Bridge the City

By Benjamin Rangel & Kyle Hagge

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Bridge the City podcast bridges together people, resources, and ideas that inspire Milwaukee to action.

Episode Date
Episode 52: Election Special with Christian Saldivar

February 18th, 2020 is a primary election day for Milwaukee, that includes primary elections for Mayor and Alderman. We sit down with Christian Saldivar, a candidate for the 8th Aldermanic district to talk about what’s in the 8th district and what his platform contains. The other candidates running for the same seat are Angel Sanchez, Eduardo Loera, Jocasta Zamarripa, Justin Bielinski, and Ryan Antczak. Make sure to visit to find more information about where and how to vote and what else is on your ballot.

Some information about the differences between primary and general elections can be found here and here. February’s primary election will narrow down the mayoral and aldermanic races to just two candidates for each race, and Milwaukee will choose between those two candidates in April’s general election.

Oct 14, 2019
Episode 51: Milwaukee Talkie w/ #ElevAsian

We sit down to discuss Asian American Pacific Islander representation and visibility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the U.S. with #ElevAsian co-founder Erik Kennedy of Aurora Healthcare and member Alexa Alfaro of Meat on the Street. Follow their journey and contribute your own stories using #ElevAsian on various social media platforms. Enjoy!

Oct 07, 2019
Episode 50: Menomonee Valley Partners

We discuss Menonomee Valley Partner’s 20th anniversary as well as the revitalization of the Valley over the past decades with Corey Zetts, Executive Director of MVP, Sheri Schmit, SE Region Deputy Director for WisDOT, Melissa Cook, Hank Aaron State Trail Manager, and Catherine Stagmer, Manager of Global Social Responsibility for Komatsu. Visit:

Sep 24, 2019
Episode 49: Rev-Up MKE

We sit down and discuss all things Rev-Up MKE with event organizer and co-creator Kelsey Otero and past winners of the pitch competition: Lisa Kaye Catering, Pete's Pops, and Triciclo Peru. Rev-Up MKE is a pitch competition in the Near West Side that is focused on community development, economic growth, and inclusivity. The next Rev-Up MKE is September 24th at The Rave and will be emceed by Bridge the City. You can RSVP here:

Sep 16, 2019
Episode 48: Milwaukee Talkie w/ Youth Mental Health

A conversational, full-length interview with Dr. Sheri Johnson and Dr. Steve Dykstra, two psychologists affiliated with Milwaukee County. Dr. Johnson is the Director of UW-Madison’s Population Health Institute and member of the Milwaukee County Health Board, and Dr. Dykstra is the Director of Milwaukee County’s Children’s Mobile Crisis team. We talk about mental health services available within Milwaukee county, and mental health red flags in young adults.

For more information about mental health services from the County, as well as meeting times and information about funding associated with mental health, go to Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s page here.

Action steps:

1. If you are worried about someone, calmly and respectfully let them know why you're worried.
2. Come to Milwaukee County Mental Health Board meetings. The next one is at the Washington Park Senior Center on September 26th at 4:30pm.
3. Be mindful about how you refer to behavior. Think about your use of words like "crazy", or "nuts."

Sep 09, 2019
Episode 47: Milwaukee Talkie - Anita Mogaka

A conversational, full-length interview with Anita Mogaka, Founder and Community Narrator at the B.E.E. Narrative and all-around Milwaukee star. The B.E.E. Narrative’s mission is to shine a light on the positive stories of Black Milwaukee's people, places, and experiences. Anita talks with us about her unique approach to storytelling, the importance of narratives and creation, and how to learn from previous generations.

You can keep up to date with the B.E.E. Narrative by liking and following on Facebook and Instagram.

Action steps:

1. Get involved with some sort of professional network and regularly attend events.
2. Find your passion project outside of work and commit to it.
3. "Create" the narratives that define your community, neighborhood, or city. Don’t just react to what everyone is already saying.
4. Follow the B.E.E. Narrative on Facebook, Instagram, and

Sep 03, 2019
Episode 46: Milwaukee Talkie - Christopher Walton

A conversational, full length interview with Christopher Walton, Chair of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party. We discuss Chris’ upbringing in Milwaukee, how at 9 years old he declared he would be President, how college transformed how he viewed the world, life on the campaign trail, and what his political future may hold. He also explains how almost all local issues tie back to politics in some way; it’s on us to steer the ship and create a politics that works for everyone.

Aug 26, 2019
Episode 45: Newaukee Night Market

On this episode, we explore the Newaukee Night Market and what it means for Milwaukee. “A collision of everything Milwaukee” is how Rita DeMerit, Director of Events for NEWaukee, describes it. She also explains the history of how the Night Market has grown throughout time & how it has played a major role in the reactivation of Downtown. We also hear from a few Night Market vendors: Meat on the Street, Cuatro Uno Cuatro, and Triciclo Peru. They dive into their history with the Night Market and their hopes for the future of their businesses.

Aug 12, 2019
Episode 44: Milwaukee Talkie - Khalif El-Amin

A conversational, full-length interview with Khalif El-Amin, co-founder of Young Enterprising Society (YES). Young Enterprising Society’s mission is to be an international epicenter for financially, politically and socially progressive individuals. Serving as a hub, YES mobilizes people, information, resources and capital for the greater good of its members and society at large. Khalif talks about the role basketball played in teaching him lessons to be applied off the court, how he leverages his own network to create change in Milwaukee, the importance of STEAM education at the high school level, and the importance of coaching and mentoring young people. Learn more about YES here:

Jul 29, 2019
Episode 43: Milwaukee Talkie - Co:Lab

A conversational, full-length interview with Jeremy Fojut, Chief Idea Officer at Newaukee, and Joe Poeschl, Program Director at The Commons, to discuss a Co:Lab, a “civic accelerator” they co-founded here in Milwaukee. Co:Lab is a deeply engaging and experiential opportunity for a select group of Milwaukeeans to apply their diverse skills, build new connections into the city and work together to produce a high-impact solution for a real community issue. We discuss how to do community development in a thoughtful way, the necessity of cultural competency, focusing on the “return on community” rather than “return on investment”, how to engage young people and connect them to the entire city of Milwaukee, and why you need to go to more events that you wouldn’t typically attend. You can check out Co:Lab here:

Jul 22, 2019
Episode 42: Milwaukee Talkie - Oluomo Worldwide

A conversational, full-length interview with Oluwapelumi, founder of Oluomo Worldwide which is a Nigerian fashion company for all. We discuss why she wanted to start this business, the difficulties of student entrepreneurship, cultural appropriation vs cultural education, and the vision for the company going forward. You can find Oluomo Worldwide on the various platforms:

Twitter -

Instagram -

Etsy -

Jul 15, 2019
Episode 41: Youth Justice in Milwaukee (Part 2)

This is the second episode in our series on youth justice in Milwaukee, and what the closure of Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake as youth correctional institutions might mean for Milwaukee in the coming years. In this episode we talk about the role of the courts in the justice system, how Act 185 came to be, and what alternatives to incarceration are out there. We talk to Deputy Chief Judge Joe Donald, 10th district State Rep. David Bowen, and co-founder of Youth Justice Milwaukee and Urban Underground Sharlen Moore.

Be sure to check out the VRP Breakdown Podcast, a podcast produced by young people at MCAP, a close-to-home alternative youth prison in Milwaukee County. Listen to the podcast here.

Support us on Patreon here. Patrons help us finance our live radio show, maintain the website, and purchase new equipment to help us keep up with our weekly schedule.

Jul 01, 2019
Episode 40: Milwaukee Talkie - Justin Kern

A conversational, full-length interview with Justin Kern, editor of the Milwaukee Anthology and one of Milwaukee’s most active citizens. We discuss Justin’s process for identifying which Milwaukee stories to tell, the challenges he faced as an editor, and read from some of his favorite stories from the Anthology.

You can purchase the Milwaukee Anthology here.

This episodes features two Milwaukee creatives - Sue Blaustein starts off our episode with a reading of her poem “On These Acres”, and Dasha Kelly closes out our episode with a reading of her poem “About Leaving.”

You can find more of Sue Blaustein’s work at her website here, and more of Dasha Kelly’s work at her website here.

Episode action steps: Go to a summer festival that you haven't been to before.

Jun 24, 2019
Episode 39: Milwaukee Talkie - Adam Gabornitz & #IamMKE

A conversational, full length interview with Adam Gabornitz, part of Northwestern Mutual’s Tech Advancement & Outreach team as well as the brainchild of the #IamMKE movement. We discuss his lifelong love of Milwaukee, the goals of the Tech Advancement & Outreach team at Northwestern Mutual, the difference between diversity & inclusion, the framework he uses to deal with issues in the city, what the #IamMKE movement represents to him, & much more.

Jun 17, 2019
Episode 38: Milwaukee Talkie - Angela Lang

A conversational, full length interview with Angela Lang, Executive Director of BLOC: Black Leaders Organizing for Communities. We discuss BLOC’s role in empowering communities through building efficacy, avoiding the transactional feeling of politics, being proactive leading up to the 2020 elections, and developing their ambassador program. Angela also recommends supporting communities and movements through resources such as providing childcare or food for local community events.

Jun 10, 2019
Episode 37: Milwaukee Talkie - Mayor Betsy Hodges

A conversational, full length interview with Betsy Hodges, former Mayor of Minneapolis. We discuss her explicit platform of racial equity, her conception of power, how sexism plays a role in media and politics, her current work around “whiteness”, a funny encounter with President Obama, & the power of organizing. She also recommends the action step she most believes in: get to know your neighbors.

May 28, 2019
Episode 36: Bridge The City Interview w/ The GoGedders Podcast

This episode of Bridge The City is a little different—we are the ones being interviewed. We were fortunate enough to stop by The GoGedders Podcast and get interviewed by Richie Burke last week. We decided to share this interview with you all to hear about the origins of Bridge the City, what we have learned from the podcast, and our upcoming Political Open Mic with Newaukee on Thursday, May 16th. Enjoy the episode and we will see you at the Political Open Mic this Thursday!

May 13, 2019
Episode 35: Milwaukee Talkie - Mayor Tom Barrett

A conversational, full length interview with Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee. We discuss the grittiness of local politics, his experience working at the federal, state, and city level, how he handled defeats by staying “pleasant and present,” the current renaissance in Downtown and how to ensure growth is distributed equitably throughout the city, and the best methods for everyday residents to get a Mayor’s attention.

May 06, 2019
Episode 34: Milwaukee Talkie - Blue Mangoes

A full length, conversational interview with Josh Shefner, the founder and CEO of Blue Mangoes. Blue Mangoes was founded by students in Milwaukee to transform the natural abundance and waste of fruits in impoverished communities across the world into a product sold here in the United States. Josh talks about the organizations business model, their focus on the empowerment of women across the globe, and where he sees Blue Mangoes 10 years into the future. You can get some of their fruit through their first ever Kickstarter campaign, which can be found here:

Apr 23, 2019
Episode 33: Youth Justice in Milwaukee (Part 1)

This is the first episode of a two-part series on the future of youth justice in Milwaukee, and what the closure of Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake as youth correctional institutions might mean for Milwaukee in the coming years. In this episode, we’ll give some background on why Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake are closing, how Milwaukee County is preparing to use this moment to improve its youth justice system, and how New York City recently used a similar situation to drastically improve its own system. To help us understand this topic and articulate what makes now such a unique moment for the future of youth justice in our city, we talk to County Executive Chris Abele, Director of Health and Human Services Mary Jo Meyers, and Director of Youth Justice Initiatives and Columbia University’s Justice Lab Vidhya Ananthakrishnan.

Apr 15, 2019
Episode 32: Milwaukee Talkie - Camp Kindred

A conversational, full-length interview with Kevin and Fabi of Camp Kindred. We discuss how they seek to create a camp that represents the beautiful diversity of Milwaukee, how to connect summer camp friendships to activities during the rest of the year in Milwaukee, and what the vision of Camp Kindred is going forward.

Apr 08, 2019
Episode 31: Election Special with Danielle Shelton

April 2nd is the 2019 Spring Election and the ballot includes a Wisconsin State Supreme Court seat, a citywide School Board seat, and a variety of county and municipal positions at the judicial level. One of those races is between Public Defender Danielle Shelton and the incumbent judge, Andrew Jones for Milwaukee County Circuit Judge in Branch 40. Ben sat down with one of those candidates, Danielle Shelton, to discuss why shes running, why the position is so important for expanding justice and equity in our county, and why she thinks she will make a difference on the bench. Make sure to visit to find more information about where and how to vote and what else is on your ballot.

Mar 25, 2019
Episode 30: Police-Community Relations (Part 3)

On the last episode of our three-part series on police-community relations in Milwaukee, we focus on third-party organizations in Milwaukee that assist in maintaining functioning police-community relations, as well as the District Attorney’s office and community prosecution units. We talk with Safety and Community Outreach Specialist Bobby McQuay and Safe & Sound’s Executive Director Katie Sanders about the work their organizations do to ensure a safe and just community, as well as District Attorney John Chisholm and Assistant District Attorney Catelin Ringersma about the role of a community prosecution officer.

Mar 18, 2019
Episode 29: Police-Community Relations (Part 2)

This episode is the second of a multiple-part series on police-community relations in Milwaukee. In this episode, we talk about what a recent lawsuit brought by the ACLU of Wisconsin against the city of Milwaukee alleging racial bias in recent policing strategies means for policing going forward, how recent policing strategies in Milwaukee may have exacerbated a lack of trust in police, as well as the role of media in covering cases of police accountability. Guests include community residents Destiny and Santana, Ashley Luthern of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Jarrett English of the ACLU of Wisconsin.

Mar 04, 2019
Episode 28: Milwaukee Talkie - State Assemblyman Evan Goyke

A conversational, full-length interview with State Assemblyman of the 18th District Evan Goyke. We discuss how to best lobby your state representatives, how his time in law school and as a public defender shaped his political and world views, his love of his neighborhood and Milwaukee, and criminal justice reforms he expects to have bi-partisan support in 2019.

Feb 25, 2019
Episode 27: Milwaukee Talkie - Margaret Henningsen

A conversational, full-length interview with longtime Milwaukee change-maker Margaret Henningsen. From starting UWM’s Black Student Union, getting her own FBI file while in college, marching for fair housing in 1967-8, founding Wisconsin’s first woman-owned community bank, and serving as executive director of the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee from 2011-2016, Margaret takes us through the remarkable journey that has been her life. Listen along as we learn from one of Milwaukee’s most influential residents about what she has learned from over 50 years of making Milwaukee what it is today.

Feb 18, 2019
Episode 26: Election Special with MPS School Board Director Paula Phillips

February 19th is the Spring primary election and April 2nd is the Spring general election in Milwaukee. The ballot will include MPS School Board positions including an At-Large seat that everyone across the city will vote on. We sat down with MPS School Board Director Paula Phillips to discuss the importance of these elections, why everyone should care about our school system, the transformative effects of service, and what exactly a school board does. Make sure you are registered to vote (MyVote.Wi.Gov) and make your voice heard during election season!

Feb 11, 2019
Episode 25: Milwaukee Talkie - Emerald Mills and Diverse Dining

A conversational, full-length interview with Emerald Mills the creator of Diverse Dining, an organization whose mission is to cultivate courage, compassion, and connection through meaningful conversations centered around diverse food and cultural exploration. We discuss how Emerald’s move to Milwaukee from a small town in Illinois informed how she views race and diversity, how becoming an “overnight mother” of three inspired her to bring people together, and how food can bridge together the people of Milwaukee.

Jan 28, 2019
Episode 24: Milwaukee Talkie - State Senator Dale Kooyenga

A conversational, full-length interview with Wisconsin State Senator Dale Kooyenga. We sat down with Senator Kooyenga to discuss a number of topics including the lame duck legislation passed last December, what will change as he transitions from the State Assembly to the State Senate, and how he defines his constituency. In Bridge the City’s first episode of the new year, Senator Kooyenga offers an optimistic view for the future of Wisconsin politics, and stresses the importance of taking non-political action to affect change.

Jan 14, 2019
Episode 23: Milwaukee Talkie - Light the Hoan

A conversational, full-length interview with Ian Abston and Michael Hostad of the Light The Hoan campaign. We sat down with this dynamic duo to discuss how the Light the Hoan project came to be, why they believe this project will transform the city, the innovative crowd funding method they are using for the project, and the lessons they have learned throughout their time as innovators and leaders in Milwaukee. Be sure to check out for more information!

Dec 19, 2018
Episode 22: Milwaukee Talkie - MKE Misfits

A conversational, full-length interview with Israel Lugo (Izzy) and Quentin Allums (Q) from the MKE Misfits. We sat down with this dynamic duo to discuss their multiple ventures, how to grow from your failures, how the youth are defining a new Milwaukee, and the importance of amplifying voices from around our city. Izzy and Q offer a fresh perspective on Milwaukee and deliver inspiration to help you pursue your passions.

Dec 03, 2018
Episode 21: Milwaukee Talkie - Reggie Jackson

A conversational, full-length interview with Reggie Jackson, the Head Griot of America’s Black Holocaust Museum. Producers Sam Woods and Benjamin Rangel talk with Reggie about the museum and its reopening, the challenges Milwaukee faces with segregation and criminal justice reform, and his work facilitating dialogues about race with community members from across the state. Reggie offers an insightful conversation that is mandatory listening for anyone who is working toward racial justice and equality in America.

Nov 19, 2018
Episode 20: Two Years of Trump

What’s the state of American politics & society today, two years into the Trump Administration? We hear from 6 distinguished Marquette University professors on their areas of expertise and both the good and bad that has happened in those areas since Trump has taken office. Dr. Julia Azari discusses party politics, Dr. Paul Nolette examines Trump’s efforts to reshape the judiciary, Dr. Duane Swank highlights domestic economic policy, Dr. Susan Giaimo walks us through the ongoing healthcare debate, Dr. Richard Friman analyzes Trump’s foreign policy through an International Relations lens, and finally Dr. Phillip Rocco illuminates the politicization of numbers and the role of expertise and data in a functioning democracy. Listen to the full episode to come away with a nuanced understanding of what has changed since Trump took office and what the expected trajectory of the USA is as it heads towards 2019 and beyond.

Nov 05, 2018
Episode 19: Milwaukee Talkie - Kennita Hickman

A conversational, full length interview with Kennita Hickman creator of Our City, Your Vote and owner of Catera. We talk to Kennita about the Our City, Your Vote campaign, getting everyone to understand the importance of voting and accountability, and how she is using local hip-hop, R&B, and spoken word as ways to increase civic engagement among Milwaukeeans. Kennita is an incredible leader and we are blessed to have such a forward thinker in Milwaukee.

Oct 29, 2018
Episode 18: Police-Community Relations (Part 1)

This episode is the first of a multiple-part series on police-community relations in Milwaukee. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Kimberly Hassell at UW-Milwaukee to dive into the theory and empirical research behind policing. Next, we re-play a clip from our previous interview with future County Sheriff Earnell Lucas, who tells of how dangerous day-to-day policing can be. Lastly, we hear from Assistant Chief Raymond Banks on a number of topics, including why it took nearly 8 months to fire the officer involved in the Sterling Brown case.

Oct 22, 2018
Episode 17: Milwaukee Talkie - Deanna Singh

A conversational, full length interview with Deanna Singh, Chief Change Agent of Flying Elephant. We talk to Deanna about how her childhood gave her the talent of bridging different people and cultures together, how she uses her purpose to guide her life and make the tough decisions, her new book Purposeful Hustle, and the role her children play at Flying Elephant. Deanna is an incredible thought leader and always looks to make Milwaukee the best place it can be!

Sep 17, 2018
Episode 16: Milwaukee Talkie - Bria Smith

A conversational, full length interview with the multi-talented Bria Smith. A Milwaukee native who attends Franklin High School, Bria walks us through her path to activism, lessons learned from navigating the spectrum of privilege from Milwaukee to Franklin, her role on the Youth Council of Milwaukee, her experiences on the March for Our Lives tour, the launch of her website Honey For Your Tea, favorite quotes, and much, much more.

Aug 24, 2018
Episode 15: Election Special with Earnell Lucas

August 14th is the primary for the candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff. We sat down with one of the candidates, Earnell Lucas, to hear his thoughts on the election and why he is the best fit to be the next Milwaukee County Sheriff. We discuss his experience in the Milwaukee Police Department and the Major League of Baseball, his time growing up in Milwaukee, and the ideas he would bring to the Sheriff's Department. The other two candidates running against Earnell are Robert Ostrowski and Richard Schmidt. Eduardo Castro guest co-hosts this episode with host Benjamin Rangel. 

Aug 13, 2018
Episode 14: Milwaukee Talkie - Alex Lasry

A conversational, full length interview with Alex Lasry, Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks. We learn about his efforts to get the 2020 Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee, the economic and promotional benefits the convention could bring to the city, and how to ensure these benefits are felt by residents from all over Milwaukee, not just downtown. Share your thoughts with #Milwaukee2020.

Aug 06, 2018
Episode 13: Milwaukee Talkie - Frank Martinelli

A conversational, full length interview with Frank Martinelli of the Nonprofit Repositioning Initiative. We learn how nonprofits are uniquely positioned to affect systems change, how to help foster community empowerment, and what we can do, as individuals, to help nonprofits advocate for beneficial policies.

Jul 25, 2018
Episode 12: Milwaukee Talkie - President Michael Lovell

A conversational, full length interview with Dr. Michael Lovell, President of Marquette University. We learn about his unique position as an engineer and non-Jesuit leading a Jesuit institution, the new ideas and offices he has brought to Marquette, how he attempts to keep Marquette true to its mission as a university dedicated to service, and the necessity to become an agent of change in the face of an unequal status quo.

Jul 09, 2018
Episode 11: Election Special with Mahlon Mitchell

August 14th is the primary for the Democratic candidate for Governor. We sat down with one of the gubernatorial candidates, Mahlon Mitchell, to hear his thoughts on the election and why he believes he is the best fit to be the next governor of Wisconsin. We discuss a variety of issues including his plan for Foxconn, criminal justice reform, the environment, education, and much more. Mahlon is currently the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin. Liz Smith co-hosts this episode with Benjamin Rangel. 

Jul 02, 2018
Episode 10: Election Special with Kelda Roys

August 14th is the primary for Democratic candidate for Governor. We sat down with one of the gubernatorial candidates, Kelda Roys, to hear her thoughts on the election, why her diverse experiences separate her from the other candidates, why she embodies the future of Wisconsin leaders, and how she plans on defeating Scott Walker in the general election. We also hear from Fabi Maldonado on how the Wisconsin Choice Campaign is helping Wisconsinites get involved in the gubernatorial race.

Jun 25, 2018
Episode 9: Election Special with Tony Evers

August 14th is the primary for Democratic candidate for Governor. We sat down with one of the gubernatorial candidates, Tony Evers, to hear his thoughts on the election, why education should be on the forefront of voters' minds, and why he believes his experience as State Superintendent separates him from the other candidates.

Jun 18, 2018
Episode 8: Election Special with Mike McCabe

August 14th is the primary for Democratic candidate for Governor. We sat down with one of the gubernatorial candidates, Mike McCabe, to hear his thoughts on the election, the values he is bringing to the campaign trail, and why he believes he would make a great governor of the State of Wisconsin.

Jun 11, 2018
Episode 7: Civic Engagement

In this episode, we take an in-depth look at civic engagement and the different forms in takes in Milwaukee. Through conversations with 6 civic leaders, we learn about the importance of local elections, the necessity of unbiased information, and the role community-based organizations play in the lives of citizens. And as always, we leave you with action steps you can take to engage with the city and community you love. The civic leaders featured are: Alderman José Pérez, Alderman Michael Murphy, Rob Henken of the Wisconsin Policy Forum, Dr. Amber Wichowsky from Marquette University, Keith Stanley of the Near West Side Partners, and Max Love from Our Wisconsin Revolution.

May 10, 2018
Episode 6: Milwaukee Talkie - Dr. Howard Fuller

A conversational, full length interview with Dr. Howard Fuller, Distinguished Professor of Education at Marquette University. From his early days of civic activism through his time as Milwaukee Superintendent, Dr. Fuller has held countless job titles through a myriad of agencies. He discusses how his political activism shapes his worldview, why he has become a national champion of voucher/choice programs for K-12 education, and what lessons to take away from the 2016 election. 

Apr 13, 2018
Episode 5: Education

In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the complexities of the Milwaukee education system through conversations with 8 education leaders. Our interviews range from leaders of non profits working in the education field, such as Kelly Schaer and Meralis Hood, to journalists covering K-12 education in Milwaukee, such as Alan Borsuk and Rachel Morello. We learn about the importance of school culture and leadership, how the education system is intimately tied to other systems in Milwaukee, and what action steps people can take to make a difference.

Mar 15, 2018
Episode 4: Election Special with Attorney Tim Burns

February 20th is the primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. We sat down with another candidate, Attorney Tim Burns, to hear his perspective on the race, the importance of politics in the judicial system, and why he believes he is the best fit for the Court. 

Feb 16, 2018
Episode 3: Election Special with Judge Rebecca Dallet

February 20th is the primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. We sat down with one candidate, Judge Rebecca Dallet, to hear her perspective on the race, the importance of voting and the Supreme Court, and why she believes she is the best fit for the Court.

Feb 08, 2018
Episode 2: Milwaukee Talkie - Superintendent Dr. Driver

A conversational, full length interview with the Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools Dr. Darienne Driver. We discuss her path to Superintendency, the role of schools in their respective cities, challenges facing large metropolitan school districts, and innovative solutions to these challenges.

Jan 25, 2018
Episode 1: "The Unraveling of the American Project"

A conversation with Milwaukee freelance journalist Adam Carr. We discuss Adam's personal history with Milwaukee, his interpretation of MIlwaukee's history and how it plays out today, and what action steps citizens can take to make Milwaukee more equitable.

Dec 21, 2017