In the Shadows of Utopia: The Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Nightmare

By Lachlan Peters

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Image by Lachlan Peters

Category: History

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Jeff B
 May 11, 2022
This is a fantastic history podcast focused on a topic that gets little attention but is an important part of the cold war. It is very detailed but at the same time light. The production quality is also rather well done. Highly recommend.

T. Fox
 May 26, 2021


A comprehensive narrative history of Cambodia, focusing on the Khmer Rouge and the Pol Pot regime, utilising extensive research and interviews with historians.

Episode Date
S2 Ep27: Bonus Episode: "Prisoners of Class" with Matt Madden
Mar 21, 2024
S2 Ep26: Tet
Feb 05, 2024
S2 Ep25: The Cambodian Civil War Begins - Part Two: A Revolution Waged With Empty Hands
Nov 26, 2023
S2 Ep24: Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
Oct 01, 2023
S2: Bonus Episode: "Son Ngoc Thanh, a Khmer Nationalist" with Matthew Jagel
Aug 03, 2023
S2 Ep23: The Cambodian Civil War Begins - Part One: The Samlaut Rebellion and the Three Ghosts
Jul 10, 2023
S2 Ep22: Rolling Thunder in Vietnam, Clouds Over Cambodia
Mar 02, 2023
S2 Ep21: A Khmer Rouge Ideology and Sihanouk's Dark Side
Nov 15, 2022
S2 Ep20: The Path to the Second Indochina War - Part Three: Agent Orange, Kennedy and the Buddhist Crisis
Jul 07, 2022
S2 Ep19: The Path to the Second Indochina War - Part Two: The CIA, NLF and Diem
May 27, 2022
S2 Ep18: The Path to the Second Indochina War - Part One: The Two Vietnams
May 01, 2022
S2 Ep17: The Khmer Rouge's New Vanguard
Feb 06, 2022
S2 Ep16: Maoism, the Great Leap Forward / Famine and the Sino-Soviet Split
Dec 05, 2021
S2 Ep15: Les Khmers Rouges: Double Lives in Sihanouk's Golden Era
Jul 23, 2021
S1: Season One Recap - Cambodian History from Angkor to Independence
Jun 05, 2021
S1 Ep14: The End of French Indochina: Dien Bien Phu, Geneva and “Citizen Sihanouk”
Apr 17, 2021
S1 Ep13: Sihanouk’s Royal Crusade for Cambodian Independence
Jan 16, 2021
S1 Ep12: Pol Pot in Paris and the Khmer Issarak – Part Two
Nov 09, 2020
S1: Bonus Episode: ‘Extraordinary Justice at the Khmer Rouge Tribunals’ with Dr Craig Etcheson
Sep 20, 2020
S1 Ep11: Pol Pot in Paris and the Khmer Issarak - Part One
Aug 22, 2020
S1 Ep10: Cambodia in the Second World War: Son Ngoc Thanh, Japan and a Brief Independence
Jun 11, 2020
S1 Ep9: The Origins of Communism - Part Two - Soviet
Apr 01, 2020
S1 Ep8: The Origins of Communism - Part One - Marx and Engels
Jan 19, 2020
S1 Ep7: The French Protectorate, Rural Life and the Rise of Cambodian Nationalism
Dec 02, 2019
S1 Ep6: The Dawn of French Indochina
Aug 31, 2019
S1: Bonus Episode: An Interview With Professor David Chandler
Jun 30, 2019
S1 Ep5: Cambodia After Angkor - Part Two
May 05, 2019
S1 Ep4: Cambodia After Angkor - Part One
Feb 26, 2019
S1: Bonus Episode: 'Visualising Angkor' with Tom Chandler
Jul 29, 2018
S1 Ep3: The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Empire - Part Two
Jul 18, 2018
S1 Ep2: The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Empire - Part One
Apr 19, 2018
S1 Ep1: An Introduction to the Khmer Rouge, the Killing Fields and the 'Cambodian Genocide'
Jan 28, 2018