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Every week co-hosts Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi share in a weekly discussion known as “Parables from the Pit” insights from Wake Up Warrior in what is known as Warrior Week exclusively for men.  Join them as they teach tools that have taken men down to the pits of hell within themselves in order to learn how to  let go and grow by liberating themselves.

Episode Date
Pain of the Modern Man | Warrior Week | Ep 032

Welcome to the 32nd episode of Warrior Week, Parables from the Pit. The show has a new format where every week the conversations will be driven by three lead trainers inside the Warrior Movement: Sam Falsafi, Jesse Ewell, and Kevin Voisin, who combined have led and trained thousands of men inside the experience known as the Warrior’s Way. Each week they will have a real and raw conversation about a specific aspect of the pain of the modern man. Today is a powerful conversation about the overall pain of all men, which is feeling alone and lonely.


Parable #1: Pain that Men Resist

  • Coach Jesse: The pain the men are resisting that comes up consistently is the pain from a father. It comes down to the pain we experienced as a child that we carried for many years, almost like a weight on our back that we never let go of, and never learned how to work past it.
  • Coach Kevin: The one pain I see across the board is that men are unable to endure the pain of vulnerability. Even if that feeling is having love for their child, they have a hard time expressing it because they’ve been taught that those feelings belong in the realm of women and not real men.
QUESTION  What is the pain that you are resisting the most?

Parable #2: Operating Alone

  • Coach Sam: The current path of a man inside his pain is this idea of being alone – not socially alone, but operating alone. It ties back to no instructions from dad, and that emotions are not part of the playlist.
  • Coach Jesse: Feeling alone is disconnection. When you’re alone, you disconnect from people and from the things in your life, and that is what gives you the feeling of being alone.
What pattern have you noticed about yourself when you begin feeling all alone?

Parable #3: False Feeling of Significance

  • Coach Kevin: By believing I’m alone, my ego fucks me up and says no one has ever felt this pain before; that no one can understand. We give ourselves this false feeling of significance that somehow in the history of the universe, no one has ever felt this before.
  • We had a miscarriage in our marriage, which was a painful loss. When I started opening up and sharing it with people, I was so amazed. It seemed like everyone had a miscarriage story. I wasn’t alone at all.
What is something you have opened up about recently from a place of vulnerability? How did you feel afterward?

Parable #4: Backpack Full of Pain

  • Coach Sam: In certain areas when I feel that things are not going well, I have a tendency to get a backpack and put all of my pain inside of it and carry it alone. I have these old tendencies that have a major impact on me the minute I start feeling alone.
  • Coach Jesse: A pattern we have as men is this feeling of alone that takes us back to the place where we first began feeling it, between the ages of seven and ten. We try to hide to make ourselves feel better about being alone.
What’s coming up for you in this part of the conversation?


Parable #5: Share Your Pain

  • Coach Jesse: When I feel alone, I close off everyone around me. It’s me not letting anybody in. I feel I’m not vulnerable enough to expose myself, therefore I’m all alone in my own Pit that I created because I wouldn’t let anybody else in.
  • Coach Kevin: There is no reality in the idea that you’re alone. My father used to tell me: If God wanted you to do everything by yourself, he would have put you on your own little planet, and you could just do it all. Instead, he put you here with 7 billion other people.
What is one thing you need to share with someone this week?



“Where in your life are you feeling the most disconnected? As you feel that pain, what the fuck are you going to do about it? Are you going to give yourself permission to have a conversation?”

Parables from the Pit:

“The source of the pain of being alone is disconnection. We experience this trauma of disconnection many times and each time we do, we find ourselves attached to different things – any type of attachment that takes away the pain.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“The pain of feeling alone comes from the pain of not communicating that you’re experiencing feeling alone. Communication is the gateway to not feeling alone.”

–Coach Jesse Ewell

“Most men are sedating away from any emotion. They don’t want to feel anything. Even the positive emotions scare the fuck out of them because there’s been this conditioning that men don’t feel, and that to open up and be vulnerable is a weakness.”

–Coach Kevin Voisin


Aug 16, 2018
Dad, Are You Coming Back to Basecamp? | Warrior Week | Ep 031

Welcome to a very special edition of Parables from the Pit as the amazing story of Kahea and his boys is shared with Coach Sam Falsafi. It’s a story of courage, darkness, heartbreak, and turning points, where Kahea and his sons, seemingly against all odds, come out victorious. Kahea also shares his involvement with Operation Underground Railroad as a special operative traveling throughout the world rescuing children and taking out traffickers.


Parable #1: I Wanted to Be Happy

  • Kahea: I married young and was excited to have a family. After the first year, we realized we weren’t even great friends, we were more like roommates. We were different in the way we viewed the world and we just wanted different things. A month after the birth of our youngest son, we ended up having a conversation where we decided to get divorced. She moved out shortly thereafter, leaving me with our baby and our almost three-year-old to raise.
  • In my culture and religion, marriage is something you’re supposed to stay in, no matter what. I wanted to be happy, yet this didn’t feel like a life I could continue with. It wasn’t everything that I had thought it would be. We were living in this close-knit village community in Hawaii where I felt like everyone had ended up turning their backs on me, even the people I knew well and had helped out because we had chosen a different path.

What are your beliefs about “sticking it out” in marriage? When do you know it’s time to part ways?

Parable #2: From Millions to Welfare

  • Kahea: A year prior to this when I was 26, I had a 12 million dollar real estate investment going through. By the time I was 27, I had bought my first office building in Honolulu and had $18M of assets. It was 2008, the year the market crashed. Everything in my life and all across America started going downhill and within eight months, I had lost everything and found myself standing in a welfare line just to be able to feed my kids.
  • Prior to finding myself standing in the welfare line, I had won a business award from one of the biggest banks in Hawaii. They shot a commercial highlighting my success and for some reason, the airing of it had been delayed for eight months. So here I am standing in the welfare line with my baby in my arms, trying to get assistance so I could feed him when out of the corner of my eye, I see this commercial with me talking about big business and success. I tried to hide my face, hoping no one would see me and make the connection with the commercial playing in the corner of the room.
QUESTION How does your life resonate with Kahea’s experiences?

Parable #3: Dad, Come Back to the Campout

  • Kahea: Financially, we’re crashing. The divorce is going through, my wife has moved out leaving me with a brand new baby and my 2 1/2-year-old who has just been diagnosed with spastic pysista cerebral palsy. I’ve given my wife the last $5K I had in the bank, the house is in foreclosure, 0ne of our dogs has been shot by the neighbor, the other one has been stolen, and I keep dodging the guy trying to repossess the car that I need to take my son to the hospital, which is an hour away, for treatments, surgery, and therapy.
  • One particular evening proved to be a turning point for Kahea when they came home from the hospital to find the electricity had been disconnected. It was during their third night of camping in his bedroom, unable to console his crying baby with cold milk, that he found himself crumpled and broken in a corner of their home. “My three year old comes over to me and asks, Dad, are we still doing our campout? Dad, come back to the campout! That moment was my ‘I need to be a fucking diamond’ moment.”

What were the conditions that led up to your ‘I need to be a fucking diamond’ moment? How has your life changed because of it?

Parable #4: We Just Don’t Quit

  • One of Kahea’s legs was shorter than the other which caused him a lot of pain through the years. He was prone to injury and found it very difficult to stand up any longer than five or ten minutes at a time. Surgery was suggested and as he researched the different possibilities, he found one that was experimental and was only the fourth person in the U.S. to have it performed.
  • Determined not to be wheelchair bound for months or even years, after surgery he began a rigorous five hour per day physical therapy regime which enabled him to eventually train for and enter the Hawaiian Ironman. During his recovery as he crawled up the stairs to his second-floor bedroom, he would say to his boys, “What do you do when you fall and break both your legs?” They would answer back, “You get back up with your arms!” “They’ve learned and witnessed directly from me that no matter what happens, we just don’t quit.”

What have you accomplished that seemed out of reach at one point in time?


Parable #5: Divine Mission

  • Kahea has built a $75M empire since the days of standing in the welfare line and has continued to find purpose not only in his children who are everything to him but also inside of an organization that is very near and dear to his heart. While listening to Elizabeth Smart share her story of being kidnapped from her home at the young age of 13 and becoming a sex slave for the next eight months before her miraculous rescue, something stirred inside Kahea’s soul and spoke to him.
  • Kahea: A couple of years later, all the pieces came together and fell in my lap that enabled me to become a special operative for Operation Underground Railroad where we rescue kids from sex slavery and child trafficking. There are only ten of us who do these ops all over the world. Our main objective? Rescue the kids and take out the traffickers.

For more information about Operation Underground Railroad, go to ourrescue.org

Parables from the Pit:

“I feel that why you are here, and what you are doing, is a reflection of the man you have built for the past decade. You’re on a mission, a Divine mission. ‘Come back to the campout’ was the light that came to you through your son, and now you’re bringing that light to the children.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“This has taught me so many lessons over the years, even now. It’s taught me how two individuals could be in the same location and under the same conditions, physically, and yet be emotionally different only because one chose to see things differently than the other.”


Aug 09, 2018
Next to My King, I Am His Queen | Warrior Week | Ep 030

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes two powerful leaders to the show today, Dr. Ed and Karen Osburn. They share stories of the unexpected twists and turns in their life, and demonstrate how they have chosen to rise and lead through their challenges.


Parable #1: Intro to Warrior

  • Ed: I had started following Garrett on Facebook and got sucked into the matrix of his message for men. I felt he was speaking to me. I had a podcast for chiropractors at the time and reached out to Garrett to bring his message to the men because I felt they really needed it. That interview was transformational and indoctrinated us into the Warrior’s way.
  • Karen:  After the episode came out, Ed told me that he just did an interview with a guy in the Christian market. I wasn’t impressed until I listened to it. I remember being riveted by what Garrett was saying. What was this about having it all? There was something I couldn’t explain, a feeling in my heart.

What was your introduction to Warrior?


Parable #2: Wanting Power and Confidence

  • It was on Ed’s 45th birthday while watching videos about Warrior Week that he mentioned to Karen that maybe he should go. He made a comment on Garrett’s facebook page, Garrett chimed in, and the next thing Ed knew, he was having conversations with both Sam and Garrett. Soon thereafter, Ed found himself knocking at the doors of Warrior Week 20, something Karen wanted for Ed more than Ed wanted for himself.
    Karen: For me, I always saw Ed as a powerful man but I felt he didn’t see it in himself. I saw this as an experience where he could discover who he was as a man and show up as I wanted him to. I had seen a version of him in the past, that confident and certain Ed, but I didn’t feel he had the confidence at this point in his life.

How are you showing up for your wife?


Parable #3: Rise or Die

  • Ed almost didn’t make it to Warrior Week. Two years after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he had surgery where they removed most of his bowel except for 12 inches. “When I left Warrior Week 20, I had a decision to make: either succumb and just die to the disease, or rise. Even a lot of the guys were feeling that too: he’s either going to rise or die. So, I rose.”
  • Ed returned to Warrior Week several times after that, each time coming away having shed the man he used to be and stepping into a new, expanded version of himself. “You have to stay in the game. If you don’t, you start to go back to sleep and become unconscious again. I could feel myself leaking power and felt I needed a kick in the dick. Almost every 12 months, I had to come back and experience the physical aspect and the bonding with the brothers.”

What challenges have you been able to rise above, seemingly against all odds?

Parable #4: Colliding Over Clarity

  • Ed: Along with the power that we’re accessing, it has given me the power to collide with Karen. We don’t let things just sit. Moving forward, we would never want it to choose anything that would compromise something inside of our marriage that we have built. The power to collide is a good thing.
  • Karen: We are always colliding over clarity. Right now, especially for me, I’m going through a shift. It feels like something new is percolating and building. It feels very unknown. I’m open. I’m surrendering. I believe I just need to fucking own it and trust it.

What is the difference between conflict and collision?

Parable #5: Behind Closed Doors

  • Coach Sam: I grew up in a house where my mom and dad didn’t hug and kiss in front of us. Culturally, they were taught that you just don’t do that in front of people, that it’s meant to be kept hidden and private. After I had been operating that way in my marriage, I began questioning that belief. Kissing my wife three times a day became part of my 90-day challenge. I was rejected many times but I stayed consistent because I wanted to break through the belief I had adopted as a kid.
  • Karen: A lot of people think they shouldn’t fight in front of their children. They don’t want to show that part of their relationship. I grew up in a family where the fighting took place behind closed doors. I say, show it. Show all of it. The biggest gift for me as a mom with my kids is that I have this little accountable thing with them where they see us fight, and see us make up. They see us get to model marriage for them.

What behaviors have you adopted from your childhood that no longer serve you?

Parables from the Pit:

“At the end of the day, whatever you’ve created is what you’re projecting onto your children. They are seeing this creativity, and therefore see the power, confidence, and certainty to create and recreate.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“I didn’t realize until about 12 hours into the first day of Warrior Week that I was actually there for my marriage. I thought I was there to learn how to hunt better. Once I made that shift – once I came back to build that connection and marriage I wanted – it only took a week for my business to change.

–Ed Osburn

“I don’t want my kids to just follow, I want my kids to think for themselves. Although it’s a challenging way to parent compared to how most of the world rolls, it’s the most fulfilling when I hear my kids say things or call me out with feedback.”

–Karen Osburn

Aug 02, 2018
Quantum Leap | Warrior Week | Ep 029

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Warrior Week 36 graduate, Navin Thukkaram, to the show today. Navim is a very successful entrepreneur and a man that has completely transformed his life in the past year by simply believing in the concept of becoming this greater version of himself. "It’s what the journey makes you become, it’s not getting to a finish line," says Navim. "The finish line does not exist."

Parable #1: Commitment

  • Navim is from Chicago, his parents are from India. He had a traditional upbringing with a strong emphasis on education. He loved playing golf and was really quite good, so he chose a University that had its own golf course - Princeton - and boasts that he got to play golf and do math all through college.
  • Navim: I feel like when I was growing up, I was cranking non-stop at school from ages 5 to 18 to try to get into an Ivy League school. It was the contract of 'this is what you do.' I always had targets and outcomes I was working towards - go to college, get a lot of money, get respected. I had worked really hard for a very long time, and although it all actually worked out very well, I was super burned out.

Ask Yourself: What area of your life do you feel needs a deeper and more consistent commitment from you?


Parable #2: Cooks in the Kitchen

  • Navim: I made my first million in my late 20s. At the time I was a partner at a private equity firm. One of my investments went extremely well, it grew from there, and we sold a little bit of it which was well over a million dollars. I’ve been fortunate to have my good family and education and resources to be successful. Obviously, it’ not about the money, it’s about what the money represents.
  • That represented unbelievable about of commitment and work over a lifetime, and in some ways, it also represented what my parents had done for me over that very long period of time. All those things had to come together to make that happen. There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen that helped make that happen.


Ask Yourself: Who are the people who have contributed to your success?


Parable #3: The Missing Link

  • Coach Sam: In your late 20s, you achieve this and you continue to grind. Obviously, the reward of the money was great and you felt successful. You built a fucking empire. Life is good. And then you go to a Tony Robbins event, and inside of the event, you meet Garrett who tells you to 'talk to Sam.' After you watched some videos, what truly resonated with your heart for you to say: this is something that I want to do?
  • Navim: It was one of Garrett’s first videos where he was walking in Vegas talking about the concept of sedation, and the concept of wanting something more. I’m always doing personal development in some way so it wasn’t like I felt I had hit rock bottom. But I felt like I didn’t have near the energy that I had experienced in previous years, and it was a lack of purpose. 


Ask Yourself: What message resonated with you and was the catylist for your entry into Warrior?


Parable #4: Warrior Week

  • Navim: I come into Warrior Week. I’m doing well, but I’m not feeling that energy or purpose. I knew from our conversation and by the way you identified that so effortlessly, that this is the place I needed to be. I was thinking: I don’t know what the fuck these guys are doing, I don’t know why they're wearing all black, I hope this is not some sort of cult, but Garrett is obviously a great guy so I’m going to trust the process.
  • The first thing I felt when you had me in the hole that we had dug for ourselves was that I was very confused. I knew I was in the right place, but I didn’t really know why I was there. I had a feeling as to why I was there, but I couldn’t really articulate it very well. But I knew I was not going to get out of that hole until I convinced you that I knew why I was there.


Ask Yourself: How has trusting the process impacted your life?

Parable #5: Measurable Results

  • Coach Sam: For the first time ever, I feel you are balanced enough to have a relationship. For a year you’ve been knocking at the door of fatherhood and relationship. For 27 years, you’ve been programmed as an assassin, and now you meditate and have these moments where you stop and you go to the void for no reason and no purpose, and then you come back. It’s creating balance in your character and the way you communicate.
  • It is a totally different Navim, not that the Navim before was a bad one, but this one is a more dominating, powerful Navim. You’re a badass doing MMA right now, business is booming, the purpose behind your business is clear. You’re meditating, you’re connected to your being. The missing piece of the puzzle is the Balance, but you’re in the most attractive state ever.

Ask Yourself: How has being part of Warrior changed your life?

Parables from the Pit:

"Part of what was missing from Navim was fire. You saw a glance of that fire in Garrett. The heat of that fire warmed you up and attracted you, which brought you into this crazy conversion. Warrior Week burned you to some extent. You and the men of 36 forged this connection - this relationship that most men don't have. It's an invitation for collision, for calling each other out, prompting the highest standard. And that’s what we hold you accountable to."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"You have to remember that your business is a reflection of yourself. Just take a look in the mirror. You have to get that fire first - for yourself - if you’re going to set your business on fire and really take it to the next level. The thing is, when you get yourself right, you can make quantum improvements."

--Navin Thukkaram

Jul 26, 2018
Ladies Create Gentlemen | Warrior Week | Ep028

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Natalie Martin to this week’s episode of Parables from the Pit. Natalie has been a big part of the Warrior movement over the past three years. She not only put Garrett’s WarriorBook into written form but has witnessed the growth of hundreds of men inside the Warrior moment, including that of her own husband, Chris, and has been instrumental in helping change the lives of thousands of men through her writing. This is a rare and unique opportunity for us to get a glance inside of a woman’s Pit by exploring Natalie’s.

Parable #1: Losing Yourself In Service

  • Natalie was raised in an environment and culture where the women were told they needed to take care of the men in their lives. At the age of 10, after refusing to be at the beck and call of her father, she was labeled a feminist by him, a term that young Natalie wasn’t familiar with. This planted seeds of worthlessness inside of her where she felt that because she wasn’t male, that she was somehow “less than.” She had this constant feeling of needing to do more, yet never felt she was ever able to do enough.
  • Natalie: In the Mormon culture, which is my background, women are always looking for ways to be of service to others, of losing themselves in service, and losing themselves in helping everybody else. It’s not really emphasized that you need to take care of yourself. We’re told to make sure we read our scriptures and do our hair for our husband. It’s very traditional; it’s very Donna Reed. I didn’t start out at college to get a degree unless it was an MRS degree. I have truly always just wanted to be a mom.

In your youth, what were you taught about the different roles of men and women, and how is this affecting your marriage?


Parable #2: Good Girl Syndrome

  • Sam has conversations with thousands of men where the wife’s portfolio mirrors that of Natalie’s. These men’s wives have been taught that femininity is all about taking care of the family. Many of these women are disconnected inside of their relationship, they don’t have sex with their husbands, and they end up living like fucking roommates. Sam asked Natalie about this and was curious as to what happens to a woman’s sexuality when they actually think this way.
  • Natalie: Our sex life has always been good, which is on Chris because I had the Good Girl Syndrome. I was taught that sex was for marriage, sex was for procreating, and sex was not something that you’re supposed to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, Chris has always been really good at being patient with me. Sex became the glue that held our marriage together when it was otherwise falling apart.

How does this conversation resonate with you?


Parable #3:  The Empty Shell Syndrome

  • Natalie: As a police wife, you’re a single parent. As a woman in a culture where it’s always about everybody else, I didn’t know who I was anymore. It was in January of 2012 when I realized I didn’t feel anything for anybody. I didn’t know who I was other than a mom and felt like I was mediocre at that.
  • Even though I would go through the motions with the kids, I felt empty. I call it the Empty Shell Syndrome. I felt like I was walking on eggshells around Chris all the time. He would blow up over the stupidest things, then I would blow up over the stupidest things. The only emotions I felt anymore were anger and resentment.

How can you help your wife when she is feeling empty?


Parable #4: The Pit of an Unhappy Woman

  • Coach Sam: Your Pit continued to become deeper and wider because of the series of “cant’s” coupled with the pressures of life that you were dealing with. You can’t pay your bills, you can’t have your husband at home very often, and on top of that, you have three kids. Inside of that, Chris was forced to lie the minute he walked through your front door. Although unintentional, the one place where Chris would actually experience a peace of mind and be able to disconnect, became a place where he had to fucking lie for the safety of the kids and to not worry you.
  • Natalie:  He was always gone. It wouldn’t be until months later that I’d hear about some drug sting he was involved in. At one point, he grew his gotee really long and I eventually found out that he was working narcotics during that time. He would go to a different town and pose as a scumbag, then come home and try to operate as a father to his children. He wasn’t telling me anything and our communication became absolute shit.

What are you hiding from your spouse? What lies have you been telling them?

Parable #5: WarriorBook

  • Natalie: WarriorBook is a masterpiece; it’s my baby. I absolutely love everything about that book, even all of the Pits that I had to go through to get it published. The book tackles a Hero’s Journey. What’s beautiful about a Hero’s Journey is that everybody can relate to it. With it, I could see a mirror of the pain that I had in my own struggles. I could see the need to find an answer behind the pain. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  • If we’re just experiencing pain for pain’s sake, there’s no point to it. But if there’s pain with a purpose, and we can see some clarity behind it, it becomes more relevant and it becomes a lesson to be learned to then teach to others so that they can have tools to navigate through their own Pit and pain. There are tools to help them realize that there’s a point to it all.

What stories in WarriorBook have influenced and affected you the most?

Parables from the Pit:

“Have a conversation with your wife and tell her that she’s enough, that she can be herself, and that she matters.

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“Literally, no one has read WarriorBook as often as I have, and in so doing, it gave me a grasp of what it takes to understand that we’re all like a book that has multiple chapters in it. Sometimes chapters have to be cut out; sometimes the chapters are expanded upon. Ultimately, it comes down to the power of the story of our own journey.”

–Natalie Martin

Jul 19, 2018
The Divine Walk | Warrior Week | Ep 027

Coach Sam Falsafi and Warrior Week graduate Brian Davis have a beautiful conversation about meetings with God, gifts on the mountain, unlocking masks, and discovering light in the darkest of Pits in this special edition of Parables from the Pit.

Parable #1: Knocking on Warrior's Door

  • Before entering the crucible of Warrior Week, Brian had come knocking on Warrior's door on two separate occasions. During his first encounter, he ended up having a brief conversation with Coach Sam.
  • A year later, the doors of Warrior swung wide open as Coach Sam brought fire and passion in a video that was part of the package of WarriorBook 600 that Brian had just purchased. Although he wondered what he was getting himself into, it was very clear to Brian that he was exactly where he needed to be.

QUESTION: How and when did Warrior show up in your life?

Parable #2: Overflowing Buckets

  • It was the birth of Brian's second baby that served as the catalyst for his entrance into Warrior Week. Tensions ran high as correctional casts were placed on the feet of his ten-day-old baby girl. After 48 hours of constant crying, and in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions, Brian snapped at his wife. He immediately felt guilt shame for his actions and was left wondering what kind of a man he was for not being able to hold space for his wife and newborn baby.
  • Coach Sam: The kind of man you were showing up as is exactly the kind of man I am, and that most men are. There were just too many buckets of problems that you were carrying. At some point, you're going to spill the fucking buckets because there aren’t enough hands holding them. Now you have another bucket which is supposed to be a bucket of happiness, but instead, it's a bucket of sadness because of the unknown.

QUESTION: What happens when your buckets are overflowing?


Parable #3: You're a Locked Dude

  • Brian: In my journal from my initial brief interview with Sam, I wrote the words he spoke to me: You’re a locked dude. It was the beginning of the process of unlocking for me. In that place of darkness that first night in the Pit of Warrior Week, I uncovered things I had buried for years. It was in that place that Coach Jesse became a transformer and said to me, Hey man. Why don’t you just be yourself?
  • Coach Sam: As you looked at yourself in the mirror in the darkness of the Pit that first night, you saw a man wearing a mask. And on that mask, there was a lock. Unbeknownst to you, most of your life you had been searching for the key that would unlock that mask. As you heard the voice of Coach Jesse, you realized the key to the lock had always been inside of you, and that by just being yourself, the lock was opened and the mask fell to the ground.

QUESTION: What masks are you wearing?


Parable #4: Gifts Atop the Mountain

  • Brian: The gift I received on the mountain was very clear: My family is a divine gift. God doesn't need us to take care of our families, He takes care of them. God gives us families to increase our capacity to hear Him. How might we treat our families differently if we thought of them as a gift vs a responsibility?
  • I would never have been able to go on the journey that I'm on without my daughter providing the challenge and the pain to force movement. I now see that as God talking to me. God speaks to men through their families and through the challenges that they are facing. Walking off the mountain, I knew that my family was all the power source I needed in order to dominate everywhere else in my life.

QUESTION: What changes do your experience when you treat your family as a gift rather than as a responsibility?


Parable #5: Meeting With God

  • Brian: Before Warrior, I started scheduling meetings with God every Monday morning. I would go to a cafe and in my journal, I would write, "Thank You, God," and proceeded to write down everything I was grateful for. On the next page, I wrote," God, I know you can, but will you...help me with this sale, help ignite my marriage on fire, protect my family, etc. I was very specific. After doing this for six months, I looked back and was astonished by the results.
  • I realized how honored I felt when my 2-year-old came to me and asked, "Poppa, will you read me this book?" God gives us these relationships with our children to provide an analogy of what it is like for Him with us. We are honored when our children come to us and talk to us, just as God is honored when we go to him and converse with him.

QUESTION: What messages have you received from God recently?

Parables from the Pit:

"I challenge you to set up a meeting with God tomorrow morning and see what he has to say to you. Whatever he has to say, that’s what you need to hear and believe."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"I’m looking for caves to go into because now I’ve been trained, and I know there is always light in there. I’m going to go find a bigger Pit because I know I’ll come out with light."

--Brian Davis

Jul 12, 2018
Being Us | Warrior Week | Ep 026

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Phil, Angela, and Zach Nordgren to the podcast this week as they have an in-depth and honest conversation about the dark times they have each experienced, and the role Warrior has played in leading them out of their Pits and into a new life of healing, building, creating, and new possibilities.

Parable #1: Family Turmoil

  • Phil: Angela and I had done a lot of work individually and together to rebuild our marriage from a very dark and painful place. Our rebuilding was going well, but I personally felt stalled. I felt that doing what I was doing wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to go, nor get us to where we wanted and needed to go in our marriage and with our family. At age 48, I felt stuck.
  • Zach: The way I remember reacting to the turmoil and conflict in our family was through fear and confusion. I began wondering if this is what every family experiences, and I wished at times that I had different parents or no parents at all. These experiences led to detachment in my behavior and shoving my feelings down. It manifested itself by me experiencing detachment, disassociation and wanting to escape.
  • Angela: During the time Phil describes himself as feeling stuck, if he got bored with something, he would burn it down. Our relationship was terrible. Things were so bad I didn’t know if we were going to make it. I decided the best thing I could do was to fall back in love with myself. I ended up spending a lot of time by myself because that’s where I figured I would be.

How are your children reacting and responding to the turmoil you and your spouse are creating in your family?

Parable #2: Mid-Life Crisis Fallacy

  • Phil: This mid-life crisis story was strong within me, that it was somehow natural and expected to reach this age and suddenly not know what the fuck I wanted or where I was going. And in that place of being unhappy where I am causing all of this pain all around me, it’s just part of the discovery process of who I am fucking becoming; that sedating with drugs or alcohol is just part of this.
  • Zach: I don’t know how I know this, but I know that I’m expected to go through a midlife crisis. It’s all around us in the media that this is just what happens. It’s coming and you’re not going to know why the fuck you made any of the decisions you’ve made up to that point in your life, you’re going to hate your job, and you’re going to want to blow your brains out. And it’s portrayed as a normal rite of passage in a man’s life.
  • Sam: Enter a Warrior video that smashes that mid-life crisis window for you. Garrett comes in and throws a rock in your fucking window from which you’re watching the world, and slightly changes your perspective by creating a fucking hole inside of the window via the videos you watched and the new possibilities you saw for yourself.

How has Warrior changed your perspective around the story that all men can expect to experience a mid-life crisis?

Parable #3: Pain

  • Angela: The worst pain I felt was uncertainty about what we were going to do moving forward. We were stuck. I was also experiencing the pain of the uncertainty of our children’s mental health, and I was living in complete guilt and shame. I finally let Phil inside and help me once I got to a place where I was going to explode and couldn’t maintain it anymore.
  • Phil: You kept these feelings inside of you. By the time you let them out, it was so bad that it would create an eruption of emotion, pain, and chaos. This resulted in us having arguments and altercations. You were so fucking raw that whatever happened while you were in that state would just explode.

How do you help your spouse work through their pain?

Parable #4: Miss Rhonda

  • Zach: Miss Rhonda represents that kind of opposition that I was dealing with and the pinnacle of traditional therapy, tradition treatment, traditional “what do we do with a depressed teenager that doesn’t want to be on this planet when we’re legally obliged to throw him somewhere,” when we don’t know what to do with him.
  • This led to a conversation on the telephone with Sam where he had me imagine the worst possible vision of her. “You’re eating her ass; her butthole is engulfing your nose right now. Do you want to move forward, build and create, or do you want to be inside of her asshole? He had me scream out loud, “I’m eating Ronda’s asshole!” That lit a spark of change within me.

Recall a turning point in your life. What led to it?

Parable #5: The Illusion of Freedom

  • Zach: During Warrior Week 37, we ran into a group of 18-year-olds driving a Land Rover, smoking blunts and listening to shitty music. This is what people my age think is cool; this is people riding the wave of the illusion of freedom, perceiving they have the power to do whatever the fuck they want.
  • Before Warrior Week, I would have thought those guys were cool. I would have rolled with them and would have talked shit on the group of Warrior guys. I hated myself to some degree, and I also had this inflated ego, thinking I was something that I wasn’t.

What illusion of freedom are you operating under?

Parables from the Pit:

“Whenever Zach feels stuck, he has the way and the path; he has the blueprint of how to get out of those fucking stories and find the courage to tell them to fuck off because he knows that it’s a fucking story.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“For the first time in years, I’m open to the idea that I believe in the Source, the Voice, the Universe. It doesn’t mean that the stories of another man in a book are all true to me; rather, that I am in touch with a higher power that is coming through me.”

–Phil Nordgren

“Because there is integrity and honesty in what ’s unfolding, being a witness to this has helped heal the wounds of the past. The Stack has the power because it’s the reaction, the turning around, and the conversation with yourself that is bringing all of us a sense of clarity and freedom to have discussions without raised voices or judgment.”

–Angela Nordgren

“I’m still learning to support myself and manifest that into fruition, to get closer to that white light, that sensation of power; that sensation of being who I really am.”

–Zach Nordgren

Jul 05, 2018
The War Within | Warrior Week | Ep 025

Coach Sam Falsafi and Marine Corps Vet Deric Keller have an amazing conversation in this week's episode, where they share stories of war, anger, decisions, turning points, and liberation.

Parable #1: Anger Suppression

  • Sam: When we’re kids, we're given this checklist of what to do and what not to do, and part of that checklist is how we're not supposed to be angry at our parents. As children, there are emotional events and incidents that take place where we involuntarily adopt certain patterns and behaviors that are associated with that event or situation, which patterns unconsciously stay with us for years.
  • If anger is a feeling that takes place as a result of that event or situation, since I'm not "supposed' to show my anger towards my parents, I begin sedating and suppressing it. Eventually, at some point later in life, that anger will show up because I'm never been given the frame of collision.

QUESTION: What emotional event took place when you were a child that you have been suppressing for years?

Parable #2: Shattering the Armor

  • Coach Sam: When we deal with anger in whatever ways we learn to process it, the feelings of blame, guilt, and shame get forged into a type of armor that we carry for the rest of our life, until we go through the process that breaks the fucking armor with a hammer, and we suddenly feel 300 pounds lighter.
  • Deric: I went through similar instances having shame and guilt with my kids. I used to sit on the couch and watch tv, then when it was time for punishment, "dad" would react. Today, we're in constant communication to where when it’s time for me to be the disciplinarian, it’s in a completely different way.

QUESTION: What has been your experience surrounding shame and guilt?

Parable #3: Child of War

  • Sam: Between the ages of 8 and 10, my family and I lived inside of a Civil War. I saw things I should not have seen and witnessed so much pain. I would go to school and see the empty chairs of my friends whose homes had been bombed during the night. I didn’t know what the fuck was happening.
  • For me, this was normal because I didn’t know anything else. There was no television or social media exposing us to another world, no education exposing us to another possibility. When we left the country and went to Canada, war was never spoken of again. I didn't talk about it, I suppressed it; I suppressed anything that symbolized war.

QUESTION: What reality were you previously unaware of but can now clearly see? What happened?

Parable #4: Worm On a Hook

  • Deric: We called ourselves worm on a hook. Basically, we were bait. On April 4, 2003, we got attacked by militia as we were headed into Southern Baghdad. We had a new lieutenant with bright blue eyes who ended up getting killed on that mission. Until an evolution at Warrior Week, for 14 years all I could see were his bright blue eyes staring at me each night went to sleep.
  • It’s not that we’re leaving it all over there, the majority of our feelings don’t hit us until we’re back stateside. We’re processing things at a different level and a different manner. Over there, you just keep moving. You’re losing people and people are falling off to the wayside, but you’re constantly moving forward.

QUESTION: What emotional event has haunted you for years?

Parable #5: The War Within Never Ends

  • Sam: For the past four years, I’ve lived and taught the Warrior’s Way and have been living in the greatness of being a dad. Inside of 24 hours, I have become the most shitty dad - twice. That’s proof that the war within never fucking ends. The old self? He’s always fucking there. The minute I believe he’s no longer there, he takes over.
  • But if I acknowledge he’s there, from time to time I can be a shitty man, husband, father, or leader. If I don’t acknowledge that, then all I’m fucking searching is this imaginary game of perfection that doesn’t exist. I’m chasing something that is telling me to fail every time I chase it.

QUESTION: How long have you been chasing the imaginary game of perfection?

Parables from the Pit:

"You’re a man of war, I’m a child of war. Here we sit side by side. Although we can say the war within is not fucking over, we’ve won some major fucking battles and we’re at peace right now. But we know for sure that the war within never fucking ends."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"I didn’t realize that I was trying to hide that I had PTSD because to me it was a weakness. I didn’t want everyone to judge me. I had a vision of guys with PTSD living in gutters or my uncle living in a VA home. That’s how I envisioned PTSD. So when I was labled with it, I did everything in my power to make sure people didn’t know. I was scared. I didn’t understand that I could still function."

--Deric Keller

Jun 28, 2018
No Man is an Island | Warrior Week | Ep 024
 Coach Sam Falsafi has a powerful conversation with Warrior Week 37 graduate, Matt Skinner.

Parable #1: Warrior Week 37

  • Matt: When I signed up for Warrior Week, I thought it was going to be something very physical like SEALFIT. Yes, the physical aspect is part of it, but it’s so much deeper than that. It’s a mental endurance test, an emotional deep dive into the Pit and back.
  • Getting into a program where I had to be somewhere every day at the same time, do certain tasks, follow assignments and listen to people tell me what to do – all of which I knew was benefiting me – my immediate knee-jerk reaction was fuck you. It was so difficult for me to get into that pattern, and I initially rejected the structure of it.
QUESTION: How do your knee-jerk reactions play out in your life?

Parable #2: Fat Matt

  • Matt had a very traditional upbringing. He looked up to his father and aspired to be manly like him, yet he totally rebelled against his father’s definition of being manly. Matt wanted power and respect and found that he could gain these through violence and sex. “I thought these were the stronger, more masculine traits that my father didn’t possess that I could outperform him in.”
  • In fifth grade, I beat the shit out of a kid for calling me Fat Matt. He was bigger and older than me and had some social status on campus. I gained respect that day from the other students and learned that through violence and intimidation, I would be respected. That violence carried on through high school and eventually into football. Offseason, I was looking for fights. I was a fucking bully. My motto was drink, fuck, or fight.
QUESTION: What does “being a man” look like to you?

Parable #3: Midas Matt

  • Matt: At age 21, I was a horrible person doing all kinds of crazy shit. My dad sent me the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My first reaction was, fuck you. Once I started reading it, I realized that everything I had chosen up to that point was my responsibility, and therefore everything moving forward would also be my choice and responsibility. For nearly a decade, I felt like Midas Matt.
  • Coach Sam: Everything is going your way, production is the name of the game, everything you touch turns to gold. You meet this beautiful woman, you’re on the path to a white picket fence life, and two days before the wedding you get hit with the news that causes the world you’ve known for nearly a decade to begin crumbling and falling apart all around you.
QUESTION: What book has had a significant impact on your life?

Parable #4: Significance

  • Matt: The stress of the situation kicked in on my honeymoon where I spent all of my time on the phone trying to save our asses. Eventually, everything collapsed. I no longer felt like a man and returned back to the behaviors from the past that had given me respect and power. I started training at a boxing gym in L.A. with a professional fighter, eventually leading me to get involved with mixed martial arts.
  • I know now that I can feel powerful with just being myself. I don’t need to have that fight or step into a cage, I don’t need to beat down another man or be with other women – things that, at one point in time, made me feel whole and significant as a man. Once you can find that peace and truth in your heart, when you can say, “Hey, I’m enough,” that’s so powerful.
QUESTION: How do you find significance?

Parable #5: Iron Sharpens Iron

  • Matt: Life’s a team sport. There’s no man that does it on his own; there’s no fucking ranger who handles all his business on his own. We need to stand independently, but we’re stronger when we’re interdependent. Iron sharpens iron. When as bothers we hold each other accountable, we are stronger together.
  • When truth finds us, or when truth is presented to us, we know it’s true because we already had it. What Warrior does is attach a system to it and a Brotherhood around it, which is the magic of Warrior. Being able to utilize that and being able to lean on other men is powerful.
QUESTION: How does being accountable to others affect how you choose to live your life?

Parables from the Pit:

“There is impact in education that is backed up by experience.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“Sure, we get power from physicality, but we really get our power from handling our business. In CORE4, when you’re standing up to the plate and handling your shit in every category and advancing forward at least a little bit each day, that makes a man feel significant.”

–Matt Skinner

Jun 21, 2018
From Chaos to Panic | Warrior Week | Ep 023

Coach Sam Falsafi has a conversation with Warrior Week 37 graduate Chad Ulmer.

Parable #1: The Pit

  • Chad grew up in a small town in Iowa where he lived a pretty sheltered life. He joined the Marines to get out of that situation and served for four years. Once he left the Marines, he married rather quickly. Eight years later, he got divorced and eventually remarried. With every step, he was burying himself deeper and deeper into his pit.
  • "I was in a very bad place and my marriage was falling apart. I felt dismissed and rejected on a daily basis with my wife. This all came to a head before our six year anniversary where I imploded and nearly ended everything in my life in just one hour. At this point, Garrett popped into my head, and that night I contacted Coach Sam."

QUESTION: What's coming up for you as you listen to Chad's story?

Parable #2: The Gap

  • Chad: It's one dimensional in the military: to kill or not to kill. You learn to listen and obey, you give 110%, and then they say "good luck" when you get out. You're in a pit, you're lost, and without a support system, you start drifting and can’t get out.
  • Coach Sam: You were trained and guided in a system to attack, kill, and kill your fucking emotions. The missing piece of the puzzle is the re-education of the transition back to civilian life, how to deal with your feelings, and how to lead your wife and children.

QUESTION: What has been your experience with transitioning out of the Military?

Parable #3: Power, Praise, and Purpose

  • Chad: I have never felt such a powerful shift than when I joined the Brotherhood. When I do the work, I feel the power, and I feel there is such capacity for possibility. The availability of success snowballs and is almost exhausting. How great would it be if Wake Up Warrior could be integrated into the military?
    Coach Sam: Warrior Week awakens you to new patterns and habits.
    When you live the Warriors Way, you belong to something. Most men want to belong. They want two things: praise and purpose. When we are praised and have a purpose, life becomes meaningful. You can have a purpose but if you're not praised for it, it dies.

QUESTION: What was your awakening at Warrior Week?

Parable #4: Chaos to Panic

  • After four years of hearing Sam say he was going to organize his closet, his wife decided to hire a personal organizer to do the job for him. All of his Warrior t-shirts, along with other t-shirts that held with special meaning for him, were taken out and given away. Needless to say, this did not go well with Sam.
    "Most of our modern men live in a chaotic world between work, business, family, and home. I spent five hours with my mind being hijacked in a state of panic for no fucking reason. I cursed my wife, our babysitter, and my son. I drove like a maniac cutting people off, projecting my anger into my driving. For what? Some gdamn fucking t-shirts."

QUESTION: How does Sam's experience resonate with you?

Parable #5: Awaken and Remember

  • Chad: The Warrior wristband is what keeps me safe and helps me remember my awakening at Warrior Week when I fall into a drift of guilt and shame from not doing the work and Stacking.
  • Coach Sam: When you wear a symbol of Warrior, it’s a reminder of the work you have done and a remembrance of how you awakened. When you begin to shift, it acts as an awakening.

QUESTION: What token do you wear that reminds you of an awakening or turning point in your life?

Parables from the Pit:

"You are not alone."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

""I came out of Warrior feeling young and excited, like I was just out of high school. Things that used to worry and panic me, I don’t even think about anymore.""

--Chad Ulmer

Jun 14, 2018
She Was There All Along | Warrior Week | Ep 022

Coach Sam Falsafi has a conversation with Warrior Week graduate and Kajabi co-founder, Travis Rosser.

Parable #1: The Encounter

  • Travis is the co-founder of the multi-million dollar company, Kajabi. Back in 2012 when he was reviewing all the videos that were coming through the system, he stumbled upon Garrett J White. As is the experience of many, Travis couldn't pull himself away from Garrett's videos and found himself drawn to his message. "It was so appealing how raw he was and how he spoke such clarity and strength."
  • Within a few months, Travis met Garrett at a Frank Kern event where they had a brief conversation and exchanged numbers. Within two months, Travis called Garrett and found himself in the middle of one of the most honest conversations he had ever had. "On that call, he predicted my divorce and made all sorts of bold statements.  It was like he was asking me what if I could have more in my life? It scared the shit out of me."

QUESTION: Describe your first encounter with Garrett.

Parable #2: Kajabi Meets Warrior

  • Travis: Within six months, my marriage crashed and burned and I had made a shit ton of mistakes. It’s now 2015. I'm feeling the need to go to Warrior Week and I actually go. Not only did I meet a lot of amazing men, some of whom are my best friends to this day, it was the beginning of me digging into a place I had ignored my whole life.
  • Coach Sam: You’ve been part of the system that has helped us broadcast the message of Warrior. Without you and what you have created, we would not have been able to expand and grow, and deliver our message the way we've been able to. Even today, we use your tools and software to train our men. They watch the videos, they do their homework, and it’s more than an online class, it’s an experience.

QUESTION: What is one lesson you have learned from the mistakes you have made this past week?

Parable #3: Lead or Leave

  • Coach Sam: Often as guys, we carry shame and guilt that we don’t have to. If you are in a sexless marriage, or in a relationship that has no fuckin emotion, then what? You could start training and leading that person towards what you want. And if that doesn’t happen, you separate. If you accept and tolerate it, it then becomes the new standard for your marriage.
  • Travis: I stayed in my 15-year marriage longer than I should have. I grew up in a very Christian, religious home and thought I had to stay. I remember reverting back to the hopeless thoughts I had during my childhood: "This is my life, this is how it’s always going to be, and there's nothing I can do about it." I stuttered from the age of 10 to 18 and was embarrassed to talk, so I rarely did.

QUESTION: What are you no longer going to tolerate in your life?

Parable #4: You Inc.

  • Travis: My book is about digging inside yourself and finding the business inside of you. I talk about the four P’s: Profession, Passion, Pain, and Problem. When people dig deep into these areas of their lives, they will uncover a nugget: a business, passion or purpose that's right in front of them.
  • Coach Sam: There are people running businesses who are miserable because they don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing, other than having a comfortable life or earning money. There’s a difference between that guy and the guy who knows every single day why he’s doing what he’s doing. In the case where the guy knows his purpose, he asks, "What can I do with the money to grow my purpose even bigger?"

QUESTION: As you dig deep into the four P's, what nugget is being revealed to you?


Parable #5: From Fathers to Sons

  • Coach Sam asks the question, "Let's say our boys somehow find this podcast ten years from now. What message do we want to leave with them? Coach Sam: Continue inquiry in life. Ask questions because they end the confusion. The more you ask, the more you find out. Don’t ever fucking stop questioning.
    Travis: Don't get married too early, make sure you follow your dreams, and don't give up no matter how many times you fail. Just keep going. You will be shocked at yourself and with your life ten years from now. Keep your joy, discover your own path, and listen to the Voice.

QUESTION: What messages do you have for your children?

Parable from the Pit:

"I was having a conversation with Jesse Ewell recently about the topic of joy. We asked ourselves when the last time was that we had actually experienced it. I realized I had experienced joy for five minutes that week. That’s it? Are you kidding me? How can I make joy a process in my life vs an event that happens once in a while?"

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"I create Kajabi, Garrett creates Warrior. He uses Kajabi to get the message out, which eventually makes its way back to me and then liberates me. By creating my business, and by Garrett following his, we both liberated each other and gave each other this freedom."

--Travis Rosser

Jun 07, 2018
Two Shots of Truth | Warrior Week | Ep 021

Join Coach Sam Falsafi and Micheal Widmore as they expose lies, remove masks, and tell the real, raw truth in this week's riveting episode of Parables from the Pit.

Parable #1: The Envelope

  • Michael: May 16, 2017. I walked into our apartment and told my fiancé that I had rented another place and was moving out. She didn't fight me over the decision, but stayed calm and handed me an envelope she had been saving for my birthday, still three weeks away. She felt impressed to give it to me at that moment. Inside was a ticket to WarriorCon 1.
  • I first met Garrett a couple of years earlier at a real estate event I was hosting. He was our first instructor where, over a six-hour period, we watched how he radically changed the lives of 24 realtors. Imagine American Idol - I was Ryan Seacrest and my fiance was one of the judges. The night of receiving the envelope, my fiancé looked at me and said, "I think Garrett can help us." I canceled my new lease that night.

QUESTION: What date has life-altering significance for you? Why?

Parable #2: I'm a Pretender

  • Michael: The story that ran my life for years was, "I'm a single father." I hung my hat on being a father to my son. I’m a hero. I raised my fucking son on my own. I'll show you pictures of me and my son at the park, at events, of us spending time together, but you won't see the Michael who's screaming and yelling, losing his temper, and being a fucking asshole. I won't show that shit.
  • Coach Sam: How come no one talks about the shitty stuff they do as a dad? Go look at yourself in the mirror, review the past fifteen days, and write down the top 10 shittiest things you’ve done to your kids. Most people won't do this and will defend their actions. They'll say fuck you to this pattern interrupt to avoid the pain and misery of being alone inside of that game, protecting someone they're actually not.

QUESTION: Who are you? Are you living a double life?

Parable #3: Blackout

  • Michael: Alcohol was my Pit. Back in 2007 when we could make money in real estate with our eyes closed, a friend of mine would take took two shots of vodka with sprite, nothing more, nothing less. He told me it took the edge off. That became me for the next 10 years. Some days it was the whole bottle. Today (at the time of recording this podcast), I'm 95 days sober.
  • Coach Sam: Before I quit drinking, I remember a decade of drinking based on a pattern and routine. On Friday’s and Saturday’s, I was drinking so I could socially go out - clubbing and the dance scene. If I wasn't drunk, I couldn't be the clown, the likable guy, or even see myself as a guy operating in that environment. I risked my life and my wife’s life for fuckin ten years.

QUESTION: What has been your experience with alcohol?

Parable #4: Modern Man's Trauma

  • Michael: I’m a great example of the kind of guy that needs to come to Warrior Week. I'm the guy who lives the lie that everything is ok. There’s not a glaring need like someone else who’s cheating on their wife or has some drastic problem. In my life, on the surface, it all looked pretty good. When I gave myself permission to open myself up to look at my Pit, that’s when I began to realize just how shitty things had become.
  • Coach Sam: Men come to Warrior Week, some because they feel the pain of the lies they’re facing or telling - maybe they’re cheating or being cheated on; some are disconnected from God, their children, or from their bodies. The modern man lives inside the world of technology and social media, a world of fuckin pretenders. It says we’re here to connect you, yet in this connection, there is a disconnection to the human side and a connection to fantasyland.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you more connected to fantasy and less to reality?

Parable #5: The Letter

  • Michael: Within two days of returning home from Warrior Week, we were on the verge of breaking up. She was ready to leave me after I had been doing the work for two months. I wrote her a three-page letter from my heart expressing my feelings to her. I don't consider myself to be a good communicator, so a letter allowed me to get everything out onto paper, giving her the chance to take it all in without me fucking it up.
  • Coach Sam: If you feel like you’re stuck in your communication with your wife, if every conversation turns into a fight about things that don’t fucking matter and you're left with feelings of guilt and shame - if conversing with your wife seems to be impossible - consider writing her a letter. A letter allows you to express your flow and allows her to receive it without interruption.

QUESTION: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone you love?

Parables from the Pit:

"Modern man is not a man of transition. That’s why the modern man is fucked up. I like to compare transition to that of a dancer who transitions from one dance to another. Your wife and kids want someone who can transition and dance in between the chapters of life: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Warrior is the game of transition."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"One of my favorite things Coach Sam has taught us is this: Love + Fun = Connection. You don't always have to take your kids somewhere for that to happen. It can be anything. You can draw a picture together or have an imaginary sword fight. They don’t give a shit as long as you're present. That’s the shit they’re going to remember."

--Michael Widmer

May 31, 2018
Stop Pretending You Are Not Hurt | Parables from the Pit | Ep 020

Coach Sam Falsafi and Jason Smith have a conversation about the Voice in this week's episode of Parables from the Pit, where Jason shares his story and journey after receiving news that is both life-shattering and life-altering.

Parable #1: When Will You Hear Me?

  • Coach Sam: The Voice had been trying to get your attention: first with a whisper, then a knock on your door, then you got bruised and beat up with a baseball bat. But you still didn't listen, so it dropped a nuclear bomb on you that created a massive interruption in your life. Everything had to burn to ashes in order for the fucking Phoenix to be reborn.
  • Jason: In my first marriage, I was in a pit that lasted for years. It was the kind of pit where you sedated and told yourself you were going to be happy, no matter what. One day, I came home and found a note on the counter from my wife saying that she had left me and the kids. The nuclear bomb had been dropped.

QUESTION: Think back to a time when the Voice came whispering and then knocking at your door. What was the result of not listening?

Parable #2: Processing Pain

  • Coach Sam: There's the nuclear bomb of divorce and separation, but that's not what happened to you. This was a nuclear bomb in the form of a suicide note from your wife that sucked the life out of you. As you and your young children experienced and dealt with the grief and pain, the pain was divided and shared between all of you.
  • The kids healed faster than Jason did and were back to just being kids. Jason, though, processed his grief by traveling down a therapeutic path of “selfishness" for a period of time. "My routine was meeting and dating a lot of women, eating and sleeping very little, and doing a half-ass job at work." At the end of two years, the Voice spoke to him and said, “Quit pretending you’re not hurt.”

QUESTION: How have you coped with grief and pain in your life?

Parable #3: Cleansing Brings New Life

  • Jason: A radical change took place after hearing the Voice that day at my office. There was a three month period of absolute deconstruction where everything had to go. It was absolutely essential for me to do that. I was cleaning house, but it was really my body and my heart that I was cleaning. At the end of the cleansing process, I met my wife.
  • We both know it was the Voice brought us together. She hadn’t dated for four years because she wanted to get her shit together after experiencing some bad relationships. One month before she met me, she heard the Voice say, “It’s time. He’s there.”

QUESTION: What feelings are coming up for you as you listen to Jason's story?

Parable #4: Coincidence

  • Coach Sam: People will hear the story of how you met your wife, and some will say it was a coincidence. Coincidence is the international thief of power. It is the most malicious, fucking word in any fucking vocabulary. It’s a man-made story that says fuck you to the Voice.
  • Jason: It’s a habit of denial. We’ve sedated for so long that we see ourselves as pieces of shit, and so we deny the miracles because we don’t feel we’re fucking worthy. The miracles are free, yet we deny them. We insult the Voice by looking at it in the face and saying, "that was a coincidence."

QUESTION: What are the details of the last miracle you witnessed or experiened?


Parable #5: One More Step

  • Jason: I heard the Voice on the hill at Warrior Week 43, which put all the pieces together for me. The Voice said, “There’s one more step: Forgiveness.” Back home, my wife and children were feeling this energy and could tell that something was lifting. When I returned home, we each visited my dead wife's grave, which has, in turn, set us all free.
  • Coach Sam: The Voice whispered through me, it knocked on the door through Jesse, down the hill the Voice beat you up with a baseball bat, then on top of the hill, another massive pattern interrupt happened in your life. This time, the nuclear bomb that was dropped brought life into you, instead of sucking it out of you.

QUESTION: When will you be willing to listen and respond to the whisper instead of waiting for the nuclear bomb?


Parable from the Pit:

"At the end of the day, the gift you got in those mountains was never yours to keep, it was yours to give away."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi


"My wife knows she can speak her truth louder now, because she has a king at home who is rising. There’s more collision, but there’s more trust."

--Jason Smith

May 24, 2018
Sedation, Signals, and Sobriety | Parables from the Pit |Ep 019

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Russ Perry to the podcast where they have an in-depth and enlightening conversation about making and keeping commitments and building strong foundations; they explore the importance of being receptive to signals in one's life and share their experiences surrounding sobriety and marriage.

Parable #1: The Phone Call

  • At the young age of 22, Russ received a phone call that would ultimately change the course of his life. At the time, he would soon be graduating from college and was laying the foundation for his future, which included a commitment to work in Australia. Seven months prior, Russ had met a young woman at a college party, they had had a brief exchange, and had gone their separate ways with no connection or communication.
  • While growing up, the topic of scarcity was prevalent in Russ's single-parent household. This fueled him to make a commitment to always provide for his family, and where the lack of money would never be an issue as it had always been for Russ. That commitment would be coming in to play a lot sooner than he had planned for or anticipated, as the phone call he received was informing him that he was soon to be a father.

QUESTION: What choices have you made that have ultimately altered your initial plans?

Parable #2: A Double Life

  • When he first heard the news, Russ felt shocked and was frustrated with himself. But that readily turned into acceptance that this was his new path and life. Since he and the mother both shared custody, half the time Russ did fatherly things and the other half he was a 23-year-old partying bachelor creating the habits of a social drinking lifestyle.
  • Russ was in the worst physical shape of his life at the time, and although he had an awesome job at Apple, every time he wanted to see his daughter he had to request a day off, which is what influenced him to start his own business. He had chosen to control his own path but instead ended up building his own prison, which nearly ruined him because of the mistakes made along the way.

QUESTION: What has been the catalyst for change in your life?

Parable #3: Coping Mechanisms

  • About eighteen months after the birth of his daughter, Russ met the woman he would eventually marry. He brought his scarcity mindset into the marriage, which at the time, was based mostly on external things. That scarcity mindset and fear of "losing it all" drove him to justify his long working hours and the "I have to do this now so we can have a great life later" mentality.
  • When his wife became pregnant, they weren't equipped for what that all entailed, and at the same time, his business was experiencing the typical ups and downs. Russ's coping mechanism was working longer hours, drinking more, and finding solace in the arms of another woman. The affair was exposed two months after the birth of their daughter who turned out to be the glue that held their crumbling life together.

QUESTION: Where in your life is Russ's life mirroring your own?

Parable #4: Signals

  • Russ: We condition ourselves to block signals in order to be successful. Substance and alcohol mute these signals even further, blocking the gravity of our decisions. It was through that massive and altering pattern interrupt of exposure that the signal was finally able to get through to me.
  • The primary reason for Russ's sobriety is that he is 100% committed to always being in tune with those signals. Sam: "People do shit because the signals are turned off, then tragedy happens, and because of that tragedy, they now they have super sensitive sensors."

QUESTION: Parable #5: Foundations

  • Russ: My wife grew up in a family where you didn't talk about problems but instead internalized them. In my family, it was the opposite where we talked about everything. During the pregnancy, we distanced ourselves from each other, which ultimately created a wide gap between us.
  • In the first conversation with our therapist, we were told, “You have no foundation as a couple at all, no traditions, you each live in your own silos.” It’s always in retrospect, but I’m glad I had the affair because our foundation now is impenetrable. Had this not happened early on it would have happened 20 -30 years down the road. When a skyscraper topples, it’s irreparable; when a little shack crumbles, you can recover from that.

QUESTION: What is the foundation your marriage is built upon?


Parables from the Pit:

"If in marriage, you're not having an intimate relationship, those are signals. Explore them. If you are not having sex with your wife, it is a signal that there is something wrong; don't ignore those signals."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"I wasn't in a crisis at the time, but in an upward trajectory hungering for more, as if there was a voice inside of me asking, "Is there something else?" I later recognized it as the actual Voice speaking to me and guiding me to Warrior, to help level me up as a man and create more certainty in myself."

--Russ Perry

May 17, 2018
Four Dimensional IRONMAN |Parables from the Pit | Ep 018

Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Cullen Talley to the podcast in this week’s episode of Parables from the Pit.

Parable #1: Grumpy Men Wearing Masks

  • Cullen: You put out so much energy faking it around people in business and in public that by the time you are around your family, you are exhausted, you let your guard down and it all comes out on them. Nothing's left in the container except leftover shit for your family.
  • Coach Sam: I used to give myself permission to snap at my family. It was ok for me to be grumpy at home because that was the standard. But not at the airport, in business meetings, with clients, at the gym, or even at Starbucks. You learn to mask like a pro in public, then when you get home you remove that mask and put on the mask of a fuckin liar.

QUESTION: In what ways do you resonate with this conversation?

Parable #2: Searching For Significance

  • Before Warrior, Coach Sam approached the future with the attitude of "I guess we'll see what happens." He was conditioned to put work above everything else, and although he had the foundation of love for his family, they came last in his priorities. He was constantly searching for significance inside the business world, rather than within himself.
  • Cullen had chased significance for years. Once he reached the place in life that a few years earlier would have seemed so incredible to him, he looked at his life and knew he was fucked because, despite all of his achievements, he was still miserable.

QUESTION: Where do you place your family in your daily priorities?

Parable #3: Achievers Who Ultimately Lose

  • Coach Sam: When you hear of a guy that says it’s easy for him to make millions of dollars but he finds it hard to connect with his wife and kids, it’s not necessarily that he doesn’t know how to do it, it’s that he’s paralyzed. The cognitive dialogue of the internal energy that has been running all day has left nothing for him, and often he numbs himself with alcohol, tv, or drugs just to find relief.
  • Cullen: Many men are thinking "If I get to this point, I will turn, I will change." The problem with this is that when they "arrive," they find that their families are shattered because they have plugged themselves into a bullshit fantasy story that they chased and achieved, but lost everything in the process.

QUESTION: What important relationships do you find yourself sacrificing or putting on hold?

Parable #4: Embrace Power

  • Cullen: I have done many endurance events where there is a level of power and aggression associated with them, which power I had pushed down. On the mountain in Warrior Week,  I recognized that I could call upon this power and then I stepped fully into it.
  • Coach Sam: There is an audience listening to this that are looking for physical significance. But, deep down inside, they’re looking to process the pain that they may or may not even be aware of. They're running all over the place trying to find a level of significance in these physical events.

QUESTION: Where are you searching for significance?

Parable #5: From Start to Finish

  • Cullen: In preparation for my 15th Ironman, I wanted to see if it was it possible for me to create a result that allowed me to continue to invest in all the areas of my life and not have it get out of whack again like I had done every other time. I had created great results in other races, but I had neglected other things along the way.
  • I showed up whole, divinely connected, grateful for my family and producing in my business. I showed up as a whole man not needing to prove anything to myself. I’m prouder of the man at this finish because I didn’t sacrifice myself, my connection to god and my family, and my production.

QUESTION: How are you showing up in the four areas of your life? [Body, Being, Balance, Business]

Parable from the Pit:

"You will find excuses to justify your patterns and behaviors by washing the guilt with positivity."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"With my family I was showing up as the suit of a man - totally checked out, nothing left inside of me, the energy and intention fucking non existent."

--Cullen Talley

May 10, 2018
Let Me Tell You Who I Am | Parables from the Pit | Ep 017

Coach Sam's guest in this week's episode of Parables from the Pit is Thomas Mifsud. They engage in a riveting conversation on the topics of children, relationships, and how one's life can drastically change once they start telling the fucking truth and listening to the Voice.

Parable #1: It's All a Lie

  • Leading up to his first experience with Warrior, Thomas had been watching the Warrior videos for eighteen months. The messages of the videos resonated with him on a deep level, almost as if they were screaming out to him, and he felt compelled to pick up his phone and make the call.
  • At WarriorX after his life was cracked open and exposed, he had the realization that he was living a false realty, a lie; that his life consisted of bullshit stories that he had made up. From the outside looking in, his life seemed awesome, like he had it all. But in all actuality, he was dying on the inside.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you living a lie and pretending all is well? How is that working for you?

Parable #2: Separated by Chaos and Noise

  • As a father, Thomas was experiencing a huge disconnect with his eldest daughter who, at the age of 14, was starting to pull away from him. She was surrounded by an army of people who were filling her head with stories about him, causing her to withdraw and put up walls.
  • Thomas discovered a greater version of himself at Warrior X where he began to rewrite the operating system of his life. He decided to take a stand of no longer tolerating or accepting what had been taking place in his relationship with his daughter. At long last, his own voice became louder than the fucking noise and chaos that had been surrounding them.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you tolerating and accepting lies?

Parable #3: Throw Yourself Under the Bus

  • In order for Thomas to become someone his daughter wanted to have in her life, he had to accept the truth that if his daughter didn't know him, how could he expect her to trust and confide in him or have a meaningful relationship with him?
  • This led to a conversation with her where they connected from a place of truth and power. He shared stories of struggle, pain and joy; stories of alcoholism and drug use. This sharing of truth strengthened their bond, empowered his daughter, and created new levels of love and trust in their relationship.

QUESTION: What relationship would benefit from you sharing your stories of struggle and pain?

Parable #4: True Love

  • The concept of a loving, connected relationship with a female was foreign to Thomas. He didn't have the time nor the energy for anything serious and was concerned about how a relationship would affect his three children.
  • His experiences with Warrior opened Thomas up to feelings of true love, not the version the world teaches. He is currently engaged to the woman of his dreams and for the first time he knows what it's like to have a woman in his life whom he can truly love and trust.

QUESTION: What relationship in your life would benefit from a deeper connection of love and trust? 

Parable #5: Connecting to the Voice

  • Thomas: The first time I was able to connect with my inner Voice was on the mountain during WarriorX. Now, it's with me everyday. From the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, the Voice is what guides my life. When I feel there is a download coming, it doesn’t matter where I am, I'll pause, stop and listen.
  • Coach Sam: For 25 years I had a story that robbed power from me and connection with God. I was told that if you are not physically clean you should not pray or connect with God because it’s disrespectful. I woke up one day, changed that story, and now anytime I want to connect with God, I do. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing. I no longer allow a story or a man to come between me and my conversations with God.

QUESTION: What stories were you taught as a child that have placed limitations on your connection and communication with God?


Parable from the Pit:

"There's a Voice in our heart that is able to override any fuckin logic. There's a Voice in our heart that gives us so much confidence, certainty and peace. There's a Voice in our heart that backs us with massive, unlimited power and courage."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"The Voice is so strong that I can overcome anything in my mind when I decide to listen to it.

--Thomas Mifsud

May 03, 2018
The DEVINE seeks the DEVINE | Parables from the Pit | Ep 016

Parable #1: An Unexpected Catalyst

  • Walking into the Warrior experience was like walking into pure fucking chaos. We’re thrown in with 120 other guys not knowing up from down and suddenly find ourselves on a webinar with Coach Sam who is coming at us with fire and a fire hose all at the same time. I sat there thinking what the fuck is this? Who is this guy and what is he doing to me right now?
  • Warrior Week was the biggest catalyst in my life for transformation that I have ever experienced. I’m a spiritual man and have been through many transformational experiences, but nothing like Warrior Week. It was there that I received clear messages and gifts from the Voice that altered the direction of my life and marriage.

QUESTION: Where have you experienced transformation in the face of chaos?

Parable #2: In the Darkness I Found Light

  • Most of us are afraid to go to the darkness of the Pit, yet it was in the Pit where I began to see clearly. I saw my wife and I saw what I had done to her. Most of the time I was blind and I didn’t realize what I had done or how damaging I had been.
  • It was in the Pit that I saw the path I needed to take moving forward, how I needed to repair and heal the relationship with my wife with love, with care, with everything that I had. I needed to bring a high level of intensity, investment and commitment into our marriage every single day to create and build our life together.

QUESTION: What are you doing inside of your marriage to create and build a life together?

Parable #3: Lessons from Mecca

  • In 2010 (before Warrior), Coach Sam's business travels took him to Saudi Arabia. He decided to create a spiritual journey for himself and made the pilgrimage to Mecca where he received personal revelations and downloads from God while in that divine place, which confirmed to him that he was in the right place with God.
  • It was through his experiences, encounters and observations on that journey that he received these messages from God: 1- You don't have to wear anything special for me. 2-You are all equal, no one is better than anyone else. 3-Men will always judge and always lie. 4-Men can correct themselves and reposition their hearts and feelings, they can change and transform themselves.

QUESTION: What is a message from God that you have received in the past week?

Parable #4: Guide Your Children to Hear the Voice

  • One of the things I created after Warrior Week was a family church. I realized I’m not really leading and guiding my family if I don’t guide them spiritually. Most of what happened in my childhood that was damaging was all the indoctrination of taking divine things and providing all of the answers around them.
  • I had to do a lot of undoing of all of that shit that got put in my head so I could start to hear the Voice in my heart again. So I determined that I was not going to indoctrinate my son but rather introduce him to the Bible and let him get his own revelations. The things that he is seeing and hearing from the Voice at 10 years old is amazing.

QUESTION: How are you taking advantage of the windows of time you have with your children to teach and guide them?

Parable #5: I Am a Violent Man

  • Sam N: I am a fucking violent man. My violence needs to be brought to bear on the right things: killing my fucking stories, ridding myself of guilt and shame, ridding the fucking lies in my life, committing to myself and my family and fighting every fucking day for my marriage and children. If I cannot fight for myself and my family first with violence and commitment, who am I to bring anything to the world?
  • Coach Sam: This is not a fight you are going to win if you don’t bring the violent man inside of you to fight for what matters most. You stand by the truth, you stand by your family, you stand by your kids, you stand by God, and you stand by yourself. The minute you defend something, it’s not the truth. The truth by itself doesn’t require any fucking man to defend it.

QUESTION: What are you standing for in your life? How would we know that?


Parable from the Pit:

"The next time you knock on my door, know that God has been here. I know where my faith is. It doesn’t belong in an organized religious group. My faith is between me and God and it’s fucking solid. I don’t need anyone to impose their beliefs on mine. Most of us put blinders on and follow one path. Where is your one on one connection with God."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"I cannot deny that God has come to me through a Muslim man who has directly impacted my life. I know how to identify when God has come to me and I will receive God through anyone who wants to give God to me. I will receive it and I will not deny the fruit of what that is, even if I don’t understand it."

--Sam Neider

Apr 26, 2018
DOG is GOD Spelled Backward | Parables from the Pit | Ep 015

In this week's episode, Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Warrior Week 37 graduate Mattie Leto, a chiropractor who specializes in adjusting animals. We discover Mattie's childhood pain and how suppressing that pain has caused him to doubt himself in many areas of his life despite the great success he has experienced. 

Parable #1: The Trap of Sedation

  • Mattie had already achieved much in his life, yet found himself falling into a rut of sedation time and time again. He wondered what it would take for that cycle to finally end. The story of his mother’s suicide when he was 11 years haunted him for years and he feared he would end up just like her.
  • In a moment when he felt he had to drastically change his life, Garrett's voice from a video Mattie had seen the previous year came into his head. That day an email also arrived from Garrett inviting him to watch a movie about Warrior Book. When the link didn't work, he emailed back and Garrett is the one who responded saying, "I don't know what your fucking problem is. It works for everyone else."

QUESTION: How do you sedate? What are you trying to avoid?

Parable #2: You Cannot Hide

  • As he entered the virtual training leading up to Warrior Week, Mattie was suddenly faced with raw conversation. He was witnessing men sharing feelings and things about themselves that most men want to fucking hide, which opened up a safe place for Mattie to share his stories and pain as well. He remembers one of the first things Coach Sam said: You want to live a powerful life? Stop fucking lying.
  • Mattie's experience with the Warrior pre training had cracked him wide open exposing what was really going on inside of him, something his seven year immersion into the world of psychology hadn't been able to do. He wondered how Warrior had this uncanny ability to call men out of their hiding places. The truth is, it's because they have hidden in all of those gdman fucking hiding places themselves.

QUESTION: When is the last time you shared your pain and feelings with another human being?

Parable #3: What's Behind the Door?

  • As we get older, we forget about all of that emotional charge we left back behind that door in our childhood and don’t know what the fuck is behind it. The minute you open that door, there are waves and waves of emotional charges that come at you, then you have to find a fucking way to swim.
  • For decades, Mattie hid and stuffed his feelings, only letting them out during physical competitions. It was as if he had banished a part of who he was. When he was in the pit on that first day of Warrior Week, he let that part of him out of the box and there was no putting him back inside.

QUESTION: What feelings have you been stuffing down most of your life?

Parable #4: The Walls Come Tumbling Down

  • Mattie: I thought I knew who I was before Warrior Week, but now I know I didn't. For years I had built up this prison around my heart and on that last day, it was a fucking jail break. The walls fell down and something emerged that was more me than I have ever been. 
  • I had failed in every relationship with any woman I had ever been with, believing I would never find someone to share my life with. Today, I am an engaged man. I finally know what it means to be the man knows how to show up for himself and for a woman. My relationship with Lila is one of the heart, not the head.

QUESTION: What stories have you believed about yourself that have stopped you from experiencing life in the way you desire?

Parable #5: Tune In and Listen

  • Everyday when I come to the revelation of the Stack, I get to move from my head into my heart. When my heart tells me one thing and my head tells me another, I listen to my heart and do what it says. When I do this, my life grows and things happen in a way that are not logical. The mind says you don’t have enough, and the heart says "you will always have more than enough, in one form or another.
  • You’ve got to get in tune with your heart and that begins by unfucking your head and mind. There is the retraining of patterns and behaviors that must take place. At Warrior Week do this  in a structured experiential environment where we retrain you to listen to your heart.

QUESTION: What have been the results from listening to your heart in the last few days?


Parable from the Pit:

"The guys who suddenly go out and shoot people are the guys who have shut down their feelings. You don’t have to be afraid of the loud guy because what you see is what you get. You have to be fucking careful with the quiet guys because they’re suppressing like crazy. There's a gorilla that lives inside of them with no permission to come out until all hell breaks loose.."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi

"The dark side of you can cause unbridled destruction upon those you love. So what the fuck do you do with this thing? Let me just sedate the fuck out of myself and be a nice, well behaved good man. You know how that ends? Not fucking well."


Apr 19, 2018
Loneliness of False Leadership | Parables from the Pit | Ep 014

Welcome to the Warrior Week podcast with your host Coach Sam Falsafi. This week Sam welcomes guest Sebastian Huynh - the man who never belonged anywhere. They discuss his colorful and diverse background, explore racism, reveal the deep pain and isolation Sebastian has experienced in his life, delve into the world of drugs, prison, gangs and the Mexican mafia, share his unique spiritual journey and his jolting wake up call in the depths of the Pit at Warrior Week.

Parable #1: Identity and Purpose

  • Sebastian came to America with his German Catholic step father and began attending Catholic school as the only non white, non German student. Through the years he tested every religion as he sought for deeper meaning and purpose in life.
  • He experienced Atheism for a season where he was angry at God: Fuck God. If there is a God, why didn’t he give me a dad? Why did I have multiple step fathers? Why am I always a minority? While in prison, he found his home in Christianity.

QUESTION: What is the pain from Sebastian that resonates with you?

Parable #2: Cultural Separation

  • Sebastian had always been a natural leader until he became a Christian. For many seasons he became the student: "I had too much shame, guilt and dirt. I hid out and didn’t go to church because that’s what white people did. Asians? We're supposed to go to a Buddhist temple."
  • Coach Sam: There is a separation between cultures that we cannot deny. We might be raising our children in a multicultural environment, yet cultures tend to stay within their own circles and not allow ‘outsiders’ in. You might be welcomed on the surface as a friend, but it is a false welcome because you will never be fully accepted within that circle.

QUESTION: Where in your life have you experienced this false welcome - as a recipient or as a contributor?

Parable #3: Who Is Modeling Manhood For Your Sons?

  • Sebastian: I was lonely. I was being groomed for manhood by the mafia whose story was: men are powerful and they don't cry.  They were modeling drinking, drugs, sex and violence, so that is what I practiced. Violence became my signature, especially violence with knives. I went to prison because I stabbed three men.
  • Coach Sam: If you are listening to this and you have a teenage son, and you're sensing that some shit is going on with a gang or organized crime, or who you feel is on the path of associating manhood with drugs, alcohol and sex - I would have you consider that you have not led him to a place where he can feel that he is being led towards being a man. You must lead your sons from a place of truth.

QUESTION: What are you hearing that is piercing your heart?

Parable #4: Obstacles Removed By the Bigger Hand

  • The night Sebastian found God in prison was a turning point for him. He was facing 66 years to life when a miraculous turn of events started happening. One by one, life altering obstacles were being removed by this "bigger hand." At the time he thought he had just gotten lucky, but looking back from where he is today, he knows and recognizes it as the bigger hand of God.
  • As the only white person in his Bible study groups, Sebastian was thirsting to know as much as he could about God. He was working three jobs and attending several bible study groups when the pastor asked him about attending Bible College. Sebastian had never heard about Bible College, and through a series of miraculous events, he received a full scholarship and eventually became a pastor.

 QUESTION: Where in your life have you witnessed the miracles of "the bigger hand?"

Parable #5: Circle of Trust

  • Coach Sam: You came into Warrior Week. It was a process but there is also a beautiful friendship that has grown between all of us. For the first time we have this circle of trust, a feeling of belonging.
  • Sebastian: It’s the most authentic version I have been searching for my whole life: the true acceptance of another man. I didn’t have to sell drugs to you, I didn’t have to hurt anybody for you, I didn’t have to kiss your ass; it was because you said “you work on yourself, you lead yourself” while you were leading yourself. That was the first time I had brothers accepting me without me having to do shit for them.

QUESTION: Do you have a circle of trust? Who is in it?


Parable from the Pit:

"Out of all you experience in your life, the greatest pain comes from wearing a mask. Wearing a mask complete fucking isolates you where you feel alone. This is not a social aloneness. It's hell on fucking earth. It’s the biggest pain for men in society today where they are living and operating alone in the space of wearing a gdamn mask and saying ‘everything is fine.”

-- Coach Sam Falsafi


"I’m not looking for another man to be my savior, I’m leading myself and taking 100% responsibility for the direction I am leading my family. I hunt every day for my purpose. Here’s the truth: Once I lead myself, I can lead others.

--Sebastian Huynh

Apr 12, 2018
Two Men, One God | Parables from the Pit | Ep 013

Blake Bourque joins Coach Sam as they discuss the amazing set of circumstances that brought Blake to Warrior, which brought an energy of alpha yet honest men that have learned to not be saviors to others, but leaders instead.



Parable #1: Pigs Don't Know They Stink

  • The energy of Wake Up Warrior resonated with Blake and he was attracted to the fact that men were willing to be honest, no matter what. He had been living as a liar amongst liars for so long and was tired of stinking like a pig because pigs don't know they stink.  His encounter was unlike anything he had ever experienced in all his years in Corporate America and he wondered, "Could this be home? Have I found my people?"
  • Blake: The Holy Spirit was bringing me to a place where my whole body was being crushed. Everything in my personal and business life was gone - everything. So when Warrior found me via someone sending me a link to a video, six minutes into it when I saw Garrett on stage saying "stop fucking lying," I was all in.


What was your first encounter with Warrior like? What resonated with you? What reeled you in?

Parable #2: Look in Mirrors to Avoid the Tailspin of Sedation

  •  Blake: After my wife and I lost our twin girls in 2009, in the midst of my grief I felt I had found my Purpose - I was going to go out and save lives. I began sedating myself from the pain with drugs and work, and in the process built a multi-million dollar business, yet with that, I lost my relationship with my wife. When you numb yourself against pain, the counter to that is you’re numbing yourself against joy.
  • I looked at my wife every single day and didn’t know she was mirroring me. That’s what Warrior taught me - people mirror you. They mirror your energy, your grief, lies and pain. What happens is you see that mirror and you don’t like that mirror and then you get mad at them for that mirror. I would be pissed at her and would verbally take things out on her. It was a very dark period.


What are you seeing about yourself in Blake's experience?

Parable #3: That's What I Did, Blake

  • Blake: On the run up to Warrior Week while I was bonding with the men inside social media, I kept talking to my wife about it and she would say, "that’s what I did, Blake. I did yoga, I did meditation, I did journaling and writing. Do you want me to show you my journals? Do you remember when you told me this was stupid? A waste of time? That you didn’t want to do it?"
  • "I’m going to let you do this. Not that I’m giving you permission to do something, because you can do whatever the hell you want. I’m gonna peel back my scars, I’m gonna rip open my wounds and I‘m gonna let yours stick to me so we can heal together. But if you fuck this up, if you don’t go all in and you leave me with open wounds again, it’s over."


Are you really seeing your wife? Your children? Are you really listening to them?

Parable #4: Retrace, Face, Replace and Embrace

  • In the darkness lies the truth. When we talk about the Pit, you have to go there and you have to look at an emotional  charge that took place at one point in  your life. What you were, what you are, what I was and what I am is a series of emotional charges that took place in us. Call them feelings, events - whatever the fuck took place at one time in our childhood or recently.
  • These emotional charges are stored in the dark under the truth because they’re the facts. In order for us to process them, we must first do the work and retrace them, then we’re going to face them and most important of all, we are going to replace the story. This happened but the story that we fabricated that builds the truth around it needs to be rewritten and finally embraced.


When will you choose to process the emotional charges stored inside of you?

Parable #5: Warrior Week is a Test of Your Heart

  • Sam: Warrior is not a physical event. We are not here to present that we are military guys or that we know how to break you down. We are here to look for what you have inside of  your heart. Warrior Week is the test of your heart.
  • Blake: Sedated men need to be woken up. If the Trainers don’t scream at you, you won’t wake up because there’s something inside your fucking heart that you’ve put to sleep - and Sam Falsafi is going to fucking wake it up. Warrior didn’t teach me how to be a badass with a boot on the back of someone’s neck, Warrior taught me how to give time, how to feel and how to tell the fucking truth.


What will it take for you to open your heart?


Parables from the Pit:

"In this place, we will tell the truth as it happens. And the truth is very different from the facts. Between the facts and the truth there are a number of stories. Those stories are behavior justifications and assumptions fed by your ego, and in the midst of that lies the truth, which is the version that has always been there. We built this podcast so men can come here and share their pain, and through this sharing, the pain is divided one more time; but more importantly, it can pierce your heart and say:  I know you. I know you mother fucker. You have the same pain."

--Coach Sam Falsafi

"I need to find people who have been through similar circumstances. They don’t have to be exactly like me, but they need to be able to relate. I know there are people far worse than me and I want to be able to help them. It sounds strange, but it’s the truth. I want to meet people who have the same pain in their souls. Maybe they can help me or I can help them. I think that whole sharing process may be good for me right now."

--Blake Bourque  (This was penned in his journal while on a silent retreat in 2009, four months after the loss of his twin daughters.)


Apr 05, 2018
Live Now | Parables from the Pit | Ep 012

The Kosher Warrior, Dr Adam Splaver,  joins Coach Sam in this week's episode to talk about the most incomprehensible experience a man will ever have to go through. The message of Warrior was completely against most of his cultural and spiritual beliefs, but Dr Splaver's leadership within the Orthodox Jewish community and as a cardiologist in the medical community was in actuality a merging of multiple beliefs to help him deal with the pain of his wife's illness.


Parable #1: What's Your Story?

  • Dr. Adam Splaver's journey into Warrior began when his interest was piqued by the ads showing up in his Facebook feed. Although the experience of Warrior spoke to him, as a leader inside the Orthodox Jewish community and a highly respected Cardiologist in the medical community, he was nervous as to how these two traditional worlds might collide with the message of Warrior.
  • The biggest issues he had were the stories he was telling himself. He wondered,"What the fuck am I doing as religious cardiologist going into a program very foreign to my community and background, where I'll be stepping into a boxing ring, climbing up a mountain and swimming in the ocean?" Unbeknownst to him at the time, Adam would eventually discover for himself that Warrior Week was not a physical event, but rather a powerful - and painful -  spiritual journey.

QUESTION: Where in your life are the stories you are telling yourself preventing you from acting on a decision you feel deeply inspired to take action on?


Parable #2: Tap Into Your Natural Gifts

  • In 2012, while at the top of his game personally and professionally, tragedy strikes out of nowhere for Adam's family when his wife, believed to be in top physical form, collapses and is unresponsive. With one look at her x-rays, he realizes there is a hell of a lot of blood where it does not belong, which sends him to the ground in a heap of emotions and uncontrollable screaming.
  • Within six months of being told to prepare to lose Shanni, the love of his life, she begins improving and Adam believes the worst is behind them as he prepares to enter Warrior Week 28. While there, he realizes he has been playing too small in his life and afterward begins tapping into his natural gifts of teaching and speaking, appearing on TV, in periodicals and making appearances in various public venues.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you playing small?


Parable #3: Truth Is No Respecter of Persons

  • Coach Sam: So you come to Warrior Week finding something that is actually giving you joy and is feeding your Certainty and Purpose. Life has been numb and it almost took a tragedy for you to wake the fuck up. All your life you have been living by the book and following the rules, yet you weren’t finding happiness and joy doing that. As you started living your truth, you began colliding with an army of opinion within your professional and spiritual community.
  • Adam: While at Warrior, I came to realize that the message of 'stop lying and start telling the fucking truth' was the only way worth living. I had an incident with a Rabbi in my community while I was president of the synagogue where I realized that the rabbinic staff was not living up to their role as a spiritual guide and leader. I confronted them about it, and needless to say, it was not well received. What I learned from this experience is that I have the key, I have access, I have the ability of making my own connection with God and I don’t have to go through anyone else for that.

QUESTION: What adds to your joy, certainty and purpose? How do you experience and express that in your life?


Parable #4: All We Have Is Now

  • Adam: The brain tumor returns with a vengeance in 2016, robbing Shanni of her short term memory. When we were originally presented with this entire situation, I was absolutely paralyzed thinking what the fuck am I going to do… until I surrendered. I surrendered to the idea that the only thing that I could control was now, so let’s make this the most incredible now  that we can. 
  • Coach Sam: Every piece of wisdom that you read says don’t live in the fuckin past, live in the present, and the future doesn’t exist. The truth is not in the past, the truth is in the now. Your wife doesn’t remember the past, she has no power to live in the future, so she’s forced to live in the now, and inside of this, you found beauty, love, intimacy, sexuality and power.

QUESTION: Inside of tragedy, what does it look like to surrender to the gifts?


Parable #5: It's A Matter Of Heart

  • Coach Sam: Every single piece of emotion you have felt has been a gift from Shanni to you, gifts that you can use in your teaching as you heal men with the expression of their feelings. It’s coming from a place of experience, and it’s always been a part of who you are. 
  • Adam: At the end of the day, my understanding is that our souls are here for expansion - to get better, to get stronger, to get bigger than where we were before. And if that’s the case, then for some reason that I will never understand, God determined that our souls needed to undergo prolonged, prolific loss in order to perfect ourselves. I think this journey that my wife took me on has been an eye opener, a heart opener; something I’m forever grateful for. And for that, I consider myself lucky, probably the luckiest man alive.

QUESTION: How many emotions do you allow yourself to feel and express? 


Parable from the Pit:

"Shaani left this world for an unknown reason. You learned to surrender to what is. She left you many gifts, and each of those gifts come into play in your leadership. You would have never been the man sitting here today carrying so much power and respect if she had not been building your life with you. What the fuck are you going to do with the tremendous amount of gifts Shanni left for you?"

--Coach Sam Falsafi


"What happens when shit goes sideways? Are we prepared to deal with it? The bottom line is this: having the structure of the Warrior’s Way empowered me to continue on and just keep moving forward in order to tackle - to embrace - this huge problem in my life. If we can fortify ourselves to become stronger, then all of this other stuff becomes easier to tackle. Despite your darkest hour, despite the pain that you have, you are not alone. If you can lean on those around you, lean on your brothers, and lean on those that really have your best interest at heart, then you can get through anything."

--Dr. Adam Splaver

Mar 29, 2018
Dad, I Just Need You to Lead | Parables from the Pit | Ep 011

From the outside looking in, Dr Michael Buffington looked like he a man that was living the perfect life. That is, until he discovered how much he was still lacking because he was not leading from within the home. Dr Buffington joins Coach Sam on this week's podcast to discuss the significance that no matter where we're at in life, we can always improve, and the most crucial place to focus that in is as a father and at home.

Parable #1: A Crack In the Armor

  • Dr. Buffington: From all outward standards and appearances, I had always been a good guy doing good things throughout my life, falling into the mode of doing what I thought everyone wanted me to do. Within the first 5-10 minutes of Warrior Week 27, reality began to shift for me where the cracks in my armor were immediately exposed and a drastically different perspective was quick to end up on my doorstep.
  • Coach Sam: If most of your life you are caught up with being a good man vs being good at being a good man, you are pretty much a well behaved fucking slave - not feeling immediate pain but experiencing boredom, lack of clarity, and not understanding the meaning of the Purpose of life.

QUESTION: What and who are the cracks in your armor exposing?

Parable #2: A Powerful Man Out of Fucking Power

  • Coach Sam: You had been living the Warrior’s Way for a year and had experienced growth in all areas of your life. Your son went to Warrior X10 where he had his own experiences. Deep down inside though, there were still issues in your life that were robbing power from you on a daily basis; there were unanswered questions from your experience with WW 27 that led you to come back and knock at the door of WW 39.
  • Dr. Buffington: My son, Drake, had gotten into a situation where he was struggling with addiction. Although I served my patients well at work all day, when I came home I couldn’t show up for my two other boys or for my wife, nor could I physically hold a conversation on the telephone with therapists and others because I was so wound up and distraught with what was going on with Drake. I just couldn't function.

QUESTION: What does taking ownership of leading your sons and daughters look like vs delegating that responsibility to others?

Parable #3: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

  • Coach Sam: Life and adversity show up at your fucking door and take your son into a dark place. Nothing you are doing to help him is working and you eventually find yourself  in a place of deep, paralyzing pain and darkness. What was the pivoting point for you where you actually found the light inside of this fucking dark room?
  • Dr. Buffington: It was a process. To help keep my sanity, I just continued doing the work and following the daily disciplines. If I didn’t personally get myself in a position of power, my son had absolutely no shot. The pivoting part for me was when I saw the fear that it was going to cost him his life. I came to the realization that while everybody was doing their best to help, it had to start with me. Once I recognized that, I went to work and the whole conversation in our entire family began to shift.

QUESTION: What does putting your oxygen mask on first look like?

Parable #4: Reframing the Story Changes Everything

  • Dr. Buffington: The truth today at this moment: Drake is doing as well now as he has ever done in his life. He’s working at his job, he’s been sober for the longest period of time ever since he was 14, he’s getting healthier and he’s doing the work. Our conversations are now founded in the verbiage and doctrine of Warrior, and doing the work together has totally changed our relationship.
  • Dr. Buffington: Drake created a story around him questioning his path while halfway through his doctorate. "I’m 24, I don’t have shit, I have nothing to show for my time, I am $160k in student loan debt, I’m just a fuck up." I would have piled on that in the past. Instead, I reframed his story: "You’re 24 years old, you have invested $160k in your two bachelors degrees, and you’re healthier today than you’ve ever been!"

QUESTION: Where in your life or relationships would a simple reframing of your story shift and change everything?

Parable #5: Be the Man

  • Dr. Buffington: On the first night of WW 39, the Pit came alive and I felt the heaviness of the guilt and shame from an incident that had taken place 30 years ago, physically feeling the weight on my back as if an elephant were standing on it. Through a very long night, I found the path to release the pain. In the mountains the next day, the message I felt at a deep spiritual level was: I am enough.  I am enough to show up to be the man that can find a way.
  • Coach Sam: You have all the answers and you’ve gone to fucking war to get the answers. You are sitting here today with the power of clarity, purpose and  truth. You’re sitting here with all of this shit in your hands, and from this place you have become the Transformer, the Healer - the person who actually takes the truth and shares it.

QUESTION: Are you willing to go through the night to find power, clarity, purpose and truth?


Parable from the Pit:

"This is a painful show. It's all about the truth. There is no pretending in the truth. Among what you are hearing inside of this conversation, there is painful truth that resonates. What is your child struggling with? How much do you know about your child's pain? What do you see in your child? Forget the typical checklists, are you aware of the struggles of your child? If you are out of power and stuck in your own gdamn fucking struggles, the answer is fucking no. You are not some hero because you have gone through the checklist of being a dad. You are a great dad if you feel your child’s pain. Allow yourself to live inside their pain."

-- Coach Sam Falsafi


"Here we are. The game is on. I can see the possibility of me as an older man with grandkids on my knee, and if they are boys, my sons will be leading them to pass this along to where they won’t have to go into the depth of the Pit that I had to go."

--Dr. Michael Buffington


Mar 22, 2018
Going to War for My Wife | Parables from the Pit | Ep 010

In this week's episode, Warrior Week 28 Graduate Andy Carter is joining Coach Sam to talk about possibilities beyond the Pit and making choices that can alter the destiny of your marriage and children.

Parable #1: Co-signing Bullshit

  • Many people want to avoid collision and are reeled in by those that will tell them what they want to hear, who will co-sign on their comfort zone and on something that doesn't hurt. Warrior Week allows men to be exposed to their current reality of life, feel the pain, allowing that pain to give them the power, path, and possibility of becoming a better version of themselves in all areas of their life.
  • Andy's path to Warrior Week began two years ago. He was a successful entrepreneur living a pack of lies inside a superficial bullshit land where no one had the guts to call him out on his shit. He was broken, lost and ready for change, having gone from being a problem solving Producer and Creator to a numbed out, drunken shell of the man he used to be.

QUESTION: What are you seeing about yourself in this? What painful reality are you glossing over in your life and are afraid to look at?

Parable #2: Surrendering To The Pit Yields Gifts

  • Andy's experiences during Warrior Week brought fears and shit to the surface that had been buried deep inside of him for years. He didn’t want the crap and drama that he had experienced with his dad to transfer to his beautiful little boys, and wondered how he was going to do that.
  • Andy: I was in the ocean going out to the black darkness with all of these other men, each of us looking for that 'thing' that is so personal for us. I experienced how the Pit exposes the fuck out of you and surrendering to the process, revealing the miracle of killing my ego and being reborn with a new set of eyes.

QUESTION:What is buried deep inside of you that is holding you back from experiencing true peace and power in your life?

Parable #3: The Drift, The Pit and The Voice

  • When Andy came to Warrior Week, he was seeking clarity inside of his marriage: Am I going to stay married or get divorced? Is this the right partner for me, for my life? Do I want to spend the next 40 years living with this woman? One full year later, after completely immersing himself in the Warrior's way, going all in and doing the fucking work, he and his wife found themselves in the throes of a nasty divorce.
  • After Drifting for five days, drinking himself to numbness every night with his bottle of Jameson, waking up with the shakes and being in a very dark place, all he wanted was for the ugliness of what was going on around him to just go away. Andy received a little visit from The Voice: Have you ever really been all in with her?

QUESTION: Are you fucking all in with your wife?


Parable #4: Shatter the Fucking Cycle

  • Andy arrived home from Warrior Week to face the surprise and pain of an empty house. He didn't want his kids to walk one hour in the shoes he had walked as a little boy experiencing the life of coming from a broken home and all that entails. It was time to break the fucking cycle.
  • As a little boy, Coach Sam was a sponge for what was taking place between his parents and prayed night after night for them to be happy and not fight anymore. There was a pivoting point where his dad made a choice to veer off the path leading to divorce, turning around everything for them and breaking their family cycle.

QUESTION: Where in your life would making a different choice break the chains and cycles that have existed in your family for generations?

Parable #5: Fuck You/I Love You

  • "I almost fucked it all off because of a story; I almost didn't give us a shot because I was scared." Today, Andy and his wife are unstoppable. His wife is a badass and fuels his desires to Create. They're business partners and together make a crazy amazing team as parents for their children, who now get to see their parents work through problems together, rather than sitting in-between the chaos and fog of separation.
  • Sam: When we talk about Power and finding Power - dude, you went through fucking pain to find this power that you have here which I can feel. Above all, who you are today is a man who operates from a place of Truth. You’re "the man" when you start telling the truth in any circumstance, where the fuck you’s and the I love you’s both need to come out.


QUESTION: What changes does this conversation inspire you to begin making?


Parable from the Pit:


"People go to therapists, doctors and psychologists spending all kinds of fucking money trying to drop the pain. The problem is, the pain does not get processed. There are solutions that are shared, paths that are put in front of them, and in many cases it helps, which is great. But the pain itself does not get processed. The pain needs to be processed. In order for the pain to be processed, there needs to be power found on the other side.  No power, the pain remains, the pain is not processed. No balls to process the fucking pain = no power."

-Coach Sam Falsafi


"There are Gifts in the dark Pits of pain. Once you get those Gifts, right on the other side, is life changing and Power. You must physically go through the dark pain and face your shit. Then you must break, which gives you the ability to rebuild, creating more capacity inside of you for growth and expansion. If you don’t physically go through that pain, you’ll never get the Power. Someone can’t tell you about it. With every atom of your body, you have to physically experience it.


-Andy Carter


Mar 15, 2018
I Knew He Would Come | Parables from the Pit | Ep 009

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guest Kevin Voisin join him this week in speaking about the impact that one's word has on their loved ones. There's great power between men when they're willing to share the power of learning how to be spiritual, and that all comes through listening to the Voice within and then acting on it.


Parable #1: Broken and Unspoken

  • Coach Sam: So many men feel that their freedom has been violated: the freedom to feel, be and live. Yes, we have the basic freedoms here in this country, but there are a lot of men that are not free in their heart. They ask themselves questions like: Why did I get married? Am I even real inside this relationship? Why does this seem like it's a program that I need to be part of?  Life goes on for them and they pretend that one day things will be good for them.
  • Kevin: When I first saw the videos for Warrior Week, I was trying to copy them for my business. But in order to copy them, I had to watch them. Three minutes into the video, I’m fucking crying and I’m connecting with something that’s from my past. Everything that Garrett was talking about, described the pain and the trap that I was in.


QUESTION: Have you ever felt that your life is some sort of a program that you are living inside of?

Parable #2: Perfection is a Liar's Game

  • Kevin: My response to an abusive mother was to keep trying to be good enough. If I excel at everything, then she’ll have to accept me, she’ll have to know I’m good enough. Between that and my strong religious background, I was pushed into this perfection game and I was fucking good at it. When you play the perfection game to win, you play to lie.
  • Coach Sam: There is no perfection in your leadership at home.


QUESTION: Where in your life are you playing the Perfection Game? How is that working for you?

Parable #3: The Checklist

  • Kevin: When I met my ex-wife, there was this new form of gravity around her. The next step was to get married and have kids. Suddenly, there was this list we were supposed to start living: I stopped living who I really was and became the list, fragmenting myself into little pieces of Kevin to check off all of the boxes. The actual me? I was fucking all alone.
  • Coach Sam: You are brought up under certain religious instruction, which is beautiful - and inside of that, you get married. It’s not your feelings that drive your life, it's a checklist: certain laws must be in place in order for your feeling to rise. And obviously, that’s an impossibility because your feelings are going to go against this checklist.


QUESTION: What checklist is driving your life?

Parable #4: Cheating: A Family Affair

  • Sam: I don’t know how you operate when you cheat, what pain you can cause, or how it can impact your family because I haven’t done it.  When you have an agreement and there’s a violation to that agreement, it's never going to be the same. Nobody wants to fuckin' feel violated, yet when you bring a lie into your home, everyone feels it.
  • Kevin: I admit I took the coward's path when I cheated on my wife. Many guys who cheat on their wife also lose their relationship with their kids. With every unexplained emotion in the house, the kids will either think it’s their fault or that it's their job to fix it.


QUESTION: What lies are you bringing into your home and putting on a silver platter for your kids as truth?

Parable #5:  I Knew You Would Come

  • When Kevin’s ex wife moved herself and the kids nine hours away, it was in that moment he really became a father, realizing that what he had had right down the hall was now nine hours away - which distance he has been traveling every two weeks for the past nine years to see them. Love for his kids is what drives him to do whatever he needs to do in order to be with his kids and to always show up in their lives.
  • Coach Sam to Kevin: That connection is healing your heart. That connection is Divine. It's not based off some check list or what you are 'supposed to do.' Inside your soul, inside of your identity, there is a man committed to love. Inside Warrior, there are men modeling your love because that is their truth. There are too many men who are carrying similar pain who are not speaking about it

QUESTION: What actions are you willing to back your commitments with?


Parable from the Pit:

"You will never put this Shuilt on me - it’s this shame and guilt. You will not put that on me and you won’t put it on Kevin. It’s not that we are some fucking super heroes, it’s because we have learned the skills of not navigating the invisible maze that goes nowhere and is feeding some other mother fucker’s interest.

- Coach Sam

"In the words of Malcolm X,  'No man can give you freedom; if you’re a man, you take it.'  I’m not afraid to take it anymore. I will have my freedom. I will love my children, I will love my wife, and I will do it the way I want to and I make no apologies. I think the fundamental difference between me now and when things weren’t right is, I don’t give a fuck about the invisible rules that you put on me. If I put it on myself, great. If I don’t? It’s not mine and I won’t own it."

- Kevin Voisin




Every week, your host Sam Falsafi will be speaking about what it means to live the Warrior's Way, a belief system taught with Wake Up Warrior for married businessmen to live a life of having it all through what is know as the Core 4 within themselves: Body, Being (spirituality), Balance (family) and Business. Coach Sam Falsafi is a lead trainer within Wake Up Warrior and will be joined by co-host Garrett J White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior as well as guests from within Warrior that provide witnesses and case studies on what has occurred within their own lives. 




Mar 08, 2018
The Voice Within | Parables from the Pit | Ep 008

In today's podcast, your host Sam Falsafi and Warrior Guest Jesse Ewell discuss the Warrior's Blueprint for Leadership - how it all begins with becoming a Leader within one's own home. Jesse has learned how to do this along with Sam through listening to the Voice within, which some may know it as the Spirit, intuition, or that gut feeling. 


Parable #1: You Will Fuck Up

  • Jesse’s path to Warrior began with some videos posted on Facebook by some of his fitness buddies. He found himself compelled to view the videos in secret, like someone watching porn. During the application process, Jesse waited over three hours to have a phone interview with Garrett, thinking that the waiting game was some sort of a Warrior test. A follow up phone call from Sam over two months later revealed they had fucked up.
  • Jesse learned from his wife's counselor that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, stemming from her fear of communicating her feelings to Jesse. Sam, having fucked up with his wife during a recent fight, had a dream where she was receiving advice from another man and recognized this as a sign that he is not hearing his wife.

QUESTION: You have all of these checklists for being a good husband and father - but at the end of the day, are you really hearing your wife? Are you really hearing your kids? Are you hearing the Voice within and taking immediate action?


Parable #2: Beautiful Actions Must Follow Beautiful Words

  • If, in your world, you are listening to beautiful words that aren't being backed up by actions, you are being fuckin’ lied to. You can fall in love with the beauty of the words, only to miss out on the beauty of the actions, one day finding yourself fucked up the ass where you continue blaming others - because you choose to tune in to this particular sound wave and ignore the pain.
  • We don’t give ourselves permission to fail, so we wear this fucking mask. We come home, take off the mask and blow up on our loved ones. Why? Because we consider this a safe place to fail. Warrior Week was designed to interrupt these fucking patterns.

QUESTION: What beautiful actions are you taking today that are following your beautiful words?


Parable #3: The Truth Is Revealed Inside The Pit

  • About an hour into Warrior Week, it hit Jesse that his reason for being there had nothing to do with his business (which he had lied about in the first pace), and everything to do with his wife and family. Inside the Pit, he felt his wife’s pain, he felt his pain, and he also felt there was a way of working himself out of the Pit.
  • Jesse returned home and started living the Warrior's Way at the highest level. Living the Warrior's Way in his household became non-negotiable and his family lived it through him, taking on the Warrior life and language. For seven months they experienced their own version of Warrior Week - massive growth, change, and pain.

QUESTION: In what areas of your life are you lying to yourself and to others, that if you started telling the truth, you would begin seeing your life turn around?


 Parable #4: Be Willing To Sit In The Pain Of The Pit

  • As we begin to march inside our own Pit for the first time, we are actually giving ourselves permission to be in this unknown dark place. We don’t know how wide this place is, we don’t know the depth of it, and we stop at the first place in the Pit. It hurts so much that we are paralyzed, unable to go further and explore the Pit.
  • Courage and certainty were injected into Jesse between WW 16 and WW 21 because he had done the work, which gave him a different experience inside of the Pit in WW 21. He realized there was a depth he hadn't reached during his first Warrior Week and was able to see two versions of himself inside the Pit. The second time it was more about finding his Purpose inside of the Pit.

QUESTION: What are the gifts you have received by giving yourself permission to go inside your Pit?


Parable #5: Serve and Lead Your Family First

  • Coach Sam: There is a Purpose in serving your family first. HAVE YOU DISCOVERED THAT? If you haven’t, you have no business going all across the world and serving somebody else. SERVICE BEGINS AT HOME. Jumping over the Pain to go deeper to find your Purpose is nothing but a False Lift - you lift yourself up only to feel better, look better and be seen as better.
  • So many men go throughout life never asking their wife and kids if they're a good husband or daddy. They're fearful of the answers and don't want to face the pain of the answers they know they will hear. Chances are, your family is afraid to tell you how they really feel. 

QUESTION: Ask your wife tonight: Am I a good husband? Ask your kids tonight: Am I a good daddy? What does it actually mean to your wife to be a good husband? What does it mean to your kids to be a good daddy?


Parable from the Pit:

"Do you have the courage - do you have the fucking balls - to ask your wife and kids and truly hear their feedback? Ask every day, ask as much as you want. Ask and let them tell their truth. If it hurts, accept that and find the power on the other side of the pain by making some actionable changes."

- Coach Sam Falsafi


"If your wife and kids say nothing, then there’s a fear inside of them to tell you the truth. Once you ask them this question, you have to shut the fuck up. You have to let them speak, and you just have to sit there and listen and take it. That is how you have to show up inside of this."

-Coach Jesse Ewell





Every week, your host Sam Falsafi will be speaking about what it means to live the Warrior's Way, a belief system taught with Wake Up Warrior for married businessmen to live a life of having it all through what is know as the Core 4 within themselves: Body, Being (spirituality), Balance (family) and Business. Coach Sam Falsafi is a lead trainer within Wake Up Warrior and will be joined by co-host Garrett J White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior as well as guests from within Warrior that provide witnesses and case studies on what has occurred within their own lives. 




Mar 01, 2018
Own Your Truth | Parables from the Pit | Ep 007

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guest Kelly Curtis on the call to face the barriers of race, culture and religion and how becoming your own man based off of your own definition instead of society's helps shape you into what you want to be in life. 


Parable #1: Follow the Lead of the Universe

  • Kelly's journey to Warrior Week began in 2007 while attending a convention where Tony Robbins, Les Brown and a charismatic guy named Garrett White were speaking. Years later while surfing the internet, Kelly was surprised to find himself viewing a documentary featuring the guy who, years earlier, had made an unforgettable impression upon him.
  • There comes a time in your life when a conversation takes place that is out of your hands, where the Universe is delivering a message to you that will either move you to take immediate action, or lead you down the path in the direction that is meant for you to take.


QUESTION: Are you opening your eyes to the messages the Universe is sending you? What are some of the messages you are currently receiving?

Parable #2: Own Your Truth

  • While on a spiritual journey questioning everything he has ever believed, Kelly began owning the answers instead of relying on someone else's idea of what he should believe. He was brought to a place of peace, yet felt like he was missing the Map of what to do next. Warrior Week provided the tactical piece of the puzzle that was missing, giving him permission to become the Seeker.
  • In sharing the story surrounding the origin of the Muslim law established 1700 years ago forbidding the consumption of alcohol, Sam asks you to consider: What laws and beliefs will you follow today that will serve you as a man, husband and human being in getting what you want and putting you in a position of serving others?


QUESTION: Where has questioning your core beliefs led you? What beliefs and practices do you still hold onto that are no longer serving you?

Parable #3: There Is No Finish Line

  • In a grinding 12 hour day in the war zone during one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of his life, Kelly is able to stay in the grueling game by retaining a piercing and determined focus on the vision of his sons watching him, envisioning demonstrating to them what it looks like to do your best, give your all, and go all in.
  • In the midst of a six month audit, Kelly owned that he had nothing to hide. What separates him from his contemporaries in the finance world is the fact that he lives by a code that says: Don't Lie, Tell the Fucking Truth, and I will not ask you to do anything that I haven’t done myself.


QUESTION: Where in your life are you asking people to do things that your have not done yourself?


Parable #4: Religion, Race & Culture: The Big Dividers Of Humanity

  • Judgement is the barrier that you put between you and another human being. As humans, we create labels which create the separation. Our backgrounds, race or culture should not create any fucking barriers to what we want or what we are ruthlessly committed to going after.
  • By lying, we separate ourselves into these labels and circles. You can have an association that has the same religion, culture and race, but inside of that there is a major amount of separation taking place. On the outside the labels are perfect; on the inside the love is not connected and the love is not real.


QUESTION: What are some of the ways you label, judge and categorize others? Does that make you feel more connected or more divided?


Parable #5: Freedom Has a Price

  • In his travels outside of America, Sam observed behaviors and patterns that were symbols of restriction and poverty, where in one city families were claiming poles in the street as their home. He came back home appreciative of the freedoms that most take for granted in America. At the end of the day, freedom is a fundamental need for humans.
  • We are acting alone as men, feeling like there is nowhere we can drop the guilt, pain and shame, where we are conditioned to mask our totality. The secret to not fucking living with guilt and shame is to give yourself permission to own the light and the darkness within you. That is what we do inside the experience of Warrior.


QUESTION: What price are you willing to pay to experience freedom within yourself and in all areas of your life?


Parable from the Pit:

"The reality is this: You are either my brother in my faith, race, or culture or my equal in humanity. Black, white - no matter what you want to call yourself - you are more than welcome to come inside this place and discover the permission to stop fucking lying and start fucking telling the truth."

- Sam Falsafi


"Brothers, I’m looking forward to seeing more of us - guys who look like me. A lot of times we just need to see it. Maybe I'm the guy who sparks the thought inside of you: 'Hey, he looks like me and he’s doing this, maybe it’s okay for me to try this out.' The message, doctrine and principles are universal and there are a lot of men out there that can use this across the board - any race or color. We all have the same problems and issues no matter who we are or where we are in the world."




Every week, your host Sam Falsafi will be speaking about what it means to live the Warrior's Way, a belief system taught with Wake Up Warrior for married businessmen to live a life of having it all through what is know as the Core 4 within themselves: Body, Being (spirituality), Balance (family) and Business. Coach Sam Falsafi is a lead trainer within Wake Up Warrior and will be joined by co-host Garrett J White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior as well as guests from within Warrior that provide witnesses and case studies on what has occurred within their own lives. 




Feb 22, 2018
Leading from the Heart | Parables from the Pit | Ep 006

In this week's episode Warrior Guest Gus Van Dender joins Sam on the call talking about the importance of recognizing one's purpose in life. The best way to do that is through listening to the heart instead of the caution that the head is constantly saying to keep us safe. Growth within one's own purpose doesn't occur until we are willing to take the leap into following our heart instead. 


Parable #1: When in the Deepest of Pits, Light Comes From Unexpected Sources

  • Gus was deep in the pit - his business, marriage, spirit and health were completely broken. His estranged wife's 'chance' meeting with Garrett and a group of men writing in their journals on the beaches of Laguna created a curiosity on her part and, unbeknownst to Gus, would set the wheels in motion for his journey into the brotherhood of Warrior.
  • While in the midst of his deepest pain and agony, a surge of hope arrives in a surprise text from his wife, with no other words written except a link to 'Wake Up Warrior.' This leads to a six hour marathon of videos where Gus feels his life is being displayed right before his very eyes in the form of Garrett J. White.


QUESTION: Think of when you have been in the deepest of pits and ask yourself: How did the Light arrive?


Parable #2: If the King Doesn't Rise, the Queen Will

  • Gus had the false hope that he was ready for Warrior Week. His wife had taken over the role of leadership within the family because at the time, Gus was not in a place to lead his Kingdom. She wanted him to rise and be ready to receive the crown again, and also wisely knew there were steps he needed to take before making that investment into Warrior Week.
  • In the conversation of Leadership: The King has the responsibility to lead the entire Kingdom. If you have delegated this important leadership role to your Queen, take a look at the patterns and routines in your life. The Queen didn't take the power from you, you handed it to her on a silver platter. If you are not operating as a King inside your Kingdom, and your Queen doesn't see the power in you as the King, she will rise and take over to protect the Kingdom.


QUESTION: When are you going to believe that you are the King?


Parable #3: Take Back the Kingdom

  • Every fucking morning, Gus asks himself: Am I ready, willing, able and capable of doing what is required to sustain the Kingdom and remain as a King TODAY? He sustains his role by utilizing the tools within Warrior and doing the required work, which fuels him with energy and brings him to a place of power to take on that responsibility.
  •  At the end of the day, it all comes down to this: You matter. Taking time for yourself to grow and expand every single day, matters. Remaining in the Kingdom sans growth and expansion with his Queen, a man is a peasant pretending to be a King. The number one mission of the King is to expand the kingdom for himself, his Queen, and his people.


QUESTION: If you believe yourself to be a King, are you able and capable of building your Kingdom for the next 60 years with your Queen?


Parable #4: It's a Matter of Heart

  • In his experiences with Warrior Week, Gus learned how to accept and love himself, and how to give himself permission to just be him. The piece of the puzzle that was missing was connection with his wife, which was rekindled on the beaches of Laguna where she first encountered Garrett and the brotherhood - which experience was fueled by Sam's counsel: Open up your fucking heart and stop living in your head. Operate by the simplest rule in the world: say what's in your heart.
  • We have years' worth of downloaded blueprints in our subconscious mind of how others believe we should be living our life. The casting of judgement from others, coupled with the pressures of culture, society, and parents creates limitations in our mind. The one place that remains untouched? The heart.


QUESTION: What are some of the limitations you have been groomed to believe about yourself?


Parable #5: The Purpose Has a Purpose

  • In Warrior Week 40, the Pit came alive for Gus as he began reliving the all encompassing pain, shame and guilt of not being there for his wife and daughter. During the 'Hand of God Evolution' exercise, Gus felt an energy unlike anything he had ever before experienced, and found himself screaming out to that power,"Help Me!" His relationship with that power - The Voice - shifted that day and led him on the journey of finding his Purpose, which Purpose is driving him today.
  • When you connect with your Purpose, everything you decide to do impacts others.  There is no one in the world that has your experiences and parables, nor has been on your exact path and journey that has led you to be where you are today. At the end of the day, Purpose is people, pain, problems, possibilities and the path. Be vulnerable, listen to The Voice, and then have the courage to act on the revelations it brings you.


QUESTION: Who in your life would benefit from having a conversation with you being vulnerable and speaking from your heart? When are you going to have that conversation?


Parable from the Pit:

"When you understand and feel your purpose and it becomes clear, it opens the door for more passion, profit, and meaning in your life."

Sam Falsafi


"Being the strong guy 24/7 was the image I was giving my wife, but when I opened up my heart and became vulnerable - which was really uncomfortable - everything shifted."

Gus Van Dender







Every week, your host Sam Falsafi will be speaking about what it means to live the Warrior's Way, a belief system taught with Wake Up Warrior for married businessmen to live a life of having it all through what is know as the Core 4 within themselves: Body, Being (spirituality), Balance (family) and Business. Coach Sam Falsafi is a lead trainer within Wake Up Warrior and will be joined by co-host Garrett J White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior as well as guests from within Warrior that provide witnesses and case studies on what has occurred within their own lives. 




Feb 15, 2018
Be The Dad | Parables from the Pit | Ep 005

 In This Week's Episode....


Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guests Troy Hoffman on the call to discuss the intensity and focus of Warrior Week, becoming exposed to what it was that he truly wants in life.


Parable #1: All the Single Ladies...Here's a Single Man

  • Warrior Guest Troy Hoffman shares the impact of his Pit on today's call with Sam Falsafi, first being exposed to multiple experiences of Warrior Week about building a life with someone, being single at the time and seeking more within his personal relationships.
  • The exposure that occurred was that this lack of personal relationships was showing across the board that Troy wasn't dedicated to anything in his life, bringing a tougher commitment of holding himself to a higher standard.

QUESTION: What is the purpose behind considering change and transformation in your life, based off of where you're currently at and where you want to go? What are your current metrics within your Core 4 (Body, Being (Spirituality), Balance (Family), Business)?


Parable #2: Facing the Man in the Mirror

  • When Troy first faced the realities within himself, the literal man in the mirror, he became exposed to getting a sense of clarity understanding where he's at in his life right now, still worried about the pain about being rejected.
  • Until he was put into an environment that forced him to hold himself accountable, Troy realized how little clarity and truth he had in his own life, even though he could see it in others and not within himself until he was able to reconnect the child within and heal him.

QUESTION: What is your biggest pain in your life today?


Parable #3: The Wounds of Unfulfilled Children

  • There's a process of the impact of others around us to have the courage to see the power within us as we learn to heal the wounds of an unfulfilled child within. This requires a deep level of trust as an elite alpha to allow humbleness to come in to feel the pain of the Pit.
  • Troy's father passed away in October 2016, and the impact that this had on Troy brought almost a form of relief because of the physical pain his father was in, learning to step up and be the dad that he would want his dad to know how much he impacted others, not really feeling like his dad had an outlet to put himself first.

QUESTION: What do you think your father's biggest pain was/is? What is the one thing you would want him to heal from?


Parable #4: Facing OLD Pain

  • Starting back up from the side, Sam shares his experience of being taken from a war torn country where his father had a successful business position to delivering pizza after escaping to Canada and safety for his children, showing a man that hustled for 28 years to take care of his family.
  • Troy could relate to Sam's experience, and they see within their fathers the gift of growing up in poverty, producing a future of empathy to impact more lives to go further with a legacy that shows how to live and survive from that extreme level.

QUESTION: What gift of poverty from childhood (whether actual or figurative) has made you become the man that you are today? What is the greatest memory that you have of your father?


Parable #5: Transforming #1 Regrets with Pain

  • The greatest regret that a person has is not connecting with loved ones on a deeper levels, and with dads, it's even harder to connect with one's own father, especially by connecting to their pain. When we're willing to go through the pain within their lives, it transforms the systematic sedation within men that has been passed on.
  • Not being able to talk about our pain and carrying it with us, it becomes a generational curse that will be passed on to our children, until we are able to transfer that pain to power by understanding and speaking our truth.

QUESTION: What is ONE THING that you are aware is working in your life? How can that power transfer to other areas of your life?


Parable from the Pit:

"Facing yourself in the mirror helps you get a clear idea of where you are in all areas of your life, extracting power in your body, your spirituality, with your family and your business. Being able to witness the sacrifice that your father had, even when knowing that they had or still have pain, there's a conversation that can be had to choose to fucking lead."

--Sam Falsafi





Feb 08, 2018
Presence Over Perfection | Parables from the Pit | Ep 004

In This Week's Episode....


Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guest Nick Long on the call to discuss how everything in his life as a married entrepreneur is affected by his ultimate purpose, which is what he refers to as his WHY, which is his family.


Parable #1: Not Finding Fruit in Rabbit Holes

  • Today's Warrior Guest Nick Long shares how he was searching for more over two years ago, told that he needed to check out Wake Up Warrior, and after nearly 4 hours of rabbit holes and videos, he made the phone call with Sam, in which even the price of the ticket didn't dissuade him from doing what he knew he needed to do by attending Warrior Week.
  • Everyone wants to invest in the business instead of within themselves first, and yet as a business owner, you're the tip of the spear and need to learn to be willing to take risks on yourselves.


QUESTION: Where have you had to give permission to yourself to spend money on your own personal development?


Parable #2: The Facts of the Truth

  • The truth becomes our interpretations of the facts within our life, where Nick had a transformational process of attending two very different Warrior Weeks because he was two very different men each time, seeking radically different things each time; for Warrior Week 22, he was dealing with shame and unworthiness, which then led to truth and vulnerability wanting to bond with other men.
  • Sam then shares an experience of having a phone call with another man that applied for an upcoming Warrior Week, in which through an exchange of conversations, the applicant wasn't sure what he wants after having his wife domineer within their relationship for the past 12 years due to destructive but comfortable patterns that kept showing up.


QUESTION: Where are you more comfortable remaining in pain instead of being willing to face the truth in your life?


Parable #3: Seeing Inside of the Aggressive Alpha Pit

  • Even though Nick became more willing to be vulnerable to share insights from within his experience at Warrior Week 22, no longer hesitating to invest in himself, he had this recurring theme of unworthiness as a pattern in his life to then take him to Warrior Week 40 to open up further possibilities after going back to the Pit, never thinking he'd allow himself to break commitments and trust within himself again, and yet he did.
  • He was so scared that he'd go back to old patterns and losing his family, he self-manifested fears as an aggressive alpha, going back to old patterns until he was willing to live by the Code and stop lying to himself, unblocking the truth that he had blocked for years.


QUESTION: Where do you see patterns of self-sabotage in your life?


Parable #4: Conversations About Purpose and Lost Keys

  • Without purpose, nothing that we do will matter. Nick found this ripped open within his second experience at Warrior Week 40, that his purpose, his WHY, is leading his family.
  • Sam likens this to an experience that he had looking for keys, he learned that he had to retrace his literal steps, pleading to God to help him, feeling His presence for the first time, finding the keys right under his foot, confirming to him that God is listening to him, which shifted everything that he believes to this day, feeling joy in that confirmation.


QUESTION: Where have you had to retrace steps in your life in order to find keys to unlock doors that have remained locked in your life?


Parable #5: Facing the Biggest Lie with the Glue of Truth

  • As simple as it sounds, Nick found that the greatest gift he's been able to give himself to awaken the greatest power within himself is to tell the truth. When he chose to stop lying to himself that everything was OK, he found that it's not easy to strip away everything that he has, creating a massive shift in everything that he does now by seeing his family as his glue to keep him together.
  • There are no blueprints for wounded children to become fulfilled fathers after they grow up until they are able to lead themselves. This occurs by listening to the Voice inside of yourself and confronting the biggest lie that you've been telling yourself, whatever it may be.


QUESTION: What is your biggest fear? What is holding you back from telling the truth within you?


Parable from the Pit:

"We're willing to invest in our business, but the number one asset as entrepreneurs is to invest in ourselves. We're the tip of the spear. I wasn't able to see the impact of what this means until I was willing to confront the life I've built and stripped all of it away, I had to go deep into that Pit within myself and anchor myself to my WHY, which is not losing my wife and children."

--Nick Long



Feb 01, 2018
Father and Son | Parables from the Pit | Ep 003

In This Week's Episode....

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guests on the call to discuss how important it is to stop fucking lying, and the first person to start with is ourselves.


Parable #1: Dark Periods of Fog and Stuck In the Same Motions

  • After watching some Warrior marketing videos, Rusty Rahm wanted to learn more until he had a phone interview with Sam shortly after he contacted him, feeling darkness on the inside even though everything on the outside looked ideal, not knowing how to get out of the fog that he had within.
  • This effected his son Christian into escaping from reality and choosing to be disconnected with sedations in order to escape the Pain, in which neither one of them knew where to find a solution.


QUESTION: Where do you have pain in your life that you don't have a solution for?


Parable #2: The Process of The Shift

  • The Pain behind the Stories becomes part of the process of The Shift that is required within us all, and for Rusty, being the owner of so many businesses he wasn't really used to being called out and yelled at by another man, breaking the ice that he wasn't alone, beginning the process towards healing after declaring facts that have impacted his life for years.
  • Rusty was initially supposed to join Warrior Week 35, but he knew he had to stay with his son when they began to open up with their emotions, sharing a message from Coach Sam to Christian, seeing it as an amazing gift that came about through discovering tools (see video below Parable #4).


QUESTION: Who do you have in your life that can hold you accountable?

Parable #3: A Long-Lasting Leader Listens to The Voice

  • Even after the breakthrough that Rusty and Christian had while in the hospital, there was doubt within Rusty that the progress wasn't going to last, but he learned through the tools he gained before he even attended his own Warrior Week helped master ignoring the voices inside of his head that told him he couldn't change.
  • Instead, he heard, "Here's your shot. Keep going." And he did. Rusty found a way to stop numbing the pain that he had for decades, creating a new frame to have his children follow him in leadership, even after having his own recovery with disk surgery in his neck for Warrior Week 36.


QUESTION: Who is affected by your leadership? Is is leadership that is serving them to become leaders as well? Why or Why Not?


Parable #4: The Pain Of Operating Alone Getting Replaced with a Daily Life Script

  • All of the men that come into Warrior Week come into the program to deal with the feeling of mentally being alone, which comes about through listening to The Voice, which comes from within everyone's heart for a Higher Source, guiding us towards Gifts.
  • The death of Rusty happened with his neck surgery, and the Warrior of Rusty became born, which spread itself over to Christian through Warrior X to keep getting better.


What can I do for myself today?

What can I do for my wife today?

What can I do for my children today?

What can I do for my business today?


Parable #5: Two Ways to Lead as a Father

  • There are two ways that you can lead your children through example as a father: 1-Lead through Sedation, whether it's hidden or not, picked up energetically by your children, OR 2- Lead through Power, creating frames for your children for empowerment based off of what you've discovered within yourself. Within Warrior, we call that 2nd Leadership living the Warrior's Way.
  • The Patterns that Christian saw within Rusty that led him to Warrior X 10.0 is still felt today: "Be the first in the game" and "Go all in." It was the hardest reality to face for Christian, but it changed his outlook in life that he didn't need to hide from himself anymore.


QUESTION: What kind of power are you projecting towards others?


Parable from the Pit:

"There's this huge fog of avoidance that's taking place in society, and it begins in the home. This acceptance of avoidance through looking down at our phones instead of interacting with each other resides in our house with our closest relationships."
--Sam Falsafi
"I got the tools that I've been searching so long for right inside of me. It took going to some really dark places through Warrior Week, but when I learned to trust the Voice inside of me, it takes me to whole other level. I was on the verge of divorce in 2016, yet in 2017 going through the Warrior program, it was the best year of marriage that I've ever had. I trusted the process and realized that I was only operating at 30% across the board. Now, everyday I no longer hear a voice tearing me down but a Voice that asks, 'What are we going to do today?'"
--Rusty Rahm



Jan 25, 2018
The Liar Within | Parables from the Pit | Ep 002

In This Week's Episode....


Your host Sam Falsafi has a Warrior Guest on the call to discuss how important it is to stop fucking lying, and the first person to start with is ourselves.


Parable #1: Getting Punched in the Face with Applications for Worthiness

  • Warrior Guest Dan Bednarski joins Sam Falsafi about not feeling worthy enough to become part of Warrior because nothing that he was doing was working in his life, wondering if he was even capable of doing in the application interview.
  • The first question that is asked within the Warrior Week application interview is about being punched in the face, to find out that it's not talking about being punched physically but in other areas of life being punched, having the pain arise.


QUESTION: Have you ever been punched in the face by another man?


Parable #2: Confronting A Flood of Emotional Pain

  • Dan could feel within his bones that the life that he knew and had grown accustomed to was going to fall apart, and there was nothing left from that world leading into Warrior Week, which made him feel unworthy for everything else.
  • When it comes to Pain, no one really wants to hear your story, and part of that is because you need to face that Pain yourself. This is where we are dying without killing ourselves, having to live through this death of an old version of yourself and become reborn from it, paralyzing us until we change our perspective. No one can do that for us, nor do others want to be in the Pit with us either.


QUESTION: Where in your life are you lying?


Parable #3: Stop Pretending that You're Significant

  • We may not have courage to visit the Pit until we realize that we need to stop pretending that we have any significance in being alone, realizing that others have Pits that they have buried within them as well.
  • Loneliness is contagious because it's constantly being projected on your kids and wife, in which they feel the certainty or the hiding within you, regardless of how much you're trying to put on a mask.


QUESTION: What is the pain that you have continued to hide from?


Parable #4: Leadership Starts by Telling the Fucking Truth

  • Your stories and assumption to protect your family from the truth is not only hurting you, but your family. Systematically, you must choose to rise from this place of lies that hasn't been serving anyone. Sam shared the last lie that he made back in 2014 to talk about the toxic energy that lies send out to the universe.
  • The truth is a simple place to be, but it becomes one of the most difficult decisions to make when you start putting assumptions around it that it's OK to remain in the lie in order to protect others from who you are.


QUESTION: Where do you need to be ruthless and relentless in pushing yourself towards the truth?


Parable #5: The Pit of Being Alone

  • Dan's Pit is being alone and going back to his experience at Warrior Week two years ago has become visceral, because they will never go away, having an opportunity to accept a different reality once he learned how to get out of the Pit.
  • Feeling the Purpose for the Pit, there's a possibility that is seen for a greater version of yourself, having no idea how to get there, there's a feeling of pushing through it by being willing to DO THE WORK. You have to go through hell in order to get back; there's no other option.


QUESTION: What possibility is out there for you? What is the purpose behind the Pain you are going through?


Parable from the Pit:

"Masculinity is about feeling the fucking pain that you've gone through. The most hurtful and paralyzing feeling that a man can feel is that feeling of being alone. Many have created assumptions and justifications for feeling alone, creating stories that are living in a fantasyland that no one else wants to go into with you. When a man decides to step into the Pit for the first time, it doesn't matter how great the pain is...we all have this common pain inside of the Pit that we feel alone because we're operating alone. Inside of Warrior we have this conversation amongst men that teaches us to experience the pain with others."

--Sam Falsafi


"The pain doesn't ever go away, but it teaches me to become the man that I am. By going through this fact of life that we want to maintain what we have, I was forced within myself to step up and let myself have the opportunity to become authentic to myself. I am now willing to stand up for myself. The feeling of being alone will become your own reality and will continue to get louder until you are willing to tell the truth to yourself."

--Dan Bednarksi




Jan 18, 2018
Be The Man |Parables from the Pit | Ep 001

In Today's Episode....

Welcome to the Warrior Week Podcast with Coach Sam Falsafi, CEO of Wk teaching "Parables from the Pit" with co-host Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior.

Point #1: CrossFit and The Guy in the Green Hat

  • The Purpose of this podcast is to share the message of how men have discovered living the Warrior's Way within their own lives
  • 2014 New Year's Resolution for Sam Falsafi to join CrossFit, learning more and more about it, demonstrating and showcasing interest in CrossFit and runs into a guy with a guy with a green hat.

Point #2: 5 Minute Video that Changes Men's Lives to an Interview on a Blue Couch

  • Sam saw a 5 minute video posted from Garrett's phone to join Warrior Week, a program for eight married businessmen for the very first time.
  • After seeing the invitation and communicating with Garrett, Sam had a rare face to face interview with Garrett to be accepted into Warrior Week, after sorting through hundreds of applications.

Point #3: The Good Principle

  • Looking back now, Sam knows why he went, but at the time it was a magnetic pull to become a better man after living a good life, pulled towards greatness and awakened towards other possibilities.
  • 50% of the men that arrive for Warrior Week now have found a way to numb out the pain, while the other 50% know that their lives are fucked.

Point #4: Warrior Week is a Living Organism

  • Wake Up Warrior has its own pull; it's not Garrett but the program, which Sam experienced a massive reframe that everything, even the weaknesses that he sees within himself is part of him.
  • That shift of certainty from within himself spoke to Sam's heart, finding something that makes him move.

Point #5: Reframe the Way You See Opportunities

  • You will have new opportunities inside of the game of reframe and there is no one that has mastered this more than Coach Sam Falsafi because of his ruthless commitment to listen to The Voice.
  • It came down to seeing the possibilities that Sam could access from speaking French, Persian and English and the power that thinking in all three of these cultures to look at life from three different perspectives.

Point #6: Lethal Interviewing

  • The breakthroughs and distinctions that Sam found inside of himself came during the interview process, prior to the pit within Warrior Week.
  • Warrior Week creates the structure after being pulled towards Wake Up Warrior. What's the cost of not doing it now? Once a man has clarity within himself after seeking for it during the interview, he has power. We are an interview organization to have a safe environment to share where you're at.

Point #7: Storytime with Coach Sam

  • Parables from the Pit was the initial name that we were looking at within this Warrior Week Podcast about men and their journey into the Pit of their life and back through weekly stories and teaching towards True Liberation.
  • When you want to live the Warrior's Way, it's about letting go of the way you were living prior to being part of Warrior. For Sam, he had to let go of the world that he knew, the identity that he had within himself based off of what was pulling him creates the biology on the thoughts around your heart, giving you courage to make decisions.
In order for a man to find the courage to purely let go, he has to remove layers and layers of stories within him that a man doesn't like to visit, which is what we refer to as The Pit inside of Warrior. To have the power to confront the stories within the Pit.
The Pit is a place within a man with profound incarceration into an unworkable life. Warrior Week was built as an experience and a rite of passage for a man to step from the place that he was today to step up to the plate as a modern man that lives by the Warrior's Way by choosing to step out of the shadows and towards a place of liberation.

Point #8: Taboo Conversations about Pain

  • We're going to talk about the truth behind the perfect posts and the couple that has it all figured out and the smiles that everyone sees.
  • That comes down to talking about the pain within a man, and there's a reason why the crucible of Warrior through Warrior Week works. We demand the same results or better for the men coming into the Game of Warrior by shattering today's perspective to see new light.

Point #9: Invited to Visit the Dark to Look in the Mirror

  • There's a place that these men are able to see themselves clearly exactly where they are, beginning to receive the clarity that they need to identify what it is that he wants as a man. That clarity and certainty is obtained at Warrior Week, with a Gift that comes on the 2nd Day on the Mountain within the experience of Warrior Week, but no one will know what it is until he goes through it.
  • Once a man morphs into this Gift, he doesn't have to follow anyone's checklist on what it means to be a man but for him to be himself, for some the first time in their lives, all within a sacred place where a man is no longer lying about who he is.

Point #10: Permission to Be All of Who You Are

  • The truth is, be all of you, even if you're scared to death of who you are. Put all of the stories to show up as all of you that it's ok to be you.
  • The greatest fear for a man is to die knowing he never took a stand. Inside of that death, to meet the man that he could have become. Looking back at the men we were before, these men that were guided  from who they were, Garrett and Sam included, to consider the life that would have been had they not leveled up in living the Warrior's Way. The man that you could become through Warrior Week will allow you to stop hiding from the greatness that you know is inside of you.



What can a man expect as a listener from Coach Sam Falsafi?
Sam: The truth, whether it's ugly or beautiful. We're exposing stories and amongst all of the men and Warrior Week stories that we gathered, there is one common pain that all of these men experience, which is the pain of being alone. We will look towards the future by knocking on the door of the Pit, which has a guided path through Warrior Week. Most men don't want to knock on the door, so Warrior Week Podcast will bring tools to have you knock on the Pit, deleting the stories that are robbing the power from you.
No one is going to do the work for you. Every single action that is done as a man is for our loved ones and family; it's the whole purpose behind this podcast and what Wake Up Warrior is all about.
Garrett: The only reason I was even searching within myself was because I was searching for power inside of home. Warrior Week was built as an assurance to ensure the shift. A man needs an experience to discover himself, talking to you from the Pit every single week


Today's Parable from the Pit:

"In order for a man to find the courage to purely let go, he has to remove layers and layers of stories within him that a man doesn't like to visit, which is what we refer to as The Pit inside of Warrior. To have the power to confront the stories within the Pit."
--Coach Sam Falsafi
"The Pit is a place within a man with profound incarceration into an unworkable life. Warrior Week was built as an experience and a rite of passage for a man to step from the place that he was today to step up to the plate as a modern man that lives by the Warrior's Way by choosing to step out of the shadows and towards a place of liberation."
--Garrett J White



Jan 09, 2018