Solid Joys Daily Devotional

By Desiring God

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Category: Christianity

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Klaas de Vries
 Jul 23, 2018
Short, strong and thought provoking little nuggets, I love it!


Solid Joys is a daily devotional written and read by John Piper. These short and substantive readings will feed your joy in Jesus every day of the year. Discover more from Piper at

Episode Date
The Christmas Model for Missions
Distrust God’s mercy, and all is lost. But conquer here, and nothing can harm you for a million ages.
Dec 18, 2018
The Greatest Salvation Imaginable
God put our sins on his Son and judged them there, so that he could put them out of his mind, and deal with us mercifully and remain just.
Dec 17, 2018
God’s Most Successful Setback
God delights to show his power through apparent defeat. He sometimes retreats in order to win strategic victories.
Dec 16, 2018
Life and Death at Christmas
Jesus came that we might have Life, now and forever. Make your Now the richer and deeper this Christmas by drinking at the fountain of Forever. It is so near.
Dec 15, 2018
Making It Real for His People
The meaning of Christmas is that God takes salvation, puts it in your heart, and seals you as his child.
Dec 14, 2018
The Final Reality Is Here
Our High Priest is seated at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. No Old Testament priest could ever say that.
Dec 13, 2018
Replacing the Shadows
Jesus came to orient all our attention on himself, ministering for us first on Calvary as our final Sacrifice and then in heaven as our final Priest.
Dec 12, 2018
Why Jesus Came
In dying, Christ de-fanged the devil. How? By covering all our sin. This means that Satan has no legitimate grounds to accuse us before God.
Dec 11, 2018
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
Giving gifts to Christ is like fasting — going without something to show that Christ is more valuable than what you are going without.
Dec 10, 2018
Two Kinds of Opposition to Jesus
Let this Christmas be the time when you ponder what it means — what it costs — to worship and follow Jesus, the Messiah.
Dec 09, 2018
Bethlehem’s Supernatural Star
God influenced the stars in the sky to get a little handful of foreign magi to Bethlehem so that they would worship his Son.
Dec 08, 2018
Messiah for the Magi
Christmas proves how Jesus is Messiah — a King, and Promise-Fulfiller — for all the nations, not just Israel.
Dec 07, 2018
Peace to Those with Whom He Is Pleased
The key that unlocks the treasure chest of God’s peace is faith in the promises of God.
Dec 06, 2018
No Detour from Calvary
God could have seen to it that Jesus have a room at his birth. But that would have been a detour off the Calvary road.
Dec 05, 2018
For God’s Little People
Do not think, because you experience adversity, that the hand of the Lord is shortened.
Dec 04, 2018
The Long-Awaited Visitation
For the mind of faith, a promised act of God is as good as done.
Dec 03, 2018
Mary’s Magnificent God
The only people whose soul can truly magnify the Lord are people like Elizabeth and Mary. So, this Advent, imitate their lowliness and cheerful humility.
Dec 02, 2018
Prepare the Way
This Advent, bend the efforts of your imagination to make the wonder of Jesus’s arrival visible for your children.
Dec 01, 2018
The Triumphant Shame of the Cross
No matter how dirty with sin you are, through Christ you can see the light of God’s glory and believe.
Nov 30, 2018
The Only Conscience-Cleanser
Our greatest problem is alienation from God. The only solution is the blood of Christ.
Nov 29, 2018
The Root of Ingratitude
At the root of all ingratitude is the love of one’s own greatness. But genuine gratitude glorifies God because it admits that we need him.
Nov 28, 2018
How to Magnify God
The whole duty of the Christian can be summed up in this: feel, think, and act in a way that will make God look as great as he really is.
Nov 27, 2018
Jesus Prays for Us
Our salvation is as secure as Christ’s priesthood is indestructible. His deity and resurrection from the dead secure his indestructible priesthood for us.
Nov 26, 2018
Glorify God by Giving Thanks
A life that gives glory to God for his grace and a life of deepest gladness are the same life. And what makes them one is thankfulness.
Nov 25, 2018
Hold Fast to Your Hope
When Christ died for us, he did not buy the freedom from having to hold fast, but the enabling power to hold fast.
Nov 24, 2018
When God Swears by God
It is as unlikely that God will break his word of promise to bless us as it is that he will despise himself.
Nov 23, 2018
The Key to Spiritual Maturity
Getting ready to feast on all God’s word is not first an intellectual challenge; it is first a moral challenge.
Nov 22, 2018
The Gravity of Gratitude
A thankful spirit is others-exalting and glad-hearted. Therefore, pray for a great awakening of humble gratitude.
Nov 21, 2018
Five Reasons Death Is Gain
Death is gain because Christians will then be perfect, pain-free, rested, at home, and with Christ.
Nov 20, 2018
We All Need Help
Because we have a Great High Priest, the throne of God is a throne of grace.
Nov 19, 2018
The Piercing Power of the Word
The word of God is our only hope. It is sharp, living, and active. Therefore, be of good cheer in your battle to believe.
Nov 18, 2018
Change Is Possible
Don’t be a fatalist. Be a Christian. Change is possible. God is alive. Christ is risen. The promises are true.
Nov 17, 2018
When I Am Anxious
Take up the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit for help, lay the promises up in your heart, and fight the good fight — to live by faith in future grace.
Nov 16, 2018
Fighting Words
When you feel discouraged and anxious, cling to God’s promises to be with you and uphold you.
Nov 15, 2018
The Marvel of Creation
When you marvel at the wonders of creation, do not marvel at the processes of chance but at the creativity of God.
Nov 14, 2018
Do Not Harden Your Heart
The Bible’s warnings are written that you might believe and endure, and have life.
Nov 13, 2018
How Satan Serves God
Satan cannot destroy us. In fact, God turns all his attacks finally against him and for us.
Nov 12, 2018
We Are His House
Becoming a Christian and being a Christian happen in the same way: by hoping in Jesus.
Nov 11, 2018
Wipe Your Fears Away
When anxiety blurs our vision of God’s glory, it does not mean that we are faithless. It means our faith is being attacked.
Nov 10, 2018
Marveling at the End of History
One day, we will see God’s glory, and marvel at it in such a way that he will be glorified in us for all the world to see.
Nov 09, 2018
We Honor What We Enjoy
It is possible to pursue God without glorifying God. If we want our quest to honor God, we must pursue him for the joy of fellowship with him.
Nov 08, 2018
Is God’s Love Conditional?
There are precious experiences of the love of God that require that we fight pride, seek humility, and cherish the nearness of God.
Nov 07, 2018
Love One Another Gladly
Loving acts are genuine to the degree that they are not done begrudgingly.
Nov 06, 2018
Do You Neglect Your Salvation?
Being a Christian is a very serious business, though not a sour business. We are simply blood-earnest about being happy in our great salvation.
Nov 05, 2018
The Real Problem with Anxiety
What you thought was a mere struggle with an anxious disposition might really be a far deeper struggle with trusting God.
Nov 04, 2018
The Meaning of Suffering
It is truer in suffering than anywhere else that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.
Nov 03, 2018
Rejoicing in Pain
Whether we focus on the riches of the reward or the refining effects of suffering, God’s purpose is that our joy in suffering be sustained.
Nov 02, 2018
Christ’s Sufferings in Us
We exhibit the sufferings of Christ when we ourselves suffer for those we are trying to win.
Nov 01, 2018
The Seminary of Suffering
God designs suffering not only as a way to wean Christians off of self and onto grace, but also as a way to spotlight that grace and make it shine.
Oct 31, 2018
The Danger of Drifting
Be satisfied in Jesus so that you do not get lured downstream by deceitful desires.
Oct 30, 2018