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In this original, unfiltered, true to life podcast, Liz Sandoz gets real with industry experts, celebrities and moms, discussing in depth topics like motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, and many other pressing women's issues. It’s time women opened up about these topics, so nothing is held back. If you’re looking for a safe and honest place without judgment, join Liz and the many celebrity guests and experts on the show, as they laugh, cry, and hot flush about every female topic from pregnancy, sex, to postpartum depression.

Episode Date
EP79: Paving your Path with Terra Jolé
Elizabeth brings on reality TV star, Terra Jolé, this episode to talk about how she has fulfilled her dreams and continues to do so as a mother.  Terra is a big believer in working hard to get where you want to be and she shares her journey of paving her own path to get where she is today.  She shares how she went on Dancing with the Stars two weeks after giving birth and how motherhood has been her greatest achievement.
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IG: terrajole
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Aug 19, 2019
EP78: Solving the Malnourishment Problem with Dr. Christina Valentine
Did you know taste buds begin to develop in the womb? Elizabeth brings on neonatologist, Dr. Christina Valentine, this episode to talk about the important supplements missing from our children's diets when switching from breastmilk or formula to solid foods. This may have a huge impact on food allergies and brain development. 
Aug 12, 2019
EP77: Pump Momma Pump with Melissa Guerriero

It is World Breastfeeding Week and Elizabeth brings on Melissa Guerriero to shares all about the ups and downs of pumping. Melissa provides education, encouragement and support for exclusive pumping mommas. Pumping, afterall, is still breastfeeding.

Aug 05, 2019
EP76: Intuitive Eating with Cara Clark
This episode, Elizabeth brings on nutritionist and wellness expert, Cara Clark.  They talk about how to get yours kids to eat healthy.  Cara has four daughters and shares her story of motherhood and nutrition.
Connect with Cara:
IG: caraclarknutrition
Connect with Elizabeth:
IG: miraculousmamas
Jul 29, 2019
EP75: Mom and Labor Nurse Liesel Teen
There are so many unsuspecting things that can happen with pregnancy. Elizabeth brings on Labor and Delivery Nurse, Liesel Teen, to discuss what can happen and how to prepare. She addresses pre-eclampsia, cholestasis, placenta previa and more.  Liesel has tons of experience and is an amazing educator. 
Connect with Liesel:
IG: mommy.labornurse
Connect with Elizabeth:
IG: miraculousmamas
Jul 22, 2019
EP74: Let's Doula This

Elizabeth brings on fellow doula, Olivyah Bowens this episode to help explain what a doula is.  They answer listener questions and bust myths about this growing field in women's health.  Olivyah shares her heart and dedication to unraveling the metaphysical mysteries of birth and motherhood.

Connect with Olivyah:

IG: herholisticpath

Connect with Elizabeth:

IG: miraculousmamas
Jul 15, 2019
EP73: Self Transformation with Marie Wold
In this episode, Elizabeth brings on Transformation Coach Marie Wold. Marie empowers women to create confidence through movement and nutrition. She shares her journey of self love and acceptance.  This episode will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.
Connect with Marie IG: MarieeWold
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Jul 08, 2019
EP72: Water Safety with Lisa Cook
It is officially warm out and learning about kids water safety is so important!  Elizabeth brings on water safety instructor Lisa Cook to share with us the importance of teaching our kids from a young age to enjoy but respect the water.  She answers tons of questions and gives tips for parents to find the right swim instructor and tells us how water safety is much more than just swim lessons.  Lisa is very informative and you will learn a lot in this episode!
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Jul 01, 2019
EP71: Love First with The Baileys
Elizabeth brings on Christina and Katie Bailey this episode to share their journeys of motherhood. They have two daughters (Kennedy and Charlotte) who they had through reciprocal IVF.  They talk cesarean births, hormonal detoxing and how to entertain infant ad toddlers on flights.  You will laugh and learn in this entertaining episode.
IG: @babybaileymamadrama, @miraculousmamas
Blog for this episode: Elizabeth Joy Website
Jun 24, 2019
EP70: America's Dad with Kenny King
In honor of Father's Day, Elizabeth brings on Kenny King known as America's Dad by The Bachelor franchise. He talks about the fears of becoming a father, how to date as a single dad and finding balance in fatherhood.  Kenny gives parenting advice and speaks to the importance of building solid relationships. 
Happy Father's Day!
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Jun 17, 2019
EP69: Nothing Down About It with Oakley Peterson

In this episode, Elizabeth brings on Oakley Peterson to share her journey of raising a son with Down Syndrome, Welles.  Oakley talks about celebrating differences and making the world a better place through inclusivity and education.  She teaches us about what life is like with Welles and the value he ads to our society. She is full of love, wisdom and light and gives all parents great advice and take aways to apply to your children. 

Instagram: @nothingdownaboutit
Blog: www.nothingdownaboutit
Jun 10, 2019
EP68: The Hormone Whisperer with Dr. Patrick Flynn
In this episode, Elizabeth brings on Dr. Patrick Flynn D.C. who is the founder of The Wellness Way, as well as an international speaker and author.  He is called The Hormone Whisperer and has helped women and men regain their energy and health back by taking a closer look at their lifestyles and how it is effecting their health.  He teaches us the importance of balancing our hormones and the real secret to keeping women happy. 
Jun 03, 2019
EP67: Falling Up with Chelsea Ann Cruz
For this Memorial Day episode, Elizabeth brings on Chelsea Ann Cruz who is a Veteran of the Army National Guard.  Chelsea shares her story of overcoming trials in her life.  From being a teen mom, joining the military, becoming a single mom and overcoming an abusive relationship, Chelsea has continued to break the glass ceiling in her own life. This is a story of overcoming life's hardship, toxic relationships and learning how to fall forward.
* Trigger warning: this episode talks about abusive relationships and may not be suitable for children and may contain explicit language.*
Abuse Hotline
May 27, 2019
EP66: Foster Care Awareness

It is Foster Care Awareness month and Elizabeth is bringing on foster mom Jennifer Mallinson to teach us about it.  Over 437,000 children and youth are in foster care. Jennifer talks about the process to become a foster parent and the overall goal of reuniting families.  We are grateful to all the foster parents out there helping families in a time of need and we are proud of the biological parents for overcoming obstacles to be the best parent you can be.

May 20, 2019
EP65: The Day We Were Born

Elizabeth and her husband Vito bring on their moms to celebrate Mother's Day. Connie and Francie share their journeys through conception, loss and birth.  They ask for parental advice since they want to start trying to conceive soon. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!! 

May 13, 2019
EP64: Am I Doing It Right? w/ Dr. Alexandra Sacks

Elizabeth is joined this episode by Dr. Sacks who is a reproductive psychiatrist.  She sheds light on the transition from pregnancy to motherhood and how the feelings of change are a normal part of the transition.  They talk mom-guilt, matrescence and educating around motherhood.  

INSTA - @alexandrasacksmd  
FB - @AlexandraSacksMD
Alexandra Sacks M.D. is a Reproductive Psychiatrist, co-author of What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions From Pregnancy to Motherhood, and the host of Motherhood Sessions
May 06, 2019
EP63: The Birds Papaya w/ Sarah Nicole Landry
In this episode, Elizabeth brings on Instagram sensation, Sarah Nicole Landry. Sarah is an writer, speaker, creator, self love advocate and mama of three.  She speaks on self identity as a mom and learning the art of self love in adulthood.  Sarah has a huge heart and it reflects in her content and community.  She leaves people feeling empowered in themselves and fueled to conquer their dreams.
Apr 29, 2019
EP62: Infertility Awareness Week with Dr. Brian Kaplan
In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, Liz brings on Dr. Kaplan who has been honored every year since 1999 by Castle Connelly on the list of "Best Doctors" in Chicago and America.  He is passionate about all things surrounding infertility.  They talk IVF, egg donating, surrogacy and education surrounding infertility. Dr. Kaplan has one of the largest and most successful practices worldwide. He gives us tips and leaves us more informed on infertility.
Apr 22, 2019
EP61: Mama Said, with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris
Elizabeth is joined in the beginning of this episode by her husband, Vito. They answer a few questions about their wedding and newly wed life. They also have a surprise to share! Elizabeth then brings on Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris for an exciting interview. They each have two kids and have launched a podcast called Mama Said.  They are passionate about cultivating a motherhood community where no judgment is passed and they can laugh and cry while figuring it all out. They are funny, real and have tons of insights to offer in this exciting podcast!
Apr 15, 2019
EP60: Autism Awareness Month w/ Megan Carranza
It is Autism Awareness Month and Elizabeth is highlighting it this episode and answering your questions. She brings on Megan Carranza, who has a six year old son with autism. Megan is a huge advocate and is a wealth of information for parents with kids with autism.  1 in 59 children in the USA have autism yet we aren't taught what signs to look for.  Megan opens up the conversation and is so leaves us informed and inspired!
Apr 08, 2019
EP59: Surrogacy Part 2 with Amber Campion

Elizabeth continues the conversation with friend and surrogate, Amber Campion this episode! Amber addresses vaginal health and how she prevents tearing during pregnancy. She answers all of your questions about surrogacy and tells us how she is preparing to do it again!

Apr 01, 2019
EP58: Surrogacy with Amber Campion, Part 1

Elizabeth brings on friend and surrogate, Amber Campion this episode! They start with Amber sharing her other birth stories, life on the road and what lead her to surrogacy.  She has the craziest birth story with her surrogate baby and she shares her journey as a mom, wife and surrogate.

Mar 25, 2019
EP57: Move Your Bump with Nancy Anderson

In this episode, Elizabeth has on Miraculous Mama and Health Expert, Nancy Anderson.  Nancy is a pre and post natal expert and helps women at every stage; before pregnancy all the way to years after! She saw a need to educate women on health and fitness for pregnancy and created an awesome program she shares with us.  She busts some myths and educates us on what all a healthy pregnancy and recovery entails. 

Mar 18, 2019
EP56: Raising Triplets with Courtnee Novales

Elizabeth begins this episode with her sister, Koryn. They talk about sex and educating your kids in anatomy. They sister chat about periods and buying condoms! They then bring on Courtnee Novales who is Raising Triplets right now. She answers all the questions about being a mom of multiples. She is hilarious and informs us on the best parts of getting triple the love!

Mar 11, 2019
EP55: Self Love with Meg Boggs

Elizabeth begins this episode with her mom talking about her wedding in Montana. She then brings on Miraculous Mama Meg Boggs who is a writer and creator who has gone global! Meg took her blog and Instagram to share her postpartum body earning attention from moms and global media including Romper, Health, and Pop Sugar.  She shares her whole journey through this with us!

Mar 04, 2019
EP54: Heart Awareness Month w/ Danielle Maltby

Elizabeth is bringing on special co-host, Danielle Maltby, this episode talking all about Congenital Heart Defect and raising awareness for Heart Awareness Month. They bring on the Miraculous Mama, Lisa Fortenbaugh, to share her story of her daughter Millie leaving us feeling inspired.

Feb 26, 2019
EP53: Birth Without Fear w/ January Harshe

The Babes are talking about where this season is taking them and the vision for the community.  Continuing on in this episode, Elizabeth is interviewing Miraculous Mama, January Harshe.  January has 6 kids and is the founder and author of Birth Without Fear.  She has started several movements all to create space for judgment free birthing and parenting. 

Feb 18, 2019
EP52: Season 1 Finale: Best Of

Carly, Jade and Elizabeth aka "The Babes" catch up on all of the exciting things happening in their lives.  Bella took her first steps, Liz is getting married, and Jade announces her pregnancy.  The Babes reminisce this episode on all the amazing friendships and stories that this last year has brought into their lives  They thank all of their listeners and guests for a successful Season 1 of Babes and Babies!

Feb 04, 2019
EP51: The Bachelor, Wedding Jitters, and Parenting. Q&A w/ The Babes!

Carly, Jade and Elizabeth aka "The Babes" answer listener questions this episode! They talk about the Bachelor, wedding jitters, parenting, and marriage. Get to know the Babes a little better as they share and answer your questions. 

Jan 28, 2019
EP50: An Unexpected Birth Story
Carly, Jade and Elizabeth aka "The Babes" answer behind the scenes questions from The Bachelor before bringing on a special guest with an interesting birth story.  Taylor Cadden did not know she was pregnant until she went in to labor.  She answers all our questions about her cryptic pregnancy and the wonderful surprise she received. 
Jan 21, 2019
EP49: Baby and Birth Talk with Desiree Siegfried

Carly, Jade and Elizabeth aka "The Babes" have former bachelorette Desiree Siegfried on this episode to talk about her upcoming birth.  Desiree is due any day and has a two year old, Asher, at home. She compares her two pregnancies and shares her birth story with us.  She also shares what she has envisioned for baby number two and why she decided to birth a different route. She is an inspiration as she balances mom life and running her own business. Desiree is breath of fresh air and we can't wait to hear her next birth story!

Jan 14, 2019
EP48: Resolutions for the New Year

Jade, Carly and Elizabeth aka "The Babes" are talking all about what they hope to achieve in the new year.  They talk about the lessons that 2018 taught them and the resolutions they will or will not be making.  They share resolutions from the listeners to help inspire all those who are still seeking a new years goal!

Jan 07, 2019
EP47: Health and Happiness, Cookies and Christmas

The episode Carly has on Heather Thompson who talks all things wellness. She addresses overall health for women including how the beauty industry is effecting our hormones. Heather also give tips on how to boost your kids' immune system this flu season!  Liz and Vito get in the Christmas spirit and talk about cookies from around the world and what to leave out for Santa.  They also talk about the Christmas traditions the listeners have and what they want to incorporate in their Christmas.

Dec 24, 2018
EP46: Tis The Season, Christmas Spirit and Gifts!

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are getting in the Christmas Spirit this episode. They talk about the traditions they had growing up and what they look forward to doing with their families. They talk Christmas gifts, playing Santa, and they plan on spending this holiday.

Dec 17, 2018
EP45: Blended Families and Abstinence

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are catching up and answering questions. Jade talks about her road trip to her new home.  Carly and Evan speak about blended families and give advice to our listeners. Elizabeth and Vito answer your questions on why they wanted to wait until marriage.

Dec 10, 2018
EP44: Everything from Motherhood and Marriage to Pet Peeves

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka "The Babes" are diving deep and answering listener questions this episode.  Everything from motherhood to marriage to the Babes biggest pet peeves, nothing is off limits this episode!

Dec 03, 2018
EP43: Prematurity Awareness Month

(Trigger Warning - This episode contains sensitive material) Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka "The Babes" are spreading the awareness of premature labor and birth this episode with special guest Jess Southern.  Jess shares her journey with us of having trouble conceiving and using IVF to finally get pregnant with Lennon, her little girl.  She talks about the pregnancy and how she ended up delivering at 27 weeks in a fight for her life and her baby's life.  Lennon was in the NICU for 100 days.  Jess educates us and inspires us in this heartfelt episode. 

Nov 26, 2018
EP42: Chattanooga Chats
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are having a girl's weekend in Chattanooga catching up on life.  They have fun chatting before changing the tone to address a cheating scandal which leads to the question, " Can there be platonic relationships with the opposite sex in a healthy marriage?" Evan and Tanner step in to give us there advice and feedback.
Nov 19, 2018
EP41: Hearing Loss Awareness w/ Christy Keane

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" begin this episode on their girls trip in Chattanooga where they are finally all together.  They girl chat and laugh before opening up the conversation with Christy Keane.  Christy is a mother of two and her youngest, Charly, was born completely deaf.  She shares her journey with us of how technology has forever changed Charly's future.  Christy is an advocate for hearing loss awareness and educates us on this important topic.

Nov 11, 2018
EP40: Conveying the Moment w/ Eleni McMullin

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are having special guest Eleni McMullin on the podcast this episode. Elani is a mother, blogger, and community creator.  She shares her journey with us through infertility, pregnancy, an emergency cesarean and a VBAC. She started her blog to help others and truly has a passion for women supporting each other and teaches us how to convey the moment

Nov 05, 2018
EP39: The Babes Reveal All!

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are telling all this episode.  They answer tons of listener questions on everything from sex to weaning.  They love getting to know the Babes and Babies family and opening up about their personal journeys. Dive in with the Babes a little deeper in this revealing episode.

Oct 29, 2018
EP38: Internet Sensations Cat and Nat
Elizabeth and Carly aka "The Babes" are catching up with internet sensations Cat and Nat. They are best friends who started Mom Truths and now have over 45 million youtube views. They are the founders of Girls Night Out giving moms a much needed night away from the stresses of motherhood.  Cat & Nat talk about their friendship, children and spouses in this funny and unfiltered episode!
Oct 22, 2018
EP37: Breast Cancer Awareness

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are catching up this week on the things happening in their lives. They also welcome guest, Laura Birdwell on the podcast to shed some light for breast cancer awareness month. Laura is a breast cancer survivor and shares her journey through being diagnosed, chemo, and recovery.  Her positive attitude and willingness to help others leaves the babes inspired this week to learn more and continue spreading awareness for breast cancer.

Oct 14, 2018
EP36: Catching Up w/ Bachelorette Ali Fedotosky-Manno

Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka "The Babes" are catching up this week w/ one of the most loved Bachelorettes of all time, Ali Fedotosky.  She has had 2 babies in under 2 yrs & talks all things mom-life w/ the Babes. She shares her birth stories & how both resulted in adherent placenta. This rare condition can be painful & she opens up about her experience getting through it. She talks about navigating motherhood, work, & her marriage. She leaves our listeners w/ insightful advice & how to follow her journey.

Oct 09, 2018
EP35: Birth Story w/ Nicole Kaspi Black

Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka "The Babes" have one of our Babes & Babies listeners on to share her birth story.  Nicole Black birthed her baby unassisted at home unexpectedly.  After having a Cesarean and then a V-back, Nicole started looking further into birth options which lead to becoming a birth educator herself.  You will not want to miss this empowering story.

Oct 01, 2018
EP34: Pregnancy Talk with Bekah Martinez

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" have one of The Bachelor alumni on this episode talking all about her recent announcement. Bekah Martinez, from Arie's season, is pregnant and we couldn't be more excited for her.  She tells us how her pregnancy is going, how she envisions her birth,  and how this unexpected pregnancy has impacted her life. Bekah is outgoing, in tune with her body, and unapologetically herself which is why we love her. Get to know her a little better and she opens up and shares her journey with us.

Sep 24, 2018
EP33: Center Stage with Carly

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" have one of their very own on the podcast this episode.  Learn all about the life of Carly and the sides of her that no one sees.  She takes us through her childhood to the woman she is today.  The hurts, the triumphs, the travels, and the choice to remain open have all brought her to where she is today.  She talks about her passions and what she sees next for her life in this amazing episode. 

Sep 17, 2018
EP32: The Wild Mustang, Jade Tolbert

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" have one of their very own on the podcast this episode.  Learn all about the life of Jade and what has shaped the woman she has become and how she got the nickname "Wild Mustang."  Jade has had an interesting life and shares all the different career paths she walked, relationships, and cities she has lived in.  Every choice she made lead her to husband and to being the mother of Emmy.  She is fully open with us and lets us get to know her on a deeper level.

Sep 10, 2018
EP31: The Life of Liz

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" have one of their very own on the podcast this episode.  Learn all about the life of Elizabeth and what makes her the person that she is today.  She answers all of the questions about her upbringing and adult life.  She brings us to what lead her to meeting her fiance and shares her story of her recent engagement. 

Sep 03, 2018
EP30: Marriage and Babies with Ashley Iaconetti

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Ashley Iaconetti. Ashley was on Carly and Jade’s season of #TheBachelor, on #BachelorInParadise and on the #BachelorWinterGames. Ashley’s love story is one that has been long awaited and we are so excited she is sharing it with us. She dives into her engagement with Jared Haibon, their wedding plans and when they want to start having babies.  Ashley even shares with us what her and Jared fight about the most. She has us laughing and leaves women everywhere with the hope of finding love.

Aug 27, 2018
EP29: Juelia Kinney's Engagement, Breastfeeding on the Runway, and Host Evan

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka "The Babes" are catching up with past guests and new ones. Carly sits down with Evan, and then with Juelia Kinney to get the scoop on this reality star's recent engagement. And better yet, she is going to be Carly's sister-in-law! Jade and Liz hop on a call with Mara Martin, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model who was recently seen breastfeeding down the runway. Mara received tons of attention since the fashion show but shares her personal journey of motherhood and breastfeeding with us. Happy International Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

Aug 20, 2018
EP28: Girl Chats with NICU Nurse Danielle Maltby

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Danielle Maltby.  You may know her from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, but we dive into her profession as a NICU Nurse. She talks about the rewards and difficulties of her job. She answers listener questions about her profession and personal life.  Danielle opens our eyes and hearts to the families with babies in NICU care.  She loves her job and takes it globally and she volunteers with women from around the world.  She is an inspiration and a teacher to all women and leaves us feeling like we can make a difference. 

Aug 13, 2018
EP27: Chatting with Blogging Sensation Amber Fillerup Clark

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by blogging sensation, Amber Fillerup Clark.  Amber starting her blog, The Barefoot Blonde, 8 years ago not knowing it was going to take off and bring her amazing opportunities.  She just announced she is pregnant with her third child and talks about how different each of her pregnancies have been.  She opens up about motherhood, parenting toddlers, and what she is expecting to change with having 3 kids.  Her blog touches on lifestyle, motherhood, parenting, and fashion.  Amber keeps us entertained this episode and dives into all of the girl chat with us!

Aug 06, 2018
EP26: Lindsie Chrisley Knows Best

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Lindsie Chrisley from the hit Reality TV Show, Chrisley Knows Best.  She shares all about being a boy mom, keeping her house clean, and being a mom during the social media age.  She opens up about how she almost got divorced and how they worked things out.  Lindsie shares her crazy birth story with Jaskcon and she debates on having another kid.  She keeps it 100% real with us and leaves us with wise parenting and relationship advice.

Jul 30, 2018
EP25: Marriage, Babies and Business, with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Kaitlyn Bristowe, The Bachelorette of season 11. Kaitlyn answers listener questions and addresses the "when are you getting married?" hot topic. She opens up about wanting babies and when she and Shawn see themselves becoming parents. Kaitlyn has many business ventures and speaks about balancing her life and whats coming up next.  She speaks about dealing with body shaming and how she wants to encourage women to be unapologetically themselves. She is a breath of fresh air and has up laughing all the way through!

Jul 23, 2018
EP24: Miscarriage and Loss with Psychologist Jessica Zucker

*Trigger warning! This episode deals with miscarriage and loss.

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Jessica Zucker.  She is a women's reproductive and maternal health psychologist.  Jessica shares the importance of processing and grieving through loss and miscarriage. She gives loss a new meaning and aims to create conversations around this sometimes taboo subject.  She shares her personal journey of miscarriage and how she has started a campaign to help give a voice to those who feel they cannot speak up.  Jessica answers listener questions and gives us a vast knowledge on this subject and how to be there for those who are grieving.

Jul 16, 2018
EP23: Question & Answer with The Babes

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka “The  Babes” are  keeping  it  honest  and  real as they  discuss  pregnancy, labor, motherhood, and women’s bodies. In this  episode  the babes  do  another fun Q&A from  listeners who want  to know  some   more intimate  details of their  personal lives! Listen to get the inside scoop!

Jul 09, 2018
EP22: Mom So Hard with Instagram Sensation Maya Vorderstrasse
Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka "The Babes" welcome Instagram sensation Maya Vorderstrasse. She is a trend-setting mom & the original letter board mom.  She has twins, Zoey & Hazel, & opens up about the realities of balancing motherhood & marriage.  Maya speaks her truth as a mother & because of her courage, she sets trends & was featured on MSN, ABC News, USMagazine, & more. She shares her journey w/ us & even though it hasn't always been easy, she wouldn't trade the beautiful chaos that we call motherhood. Don't forget to take advantage of that awesome Audible offer! Go to Audible.com/babes or text BABES to 500-500!
Jul 02, 2018
EP21: The Science of Egg Freezing

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined by fertility nurse & women's health advocate Whitney Bischoff Angel. Whitney shares the egg freezing process & answers listener questions. She educates women to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to their reproductive health. Carly went to visit Whiney at the Ova office in Chicago (pre Bella days) & shares her personal journey of freezing her fertility. Whitney is an expert on the topic & really gets Liz thinking that she may have to pay her a visit. After all, Ova's motto is "Your fertility is never going to be as young as it is today. Why wait?"

Jun 25, 2018
EP20: Hubby Hacked! Daddy Podcast Takeover

Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Tanner, Jade's husband, and Evan, Carly's husband. This is Tanner's 1st Father's Day & Evan's 1st since having a little girl. They share how having kids effects your life & your marriage. They answer listener questions about parental roles, expectations, & balancing work & family time. They dive into deep conversations & as always, keep it real. We love & appreciate our fathers & our babies' fathers, & hope you had a Happy Father's Day.

Jun 18, 2018
EP19: Pelvic Floor Health & Top Fitness Tips

"The Babes" are keeping it real as they discuss the glamorous life of womanhood & motherhood. Carly updates the Babes on her parent's house hunt in Nashville. Jade talks about how horrible she felt during Emmy's first swim lesson. Elizabeth shares about her meeting with a potential new doula client. Sarah Reardon, a pelvic floor physical therapist, talks all about the importance of pelvic floor health before, during, & after pregnancy. Alexa Jean Brown, aka Alexa Jean Fitness talks all things fitness. She answers the listeners questions and leaves us with three major health tips.

Jun 11, 2018
EP18: Unfiltered w/ the Bachelor's Jamie Otis
The Babes are keeping it real about womanhood & motherhood. Carly talks about her first flights w/ Bella. Jade shares the story of how Tanner became the Fairy GodFather. Liz reports on a funny mishap that happened on her recent road trip. The Babes then welcome Jamie Otis, who was on the Bachelor season 16, but found love on Love at First Sight. Jamie talks about her husband, overcoming miscarriage, the birth of her daughter, & balancing mommy life w/ work. She answers listener questions & leaves us with a few Mommy Tips. She also reveals what she is working on next.
Jun 04, 2018
EP17: We Salute You
"The Babes" discuss the "glamorous" life of womanhood & motherhood. Jade & Carly are getting glammed while besties, Emmy and Bella, get to bond. Liz is visiting home in Vegas after almost a year. They welcome guest Deshauna Barber who is in the Army, was Miss USA, & speaks around the country about the needs of Veterans and how we can get involved. Plus Abby Knapp Morris, who lost her husband in Afghanistan when her daughter was 9 mos, opens up about being a military wife/widow. This episode is dedicated to all who serve in our military. We are so grateful for your service, your sacrifice, and for our freedom!
May 28, 2018
EP16: OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything!
Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka “The Babes” start this episode out by catching up on their Mother’s Day events. It’s Jade and Carly’s first Mother’s Day and they share all of the details that made it special. 
Then the Babes invited Connie, Kim, and Maryann aka “The Babes’ Mom’s” to join the conversation asking them all of the intimate details from their conception to birth. They learn a little more about their mothers as they share some laughs and tears in special Mother’s Day episode. 
May 21, 2018
EP15: This is NUTS…or is it PEA-NUTS?!
Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest & real on pregnancy, labor, &women’s bodies. Jade shares her bad-mom moment for the week. Carly discusses her long time struggle w/ food allergies & why she’s nervous to start Bella on solids. Then guest Justin Baldoni from Jane the Virgin, joins them & talks about being a boss dad & how he’s teamed up with the National Peanut Board to share his experience w/ introducing peanuts to his children. They're joined by Sherry, National Peanut Board dietitian, who shares w/ us when, why, & how to safely introduce peanuts to your kids!
May 14, 2018
EP14: Q&A with THE BABES
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. In this episode the babes do a fun Q&A from listeners who want to know some intimate details of their personal lives! Get the inside scoop on their relationships, sex lives, and motherhood.
May 07, 2018
EP13: Smashing the Stigma
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" start this episode out by catching each other up on their week's events. Carly talks about her date night with Evan and tells us about how dating has changed since becoming a mom. Jade confesses to breastfeeding on a ride at Disney World and getting stuck when it broke down.  Liz shares her excitement about her client who had a successful VBAC this week.
The Babes then bring on special guest, Johanna Kandel, to educate them on why eating disorders are on the rise for women in their forties.  Johanna founded the nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, which provides outreach, education, and intervention.  She worked hard to get Barack Obama to sign a piece of legislature to educate health providers on eating disorders.  Johanna smashes the stigma that eating disorders are a choice.  They are a serious biologically-influenced mental illness.  She shares her story of fear of infertility and how her unexpected pregnancy brought everything in her life full circle. The Babes then have Erin Childs, a mother of four boys, share her journey of struggling with an eating disorder.  She opens up about how it has effected her as a wife and mother and how she now strives to support others who are going through it. 4 out 10 Americans have either suffered or have known someone who has suffered from an eating disorder.  Listen to this episode to learn all about how to help those who are suffering.
Apr 30, 2018
Episode 12: Shining with Ashley LeMieux
Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka "The Babes" feel inspired and uplifted this episode as special guest Ashley LeMieux comes on for a personal and heart opening interview. The babes start with girl talk as Jade shares her amazing hair makeover she got recently before they dive into dream meanings, forgetting people's names, getting exterminated and having all the laughs. Ashley LeMieux, founder of The Shine Project, joins the conversation to share her story of love, sacrifice, loss, and change.  She inspires women globally and makes a difference in the lives of inner city kids in her community despite the obstacles and loss that she's faced. She leaves the Babes feeling inspired as she shares her strength and voice of hope that will leave you feeling like you can overcome life's challenges. 
Apr 23, 2018
EP11: ALL Things mom w/ Guest Catherine Giudici Lowe

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies.

 Jade begins by telling Carly and Liz the cringiest story about a childs’ first birthday she attended over the weekend, and how she failed BIG TIME. It’s everyone worst nightmare, and also a story full of hilarity. 

The Babes then welcome special guest, and Bachelor Favorite Catherine Giudici Lowe. Catherine opens up about ALL things mom. She talks about her first pregnancy with son Samuel, as well as his birth story. How her second pregnancy is going. Her relationship with Sean, and how she keeps the spark alive.  And gives the most real, wise, and poignant advice for all of us moms out there!

Apr 16, 2018
EP10: Girl Talk with Juelia Kinney

The Babes are joined by guest host Juelia Kinney from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Juelia talks about how she got her babe bod back after giving birth to daughter Ireland, dating as a single mom, raising a girl, and the big changes in her life since the Bachelor! (Like, could be become Carly’s sister!?)

Apr 09, 2018
EP09: Getting the Scoop on Brittany Aldean’s and her "Real Reel” Mom Life
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. The Babes welcome special guest, and Mom Crush, Brittany Aldean who opens up about her life with son Memphis. Brittany also shares a secret about her pregnancy that she has never revealed before. She also doesn’t hold back about the “Real Reel” life as she’s keeps it authentic on her social media about motherhood. Also the Babes laugh this week about Carly’s Bad Mom moment, and Elizabeth’s breastfeeding dream. For $125 off your mattress, two free pillows, and free shipping, go to nectarsleep.com/babes
Apr 02, 2018
EP08: Endometriosis Awareness Month

The babes, Carly, Jade and Liz, talk with guests Danielle Jones OB-GYN, and endometriosis advocate, Shelley Hopper all about the elusive disease endometriosis. The babes learn the staggering statistics of women living with endometriosis, what the symptoms are, is there treatment or a cure, and what the best way is to support someone dealing with endo. These guests offer an insightful, informational, and educational look into a silent disease that needs louder voices like theirs advocating. Today's episode is brought to you by Audible, for a free audiobook and 30-day trial membership, go to audible.com/babes or text BABES to 500-500. And for 15% off your order of $100+ go to modcloth.com and enter code BABES at checkout!

Mar 25, 2018
EP07: 4th Trimester Talks with Postpartum Doula Anna
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are getting personal with Postpartum Doula, Anna Bonick. In episode 7, the Babes shed light on the fourth trimester and why those first few months of motherhood can be so difficult. Jade and Carly open up about the anxieties they have faced entering into motherhood and adjusting to life with a little one. They ask Anna questions about PPA and what’s normal during this time and when it’s a good idea to seek help. Anna shares facts, experiences, and comfort with the Babes in knowing you never have to be on this journey alone. It really does take a village. Today's episode is brought to you by Nectar--for $125 off, two pillows, and free shipping go to nectarsleep.com/babes
Mar 19, 2018
EP06: Girl Talk. Q&A with The Babes
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. In Episode 6 the Babes recap on Carly’s weeks with the new baby Bella and see how it’s been crossing into the threshold of motherhood. Jade discusses her milestones with her 7 month old Emmy. Jade and Carly also play bad mom vs good mom for the week. Anyone else a germaphobe or pro germs? Elizabeth, Jade and Carly then answer some listener questions…Such as “How did you choose your OBGYN or Midwife?” “How did you form a birth plan?” and “What was your pregnancy fitness routine/diet? Get to know the Babes a little better as they dish all! Today's episode is brought to you by Nectar mattresses. Get $125 OFF and two free premium pillows with any mattress order AND free delivery at nectarsleep.com/babes
Mar 12, 2018
EP05: CARLY’S (and Bella’s) BIRTH STORY
The Babes keep it real about pregnancy, labor, and bodies. They welcome Carly’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth, a physician's assistant and new mom, to discuss expectations of birth as a medical provider vs reality. They also ask Elizabeth her most notable Bad Mom vs Good Mom moments. THEN Carly shares her (and Bella’s) birth story! Isabella Evelyn arrived Feb 15th and ran the show on her birthday! Carly is excited to share the tender, funny, and difficult moments of the birth and recovery. Jade also shares one of Emmy’s milestones that makes the babes' hearts melt.
Mar 05, 2018
EP04: Lettuce Turnip the Beet: Nutrition w/ L.E.A.N. Coach Koryn Rigotti
Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly play a funny game of “Would You Rather” Moms edition! Babes & Babies guest, Koryn, Elizabeth’s older sister and certified L.E.A.N. coach, dives into her passion: the importance of nutrition pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and for kids.
Jade and Koryn share about finding the balance in mom life and talk about Jade's journey with introducing solids to her daughter Emerson. The women also touch on breastfeeding and the end of Carly's pregnancy; which, means next week will be Carly's birth story and how baby Bella arrived into this world!
Feb 26, 2018
EP03: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby with Tanner and Evan
Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in 
Episode 3 of Babes&Babies and welcome Tanner and Evan (the husbands) for a major SEX discussion.
Jade opens up about her sex life and doesn’t hold back! How has her sex life changed from before pregnancy, during, and postpartum? Has it effected her relationship with husband Tanner? What are the emotional and physical changes she has been grappling with? 
Carly also opens up about sex during pregnancy. Is she having way more, way less, same?! 
The Babes then invite Tanner and Evan to explain their side of pregnancy SEX. How much is too much? How much is too little? Do they still have the same attraction and physical needs that they did pre pregnancy? The men show a raw side in this major discussion that is well informed and necessary for women out there to hear. 
Feb 19, 2018
EP02: Babes and Babies with Babe Amanda Stanton
This week, Amanda Stanton, Bachelor fan favorite, pops her head in to talk about raising two adorable daughters as a single mom. Amanda also opens up about both of her pregnancies, birth stories, and that dreaded weight gain during the process. She gives Carly and Jade great mom advice on how to keep it real and enjoy all the moments kids bring as they grow older. She also gets us super excited about the launch of her new mommy/daughter fashion line! Meanwhile, Jade's daughter Emmy joins in on the fun!
Feb 12, 2018
EP01: Carly’s Countdown to Baby Bass

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in the first episode of Babes&Babies.

Carly opens up about the ups and downs of her pregnancy as she closes in on the last two weeks before birth. Is she ready? How does she feel about her changing body? How is she feeling about labor? Does she have a Birthplan? What does a Birthplan even entail? AND the judgment behind either choosing TO or NOT choosing to make one.

Jade and Elizabeth weigh in on what to expect and all of the options that go into natural and assisted births. Do Jade and Carly have the same ideals about birth? What options DO women have for laboring? Jade lets us in on her birth story and discloses some of the NOT so glamorous, super real after effects of having a vaginal birth, and discloses some funny stories about her husband Tanner from the delivery room.

Feb 06, 2018