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Hosted by Rich Langton from Hillsong Creative, listen to exclusive interviews with creative experts & influencers from around the world. Hear from producers & artists who have worked with the world's leading brands and performers, award-winning writers and designers as well as our own team from Hillsong Worship, United, and Young & Free. Get behind the scenes with the dreamers & doers in various spheres and creative disciplines. You'll be encouraged, inspired, and challenged as we find out what they’ve learnt and what we can learn from their journey!

Episode Date
021 From dream to reality - ft Ben & Alissa Poppett (Wanderers Travel Co.)
Ben & Alissa Poppett, founders of Wanderers Travel Co., talk about the startup what the journey looked like to turn a dream into a thriving, inspiring business. They share about the importance of excellence in every bit of the process including scaling and growing a team, and the reality of what it takes to build a brand to be proud of. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 3, “Psalms of Ascent”, and join the #100daycreativechallenge as we prepare for Worship & Creative Conference 2018.
Aug 12, 2018
020 Jonathan "JD" Douglass (Hillsong United) - Godly confidence in the seen and unseen
Season 3 of the Podcast kicks off with an interview with JD from Hillsong United. Known around the world for his passionate worship leading, he shares his journey of confidence that is unshaken by the ups and downs of life and opportunity, but rooted firmly in Christ. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 3, “Psalms of Ascent”, and join the #100daycreativechallenge as we prepare for Worship & Creative Conference 2018.
Aug 04, 2018
019 Bonus - Special Announcement!
We're on a short break after finishing Season 2, but we had something special to share that couldn't wait till Season 3. So here's a bonus episode with a special announcement!
Jul 23, 2018
018 The Art of Rescue - ft Cass Langton (Global Creative Pastor)
In the final episode for Season 2, we have a signature message from Cass Langton, “The Art of Rescue”. Spoken at our first ever Worship & Creative Conference. She speaks to the heart and purpose of creativity, how we steward our gifts and find our creative callings. This special episode will inspire creatives in every artistic sphere, and stir imagination for how to pursue creativity that changes the world. Make sure to stick around after the message for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
Jul 02, 2018
017 A balanced life and being your creative best - ft Joel A'Bell (Hillsong Australia Lead Pastor)
Joel A’Bell, lead pastor of Hillsong Church Australia, reveals the catalyst that led him to a full stop in the process to find work/life balance. Joel shares on the significance of being interruptible so others can come and glean from the harvest in our life, and bring your best to your creativity. With a background in IT, he also talks about the power of technology, structures and systems to enable Christ-like growth, and in growing leaders, how talent is pinpointed before it’s developed. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
Jun 25, 2018
016 From conference stages to a welcoming environment - ft Kris Mateika (Stage & Set Design)
Step into the world of innovative creativity on a budget and deadlines, with our resident stage design genius; Kris Mateika. Passionate about transforming church auditoriums into spaces that say “welcome home”, she shares insights into her creative process, working with a variety of teams to execute an idea, and going from the dreaming stages to scaling back an idea whilst maintaining its integrity. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
Jun 18, 2018
015 Debunking the myths about practice - ft The Practice Panel
Practice, practice, practice! In this special episode, we have a panel interview with 4 incredible guests from various creative disciplines including music, film creation, audio, and dance. They cover how to prioritize practice amidst full and busy lives, what their practice disciplines have looked like over the years, and debunking the myth that talent is everything. We get so many requests to share what we do at Team Nights, so we thought this was the perfect interview to share with our Podcast listeners! Enjoy this exclusive interview from Hills Team Night with Sebastian Strand, Tabitha Alfredsson, Chelsea LaRosa, and Muchiri Gateri. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
Jun 11, 2018
014 The creative power of art & imagination - ft Jeremy Courtney (Preemptive Love Coalition)
Is there a place for art in devastated places? Join Jeremy Court, founder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, as he talks about the impact of art and story from his perspective on the front lines of providing aid in some of the most war-torn parts of the world. Hear him discuss how imagination threatens groups like ISIS as well as how making soap brought hope and transformation to an entire community. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
Jun 05, 2018
013 Managing ego and creative relationships - ft Ben Nicholson (Video Content Director)
Ben Nicholson, a highly accredited video director and creative producer, talks about his personal journey of starting out in the field and how he found himself working with Grammy-Award winning artists and events like the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Ben discusses the significance of finding a balanced rhythm in the midst of a fast-paced industry, prioritizing relationships and community in addition to task. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
May 28, 2018
012 Healthy growth and managing volunteers - ft Chris Davenport (Hillsong NYC Creative Pastor)
Hear Chris Davenport discuss the ins and outs of being the creative pastor at Hillsong NYC as well as the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy culture in an actively growing team. Working with a volunteer team in the city that never sleeps, Chris provides key tips to become an intentional leader, prioritizing detail and consistent communication in a creative environment. Make sure to stick around after the interview for the special segment in Season 2, “The Creative Compass”.
May 21, 2018
011 Rich Langton (Hillsong Creative Pastor) - Healthy culture & caring for your team
Season 2 of the Podcast kicks off with a special interview with host Rich Langton. Rich and his wife Cass lead and pastor the Hillsong Creative team, with him focusing on the leadership of the team in Australia. He speaks vulnerably about his journey over the years and the unexpected paths in following Christ’s calling for his life. Rich shares passionately about creating a healthy team culture, where people are pastored and cared for alongside the stewarding of their contribution, including when tough conversations need to be had.
May 14, 2018
010 Brooke Ligertwood (Hillsong Worship) - Authentic worship & creativity, and There Is More album
Only days after its worldwide release, hear Brooke Ligertwood talk about putting together the new Hillsong Worship album “There Is More”. Along with discussing some of the new songs including “New Wine”, she explains the creative process behind the album, focused not simply on a theme but labouring to find which songs are right for this season. She shares her heart on finding new expression for unchanging, timeless truths as well as what it means to authentically worship & create from our own relationship with Jesus. P.S. This is the last episode for Season 1 of the podcast. We’ll be back in a few weeks with more insightful interviews with a variety of guests, as well as some exciting new segments in Season 2!
Apr 09, 2018
009 Ben Fielding (Hillsong Worship) - Songwriting, collaboration, and What a Beautiful Name
Ben Fielding, worship leader and Grammy Award-winning songwriter from Hillsong Worship, discusses the process of writing songs, and developing a culture of feedback and collaboration with other writers. Having penned some of the modern Church’s most wide-reaching songs like Mighty to Save and What a Beautiful Name, Ben unpacks the importance of melody and Biblical lyrics, and his heart for writing worship anthems that point people to Jesus.
Apr 03, 2018
008 Brian Houston (Global Senior Pastor) - There Is More
Join Brian Houston, founder and Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, as he shares wisdom from over 40 years of ministry. Brian offers profound insight on partnering with God in dreaming for more for our lives and our creativity, which is the theme of his new book ‘There Is More’. He also talks about the process of building credibility throughout your life in both good times and bad as well as how life is founded on our consistent everyday decisions.
Mar 26, 2018
007 Cass Langton Part 2 (Global Creative Pastor) - Leading creatives & finding your own unique voice
In the second installment of this interview with Cass Langton, the Global Worship & Creative Pastor of Hillsong Church, we hear about the challenges and joys of leading talented and gifted individuals, and finding your own unique voice as a creative person. She gives insight on what it has meant to support the vision of leaders and senior pastors in her 20 years as part Hillsong Church. Cass also talks candidly about the dreaming and the preparation leading up to Colour Conference and collaborating with Ps Bobbie Houston, as well as sharing her reflections and heart for the annual Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference.
Mar 18, 2018
006 Cass Langton Part 1 (Global Creative Pastor) - Creativity in the Church, artisans as evangelists
In the first of a 2-part interview with Hillsong Church’s Global Worship and Creative Pastor, Cass Langton talks about the importance of developing a Christ-centered and inclusive creative team. Cass shares milestones and wisdom gathered from her own journey into creative leadership, highlighting the significance of “hidden seasons,” building margin to continually hear from God, and her heart for creatives in the Church.
Mar 12, 2018
005 David Whitworth (Bethel Music) - Collaborating with different artists
Hear David Whitworth dive into the role of a recording and travelling musician with Bethel Music, keeping a fixed vision while dealing with setbacks and the need for constant output. David shares his personal experiences of collaborative music creation and developing a unique creative rapport with different artists. He talks about the importance of having a creative outlet and finding new ways to stretch his craft of musicianship.
Mar 05, 2018
004 Jay Argaet (Art Director) - Creating album covers for Hillsong United
Jay Argaet, Global Communications and Art Director of Hillsong Church, unmasks the execution of creating a visual identity for the church. He talks about the importance of structure and parameters while pushing the limits of an oftentimes chaotic environment. Listen to Jay demystify the process to harvest wild ideas and dream for the impossible, including the tumultuous journey behind creating the artwork for Hillsong United’s recent album “Wonder”.
Feb 26, 2018
003 Charles Nieman (Author & Pastor) - Creating through hardship
Pastor Charles Nieman is a man of discipline who learned the art of chewing on revelation before putting pen to paper. Hear Pastor Nieman share the journey of Abundant Life Faith Center, with over 30,000 members. He shares honestly and vulnerably about losing his wife to cancer, and the insights and lessons he’s learnt from this journey, including how to keep going and keep creating through the worst hardship in life.
Feb 15, 2018
002 Stefan Kunz: Typographer with creative giants like Apple & Adobe
Listen to Stefan Kunz, lettering artist & teacher, as he shares the story of how he dropped a desk job to follow the call of God at the dawn of his creative pursuit. Stefan sees himself as somewhat of a brand manager for the kingdom of God, helping to visually and creatively communicate the message of the Gospel. With more than 200k followers on Instagram and creative partnerships with industry giants such as Apple, Adobe, & Hallmark, Stefan breaks down his own process in the hope of inspiring other creatives.
Feb 08, 2018
001 Taya Smith (Hillsong United) - Small Beginnings
In this heartfelt interview with Taya Smith from Hillsong United, she shares her journey of seemingly small beginnings that laid the foundation for everything she does now. She talks openly about the stretch and capacity of a busy, travel-filled life and the process of learning to rely on God in every season. She also explains how she’s learnt to bring her own story and revelation of Christ to the songs she has the opportunity to sing and steward.
Feb 01, 2018