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Elite Expert Insider podcast. Educate, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Hosts Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, will bring you conversations from business, personal development to health and fitness. They will chat with special guests, industry leaders, authors, business and marketing experts and just darn interesting people. It’s the show that will up your game!

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Increase Your Revenue: Your Services are Valuable | with Samantha Hartley

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Samantha Hartley about increasing your income by changing your sales strategy. Learn how to value your services and exchange them for the money that they are worth.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Learn how to prioritize your work, and what you need to do to take care of the talent in the business, which is you so that you get the best work.
  • How to build a profitable and joyful consulting business.
  • Get Clients:
    • Keep in mind what your network is and stay connected with your employer.
    • Market not to your friends and family, but through them.
    • Create a network and get your language out there.
  • How to know what to charge for your services: Ask questions to determine the value of your service.
    • What's the problem?
    • How much is that problem costing you?
    • What would you be able to do if this problem was solved?
    • What would the value of that be?
    • What's the transformation that you're looking for?
  • Set up relationships with the companies you work for so that you're working toward transformation. When you work with your clients to set up these transformational plans, you have a very different relationship with them. You're a partner in the transformation to company and you're talking in transformational numbers.
  • Learn how to channel your inner divine.
  • Make sure you are paying yourself what your service is worth.
  • Have the confidence to make a bold promise, and then put a bold price on it! After you might have that yikes moment, but that yikes is you expanding to meet the challenge. You can do it; you can believe in yourself.
  • There is nothing more appealing to clients than confidence.

About Samantha:

Before she started Enlightened Marketing where she helps women consultants double their businesses, she worked in international marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in Russia and later led Strategic Channel Marketing for Asia from Coke headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

When she's not working, she's in deep spiritual discussions with her husband and their friends or enjoying the beaches and trails with her dogs.

Samantha graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and studied theatre and Russian language in Leningrad and Moscow. She speaks fluent Russian and bad French, Spanish and sign language, and was classically trained in French cuisine and patisserie at the Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris, France. But she still burns toast and pine nuts.

Learn more: https://enlightenedmarketingmedia.com/em-9xg/


Video URL: https://youtu.be/1u4Akre0v8M

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Sep 16, 2019
Building Resilience | with Joan and Jeanie

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Learn how to carry hope with you in your life, even in challenging times.
  • Discover the power of hope, despair, and forgiveness.
  • Learn how to focus on your strengths daily.
  • How to reframe your mindset:
    • Think about what you can do.
    • Focus on what is working in your life.
    • Remind yourself that you will survive and continue to smile.
    • Appreciating the little steps that you make.
    • Concentrate on your wins.
    • Remember all of the things you have to be grateful for.
  • Hope is that expectation that what can happen is meant to happen if you'll keep that notion of trying and carrying forward.
  • Learn how to polish your stone of resilience. Resilience is a practice that each of us can undertake and refine.
  • Understand how to overcome despair.
Sep 09, 2019
How to Consistently Close Sales: It's More than a Sales Pitch | with Neal Benedict

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Neal Benedict for tips and tricks about sales, marketing, and building high-performance sales organizations. Learn how to get more consistent sales with his unique module.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of building the processes and systems that are embedded into your organization, so that when you do need to go find new salespeople, you're not overly reliant on finding that diamond but, you're more reliant upon finding the right people for your organization that can fit into a structure that you've already built.
  • The difference between you and your competition for an example is really the difference between an inch. There's usually not a really wide gap between you and the people competing with you. So, when you talk about differentiation from a standpoint of you versus your competitors, you have to remember that it's a very small margin of differentiation that you go after.
  • Sales is a math and numbers game and that's why processes are really important.
  • Oftentimes it takes many contacts in order to get a client's trust built in this environment.
  • Learn how to make sure you're easy to do business with and that you're there when the client is ultimately ready to make that decision.
  • Make sure you have value messaging that your potential customers know the benefits and the value of your company and your services.
  • Objections aren't always a negative thing. Particularly, if they're later in the sales cycle objections tend to be a good buying signal because people are thinking through their purchase decision. People buy emotionally and then try to justify it with logic.
  • How to overcome objections from potential buyers:
    • The first thing you want to do understand it, not handle it.
    • Remember your value and why you stand apart as the specific person that will help them with their individual needs.
    • Help the client through a process of discovery. Discover what it is that they really need, and know that clients tend not to object to a discovery that they've gone through themselves.
    • Have systems in place, to begin with, because most of the objections can be covered and cleared up before they come up later on.
  • Critical to the sales process: Asking a lot of questions and active listening.

About Neal:

Neal helps business owners and sales leaders build high-performance sales organizations. He has a passion for helping small business. He also has significant global experience with an emphasis on Asia and with competence in China. Developing an effective sales team is challenging. Finding a sales manager to lead that team even more so. When the average tenure of an experienced VP of sales is less than 2 years and a surprising number of those sales managers fail to hit their goals, it’s clear that most companies need to take a different approach to sales leadership. That’s where Neal comes in. Neal and his team are experienced VPs of sales that function as outsourced (fractional) sales leaders. They assess, design and implement the key practices and tools (along with the people) that all sales organizations need in order to run efficiently and produce the best results. Neal helps companies grow quickly, increase profitability and build an effective sales discipline that is core to that company and its clients.

Reach out to Neal at neal.benedict@silverbricksolutions.com or click to learn more about his book, Finding Diamonds: How to Succeed at Hiring and Retaining Salespeople.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Extra tip for small business owners; use Freshbooks! Freshbooks is a fantastic invoicing and accounting tool created for self-employed pros and small business owners, and it's one of America's Best Small Companies according to Forbes. You can check out thesite + app here Or go to https://www.freshbooks.com/invoice-templates

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Video URL: https://youtu.be/eFJRvutTt0A

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Sep 02, 2019
SellerCon 2019 with Robert Kiyosaki | How To Get Rich

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster review tips from expert Robert Kiyosaki, during SellerCon 2019, about becoming rich. Learn about cash flow quadrants, taxes, selling toward your audience, and making a passive income.

Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad-the #1 personal finance book of all time—Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives, take control of our financial future, and live the rich life we deserve.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Learn how to create recurring passive income. Even kids can learn these strategies from playing Monopoly. You want to get enough passive income that it takes care of all your regular monthly expenses.
  • The Cash Flow quadrants:
    • Top left corner is "E", which is the employee.
    • Underneath "E" you have the "S", which is self-employed. So the left bottom quadrant is self-employed, but what happens is some of those self-employed people feel like they're a business owner, but they're not because all they've really done is create a job for themselves, and that's why they're on the left-hand side of the quadrant.
    • So on the right-hand side, on the top right, we have "B" the business owner.
    • The bottom right is the "I", investor. You want to be on the business owner and investor side because the that is were the reoccurring income is coming in.
  • A big difference between those two sides of those quadrants, especially when you're a business owner, and you're an investor, you get a lot more tax breaks. So the tax law is written for capitalism (check out last weeks Podcast for more depth into this concept), so you get a lot of tax breaks because the United States is built towards building businesses.
  • Where do you put your money for it to go to work? Where's the first place you want it to go to work? Robert suggests that the best place to put your money is into real estate and rental properties
  • If you want to sell something on Amazon, you don't start with what product you want to sell. You actually start with the audience.
  • Make sure you're in the best tax bracket!
Aug 26, 2019
SellerCon 2019 with Founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey | Business and Capitalism

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster review tips from expert John Mackey, during SellerCon 2019, about growing a successful business and aligning your values and passions. Let's take a deeper look into business and capitalism.

John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, has led the natural and organic grocer to a $13 billion Fortune 500 company. With more than 370 stores and 80,000 Team Members in three countries, the company has been named by Fortune magazine as a “Best Company to Work For” for 16 consecutive years and the Number One Most Admired Food and Drug Store Company in the World in 2012.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Even the founder of Whole Foods went ups and downs, to a point where he thought he would lose his whole business. So, never give up even if things seem bad!
  • You don't have to reinvent the wheel. When you're speaking on stage, it should be the content from your book, it could even just be the exact layout of your book with the different points, or the first three chapters or whatever it is to get it across. Use your book as a call to action at the end of your talk!
  • Pick the product or the platform that you're the most passionate about and that you get the biggest return on investment for and that's what you need to be writing about.
  • Everyone should get value through the whole process and grow and feel good about and feel appreciated. Look at your business, and everyone that you touch should be able to feel your culture and get value from it.
  • Because of capitalism, we are ending poverty on Earth.
  • Come up with your core values, and the societal mission for your company. So, what are the core values? What is your mission for society?  Then, that needs to spread out to everything that you do.
Aug 19, 2019
SellerCon 2019 with Sara Blakely | Become a Successful Business Woman

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster review tips from expert Sara Blakely, during SellerCon 2019,  about making your dreams realities with persistence and determination.


Sara Blakely is the youngest self-made female billionaire who turned her life around with her idea of creating a new line of flattering undergarments. As the sole owner of her company ‘Spanx’ and net worth of over a billion dollars, Sara Blakely also reached the annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. Blakely also founded the Sara Blakely Foundation which helps women in education issues and training them to be good entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Spanx: https://www.spanx.com

Video URL: https://youtu.be/Q3Xj4vfmYpE

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com


Listen Below or Watch the Video.

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Show Notes-

  • Take risks. You will miss out on 100% of the opportunities that you don't take.
  • Have faith in your self and your product and move forward with courage.
  • When it comes to sales, lead with your story. Start with the problem and give them a solution.
  • What are you not good at? Hire people that are good at those things—hire your weakness.
  • When you care the most, you will win. It's about your customers, not just money.


"She's sold millions and millions of them, and she did it by being a go getter, by being persistent, and taking action." (1:02)
"So she is gutsy! She just figured it out and just did it. She wasn't afraid of the obstacles." (4:24)
"It seems like she's just been a success her whole life, but you don't see the little things that she built up to lead to this momen. All the failures that she had to go through to be a success today. " (5:10)
Aug 12, 2019
SellerCon 2019 with Dave Asprey | Feel Bulletproof

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster review tips from expert Dave Asprey, during SellerCon 2019,  about his story, healthy habits, and how to feel bulletproof.

In 2004, Dave Asprey — Bulletproof founder, CEO and Father of Biohacking — was on a trek in Tibet, and at -10 degrees Fahrenheit, his energy was plummeting. He staggered into a guest house, where a local handed him a creamy cup of yak butter tea.

That tea changed his life. It rejuvenated his mind and body, and the biohacker in him wanted to understand why the tea made him feel so good. So, he got to work.

Bulletproof is built on the science that helped Dave lose 100 pounds and transform his life, going from brain fog and fatigue to laser-sharp focus and abundant energy. Bulletproof is Dave’s story. It’s your story, too.

Bulletproof products are backed by the latest research, ancient knowledge from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and a steadfast commitment to quality — oh, and plenty of Bulletproof Coffee.

Learn more about Bulletproof: https://www.bulletproof.com

Video URL: https://youtu.be/1NS6dZzc4js

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Aug 05, 2019
Scar Relief—Break Free From Yesterday's Troubles with Cody Byrns

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Cody Byrns about freeing yourself from the scars of your past and moving forward with faith.

Cody Byrns is an internationally recognized speaker and a number one best-selling author. His goal is to help people live free from the bonds of scars (physical and emotional), equipping others with the proper steps to walk out of their past hurt and defeat and run toward their God-given potential. As a thought leader, he speaks worldwide to provide relevant, applicable, and thought-provoking messages. Thousands of people have been impacted by Cody’ s story and outlook on life. From school students to business leaders, his presentations have been received by many. Be prepared to have an experience that will motivate you to move out of bondage into a life of freedom!

Learn more about Organizing for Success:

Video URL: https://youtu.be/7XZLpogtbi8

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Jul 29, 2019
Organize Your Life and Office with Emily Parks

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Emily Parks to learn how the organization of your life and office leads to greater outputs in all aspects.

Emily Parks is a technology specialist who focuses on increasing productivity for small business executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams. Emily is your productivity specialist, go-to resource for processes and tools to boost productivity while increasing profitability, giving tips to implement immediately for greater outputs while better maintaining your sanity.

Learn more about Organizing for Success:

Video URL: https://youtu.be/rXlNROuBnlw

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Jul 22, 2019
Releasing Subconscious Stress with Christy Mattoon

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Christy Mattoon about how to rewire the mind to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

Christy Mattoon is a cutting edge intuitive, remote energy healer, and Energy Psychologist. She has worked with people from over 13 countries around the world including 25 US states, to aid them in deep subconscious change. She helps people produce experiential evidence in their life that drives abundance, high-level self-worth, and self-esteem and better relationships. Her mission is to teach people how easy it is to change their subconscious mind. You can rewire your mind and structure your thinking to work for you, not against you. She will give you a quick, easy, effective strategy that you can become self-sufficient at using. You become the co-author of your life and create what you want when your subconscious mind isn’t getting you stuck or taking you down old pathways that lead nowhere.

Learn more about Releasing Subconscious Stress at http://www.mindrewire.com

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NHTV...

Website: http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com

Jul 15, 2019
Use Social Media To Attract More Leads With Gracie Ruth

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview social media expert Gracie Ruth about how to Attract, Connect, Engage in Conversations & Grow your Business online. 

Gracie partners with companies and individuals to grow their audience with social media and expand their reach using Facebook ads and Messenger marketing so they can stand out from the competition, connect and engage in conversations with clients and prospects, generate leads and grow their business.

Jul 08, 2019
The New Rules of Real Estate Investing with Chris Prefontaine

The New Rules of Real Estate Investing with Chris Prefontaine. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Real Estate Expert Chris Prefontaine, Author of the New Rules of Real Estate Investing.

The New Rules of Real Estate Investing provides both aspiring and current real estate investors with the hard-won lessons and wisdom of successful real estate investors. These accomplished entrepreneurs openly share their biggest wins and failures, their daily productivity habits, and what they would do over again if they could. This book provides a shortcut for those who want to avoid common mistakes and fast-forward their success. Chris Prefontaine, an industry leader in the lease-purchase, owner financing, and subject-to-terms business, shares his secrets from 25+ years in real estate that can be applied to any niche. From simple yet life-changing insights like starting your day with meditation and exercise to the admonishment of "stick to the scripts" when calling prospective buyers and sellers, Chris, along with his son Nick Prefontaine and son-in-law Zach Beach, offers easy-to-follow advice for starting or scaling your real estate business. Fitting with the family's core business value's, they offer a blunt, transparent experience for you to learn from. The entrepreneur's entrepreneur Joe Fairless, AirBnB innovator Brian Page, tech pioneer Dan Schwartz, Little Things Matter author Todd Smith and a slew of other industry leaders also share their wisdom, compassion, and even kick you in the pants with their proven formulas for success in business and in life. Learn how to build your day with discipline and positivity, choose the right mentor, turn mistakes into opportunity, and achieve an income well beyond your expectations. This is the book that will change how you see real estate investing, and put you on a path to your dreams. 

Jul 01, 2019
Get Big Ticket Clients with Dr. Pele

Get Big Ticket Clients with Dr. Pele - Elite Expert Insider Podcast.
Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson interview Dr. Pele who went from dreaming in a war zone to helping Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams online. Read more at https://drpele.com/my-story/

Jun 17, 2019
Become A Free Mama With Lauren Golden

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with Lauren Golden about her book Free Mama.

Lauren Golden loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability.

Hundreds of families today are happier and more fulfilled thanks to Lauren and her online programs. Whether you’re a single mom, a military mom, or a mom in a two-parent family who doesn’t want to sacrifice your time with your babies in order to provide for them, Lauren wants you to know that you don’t have to.


May 27, 2019
New Bestselling Book - Famous Inspirational Quotes

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak about their newest publication and international bestselling book Famous Inspirational Quotes

Over 100 Of The Greatest Quotes By Great Leaders Like:

  • Athletes: Venus Williams, Emmitt Smith, Babe Ruth

  • Authors: Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens

  • Business: Leaders: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Ted Turner

  • Civil Rights: Activist: Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King

  • Motivational Speakers: Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy

  • Musicians, Artist, Philosophers, Politicians, and More...

These quotes have stood the test of time and each can be used to motivate, bring happiness, success, a positive mindset, encouragement, and sheer awesomeness. 


May 20, 2019
Get To The Next Level Of Life And Succeed With Cory Jenkins

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with Cory Jenkins about her book I Love Myself So... about how to get your life to the next level and succeed.

Cory is a captivating speaker and author. She is passionate about assisting others in creating a life they love. She has mentored salespeople and business owners and loves making a difference. After spending over two decades sharpening her communication skills and studying personal growth techniques she now travels for fun all over the globe sharing her message and spreading love.


May 13, 2019
Overcome Your Daily Struggles With JT Mestdagh

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with JT Mestdagh about his life story and his accomplishments. 

JT wants to share his story so people who feel alone or discouraged might feel, well, less alone and more confident. He is an extreme snow skier, a mountain climber, a boater, a hunter, and a fisherman. JT loves cars and boats and photography and doing anything active. He almost died when he was born. By the age of three, JT had spent more than 250 days in the hospital because of a disease called VATER.  In fact, the school psychologist said he would be ILLITERATE FOR LIFE! But luckily his family found a program in fifth grade that helped JT learn to read, write, and comprehend. That gave him the confidence to not give up! JT wants to encourage you. That’s his mission! He has gone through so much already in his life that JT is CONFIDENT that whatever you’re facing right now, YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!


Apr 29, 2019
Number One Best Seller: Return Of Christ With Jack Snyder

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with the author Jack Snyder about his number one bestseller Return Of Christ.

Jack Snyder is a prolific award-winning screenwriter with eight produced feature-length screenplays under his belt, three of which he directed. His films have been distributed by 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers, and Sony. Several have shown theatrically and aired on The Showtime Network, The Movie Channel, the Syfy Channel, and the Lifetime Movie Network.


Apr 22, 2019
Winning Strategies For The Courtroom With Sandra Spurgeon

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson speak with Sandra Spurgeon about her book A Courage To Stand.

Sandra Spurgeon has been a practicing trial lawyer since 1990. In that time, she has successfully litigated in excess of 120 cases through verdict in both state and federal jurisdictions. Throughout her career, Sandra has synthesized a plaintiff and defense litigation practice that has afforded her great insight and a unique perspective in "getting to the heart" of the case from the beginning stages thru trial. Thru experience, she has achieved trial excellence in the courtroom.


Apr 15, 2019
Achieving Your Goals With Julie Miller Davis

Jenn Foster speaks with Julie Miller Davis about productivity and overcoming road blocks to help achieve your goals in the workplace.

Julie is a driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their own levels of excellence. She works with business owners and leaders getting them focused and efficient at conducting their daily business and working through road blocks they may be facing. During her years in business, she has led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds of people build their own businesses, and put goals closer in reach than they may have thought possible. Julie's expertise and super power of out-of-the-box thinking helps others find new ways to look at their business resulting in growth and shifts into new and exciting directions.


Apr 08, 2019
Building a Book Publishing Empire

Melanie Johnson speaks is interviewed by Michael Devellano about Building an Online Publishing Empire.

Michael met Melanie through the Grant Cardone 10X Mastermind Group and they both attended the 10X Growthcon event in Las Vegas at the end of February. Melanie launched/owned and operated 2 independent TV stations in Houston and Dallas Texas:, started her career as a News Anchor in Detroit at Channel 20 after she won the title of Miss Michigan and was first runner-up to Miss America. Melanie has a background in Media, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. She is now a real-estate developer and investor. She is the CEO of Charity Auction Consignments. Melanie graciously donates her Villa in the Dominican Republic along with her other properties to help raise money for children’s, health issues, education, and animals. She is passionate about sharing people’s stories that, educate, motivate and inspire. They publish, market and promote nonfiction books for business owners and athletes to create expert authority status for marketing impact and influence. Melanie graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communications and was the first girl to receive a varsity letter in a boys sport in the state of Michigan.


Mar 25, 2019
Have More Energy, Have Clarity, and Sleep Better With James Swanwick

Melanie Johnson speaks with James Swanwick about how to have more energy and clarity in your business. 

 There are lights on our screens that we stare into at nighttime after the sun is long gone. Blue light is in your cell phone, TV screen, computer, bathroom and kitchen lights, alarm clock - almost everywhere. When we stare at these screens - as you may be doing now - it tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime. This means we don’t produce as much melatonin. Which means we have trouble falling asleep, toss and turn in the night, and wake up feeling tired.

Mar 18, 2019
How To Elevate Your Brand Using Sponsors

Melanie Johnson speaks with Charmaine Hammond about how sponsorship can elevate your brand by using other peoples money and trades.

Charmaine credits the power of community and teams with being able to pursue her dreams, build successful businesses, and engage in interesting and varied work. Like you, she is on a mission to make a big impact in the world. Charmaine has learned that through collaboration and the power of collective influence, she is able to help more people and make a much bigger difference in the world.

Mar 11, 2019
The Secret to Finding The Money For Your Business

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak about the secret ways to get enough money for your business/project. 

Melanie & Jenn offer a unique service to entrepreneurs looking to publish their book online. Not only do they offer full-service publishing packages that publish books from start to finish, they also fully brand and market your book in order to create a “buzz” that captivates audiences and drives your book to become a bestseller at launch.


Feb 26, 2019
Gaining A Political Position With A Book - Howard Schultz

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak about Howard Shutlz's book and how he's using it to set himself up for president. 

Howard Schultz built Starbucks Coffee Company into one of the world's most recognized and respected businesses, a company committed to strengthening communities through human connection and innovation.  Howard Schultz wants to run as an independent for president in 2020. 

Feb 18, 2019
Most Wednesdays - Leave A Legacy

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Claire about her book Most Wednesdays about leaving a legacy as a baby boomer.

Claire is a new author who came to this work unexpectedly. She  simply started writing about her family's history, based on conversations with her mother. After reviewing the details of their lives, the events that occurred and the values that her parents tried to instill, the story evolved into a realization that younger generations have little experience and knowledge of the basis of our freedom.

Learn More at Amazon

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Feb 11, 2019
How to Make Money by Writing a Book

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson talk about how to get an ROI with a book. How do I write a book to build my business and brand.

If you're looking for credibility in the marketplace then you need to have a book because you get that instant authority. Now all of a sudden, you've got this book, you're going to get media attention, you have an excuse to reach out, have a press release for your company, do interviews about your book, and of course, if you work with Elite Online Publishing, you become a number one best selling author.

Feb 04, 2019
Climbing the business ladder with Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew about how to make more business connections.

Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew is an author, speaker, trainer and consultant.  For more than twenty years, she has offered consulting services to a number of small businesses and organizations.  With a vast, diverse network within and beyond the US, Froswa' is called a Master Networker and a Partnership Broker.


Jan 28, 2019
Invisible Evil Fiction Thriller Book With Wes Oleszewski

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Wes Oleszewski about how to make money by being a full time author.

Wes Oleszewski has authored 25 books since 1991 including his current six-book series "Growing up with Spaceflight." Born and raised in mid-Michigan he spent most of his life with an eye turned toward the sky and spaceflight.

Learn More at klydemorris.com/

Find His Book at amazon.com/author/wesoleszewski

Twitter: twitter.com/WesOleszewski

Facebook: facebook.com/pg/AuthorWesOleszewski

Jan 21, 2019
How To Accomplish Your Goals With Gregg Clunis

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Gregg Clunis about how to crush your goals.

Your Goals Are Possible. Gregg learned this lesson first hand when his parents decided to pack up everything they owned and move the family from the small island nation of Jamaica to the land of huge opportunity, the United States of America.

What happened over the next eighteen years of Gregg's life served as a masterclass in how to take advantage of opportunity, the incredible possibilities that exist in life, and the sacrifices that are required to accomplish your goals.

This experience is the basis for his current life philosophy, a message he leaves his podcast listeners with at the end of every single episode:

“All big changes come from the tiny leaps you take every day.”

Jan 14, 2019
How To Get The Best Deal On Your Car With Jim Rhoads

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Jim Rhoads about how to get the best deal on your car.

Jim Rhoads, Founder and CEO of The Octane Group, is an entrepreneur and consultant who has worked his entire career in retail.  With specific focus on automotive retail and finance dating back to 1996. Jim is a well respected consultant, analyst, and trainer.  He continues to bring onsite success in dealerships in dozens of states.


Jan 07, 2019
Three Tips to Get You In Shape For The New Year With Phil White

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Phil White about his Three amazing fitness tips for the new year. Learn how to get fit without going to the gym.

Phil White is the co-author of The 17 Hour Fast, Waterman 2.0, Unplugged, and Game Changer. He writes for HANAH, Momentous, XPT, TRX, Onnit, StrongFirst and other leaders in human performance, and donates storytelling to Intrinsic, which helps military veterans firefighters, police officers, and athletes overcome PTSD, TBIs, and concussions. In a previous life, Phil was nominated for a screenwriting Emmy.

Learn more at www.philwhitebooks.com

Instagram at @PhilWhiteBooks.

Intrinsic (helping veterans, first responders and athletes overcome trauma) http://www.intrinsicway.com

MobilityWOD/Kelly Starrett: www.mobilitywod.com

Art of Breath - www.powerspeedendurance.com

Andy Galpin - http://www.andygalpin.com/

Fergus Connolly - https://fergusconnolly.com/

59 Lessons Book

Dec 17, 2018
Learn how to become an influential speaker with John Rayner

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with John Rayner about how to become an influential speaker and how to boost your business 3-7X within 18 months. 

When planning a conference, finding a speaker who is the "best fit" is extremely important. Yet speakers are often chosen "sight unseen" (and "unheard").  That's why it is critical to invite a Speaker who has a wealth of experience, from large conference rooms to small breakout sessions.

John Rayner has been a professional conference speaker since 1998.  He has addressed audiences totaling more than 80,000 people across more than 15 countries.  
In addition, John is a Global Business Entrepreneur, who can share his real-world experience with the audience.  He has founded and led successful companies such as JohnRayner.tv, Effective Communication, Genesis Juices and Lensun International.
Dec 10, 2018
The Challenges Leaders Face As Millennials Dominate The Workplace with Marc Schwartz

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Marc Schwartz about his book Power Shift. Power Shift gets right to the core of performance issues and lays bare the challenges leaders will face as Generation X and Millennials dominate the workplace - creating a power shift like no modern business has ever experienced.

Consistently low engagement numbers, the increased influence of Millennials in the workplace and clinging to outdated leadership models is creating increased levels of unproductive stress within most companies. And as stress increases, production, effectiveness and even retention go down. Too many companies today are like the lobster in the pot where the heat is being turned up so gradually that the lobster never struggles to survive, and never knows that it’s about to lose its life and end up on someone’s dinner plate. Like all living things, the longevity of an organization depends on its overall health and, just as with all living organisms, factors for achieving and maintaining health can be measured, and if not ideal, can be adjusted with the right interventions. For example, pH balance is critical in almost all living organisms. In humans, the range is 7.35 to 7.45. Anything outside that range results in illness and, if not corrected, death.


Dec 03, 2018
Helping Dyslexia and A.D.D. Students Become Successful With David and Jill Stowell

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with David and Jill Stowell about how to help Dyslexia and A.D.D. students become successful in school and life.

 After 34 years of solving learning and attention challenges for over 10,000 students and their families, Jill and David Stowell can testify that bright but struggling students can become comfortable, independent, and successful in school and in life. They’ve also shown how private practice owners can provide these services in a way that fulfills them on a personal, professional, and financial level. This book shines a light on the issues, the failures of the current systems, and the real hope for what can be done. What Do YOU Believe? Do YOU believe that bright but struggling students can dramatically change or completely correct their learning and attention challenges (ADD, ADHD), including Dyslexia? OR Do YOU believe that students should only be taught accommodations, strategies for living with or getting around the challenges? If you believe that more can be done, that accommodations aren’t the answer, and you’re ready to truly transform the lives of students who have potential but can’t seem to reach it, this is the book for you. In these pages you will find a meaningful, honest, and real road forward.


Nov 26, 2018
Turning Your Hobbies Into Income With Jeet Banerjee

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Jeet Banerjee about how to turn your hobbies into a succesful business. He has made it a personal goal to help others find their purpose in life and achieve massive success. Jeet has had the opportunity to share his messages on some of the biggest platforms in the world such as TEDx and now he's looking to bring the message to everyone through the income incubator. 

Nov 20, 2018
Erectile Dysfunction, Regenerative Cell and PRP Therapy with Anne Truong, M.D.

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Anne Truong, M.D. about Regenerative Cell and PRP Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction. Joint pain can be the result of a number of conditions, such as an injury or arthritis. Many patients with joint pain are likely to use medication or surgery. However, there is a groundbreaking treatment available that is natural, non-surgical, and requires very little downtime.

Anne N. Truong, M.D. is the sole founder and owner of Truong Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Truong has extensive experience in the non-operative management of musculoskeletal injuries using state-of-the-art techniques such as Trigger Point injections and Regenerative Therapies, ultra-sound-guided injections to joints and muscles, medical acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. She has been doing regenerative cell therapy since 2006, also has taught numerous doctors all over the world on regenerative medicine. Her approach is to decrease pain and to restore strength and function without medications and/or surgery. Once pain reduction is achieved, she prescribes a personal wellness exercise program for patients. Drawing upon her many areas of experience and expertise, as well as the capabilities of her allied health staff, Dr. Truong is able to deliver individualized treatment for each patient.

Nov 12, 2018
Finding Your Flow With Sarah Prince

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Sarah Prince about how to adapt to the daily tasks of life. 

Sarah helps you when you feel lost, having succeeded in the "realistic" world, be able to create fulfillment in your life by finding clarity in your dreams, carving a path to get there, and doing so without sacrificing anything that you love. Let's find your flow!

Nov 05, 2018
The Texas Nationalist Movement with Daniel Miller

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Daniel Miller about the Texas Nationalist Movement. 

Since our inception the Texas Nationalist Movement has connected with hundreds of thousands of Texans, conducted thousands of media interviews, participated in international conferences on self-determination, and grown the movement for Texas independence into one of the largest in the world. In fulfilling our mission, we have given a home to all Texans who believe that Texas would be better off as an independent nation.

Oct 29, 2018
Take Action to Create A Successful Business

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk about how to accomplish your goals, how to get more done, and how to make your business more successful.

While launching, many of their authors have beat out books published by authors such as Tina Fey, Tim Ferris, and Robin Williams. Their success comes from their ability to turn ordinary business leaders, with little to no writing experience into accomplished authors who top the charts and become instant authorities. At the end of the day, all of their authors are part of the Elite publishing family and often continue to work with Melanie & Jenn after the success of their first book launch.

Melanie & Jenn offer a unique service to entrepreneurs looking to publish their book online. Not only do they offer full-service publishing packages that publish books from start to finish, they also fully brand and market your book in order to create a “buzz” that captivates audiences and drives your book to become a bestseller at launch.

In addition to expert branding and marketing services that include video production, author page platform design, social media and website design and management, Melanie & Jenn also helps authors find their voice through writing workshops, masterclasses and content creation digital courses. They pride themselves on their ability to help business professionals become authors who are able to brand themselves in a meaningful way and create permanent resources for their clients and readers to carry with them.


Oct 22, 2018
Raising Your Son to Be an Executive With True Tamplin

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with True Tamplin about his book Raising an Executive: Igniting Your Son’s Inner Executive To Outperform His Peers and Continue Your Legacy.


At age 13, True’s father, Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey. Despite desperately needing the money, the 5-year touring contract was too great a sacrifice. He turned the offer down, and now True has checked every box an executive would want for his son: giving his grad speech, covering The Daily Pilot, garnering a full-ride to his school of choice, maintaining Suma Cum Laude 4.0 GPA, marrying the girl of his dreams, running a successful Analytics and Online Marketing company, and writing an Amazon #1 Bestseller, all by the age of 22.

True is utterly convinced that none of his early successes would have come had his father accepted the Journey contract.

Now True’s story has become his plea to fight for executives to spend more time with their sons. True has gone on to become a CEO coach and has created the Raising An Executive mentorship program for their sons to one day outdo their fathers.

Oct 15, 2018
How to Get More Clients with Mario Fachini

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster Interview Mario Fachini the Author of The Expert Authority Effect. Do you want to learn how to get more clients? Do you want to learn how to increase your profits in your business?

As a high school educated, college drop out, never having a “real” job, Mario Fachini spent years as a dead-broke consultant wasting too much time chasing down (the wrong) clients, believing in his heart that the sky’s the limit, but waking up everyday feeling like because of his background, for him, the limits the sky.

Until he created a simple and easy blueprint to attract prospects to him, with little effort using the tools & expertise that he already had in my business at my everyday disposal!

Now, He’s one of the most in-demand client acquisition strategists in the country, having clients now APPLY for his training, thank him for the opportunity, and sharing in the joy of creating the transformation in their business ( which he does in 59 days or less ) that he’s had the blessing of experiencing himself, having helped his clients in total generate over $1 million in new sales.


Oct 08, 2018
Discover Your Superpowers with Mark Henson

Mark Henson is the author of "Ordinary Superpowers: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Most Natural Talents" and creator of The Superpower Summit. Mark will help you discover your superpowers so you can love what you do, and contribute your best to the world around you.

Oct 01, 2018
Amber Dawn Powell of Silver Moon Restoratives

Several years ago, Amber did a head dive thru a windshield from the backseat of a car in a 50 mph head-on collision. Throughout her healing process, she didn’t end up needing the skin graft as planned because of an oil that was brought to her by her cousin. She became fascinated with essential oils, herbs, and natural healing. Now, here she is sharing her story and her serum that was created based off of that experience and all the knowledge she has acquired since. Amber had red raised scars for a long time that she always would put on concealer and powder to hide, and ever since she started using her serum religiously morning and night, the scars are completely white and smooth. She loves showing off her skin and it is her goal to help you fall in love with your skin, too.

Silvermoon Restoratives products contain all natural, certified organic ingredients to restore your skin from the inside out.

Sep 24, 2018
Business Accountability | Amplified Minds

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Brian Hubbard and Matt Fritzsche about their company Amplified Minds. They desire to disrupt the influencer world by providing a kind of value where YOU bring the knowledge, connection, and power towards others and THEY simply facilitate it, and hold you accountable.

 In the over saturated world of influencers, their vision is to be different and stay unique through services you want to support. Amplified Minds goal is to get YOU promoted, raise the success rate of Start-Ups, and get your business through challenges that will launch you to the next level. They believe in the individual, the network, the Start-Up, the Business, "Shelf-Education" and You.

Sep 17, 2018
Create Your Rockstar Brand with Amber Griffiths

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Amber Griffiths about how to create a rockstar brand. Amber is a Speaker and Brand Strategist. She is the CEO of Your Brand by Design and absolutely LOVES what she does. Amber Brands entrepreneurs to stand out as leaders and own their market, creating a ripple effect of increased joy and profits.

Sep 10, 2018
Get Fit Over Fifty | Debra Atkinson

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Debra Atkinson about the importance of knowing your body as you grow older. Debra Atkinson is a fitness professional, who spent years hearing client lament about getting older and their metabolism slowing. Not yet 50+ at the time, she encouraged them as best she could and stayed positive with them. As a fitness professional for many years, you could say she fit the stereotype of “exercising all day.” Then in her early 40s, Debra cut her physical activity teaching load by 6 hours a week! Talk about bad timing. Even though she wasn’t exercising nearly as much anymore, her job as a personal training director still had Debra actively moving around much of the day.

Sep 03, 2018
Optimize your Health with Intentional Rest | Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith about the importance of health and functional medicine. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith with I CHOOSE MY BEST LIFE.  She is a practicing Internal Medicine physician who still believes life is a treasure worth experiencing daily. Dr. Dalton-Smith is not an idealist or unrealistic optimist who believes every day is free from stress and frustration, but she is one who believes her choices matter in the person you become and the life you live. It’s a principle she shares with her patients and all those she loves because life’s too short to sit by and let it slip away untouched.

Aug 26, 2018
Heal and Live a More Fulfilling Life with Emily Cohen

Heal your intergenerational trauma and live a more fulfilling and empowered life!

Emily Cohen, author of From Generation to Generation: Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling, is interviewed by Jenn and Melanie. In her book, Emily Wanderer Cohen connects the dots between her behaviors and choices and her mother’s Holocaust experiences. In a series of vivid, emotional—and sometimes gut-wrenching—stories, she illustrates how the Holocaust continues to have an impact on current and future generations. Plus, the prompts at the end of each chapter enable you to explore your own intergenerational trauma and begin your healing journey.

Her book will help you:

•Understand how the Holocaust and other trauma survivors transmit their trauma to their children and grandchildren
•Recognize that you’re not alone in your emotions and feelings
•Uncover your own intergenerational trauma and specific triggers
•Stop the cycle of intergenerational trauma in your family
•Replace anger and resentment with forgiveness—and begin the healing process

Part memoir and part self-discovery, if you’re a second-generation (2G) or third-generation (3G) Holocaust survivor—or you’re experiencing the intergenerational trauma of any kind—and you’re ready to heal from that trauma, you need to read this book.

Emily Wanderer Cohen is the daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. Ever since the day she came home from religious school asking her mother about the Holocaust, Emily heard her mother's stories of incarceration in and escape from concentration camp as well as eventual immigration to the United States. Her mother also spoke to schoolchildren and other audiences about her personal Holocaust experiences, helping to ensure that this horrific event would never be forgotten. Emily now works with multiple generations of Holocaust survivors to understand and heal their transmitted trauma through writing. She also speaks to Jewish and other organizations about her mother's history as well as how her mother's trauma affected her as a second-generation (2G) Holocaust survivor.


Aug 20, 2018
How to Transform your Business using Linkedin | Michael Devellano

Michael Devellano is the author of Automate and Grow where he gives a blueprint to automate marketing, sales and customer support that work for any type or size of business. He is an expert in taking Linkedin and transforming it into a powerful tool for your business. Michael is a Sr. Cloud and App Consultant and the founder of Cloud Advisory LLC. Started working on custom mobile and Salesforce projects in 2010 under the iworkdigital.com LLC banner, winning top 5 at the Salesforce Appquest developer competition with Portable Intelligence. Has led the strategy, design and development of over 150 mobile, Salesforce and digital or marketing automation projects. Rebranding iworkdigital.com LLC to Cloud Advisory LLC is part of the company’s increased focus on providing small medium and large companies with the best cloud and app-based sales, marketing and business automation solutions.

Aug 13, 2018
Turn Facebook into Your ATM with Sally Hendrick

With 25 years as an actuarial statistician, Sally has been turning statistics into stories for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, like Pepsi, McDonald’s, Dollar General, and Healthcare Corporate of America, to adjust and tweak their programs to be effective. Getting the real meaning across is her forte. People tell her all the time that they finally understand complex concepts. She’s like that great math teacher that helps her students make a breakthrough. That’s why her programs work, and it’s why her clients have stayed with her for decades.

We want balance in our lives, don’t we? Sally's goal is to teach you how to market your business with the least amount of resources and maximize results so you can do what you’re meant to do. Staying organized and focused on what keeps a business growing and running efficiently will keep your dream business or career ever-evolving. Her philosophy is to teach you, your marketing staff, or your clients how to replace yourself so you can reach the next level.

Aug 06, 2018
Clear the Clutter - Organize The Life You Deserve with Julie Coraccio

Julie Coraccio speaks about how to Reawaken Your Brilliance We all have gifts and talents, but clutter, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, relationships, health, or finances, keeps you stuck. Julie Coraccio supports you to Reawaken Your Brilliance through clearing the clutter and life organization to create the life you deserve and desire!

Jul 30, 2018
How Does Evolution Really Work? Break the Deadlock Between Darwin & Design | Perry

Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design is interviewed on the first book ever published that explains in plain English how evolution really works. It’s backed by decades of real-world, peer-reviewed, Nobel Prize-winning discoveries. And it’s endorsed by some of the most eminent scientists in the world from Oxford, UCLA, and the Royal Society of Great Britain.

Jul 23, 2018
Increase Positivity and Joy to Alleviate Pain with Angel Marie Monachelli

Angel Marie Monachelli is the Founder of the Shine On! Movement™.  A National Best-Selling Author, a highly sought-after speaker, empowerment expert, and social influencer, Angel teaches others how to have more creatively, boost productivity, and empower’s you to new levels of self-esteem. Angel became a business owner when she opened a center to help people live healthier lives. After years of consulting and running the center, Angel became overcome by stress. At a routine doctor’s visit, she was told, “You are on the verge of a heart attack; this stress will kill you.” Angel soon realized that many others were also suffering from anxiety, stress and wanting to have more fun in their lives.

Jul 16, 2018
Restore Your Health & Rebuild Your Body Without Drugs or Surgery | JR Burgess

J.R. Burgess joined the Rejuv Medical Team in September of 2009 to assist with the development of the Weight Loss and Performance Center. Born and raised in Keewatin, Minnesota, J.R. started his career in the medical fitness industry after his successful career as an athlete led him to a passion for personal training. He helps get people started on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. He finds what program and time frame would be best for each patient.

Jul 09, 2018
Live Your Adventure - 8 Steps to a Happy Life with Warner Roberts

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Warner Roberts, Bestselling author.

In her new book, Life is an Adventure – Eight Steps to a Happy Life – what I learned walking (modeling) talking (talk show host) and managing (marriage, motherhood, and miracles) - Warner outlines what she has learned from her life’s journey which started with a “Miracle Adventure” when she was 12 years old.  These steps have led her to a successful life, and she defines “successful” as how happy you are every day.

Warner lives in Houston with her husband, Bob W. Roberts, son Cliff Lee and his wife, Angie and twin sons Lee and Cliff; son Bob Jr. and his wife Kristin and sons Bob III, Ryan and John Luke live in Austin.

I feel that my greatest success has been the extraordinarily happy life I have lived because of the 8 steps that I have learned, followed and lived by on this great journey.  I have now outlined an 8 step program that I believe is so helpful to have a happy life in my new book:

   Life is an Adventure

Jul 02, 2018
Free Up Your Business | Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur who is an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses. He co-founded his first eCommerce company out of his dorm room in 2009 drop shipping products on Amazon.com and built it to sell over $25 million worth of product over 5 years. While scaling, Nathan discovered the power of outsourcing and ended up building a remote army of freelancers.
In 2015, Nathan co-founded and became the CEO of FreeeUp, an online hiring marketplace that allows business owners fast access to a hand-picked network of top talent freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more who have already been vetted for skill, attitude, and communication. FreeeUp interviews hundreds of freelancers each week and only allows the top 1% of applicants into the network. The company has been growing at rapid paces (500%+ YoY) and has quickly become a top destination to hire online for over 3,000 businesses around the world.
Nathan has built his personal brand to be synonymous with online hiring and entrepreneurship through 75+ guest appearances on top podcasts: Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Eventual Millionaire, and handfuls more. Nathan has also become a regular speaker at industry conferences where he teaches other business owners how to hire freelancers and gain back more time in their growing businesses.

Learn more go to freeeup.com

Click Here to buy Nathan's book on Amazon - "Free Up Your Business"



Jun 25, 2018
I Am a Super Woman

Tera Sunder worked as a business coach for employees and executives for 25 years, and is nowise has a passion for helping people achieve their personal goals. Individually, she works one on one with you on your goals and helps you discover what is blocking your progress and work to remove those barriers. Most importantly she helps you in determining if those are your true goals and the ones to be working on now.
With the I Am a Superwoman campaign, she talks about the goals to help boys and goals. The goal of this campaign is to inspire and empower women & men and boys & girls to move forward together as we recalibrate and re-educate our collective mindset.

Find out more:


Jun 18, 2018
Compliance, Ethics, and Leadership | Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox, the Compliance Evangelist, is one of the leading writers, thinkers, and commentators on the nuts and bolts of compliance. His always practical advice is now available in one volume, The Complete Compliance Handbook. This book incorporates the most recent pronouncements and guidance from the Department of Justice, including 2017’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs and FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy, to provide the most up-to-date advice on what constitutes a best practices compliance program.

Fox is an award-winning author of 15 books on compliance, ethics, and leadership, including Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics, a bestseller in the International Law category. Tom is also known for Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act, and the series, Fox on Compliance. Tom leads the social media discussion on compliance through his award-winning blog, The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and the only podcast network dedicated to compliance, ethics and business leadership, the Compliance Podcast Network.

Jun 11, 2018
Have a Compassionate Heart - Illens Dort

Illens Dort is a passionate and dynamic speaker who keeps his audience engaged whether it is a small group of 30 or a large group of over 1000. Illens is the founder and founding CEO of International Aid Serving Kids, and a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholar. He is also the founder and CEO of HumanEkdromi, a company that focuses on humanitarian excursions, corporate training, and executive retreats. Illens is also a member of The JOHN MAXWELL Team.

In a world where minds and hearts continually search for hope and enlightenment, Illens Dort offers a treasury of short aphorisms to inspire, encourage, and motivate. His core momentum of creativity is energized with this goal in mind: “What can I offer that is unique, distinctive, and inimitable for the audience to which I am reaching out?” What he produces is a wealth of brief gems that open one’s vision to the higher values of life and personal connectedness with those we love. 

Jun 04, 2018
Create Happier, Healthier Relationships | Cindy W. Bateman Interview

Cindy Bateman helps people who want to improve their life but feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to do so. She assists people in letting go of old emotional baggage that is affecting their health, relationships, spirituality, and finances. Her clients become more comfortable in their bodies with less pain and discomfort. They have an increased ability to create happier, healthier relationships including with their Higher Power. Their abundance increases in many aspects of their lives.
In letting the past go, you can have the freedom to create the life you truly desire.

Progressive Life Unleashed Spiritual Healing
Contact Cindy at https://www.facebook.com/PLUSHenergyhealing/

May 28, 2018
Jay Lucas I Author of American Sunshine

Jay Lucas is the Founder and Chairman of The Lucas Group and Managing Director of LB Equity, as well as formerly a Partner at Bain & Company.
He is a strong supporter of Children of Fallen Patriots, an organization dedicated to helping children who have lost a parent in active military service, while he also actively leads the ‘Newport Sunshine Initiative,’ an effort to revitalize his hometown in New Hampshire.
Jay Lucus's book, American Sunshine, celebrates the power of the human spirit and exudes a vibrant feeling of ‘Can Do’ optimism.
In a readable, fun and quietly convincing way, Jay Lucas distills the core values that lie at the heart of the American experience and charts a positive path for the future.
He encourages each one of us to believe in ourselves, to follow our dreams and to achieve our full potential while at the same time generously sharing.
In short, American Sunshine is a visionary work – providing a timeless guide to a positive future both for our country and for each and every one of us as individual Americans.

May 21, 2018
Color of Fire - Thriller Novel | Interview with the Author

JMW was born in Texas. The son of a rodeo cowboy and businessman. He joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war and served in a military police unit. He followed that line of work after the military, serving as a policeman. Through many trials, he was converted to Christianity and attended a seminary where his faith in Christ was solidified.
He worked with several churches and traveled extensively internationally during the 90's. Through his experiences of seeing the world and understanding that man needs a Savior, he began writing to not only share life experiences but to, more importantly, share his Savior. It is his unique look at Jesus Christ that JMW wishes to express to the world today. He has discovered that it is not about him but his Christ that men must come to understand. He writes fiction but never fiction about Jesus!
His book "Color of Fire" is the unforgettable truth of repentance, forgiveness, regret and the battle for survival against all odds. A true page-turner that brings truth to fiction and hope for a better world.

Learn more about JMW: https://www.facebook.com/authorjmw


May 14, 2018
Live Your HELL YES LIFE with Krysta Rogers

Live Your HELL YES LIFE with Krysta Rogers. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk with Krysta Rogers about living a life with passion, feeling more powerful and in control, taking action towards your dreams and having the relationship, the business and the life that you love. My passion and purpose are to help you to do the same.

Krysta is here to help you to create a life that you love, filled with passion, purpose, abundant, love and joy, and anything else your heart desires... This is your HELL YES LIFE!

Learn more about Krysta at https://www.krystarogers.com

May 07, 2018
Time Habits & Attitude with Erik Swanson

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk with Erik Swanson about Time Habits & Attitude with Erik Swanson from Habitude Warrior Conference.  Keynote Speaker & Success Coach Erik Swanson As a Speaker, Motivator, Coach, Mentor, Bestselling Author, and a Corporate Trainer, Erik Swanson has been an influence and mentor to tens and tens of thousands throughout the years since his early start in the industry over 19 years ago. Erik shares stages with many top-notch speakers and authors including ones from The Secret, The Think and Grow Rich Society and even the Millionaire Summit Tour. When Erik speaks, audiences are inspired, empowered, and entertained. His style combines step-by-step tactical teachings with humor and vivid story telling.

May 02, 2018
Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier

http://EliteOnlinePublishing.com Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier - How to Build a Cash Machine. Loral Langemeier on the Elite Expert Insider Podcast. Interviewed by Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, Loral is the owner of Live Out Loud Corporation. Loral grew Live Out Loud into a multi-million company in only five years. A highly sought-after money management expert, she has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, on television at CNN, CNBC and Fox News Channel, and on the web at ABCNews.com, Forbes.com, and BusinessWeek.com. She has appeared as a money expert on The View helping teens grow their fledgling businesses and Dr. Phil, advising families in financial crisis about making more money. Her popular website, www.liveoutloud.com, receives nearly 8,000 hits a day.

Her company, Live Out Loud, was named as one of the 15th Fastest Growing Women-Owned Businesses in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and has since ranked every year.

Her stage appearances continue to broaden to encompass international stages, including Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Stage, Chris Howard Stages in the United States, Australia and England; appearances on stages with Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Eker, Todd Dotson, John Rutledge, Brian Tracy and many other notable speakers; a National Keynote on eWomen Network’s stage; Tupperware’s Leadership Convention keynote speaker; Speaker at Sisel International Conventions all in addition to her Live Out Loud events, including Cash Machine Workshops.

Her fifth book, “Yes! Energy: The Equation To Do Less Make More“, skyrocketed to number one on Barnes and Noble and Amazon bestseller lists and debuted at number four on the New York Times and number nine on the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Yes! Energy was number 51 on USA Today’s list of the bestselling books in the country the same week it was released. However, the book is just the beginning of something much greater – a new movement, the Yes! Energy Movement, in which we can now become fully engaged in a new conversation. A conversation in which “Yes!” is the only answer required for success. In the words of Langemeier herself, “Say yes and then figure out how.”


Apr 23, 2018
What is your True Power? Identify the beauty & strength in You

What is your True Power? Identify the beauty & strength in You. Elite Expert Insider Interview with Wylene Benson. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Wylene Benson and talk about your personal power and the human potential.
“I believe that behind every perceived 'weakness', is the key to a person's true power. I love creating and identifying beauty & strength in all things, and people. My Passion is seeing the Genius emerge. We all have it. With a little guidance and a few simple tools, anyone can begin creating from the inside. This is who I am...This is MY passion! I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.”
- Wylene Benson

Apr 16, 2018
How to Start a Business Using the Assets You Already Have

How to Start a Business Using the Assets You Already Have. These two mompreneurs started a publishing company. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk about how they started a publishing company using the assets and knowledge they already had in their toolbox. They discuss how they manage being single moms and running a business. Working from home you have to manage your time and be present in the moment you are in. Learn tips to be a successful entrepreneur.

Apr 10, 2018
Self-Publishing Secrets - How to Market a Book

Self-Publishing Secrets- How to Market a Book. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk about how to market your book. They talk about how often to post on Social Media and how to use your book to make more money in your business.

Apr 02, 2018
How to Use and Get More Five Star Reviews - Brian Williams

How to Use and Get More Five Star Reviews - Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster interview Brian Williams on the podcast, Elite Expert Insider. Five Star Economy builds, protects and advertises five-star reputations for businesses, so clients can focus on attracting and keeping customers. Five Star Economy’s proprietary solution includes both software and personalized service that automates reputation marketing for attorneys; doctors; dentists; air conditioning repair companies; plumbers; real estate agents; private schools; restaurants; insurance agencies, CPA firms, salons and more. Five Star Economy brings you experience and savvy. President, Brian Williams, has more than 24 years of digital marketing experience, having built multimillion-dollar e-commerce companies and served as digital marketing strategist to dozens of domestic companies.

Mar 26, 2018
How to Save Money on Disney Vacations - Get Away Today!

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk with Jen Dunyon of Get Away Today Vacations.
Since 1990, Get Away Today has helped more than 2 million people enjoy vacations to Disneyland® and beyond. Almost like magic, we've become one of the world's leading providers of Disney vacations, family vacations, discount vacation packages, and adventure vacations. But it's really not magic.
It's building great relationships with hotels and attractions to secure the lowest possible prices. It's passing along volume discounts and keeping overhead low. That's how we save you 20% to 50% per vacation. Plus, we take such good care of you that you'll never want to get away again without calling Get Away Today Vacations.

Mar 19, 2018
Prosperity & Money Secrets with Allyson Chavez

Prosperity & Money Secrets with Allyson Chavez. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Allyson Chavez on the Elite Expert Insider Podcast. Allyson Chavez is THE Ultimate Prosperity coach. She specializes in changing your Inner Stance –the place from which you operate– so your bank account will grow. She is also a certified SimplyHealed energy practitioner, a licensed and certified BANK sales and communications trainer, an international speaker and a bestselling author.

Mar 12, 2018
Bully Proof Fitness & Kick N Fit Kids - Chris Casamassa

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson interview Chris Casamassa. Bully Proof Fitness & Kick N Fit Kids - Chris Casamassa. The best kids healthy weight loss and fitness program. Comes complete with food plan and fun exercise training in martial arts, kickboxing and yoga. Chris Casamassa is the #1 best selling author of the book “Bully Proof Fitness.” He is also the founder of B90Z, KICKNFIT KIDS and the current President of the 12 Red Dragon Karate studios in southern California. Chris oversees operations and helps studio owners across the country grow their business by getting them to focus on two simple & important concepts: service &quality. With his core programs, KICKNFIT KIDS, B90Z and Red Dragon Karate Chris has helped over 50,000 kids and adults become confident, fit, strong and Bully Proof!  Chris competed professionally on the North American Sport Karate Tour (NASKA) where he amassed a very impressive string of titles: he is a 4-time national forms champion, a 2-time national weapons champion, and a top 5 rated middleweight fighter. 
Besides his outstanding tournament record, Chris is featured in dozens of films and Television shows. He has been in everything from the original Karate Kid movie, to Shootfighter, and Blade, plus a TV series called “WMAC MASTERS” Where he played the lead role of RED DRAGON. Chris also doubled for George Clooney in Batman & Robin.  But for millions of fans around the world, the role for which most people now recognize him is The role of “Scorpion” in the hit action film franchise “Mortal Kombat.” 

Mar 06, 2018
Crafting a Meaningful Life - Mary Crafts-Homer

Crafting a Meaningful Life - Mary Crafts-Homer. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Mary Crafts-Homer on their Podcast Elite Expert Insiders. When Mary started Culinary Crafts in 1984 her sights were set on always being her very best. Now, she’s catering events for Oprah Winfrey during the Sundance Film Festival, her company is the largest off-premise caterer in Utah, and she is known as Utah’s Martha Stewart!
Mary’s events and catering tips are regularly featured in national media such as Martha Stewart’s Wedding website, “The Knot” wedding blog, Colin Cowie’s television show “Get Married”, and Catering Magazine. Locally Mary has become a familiar face on “Good Things Utah”, “Good Morning Utah” and on KBYU public television, where Mary’s popular cooking show “Culinary Creations” is still being aired. Learn more about Mary at http://www.culinarycrafts.com
Follow her podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com

Feb 26, 2018
How to Speak and Make Money doing it! - Lisa Sasevich

How to Speak and Make Money doing it! Lisa Sasevich Interview with Elite Expert Insider. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster talk with expert Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of sales. Lisa will teach you in this interview how to have the blueprint to speaking and getting paid to do it. Once you have your signature talk, you can speak to sell! Check out her free blueprint at http://www.lisasasevich.com/elite

Feb 19, 2018
Lisa Holmes - Top Women Owned Business - Marketing Specialist

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson interview women business owner Lisa Holmes.  Lisa has been in the advertising agency world for over 25 years. Lisa Holmes has been named one of Utah's  Top 25 Women-Owned Business owners. Presenter and workshop leader at professional association meetings and conferences. Teaches healthcare marketing at a university level. Regional Marketing Director, Western Institute of Neuropsychiatry; Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Vice President, President and Chief Executive Officer, Holmes & Co.

Feb 12, 2018
What is the ROI on a Book? | Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster

What is the ROI on a Book? | Self Publishing. Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson talk about the ways to make money with a book in their podcast Elite Expert Insider. They also talk about the importance of an Amazon Author Profile Page.

Feb 04, 2018
Positive Programming in Business and Life's Work - Jason Sisneros

Are you struggling with a life of negative programming? Switch your mindset to Positive programming. Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson interview Jason Sisneros. Jason has had an intriguing rise to the top of his profession. He has become an extremely relevant force in the field of long-term change and next level attainment. He did so, not through a traditional education, but through what he calls a Ph.D. in street smarts (poor, hungry and determined). Raised in an environment of drugs, abuse, and a lack mentality, Jason traveled a road most of us only read about. From several broken noses, being kidnapped, witnessing family members held at gunpoint to ultimately watching the person responsible for all of this, his adoptive father, go to prison for the attempted murder of his mother and himself; he developed a unique view of the world. 

Jason’s career in the field of motivation, sales, influence, radical life extension, and persuasion began with the most prestigious organization in the industry, the Anthony Robbins Companies. Jason shot through the ranks, working as one of Tony’s Peak performance consultants. Jason is now one of the most sought out speakers on the circuit today! He has built an amazing reputation in the arena of mega speakers and can be seen throughout the nation as a keynote speaker at seminars, conventions, retreats, workshops and corporate training.

Jan 27, 2018
Finding Your Spiritual Journey - Mike Magana

Elite Expert Insider Podcast Interview with Mike Magana. Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Mike Magana about finding your Spiritual Journey. What do stars, galaxies, the solar system and our entire universe say about the existence of a creator? Is it more than mere coincidence that human life is born into this world? If there is a creator of life, how does one connect with such a being? Is there life after this life? These questions and many more are addressed in a compelling manner as “Angelo” is encouraged to embark on his own personal journey in search of the profound reason for life and his own existence. Realizing that not answering the door when death knocks is not an option, Angelo must wrestle with understanding his personal relevancy and how that impacts his connection with others as well as the creator. This thought provoking personal journey reveals the challenges and inquiry everyone must face at some time in their life.

Jan 17, 2018
How to Podcast in 2018 - Paul Colligan

Do you want to start a podcast?  Are you unsure what you need to do to get started?  Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson interview Paul Colligan, the Podcasting expert! Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no drama. Listen in to learn the best practices when podcasting.

Jan 09, 2018