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Jace and Jesse brothers from THE Fast Life Garage, bring you conversations from many aspects of the Motorcycle industry. From Custom builders and custom painters to the manufacturers who provide numerous products to Motorcycle enthusiasts!

Episode Date
Chris Moos #79

Chris Moos is one of the top dawgs in the motorcycle fabrication game.  He got his start at Misfit Industries years ago and has since moved into his our brand MoosCraft, check out our podcast with Chris as we talk about many things in this motorcycle world!

May 19, 2019
Road Trippin with Rob #78

I met Rob at our campout as he stopped by on his way to the el diablo run in Baja California..  Once I found out he was riding his FXR from Long Island New York,  I told him he had to stop back by Dallas to podcast..  So here he is!

May 12, 2019
Justin Bike N Bird #77

I have been wanting to talk with a moto-vlogger for awhile.  Lucky for me Justin from Bike 'N' Bird is in San Antonio, and I was able to catch up with him on a recent trip down south.  We had a great convo about his path into motorcycles and where his passion for the Moto-vlog came into play.  

May 07, 2019
Hypnotic Air Matt Andrews #76

Matt has been producing some amazing art work on motorcycles since the mid 2000s,  he has been a local artist to the Phoenix motorcycle scene as well as nation wide!  Hear some of his path to becoming a sought after artist in motorcycle community!

Apr 24, 2019
HellBent Crew #74

The Houston homies came up to Dallas to check out the bar Tuesday bike night and talk some shit!  Hellbent customs, is a couple of guys who turned late nights hanging into the garage to a motorcycle brand that keeps it edgy!

Apr 17, 2019
Ryan Townsend Tattoo #74

Ryan Stopped back by to catch up, share more insights on his progress in the tattoo industry. we also share thoughts and ideas on custom paint and art in general!

Apr 16, 2019
Justin kelly Hang Em High Customs #73

Justin owns and operates hangEm High customs here in the Dallas Fort Wort metroplex and a military veteran from the mean streets of Kentucky!  we talk a lot about going pains in the motorcycle business, as well as some of his history!

Apr 04, 2019
DumpTruck #72

If you have been to almost any motorcycle rally/ event you have probably seen or heard dump truck on the MIC!  and I know you have seen his acting debut riding a sporty in his tighty whitys !  He is a great ambassador for our motor cycle culture and this podcast you really get to hear it first hand!

Mar 21, 2019
The CutRate #71

Oliver stopped back through Dallas on his way back west from Daytona and a ton of east coast swap meets!  We also were able to pull Fxr mike out of his garage to hear some of what has been up on his end!

Mar 14, 2019
Sean TOL Designs #70

Sean has been producing products and providing fabrication services to the motorcycle industry for a long time,  TOL was one of the first guys in the big wheel scene to bring very extended bags to the market ,  he has helped me and my friends on a few of our road trips and I was also wearing his shirt when I got my DWI lol good times!

Mar 07, 2019
Kevin Big Bear Performance #69

I road in from Vegas stopped in at big bear performance and Kevin showed me around the shop educated me a bit on suspension, and the many facets of BBP.  

Mar 07, 2019
Paint Huffer metal flake 2 #68

Back in Arizona I sat down with long time podcast and even longer time supporter of us at the fast life garage the one and Only Paint Huffer metal flake!  We sat down with no particular topic to discuss but we wound plenty to talk about

Feb 27, 2019
Cody Childress Whoville speed & Custom #67

Cody of Whoville speed and custom Has been building Bike out of Abilene Texas for a number of years now!  He came on our radar a few years back when he built his amazing twin cam Fxr that took the Sturgis Fxr show in 2016! 

Feb 21, 2019
Joseph Jurado 2 Fxr royalty #66

We caught back up with Joe as he was coming through Texas.  He filled us in on life and the Fxr world since he has last be on the podcast!  I wasn't drunk on this one!

Feb 19, 2019
Proper Baggers #65

Daniel started and operates Proper Baggers an instagram repost page dedicated to the "performance Bagger" scene.  His page has brought a ton of pals bikes to the eyes of many including myself.  He also rides a pretty badass performance bagger himself!

Feb 12, 2019
Polen Designs #64

Austin is personally one of my favorite painters in the custom paint world.  He is know for his very crisp and innovative helmet work predominantly in the automotive race circuit.  check out some of his story and perspectives in the vast world of custom paint!

Jan 31, 2019
Jason Speed Metal Built #63

Our homie Jason came to Dallas for the Tucker power sports show, we hung out had a ton of laughs and tried our best to talk motorcycles.  all in all we had a great time and didn't bag on trailers to much!

Jan 25, 2019
Von Metal #62

Performance harley builder and enthusiast Von metal who operates up in Reno Nevada!  Check out this episode and find out more on who they are where they got their start in the industry !

Jan 17, 2019
here we go 2019 #61

I sat down with my good friends Kyle and Trent who are part of our anvillians!!  We talk 2019 fast life campout and a few other trips and events planned in the first 6 months!  

Jan 15, 2019
2018 recap #60

In efforts to pay some respect to 2018 Jesse and Jace sit down and go over the podcast its growth and short comings, as well as personal hardships and lessons! 

Jan 15, 2019
NEW year New US! #59

Our Good friend Steve Chamberlin and Tbar Jesus him self came through Dallas for the IMS weekend! we chopped it u about 2018 and the goals for 2019 as well as performance baggers and just motorcycles as a whole!

Jan 04, 2019
Travis Biker Living Mag #58

Travis came up to Dallas to distribute copies of the awesome Texas motorcycle culture related magazine, he stopped by and shared a 12 pack with me and we talked about how he became the owner and editor of his mag as well as shared many opinions on the Texas bike and show scene!

Dec 26, 2018
Chris Hery FXR royalty #57

Chris is one of the Fxr Communities Og guys!  Coming in hot from Boston Chris has built some of most top not Fxrp's in the country!  check out this episode as we talk about the Fxr culture and past present and future!

Dec 21, 2018
Cory Maindrive Cycle #56

I had seen the sporty Cory built at giddy up this year.  instantly fell in love with the styling and fabrication displayed.  Come to find out he was from the Dallas area.  Cory level of detail is very inspiring and being mostly self taught in fabrication wizardry he has definitely motivated me to want to build a chop again!

Nov 29, 2018
The Anvillains #55

We went onto instagram live to gets some random questions to dive into. Both Jesse and our good friend Daniel whom are both part or=f our anvil crew, came through to explore the many questions from the softail line to the importance of beer.  

Nov 21, 2018
Chad Mahone #54

My good friend Chad cam by the shop and we shared our thoughts on being artistic managing our time and other aspects of being in the creative business. Chad really has his hands in many forms of art from metal shaping, custom paint and airbrush, to sculpting.  I'm always fascinated with his work and our conversations  

Nov 13, 2018
Chris Callen Cycle Source Mag #53

Since we started this podcast we have had requests for Chris Callen who is the owner and editor of Cycle Source Magazine.  after finally catching up with him during the lone star rally, we went down to the beach with another great friend Chris moos and recorded this podcast in the cycle source van! 

Nov 08, 2018
Rick Duppstadt #52

Rick was one of the founders of Iron Horse Choppers Custom paint department,  Was Dimebag Darrells personal custom painter, and has been doing many things in the Custom Paint industry since! (We had heavy rain for the first few minutes of this podcast)

Nov 06, 2018
Dale MJK Performance #51

MJK has been pushing the creativity and boundaries of the Harley market by introducing aesthetics's commonly seen on a motor gp bike.  high quality parts and work is what Dale stands for, and you can see it in his products!  check them out on instagram at Mjk_performace. 

Oct 30, 2018
Rusty D & D exhaust #50

I sat down with Rusty who comes from a long history of motorcycles, and now owns DnD exhaust systems.  I personally am a huge fan of bike business who are riders, Rusty is constantly putting his products to the test on various trips all over the place!

Oct 25, 2018
Shorty's Custom Paint #49

Shorty has been painting for well over 30 years, from the collision side over to the custom side.  You can catch Shorty on the tv show Iron Resurrection on Velocity!

Oct 16, 2018
Chris Eder Epic Moto Co #48

Chris and I go back quite a while.  we caught up with Chris to see how his new brand Epic Moto Co was going!  Chris has been in the industry for awhile and has operated motorcycle business's from his garage all the way up to a huge motorcycle parts manufacturer!

Oct 12, 2018
Jason Speed Metal Built #47

Jason runs and operates Cycle stop use out of Tampa Florida. He also runs Garage Built podcast with close friend Cody Childress!  I butchered his last name in the intro so much for sober October !

Oct 05, 2018
Airbrush and Tattoo artist Ryan Townsend #46

We spoke with Ryan earlier this year, he was just about to become a traveling artist.  we caught back up with him to see how the first few months on the road have been, we also dove into a lot of other topics related to our common art background!

Sep 23, 2018
Road Trippin with Thurstytaylor #45

I first me Thurston around the beginning of my career in motorcycles, through social media we have stayed connected over the years!  I have been inspired by his travels since instagram first came on the scene.  Thurston took his love for travel and motorcycles and brought them together.  the road tripping episode is his journey from Dallas Texas into the wilds of Alaska on a 69 day motorcycle trip!

Sep 18, 2018
Jack and Lisa Fxr Royalty #44

Late one evening in Burbank, I got to crash a Tuesday night hang out.  Jack has been scooping up Fxr's and Dynas from across the country for some time now, and his wife Lisa is riding just as hard as any guy out there!  we hear some of their recent coast to coast trip and talk bikes!

Sep 04, 2018
Brian Paint Huffer MetalFlake #43

Brian and his Paint Huffing business has been a fresh of breath air into an industry plagued by tradition and one sided growth!  check out some of his back story and future plans in this episode and maybe even some life lessons!

Aug 28, 2018
John Eville Purpose Built Motorcycles #42

We talked about a ton of things related to the moto co.  from Harleys new releases to the Bloomberg article on Harleys millennial approach to why were headed to the adventure market!

Aug 24, 2018
Zombie Mike HardDrive #41

Mike drove up from Houston to shoot the shit.  we talk Harley, our roles in the culture and his perspective of his current employer Hard drive!

Aug 23, 2018
Scott Holbrooks #40

We caught up with Scott while he was down in Texas to talk about some of the events Simpson has worked this year, along with news on new helmets that are hitting the shelves very soon! 

Aug 13, 2018
An Intimate evening with Mark #39

stopped through Texas performance motorcycles to drop off some fresh paint work and catch up!  also catch some details about our upcoming campout!  thanks for checking us out

Aug 11, 2018
WTF? with Marcus and Jesse #38

Great to have Jesse back, our good friend Marcus came through with a 12 pack and we went to work!  Marcus has been in the paint/collision industry for years.  so we bring you 2 hours of good industry content followed by 2 hours of random shit!

Aug 09, 2018
New Harleys W/ FXR MIKE #37

Jace and FXR Mike sat down and shared many opinions on the Harley Davidson press release on 4 new models. we questioned the direction of Harley along with the age old conversation of how to attract new riders!

Aug 01, 2018
Adam Sandoval #36

Adam has dedicated a huge part of his life to live on two wheels and raise money for Veterans across this great land! he also rode to every HD dealership in America!  we were able to catch him at the beginning of his next adventure which is his new campground in south east Oklahoma!

Jul 29, 2018
My story 2 of @ #35

So here is the second half to my lame ass life lol. I'm honored to those who dug my first part, I recorded this podcast over a few different times, so if the sound is different thats why!  thanks again for the support support us 

Jul 19, 2018
My story 1 of 2 #34

A strange experience to say the least but I tried my best to give you story and back ground.  from the beginning of motorcycles and paint! 

Jul 16, 2018
Adam "Garleys Garage" #33

Adam is a true Motorcycle enthusiasts who also manages a family life we could probably all strive for!  We sat down and discussed many things from my opinions on baggers to how to adapt in the new society with social media and how we can still operate our business!

Jul 12, 2018
Giselle "girlon2wheels" #32

From quiting her job as a high school teacher to experience life on two wheels. Giselle is living the dream, producer of the South east FXR/Dyna day during Dayton, to her current gig with American flat track, check out her story!

Jul 10, 2018
Road Trippin with Adam #31

Our Road Trippin podcast will feature Riders who's have recently taken motorcycle trips long distance.  our first Episode is with our good friend Adam "the Black Pearl Of Texas" as he rode from Dallas to California and back!  follow Adam on Instagram @the_blackpearl_of_texas 

Jul 07, 2018
King Tony #30

Talk about a man of many hats! With over 10 years in the stunt industry building up His Busted Knuckle Stunt Team, and his Motorcycle shop Rebels Den Cycle Supply, King Tony is doing big things in Arkansas!  

Jun 30, 2018
Horse Power INC. #29

We made it to Indianapolis had a good time, drank beer,  got a bike stolen, caught a flight home!  No worries the crew at horsepower inc are amazing with their hospitality and the ingenuity of there products! We had a good time getting to know the story of how these merchants of horsepower came to be! 

Jun 21, 2018
Boosted Brad #28

Jesse and Jace took a motorcycle trip to Indianapolis.  on the way we got to sit down with Brad who's a jack of all trades in the motorcycle industry.  from Custom paint and fabrication to one off machined parts!  check him out at

Jun 19, 2018
#27 Texas Performance

Jace sat down with Mark owner of Texas Performance and just talked about business where our heads are at and where we want to go!

May 28, 2018
Jeff Holt #26

We all know the famous Jeff Holt who was the face of HOT BIKE for many years.  We caught up with Jeff as he is gearing up to launch his new media Vtwin Visionary, just months after leaving Hot bike.  

May 22, 2018
TPJ Customs #25

It was a good time getting to know Brian, he has been in the industry for a long time building his one of a kind style and of motorcycle. The icing on the cake is his passion for riding and running his builds hard!

May 17, 2018
John Jessup #24

On our road trip to cali, we stopped in to catch up John who owns Dream rides up here in Stockton California.  Johns been in the industry for a good while on this episode he shares some of his experiences!

May 15, 2018
Hanging at the shop #23

Our good friend Brad who is often referenced in our podcasts hung out at the shop today as Jace gets ready to head out west!  we recapped Texas Hills Cycle show and just talked bunch of random shit!

May 10, 2018
Fxr Mike #22

Mike came by the shop last Sunday and somewhat podcasted us..  Some good topics and always a good conversation with FXR Mike!  Jace Talks too much and Jesse is fighting his demons!  

May 04, 2018
Steven Heger #21

Steve is Photographer who we met on a bike trip in 2017.  Steve is a local Dallas Texas native, we caught up to him and got his story on how he got into the industry and where he is headed!  

May 01, 2018
Big Joe Snap Fab #20

We reached out while Joe was passing through Dallas on his way home from Hand Built show down in Austin tx.  Joe has deep ties in the motorcycle industry as well as a very skilled fabricator!  Also is the creator of the FXR show in surgis!  

Apr 26, 2018
Ryan Townsend #19

We sat down with one of the most talented Airbrush artists in the industry, who is currently making his mark in the tattoo industry!  Ryan drive and hustle is something to admire which you will hear in this podcast!  

Apr 24, 2018
Q & A with The Fast Life Bros

We went live on instagram and asked the homies what they wanted to know!  They gave us some good questions that we tried to answer with the best of our knowledge!  

Apr 20, 2018
Texas Hills Cycle Show #17

The Homies Dustin Alex and Zombie Mike who put on Texas Hills show came up to Dallas to talk about a variety of things, but most importantly the second annual hills Show!  We had a blast in 2017 which u will hear about! Check out our website

Apr 17, 2018

We drove out to Danger Dan's shop to shoot the shit for a few hours,  I think we were all recovering from Giddy Up Tx.  Dan was one of the major factors in us making our podcast!  check out 

Apr 10, 2018
Joseph Jurado FXR Royalty #15

Jace and co-host for this episode Mark from Texas Performance, at TPMC to catch up with Joseph also known as Joekid80 on IG and one of the major players in the FXR world!  Beers were drank Instagram Live took place a few times and we stayed up till 4am on the Eve of one of the best motorcycle events there is Giddy Up Texas! Hope you guys enjoy it and please check out our sponsors websites and ours where you can find links to all our platforms and our Patreon!  Sorry not sorry for the long podcast hope you guys dig it!

Apr 03, 2018
Adam Gould Brand Warrior #14

We went down to Houston to link up with our friend Adam Gould who had a project T-sport we wanted to pick up for a Sturgis build!  Talking with Adam always brings out meaning of life type conversations and well thats pretty much what we talked about! check out and 

Mar 27, 2018
Royal T Racing #13

On our way home from Daytona we stopped in to NOLA and met up with Patrick owner of Royal T Racing.  They are known for there badass performance exhaust systems and bike builds!  Check out our website where you can find a link to our Patreon iTunes youtube and social media platforms 

Mar 22, 2018
Lucky Strike Designs #12

Daytona was Daytona I guess..  luckily we were able to hang with Jeremy from lucky strike designs, who is one of my most favorite painters in the game!  He has a sign painting background which has been proven to create some of the highest quality painters out there,  you can check out Jeremy on isnta @luckystrike_designs also don't forget to check us out at and subscribe tour patreon for soon to be released exclusive content!  

Mar 20, 2018
Texas Performance MC #11

Mark is one of our closest friends he has been helping us do what we do since we met each other!  Mark owns and operates Texas Performance motorcycles in Cedar Park Texas check him out on IG @texasperformancemc. 

Mar 13, 2018
The Cutrate #10

We were lucky to catch Oliver on his way east as he passed through Dallas Texas!  We were very intrigued by his story and how he has lived his life and continues too!  The Cut Rate is a clothing brand as well as Olivers tag for his custom built motorcycles!  

Mar 06, 2018
Fxr Mike #9

One of our close friends Mike, who is Fxr royalty as far as we are concerned.  Mike is currently building an FXR de-rake chop for Show class magazines PPLs champ competition!  We shot the shit with Mike in his garage and checked out his progress.  Check out our sponsors Manic_Crew PaintHuffermetalflake and texasperformacemc on Instagram and the web!  

Feb 27, 2018
Dixxon Flannel Co. #8

On our way home from Cali we stopped in Phoenix and caught up with Danny and Justin Of Dixxon Flannel Co.  We kicked it in the Dixxon warehouse got the spill on how it all came to be and where its headed!  Check out our sponsors Manic_crew Texasperformancemc and Painthuffermetalflake on Instagram! We just set up our Patreon account which if you would like to donate to this podcast go to also on our website 

Feb 20, 2018
Valley Kustoms #7

As we continued down to SoCal we stopped in and chopped it up with Silent G and his crew at Valley kustoms.  checked out some of his latest paint jobs and builds in his new shop!  Get a taste of how G built his skills and Brand!  Insta: Valleykustoms  also check out our sponsors on Insta: Manic_crew Texasperformancemc and Painthuffermetalflake!

Feb 15, 2018
Fab 28 #6

First stop on our road trip to Norcal. We caught up with Jay Owner of FAB28 Industries. Always a powerful conversations when we talk with Jay,  FAB28 is a leader in the motorcycle industry for hand made performance exhaust systems.  Follow Fab28 on Instagram  also check out our sponsors and yours truly

Feb 13, 2018
Lyndall Brakes #5

Late at night in a hotel breakfast area, Jesse and Jace got to catch up with Paul Owner of Lyndall Brakes, we have used Lyndall wheels brake rotors and brake pads on our last few bike builds and love the quality and design of their products!  Paul was passing through Dallas while setting up for the tucker rocky dealer show.  check out Lyndall on Instagram @lyndallbrakes

Feb 07, 2018
Zombie Mike #4

Mike came up from Houston to Dallas for The International Motorcycle Show and hung out with us all weekend!  Mike has his hands in a lot of events here in the lone star state, as well as his full time gig for Chopper Hauss as Sales manager / marketing director.  Sitting down with mike is always a pleasure, His drive and hustle is inspiring. you can follow Mike on Instagram @zombie_mike_ and Chopper Hauss @chopper_hauss_ 

Feb 06, 2018
the fast life podcast #3

As we wrap up the month of January we thought we just share some random shit with you guys!

Jan 31, 2018
The Fast Life Podcast #2 Homer Saenz

Jesse and Jace drove down to Houston to catch Super Cross and got the opportunity to sit down with Homer at his Paint shop.  Homer is an accomplished Tattoo artist and owns and tattoos out of 713 tattoo in Houston Texas.  He has also branched off from the tattoo shop to his New Custom Paint shop. We discuss a few topics and get to know homer and his path, as well as share opinions and ideas about custom paint in general.  check out homer on Instagram @homerseanz  you can also follow us on Instagram @thefastlifegararage

Jan 23, 2018
The Fast Life Podcast #1 Simpson MotorCycle Helmets

Welcome to our very first episode here at The Fast Life Podcast!  we are very excited as we venture down this path for 2018.  

Brothers Jesse and Jace sit down with Scott Holbrooks who is the Product and Brand Director for Simpson Motorcycle Helmets.  Scott has been a part of the motorcycle industry as a whole on many fronts.  We discuss many things from his origins to many opinions on the industry as of 2018.  follow Simpson Motorcycle Helmets on Instagram @simpson_motorcycle_helmets

Jan 17, 2018