The Unwritten Life Podcast

By Tim Sawhook

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Category: Self-Help

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We discuss that your deepest pain can lead to your biggest gain, and that your story is still Unwritten.

Episode Date
Episode 25: Featuring: Jill Reagan

In this week's episode, Jill shares the story of the loss of her beautiful girl Sammy Grace to a tragic accident.  She also shares how she has kept the name of Sammy alive forever with an impact on her community.

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Nov 07, 2018
Episode 24: Halloween Edition

In this week's episode, join us as we celebrate Halloween with real people sharing their scary experiences.  Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2018
Episode 23: Featuring: Jan Middleton

In this week's episode, Jan Middleton shares her incredible story of survival from Breast Cancer and the amazing impact that she has made in her community.


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Oct 17, 2018
Episode 22: Featuring: Jeremy Wilson

In this week's episode, Jeremy shares his battle with bullying and struggles with mental health.  

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Oct 10, 2018
Episode 21: Featuring: Bobi Gray

In this week's episode, Bobi shares all about living her life wearing masks to hide the world from "her ugliness".  Listen to how God steps in and shows her what her value truly is.

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Oct 03, 2018
Episode 20: Featuring: Stirling Shirah

In this week's episode, Stirling shares his story of growing up with his hearing loss and how he overcame every obstacle to show us that anything is possible.  His story will leave you with Hope and inspiration.

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Sep 26, 2018
Episode 19: Featuring: Will Peddie

In this week's episode, Will Peddie shares his story about his daughter Carter and her journey living with PurA Syndrome.

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Sep 19, 2018
Episode 18: Featuring: Danny Amiott

In this week's episode, Danny Amiott shares his journey through his childhood experiences that pushed him to the brink of ending his life.

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Sep 12, 2018
Episode 17: Featuring: Julie Martin

In this week's episode, Julie Martin shares her story of infertility and how she was blessed with a beautiful son Ferris.  Hear Julie explain about Ferris and his journey with Down Syndrome. 


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Sep 05, 2018
Episode 16: Featuring: Dave Babb

In this week's episode, Dave Babb shares his experience of facing abuse, rejection and depression that lead him to the path of suicide.  Hear his story how he overcame his lowest lows to be here to offer HOPE to others.


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Aug 29, 2018
Episode 15: Featuring: Tracey and Quinn Anlauf

In this week's episode, Tracey and Quinn share Quinn's battle with Cystic Fibrosis and the hope she has for her future.


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Aug 22, 2018
Episode 14: Featuring Candace Wilson

In this week's episode, Candace Wilson shares her story about her daughter Norah and what a lasting impact her life continues to make.


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Aug 15, 2018
Minisode One - Season Two Preview

In this week's episode, Tim shares a note from a listener and previews Season Two.

Aug 11, 2018
Episode 13: Featuring Phnesha Marchette

In this week's episode, Phnesha Marchette shares her story of how her life changes and anxiety led her to be faithful to God's message.


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May 10, 2018
Episode 12: Featuring Jed Zayner

In this week's episode, Jed Zayner shares how he survived years of abuse and how God redeemed him to in turn redeem the lives of others.


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May 02, 2018
Episode 11: Featuring Beth Guckenberger

In this week's episode, Beth Guckenberger shares her experiences about her work with orphans.  How God has redeemed so many lives of these orphans and showed them a future of hope.


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Apr 25, 2018
Episode 10: Featuring Jessica Barnum

In this week's episode, Jessica Barnum shares her story about how God stepped in and saved her after losing her husband


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Apr 18, 2018
Episode 9: Featuring Michelle Cousins

In this week's episode, Michelle Cousins shares her story of hope after battling through an abusive relationship.  


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Apr 11, 2018
Episode 8: Featuring Kendra Zierau

In this week's episode, Kendra Zierau shares her story about the loss of her husband and how God's GRACE delivered her to a life of love again.  


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Apr 04, 2018
Episode 7: Featuring Katie Isaac

In this week's episode, Katie Isaac shares her story about battling a eating disorder and how it controlled her.  But, listen as she discovered a life of freedom away from control and into self love.


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Mar 28, 2018
Episode 6: Featuring Taylor Molitierno

In this week's episode, Taylor Molitierno shares her story of her baby girl Frankie Joy and her journey to understand why Frankie went home to be with God before coming home with her.

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Mar 21, 2018
Episode 5: Featuring Jessie Richardson

In this week's episode, Jessie Richardson shares her story of battling OCD, mental illness and domestic violence.   To come out on the other side and to live a life of purpose.

Mar 14, 2018
Episode 4: Featuring Katie Bryant

In this week's episode, Katie Bryant shares her story with depression and hope.  How she was once fearless with her goals, but life slowly sucked her hope and dreams away.  Listen as she reveals where she is today and let her motivate your story.

Mar 07, 2018
Episode 3: Featuring Katy Ursta

In this week's episode, Katy Ursta shares her heroic battle against stage 4 Lymphoma.  She shows that you are worth the fight and that evey sweat matters.

Feb 28, 2018
Episode 2: Featuring Bonnie Collins

In this week's episode, Bonnie Collins is our guest and she shares her story about her journey with her daughter Maya.

Feb 21, 2018
Episode 1: Featuring Tim Sawhook

In the Premier episode of The Unwritten Life Podcast your Host Tim Sawhook shares his story and his connection to the Unwritten Life.  We have an amazing first season coming soon and we know that you will be left with Hope and Encouragement.

Feb 08, 2018