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Too much adverts
 Feb 17, 2019
Why start to tell a story only to stop for a adverts 2 or 3 minutes into it. Highly distracting and an instant channel changer

 Jan 30, 2019

 Jan 25, 2019
Really enjoy getting the original way the story was told. keep up the great work.

Johnathan Durfey
 Jan 3, 2019
Loving the stories so far and the way they're told. if you like a good tale this is a podcast for you.

 Dec 9, 2018


You think you know the story…But do you really? Every other Saturday, Tales presents ancient fairy tales the way they were originally told: orally, and unadulterated. Tales is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media production.

Episode Date
Little Red Riding Hood
A story that has been told for generations all over the world. The modern retelling is well known however, the French, Thai and Norwegian versions vary significantly. In some versions the antagonist tricks the young girl into cannibalizing her grandmother. One thing remains constant: sweet innocent grandma does not make it out alive.&nbsp;<br><br><br>Sponsors!<br><br><br>BetterHelp - Tales listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code TALES when you go to BetterHelp.com/Tales.<br><br><br>Shudder - Head over to DiscoveryOfWitchesTV.com and use promo code TALES15 for a free 30-day trial of either Shudder or Sundance Now.<br><br><br>SugarBearHair -&nbsp; Go to SugarBearHair.com/TALES for amazing hair and a healthier you.<br><br><br>
Feb 16, 2019
Puss in Boots
By 1697 the story of an incredible cat spread to Paris, where author Charles Perrault created his own version, entitling it <em>La Maître Chat, ou le Chat Botté</em> which means “The Master Cat, or The Booted Cat.” Unlike his modern DreamWorks counterpart, Puss in Boots was originally female, overshadowed by her male counterpart.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Torrid - Go to Torrid.com and use Promo Code TALES15 for $15 off every $50 you spend! That means you can get up to $150 off a $500 order!<br><br>
Feb 02, 2019
The Enchanted Quill
A crow enlists the help of a woman, instructing her to pluck a feather to make magical wishes. The feather gives her the power to refuse suitors and cook delicious meals. The Enchanted Quill is one of 500 fairy tales preserved in a collection that belonged to historian folklorist Franz Xaver von Schönwerth in the 1860s.&nbsp;<br><br>Parcasters - Hear Hercules as you’ve never heard him before on this week’s episode of Mythology!<br><br>
Jan 19, 2019
The Snow Queen
Disney’s Frozen has nothing on this dark and devastating Danish fairy tale. “The Snow Queen” was first published in 1844 by Hans Christian Andersen and has since been adapted into movies, television shows, operas and ballets. Two children, Gerda and Kay, battle the Snow Queen and try to find a balance between good versus evil.<br><br>
Jan 05, 2019
Br’er Rabbit
Rooted in both African and Native American legend, Br’er Rabbit, is a collection of folklore first published in 1881 by Joel Chandler Harris. Br’er Rabbit represents not only enlightenment and rebellion against authority, but also deceit, greed, spite and even homicidal rage.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Outdoor Voices - For 20% off your first order of $100 or more, visit OutdoorVoices.com/TALES and enter TALES.&nbsp;<br><br>Torrid - Go to Torrid.com and use Promo Code TALES15 for $15 off every $50 you spend! That means you can get up to $150 off a $500 order!&nbsp;<br><br>
Dec 22, 2018
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
This well known warning teaches us that liars are not believed, even when they speak the truth. Do you know the dangerous outcome of weaving tall tales?<br><br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Audible - Get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month by going to Audible.com/FairyTales or text FairyTales to 500 500.
Dec 08, 2018
Sinbad the Sailor II
Sinbad is back on his ship and setting sail for Persia, hopefully one of his most lucrative trips yet. However, it is not money that Sinbad is looking for… but love.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Bombas - Go to Bombas.com/TALES and use the code TALES for 20% off your first order.<br><br>Zola - To start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry, go to Zola.com/TALES.<br><br><br>
Nov 24, 2018
Sinbad the Sailor
Confronted with stormy seas, monsters and pirates,&nbsp; Sinbad the fearless sailor, must attempt to steal the magical, “Book of Peace.” Will he complete his journey after being shipwrecked in Basra?<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Watch the New Season of Lore out now, only on Prime Video.<br><br><br>Away - For $20 off a suitcase, visit AwayTravel.com/TALES and use promo code TALES during checkout!&nbsp;<br><br>Follain - For only $22 try the Clean Essentials Kit today. Go to Follain.com/TALES and enter code TALES at checkout for free shipping.
Nov 10, 2018
Peter Pan III
Hurt and unable to fly, it seems like Peter Pan is out of luck. Will anyone be there to come to his aid when he needs it the most?<br><br><br>Subscribe now to our new podcast HOSTAGE, featuring the riveting story of Patty Hearst's abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army.<br><br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Watch the New Season of Lore October 19, only on Prime Video.<br><br>
Oct 27, 2018
Peter Pan II
Not only does a jealous Tinkerbell attempt to murder Wendy, but we find out about a much darker side to Peter Pan.&nbsp;<br>Sponsors!&nbsp;<br>Casper - Get $50 toward select mattresses by visiting Casper.com/TALES and using TALES at checkout.
Oct 13, 2018
Peter Pan
In this version, young Peter flies to an island and introduces himself as Peter the Bird. Upon learning he is not a bird, but human, he loses faith in his ability to fly. Stuck on the island, Peter asks the birds for help in hopes of returning home to his mother. When he finally returns to the window of his home and sees her, he discovers that in life, there are no second chances.<br>Sponsors!<br>Bombas - Go to Bombas.com/TALES and use the code TALES for 20% off your first order.<br>Away - For $20 off a suitcase, visit AwayTravel.com/TALES and use promo code TALES during checkout.
Sep 29, 2018
Hercules II
Once he completed the twelve labors and paid his debt to society, Hercules married Deianira. Their marriage was a happy one until he accidentally put on a poison tunic. The pain was so intense, Hercules decided that he would rather die than endure the torturous poison. But in death, he would find something he never thought he’d find.&nbsp;
Sep 15, 2018
After strangling his music teacher Linos in a fit of rage, Hercules was confronted by two beautiful women, Vice and Virtue. He was to choose a path for the rest of his life. One would be a path of hardship leading to glory. The other a path of pleasure and irresponsibility. Which path would he choose?
Sep 01, 2018
The Fountain of Youth
One day, Toshiro the wood cutter wandered into a remote part of the forest to cut wood and drank from a nearby pond.&nbsp; In his reflection, he saw a man only 25 years old - the water had transformed him. His wife, Chizue insisted that she should drink from the same pond, to become as young as her husband - but she never returned. Toshiro returned to the pond, only to find a terrible surprise.
Aug 18, 2018
Welcome Trailer!
The Frog Prince. Sleeping Beauty. Beauty and the Beast.You think you know these stories, but do you really? Every other Saturday, Tales presents the original versions of fairy tales, not the popular, watered-down versions. Tales premieres Saturday, February 17th. Here is a sneak peek.
Feb 05, 2018
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