Unmasking A Killer


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 Mar 15, 2019

Arne Warmkorv
 Jan 23, 2019
I likes it. It fueled my o session with EAR/ONS.


From HLN Original Series, a true crime podcast obsessed with cracking the forty year mystery of California's most prolific serial murderer - the Golden State Killer. Who is he? Where did he go? Why did he stop? And is he still alive? With evidence suggesting the latter, in 2016 the FBI reopened the case - making the investigation hotter than ever. Based on the HLN television series, the weekly podcast will examine the newest theories and FBI evidence with exclusive guests tied to the crimes - bringing listeners one step closer to finding one of the nation's most dangerous predators. Watch HLN starting Sunday, March 18 at 9pm ET/PT for more of Unmasking A Killer.

Episode Date
Origins Of A Killer - The Visalia Ransacker Is The Golden State Killer
The Visalia Ransackings, a crime spree that started as a series of break-ins and burglaries in 1974, and escalated to murder in late 1975, was not originally believed by many in law enforcement to be an early incarnation of the Golden State Killer. Retired Contra Costa County Chief Investigator Paul Holes was initially a non-believer, but he publicly changed his mind on the theory, and explains why. Exeter Sun owner and publisher, Reggie Ellis, and Editor-In-Chief, Paul Meyers believed the connection from the beginning and share the research they uncovered to support it. And "Unmasking A Killer" Supervising Producer, Todd Lindsey, also believed GSK and the Ransacker to be one and the same, and weighs in on why there was never a doubt in his mind that the ransackings served as the training ground for alleged GSK suspect, Joseph DeAngelo. via Knit
Mar 12, 2019
Next Door To A Killer - Hiding In Plain Sight
Grant Gorman woke up on April 24, 2018 to discover his longtime neighbor, Joseph DeAngelo, had been identified and arrested as the Golden State Killer. Grant's family shares a backyard fence with DeAngelo, and while things started off neighborly when Grant was a child, it didn't take long for the Gormans to cut friendly ties with "Joe." Grant recalls some of the run-ins and scarier moments they had with Joe DeAngelo over the years, and why despite the tension, they never suspected they lived next door to an alleged serial killer and rapist. via Knit
Mar 09, 2019
Training Of A Killer - Good Cop. Bad Cop & Hiding Behind The Badge
Golden State Killer suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo, was a former police Sergeant in Exter from May of 1973 to August of 1976, which overlapped with the Visalia Ransacking crime spree, and a patrol office for the Auburn Police Department from August of 1976 to October of 1979, the same timeline as the East Area Rapist attacks. If DeAngelo, in fact, committed the numerous violent crimes associated with the Golden State Killer, how did his law enforcement training aid his criminal activity? How was he able to manage full time police gigs while maintaining an increasingly demanding criminal life? And what does his declining job performance in law enforcement at the time reinforce about the criminal case against him? Former Contra Costa County Chief Investigator Paul Holes, DeAngelo's ex-boss and former Auburn Police Chief Nick Willick, and Reggie Ellis and Paul Myers from the Sun-Gazette return to speculate about the alleged good cop gone very bad! via Knit
Feb 26, 2019
Timeline Of A Killer - Building The Case Against Joseph James DeAngelo
Joseph James DeAngelo stands accused of being the Golden State Killer, which includes the crime spree in Northern California known as the East Area Rapist, the string of murders in Southern California known as the Original Nightstalker, and The Visalia Ransackings, a series of break-ins and burglaries that culminated in murder between 1974 and 1975. How do DeAngelo's movements correspond with the timeline and locations of the Golden State Killer's numerous crimes? How are law enforcement connecting the dots to build the case against their prime suspect? Find out as Former Contra Costa County Chief Investigator Paul Holes, Reggie Ellis and Paul Myers from the Sun-Gazette in Exter, California, and former Auburn Police Chief Nick Willick recount DeAngelo's life in California and where and how it intersects with the Golden State Killer. via Knit
Feb 19, 2019
Identification Of A Killer - Investigative Genealogy and DNA
Explore the journey, process, science and investigative work that went into identifying the suspected Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, with some of the key players responsible for this amazing feat - Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert, Lt. Kirk Campbell, Investigative Assistant Monica Czajkowski, former Contra Costa County Investigator Paul Holes, and Curtis Rogers, one of the founders of GEDMatch. via Knit
Feb 12, 2019
Unmasking A Killer - The Identification And Arrest Of The Golden State Killer Trailer
Unmasking A Killer returns Tuesday, February 12th, with all new episodes exploring the identification, arrest, and case against Joseph James DeAngelo, the alleged Golden State Killer. Join hosts Biagio Messina and Joke Fincioen, the producers behind the HLN TV documentary, "Unmasking A Killer," as they delve deeper into the suspect accused of 13 murders, over 50 rapes, and hundreds of burglaries. via Knit
Feb 07, 2019
The Killer Unmasked
The Golden State Killer has been captured and arrested! "Unmasking A Killer" filmmakers Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, along with Supervising Producer Todd Lindsey, pop a bottle of champagne and break down the details surrounding the momentous event... from the take down of Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. in his front yard to what he may have said to detectives at the time of the arrest to what investigators have discovered about his life and background during the years of his crime spree! via Knit
May 03, 2018
Is The Killer Still Out There?
Sergeant Detective Ken Clark of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department returns to detail the string of cat burglaries in Cordova Meadows from 1973 that law enforcement recently uncovered that may have been the training ground of the East Area Rapist. He also explains the theories that law enforcement are considering related to the East Area Rapist's identity and possible employment, and why they believe the offender may still be out there. via Knit
Apr 16, 2018
Inside The Killer's Mind
What does the Golden State Killer's pattern of behavior tell us about his personality, his upbringing, his ability to evade capture, and most importantly, his identity? Retired Senior FBI Profiler Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole analyzes this serial offender's behavior and reveals what it says about him, where he might be, and what he might be doing today. via Knit
Apr 09, 2018
How The Killer Got Away
Jane Carson was East Area Rapist victim #5, and the first EAR victim to be interviewed by now retired Sacramento Sheriff's Deputy Carol Daly, who was part of the original task force assigned to the serial offender's case. Both women discuss their experiences with the East Area Rapist, why they believe he's been able to avoid capture, and the impact he's had on their respective lives. Plus, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert discusses the changes to California state law that have resulted directly from this case, and how those changes are being utilized to today in the pursuit to bring the Golden State Killer to justice. via Knit
Apr 02, 2018
The Pattern Of A Killer
Contra Costa County District Attorney Investigator Paul Holes was instrumental in linking the East Area Rapist crimes in Northern California with the Original Nightstalker crimes in Southern California through DNA. And once that happened, this serial offender became known as The Golden State Killer. Paul Holes has spent nearly 25 years investigating this case, and offers an incredible look at the killer's MO and patterns of behavior, and how that led to this offender evading capture for the last 40 years. Paul also shares how new technology is aiding in identifying, and hopefully bringing the Golden State Killer to justice. via Knit
Mar 26, 2018
Launching A Manhunt For A Killer
The Golden State Killer terrorized California for ten years, and then all but vanished without a trace. He started as the East Area Rapist in Northern California where his crimes included home invasion, burglary and sexual assault, but it wasn't until he journeyed south to Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange County that he escalated to murder. In this exclusive interview, Sergeant Detective Ken Clark of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department details some of this offender's crimes, how they were linked to identify him as a serial offender and killer, how he managed to escape justice, and where the investigation stands today. via Knit
Mar 19, 2018
Close Call with the Golden State Killer
The Golden State Killer terrorized California from 1976 to 1986; committing 51 attacks and 12 murders... that law enforcement know of. They have DNA, victim statements, and a handful of near misses. In this special preview of the "Unmasking A Killer" companion podcast, Detective Sergeant Ken Clark of the Sacramento Sheriff Department shares an exclusive, detailed account of one such near-miss in Carmichael, California. via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Coming Soon
"Unmasking A Killer" is an original podcast that delves deeper into the HLN documentary series about the forty year mystery of California's most prolific serial murderer, the Golden State Killer, with brand new interviews with key case detectives, investigators, and profilers, an exploration of the newest theories and leads, and previously-unaired bonus content from the documentary. via Knit
Feb 26, 2018