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By Kristen Duke

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In each podcast, “Beyond Good Intentions” with Kristen Duke, shares a heartfelt discussion with guests about their own childhood and the parenting choices they now make as adults. Through these stories, you will find specific ideas for strengthening families and answers to parenting questions that pull at all of our heart strings. You'll walk away with strategies for deliberate parenting that help to move beyond good intentions to a stronger family. Kristen, a mother of 4, has shared her passion for strengthening families and building strong relationships on her family-lifestyle website “Capturing Joy” for over 8 years. Beyond Good Intentions is a podcast that helps answer the parenting questions she herself seeks.

Episode Date
#066 Jamie Hutchings // Childhood Leukemia Survivors Guilt

Surviving childhood leukemia brought on a great deal of survivors guilt for Jamie. She felt like a disappointment, uncertain why she survived when she had known so many other cancer patients that she adored, who weren't so lucky.

She was bullied in high school, felt angry towards her parents, and just didn't understand why she was so special to have survived. She speaks of her suicide attempts, wanting to quiet the voices in her head.

As an adult, and coming through on the other side, she travels around teaching youth about the importance of talking to someone when they are in these dark places. 

I was happy to hear her weigh in on Affirmations, because it's a HOT TOPIC right now. She spoke about the power behind the positive words we speak, when we start to believe them.

Find Jamie at @SurvivingTheBubble on Instagram

May 15, 2019
#065 Leigh Germann // Talking with a Therapist about Anxiety

Leigh is a therapist specializing in Women's health. In this episode, we talk a lot about self care as well as anxiety which plagues so many people young and adult alike. 

She says, "Depletion is probably the largest pre cursor to depression and anxiety. Self Care is SO important!" When you're stressed, your body shuts down.

Leigh introduced to me The Resiliency System:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Compassion
  3. Self Talk--not all of your thoughts are accurate
  4. Self Care--having benevolent feelings about our bodies instead of frustration

She shares about a program she is developing called Worrier to Warrior. 

Leigh's Instagram: @TakeCareOfMom  

Books she mentioned:

Brainstorm by Dan Seagull

Antidote to Fear---TRUTH. We all have to search for those truths and those truths lead us to believe we can be resilience. 

The 2 terrible thoughts:

  • I'm not enough (the core of depression)
  • Me or my loved one isn't going to be ok (anxiety)

I do have what I need to thrive and get through hard things.

Teach our kids: Be able to count on themselves to get through the hard things in life. Thats how we grow.

What lifts shame is how when we talk about things, we can hear the irrational beliefs in them.

To listen to Leigh share with our teen friends about this topic, head to episode #7  of the Fist Bump Podcast just for teens.

May 08, 2019
#064 Rachelle Price // Helping Teens Look Outside of Themselves

My friend Rachelle is a very intentional parent, right in the thick of things with a handful of teens and tweens. Her oldest is about to graduate high school (just like mine) and I was eating up all of the amazing ideas she shared about being service minded and teaching her teens to look outside of themselves. 

Find the ideas Rachelle shares on Instagram or drop her a note of gratitude at @KnowingLivingLoving

Books Rachelle Recommended:

See our family favorites on our AMAZON store.

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May 01, 2019
#063 Leigh Anne Wilkes // Parenting Adult Children

My friend Leigh Anne is here to share her wisdom today not only about parenting adult children, but some fun stories and tips from when her kids were younger and into the teen years. 

My favorite parts:

  • Talking about waiting to be asked for advice
  • Supporting their decisions no matter what
  • The gift she gave her daugthers-in-law
  • Family Traditions
  • Making Family Dinners

Make sure you check my AMAZON STORE with my favorite dresses and clothes this season.

Find Leigh Anne on her Website: and Instagram @YourHomebasedMom

Make sure you sign up for her newsletter to get her weekly meal plan!

Apr 24, 2019
#062 Cali my 10ager chats with me

My youngest child, Cali, is 10 today and we are talking all things TWEEN! She has wanted to be interviewed on the podcast for a while, and I thought her birthday was the best day for that.

You may enjoy the mother daughter back and forth chat we had, and you'll especially get a giggle about half way through as we visit the topic of how exactly the sperm gets to the egg. 

I chatted about Our recent Amazon purchases

Join the conversation on Instagram today, too!

Apr 17, 2019
#061 Mar'Lee // I was a Runaway Teen

Mar'Lee contacted me after she heard last weeks podcast episode with Erin sharing about her runaway teen. She said this to me in an email, "I have had the impression I needed to do this for awhile, share my story.  Tell Erin thank you.  I was other is gone and I have always wondered how my mother felt.  I came home eventually, and found my faith, but that was a subject we NEVER talked about."  

She felt like her story needed to be told, and she shares with me, with us, in this episode. I'm so grateful for her willingness to be brave and share, because I know it will bless others. Others who are grappling for a shred of hope. 

Please hop on over to Instagram and tell Mar'Lee thank you for sharing. I know it will mean so much to her. 

Podcast instagram: @KristenJoyDuke

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Apr 10, 2019
#060 Erin Barbee // Loving a Runaway Teen

I got an email recently from Erin saying that she loved listening to the podcast, but hoped to hear more interviews from people that were going through struggles with their kids. In her message she says, "It is depressing sometimes to listen to a podcast that's amazingly positive when you're having a hard time."

I've said it before and I'll say it me or nominate someone who has a story that others can hear! Most don't feel comfortable sharing a challenge when they are in it, so let me know!

"I don't have very many answers but maybe even I can offer something to your listeners," Erin shared.

In our chat, she shares about how she adopted two brothers as toddlers, and in raising them, it's been much more of a challenge than anticipated. Her oldest ran away from home as a teen, cut off contact with his parents, and moved from place to place, and she has very minimal contact with him now. 

Her guiding scripture: "Be Still and Know that I am God." I need that reminder that I can sit and be with my own feelings and thoughts, I don't have to be doing something.


Today's sponsor is our AMAZON STORE with our family favorites 

Games her family loves: Sleeping Queens // Cover Your Assets 

Apr 02, 2019
#059 Alisa Van Langeveld, PhD // Connecting with Your Child

"Usually we think our communicating is with our words, but our non-verbal communication is so much more powerful."

Alisa shared so many amazing tidbits of information in our chat, this has definitely become into one of my top 5 favorite interviews on the Beyond Good Intentions podcast. She is so knowledgeable on a topic that I'm striving for daily with my children.

She is a researcher of CONNECTION, and she shares how we can be more connected with individual family members with 10 minutes a day of quality time, the sweet spot of connection. "Long enough to make it meaningful and short enough to make it do-able", she says.

She came upon this concept years ago when chatting with a friend that asked, "How do I be a good parent in a nutshell?"

She had to ask herself in her own parenting as she found real life practice didn't come as naturally as she thought, having all the research. She asked herself, "Where does the theory and research and real life converge?"

The answer: Connection. The most important thing we can strive for as parents.

>>>>Alisa made us an amazing printable to share, 100 ways to have 10 minutes together! You can download and see all of the ideas on my website, Connecting with our Kids in 10 Minutes a Day.

Head on over to for the full show notes, with links to the parenting books we discussed, and the download of the 100 ways printable.

Beyond Good Intentions Home Page

@KristenJoyDuke on Instagram to come chat about this episode and ask more questions!

Alisa is @10MinutesTogether on Instagram 

Mar 27, 2019
#58 Reachel Bagley // Create a Safe Environment for Your Kids

I'm delighted to share with you my chat with Reachel Bagley. We met 8 years ago at a park in Arizona, and haven't seen each other since, but we've interacted online, as she shares wardrobe strategies as she helps others clean out their closets and minds at @CardiganEmpire

We talk about how she met her husband, adoption, surprise pregnancy, and how our job as parents is to create a safe environment for our children, as our children are pre-programmed with their own agenda.

We also discussed the commitment of TIME for our children is so much more of a foundation than opportunities presented with money. 

>>>Our episode this week is sponsored by Living Scriptures. A great online resource for streaming children's video and clean movies. Sign up for a month trial to see if it's for you!

Reachel's favorite parenting books we discussed are:

The Whole-Brain Child and Raising Human Beings 

Mar 20, 2019
#057 Tawni Beardall // Authentically Be Yourself

Tawni is a long lost friend that I just discovered, and I'm so grateful I found her on instagram recently. We discuss our love of teenagers, and her podcast, Becoming for Teens, as well as her family life in this episode. 

Tawni shares about her younger brother with special needs, and how he's captivated the hearts of the community. She also shares about how she met her husband, and parenting her 4 young children.  I titled this episode after something she said near the end, a hope for her children to Authentically Be Yourself. 

>>>Our sponsor for this episode is AMAZON. Don't you just LOVE Amazon? I recently put together our family favorites from games to gadgets and gizmos, check out our favorites in my AMAZON STORE.

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Mar 12, 2019
#056 Ryan Hill // My Big Brother Reminiscing with Me!

I've got my big brother in the house, and you better believe we disect our childhood! You'll hear the stories of when we didn't get along, when we did, and how we've weathered the years as siblings. I look up to my brother Ryan a great deal, and am grateful he's willing to look past my shortcomings and sensitivities over the years. 

We talked about groundings, over-reacting, electronics being a "comfort food", and seeing the positive in people. We referenced my podcast discussion with my dad, which you can find in EPISODE #6. 

>>>This weeks sponsor is HomeAway. That is a link to the most recent home we rented. Our family LOVES to stay in homes when we travel, and even when we get together with extended family!

Come continue the discussion over on Instagram! @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke is where you can find us.

Mar 06, 2019
#055 Kristi +Kelli from Lolly Jane // The Importance of Family

"I don't care what my kids end up doing with their life, as long as they always feel that their place in our family is important."

I'm so happy to share with you a chat with my dear friends Kelli and Kristi, twin sisters who grew up with 9 siblings, raising families of their own down the street from each other and within 3 miles of 7 of those siblings (one even next door to their parents)!

We got tears flowing from each of them for various reasons throughout our chat, I love their willingness to be vulnerable and share their hearts in order to bless all of us.

I met them through blogging 7 years ago, and I've been grateful for their friendship over the years, and they've got some parenting GOLD to share with you today! 

HIGHLIGHTS: Teen fist fights, infertility, adoption, life threatening experiences, that's just the tip of the iceberg with todays episode. We spoke about them being a brat to their mom but now a best friend, the shame game, technology, the birds and the bee's, pornography, over-scheduling, we even talked about the wonderful community that social media can be if we let it. 

When you listen, head on over to @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke and share your favorite part! Search #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast if you listen a week or more after it goes LIVE and look for the twins!

>>>Our sponsor this week are my photography tutorials, Say NO to Auto and The Camera Academy. If you're into photography, and want to learn how to better use that fancy SLR camera, I'm here to help! 

You can find my friends on their Instagram @LollyJaneBlog

Feb 27, 2019
#054 Anna Macfarlane // We All Want to Feel Heard

The title of this episode stems from our chat about parenting AND social media. As a child, you want to feel heard by your parents, and of course as parents we want our kids to HEAR us! In social media, (and in parenting) we all need more connection and less isolation. Anna and I talk about all of this in our chat. 


Anna runs @KidsAreTheWorst which is a humor community of parents sharing, @ThingsAreTheWorst, and also shares media tips at @AnnaIsTheWors


>>>We talked about the e-book guides that she put together about media and cell phones, which they are great resources for parents. They are all about developing stronger, healthier relationships with the Internet and social media through guided discussions, information, and plans that everyone signs. 

  1. Get Smart: (Ages 3+) 
  2. Let's Talk: (Teens on social media) 

CLICK HERE to read all about both books and purchase them. 


Lots of talk on technology! Our kids are saturated with screens. 

Favorite parenting book (which is actually a business book): Never Split the Difference, by a man who is a crises negotiator, he shares how to talk to people so they can understand.

Favorite Scripture: Perfect love casteth out fear

Motto she loves: First it's hard, then it's easier, then it's fun.

4 Things she wants for her kids:

  • Hard Worker
  • Be Kind
  • Respect your Body
  • Close to God

She expounds on this in our chat. 

If you loved this, please consider leaving an iTunes review, listen to other episodes, and come chat about it at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke where we discuss all episodes after they are LIVE.

Feb 20, 2019
#053 Miranda Anderson // Less Stuff, More Adventure

Miranda has so many wonderful things to share, and she's excited about sharing, which I LOVE!  She's got a wonderful enthusiasm for life, and it comes through in our chat. The title of this episode is her trademarked slogan, and she is sharing tips on her website, podcast, and social media about living a minimalist lifestyle with LESS STUFF and MORE ADVENTURE!

One of my favorite things that she said was towards the end, and you'll want to hear more of her explanation, but the gist is the importance of teaching our kids to feel fulfilled and success in everyday life, not just achieving big goals. SO MUCH WISDOM THERE!

Listen as she chats about downsizing their home by half, and my lamenting on the stuff accumulation in my house. Serious goals!

>>This post is brought to you by Budget Boot Camp. My husband and I started a budgeting adventure recently, and have been guided by these lessons by Jordan Page. After using a spreadsheet in the course, we cut some things out and are trying to save 30% of our income. Click the link to learn more!

Come join the discussion from my chat with Miranda over on Instagram and share your favorite part of this episode: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Feb 13, 2019
#052 Ashlee (Birk) Boyson // Each of Us are a Light

I found Ashlee through her instagram @TheMomentsWeStand and right in her bio she mentions surviving infidelity and murder, which is a lot to take in, in one short sentence. 

Ashlee has a story unlike any I've ever known, and she shares it courageously, but it wasn't always the case. She ultimately felt inspired to write out her heart, against original shame from her experience. I applaud her vulnerability in sharing, knowing it will bless others who have experienced trauma in their life, in any form.

I love how when I asked her at the end what she hoped her children KNOW when they leave the house is that each of us are a light. That stuck with me, and thought it would make the perfect title. 

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>>>How to find Ashlee:

Feb 06, 2019
#051 Stephanie Hill // 4A's: Accept, Adapt, Admire, Appreciate

I'm delighted to have my BONUS mom chatting today about parenting, and then grand-parenting! She raised 4 kids in small town Idaho, after growing up in California. She's shared so many nuggets of wisdom in our chat, it's hard to summarize it here!

She shared about her first job working for her dad in the radio business, going to college in Hawaii, and the "2 time stick" she kept visible for her kids to remember to do their chores when asked.

She speaks about being an empty nester, and nurturing your marriage, and then about her husband passing away and re-marrying (my dad).

Here are a few quote-able quotes from our chat:

  • "Teach the gospel on the walls of your home."
  • "Don't "should" on yourself."
  • "Dare to be Different."
  • "Food is LOVE."
  • 4 A's of a relationship and parenting: Accept, adapt, admire, and appreciate
  • "My home is clean enough to be healthy and healthy enough to be happy."

Stephanie is the QUEEN of silly one-liners, and we talked about how she doesn't even realize she's saying something unique. Here are a few of the one-liners she is known for that my dad mentioned after our chat:

  • "It's hotter than Dutch love."
  • "That story went over about as well as a pregnant pole vaulter."
  • "I'll feel gladder when my bladder is flatter."
  • "I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger."
  • "Birds have bills too, but they keep on singing."
  • "I've got so much to do I feel like I'm trying to put 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag."

 Join us on Instagram this week to share your favorite part of the episode!

Jan 30, 2019
#050 Kristen Goodman // Navigating Friendships and Social Media with Teens

My Chat with Kristen from Be Living Proof was exactly what I needed...a fellow mom of teens, discussing how to be the best parent we can for those pre-adults. Teaching "life isn't fair" and the sooner you realize that, the better! 

We discussed:

  • teens choosing friends
  • finding new friends when current friends are making different choices
  • how to teach them to have the confidence to make decisions other than their friends
  • Device rules, filters, and flexibility of rules
  • Social media
  • comparisons

We talked about the age she gave her oldest a phone, and the funny story behind that!  

And we have the same FAVORITE PARENTING BOOK, but she's actually read past where I have, and I learned something I need to go look up in that book!

Join the discussion about this episode at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Find Kristen on Instagram at: @Kristen.Be.Living.Proof

Her website: Be Living Proof

Favorite parenting book: How to Talk so Kids will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk

Jan 23, 2019
#049 Talking through Grief

I'm delighted to share with you a conversation with my husband today. Even though we are chatting about grief, it's lighthearted. It's subdued in the beginning, but not heavy. It's hopeful and introspective as we share our thoughts on the recent passing away of his younger brother. 

We discuss how we each grieve, what we appreciate hearing from others offering their condolences, and how grief isn't just about death.

In our chat we reference my Instagram account where I shared a lot of thoughts before and after his brother passed away (and currently still saved in the highlights under "Steve"). In our chat, I also spoked about a few other blog posts on my website:

I invite you to join the follow up discussion on Instagram (@CapturingJoy.KristenDuke) and share your thoughts on this episode!

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Jan 16, 2019
#048 Part 3: The 13 Articles of Faith

Welcome to Part 3 of the discussion on my faith, which is all about our most basic beliefs and doctrine, The 13 Articles of Faith

As a child, I memorized them, and I've encouraged my kids to do the same. Just 13 verses, but they explain what it is exactly that we believe as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Hopefully you already listened to Part 1, which was an interview with my friend Abby, a recent convert to the faith. And then Part 2 where I share the origin, background, and history of The Book of Mormon and how it came to be. An introduction, if you will. 

If you'd like to read the 13 articles of Faith in full, click on the link, and you're there!

Please feel free to reach out to me via email (, Instagram (@CapturingJoy.KristenDuke), with any questions or something you'd love to hear explained even more. I'd be happy to mail you a free copy of The Book of Mormon if you are interested as well. 

Dec 19, 2018
#048 Part 2: Introduction to "Mormonism"

As mentioned in the beginning of Part 1, you may have heard of "the Mormons" is a term we don't prefer to be called. I explain that in more detail in this part of the episode.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I want to explain in my own words how it is the church came to be, who we worship, what we read, and what we believe. 

In this Part 2 as well as Part 3, it's just ME solo chatting, explaining things. This introduction is more history based, as I share the origin of the church, including where The Book of Mormon came from, and what Joseph Smith did for the faith.

Hopefully you've already listened to Part 1, which is an interview with my friend Abby discussing her recent conversion, and how it all unfolded in her life. She is a wonderful example to me of listening to her heart, walking in faith, and true sacrifice. 

And after you finish this 2nd part, make sure you listen to the conclusion in Part 3, where I share our basic doctrines, the 13 Articles of Faith.

Below are a few links referenced in this part of the episode that I encourage you to look up further and read for yourself:

Dec 19, 2018
#048 Part 1: Converting to "Mormonism"

Did you know that the term "Mormon" is a nickname that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints don't prefer?

I used it to title this episode because I know that people are familiar with that name, but throughout this 3 part series, you'll hear me refer to the church with the full name, and why.

In this Part 1 episode, I am chatting with my friend Abby, as she shares about her recent conversation to the faith.  She is amazing, and I love when she spoke about her sacrifice to God, and her original thoughts on obedience. It really resonated with me, and I love how she explained it. 

Then in Part 2 I'll share the origin of The Book of Mormon, and how it came to be.

And finally in part 3, I will share our basic beliefs and doctrine with the 13 Articles of Faith

I hope you'll take the chance to listen as I share my beliefs and my heart. At the end of part 3, I get a little emotional as I share in detail how I am guided by my faith.  

To see the full show notes, head to the Beyond Good Intentions home page. 

Dec 19, 2018
#047 Parenting with Faith Part 3: Judaism

Welcome to Part 3 of this 3 part episode on Parenting with Faith. Elissa and Stu do a great job of sharing about their Jewish faith. In case you missed the other two, make sure you listen!

Part 1: Hinduism 

Part 2: Catholicism 

Part 3: Judaism (you are here!)

Join the discussion on my Instagram page: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

You can also search other podcast episodes with #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast or look at the home page Beyond Good Intentions

Dec 12, 2018
#047 Parenting with Faith Part 2: Catholicism

Welcome to part 2! I'm very excited about this 3 part series on Parenting with Faith. John and Kasey are very thoughtful, intentional parents, I know from first hand experience watching them. I knew they'd be the perfect guests to share about their faith and how it reflects in their parenting. 

In case you missed the intro , head to Part 1 on Hinduism. 

This is how the 3 parts will lay out:

Part 1: Hinduism 

Part 2: Catholicism (you are here!)

Part 3: Judaism

 I sure love these friends, and all that they stand for, and I know you will glean some insightful in formation from them as well.

Tune in to learn more, and join the discussion on my Instagram page: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

You can also search other podcasts with #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast or look at the home page Beyond Good Intentions.


Dec 12, 2018
#047 Parenting with Faith Part 1: Hinduism

I'm very excited about this 3 part series on Parenting with Faith as I explore (and you get to come along with me) how those of other faiths are led in parenting.

I haven't met Shruti, but we have a common friend, and I'm so grateful she was willing to chat with me (on short notice) and share about her Hindu Faith and how it guides her parenting.

This is how the 3 parts will lay out:

Part 1: Hinduism (you are here!)

Part 2: Catholicism

Part 3: Judaism

I really loved learning a bit more about Hinduism.

We talk about:

  • Re-incarnation
  • Bindi
  • Millions of Gods
  • Vegetarianism
  • Superstitions
  • Festival of Lights

Tune in to learn more, and join the discussion on my Instagram page: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

You can also search other podcasts with #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast or look at the home page Beyond Good Intentions.

If you are on Instagram, you'll want to check out Shruti where she talks about her Cancer journey on @pajamamama512 

Dec 12, 2018
#46a Naomi Yost // Faith in Every Footstep Part 2

This is PART TWO of the Baptist and a "Mormon" talking about faith, make sure you listen to PART 1 first!

Naomi is one of my dearest friends. She's lived across the street from me for nearly 9 years, and we have formed a friendship that I truly cherish. You'll hear me say early on in our discussion that she is the first person not of my specific Christian faith that I've really been able to discuss religion with in an open minded way.

We talk about:

  • Finding Faith
  • Her parents divorce
  • Her siblings disability
  • Converting to a new denomination
  • Misunderstandings with other faiths
  • Her sons surprise challenge at the ultrasound

And so much more!

One of my favorite quotes that her mom said to her, "There is no olympics of pain." Meaning we all have a right to our own pain, with no need to compare it to another's pain. 

I know you will love Naomi as much as I do, and wish she lived across the street from you. 

When you do, I'd love you to come say hello to Naomi on instagram where we will discuss this episode, and tell her what you gleaned from the convo. 


As always, we love iTunes REVIEWS!!!

Dec 05, 2018
#046 Naomi Yost // Faith in Every Footstep Part 1

Listen in as a Baptist and a "Mormon" talk about faith. 

Naomi is one of my dearest friends. She's lived across the street from me for nearly 9 years, and we have formed a friendship that I truly cherish. You'll hear me say early on in our discussion that she is the first person not of my specific Christian faith that I've really been able to discuss religion with in an open minded way.

We talk about:

  • Finding Faith
  • Her parents divorce
  • Her siblings disability
  • Converting to a new denomination
  • Misunderstandings with other faiths
  • Her sons surprise challenge at the ultrasound

And so much more!

One of my favorite quotes that her mom said to her, "There is no olympics of pain." Meaning we all have a right to our own pain, with no need to compare it to another's pain. 

I know you will love Naomi as much as I do, and wish she lived across the street from you. 

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode, don't forget to listen to part 2. When you do, I'd love you to come say hello to Naomi on instagram where we will discuss this episode, and tell her what you gleaned from the convo. 


As always, we love iTunes REVIEWS!!!

Dec 05, 2018
#045 Melissa Lewis // Parenting Mistakes Don't Define You

When I read Melissa's story on Instagram, I was crossing my fingers that she'd be willing to share it on the podcast. I'm so grateful she said yes! I am ALSO grateful for her bravery, putting her story out there. WE all make mistakes. All of us parents have made parenting mistakes, we just don't get arrested for them like Melissa did, for doing something that a lot of us have done. 

As most of us would, she kept her story to herself for a while, until it all played out, and all was well. Fortunately, through her mistake, all was ok with her kids, but I know that isn't the case for everyone. 

Important reminders we discussed:

  • Mistakes happen.
  • Learn from them.
  • Don't judge others.
  • Give yourself some grace.
  • Share your story.
  • Dispel shame from mistakes.

After you listen, I'd love you to share on social media!

We also love reviews on iTunes.

Thank you for being a part of the Beyond Good Intentions community and please join us on Instagram at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Find Melissa at @Melissa.PlainAndSimple 

Nov 28, 2018
#44 Grateful even when Grumpy

When I realized I was going to make my 3000th post on Instagram today, I thought it was cause to celebrate, and share my gratitude with everyone who has made the choice of joining the community I've been sharing.

I started my instagram account 7 years ago, July 2011, as we were driving from Texas to California for a family vacation. I first thought it was just a photo editing app, then someone told me I could SHARE the images with my friends and I could see their pictures also...I LOVE THIS!  I'd already been family blogging for 5 years, and had my blogging "business" for a year at that point, so I pulled them all together on Instagram.

This episode, the day before Thanksgiving, is dedicated to gratitude...but in the hours before recording it, I felt grumpy, then I didn't want to talk about gratitude anymore. As I walked to dinner all sullen and somber, I told my family my quagmire, and my son Matthew pointed to the yellow sign behind me in our kitchen that says, "Whenever you get sad stop being sad and start being awesome."

So I thought I'd talk about my grumpy, that led to gratitude. I go into more detail on the below in this episode.

Head to the full show notes blog post for the downloadable Gratitude ABC's print.

Nov 21, 2018
#43 Lisa // Life is Hard, Don't Wait for Happiness

Lisa has a heart that wants to share. I so appreciate that. She listened to me mentioning in a previous episode that people have a hard time sharing HARD THINGS in life, and that some listeners want to hear more about overcoming life's obstacles.

She reached out to me, and said she wants to share her story. She has had some hard things in life, and she really wanted to share about how she kept waiting for happiness to come, and decided she had to just be happy despite life's curveballs.

"When you beat yourself up, you paralyze yourself. You can't progress, improve, and move forward." That then prohibits you from being the parent you want to be. She shares an activity her therapist recommended about this, and I LOVE it!

You can't spend your life waiting for the next bad thing to happen...why be miserable?  She mentions putting trust in Gods plan, that we can't save our children from mistakes. 

How to Hug a Porcupine--Audio book she mentions

Games: Cash Flow // Ticket to Ride // Heads Up (phone app)

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Nov 07, 2018
#042 Ayo Lopez // Parenting Around the World

Ayo has lived all over the world, and is now traveling the world full time with her young family.  Even her name is evident of that, a Japanese Hispanic fusion. When we spoke, she was in Peru, and had just visited Machu Picchu the day before, which I had the opportunity to travel to last year, so that was fun to reminisce! 

She grew up partially in Tokyo, her husbands family is from Guatemala, and with their two young kids, they are based in the US during the summer for her husbands job, and this is their first year traveling throughout the "school year."

There is an ever so slight delay in our convo after I ask questions. At the beginning, I wondered if she didn't want to answer a question, or was hesitating, then I realized..."OH! I'm pretty sure there is a slight delay." But really, it's a pretty fabulously clear international chat we had!

A few parenting books she loves:

Favorite quote for kids:

"Do the right thing, because it's the right thing."

Find Ayo and her family on Instagram at @TravelingOurRoots

My visit to Machu Picchu

Come chat on Instagram this week and share with Ayo what you loved about her interview! @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Oct 31, 2018
#041 Kristen Duke // Advice for my Kids

In this episode I share the 10 things I REALLY want my kids to know I'm passionate about. On my 40th bucket list I wanted to make a Legacy Video with things I hope my kids will since I haven't made that yet, I thought this episode would do the trick until I do. Why wait until our death bed to share what is most important to us as their parents? I mean, I talk about these things now, too, but these are the 10 things I really want to STICK!

Help me build this community and share your ADVICE TO KIDS in the comments at @CatpuringJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram.

You know I also LOVE REVIEWS (and need them) on iTunes!!!

Oct 24, 2018
#040 Tiffany Sowby // Supporting Adult Siblings After Loss

Welcome to episode #40!  Landmark Occasion, my friends.

I'm excited to introduce you to my new friend Tiffany. She is a fellow podcaster, and I found it recently, and I sure love to listen to she and her friend Allyson chat about life, and delve into hot topics! Make sure you check out The Sisterhood Podcast, and she'll share a bit more about it in the beginning of our chat, too. I knew I wanted to interview both of these ladies eventually, and Tiffany was up for it this week, we can look forward to hearing from Allyson at a later date.

I became intrigued with something Tiffany mentioned in their podcast, that she went to help her brother with his kids for a week. She explains how he is navigating single parenthood after his wife suddenly passed away. It was a sweet sentiment as she shared her love, concern, and service to her brother and his family in this challenging time.

If you're listening, we always love more review on iTunes, and when you SHARE with a tag or link on social media about the podcast, it makes all of the effort put into sharing this come back as a thank you. I DO appreciate it, and just grateful to have you on this journey with me!

A few links from our chat:

Come chat with us on Instagram at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to share your favorite part of this conversation! #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast 

Oct 17, 2018
#039 Matthew Duke // My 16 Year old Son Answers all of my Questions

I'm super excited to share my awesome son Matthew with you all today. He is my second born child, and today he is SIXTEEN years old!  

I wish you could all REALLY know my Matthew. I often have adults who have been a teacher of his, or observed him and said, "that Matthew, he's pretty great." He is comfortable with adults, which tends to be rare with some teens. It warms my heart to see that others see in him what I do: His pure goodness. He's got a mind like a sponge, anxious to learn about life, inquisitive, thoughtful, introspective.

In our chat, we were pretty much all over the place, so bear with me! I thought about editing out some random questions/comments and lulls, but I just didn't want to. 

Here are a few links to things we talked about:

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Oct 10, 2018
#038 Aly Brooks // Just One Rule: Be Cool

You'll have to listen through the end to see why "Be Cool" is the main rule at the Brooks household. I kinda love it! Aly is a dear friend of mine, and you'll hear us chat about how we met a few years ago in the first few minutes of the podcast. We talk about her new business venture in the beginning, which is helping moms with starting or building small businesses, in Mind Your Own Business Mom

After those intros, she nervously mentions that there were some hard things in her growing up life. I really appreciate her candid-ness in sharing this, because I hear from a lot of people that they want to hear about the "not so perfect" families, but let me tell you, A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! 

If you know someone that has a HARD story, but they are willing to share to benefit others, I'd love you to nominate them!

Aly talks about how she has developed closeness with her kids, even as they enter the teen years. Rather than look at the behavior, look at the root of what's going on. She gets emotional as she talks about becoming an advocate for your kids, and building them up despite their challenges...from suffering to compassion.

We talk about social media, video games, and being a mean mom sometimes!

Come chat with us about this episode at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram 

Oct 03, 2018
#037 Stephanie Webb // Teaching Body Wisdom

Stephanie from @Nutrition.Redefined is spreading a message that ALL women need to hear: STOP OBSESSING ABOUT YOUR BODIES...more specifically, what we eat and trying to get to a certain weight.

She talks a lot about intuitive eating, and how we need to better model for our children how to be healthy, but more importantly, being happy with ourselves so that we can live a happier life. 

You may identify with me and all of my questions, confusion, clarification, and Stephanie was so patient with me!

Come on over to Instagram and chat with us about this episode at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke 

Sep 26, 2018
#036 Rhonda Farr // The Importance of Talking to your Kids about Sex, Intimacy, and Pornography

Did the title grab your attention? I hope so! This topic is VERY important to talk about, and I'm extremely grateful my friend Rhonda reached out to me, because I wasn't quite sure how I as going to incorporate this discussion into an everyday parenting chat here on the podcast. Not everyone is comfortable with this conversation, but we NEED TO BE, if only for our kids sake.

We cannot be embarrassed.

We cannot avoid the topic.

We cannot wait until they come to us with questions.

We need to bring up these topics to our kids. 

Rhonda is a certified life coach who councils married women who have a negative association with intimacy. Often from a shame based experience from their childhood. When we spoke about how we would present this to the Beyond Good Intentions audience, I asked her if we could approach it from a point-of-view of teaching our kids about sex when they are young with love and not fear, so that they don't struggle with it as adults.

Download her free guide: How to teach your child about sex without shame or embarrassment. You can also find her at @CoachWithRhonda on IG or Facebook.

For more show notes and links to the books we spoke about, head to the Beyond Good Intentions main page and click to episode #36 for that extra info.

As always, head to CapturingJoy.KristenDuke on instagram to weigh in and share your thoughts! How were you raised? How are you raising your children, is it hard for you to talk about intimacy with them?

Sep 19, 2018
#035 Ralphie Jacobs // On Purpose Parenting

Ralphie has spent the last several years doing intensive research on positive parenting, and now shares her knowledge with parents thirsty for the information. 

My two favorite parts of our conversation were when I asked how we know if our kids are "entitled" and I LOVED her answer. Another part I loved was when she spoke about making the SWITCH to positive parenting when her oldest was 10, which tells me...we don't have to have it all figured out from the beginning!

I loved talking about family cultures, and so many other tidbits. After you listen, I hope you'll share in the continued discussion on my Instagram @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke Be sure to also check out Ralphie at @SimplyOnPurpose

As always the full show notes with links will be at the Beyond Good Intentions homepage on

Make sure you check out the details at the end of the episode about the content we are running the next week!

Sep 12, 2018
#034 Brooke Romney // Take Charge of Technology

As with all of my interviews, we talked about EVERYTHING parenting, but the overarching thought I had when I finished my interview with Brooke is that I need to take charge of the technology: in my home, and be an advocate for my kids in their schools. 

Brooke is a successful writer and shares often on her website and recently had an article published in The Washington Post titled, "U.S. Students need a cell phone detox."

During our convo, I felt grateful for the new phone rule at my kids middle school, and happy for her that her advocacy made a difference in her kids school. Don't be afraid to go in and talk to the administrators if you don't like what's going on! 

Please hop on over to Instagram and share your insights, thoughts, questions, "ah-ha" moments! @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke is where we will be chatting! 

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You can also find Brooke on Instagram @BrookeRomneyWrites

Sep 05, 2018
#033 Jason Harwood // Co-parenting with Kindness and Flexibility

Jason is a father to 7, co-parenting with 3 households. He wears many hats, including hosting his own podcast. We chat about when he interviewed me, as well as his other jobs, mainly as father.

"Adjust while staying SOLID to core principles." This is the insight I really loved when Jason described parenting teens. Flexibility, all parents have to have it!

Sometimes, you have to go deeper than "because I said so." Explaining the WHY you feel so passionately is important not just in a co-parenting situation, but important in life anyway, if we want our kids to really understand WHY we have the rules that we have. 

Of course we talked about technology, including phones in a cupboard, UNPLUGGING, and turning off Notifications.

A few favorite quotes from our chat:

  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • Are you helping the problem or adding to the problem?
  • There's no situation so bad that complaining about it won't make it worse. 
  • Men often have the same self doubt struggles as women, but will exhibit different behaviors to cover it. 
  • Help your husband be a better dad by noticing and complimenting when he does something great.

Head to @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram to give Jason some love and share your insights from this episode.

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Aug 29, 2018
#032 Becky Higgins // Kindness Always Wins

I'm so delighted to have Becky Higgins on the podcast, sharing how she grew up and raising her family now.  Becky has a fabulous enthusiasm for life, that I believe is contagious, and it shines through in our conversation. She is a working mom who has built an empire out of her passion for helping others to cultivate a good life and record it.

I've admired her for a long time (as you'll hear right from the start) and having this chat with her made me love her even more. I just know you'll feel the same. 

We talked about her growing up in a small town, what her parents did that built her self esteem, and choosing friends in high school. I also had so many questions about her thoughts on being a working mom, something I've grappled with myself throughout my life, and even touched on how she met her husband, which I then told her about my 30 chapter love story I've typed out.

Favorite quotes:

"Kindness Always Wins"

"The purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship."

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I probably asked more questions than the average person might about her business, and we may have veered off on a few tangents, but I truly do feel like she and I are kindred spirits, and I just know you all will adore her by the end of our conversation, too. She is a storyteller, and I LOVE it! 

We talk about my August value of the month: KINDNESS! If you aren't already following along on my Instagram account, I decided I wanted MORE parenting discussions and I want to hear from all of YOU, as well! Follow along at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke or Search the hashtag #IntentionalParentingProject to weigh in on the month themes and share your input as well! Come on over to my Instagram and give Becky some LOVE and tell her what stuck out to you from our conversation that you hope to implement in your family. 

Aug 22, 2018
#031 Katie Lowe // 18 Year Old Insight on Life

You asked, we deliver, love hearing from more teens! Katie just graduated from high school, and as she embarks on college life, she reflects back on how she was able to cultivate a great relationship with her parents, which I think is excellent insight for any parent out there! 

From social media to choosing friends to the birds and the bee's talk with her parents, we cover the whole gamut, and I know that both teens and adults will love what she has to say. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from our chat:

"No amount of validation on social media will measure up to what happens in the real world."

"Seek to understand before you're understood."

"Hearing adults challenges brings me hope, it's a success story, because they made it through!"

"Teens: Cultivate self confidence."

Please head on over to Instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to give Katie some love and tell her your favorite parts of the discussion. 

You can also head on over to the Beyond Good Intentions home page to see pictures of Katie from the past to present!

Aug 15, 2018
#030 Jenny Doan // Owner of Missouri Star Quilt Company

I am so delighted that Jenny agreed to do an interview with me for this podcast: Beyond Good Intentions. She shares incredible stories about creative mothering through hard times, and now being a traveling grandmother.

When she told me about making matching clothes for her kids for family pictures, she became my newest soul sister! She had no way of knowing how much I love taking family pictures, but I just loved this about her. Head to her podcast full show notes on my website 

If you are new to this podcast, I encourage you to scroll through the other titles, and also read the summaries. Choosing to sum up a life in just a few words for a title has proven to be VERY challenging for me!  I truly believe there is something for everyone in each episode

To see pictures and full show notes of this interview, head here: Jenny Doan Interview

Our conversation was filled with so many fabulous nuggets, here are just a few to look forward to when you listen:

  • How she dealt with kids fighting
  • Her spin on "filling our buckets"
  • How she learned to sew as a pre-teen
  • What she FIRST thought about quilting
  • What her dad smelled like after work
  • Mailing notes to her grandkids (I told her about my free printable jokes to help!)
  • Dating your spouse
  • Creative "fun mom" ideas
  • Why someone chewed her out
  • How her company started after an intimidation of hers
  • Selflessly expanding their family through adoption

A few favorite quotes:

"If you can't get along in your living room, how will you get along in the world?"

"You love the people you serve."

"I remember the year I realized I couldn't do everything."

"You can't always have your bucket full, but sometimes you just need to fill a little cup."

"They're so empty that they are reacting instead of acting."

"Nothing compares to the heartache of parenting adult children, because you can't fix it and make it all better."

"When you make a quilt, that outlives you. It becomes a treasured piece of art."

Continue the discussion and share your favorite part on Instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Aug 08, 2018
#029 Tiffany & Kierstyn // Parenting after Abuse and Divorce

I LOVE the mission that Tiffany and Keirstyn are on, and I'm so grateful they are willing to share their stories.

They are out to bless the world, and free victims from broken-ness in relationship trauma. It's a brave journey they are taking, and I whole heartedly commend them! They want to help people become better, and I'm very happy to help spread their message with all of you.

I believe in marriage, in working through issues, in forgiveness, but when it comes to abuse, I fully support the victims getting out. They talk about the shame, but they want the world to know that you don't have to be perfect to be loved. 

These ladies talk a lot about what we can do NOW as we are raising our children, to help them feel their own individual worth, and I was EATING IT UP!

"It's not enough that we are saying uplifting things to our kids, they have to say it to themselves." 

I just hope and pray that the words of these ladies will bless others, and if you know someone that would benefit from hearing their stories, PLEASE share this episode with them.


Please see the links in the show notes to find them on their website, social media, join their forum, check out the workshops and resources they have to offer at 

I would love you to join me over on instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to discuss this episode, and give Tiffany and Kierstyn some LOVE and THANK THEM for sharing their story! Share on instagram what tidbit you are taking home.

Aug 01, 2018
#028 Sherri Graf // Helping Teens find their Passion

Sherri shares right from the start that she has a passion for helping teenagers and young adults to find a path that will lead to fulfillment in life. She runs Imagine College Coaching, a website and services that helps guide her passion.

She shares about growing up in a small East Texas town, in an area that was not prioritizing college/education, and she had to figure out a lot all on her own.

She discusses the 4 points of balance, which are tools to get out of a pit. She also talks a lot about self motivation, and also the comparison game that comes from social media of not measuring up.

"If you want to do something or be something, in America, there is a way to make it happen."

"Parenting is the greatest privilege I've ever been given. Open communication is the most valuable. I want to be a safe place.  Share your failures and your kids will be more open to share theirs."

"Give them salt and make them thirsty. Help kids to be thirsty to have a zest for life."

We talked about a video I made that aligns with her focus: Treating Teens with Respect


Jul 25, 2018
#027 Jennifer Dial // Widowed Mom and Being a Soft Place to Land

I knew before I recorded my conversation with Jennifer that it would go over my 1 hour intended goal for each episode. I've watched her raise her family for nearly 16 years, weather life's storms, and I knew she would have so many great things to share. 

Her youngest of 6 kids just graduated high school, and she now also has 4 small grandchildren from her older kids, and she has so much wisdom and perspective. As you can see from the title, she is also a widow, and we discuss her husband passing away 8 years ago, and how she has parented before and after that time. 

Yes, she is a widowed mom, but she is so much more than that. She talks about how her life's experiences have blessed her to be less judgemental and love more, and can't we all do that a little bit more? I loved hearing about her growing up in an unconventional parenting situation with a corporate working mom, cop dad, and full time Nanny Maria from across the boarder. 

She is someone that I've always seen as an intentional mother, and to watch the beautiful relationship she has with her adult children, it is truly something to aspire to. Without further delay, enjoy my chat with Jennifer.


After you've listened, head on over to the Beyond Good Intentions homepage to peruse more episodes, and see pictures of Jennifer and her family on her episode web page.

I'd love for you to hop on over to instagram {CapturingJoy.KristenDuke} and tell Jennifer and myself the parts of our chat that stuck out to you most, that you hope to implement. 

Jul 18, 2018
#026 Krista Rizzo // Worlds Okay-est Mom

When I saw the picture on Krista's website that said, "World's Okay-est Mom" I fell in love. YES! I's OK to be OK! This ideal that we have to be the perfect parents is so disheartening, and to be OK MOST of the time, GREAT another percentage, and not so great sometimes is JUST RIGHT. Lets all give ourselves a break, can we? 

Krista raises her family deep in the heart of New York City and tells about her 11 year old son taking the subway to school by it! As much as that terrifies me, being from the suburbs, that's their life and it works for them. I love hearing stories about how others raise their families in different environments, thriving. 

Krista is also a life coach, and she talks about some parenting tools that I think benefits everyone, so list and share and head on over to Instagram @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to share your highlights!

Find Krista at her website: and see her resources section. 

Jul 11, 2018
#025 Mom Talk with my Friends

Last weekend, I had a girls weekend get together with some of my closest friends to usher in my 40th birthday. I thought it would be fun to put a microphone in the middle of all of us, round robin style, while we sat on the couch chatting about various questions late at night. They weren't so sure they were excited about this idea. I assured them these were light questions, meant to be fun, and I thought it WAS pretty FUN!

We talked about favorite games, favorite meals, funny mom moments, things we DON'T do as a mom, what we hope our kids don't get into, what we'd do with no responsibility for a few days, dream family vacations, and some mom truths.

Head over to the full show notes on my website in the Beyond Good Intentions section of my site, to see us in our pink pinstripe pajamas, and how we were sitting/arranged on the couch as we talked about these topics.

I've also got a link to all of the family games we mentioned!

Join the follow up discussion on Instagram:


Leave me a review on itunes if you loved it! 

Jun 27, 2018
#024 Hank Smith // Secrets to a Happy Life and Patience with Parenting

I am thrilled about this episode. When I told my kids I was interviewing Hank Smith for the podcast, I was met with quite excited responses. They were kinda star struck, because they think he is a rockstar. He'll go into detail a little better about what he does in our chat, but he's basically a motivational speaker that travels around, encouraging youth and even adults to do good...and even secrets to a happier life through humor and seriousness and then humor again. It is truly a talent, and we can't get enough of it in our family.

He has the ability to make serious things funny for kids and turn it into real life discussions. Thought provoking and insightful. But if you're coming for this interview for comedy, I hope you won't be disappointed, but I really enjoyed all he had to share, the life behind the spiritual comedian. A peek into his world, why he does what he does, and how he is raising his family.

He shares his thoughts on PATIENCE with kids, things take TIME.

He also share a conversation with his daughter on trust vs. her judgement and her brain developing. Those teens are almost there, but still an apprentice learning the trade of life, he says, and I love that.

Listen and Subscribe to the podcast so you can hear future episodes, and join the journey to strengthen your family.   If something stuck out to you from this episode or another, I'd love you to LEAVE A REVIEW and also come to instagram and share your thoughts with the community there (CapturingJoy.KristenDuke).

To see more links about the books and other things we chatted about, head to the Beyond Good Intentions home page and click on Episode #024 with Hank Smith.

Jun 20, 2018
#023 Inside the Mind of a Middle School Girl

I interviewed my daughter and asked her all about middle school! Cliques, bullying, social media, friends, and she was candid about it all. With summertime, it's challenging to put out a podcast episode each week, but I'm committed to it!

My daughter is the cutest, in that she volunteered me to interview her when she overheard me talking to my friend Shelley (episode #17) about what I should do this week when I had my interviewee postpone!

I've planned to have my kids and other teens on to chat, but this just kick started it, and I hope you enjoy. 

Give my daughter some love on instagram or in the reviews, I'm grateful for her willingness to share!

@CapturingJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram to share your thoughts, ask questions, or favorite parts!

Jun 13, 2018
#022 Laurie Andrews // Teen marriage, raising 5 kids, and treating anxiety with nuerofeedback

I'm so so excited to share the interview with my dear friend Laurie! She and I met in college, but I was actually friends with her husband FIRST. We may chat a little bit more about her love story than I normally would with others, because I was THERE for it! It's a great story! 

Laurie grew up in a very small town on a Hawaiian Island with 2000 people, but is raising her family in Montana--how fun is that?? I loved hearing about her growing up years, and We also talked a lot about how she was a teenager bride, what her parents thought about that, and what they think NOW, after they've been married 19 years. 

I'm grateful Laurie was willing to talk about Nuerofeedback Therapy as a treatment for Anxiety, because I really think others hearing this will find it helpful. I'm quite fascinated by it myself!

Listen along to this episode to hear all about her life, parenting, and of course a discussion on electronics and social media with teens. She also shares about a late pregnancy mis-carriage, and how she and her family dealt with her passing.

Continue the discussion with us on Instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

And see more notes and links to her favorites on the podcast homepage Beyond Good Intentions

Jun 06, 2018
#021 Jessica Law // Instilling Hard Work and Growing a Family through Surrogacy

Jessica grew up working HARD in the theater her parents ran, and talked about how that has blessed her throughout her life, in working hard at whatever it is she is doing. Cleaning urinals and scrubbing gum off of theater chairs turned into flipping houses, starting a DJ karaoke business in college, and now running 150 Orthodontic offices all over the US, Smile Doctors

Not only did the theater teach her hard work, but she says, "Confidence is built on stage, as well as being quick on your feet." 

They've moved a few times, and she speaks of the resilience of kids, and the opportunity for growth when their family has moved. You gain more friendships and experiences.

Living on their working ranch, she hopes to live completely sustained by it someday. 

She speaks of her health challenges with Lupus, and how her kids have had to help take care of her at times. 

Positivity is key in any ailment that you're dealing with.

She talks about being "pro child" and not just go along with the norms, but listen to their needs.

The proper way to raise your children is with the proper amount of neglect--listen to hear THAT ONE explained!

Hard Knock rules of life is that you live and learn. Watch your kids make mistakes and fail, the greatest lessons in life.

Head on over to my instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to share your favorite parts of this episode!

You can also view the show notes and past episode on the Beyond Good Intentions home page. 

May 30, 2018
#020 Amy from Beautifully Broken Journey // Teaching Children Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating, I was thirsty for this conversation with Amy, and it couldn't have come at a better time in my parenting. Teaching children intuitive eating has been heavy on my mind in the past few years, and I just love everything Amy had to say! Coming from someone who has struggled with a binge eating disorder, she has a lot of really great insight on the topic.

 My heart broke when Amy said that she cried to her mom in the 4th grade because she felt overweight, but looking back at that little girl, she wasn't at all, just different shaped. I hung on her every word as she told me what she would say right now to that little girl, an important perspective that I think every parent should hear. She spoke about a binge eating disorder, and how after therapy for it, she gained 100 pounds.

She gave a lot of really great insight on teaching children intuitive eating, highlighting words she feels we should and shouldn't use.

It's SUCH A TOUGH thing for adults to get under control, that intuitive eating, even harder to know how to best teach our children. But they model us, so we need to figure it out to best guide them. 

We discussed complementing our kids, and how society has made it tricky, and that we need to retrain the brain with positive affirmations to not be about looks.

I definitely had a lot to think about after our conversation, I'm really grateful for her perspective.

On Instagram:

Follow Amy at and on Instagram: @BeautifullyBrokenJourney

Continue the discussion of this episode on Instagram at @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

Would love for you to leave a REVIEW on iTunes if you liked this! Almost to 100!!


May 23, 2018
#019 Crystal Escobar // From Living in a Tent to Making a Million

If you haven't heard me say this before, it's quite a challenge for me to figure out how to NAME each podcast interview. We talk for nearly a full hour, about the span of their ENTIRE life thus far, and I have to pick one little part out of it that is a big ATTENTION GRABBING or unique, even though we may only touch on that part for a bit of the conversation.

 Yes, it's true, she lived in a tent for a time as a child, and on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, how fascinating is that??? She shares about her blended family, her parents divorce, and her teenage years where she caused her mom maybe a little grief. 

She then shares about her business with her husband and how they made their first million before age 30. But of course the majority of our chat was about parenting. The utter heart wrenching decision as to when to STOP having kids, one I can completely relate to, and how she isn't sure if she is "done" yet. 

She speaks about co-sleeping, getting her tubes tied, relying on inspiration, and blaming herself for a birth defect of one of her kids. 

I also LOVED the advice she gave wrapped around her favorite books. 

 I hope you will join me over on Instagram and share your favorite part, Crystal will be there reading along as well, it's always fun to hear what sticks out to others from the convo, give her some LOVE!

As I've said before, that's the best way you can say "thank you" to myself and those I interview, is by just showing up over on social media to share you listened, so that others will want to come hear what it's all about!

My instagram is: @capturingjoy.kristenduke where we will be chatting about this on the day it comes out! Search the #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast hashtag on instagram to find all of the episodes if you listen later. 

I also wouldn't be SAD if you left a review on ITunes, it really helps this little podcast succeed. 

I hope you were able to take some tidbits from my chat with Crystal and implement them into your life, and take your parenting Beyond just Good Intentions. 

Wannabe Balanced Event Sat. June 23rd in Sandy, Utah

If you are new to the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, I encourage you to scroll through the titles and summaries of the other episode interviews, so many great conversations on parenting.

May 16, 2018
#018 Neal Ball // How a Childhood Injury Shaped His Life

I'm so delighted to have this interview with my 94 year old Grandpa Ball. I already chatted with my grandma in episode #12, and so many of you listeners wanted to hear from Grandpa after his cameo at the end! If you liked her story, you will surely love his as well.

It's hard to know how to title an episode for someone, let alone someone who has lived 94 years. Since his childhood injury has shaped so much of his life, I thought it was a fitting title, but we talk about so much more!

From him calling himself a "spoiled brat" as a child, losing a hero in a tragic way, being rejected from WWII, and then of course how he met my grandma and the words of warning his own mother gave him after meeting my grandma just once. 

Though his memory seems to be most foggy about parenting his two girls, one of them my mom, I was pleasantly delighted to hear what he was most strict about. 

In the end, he shares his heart about losing my mom nearly 3 years ago, a pain we both share. 

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May 09, 2018
#017 Kristen & Shelley Shoot the Parenting Breeze

I'm happy I was able to convince my friend Shelley to chat on this episode with a fairly unscripted agenda. I'd already interviewed her husband, Brian (in episode #12) and I wanted to wait a while to do an official podcast with her in the standard format.

In this chat, we are just shooting the breeze, parenting style. She is one of my closest friends, and greatest confidants when it comes to parenting and life. Even though she didn't necessarily WANT to speak on air, and do a mini photo shoot, I love her response when I asked her with partially squeezed eyes, and her response was, "Kristen, I'll do anything for you." THAT is a true friend. 

PLUS, if you really want insight as to how our family operates, she's one of the best that can tell you, and she does share some of her observations about the Duke Family in this episode!

We start our chat with me highlighting a few times in our 5 year friendship that I've cried on her shoulder...I'm a sensitive soul! We then discuss some of her favorite episodes of Beyond Good Intentions and her "a-ha" moments. We talk about how we aim to implement different parenting tactics such as yelling and asking rhetorical questions, and how we also need to be flexible. 

One of my favorite discussions is to talk about what we DON'T do as moms, that we may see others doing, and that we are ok with it. I love this discussion because I think as we are more vocal about what we DON'T DO, it gives allowance for others moms to realize we don't need to...and we CAN'T do it all the time. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the Instagram discussion, what do you not do and feel ok with?

We close with chatting about our thoughts after attending a parenting conference recently. Listen all the way to the very end of this episode where I have a REQUEST for you. It's how all of YOU can be a part of this podcast, I want to hear YOUR voice! (Literally)

A funny quote from mine and Shelley's chat happens towards the end, "Sometimes, being a parent is just super annoying." Ha!

May 02, 2018
#016 Jeanette Bennett // Balancing motherhood and Running a Magazine

Jeanette Bennett runs her own business, juggling multiple magazines, and when sharing her favorite business books, we discussed how running a family is just like running a business, they go hand in hand!  She's got 5 kids, ages 5-20, and I loved picking her brain on all things parenting. 

Raised the 2nd of 7 kids, her dad was even her high school teacher! See how that was for them...Then as an adult, from getting her masters degree as a young mom, teaching at a University, ambitious business skills, and managing it all for 20 years.

I love the story she told about a mistake she felt she made when she went to school with her daughter to share her spotlight of the week. I think all parents can relate!

I also love their Sunday phone rule, need to adopt this in my family!

You'll have to listen to see how we are related, too, but we still haven't met in person!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from our chat:

"Your actions are evidence of what you truly want."

"See a nee, fill a need."

"Your house is a factory, not a museum. You are raising and creating kids, it's going to be messy."

Head to for the show notes of this Beyond Good Intentions podcast about her favorite books, favorite family games, and meal.

Come chat about this episode on Instagram: @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke

You can follow her personal instagram at: @JeanetteWBennett or interesting articles at @UtahValleyBride or @UtahValleyMagazine

Apr 25, 2018
#015 Michelle Kaley // Parenting with Cancer

Michelle Kaley is a force to be reckoned with. She is a fighter, and when you hear her story about parenting with cancer, I know you will agree.  And that is not the only mountain she has had to climb.  Michelle talks briefly about surviving an abusive childhood.  She also shares the unique way she met her husband and tells us about owning a dance studio that put her through college.

She is a mama bear who always fights for her babies.  First through her struggle with postpartum depression.  Then later helping her her son who was diagnosed with low functioning, non-verbal Autism. 

She did her research and found some amazing therapists to assist her in the journey.  And eventually relocated their family for what would be best for him. Listen to how all of that turned out.

Her oldest is a senior in high school, which is a tough transition for any mama, and if that isn't enough, Michelle was diagnosed a year and a half ago with Stage 4 Melanoma which she is currently fighting.

She is learning all about parenting with cancer, and we discuss that bleak word, terminal, and what it means to have stage 4 melanoma. She is optimistic as she looks ahead for treatments, and living life as a dance teacher, and found that distracting herself has been great for her morale.

To "meet" Michelle and see her amazing dance and family pictures, head to the Beyond Good Intentions show notes or on the CapturingJoy.KristenDuke instagram through the hashtag #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast

Apr 18, 2018
#014 Kristen of Six Sisters Stuff // Kindness will Reflect Back

Kristen grew up in a home as the second of Six Sisters. She says her parents had strict rules, and mentions her dads plan to make sure they made it home by curfew. 

She talks about challenges with friends growing up, and how her dad said "Kindness will reflect back" and encouraged her to continue being kind despite what was shown to her.

We talk a lot about her raising her 4 girls, ages 10 and under, and she shared her favorite quote, "Smile and the world will smile with you." She is a great example of this, as one of the kindest, warmest, smiley-est people I know. You'll have to head to my website to see pictures of Kristen and I on a few different adventures. I'm grateful for the blogging world that brought us together 5 years ago.

Towards the end of the episode, you'll hear the bet her dad made with she and her sisters, which is pretty funny, you'll laugh hearing how many followed through and won the bet.

You can find Kristen and her sisters sharing amazing family recipes at Six Sisters Stuff.

Apr 11, 2018
#013 Brian Monsen // Losing his Dad, Gaining a Blended Family

Welcome to episode number THIRTEEN! I'VE interviewd my friend Brian Monsen, and I'm delighted to have our 2nd FATHER sharing his thoughts on parenting. 

 My goal is to have a dad represent every 6-8 weeks or so, lets see how I do with that as we move forward! If you missed our first fatherly interview, that was my dad in episode #6. It was SO extensive that I split it into part A and part B. He had a LOT to say, and I'm so grateful for his insights, my example as a truly intentional parent.

My friend Brian has quite positive outlook on life. He lost his dad at a fairly young age, and as the oldest child, he recognized his role as the man of the house after that. He gets emotional as he speaks about his mom and the incredible woman that she is, and the strength she showed after his fathers passing away.

I loved what he shared about volunteering for his kids activities and how he made time, and what he thinks employers think about that.  I think any dad listening would find it helpful.

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Apr 04, 2018
#012 Faye Ball // Growing up During the Great Depression

I'm so happy to share with you one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE on the podcast today, my grandma! She turns 94 tomorrow, so I thought this was the perfect time to introduce her during her birthday week.

Growing up during the Great Depression, my grandma learned to be thrifty. We start our chat talking about her dad serving in World War I, and how he barely survived.

She then shares a traumatic story from her childhood, how she nearly died as a teenager, her crazy first job out of high school, and meeting my grandpa. It's a miracle to think that I am here today after all of these stories! 

She grew up in the very tiny town of Woodruff, Utah, 20 miles from Evanston, Wyoming. She lived the farm life, and her dad needed help on the farm, and you'll hear why my grandma was the designated helper, and what she refuses to wear to this day!

Though I'd heard the stories before, I never tire of hearing them, so fascinating, such a different time.

I'd LOVE you to leave a review, and share what stood out to you. As always, join me on Instagram and Facebook to discuss your favorite part of this episode. Show notes on the Beyond Good Intentions landing page.

I hope you enjoyed our chat about her growing up. I think just remembering how blessed we are to live in the time we do, use the modern technologies to bring us closer to our families, not drive them away, is how we can live Beyond Good Intentions.

Mar 28, 2018
#011 Jami Townsend // If Something Isn't Working, Try Another Way

I'm so happy to share with my friend and my 2 daughters piano teacher, Jami Townsend. She is a delight to our family, and I know you will enjoy hearing from her. She is a storyteller at heart with so much enthusiasm for life, and I believe it comes through in our interview.

When I told her about this parenting podcast, she told me what you'll hear her say in our chat, that she was raised a certain way that was a bit more harsh ("spare the rod, spoil the child" corporal punishment she says), and she wanted different for the family she raised, and worked hard to overcome the natural tendencies she was raised with.

I love how she shares the story of when her high school son came home from school one day and told her about a boy he had befriended that was soon to be homeless, and wondered how their family could help.  To hear how her family responded to that situation is tear-worthy.

She is a God-fearing woman, and weaves that into all of her life.

To chat about this episode, join the continued conversation on Instagram or Facebook, tell us your highlight or "a-ha" moments!

You can also find more details and links to her favorite books on the Beyond Good Intentions home page, episode #11. 


Mar 21, 2018
#010 BONUS with Kristen // Treating Teens with Respect

I'm on a mission to turn the narrative for the bad rap teens seem to get in this world. Listen to my thoughts on how we could all try a little harder to be a little better.

*See the VIDEO we made: LOVE a Teen Today

*Leave a comment there about a fabulous teen you know

*Spread the word and SHARE the video

*Read the blog post: Treating Teens with Respect


Mar 18, 2018
#009 Amy Huntley // Family Bonding through Hard work and No Empty Chairs

I look up to my friend Amy quite a bit. Not only did she introduce me to the blogging world (you'll hear that story), and inspiring me regularly with her creativity, but she is also a mom to 5, whose kids are just a touch older than mine.

I was thirsty to hear her thoughts on many parenting topics, and boy did we cover them! From family bonding through hard work, a funny toddler story, to dating and curfews and jobs around the house. We also discussed her thoughts on her oldest graduation high school and currently serving a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a.k.a. Mormon.

We share the same faith, and my son will likely serve a mission in a little over a year, so the topic is quite sensitive to my heart. I didn't quite break out into tears in our conversation, but my eyes were definitely stinging as she shared her thoughts on that topic. We also discussed their family motto, No Empty Chairs, and what that means to her.

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Mar 14, 2018
#008 Monica Packer // Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Progress

"We can't change who our kids are, we need to model how to deal with internal struggles so they will model us."

"Shame hides in privacy, and I wanted to appear perfect in every way, so I hid my eating disorder from my parents."

"Notice the good things kids do and recognize it, it will open the pathways of communication. Look at their eyes."

"Have patience with yourself. Little things lead to big life changes."

Welcome to episode #8 where I talk to Monica Packer, a fellow podcaster, and actually my MENTOR in the podcasting world. She has held my hand through the process of my starting this little passion project, and cheering me on, and for that I've been so grateful. We've never even met, but she's been so patient with me and my incessant questions!

 Monica refers to herself as a recovering perfectionist, with the motto "Life is about progress, not perfection." She shares her thoughts on this in Her podcast titled, @AboutProgress and it is the only one I check each week. She interviews people who are striving to better themselves everyday, with interesting stories that I love. When I first heard her podcast and speaking about her journey with perfectionism, it really changed my mindset about how I need to understand the mind of a perfectionist, because I have children with those similar tendencies, and at times it worries me. Though I feel far from that way of thinking { I've been chastised when I refer to myself as "lazy."} I've been grateful to hear how I can help my kids not put so much pressure on themselves. 

She says she struggled with eating disorders from age 11 through college when she final realized enough was enough. Though she grew up in a loving, supportive household, she wanted so badly to be "perfect" that she didn't want to share her eating disorder with her parents. A reminder to me that sometimes we can do "all the things" we think we should, but our children will still make their own choice and often HIDE THINGS FROM US!

I hope you'll hop on over to Monica's website, podcast, instagram at, or @AboutProgress on Instagram or searching it on itunes. I really admire her for sharing her story, in order to benefit others. Discuss this episode and others with me over at CapturingJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram.


Mar 07, 2018
#007 Jennifer Borget // Homeschooling, Finding Your Purpose, and Teaching children about Racism

"Comparison is the thief of joy. You are the only you. Don't try to be like someone else."

My friend Jennifer Borget is fabulous, and I'm delighted to share our chat with you, about her life. Growing up in suburban Georgia the oldest of 5 kids, Jennifer noticed she was a minority, but never felt affected by racism, thankfully, but definitely noticed later on an insensitivity from some people. She talks about the importance of teaching her children to know their black heritage and understand how things used to be different by finding great children's books that teach about black history, and help them feel empowered.

We discussed her career as a journalist working at a news station, her husband as the stay at home dad for a while, then ultimately not just her staying home, but HOMESCHOOLING HER KIDS!  Talk about a variety of parenting experiences! Her kids are still young, so she's still looking ahead to teenage years and all that comes with that. But don't worry, we still discuss electronic time and jobs around the house.

At the end, she shares some of her favorite books to read to her kids, a set I'd never heard of before, and why she loves them so much, even to the point of getting emotional when she reads them.  I'm anxious to find them to read to my kids! 

 As a reminder, I'l be chatting about this episode over on the Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Facebook and Instagram pages, so come share your favorite parts of our discussion. If you leave a review, I'd REALLY appreciate it, about the podcast as a whole, or episode #7 with Jennifer.

See links to Jennifer's favorites on her show notes page on here: Homeschooling, finding your purpose, and teaching your kids about racism

Feb 28, 2018
#006b Norman Hill Part 2 // Guilt Free Parenting, Learn from Your Mistakes

Welcome back to the interview with my dad, Norman Hill, you've successfully found Episode #6b.  This is the second half of our interview about intentional guilt free parenting.

At first you'll hear a little personal father/daughter therapy session discussing my getting into college after struggling academically in high school. I thought about cutting that part out wondering if anyone needed to hear that, but I felt an impression to keep it in there for the parents who are maybe frustrated that their kids don't have straight A's, and hear my dads thoughts on ME not doing so great in school.

After that story, he gives some nuggets about how children can become addicted to praise, and how we need to retrain ourselves as parents. You'll then hear not one of my dads proudest moments as we tell a story from my growing up years.

His thoughts on consistency in parenting might surprise you, because it did for me! He talks a bit about being a grandparent, then he closes with some gems from a 50 year Harvard study on parenting and what really makes a difference in raising thriving children to adults.

For my favorite quotes and links to the books he mentioned, head to this episode full show notes: Guilt Free Parenting on the Beyond Good Intentions section of my website. 

As always, iTunes reviews help SOOO much, so does interacting with us on Instagram and Facebook under the family picture, so come on over and share your thoughts and lingering questions!

Feb 21, 2018
#006a Norman Hill Part 1 // Guilt Free Parenting, Learn from Your Mistakes

From the beginning, I wanted Beyond Good Intentions to be a PARENTING podcast, not just for and about motherhood, but parenting suggestions for both mothers and fathers.

I knew I wanted to have men as guests, even though most of my interaction has been through mothers, and who I feel most comfortable interviewing. But men...FATHERS, I believe are a very integral part of raising children, and their perspective is very important to me as well.

I also knew I wanted to have my dad share early on because he is amazing in my eyes. He took his role as father very seriously, and I'm delighted to share HIM with YOU today. When you make it to the very end of this interview, and hear about the 50 year Harvard Study, you will know why he felt so reinforced in his role.

I feel like this is our first EXPERT, because truly my dad is a SCHOLAR OF LIFE. You'll hear him quote books and studies, this is the REAL DEAL my friends, it's truly my dad, off-the-cuff. It's all information just swimming around in his brain, no google searches, no notes to prepare him, he didn't know what I would be asking!

A lot of his parenting ideals stems from his desire to learn, to read, and to be better. This example has been my inspiration throughout my life. I love how at one point he shares a not so positive parenting example, and the guilt that followed, but how over time he learned he didn't have to be perfect, but to be striving to always better himself as a parent and learn from his mistakes.

One of my favorite lessons from him in my early parenting days is why we should never ask our kids rhetorical questions, you'll hear this explained as well.

Not only do we discuss his growing up in a small town and how he was disciplined according to the "spare the rod spoil the child" viewpoint, but also how he wanted to do things differently with his kids. We go from there to talking about teens dating, helping your child realize their potential if it's not academics (hint: that's me!), and biting your tongue in grandparent-hood with alternative suggestions to "telling your kids how to raise their kids."

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode, #6!

For my favorite quotes and links to the books he mentioned, head to this episode full show notes: Guilt Free Parenting on the Beyond Good Intentions section of my website. 

As always, iTunes reviews help SOOO much, so does interacting with us on Instagram and Facebook under the family picture, so come on over and share your thoughts and lingering questions!

Feb 21, 2018
#005 Brooke Ulrich // Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work

In this episode, Brooke shares with me about her childhood growing up in a small town on a FARM.  She talks about how she learned the value of hard work and how she aims to instill that in her kids, though she isn't raising them on a farm.

She shares the challenges of raising two babies a year apart WHILE getting her masters degree, so IMPRESSIVE, but of course, hard.

She has some GREAT thoughts on the cell phone with kids conversation, which was a kick in the pants to me about how I need to change some things up with my children.

If you don't yet know Brooke, you'll see her MANY amazing home projects on her site,, she is a HANDY tool-wielding gal!

After listening to this episode, I'd love you to hop on over to Instagram (@capturingjoy.kristenduke) and Facebook and give Brooke some LOVE by telling her what you heard on this episode that inspired you or just something you loved learning.

You can also refer to episode #5 with Brooke in an iTunes review, and if you listen later, search for this episode through the #BeyondGoodIntentionsPodcast hashtag. All show notes for this episode and others are found on the Beyond Good Intentions home page. 

Free e-book: 10 Intentional Ways to Bring your Family Closer Together

Feb 14, 2018
#004 Cassidy Lundgren // How struggling with mental illness prepared her for parenting children with mental illness

"I decided I was ok to be the poster child for mental illness if it would help others feel ok about themselves."

"A goal in my life is to be more holy. I try to weed out things in my life that keep me from being in tune with God."

Cassidy is REAL and RAW as she discusses her own struggles with mental illness, and how it has blessed her as she is parenting children who struggle with mental illness as well. From a discussion on supporting your kids, to therapy to her thoughts on  medicating. She also discusses feelings of inferiority as she wasn't parenting how her mom did, and how she learned to be OK with being different.

There were tears shed, and I left with a feeling of gratitude for her sharing her heart so that I can better understand those with mental illness.

She gave up professionally performing to raise her family in the way she felt was best, even amidst disappointment from musical coaches.  I'm delighted she was willing to sing a snippet at the beginning and end so that you can hear a piece of her amazing voice.

She shares a sweet personal experience that she falls back on when times are tough, and where she finds strength, and how God has answered her prayers on how to help her raise her family.

Please come on over to Facebook and Instagram just after this episode goes LIVE to discuss your a-ha moments, and share your thoughts with Cassidy and the community of listeners.

Grateful for any reviews on itunes, mention episode #4 about Cassidy to share your insights on this interview. 

You can find all other podcast episodes and show notes on the Beyond Good Intentions home page. 

Feb 07, 2018
#003: Heather Walker // Seeking and Creating Happy in your Family
"The happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts."
 "Take responsibility for the energy you bring into your home"
 "The price of anything is the amount you want to exchange for."

My friend Heather is a GEM, and I'm delighted to share with you today how she seeks to create HAPPY in her family. She truly exudes happiness, and is passionate about helping others to see the happy in families, and life in general.

You'll hear the unique story of how we met, then we discussed her growing up as one of 6 children in suburban Chicago. She then had a successful career and rubbed shoulders with a few famous people, and left it all to raise her babies without looking back.

She shared several thought provoking quotes that would be perfect to hang in your home, she also told a funny story of how motherhood is messy and wonderful you may squeal with laughter as I did, and we discussed for quite a while the importance of teaching our children social media etiquette.

Wait til the end when she gives the most thoughtful reason why her families favorite meal is her favorite. It really shed some new light to me on family meal time.

Join the follow up conversation on this episode on Capturing Joy Instagram and Facebook, and see more links and show notes for this interview with Heather here: Striving for Family Happiness through Simple Living

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Jan 31, 2018
#002: Mique Provost // Cell phones, family jobs, and Life through the Lens of an Autism Mom

"Always be kinder than you feel."

"Remember who you are and the family name you bear."

"If people knew better, they'd do better."

Mique runs the successful website,, and she is the mom to 3 amazing children.  The first half of our discussion we talked a lot about raising her teenage son with Autism, and the grueling decisions she’s had to make.  We discuss the early days of realizing he wasn’t progressing like other kids, to his teen years, and I even got emotional as we discussed the challenge of giving adequate attention to her other children that don’t have special needs.

The second half of our conversation was about so many topics, including kids and cell phones. She told me about a great app to oversee your kids usage. We also discussed that we can't monitor everything, and how we can teach our kids to have their own internal filter. From home organization to kids working around the house, to the Santa talk about half way through (in case you have littles around, you might want to plug their ears!). I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.

Head on over to the Beyond Good Intentions home page on Capturing Joy for the full show notes and details with links to her favorite games and recipes, and more from what we discussed. For this specific post notes, go here: Cell phones, family jobs, and Life through the Lens of an Autism Mom

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Find Mique on Facebook and Instagram at @30daysblog 

Jan 31, 2018
#001: Linda Hobson // From Infertility to Raising Teens

"When kids are emotional, VALIDATE. Their feelings are real to them. "

"When you make a mistake in parenting, apologize to your kids."

I'm delighted to kick start my parenting podcast, Beyond Good Intentions, with an interview from my dear friend Linda. From infertility to raising teens, we talk about it all, and have a bunch of laughs along the way!

Linda now raises her family in Illinois, but for 5 years, she lived down the street from me in Texas.  We figured out the toddler parenting thing together. You’ll hear the story of how we met, but also Linda’s heart as she’s raising her 4 children amidst initial challenges with infertility.

Our conversations start with the story of her intense teen years growing up in a family with 8 kids.  She shares what her mother did that made all the difference. We continue on, discussing how she parents 3 teens herself (plus a younger child).  She and I discuss figuring out the different communication needs of each child and the importance of validating. We go on to discuss the zone system with household jobs, and the cell phone challenge that all parents deal with.

We may go off onto a few tangents, but I believe in those details are where the real stories take place.

You may get a kick out of why she called me LAZY, I’m curious if you side with her or me!  

See more details of our discussion and her favorites on the published post here: Infertility to Raising Teens

Head on over to my Instagram and Facebook to share your thoughts on this episode, and I'd LOVE for you to leave a review on iTunes if something specific resonated with you. 

Thanks for joining! You can always email me at to nominate a remarkable parent or just to chat!

Jan 31, 2018
#000: Introduction // Why I decided to start a parenting podcast

Starting a podcast wasn't exactly on my radar, but in this introduction episode, I share the "why" behind my pulling the trigger and going for it. I've got so many questions for other parents, and I share the interviews as we aim to strengthen families beyond good intentions. 

I think we all go through spurts of living in survival mode with our parenting. There are so many things calling for our attention, and sometimes we are just TIRED!

We only have a few years with these kids within our close circumference, and good intentions just aren't good enough for me anymore. I need to take some action, and the best way for me to learn is directly from others. 

I'll be sharing show notes and details of each podcast as another branch of my already existing website Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke, which I've been running for nearly 10 years.  

My hope is that after you listen to the podcast, you'll join the discussion the same day on social media. I'll be chatting on both my Instagram and Facebook about the interview. So if you aren't already following over there, I'd love to have you!

Please don't hesitate to reach out, I'd love to hear from you. Also, I'd LOVE your reviews on iTunes, it will help others hear more about what I'm sharing here. 

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Jan 17, 2018