Working Interferences Dental Podcast for Dentists

By Lance Timmerman DMD, Joshua Austin DDS

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Category: Medicine

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A dental podcast for the AVERAGE dentist. No question is too controversial for Joshua Austin DDS and Lance Timmerman DMD. Questions are NOT "best bonding agent" or "best impression material," these questions are the ones that are burning desire types. You know, like "can I harm my assistant for being annoying?", or "how much oral sex is too much after gum grafts?" or even, "Will my DNA be altered by getting a bone graft from cadaver bone?" The information that ALL dentists need. Where we coined the term "Bukkake Honor Circle"

Episode Date
Episode 37: Swing Low, Sweet RPD
<div class=""><span class="">Tag team, back again….<a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> return for more advice.  Lance regales us with tale of Rivers Cuomo’s cut, stone hewn body and an amazing concert experience.  The Subreddit of the Week this week is r/Barkour and it is AMAZING! </span></div> <div class=""> </div> <div class=""><span class="">Advice starts this week with a question from Andy about how to deal with awkward conversations with dental assistants asking for a raise.  Farts are always a way out.  Look!!!! Jimmy Buffet! </span></div> <div class=""> </div> <div class=""><span class="">Next, Zach tells us a story about a denture with a gold tooth that goes awry.  Anyone know a metallurgist? </span></div> <div class=""> </div> <div class=""><span class="">Finally, our Reddit question this week comes from a snarky dental student who has an airway problem but doesn’t want to admit it.  Admitting it is the first step to healing.  </span></div>
Aug 09, 2018
Episode 36: Schrodinger’s Christenson
<p>Back to a two man show this week as <a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> open up for some hot and sexy Centric Relation talk.  You don’t even wanna know how much Lance romances the mandible. </p> <p>Our first advice question this week absolutely stumps the interferences as they are clueless about the Shiggy Challenge…or the Kiki Challenge…or the In My Feelings Challenge….or the In My Fillings Challenge.  Listening to them trying to figure it out is like listening to two monkeys trying to mount a cast on an articulator. </p> <p>The next question involves dentists selling MLM crap.  Have you heard the good news about Advocare? </p> <p>Finally, our Reddit question this week has Josh and Lance delving into why dental schools are run like $400,000 dumpster fires.  Wakanda Forever!</p>
Aug 02, 2018
Episode 35: Shark Week with Rob Ritter
<p>WI return.  Rob Ritter joins us to discus shark week and regale us with many tales of his battles with sharks.  <a href="">Lance</a> shares why he no longer dives, but <a href="">Josh</a> is just being a periodontist.</p> <p>This week is ALL reddit!  First question is regarding the brown discoloration of a night guard, every morning upon waking.  What are you EATING?</p> <p>Question two is about a patient that didn't trust their dentist and shopped around for two months for resolution. Have you ever had a patient demand you take another impression?  So... I'm NOT the only one with crazy patients?</p> <p>Question 3, a patient had root canal therapy without informed consent.  Is that a pretty standard procedure?</p>
Jul 26, 2018
Episode 34: "Doc, you KILLED me!" LIVE in Indianapolis
<p>WI are LIVE!  <a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> travel to Indianapolis for the Principles of Practice Management Summit by Dental Economics.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?</p> <p>Chris Salierno returns!  He shares wisdom (kinda) about the Principles of Practice Management summit.  Missed this year?  Dumbass.  Make it a plan for next year.</p> <p>Chris helps answer the question about asshole dentist employers that change the production and totally screw your paycheck.  THEY did the implant placement. YOU only did the final restoration.  CLEARLY you suck and deserve nothing.  What do you do?  Do YOU know BDE?</p> <p>Next, do you NOT hire a person due to a tongue piercing?  What is YOUR method for interviewing?  Are cavity searches no longer "a thing"?</p> <p>Next, <a href="">Matt Winstead</a> from <a href="">Oral Arts dental lab</a> joins us and talks about their fellacio appliance.  It is a REAL practice builder.  And have you done a Maryland bridge lately?  Neither have I.... How do you handle VIRGINS (teeth) How do YOU cement it temporarily? </p> <p>Do you print your dentures?  Awesome (you're a freak)</p> <p>How is your Tour de France prediction?  Come on...  It's Froome....</p> <p>Finally, Andy Tran helps with our Reddit! question.  When was the last time your patient complained that you killed them?  Damn...  If I had a nickel.....</p> <p> </p> <p>Buy <a href="">Goby</a></p>
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 33: S#!t Flavored Night Guard
<p>WI return!  <a href= "">Josh</a> starts with another edition of “Ads Suck!”.  Is chichier a word? <a href= "">Lance</a> can't even spell it...</p> <p>First question is about limits to owner generosity.  Do bigger staff members get bigger benefits?  Will skinny staff demand their fair share?</p> <p>Question 2 is about notes from dental school.  Should dentists keep them for bragging rights?  Is it "<a href= ""><strong>Legacy Box</strong></a> to the rescue"?</p> <p>Finally, reddit!  This one is about bird shit on a night guard.  Does the taste EVER go away?</p> <p>Buy <a href="">Goby</a>.</p>
Jul 12, 2018
Episode 32: I bless the rains down in Africa
<p>More WI time.  <a href= "">Josh</a> opens some old wounds <a href="">Lance</a> had repressed, still missing his Sonics.  The NBA is dead to him, despite the big news about free agency...</p> <p>Our first question is from a dental student, trying to avoid treating periodontal disease.  Aren't there better things to do?</p> <p>Second question comes from an anonymous listener that bought a practice and the seller won't leave.  Is this when murder IS the answer?</p> <p>And our Reddit! question.  Are periodontal probes ONLY used by dentists WITHOUT super powers? After fighting Thanos, would an Avenger fix your teeth?</p> <p>Don't skip the final song, Josh TOTALLY wigs out.</p> <p>And buy <a href="">Goby</a> toothbrushes.</p>
Jul 04, 2018
Episode 31: Fruit Roll up or edible underwear?
<p>This week’s show is a real banger as <a href= "">Josh</a> opens the show with a tale of losing his wallet in Europe…everyone’s greatest dream!</p> <p>Advice starts with a question about how to discipline an assistant with a recurrent neck hickey problem, something neither Josh or <a href="">Lance</a> have any experience with.</p> <p>Our second question is an evergreen. It boils down to how to get rid of a dick of a patient. Josh has a few ideas.</p> <p style="text-align: center;">Our Reddit question is about “raincoats” and a very special experience with a pediatric dentist.</p> <p>Be sure to check out <a href="">Goby</a> for your power toothbrush needs.</p>
Jun 27, 2018
Episode 30: Big Honkin' Ghost Crank
<p>Get ready for some real hard core advice as we reach the big 3-0!  Today’s show opens with a listener email from Hank who regales us with a tale of a windy mentor who farted a patient into senility.</p> <p>Advice starts this week with a listener question from a dental school who boo-boo’ed his AEGD interview by dissing the San Antonio Spurs. Bad move, Zach.</p> <p>Gina writes in with a tale of stink to rival no other. The Hobo-Meter of smell measurement reached 11!</p> <p>Finally, our Reddit question is really more about a ghostly haunting than it is dentistry, its just that the question asker didn’t know that. Oops. Wakanda Forever!</p>
Jun 21, 2018
Episode 29: John Hall's Famous Cumbucha
<p>Wakanda Forever, my bellisimas! <a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> kibbutz about Italy and Rome as Josh gets set to jet set across the pond.</p> <p>Advice starts this week with Alex, the girl kind, that wants to know how to establish dominance over her little sister who is about to start dental school. She doesn’t realize being the family dentist totally sucks and she should let her sister handle that while counting her money.</p> <p>Mark writes in asking about how to protect his MMA fighters anterior crown.</p> <p>Finally our Reddit question makes us wonder if John Hall is his dentist.</p>
Jun 13, 2018
Episode 28: IV Hangover Treatment
<p>WI are back!  <a href= "">Josh</a> pesters <a href= "">Lance</a> about massage therapists on payroll.  Has your staff seen you naked?</p> <p>Question 1: Listener plans to party hard this summer.  What IV cures are best for "the day after"?</p> <p>Question 2: Do YOU text your patients to get them in the schedule?  How obvious is desperation in the age of social media?</p> <p>Question 3: Reddit! question, do YOU get sticky lips when you brush your teeth?  Is spunk better than Crest?</p> <p>Is Billy Ocean a national treasure?</p>
Jun 07, 2018
Episode 27: Office Games
<p>WI return!  <a href= "">Josh</a> mocks <a href= "">Lance</a> from getting sore from cleaning his garage and NOT from a Murph crossfit challenge.  What a loser.</p> <p>Question 1 is about a mistake while finishing a veneer case.  At what point do you simply remake the entire case?</p> <p>Question 2 is about games in the work place.  When do games simply become harassment?</p> <p>The Reddit! question is about fellatio.  Again.  What healing properties are in spunk ANYWAY....? Spit or swallow has never been more relevant to your health....</p>
May 31, 2018
Episode 26: Oral Surgeon Shaped Sugar Daddy
<div class="._1dlq _h8t"> <div class="_5wd9 direction_ltr"> <div class="_1e-x _n4o"> <div class="_3_bl"> <div class="_5w1r _3_om _5wdf"> <div class="_4gx_"> <div class="_1aa6"><span class="_5yl5">WI Boyz are back and on attack! <a href="">Josh</a> opens the show lamenting his hectic webinar schedule and admits that he had to pull out some dental school notes to bone up for one of them.</span></div> <div class="_1aa6"> </div> <div class="_1aa6"><span class="_5yl5">The first question of the week blows the boys’ minds as we all find out that the show has non-dental listeners. The question comes from a patient of an oral surgeon who might want to bone down with her.</span></div> <div class="_1aa6"> </div> <div class="_1aa6"><span class="_5yl5">Second question puts Josh and <a href="">Lance</a> in the witness protection program as we try and determine why someone would change their name out of the blue.</span></div> <div class="_1aa6"> </div> <div class="_1aa6"><span class="_5yl5">Finally, our Reddit question of the week is about the UK’s newest princess, Meghan Markel. Do you think she’s natural? We can’t decide.</span></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>
May 23, 2018
Episode 25: Brain Injuries Aren't Funny
<p>More WI!  <a href="">Josh</a> interrupts <a href="">Lance's</a> moving explanation of his Wednesday night fun to bitch about a commercial on PBA.  It may explain why Lance laughs when he does...</p> <p>Question 1 asks about becoming a prosthodontist, while Lance calls one specialty a name... not good.</p> <p>Question 2, a graduating dental student wants to know about costs for supplies WHILE a dental student, and you can guess where we go with that.  We ARE a bit "anal retentive".</p> <p>And finally, Reddit!  Flyorra muses that the quality of a government clean and the resulting holes in teef.  </p>
May 17, 2018
Episode 24: Removing Clothing in a Dental Chair
<p><a href="">WI</a> are back! This episode is a doozy (aren't they all?). <a href= "">Josh</a> starts by telling <a href="">Lance</a> his experience molesting a dummy during a sedation class.  It may be where Bill Cosby got his start...</p> <p>Question 1 is regarding nightly post treatment wellness phone calls.  Is that when the sex starts?</p> <p>Question 2 is about gnarly naked feet in a dental chair.  Is this a way to add services?</p> <p>The Reddit! question is more gum graft concerns.  Can you watch the Blue Jays, eat a dog, AND recover from gum grafts?  Probably not.  I think you might die.</p>
May 10, 2018
Episode 23: Accidental Oral Interference Mike DiTolla DDS
<p>Worlds collide for <a href= "">Josh</a> as his former podcast partner, Dr. Michael DiTolla, guest hosts.  The awkwardness dissolves pretty quickly, after Mike and <a href= "">Lance</a> agree on how lazy of a lover Josh is.  This weeks show features 3 <strong>Reddit</strong> questions! </p> <p>Kicking off is a question about dentists with shaky hands.  Lance confesses to having a bit of a shaky hand but promises its just the weight lifting supplements, brah. </p> <p>Question 2 is a question we’ve all asked ourselves before…can we sell a part of our body for money? </p> <p>Finally, we get to a question about swallowing….swallowing one’s own tongue.  We think maybe the dentist was trying to get the patient to swallow some lies instead.  </p>
May 03, 2018
Episode 22: Mr Belvedere Sat On His Own Balls
<p>Comin’ at ya again with another piping hot episode of <a href= "">Working Interference</a>s. <a href="">Josh</a> starts the show with an old man confession about loving the Weather Channel, except the reasoning is that of a horny teenager.</p> <p>A listener sent in a photo of a business she thinks is a front for a nefarious entity. Josh and <a href= "">Lance</a> research and discover a much more boring explanation. Beads!!!!</p> <p>A question about mouth taping during sleep apnea treatments is discussed and surprisingly only 5 sex jokes come out of it. Another listener asked about potential retirement gifts for her boss. Naturally that leads to the discovery that Mr. Belvedere might have sat on his own balls. #realtalk!</p> <p>Finally, our <strong>Reddit</strong> question is a real banger. Literally. A mouth banger. Buckle up folks, and watch out for your scrotum. Episode 22 is here!</p>
Apr 26, 2018
Episode 21: Christian Gray DDS...Periosexual
<p>The #1 Podcast in Medicine on iTunes, Working Interferences is back!  Get your fix today!  We don't get it either, but for a brief moment, we were #1 in your hearts.</p> <p>This episode is a bit on the SERIOUS side.  <a href= "">Josh</a> interviews a REAL periodontist about the ethics and legality of a prophy in the presence of periodontal disease.  Did WI sell out when they went #1?  You decide.</p> <p>The Reddit! this week is about personal hygiene with a knife blade in bed.  Is this what nightmares are made of? How easy is it to get a restraining order?</p>
Apr 19, 2018
Episode 20: I Want Some Nasty!!!
<p>This week, <a href="">Lance</a> must answer for his former people’s crime of a product called Funeral Potatoes, which is the most morbid side dish ever.  <a href= "">Josh</a> patches up some previous discussions about bonding agents and rappers whose name he doesn’t know how to say properly. </p> <p>Advice kicks off with an incredibly awkward social situation that makes Josh want to hide in a corner and cringe constantly.  Lance and Josh try to dance around the PC implications of this question and not enrage a portion of the population. </p> <p>Faye asked a question about how to deal with an assistant that is screwing up her stuff.  We all know what Lance’s solution would be.  Josh, as always, takes his leadership cues from Greg Popovich, the surly coach of the San Antonio Spurs. </p> <p>Reddit gives us a little gem this week about an itchy tooth.  Would Preparation H work?  What does it taste like?  Cool mint, I bet.  Flavor blasted!!!!</p>
Apr 12, 2018
Episode 19: Oral Systemic Meridian
<p>Time for your Working Interference fix!  <a href= "">Josh</a> starts by sharing with <a href="">Lance</a> his experience lecturing to children, despite not being allowed within 200 feet of schools or Chuck E. Cheese.</p> <p>Question 1 asks about employees hand washing, and whether temporary crowns taste funny after trips to Dook University.</p> <p>The second question is about tooth meridians and if Josh's spleen will rupture since tooth number 1 was removed.</p> <p>And finally, the Reddit! question is about the unique shape of a wisodom tooth.  What IS a mulberry? And is it a RACIST question?</p>
Apr 06, 2018
Episode 18: You’re A Dirty Girl
<p>A fun episode this week as <a href= "">Lance</a> and <a href= "">Josh</a> chat about the British Monarchy with some tremendous voice work. </p> <p>Advice starts this week with a question from listener Will who hates his assistant’s voice.  He comes up with some great suggestions himself, so the WI Guys have to scramble to find a solution to this vexing problem.  Fortunately, the day is saved when Kathleen Turner and Ellen Barkin give the boys a clue to how this should go down.</p> <p>Today’s second question is one of the hypothetical nature, which means there was actually nothing hypothetical about it and someone is a dirty, dirty girl! </p> <p>Finally our <strong>Reddit!</strong> question this week involves bone grafts and DNA. What if a patient got the traits of the person whose cadaver a bone graft came from?  Just wait until Ron Jeremy dies.  Josh will end up needing bone grafts everywhere. </p> <p>Check out our newest sponsor Goby toothbrushes at <a href= "" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= ""></a>!  They are a great option for your practice’s power toothbrush needs.  Get them with your logo on the side!  They make a great gift, incentive or purchase for your patients.  Big props to the folks at Goby for making a great power brush that doesn’t break the bank!</p>
Mar 30, 2018
Episode 17: Protective Clinic Attire
<p><a href="">Dr Chris Salierno</a> joins the <a href="">Working Interferences</a> to interfere with your wisdom.  After establishing his alibi for not being a serial killer in NY, <a href="">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> dispense more knowledge.</p> <p>#1 asks about touching legs with team members during operative dentistry.  Should the dentist wear NHL goalie gear?</p> <p>#2 asks about gift giving for the team from the dentist.  What is the best gift that you won't mind seeing tossed into the trash within minutes?</p> <p>The Reddit! question is about blow jobs and gum grafts....  Are you seeing a trend here?</p> <p>And thanks to our sponsor, <a href= "">Goby</a>.  Check out the great and AFFORDABLE mechanical toothbrushes!</p>
Mar 23, 2018
Episode 16: Peaches for Free
<p>The <a href="">Working Interferences</a> are BACK!  Again, the Queen of podcasts Erin Elliot DDS joins <a href="">Josh</a> and <a href="">Lance</a> to tackle THREE Reddit! questions! But first: who is the king of Prussia? Do you KNOW how many times you have dropped the "F-bomb"?</p> <p>Question 1: Paul Rudd asks about ants swarming his retainer.  How to YOU clean your disease infested oral appliances? </p> <p>Question 2: SouthOfTheRiver asks for a name for their new dental mascot.  Do YOU have a mascot?</p> <p>And finally, question 3.  MojoWallace is questioning paying $180 for a rinse dripped onto their gums.  Was it spunk?</p>
Mar 15, 2018
Episode 15: The Dental Oscars
<div> <div class="_1t_p clearfix"> <div class="_41ud"> <div class= "clearfix _o46 _3erg _29_7 direction_ltr text_align_ltr"> <div id="js_7d" class="_3058 _ui9 _hh7 _s1- _52mr _3oh-" data-tooltip-content="6:04am" data-hover="tooltip" data-tooltip-position="left" aria-describedby="js_10"> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">It’s <strong>Oscar</strong> night and the <a href= "">Working Interferences</a> are all dressed up to award the best performance by an actor playing a dentist and best film featuring a dentist. You might be surprised at the winners!</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">Onto the advice this week! Are you cool with your team members “calling out sick” to go to a concert? What about if they forge a note from you for their friends? A sticky situation ensues, yet <a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> are busy trying to figure out what concert it was.</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">The next question get a little clinical as we discuss the proper way to dispense bonding agent. A homework assignment ensues.</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">Finally on to our <strong>Reddit</strong> question which involves something that gets Josh so worked up, he starts yelling. You’ll have to tune in to find out why!!!</span></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>
Mar 08, 2018
Episode 14: Peanut Butter and Meth Sandwiches
<p>The <a href="">Working Interferences</a> return, post Chicago Midwinter meeting hubbub. <a href="">Josh</a> shares his interaction with a Heisman trophy winner and <a href= "">Lance</a> refuses to do a reverse crown prep as a sign of solidarity.</p> <p>The first question is about CE, and if AGD fellowship is just a racket.  What isn't....</p> <p>The second question is about scrap gold and ownership of the crown after it is removed.  Is the clandestine pocketing of scrap metal by an associate a fire-able offense?  Our answer may surprise you.</p> <p>And finally, the reddit! question of the week: Is peanut butter the main reason for tooth loss in America?</p> <p>The outro song is from Richard Cheese, covering Nine Inch Nails' song "Closer".  Enjoy.</p>
Mar 03, 2018
Episode 13: Some Real Cloak and Dagger Stuff
<p><a href="">Josh</a> opens this weeks podcast with a new segment, actually a podcast within a podcast called <em><strong>Josh Complains About Commercials</strong></em>. This time, Josh complains about a commercial for Peyronie’s Disease, which has to do with your penis taking a sharp dog leg. Kinky stuff.</p> <p>Our questions this week are solid as ever! Starting with a dentist who is considering going incognito to check out a local DSO. Josh and <a href="">Lance</a> talk about possible disguise and alias options.</p> <p>Question 2 comes from a dentist looking for some verbiage to go in a letter to send to patients with missed appointments. Josh and Lance BOTH have ideas on this one.</p> <p>Finally, we wrap up with a Reddit from Lois Griffin about autotransplantation. The internet is a weird, wonderful place.</p>
Feb 22, 2018
Episode 12: Busted by Palatal Petechiae
<p>It’s a Winter Olympics wonderland as the <a href= "">Working Interferences</a> reconvene for their weekly pow-wow.</p> <p>The first question this week comes from Aaron, who is somewhat dejected from not closing a few cases. <a href= "">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> come up with some solutions to increase his case acceptance rate.</p> <p>Then the WI Boyz cover the topic of <strong>maternity leave</strong> and temps but there is some confusion as to what the question actually is. Once again, we learn that Lance is a “heartless bastard.”</p> <p>Our Reddit question this week comes from the world’s worst super hero… <strong>Very Neurotic Dry Socket Man</strong>. Upon answering his question, the Working Interferences happen upon an <em>incidental finding</em> that leads us to believe that <strong>Very Neurotic Dry Socket Man</strong> enjoys the company of other men.</p>
Feb 15, 2018
Episode 11: Happiness?
<p>What do you do when the adviser needs advice? The show starts with <a href="">Josh</a> asking for <a href="">help</a> overcoming a crappy day/week.  Drugs are not the answer (or are they?).</p> <p>Question 2, Dr Orin Scrivello asks how long he must give a discount to a former employee that he slept with 14 years ago.  Is it a layaway plan?</p> <p>The reddit question is about partying with your parents after wisdom tooth extractions.  Is there even ENOUGH malt liquor?</p>
Feb 11, 2018
Episode 10: Broken Moral with AACD Queen #Girlboss Tara Hardin DDS
<p>The Working Interferences are joined by real life cosmetic dentist, AACD accredited superstar dentist,  #Girlboss Tara Hardin this week.  She brings a sharp wit and raises the hotness quotient of the podcast infinitely. </p> <p>This weeks advice starts off with a frustrated dental assistant with a blatantly racist patient and how to correct her.  Without physical violence, although we wouldn’t frown upon that and neither will you after you hear what happened. </p> <p>Next up, we have a hefty problem.  Specifically a patient who weighs over 400 pounds.  Would you put them in your top of the line Sirona chair?  We aren’t sure either. </p> <p>Finally, we hear a Reddit tale of a broken moral.  </p>
Feb 02, 2018
Episode 9: Dental Feats of Strength
<p>The <a href="">Working Interferences</a> are back this week and start off discussing a big speaking gig <a href="">Josh</a> has coming up. <a href="">Lance</a> gives Josh some advice before the advice this week, which consists of three <a href="">Reddit</a> Questions!</p> <p>They start off with a simple question….<strong>How do you know if a dentist is good?</strong></p> <p>After a nice discussion of dental skills competition, the Interferences answer a question about instrument transportation cases. <strong>Is leather autoclavable</strong>?</p> <p>To wrap the show, <a href="">Lance</a> and <a href="">Josh</a> talk about <strong>how much of their brain they use.</strong> For Lance its little. For Josh, its more of the little brain than the big brain, if you know what I mean!</p>
Jan 19, 2018
Episode 8: Quittin’ Time
<p><a href="">Josh</a> grills <a href="">Lance</a> about taking a patient to a hotel room. Lance has a plausible explanation but something still smells here.</p> <p>Question one this week is about the best time to quit and Lance reveals his penchant for just firing people on the spot.</p> <p>Next we discuss the Evergreen question of should dentists require employees to cover up their sweet sweet Ink.</p> <p>Finally our Reddit question involves cold calling dentists to buy their practices which sounds like and is a horrible idea.</p> <p>Josh ends the show confessing his dark Obsession with the zodiac killer while Lance frantically changes his phone number and unfriends Josh.</p>
Jan 11, 2018
Episode 7: Lance Hates Tardiness
<p>The Working Interferences are joined this week by Dr. Kevin Fryer of Cleveland, Ohio…yes he knows Cleveland sucks.</p> <p>Josh tells a story featuring a dentist who committed suicide, which always makes for a rip roaring good time.</p> <p>Kevin gives some publicity to his old lady’s business strategy guide (<a href= "" target="_blank" rel= "nofollow noopener"></a>) which Lance and Josh both just ordered and received.</p> <p>Advice this week starts with a treatment coordinator who is late every day. Lance has some…ummm….strong feelings on this one. Sounds like morse code to me.</p> <p>Next, the guys address a loud hygienist with a lisp. “Thooth number thirty needsth thcaling and woot planing.”</p> <p>Our Reddit question this week addresses the issues of vaping and periodontal disease and Josh tells the crew about the inside world of vape tricks.</p>
Jan 05, 2018
Episode 6: Andy Serkis DDS
<p><a href="">Josh</a> and <a href= "">Lance</a> are back, giving dentist advice like only THEY can.</p> <p>Question 1 was from Carissa, trying to handle being a young looking female dentist (despite being old AF).  Should there be a strategy?</p> <p>Question 2 asks how to handle a patient that falls in love with the doctor. Do you milk the love for the production?</p> <p>Question 3 comes from Reddit.  ‘nuff said…..</p>
Dec 30, 2017
Episode 5: Not A Sausage Fest…For Once
<p>Finally some ladies up in this house! <a href= "">Erin Elliott</a> joins the Interferences this week for a few TOUGH questions.</p> <p>We start off trying to figure out how Craig can fire his brain cancer ridden front desk without being a monster. Take a guess how that goes.</p> <p>Next, we talk about Alex’s practice purchase and how to prevent the seller from telling his team right before Christmas.</p> <p>We finish the show with some self-dentistry talk because a patient in Seattle complained about veneer prices. Way to go, <a href="">Lance</a>.</p>
Dec 23, 2017
Episode 4: A Brother, A Brother, And Josh
<div> <div class="_1t_p clearfix"> <div class="_41ud"> <div class= "clearfix _o46 _3erg _29_7 direction_ltr text_align_ltr"> <div id="js_2v" class="_3058 _ui9 _hh7 _s1- _52mr _3oh-" data-tooltip-content="11:53am" data-hover="tooltip" data-tooltip-position="left" aria-describedby="js_20"> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">For the first time, the Working Interferences bring in a guest to help them give bad advice. Today, we welcome Lance’s brother Clint Timmerman.</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">Clint helps the guys dole out a verdict about Zach’s uber-regular super sneezer at the front desk.</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">Next, the guys discuss working on team members and former team members while trying to help Brad not feel so bad about hating his former assistant.</span></div> <div class="_aok"> </div> <div class="_aok"><span class="_3oh- _58nk">We end the show with a real doozie…a question about blowjobs and wisdom teeth. Huzzah for the internet!</span></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div> </div>
Dec 15, 2017
Episode 3: The Love Groove
<p>Josh opens the show by grilling Lance about a full mouth case on the worst kind of tourist…a dental tourist.</p> <p>The advice this week centers around what would be the best drug for your dental team members to be addicted to.</p> <p>A question about endodontic irrigation leads to a stunning accusation by Josh against the President of the United States.</p> <p>Finally, the Interferences talk about oral sex with dentures.</p>
Dec 08, 2017
Episode 2: The Awkward Observer
<p><a href="">Josh</a> jumps on the pod right in the middle of a Stranger Things 2 binge and the boys discuss how big of a boner the Cleidocrainial Dysplasia Foundation must have over it’s success.</p> <p>Advice goes off the rails again about a discussion of failure rates in dental practice advertising and Josh does some investigative journalism on a dentist making outlandish claims.</p> <p><a href="">Lance</a> chimes in with his thoughts on hiring a dental school flunkie as an assistant and we close the show chatting about a pre-dental student who isn’t exactly a social butterfly in her shadowing visits at her local dentist’s office.</p>
Nov 29, 2017
Episode 1: Dook University
<p><a href="">Lance</a> and <a href= "">Josh</a> start the show and the pod with some introductions and a little how-do-you-do.</p> <p>This being the advice show that it is, they jump head first into a staff member asking about managing her bosses colonic impulses.</p> <p>After a lively discussion about going #2 before prepping #2, Lance and Josh answer a question about A/R and how to thrive in mediocrity.</p> <p>To end the show, the guys discuss patient’s facial hair and Lance’s swarthy face patch</p>
Nov 29, 2017