Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

By Kris Clewell and Jake Solberg

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Join professional automotive journalist Kris Clewell and Jake Solberg on Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast. Tune in to new episodes every week as we interview guests, delve into obscure automotive history, discuss car culture, news, and the changing nature of the automotive landscape.

Episode Date
Elspeth Beard - An Extraordinary and Life-changing Adventure

Elspeth Beard left home in 1982 at 23 years old to drive around the world on her BMW R60. The first woman from the UK to do so. Kris and Jake talk to her about her journey, read a bit from her book, and are inspired by this incredible woman, and her drive to push the limits on what was possible.



Apr 19, 2019
Nobody calls me chicken!!!!

Jake talks about cocks, taking us back to the days of the chicken tax. The guys also discuss news and give advice to a listener on his old vw beetle.

Show Notes:

Ingram Collection Potentially ruined

Thieves try to steal GTI off of moving Train

Gender reveal burnout goes wrong

Top Gear USA moving to Motortrend

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Apr 12, 2019
Patrick Long - Factory Porsche Driver
Patrick Long, Le Mans 24hr champion and co-founder of Luftgekuhlt, a culture shifting air cooled Porsche event, joins the podcast. He discusses his journey from kart kid to Porsche factory driver, and the objective of Luftgekuhlt. Later in the episode, Kris and Joel Feder of Motor Authority go over this week's news.
For Porsche, the future is leasing...
New York's Plan to Make Manhattan Drivers Pay Extra Is a Big Deal for People and the Planet
Here is a huge list of all the crap the EU is requiring in new cars coming up
Apr 05, 2019
Teaser: Porsche at the Indianapolis 500

Check out a short clip from our Patreon Exclusive episode on Porsche's love affair with the Indianapolis 500! Hear it, and others, for just $5 a month:


Mar 31, 2019
Kip McIntyre - Panel Beater, Coach Builder, and Winston Churchill Fellow

Kip McIntyre metal shaper and world traveler joins Kris for an interview about his Winston Churchill fellowship, his travels, his craft and the culture surrounding it all. 


Mar 29, 2019
Valentino Balboni - Lamborghini Legend

Kris and Jake talk to Valentino about his history with Lamborghini, how he got there, test driving, and how he became the face of Lamborghini itself. Valentino Balboni is one of the most legendary figures in motoring history, helping to shape one of the most influential brands of all time. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Mar 22, 2019
California to Minnesnowta in a C43 AMG

Despite blizzards and careless tire monkeys, Kris made the trip from CA to MN in his new car. Hear the story in this weeks bonus episode. 


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Mar 18, 2019
Jerry Horton: Rockstar Guitarist, Papa Roach

In episode 90 Jerry Horton swings by the studio on his day off from touring with his band, Papa Roach. Many of us wonder what it would be like, and what cars we'd buy if we finally made it. Jerry tells us his up and down story of how it went for him. Kris has some flashback to his wannabe guitarist days and reveals he found a car, finally. Jerry hangs out while the guys talk about weird car gimmicks that have come and gone through the years. 

Follow Jerry over at @jerryhorton and @drivekulture 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast 

Mar 15, 2019
Mike Burroughs - Modern Automotive Culture Icon
On this weeks episode, Mike Burroughs join us to discuss his history, his future, the inception of Stanceworks, and the undeniable mark it left on modern automotive culture.  Kris and Jake discuss their annoyance with Bring-A-Trailers' effect on the used car market. We revisit the EU's decision for mandatory speed limiters from an enthusiast's perspective and how it is just another backdoor step in the imminent ban on driving. 
@protomachine on instagram
@overcrestpodcast on instagram
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photo: Andrew Ritter
Mar 08, 2019
Colin Comer on Buying and Selling Cars, From Cheap, to Extraordinary

Colin Comer from Colin's Classic cars joins us to talk about the business of buying and selling classic cars and some of his stories surrounding it. Kris and Jake also chat about their projects. Joel Feder From Motor Authority joins to talk news about Tesla, Porsche, Peugeot and more...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Colin Comer - Colins Classic Cars

New Cars to have speed limiters

Tesla model 3 at 35,000 is finally here

Peugeot returns to USA

Elon makes more promises

Wait... the macan is electric only? Like? Only?


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Mar 01, 2019
The Ups and Downs of Porsche's 1980's Flagship, the 959

Jake and Kris talk about the Porsche 959 including some unknown history. They also reveal a new partnership, and get into quite a bit of news!

Show Notes:

California AUTOBAHN!!??!??

What is the best selling enthusiast vehicle in the USA?

Finally Tesla Does something “Cool”.

Tesla Loses Consumer Reports Recommended rating over reliability issues.

Should we fear Amazon's investment in Rivian?

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: a Pretty Good Car Podcast 

We hang out a lot on FB and Instagram. @overcrestpodcast

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Feb 22, 2019
The Awesome History of Daytona International Speedway
Jake schools Kris on the history of the Daytona International speedway. The guys also talk about a disaster that befell Kris, and the guys also get into some news.
John Haynes founder of the Haynes manual, has passed away.
Bugatti is marking 110 years of operation with a special edition
They call it Toyota's moonshot
30th Anniversary Mazda MX-5 Miata sells out in 4 hours
Pininfarina teases its upcoming electric hypercar,
Feb 15, 2019
Jalopnik Editor: Patrick George

Patrick George from Jalopnik joins us on an episode filled with stories about his time at Jalopnik, speedboats full of weed, and of course, his unique and well-founded take on the future of automotive enthusiasts and the general automotive culture. 

Jake and Kris also talk about their projects, the green new deal, pizza tailgates, and they take a listener question for some buying advice on getting a classic car.



The Green New Deal

Okay, this tailgate thing...is out of control

VW to use Tesla Batteries at Charging Stations

Feb 08, 2019
The Crazy Story of Uwe Gemballa

Uwe Gemballa started a legendary Porsche tuning company before losing it all. In this episode, Jake brings us the story of a renown supercar tuner who got mixed up in the criminal underworld. The guys also talk about their personal projects and get into some news. 

Whoa tesla, whoa, what are you doing

AAA is sick of all the technology names

VW to give MEB platform to Ford

Well this is disgusting....


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast!

Feb 01, 2019
Outlaw Racing Legend Alex Roy

Legendary Outlaw racing and one time trans-american drive record holder Alex Roy joins the podcast to talk about his history with outlaw racing and the Human Driving Association. The guys talk with Alex in depth on autonomous driving, its future, and how we can maintain our right to drive. 



Well that backfired.

Big Brother is going to be Watching

Viva la revolucion

Here we go again at the autobahn…

Your car is going to be an xbox.

Laser headlights are coming

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast 

Jan 25, 2019
Jeff Brown from Griots Garage

Jeff Brown a detailing savant from Griots Garage comes on to talk about his journey's in detailing, griots garage, and we take some listener detailing questions. The guys also talk about the new Supra, universal cars everyone should like, a guy drives a car into the ocean, and Kris goes off on a local car dealership. 

The universal everyone likes these cars list

Florida Man Confesses to Cops, Says 'Jesus Told Me To'

Thanks for listening to another episode of Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Jan 18, 2019
The California Exhaust Debacle
In this episode, the guys dig to the bottom of the law that's setting social media on fire. On the podcast is California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, California Highway Patrol Officer Leffler, a covert interview with a referee, And the founder of the online Petition concerning ab 1824. We also hear from Phil Ting's office on AB 40, the new bill to ban the internal combustion engine.
The guys talk the serious stuff but also some of the lighthearted sides of this fiasco. They also take some news, and a listener voicemail.
Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast
Check the petition out here!
Original Instagram video of the officer here
Rich People Have Taste
Wow, the Harley Davidson Live Wire is.... Expensive.
New laws say women and men must be charged the same for car insurance
Warming your car up hurts the engine?
Man drives car into porsche dealership due to breakup
Tesla is sued for making an unreasonably dangerous car
Jan 11, 2019
The World's First Road Race
Monday's episode is live! Jake dug deep to fill us in on the first road race ever and about what it took to get there. It's Kris' birthday, so Jake plays some voicemails from friends, fans, and family. Kris invents Tinder for Cars, and despite the holidays, there's some great news to discuss!
Enjoy this weeks episode of Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast
News Links:
It's 2019 - you can now import the Audi RS2!!!!!
Jan 07, 2019
Best of Overcrest: 2018

The MarkP stops in to the studio to chat about the Volkswagen scene, wagenwerks, awol.tv, worthersee, and more. The guys also recap some of their favorite moments from 2018!

Dec 31, 2018
A Very Special Christmas Special

An *incredible* surprise guest joins us on today's episode. In addition, the guys talk about Christmas shopping and future modern collectibles. They also take listener questions/comments and chat about the news. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Dec 24, 2018
The True Story of a Buried Ferrari
You may think you know the whole story, but you don't. Join us as Jake takes us through the meandering history of the Dino found buried in the California dirt. The guys also talk about their projects, Jake has what Kris thinks is a typical RS4 owner rant, and Kris digs up some news. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast. 

Dec 17, 2018
Pop Legend John Oates, Emory 356's, and Jakes Garage
John Oates from legendary pop duo Hall + Oates joins us to discuss his history with cars and his Rod Emory build. Kris continues to complain and waffle on his 911 project while Jake only hangs a TV in his garage. The guys also take a great listener voicemail and discuss some interesting news stories from the week.  

Thanks for listening to Overcrest, A Pretty Good Podcast about Cars. 

Dec 10, 2018
Alone in Your Helmet - Michael Ruppert's Trip Across South America
Michael Ruppert, perennial adventurer joins us to talk about his extensive exploration on a BMW GS 1200 Motorcycle. From North to South across South America, Michael talks about his trials, tribulations, and what a trip like this means for ourselves, and even society. We also ask Michael about his Safari 911, and if it would make the journey. The guys also talk about the new 992 911 Chassis, Rivian, the new kid on the EV street, and Joel Feder from Motor Authority joins the podcast from the LA auto show to discuss the contrast between Tesla and Rivian.  

Thanks for listening to Overcrest, A Pretty Good Podcast about Cars. 

Dec 03, 2018
Never meet your heroes - unless its a Lamborghini

Join us this week as we learn of a tractor manufacturer driven to spite Ferrari - the story of Lamborghini. We also hear from international journalist, Kevin Hackett, on his experiences driving Lamborghini's own Miura SV. The guys also talk news, and learn why Kris isn't allowed to own a truck. 

Nov 19, 2018
Kurt Oblinger: "Bring cash, we might get arrested"

Kurt Oblinger joins us to tell us stories about oldschool motorsports photography, and what shooting at the track in the 70's was like. He also tells us a killer story about some fun in a Ferrari Daytona. Jake and Kris talk about their projects, Kris complains about winter, listener questions are answered, and the guys get into some news. 



New Show, Proving Grounds on NBC

Ford Cozy’ing up to volkswagen.

Tesla lying to us. Sort of.

Bullet Proof Jeep to fight Terrorists

Senna GTR Confirmed

Electric cars can go faster in Austria

Vw does a truck, in south america...

Nov 12, 2018
Ray Shaffer from Porsche Classic

Ray Shaffer from Porsche classic is in for an interview on today's episode! We talk Ray's history with cars and motoring. We also touch on the Carrera GT recommission, project gold, Porsche Classic and more. Jake and Kris also chat about the incredible Wild Cherry Van disaster that's currently in the news.

Nov 05, 2018
A tough pill to swallow...RWB, and EV Cars

Just me today guys. With all this RWB Tesla swap nonsense flooding my social media, I thought I'd get some quick thoughts out on some electric car stuff while it was on my mind. In this episode, I discuss thoughts and read you guys a piece I wrote 2 years ago to see if it still holds up... Jake and I will discuss this episode on Monday!

Nov 01, 2018
Anyone know a guy named Marque?

On Monday's episode we chat about how the sale of the 996 is going, Kris and Jake play a game of "whats that marque", We chat on some backlogged news, and return to our roots with a craigslist car of the week!

Oct 29, 2018
The Whittington Brothers and their Porsche 935 K3

In this episode Jake brings us back to the history of the Whittington brothers, the guys who won the 1979 24 hours of Lemans in a K3 they bought just moments before starting the race....

Oct 25, 2018
Overcrest's Best cars of the 1980's

In this episode is Kris' top 5 list of cars built in the 1980's. Kris pulls up some legendary archival interview from his past to bolster his case on the #1 car. Kris also discusses doing his master cylinder, potentially changing up his engine, while Jake talks about things he wants to do to his car, and almost stuffing it into a guardrail. 

Hit us up on social if you think I missed a car! 

Oct 22, 2018
5700 miles to Rennsport pt. 3

The final installment of the epic 5700-mile round trip journey to Rennsport. Kris' wife Jes joins us on this episode to recount their journey together. 

Oct 15, 2018
5700 miles to Rennsport pt. 2

In this episode Kris recalls his experience at Rennsport, and tells about his heroism, and a great story about a steering wheel. 

Oct 11, 2018
5700 miles to Rennsport pt. 1

Part 1 of the story of Kris' 5700 mile round trip journey to Rennsport, the biggest Porsche event in the world. 

Oct 08, 2018
The Garagisode

Welcome to the 'Garagisode'. This week we feature a slightly different format and discuss the place where we keep and work on our cars - the garage. We explore what makes a good garage, decide what tools are essential, and talk about our experiences over the years. Jake dreams big, and Kris goes off on a rant.... again. 

Oct 01, 2018
The Interstate an in-depth history...

Join us for another crazy story of motoring history. This week, Jake tells us the origin of the United States Interstate highway system. Cross country jouneys, Nazis, presidents, and land speed records, oh my!

Sep 27, 2018
So much to say, so little time...

In episode 62 Kris drives a Gt3, wants to swap a 934 motor into his car, and further spins into a motor swap rabbit hole. The guys recorded a longer episode by popular request, including a ton of news, and some voicemails. It's a fun episode, hope you all enjoy!

Sep 24, 2018
Hollywood Stuntdriver Susan Purkhiser

Susan "Purki" Purkhiser calls in to discuss being a hollywood stuntwoman, and stunt driver. The guys talk about Jake's 911 being a boat, Kris being a convoluted mess, and how Acura is ruining everything for everyone. 

Sep 17, 2018
Prepare to be Electrified Pt. 2

Jake and Kris wrap up the conversation on the history of EV cars. 

Sep 13, 2018
Elon Musk is Up in Smoke

Kris yells at Jake for being Jake, Porsche builds a new 993, Volkswagen does something dumb, and the guys wonder if Elon musk even inhaled. 

Sep 10, 2018
Prepare to be Electrified Pt. 1

Jake schools Kris on the early history of the electric cars. The late 1800's saw electric cars outselling steam and gasoline cars 10 to 1. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Sep 06, 2018
Porsche has built a carbon fiber hammer...

Join Kris and Jake this week as they announce the winner of the Momo steering wheel giveaway and discuss their ongoing Porsche projects. We also hear about Kris’ experience driving the incredible new Porsche GT2 RS, some of the cars sold at Monterey car week, and the guys debate the benefits of putting lampshades on your wheels…

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Sep 04, 2018
The Torsion Bar Nightmare

Kris and Jake discuss Jake's torsion bar swap, the 996, Kris' wheel saga, and some good, and bad news in the automotive industry...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 27, 2018
 In this episode, Kris repeatedly interrupts Jake to rant, ask questions, and inquire on everything there is to know about Turbochargers...

"Turbochargers are for people who cant build engines."

– Keith Duckworth, Engineer resposible for the Cosworth DFV Engine
Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast
Aug 23, 2018
I am a living meme... a Porsche 911 adventure

Kris talks about his adversity-filled journey to pick up a 2001 Porsche 911 from South Carolina. The never-ending wheel saga continues, and the guys discuss a billionaire who apparently is tweeting on acid. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 20, 2018
Prepare to be Enlightened -

Jake enlightens and illuminates Kris, and the guys take a question from one of the fans. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 16, 2018
Okay, so this is the plan... The Yugo Plan

Kris and Jake discuss what should be done with the Yugo, what kind of other projects could stem from it, how far it could really go, and the culture surrounding flipping cars.  Kris explains his plan based on the path he took to his early 911. The guys also both take time to make fun of Elon Musk. 


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 13, 2018
Reinventing the Wheel...

In this weeks throwback Jake brings us over the course of 3500 years to discuss the evolution of something car guys often take for granted...the wheel. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 09, 2018
Yugo'ing to Love This One... A Yugo Adventure

Kris and Jake discuss their 15 hour one day journey to pick up a 1988 Yugo GV!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 06, 2018
Drew Manley & Tim Kwon - 911Cooled

Kris and Jake welcome Drew Manley, Founder of 911Cooled to the podcast. Before the interview the guys chat about their trip to get Kris a project car the day after the podcast airing, and hear about Jake selling his MG. Kris interviews Drew about his upbringing, and the precise instant he first discovered a passion for cars.  We hear some great stories about a shady guy with an NSX, and get the lowdown on 911Cooled as a brand and how many enthusiasts are graduating to Porsches.


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Aug 03, 2018
Is Road America the Best Racetrack in America?

Kris and Jake recap their weekend at Road America, what Kris thinks is the best spectator racetrack in the country. The guys talk about road tripping there, experience at the track, Brian Redman, Can-Am... and more. They also wonder why Elon Musk is calling people pedophiles, and give a send-off to Sergio Marchionne. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jul 31, 2018
The Swedish Switch

Jake brings us another midweek throwback with a look back at one of the most intricate department of transportation industrial undertakings in history. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jul 26, 2018
Grab a Drink - The Cupholder Episode

Kris and Jake discuss the history of an over-rated and never overlooked accessory that every car sold must have. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast 

Jul 19, 2018
It's all about the Balls

Jake and Kris discuss projects, Singer, Aston Martin and the Nurburgring, news, and the guys play a new game of "Who drives it"

Singer reveals  “Dynamics and Lightweighting Study” Car at Goodwood

Stuttgart to ban older diesels in 2019.

Britain leads the journey to automotive doomsday.

Thieves steal 600 gallons of gas.

Could Aston Martin Challenge Porsche Ring Record?

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast 

Jul 16, 2018
The Man With the Worst Ideas, and Most Perseverance

Jake brings us a story about Hans Trippel,  the man with the worst idea with but the most perseverance. Kris and Jake talk a little history on Jake himself. Jake talks about being certified in Sea Horses!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jul 12, 2018
Live from Cars and Coffee

Kris and Jake hit the monthly Minnesota Cars and Coffee for another live recording. They talk about their projects and interview Dan, the owner of a 1947 Dodge Power Wagon, and John, the owner of a GMC Typhoon. 


Tesla wants more money.

Cars are doomed.

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jul 09, 2018
Independence Day Special - History of an American Icon

Jake helps us all celebrate America's Birthday with the history of an unknown side of one of the most truly American cars ever made. 

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jul 04, 2018
Alec Robbins - Formula Drift Driver

Alec Robbins joins Kris and Jake to talk going from skidding around the neighborhood to the formula drift circuit! The guys also update listeners on their projects, take a question from a fan, and chat about Volkswagens record run-up pikes peak. 

Follow @alecrobbinsracing on instagram

Jul 02, 2018
The Dale Car - Pt. 3: There is no Silver Lining

In episode 40, Jake and Kris seal off the finale of the Dale Car series capping off the story of the biggest con in automotive history....

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jun 27, 2018
Chad Morgan - Liquimoly Oil

Special Guest Chad Morgan from Liquimoly schools Jake and Kris on motor oil. The guys discuss news, flying cars, tesla being insided, and whats going on with their 911's. Jake rants about stoplight etiquette. 


 Audi, Germany sign deal allowing  Flying cars now...

Tesla is sabotaged

Toyota confirms a hypercar

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Jun 25, 2018
The Dale Car - Pt. 2: The Con

In this midweek episode, join us for part 2 of the story of the biggest con job ever in the automotive industry. 

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Jun 20, 2018
Leaving the Frame - Mexico City to Newfoundland in a VW Beetle.

Monday is here, and with it, comes the story of a great adventure! Check out our new episode including an interview with Manuel and Maria as they journey around the world from Mexico City to Newfoundland Canada. In a Beetle! They're working on a film with the journey, it will be called Leaving the Frame. Before we get there, Jake and Kris talk about Kris' terrible car habit, and the 944 he almost bought...I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Leaving the frame Instagram:


Maria's Instagram:


Leaving the frame youtube:




Jun 18, 2018
The Dale Car - Pt. 1: The Hook

In this midweek episode, we start part one of a multi-part series. Kris starts to tell the story about the rise and fall of one brilliant and eventually distraught engineer and his vision of the motoring future...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Jun 13, 2018
LIVE from Porsche Biergruppe!

Kris and Jake recorded live from Biergruppe in Minnesota! The first annual Porsche GTG on the 70th Anniversary of Porsche. The guys interview Chris Runge of Runge Cars about some history behind of the old Porsches, and where the roots of the legend came from. Kris and Jake talk about the made for TV occurrence at the event, where Jake meets a 1970 Tangerine 911T and thinks about buying it!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Jun 11, 2018
Welcome to the Livescream

Alex joins Kris and Jake again for episode 34. Kris chats about 911 projects, and the guys get into what defines the core structure of gas prices. The guys speculate on the 919 hitting up the nurburgring. We talk about why chevy is really embarrassed, and how Mclaren will never let us down.  Listener voicemails are answered and give the guys an excuse to complain about annoying "conveniences" in new cars. 

Could the 919 drop to around a 5 minute lap time? 

GM Product Chief can’t drive, crashes pace car.

McLaren doesnt need to build SUV’s


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Jun 07, 2018
LIVE from MN Cars & Coffee

On this weeks episode Jake and Kris travel once again to MNC&C, Americas largest monthly car meet. The guys talk to Dave Cheney, the owner of a hot rod BMW 320i, and Chad Person, the host of the biergruppe Porsche event coming up June 8th! Kris talks some news, and we take a listener email and chat about what cars have inspired us in the past...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


EV’s are going to cost the US Government $92,000,000,000 in tax revenue.

Trump is dumb...wants to ban German cars? 

Supra coming to Nascar





Jun 04, 2018
Face it, it's a Rough World...

Kris opines on RWB, and how it relates to the cancer of social media in car culture, and society as a whole. Jake and Alex give feedback on Kris' article (The Emperor Has No Clothes. An allegory for RWB ownership and automotive narcissism) no one had the guts to publish. 

Full article found at overcrestproductions.com/the-emperor-has-no-clothes


May 31, 2018
Go Somewhere...Anywhere...in a Safari 911?

In this week’s episode, Kris recounts his experience with professional race car driver, Leh Keen, as they drove safari-style 911s through the Appalachian mountains with the Keen Project. The guys also touch on some relevant news, and Jake tries to convince Kris of another classic car he could have instead of his 911. We also discuss road trip essentials, and why you should get out and have your own adventure on the road.

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast






May 28, 2018
The Philosophy of Driving and Masculinity

Happy Monday, everyone! In this week's episode, Kris waxes on philosophically about the nature of why we are interested in cars. Jake then tells a hilarious story proving that cars are too complicated. Later on, we answer listener questions, cover news, discuss dual-clutch gearboxes, and bring back the long lost 'Craigslist Car of the Week' feature. 

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast



News links: 





Craigslist Car of the Week:




May 21, 2018
Take a Seat - An Unknown Story of a Legendary Manufacturer

Jake talks history and reveals an interesting unknown tie between two prominent and legendary manufacturers...

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


May 17, 2018
If the Glove Fits...

This week, the guys are joined by Kris' wife, Jess.We reminise about their past automotive adventures, including a pink Ford Probe, a Focus that never had an oil change, and 'Jersey', the award winning VW that they built. We also answer a listener question, and hear about the 'wild, wild west' of self-driving cars. Lastly, Jake gives Kris grief for insisting on wearing driving gloves in his Porsche. 


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast





May 14, 2018
LIVE from Cars and Coffee

Kris and Jake went to the Minnesota Cars and Coffee to record Episode 27! While there, they discussed a few interesting news stories, including an idiot in a Tesla who's in rehab for abusing his autopilot. Jake also talks about driving Kris' vintage 911 and compares it to a Lotus Elise. Jake interviews the owner of an original London taxi cab, along with an importer/enthusiast of Land Rover Defenders.

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast






May 07, 2018
Why do we need a Y?

Our midweek episode is out! We discuss Lamborghini's being cleaved in half, Pikes Peak, Tesla's Model Y, Tesla being a for real total fuck show, Amazon putting boxes in your trunk, Kris explains why he'd love to own a lincoln... and more... Also, make sure you come see us at Cars and Coffee here in Minnesota this Saturday!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Whoa, get a Focus RS like...
right now.

Lamborghini Cut in Half in Accident!

Next Bentley, the Last of its kind...

Tesla Model Y...

Tesla is a dumpster fire

GM and Volvo owners can get Amazon packages delivered to their cars

VW’s Pikes Peak EV Race car - details


May 04, 2018
Slap and Scratch!

Happy Monday! In episode 25 Jennifer Turcotte comes in studio to school us on how she got started, detailing itself, facts and myths on ceramic coating, and her company, Carsmotology. Kris and Jake talk about Kris' terrible first spring outing in the 911 and his wheel problems. We also talk Jake's trip with his dad to get a Jeep, and hit on a bunch of news!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast










Apr 30, 2018
Throwback Thursday

Kris is on vacation, so we remastered and re-released the till now unavailable Episode 2 of Overcrest! Check out some of the best stories from Kris' past and listen as he reminisces road rage stories with his buddy Glen!

Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Apr 26, 2018
Always (Never) Choose the Brown Key...




This week we are joined by our special guest, Tyler Christopherson, the founder of the Kannonball Rally, and co-founder of Cars and Coffee. Tyler discusses his passion for cars, owning a Dodge Hellcat, and why the Cannonball Rally is different.

We also get to hear about Kris’ trip to Berlin last year, where he interviewed the lead designer at Bugatti, while doing 150mph on the autobahn in a classic 911.

The guys also answer listener questions, discuss the US increasing fuel octane, talking cars, and more!


Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast








Apr 23, 2018
Nazis, Chemists, Dentists, and Racecars

What does a chemist, a nazi, a dentist, and a drag racer all have in common? find out in this episode of Overcrest!


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Apr 19, 2018
3, 2, 1, Fight!

Its episode 21! The episode where Kris walks out of the studio on Jake. The guys about Kris' new car, and Jake gets new wheels! They talk about the badass 919 LMP1 car Porsche built, and the 956 we hope it goes up against in spirit. The Top Gear test track is in trouble, we take voicemails, Talk video games, Rimac has a new car, we talk a bunch of news, and have a good fight about crossovers, and one of the ugliest cars ever made. 

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Apr 16, 2018
News - 4/11/18
Apr 12, 2018

In our 20th episode, Kris talks about his new car, not buying an e36 m3, not buying a 328xi, not buying a Volvo v70r, serial killers, Kansas, prisons, autonomous toll booths, state troopers, ice storms, and much more. We cover a few news topics, and Kris rants about stupid enigmatic/esoteric feel-good car commercials. 

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Kris and Jake also interview Mike Olson, (#iknowmikeolson) a stanchion in the old school water-cooled VW community. We'll discuss the path the stateside European car culture has taken over the last 20 years, wheels, road trips,and more! Find Mike on instagram at @tattoo24v


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Stupid Mazda Commercial:






Apr 09, 2018
The Crash Box - History of the Manual Transmission

Jake and Kris talk a bit of history in this weeks Quick Shift!

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Apr 05, 2018
Rated E-Prix for Everyone

Peter Lapinksi is in studio to discuss motorsports photography, the shifting future of motorsports, flip flop sponsors, E-Prix, and the Balance of Performance!

Jake is back from vacation in Hawaii to tell us all about Jeeps with no doors. We also discuss what car Kris could own instead of his 911!

https://www.peterlapinski.com/ and @peterlapinksi on instagram







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Apr 02, 2018
News - 3/28/18
Mar 29, 2018
1 on 1 - Luis Fraguada

This week we have another 1 on 1. This time, with Luis Fraguada, a long time friend of mine. Looking at the Porsche culture today, its sometimes tough to pick out the bandwagon from the real deal when it comes to enthusiasts. It's not hard to tell with Luis as it's in been on his mind since his earliest childhood memories. We'll take a look at what powers Luis,  some of his history with cars, and touch on some news. He's now the pilot of one of the cleanest, and well-done street and track Porsche 911 GT3's around.

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Mar 26, 2018
Jacob's Addiction
Mar 11, 2018
Just Ban Everything!

In Episode 15 Jake and Kris discuss the new Patreon we set up for our listeners! We also discuss diesels being under heavy assault, inductive charging for EV, cops racing lambos, junkyards, gas taxes, left turns on red, and more.

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Mar 05, 2018
The Most Annoying Noise in the World

In episode 14 Kris and Jake discuss driving etiquette, trout and jeeps, Dumb and Dumber, some listener questions answered, and a bunch of news!


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Feb 19, 2018
Dat Trailer Hitch Tho!

In this weeks episode, we talk about Jake's ridiculous trailer hitch getting into a fight, diesel gate, Space-X sending a car to space, driving cars underwater, take on a great listener contribution, and much more.

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Electric 911 conversion film -

VW tests diesel exhaust on monkeys… oh, and humans too


EPA did it too...


Model 3’s build quality is crap, or is it?


Waze make drivers drive into lake


Feb 15, 2018
Special Guests Matt, Dan & Mike

We welcome Dan Pasillas, Matt Gilson, and Mike Space Mentone into the studio to discuss motorsport for the masses! We grab their thoughts on what it takes to get into racing at the entry level, hear some great stories, and listen to why its awesome. We discuss a couple news topics as well! 

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Feb 15, 2018
Mark White - Accumoto

On this episode of Overcrest race driver and shop owner Mark White from Accumoto visits the studio to discuss Porsche, His history with Accumoto, Motorsport, and much more....

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Feb 15, 2018
Episode 10 | Aint Nobody Got Time For That
Feb 15, 2018
The Road Less Traveled - 3500 Miles in a '72 911

In studio is Alex, Kris' co-pilot for the 3500 mile road trip in a 1972 911 back from California. Jake, Kris, and Alex discuss the trip, the tribulations, Monterey Car week, and the drive itself!

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Feb 15, 2018
We have a Hostage Situation

In this Episode we talk about Kris' VW Blue Def hostage situation, and his rental car. We also have a great discussion on why or why we are not in the Golden Era of Motoring. We also hit some news including the Oregon gas pump nonsense, stupid DOT requirements, and more. 




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Feb 15, 2018
The Great Debate

Guest - Alex Nelson

On one of our best episodes yet, the debate between Kris and Jake on the future of motoring gets heated and rages on. This time our guest Alex is in Jake's corner. 

Also discussed is e85, Alex's top 5 cars, the collector car market and its future and we discuss the Craigslist car of the week!


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Feb 15, 2018
That's Gold Jerry, Gold!
Feb 15, 2018
Audi is King of the North

Kris and Jake talk best winter cars, Jake's fender bender, updates on personal projects, Momo, NASCAR (yes really), more news, Porsche's Mission E, and more...

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NASCAR adds dirt track to 2018 schedule (http://autoweek.com/article/nascar/nascar-adds-dirt-event-kn-pro-series-west-schedule)

McLaren Senna released - ‘F1 successor’ named after F1 driver Ayrton Senna (http://autoweek.com/article/supercars/mclaren-senna-your-true-f1-successor)

New tax Bill that you’ve been hearing so much about will retain electric vehicle credit (http://autoweek.com/article/green-cars/ev-tax-credit-will-survive)

Volvo autonomous has selected 100 families to beta test ‘level 4’ autonomous vehicle set for release in 2021 (http://autoweek.com/article/autonomous-cars/volvo-rolls-out-drive-me-program-first-families)

Momo's latest steering wheel:


Feb 15, 2018
It's Not a Beetle Okay?

Jake back with us discussing the new Lamborghini SUV, fast SUV culture, Right hand drive, News, Craigslist car of the week, a new segment entitled Grinding Kris' Gears, Future collector cars and more.  

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The new Lambo Urus

Dieselgate Exec gets 7 years


Haggerty's Bull Market List


Feb 15, 2018
The Volvosaur Lives

This episode Overcrest hosts enthusiast Jake Solberg

The guys talk about: 

Car Propaganda

The upcoming entertainment pods

Porsche Success over Generations

Craigslist Car of the Week

Our Top 4 cars,

and more




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Feb 15, 2018