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By Chris Hayes, MSNBC

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 Jun 20, 2020
All the way in Kenya and still enjoys being informed by this podcast. The enlightenment on what is happening in America is amazing.

 Nov 24, 2019
I enjoy the way Chris delivers the news. I'm really enjoying the live episodes on Friday's.

 Apr 19, 2019
GREAT PODCAST! I listen on my way to work at 3:30a, but lately with Ads it cuts off at the end (in middle of comments). Other than that I love the podcast😍 Oh I can't see Chris at 8p cause it can keep this old girl up at nights😎

 Mar 1, 2019

 Feb 22, 2019
Sound track from his MSNBC segment.


The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

Episode Date
‘Propogandists’: Hayes rips right-wing media’s Jan. 6 conspiracy theories

Tonight: What we know about what came out of the Biden, Putin summit—and the Russian autocrats audition for Trump TV. Then, the reporter who broke the bombshell about Trump's money man. Plus, as Juneteenth becomes a national holiday, why talking about the date may be illegal in some states. And Andy Slavitt on his departure from the White House, the mess he inherited, and new concerns about a pandemic that's still very active in pockets of the country.

Guests: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Mehdi Hasan, Glen Johnson, William Rashbaum, Andy Slavitt

Jun 17, 2021
How Trump almost got away with stealing the election

Tonight: The stunning emails from the White House pressing the Department of Justice to help steal the election. Then, Manhattan D.A. turns up the pressure on Donald Trump's money man as the New York Times reports prosecutors have obtained Weisselberg’s personal tax returns. Plus, incredible new reporting on the moral panic machine scaring school boards across America—and Nikole-Hannah Jones on the history behind it all. And why we may see a summer sequel to the airport run of senator Ted Cruz.

Guests: Rep. Jackie Speier, Stuart Stevens, Ryan Goodman, Rebecca Roiphe, Brandy Zadrozny, Nikole Hannah-Jones

Jun 16, 2021
Congress investigating Trump DOJ ‘surveillance’ of Dems, media

Tonight: First it was the media, then the Democrats, now his own White House counsel? Who wasn't Donald Trump spying on? Plus, as the Biden NATO tour continues, a reminder of just how far we've come in four years. And Dr. Peter Hotez on the Covid setback abroad—even as life returns to normal for so many here in America. 

Jun 15, 2021
Rep. Swalwell: Trump 'weaponized' DOJ against enemies

Tonight: The urgent need to hold all the former president's men accountable after Trump's DOJ was caught spying on political opponents. Then, as Merrick Garland vows to defend voting rights, is his Justice Department future-proofing the presidency? And what we know about the conspiracy charges for right-wingers seen with Roger Stone one day before the insurrection.

Guests: Rep. Eric Swalwell, Bina Venkataraman, Nick Akerman, Paul Butler, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Ryan Reilly

Jun 12, 2021
NYT: Trump DOJ seized Apple data from top Dems, their family members

Tonight: Behind the scaremongering over labor shortages and inflation—and how American workers are gaining power. Then, the mad spinning over what we actually know about the police tear gassing of peaceful protestors before Trump's photo op. Plus, as talks continues, why any infrastructure bill that doesn't address climate change is not worth passing. And how one Senator gave up the game during an interrogation of the first Black Secretary of Defense. 

Guests: Robert Reich, Sara Nelson, Carol Leonnig, Sen. Ed Markey, Katie Benner, Helene Cooper

Jun 11, 2021
Fallen Capitol officer’s partner calls out GOP senators: 'Callous, dismissive'

Tonight: How the Republican Party is dusting off a one hundred and fifty year old playbook to keep American history buried and maintain power. Then, Montana Senator John Tester on the filibuster, Joe Manchin, and the Biden agenda. Plus, Sandra Garza, the partner of fallen Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, on her push for Republican senators to investigate January 6th—and why she blames Donald Trump. And from coffee to cars to chlorine—have you noticed that everywhere is out of almost everything?

Guests: Carol Anderson, Sen. John Tester, Sandra Garza, Peter Goodman

Jun 10, 2021
AOC on Manchin’s voting rights excuse: ‘I don’t buy it’

Tonight: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on the lawmakers blocking federal election, the state of our democracy and much more. Then, the gaping holes of what we don’t know after today's Senate report on January 6th—and the new calls for a new investigation. Plus, how Trump TV has memory-holed the insurrection for half the country. And bombshell reporting from ProPublica that Jeff Bezos and many of America's wealthiest billionaires pay little or no taxes at all.

Guests: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Gary Peters, Brian Stelter, Jesse Eisinger 

Jun 09, 2021
Trump chief of staff lobbied DOJ to probe baseless election fraud claims

Tonight: Rudy Giuliani caught on tape, and the former president's chief of staff caught imploring the Justice Department to act on the Big Lie. Then, Michael Cohen on the investigation into the Trump Organization. Plus, Arizona Secretary of state Katie Hobbs on the ongoing undermining of democracy in her state. And Sen. Bernie Sanders on what happens now that Joe Manchin did what Joe Manchin does.

Guests: Sen. Claire McCaskill, Adam Serwer, Michael Cohen, Katie Hobbs, Sen. Bernie Sanders 


Jun 08, 2021
Report: Prosecutors call senior Trump exec. to testify

Tonight: The new depths of shamelessness for Mike Pence and others. Plus, what we know about the senior Trump-Org executive who is about to testify. Then, why Democrats defending the filibuster are defending a system perfectly rigged by and for Republicans. And how the Pentagon started taking U.F.O.s seriously.


Guests: Connie Schultz, Michael Steele, Rebecca Roiphe, David Plouffe, Betsey Stevenson, Gideon Lewis-Kraus

Jun 05, 2021
Matt Gaetz is under federal investigation for obstruction of justice

Tonight: Congressman James Clyburn and former Senator Doug Jones on the urgency for Democrats to act—even as Manchin and Sinema stand by. Then, what we know about the FBI investigation of Donald Trump's postmaster general. Plus, NBC News confirms a federal investigation of Congressman Matt Gaetz. And what it means now that the Biden administration says it will treat ransomware attacks as a national security threat.

Guests: Rep. James Clyburn, Doug Jones, Jacob Bogage, Arianna Berg, Nicole Perlroth

Jun 04, 2021
Chris Hayes: Breaking the legitimacy of our elections breaks everything else

Tonight: Growing fears over the unchecked Republican radicalization against democracy. Then, why President Biden's direct shot at Manchin and Sinema is actually a big deal. Plus, new reporting on January 6th protest organizers making the pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago. And an exclusive interview with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on President Biden's new vaccination push—and our responsibility to help vaccinate the world.

Guests: Ari Berman, Anne Marie Slaughter, Hunter Walker, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Ezra Klein 

Jun 03, 2021

Listen to Chris Hayes' and Kara Swisher's complete interview with Tim Cook from the MSNBC & Recode "Revolution: Apple Changing the World" town hall event. Cook sounds off on the future of education and technology, privacy and your data, the NRA, and much more. (Check out video clips from the program at

Apr 07, 2018