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By Lauren Polly

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Category: Self-Help

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Your invitation to living on the lighter side of life!

Episode Date
#124 My Go-To Trick to Handle Anything!

What if a simple energy trick / perspective flip could allow you to handle anything that came your way?

We all tend to lose ourselves a bit in the face of intensity.

Whether that intensity takes the form of anger, judgment, jealousy, other people's expectations or the blame-shame game it can cause us to shrink and doubt ourselves.

We lose our ease, lightness and many of our more generative choices this way.  

One of my mentors - Gary Douglas - once said "He who has the most space wins."  He was onto something!

When you occupy more space your problems shrink and they lose their intense visceral quality. Other people stop seeming larger than life and more powerful then you.

Your greatness becomes familiar, forward movement is easier, bigger creations are natural as you don't have fixed ideals and images that contract your sense of what's possible.

He who has the most space doesn't react, cower, defend or fight.  There is no need for that.  He who has the most space creates, lives, plays and enjoys.

He sees all possibilities, has the extra beat of breath to scan for the lightest one and posseses the inner power to move ahead with it without looking back.

Enjoy this episode that walks you through my go-to trick to handle anything - the S P A C E exercise! - along with different ways to apply and use it.

I wonder what will change when you claim your space...???

Sep 18, 2018
#123 Creating a Life Worth Living

What is a life worth living from your perspective?

And what if there were easier ways to create it then you ever thought possible?

Whether you are struggling with the idea of not wanting to live the life you currently have or are looking to up-level to bigger and better - this one is for you.

In honor of suicide prevention awareness week we'll explore some insights I gained from my own suicide struggles in my teens and also from my experience with up-leveling my life to be more fully alive in my later years.

This is touchy and tender topic for some - it's not easy to admit that you are struggling with life or that you simply want more for yourself and aren't quite sure if it's possible or how to bring it about.  

No matter how far off change seems... 

There is hope for more.  Bigger possibilities are awaiting you, as well as the support to get there.

And the path forward may be easier then you think.

Enjoy the gems in this episode to help you along that path including:

  • Three powerful questions and self-exploration exercises to regain your zest for life
  • A different perspective on the current suicide epidemic and the sleepy autopilot living most of us fall into
  • How to change boredom, check out, disinterest and the desire to leave
  • How to become the leader of your life & find peace within yourself

If you haven't read my multi-award-winning book yet it is filled with inspiration gems just like this episode.  Download the first chapter as my gift to you here:


Sep 11, 2018
#122 Letting Your Body Be: Ending the Power Struggle Once and For All

How much energy do you waste fighting your body?

Our bodies put up with a lot from us...

Ideals of perfection that we try to make it match

Following strict health guidelines that have nothing to do with being present with what our body requires

Forceful movement and exercise that creates more tension then it relieves

Frustration with it when it doesn't function properly...

The thing is our body - and our relationship with it - is the main one we have in this life.

Our body is the first thing we say hello to when we come into the world and the last thing we say goodbye to when we leave it.

If this primary relationship is based on a power struggle then that fight, struggle and tense energy becomes a constant in your space.

What else is possible for you and your body?  And what can cultivating that possibility change for your overall living?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • A key trick to flip your current power struggle into a relationship of ease
  • The perfect ideals we have and why they are determential to our body's well-being
  • How to build a co-creation and momentary presence with your body
  • How to enjoy the look, feel and function of your body in every 10 seconds
  • How changing the energy of your physicality can change the energy of living

FREE gift for further change!  Enjoy this guided meditation download: Body Scan & Clearing to continue to explore these possibilities.  Relax...  and let your body be...


Sep 04, 2018
#121 Making Changes Step by Step

What if making changes in your career path could be easy, fast and surprisingly creative?

How often do you take a new career path and get so focused on the end game that you miss the journey along the way?

Do you get so lost in your mind trying to figure out each step or worrying about the “what if’s” that you simply talk yourself out of ever going for it in the first place?

The journey of change can be confronting yet it is full of highly creative off shoots:

increasing our ask along the way for a constant up-leveling
using the information we gain to our advantage
and getting clear on how we desire to spend our time

are just some of the delightful and surprising off shoots we can enjoy.

Job, career and business development are prime ground for this amazing journey.

If you are willing to be present, stay open, get out of your own way and take it step by amazing step.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Being the chooser while job hunting
  • A simple trick for coming out of overwhelm and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • How to develop presence during times of change so you don’t miss side-lying possibilities
  • The expansive trick of the self-exploration mindset
  • Inspiration for nonlinear paths that may take you way beyond what you set out for

For added inspiration check out Lauren’s published article “Business is a Journey, Not a Destination” on Chic Galleria

Aug 28, 2018
#120 Why Not Fitting In Can Be a Good Thing

How much of your life have you been trying to find a place to fit?

Whether its in a relationship, community or belief system our quest to find a place where we belong can lead to some interesting conflict spots in our lives.

Most of us know that we are unique, that we go our own way and don't quiet "fit the mold" in a traditional sense.

Yet we still seek out people who see, acknowledge and accept us as a way of knowing that we aren't alone and to feel supported.  

There's nothing wrong with that desire but unfortunately we go about creating it in weird ways that can constrict our inner selves, desires and full potential for growth.


There is a lot more possible to have a sense of connection, to yourself and with others, without the need to fit in, join up or belong.

In this episode we'll explore:

  • The mental constructs we use that keep us out of authentic connection 
  • Square peg in a round hole syndrome
  • How to find a sense of home within yourself
  • The power of looking inward to find what you've been seeking - that lets you enjoy life more
  • Enjoying your difference no matter who or what accepts it or not
Aug 21, 2018
#119 Saying Yes: A Key to Un-stick Yourself

What are you saying 'no' to that keeps the life you desire just out of reach?

It's funny to watch how often we say 'no' to the things we say we desire. 

We turn away from open doors, from outstreached hands, from new experiences that would add color, texture and depth to our lives.   

We all get a bit stuck in the familiar, the comfortable, the routine, the safety zone from time to time. 

Some more then others, all for different reasons and for different lenghts of time.

'No' becomes a default response, a hesitation, a doubt that can lead to a great deal of stagnation, self-judgment and irritation. 

Yet, deep down, we yearn for more.

An uncomfortable rub can begin in that space.

We watch the world move by with a wondering "What if?" growing more irritated with our lack of movement and yet unable to move at the same time...

Join me on this episode for a fun and inspiring tale of my friend, Caroline, who was stuck in this space and made a big demand on herself - to say 'YES!' to every invitiation that came her way for one month straight.

What came of that simple challenge may surprise you and open up the space to say 'yes' yourself...

In this episode we'll explore:

  • Why 'no' has become so valuable and automatic in our lives
  • How rationalizations, justifications and logical thinking can shut down our trailblazing path
  • What to do when you hit the "And now what?" space after reaching your targets
  • How to gain ease in the uncomfort of new situations
  • Tips on flipping your automatic 'no' into a conscious 'yes'
  • Surprising outcomes for life and self-growth when you open up to new possibilities
Aug 14, 2018
#118 Finding Balance

What balance of life are you seeking?  And does it seem more like a battle than a balance at times?

I had an interesting life coaching session a few days ago...

This wonderfully talented women was seeking out "balance" in every area of her life - work / life balance, mix of country and city in living location, the balance of "responsible" finances / investing in creating her own business...

It had an interesting energy to it.

Almost like diametrically opposed asks and targets.  

Life instead of a work / life balance it was a work vs life battle...

Like the two things she wanted to balance were at odds with each other and couldn't possibly exist in the same life at the same time.

Either she could have this - or she could have that.

And whatever one she leaned towards to create the other one felt depleted and left behind.

The result?  Judgment, inner conflict and stagnation in choice.

Can you relate?!  Yikes!

So many cool awarenesses came out of that coaching session that I felt inspired to create a podcast around it.

Enjoy the a-ha's and let me know what pops for you!

In this episode we'll explore

  • 3 misleading ways we are taught to seek balance
  • A self-judgment trap hidden within the ideal balance model society gives us
  • Hidden either / or goals that can lead to inner conflict and stagnation
  • How to find your perfect mix of work / life in any given 10 seconds

Have questions about the content in this episode and wish to reach out to Lauren?  You can connect with her at


Aug 07, 2018
#117 Part 2 Worry-Free Living: Creating without Worry!

What worry have you been indulging in that is holding back your life choices?

Our conversation on worry free living continues with part 2 - Creating without worry!

We are the creators of our lives.  We create relationships, money, businesses, creative pursuits and our day to day embodiment experiences.

How often does worry - especially about what others may think of what you choose to create - color your choices, dull your light and pull you back from a new path?

Are you ready to set your choice GPS to YOU and away from needing to meet other people's expectations or win their acceptance?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How to use your awareness as the primary, dominant guide post in your life choices
  • A common worry that dilutes your life experience and pulls you away from your awareness
  • A key trick to stop reacting to gossip and judgement from others
  • Un-doing the drama-queen we all induldge a bit too much
  • How to FREE your energy from worry and re-direct it into creation

The 4-part Worry Free Living Series begins next week on August 6th!  Join the conversation on worry-free relationships, money, body and YOU here:

Jul 31, 2018
#116 Part 1 Worry-Free Living: Caring Without Worry!

What would living without worry be like?

So often we think that worrying is a given in life.

It colors our relationships, exhausts our energy, distracts our efforts and diludes our creations.

And yet we continue to allow it to creep on in.

Like an unwanted but needed companion or a undesirable but necessary side effect in life.

What if it didn't have to be so?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • Worry in all it's various - and hidden - forms
  • How the need to perfect, perform and prove invites worry into every area of your otherwise joyful life
  • How caring and loving get twisted into worry (I care therefore I worry, I worry therefore I care)
  • This realities strange positive reinforcement of the worry mindset and how to break free from it

This is part 1 of 2 - stay tuned for next weeks episode!  If you want it delievered straight to your inbox sign up for my weekly newsletter here:

And take a peak at my upcoming 4-part online class series on Worry-Free Living starting August 6th here:


Jul 24, 2018
#115 Turning Point with Money

How would you like to live your life?  And what money is here to support it?

Money is a BIGGIE topic!  

Whether you think you don't have any, are just getting by month to month, have settled into confort (which can be a slipper slope!) or are actively seeking to create more money to fuel your life - you wanna listen to this show!

We'll explore:

  • The comfort zone vs the creative zone with money
  • Variations of financial realities and how to explore what works for you
  • How to stop resisting educating yourself on finances
  • How to make choices with the money you do have to create more
  • The flip of mentation when sitting with your finances that opens up more possibilities to change

Let me know how this one goes - and if you'd like future episodes on this topic at


Jul 10, 2018
#114 The Pleasure Factor

What pleasure of living is possible that you have yet to enjoy?

Most of what we are taught in life - not to mention self-improvement and development content  - is focused on fix-its to take us from pain to no pain. 

We are even taught that in marketing seminars...  Find people's "pain points" and offer them a way to get out of it.   

As a result we are trained to seek the middle ground of no pain like it is the end all be all - enough money to reach our set goals, no body pain, marginal change in our relationships, a slight uptick in the success of our businesses...

But what if seeking out the middle ground - aka mediocrity - is holding us back from the utter pleasure of a life well lived, loved and more expansive then we can possibly imagine?  

In this episode we'll explore:

  • The limiting trap of seeking no pain
  • How to move out of fix-it mode into the pleasure factor
  • Simple pleasure- generting questions to ask daily
  • How to use your body as a guide for and to more pleasure in every area of your life

For more info on this and more check out my Facebook Business page here:


Jul 03, 2018
#113 Clearing Your Mind

What if there was a way to declutter your mind, change your behavior patterns and create new ways of functioning - with ease?

There are many pitfalls within the mind but the biggest one is when we personalize our internal noise, triggers from the world around us and behavioral uh-ohs and identify it as us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

You are not your mind.

You are so much more then the compilation of your thoughts, reactions and behavior patterns.

Clearing your mind through presense and awareness is a powerful way to explore who you are beyond all of that noise.

The result? Enjoying more space, peace and room to chose in each moment.  

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How energetic, cogntive and behavioral patterns form and why they are so hard to change
  • Powerful tricks you can use to clear and quiet your mind 
  • How to stop identifying and personalizing your awareness
  • How to truly change and choose something different regardless of how deeply grooved your mind has become

Get your free meditation on How to Quiet Your Mind here:


Jun 26, 2018
#112 Changing the Unchangeable

What if nothing in your life was unchangeable?

Whether you have been looking at overhauling an aspect of your life or have just had a gentle curiousity of what could be different there are more ways to create change - easily! - then you may have thought.  

Join me for a fun conversation on how to change to the most stuck, solid and unchangeable roadblocks you have... 

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How change is innate to our nature and is something to lean into - not fight!
  • An acknowledgement exercise to increase your confidence in your ability to change
  • How to un-do the wrongness factor that has you digging in your unchangeable limitation deeper
  • A powerful combo to help you stay present with what you want to change while not being consumed by it
  • How "moving your ship" in 10 degree increments is all it takes to set course on a new path!

Here's the replay link of the interview I did on this topic - it was an hour of tools, perspective shifts and energy exercises to help change the most stuck and solid things in your life.  Check it out on youtube here:

Jun 19, 2018
# 111 How to Talk to Your Body

Your body is talking...  Are you listening?

Our bodies are our partners in life creation and the primary relationships we have throughout our lives.

Would it serve both of you to open up the lines of communication a bit more?  

In this episode we'll explore:

  • The creative potential between you and your body
  • Why you would want to talk to your body - I get it's weird at first!
  • 2 powerful "How-to" tools to open up the lines of communication
  • Un-doing the "answer-mode" our minds do that lock our bodies up

For more information and to receive direct links to future episodes sign up for Lauren's newsletter here:

Jun 12, 2018
#110 Why You Can't Relax; And How You Can

What if being relaxed was a way of life?  Not a fix it tool or promise land we can only enjoy when we finally releive the pressure in our lives?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • What you think relaxtion is that it actually isn't
  • How to tell the difference between boredome, fatigue and relaxation
  • The lies that have you seeking episodic relaxation that keep you from the relaxation of being
  • Powerful keys to breaking the stress cycle
  • How to live with more ease no matter what

For you're FREE guided meditation "Softening From the Outside In" click here:


Jun 05, 2018
#109 What Fuels You? Problems or Possibilities?

What fuels you?  Problems or possibilities?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • What leads to empty-tank syndrome
  • How to effortlessly go from Fight or Flight mode to Rest & Restore to help relax you and your body
  • The biggest mis-identification that is killing your fuel for a life well lived and loved
  • Simple ways you can use to change your mind set and behavior patterns to experience more ligthness and less stress

Please reach out to me with episode topic requests at 

May 29, 2018
#108 Give up or Get going?! How to un-stick yourself...

When you hit a crossroad, uncharted territory or unexpected situations – do you give up or get going?

Let’s play with changing the cul-de-sac of self-doubt, perfection-promise and outcome-only thoughts into action that creates!

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Why we get stuck and how to un-do it
  • How to use your past to move you forward
  • The sticking power - YIKES! - of the right answer, promise of perfection & reverse engineering to create
  • The key to creative action
  • A HUGE life lesson I gained from my publisher when I was just about to stop my book...

Join us for “When you just wanna say f*ck it” – a special online class to change the black hole of give up into the creative POW of forward movement!  Check it out here:

May 22, 2018
#107 Experience Life! Creating the most in every moment...

What would you love to experience to get the most out of your life and embodiment?

“Infinite beings don’t care what they experience, just that they experience.”  ~ Gary Douglas

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Coming out of outcome driven and either/or creation into momentary enjoyment
  • Comparing the WHAT and the THAT of life experiences & how to use both for more pleasure-filled embodiment
  • How to ask for and pull in the experiences that will build a life you love!

For reminders of coming episodes and deeper content join Lauren’s community here: 

May 15, 2018
#106 Growth: Going with the flow or fighting against it?

Is your personal, business and creative growth more of a fight or a flow?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • Goal based growth vs creative growth & how to navigate both with ease
  • The main way we kill our forward momentum & how to stop it
  • How to stop the "growth must be hard" mentality - more ease please!  

To join Lauren't newsletter for deeper content go here:

May 08, 2018
#105 When the Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough - where do you go?

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How to find more ease during growing edges when you are past your comfort zone
  • A trick to create immediate relaxation as you grow
  • What the major killer of new experiences is and how to handle it
  • How to move past your reaction patterns to have more choice 

I would LOVE to hear how this episode assisted you and what you would like to hear from me in the future.  Please reach out at and share your experience!  

May 01, 2018