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 Jun 12, 2019
I love the podcast very well done, and I understand the need for ads. My issue is with the frequency and variety of the ads. the ratio of ads to content is getting out of hand. it's 5 mins of context then 2 mins of ads.

Becka J
 Apr 9, 2019
The podcast itself is great my issue with it is the amount of and frequency of the ads, they are every few mins, and so you are getting around 6 ads within a 20 odd minutes episode which is too much for my liking

 Mar 15, 2019

Cheryl S.
 Mar 6, 2019
love the TV series, and it translates wonderfully to a podcast format. now I can enjoy the program both ways!

 Jan 31, 2019
I absolutely love this podcast! I got my parents hooked on it as well, they also started watching the TV show. Keep up on the amazing work your doing .


Forensic Files is a pioneer in the field of fact-based, high-tech, dramatic storytelling. This series of television programs delves into the world of forensic science, profiling intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world.

Episode Date
Constructive Criticism
The huge amount of blood at the crime scene spoke of the violence of the attack; investigators describe it as "overkill," and it's usually an indication that the victim knew the attacker. Police hoped that, during the struggle, the killer had left some of his own blood - and his DNA - behind. Their challenge was to find it. via Knit
Jul 22, 2019
When hunters reported finding a skull in a Texas canyon, police immediately began an investigation. At the scene, they found bits of clothing, a woman's shoe, some small bones and a strand of hair. An anthropologist determined the victim was a Caucasian woman, and that she'd been stabbed repeatedly. A forensic artist reconstructed her face, and the image was released to media. Eventually, police learned who she was. Now all they had to do was find her killer. via Knit
Jul 18, 2019
The Alibi
After the rape and murder of a popular high school student, authorities ask the males in her social circles to volunteer DNA. When a match is found, the community is stunned. via Knit
Jul 15, 2019
Slippery Motives
While staying at a hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, a Louisiana woman drowns in a bathtub. Her husband claims it was an accident, but detectives are skeptical as they discover evidence of foul play. via Knit
Jul 11, 2019
Broken Bond
The story of nurse Tanya Reid who may have murdered her own baby and was planning to murder her son. via Knit
Jul 08, 2019
Bed Of Deceit
A retired police officer is discovered dead in his bed. Examination of the evidence at the crime scene, the tape from a bank surveillance camera, and forensic textbooks found in the victim's home are used to solve the murder. via Knit
Jul 04, 2019
A fire erupted in the Kings Cross Underground Station in London, killing 31 people and injuring dozens more. Arson investigators were able to pinpoint the cause of the fire, but it would take state-of-the-art computer technology and experts in the field of fluid dynamics to explain why it became a deadly inferno. via Knit
Jul 01, 2019
Water Hazard
The victim had ingested a massive amount of cyanide. An unlikely clue - a flaw on a mailing envelope -- exposed a murderer who was willing to kill innocent people to get the one person he wanted. via Knit
Jun 27, 2019
Knot For Everyone
A series of murders near Sacramento, Calif., where prostitutes were gagged and molested, their clothes cut off in random patterns and their hair cut off. via Knit
Jun 24, 2019
Cement the Case
A man confesses to killing his wife but forensic evidence may lead to another suspect. via Knit
Jun 20, 2019
Pastoral Care
When the body of a female prison guard shows up in a landfill, investigators suspect the prisoners in the facility where she worked. The medical examiner found an important clue, a "signature" element, which figured in two other murders. via Knit
Jun 17, 2019
Where The Blood Drops
When someone dies under mysterious circumstances, the spouse almost always is a suspect -- especially if they are in bed, sleeping beside the individual at the time of their death. via Knit
Jun 13, 2019
Naked Justice
A 29-year-old pregnant wife is found dead in her home of a gunshot wound to the head. Blood spatter analysis led police to the truth. via Knit
Jun 10, 2019
Video Diary
A gas station employee was shot at point blank range. Police find the entire murder was caught on the station's security camera. via Knit
Jun 06, 2019
A man considered unstable by his neighbors is accused of killing his wife. But a medical detective holds a different view. via Knit
Jun 03, 2019
The Metal Business
It looked like sixty-two-year-old Phillip Rouss, Jr. had it all: family, friends, and a new business which was the culmination of a life-long dream. Then his health began to deteriorate. Doctors couldn't pinpoint the cause of the illness and Phil began to suspect his condition was no accident. Toxicologists and investigators identified the real problem just in time to save Phil's life. via Knit
May 30, 2019
Without A Prayer
When the once called America's most hated woman and her top two lieutenants disappeared, there was no shortage of suspects. via Knit
May 27, 2019
Introducing Somebody Somewhere Season 2: The Jungle Murders Trailer
Murder in a Seattle homeless encampment known as The Jungle. Three teenage brothers were charged, but are they the real killers? Only The Jungle knows. Join former federal prosecutor David Payne and producer Jody Gottlieb as they investigate. Somebody Somewhere Season 2: The Jungle Murders premieres June 11, 2019. via Knit
May 26, 2019
Just weeks before a witness is to testify against the man accused of sexually assaulting her, she is murdered in the front yard of her own home. Investigators immediately suspect her attacker, but they don't have enough evidence to prove his guilt. It would take fifteen years, and the remarkable advances in forensic science and DNA testing which occurred during that time, to enable police to nail the killer. via Knit
May 23, 2019
A Clean Getaway
An employee of a dry-cleaner was raped and murdered in the store, and investigators thought themselves fortunate to have two eyewitnesses. Their descriptions were similar but not identical, and the prime suspect didn't come close to resembling that person. So police turned to forensic science for the answers they needed. via Knit
May 20, 2019
Cold Hearted
When a young fireman died from what appeared to be serious but undiagnosed heart disease, his family and friends were devastated but they had no proof of foul play. Then they learned that, six years earlier in a nearby town, a young police officer died in the same way. The men had one thing in common: At the time of their deaths, they were married to the same woman. via Knit
May 16, 2019
A Bitter Pill To Swallow
A 33-year old woman meets, falls in love with, and marries a successful young doctor, but an unusual amount of discomfort during her pregnancy arouses her suspicions, prompting a personal investigation that culminates in a startling revelation. via Knit
May 13, 2019
Prints Among Thieves
The murder of an eccentric millionaire was not entirely unexpected; he flaunted his wealth and cared little for personal security. The evidence at the crime seemed to indicate robbery, but investigators wondered if there was something more. via Knit
May 09, 2019
Past Lives
The body of a businessman was found in his rental car. Teeth and bone fragments were all that remained of the body; When the victim's wife filed a life insurance claim, investigators sought the help of a forensic anthropologist. via Knit
May 06, 2019
Writing On The Wall
The victim was well liked and successful, which made the brutality of the crime even harder to understand. In the final moments of her life, she'd written a name on the wall - presumably that of the killer - in her own blood. But this wasn't an open and shut case and, in order to solve it, investigators would have to read between the lines. via Knit
May 02, 2019
Sleight Of Hand
An elderly woman is murdered. Though investigators were able to lift prints from the scene, they failed to find a match and the crime went unsolved. Years later, advances in fingerprint science enable police to identify the print and the killer. via Knit
Apr 29, 2019
Drowning Sorrows
A family vacation turns into a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake. There are no witnesses and little conclusive evidence to help police determine if they're dealing with a suicide, an accident, or something more sinister... until a forensic pathologist uses a groundbreaking technique to discover the truth. via Knit
Apr 25, 2019
Cold Storage
When a young dancer who got involved with the wrong crowd disappeared, her family immediately suspected her new friends. When a young dancer who got involved with the wrong crowd disappeared, her family immediately suspected her new friends. via Knit
Apr 22, 2019
Pressed For Crime
A brutal murder, lots of suspects, and conflicting evidence... but the forensics were clear on one thing: The killer knew his victim. And that alone gave investigators a head start. via Knit
Apr 18, 2019
Holy Terror
A serial bomber was on the loose in Illinois. Two churches had been bombed and one person was killed. Investigators had to stop the perpetrator before he struck again... and they hoped to find him by following a thin copper wire. via Knit
Apr 15, 2019
Yes Indeed
In a tragic twist of fate, just days after the woman sold her home and moved to a modest trailer, a fire took both the trailer and her life. But the autopsy proved this was no accident. It was arson and murder. Investigators had to determine who wanted the woman dead... and why. via Knit
Apr 11, 2019
Missing Pearl
A woman does not return home and, despite pleas from her family, police insist on treating it as a routine missing person's case. via Knit
Apr 08, 2019
Deadly Valentine
An obstetrician returned home from the hospital and found his wife on the floor of the bathroom; she was covered with blood, not breathing. He tried unsuccessfully to revive her, staining his clothes with her blood in the process, and then he called 911. His version of events was not supported by the blood spatter evidence, and investigators had to determine why. via Knit
Apr 04, 2019
The Blood Trail
Police uncover a trail that reveals a husband's plot to kill his wife for insurance money. via Knit
Apr 01, 2019
The Blood Trail
Police uncover a trail that reveals a husband's plot to kill his wife for insurance money. via Knit
Apr 01, 2019
Expert Witness
The killer was meticulous, washing everything at the scene, including the victim's body. The only definitive evidence was a single foreign hair. Three years later he struck again and, this time, what he left behind would prove he committed both crimes. via Knit
Mar 28, 2019
Sands Of Crime
A college co-ed was abducted from a parking lot. Her body was found later that day. She'd been sexually assaulted and shot at point blank range. Eight years passed and then a pair of shoes and a cell phone breathed new life into a cold case. via Knit
Mar 25, 2019
Sunday School Ambush
When a woman's husband was gunned down in his own garage by intruders, investigators worked tirelessly to find the assassins. But when they discovered that a wound sustained during the attack by the grieving widow may have been self-inflicted, they turned to science to help t hem unravel a twisted tale of lust, greed, and deception. via Knit
Mar 21, 2019
Hand Delivered
In 1995, police in San Diego, California are baffled by a pair of hands found in a dumpster. The case goes cold but about a year later, investigators receive an anonymous letter with information about the crime that had been withheld from the press - information only the killer (or someone close to the killer) would know. Laser technology helps to identify the state, city, street address, and even the office number from where the anonymous letter was mailed, which leads them to LDS (Mormon) Bishop Mark Davis. Davis cites the privilege between clergy and church member as a reason to not disclose the source of the information, but a judge rules that since Davis sent the letter, he must identify the source. via Knit
Mar 18, 2019
Dew Process
When the wife of a dentist is found dead, police are unsure who killed her. As the investigation progresses, a woman confesses. Two years pass before fibers and a study of the weather on the night of the murder break the case open. via Knit
Mar 14, 2019
Within A Hair
In 1996 in Indiana, four women had been sexually assaulted and a suspect was soon convicted. But the story doesn't end there. via Knit
Mar 11, 2019
Message In A Bottle
For twelve years, the murder of a young woman went unsolved, but with the passage of time came the development of technology. Would a used tissue found at the crime scene give police the evidence they needed to crack the case and bring a killer to justice? via Knit
Mar 07, 2019
Body Of Evidence
Police exhume the body of a murdered woman to study bite wounds, which eventually lead to the killer. via Knit
Mar 04, 2019
All The World's A Stage
Police arrive at a shooting, and discover the victim's husband is a homicide detective who says his wife shot herself. Investigators turn to a forensic scientist and ballistics expert to learn what really happened and who was responsible. via Knit
Feb 28, 2019
Hundreds Of Reasons
The assistant manager of the restaurant had been stabbed to death. Police knew why he'd been killed: $8,000 was missing from the safe. As to who was responsible, his family and friends couldn't even imagine who'd want to hurt him. via Knit
Feb 25, 2019
As The Tide Turns
The woman was dead. The man had been shot four times but he survived. When the man's version of events was at variance with the evidence, investigators turned to forensic science, hoping to determine if this was a botched robbery, or cold-blooded murder. via Knit
Feb 21, 2019
About Face
A human skeleton was discovered in the North Carolina marshlands and, when investigators learned she'd been dead for 18 months, they knew it would be difficult to find out who she was, much less who killed her. A forensic anthropologist was able to determine the victim's race, age and height, but it would take an inventive computer consultant to give her a face and a name. via Knit
Feb 18, 2019
The Dirty Deed
Eileen and Derrick Severs disappeared from their home in the small village of Hambleton in Great Britain, and police found evidence which suggested foul play. via Knit
Feb 14, 2019
Dessert Served Cold
When a Massachusetts man dropped dead of an apparent heart attack, no one thought foul play was a possibility until police looked into his girlfriend's odd behavior in the days before his death. via Knit
Feb 11, 2019
A Vow Of Silence
Emelita Villa came to Arlington, Texas from the Philippines as a shy, impoverished, 18-year-old mail order bride for Jack Reeves, a man almost 30 years her senior. Six and a half years later, Emelita disappeared. via Knit
Feb 07, 2019
Bound For Jail
A woman is found dead in a ravine near a jogging path. Crucial crime scene evidence had been washed away by severe thunderstorms. Then, almost 20 years later, two pieces of newly-discovered evidence brought the killer to justice. via Knit
Feb 04, 2019
Within Arms Reach
A man accused of killing his estranged wife insisted she committed suicide. Investigators said it was murder. The evidence was interpreted differently by the defense and prosecution. It was up to the jury to decide. via Knit
Jan 31, 2019
Visibility Zero
In 1993, the Amtrak Railroad experienced the deadliest train crash in United States history when the Sunset Limited derailed while crossing Alabama's Bayou Canot bridge. Forty-seven passengers and crew were killed; scores more were injured. The clues to the cause of the crash lay etched in twisted steel and buried in the mud of the Bayou Canot. via Knit
Jan 28, 2019
Private Thoughts
Firefighters find an entire family dead inside their burned-out home, and at first glance, it appears to be a case of murder-suicide. But clues found at the scene soon lead investigators to believe otherwise. Forensic science, a time card, a drawing, and an audiotaped diary help prosecutors to build their case, and bring the killer to justice. via Knit
Jan 24, 2019
Crash Course
A highway patrolman was dispatched to what he thought would be a routine traffic accident... until he looked in the car. While he had no formal training in forensic science, he had seen hundreds of accidents - but never as much blood as this. He was shocked by the coroner's ruling of "accidental death," and then an anonymous phone call breathed new life into his investigation. via Knit
Jan 21, 2019
The Disappearance of Helle Craft
The investigation into the disappearance of Helle Craft led to the murder conviction of her husband. via Knit
Jan 17, 2019
Sip Of Sins
After eluding police for years, a model citizen in Olney, Texas is fund to be a serial killer. via Knit
Jan 14, 2019
Speck Of Evidence
A speck of bicycle paint and a speck nickel tie a suspect to the murder of a 9-year-old. via Knit
Jan 10, 2019
Sex Lies and DNA
While Earl Morris was vacationing in California, he learned that his wife had gone missing from their home in Arizona. The search for Ruby Morris involved dozens of investigators, scientists, and even the coast guard. via Knit
Jan 07, 2019
Missing In Time
A woman was reported missing, presumed dead. A clue inside the suspect's watchband and a popular television show helped solve the case. via Knit
Jan 03, 2019
The Footpath Murders
A 1986 case of sexual assault and serial murder marked the first time DNA was used as evidence in a court of law. via Knit
Dec 31, 2018
Penchant For Poison
Three seemingly unrelated deaths proved to be serial murders. The killer had been careful; he'd used poison which has no taste or odor. Fortunately for investigators, it also had a unique chemical signature. via Knit
Dec 27, 2018
A twelve-year-old girl claimed she had been abducted and sexually assaulted. She recounted what happened in such a flat, unemotional voice that police found it difficult to believe her. Fibers on her clothing would prove she was telling the truth, and help police find her attacker. via Knit
Dec 24, 2018
Trouble Brewing
Two suspects living in the same apartment were linked to a murder by a gun and a pair of bloodstained boots - items that belonged to the one who claimed he'd never even met the victim. Investigators hoped the manufacturing code stamped on the six beer bottles would be distinctive enough to prove who was telling the truth, and who was a cold-blooded killer. via Knit
Dec 20, 2018
Insulated Evidence
It's usually easy to determine how a criminal entered a crime scene. But in this case, it was far from clear. It looked like the killer vanished into thin air... and perhaps he had. via Knit
Dec 17, 2018
Twenty-four years after the death of a 15-year old in California, forensic scientists discover enough microscopic evidence to finally bring the killer to justice. via Knit
Dec 13, 2018
Touch Of Evil
The media dubbed him the "Last Call Killer" because he targeted men in gay bars who were obviously intoxicated. His MO involved dismembering the bodies and wrapping the parts in plastic bags, which he then carefully washed to remove all incriminating evidence. He eluded capture for almost ten years... and then new technology revealed fingerprints no one knew were there. via Knit
Dec 10, 2018
Web of Seduction
Bruce Miller was shot to death in the office of the business he owned. When a computer expert examined the computers owned by the victim's wife and by her lover, he found the evidence needed to convict the person responsible for the crime. via Knit
Dec 06, 2018
Southside Strangler
A serial killer in Arlington, VA. leaves the same clues behind at each crime scene. via Knit
Dec 03, 2018
Purebread Murder
A young mother is murdered after years of domestic abuse. There are clues at the scene: bloody footprints and DNA from the victim's rape kit. But the evidence which will conclusively tie the killer to the crime is on a freshly baked hamburger bun. via Knit
Nov 29, 2018
The Gambler
One warm summer afternoon, the town of Verona, Wisconsin, faced its first triple homicide. To solve the case, investigators had to delve into the world of high rollers and offshore betting. With the help of forensics, they were able to bring down a killer who gambled, and lost. via Knit
Nov 26, 2018
Innocence Lost
A little girl disappears from a Christmas party. via Knit
Nov 22, 2018
Badge Of Deceit
Women in a small Louisiana city live in fear of a rapist who leaves no clues to his identity. But computer technology and behavioral science combine to give police a new forensic tool: geographical profiling. via Knit
Nov 19, 2018
Once Bitten
When a woman is found murdered in a bar, investigators believe the best evidence is the bite mark found on the victim. A postman is convicted of murder, but he maintains his innocence. Ten years later, improved technology yields new information. via Knit
Nov 15, 2018
Nursery Crimes
Children at a Texas hospital seem to be dying at a higher rate than at any other US hospital. Investigators look to a suspicious nurse. via Knit
Nov 12, 2018
Man's Best Friend
A girl was found dead in her backyard. Her parents claimed she was attacked and killed by the family dogs, but police disagreed. via Knit
Nov 08, 2018
When a mother and her child are abducted during a carjacking, the crime is reported within minutes. Police know they have a small window of opportunity to find them... and the clock is ticking. via Knit
Nov 05, 2018
Burning Ambition
Arson is suspected when a Seattle policeman's house burns down. via Knit
Nov 01, 2018
A Woman Scorned
When a young mother and her infant son are found dead in a cornfield, the obvious suspect is the husband and father of the victims. But some insects found on the bodies reveal a vital clue, as does a long, blonde hair found on the victims. via Knit
Oct 29, 2018
News At 11
A talented television news anchor was shot to death outsider her home; it appeared to be a crime of passion, perpetrated by an obsessed fan. A police dog tracked the scent of the killer through the adjacent woods and back to the crime scene. Could the murderer be one of the onlookers, watching the police conduct their investigation? via Knit
Oct 25, 2018
Home Of The Brave
When their trailer catches fire, the young husband heroically rescues his wife and infant son. A month later, his wife is beaten to death in a bedroom of his parents' home. The cut window screen points to an intruder, but the lack of supporting evidence compels investigators to look beyond the obvious. via Knit
Oct 22, 2018
Out Of The Ashes
Two years after a girl was murdered, a tiny drop of blood and burned bones lead police to her murderers. via Knit
Oct 18, 2018
Deadly Delivery
Several high-powered legal officials are victims of mail bombs. via Knit
Oct 15, 2018
Dark Waters
When a hit-and-run boating accident caused the death of a popular young man, investigators faced the the daunting task of searching for one boat among 1,200 others. They asked anyone who had seen the accident to come forward. The man who responded did much more than witness the crash; he was a passenger in that other boat. via Knit
Oct 11, 2018
Treading Not So Lightly
A mother used her knowledge from murder mystery shows to determine who severely injured her young daughter in a hit-and-run accident. via Knit
Oct 09, 2018
Ultimate Betrayal
Fire sweeps through a mansion killing two children, and all evidence leads to the mother. via Knit
Oct 04, 2018
Tooth Or Consequences
The investigation of the disappearance of a woman leads police to a suspect. But police could not find the victim's body. Finally, police discovered a charred tooth. Superimposed images and a dental filling give investigators the proof they need. via Knit
Oct 01, 2018
Covet Thy Neighbor
When a college co-ed vanished without a trace, her fellow students were concerned about her safety... and their own. Weeks later, the body of an unknown female was discovered about 700 miles away in the ashes of a barn fire, and an alert police officer realized the two crimes might be connected. via Knit
Sep 27, 2018
Calculated Coincidence
A young woman is found dead in her apartment. there's little evidence at the scene, leads don't pan out, and the case turns cold... until police discover a link between their prime suspect and an unsolved murder committed six ears earlier in a different state. via Knit
Sep 24, 2018
Insignificant Others
How unlucky could one man be? His wife had taken her own life, and his college sweetheart had killed herself in much the same fashion fourteen years earlier. Investigators had to determine if this was a bizarre coincidence or an attempt to get away with murder... twice. via Knit
Sep 20, 2018
Crime Seen
In 1984, a couple set off for a camping trip but got lost and fell asleep at a scenic overlook in Virginia. via Knit
Sep 17, 2018
Family Ties
After he got into the home, the assailant used an axe to kill the husband and critically injure his wife. Nothing was taken, so this wasn't a robbery. A DNA profile from skin cells collected hundreds of miles away would reveal the killer's identity and his motive for murder. via Knit
Sep 13, 2018
Till Death Do Us Part
A chemist suddenly starts to suffer from foot pain, partial numbness, and hair loss, and eventually dies. Could he have been poisoned? via Knit
Sep 10, 2018
As Fault
The woman in the back of the truck was flailing her arms, screaming. They thought she was doing something dangerous for the fun of it. But when they found a jacket near a pool of blood, they knew what they'd seen wasn't a joy ride; it was an abduction. via Knit
Sep 06, 2018
Doctors don't know why the young scientist is gravely ill. When test finally reveal the cause, it's too late to save him. Police hope that lab analysis of his hair - showing when attempts were made on his life and what was used - will lead to the killer. via Knit
Sep 03, 2018
Sphere of Influence
When an 11-year old girl disappeared from a small town in a remote area of Alaska, investigators wondered if she'd been attacked by a bear or become lost int he dense woods. It turned out neither was true. Her body was discovered 10 days later; she'd been shot twice at close range, and sexually assaulted. A tip from an eyewitness led police to a suspect, and trace evidence found at the crime scene convinced a jury of his guilt. via Knit
Aug 30, 2018
Shot Of Vengeance
A nurse experienced flu-like symptoms. She visited the doctor for a check-up and learned she was HIV-positive. In the end, science was able to determine not only how she had been infected, but also by whom. The worst part: It wasn't an accident. via Knit
Aug 27, 2018
Guarded Secrets
A security guard disappeared from his post without a trace; his remains were found a year later in a remote camp site. More than a decade would pass before a phone call breathed life into the cold case, a paint smear on the bottom of the victim's boot helped scientists determine what happened during the last hour of his life. via Knit
Aug 23, 2018
The Big Chill
For years, a woman suffered from what appeared to be the unpleasant side effects of lithium, a drug prescribed to treat bipolar disorder. When she died, investigators had to determine if her death was due to natural causes, suicide or murder. via Knit
Aug 20, 2018
Dinner And A Movie
Time of death becomes pivotal after a pregnant woman is found murdered in her air-conditioned bedroom. A similarity between her death and an HBO movie gives forensic examiners the clues they need to thaw out the alibi of a cold-blooded killer. via Knit
Aug 16, 2018
In 1984, hundreds of people in The Dalles, Oregon became ill with food poisoning. Local, state, and federal disease detectives slowly unraveled the medical mystery. Along with a unique strain of bacteria, they discovered a religious cult's bizarre plot to overthrow the government...using germ warfare. via Knit
Aug 13, 2018
Freeze Framed
The man suffered a slow, agonizing death over a period of days. His wife maintained he killed himself, but police were skeptical... especially when they learned her first husband died when he was only 38-years old, and she refused to consent to an autopsy. via Knit
Aug 09, 2018
Transaction Failed
When a dedicated, well-respected teacher disappeared, police had to determine if she'd gone on vacation without telling anyone or if she was the victim of foul play. Investigators turned to forensic science, hoping to find the answers they needed. via Knit
Aug 06, 2018
Tight-Fitting Genes
A behavioral profile is helpful in a murder investigation, but it's not a road map to the killer. One such profile caused the Baton Rouge Police Department to search for the wrong man. They might have made an arrest had it not been for a DNA picture of the suspect painted by a molecular biologist. via Knit
Aug 02, 2018
Office Visit
An Arizona surgeon is found stabbed to death. All signs point to a random attack until investigators uncover an unlikely suspect. Police work to unravel the mystery in a case of jealousy, rage, and the almighty dollar. via Knit
Jul 30, 2018
The medical examiner ruled the death an accident, but the detectives investigating the case thought the evidence at the scene indicated otherwise. It would take three years, an exhumation, and a second autopsy to determine who was right. via Knit
Jul 26, 2018
Partners In Crime
The autopsy on the badly burned body of Charles "Jack" Lynch led investigators to search for a couple of killers. via Knit
Jul 23, 2018
Dirty Little Secret
A couple embarks on a holiday but never return. Police suspect drugs are the reason behind their disappearance. Days later a random burglary breaks the case wide open. Police use ballistics and DNA to capture to unusual suspects. via Knit
Jul 19, 2018
Family Interrupted
A family interrupts a burglary in their suburban home. The gunman kills two and wounds two more. Police suspect the crime is related to a string of thefts in the area, but a closer look at the crime scene reveals the real motive and killer. via Knit
Jul 16, 2018
Planted Evidence
Denise Johnson was found dead in an Arizona forest with little forensic evidence around her. Could history be made in a courtroom with the utilization of plant DNA as evidence? via Knit
Jul 12, 2018
Beaten By A Hair
Early one morning, a woman went missing on her way to work. A strand of hair in her hairbrush led investigators to unravel the mystery. via Knit
Jul 09, 2018
Trail Of A Killer
A woman is murdered on a jogging trail in the middle of the day. The leads from cell phone records and search dogs go nowhere. Nine days later, a witness tells police about a chance encounter, and cigarette butts which may contain the killer's DNA. via Knit
Jul 05, 2018
Fate Date
Twenty-four hours after her face-to-face meeting with a man she met online, the woman and her soon-to-be-ex-husband were shot to death. Only the computer had been taken from her home, and with it, the means to identify the killer. via Knit
Jul 02, 2018
A Voice From Beyond
Police discover a decomposed body had been stuffed in a barrel 30 years earlier. An address book was found with the body. via Knit
Jun 28, 2018
The Killing Room
The story of how a routine missing-person case became a murder inquiry involving a love triangle. via Knit
Jun 25, 2018
Grave Evidence
Forensic scientists provide authorities with evidence that a death deemed accidental 20 years ago was actually murder. via Knit
Jun 21, 2018
Deadly Formula
A mother was convicted for the death of her four-month-old. An explanation for his death would come from his newborn brother. via Knit
Jun 18, 2018
No Safe Place
A wealthy man and his wife were attacked by three men outside their luxurious Louisiana home. He was shot dead and she was forced to open their hidden safe. The woman could not describe the men because they wore masks. To solve the case, police would have to find out who knew about the concealed safe, and who would benefit from the crime. via Knit
Jun 14, 2018
Best Foot Forward
The investigation of an exotic dancer's disappearance led police to an isolated 75-acre site where someone had been shot and cremated. The destruction of the remains was almost complete... almost, but not quite. Soft tissue attached to a piece of a foot provided enough DNA for a genetic profile, and positive identification of the victim. via Knit
Jun 11, 2018
Postal Mortem
A man kills two people with bombs in an effort to get investors off his back and is sentenced to life with no chance of parole. via Knit
Jun 07, 2018
Gone Ballistic
When a real estate developer is shot to death, his wife becomes the prime suspect. Police have a wealth of evidence against her, but it's circumstantial. The case will turn on a .25 caliber bullet fired 20 years ago from the now-missing murder weapon. via Knit
Jun 04, 2018
Sniffing Revenge
A woman dies suddenly at home. Investigators are unable to determine the cause of death until they receive a call from the ex-wife of the dead woman's husband. The sensitive nose of a toxicologist ends up sniffing out murder. via Knit
May 31, 2018
Room With A View
The victim had been stabbed more than a hundred times and her bedroom was soaked with blood. While her body was positioned in a suggestive way, she hadn't been sexually assaulted. Was this a sex crime, or the random act of a man with an intense hatred of women? via Knit
May 28, 2018
Shoe-in for Murder
A 12 year-old is the only witness to her mother's death and is unable to provide many details. Little did they know 12 years later, forensic evidence would lead the investigation right back to where it started. via Knit
May 24, 2018
Sealed With a Kiss
An investigation into threatening letters sent to a popular elementary school teacher. via Knit
May 21, 2018
Needle in a Haystack
There was no apparent reason for the young, healthy college student to be dead. But when the medical examiner found the tiniest of clues during the autopsy, investigators were able to unravel the mystery of betrayal and revenge. via Knit
May 17, 2018
Dirty Laundry
The victim was a self-made man who never minced words. Perhaps he was murdered by a disgruntled client or employee. Perhaps the racy photos in his safe held the clue to solving the crime. Or perhaps with the help of the IRS, investigators could follow the money and find the killer. via Knit
May 14, 2018
Textbook Murder
The victim was brutally murdered. Police learn her fiance was having affairs with other women, and he becomes the prime suspect...that is until a man comes forward who not only believes he owns the murder weapon, he also knows who used it. via Knit
May 10, 2018
Finger Pane
A serial killer was on the loose and police had to find him before he struck again. Their most promising lead was an unusual one: a bloody fingerprint on the body of one of the victims. via Knit
May 07, 2018
Seeing Red
The victim was discovered in a landfill, stuffed into a suitcase. She resembled another woman, missing for 18 months. Sure they were dealing with a serial killer, police faced the daunting task of combing through 225,000 tons of trash to find her body. via Knit
May 03, 2018
Weakest Link
The body of a young girl was discovered on isolated farm land near Delano, California. She had no ID, but police found mailbox and house keys in the pocket of her jeans. With no other clues, they checked the mailboxes of every apartment building in Delano... and their persistence paid off. via Knit
Apr 30, 2018
Sign of the Crime
In little more than a month, two women who lived in the same apartment complex were brutally murdered. The similarities of the crime scenes led police to conclude they were dealing with a serial killer who harbored an intense hatred of women... and they had to find him before he struck again. via Knit
Apr 26, 2018
The Talking Skull
A mapmaker was surveying the grounds of a boy scout ranch when he came across a human skull. via Knit
Apr 23, 2018
Social Circle
Four young adults are brutally murdered in an affluent Texas neighborhood, and the crime scene yields little evidence. The next door neighbors see two young people dressed in black walking nearby, and their descriptions are used to create composite drawings which become a key element in solving the crime. via Knit
Apr 19, 2018
Palm Saturday
A couple is found dead in their Washington home and all signs point to a professional hit. A palm print and two distinct shoe impressions help police separate fantasy from reality and expose a fatal flaw in one state's inmate release procedures. via Knit
Apr 16, 2018
Pet Rock
The woman hadn't shown up for work in two days, and her boss reported her missing. When her body was found, the evidence pointed to suspects who claimed they had nothing to do with the crime. The victim, herself, would help police to prove they were lying. via Knit
Apr 12, 2018
Northern Exposure
Hikers near Anchorage, Alaska discovered a body wrapped in sheets which were edged in orange stitching. Authorities hydrated the fingers and obtained a fingerprint, enabling them to identify the victim. Clinging to the sheet, they also discovered a tuft of red carpet fibers -- threads of evidence which led them straight to the killer. via Knit
Apr 09, 2018
The List Murders
For 18 years, a man who murdered his entire family eluded the FBI. Investigators used art and forensic science to find the killer. via Knit
Apr 05, 2018
Filtered Out
When a teenaged girl goes missing, no one knows if she ran away or if she was the victim of foul play. Everyone's worst fears are confirmed when a body is found at the bottom of an isolated ravine. Police scour the crime scene, hoping to find enough evidence to identify the killer. via Knit
Apr 02, 2018
Catch 22
A woman was ambushed in her driveway and shot to death. During their investigation, police learned that a co-worker half her age was in love with her, and that she'd spurned his advances. They now had to determine if love had turned into obsession... and a motive for murder. via Knit
Mar 29, 2018
Dressed To Kill
A possible false confession forces investigators to reopen the case of a missing six year old. A decade later, a fresh look at new evidence leads them to someone hiding in plain sight. via Knit
Mar 26, 2018
Water Logged
The bodies of three women were found floating in Tampa Bay. The water washed away any evidence, but police hoped a handwritten note found in the victims' car would lead to the killer - so they posted huge copies of the note on five highway billboards. via Knit
Mar 22, 2018
A Cinderella Story
The victim had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death on the beach, just ten yards from the hotel where she was staying. A pair of men's tennis shoes was discovered near her body. Police were sure that if they found the man who fit the shoes, they would also find the man who committed the crime. via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Hack Attack
A mysterious computer crash pushes a thriving manufacturing company to the brink of collapse, jeopardizing the jobs of hundreds of employees. There is no apparent cause and no obvious clues. Forensic investigators must determine if the crash was the result of a computer defect, human error, or sabotage. via Knit
Mar 13, 2018