Slay Girl Slay

By Ashley Leggs

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For Every Woman on the Verge of Her Come Up, Creating Her Own Vibe, and Transforming Her Life

Episode Date
To All The Girls That Lost This Year
This is it Boo! Dedicating this episode to all the girls that “lost” this year. The girls that lost relationships, jobs, friends, loved ones, their peace, and their joy. This podcast is dedicated to all the girls that went for it this year, and got knocked down. The girls that show up every day, and...
Dec 23, 2019
10 Lessons Learned From Starting A Business
This week Ash shares all of the many lessons she’s learned from starting a business, in hopes that on your journey these lessons can be of use to you. Whether you have an actual business, or thinking of starting one in the future – this one is for you. We’re talking everything from trademarks, and...
Dec 16, 2019
Real Holiday Cheer
It’s not about the Christmas trees, the lights, or the decorations. It’s also not about the Hallmark movies, the parties, or the gifts. You never know what people are going through boo, and believe it or not, all of us are going through something. Spread love. Spread joy. Spread happiness to those that surround you....
Dec 09, 2019
You Are Just As BIG As Everyone Else
Believe it or not – most of our faves, are just like us. They eat the same, they sleep the same, and they face the same type of realities that we face. You can’t compare your level 10 to someone else’s level 36 boo. Don’t count yourself out because there is already someone that looks...
Dec 02, 2019
Visualization Habits That Can Change Your Life
It takes more than just sticking a picture of the things you want to manifest, on a vision board. This week we’re giving you all of our favorite visualization habits – that can absolutely change your life. You want that store – go stand in it, even if you don’t have the money. You want...
Nov 25, 2019
Preparing for 2020 Pt. 3: Prepare
You’ve reflected on your year. You’ve taken the time to plan your goals. Now it’s time to prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for this new decade upon us. Prepare yourself to execute every single one of your goals. It’s time to prepare for a new season. This week we’re finishing out our Preparing for 2020 series...
Nov 18, 2019
The Power of Resilience
We are all going through something. It takes grit. It takes courage. It takes getting back up again, no matter how many times you get knocked down. It’s called being resilient. It’s not something you are born with. It’s a muscle that you build over time. Resilience is built through enduring difficult times – but...
Nov 11, 2019
Preparing for 2020 Pt. 2: Plan
For more of today’s episode, sign up for our Girl Gang here boo! Hope to see you all there! If not, not to worry, we’ll chat soon! #peace Click to join our Girl Gang!
Oct 21, 2019
Preparing for 2020 Pt. 1: Reflect
GIRLGANG Signup Here!! Don’t forget – members will now get one extra podcast episode a month! Plus! exclusive SGS members only content. #girlgangonly This week is part one to a 3 part series we’re doing, in preparation for this new year that is now upon us. If you know us, you already know we do...
Oct 14, 2019
Honor Your Body
Issa Girl Gang coming?! Tune into to hear more about it! This week we’re talking about the best way to honor our bodies, and how to get our physical selves prepared for slaying this new decade. Anything from taking care of our skin to breast exams are all on the table this week, and we...
Oct 07, 2019
The Office Games Playbook
Whether you’re just starting your career, or already working within the corporate space – you must always know how to play the game. Office politics? Corporate games? We all know them too well, and most of us have already been burned by someone at work who already knew how to play. You want that promotion?...
Sep 30, 2019
The Cost of Ambition
We often think we’re in a “bad” season when things aren’t going well for us. When we aren’t making enough money, or don’t have the love and support from the people we need, or even experience feelings of isolation, we feel like our dreams will never come true. But you’re just being molded boo. You...
Sep 23, 2019
Self Love: Treating Yourself Good
How are we going to make a list for the type of man we want, but not make a list of the type of woman we need to be first? Single girls everywhere – this one is for you boo! Being single is not a curse, it is a season. The season to do your...
Sep 16, 2019
Be A Woman of Your Word
Let’s face it. It’s hard proving things to yourself. It’s not just the world you have to prove things to, it’s not just society, it’s not just your family and friends, but you have to prove things to yourself. In order to prove things to yourself boo – you have to learn how to become...
Aug 26, 2019
Finding Your Purpose
Have you ever wondered what you were supposed to be doing in this world? We all have. In today’s society everyone seems to be after the “big fish”, and the rest of us are just trying to figure out where we fit in. This week we’re discussing how to find purpose in your life, why...
Aug 19, 2019
White Man Confidence
Who cares if you’ve never made a sale, never booked a client, never sold a book and only have a manuscript – call yourself an entrepreneur, call yourself a stylist, call yourself an author if that’s what you choose. We have to stop waiting for other people to validate our goals. Validate them yourself. You...
Aug 12, 2019
Where Is Your Alignment?
Hey girl hey! We hope that you’re living your best life this summer! This week we’re back and we are checking our alignment, making sure we are in position to obtain the things we want out of our lives, and shutting the door on the things we don’t. Instead of focusing on all the bad...
Aug 05, 2019
Access Denied
What we don’t realize is that fiercely editing the relationships in our lives can make all the difference between where you are today, and where you could be next year. This can happen with friends, family, coworkers,  lovers, no one is off limits sis. You have to realize that you are ever evolving. What you...
Jul 15, 2019
Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready
You know how the saying goes: “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.” What’s the difference between planning & preparation? What good is a vision for a dream, but not having a plan to execute the dream? This week we’re shaking things up (literally) and taking it a step further – past the...
Jul 08, 2019
Give & It Will Come Back To You
You get back what you put in sis, and we aren’t just talking about work. We’re talking real people, real connections, and real blessings. Ash shares a very good (and personal) story about what happens when we follow our hearts, trust our instincts, and choose to do the right thing for someone else. Regardless if...
Jun 24, 2019
Imposter Syndrome
“Am I good enough?”, ” Do I belong here?”, “Can I really do it?” All questions that have popped into our minds at least once in our lifetime, and if you are like us – questions that we continue to ask ourselves on a daily basis. Feelings of inadequacy sneak up on you when you...
Jun 17, 2019
How To Have Your “Ish” Together
Did you know that the average person makes over 30,000 decisions a day? The most important decision: deciding to get your “ish” together. We have goals we’re trying to reach. Things we want to scratch off our “to-do” lists, and milestones we want to cross – all while trying to juggle our personal lives, professional...
Jun 10, 2019
Fake Sisterhood Foolishness
Yeah we’ve been there too boo. Attending an event, put on by our favorite influencer only to find out that she really isn’t who we thought she was. The event we paid for isn’t really what we wanted, and we leave feeling like we have less than what we came with, mad, and most of...
Jun 03, 2019
Suit Up or Sit Down
No more excuses boo. Time to get your head back into the game, and prioritize how you want to finish the end of this year. It starts now. No more excuses. No more second guessing. No more negative self talk. You either want it or you don’t. You either are going to be about that...
May 20, 2019
Stand Out By Any Means Necessary
You can’t copy and paste everything you see online into your real life. You can’t copy and paste someone else’s mind, someone else’s creativity, or someone else’s life! You have to be just who you are, every single day, whether you have stacks sitting in your bank account, or you’re just trying to get by....
May 13, 2019
Courage vs. Comfort
You can’t grow from a place of comfort. Growth does not come from being stagnant and being in a place that feels good. It comes from jumping off the cliff you are standing on, being uncomfortable, and learning how to live even when things don’t feel that great. We have to learn how to let...
May 06, 2019
Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your Physical, Mental, & Emotional Space
This week we’re all about the purge! We’re talking all things tidying up, creating & cultivating peace within the spaces we dwell in, and Ash shares a short & sweet thought on our community, black men, and the late Nipsey Hussle. Join the party on IG @slaygrlslay or come say “Hey, Girl Hey!” on Facebook! For...
Apr 15, 2019
What Do You Love About Yourself?
Serious Question: What do you love about yourself? Have you ever realized how fast we are to name the things we don’t like about ourselves vs. the things that we love? We’ve got homework for you too – because we are no longer walking into rooms , and shrinking to fit them. We walk into...
Apr 08, 2019
Living Your Best Single Girl Life
“You’re too picky”. “You don’t know what you want”. “You need to go out more”. “You’re not outgoing enough”. These are all never ending opinions forced upon single girls everywhere. Being single is just a season you are in, not a death sentence sis. Whether you’re in your best swimsuit, snatched and doing it for...
Apr 01, 2019
You Attract What You Are
You attract what you are sis. Negativity, does not attract your biggest, most wildest dreams. Drama will not turn you into the woman you want to become. This week Ash teaches you how to not come from a place of “want”, but from a place of “already having it.” This week is all about positive...
Mar 18, 2019
Who Cares If You’re Scared? Do It Anyway
Fear should not be a deciding factor on whether you accomplish your goal or not. Do it anyway. Fear has no plans to go anywhere anytime soon, and 10 times out of 10 you will experience fear again. So why let it hold you back? You may be thinking, “What if it doesn’t work out?”...
Mar 11, 2019
Self Love Is Not Just A Sheet Mask
How many times have we let social media dictate how we feel? Whether that be someone else’s drama, gossip of another person, even the good stuff like the launch of a friend’s business, or vacation pictures from your favorite blogger, or someone who’s doing it for the gram in a cute bikini and you’re sitting...
Mar 04, 2019
Working a 9 to 5 & Running A Brand or Business: Organizing, Planning, & Systems
Talking balancing a full time job and running your brand or business this week. It takes sufficient planning, staying organized and working your own system. We are moms, entrepreneurs, bloggers, sisters, daughters, employees, boutique owners, fitness gurus, students, creating non profits – and most of us are doing all of this while still working a...
Feb 25, 2019
Embracing Change
We can’t just throw up a bunch of quotes about self improvement, doing better, and being a woman that’s “moving different” without embracing the changes that come with it. The sooner you can adapt to a situation, the sooner you adjust. The sooner you let go of trying to control a situation, or a person,...
Feb 18, 2019
5 Things To Do When You Feel Like You Don’t Have What It Takes
Everyone has been here. Everyone has heard that small voice in their head, telling them that they don’t have what it takes to make their dreams a reality. Telling them that some people are just better than them. Telling them that some people are just more blessed than they are. That’s fake news boo. Don’t...
Feb 11, 2019
No More Miss Nice Girl
Kicking off Season 2 of the Slay Girl Slay podcast! Ash is back after a short break and takes no time serving up a huge slice of self confidence, discussing the importance of knowing your worth, and how sometimes you just have to slide your credentials across the table to remind people of who you...
Feb 04, 2019
Out With the Old, In With the New
From one to 15 thousand. We thank you for such a great year! 2019 is yours for the taking boo. Become a different person. Embrace change. If it’s too easy to achieve, you already know it’s not for you. Regardless of what you are after in the new year – be crazy enough to go...
Dec 24, 2018
Confidence is Queen
You control the level of confidence in yourself, not your job, not your title, not your followers, not your environment – just you. You have the tools, the resources, and the power to walk into any room like you own the place. Limited Supply of the Official Slay Girl Slay Merch – Available Here !!!...
Dec 10, 2018
The C Word: Commitment
Having goals you want to hit in life without having the commitment to execute them is like getting in a car with your GPS, putting your seat belt on, but having no gas. Get some gas boo. There is someone waiting for YOU to get out there and do your thing – and say, “Wow...
Dec 03, 2018
The Forgiveness Episode
Ash gets personal this week as we touch the surface on just how important forgiveness is, and how NOT forgiving someone and holding onto that baggage can keep you from getting to your next level. If you’re carrying the baggage of what someone did or said to you, how can you hold the weight of...
Nov 19, 2018
Perfection Can Cause Paralysis
You have to crawl before you walk boo. Instead of waiting for perfect, and continuously creating this fantasy in your mind that whatever you produce, whatever you put out in this world will be perfect, just get it done anyway. It may not be perfect, but at least it is done. Crawl on boo. Limited...
Nov 12, 2018
You Thought You Were Average? Girl, Bye.
So many good things to celebrate today, including the launch of the Official Slay Girl Slay Merchandise!!! What?! Girl, Bye! Also celebrating a major milestone! None of this means anything without you. Ash gives you a “healthy” reminder this week of your potential and reminds you that there is far too much you have to...
Nov 05, 2018
Self Love: Recharging Your Batteries
None of us will be women that reach that come up, or create our own vibes, and transform our lives – if we’re depleted of the very energy that’s necessary to accomplish those things. This week on the SGS Podcast we’re talking self love, ditching the routine, and enjoying your own company for a little...
Oct 29, 2018
Check Your Expectations At The Door
When you place your expectations into people and things, your feelings will get hurt. Straight like that. If you are putting an expectation on something or someone to deliver back to you what you need, or whatever it is that you are asking for – you are essentially doing yourself a major disservice, and we...
Oct 22, 2018
Setting Boundaries: It’s Not For You It’s For Me
This week on the SGS podcast we’re talking about setting emotional boundaries, and how it is the key to creating positive and healthy relationships, not just between you and others – but for yourself. Join our email list to be the first to know all things Slay Girl Slay – and for our big announcement...
Oct 15, 2018
Love the Woman You Are Becoming
It’s okay to not be what your idea of perfection is, and still love who you are. Because loving yourself is realizing that perfection is just an idea. Perfection is an opinion. Be proud of the woman you are becoming. Uplift her. Mold Her. Love on her. She moving different. Join our email list to...
Oct 01, 2018
Opinions Don’t Pay the Bills
Other people’s opinions do not keep a roof over your head. Opinions do not feed you, put clothes on your back , or sign your check every two weeks. The only person’s opinion that will always matter – is your own.   If you would like to sponsor the Slay Girl Slay podcast, send us...
Sep 17, 2018
Be Intentional: The Power of Setting Your Intentions For the Week
We can’t afford to be lazy, and not take a minute to think about how we want the trajectory of our lives to go. This week on the SGS podcast we’re setting intentions for ourselves to set ourselves up for success. What is your intention today? To feel happy? To be productive? To quiet your...
Sep 10, 2018
You Are EXACTLY Where You Need to Be
Stop comparing your level 5 to someone else’s level 26. You are exactly where you need to be, today, right now, in this very moment. This week, we’re talking about taking the small steps that end up being big steps, shutting off the outside noise, and trusting your process. If you would like to sponsor...
Aug 27, 2018
Your New Life Will Cost You Your Old One
Some of you want these million dollar lifestyles because you have million dollar dreams, but not sitting down and adding up how much it’s actually going to cost you to make that lifestyle, that dream, that vision come true. You can’t walk into your destiny and stand within your purpose but hold onto the old...
Aug 20, 2018
Breakups & Makeup: Lipstick, Lashes and Edge Control
This week on the SGS podcast, we’re talking breakups, lashes, lipstick & swooping those baby hairs we all know how to do so well. It’s important to mourn the people that purposely leave your life, & then rise like fire and make a major comeback. Speaking of comeback, when they leave, they always come back...
Aug 13, 2018
Ash dives into the importance of representation and why it’s critical to be your most authentic self. We’re talking women of color wins’, where we fall short, and how far we still have to go. But the journey isn’t as far as you think, it all starts with you.   Come say hey girl hey...
Aug 06, 2018
Your Inner Circle: Deciding on Your Starting Five
This week’s episode we’re talking your inner circle. Your girl gang. Your tribe – and how to get the most out of the people you surround yourself with. We’re getting strategic this episode with our friends, knowing what their strengths are, and when to ask for those strengths to be of use to us. You...
Jul 30, 2018
Just A Reminder
What?! Two episodes this week?! Girl where? Surprise boo. Just popping in, in case you forgot how bomb you are. Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygrlslay or join us on Facebook! Visit us at Email your questions, feedback on today’s episode, and of course topics you’d like Ash to discuss! Be...
Jul 26, 2018
Trust Your It Factor: You’ve Got the Sauce Boo
Whenever you’re skeptical of starting a business because other people are doing it, take a walk down the bread aisle of a grocery store. No matter how many people that have the same idea as you – the same concept, the same product , whatever…don’t stop your hustle. Come say hey girl hey on our...
Jul 24, 2018
Manifesting 101: Building Your Blueprint
This week we are getting real with our goals, and teaching you how to not just think outside the box – but think BIG. Big Dreams. Big Goals. Big Plans. Big Blueprints. When you write stuff down, as it relates to your future, and how you wan’t your life to be? The things you want...
Jul 16, 2018
Self Love: De-Stress & Chill
July’s Self Love episode is already here, and we are going through techniques to recognize when we are stressed, how to get past it, and to learn how to be with ourselves and just, well…chill. Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygrlslay or join us on Facebook! Visit us at Email your questions,...
Jul 09, 2018
6 Month Slay: How to Own the Last 6 Months of the Year, Achieve Your Goals, and Stay Successful at Success
Now that we are at the halfway mark, how close are you to completing those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? It’s okay if you’ve fallen off, we all have, so let’s press the reset but, and re-strategize the way we’re going to slay the rest of this year. Don’t...
Jun 25, 2018
Self Love: Knowing Your Value
In this month’s Self Love episode, Ash opens up about how knowing your worth can make or break you in any situation. Learning to love the person you are, and knowing who you are on the inside is pivotal in something as small as knowing what you like vs. don’t like – or as big...
Jun 12, 2018
Lets Talk F Boys
We have time today. Ash digs into the mind games that we are always invited to play (or what we like to call “jedi mind tricks”, why we always look out for his feelings instead of our own, and the process of choosing yourself over anyone else. Let’s talk f***boys. If you would like to...
May 29, 2018
The Glow Up
Get your pen and paper ready ( or your notes app) – SGS is talking all things “glow worthy” on this week’s podcast. This week we’re taking tips and tricks on how to achieve the ultimate glow up this year, make some personal decisions, chatting up our appearances, and locking down a routine that we...
May 14, 2018
Your Struggle Wasn’t Meant For You
Don’t get so flustered boo. Sometimes what you are going through, big or small – has absolutely nothing to do with you. We’re talking learning big lessons, pushing through, and never giving up for the sake of someone else on this week’s podcast! Also! If you would like to sponsor the Slay Girl Slay podcast...
May 08, 2018
Clap For Yourself Boo
Sometimes you really don’t need a cheer leading squad behind you. All you need is you. This week we’re discussing the power in celebrating yourself, your accomplishments whether big or small, and the importance of looking into yourself first for validation and not others. Also! If you would like to sponsor the Slay Girl Slay...
Apr 25, 2018
Always Stick With Your Plan A
Big changes for Slay Girl Slay! This week we’re catching up, and talking about being fearless, pressing forward, and the power in sticking with your plan A. No backup plans bih…it’s all or nothing. Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygrlslay or Email your questions, feedback on today’s episode, and of course...
Apr 16, 2018
Are You Going to Cry About It or Boss Up?
Talking the real “boss up” this week on the Slay Girl Slay podcast. Ash dives deep into getting real with yourself, letting go of pity parties, and when it’s time to wipe the tears and put your big girl panties on. Yes – we went there. Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygrlslay...
Mar 19, 2018
Having A Seat at the Table
This week’s episode on the Slay Girl Slay Podcast we’re talking International Women’s Day, why it’s important to show up in everything that you do, and not just having a seat at the table, but owning it and not being afraid to be the only person that looks when you walk into a room. Hear...
Mar 12, 2018
Living Limitless
Want to live in a luxury apartment but you still live at home with your parents? Go look at luxury apartments. Want to start a business but you have no idea what you want to do? Buy your domain, get your website going, and start your business. Want that G-Wagon but you’re still taking the...
Mar 05, 2018
Self Love: Taking Your Personal Inventory
This week’s episode on the Slay Girl Slay Podcast is helping you get down to the knitty gritty about who you are, what you need to let go, and what you need to be doing! This is our self love episode for the month and we’re challenging you to take a personal inventory of all...
Feb 26, 2018
“Girl you killing it tonight!” “Girl, I”m loving those shoes, where did you get them?” “Girl since these guys are buying you drinks tonight, can you get me one?” All things we should be telling our girlfriends when they are out here shining, but instead we keep our mouths shut and act like we don’t...
Feb 19, 2018
Single Black Female
In remembrance of all the f**boys that didn’t make it to our 2018, this week on the SGS podcast we are celebrating the singledom, realizing the value of knowing our worth, and remembering what’s most important not just on February 14th, but on every day of the year.   Come say hey girl hey on...
Feb 12, 2018
Hey girl hey! This week on the SGS Podcast we’re talking old BET Uncut videos, Ash hits us with a rap, remembering life is about balance, and reminding yourself on the daily that you don’t just look good, but you look damn good.   Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygirlslay or
Feb 05, 2018
Self Love: Comparison Thiefs
This week’s episode of the SGS podcast takes a nosedive into the much needed topic of self love. We’re talking comparison traps, being steadfast in your vision, and the official launch of Slay Girl Slay this week! Come say hey girl hey on our IG @slaygrlslay or Email your questions, feedback on today’s episode,...
Jan 29, 2018
Black Women + the Workplace
This week SGS digs in the all too similarities of being a black woman in the workplace. You know, getting scolded or reprimanded by your boss because you’re not a “team player” but it’s really because you drink water, stay in your lane, and mind your business at work? Or having to address the 10...
Jan 22, 2018
Creating Your Own Beautiful Environment
<img width="300" height="300" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="" style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" link_thumbnail="" srcset=" 1400w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 140w, 560w, 160w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" data-attachment-id="32560" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="1400,1400" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="PODCAST(1)" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />This week on the Slay Girl Slay podcast we are creating our own beautiful environment. We’re talking 28th birthdays, the freedom to do whatever we please, and never needing a reason to celebrate ourselves and shine the way we know we should!
Jan 15, 2018
The Power of Reinvention
<img width="300" height="300" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="" style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;" link_thumbnail="" data-attachment-id="32541" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="3000,3000" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="PODCAST(1)" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />Kicking off our first podcast – we are talking reinvention! It’s a new year, new blessings, and new opportunities await all of us. This is our year to slay – but we can’t do that without a little reinvention. Tune in for this week’s podcast on the power of reinventing yourself, being limitless, and most...
Jan 07, 2018