get In Too Deep
Apr 11, 2021
Lightning Round: Dating App Tips, F*ckboy Streaks, And Running Into Exes
Apr 07, 2021
Why Do People Still Get Married?
Apr 04, 2021
How Long Should It Take For Them To Say “I Love You”?
Mar 31, 2021
Am I An As*hole If I Keep Hooking Up With Someone Who Has Feelings For Me?
Mar 28, 2021
Can You Call Dibs On A Dating App Match?
Mar 24, 2021
How Many White Lies Make A Red Flag?
Mar 21, 2021
Do I Really Want To DTR Or Is It Just Relationship Anxiety? Ft. Victoria Justice
Mar 17, 2021
How To Ask For What You Want In Bed Without Offending Your Partner Ft. Dr. Emily Morse
Mar 14, 2021
Should I Wait To Break Up Until It’s More Convenient To Move Out?
Mar 10, 2021
How Do I Know If The Person I'm Dating Is Ready To Move On From Their Ex?
Mar 07, 2021
How To Apologize To An Ex You Treated Poorly
Mar 03, 2021
Is It Ever Worth Trying To Make It Work With a Bad Communicator?
Feb 28, 2021
How To Set The Expectation That You Won’t Be Hooking Up Before A Date
Feb 24, 2021
How To Get A Straight Answer About Why Your Fling Suddenly Ended
Feb 21, 2021
Can I Ask My Partner To Pay More If They Make More? Ft. Mike Johnson
Feb 17, 2021
How Do I Tell My New Partner About My Food Issues? Ft. Aleen Dreksler
Feb 14, 2021
What Are The Valentine’s Day Expectations In A New Relationship?
Feb 10, 2021
How To Not Die Alone Ft. Logan Ury
Feb 07, 2021
Is There A Way To Salvage A Relationship With Very Different Marriage Timelines?
Feb 03, 2021
How Many FaceTime Dates Equal One IRL Date?
Jan 31, 2021
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