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Category: Arts

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 Jul 22, 2020

 Apr 17, 2020

 Jan 16, 2020

Chuck Wagon
 Oct 29, 2019
Fantastic. I'm a big fan of 99% invisible, Myths and Legends, and Stuff you should know. Tales has become my favorite.

 Aug 17, 2019
This is a wonderful show. It's so refreshing to listen to tales oftentimes different from the versions we've grown up with. Thank you! Tuning in from Havana 🇨🇺


Traditional fairy tales aren’t exactly suitable for kids. Women vomit spiders. Children get eaten. There’s even murder! Every Wednesday, we take you through the twists and turns of the dark origins of your favorite pieces of folklore. To listen to the full Tales catalog for free, be sure to subscribe on Spotify!

Episode Date
Snow White Pt. 2
She may have escaped from the Queen's castle, but Snow White’s challenges are far from over. Will the new family she finds in the woods be enough to protect her from the queen's wrath?
Nov 18, 2020
Snow White Pt. 1
A brothers Grimm classic, Snow White is a truly timeless story. In this episode, experience the strange origins of the titular character, and the jealousy that made her childhood perilous...
Nov 11, 2020
Zerendac & Abu Freywar
First recorded in 1904, this story is similar to France’s “Bluebeard,” with a uniquely Palestinian twist. In a land that is so often torn apart by struggle, its main character will not be taken without a fight.
Nov 04, 2020
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pt. 2
After a failed proposal to the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel, Ichabod takes his heartbreak to the stables, borrowing a horse for a quick nighttime ride… where he encounters the headless terror who haunts Sleepy Hollow. 
Oct 28, 2020
True Horror: Top 10 Haunted Crime Scenes
Parcast Network is spinning a web of new shows and special programming to celebrate our favorite season. Follow us into the darkest depths of history, mystery, and the human mind — starting with this episode of Crime Countdown! Hosts Ash and Alaina are ranking the top 10 haunted crime scenes, including an Irish castle with a deadly trap door and the home of a ghostly bride.  If you enjoy this episode, search Crime Countdown to find more passionate takes on top-ten rankings. Listen free on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! 
Oct 22, 2020
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pt. 1
When a teacher named Ichabod Crane moves to Sleepy Hollow, he's intrigued by tales of the Headless Horseman, said to haunt the town. But he soon learns that the ghost might be more than just a story… 
Oct 21, 2020
The Coyote Teodora
This Central American folktale is a story of love, distrust, and betrayal, set in a country that was recently colonized by the Spanish and rife with distrust and bad blood.
Oct 14, 2020
All New! Superstitions
Every Wednesday, meet us at the intersection of chaos and fate… We’re unveiling the backstories and hidden lessons inside superstitions from around the world, and telling the stories of those who dare to defy them. Are these eerie codes of conduct simply about exerting control in an unpredictable world? Or can we truly sway supernatural forces to work in our favor? Enjoy this exclusive clip from our episode on black cats. Then search Superstitions to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 
Oct 13, 2020