Mike Drop

By Mike Ritland

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Category: Society & Culture

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K Hart
 May 3, 2019
Found this podcast as a result of the publicity around the Lara Logan podcast episode. I thought Mike's approach of just letting the guest speak and just asking good questions is refreshing, as is his courage to just talk reasonably about difficult subjects eg race with Nicholas Irving. Interesting man.

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 17, 2018


The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.

Episode Date
Episode 48: Nikki Selby - Airborne Angel
<p>A strong, powerful and independent woman who perseveres through whatever stands in her way... is a perfect description for my guest on this episode. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lt. Commander Nikki Selby, a combat veteran flight nurse with an absolutely incredible story she was kind enough to share with us. Prepare to be inspired folks- this one is fantastic.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs @originlabsusa</p>
Dec 07, 2019
Episode 47: Jason and Iris Gardner - Back to the Basics
<p>Our way of life that has become routine and ordinary is one of the biggest contributors to our societal degradation. The only way to fix this issue is for each of us to act, and that starts with setting the example. In this episode I sat down with Jason and Iris Gardner, and they exemplify such an example. Very raw emotion from both about life experiences, the horrors of combat, sexual assault, and the positives we can all draw and learn from with those experiences.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs @originusa</p>
Oct 25, 2019
Episode 46: Sam Bonilla - Law and Order, Chicago
<p>There's no job more polarizing and controversial right now than being a police officer. There have been a number of stories in the past few years that have fanned the flames of controversy as it relates to how officers use their authority. It's a constant tough job where split second decisions that have life long impacts occur constantly. This episode I sit down with Sam Bonilla, a captain with a Chicago suburb police department, attorney and USMC vet right in the thick of where our mainstream media highlights such issues. We talk about all things cop, from race relations to drugs, second amendment rights, Body cams, abuse of power and training deficiencies. Great perspective from a man who's lived it for over two decades.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs @originusa</p>
Oct 18, 2019
Episode 45: Nick Koumalatsos - Excommunicated Warrior
<p>The rivalry between Marine Raiders (MARSOC) and the SEAL teams is fierce and constant. I'm often asked about the difference between the two, and what they are like. In this episode I sit down with Nick Koumalatsos to talk about them, Force Recon, and all things leatherneck. More importantly, we dive into his book "Excommunicated Warrior" to discuss the path and struggle that exists for veterans as they find their way back into the civilian world upon exiting from the service. Great info and insight about struggle and how to overcome it.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs @originusa</p>
Oct 11, 2019
Episode 44: Eric Maddox - Finding Saddam
<p>Ladies and gentleman... we got em. Those words forever etched in our minds from the day that Saddam Hussein was finally captured after months of raids and tireless searching. I sat down with the man responsible for breaking the source that led to that capture. Saddams right hand man finally gave him up after Eric interrogated him, and account of the amazing journey of the operators that ultimately nabbed him is gripping to say the least.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs @originusa</p>
Oct 04, 2019
Episode 43: Thomas Pecora - Counter-Terrorism
<p>Have you ever wondered what the inner workings of the CIA's real life Jack Bauer  style CTC command is really like? In this episode we find out all things related to it, as well as the CIA's overseas security details at every level. I sat down with Thomas Pecora and discussed his new book "Guardian" and got a ton of insight into the dark world of anti terrorism that most people only watch movies about. I was on the edge of my seat to say the least!!</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs &amp; @originusa</p>
Sep 27, 2019
Episode 42: Matt Pittman - Meat Church
<p>You guys asked for it, and I'm delivering it. Matt Pittman of Meat Church baptizing the Mike Drop podcast with all kinds of crazy BBQ knowledge. We talk all things meat, delving into all the intricacies of the most primal cooking method out there. No shortage of info to get you up to speed to throw down in your backyard in this one.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs &amp; @originusa</p>
Sep 20, 2019
Episode 41: Jaeson Jones - Cartels, Drugs, and Walls
<p>The tumultuous situation at the border is more complicated than we hear about in the media. We only hear what they want us to, and it’s not even close to what really goes on. In this episode I sit down with Jaeson Jones, former higher up at the Texas department of public safety, where he ran counter terrorism/narcotic operations as well as the renowned Texas rangers. We get into all things border security, drug legalization, and how to combat the constant pressure coming up towards us. There’s a lot of dicey situations uncovered in this one, strap in and hold on.</p> <p>Sponsored by @originlabs &amp; @originusa</p>
Sep 13, 2019
040 John Nores
There are many dark elements of our society that we rarely get to see light being shone upon. I sit down with Lt. John Nores of the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife highlighting the dangerous work he & his teammates have done combatting the environmentally devastating marijuana grow sites in CA. Lots of riveting operational stories in this one. https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-War-Operations-Reclaiming-Wildlands/ Sponsored by @originlabs & @originusa
Aug 16, 2019
039 Dakota Meyer
There are times in life when you are faced with impossible decisions. Impossible decisions that no matter what you pick, the outcome is of the gravest of consequences, and people die. This episode I had the honor of hearing first hand that experience from the one and only Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient and world class patriot. The depth of this interview can not be overstated, one that every American should listen to. @dakotameyer0317 Sponsored by Origin Labs & Origin USA
Aug 09, 2019
038 Tony Blauer
How prepared are you in terms being attacked in a real work setting? Violence is part of human nature, & there are examples all day everyday of people who are woefully underprepared for it. I sit down with the legend, Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems. Tony is the real deal and after 40 years studying violence, mindset, resiliency & more his program is much deeper than a how to punch or choke someone out, there are so many good real world lessons in this one!
Jul 26, 2019
037 Taylor Canfield
The SEAL teams are filled with ultra competitive over achievers, men who set their minds to accomplish a goal & don’t stop until they are either successful or dead. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to sit down one of those men in this episode. Former combat veteran SEAL, SEAL K9 handler & now NASCAR race car driver Taylor Canfield joins me and tells his gripping story of overcoming challenges and ultimately kicking life where it deserves. No shortage of inspiration on this one! @Taylor1canfield
Jul 12, 2019
036 Emily Joy Hills
It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly unique & inspiring my guests are. This episode I sit down with Emily aka gunbunny actual & talk about her gripping story of turmoil & perseverance through some tumultuous events growing up & into adulthood. From childhood trauma to becoming an Army Apache helicopter pilot, there is no shortage of motivation to succeed in this one. Sit down, buckle up & hold on for a wild ride, enjoy! @gunbunnyactual
Jun 28, 2019
035 Nick “The Reaper” Irving
You guys asked for it, & you got it. Circling back with the reaper, aka Nick Irving. After such positive feedback after our first episode with him, we sit down again & go deeper into some of the social policies we talked about the first time, what he’s been up to since that episode as well as his new book & what’s coming down the pipeline. Reaper: Threat Zero https://www.amazon.com/Reaper-Threat-Zero-Sniper-Novel/dp/125012736X/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=Reaper%3A+Threat+Zero&qid=1560143063&s=gateway&sr
Jun 10, 2019
034 Hamody Jasim
There are times in our lives when we feel defeated, at our lowest, and like we can’t win. Most often here in this country, the “problems” that we complain about are very trivial. I talk a lot about perspective on my shows and how we should all use it to gain insight on the issues we face. I sit down with Hamody Jasim & talk about his time growing up in Iraq during Saddam's reign & post regime. A remarkable & moving episode.  @the_terrorist_whisperer The Terrorist Whisperer https://amzn.to/2IjvI7M
Jun 03, 2019
033 Mike Sauers & Samantha Bonilla
What do you think of when you hear the term “power couple”? Think no longer, in this episode I sit down with former SEAL and Forged clothing co-founder Mike Sauers and his beautiful former marine turned model/private investigator/veteran and first responder advocate Samantha Bonilla. There’s no shortage of back and forth between the adventurous duo in this comedic episode of both of their life stories.  @forgedmike @samantha_r_bonilla
May 24, 2019
032 Remi Adeleke
Where does your perspective come from? Is it influenced by real life experiences from having been immersed in other cultures or is it sheltered by affluent America? This episode gives a nod to the former as I sit down with an incredible man born in Nigeria, who’s also a former Navy SEAL, Man of God, actor and all around amazing human being. Remi Adeleke shares with us his real life coming to America story in this incredible episode of inspiring perseverance. Pick up his book https://amzn.to/2GY5MPj
May 03, 2019
031 Chris Osman Part II
Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be locked up abroad? Well, wait no longer, in this episode I sit back down with former Navy SEAL, Chris Osman, after recently being arrested & jailed in Haiti. You may have seen the headlines & stories about what he and others were doing out there. We talk about what happened from beginning to end. You won’t want to miss this one, truly an eye opener for even the most seasoned world traveler. @_chris_osman_designs
Apr 19, 2019
031 Chris Osman Part I
If a former Marine turned SEAL started his own tactical gear company at the turn of the century before all the big name companies do, what do you suppose would come of that? A self made entrepreneur with a ton of lessons learned the hard way so you don’t have to. In this episode I sit down with Chris Osman who graduated BUD/s class 215 with me, we talk about his military time, combat & transitioning into a multi-million dollar business owner. @_chris_osman_designs
Apr 19, 2019
030 Shawn Ryan
Former Navy SEAL CIA security contractor Trained Keanu Reeves for John Wick to be even more of a bad ass Reminds you of Dirty Harry 2.0 with his Sahara Desert bone dry sarcasm This episode I sit down with Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite to discuss all things bad ass. No feelings spared here (are you surprised at this point?) and lots of good info and stories shared in true Mike Drop fashion.  Vigilanceelite.com instagram.com/shawnryan762
Apr 12, 2019
029 Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
What do years of figure and fitness competitions followed by becoming a doctor of health and nutrition give you? Grab your notebooks and pay attention, this episode I sit down with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and talk about all things nutrition and fitness. A ton of great useable and pertinent info on this one that I’m still learning from. @drgabriellelyon
Apr 05, 2019
028 Collin Joseph
From pipeline welder to successful online fitness coach, entrepreneur and body builder, this episode I sit down with Canadian Collin Mayne to talk about his inspirational journey to get to where he is today. A number of great lessons learned on this one for starting your own brand/business, as well as some motivation for getting after it in the gym. @collinJoseph_fit
Apr 05, 2019
027 JP Dinnell
When teachers of leadership & excellence share their motivation & lessons learned, it’s imperative that they have the real world examples of walking that walk to back it up. The guest of this episode couldn’t be a better example of overcoming odds and setting the example for all of us to live by. I sat down with former SEAL & Echelon Front instructor JP Dinnell where he gives us the riveting example of what determination and never settling while striving for greatness looks like. instagram.com/jpdinne
Mar 22, 2019
026 Dr. Jason Piccolo
With all of the current political infighting about border security, the wall, and human trafficking - this episode is a timely & important one. I sat down with Dr. Jason Piccolo, long time border patrol & federal agent to discuss his book “Unwavering." There were many details I learned in this one, & it gives great insight into issues facing our border agents as well as the macro big picture on the political scale. Unwavering: A Border Agent's Journey From Hunter to Hunted https://amzn.to/2O7Kalr
Mar 15, 2019
025 Benito Olson
Combing special operations and working K9’s is the marrying of two things I’m most passionate about. In this episode I sit down with Benito Olsen, former K9 handler attached to SEAL team 6 for numerous combat deployments & remarkably harrowing stories of missions he’s conducted with dogs overseas. The emotions brought during this episode managed to overcome us both and I’m very honored to bring this showcasing of how important & dogs are to our special operations troops.
Mar 01, 2019
024 Lara Logan
6 years ago, Lara Logan interviewed me for a 60 minutes piece. I had the opportunity to interview her in similar fashion. Like you’ve never heard or seen her before, her amazing journey & career as a world renowned journalist, in some of the most dangerous places on earth. The bravery & courage she shows in this interview sharing details of being in war zones as well as being sexually assaulted in Egypt is impossible to overstate. Enter the world of one of the most badass women to ever grace the news worl
Feb 15, 2019
023 Eddie Penney
The parallels of character that exists in a SEAL team 6 operator & devoted father who suddenly found himself taking care of several children by himself immediately returning from combat is incredibly inspiring. I sit down with Eddie Penney, CEO of Contingent group & former SEAL team 6 operator. He gives us amazing insight into the incredibly competent and world famous unit that has been responsible for numerous high level operations. Instagram.com/eddie.penney www.contingentgroup.com
Feb 01, 2019
Team Dog 004
In this Team Dog Podcast episode I talk about my training philosophies and I take a Q&A from the audience. If you own a dog, come JOIN the Trikos Team Dog Community TODAY at www.teamdog.pet for training lessons, a dog den resource site for everything dog (poisonous foods, first aid, equipment, health checks, and more), forums with an active dog community, and Live Video Chats with me to answer any and all questions. Use promo code BETTERDOG for an instant 25% off the yearly membership!
Jan 25, 2019
022 Erika Jayne
What does a former Navy SEAL and a real housewife of Beverly Hills have in common? More than you would think... this episode I sit down with my good friend and protection dog client, the one and only “the pretty mess” aka Erika Jayne. In true Mike Drop fashion no punches are pulled and I ask her what I want to and how I want to ask her about her life and how it is to be the star of a hit TV reality show.  Never a dull moment in this one! www.Erikajayne.com  Instagram.com/@theprettymess
Jan 11, 2019
021 Jeff Nichols
Have you ever wondered how our nations most elite counter terrorism strength and conditioning coaches get those pipe hitters in world class shape? Imagine one who also spent years as a tier one operator himself, then became that same units lead mofo to condition those guys. Good news- you don’t have to imagine. This episode I sit down with former Navy SEAL and CSCS Jeff Nichols @jeffcscs to talk about both his time in the teams as well as becoming the lead human performance coach in the community.
Dec 21, 2018
020 Mario Romero
What would have happened if Neil deGrasse Tyson went into special operations? Well, you’d get what we have on this episode where I sit down with Mario Romero- former Navy SEAL turned Columbia grad and now NASA employee. We talk about his career in the teams and what the transition to math geek/pathway to becoming an astronaut looks like.
Dec 05, 2018
019 Jack Carr
What do you get when you take a SEAL from enlisted to officer, leading men on the battlefield fighting the war on terror to a first time thrilling fiction author with a story based on his knowledge of the government & special operations? Jack Carr is what, ladies & gentleman. Had a blast sitting down with him & catching up after 20 years talking about how his time fighting overseas influenced his brilliant writing career off the battlefield. instagram.com/jackcarrusa twitter.com/jackcarrusa
Nov 16, 2018
018 Johnny Walker
15 years ago, if I had been face to face with this man, there’s a high probability we would have been trying to kill each other. The fact that we are sitting here now the way we are as brothers truly highlights how amazing this nation really is. This episode I sit down with Iraqi interpreter to U.S. Special Operations forces “Johnny Walker”. We talk about his story growing up In Iraq and how he became so heavily involved helping SEALs & ultimately coming here and becoming a U.S. citizen.
Nov 09, 2018
017 Dr. James Mitchell
Have you ever wondered what the inside scoop is on waterboarding and breaking the worlds most dangerous terrorists including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Well, you’re in luck. This episode I had the honor of sitting down with Dr. James Mitchell, the man and patriot behind the interrogation of Al Qaeda leadership in shadowy CIA black sites, as well as the implementation of the enhanced interrogation techniques immediately after 9/11 to thwart future attacks. This one is real eye opener!
Nov 02, 2018
016 David Rutherford
It’s Mr. positivity on this episode folks, Dave Rutherford joins me to talk about all things motivation and a lot of good life lessons. There’s no shortage of meaningful and deep conversation in this one, and journey that Dave has undertaken is truly inspiring. Settle in and enjoy, this one showcases many good rules to live by!
Oct 26, 2018
015 Mike Ritland Q & A Part II
A two part Question and Answer with yours truly. I tried to answer all your questions. This is not a dog specific podcast. However, one common question I received was how to deal with dog loss which I felt would be appropriate to answer on this one. Almost everything I’ve learned I’ve learned the hard way. I hope answering these things for you, will help you out. From leadership, entrepreneurship, hazing, life in the SEAL teams, political topics and much more this two part Q&A is jam packed.
Oct 05, 2018
015 Mike Ritland Q & A Part I
A two part Question and Answer with yours truly. I tried to answer all your questions. This is not a dog specific podcast. However, one common question I received was how to deal with dog loss which I felt would be appropriate to answer on this one. Almost everything I’ve learned I’ve learned the hard way. I hope answering these things for you, will help you out. From leadership, entrepreneurship, hazing, life in the SEAL teams, political topics and much more this two part Q&A is jam packed.
Oct 04, 2018
014 Debbie Lee
Our first Gold Star parent and female guest, Debbie Lee, the mother of Marc Lee who was the first Navy SEAL killed in action in Iraq joins me in a very touching and emotional tribute to her sons sacrifice and what it means to this nation. We discuss her and her sons childhood, the nature of the mission that took her sons life, and how she has ultimately turned her grief into helping scores of veterans and their families with her amazing charity “America’s Mighty Warriors”
Sep 11, 2018
013 Jeff Gonzales
What’s not intense about U.S. special operations battling it out with cartels? From executing counter narc tactics in central and South America, fighting in Panama and then turning it into one of the most successful shooting, consulting and training schools - this episode we sit down with former Navy SEAL and Trident concepts owner Jeff Gonzales to talk about all that and some serious fitness training as well. Packed episode as always and in true Mike Drop fashion.
Aug 31, 2018
Team Dog 003
In this Team Dog episode of Mike Drop, I sit down with Eric and Ted from Working Dog Radio to discuss experiences in K9 training and deployment in law enforcement as well as some risqué undercover sting stories from Eric that you won’t want to miss!!
Aug 15, 2018
012 Health & Fitness
Morning routine. I ask each Mike Drop guest what their morning routine is, and it’s spawned many listeners asking about mine. I’ve tried just about everything I’ve come across over the years with diets and exercise plans, many of which have been a bit off the wall or relatively extreme. In this episode I talk about not only my full morning routine, but the rest of the day during normal work days in terms of nutrition, exercise, sleep and recovery.
Jul 27, 2018
011 Jeremy Mahugh
This episode is a powerful one that will surely hit home. I sit down with Jeremy Mahugh, fellow SEAL and co-founder of Deliver Fund, an anti human trafficking organization. Deliver Fund is a non-profit that utilizes special operations members’ specific skill sets and operational experience to help support law enforcement in combating the human trafficking trade here in the U.S.
Jul 20, 2018
010 Andy Stumpf
This guest has pushed the boundaries of human performance in wingsuit flying and smashed world records in doing so, is a decorated combat veteran Navy SEAL and all around Patriot. Andy Stumpf and I talk about his experiences that have gotten him to where he is today, and also answer a lot of your questions regarding hot bed political and societal issues relevant in our country today. There’s no shortage of perspective and solutions in this episode. AndyStumpf.com
Jul 05, 2018
009 Bryan Black
This episode I sit down with Bryan Black @bryanpblack owner and founder of ITS tactical (Imminent Threat Solutions. We cover a veritable smorgasbord of info in relation to home and personal security, fieldcraft and survival gear, and overall how to make yourself better prepared for a host of predicaments. Lots of good how-to and useful tips in this episode coupled with a number of gear reviews of different products out there. https://www.itstactical.com
Jun 29, 2018
Team Dog 002
In this Team Dog Podcast episode I talk about my training philosophies and I take a Q & A from the audience. If you would like a better relationship with your dog, are having any training issues, join the Team Dog Training Community and train your dog from the comfort of your home with me! www.TeamDog.Pet
Jun 21, 2018
008 Mitch and Kyle
Double dose of inspiration: in this episode I talk with Mitch Aguiar and Kyle Maynard together. I talk with Mitch about his childhood influences and what brought him into the SEAL teams, the mindset motivation he possesses and what drives his inner savage as well as his transition from professional warfighter to professional MMA fighter. Kyle gave me incredible insight about what growing up struggling with the physical challenges he faced taught him and the role his family played in shaping who he is today.
Jun 05, 2018
007 Memorial Day
Memorial Day episode. This episode means quite a lot to me for a number of reasons. I talk about my service, growing up in the SEAL teams, the importance of the next generation being able to carry on the true meaning of Memorial Day, and I also talk about something in this podcast that I have never publicly talked about before. Only a handful of friends know this. Until Valhalla gentlemen- Glen Doherty Ty Woods Jason Freiwald Dave Scott Tom Retzer Extortion 17
May 27, 2018
006 David Andrews
This episode, I welcome Super Bowl LI champion, staunch advocate for the Warrior Dog Foundation and current starting center for the New England Patriots David Andrews. We talk about what it takes to make it in the NFL, his relationship with warrior dogs, overcoming loss and hardship, performance-enhancing drugs and of course the controversy behind the anthem kneeling. Great stories and insight into the most elite level of America’s most popular sport.
May 11, 2018
005 Clark Impastato
This episode, I welcome a former SEAL training classmate who I’ve not seen in over a decade, Clark Impastato. He has run the full gambit of Navy SEAL, overseas security contractor, and undercover cop with Phoenix PD. We delve into the journey that many of us veterans face when getting out of the military and trying find our way with our unique set of skills. There’s no shortage of jokes and ridiculousness with us catching up after all this time.  You can follow Clark on Instagram - @frogman2155
Apr 27, 2018
Team Dog 001
This is the kick off to my first Mike Drop Team Dog Podcast episode. In this episode I talk about philosophies behind my training and I take a Q & A from the audience. MikeRitland.com
Apr 16, 2018
004 Chief Beck (Kristin Beck)
After a 20 year career in the SEAL teams conducting 13 deployments and spanning the globe, Chief Beck came out as the first openly transgender SEAL. We have an incredibly candid talk about the many political and societally-charged issues surrounding our nation in regards to this topic. There are a number of perspectives that Chief Beck has that will surprise you — and rest assured you won’t hear a talk like this on mainstream media outlets.
Apr 09, 2018
003 Jay Dobyns
After being an All Pac-10 wide receiver and not making the cut at the NFL combine, Jay Dobyns was on a new mission. That mission was a dangerous one of busting criminals as an undercover agent with the ATF. With a lightning-fast learning curve of being shot on his first operation, he spent the next 20+ years infiltrating all manner of criminal enterprises — including the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club.
Mar 26, 2018
002 Nick “The Reaper” Irving
Hear firsthand the gripping account of what it’s like to end 33 lives in 4 months with a sniper rifle in Afghanistan. Nick “The Reaper” Irving joins us to talk about his experiences as an Army Ranger sniper in the global war on terror. Being the first black sniper in 3rd Ranger battalion's history, we also delve into the tense race relations in this country and how our similar backgrounds can be a means to move forward working together as a nation.
Mar 09, 2018
001 Clint Emerson
From being raised in Saudi Arabia to being hazed in the SEAL teams and ultimately becoming one of the most accomplished spies this country has ever had the pleasure of employing — we welcome New York Times bestselling author of 100 Deadly Skills, world-class secret squirrel and patriot Clint Emerson. In this podcast, we learn a number of useful, life-saving skills to deal with today’s real world threats and get to know what it’s like to be a real life Jason Bourne! www.mikeritland.com
Feb 26, 2018
Introducing the Mike Drop Podcast!
An intro to my new podcast Mike Drop. I will be releasing twice a month episodes.
Feb 10, 2018