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 Nov 7, 2018
great podcast for occupational therapist


Jayson Davies, OTR/L, from the OT School House Website dives into the areas of school-based Occupational Therapy most frequently discussed by therapists. Join Jayson and special guests to explore new practice strategies and earn professional development for certification renewal!

Episode Date
OTSH 38: Creating a Referral Process & School-Based Occupational Therapy Manual

In this episode, Jayson lets Danielle Delorenzo, OTR/L take the mic along with the colleague My Bui OTR/L, and soon to be OTR/Ls Michelle Vuong, Mary Nguyen, & Rivka Negin Rahmani (Students in the Stanbridge University Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy Program at the time of the recording).

This fantastic group of OTs and OT students shares how they developed an evidence-based referral process and occupational therapy manual. This group has spent over a year together working on this manual for a school district in Southern California and recently presented their manual in a presentation at the Western Regional Occupational Therapy Symposium in San Diego. With any luck, they may also be presenting at #AOTA2019 in Boston, Ma.

This podcast qualifies as a Professional Development Podcast and you can earn 1 online contact hour when you listen and take the online quiz. 

Interested in learning more about the special guests in this episode, simply head on over to

Sep 10, 2019
OTSH 37: Preventing & Overcoming Burnout Feat. Erika Del Pozo, OTR/L

In this episode, Jayson interviews fellow occupational therapist, Erika Del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L on burnout in healthcare-related professions (yes, that includes school-based OTs too). We discuss everything from what is burn out, to how to prevent and overcome burnout. Join in and listen to this episode if you have ever felt like work has gotten the better of you. You won't regret it! Plus, be sure to earn your 1 contact hour of professional development and check out the resources in the Show notes.

Objectives for this Professional Development Podcast. Listeners will:

  1.  Become familiar with what burnout is and is not; including the statistics behind healthcare burnout
  2. Identify how burnout is different from depression but why some may confuse the two
  3. Identify strategies to prevent and overcome burnout in any workplace environment
Aug 27, 2019
OTSH 36: Every Moment Counts Feat. Dr. Susan Bazyk, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

In this episode, Jayson has a discussion with Dr. Sue Bazyk, OTR/L, FAOTA, about the changes in school-based OT over the past 40 years and how therapists can move forward to support ALL students.

Listen in to hear about:

  • How OT came to be ingrained in school-based Practice

  • How treatment models have changed over 40+ years in school-based OT

  • What LRE stands for and why inclusive and embedded/integrated services are vital to school-based OT

  • What the "Every Moment Counts" program is and where to learn more about it. (See below for links to several freebie Handouts)

View full show notes including supporting documents at

Aug 13, 2019
OTSH 35: Occupational Therapy and Trauma-Informed Care in Schools Feat. Colleen Cameron Whiting, MS, OTR/L

In this episode, Jayson interviews fellow school-based occupational therapist, Colleen Cameron Whiting. Colleen has had two articles published (see show notes) on providing trauma-informed care (TIC) in the school and today she brings to the podcast a model about how school-based OTs can work with other educators to creating an environment in which students feel safe and welcomed. We also dive into what exactly trauma is, how some trauma can have adverse effects on the developing brain, and what occupational therapy using a TIC model looks like. 

Now that you have listened to the episode, purchase the professional development opportunity and take the quiz!

View the show notes for this podcast here!

Jul 23, 2019
OTSH 34: Creating Appropriate Tools For Kids​ Featuring Ralph Schrader, OTR/L of Hungry Cutters

In this episode, Jayson interviews Ralph Schrader, OTR/L, a part owner of a therapy clinic in New York and creator of the toy brand, Hungry Cutters. Ralph set out to create toys designed to facilitate developing fine motor skills in the kids he treats. Now, he is sharing those toys with us, along with a few tips for anyone out there who may be interested in developing their own toys. 

View the entire show notes at

Check out the Hungry Cutter toys and support the Podcast at the OT School House Amazon Store

Jul 09, 2019
OTSH 33: Lessons Learned Transitioning from One School District to Another

In this episode, Jayson shares what it was like transitioning from one district to another and the lessons that were learned as a result of doing so. Join in to hear about:

  • Some pros and cons of both contract and district jobs 

  • Distinct differences between working in districts big and small

  • The importance of advocating for yourself

  • The role of occupational therapy in assistive technology

  • Why Jayson feels there is a constant change in school employees

  • What to consider before taking on a new job

Don't forget to share what you learned as you completed this past school year with me at or on social media @otschoolhouse

I hope you enjoy this episode! Be sure to check out the resources below. Some of these are affiliate links which allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you!

View the full show notes for this episode at

View more episode at

Jun 25, 2019
OTSH 32: An Intro to Reflex Integration Feat. Sonia Story

Have you been hearing the term "Primitive Reflexes" pop up in IEPs or in the OT room? What about Reflex Integration? To be honest, I remember learning a little about some of the common infant reflexes were in college, but it was only a quick overview. We definitely did not cover what we could do when a child presented with retained primitive reflexes.

In this episode of the OT School House Podcast, Jayson interviews Sonia Story. Sonia is the creator of the Brain And Sensory Foundations Course at

Sonia is absolutely passionate about the use of rhythmic movements to help students who may be not fully accessing their activities of daily living. She originally got started in this field while trying to help her own children several years ago and has not stopped learning how to better serve the families she now works with. 

Listen in to this episode if you are interested in getting a taste of what reflex integration is and what it could potentially look like in a school setting!

Show Notes Here Special Page for OTSH Listeners including show slides and a special handout! 


Jun 11, 2019
OTSH 31: Unpacking Dysgraphia Featuring Cheri Dotterer, MS, OTR/L

In this episode of the OT School House Podcast, Jayson interviews the author of the Handwriting Brain Body Disconnect, Cheri Dotterer, MS, OTR/L. Listen in as Cheri defines Dysgraphia and explains what the six types of Dysgraphia are. She also shares how OTs can help students to overcome some of the problems they face by using the Motor Learning Theory and The Sensory Integration Theory.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Handwriting Brain Body Disconnect by Cheri Dotterer

Complete Show Notes:

May 28, 2019
OTSH 30: Balancing Technology in Developing Adolescents Featuring Dr. Stephanie Foster, PhD, OTR/L & Nicole Foster (1.5 PD Available)

In this professional development podcast, Jayson interviews Dr. Stephanie Foster, PhD, OTR/L and her daughter, Nicole Foster on the effects of technology use and the promotion of a healthy balance. We will look at current trends in technology use among teens as well as how these trends may affect young adults down the road as Internet Addiction Disorder is set to be added to the newest version of the DSM. Nicole also presents a model for developing a healthy balance between technology and other life experiences.

Get the powerpoint slides and earn 1.5 contact hours of Professional Development units for listening to this episode Here!

Show Notes:

May 14, 2019
OTSH 29: Assistive Tech & Switches for Students With High Needs Featuring RJ Cooper

Do you work with students who use iPads or other technology tools to access their educational curriculum and environment? RJ from is a computer science guru that specializes in developing tools for people with special needs and the people who serve them. For nearly 40 years, RJ has worked primarily with people who have developmental disabilities to help them benefit from highly specialized switches, computers and applications, and mechanisms that position these tools.

Listen in to learn more about how RJ develops tools and hear what tools he recommends for every classroom with a population that may require specialized equipment.

View the full show notes at

This episode is sponsored by (Affiliate link)

Apr 30, 2019
OTSH 28: Preventing, Defending, & Conducting an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) with Danielle Delorenzo, OTR/L (Professional Development)

Listen in as Jayson and Danielle Delorenzo, OTR/L, provide an introduction to IEEs and how to prevent IEEs, defend against IEEs, and even conduct IEEs as an independent evaluator. 

You can earn 1 unit of professional development by listening to this podcast and purchasing the episode 28 podcast PD opportunity at

Podcast Learning Objectives

Listeners will:

1. Learn the primary reasons that lead to parents asking for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) and what they can do to in an attempt to prevent IEEs

2. Understand what an IEE looks like in a real situation and learn how to approach an IEP meeting when an IEE is being presented

3. Learn the basics of providing and conducting an IEE as an outside evaluator.

View the full show notes at

This episode of the OTSH Podcast is sponsored by

Apr 16, 2019
OTSH 27: How To Start Seeing Clients On the Side, Featuring Scott Harmon

Have you ever thought about seeing clients on the weekends or maybe during summer? Do you have a dream to be your own boss? If so, this episode is for you. In episode 27, Jayson interviews Scott Harmon, OTR/L, on how to start a therapy practice from the ground up. We talk about why many therapists turn to starting their own practice, as well as some of the practical steps you can start with if you want to do the same thing. 

Scott owns two of his own private OT, Speech, and PT clinics for many years now and he now shares his wisdom via the Start A Therapy Practice Podcast, the website, and The Academy of Private Practice. 

View the Full Show notes at

Apr 02, 2019
OTSH 026: Sensory Integration Treatment and Sensory Strategies in Schools Feat. Kelly Auld-Wright, OTD, OTR/L

In this episode, Jayson interviews Dr. Kelly Auld-Wright, OTD, OTR/L, on how to go from sensory evaluation to treating a child using sensory integration and sensory strategies in a school setting (You know, without the whole gym setup).  Kelly starts off right where Dr. Zoe Mailloux left off in Episode 25 and explains what type of patterns we should be looking for and what to do when we see those patterns. 

Listen in to learn more about Kelly and how she uses sensory integration treatment and sensory strategies to benefit the students she works with.

View full show notes

Mar 19, 2019
OTSH 025: How to Conduct An Evaluation Using the Ayres Sensory Integration Model feat. Zoe Mailloux, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA

In this episode, Jayson interviews Dr. Zoe Mailloux, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA on the importance of completing a comprehensive evaluation in sensory integration. Since being a research assistant for Dr. A. Jean Ayres, Dr. Mailloux has gone on to author more than 30 published journal articles and has taught courses on Ayres Sensory Integration® all around the world. She is also a professor in the doctoral program at Jefferson University in Philadelphia and has worked with many organizations on understanding the importance of sensory integration in all individuals. 

Links to show notes including mentioned resources and books/articles authored/featuring Dr. Mailloux:

Mar 05, 2019
OTSH 024: The 8th Sense and More Featuring Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L of

In this episode, Jayson interviews Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L and the wonderful lady behind the website. Along with sharing endless amounts of therapy activities on her blog, Cara has authored 6 books and provides several online webinars for pediatric therapists. Today, she holds nothing back as we dive into how she became the pocket OT, interoception, and what is to come in the pediatric OT world. ***Be sure to listen to the full episode for a special discount code!

Show Resources: Some links may be affiliate links that help to support the OT School House at no additional cost to you!

Feb 19, 2019
OTSH 023: Discovering The Zones Featuring Leah Kuypers

In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist and creator of the Zones of Regulation self-regulation program, Leah Kuypers. Leah has spent nearly all of her career working with children as both a private practice pediatric OT as well as a school-based therapist. But, it was during her Master's in Education program that she had an idea to develop a program simple enough for any school-aged child to understand. Based on 4 primary colors, the Zones of Regulation helps students to identify and express their feelings and how to react to these feelings. 

View the entire show notes, including links to mentioned resources at


Feb 05, 2019
OTSH 022: Here Comes Telehealth Featuring Tracey Davis, OTR/L (PDUs Available)

To earn a professional development certificate of completion for this episode, click here!

With technology advancing every day and becoming cheaper to access in all forms, it is no longer a matter of if virtual OT services will become prominent. Rather, virtual OT services are already here and are only going to become more prevalent in school-based settings, as well as in other traditional medical roles. In this training, you will understand the necessary tools required and guidelines to follow in order to provide telehealth OT services in school-based setting.

Objectives for this Professional Development Podcast. Listeners will:

  1. Understand the guidelines placed on service providers looking to provide telehealth OT services.
  2. Know what tools, software, and hardware are needed to provide virtual services.
  3. Understand the difficulties and limitations associated with provided virtual OT Services.

Visit for the complete show notes

Jan 22, 2019
OTSH 021: Autism Strategies Featuring Meg Proctor

In episode 21 of the OT School House Podcast, guest Meg Proctor of joins Jayson to share five essential strategies for occupational therapists who work with students who have Autism.

Meg is an experienced pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in the provision of services with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She currently sees clients privately and provides both live and self-paced online trainings through Learn Play Thrive, LLC.

To learn more about Meg and Learn Play Thrive, visit and click on "For Therapist" at the top to grab a free ebook on how to help kids with Autism who do not have many occupations. 

Full Show Notes at

Jan 08, 2019
OTSH 020: From IFSP to IEP Featuring Sarah Putt of The OT 4 LYfe Podcast

In episode 20 of the OT School House Podcast, Abby and guest, Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L of the OT 4 LYfe Podcast, talk about the differences between school-based OT and Early Intervention OT. They also touch on what the transition from Early Intervention to school-based services may look like.    

View the entire show notes at

Or, learn how you can earn professional development by listening to select episodes of the OT School House Podcast.

Dec 18, 2018
OTSH 019: Exploring The Idea Of a School-Based OT Credential Feat. Jaime Spencer

In episode 19 of the OT School House Podcast, we are excited to host Jaime Spencer, OTR/L, of to talk about how we can advocate for ourselves as OTs at every level from the school site to nationally.

Have you heard about California's Credentialling efforts? How about New York's? Join us for a conversation on why OTs should be valued like teachers and how to help with the process! 

View the complete Show Notes at

Dec 04, 2018
OTSH 018: Get Inspired! Featuring Lauren Drobnjak of The Inspired Treehouse

Today we talk to Lauren Drobnjak, physical therapist and co-creator of The Inspired Treehouse Blog. Lauren and Claire, (the OT behind The Inspired Treehouse) recently co-authored a book titled the Playful Learning Lab for Kids. This new book features 52 gradable activities for kids of all abilities. You can get it on Amazon now!

Be sure to listen to the episode to hear how to get 20% off at

To see a full list of links and sources discussed in this episode, see the episode show notes at

*This description includes affiliate links which allows the OT School House to earn a commision at no additional charge to you. We thank you for your support by using these links. 

Nov 20, 2018
OTSH 017: Analysis of Online Media Use Among Occupational Therapy Practitioners (Professional Development)

The Occupational Therapy Practice Framework notes that "Clients may require access to and the ability to use technology such as cell or smartphones, computers or tablets, and videogame consoles to carry out their daily routines and occupations." (2004).

With this in mind, it is not only important to understand how meaningful it is for our clients and students to access technology and online media, but we also need to understand how we use online media to our personal and professional advantage. 

In this episode, Jayson and Abby present their findings on how School-based OTs can utilize online media to improve themselves as an OT practitioner.

Nov 06, 2018
OTSH 016: Clinic vs. School-Based and How We Can Learn From Each Other With The Anonymous OT

Join us as Abby has a conversation with fellow pediatric blogger, The Anonymous OT (whose name will be revealed) from An experienced pediatric OT, The Anonymous OT has practiced in school-based settings as well as in a clinic and in home health settings. Together, Abby and our guest discuss the similarities and differences between school-based and clinic occupational therapy evaluations and services. A new place to review and search for continuing education courses is also reviewed.

Visit the show notes for links to all the content discussed! 


Oct 16, 2018
OTSH 015: Beyond The Typical Vision Screening With Robert Constantine, OTR/L

In this episode, Abby interviews Robert Constantine of about how to assess and address concerns related to visual perception and visual motor capabilities in our children. In this podcast, you will learn to identify some of the behaviors associated with vision problems and several helpful hints about how to tease out the reason for those behaviors. Robert provides simple steps that you can use tomorrow when you see your students. It is our pleasure to have on such a great and knowledgeable guest. We have no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from hearing what Robert has to share. 

See the complete show notes at

Oct 02, 2018
OTSH 014: A Discussion On School-Based Report Writing

In this episode, Jayson interviews Jason Gonzales of (Affiliate link for your convenience) about some of the Laws, regulations and state guidelines that help OTs understand what should be in (or omitted from) our reports. Also discussed is when you should use standardized assessments, how to choose what assessment to use, and how to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete an OT evaluation report. 

Get your free 7-day trial to DTD and use promo code FALL18 for 20% off your order for a limited time. (Now Available for PTs as well)


Want to see the unedited webinar including all of the weird hand gestures we make? Watch the full webinar complete with live feedback and Q&A, HERE!

The NY Times Article:

Sharp Rise in Occupational Therapy Cases at New York’s Schools by Elizabeth A Harris who covers Education at The New York Times. This 2015 article documents the dramatic increase of students receiving occupational services in New York and Chicago.

Find your State Guidelines:

We have compiled all of the OT and OT/PT State Guidelines on one easy clickable map for you! Check it out here to find your state's guidelines.

Sep 18, 2018
OTSH 013: Reviewing the Research: Handwriting

Do you run a handwriting group? Do you use a specific program? In this episode, Jayson is diving into the recent literature on handwriting to help you with your decision making when it comes to supporting your students' handwriting goals.

We'll discuss everything from which programs work in what setting, to who can benefit from handwriting instruction and more. Specifically, we will be looking at 4 articles that support the instruction of handwriting in the classroom through a collaborative approach. Be sure to check out the articles in addition to listening to the article; they are cited in the show notes! 

Sep 04, 2018
OTSH 012: How to Pay It Forward by Being a Fieldwork Educator

In this episode, Jayson interviews fellow occupational therapist, Akemi McNeil (formerly Davies). Akemi is currently the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at Stanbridge University's Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy program where she works with hospitals, clinics, schools and other employers in order to place upwards of 120 students in an appropriate fieldwork setting. 

In this podcast, Jayson and Akemi talk over what it means to be a fieldwork educator and what every school-based OT should know before taking on a student. 

Have a listen if you are interested in the following objectives:

  1. Listeners will understand the requirements for being a level 1 and/or level 2 fieldwork educator.

  2. Listeners will understand what is expected of both fieldwork educators and fieldwork students.

  3. Listeners will understand how they can provide learning experiences to fieldwork students in a school-based setting

Earn Profesional Development Units for listening to this podcast here!

See the episode show notes here.

Aug 21, 2018
OTSH 011: How To Be An Evidence-Based OT In Public Schools Ft. Dr. Amy Sadek

In this episode, Jayson Interviews Dr. Amy Sadek about how every school-based occupational therapist should be using evidence-based practices and how to find the research that guides what they are doing. Dr. Sadek's background in nutrition and occupational therapy led her to earn a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Sadek's research focused on linking nutrition with behavioral changes in children with Autism. While completing her research she quickly learned how difficult it can be to be an evidence-based practitioner, as well as, how difficult it can be to conduct research in public schools. Listen in as Dr. Amy Sadek shares just how any school-based OT can take part in evidence-based practices and research opportunities.

Earn Professional Development for listening to this episode here! 

Have a listen if you would like to freshen up on today's learning objectives, which are:

  1. Understand the barriers to practicing EBP and conducting further research within Public schools.  

  2. Understand the steps to implement evidence-based practices (EBP) in a school setting.

  3. Understand the levels of research and the steps to appraising a research article

Links to Show References:

Have a question for Dr. Sadek? You can contact her at

"Antioxidants and Autism: Teachers' Perceptions of Behavioral Changes"- This is a link to Dr. Sadek's study in the Advances in Mind-Body Medicines Journal.

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) - Often referenced to in the show as the AJOT, this is one most attributed journals as it relates to occupational therapy. 

Guidelines for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy In California Public Schools - Referred to in the show as the OTPT Guidelines, this document published by the California Department of Education is a useful resource to all School-based OTs, not just those in California. To access it, visit and click on the state of California. 

ProQuest - ProQuest is a research search engine that is accessible to all National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) certificants. Just one more reason why each and every OT and OTA should maintain their NBCOT certification. 

Google Scholar - This is another one of the many free Google tools that are so helpful. Dr. Sadek uses Google Scholar as a starting point to look up research. While you may not be able to access every article you come across, it provides a great starting point. 

FERPA - Briefly referenced to in the show as the "HIPPA for schools," FERPA is indeed a privacy act that school's must abide by. All school-based personnelOTs should be familiar with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA

Earn Professional Development for listening to this episode here! 

Aug 07, 2018
OTSH 010: Exploring Assistive Technology & Sensory Integration With Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L

In this episode, Jayson chats with Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L, the winner of the OT School House School's Out Giveaway conducted in June of 2018. Together, Jayson and Hopemarie discuss the similarities and differences between practicing OT in California and Florida. Hopemarie also shares how she collaborates with her school team to conduct assistive technology assessments and how she garners buy-in from her teachers when implementing sensory strategies. 

Don't want to miss out on future giveaways, be sure to subscribe to our email list

Links to Show References:

Contact Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L at

Products mentioned on the show (Amazon/iTunes Affiliate Links that support the OT School House):

Jelly Bean Buttons - Briefly mentioned in the episode, Jelly Bean buttons are used to help non-verbal kids communicate. You can record something like "Hello!" using your voice, then every time the student activates the button you will hear "Hello!" Simple as that. 

Proloquo2Go - Also briefly mentioned during the episode, this is an iPad app that allows non-verbal students a more advanced system for communication. Think of the old bulky communication devices, but on a sleek iPad or iPad mini. It's a great app, but it's not cheap. 

Velcro Dots - while designed to use together to make something like a poster easily stick to a wall. Us school-based OTs can use them in many ways. One way both Hopemari and I use them is as a sensory tool that kids can rub their fingers on. Just stick them to the underside of the desk and no one will never even know the student is regulating themselves by rubbing his or her fingers on some velcro. 

Theraband - Often used to develop strengthening in sub-acute rehab settings, Theraband also can help kids stay in their seats while getting the movement they need. Take a 2-foot stand of this stuff, tie the ends together and wrap it around the child's chair legs. Now the child can keep their feet busy while attending to classroom activities.  

Exer-saucer (aka ExerExer-bug, aka Flying Turtle) Scooter:

It's funny how so many of the tools we use have so many different names. Hopemarie introduced me to this little tricycle which is powered by trunk movements. I can only imagine how many obstacles courses I could have used this in over the years! - A place for OTs and other educators to find available jobs. 

Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference - Held annually in Orlando, Florida in January

Abilities Expo - A traveling expo that showcases manufactured devices to assist people of all abilities. 

Google Docs - Check out our blog post on Google Docs. It includes a video tutorial on how to use the speech to text feature. 

How does your engine run? (The Alert Program) - A commonly used program to help kids understand self-regulation and their own ability to remain well regulated.

See complete show notes at


Jul 24, 2018
OTSH 009: Diving Into RTI With a School-Based OT Consultant: An Interview With Leah Hiller, OTR/L


In this episode, guest Leah Hiller, OTR/L, and Jayson dive into Response to Intervention (RTI) a bit and discuss several ways occupational therapists can have an impact on students without ever completing an evaluation. RTI is a growing model in schools and as OTs, it opens the door for us helping more students in less time. It also provides opportunities for OTs to provide in-services for teachers and recommend curriculums that will benefit the social and motor aspects of student roles.

Earn Professional development for OT School House Podcast episodes you've already listened to at

Contact Leah Hiller, OTR/L at

Learning Without Tears (

Formally known as Handwriting Without Tears, LWT is a leader in developing handwriting and keyboarding curriculums. Want to hear from them on the podcast? Shoot them an email and let them know about us.

We Thinkers! from

This program uses music and play to teach early learners how to manage every day social situations. 

Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook (Affiliate link)

Use this Amazon affiliate link to check out the book used by Leah to help her young students understand personal space in school.

AOTA's FAQ On Response To Intervention (RTI)

Use this link to view AOTA's description and understanding of what RTI is and how OT/COTA can use RTI in schools. 

Thank you for listening. 

Be sure to hit subscribe on your app so that you never miss an episode!




Jul 10, 2018
OTSH 008: Everything You Need to Know About Professional Development & A Special Announcement!

In this episode, Jayson and Abby look at the many ways to earn professional development per NBCOT guidelines and share 9 specific places where you can earn your needed Professional Development Units (PDUs) or Competency Assessment Units (CAUs) as NBCOT calls them. 

There is also a special announcement at the end of this episode, so stay tuned. 

Have a listen to have these three questions answered:

1. Who needs continuing education and how many units do you need?

2. What counts as professional development?

3. Where can I earn professional development units?

Affiliate links that help the OT School House continue podcasting:

Medbridge: Use Promo code otschoolhouse for 40% off your subscription. An online hub for web-based continuing education videos. - Another online hub for web-based continuing education videos - A personal blog by Cara Kocinski. She offers a few online webinar courses. 


Jun 26, 2018
OTSH 007: Mental Health & Mindfulness in the classroom: An Interview with Dr. Rachelle Murphy

In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist and Doctor of Health Sciences, Dr. Rachelle Murphy. Dr. Murphy is currently an instructor at the American Career College in Anaheim, California and she is currently in the process of researching the effects of using a mindfulness program in small charter school. 

During this episode, Dr. Murphy reviews recent research related to the mental health status of school-aged children and shares how she is using mindfulness and meditation to help both students and their teachers.

Check out the School's out giveaway page at

Snow notes:

Jun 12, 2018
OTSH 006: BOT-2 v. M-FUN; A Comparison of Two Commonly Used School-Based OT Assessment Tools

In this episode, we look at two commonly used school-based Occupational therapy assessment tools. Both the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, or BOT-2, and the Miller Function & Participation Scales (M-FUN) are standardized testing tools that occupational therapist use to assess fine motor and visual motor skills in children. While they are similar in what they assess, they are very different in how they get their results.

Today's Objectives:

1. What skills do both the BOT-2 and MFUN assess in a child’s educational capabilities?

2. What are the pros and cons of each assessment tool?

3. How do you decide which assessment tool is best suited for any given school-based OT assessment?

May 25, 2018
OTSH 005: How OTs and Teachers Collaborate with BCBAs: An Interview with Steven Troyer, Med, BCBA, LBA

In this episode, host Abby Parana has a discussion with Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), Steven Troyer. Steven and Abby have previously worked together and collaborated to help many of the same students meet their IEP goals. Listen in to hear Abby and Steven discuss behavior from both OT and BCBA perspectives.

May 15, 2018
OTSH 004: Interview with Kerry Mellin, Creator of the EazyHold

In this episode, we talk to Kerry Mellin who is a motion picture and television costume designer by day, and a creator of the EazyHold by night. The EazyHold is a universal cuff she and her sisters designed that is allowing children to access occupations they never thought were possible. Hear how this idea of a modern universal cuff came to be and why we prefer it over any other cuff we have seen available. 

May 01, 2018
OTSH 003: SMART-E Goals and Level of Service

In this episode, Abby returns to discuss SMART-E goals and how these goals should drive a service providers decision on how frequently to see a student. 

Apr 17, 2018
OTSH 002: An interview with Tricia Gomez, Global Director at Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

In this session, Jayson interviews Tricia Gomez who shares her program that is gaining a lot of attention from OTs and special education teachers across the nation. Learn how dancing can be used to teach ADLs and improve other skills. 

Apr 02, 2018
OT School House Podcast 001: The Steps to Writing a Defensible Occupational Therapy Assessment

In this very first episode of the OTSH Podcast, Jayson and Abby introduce themselves and jump right into the steps required to develop an assessment that you can defend in an IEP and beyond.

Mar 13, 2018