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Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week's top stories in news and entertainment

Episode Date
Breathe in Your Moments
It’s never ‘goodbye’, always ‘see you later’. Season 2’s finale started (a few weeks) late BUT sis, we made it!! So much grace was in the midst, we even had an overflow for some honorable mentions to rescue (or not). SJR got her Iyanla on by trying to find a solution for a mother-in-law that has no clear boundaries within her married son’s home...as usual, the Delegation preferred a more petty solution!! The finale ended with a challenge to, “breathe in your moments” - process 2018’s lessons and achievements before becoming overwhelmed with 2019’s goals and responsibilities. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
Nov 29, 2018
Closing the Gap
This week’s episode just might be the game changer of season 2! The topic of forgiveness seemed to be a theme this week, including parental forgiveness which really hit home with many of the delegates. SJR offered perspective on the topic regarding forgiving too quickly without processing your pain — “just because you know where you want to land does not mean you have to force yourself to be there” (issa word!). SJR’s snack was a whole meal for those that are in the gap between persecution and warfare. Keep fighting the good fight and pushing through to the other side of your breakthrough sis! Engineereed and Theme Song: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
Oct 25, 2018
Cora, You Can't Say That...
SJR surprised the delegation with her HIGH key funny sister Cora Jakes Coleman!!! It’s voting season and the delegation is ready to cast their 2044 Presidential ballot for Cora & Kenzie...although SJR may need to be their Press Secretary for obvious reasons. SJR had some valid points during her rescue attempts but the delegation seemed to be riding with Cora this week. The duo discussed alternative disciplinary approaches in parenting, prayed for the edges of women of all hues and Cora spoke a whole word during the snack. Engineered and Theme Song By: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
Oct 18, 2018
Because this is a grace-filled, judgment-free zone, we’re going to silently rescue SJR for being a day late. Our fearless leader struggled with trying to get her empathy on for this week's rescues, but we pulled together and broke out the floaties for a couple of people. She did take a moment to educate us on the three levels of raggedy - it's revolutionary. Also, SJR may or may not have told married ladies to never forget the power of circles...or triangles...Prepare for some epic realness, transparency, and authenticity on this week's snack. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dex Show Description: Jamie Washington
Oct 12, 2018
Strength Where You're Strong
We never imagined the day would come when we would have to rescue Chickfila? Well -they TRIED it in a major way. A Florida teacher is out here keeping it a little too real for the school she's in and did you know you could steal “free breakfast”?! The strength of the W.E. sisterhood is tested.....over how to cook scrambled eggs - to use or to not use Lawry’s seasoning salt is apparently a deal breaker. What are you doing as a form of self-care? SJR is likely hiding in her bathroom and trying on wigs! Plus, we’ve been challenged to receive strength in areas we already feel strong. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
Oct 03, 2018
No Loss in Purpose
Apparently, pop culture had a secret meeting and they took an end of summer vacation because SJR couldn’t find any good rescues for this week!! The delegation offered to rescue The Cosby Show but everyone wasn’t willing to gas up the private jet. Have you ever noticed how the music you listen to will become the soundtrack to a period of your life? Well, SJR discusses how her personal growth has also influenced her playlist. Still searching for your purpose? Remember that you don’t lose parts of yourself within your purpose because there’s no loss in what God has for you! SJR Album Picks: Artist: Lauren Daigle Album: Look Up Child SJR Picks: This Girl, Rescue, Everything Artist: Dave and Nicole Binion Album: Dwell SJR Picks: Hunger, All Because You're Here, All Things Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
Sep 26, 2018
Playing to Win
Would you be surprised if we rescued Kenzie again? No?! Good, because it happened! Is it time for you to activate your inner “Vontae Davis”? Would you let your child’s school paddle them as a disciplinary method? Chile, the Delegation’s opinions to these topics varied but we managed find some boats and life jackets! SJR’s snack was so good (“Play to Win” instead of “Trying to not lose”), so tune in to The Potter’s House at One LA’s podcast (9/21) for the full word! W.E. Read: Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom Engineered & Theme Song by Dex Show Description: Jamie Washington
Sep 19, 2018
Feelings vs. Reality
Where is your “Hideout Ministry”?! This week, ours was SJR’s closet! Chile, we saved Nicki and Cardi but we put them on separate boats. Serena was a Rescue Eve candidate and a possible Hail Mary….we couldn’t choose. We also helped some sisters sort through their relationship issues. Plus - SJR challenges us to not make decisions based on our initial emotions. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Sep 13, 2018
Digging for Glory
We’re baaaccckkk!!!! Last week was minor set back for a MAJOR comeback! SJR (aka Lil Demon Bully) and the Delegation discussed their WE conference highlights, rescued Prayvo/Bishop Jakes and got all in SJR’s business!
Sep 06, 2018
Issa Sabbatical
SJR updates us on why she's late posting. Save your judgment - she's actually modeling what she challenges us to do. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Jun 21, 2018
Raw Materials
For the first time in Woman Evolve history we’re dispatching a jet for a rescue. SJR rallies the delegation to pool their funds together to help a sister in desperate need. We have a few sisters willing to take on a rescue for the whole team, plus we discuss how important attraction is in a relationship. Lastly, SJR shares how a weekend spent with powerful women taught her something about the raw materials she’s been given to work with. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Jun 13, 2018
Perm Your Petty
Only SJR could summarize the Pusha T vs Drake beef using actual beef references. The Woman Evolve Delegation have collectively decided to relax their petty and surprise us all with a rescue this week. Don’t miss SJR revealing her stalker tendencies or sharing a snack about how she (and you) can gear up for her “next”. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Jun 06, 2018
Blank Canvas Season
SJR doesn’t have a summer camp for Kenzie so the Woman Evolve Delegation step in and help their sis out. Little do they know that Kenzie needs no help. Let’s just say this week’s show may be next week’s Rescue Eve. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 30, 2018
Plan for Success
Chiillleee... SJR tried to avoid struggle rescues this week, but the Woman Evolve delegation won’t let her be great. SJR shares her royal wedding highlights, and then while sharing advice with a listener, she gets transparent about the vulnerability in her marriage and career. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 23, 2018
Doing You is Hard Work
We made space on the helicopter for Target, but is there any room left for Nicole Arbour? SJR almost drowns trying to rescue this week, but in the end some of the Woman Evolve Delegation team decided to scoot over and make room in the helicopter. Have you ever thought about what kind of grandmother you want to be? Adrienne Norris serves us goals on top of goals. We cover discovering your passion, dealing with toxic parental relationships, and so much more this week.
May 16, 2018
Grace On a Grab
Every parent needs to hear SJR describe a five finger grab that just may change the way you're parenting. The delegation chimes in on ex-wife vs new-wife relationships, plus SJR thinks you may have missed the fact that you got a promotion...just like she missed this is episode 16, not 15. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 09, 2018
Pray for Ye
Chiillleee make room in the helicopter because SJR says we gotta save Kanye. God is rewarding our rescue with more Chick-fil-A ministries. SJR also challenges us to start opening up in a brand new way. Theme song and Engineered by Dx
May 03, 2018
It's Okay to Grow
Chile, SJR is raggedy, but she's back and we've got our lifeboat ready. Can Taylor be saved? Should we leave Khloe alone? Oh, and we need to add a segment, because sometimes people aren't quite Eve or Mary. Plus- SJR is growing and wants you to come along. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Apr 25, 2018
The New Center
Trying to read without the facts can be hazardous to your health, so can rain if you don't have a roof. SJR gives wives some ideas on how to keep the spark alive and shares what she's learning about balance. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Apr 11, 2018
Say It With Your Chest
Strollers aren't meant to be resurrected, three little boys save a life, one mom can't ignore what she's feeling, and SJR explains why you shouldn't apologize for not turning your words into churros. Audio and Engineered by Dx
Apr 05, 2018
Rest Your Soul, Chile
PT joins SJR for questions about maximizing singlehood, a man's perspective on a woman's appearance, and most importantly why you have to live from a place of rest. You're going to love it! Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Mar 27, 2018
Put On A Show
SJR won't be applying to work at any daycares. can we give Meghan Markle her crown already, when fixing a life goes south, and so much more on this episode of #WomanEvolve Theme Song and Engineered by Dx
Mar 14, 2018
Change Your Story
That moment when you find out that free ain't free anymore and friends ain't what they used to be. Plus, SJR has a moment of vulnerability and challenges us all to grow.
Mar 07, 2018
Credit Check
Evidently, the men(secret listeners) are petitioning for a name change. Monique gave us some facts to consider and, in relationships, you may have to pick a struggle to be with an evolved woman!
Feb 28, 2018
Show Up
First of all, Wakanda. Secondly, Mind Your Business Ministries is open for membership. Thirdly, self-forgiveness is everything. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Feb 21, 2018
Make it Happen!
Can a mom be saved from publicly embarrassing her son? Shhhhh... Uncle Quincy we don't need to know all that, and brace yourself for one of those holy ratchet reads that only SJR can give. Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
Feb 14, 2018
Wilt Thou Be Whole? ft. Touré Roberts
Chhiiilllleee... turn down the petty because SJR is joined by her husband, Touré Roberts, on this weeks episode. JT tries to honor Prince, SJR and PT change the lesson plan, and violence is never the answer (except when it is)... Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
Feb 07, 2018
Be Gentle
Mama (and SJR) Don’t Play That, When God Forgives, But You Don’t and more on this week’s episode of Woman Evolve. Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
Jan 31, 2018
Let it Burn
SJR is struggling with being lowkey Vegan, Tracee Ellis Ross is out here making boss moves, and SJR reminds us of the power of "No." Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Jan 24, 2018
Robbed of Excellence
We, the delegation, may have to rescue SJR. A thin line between petty and genius. The dreaded four letter word: h-e-l-p. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
Jan 17, 2018
The Finish Line
H&M is canceled, SJR is lowkey vegan, highkey inspired by Oprah (but who isn't?), and catching a word left and right on the first Woman Evolve Podcast. Intro and Engineered by Dx
Jan 10, 2018
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Dec 04, 2017