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 Aug 17, 2019
I love the show. Super interesting every topic. Keep them coming!

 Jul 24, 2019

 Jul 12, 2019
interesting topics, but often a bit oversimplified and ridiculous

 Jun 13, 2019

 Jun 1, 2019
very well handled


The truth is rarely the best story. And when it’s not the only story, the truth deserves another look. Every Wednesday, we tell the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible cover-ups. Conspiracy? Maybe. Coincidence? Maybe. Complicated? Absolutely. Conspiracy Theories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.

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On June 17th 1972, 5 men were caught breaking into the offices of the DNC at the Watergate Complex in Washington D.C. Over the next two years, journalists and congressional investigators worked to expose the White House’s involvement and cover-up of the crime, ultimately leading to the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency.<br><br>Parcasters - This week on Crimes of Passion we take on the infamous case of Lorena and John Bobbitt! You won’t want to miss this one! Listen today on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.<br>
Aug 21, 2019
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Crime never takes a day off, and neither do we. In our new podcast, TODAY IN TRUE CRIME, every day, we flip back the calendar and examine a true crime event from the same date years ago.<br><br>In this clip, we look back at August 19th, 1970, when John Norman Collins was convicted of the murder of 21-year-old Karen Sue Beineman. Subscribe to TODAY IN TRUE CRIME for a new story every day!<br>
Aug 19, 2019
Priory of Sion & The Holy Grail Pt. 2
In 1885, French priest Bérenger Saunière discovered a pair of ancient scrolls hidden in the altar of his church. Soon after, he became mysteriously wealthy. Could he have uncovered evidence of a secret church order known as the Priory of Sion and the Holy Grail?<br><br>Sponsors!&nbsp;<br><br>BetterHelp - Conspiracy Theories listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code CONSPIRACY at<br><br>Embrace Pet Insurance - Get your FREE quote at<br><br>
Aug 14, 2019
Priory of Sion & The Holy Grail
The early days of the Catholic church were plagued by dissent, infighting, and uncertainty. After centuries of arguments about the nature of Jesus Christ, a cohesive Christian Bible finally emerged. But was it really the word of God, and if not, could a secret society known as the Priory of Sion hold the key to Biblical truth and the true Holy Grail?<br><br>Parcasters - Irma Grese made a name for herself as one of the most brutal concentration camp guards in the Nazi regime. How did she earn her reputation? Find out today on Female Criminals.<br>
Aug 07, 2019
Introducing: MEDICAL MYSTERIES, Molly's new podcast!
In our new podcast, MEDICAL MYSTERIES, we follow desperate patients battling mysterious symptoms--from the bizarre to the terrifying--as determined doctors race against the clock for a diagnosis. From rare genetic disorders to a worldwide pandemics, we explore the high stakes world of medicine, and the secrets of the human body.<br><br>In this clip, we introduce one of the most notable patients of all time, Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as “The Elephant Man.” To listen to the end of this episode, subscribe to MEDICAL MYSTERIES, on Spotify or anywhere you listen to Parcast Originals!<br><br>
Aug 06, 2019
Chappaquiddick & Senator Ted Kennedy Pt. 2
In the summer of 1969, Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Kennedy crashed his car into a pond on Chappaquiddick Island and killed his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne. The fallout of the incident and Kennedy's suspicious would haunt his political career for the rest of his life.<br><br>Parcasters - This week on The Dark Side Of, we move on from Hollywood and start our exploration of the music industry. Our first episode details the myth of the 27 Club, you won't want to miss it! Subscribe to The Dark Side Of on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.<br>
Jul 31, 2019
Chappaquiddick & Senator Ted Kennedy
On July 18th, 1969, Ted Kennedy, the youngest son of Joseph Kennedy Sr., drove his car off of a single lane bridge into a pond, resulting in the death of his female passenger. He wouldn't report the accident for ten hours, and in doing so set the scene for an investigation that would lead to more questions than answers.<br><br>Parcasters - Don’t miss all of our special Summer of ‘69 episodes by subscribing to Parcast Presents: Summer of ‘69, on Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts!<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Embrace Pet Insurance - Get your FREE quote at right now!<br>
Jul 24, 2019
The Denver Airport Pt. 2
The Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States. Since it opened in 1995, the weird art and unanswered questions about the construction have led to all manner of conspiracies about secret bunkers, sinister societies, and hidden messages.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Get 10% off your first month with when you go to with discount code CONSPIRACY.&nbsp;<br><br>Gabi - Take 2 minutes and see if you can save up to $865 when you go to<br>
Jul 17, 2019
The Denver Airport
In 1995, the Denver International Airport opened 16 months over schedule and nearly 2 billion dollars over budget. In the nearly 25 years since, all manner of conspiracies have plagued the airport, centered around the weird art, unusual architecture, and unanswered questions about the airport's construction. <em>&nbsp;<br></em><br>Parcasters - George and Barbara Kogan had a happy marriage before a younger woman entered the scene. When millions of dollars are on the line, love becomes slightly more complicated. Listen to our new episode of Crimes of Passion on Spotify, or wherever you get your Parcast Originals!<br><br>
Jul 10, 2019
Operation Mockingbird Pt. 2
Officially, Operation Mockingbird was a brief wiretap of two journalists in the early 1960s. But there has long been a conspiracy that Mockingbird was really a much broader endeavor that involved some of the most prominent journalists of the 20th century.&nbsp;<br><br>Parcasters - Cults...UFOs...Nazis? If you don’t know about the Vril Society, you’re in for a treat! This group allegedly developed flying saucers for the Third Reich. Search for Extraterrestrials on Spotify or wherever you listen to Parcast Originals.<br><br>
Jul 03, 2019
Operation Mockingbird
In the fallout of the Watergate scandal, a number of the CIA’s black ops operations were revealed to the public in the early 1950s. Among them was a decades old operation that saw CIA agents using journalists, both domestic and foreign, to gather intelligence and spread pro-American propaganda.<br><br>Parcasters - On Female Criminals we dig into The Everleigh Club, a brothel run in turn of the century Chicago by sisters Ada and Minna. Learn more about this underground den on Female Criminals, listen on Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts!<br>
Jun 26, 2019
The Crack Epidemic Pt. 2
Over the past three decades, more and more details about the US government’s involvement in cocaine trafficking have trickled into the public eye. With each new revelation, it starts to look less like the Reagan administration was merely complicit in the crack epidemic - and more like they actively conspired to create it.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Go to to get 10% off your first month with discount code CONSPIRACY.<br><br>Gabi - Take two minutes and see if you can save up to $865 a year on car insurance at There are NO fees, NO forms, and NO spam.<br>
Jun 19, 2019
The Crack Epidemic
In the 1980s, a super-potent new form of cocaine swept through the streets of America, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. At the same time, the Reagan administration was doing business with drug traffickers all over Latin America, and turning a blind eye to the chaos.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br><br>Parcasters - This week on Crimes of Passion we look into a blood feud that ravaged post-Civil War Texas! Listen to this incredible tale at<br>
Jun 12, 2019
The North American Union Pt. 2
In 2007, a lone conspiracy theorist proposed that the greatest threat to American sovereignty wasn’t a foreign enemy, or even a rising dictator - it was the North American Union, a secret plot to unite the US, Canada, and Mexico into one super-country.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>The Farmer’s Dog - Get 50% off your two week trial of fresh, healthy food at Plus, you get FREE shipping!<br><br>Storyworth - For $20 off, visit when you subscribe!<br>
Jun 05, 2019
The North American Union
In the mid-2000s, rumors began to circulate that President George W. Bush, Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, and Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin were conspiring to fuse their borders, currencies, and policies. The new super nation would be called the North American Union.<br><br>Parcasters - This week on Crimes of Passion we explore the startling act of revenge undertaken by two sisters who viciously murder their mother's abusive boyfriend. Tune in now at<br>
May 29, 2019
The Cancer Cure Pt. 2
If a cure for cancer was discovered, millions of lives would be saved - and billions of dollars would be lost by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture chemotherapy drugs. How far would Big Pharma go to protect their profits?<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Get 10% off your first month with discount code CONSPIRACY at<br><br>Poshmark - Get $5 off your first purchase when you enter the invite code Conspiracy5 at sign up.<br>
May 22, 2019
The Cancer Cure
Since its founding in 1906, the Food &amp; Drug Administration has been responsible for protecting the health and safety of American consumers. But some worry the FDA might be doing more harm than good, especially when it comes to one of the most fatal diseases in modern history: cancer.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>The Farmer’s Dog - Get 50% off your two-week trial of fresh, healthy food at Plus, you get FREE shipping!<br><br>Poshmark - Get $5 off your first purchase when you enter the invite code: Conspiracy5 when you sign up.<br>
May 15, 2019
The Sinking of Atlantis Pt. 2
Atlantis has captivated scholars and theorists for generations. It’s potential existence presents an existential question for every modern society. Will advanced technology save us in the face of overwhelming peril? Finding Atlantis could be the key to answering this question.&nbsp;<br><br>Parcasters - Brenda Spencer loaded her rifle at Grover Cleveland Elementary school, she would end up killing two people. Her reason? She didn’t like Mondays. Learn more in today’s episode of Female Criminals! Available now at<br>
May 08, 2019
The Sinking of Atlantis
A legend, used as a political allegory by the ancient philosopher Plato. But over the centuries, countless amateur historians and archaeologists have asserted that the lost island really existed - and one of them may have actually located it.<br><br>Parcasters - If you lived through the Titanic, would you ever work on a ship again? Violet Jessop did, and you won't believe what happened. Check out our two episode series on Miss Unsinkable, at<br><br>
May 01, 2019
The Lincoln Assassination Pt. 2
When Union troops cornered John Wilkes Booth in a remote barn after his assassination of President Lincoln in 1865, they were given strict orders to take him alive. However, Booth was shot to death, without provocation, dying before he could be interrogated or tried for the crime.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Conspiracy Theories listeners get 10% off the first month with discount code CONSPIRACY at<br><br><br>
Apr 24, 2019
The Lincoln Assassination
At the close of the Civil War in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was killed by a conspiracy of Confederate sympathizers led by actor John Wilkes Booth. But some contend that the conspiracy didn't begin or end with Booth and his accomplices - someone much more powerful was pulling the strings.<br><br><br>Parcasters - If you haven’t checked out Extraterrestrial, this week is the time to start! Catch up on our Dulce Base episodes now, and follow the riveting investigation of cattle mutilations in New Mexico. Available now at
Apr 17, 2019
Operation Northwoods Pt. 2
In 1962, the CIA proposed staging a false flag operation to drum up public support for a war on Cuba. Officially, this plan never went into effect. But some believe a plan based on Operation Northwoods was carried out nearly 40 years later, on September 11th, 2001.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Robinhood - Robinhood is giving listeners of Conspiracy Theories a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at<br><br>Upstart - Hurry to to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. Checking your rate only takes 2 minutes—and won’t affect your credit!<br><br>
Apr 10, 2019
Operation Northwoods
In April 1959, Fidel Castro visited the White House to meet with Vice President Richard Nixon. By the end of the meeting, Nixon knew they would never be friends, but he couldn't have imagined how formidable an enemy Castro would become.<br>Parcasters - Crimes of Passion is covering the Fred Jablin murder today, if you're into conspiracies, you won't want to miss this one! Check it out:<br><br>
Apr 03, 2019
The AIDS Epidemic Pt. 2
While thousands of previously healthy people were suddenly falling ill and dying throughout the '80s and '90s, everyone was looking for answers. Some of these answers might be found in the resume of Robert Gallo, a U.S. military contractor who developed bioweapon viruses in the late '60s and early '70s...and was one of the first people to identify the HIV virus in 1983.<br><br>Parcasters - Check out our new show, Survival! In our first episode we covered Shin Dong-hyuk’s escape from a North Korean internment camp. Available now at<br><br>
Mar 27, 2019
The AIDS Epidemic
In the late '70s, a mysterious disease cropped up in the U.S. where healthy young people were suddenly dying and doctors couldn't explain why. By the early 1980s, nearly 1000 U.S. citizens had died from AIDS. Some wonder if the U.S. government was intentionally ignoring the disease, or if they engineered the epidemic as a population control scheme.<br><br>Parcasters - Interested in political dealings? You won’t believe what we’ve covered on our Assassinations podcast! Check it out at<br><br><br><br>
Mar 20, 2019
The Moon Landing Pt. 2
Low-resolution footage. Shadows that don't quite line up. Visible prop markers on rocks. If the 1969 moon landing was staged, it wasn't done meticulously. Questions remain about the discrepancies in the photos and videos taken aboard the Apollo 11 mission. Perhaps faking a moon landing was even harder than actually putting a man on the moon.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Conspiracy Theories listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code CONSPIRACY. Go to<br><br>Robinhood - Robinhood is giving listeners of Conspiracy Theories a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at<br><br><br>Upstart - Hurry to to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is.<br><br><br>
Mar 13, 2019
The Moon Landing
Half a billion viewers around the world tuned in to watch Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon's surface in 1969. It was one of the greatest television moments in history - and many suggest Stanley Kubrick should have received a Best Director award for the broadcast. Even today, there's considerable speculation that putting a man on the moon is a task too difficult for even the best astronauts to accomplish.<br><br>Parcasters - To learn about an iconic event in American history, check out our our new episode on John McCain on HOSTAGE, wherever you get your shows. Listen now at<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>BetterHelp - Go to to get 10% off your first month with discount code CONSPIRACY.<br><br>
Mar 06, 2019
The Fate of Rudolph Hess Pt. 2
When a 93-year-old Nazi war criminal was found dead in Spandau Prison in 1987, some refused to believe the official verdict of suicide by hanging. Doctors were baffled that the weak, elderly prisoner had the strength to hang himself. The timing of Rudolph Hess’s death was suspicious as well. After spending 50 years in prison, he was finally going to be released.&nbsp;<br><br><br>Sponsors!&nbsp;<br><br><br>Robinhood - Get a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at<br><br>
Feb 27, 2019
The Fate of Rudolph Hess
War criminal and powerful Nazi, Rudolf Hess, was sentenced to 50 years in prison at the Nuremberg Trials. In 1987, official reports agreed he died from suicide by hanging himself inside the Spandau Prison. However, Hess' son claims he was murdered by the British Secret Intelligence Service to prevent him from revealing pertinent information.&nbsp;<br><br>Parcasters - You might call the death of Rudolf Hess unsolved. You can check out our UNSOLVED MURDERS podcast if you want to try to solve more puzzling deaths. Listen now at<br><br>
Feb 20, 2019
Welcome Trailer!
The truth is rarely the only story. Every Wednesday, we take a skeptical look at history's most controversial events and cover-ups… What's really at Area 51? How did Princess Diana die? Are the Illuminati controlling everything? Conspiracy Theories premieres Wednesday January 31st. Here is a sneak peek.
Jan 17, 2018
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