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Adults discussing niche music gossip with such conviction there can be no doubt there's something very wrong with them.

Episode Date
A2G114 - Worst Possible Tomline
Crossover episode with Worst Possible Timeline. Hardcore is supposed to be NOT discussed, but somehow works its way into conversations about Joe Girardi's traps, Joe Biden's brain failure, American exceptionalism, Tiger King, wrestling without crowds, and more. Hot takes abound!
Mar 31, 2020
A2G Overtime 06 - Black Flag Rank'm
Frequent collaborator Dave joins Bob to debate the most pressing issue of 2020: Where each Black Flag release ranks in the band's discography.
Mar 30, 2020
A2G Overtime 05 - Drive & Grind
This Is Albany, Not Bakersfield. Bob is joined by Overnight Drive's secret coremen Hans and Andrew for a trip into the dark heart of memory lane. Scene clashes, the alienated hardcore kid, 25 Ta Life, Earth Crisis fandom, Louisville, Punk Planet, and more. This is a wild time.
Mar 27, 2020
A2G Overtime 04 - Caseys Go Nineties
Ever spend a night in Poughkeepsie talking about your ten favorite hardcore records of the 90s? Now is you chance. Nicole and Alex Casey join the crew to talk all things hardcore from the era of MTV Unplugged. Is Only Living Witness on your list? Strife - underrated? Does Supertouch have tracks?
Mar 26, 2020
A2G113 - Everything Is Closed, Listen To Hardcore
Wire. Blacklisted. Best Boston bands. Smart bands vs 'Smart bands'. Marshal's Home Goods and TJ MAX. After Forever by Black Sabbath. After Forever as covered by Shelter. Disneyland. Melodic HC. Facebook Living your death. Orange juice. Petty beefs.
Mar 24, 2020
A2G Overtime 03 - Comfort Oreos
Ray & Porcell. Where's Your Head At? The dreadlocked whites of Koh Rong. Is doing a GoFundMe cool, lame, or a cause for complete indifference? Prison lockdown. Game Of Thrones cool, lame, or cause for complete indifference? Wild Side. Cambodian copyright laws. Gaslight Anthem.
Mar 23, 2020
A2G Overtime 02 - Rankin' Round Jah Throne
Bad Brains discussed in the type of detail a global pandemic allows for. Longtime friend of the podcast and frequent contributor Andy comes through to drop knowledge.
Mar 20, 2020
A2G Overtime 01 - Quarantined Musings
Putting in some overtime for all the people who are having to deal with this or that. We tackle the hard topics like how good was that Code Orange stream and can we expect biters? The difficulty of canceling events even under duress. Close it out with some chatter on the top releases from label titans Deathwish and Bridge 9.
Mar 18, 2020
A2G112 - Dangerous Shirts
Some new music talk. Some nontroversy talk about the shirt that scandalized Gilman. Some Damage City talk. Some Escape From Phnom Penh talk. Some size matters or it doesn't talk. It's early 2020 and the world is actin' up. Listen to some hardcore.
Mar 17, 2020
A2G111 - Sometimes Friends Fight
The Indecision episode! Rachel and Justin of Indecision/Most Precious Blood join their lifelong bandmate Tom to remember and misremember the past 25 years. Why do bands make the decisions they do? Does anything you did as a kid make sense even five years later? Victory Records; Magnum condoms; the Mets; hard tours; breakups to makeups; grad school; drone assassination record labels; more.
Mar 10, 2020
A2G110 - Big Fest Energy
It's that time of year again. Festivals aren't just for ravers and Europeans. Wild Rose! BnB! United Blood! Furnace! Much More! Here's a deep(ish) dive on what's on offer this spring/summer. Young! Old! It's all good! Also, don't hide your PV under a basket. Let your light shine. And more Bane (Batman, not band) voice than you can handle.
Mar 03, 2020
A2G109 - Poste Apokylips
Are the hosts of this podcast clinically depressed? Who are they talking to on AIM? Who is doing the dishes in this partnership? How would they say goodbye to a loved one when they're going to be consumed by marauders? What's with butthole sunning? The core only appears in small doses this episode... until KC's finest, SPINE joins us Live On A2G!
Feb 25, 2020
A2G108 - Blood Sweat and Some Tiers
NYHC bands ranked! Pre-1990 roster of kings! KILLING TIME; SICK OF IT ALL; BURN; LEEWAY; SHEER TERROR; BREAKDOWN; WARZONE; MURPHY'S LAW; SUPERTOUCH; to just name a few! The gang's all here and we R E S P E C T F U L L Y submit our opinions on what tier of legendary each fall into.
Feb 18, 2020
A2G107 - Year 2000 Listening Party, God Help Us
It's the most mixed of bags, as we expand on our year 2000 exploration. We lend our ear to classics and... not classics, learning a lot about our tolerance for operatic vocals, word salad, and squigel-squigel-dees. It was a year.
Feb 11, 2020
A2G106 - Y2K Bug Armageddon Revisited
Year In HC: 2000! Back in the day, before the Patriot Act, before stringent TSA screenings, there was a collision of traditional hardcore and metalcore. There was bizarre, best-forgotten, genre tangents like bandana thrashcore. It was an era where some sounds were slowing down and others were just ramping up. People were trying things and failing, and that makes it all the more interesting.
Feb 04, 2020
A2G105 - A Plea For Mosh
New England. A frigid hellscape in which nothing grows. A white aeon-dead world. Welcome. This is a very specific sorta Listening Party. A comp album straight through. This time, it's Every Winter Is Cold featuring PUMMEL, RESTRAINING ORDER, HOLY HANDS, BURDEN, KIND, CORRODE, VANTAGE POINT, JINX, BOILING POINT, DROPDEAD, PEACE TEST, SPRING TIDE, FREE, DARKLANDS, WOUNDMAN, ANTAGONIZE, ANXIOUS, and BROTHER. And if that somehow wasn't enough, we lead the ep with a premiere from SEED OF PAIN.
Jan 28, 2020
A2G104 - The Things We Don't Carry
NY visitor's guide; west coast 00s HC; 3rd-rate-and-not-that-great of the 90s; corndogs; premeditated murder; highlight reel; HC videos; Cursed; AF v NA; french fries; more! And Live On A2G: REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER!
Jan 21, 2020
A2G103 - Test Results Are In. Call Your Physician.
The results of the A2G Hardcore Census are in and they are equal parts intuitive and mind-blowing. How many of you are attending shows? How many are spending your college tuition on hardcore? Are zines a dead medium or are they thriving? What percentage of you are pivoting to rap? How many are sneaking off to country? Has the edge gone dull? Are you destroying the machines? It's all here. Information overload. Systems overloaded.
Jan 14, 2020
A2G102 - True Fanatics
World's on fire, let's talk hardcore. New music from TRUE FORM, PIG CITY, DIVISION OF MIND, THERAPY, AGNOSTIC FRONT, RAW HEX, THE ANNIHILATED, GEORGIA MAQ, CHOICE TO MAKE, THE WARRIORS, SECTION H8, WORLD PEACE, STAND ALONE, SYSTEM 74, and THE ACACIA STRAIN! Also discussed: odd crust; eras of Hatebreed; food delivery; bachelor parties; stalkers, wedgies; Travolta; Bjork; and more. And on-location reporting from FYA.
Jan 07, 2020
A2G101 - Split 7" Personality
Bring in 2020 with a conference call full of split releases, Hatebreed vs moshcore, the surprising possibly alarming return of Furnace Fest, undercover nice people, is Youth Of Today a better band without Ray, and nostalgia to death. Also, Acacia Strain shirt collection. And yes, there is a rattlesnake in the wires.
Dec 31, 2019
A2G100 - Break Out the Party Hats, It's Episode 100
2019 has been fun. Some really good music. Everyone should be bullish on hardcore right now. Celebrate good times. But... what came out this year that has lasting value? What'll get spins in five years? Ten years? What'll be listened to by the post-humans who crawl from the caves after the water wars? This episode is all about having TRACKS. Who got'm?
Dec 23, 2019
A2G99.5 - Sandblasting Your Rebel Alliance Tattoo
A special episode. Noncore - for those with an unhealthy appetite for Star Wars. A deep dive into The Last Jedi and whether it’s good, sucks, or Really sucks. Rank your favorite movies along and hear two deeply passionate guests, Guy and Sean, as they debate the merits of the force. *No Rise Of Skywalker Spoilers*
Dec 19, 2019
A2G99 - Checking the Temp
What's the state of hardcore in 2019? How would you know? Your circle? What you see online? Let's collect some data and crunch the numbers. Hardcore Census time! Also Acme, Backtrack farewell, Boysetsfire, H8000, Anxious, Carmelo Anthony, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, San Antonio, Gilman St, Che Cafe, ABC No Rio, and a brand new Live On Axe To Grind set from MAGNITUDE!
Dec 17, 2019
A2G98 - 100,000,000,000 Bridges!
An early Christmas gift to the true music lovers... a wild Listening Party that spans the gamut from power-alt to mario-metal. BIG CHEESE; DARE; GRACE; DOWNPRESSER; AMERICAN NIGHTMARE; COLONIAL WOUND; RED DEATH; VATICAN; PUMMEL; WEBBED WING; GEL; ANKLE MONITOR; LIVING IN FEAR; UNREAL CITY; SCHEMATIC; SWEET SOUL; CHARITY! Also, how many bridges does your city need?
Dec 10, 2019
A2G97 - Some Ground Rules Before We Begin
Imagine a weekly hardcore matinee featuring the most popping bands as headliners. Which acts would get that call? Inspired by that idea, what are the 52 bands that everyone should hear as we head into 2020? This episode lays down the rules for why bands are getting talked about, because this isn't a competition- it's a fun mission. Joined by Kara, of New Jersey.
Dec 03, 2019
A2G96 - A Thanksgiving Thanks Giving
For all of you with long drives this holiday weekend, a sampling from podcasts we consider friends. From wrestling, to videogames, to career management, to film, to drive-time morning radio shock-jockery. It's everything, all in one place: your ears. Merry holiday, or happy abstaining from it. Whichever.
Nov 28, 2019
A2G95 - Personal Classics
Classic albums that aren't classic albums that are. Records that mean the world to a select group of people who aren't the world. Songs that would've made a greater impact if they'd been heard by more people. Why some things spend more time in the shadow then they should. A pure and loving episode.
Nov 26, 2019
A2G94 - Show and Prove
This winter is packed fulla shows. Final shows, reunions; album plays; festivals, record releases, prolly some regular shows too. Why some shows are more appealing than others and why hardcore still rules. Also, how to be an accountant with no training and a bit of Cambodian history. And an epic Live On Axe To Grind set from the mighty STILLSUIT!
Nov 19, 2019
A2G93 - Sobriety Is Cost-Effective Skincare
A big ol' Listening Party. Lots of discussion about fictional animals, overhead lighting, mom fights, rent stoppage, the effect of weather on mosh, and MIL-SPEC, BURNT DECAY, POWER TRIP, RESTRAINING ORDER, SUNSET, CHAIN WHIP, IMPOSTER, STAGES IN FAITH, OUTNUMBERED, GREET DEATH, LIFE SUPPORT, NO RIGHT, VAMACHARA, KOTHI TUHOA, POWER, STALEMATE, and TAKE OFFENSE. Alex HV drops in to talk some current HC.
Nov 12, 2019
A2G92 - Indie Rock Barbed Wire Cage Match
Negative Approach v Black Flag; indie band ethics or lack thereof; NOLA HC; Taylor Swift on a horse; Israel tour; vinyl variants; one-table Chinese takeout spots; hey I'm vegan; Wolverine hardcore; knowing too much; hatin' on Refused; sleeping on the floor; the affordability of having sports mascots marry you; AND MORE ON THIS VERY INTERNATIONAL EPISODE.
Nov 05, 2019
A2G91 - It's the Great Pumpkin Devil Child!
User groups; eating garbage; that city between New York and Baltimore; sympathy for the CD industry; types of snot; leather cowboy hats; bands without children; and a very fun Album-To-Album examination of the mighty Ink & Dagger!
Oct 29, 2019
A2G90 - The Files Are In the Computer
The Deepest of Deep Dives, this episode goes all the way into THE SUICIDE FILE. Underrated or well-loved? Punk or hardcore? Rock or roll? This band was a critical part of the hardcore landscape for many kids, despite only being active a few years. The band's place in the ecosystem is discussed by dudes not in the band, before singer Dave Weinberg gets on the horn and tells it straight from the horse's mouth. An episode for fans and the uninitated alike!
Oct 22, 2019
A2G89 - Likes My Tweets Sometimes
Two shows tonight, Jerome's Dream and Unit Pride, which gets your money? Are LP jackets a viable clothing item? Are scab lineups a bad thing or just a thing? Does liking someone's tweet make you their tight homie? Is it cool to see hardcore in film and television? Is Twitter killing your band? What's going on with children's garden? Sounds creepy. Are HC cruises the next wave? Oh, ALSO, one of hardcore's tightest, MINDFORCE performs Live On A2G!
Oct 15, 2019
A2G88 - Florida & Kentucky Best States Sry Not Sry
A timely and timeless episode that takes a snapshot of HC in 2019. Hardcore fests are packed, there's a wild variety of styles being embraced, and kids are open to older bands. It's all pretty dope, so let's enjoy it before we're cooked alive. Of interest: Is Florida a top 3 state? Do hot springs give you brain diseases? Do the hardest kids still have Hawaiian shirts in their closets?
Oct 08, 2019
A2G87 - Goddamn Things Move Fast
Is HC moving faster than listeners can keep up with? Is there a right way to enjoy this? Does career trajectory of a band matter to fans or is that for absolute nerds? What role do GAINS have in making a thin man delusional? Is going viral a boon or a total nightmare? Do people say 'going viral' anymore? And the big question of the day: whose definition of a thing wins history?
Oct 01, 2019
A2G86 - 1989: Goodbye Berlin Wall Hello Great Hardcore
It's 1989. Satanic Verses inspires a fatwa, the Exxon Valdez destroys a coastline, the US sneak-invades Panama, Chinese students are fed up, and the Berlin wall falls. Also, possibly the single best year in hardcore music occurs.
Sep 24, 2019
A2G85 - A Bathing Crust
A wildly varied Listening Party, featuring ENVISION, REDBAIT, THE ANSWER, SECT, DYING WISH, POINT OF CONTACT, FUCK IT I QUIT, INVOKE, MH CHAOS, HESITATION WOUNDS, SANCTION, CONSTANT ELEVATION, FINAL RITE, IMPLIED RISK, SUNSTROKE, and LURK! Who owns crust? Is Neglect on the lips of every kid? Are we on the cusp of a Panteraissance? Is it time for more Prayer For Cleansing? All this and special 25 Ta Life correspondent, Worst Possible Eric!
Sep 17, 2019
A2G84 - MMA For Warrior Poets
This episode is an Album to Album look at the American Nightmare LPs Background Music and We're Down Til We're Underground! Also: prison slashings; Europeans demanding value for their money; Louisville pizza; the lifting of balls; breakup music; where does AN exist on the Hellfest / Posi Numbers axis; songs about your breakup; marquee album designers; and LIVE ON A2G: GULCH!
Sep 10, 2019
A2G83 - Jim Carrey's Finest Role
There is more music contained in these 3hrs than in any single piece of media in human history. It's a LISTENING PARTY! Andy joins us to give THREAT 2 SOCIETY, ANTAGONIZE, DOLLHOUSE, GATECREEPER, DOMINANT FORCE, REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER, SUNAMI, LIFE'S QUESTION, RESULT OF CHOICE, BROTHER, LOVE & TRUST, BRAIN TOURNIQUET, THE BERRIES, SHEER MAG, EYES OF THE LORD, MOURNING, TOMB MOLD, HEAVY DISCIPLINE, and OBEDIENCE some attention! Then we're joined by DRAIN for a LIVE ON A2G session, who proceed to rip. It's more than most can handle, but faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens!
Sep 03, 2019
A2G82 - Video Killed the Hardcore Show?
Would you rather watch a show from the comfort of your $300 gamer chair than actually attend one in the flesh? Is there a reason to catalog the scene from top to bottom? What space belongs to a band and what space belongs to the audience? Are you bad at guessing? Possibly.
Aug 27, 2019
Album 2 Album: Secrets of the World v Big Kiss Goodnight. Which will you bequeath to family in your will and which will you be buried with? Best NYHC that is NOT from NY? Is this world split into honest souls and jealous MFers? Can these disparate partisans ever collaborate for a greater good? And don't miss LIVE ON A2G: Bogota Colombia's RAW BRIGADE performing a full set!
Aug 13, 2019
A2G80 - Nickleback Demos
Aug 06, 2019
A2G79 - I Want My Homie Back
Photogate rocks the HC Twitterverse; what's good in hardcore; will our homie ever come back from the war; is noncore the bridge to heaven or the tunnel to hell; how many people can fit on a stage legally; doing it for the gram; shadow people; vehicles; and more!
Jul 30, 2019
A2G78 - You Can Get Wit Dis Or You Can Get Wit Dat
Dust off your opinion shoes, we pulled out THIS or THAT to answer your burning binary questions. Joined by Andy Scarpulla (Tear It Up, Forward To Death, Staring Problem) we take on the world’s biggest quandaries such as: Agnostic Front or Madball? Death Row or Bad Boy? Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles? SST or Dischord? Yankees or Mets? Much more... and a disturbing revelation about Guy Fieri in the first of our ongoing series “Missing Guy Fieri.”
Jul 23, 2019
A2G77 - Teleconference the Pit
So international. Is the Have Heart reunion the logical limit of reunions? Could you skip college and just study the Lungfish discography? Is the Whopper disgusting? Is Quake the best game? Should you torch your dorm room? Where are the RZL DZL shirts? HOW GREAT IS THIS LIVE ON A2G SET FROM **WORN**?
Jul 16, 2019
A2G76 - To All Our Friends In the Steampunk Community
Moon Knight, Krust, Wildside, label promotion in hardcore and self-promotion in hardcore and accidental promotion in hardcore, more Wildside, Candy, colorism in the NBA, The lawfirm of Misfits Misfits & Misfits, riding mowers, and more!
Jul 02, 2019
A2G75 - Lizards Of The Pizza Store
It's 75 episodes in, so time to go SUPER OFF-BRAND and talk about Horse the Band, Biohazard, Seadoos, beets, the Christian god, Shockwave, cake donuts, prison, Glassjaw, John Elway, Yuppicide, and horse farms.
Jun 25, 2019
A2G74 - Early To Bed Early To Rise Early 2000s Were Pretty Alright
Guest hosts Dave Ackerman and Andy Scarpulla join the fray to discuss their favorite records of the early 2000s. Marvel at how different the opinions can be from one mouth to the next. Was American Nightmare universally universal? Should everyone hear the Striking Distance lp? Is the Rival Schools lp mandatory in elementary alt music education yet? Where were you when the early aughts trends started to split... and exactly how expensive were your jeans?
Jun 18, 2019
A2G73 - No Snitchin or Code Switchin Just Guitar Rippin
NEW MUSIC FROM ABUSE OF POWER! Toby and the cops vs Instagram Police; Cro-Mags vs Cro-Mags; bootleggers vs wallets; headliners vs support; mastering engineers vs musician ignorance; reasonable adults vs Brooklyn rent; bunk beds vs romantic partners; more! Also Back To School Jam details! And a LIVE ON A2G SET FROM **BLIND JUSTICE!**
Jun 11, 2019
A2G72 - Summer Lovin'
It's summer and things are poppin'. Time to play beach volleyball with Backtrack on their final tour. Maybe meet Drake on the floor of the Scotiabank Arena. Or walk around Vegas until you die of sun exposure. OH AND ATTEND ANY OF THE SICK SHOWS TAKING PLACE. Don't know where/what they are? We got you, fam.
Jun 04, 2019
A2G71 - 1985: Gorbachev Is In! Reagan Is Back! HC Is Weird!
Medication that makes you husky! Soup! Bowling! Fake chicken salad! 7 Seconds! Corrosion of Conformity! Youth of Today! Rites Of Spring! Government Issue! DRI! Husker Du! The Descendents! SNFU! SOD! Bad Religion! And much much more! It's 1985 and hardcore is over... OR IS IT?! WE DIVE DEEP.
May 28, 2019
A2G70 - What If Madball Wielded the Infinity Gauntlet?
New Angel Du$t getting talk; Soulfly as a conversation in 2019; performance enhancing drugs in hardcore; cancelled is as cancelled does; no shirts lots of chest workouts; Robert Kraft's erection; hypebeasts; more! Heavy What Ifs about Hatebreed, Title Fight, Foundation, the kid from Fallout Boy, Madball's power set and galactic ambitions; more.
May 21, 2019
A2G69 - Five For Five For Five For Five
The five records that define every five years since 1980. There's some hot takes buried among the regular heat takes. Also of note: how to wash kale; having no friends; is Hot Water Music hardcore; records you've blanked on for a decade; the cult of Snapcase; Norma Jean as Cro-Mags; vegan delis; probably a mention of Stuck Mojo in there somewhere.
May 14, 2019
A2G68 - Acid Test
LSD, CTHC, SONY, EVERYBODY BLEEDS NOW, DMT, TIK TOK, dropping Seth Putnam, and more with the mindful mogul, Jay Reason. Also, can birds fly backwards? Fighting hair loss with Discharge.
May 07, 2019
A2G67 - TeChnI%caL dIFFiC#tie$
It's a LISTENING PARTY, fam! New(ish) music from Combust, Outskirts, Payback, Drain, Rotting Out, and MORE. Also, nothing mechanical works. Everything but the computer breaks during this recording, so there's a lotta vamping while the repairman fixes things.
Apr 30, 2019
A2G66 - Is There Trax Tho
After some hyper-local talk about the New York Metro Area and dating prospects in NJ, the real discussion begins: What was missed, overlooked, and strangely forgotten in our Mosh Madness Tourney. Why are some releases not en vogue?
Apr 23, 2019
A2G65 - A Cosmic Evil
How serious is too serious? How many snakes did Jake go through? Does your president skateboard? Are covers lame? Digital-only EPs dope or wack? Are melodic metalcore reunions the new bitcoin? Does your spouse hate Earth Crisis?
Apr 16, 2019
A2G64 - Finally the Finals
Apr 08, 2019
A2G63 - Eat a Couch
Insider info on putting together the biggest hardcore show in 30 years in the form of the Have Heart reunion; Fresno real estate; relocating to Cambodia; driving your student loans off a bridge; and more! oh yeah, also AN EXCLUSIVE AXE TO GRIND LIVE SET FROM TRIPLE B RECORDING ARTISTS ~ANXIOUS~
Apr 02, 2019
A2G62 - Rock the (Mosh Madness) Vote
Some loopy chat in this one. Three men who've listened to hella records do their best to stay on topic. Wokeness was lacking in 1989; heavy as an idea; Hoobastank; Paramore; wait that's the same thing; Puck from the Real World; Van Nuys HC; pornography; TURNSTILE; NO WARNING; KING NINE; SOUL SEARCH; GOD'S HATE; WEEKEND NACHOS; FREEDOM; XIBALBA; and more!
Mar 26, 2019
A2G61 - March Into Darkness
Straight edge discussion of regional beers, how many years pass before something is hella old, Jersey Mikes italian subs, impending homelessness, NAILS, FOUNDATION, IMPALERS, REGULATE, BANE, TURNSTILE, CRUEL HAND, ROTTING OUT, and mucho mas.
Mar 19, 2019
A2G60 - Slipped Up and Became Sheriffs In Reno
Greg Bennick, vocalist of Trial, documentarian, activist, and speaker, acts as 4th mic for a talk on beach life, Lulu Lemon, gatekeeping, classic era Revelation, Ginsburg, Harley, Jorge, bands with Xs in their name, Trump fan overlap, skilled guitarists versus bum guitarists, and Hootie & the Blowfish.
Mar 12, 2019
A2G59 - It's a Mad Mad Mad Mosh
The contest of champions continues! We're in the wild days of Mosh Madness, where acts are playing for keeps and no prisoners are taken. Topics discussed include tech bros, offloading merch to Southeast Asia, celebs, and more. Also, weirdly, Mest. CEREMONY, NEW LOWS, TURNSTILE, UNIFIED RIGHT, RIVAL MOB, INCLINATION, HARMS WAY, and MINUS are in competition! If this episode sounds thin, it's because a transformer blew and we had to record it on a battery powered My First Sony.
Mar 05, 2019
It's true. There's a HAVE HEART reunion coming this summer, and we've got Pat Flynn on the pod to talk about it, reunions as a phenomenon, history of hardcore and otherwise, science fair hardcore, exercising to eat more subs, connecting with listeners on that heavy tip, crying, agency, self-ownership, melodic hardcore's boom and bust, and more.
Feb 27, 2019
A2G57 - The Madness Is All Consuming
Mosh Madness is in full swing. We're talking hotdogs, big dogs, night mode, font size, rebates, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, CODE ORANGE, TITLE FIGHT, BLACKLISTED, TAKE OFFENSE, CONCEALED BLADE, BLISTERED, and COLD WORLD. This is the contest of champions, people.
Feb 26, 2019
A2G56 - Brackets On Brackets On Brackets
You know what it is. Mosh Madness is in full swing and you're gonna get sucked into the adventure. RIVAL MOB, TOUCHE AMORE, XREPENTANCEX, RUDE AWAKENING, CANDY, FIDDLEHEAD, POWER TRIP, and TERROR are discussed in the gory details you expect and demand.
Feb 19, 2019
A2G55 - HC Is For Cookie
The ghost of George HW Bush haunts the studio as cookies are discussed in depth, as are the positives and negatives of community, some now-very-dated talk about the government furlough, breaking into amphitheater shows at the cost of your life, and then you're treated to a very special live-in-the-studio recording from VA's BREAK AWAY courtesy of Axe To Grind Live!
Feb 12, 2019
A2G54 - Hot Brackets!
MOSH MADNESS won't stop. This episode we're talking INCENDIARY, BITTER END, DOWNPRESSER, NO TOLERANCE, CODE ORANGE, DETAIN, CRIMINAL INSTINCT, and ANGEL DU$T! Also some comic book talk, and lots of sports references that are lost on one host.
Feb 05, 2019
A2G53 - The Game Rolls On!
Mosh Madness continues! These brackets have us talking FOUNDATION, NAYSAYER, POWER TRIP, BACKTRACK, VEIN, MIZERY, NAILS, FIRE & ICE, also what makes your pee smell weird, and how handsome is Julian Casablancas? So handsome!
Jan 29, 2019
A2G52 - What Type of Hat Does Pitbull Wear?
Staying current this episode with talk about the No Echo piece '"Female-Fronted" Is Not a Fucking Genre' from Madison Watkins, and can you be mad on the internet without being labeled BIG MAD, and Todd Jones' grievance with Metal Sucks. Not a ton of HOT TAKES, but a few HOT TOPICS.
Jan 22, 2019
A2G51 - Let the Games Begin!
MOSH MADNESS Round 1, Part 1. We go IN on releases from FURY, RENOUNCED, WAR HUNGRY, BITTER END, TWITCHING TONGUES, CODE ORANGE, MINDSET, and BOSTON STRANGLER. You selected the field, we're just playing in it.
Jan 15, 2019
A2G50 - 50th Episode Job Fair
Self-starting, using your background to better your future, and not getting ripped off by poser brands are all part of our conversation with designer Jon Contino. In the process, we talk about Queens and LI HC, not being held up at gunpoint, six-figure debt, and the Keebler Elf's government name.
Jan 08, 2019
A2G49.5 - Crossover (thrash) Into the New Year
New Year; New You; New Hardcore Rules. Justin of Dead Heat joins us to talk FYA, what we should all be checking out, touring, and CALIFORNIA. This MFers voice is silky as hell. This episode premieres a brand new DEAD HEAT joint off their upcoming record. Circle pit your New Years brunch.
Jan 01, 2019
A2G49 - Never Mind the Bedbugs, We Got Year-End Lists
It was a good year for hardcore, and here's some lists of our favorite releases to prove it. And some hard numbers for the statistician listeners. Also, where are the big room screamo bands now? And a BIG thank you to y'all. RIP Penny Marshall.
Dec 27, 2018
A2G48 - The Sassy Boys Are Back In Town *guitars wail*
The gang's all here and ready to talk hardcore, noncore, and cosplay. Losing teeth on tour. Are onesies back? Are shoes requisite? Should we move to Long Beach? Is sasscore simulacra or simulation? Is all hardcore simulation? Are we in the matrix? Agnostic Front doc on Showtime. Is Laserdisc the future? Albany is closed for business, sorry. Joined by the ghost of Dale Earnhardt.
Dec 23, 2018
A2G47 - Almost Pizza Party
We fill Patrick’s spot with three guests- Nicole, Alex, and Eric. Get back in the saddle as we discuss some recent gigs, Spotify Top Songs of the year, and we break down Nicole and Alex’s year end lists. We also answer the question - what do you do when friends release bad music? That and much more as we dig in and start clearing out our Santa Sack.
Dec 18, 2018
A2G46 - When Tigers Pod
Life sends us in all sorts of directions, and sometimes people fall off radars. The life path of Jules of Side By Side and Alone In A Crowd has been the subject of speculation for almost 30 years. With AIAC doing a benefit reunion, Jules is about to be step on a stage and back into the public eye. We've got questions.
Dec 11, 2018
A2G45 - Mosh Madness Begins... with THE BUBBLE
Before Mosh Madness brackets can be finalized, the bubble releases need to be slotted! And to give you an idea of how stiff competition in the tournament will be, there's potential classics even among the records on the bubble. We listened HARD to releases from Code Orange; Bitter End; Praise; Day By Day; and more! Also talk way too much about Poison the Well for some reason.
Nov 28, 2018
Many of you are on long drives or just wanna hear something other than your family's holiday beefs. So here's a sample of our Patreon episodes AND samples of other podcasts we think you should listen to. Hopefully this gets you through the holiday weekend. Good luck.
Nov 21, 2018
A2G44 - That One Song You Definitely Know
'One hit wonder' sounds like a dig, but you band people need to put your pull-up diapers on and ready yourselves for the attack. We confirm some acts as having legitimate hits, and debunk more than a few listener suggestions. From Converge to Antidote and dozens more. Who has HITS?
Nov 19, 2018
A2G43 - We're All Becoming Park Rangers
Jay from Mindforce joins us to talk Poughkeepsie as a municipality and lifestyle; David Koresh Hardcore; driving through New Paltz in a bikini; the expanding boundaries of New York City, CharlieBo fandom; arborist hc; being an educator; Rosevelt sniffing socks; grapes; disappearing promoters; THE NEW MINDFORCE RECORD!
Nov 13, 2018
A2G42 - Goo Goo Dolls Hardcore x GGHC
Written out, forced in, misremembered, enshrined, and buried. Demystifying the current narratives of Ensign, Texas Is the Reason, VOD, Kid Dynamite, and Carry On. What's real? What's imagined? Plus Goo Goo Dolls, Ojai pride, Pearl Jam, and nipple rings.
Nov 06, 2018
A2G41 - Dungeons & Dragons & Hardcore
Is there scum in every room? Would you lend them gear? Is moshing with a cardboard uzi cool? Do you remember CrimeThinc? If so, do you know what a donut hole is? Is Gloss remembered? JNCO made sneakers? Can you listen to the band of a man who made a sex tape on your bed? Midwest Correspondent Patrick From Louisville calls to set us straight on what region of the US his city is in.
Oct 30, 2018
A2G40 - Streak the Yard
How many bands is too many bands on a package tour?; the Youth Attack Effect; Justice's acting debut; Who Edges the Edgelords?; Simpsons did it first; and more. Then down to the Winning Streaks. Which bands have three consecutive banger albums? The list is short, but we celebrate some great ones this episode.
Oct 23, 2018
A2G39 - Animecore Vs Mangapunk
A quick look at Flyover Fest, then right down to the music: We're listening to new tracks from Mindforce; Silk, Berzerker Boyz; Super Unison; Night Birds; Antagonize; Seed Of Pain; Pig Destroyer; Fucked Up; C.H.E.W. Also, some talk on Peekskill Salvation Army, the Texarkana of Appalachia, and lawless regions of Southeast Asia. And does Candy's merch suck or nah? Having problems with your rig?
Oct 16, 2018
A2G38 - Vocal Coach vs Pack of Newports
How many original members do you require in a touring band? What cities would we hit with a nuke? Is Fred Durst marked for death? Do 20-year-olds like Nirvana? Or just the shirts? What's wrong with San Diego? Is it wrong to have normal human being interests? All this, the sound of a car alarm, and more!
Oct 09, 2018
A2G37 - Smashed Skulls! Auto Theft! New Releases!
All the news of the day! Including metalcore head wounds, stolen trailers, and -for some reason- Kanye West. Big release week with new Gouge Away, Terror, and Candy. Also, are corporate-funded gigs good or bad for hardcore? Or neutral because nothing matters anyway? In addition, we talk detective work, vigilantism, and ska.
Oct 04, 2018
A2G36 - Lust for Destruction
Cheddar from the band Candy joins us as the flow touches on their new record “Good To Feel”, Karl Buechner posters, making friends with venue staff, and the question everyone has been thinking about, Twizzlers or Red Vines? Strap in for show booking 101, including an informational back and forth on proper Reunion Band™️ etiquette. Who plays where, for what, for who, and all that jazz.
Sep 25, 2018
A2G35 - Falling Off the Legacy Cliff
On location recording from Back To School Jam. The topic of legacy is discussed. Is it worth more than a hill of beans? Or is it the fool's prize we all die struggling to maintain? Are we trapped in a veil of maya? Where's our dude Krishna to extricate us from that illusion? Speaking of which, we get specific on the legacy of the Cro-Mags. Also, Pat Flynn stops by. And would you listen to a new Judge record in 2019?
Sep 18, 2018
A2G34 - Video Killed the Local Dancer
Dave Ackerman (Tear It Up; Dead Nation) joins us as the fourth wiseman to look into a crystal ball and answer eternal questions such as "Is Ohio a Bottom 10 State?" and "What's the worst show you've played?" and "what's the problem with 10" records?" and "pancake or waffle?" and "do you need a cool band to cosign you before anyone gives an s?" and many more!
Sep 11, 2018
A2G33 - Listening Party With Paul Blart
SO much new music, you may never need another playlist. We talk Prospect, Gouge Away, Ekulu, Bracewar, Krust, Jesus Piece, Stigmatism, Diztort, Culture Abuse, Hangman, Perfect World, Fencecutter, and a ton more. Dave Ackerman drops in for the second half. It's social gathering in your ear.
Sep 04, 2018
A2G32 - Power of Personal Preference
New Jersey native Swank joins the podcast to get so local that only the guy getting a soft pretzel from Wawa is more provincial. The important issues are tackled in the form of seemingly stream-of-consciousness questions like "Gorilla Biscuits or YoT?' and "is Age of Quarrel a crossover record?" and "are drumming gloves cool y/n?" At some point the podcast swings into wildly heavy material, then swings back just in time to talk about Clutch.
Aug 28, 2018
A2G31 - We're Intimidated By Our Guest
Recognized as one of NYHC's most creative minds, Gavin Van Vlack's resume includes BURN, Absolution, Die 116, and his new band Canonized. You might also know him from his role in Physical Culture Collective. He's a Renaissance man working in the mediums of stringed instruments and fists. Dude is a primo storyteller, so there's something for everyone in this episode wether your thing is muay thai, noise rock, drag shows, beating nazis, or classic hardcore. It's best not to talk over a guy who could bend you into a pretzel, so we mostly stood out of the way and let Gavin go off.
Aug 21, 2018
A2G30 - The Sh#t Hour
Split label releases; Jesus Piece; the Port Authority bathroom; stop calling everything skramz; moments that make our hair stand on end; playing the classics vs playing the new stuff nobody cares about yet; LOTS of topics. Strap a brick of drugs to your leg and hop on the Greyhound, because you're in for a ride.
Aug 14, 2018
A2G29 - 2006 in Hardcore Remembering Steve Irwin
Where were you in 2006? Because hardcore was in a wild place. LOTS of classics, some near classics, and obviously a ton of forgettable nonsense. Bust out the Activia Probiotic yogurt (the biggest food trend of 2006) and lets do this.
Aug 07, 2018
A2G28 - California Is a World All of Its Own
Mac Miller (not that one) joins us to talk touring, Bad Religion as a CA radio staple, touring as a lifestyle, ska punk, Freddy Kruger, Back To School Jam, self stimulation, injury, The Mongo Orchestra, Fat Mike's stay in punk prison, creative payments for bands, McVengers, and the best SoCal punk records of all time. Do some good: - - -
Jul 31, 2018
A2G27 - Seent It Before
Sound & Fury recap. Fake beefs. Is it ok to laugh at ourselves? Is it ok for Barstool Sports to laugh at us? Coolest show photos. Can Patrick land a plane? Is Wicca Phase the new Void? Entirely too much rap talk courtesy of our guests Kara and Ace.
Jul 24, 2018
With the death(?) of the B9Board and (possibly?) forums in general, it feels like the perfect time to talk the evolution of hardcore kids online. From newsgroups and BBS to the present and beyond. Eric Wilson joins us midway for a very fun, occasionally dark, retrospective.
Jul 12, 2018
A2G - SOUND & FURY 2018
Sound & Fury Festival 2018 psych up! Get pumped! We're joined by Chris from (central) Massachusetts to talk about karaoke, the beach, and 50 or so hardcore acts playing this year's festival. Grab a veggie burger from IN n OUT, drop it in an acai bowel, and let's do this.
Jul 09, 2018
A2G25 - Beyonce Hardcore / Is This a Big Summer?
RIP Steve Soto. New music talk. Mil-Spec; Code Orange; Converge; lots more. How much fanbase overlap is there between Drake and Trail of Lies? Do you need a cosign from someone 'cool' to succeed? Could anyone understand Soundcloud rap less than the hosts of this show? Text beef. Physical reality beef. Tangent city.
Jul 03, 2018
While editing a new Patreon episode, it occurred to us we should give the non-supporters a taste of what they're missing. If you've been supporting, you've heard this material before, but we got an exclusive coming your way next week. If you haven't, here's a few minutes from a few episodes. Hope it turns y'all on.
Jun 28, 2018
A2G24 - Hardcore in 1992: Never Mind the LA Riots.
Where were you in 1992? Watching Jordan in the finals? Voting for something? Rioting? Well, if you were too busy for Biohazard, Heroin, Bikini Kill, Shelter, Yuppicide, and about two dozen other releases- don't worry. We got you covered. DEEP DIVE 1992! GO! *deal with the fan noise; it was 90 degrees in the spot*
Jun 26, 2018
A2G21 - Walking Promoters to the ATM
The mental poverty of broken phone screens. Skrewdriver guilt. Is it worth a band's time to chase cool? Is Post Malone the new Killing Time? Is playing fests for pure radio rock crowds worth it for a subculture band? DIY promoters vs The Fatcats. Revelation vs Victory... which has more Ws? Which carries more Ls?
Jun 19, 2018
A2G23 - Listening Party. New Albums; demos; promos.
New (and newish) music from A TON of bands. We land on mostly good material, though a couple bunk recordings. Democore proves to be alive and well(?). Break out the Tostitos. It's a listening party.
Jun 12, 2018
A2G22 - The Overthinking Episode
Axe To Grind goes on a field trip to see what a dorm room looks like in 2018. Not entirely different from the 90’s. While in room 1605 at Warren Towers, we discuss body image issues, assault in all forms, straight edge, group think, and a bunch of other esoteric stuff. We even touch on some music at the very end.
Jun 05, 2018
A2G20 - What's Next For Hardcore? Mindless Speculation Time.
Jeff Casazza of Run For Cover fame joins us to talk about WHAT'S NEXT FOR HARDCORE. Has heavy hardcore reached its tipping point? Is there enough labels in hardcore right now or are we all super doomed? Quick aside: does anyone care about Fugazi? Also... Pearl Jam. Bonus: Deathcore Patrick emerges.
May 29, 2018
A2G19 - Hardcore in 2010: Never Mind the Oil Spill, Let's Talk HC.
In this, the first installment of our Yearbook series, we explore the good the bad and the ugly of 2010. A weird transition year with a lot thriving and some stuff dying. Provided: (hot?) takes and some indisputable realities. Also covered: New Age Anniversary Fest, the state of Alaska, Spotify, and guns. We're accidentally joined by Mike Abrusci of and (in the form of an off-mic yelling) Eric Wilson of
May 22, 2018
A2G18 - Power Trippin’ Afternoon
One normal host and two guest hosts. What could possibly go wrong? Bob is joined for a lovely afternoon by Riley from Power Trip and Andrew from Police Line / Overnight Drive to discuss screenprinting shops, Texas, Queensrÿche, bandwagons and some other nonsense. Patrick was in Alaska and Tom has something called “a job.” Check out Overnight Drive Podcast on iTunes:
May 17, 2018
A2G17 - Listener Mail featuring Izzy b/w Integ2018
Integrity is discussed in frighteningly deep detail. The importance of band names. Favorite DFJ bands. How often do vocalists say the worst possible thing? Fashioncore. How to not discuss moshing. Eye injury. Christian HC.
May 09, 2018
A2G16 - Secrets of the Label World / Shirtless Bug MFers
Labels. How do those work? But before all that, we talk Hatebreed on a boat, touring with rappers, bands that no kids care about but managers back hard, Sixpence None the Richer, Hardcore Tinder, clickbait, and we answer the question "is Patrick too masculine?"
May 02, 2018
A2G15 - New Music Episode / No Punk Cops
We talk new music. Ecostrike; Krimewatch; Day By Day; Fiddlehead; Hirs Collective; Trail of Lies. Everybody's got records coming out and none of them can make Patrick happy. Tom and Bob were in better moods and found a lot to like. Also discussed were the Sound & Fury lineup, that NPR piece on ICE, and Tom's war on emojis.
Apr 26, 2018
A2G14 - Moshing with a Chain Around Your Arm: Is it Good?
Recorded while the world was at United Blood, we anticipated a short episode. Instead we went deep on Bodied Girl, TIHC, BnB Bowl, the window on reunions, a night at L'Amour, Patrick calls the Taste Police on Paramore, Tom details his love affair with Life of Agony, and we wax on live shows that got us off.
Apr 19, 2018
A2G - Trolled by a Top 25 List... AGAIN
A quick episode (well, an hour) with a purpose. We talk a bit about how you can support us, then we get sucked into responding to the NME 'Greatest HC Albums' nonsense. Is Dead Swans better than Hatebreed? An intern at NME Magazine would like you to believe he believes that. Check out Axe To Grind on Patreon:
Apr 16, 2018
A2G13 - Correct Pronunciation of 'Louisville' with Knocked Loose
Bryan and Issac of Knocked Loose stop by to answer why they are so HOT BUTTON a topic on this podcast. The discussion includes coasts vs the midwest experience, bartender hardcore, vans without radios, Nicole Dollanganger, the role of early influences, and how to process hate from someone whose work you admire. We also get an enthusiastic earful on Louisville HC past and present. Oh, and the 'arf arf' song gets explained.
Apr 10, 2018
A2G11 - Getting You Pumped For United Blood w Alex Casey
The United Blood Fest deep dive, with Hudson Valley renaissance man, Alex Casey. Also, Take Offense, Life Of Agony, Deathwish Inc, Blacklisted, Sick of It All, Knocked Loose, the tricky waters of touring as a legacy act, being a second generation hardcore kid, wondering why you can't all rock together. *THIS RECORDING TAKES PLACE BEFORE A2G12, WHICH WAS POSTED LAST WEEK FOR REASONS*
Apr 05, 2018
A2G12 - Happy Easter From Sam Triple-B
Episode 11 is in the shop getting a tune up, so you get an Easter miracle in the form of episode 12 featuring Sam from Triple-B Records. We run through the Damaged City lineup, talk label workings, try to figure out what's up with Boston, and explore the magic of Orlando. We thought we'd throw Sam a curveball by talking metalcore, but it turns out he can hang.
Apr 01, 2018
A2G10 - HC Fantasy Draft (basically Warhammer plus NBA but music)
This is the big one. We spend a long time wheeling and dealing to create our perf hc fests. Find the draft list on our twitter and follow along at home. Basically an excuse to talk about a TON of bands. Let's get it.
Mar 23, 2018
A2G09.5 - Morgado's Mailbag part 2, still ft Chris Morgado
More listener questions, with special guest Chris Morgado. Best hc lyricists. God Free Youth. Tim Singer. Troycore, again. Why can't we be more like rap? AND THE MOST CRUCIAL QUESTION EVER: WHICH CLASSIC HC RECORDS DO WE NOT ACTUALLY LOVE AT ALL?
Mar 15, 2018
A2G09 - Morgado's Mailbag part 1, ft Chris Morgado
A pure mailbag episode where we answer your questions with the help of Chris Morgado. Should you still be angry at No Warning for something that happened in a Warped Tour signing booth in 2004? Is Richmond still poppin? Is Patrick joining a white power band for giggles? Should old people die immediately to make space on this planet for the young? Look for part 2 coming later this week (we went long, man.)
Mar 14, 2018
A2G08 - Three Cavemen and Ivy
Our friend Ivy was in town so she became an impromptu guest / women's issues correspondent. We talk the past, present, and future of creepo behavior. We touch on the Hardcore Predators IG account as well. We start the podcast raving about dishonest reviews, so we end on the most honest: what does your face say about what you're hearing?
Mar 06, 2018
A2G07 - HC Unsolved Mysteries Vol 1: Big and then Not
After getting heavy about the mental health of HC's most ludicrous luminary, we get to our real topic: Rewritten history. Acts that were bigger than you remember -if you remember them at all- that were handed off to other scenes or completely erased from the hc canon. Then we get heavy again.
Feb 28, 2018
A2G06 - Grown Men Using the Word 'Poser'
New Turnstile! New AN! New Harm's Way! New albums and old beefs. Bob thinks we talk too much about the bands that don't need us to talk about them. Patrick loads his blunderbuss and goes poser hunting. We all become art critics. Lotta petty grievances aired out in this one. We recorded it in a submarine. Deal with it.
Feb 23, 2018
A2G05 - Watching Every Band At Every Fest ft John Scanlon
Part one of our Dear Fests series. We talk about the flavor of FYA, TIHC, S&F, Damage City, UxB, Midwest Blood, and more. We're joined by John Scanlon, who in addition to having put on fests of his own has attended every fest in human history.
Feb 09, 2018
A2G04 - How To Band ft Brian Audley of Incendiary
We chop it up with Brian Audley of Incendiary and try to squeeze the secret of being a successful band that doesn't tour out of him. We also talk admiration vs inspiration vs worship. Patrick issues a fatwa on booking agents that send bands through ice conditions. And we give our Hardcore Power Rankings.
Feb 01, 2018
A2G03 - America's Hardcore Comp vol4 Listening Party
Exactly like the episode title says, we give a track-by-track review of the newest America's Hardcore Comp. We love some of it, hate some of it, and shrug at a few tracks too. We also talk about comps and why they matter or don't and what goes into them. Shoutout to the bands on this one, and Triple-B for OKing this.
Jan 25, 2018
A2G02 - Rubbing Our Crystal Balls for 2018
Is Trail of Lies the new hotness? Will Twitching Tongues exit the doghouse with this new record? Is Youngblood a relevant label? Do people care about F*cked Up? Can we swear in this description box?
Jan 17, 2018
A2G01 - Year End Lists w/ Seb Paba
Ending the year and kicking off the podcast in style, we're joined by Sebastian from the NYC/LI band Regulate. Everyone gives their Best Ofs and we talk about what we expect from some of our favorite acts in 2018.
Dec 28, 2017