Unexplained Mysteries

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 Nov 16, 2018

 Nov 7, 2018
awesome - to the point, detailed and great hosts -

Christopher Hope
 Oct 18, 2018
Lays out the facts to things that we once thought to be supernatural.

 Aug 31, 2018

A Podcast Republic user
 Aug 28, 2018


“We don’t know.” answers too many questions. But in this podcast, we don’t take “we don’t know” for an answer. Every Thursday, Unexplained Mysteries investigates the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth, because the answer “we don’t know” is always the scariest. Unexplained Mysteries is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media production. Season 2 features our NEW co-host Molly Brandenburg.

Episode Date
The Garden of Eden Pt. 2 - Pinpointing Paradise
On the hunt for the real location of Eden, Molly and Richard use biblical text as a map to locate where the Garden may have originally been located. The Middle East and South America are definitely possibilities for this paradise of religion and myth.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Audible - Get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month by going to Audible.com/UNEXPLAINED or text UNEXPLAINED to 500 500.
Dec 06, 2018
The Garden of Eden - Faith, fact, or fiction?
The mythical paradise described in the book of Genesis has roots in cultures across the globe. Many explorers, conquerors, and fanatics have attempted to locate it over the centuries. Biblical and geographic evidence shows that the Garden may have really existed.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br><br>SimpliSafe - Go to SimpliSafe.com/UNEXPLAINED to get a special offer.<br><br><br><br><br>
Nov 29, 2018
JFK Pt. 1 – Assassinations, a new Parcast Podcast!
Happy Thanksgiving Unexplained Mysteries fans! We hope you enjoy this sneak peak of our new podcast, Assassinations, where we examine history’s most dramatic deaths. If you enjoy this episode and want to listen to part two right now, subscribe to ASSASSINATIONS wherever you listen to podcasts!<br><br><br>"Loner. Drop out. Marine. Defector. Husband. Father. Lee Harvey Oswald was all of these things, but on November 22 1963, he came to only be known as the man who killed President John F. Kennedy."
Nov 22, 2018
“The Hungriest Man in History” Pt. 2 - Tarrare
What is the science behind the way Tarrare ate the way he did? Most people wouldn’t consider eating 12 whole eggs at once possible, but in 1700s France, Tarrare was an anomaly. Competitive eaters today still can’t compare to this reigning king of bizarre eating.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Parcast - We now have merch for sale! Head to Parcast.com/Merch now!
Nov 15, 2018
“The Hungriest Man in History” - Tarrare
He was known as the Hungriest Man in history, eating his way through corks, stones, live animals, and by swallowing an entire basketful of apples one after the other. Was he the victim of a strange disorder or just meant to be a competitive eater? In Part II, Molly and Richard discuss what might have caused Tarrare’s strange affliction in 1700s France.<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Watch the New Season of Lore out now, only on Prime Video.
Nov 08, 2018
“The Disappearing Financier” Pt. 2 - Alfred Loewenstein
A millionaire investor goes missing. Who is responsible? We explore the chief suspects behind Lowenstein’s disappearance.&nbsp;<br><br>Sponsors!<br><br>Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Watch the New Season of Lore out now, only on Prime Video.
Nov 01, 2018
"The Disappearing Financier" - Alfred Loewenstein
A shrewd, confident businessman, achieving a net worth of over 12 million pounds in the 1920s, but would his business dealings eventually lead to his downfall?<br><br><br>Subscribe now to our new podcast HOSTAGE, featuring the riveting story of Patty Hearst's abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army.<br><br><br>Sponsors!<br><br><br>Amazon Prime - Season 1 is available now. Watch the New Season of Lore October 19, only on Prime Video.<br><br><br>SimpliSafe - ​Go today to SimpliSafe.com/Unexplained.&nbsp;
Oct 25, 2018
Bermuda Triangle Pt. 2
The Devil's Triangle remains shrouded in mystery. What have legitimate studies conducted by the U.S. Navy revealed about the regular disappearances of ships and aircraft over this area of the North Atlantic Ocean?<br><br>Sponsors!<br>Amazon Prime Video - Catch the new season of Lore October 19th, only on Prime Video.
Oct 18, 2018
Bermuda Triangle
In December of 1945, five planes never returned to Fort Lauderdale Naval Base from a routine training mission exercise. Three rescue planes were sent to look for them. Only two came back. Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle, a patch of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.<br><br>Sponsors!<br>Parcast - Sign up for the Parcast Monthly Newsletter at Parcast.com
Oct 11, 2018
UFO Sightings Pt. 2
What if the government’s explanation for a UFO encounter is proven false? Could these sightings be the advanced technology of extraterrestrial visitors? If so, why doesn’t the government want us to know about it?<br><br>Sponsors!<br>Netflix - Watch the new film, HOLD THE DARK, now, Only on Netflix.
Oct 04, 2018
UFO Sightings
UFO sightings are still largely unexplained today. The government did a massive, twenty-year study into what they could be. Are these mysterious objects the result of secret military projects? Alien spacecraft? Overactive imaginations? Or are they something else entirely?<br>Sponsors!<br>SimpliSafe - Go today to SimpliSafe.com/Unexplained.<br>Netflix - Watch the new film, HOLD THE DARK, September 28, only on Netflix.
Sep 27, 2018
The Clovis Peoples Pt. 2 - Were the First Americans Australian?
The Clovis People have long been accepted as the first humans to arrive in the Americas. Then spearheads were discovered in the Americas that pre-date the Clovis by 2500 years. Is it possible the first settlers in the Americas were actually Australians who reached the Chilean coast? Or Siberians who came down the Pacific coast in canoes?&nbsp;<br><br>
Sep 20, 2018
The Clovis Peoples - The first to inhabit America?
The Clovis peoples have long been considered the predecessors to the native Americans. Recent evidence has suggested that North America may have been inhabited as long as 19,000 years ago. Who were the Clovis and were they the first to inhabit America? If so, how did they get from Central Asia to the Americas?<br><br><br>
Sep 13, 2018
Giant Skeletons Pt. 2
From the early 1800s through 1920s, over 50 articles appeared in newspapers around the U.S announcing the discovery of giant skeletons in America. Can genetics or a rare disorder explain the giant skeletons? Or were all of these newspapers connected to a larger hoax?
Sep 06, 2018
Giant Skeletons
From the early 1800’s through the 1930’s, claims that giant skeletons were unearthed kept popping up in newspapers yet none of the remains were ever claimed. Did publishers concoct stories to sell more papers, or is there more to these stories than first appears?
Aug 30, 2018
Amazon Rings Pt.2
A series of ring-shaped ditches in the Brazilian Amazon shows that a sophisticated civilization once existed in the rainforest. Could it have been the mythic city of El Dorado? Or is it linked to similar religious sites in the Andes Mountains? Or perhaps the work of ancient aliens?
Aug 25, 2018
Amazon Rings
A series of ring-shaped ditches can be found throughout the Brazilian Amazon, which predate the rain forest itself. These structures remain a complete mystery, and archaeologists are unsure what to make of them. It is suggested that they served as burial grounds or a form of defense, but no one knows for sure.&nbsp;
Aug 16, 2018
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Pt. 2
Welcome Conspiracy Theories listeners! We hope you enjoy the conclusion to our Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 special. This is a crossover episode with the hosts of Conspiracy Theories and Unexplained Mysteries. In part one we explored the official story behind the flight's disappearance, in this episode we analyze the theories and mysterious circumstances surrounding this event. Was the plane brought down by a rogue passenger, or a cyber-attack? What kind of information might governments be hiding from the families who lost loved ones?
Aug 15, 2018
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Please enjoy this bonus episode with Carter from Conspiracy Theories adding his unique take on the events surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Less than one hour into its flight, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared from the skies. Despite all of the geo-location technology that exists, and more than $160 million in a search and recovery effort, the whereabouts of flight MH370, and the circumstances of its disappearance over the Indian Ocean in 2014 remain a mystery.&nbsp;
Aug 14, 2018
“King Arthur” Pt. 2 - The Warrior King
While presumed to have lived during the Dark Ages, nothing was written about King Arthur until centuries after. But when Glastonbury monks uncovered a tomb late in the 12th century with an inscription that read “Here lies buried the famous King Arthur with Guinevere, his second wife, in the aisle of Avalon,” they may have finally found definitive evidence to prove that King Arthur was real. But was it evidence we could trust?
Aug 09, 2018
“King Arthur” - The Warrior King
King Arthur is Britain’s famed warrior king who fought against the Saxons to preserve British independence. His story has been embellished through the ages but there have been many discrepancies. Which versions about King Arthur are fact and which are fiction? Or is it all fiction?&nbsp;
Aug 02, 2018
“Room 1046” Pt. 2 - What’s In The Box?
Months after the the murder of hotel guest “Ronald T. Owen,” his true identity was discovered to be Artemas Ogletree. But for years, the case went unsolved. Almost 70 years later, the Kansas City Public Library received an anonymous call. Somebody had found a box with press clippings about the murder and a crucial piece of evidence. Would it be enough to solve the case?
Jul 26, 2018
“Room 1046” - Who Was Roland T. Owen?
A young man checked into a Kansas City hotel by himself under the name Roland T. Owen back in 1935. After mysterious phone calls and visitors to his room, Owen was found savagely beaten. But as it turns out, this man wasn’t Roland T. Owen. So who was he? And did the killer intend to kill the real Owen, or the man posing as him?&nbsp;
Jul 19, 2018
“Easter Island” Pt. 2 - How Did They Get There?
Easter Island is an isolated spot in the Pacific Ocean that’s closest neighbor is over 1,000 miles away. How did ancient people arrive in such a remote place? Why did they construct the now iconic moai heads, and how did they transport these enormous statues across the island?&nbsp;
Jul 12, 2018
“Easter Island” - Giant Heads
Easter Island, named after the day Dutch sailors discovered it, is an island in the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of mysteriously large “heads.” They soar to an average 20 feet high and can weigh over 20 tons. Who built these heads and what is their significance?&nbsp;
Jul 05, 2018
“Crop Circles” Pt. 2 - Made By Pranksters or Artists?
There are many theories on the formation of crop circles. Find out if they’re made by drunken pranksters, crop artists, or possibly… time-travelers?&nbsp;
Jun 28, 2018
“Crop Circles” - Signals from Extraterrestrial Beings
For decades, people have been fascinated by crop circles. What started out decades ago as simple shapes has evolved into complex geometric patterns. Crop circles appear overnight but to this day, nobody knows how they form. Are they a hoax? The result of natural phenomena? Or perhaps something else?&nbsp;
Jun 21, 2018
“The Loch Ness Monster” Pt. 2 - Real Beast or Tourist Hoax?
A lot of evidence has been used to argue in favor of Nessie’s existence. Are people really seeing a reclusive beast in the water? Is it an optical illusion? Or is Nessie truly a monster that’s just camera shy for tourists?
Jun 14, 2018
Welcome Trailer!
Stonehenge. Bigfoot. The Bermuda Triangle. Every Thursday, Unexplained Mysteries searches for answers to the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth. Unexplained Mysteries premieres Thursday, March 1. Here's a sneak peek!&nbsp;
Feb 21, 2018
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