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NASW Social Work Talks seeks to inform, educate and inspire by talking with experts and exploring issues that social work professionals care about. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Episode Date
EP58: Meet NASW President Mit Joyner

In July 2020, Mildred "Mit" C. Joyner, DPS, MSW, LCSW, started her three-year term as NASW's President. We talk with her about her vision for the association in the midst of a global pandemic and a reckoning around racism.

Visit the show notes to learn more about Dr. Joyner.

Aug 11, 2020
EP57: Black Lives Matter: The Role of Social Work in Dismantling Structural Racism in the USA

In this special episode, NASW’s Senior Policy Consultant Mel Wilson is interviewed by Andy McClenaghan on Let’s Talk Social Work, a podcast from the British Association of Social Workers Northern Ireland.

Many of our colleagues around the world have been following the developments in the United States around racism and violence against people who are Black. So Mel shared what’s been happening, and what we’re doing here to push for real change and social justice.

Visit the show notes for resources.

Jul 28, 2020
EP56: Facing Racism, Moving Forward

Chad Dion Lassiter, MSW, is Executive Director at the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), and president of the Black Men at Penn School of Social Work, Inc., at the University of Pennsylvania. 

We speak with him about America's racism pandemic, and how the social work profession can best move forward through it.

See the show notes for related resources.

Jul 14, 2020
EP55: Treating Substance Use Disorder During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We speak with Carla Monteiro about how the coronavirus pandemic is changing how social workers approach treatment for substance use disorder. Carla is a member of NASW's Massachusetts chapter, and is president of the Cape Verdean Social Workers Association.

Visit the show notes for resources and a transcript.

Jun 30, 2020
EP54: Where We Stand on Racism

NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW, speaks about how NASW national and chapter staff are mobilized and increasing our efforts in the face of the American pandemic of racism.

See the show notes for resources.

Jun 05, 2020
EP53: Trauma Interventions at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

We speak with Martha Rodriguez, LCSW, service manager of recovery at Broward County Public Schools in Florida. Ms. Rodriguez also works at Margery Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Fla., which was the site of a mass school shooting in 2018.

May 26, 2020
EP52: Tips for Successfully Implementing Teletherapy

Pat Spencer, LCSW, talks about implementing teletherapy in her social work practice during New Jersey's stay-at-home order.

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May 13, 2020
EP51: Immigration on the Texas Border, Before and After COVID-19

In early March, we spoke with NASW-Texas chapter Executive Director Will Francis, LMSW, and Government Relations Director, Alison Mohr Boleware, LMSW, about what the immigration crisis looks like in their state. Then the coronavirus health crisis hit North America, so we spoke with them again in April to see how things changed.

See the show notes for related resources and a transcript.

Apr 28, 2020
EP50: Hospital Social Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rosanelly Garcia is a trauma social worker in the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. She speaks with us about what it's like right now, working in the ER during the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the show notes for related resources.

Apr 14, 2020
EP49: Supporting Seniors During Social Distancing

Lindsay Brine is a former educator and current social work student at New York University. She speaks about supporting older New York City residents through social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: This interview was recorded March 20, 2020.

See the show notes for related resources.

Mar 31, 2020
EP48: Self-Care for Social Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We speak with NASW member Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW, about how social workers can practice self-care during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lee is a professor of Behavioral Science at Northeastern University, and is the author of "Mentalligence" and "Reset." She has more than 20 years' experience as a clinician, educator, researcher and parent.

Mar 17, 2020
EP47: Parents Under Pressure

Karen Zilberstein is a psychotherapist and author of "Parents Under Pressure: Struggling to Raise Children in an Unequal America." She's also clinical director of the Northampton, Mass., chapter of A Home Within, a national non-profit devoted to providing pro bono therapy to foster care youth and alumni.

Feb 25, 2020
EP46: What Can We Learn from Dreams?

NASW member Arthur Strock, Ph.D., is a founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and author of "Live By Your Dreams: Heartwarming Stories About Dreams and What They Tell Us."

Dr. Strock holds advanced degrees in psychology and clinical social work. He talks with us about dreams and how they can be used to improve our lives.

Feb 04, 2020
EP45: Clinical Social Work in a Police Department

Heather Burzynski, MSW, APSW, SAC-IT, works as a clinical social worker with the Green Bay Police Department. She talks about the benefits of having a social worker embedded within a police department.

Jan 21, 2020
EP44: 2019 in Review & 2020 Preview

The hard-working members of the podcast team take a few moments to reflect on the topics we covered in 2019, what we're working on for 2020, and to give thanks to our listeners and our amazing guests.

Head to the show notes to see photos of our 2019 guests and a transcript. If you liked listening to NASW Social Work Talks this year, please leave us a review in Apple Podcasts to help us reach more listeners.

Dec 31, 2019
EP43: Faith-Based and Secular Meditation

We speak with Raymond Monsour Scurfield, DSW, LCSW, ACSW, author of "Faith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications" (NASW Press, 2019).

This NASW 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is professor emeritus of social work at The University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast. His work focuses on the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in combat veterans and disaster survivors.

See the show notes for resources and a transcript.

Dec 17, 2019
EP42: Veterinary Social Work

Elizabeth B. Strand, PhD, LCSW, Director of Veterinary Social Work and Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, talks about the need for veterinary social workers and why she loves her work.

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Nov 26, 2019
EP41: You Are Enough: Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse

Megan Fenyoe, LCSW, is an Air Force veteran, host of the Blonde Bombshell podcast, and author of "You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle to Strength." Her work focuses on how the mind affects well-being, and how individuals can move from struggle to strength.

See the show notes for resources and a transcript. And if you like this episode, please leave us a review in Apple Podcasts.

Nov 12, 2019
EP40: Working Against Domestic Violence

In this episode, we speak with Ruth Glenn, President & CEO of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is a domestic violence advocate and survivor.

She was in Washington, DC, presenting at NASW's 2019 virtual forum, "Addressing Domestic Violence Through the Social Work Lens."

Oct 29, 2019
EP39: Indigenous Peoples and Dementia

We talk to Jean E. Balestrery, PhD, MA, MSW, LICSW, about what social workers need to know about how dementia effects indigenous peoples.

Dr. Balestrery is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research aims to improve health and social service outcomes particularly for marginalized communities. She's co-editor and author of "Indigenous Peoples and Dementia: New Understandings of Memory Loss and Memory Care" (UBC Press).

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Oct 08, 2019
EP38: Bringing Yoga to Jail

Our guest Michael Wilkins, LCSW, is therapist at the Center for Trauma & Resilience in Denver. We speak with Michael about his work bringing yoga and breathing techniques to inmates in Colorado.

Michael is a yoga instructor, an ultra-marathon runner, and is certified in auricular acupuncture. Michael helps clients attain skills that enable them to experience an active lifestyle as a means to better physical and mental health.

See the show notes for resources and a transcript.

Sep 24, 2019
EP37: Suicide Prevention

Our guest Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW, is an associate professor of social work at Loyola University Chicago and a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with children and families. He hosts the award-winning Social Work Podcast, and author of multiple publications, including "Suicide in Schools: A Practitioner's Guide to Multi-level Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, and Postvention."

See the show notes for resources and a transcript.

Sep 10, 2019
EP36: Social Work Practice Mobility

NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW, speaks with Mary Jo Monahan, CEO of the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) about efforts to increase social work practice mobility.

See show the notes for resources and a transcript.

Aug 27, 2019
EP35: Fighting Back Against Clawbacks

Clawbacks are when an insurance company requires a provider to return money they’ve been paid in the past. Clawbacks can occur months, or even years, after the service has been provided.

Rebekah Gewirtz, MPA, Executive Director of NASW’s Massachusetts Chapter, speaks with us about how her chapter is fighting against clawbacks in her state.

Jul 09, 2019
EP34: What Is Library Social Work?

NASW member Debra Walsh Keane talks about why libraries need social workers, the kinds of services library social workers provide, as well as the rewards and challenges of the job.

Debra is the social work coordinator for the Jefferson County Public Library in the Denver area. She’s also a member of the Public Library Association’s Social Work Task Force. 

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Jun 18, 2019
EP33: Supporting LGBTQ Youth

Ellen Kahn is a social worker and Director of the Children, Youth and Families Program at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). We speak with her about HRC's work to serve youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

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Jun 04, 2019
EP32: Animal-Assisted Interventions

Animals provide some of our most reliable, uncomplicated and valued relationships, which contributes to our health and well-being. Philip Tedeschi, LCSW, is Clinical Professor and Executive Director of the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. We speak with Professor Tedeschi about the benefits of animal-assisted interventions in social work.

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May 21, 2019
EP31: Getting Proactive About Child Immigration

Martha Gonzalez-Cortes is Senior Vice President of Community Investment at Kalamazoo Community Foundation in Michigan. She has a deep working knowledge of immigration policy issues, and a passion for finding systemic solutions to challenges faced by immigrant and refugee families.

We speak with her about immigrant children in the United States who have been separated from their families, and what can be done to put an end to this inhumane practice.

See the show notes for resources, and please leave us a review!

May 07, 2019
EP30: Providing Psychosocial Care at Doctors Without Borders

Athena Viscusi, LCSW, is a Psychosocial Care Specialist at Doctors Without Borders. She's directed mental health programs in Haiti, South Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, and Palestine. She's hired, trained and supervised local workers in refugee camps and worked with clients in cholera and Ebola treatment centers.

Prior to this, she was a community mental health provider in Washington, DC. She worked with immigrants and refugees, at a domestic violence shelter, and a homeless outreach and substance abuse treatment program. She also directed a gang intervention program that provided services to youth and their families.

Apr 30, 2019
EP 29: The Stories Behind the Salaries

Allison Peeler, LMSW, believes social workers need to drop the outdated story of "underworked and unpaid" and to redefine the way they view themselves and their earning capabilities.

See show notes page for resources.

Apr 09, 2019
EP28: Negotiating Your Salary

Valerie Arendt, MSW, MPP, discusses why it's so important for social workers to negotiate their salaries. Arendt is the Executive Director of NASW's North Carolina Chapter.

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Mar 26, 2019
EP27: Suze Orman

Suze Orman is a New York Times best-selling author and smart money expert. She hosted the award-winning “Suze Orman Show” on CNBC for 13 years. Her books include "Women & Money," “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke” and “The Courage to be Rich.”

We spoke with her about balancing working in a helping profession and taking care of yourself first.

See the show notes for resources and if you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review!

Mar 19, 2019
EP26: Increasing Social Work Salaries in NYC

Social work has the highest debt-to-salary ratio of any profession. Robert Schachter, DSW, LMSW, describes how social workers in New York City advocated for pay equity in one of the highest cost-of-living cities in the country.

Dr. Schachter served for 27 years as the Executive Director of the NASW New York City chapter.

Mar 12, 2019
EP25: Social Work Salaries

Michael Sinclair, MSW, PhD, assistant professor at Morgan State University School of Social Work, often gets questions about pay from his students. Dr. Sinclair talks to us about why the social work pay landscape looks the way it does, and what can be done to change that.

This is the first in our series of episodes about social work salaries as part of Social Work Month 2019.

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Mar 05, 2019
EP24: Human Trafficking

Susan Munsey, LCSW, founded GenerateHope, which provides innovative programs for young women and teens who have survived the trauma of sex trafficking. Munsey is a trafficking survivor herself, and she's passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating women and educating people on this issue.

Please see the show notes for resources

Feb 19, 2019
EP23: Teens and Social Media

Sean Erreger, LCSW, MSW, is a clinical case manager for children and youth at the New York State Office of Mental Health. He believes that for social workers who work with teens, striving to understand the social media that their clients are using is part of cultural competency.

For related resources, see the show notes

Feb 05, 2019
EP22: Teens and Video Games

Mike Langlois, MSW, LICSW, is author of "Reset: Video Games & Psychotherapy." He is a gamer-affirmative therapist whose work focuses on gaming, social media, and the impact of social networks on relationships. Langlois encourages us to change our perspective of gaming and to understand that they can be very social in nature.

See show notes for resources

Jan 22, 2019
EP21: Transgender Issues

Zander Keig, MSW, LCSW, is a clinical social work case manager on the U.S. Navy Medicine West Regional Transgender Care Team. He's a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and co-author of three books and several journal articles. He is also a transsexual man who transitioned in 2005.

His peers at the NASW California chapter named him Social Worker of the Year in 2018. He is chair of NASW's National Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues.

See the show notes for resources

Jan 08, 2019
EP20: Support for Caregivers

Our guest Santo D. Marabella, MBA, DSW (a.k.a., The Practical Prof®) is an author, playwright, filmmaker, speaker and educator. He's the author of "The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration and Support for Caregivers." 

Dr. Marabella talks about the lessons he's learned while caring for his aging parents, and how the book can help people in a similar situation.

Read the show notes to learn more

Dec 18, 2018
EP19: Bullying Prevention

Guest Catherine P. Bradshaw, MEd, PhD, is a developmental psychologist and youth violence prevention researcher. She is editor of "Handbook on Bullying Prevention: A Life Course Perspective," which offers recommendations for prevention and intervention in bullying across the lifespan.

Thanks for listening! Remember, we'd love to hear your ideas for future shows.

Visit the show notes to learn more

Dec 04, 2018
EP18: Disability Awareness

Children with disabilities are highly diverse in terms of their health conditions, disability severity, and social environments, yet they share many of the same needs. Many programs and services have been developed to meet these needs.

Our guest, Paula Allen-Meares, MSW, PhD, discusses a recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, that identifies the characteristics of effective programs, as well as opportunities for their improvement.

Nov 20, 2018
EP17: Self-Care and Avoiding Burnout

Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW, is a professor of Behavioral Science at Northeastern University, and is the author of "Mentalligence" and "Reset." With more than 20 years' experience as a clinician, educator, researcher and parent, she speaks about her area of expertise: preventing and treating burnout.

Nov 06, 2018
EP16: Juvenile Justice and Youth Transfer

A new NASW social justice brief reports that Black youth make up about 14% of the total youth population, but comprise 47.3% of the youth who are transferred to adult court by juvenile court judges.

Guests Mel Wilson, NASW's social justice and human rights manager, and Jeree Thomas, policy director at the Campaign for Youth Justice, discuss this unjust practice.

They encourage social workers to get involved in action-oriented coalitions to make changes in their communities, and to hold their elected officials accountable.

Read the show notes to download the report and for more resources.

Oct 30, 2018
EP15: Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence

Carla Gonzalez is a clinical social worker and domestic violence survivor who leverages her professional skills and uses her platform as Miss U.S. World Elite (among other titles) as a vehicle for speaking out against domestic violence, bullying and sexual assault.

Oct 16, 2018
EP14: School Social Work with author Brenda Wade

For Brenda Wade, MSW, LCSW-C, CSSW, writing is both a means of self-care both and as a way to explore the challenges that she sees in her work as a school social worker. 

Published under the pen name Hunter William, Wade's Charm Town fiction trilogy shines a spotlight on the lives of children and adults in a Baltimore school.

See the EP14 show notes for resources

Oct 02, 2018
EP13: Facing the Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction has become a public health crisis in the United States. Our guest, David Stoecker, LCSW, is founder and director of Better Life in Recovery. He recommends that we look at the opioid addiction pandemic through a harm-reduction lens, rather than a punitive one. He argues that abstinence is not the only path to recovery and that we need to create healthy communities and to provide recovery support to those who need it.

See Episode 13 show notes for resources

Sep 18, 2018
EP12: NASW President Kathryn Conley Wehrmann

NASW President Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, MSW, LCSW, talks about her career path and her efforts to support social workers, especially those new to the profession.

Aug 28, 2018
EP11: Social Work Speaks & NASW Policy Statements

NASW Senior Practice Associate Roxana Torrico Meruvia, MSW, talks about Social Work Speaks, NASW policy statements and how members can get involved in the process.

See Episode 11 show notes for resources

Aug 07, 2018
EP10: Immigration in Crisis

In this special episode, our guests weigh in on the crisis currently brewing around immigration in the United States, specifically related to children separated from their families at our southern border.

Our guests are Melvin H. Wilson, LCSW, NASW's Manager of Social Justice & Human Rights, and Guadalupe G. Lara, LMSW, NASW Board of Directors Member-at-Large.

See Episode 10 show notes for resources

Jul 06, 2018
EP9: Social Workers and Advocacy

Our guests in this episode are Heidi McIntosh, Deputy Director of Programs at NASW; and Julie E. Shroyer, MSW, Senior Policy Advisor at Polsinelli, a top Washington, DC law firm.

We talk about the skills that social workers bring to the table, the importance of social workers participating in the 2018 mid-term elections; and the challenges of advocating for the disadvantage in the current political climate.

Jun 19, 2018
EP8: 2018 NASW National Conference, Part 2

With the conference just days away, we speak again with the conference organizers to give you idea of what you can expect, whether you attend in person or virtually.

Jun 05, 2018
EP7: Foster Care

May is Foster Care Month, so we speak with Matt Anderson and Malissa Flores, two social workers from the Children's Home Society of North Carolina, who partner with public agencies to help kids move from foster care into permanent families.

See Episode 7 show notes for resources

May 15, 2018
EP6: Social Work & Public Policy with Joan Levy Zlotnik

Joan Levy Zlotnik, PhD, ACSW, discusses how public policy is an important part of social work.

See Episode 6 show notes for resources

May 01, 2018
EP5: NASW Foundation with Bob Arnold

We speak with Bob Arnold, Director of NASW Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports NASW's educational, research, training and charitable initiatives through a wide range of projects that serve the profession, practitioners and the public.

Visit the Foundation website to learn more

Apr 03, 2018
EP4: Ethics with Dawn Hobdy

Dawn Hobdy, NASW Director of Ethics & Professional Review, discusses how the Code of Ethics changed, examples of challenges that social workers face, and how NASW is helping social workers meet the challenges they face every day.

See EP4 show notes for resources

Mar 27, 2018
EP3: 2018 NASW National Conference

Thinking about attending the 2018 NASW National Conference? Raffaele Vitelli, NASW's Director of Professional & Workforce Development, and Richard Loomis, Manager of Conference and Event Planning talk about the planning that makes this event as useful as possible for our attendees.

Mar 20, 2018
EP2: Social Justice Initiatives with Mel Wilson

What are NASW's social justice initiatives right now, and how were they chosen? Mel Wilson, our Social Justice & Human Rights Manager, speaks about the issues that concern us, and that are keeping us busy in the national office and at our local chapters.

See Episode 2 show notes for resources

Mar 13, 2018
EP1: Social Work Month with Angelo McClain

March is Social Work Month, and we're talking to NASW CEO Angelo McClain about the importance of Social Work Month, NASW initiatives for 2018, and experiences that led Dr. McClain to become interested in the social work profession.

Mar 06, 2018
Introducing NASW Social Work Talks

NASW Director of Membership Jennifer Watt welcomes you to NASW Social Work Talks, where we seek to inform, educate and inspire on topics that social workers care about. Launching March 2018, in honor of Social Work Month. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers.

Feb 09, 2018