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 Jul 27, 2019
Tim does a great job , being as fair as possible.

paul martin
 Jul 13, 2019
a great show. he is center left and i am center right so he is a really great counter balance for my news. i wish i could give more stars as Tim is a very dedicated podcaster.

 Jun 26, 2019
very informative. I have also been watching his YouTube channel for about 1 year

 Jun 10, 2019
Very concise and well presented

 Jun 5, 2019


The Tim Pool Daily Show brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in The Culture War, Politics, And Global Conflict

Episode Date
Democrat Threatens To Vote Trump 2020 Fearing Far Left Policies

Democrat Threatens To Vote Trump 2020 Fearing Far Left Policies. In an Op-ed for the Courier Journal a man who says, in no uncertain terms, that Trump is a very bad man expresses his willingness to vote Trump 2020 due to the radical left and the far left push by Democrats.

2020 Democrats have increasingly embraced far left policy ideas that most Americans believe are bad. Moderates routinely express frustration with the ever expanding far left within the Democratic Party ranks.

It seems that data supports the op-ed's general idea too. Moderates believe the democrats have gone to far left and it seems plausible then that others on the democrat side will vote republican come 2020.

In response to the wave of news however we see a strong push by top Democrats to move back to the center. Unfortunately for them, progressives won't get behind a moderate and it seems that 2020 will be Bernie or Bust times twenty

Aug 20, 2019
Trump's Victory Shattered The Democrats, They've Been Struggling Ever Since

Trump's Victory Shattered The Democrats, They've Been Struggling Ever Since. Something had been brewing in the US for some time, the rise of the far left in the Democratic party predates Trump's victory. In fact, it may have led to his win when Bernie Sanders voters refused to support Hillary. But the night Trump won something happened, his victory was like a sledgehammer on the Democratic party creating cracks that are ever increasingly spiraling out further and further.

We didn't see if at the time but the conversation had started. Bernie or Bust voters, the far left democrats, cost hillary clinton the election. Since then the far left and social justice narratives have become increasingly dominant. 2020 Democrats make absurd promises that most Americans disagree with.

The narrative that is winning out is that in order to beat Trump we have to go further left and reject moderate and conservative Democrats.

But it's the center that wins elections and Trump knows it. 2020 Democrats are embracing woke twitter rhetoric and its going to work much to the benefit of Trump in 2020. While polls do show Trump losing in almost every match-up the polls were wrong in 2016.

Technically the polls weren't wrong, they just gave Trump a ridiculously low chance of winning and he won. But the general idea about the polls being wrong is that they shouldn't have favored Hillary.

While Trump isn't the cause of the growing far left democrats he certainly helps it grow, and he does it on purpose. Trump knows that by pushing and promoting woke far left democrats and activists it will scare Americans into voting republican.

Unfortunately for the US left, this means Democrats are playing into trump's hands and he will likely take 2020 in a landslide.

Many Democrats know this and think impeachment is the only way to beat Trump but even this issue is too divisive.
The moderate democrats and far left democrats are in a battle for the soul of the party and the far left is winning.

Aug 19, 2019
Digital Media Tries To Purge Wokeness, Far Left Writers RESIGN In Outrage

Digital Media Tries To Purge Wokeness, Far Left Writers RESIGN In Outrage. A Top editor for a woke media outlet resigned amid controversy and a hit piece against their bosses.

Great Hill Partners purchased the Gizmodo Media group recently and appears to be trying to remove overt politics from the sports website Deadspin. The Gizmodo union was outraged a few weeks ago when a survey appeared on the website asking readings what they disliked most about Deadpsin and politics was an option.

Its a relevant question. Why would a sports website write about far left activist politics and woke social justice narratives? I don't care about the politics I care about the sports. Not only that but one of the main complaints from the far left activist journalists was that the parent company was hiring too many "white dudes." It seems their complaints were driven by ideology.

This editorial rift seems to have resulted in the top editor's resignation but this comes just after we heard Gawker's relaunch was canceled.

Gawker was set to relaunch as a different company but due to offensive tweets from the new boss two of the writers quit. They specifically cited the offensive posts.

At least with these companies it seems that the people running the show know that sometimes getting woke means going broke and that getting rid of the wokeness will bring a path to success.

One of the problems isn't necessarily the politics however, its the fact that almost every company is chasing the same narrative of wokeness and far left politics. This means every website is basically the same thing over and over. Eventually it gets boring.

Aug 18, 2019
Trump's Approval Breaks ALL TIME High With Record High African American Support

Trump's Approval Breaks ALL TIME High, Record High African American Support As Well. The latest poll from Zogby shows Donald Trump's approval rating is at a record high of 51% with record high support from the African American community at 28%

With an amazing economy, though not without hiccups, record low unemployment, and and increasing base Trump seems on track for a 2020 Landslide. Meanwhile 2020 Democrats seem to be floundering so much so that even Bill Maher says they are crazier than Trump and is calling for a recession to get Trump out. Maher knows the Democrats only hope is a recession which some predict may be coming.

But so far Republicans are more than doubling fundraising relative to the Democrats. If Trump, the RNC, and Republicans in general are sitting on cash with no debt then they are very much favored to win come 2020.

At the same time as all of this, however, a Fox News poll shows Trump near record high disapproval and losing to the Democrats in match up polls. The thumbnail and title were on purpose, to highlight the partisan view of news and politics. Though it was just one poll showing this all time high the important point is why I feel it is more likely to be correct compared to negative polls

So then how could Trump simultaneously be at record high approval but near record high disapproval?

The answer is in the wider data. With an increasing average favorability and an increasing average job approval, the polls from Fox News appear to be noise in the bigger picture.

While Trump's average approval is still low, his favorability and approval are higher than where they were when he was elected. Based on his incumbent advantage, a soaring economy, and increasing approval it seems he is on track for 2020 victory.

But the main point here is that you need to see the bigger picture.
After watching this video check our David Pakman's inverse opinion, that Trump is doing bad.

Aug 17, 2019
Rashida Tlaib Accused Of Trying To Provoke And Embarrass Israel By Israeli Minister

Rashida Tlaib Accused Of Trying To Provoke And Embarrass Israel By Israeli Minister. The controversy surrounding the far left democrats trip to Israel continues this time with Rashida Tlaib requesting a humanitarian trip to visit her family in the West Bank.

Israel approved the trip under the condition that she not preach BDS, the Boycott Divest, Sanction Movement against Israel.

In her request Tlaib agreed not to promote boycotts and said she would respect any restrictions. Many praised her for the seemingly diplomatic approach to visit family. However after being approved she rejected the approval saying that her family would not want her to agree to restrictions in order to see her family.

In an itinerary reportedly from their offices they refer to Israel as Palestine. One has to wonder if Rashida was being genuine in her request or if the whole purpose of the trip was to generate press.

Israel interior minister said that it was a "provocation to embarrass Israel"

While I can respect Tlaib for refusing speech restrictions the current state of the Israel Palestine conflict does not make it easy to navigate and travel. 

Many have criticized Tlaib for putting ideology over family.

The trip was initially meant to be Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib but the offer was revoked due to their support of the BDS movement. Trump was blamed for pressuring Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu into refusing their entry. Ocasio-Cortez has also refused to travel to Israel until the other far left Democrats are granted entry

Aug 16, 2019
Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Following Pressure From Trump

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Following Pressure From Trump Over their support for the BDS Movement.
It was reported initially that the far left progressive Democrats would be allowed to enter Israel but following pressure from President Trump it seems that the interior minister of Israel has refused entry. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement explaining the decision and expressing support.

Israel has a law that allows the country to deny entry to anyone who supporters the Boycott, Divestment, And Sanctions movement as it causes harm to Israel.

They criticized Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for negating their 'right of existence.'

Recently Israel welcomed 70 democratic and republican members of congress but singled out the far left democrats for writing 'palestine' as their destination and planning to meet Pro BDS individuals.

Donald Trump tweeted that Israel would appear weak if it allowed them in and specifically criticized the two as hating Israel and the Jewish people.

Aug 15, 2019
Far left Democrats Are Failing In Their Districts, Abysmal Polling And Almost No Top Donors

NOTE: Yes I noticed The Gaffe saying Beto was running for Congress and I do correct that in the video.

Far left Democrats Are Failing In Their Districts, Abysmal Polling And Almost No Top Donors. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has raised an absurdly small amount of top donations from inside her district. According to the Daily Caller only 10 of her top donors, meaning over $200, came from inside her district.

Her total in district top donations is only 1.4% of the national average. Similar results can be seen for the other far left democrats known as the squad who raised between 2-4% with Ayana Pressley standing out with 30% (though she is far less famous according to polls)

The percentage is less relevant than the reality though. Far Left Democrats and even other high profile politicians are being propped up by people outside of their jurisdiction.

Beto O'Rourke received tons of support from media and celebrities
and according to McClatchyDC Stacey Abrams received 62% of her top donors from outside of Georgia.

Why does it make sense for people outside of Georgia to fund a democratic governor? The governor represents the state not people outside of it.

I don't care if youre conservative, republican, liberal, or democrat to me it makes no sense for people in other localities interfering in elections that won't impact them for the most part.

I understand a democratic governor can have an impact on other states but the point is that our representatives should be working for us not external donors.

Aug 14, 2019
Hong Kong Protesters Fly US Flag, Sing Our Anthem, While We Complain About Chris Cuomo

Hong Kong Protesters Fly US Flag, Sing Our Anthem, While We Bicker About Chris Cuomo. The current #1 US trend and one of the top worldwide trends is 'fredo' which started trending after a video emerged of Chris Cuomo getting angry at someone who called him Fredo.

While calling out the hypocrisy from CNN hosts is important to many people, especially considering Don Lemon defended Ted Cruz getting harassed at a restaurant, we need to focus on what is happening in Hong Kong.

Protesters are currently facing serious government repression. Mainland China is preparing APC's and other military grade equipment to suppress the protests.

In defiance, Hong Kong democracy protesters have started flying the American Flag and singing the American national Anthem. Some have even held up signs reference the second amendment.

Why? Because America still is a symbol of freedom to the world. America is a symbol of the right of every person to challenge their government have speak their minds.

It saddens me to see that across the world, one of our greatest adversaries is set to repress those demanding freedom and we are more concerned with a cable TV anchor getting angry over being called Fredo.

The protesters in Hong Kong are looking to us as a an example and while I understand that we have a job to call out hypocrisy in defense of that freedom we also have a responsibility to be a symbol for others fighting for their rights.

By all means call out Cuomo and CNN for their hypocrisy but I'm satisfied that Cuomo has apologized and now I'm concerned with a serious international incident forming in China

Aug 13, 2019
Studies Prove Google Is Swinging 2020 AGAINST Trump, Biased Against Conservatives

Studies Prove Google Is Swinging 2020 AGAINST Trump, Biased Against Conservatives. A new study from Allsides, a non-partisan media bias checking organization, shows that nearly all of the top stories from Google on recent major news are from left wing sources, not even centrist.

Dr. Robert Epstein has been warning for years that Google and big tech will swing elections and choose who wins, whether on purpose or not. In 2013 Washington Post reported on the study, in 2015 WIRED Reported on the results showing it can and will happen. Recently Dr. Epstein recently testified in front of Ted Cruz saying that at minimum Google generated 2.6 Million votes for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

There is now ample evidence that whether intentional or not Google and other big tech platforms are biased against conservatives and to a lesser extent moderates and that this will swing elections in the future. The search tends to generate left wing news outlets and news in favor of far left and social justice narratives while censoring those who speak out against establishment politics.

Yet even after leaked emails, former employees blowing the whistle, and now studies backing this up the left and far left still insist that there is no evidence of the bias against conservatives.

So let me say definitively, big tech and Google are biased against conservatives. Whether its an unintentional or intentional bias is irrelevant. The impact is obvious and the results are clear.

Aug 12, 2019
Several Policy Violations Allowed Epstein's Death, When Does The Conspiracy Make more Sense?

Several Policy Violations Allowed Epstein's Death, When Does The Conspiracy Make more Sense? In the lead up to Jeffrey Epstein's alleged suicide several procedures and policies seem to have been broken creating the result we saw in the news, Epstein's demise.

Epstein was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes, he wasn't.
Epstein was supposed to keep a cellmate with him, the cellmate got removed just before he died.

Aside from that why was he even taken off suicide watch considering how high profile he was?

What's strange now is that the left, far left, and the right all seem to agree that the story is fishy and at some point Occam's razor would suggest foul play. Now it's possible all these factors came together to allow such a high profile person to end their own life but when you have mainstream democrats, journalists, and activists questioning this foul play seems likely.

The bigger question then is why so many other journalists are refusing to accept the possibility. Why do so many poo poo the idea that something foul was afoot? Certainly its possible and considering all that had to happen to allow this it seems even slightly probable.

Will Chamberlain of Human Events joins me to discuss ideas about this and other conspiracies that the media so often seems ready to ignore

Aug 11, 2019
Epstein Conspiracies Go Mainstream "Clinton Body Count" And "Trump Body Count" Are Trending

Epstein Conspiracies Go Mainstream "Clinton Body Count" And "Trump Body Count" Are Trending. The big kicker here is that many of the people pushing conspiracy theories about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein are high profile left wing personalities, writers, hosts, and politicians.

It seems that even if Hillary and Bill Clinton are just being scapegoated most people think this is actually foul play. Reporting from the Washington post seems to suggest that those close to Epstein view this incident as foul play and that someone wanted him gone.

As a very powerful man who was about to take down many other powerful people it does seem plausible.

It was just yesterday that court documents implicated high profile democrats as having been involved with Epstein.

For now we wait. The FBI said it will begin investigating and Attorney General Bill Barr is livid over what happened.

Aug 10, 2019
Democrats Launch Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake

Democrats Launched Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake. Jerry Nadler has announced that formal impeachment proceedings against Trump has officially been started. The Washington Post adds that they may have actually begun in July with the Democrats requesting information on the Special Counsel's investigation.

The move by the Democrats to impeachment runs afoul of the polls and voter demand. Polls show that even among democrats only 39% favor starting impeachment proceedings and among independents 51% oppose impeachment proceedings.

Voters are not currently asking for this and it seems like a last ditch effort to keep Russiagate in the news. After years of an empty investigation into russian collusion against Donald Trump
 Democrats don't seem to want to let 2016 go. 

Instead of focusing on policy issues like the 2020 Democrats are, House democrats seemed intent on pushing forward with proceedings that will undoubtedly fail if they even reach the Senate.

To make things worse, 30 or so House Democrats are in districts won by Trump and risk losing their seats in 2020 if voters feel betrayed or if they feel the democrats are moving too far left.

Aug 09, 2019
Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Largest ICE Raid In A Decade, Nearly 700 Arrested

Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Largest ICE Raid In A Decade, Nearly 700 Arrested. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted massive raids in Mississippi targeting 7 food processing companies. Trump has repeatedly talked about impending raids and we have seen increasing rhetoric in the cultural debate over the issue of impending ICE Raids. In another story we learned that ICE tried to search a shelter and was turned away without a warrant.

While the twitterverse sees the conversation focus on the timing, far left accusations of Trump targeting all immigrants and not just illegal immigrants takes center stage meanwhile the real controversy brewing is how to assist the young children of the illegal immigrants.

Following the raids many children were unaware their parents would not be coming to pick them up and were left stranded. Journalists filmed the children crying and begging for their parents.

Democrats have increasingly embraced open borders rhetoric and called for the decriminalization of undocumented border crossings but most Americans oppose these ideas. Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who recently called for open borders, but if most Americans oppose this how do we help the kids?

While leaving the children unattended is not the appropriate response, neither is open borders.

Aug 08, 2019
MSNBC Pushes INSANE Conspiracy About Trump, We Are Falling Into Mass Hysteria

MSNBC Pushes INSANE Conspiracy About Trump, We Are Falling Into Mass Hysteria. This time MSNBC contributors pushed two absolutely insane conspiracies about the President claiming, with numerology, that the president was sending secret signals to the far right and another frequent MSNBC guest claimed that Trump was sending subliminal messages to "foot soldiers."

Its going beyond fake news and entering the realm of total hysteria. People are panicking in the streets over normal car sounds, everything is a 'dog whistle.' Strangely though it seems the far left and the democrats are the only ones who can hear the dog whistles.

It doesn't matter what is being said, fake or real, at this point because no one is listening anyway. Talk is failing.

If Trump wins I can only image how the far left will respond to another 4 years of Donald Trump. If it is this bad now, what will it be like in 2020?

Aug 07, 2019
Fake News About Trump Is Getting Insane And It's Tearing America Apart

Fake News About Trump Is Escalating And Tearing America Apart. The New York Times recently changed a headline on its front page because it presented Trump in a neutral light. This was in response to far left activists and democrats expressing shock and outrage and demanding everyone cancel their subscriptions to NYT over it.

New York Times capitulation to the outrage shows how media is biased either because of politics or out of fear of losing money. 
Today though, CNBC added "without evidence" to a headline about Trumps tweets that were actually fake news as Trump had cited evidence.

Trump was tweeting about bias from Google and cited a former engineer Kevin Cernekee who said on the record Google was biased. CNBC claimed, without evidence, that trump claimed without evidence that google was biased.

This seems to me to be more of an emotional dig at Trump and his supporters as it wasn't even supported by the evidence itself, in fact adding "without evidence" contradicted the body of the story in which Trump DID cite evidence.

The fake news about Trump just keeps getting worse and I have never seen it as bad as it was today.

Aug 06, 2019
The Second Civil War Is Coming Into Focus, Reza Aslan Blames ALL Trump Supporters

The Second Civil War Is Coming Into Focus As Calls For Escalation Rock Social Media. We now have two major incidents in less than 24 hours where each person held an extremist ideology associated with far left or far right. Motivations are still mostly unconfirmed but many media outlets are operating under the assumption that the El Paso incident manifesto is legitimate.

In Dayton we learned that the perpetrator was far left, in support of Antifa, the DSA, and even expressed the need to "arm train prepare" in response to Anti Trump Rhetoric. No motivate is known yet as to why he did what he did.

In response to El Paso the rhetoric against Trump has dramatically escalated even as the president himself denounces the twisted ideologies. Reza Aslan tweeted one of the most frightening and dangerous calls to action and in the past Shaun King has tweeted praise for politically motivated incidents.

Its starting to come into focus, with high profile people acting without repercussion and calling for escalation. It seems that while conservatives mostly have no issues condemning this, the media and many on the left are outright ignoring the calls for escalation on their side.

Aug 05, 2019
Ocasio Cortez Chief Of Staff Faces Federal Investigation Over Potential Campaign Finance Violations

Ocasio Cortez Ex-Chief Of Staff Faces Federal Investigation After Abrupt Resignation. Saikat Chakrabarti is reportedly facing a federal probe having to do with the unorthodox way he conducted his campaigning businesses. Complaints had been filed over the way his private entities were handling cash, operating as LLC's instead of PAC's.

Some worry that this method was used to conceal campaign contributions that exceeded the federal maximum allowed and served to obfuscate what otherwise should be publicly available campaign information. Though proponents of AOC and her staff feel it was just a way to campaign on behalf of many new progressive candidates at once.

Saikat, Ocasio Cortez, and others were part of Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. Organizations designed to elect new progressive and far left Democrats as a direct challenge to establishment Democrats.

Recently Saikat Chakrabarti resigned amid controversy over his tweets and infighting between AOC, her staff, and House Democrats. The Democratic Party has tried to reel in the far left congresswomen while Trump are exploited the tensions for political gain. 

Aug 04, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Just Lost Her Top Staff, Democrats Slammed For Being "A Mess"

Ocasio-Cortez Loses Top Staff, Democrats Slammed For Being "A Mess." Following a long couple of weeks of scandals involving the far left Democrats known as the squad, AOC Chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti is out as well as her spokesperson.

While Ocasio-Cortez's office painted this as a positive and planned circumstance some believe that this is the result of Saikat battling with establishment Democrats and causing chaos within the party.

If the latter is true it signals that AOC may be moving more towards establishment politics or at the very least circling the wagons and cutting the fat that may cause he trouble in the future.

Meanwhile high profile individuals such as Bill Maher and Chris Cuomo have criticized the 2020 Democratic candidates and the party for being being crazy, or "not having their heads on right"

As Democrats increasingly embrace far left types like AOC the split in the democratic party grows and the advantage held by Trump and the republicans will grow as well.

Aug 03, 2019
Democrats Are Finally Turning On Barack Obama, He Must Be "Far Right" By Today's Standards

Democrats Are Finally Turning On Barack Obama, He Must Be "Far Right" By Today's Standards. In the last democratic debate candidates targeted Joe Biden over Obama era policies and asked if he tried to stop the popular former president. 

Protesters shouted out about 3 million deportations under Obama, the most for any president ever, and mayor Bill De Blasio called him out specifically on that issue.

The reality is that many of Trump's policies are similar to Obama's, from foreign policy to national security Trump in many ways followed in Obama's footsteps. But now with the Democrats increasingly chasing a far left social justice rhetoric they have no choice but to condemn the former president. 

Democrats are being warned however. In a recent HarrisX poll we learned that most independent voters feel the Democrats are going too far left, around a third feel Republicans are going too far right. While this split is extremely disconcerting, we can see that the majority opinion is that the Democrats are too far left.

We don't have two parties anymore we have three, the Republican party, The Democrats, and the Far Left Democrats. But as the democratic party struggles over its future the Republicans and conservatives are given a clear path to victory.

But I'm sure some republicans might say

"Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake"

Aug 02, 2019
Kamala Harris DESTROYED, Democrats Are So DESPERATE They Call Tulsi A Russian Puppet

Kamala Harris DESTROYED, Democrats Are So DESPERATE They Call Tulsi A Russian Puppet. They have nothing to go on. Their policies are unpopular so what do they do? Flounder

But what happens when Tulsi Gabbard completely obliterates Kamala Harris in the Democratic Debate? RUSSIA

That's right, the go to defense they used against Trump is now being aimed at Tulsi Gabbard. Claiming that she is a russian puppet and apologist for Assad.

The reality is that they got nothing. #KamalaHarrisDestroyed has been trending for over 12 hours at this point as a top US trend because lets face it, its true. 

But following the trend many leftists and far left activists took to twitter to shriek about russians, bots, maga bots, trumpists, etc.
Heaven forbid real people across the aisle appreciate a dose of reality at these debates. Conservatives and progressives cheered on Tulsi for calling out Kamala's hypocrisy and the only defense the dems can muster is "but muh russia!"

Aug 01, 2019
Woke Media Hit With MORE Layoffs, Gawker Relaunch CANCELED, Leftist Media Faces Collapse

Woke Media Hit With MORE Layoffs, Gawker CANCELED, Companies Facing Collapse. Many of these news outlets chased after the algorithm and used woke identity politics and far left social justice rhetoric to make money. They hired people who eschew standard journalist ethics and push mission driven storytelling as they call it. These people are basically activists not journalists and at Vox, Carlso Maza has even advocated throwing milkshakes at people.

This plan worked in the short term but led to long term losses as these companies struggle to stay relevant. Total media layoffs this year are around 3,200 and that is not just in digital.

I believe the goal of the news should be to present facts and let the people form their own opinions but most sites inject opinion either because they have no standards, don't care, and are just trying to get clicks they can sell.

They write endlessly about the short comings of republicans and Trump and often run defense for far left democrats. In one story from Vox they took a quote from Trump and then claimed he said the exact opposite. Many of these activists in media know people will only glance at the news and not dive in.

In what may be the biggest Get Woke Go Broke to date, digital media companies that brought in hundreds of millions or more in investment are continuing to fail. Woke News Goes Broke

Jul 31, 2019
White Democrats Are Resigning Following Diversity Scandal And Demands

White Democrats Are Resigning Following Diversity Scandal And Demands. Far left ideology and intersectionality are becoming pervasive within the Democratic Party to the extent that several white democrats have resigned from senior positions at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over demands for more diversity. One woman Allison Jaslow even went on to say she must bow out to help the mission.

If the democratic party is making leadership decisions based on race they will likely face a meritocratic obstacle in that their competition on the republican side will likely choose based on talent.

Talent versus identity will likely yield an obvious result.

Its possible that even though social justice narratives drive the decision the Democrats do end up with better leadership. One argument being that cronyism and nepotism got these people their jobs in the first place. But even still in the long run it will likely be the republicans maintaining an advantage based on merit.

In the long run I fear these types of actions will result in overt race based politics in the US with the republicans being a white party and the democrats being a non white party.

Racial division in this country seems to be getting worse with sign of slowing down

Jul 30, 2019
Democrats Fear Trump Is On Track For 2020 Win, Democrat Infighting And Lack Of Message Sow Worry

Democrats Fear Trump Is On Track For 2020 Win, Democrat Infighting And Lack Of Message Cause Worry. Democratic governors know their states better than most. Recently at an annual meeting Democratic governors expressed concerns and frustrations with the Democratic 2020 candidates going too far left. They point out that the party is being mired in infighting and has been thrown off message by Trump's media strategies.

They warn that most Americans want to talk about healthcare, the economy, and immigration but are spending too much time talking about how 'orange man bad' instead of how they will help the American people. Polls show most people do not favor abolishing ICE, giving healthcare to non-citizens, or giving reparations yet Democrats are increasingly favoring far left and social justice rhetoric.

In the end the primaries may force Democrats too far to the left to be able to win.

The democratic party is fractured and can't find its base, meanwhile Trump and the republicans are unifying and talking policy and politics.

But Trump and his fans should be warned, although his approval ratings is at a near all time high he recently saw an asymmetrical spike in disapproval among polls showing he risks losing the center if his tweets are too bombastic.

Jul 29, 2019
The Donald Trump / Bernie Sanders Media Double Standard Exposed By Baltimore Tweets

Media Outraged Over Trump's Tweets, Ignores Bernie Sanders Similar Statements. Over the past week we have been embroiled in another Donald Trump Tweet story pertaining to Elijah Cummings district in Baltimore and we know the media loves running wall to wall press about Trump's tweets.

Interestingly, however, Bernie Sanders has similar tweets and statements which never caught the ire of the media and the left. Perhaps this is because Trump is much more bombastic and aggressive, but even if that were true, the media, left, and far left are now arguing about the substance of the tweet and not the character.|

If Bernie and Trump both say Baltimore is bad for many reasons then why would the media ignore Bernie's presumably incorrect assessment but call out trump for being wrong?

To me this shows the clear bias against the president but mostly it shows the desire for the coveted 'Trump Bump.'

The media knows they get a ratings boost when they complain about the president so they take any opportunity to go after him, even if they know its a distraction from bigger issues, even if they know Trump is playing them  and they are taking the bait.

Jul 28, 2019
Trump Has Won The Supreme Court Ruling On Border Wall Construction

Trump Has Won The Supreme Court Ruling On Border Wall Construction. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the groups suing President Trump over the border wall lacked proper standing and have removed a block allowing the wall to continue during further litigation.

This is a major victory for the Trump administration and a defeat for Democrats and the organizations that filed the initial suit. While Trump and republicans may have won this round, the ruling on standing will not prevent others from suing and winning.

20 states have filed suit and the House has a suit currently awaiting appeal. The wall may start soon but the battle is far from over.

Additionally Trump has signed an agreement with Guatemala to restrict asylum seekers from coming to the US.

IN a rather convenient turn however Trump tweeted something that made the left and Democrats angry resulting in coverage of Trump's tweets instead of his latest policy moves.

Like clockwork Trump has the democrats and far left marching to his drum and focusing on his character, something they can't change.

Jul 27, 2019
Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff

Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff. The latest in the democratic party's labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free. We also have another story about how Democrats are using deceptive accounting techniques to appear richer on paper and delaying pay to campaign staff in order to do it. Lastly, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing three staff members for legal organizing practices.

The take away is clear, Democrats from centrist moderate, to far left are seen as hypocrites for trying to look good while exploiting or underpaying their staff.

As a moderate what do we do? DO we ignore this because "orange man bad?" or do we speak up and demand a better party? If Warren and Sanders are in on the take then what do we really have? Who do we vote for?

It seems that from labor to social justice these politicians simply seek to maximize their returns by saying what they think people want to hear. But when it comes time to take action they are exposed as hypocrites.

Jul 27, 2019
Mueller Testimony A DISASTER For Democrats, "Trump Must Be Gloating In Ecstasy"

Mueller Testimony A DISASTER For Democrats, "Trump Must Be Gloating In Ecstasy." That last quote from Michael Moore. That's right, progressive activist and filmmaker Michael Moore and even Bill Maher have come out saying the Democrats have lost this one.

Robert Mueller revealed no new information for the most part except one extremely bad bit in information. Mueller did NOT investigate the origins of the RussiaGate hoax saying that it was outside his purview.

While its not a perfect victory for Trump, he does come out as the clear winner in this battle as Democrats are consistently off message. Instead of Democrats challenging Trump and Republicans on key issues like health care, immigration, and the economy they become obsessed with overturning their 2016 defeat. This will certainly help Trump as it keeps them not only off message but it keeps the far left democrats front and center.

Jul 25, 2019
Major Antitrust Probe Announced Into Google And Facebook, Insider Says Google Is Biased

Google Employee EXPOSES Political Bias Amid Anti-Trust Announcement. Project Veritas' latest interview brings a senior google engineer on the record about the political bias at the company. This provides an interesting window into the real problems we are facing in regard to the big tech monopolies.

This comes at the same time as the DOJ announces a major anti trust probe into four big tech companies relating to how to they operate and any anti-competitive practices.

The issues with political bias in these companies is that it leads to conservative censorship and market interference. FOr instance the recent banning of the Gab app for content violations even though the app contained no content at all.

Big tech and social media bias is obvious to those that are outside the bubble. While far left, leftist, and social justice activists routinely try to deny that the evidence is real it was actually the left wing Gizmodo that first broke the story in 2016.

Jul 24, 2019
Trump Won, Sees Record High Approval Even AFTER Offensive Tweets About Far Left Democrats

Trump Won, Sees Record High Approval Even AFTER Offensive Tweets. Trump was heavily criticized over offensive tweets he published on July 14th by almost everyone outside his base. The left, the right, and obviously the far left were very critical.

Many saw Trump's plan to force Democrats to rally around the far left progressives known as "The Squad." Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are now some of the most notable democrats as per Trump's plan. But many thought it would be a Pyrrhic victory and he would face recoil.

Instead, Trump is seeing a record high approval rating even after the offensive tweets.

It seems that not only to many Americans not care about the rhetoric and accusations but that many actually liked Trump's tweets increasing his approval rating.

In the end Trump has won. Approval rating up, and far left progressive democrats are front and center.

Jul 23, 2019
Democrats Are Losing The Immigration Debate As Trump Escalates Deportations

Democrats Are Losing The Immigration Debate As Trump Escalates Deportations. A Liberal think tank has warned that Democrats are losing the war on media messaging by appearing soft on enforcement.

More importantly the Democrats seem to be at odds with their own party even 4 years ago under Obama. By undermining Obama's positions Democrats not only look weak but hypocritical.
While much of this is fueled far the far left encroaching on the Democratic party it can mostly be attributed to a lack of real charisma and leadership on the Democratic side.

Meanwhile Trump is rapidly escalating deportation and restricting new asylum claims. However there is still risk to Trump as his rhetoric on the "the squad," or Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan omars group, has gotten too hot for the "moral market" watchers who may turn on Trump come 2020.

Jul 22, 2019
Trump's Strategy Has Democrats Floundering, RNC Raises DOUBLE What Democrats Raise

Almost Every Metric Predicting Trump 2020 Victory, RNC Raises DOUBLE What Democrats Raise. Democrats are getting absolutely crushed in terms of fundraising and Trump continues to dominate and control the media.

The RNC and Trump have raised more than double what the democratic party has raised in May and in June. While polls suggest Trump will lose to many of the 2020 Democrats it just seems unlikely based on how wrong the polls were in 2016 combined with the massive grassroots fundraising accomplished by republicans.

Trump's presumed strategy of propping up far left and socialist democrats, known as "The Squad," also seems to be working. He has knocked Democrats off their game and they no longer talk about real issues. Instead they talk about naughty words and outrage. Ilhan Omar currently sits at a 9% favorability in swing states and Trump knows putting her front and center will give him a huge advantage.

In order to win Democrats need a strong message for American voters but instead campaign on behalf of non citizens and some have literally campaigned in Mexico.

This is all good news for Trump. If the democrats can't get back on message than they can't hope to out fund raise the republicans.

Jul 21, 2019
The Left Is Embracing Fascistic Ideology, Vox Entertains "Socialist Nationalism"

The Left Is Embracing Fascistic Ideology, Vox Entertains "Socialist Nationalism." Perhaps Vox just made a silly gaffe in suggesting that "Socialist Nationalism" could work, or perhaps they were seriously suggesting that we try what the Germans did, which would be insane.

While the gaffe is funny the encroaching fascistic tactics and ideology is not. While far left groups tend not to be nationalist themselves they do endorse a global community perspective which is not to far off from what we saw in WW 2.

2020 Democrats have even been embracing some of the more fringe ideological beliefs which can only lead in one direction. While social justice is a good thing to strive for the people who end up pushing the hardest use authoritarian means to get what they want. In the end they adopt a world view of "no truth only power" where they will call everything offensive in an effort to advantage or power.

Our society seems to know when the right has gone too far but can't seem to be at all concerned when the left goes too far. If we don't actively call out the ever encroaching left wing identitarianism then nothing will stop it. 

Jul 20, 2019
Bernie Sanders Staff Demand $15 Minimum Wage, Some Quit Over Low Wages

Bernie Sanders Campaign Staff Demand $15 Minimum, Some Quit Over Low Wages. House Democrats recently passed a $15 minimum wage bill nationally and conflicting reports say that we could lose up to 1.3 Million jobs or not lose any jobs at all. 

One of the biggest proponents of a federal $15 minimum is Bernie Sanders who is now caught in a conundrum over his own staffs pay. Some staffers are reportedly quitting over not receiving a "living wage" many are saying that the long hours result in only getting 11-13$ an hour.

With the passing of the federal bill moderate and even far left democrats agree on increasing the minimum, the question that arises is why isn't Bernie putting his money where his mouth is?

Minimum wage increases are not even socialist or far left policy wise, it is a general left wing position to increase base pay to require employers to pay more. They argue without government mandate they won't and perhaps there is no better example than Bernie Sanders who apparently doesn't even pay his own staff $15

Republicans on the other hand disagree so I doubt we will see anything other than conservatives calling out the hypocrisy of the Sanders camp, though I think Bernie and his campaign will likely rectify the situation quickly. 

The reality is that this story reveals how complicated it is to negotiate wages. Staff will always want more and Employers will always want to pay less.

Jul 19, 2019
Trump Has "Won This One," Democrats Angry And Defeated According To CNN

Trump Has "Won This One," Democrats Angry And Defeated According To CNN. Jake Tapper reports that several House Democrats are angry and frustrated that they rushed to the defense of far left Democrats known as "the squad" at the whim of Trump even going as far to say that Trump has won.

Many people have pointed out that Trump's goal was to distract Democrats and the media and force them to circle the wagons around their more extreme progressive members. Assuming that was his plan it worked, even the New York Times reported that Trump was happy with the results.

Ilhan Oman and Ocasio-Cortez are now front and center and while both may be well known an Axios poll shows extremely low favorability. In fact Trump put Ilhan Omar front and center at a rally where he criticized her behavior. According to Axios Omar's favorability is 9%

We can criticize Trump's behavior but we have to accept his plan worked out. Regardless of how you feel he is forcing the Democrats to make moves that will hurt them in the long run even if it causes some damage to himself. He knows his base will never fall to social justice rhetoric and is willing to push the limits.

Jul 18, 2019
Democrats Fall Right Into Trump's Trap, CHAOS Erupts In House Over Tweets

Democrats Have Fallen Into Trump's Trap, CHAOS Erupts In House Over Tweets. The tweet debacle continues as House Democrats are sent into complete chaos trying to denounce Trump's tweets.

Vox's Ezra Klein recently came out to say that Trump is trying to force Democrats to prop up the far left socialists in order to frame the Democrats as entirely far left. It worked.

Not only did Trump successfully distract from possibly the biggest story in his presidency, the ending of asylum for Central Americans, he forced Democrats to prop up Ocasio-Cortez ad the far left, and has now has the Democrats bickering with each other instead of getting anything done.

At a time when we need Democrats unified Trump easily set a trap and sent Democrats into chaos.

Jul 17, 2019
Leftist Media Think They Exposed Trump But STILL Get played For Fools

Vox's Ezra Klein Basically Confirms Trump Is Playing "4D Chess" After MAJOR Media Manipulation. In an article for the Vox, Ezra Klein writes that Trump's tweets are meant to force the Democrats to prop up Ocasio-Cortez and the other far left Democrats in order to make all the Democrats look like far left socialists.

Many people on the right and in the center agree, this was a Trumpian "4D Chess" move. A recent poll from Axios shows that most people detest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so Trump wants to make sure she remains the center of attention.

Trump effectively got Nancy Pelosi to reverse course and give AOC and others a massive platform.

But the truth goes one step beyond this. Although its funny to think Trump is playing "4D Chess" the idea is just a silly meme. Then you realize what Trump actually did. For the past several years the Republican President has been able to trick the media into covering his tweets instead of real breaking news.

This time Trump pulled off a major "two birds with one stone" while tricking everyone not once, but actually twice.

Jul 16, 2019
Trump Just ENDED Asylum For Central Americans, Major Escalation In Illegal Immigration Debate

Trump Just ENDED Asylum For Central Americans. In a major escalation of of the border situation Donald Trump's administration has moved forward with a new rule that will make those who come through a "third country" to claim asylum ineligible.

Many people have questioned why asylum seekers would skip over several different countries, especially Mexico which has offered asylum in the past, to come to the US. The answer seems obvious in that the US is a prosperous and very safe nation. Many of these people risk their lives to make it to the US only to get turned back due to dubious asylum claims.

While Trump has been working to disincentivize illegal immigration and secure the border, Democrats have obstructed, mocked, and refused to provide funding to deal with the crisis. Even to this day the far left democrats known as "the squad" refuse to vote in line with Democrats on border bills.

Faux social justice outrage is leading the obstruction from the Democrats and resulting in an ever increasing crisis.

But will Trump's move pass legal challenges?

Jul 15, 2019
Armed Antifa Fire Bombs ICE Facility, Is Shot And Killed By Police

Far Left Publishes Praise Of Antifa Terrorist Who Attacked ICE. It was reported yesterday that a man named Willem Van Spronsen armed himself and firebombed an ICE facility. He was shot and killed by police.

Following this many far left groups sang his praise openly on social media, particularly on Twitter. A far left group from his area wrote a letter calling him an inspiration and stating how they hoped for more.

We now know following the publishing of his "goodbye letter" that he used a home made "ghost" weapon and it seems he intended to cause maximum loss of life with reckless disregard for the migrants being detained in the building he sought to ignite.

The dominoes keep falling, its entirely predictable. Where do you think it goes next? So long as these far left social justice types downplay antifa and praise their actions the escalation will only get worse.

Jul 14, 2019
Democrats Try To "Out Woke" The Far Left, They're Spiraling Out Of Control

Democrats Try To "Out Woke" The Far Left, They're Spiraling Out Of Control. Recently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez implied that Nancy Pelosi was targeting her based on her race. This is part of an ongoing war between far left, social justice Democrats and the more mainstream moderate Democrats. 

Seemingly in response to AOC's claim the House Democrats official twitter account made the same accusation against Saikat CHakrabarti, AOC's chief of staff.

The outrage from everyone was immediate. Left and right quickly condemned the Democrats over their absurd "woke" tweet.

But this is just another sigm that the Democrats and actually the entirety of the American left is in disarray. Even Donald Trump came to the defense of Nancy Pelosi which just makes everything even stranger.

Today moderate leftists and disaffected liberals are under attack and the left has gone completely off the rails. When republicans and Trump come to the defense of Nancy Pelosi, something is wrong.

Jul 13, 2019
CNN Threatened Trump Supporter At The White House, Media Desperation Is Getting Ugly

CNN Threatened Trump Supporter At The White House, Media Desperation Is Getting Ugly. As predicted, the downward spiral of media is turning uglier and uglier with its latest incarnation resulting in a CNN Analyst threatening a Trump supporter to take it "outside." He later tried walking it back saying he just wanted to talk but went on to deride independent as not "real" journalists and that without a staff youre not a real reporter.

With the decay comes fear and desperation. News outlets turned to people they didn't quite understand, the far left and faux social justice outrage mobs. These people, many of whom just want to watch the world burn, are a chaotic destructive force that only eroded their credibility further resulting in a quicker decay.

Now we can see the true fear in their eyes. Outraged that The White House would invite people like us they spit furious rage and threats. They know their time has come and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

They have become the fake news, and it is all they will ever be.

Jul 12, 2019
Media Has Gone INSANE Trying To Smear Me Over Social Media Summit At The White House

Fake News Writes ABSURD Smears About Me Over Social Media Summit At The White House. A series of hit pieces have come out about me and many others and they are as absurd as absurd can be. Many simply claim I am 'right wing' and offer no real proof other than I am critical of the far left social justice regressive types. Some claim that I am the center of a massive network of far right youtubers, which is patently absurd.

All of the stories are the same, offer no real insight, and just seek to smear Trump and those who were invited.

Far left activists in media are working overtime to make us all look bad but in the end I can only assume they are jealous.

The reality is that there really is a bias against conservatives, there is more than enough evidence to support it, and censorship will be bad for everyone.

Why these far left activists in media seek to defend billionaire big tech is beyond me.

Jul 11, 2019
New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Dramatically Escalates The Culture War

UPDATE: After the filming of this video Facebook REMOVED The exemption for breaking the law. The Policy will still ban Antifa however. https://www.facebook.com/communitysta...

New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Allows People To Literally Break The Law. Facebook issues "clarifications" to its new content guidelines in which any group that has ever engaged in a wide range of activities can not only be banned but a special provision will allow people to directly target these people with law breaking activity.

Treading lightly in this description, I'm trying to say that Facebook has just pushed one the most extreme bits of escalation in the culture war allowing people to commit overt law breaking acts and I really have no idea why.

Now anyone far left and far right can target and incite actions against people deemed bad by Facebook meaning we can expect to see the rhetoric go to the extremes.

In a video Paul joseph Watson explains that he is now being directly targeted in this new policy.

Jul 10, 2019
Trump Invited Me To The White House Social Media Summit, Here Is Why I Am Attending

Trump Invited Me To The White House Social Media Summit, Here Is Why I Am Attending. In one of the first articles published today about Donald Trump's White House Social Media Summit they claimed that there was no evidence of social media bias against conservatives.


An outright lie or just pure willful ignorance. The first article I show in this video is proof Facebook routinely suppressed conservative news. 

I am not sure what the event at the White House will entail but I look forward to highlighting the far left and social justice bias held by many people at these companies and try to break down exactly what I think is happening and why.

As someone who has been smeared by far left activists and fake news, done extensive research on the subject, as well as someone who has had his work censored on Youtube I believe I will bring an important bit of context to the event and I look forward to participating.

Social Media and Big tech giants control a disproportionate amount of space in public discourse and the real issue is not the censorship of conservatives but massive billion dollar companies restricting speech and controlling public opinion.

Today its conservatives, tomorrow its the centrists, and then its anyone who opposes the oligarchs.

Jul 09, 2019
ICE Is "Ready" To Deport One Million Illegal Immigrants, Potential ICE Raids Incoming

ICE Is "Ready" To Deport One Million Illegal Immigrants, Potential ICE Raids Incoming. Immigration and Customs enforcement is reportedly ready to apprehend and deport the approximately one million illegal immigrants with final removal orders according to USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli.

Just last month Donald Trump announced that ICE raids would be called off in order to give Democrats and Republicans a chance to come up with a deal. However, some speculate that the real reason was that critical details of the raids were leaked and compromised security.

The issue of illegal immigration used to be bipartisan with both the left and the right in agreements on border security. But since Trump's election Democrats have flipped tot he far left and begun pushing a social justice narrative that flies in the face of the actions of Obama. Obama was called "Deporter in Chief" by many as he had a very hard stance on illegal border crossings.

How did we end up at a point where Democrats play to the far left and pander on TV to to woke democrats instead of securing US borders and interests?

Jul 08, 2019
Donald Trump's Approval Just Broke A Record High, Why Do Polls Say He Will Lose 2020?

Donald Trump's Approval Just Broke A Record High, Why Do Polls Say He Will Lose 2020? In the latest Washington Post ABC news poll Trump's approval rating breaks 47, the highest they have recorded. Among the RCP Average Trump's approval and favorability have broken a two year high.

The last time Trump was viewed so favorably was just after he was elected.

Yet even with a booming economy under Trump, praise for avoiding international incidents, and record low unemployment, polls still show Trump losing to Biden and even some far left Democrats.

The polls are wrong now and they were wrong in 2016. It will be near impossible to know or predict who will win, the populist right and Trump, the moderate Democrats like Joe Biden, or will it be the far left social justice candidates like Bernie Sanders or Gillibrand?

Polls be darned I say, lets look to Wall Street and Vegas. Both say Trump is on track for a 2020 victory while many economic forecasts say Trump will not only win but will Landslide.

Jul 07, 2019
Democrats Caught Facilitating Immigration Fraud, Coaching Migrants To Lie To CBP Report Says

Democrats Caught Facilitating Immigration Fraud, Coaching Migrants To Lie To CBP Report Says. According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Veronica Escobar sent aides to Mexico to teach asylum seekers how to bypass immigration laws by lying about medical conditions or by claiming they can't speak Spanish.

The rhetoric and action from Democrats supporting non-citizens seems to be reaching critical mass as two 2020 Democratic hopefulls have carried out campaigning in Mexico. With Beto O'Rourke meeting migrants in Mexico and Cory Booker actually accompanying migrants who had previously been removed under the Migrant Protection Protocols back into the US.

Democrats seem to be in a bubble on immigration and much of the boom in right wing populism around the world is the result of a fear of out of control immigration.

In a shocking twist to the story however, CNN's Fareed Zakaria came out in agreement with Donald Trump saying he is right and people are abusing and gaming out asylum system.

This news just reinforces that Democrats are chasing an increasingly extreme far left social justice policy which will end in complete open border. From offering illegal immigrants healthcare, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, to stating they won't deport illegal immigrants it seems Democrats are out of touch with conservatives, republicans, and even the majority of America.

Jul 06, 2019
Communist Charged With Felony, Media Provides Sneaky Defense Of Antifa

Communist Charged With Felony, Media Provides Sneaky Defense Of Antifa. Recently in Washington DC several communists tried to light an American Flag eventually succeeding and throwing it on a Secret Service agent. One person was charged with a felony over the incident.

But this recent news gives rise to a larger question. Why does the media insist on defending the far left? The answer is obvious, the media has a left wing bias. While its not a far left bias it is becoming so.

When dealing with the issues of Antifa and right wing groups the media will allow the far left to define itself and its goals while also allowing the far left to define the right and what they believe their goals to be. In this framing the right will always be bad and the left will always be good, even when the media is forced to condemn certain actions.

Following the Andy Ngo incident the Portland Chief of Police has called for unmasking laws saying that Antifa should not be allowed to wear masks as it allows them to escape justice. So long as these groups are allowed to define themselves the media will continue to claim this is a group fighting for social justice who sometimes makes mistakes instead of the bad guys they really are.

Jul 05, 2019
Democrats Now Actively Assisting Illegal Immigration, Campaign In Mexico

Democrats Now Actively Assisting Illegal Immigration, Campaign In Mexico. Cory Booker accompanied illegal immigrants into the US recently. The story is a bit complicated, the women had previously been sent back to Mexico under the Migration Protection Policy and according to the Washington Examiner were seeking to bypass the law to gain entry to the US.

In what I would call an odd PR stunt Booker provided political and PR protection for the migrants as they entered the US.

Oddly, Beto O'Rourke was also campaigning in Mexico. He traveled there to meet asylum seekers recently.

Outside of Democrats campaigning in Mexico other odd instances are Democrats advising illegal immigrants on how to avoid federal authorities or in one instance a Judge being indicted for aiding in the escape of several illegal immigrants. The far left posturing will likely ensure Trumps landslide victory in 2020 as the New York Times says that this rhetoric is "making Americans feel like strangers in their own country"

Ocasio-Cortez for instance is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who routinely advocate for open borders. It seems now that the rest of the Democrats are falling in line and tacitly agreeing with loose open borders policy.

Jul 04, 2019
Democrat Demands Prosecution Over Jokes, The Left Has Gone Full Authoritarian

Democrat Demands Prosecution Over Jokes, The Left Has Gone Full Authoritarian. A Democrat recently said that anyone making fun of congresswoman should be prosecuted and that they will 'shut them down.'

This is just another statement in a long line of authoritarian demands made by far left Democrats. From AOC saying she's the boss and youre in the cheap seats, Velazquez saying "youre right to be afraid of us" or Elizabeth Warren calling big tech to censor people we are seeing Democrats make ever more authoritarian demands.

The Far left has adopted 'social justice' as a shield to gain power. In the end they seem to only care about themselves and not principles. They aren't actually fighting for social justice, they are fighting for personal gain.

The Situation with Andy Ngo is the best example. They rush to defend what happened to him and few on the left condemn it. Even mainstream journalists are excusing what happened and some even encourage it.

Jul 03, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Lying About Border Patrol, Screaming At Agents

Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Lying About Border Patrol, Screaming At Agents. After preparing a tour of CBP facilities the far left democrat reportedly did not go on the tour, instead she is accused of yelling at agents for laughing and then lying about a woman being forced to drink from a toilet. 

Border Patrol Agents claim that she exaggerated the whole thing. Shortly after several far left Democrats held a conference to discuss the illegal immigrant facilities and were greeted by protesters shouting them down.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made several claims about facilities and the behavior of agents its hard to know which side is to be believed as this will likely just fall on tribal lines with the left and Democrats defending AOC and the right and conseravtives believing CBP.

One news outlet appears to have filed a FOIA request for footage of the incident, which would certainly be interesting.

Jul 02, 2019
Democrat Calls On Tech Giants To Censor Conservatives Over Kamala Harris Debate

Elizabeth Warren Calls On Big Tech To Censor Conservatives Over Kamala Harris Debate. Several months ago Don Lemon had a debate on CNN about whether Kamala Harris is Africa-American. Recently a conservative man made the same point as Lemon and Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted it.

This resulted in the typical far left social justice outrage. How dare Trump Jr retweet such a thing? Yet this ignored the context of Don Lemon bringing up the same conversation. FOllowing this Elizabeth Warren called on big tech companies and social media giants to "stop the vile lies"

She said it was their obligation.

Curious as Elizabeth Warren has called for breaking up big tehc but now makes demands against political rivals. What do you think the tech giants will do in response? Its almost as if it was her intent, if the companies don't do what she wants she will regulate or break them up. 

Leftists have increasingly called for more restrictions on speech and now we can see that even at the highest levels there are politicians who do not believe in free speech. This move is very worrying as it is an outsourcing or privatization of government censorship. A Politician can call for censorship and it doesn't violate the constitution because its enacted by a private entity.

Jul 01, 2019
Trump Makes History In North Korea, Leftists Try To Sabotage Him

Trump Makes History In North Korea, Leftists Try To Sabotage Him. The first sitting president to step into North Korea and an amazing sign of Trust at great personal risk to himself. Trump took 18 steps through the DMZ into North Korea in what what is a truly historical moment.

Hopefully this will be our first step to peace in the region and a formal end to the Korean conflict.

Yet many far left activists and Left wing media personalities were quick to smear and belittle the accomplishment. Saying that he either created the tension in the first place or that he was simply trying to generate good PR.

These people despise Trump so much they would be willing to exacerbate tensions in the region to signal that "orange man bad."

Its truly a terrifying prospect, that people would prefer war to supporting the presidents peace effort. While I have never been his fan nor anything close to his supporter its important to point out that attempts at peace 'trump' personal feelings and domestic policy.

Jun 30, 2019
Democrat Far Left Push Makes 'Never Trumper' Declare Support For Trump

Democrat Far Left Push Makes 'Never Trumper' Declare Support For Trump. The Democrats are beyond losing their supporters. In one story published in the Wall Street journal a man who refused to vote for Trump in 2016 has now declared he will be supporting the president in 2020.

It's something we have been hearing a lot, #walkaway. The campaign which calls on Democrats to abandon the party and join the Republicans. In the WSJ Story the man says its not about Trump but about a counter punch to the absurd positions being pushed by the Democrats.

It seems like 2016 is playing out again in repeat and the Democrats and media have learned nothing. Outside of the Democrats far left, social justice pandering, we are seeing media smear the actual popular candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang.

Media is claiming that Russian bots are propping them up to try and upset the process so Kamala Harris of Joe Biden can;t win. This premise is absurd.

If the Democrats don't get their act together then they will not be able to win in 2020. Or as it was written in the NYTimes "Democrats will lose the elections, and they deserve to"

Jun 29, 2019
"I'm Not Sure I'm A Democrat Anymore," Democrats Move Too Far Left

"I'm Not Sure I'm A Democrat Anymore," Democrats Move Too Far Left. A Washington Post reporter tweeted during the Democratic Debate last night that someone said they aren't sure they are a Democrat anymore because the party has moved so far to the left.

The data proves it. Time and time again we see polling data showing that the Democrats have taken a far left turn in the past 10 years, so much so that movements like #WalkAway have started to emerge and regular people are shocked by what is being proposed.

Last night every candidate offered a healthcare plan for illegal immigrants and even went so far as to say we should not be charging people for crossing the border illegally. This is tantamount to open borders and mathematically impossible.

The Democrats have just said they would provide massive incentives and no penalty for people coming here illegally, a move that is sure to encourage more people to take a risky journey.

Trump tweeted that this move by Democrats sealed their fate, it will help him get reelected. But I think it will go further and this far left social justice pandering will help Republicans in general.

Jun 28, 2019
Big Tech Is Purging Project Veritas For Exposing Their Corruption

Big Tech Is Purging Project Veritas For Exposing Their Corruption. Project Veritas is being systematically purged from various tech platforms following their continued work exposing Big Tech censorship. First they removed the pinterest expose, then Google censored the expose on them citing privacy.

Veritas has been banned from Reddit and Now Vimeo following their continued investigations into silicon valley censorship and corruption.

Following this we still see media, such as CNN, insist there is no evidence that social media companies are biased against conservatives, but the evidence is now overwhelming. Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU have all been smeared in a leaked email advocating censorship.

Jun 27, 2019
Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates

Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates. Donald Trump made a statement in the early morning regarding the Veritas censorship expose. He called for Google and Facebook to be sued for political bias and censorship against conservatives.

Before this the press had been largely silent on the issue but with Trump comments he has forced the press to address the issue. While many still argue the story is face of such overwhelming evidence, we need only look back to 2018 for definitive proof.

Many outlets, such as the far left The verge, reported on a video showing Google cofounder Sergy Brin saying that he was deeply offended by the 2016 election and that Trump voters don't share their values. This statement echoed the words seen by the google employee in James O'keefe's Project Veritas expose.

Its all but confirmed not that deep within google lies a dark bias that they likely don't even realize. If we want to be fair we can say simply that they are so blind to their bias they think that they are being rational, they aren't. For now it seems that these big tech giants will continue to push social justice rhetoric and reject any attempt at regulation.

Jun 26, 2019
Google Email LEAKED, Proves Conservative Censorship At Youtube

UPDATE: After filming this segment I noticed the Veritas video was still live on Vimeo at a different link, it may have failed to load due to a bad link posted by Veritas on Twitter. I apologize for the error

Google Email LEAKED, Proves Political Censorship At Youtube. Project Veritas has just published a leaked email proving political censorship was at least being entertained. The email targeted Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU and called on removing the 'suggested feature' which we learned was later throttled on Dave Rubin's channel as well as all of my channels.

Following Veritas' report Youtube even deleted the video in a shocking display of arrogance. 

The censorship against conservatives and those who oppose the far left is confirmed at this point. An email making overt political statements and calling on censorship based on politics and the video exposing Google's corruption was deleted seemingly to hide their wrong doing. They cited a third party privacy complaint but the women in the video worked for Google so that is clearly not true.

It would seem that we have reached a tipping point. Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert have directly called out Google over these actions.

But will Democrats and Republicans come together to enact legislation to protect the commons and our Democracy?

Jun 25, 2019
Google Is Manipulating Our Elections, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, PragerU CENSORED Youtube Insider Says

Youtube Insider Says Tim Pool And Dave Rubin CENSORED By Youtube. In a new expose Project Veritas shows documents as well as an interview with a whistleblower confirming that Google is suppressing certain political views. In the interview he says that Tim Pool (me) and Dave Rubin are being suppressed on youtube.

Other Google employees express far left social justice opinions and state they don't want another "Trump situation" and want to impose their view of 'fairness' on Google.

But my channel is doing better than ever. My views are up, my subscriptions are up, my recommendations are slightly up in some areas but all in all I don't have any data showing that Youtube is suppressing me. In fact based on my discussions with Google it seems the opposite is true, Youtube is helping me.

Regardless of whether Youtube suppresses my content or not Google should not be meddling in elections and its about time congress got together and started trying to solve this problem.

Jun 24, 2019
Far Left Democrat Ilhan Omar May Have Married Her Brother Says Pulitzer Winning Mainstream Newspaper

Far Left Democrat Ilhan Omar May Have Married Her Brother Says Pulitzer Winning Mainstream Newspaper. Starting a few years ago rumors circulated online that far left Democrat Ilhan Omar had married her brother for immigration benefits. The story was picked up by critics of Ilhan Omar and many conservatives. 

The rumors were dismissed by democrats, the media, and social justice activists as bad faith individuals trying to smear Omar.

But new documents have reignited the story and a Pulitzer Award winning news outlets has present the possibility that Ilhan Omar did in fact marry her Brother, or at the very least she married a man to expedite his Visa to the US.

Stories like this are rather surprising as many journalists are afraid to broach controversial topics out of a fear of appearing crazy or like conspiracy theorists, but sometimes conspiracies are real and a good journalist will challenge the narrative.

Jun 23, 2019
Iran Is Targeting US Critical Infrastructure, Are We Heading Toward World War Three?

Iran Is Targeting US Critical Infrastructure, Are We Heading Toward World War Three? Malaysian Prime Minister has warned that US mistakes in a conflict with Iran may lead us into World War Three.

Recently Iran destroyed a US spy drone, though it was unmanned Trump ordered a retaliatory strike. He later decided that the retaliation was not worth the potential harm to human life.

But even still after this it is being reported that Iran is targeting US infrastructure including oil and gas. Cyberattacks have the potential to cause catastrophic failure in large systems like oil refineries which incidentally we just saw blow up in souhtern Philadelphia. While there is not reason to believe these are realted in anyway I highlight as an example of some of the possibilities should a foreign actor launch a cyberattack against us.

For now Trump made the right choice in standing down. But with Iran reportedly increasing its tactics against us it seems that war is inevitable.

Jun 22, 2019
Jussie Smollett Just Got Hit With A Special Prosecutor And Could Get Charged AGAIN

Jussie Smollett Special Prosecutor Could Recharge Smollett AND Others. A Judge ruled that the fake recusal of Kim Foxx warranted a special prosecutor to start the investigation into his hoax.

Smollett now faces two separate ongoing investigations into why he had 16 felony charges dismissed but one will be much more serious.

The special prosecutor is tasked with investigating more than just Smollett and may actually charge other people involved in corruption in this case.

Recently we heard that the fallout from Jussie's hoax were severe. Empire is being canceled and even for the last season Smollett was fired. This story is far from over.

The attempt to protect the celebrity is backfiring and could result in serious charges. But as this story reignites I have to wonder where the far left is? All the people who cheered for Jussie, all the social justice activists coming to his defense, where are they now?

Jun 21, 2019
Democratic Staffer Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Doxxing Republicans

Democratic Staffer Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Doxxing Republicans. An Ex Democratic aide was sentenced to 4 years in prison after pleading guilty in April. The Democrat had hacked into Senate computer systems to steal and publish the private information of five Republicans.

He did this in part due to the response Republicans had toward defending Brett Kavanaugh. This person mayb have been financially motivated or ideologically motivated.

These actions show how dramatic escalation has been over the past few years with even the judge in the case saying the country is polarized quite severely. Chuck Todd called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and was immediately slammed by the far left social justice activists online. As we see far left rhetoric seep into the mainstream and displace true liberals there is a concern that escalation will soon reach a tipping point.

Jun 20, 2019
New Law Would End Social Media Censorship, Big Tech Is Outraged

New Law Would End Social Media Censorship, Leaves Big Tech Is Outraged. Josh Hawley, a republican, has proposed a new law that would remove section 230 protections from big tech giants under certain circumstances.

Naturally many of these companies are outraged and demand to have it both ways. They want to have the right to control who gets to say what but also not be liable for speech that violates certain laws of presents civil liability.

Many of the people at these tech companies hold social justice and far left views which creates a fear of political bias down the root of their rules. Conservatives do not agree with most of the policies these companies have while progressives tend to feel the companies need to enforce stricter rules. As we recently saw with the Project Veritas Pinterest story social media bias is very real and has serious political consequences.

If this new law comes into place these companies will lose liability protection unless they submit to an audit and prove that they are politically neutral. In any event big tech regulation is coming and its moving faster everyday.

Jun 19, 2019
The US Migrant Crisis Is Going Critical, Local Towns Declare Emergencies

The US Migrant Crisis Is Going Critical, Local Towns Being Devastated. A Democratic mayor of the town of Del Rio is outraged as he says calls to federal lawmakers fall on deaf ears. This rhetoric has been echoed by many other jurisdictions that have declared emergencies but it seems that national level democrats just push rhetoric and block Trump, ICE, and CBP from doing their jobs.

Democrats have even begun to blame federal law enforcement for the problems at the border while simultaneously voting to block funding for facilities.

While Trump's solution is building a wall we don't see much of anything from Democrats as their priorities seem to be on winning in 2020 and on impeachment. Yet everyday the crisis at the southern border with mexico gets worse. 

Record waves of illegal immigrants are coming to the US and even migrants from African are now flying to Brazil then coming to the US. Many far left social justice types endorse open borders, like the Democratic Socialists of America. It seems that these activists don't understand basic economics and don't actually care for the crisis and what its doing to local communities.

Jun 18, 2019
Record Wave Of African Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Complain Of Bad Conditions

Record Wave Of African Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Complain Of Bad Conditions. Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa have begun flying across the Atlantic to South and Central America to try and enter the US at the Southern Border.

We are already at record levels of illegal immigration at our Southern border and now we see even more people flying half way around the world to travel through several countries to try and enter the US.

While Trump has used emergency powers to being construction on a border wall, many mainstream publications such as the New York Times have called on Congress and Democrats to give Trump the funding he needs.

Many questions arise in response to stories like these. Why won't Democrats provide funding for shelters, food, and personnel, and why are so many Africans skipping over safe countries to try and enter the US?

While many far left and social justice activists decry the harsh conditions faced by these migrants we seem to see no clear path to securing the border, keeping these people safe, and disincentivizing these journeys.

Jun 17, 2019
Tech Giants Are Driving Us Into A Technocratic Dystopian Future

We Are Heading Straight Into A Technocratic Dystopian Future. With the censorship of Project Veritas and my video on censorship itself we can truly see that 'the fire truck is on fire.' If any of us try to prove censorship and that political motivations drive the tech giants they shut us down. This is just another example of the encroaching nightmare dystopia. A future run by unelected billionaires who are accountable to no one and refuse to stop.

While these tech giants have destroyed local journalism and slowly monopolized public discourse many far left activists have defended them as private businesses. Now Facebook seeks to launch a new currency called 'Libra' and has the backing of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Tech giants will now begin slowly monopolizing the economy, removing your access to trade and speech. Its possible that Libra fails but we have already seen Mastercard and Chase bank 'debank' conservatives and political figures.

Under the guise of social justice these companies have begun removing people they view to be 'unhealthy' for the conversation. But who gives them this right?  How long until these companies ban you from finance and the economy for wrongthink?

Jun 16, 2019
Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously

Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously. Recently there was a big story released by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas about Pinterest censoring conservatives. The story was covered by many outlets including far left and leftist digital media.

My video was me reading publicly available information from a website and no new information was revealed. Yet for some reason my video was quietly removed without any notice on youtube.

I only found out because someone emailed asking why I was being censored. The official reason? A Privacy complaint. But from who?

Not only did I get a complaint but James O'keefe and Steven Crowder got complaints. In fact the origianl report has been removed and Steven Crowder got a privacy complaint for interviewing O'Keefe about it.

Social media censorship is now coming for journalism not just commentary. Perhaps this is in result to recent reports, like from Vox, that conservatives are winning the internet. Maybe this wave of censorship hitting Youtube is a result of far left social justice activists taking the only action they have left.

Jun 15, 2019
Woke University Oberlin Hit With MAXIMUM Penalty $33M Awarded To Gibson Family

Woke University Oberlin Hit With MAXIMUM Penalty $33M Awarded To Gibson Family

Jun 14, 2019
We Just Took A Dramatic Turn Toward Political Collapse, Could There Be A Second Civil War?

We Just Took A Dramatic Turn Toward Political Collapse. Many people have been saying that there will be come kind of escalating conflict between left and right, a second civil war, or however you want to describe it.

Eric Weinstein, of intellectual dark web fame, recently tweeted a thread about how he feels the political world is coming apart and he won't make the same error of 2008 when the financial system took a massive hit.

It seems with the dramatic escalation of censorship over the past few weeks and years we are dividing our society in two and that can only lead to one path. The far left social justice activists against the those who oppose them. The "right wing" seems to be a mix of varying ideologies and politics with libertarians, liberals, and conservatives mostly agreeing in their opposition to the regressive left. But the far left activists use powerful institutions to command power and silence opposition under the guise of social justice. Conservatives face bias on social platforms and a double standard in left wing media.

If this continues than I think some kind of conflict is guaranteed, though what form it will take I am unsure of. We may already be in it.

Jun 13, 2019
Rachel Maddow Slammed After Being Announced DNC Debate Moderator

Rachel Maddow Slammed After Being Announced DNC Debate Moderator. Rachel Maddow is under fire after being named a moderator for the first DNC presidential debates. Many view her as the wrong choice due to her being an opinion show host and not a journalist while others, including myself, are more concerned with her Russiagate rhetoric and calls for impeachment.

Many have pointed out that while other networks have had opinion hosts moderate they still think its a bad idea, citing Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly as previous moderators.

Assuming the Democrats will want to offer something real to the American public they need to stick to the issues such as healthcare and the economy. There is a concern that with Maddow she will start to push on impeachment and Russia which most Americans do not care about.

These lines can be used by conservatives, republicans, and Trump supporters to show how Democrats aren't focused on solutions. It shows that they are just mad about losing 2016.

But more importantly it would speak to moderates and independents that the Democrats only care about old news and not moving the country forward and helping make the country better.

Jun 12, 2019
Keanu Reeves Exposes The Sad State Of Me Too Feminism

Keanu Reeves Exposes The Sad State Of Me Too Feminism

Jun 11, 2019
Exposing The Motive Behind Media Smears Of Youtube (A Warning To All Youtubers)

Exposing The Motive Behind Media Smears Of Youtube (A Warning To All Youtubers) Recently the Mainstream Media as well as many other digital outlets ran smears against youtubers. On Wikipedia one person even highlighted a smear campaign against Philip Defranco after he was included in the Times hit piece.

The motive for the smear may have just been revealed in another story by the New York Times who published a quote from an organization representing them stating that they deserved a piece of Google's profits off of news search.

You read that right. NYT Ran a story in which they claimed they deserve a piece of Google's revenue. If that doesn't make it clear as to why they ran this hit job then I don't know what else will. 

We are in an unprecedented political era with the rise of the far left, social justice activists in media, and the election of Trump. News outlets are spiraling out of control and losing money left and right which brings about an unhinged desperation. Drama and controversy generates views and clicks while also serving to harm political and economic rivals.

Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder was just one more straw on the camels back. It triggered a wave of censorship on apolitical youtubers. Even channels that make hippie music for meditation got hit by the wave.

You may be an entertainment or history Youtuber but make no mistake, you will be dragged into the next great youtube war same as anyone. They did it to pewdiepie, they will do it to you. The Youtube Vs Mainstream media war won't be the first but it will be bad news for many smaller channels on youtube who can't take the heat.

Jun 10, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Flashes Far Right Hand Sign, Does She Deserve Context?

Ocasio-Cortez Flashes Far Right Hand Sign, Does She Deserve Context? Ocasio-Cortez just flashed the Ok sign and of course no one cares. Why? We all know, especially Ocasio-Cortez, what the hand sign means right?

Conservatives and Trump supporters have been accused of the worst for making the gesture. Innocent people playing the circle game have been banned and fired all because they didn't know that trolls had staged a hoax.

But why would the far left and social justice activists now decide to ignore Ocasio-Cortez making the gesture? They pull out every stop to accuse people of being wrong or evil but when it comes to the new aristocrats they are allowed to break the rules.

Jun 09, 2019
Media Outlets Escalate WAR On Youtubers, Smear Philip Defranco As Far Right

Media Outlets Escalate WAR On Youtubers, Smear Philip Defranco. The war on youtube has been dramatically escalating in the past few weeks with Philip DeFranco getting the latest hit. So far we have seen the #VoxAdpocalypse as the biggest force in taking down small and independent creators but we also saw CNET write a hit piece on gaming channels resulting in a loss of advertisers.

Now the latest story insinuates that Phil Defranco is "far right" and was part of a path to being made radical. However the story is mostly nonsense and their subject claims only to be a conservative.

Why then include Phil Defranco? In my opinion, so that far left and social justice activists can imply that Phil is a part of or associated with the far right. Even if it wasn't intended to escalate they already have implied that Phil is far right even though I'm sure that the subject of the NYT story watched The Young Turks or other large Youtubers. For Vox's Carlos Maza with Steven Crowder it was easy, he said naughty words, but Phil is a rather neutral commentator so whether intentional or not this could lay seeds for future activists to make claims about Phil and his politics.

The past few weeks should make it clear that there is an effort to destabilize youtube and target our channels and businesses.

Jun 08, 2019
Far Left Media Is Making Liberals Insane, This Data Proves It

The Media Has Driven The Left Insane, This Data Proves It. Since the beginning of the 2010s there has been a dramatic increase in far left social justice terminology appearing in news articles. This coincides with the launch of many leftist media companies who saw a quick path to profit by enraging people on social media.

The plan worked and according to Lexis Nexis data social justice and intersectional feminism began to skyrocket at media outlets.

The left then was inundated with constant content highlighting very specific ideological positions resulting in an every increasingly unhinged left.

Today we see the results censorship, demonetization, and physical conflict in the streets. As media  was particularly hostile to conservatives from the get go it seems that this pushed moderates and conservative individuals into a space unto their own resisting the increasing unhinged rhetoric coming from these ragebait websites. What happened with Steven Crowder is inevitable as outrage culture is a proven tactic for gaining power.

Jun 06, 2019
Vox's Scorched Earth Plan WORKED Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle

UPDATE: The Mass Censorship has dramatically escalated after the publishing of this video. Stay Tuned For An Update at Youtube.com/Timcastnews at 6pm

Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle. Following Youtube's defense of Steven Crowder they announced a mass purge of content as well as the restriction of 'borderline' content that doesn't break any rules.

Following the campaign by Vox and Carlos Maza we are now learning that Youtube will be restricintg content but promoting 'top news channels' which I would assume includes Vox. 

Youtube has bent the knee to far left agitators and social justice zealots. Though Steven Crowder is going to be permitted to stay it seems that most of us are close to the end of our days on Youtube.

Following the recording of this video I saw many youtubers axed from the partner program but who broke no rules. It seems like this will be a major victory for massive corporations.

Jun 05, 2019
Vox Host Tries Starting Adpocalypse Because Youtube Hasn't Banned Steven Crowder

Vox Host Tries Starting Adpocalypse Because Youtube Hasn't Banned Steven Crowder. Carlos Maza of VOX is upset that Steven Crowder has used mean words and mocked him in his Vox rebuttal videos. In response to his complaints Youtube said they would be investigating Steven Crowder.

After several days the far left media Host continued the pressure by giving interviews and targeting youtube as a platform. In his latest interview he goes straight for the advertisers.

He goes on to say that youtube has no control over its platform and advertisers will have their content appear on questionable videos. A tactic, it would seem, designed to trigger an Adpocalypse that will hurt every youtube creator not just Steven Crowder.

But why now? Interestingly VOX has not been doing well, they recently reported that their evaluation as a company is likely down and switched to focusing on part time works and contractors. Considering digital media as a whole isn't doing too well this could be a sign that Vox is in trouble. It sure is convenient then that Vox host Carlos Maza decided to launch his campaign against Crowder and then shift to targeting advertisers, a move that will be very helpful to digital media outlets.

Jun 04, 2019
Conservatives Are WINNING The Internet, Democrats Self Destructing

Conservatives Are WINNING The Internet, Democrats Self Destructing. A Democratic group called The Third Way is pleading with Democrats to ignore Twitter as the far left user base and overly woke progressives do not represent American voters. But alas to no avail, the woke far left rejects centrism and is driving dems further to the fringe.

Meanwhile Conservatives mass produce memes, make jokes, and get massive engagement online. For conservatives and the right the internet was a new opportunity to bypass mainstream media bias.

By many metrics we can see the left has free reign and conservatives are being censored. While censorship does affect everyone, conservatives get it more based on numerous reports. But this censorship is only bad for the individuals censored, for conservatives as a group they are getting cleaned up and made to look good as the worst actors and even innocent ones get suspended.

While at first glance it may seem counter intuitive this leaves the worst far left actors to dominate the Democratic conversation and only the most professional and well read conservatives. Certainly all individuals deserve free speech but in the end the censorship is backfiring horribly on leftists as woke social justice types run wild.

Jun 03, 2019
California Cities Are Disgusting Cesspools, May ALREADY Have The BUBONIC Plague

California Cities Are Disgusting Cesspools, May ALREADY Have The Plague. According to Dr Drew, Los Angeles may already have the bubonic plague as rat infestation reaches absurd levels. This follows a typhus outbreak in the city. Los Angeles has a Democratic supermajority yet for some reason is unable to solve these problems, like the homeless problem, rat infestation, spread of disease, much to the outrage of many citizens and writers.

In several op-eds, one being in the New York Times, we see people blaming liberal hypocrisy, politicians who don't actually believe in their progressive social justice values when it comes to their back yard. This results in no one actually caring about the problems and filth in these ultra progressive cities. While I can't say its definitively the result of failed liberal policies it sometimes feels that way. But we have to make sure the issue isn't just corruption.

It's entirely possible that progressive policies and liberal policies fail but, its also possible these are corrupt far left grifters pretending to be progressive to get elected then doing nothing to help the poor in their cities.

Jun 01, 2019
CNN and MSNBC Bias Is So Bad Reporters BANNED From Appearing

Credibility Shot As Reporters BANNED From Appearing On CNN And MSNBC. In a surprising turn The New York Times has banned its staff from appearing on CNN and MSNBC shows, specifically Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O'Donnell over the shows being "too partisan."

CNN and MSNBC have gone so far off the rails that now the NYT is worried that if any of their staff appears on the show they will be accused of partisan bias.

While this has always been true of Fox news, many leftists and far left activists claim that only Fox News is biased but now we can see that the polarization is getting worse and MSNBC and CNN are being treated exactly the same. While the idea of left wing media or liberal bias has existed for a while, this is direct proof that even the NYT feels its bad.

This comes at a time when Rachel Maddow's ratings are their lowest yet and CNN is laying off many staff members.

Perhaps this is a good example of journalism's Get Woke Go Broke

May 31, 2019
Mark Zuckerberg Could Face JAIL TIME Over Ignoring Subpoena

Mark Zuckerberg ignored a Canadian subpoena to appear and is now being threatened with jail time if he does not appear the next time he steps foot in Canada

May 30, 2019
Democrats Call For Impeachment Of Trump After Mueller Statement Is a MISTAKE

Democrats Call For Impeachment Of Trump Is A HUGE Mistake. Following a statement form Robert Mueller Democrats, far left activists, and progressives began escalating their call for the impeachment of Trump.

While many are now acting like Mueller's statement is what they needed to being proceedings to impeach President Trump the truth is that they have been using all sorts of weird reasons to claim they should impeach Trump.

Mueller basically reiterated everything he already said in his report and by speaking today only served to reignite the trashfire that is our news cycle and calls for impeachment.

May 29, 2019
Ratings Collapse And Layoffs Are Making The Media Go Crazy

Ratings Collapse And Layoffs Are Making The Media Go Crazy. Media ratings are failing and as these companies become more desperate for views so they can make money they turn to far left activists to push ragebait content and nonsense.

Vox recently published a video claiming that Fox news is in control of the political narrative. The only problem? You can easily fact check some of their claims to see they are not true. They claimed that Hillary's email server was a non issue but Fox News pushed it so everyone else followed. Except it was the New York Times and the AP that pushed that story not Fox News.

CNN recently rushed to the defense of the democrats and nancy pelosi over a video they thought made her look bad. Why would they do that? It seems they are in desperate need for news and something that will enrage people. It worked. Delete Facebook started trending among outraged leftists.

It's no surprise to hear that just the other day another story emerged about CNN layoffs coming

May 28, 2019
Right Wing Nationalists See Major Victories in European Elections

Right Wing Nationalists See Major Victories in European Elections. Poland, France, Italy, and the UK see major victories for right wing nationalists in Europe

Addition Segments

Shareholders Confront Chase Bank CEO of Conservative Debanking
Hashtag becomes a hate symbol
Ben Shapiro smeared by Buzzfeed
SJWs defend Fascism on accident?
NAvy Pilots Go On Record About UFOs

May 28, 2019
EP.11 CNN Announces More Layoffs Amid Ratings Collapse

CNN previously claimed it was all rumors, no layoffs were coming. But then offered over 100 buyouts to staff to leave voluntarily. As we know buyouts are a layoff with a smile and sure enough the rumors were true, more layoffs just dropped.

Other Segments

Why is Media running defense for Nancy Pelosi?
Captain Marvel Clip Shows Us The Regressive Left Love Villains
Silicon Valley Gets Woke Goes Broke
5G technology is actually dangerous according to New Report

May 25, 2019
EP.10 Theresa May Resigns, Right Wing Populists Score Major Victory AGAIN

Theresa May Resigns, Right Wing Populists Score Major Victory AGAIN with Brexit party expected to take 30 out of 73 seats for the UK in the European elections

Following Segments

Twitter Bans the Krassensteins
Facebook Censorship Backfires, Major Brands Flee
CNN ratings drop 30%
Ocasio-Cortez Mocked Over Tornado Tweets
New Poll is Good news For Trump

May 24, 2019
EP.9 - MeToo Backfire? Men Refuse To Save Women Over Fear Of False Accusation

A new survey of data shows that men are less likely to help women suffering form heart attacks due to a fear of being accused of assault.

Segments include

Facebook maintains a wrongthink database
Ocasio-Cortez accused of insulting democrats
Right wing populism wins again
Pentagon admits to tracking UFOs
Democrats lie, cities rife with disease and homelessness

May 23, 2019
EP.8 - Rachel Maddow Ratings hit Year Low, ESPN Says "Get Woke Go Broke," Drops Politics

Rachel Maddow Ratings hit Year Low, ESPN Says "Get Woke Go Broke," Drops Politics

Other segments

Nevada votes to bypass the elector college
Man arrested for threatening to blow up trump tower
Man's life ruined over false accusations
Celebrity activism is a lie

May 22, 2019
EP.7 - Journalism Is Overrun By Sociopath Activist Bullies

Journalism Is Overrun By Sociopath Activist Bullies, they use their weight to force companies to bend to their personal wills. They write negative stories about anyone who slights them and until people refuse to back down it will only get worse

Other Segments Include

CNN Is Slowly Dying And Its Getting Gross and Cringey
California Sees "Medieval" Diseases Resurge Due To Massive Homeless And Trash problem
NY Times Publishes Fake news About Trump, Stealth Edits To hide Error
Illegal Immigrant Detention Breaks ALL TIME Record, Over 52,000 Detained

May 21, 2019
Timcast - EP7 The Left Normalizes Political Violence And Encouraging Escalation

This morning Nigel Farage of The Brexit Party was hit by a milkshake in the latest in a series of "milk shakings" taking place in the UK. While milkshakes are seen by some as silly and even encouraged it is quickly escalating into bricks and yes even fish.

Other Segments Include

CNN's Jim Acosta Called out For Lying
The left eats its own again
Far Left AJ+ Goes Full Anti Semite
41% of College Students oppose Free Speech
Chinese Social Credit is Here already

May 20, 2019
Timcast - EP6 #MeToo Backlash Escalates, 60% Of Men Fear Working With Women

Though the Me Too movement has done good things is calling out abuse and harassment there are unintended consequences. Notably, men are not uncomfortable working with women. Women now fear this will result in less promotions and hostile work environments.

Additional Segments

Trump begins flying illegal immigrants to Democratic Strongholds
Trevor Noah Defends Trump on Kimmel Show
Ocasio-Cortez Comic Gets Shut Down By DC Comics
False Accusations result in calls for "MenToo Movement"

May 19, 2019
Timcast - EP5 Facebook's "Hate Agent" List Targets Conservatives For Banning

Facebook maintains a lit of "hate agents" including those recently banned, like Paul joseph Watson. The list apparently is now targeting Candace Owens.

Other segments include

Bill Maher Guests Cheer for threats against Trump
Burger King encourages political violence
CNN Reporter gets car bombed by Far left
Democrats Lie ABout Being Mad At Trump as a Virtue Signal
Journalists Acting as Activists EXPOSED

May 18, 2019
Timcast - EP4 - Journalists Exposed Working With Far Left Activsts

A researcher has put together a data set showing how many mainstream media journalists are working with, as, or in one case offering money to activists.

Additional segments

Scientists Suspended From Twitter for saying Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder
Buzzfeed Journalist angry Youtube wont' ban Tommy Robinson Campaign Account
Sex Strike hits the non-political men
Dave Rubin interview gets sabotaged by far left "journalists"

May 18, 2019
Timcast EP3 - Trump Steps Up The Fight Against Censorship

The White house has a launched a tool for people to report political censorship on social media. While not directly impactful for now, it is the first step required to tackle the issue.

Other Stories Include

Police confiscating SPOONS In the UK
A Man Sues After Being Falsely Accused
SAT's Launch "Privilege Scores" Based on race
Kimberly Coulter Joins the show to discuss censorship

May 16, 2019
Timcast - EP2 Another "Woke" Far left News Outlet Bites The Dust

Salon is looking to sell for an absurd cash closing of around $500,000. This is an absurdly low rate for a media company of their size, but as the saying goes

Get Woke Go Broke

Following stories cover

a Comedian who had the police called on him for telling an offensive joke
Elizabeth Warren calling for Fox News to Shut Down
Outraged Feminists Targeting White Women Over Abortion Issues
And The US Rejecting an international proposal for Censorship

May 15, 2019
Buzzfeed Smears, Ocasio-Cortez, Trump Approval Hits 51%

I'm changing formats and now going to have a daily hour of content on various stories.

Please bear with me as I ramp up to get this new format going!

This show can be found broken up on Youtube.com/Timcastnews 

May 14, 2019
Facebook Caught LYING About Censorship, Regulation Is Coming

Facebook Caught LYING About Censorship, Regulation Is Coming. Facebook banned several right wing figures but claimed this is normal for them but in a new report from the Associated Press we learned that not only does Facebook leave up the overwhelming majority of content that breaks the rules they actually compile it into celebratory videos.

Researchers found only 38% was actually getting removed and the AP was able to easily find content that went well beyond anything Paul Joseph Watson every published. This flies in the face of Facebook's statement about banning and censoring content.

Social media censorship seems to be reaching a tipping point as even Vox.com is pointing out the hypocrisy of Facebook and how it tends to target conservatives. If a far left site like Vox sees the lies then its only a matter of time before social media regulation drops.

But while free speech is paramount this means the worst of the worst will be able to organize. Where do we draw the line?

May 10, 2019
Left Wing Digital Media COLLAPSING, VICE Investment TOTAL LOSS

Left Wing Digital Media COLLAPSING, VICE Investment TOTAL LOSS. Disney recently announced that it is taking a 510M dollar loss in their VICE media investments. This news comes shortly after VICE shuttered several of its brands and laid off significant portions of its staff over the past few months.

But the news isn't only about VICE. We have seem many left wing and far left media brands take huge hits, collapse entirely, or get sold for extremely low evaluations in recent months.

One reason this may be happening is that these companies bet on far left and social justice content, content that is too fringe for average people to understand or relate to.

In a report from last year News Whip shows that right wing and conservative media has been dominating on Facebook while left wing media slowly shrinks away.

May 09, 2019
Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To "Remain In Mexico"

Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To "Remain In Mexico." Once again there was a legal challenge to stop Donald Trump's "remain in mexico" program but once again Trump has won. 
In an unusual victory for Trump 'remain in mexico' remains and asylum claimants will be required to wait in Mexico while asylum claims are being processed.

Conservatives argue that most asylum seekers do not qualify and many don't turn up for court "disappearing into the US." The left argues that we should expand asylum to cover more issues instead of certain protected classes.

As migrant caravans continue to move toward the US the issue of the migrant crisis is gaining more attention with even the New York Times editorial board siding with Trump and telling Congress to give him the money he is asking for.

With Trump decrying illegal immigration as a key issue for his past and upcoming campaigns this will be a huge victory toward the Trump agenda.

May 08, 2019
CNN Drops Over A HUNDRED Staffers Amid Ratings Collapse

CNN Drops Over A HUNDRED Staffers Amid Ratings Collapse. CNN has dropped over 100 staffers amid a 'restructuring' and a move to a new studio. We are also learning that VICE will end several of its brands and push them under the VICE.com umbrella.
Lastly, Gizmodo network will see around 25 layoffs.

CNN's ratings have been in decline for a while with a loss of over 26% since last year to a new 4 year low. Following this news it is unsurprising we see CNN dropping so many staff members.

As these companies start fading away they become more like far left activists and less like journalists. Their stories become focused on rivals in the digital space in order to generate ratings and new subscribers. But the leftist social justice push isn't working and these companies are on the way out. Far left media is taking a big hit as times change and they lose audience and this is just another story in the collapse of media.

Fox News on the other hand, while still losing viewers, is doing well with over 3M viewers in its primetime slots.

May 07, 2019
Republicans Face EXTINCTION Unless They Stop Online Censorship, Here 's How They Can Fight Back

Republicans Face EXTINCTION Unless They Stop Online Censorship. Will Chamberlain joins me to discuss the idea of social media access being a civil right. 
As Facebook censorship escalates many high profile figures associated with the right lose their ability to influence voters. Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates, and even center left Liberals are self censoring out of fear of being banned and losing access to online services. 

Its not just about social media but about commerce and even banking. We have already seen people banned from credit cards and banks. If people don't demand protected access to the new digital public square people will end up living under a far left regressive technocracy.

May 06, 2019
A New Law May Be About To END Political Censorship On Social Media

GOP Files NEW LAWS To Make Social Media Censorship ILLEGAL. At the state level in California, Texas, and Florida Republicans have pushed new laws to prohibit censorship on political grounds or even just based on content as a whole.

Florida's censorship law seems to have failed but Texas and California are moving forward. California could have changes come as soon as tomorrow.

Right now the far left and social justice regressive leftists are gaining ground due to a LACK of regulation. Social Media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google can censor or ban anyone and it typically affects moderates and conservatives. Recently many conservatives banned by facebook, like Paul Joseph Watson, got a mention from President Donald Trump escalating the attention and focus on the censorship issue.

Regulation will be constrained by the first amendment and thus any new regulation could only INCREASE speech not restrict it.

May 05, 2019
CNN FURIOUS Over Trump's Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson, Pushes Censorship

CNN FURIOUS Over Trump's Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson. Following Trump's defense of Paul Joseph Watson after facebook banned him, CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted in outrage over the actions of the president. In a story he wrote on CNN he published overt and obvious fake news lies from Facebook about how they take action.

Later in the story Darcy even parrots activist rhetoric about social media censorship, "private platforms," and free speech. While the first amendment doesn't protect people from private censorship, freedom of speech is a universal principal not a law regardless of the 1st amendment

The article from CNN was an activist opinion piece masquerading as fact and along with rhetoric and actions from CNN reporters it seems like CNN is actively trying to get conservatives and anti establishment media banned from various platforms.

This isn't the first time CNN played a role in getting someone banned and it likely won't be the left as CNN chases after far left activists rhetoric and agenda.

May 04, 2019
Facebook's Conservative PURGE Coordinated With Media Outlets, PJW, Loomer Banned

Facebook Launches Concerted PURGE Of Conservatives Personalities. Facebook issued an alert to many news organizations tipping them off to the banning of Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and others. The news outlets were told the stories were embargoed until a certain time.

This is the goal post moving, these personalities facing social media censorship are no where near the worst people on Facebook but here we are. These people are high profile individuals who helped get Donald Trump elected and now they are purged. Surely they will get banned from other platforms shortly.

But also in the ban was Minister Farakan, seemingly to appear unbiased. But this set off Snoop Dog.

Snoop Dog posted to his over 31 MILLION followers telling to flood instagram and Facebook with videos of the Minister because "they can't ban us all."

The far left meanwhile has many of their more dangerous activists left untouched which still reeks of bias. Is PJW anywhere near as bad as The Minister? Of course not but it doesn't matter.

May 03, 2019
Conservative News Added To BLACKLIST, Targets Advertisers

Conservative News Added To BLACKLIST, Targets Advertisers. The Poynter institute published a list of "unreliable news" which is essentially a fake news website. Right away we can see it makes no sense as on it are satirical websites and even video hosting platforms. 

But the list includes right wing sites rated credible and states it wants advertisers to be aware if they fund misinformation. Not only that but Poynter essentially runs Facebook's fact checking. If these sites are listed as fake news they could get removed from Facebook outright.

It turns out that the author of the list works for or with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left social justice org that has smeared conservatives and centrists in the past.

May 02, 2019
Leftist Activists FORCE Mastercard To Vote On Banning The Far Right

Leftist Activists FORCE Mastercard To Vote On Banning The Far Right. Activist group "The Sum Of Us" has successfully forced Mastercard to hold a vote that would see the creation of a "human rights committee" to oversee who uses the mastercard service.

The goal of the leftist activist group is to shut down access for 'far right' groups as well as politicians and activists. They stress that stopping to flow of income will stop people they do not agree with.

This may be the most dramatic escalation in the Culture War we have seen yet, the targeting of major financial institutions to shut down opposition. While it sounds noble to ban certain groups we do not like it won't end there. Massive multi national corporations should not have the right to sever access to basic services based on bad opinions.

Far left social justice activists have pushed for restrictions and censorship and this news marks the most dramatic escalation we have seen yet.

May 01, 2019
FBI: Antifa Planned Armed "Disruption" Of US Border Security

FBI: Antifa Planned Armed "Disruption" On US Border Security. According to FBI documents reviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune the FBI is tracking "Anti Fascist" Activists who were seeking arms from Mexican sources in order to stage trainings and an armed "disruption" of US border security operations.

No one has been arrested and two people named in the report deny any involvement.

But outside of this we are seeking a continuing escalation in rhetoric and actions. From this event near San Diego, to another incident thwarted by the FBI, and mainstream television encouraging more escalation it seems like things are getting worse.

None of this should detract from any other groups that may be worse but serves to highlight that the far left and antifa groups are not sitting idly by and things may be getting worse.

Apr 30, 2019
Fake News SMEARS On Pewdiepie Hurt ALL Of Us On Youtube

Fake News SMEARS On Pewdiepie Hurt ALL Of Us On Youtube. The Adpocalypse saw many youtubers lose their income and struggle. It all started with lies and smears about Pewdiepie.
They took jokes out of context, even jokes ABOUT the lies were taken out of context to smear Pewdiepie.

In the end we all lose out but we do see what happens. Mainstream media personalities continue running ads on content the rest of us cant. Digital outlets produce fake news and still sell to the same advertisers while the independent creators are restricted in what they can talk about.

Far left smears about Pewdiepie are relentless and because of this far right whackos call out Pewdiepie to encourage more restrictions because both sides want the worst for everyone to force some kind of confrontation.

Apr 29, 2019
Over 1,000 Migrants ESCAPE Detention Center, Hundreds Board Train Headed For US

Over 1,000 Migrants ESCAPE Detention Center, Hundreds Board train Headed For US. As the migrant crisis continues we see story after story about the dangers of the journey as well as the problems around it.

The Siglo XXI detention center was nearly double its capacity when 1,300 or so migrants escaped demanding food. Mexican authorities were able to capture around 700 but nearly 400 boarded a train and headed to the US.

Donald Trump has been very tough on illegal immigration and is demanding action be taken to solve this crisis but Democrats seem split with some calling his plans immoral and others agreeing we should do something.

The far left activists take an open borders approach but even Bernie Sanders has refused open borders and calling for comprehensive immigration reform. But what does that mean and will it solve the problem of thousands of families heading to the southern border?

Apr 28, 2019
Censorship BACKFIRES On Far Left AGAIN, But They STILL Demand More

Censorship BACKFIRES On Far Left AGAIN, But They STILL Demand More. A left wing activists reporter was suspended on Twitter for posting an image of a "right wing" personality. This is something we see over and over.

The people calling for these new social media censorship rules are the ones who keep hearing "dog whistles" and calling them out. But context is irrelevant to a robot or someone not familiar with our culture so like clockwork these same activists get banned for talking about it.

Meanwhile those who are truly vile will just change how they speak and stop posting certain images meaning.

When the far left social justice types demand censorship of these people in all likelihood it will be THEM getting censored. While conservatives are more likely to get banned in most cases we often see the same activists who demand social media censorship hit with their own rules

And even though it KEEPS Happening they don't learn.

Apr 27, 2019
"Woke" Far left Pandering BACKFIRING On Democrats, Joe Biden

Pandering To The "Woke" Far left BACKFIRES On Democrats. Joe Biden is facing criticism from the far left and from the right. While conservative and republican critique of Biden is to be expected as he is running as a Democrat, the far left joined in because they feel he is pandering by referencing Charlottesville.

Democrats have been increasingly split among the "woke" and the moderate. Biden is viewed as a centrist Democrat and the far left "social justice warriors" would, in all likelihood, not support him. But he has to try to get as many votes as possible so he is pandering to at least some degree of "wokeness."

It won't work and it is already backfiring as many people on the far left feel he is not being genuine.

Apr 26, 2019
ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX Exposed? Are They Really On The Rise?

ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX Exposed? Are Crimes Really On The Rise? Last Thursday in Winnipeg police responded to reports of a crime. But yesterday it was reported that the incident was believed to be a hoax and police arrested the three cafe owners and the woman tho claimed to have been a victim.

Stories like this seem to be more and more common place but the far left will tell you that they are rare. They will claim anyone challenging it is far right or lying.

But the truth is the data is not so clear as to say one way or another. While social justice groups will tell you things are getting worse the data from the FBI doesn't tell us enough and to make it worse the data collection has been entirely inconsistent year over year.

With more hate crime hoaxes appearing in the news it is no surprise that many people doubt these stories when they emerge.

Apr 25, 2019
MASSIVE Raid On Migrant Caravan Sends THOUSANDS Fleeing

MASSIVE Raid On Migrant Caravan Sends THOUSANDS Fleeing. Mexico has conducted the largest raid yet detaining nearly 400 people and sending thousands fleeing in fear.

Trump's rhetoric has increasingly blamed Mexico for not doing enough to stop the migrant caravans with his most recent tweets calling to shut down parts of the border in response to a massive "Mother Of All Caravans" migrant caravan of 10,000 people (though he incorrectly claimed 20,000)

 Two local jurisdictions on the border have declared a state of emergency due to the massive influx of illegal immigration. Just before these declarations documents released showed that Trump would deploy more soldiers to the border to help deal with the crisis.

It seems Democrats and many on the left are more concerned with denying Trump his campaign win than with dealing with a serious migrant crisis.

Apr 24, 2019
Bernie Or Bust IS BACK, Bernie Voters VOW To Vote TRUMP In 2020

Bernie Or Bust IS BACK, Bernie Voters VOW To Vote TRUMP In 2020. Bernie Or Bust played a huge role in Trump's 2016 victory by giving Trump around 12% of Bernie's voters. A new poll from Emerson shows that 20% of the far left candidates voters would rather vote Trump than any other candidate if Bernie does not win the primary and secure the Democratic Nomination for 2020.

While many far left and social justice activists are shocked this poll makes a lot of sense when you consider what Bernie and Trump actually have in common.

Recently at a rally Socialists condemned Bernie Sanders as a right wing nationalist for saying Donald Trump's NAFTA renegotiation did not go far enough to protect American workers.

If 20% of Bernie's voters vote for Trump it could mean that either Bernie wins the 2020 Democratic nomination or Trump landslides for a second term.

Apr 23, 2019
Republican Millionaire "Hell bent" On REMOVING Ocasio-Cortez

Republican Millionaire "Hell bent" On REMOVING Ocasio-Cortez. After the loss of the Amazon deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw her approval and favorability plummet. AOC Claimed this was due to right wing propaganda but that claim would seem absurd considering people in her district likely don't watch Fox News or right wing sources.

But now the far left Ocasio-Cortez faces a wave of challengers from the Republican party as many people feel she is neglecting her district. The self described democratic socialist will have to contend with the entirety of the Democratic establishment and now Republicans as well. With polls showing that far left 2020 democrats are not fairing too well it seems like she has a real challenge ahead of her.

Democrats have floated eliminating her district, setting her up with a primary challenger, and have often disparaged AOC and her progressive group. While many people will claim the Green New Deal is favored by Americans, not one Democrat voted to support the bill in fact several voted "no"

Apr 22, 2019
Microsoft Diversity Plan BACKFIRES In "James Damore 2.0" Event

Microsoft Diversity Plan BACKFIRES In "James Damore 2.0" Event. Following stories about complaints from female staffers at Microsoft news emerged that employees were outraged at the discriminatory practices against white men and asians. Far left media pounced in outrage that anyone would dare openly challenge "diversity."

Quartz said they are holding the name of the employee pending a response which could result in what many are calling a "James Damore 2.0" type event.

As the far left and social justice activists demand diversity programs we see them fail time and time again. Data and studies form Harvard show that these programs often backfire and don't work as intended. We can now see how the far left views all Asians as one group when it is very ethnically diverse.

It seems the goal isn't diversity but tribal authority and control.
This would explain why they demand punishment for those openly questioning the practice.

Apr 21, 2019
Wokeness Will DESTROY 2020 Democrats Paving The Way For Trump

Wokeness Will DESTROY 2020 Democrats Paving The Way For Trump. As more stories emerge about Democrats and the left getting woke it seems every more likely that they will go broke as well.

"Get Woke Go Broke" may be more than just a comment about business practices as Democrats are losing white male voters to the Republicans and causing a political rift along racial lines.
While the strategy may attract the far left and feminists it will likely alienate white male voters

As more democrats play the far left social justice game the party splits along center and far left lines. The feminist social justice play may result in a hard fracturing of Democrats and result in a strong Republican lead for a long time.

Apr 20, 2019
Buzzfeed FORCED To Admit It Published FAKE NEWS About Trump

Buzzfeed FORCED To Admit It Published FAKE NEWS About Trump. Buzzfeed falsely reported that Donald Trump explicitly told Michael Cohen to lie in the Russia investigation but the story was almost immediately refuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Office. Buzzfeed REFUSED o back down and defended their reporting.

Even after Cohen testified and proved the story was false Buzzfeed again REFUSED to back down.

But the Mueller report released to the public gives Buzzfeed no choice but to finally admit defeat. They were wrong, they published fake news, they refused to back down even with every bit of evidence saying they were wrong and now finally they admit it.

What we see is CNN giving a platform to Buzfeed's reporters to defend their fake news and journalists protecting their own, refusing to hold them accountable.

The only real accountability happens across partisan political lines and that's a shame. 

The Trump Russia narrative is over and it's time to MOVE ON. We learned from Attorney William Barr what we needed to know, No collusion and no obstruction. While there are many interesting insights from the Mueller report we need to move on and solve our country's problems. 

Apr 19, 2019
Mueller Report PROVES Media Is A Fake News Trash Fire

Mueller Report PROVES Media Is A Complete Trash Fire. For years we have been fed trash about Russia and Trump but even after the summary was released by Bill Barr the media just moved the goal posts. Today they do the same thing.

The Mueller report refutes Buzzfeed's claims about Michael Cohen's testimony. Buzzfeed doubled down on their fake news even after Mueller refuted the story and now we have the report showing they are just wrong.

But of course we see MSNBC claiming collusion between Barr and Trump because the media is desperate for ratings and seemingly collapsing.

Our journalistic industry is a trash fire of hyper partisan nonsense and fake news. They continue to push fake news and misleading information to chase the Trump bump.

But enough, we know media is trash and Mueller just proved it.

Apr 18, 2019
No, The Regressive Left IS NOT Mainstream And We ARE NOT Conservative

No, The Regressive Left IS NOT Mainstream And We ARE NOT Conservative. Story after story from far left digital media tries to paint the regressive left as the mainstream left, but this is not true. According to data from Gallup and Pew the best you could say is that the left is split down the middle with 54% of Democrats wanting more moderate policy and the majority of voters oppose identity politics. 

But the social justice left keeps pushing this narrative and today gained a surprising ally, Quillette. Quillette is a publication often associated with the intellectual Dark Web. Today they published an article arguing that Dave Rubin and people like me a re "new right" which is just absolutely wrong and could be stretched to imply that Nancy Pelosi is "new right" because of how often she criticizes Ocasio-Cortez.

The reality is that the left is in a state of civil war and many former liberals are walking away ceding ground to the fringe regressives.

That doesn't make me or anyone else on the left conservative, it just means that eventually we will be politically homeless, assuming we aren't already.

Apr 17, 2019
Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING

Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING. Fox News hosted a town hall with Bernie Sanders which shocked the left and the right. But time and time again it seems Fox News is willing to bring on left wing, far left, regressive left, and even social justice activists to have conversations where as MSNBC and CNN often don't allow adversarial opinions.

As the left embraces regressive policies and refuses to engage moderates are looking for honest conversations. It seems that as time goes on the far left is either admittedly lying, like a Vox personality claimed they did, or refusing to engage in honest conversations.

MSNBC ratings couldn't even break 100k viewers in the key demo and CNN struggled. Fox news ratings are often substantially higher than MSNBC and CNN and at the same time conservative news is absolutely dominating Facebook engagement.

It seems that the left is fractured in more than one way and Mainstream Media chasing after various far left narratives are destroying themselves.

Apr 16, 2019
Trump Call To Release Migrants In Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left

Trump Call To Release Migrants Into Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left. In what may be one of the strangest turns liberal celebrity Cher, who had previously called for allowing Dreamers into our homes, expresses shock at the idea of Trump bringing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles.

In an even more hilarious turn, Trump screenshots Cher and says he agrees with her!

The far left likes to conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants and conservatives feel like Trump is exposing the hypocrisy of the left by revealing they don't find these people to be good for their communities.

But there have been far left calls for Trump to carry this plan out as it would protect them. In the end it seems that this is another example of Democrats wanting more moderate policy and not endorsing the far left. As we have seen the Democrat median is staying the same while the party keeps reaching further and further left.

Apr 15, 2019
The Culture War is A Clown World NIGHTMARE We Can't Escape

The Culture War is A NIGHTMARE We Can't Escape. This truly is a clown world. A world so insane that certainly it is being run as a joke. Absurd stories have been plaguing the media in the past few months that show just how crazy it is.

Far left and social justice protesters banning chicken restaurants, riding zambonis with protest signs, wikipedia claims men are male but also not male, academics saying biological gender doesn't exist, Jussie smollett getting his charges dropped, and finally the perfect end to the clown world meme, the left claiming that the clown meme is a far right dog whistle.

Honk Honk and the Clown world meme are meant to show how absurd reality is and now the meme itself is being dragged by the far left.

The culture war really is a clown world and we are all trapped inside it.

Apr 14, 2019
Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula Are Running For Political Office

Absolute Mad Lads Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula Are Running For Political Office. As two fairly prominent figures in the culture war they have been the subject of smears and lies from the far left and social justice activists. Naturally now they are being called "far right" and accused of pulling UKIP further right even though both are relatively centrist.

As the culture war elevates more extreme individuals it is no surprise that activists on the far left and in media are going to smear and label Carl Benjamin and Mark Meechan as far right. Because the center has mostly fallen, and both are rather opposed to left wing identity politics, individuals such as Sargon and Dankula are smeared as being associated with extreme groups.

Now whether or not either will win is to be seen but it would be very interesting to see Sargon win and become an MEP but then have Brexit happen only to see him booted shortly thereafter. 

Apr 13, 2019
Conservative ATTACKED By Protester Over Trans Presentation

Conservative ATTACKED By Protester Over Trans Presentation. Conservative personality Michael Knowles was giving a talk about trans issues and feminism at UMKC when a far left protester sprayed him with an unknown chemical. Police promptly arrested the masked individual and determined that it was not bleach and just smelled like bleach.

The reason for the attack likely has to do with the issue to which Knowles was speaking, trans and feminism. Protesters often take issue with any debate around the issue of trans individuals as they claim its "debating their existence." Conservatives openly challenge the far left and social justice activism but due to the antics of the far left debate often does not happen.

But the reality is that we need to have these conversations to determine how and when to protect an individual's rights. Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Or do we just protect the most marginalized individual?

Regressive leftist protesters are more intent on shutting down the conversations than engaging and it tends to result in conservatives gaining ground in some areas. While the regressive left claims to be fighting for social justice, their antics often backfire and result in negative consequences. 

Apr 12, 2019
Far Left Protesters FORCED Another Pride Event To Shut Down

LGBT Pride Event CANCELED Due To Far Left Protests. Groups called for changes to a pride event in Edmonton Cananda saying that LGBTIQ2S+ people needed a vigil led by QTIBPOC+ and trans folx among many other demands.

This is not the first time we have seen far left social justice groups shut down pride. In several cities over the past few years Black Lives Matter protesters demanded the removal of police form pride events and in many cases were successful.

There have been other issues with "the left eating itself" as trans groups find themselves at odds with lesbian groups over issues of lesbian rights.

Strangely, we don't see conservative or religious Christians protesting in this way. For some reason it is just groups aligned with intersectional feminism such as far left, social justice, and even Muslim groups.

Apr 11, 2019
Left Wing Media FURIOUS Chris Evans DARE Talk With Republicans

Leftist Media SLAMS Chris Evans For Talking With Conservatives. Far left activists and leftist writers are outraged at Chris Evans dare talk to republicans about complex issues. The far left dog whistle "both sidesism" is dropped to imply that Chris Evans is going to fed fake news and propaganda because the left really believes there are not other arguments to complex issues and they are morally absolute.

Chris Evans has been taking increasing heat over his meetings with conservatives and republicans, being accused of meeting with "Hydra."

Left wing and Far left individuals are not at the table talking about politics as they don't believe in "platforming." This is a good example of why the far left is outraged, that he is proving a platform for "the others."

But what makes Chris' project interesting is that he is an outspoken Trump critic and has gained the ire of many a trump supporter over his statements.

Whether or not Chris Evan's project will be effective is yet to be seen but "A Starting Point" with Chris Evans may be just what we need, a place to start a conversation to help bring people back together.

Apr 10, 2019
Online Censorship BACKFIRES On Democrats, Party Being FRACTURED By Far Left

Online Censorship BACKFIRES On Democrats, Party Being FRACTURED By Far Left. New reports from CNN and the NYTimes show us that the Democratic party base is actually fairly moderate and older yet for some reason the top Democratic 2020 hopefuls seem to be chasing after far left and social justice policy.

The reason seems to be that social media censorship and bias is skewing the conversation so far to the left that politicians believe that the fringe far left minority make up a larger portion of their base. There is no better example than the Green New Deal and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While the Democrats aiming for 2020 almost entirely support the bill, the largest federation of labor unions denounced it and not ONE Democrat voted for it. In fact three Democrats voted against the Green New Deal.

But it's a combination of the squeaky wheel getting the grease and censorship forcing the conversation to the far left that is fracturing the Democratic party. While many are scared to reject the regressive left orthodoxy others are being challenged by far left democrats aiming to remove them from office in a "primarying"

While the bias against conservatives shows us surface level problems. It seems that the censorship may actually be backfiring on Democrats who continually call for censorship by skewing their perspective away from what mainstream Americans actually want.

Apr 09, 2019
Retired Journalist EXPOSES Media Parroting Far Left Lies

Journalist EXPOSES Media Blindly Parroting Far Left Lies. In an Op-ed a retired journalist reveals how his organization would blindly parrot the press releases of the SPLC, "like other media outlets."
It was only until they started investigated did they realize that the SPLC was rife with injustice they claimed to fight against.

In 1995 they were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize over this report. Yet even though we KNOW the SPLC is as awful as those they claim to be against we see major tech firms using the SPLC as consultants to police content on their platforms.

Far left activists are using this massive platform and spreading lies, for which they often had to apologize over. Maajid Nawaz last year was awarded 3.375 Million dollars over being maligned by regressive left social justice organization.

Apr 08, 2019
Obama Warns The Left To STOP Eating Itself, Democrats FRACTURING

Obama Warns The Left To STOP Eating Itself, Democrats FRACTURING. Obama said that often the left targets their own allies due to ideological purity tests. He called it a "circular firing squad" but most of us just call it "the left eating itself."

While it's great to see Barack Obama try to calm people down I unfortunately feel it falls on deaf ears. The regressive left, the far left have no tolerance for centrism or heterodox opinions.

This is why jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and the others in the intellectual dark web are smeared by far left outlets like Vox. They have no interest in rational discourse and even go as far to calim the very left leaning Joe Rogan is far right.

This is not social justice, whatever social justice is supposed to be these people have taken it and used it for personal gain and against actual liberals who are now "walking away"

Apr 07, 2019
4CHAN Has Made CLOWNS Racist?! Or Maybe The Media LIES

4CHAN Has Made CLOWNS Racist?! Or Maybe Media Is LYING. Right Wing Watch is claiming that clowns are now a symbol of the "far right." But what these activists fail to understand is that everyone uses memes and simply because ONE person made a claim on the internet does not make it true.

But the far left activists don't seem to understand this likely because they are in a bubble. They claim Honk Honk, or Clown Pepe, is a new "far right" symbol. "Journalists" in the same bubble see these stories then go on to accuse random twitter users of being secretly "far right"

This is not social justice, this is mania. They are obsessed with everything being a "dog whistle" instead of realizing some things are just meant to be silly. Some things are just memes or part of meme culture. But so long as the regressive left claims memes are far right, the far right will own them.

Apr 06, 2019
Jussie Smollett Could Be RECHARGED, Attorney DEMANDS Special Prosecutor

Jussie Smollett Could Be RECHARGED, Attorney DEMANDS Special Prosecutor. Citing the irregularities of the Jussie Smollett case a former State's Attorney demands a real special prosecutor investigate the potential cover up and interference.

Smollett had 16 felony charges mysteriously drop to the shock and anger of law enforcement and even the Illinois Prosecutor's Bar Association.

In a leaked email it even appears that Kim Foxx was trying to find justification for letting Jussie Smollett off without a criminal record. 

Police have now voted "no confidence" in Kim Foxx but also claim to be preparing a lawsuit against against Smollett to recoup the cost of the investigation.

Apr 05, 2019
Feminists In Civil War Over Trans Rights Law, Gender Inclusivity Could BACKFIRE On Feminists

Feminists In Civil War Over Trans Rights Law, Gender Inclusivity Could BACKFIRE On Feminists. A new law called the Equality act would amend the 1964 civil rights act to expand protections to trans individuals. But Republicans and even some Feminists oppose the bill saying that gender identity is too vaguely defined and one Feminist going as far to claim the bill is a human rights violation.

Within Feminism there are different factions such as intersectional and gender critical. Both groups are at odds with each other and simply by using their preferred titles I can be accused of supporting one group or the other.

In some circumstances social justice activists and far left activists have actually contradicted their own protests by simultaneously demanding women only spaces but also demanding they be open to all identities.

Even more odd is Matt Gaetz argument that this new law could allow Trump to be the "first female president"

Apr 04, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Dark Money Scheme AGAIN In FEC Complaint

Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Dark Money in NEW FEC Complaint. In what may be her fifth ethics complaint it is being alleged that AOC's chief of staff was running a "shadowy web" of PACs to subsidize a company providing below market services to Ocasio Cortez and others.

This essentially acted as in-kind donations to political campaigns and violated federal regulations according to the complaint.

Ocasio-Cortez and her staff claim to be fighting dark money but this being not even the first complaint alleging wrongdoing makes it all very interesting. When you consider that AOC was in control of one of the PACs, Justice Democrats, it makes it all seem that much more suspicious.

The complaint notes that Cenk Uyger of the Young Turks was previously in control of Justice Democrats.

Apr 03, 2019
Rachel Maddow Announces NATIONWIDE Russiagate Conspiracy Protest

Rachel Maddow Announces MASSIVE RussiaGate Conspiracy Protest. Reporting first, Maddow highlights a coalition of Russiagate conspiracy theorists demanding the unredacted release of the Mueller report because they refuse to believe there is no collusion or no obstruction.

Maddow falsely reported that Robert Mueller was not assisting Bill Barr with redactions and was corrected in real time. But this clear failure to understand what is happening may be why Rachel Maddow keeps spreading misinformation. However, a more likely reason for the constant conspiracy nonsense is the lucrative nature of this narrative. MSNBC announced that Maddow was #1 in the ratings for the first quarter three days short of the end of March. In reality Maddow's ratings fell nearly 20% when the conspiracy narrative ended, thus she actually dropped.

But the Trump bump is huge for Maddow, shes built herself up from this story and is not letting go. And now we see the results, massive nationwide protests.

Apr 02, 2019
Pro-Life Movie "Unplanned" Being Censored By Twitter?!

Pro-Life Movie "Unplanned" Being Censored By Twitter?! A pro life film called Unplanned was briefly suspended by Twitter and as per usual it was later restored with Twitter saying it was just another mistake.

But these mistakes tend to always flow in one direction, taking down primarily conservative accounts. Following the suspension several people notice another odd behavior. When they would try to follow Unplanned they would come back to find they no longer followed the account.

This could be a result of weird issues that occur when Twitter suspends an account but it has been several days later and this weird phenomenon is still happening.

The issue of Free Speech and censorship of social media is coming to a tipping point with politicians like Dan Crenshaw and even Donald Trump calling out the censorship. But we do have a state level bill in Florida that seeks to prevent censorship on social media.

Apr 01, 2019
Rachel Maddow SLAMMED For Refusing To DROP Her Conspiracy Grift

Rachel Maddow SLAMMED For Refusing To DROP Her Conspiracy Grift. She made her name and audience over the past few years chasing insane and absurd narratives about Russians controlling our government or even shutting off our electricity. 

It's the kind of content reserved for tin foil hat wearing stereotypes. But somehow even after all is said and done Rachel maddow refuses to stop with the Mueller Russiagate conspiracy.

Far Left, Center, Mainstream, and Right wing media is calling her out, politicians and political figures are saying this is dangerous and could lead to serious consequences. But Maddow has a "Trump Bump" to chase and won't let it go.

Donald Trump Jr. has called out the rhetoric and even Tulsi Gabbard has said this is dangerous. So why, why won't these MSNBC Russiagaters, Collusion Truthers stop?

Mar 31, 2019
Creepy Uncle Joe Biden ACCUSED Of Misconduct For Being CREEPY

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden ACCUSED Of Misconduct For Being CREEPY. It was only a matter of time but we all know Joe Biden is a creep. Left or Right Biden is being slammed over his creepy behavior toward women.

Lucy Flores has formally accused him of misconduct in a story detailing how she sniffed her and kissed her slowly on the head.

But why is this only happening now? While its true Biden has done this for a long time and its about time he was called out you cannot ignore the political opportunity going into 2020.

Joe Biden is on top, first place in polls for Democrats. Regardless of the intent this will help Bernie Sanders as it knocks Joe Biden down a peg or two.

Mar 30, 2019
"Woke" Social Justice Leftists Are DEFENDING Segregation

"Woke" Social Justice Leftists Are DEFENDING Segregation. At an event in Georgia a sign on a door for a mayoral race event read "black press only" and according to NBC News white reporters were barred entry based on their race.

The far left and "woke" social justice activists often slam people as alt right and accusing them of being divisive. But when it comes to calls for and the implementation of segregation it is typically the far left and intersectional feminist who are at the forefront of these events and policy decisions.

When it comes to politics the regressive left are actually in congress and promoting these ideas and values. That is why they are called "regressive" they want to turn back the clock on freedom of speech and identity politics.

Mar 29, 2019
Ben Shapiro SMEARED As "Alt-Right Sage" By MAJOR Magazine

Ben Shapiro SMEARED As "Alt-Right Sage" By MAJOR Magazine. The Economist was forced to apologize and retract after they falsely labeled Ben Shapiro, an orthodox jew, as a "pop idol of the alt right." This was such an absurd lie that is generate a massive backlash.

But why smear him in the first place? Well the smear did generate massive traffic for the website. This is what we call "ragebait" stories designed to make you angry so you share and click.

But there could be a more nefarious reason, to get Ben and others like him banned from various platforms. As Facebook and Youtube discuss and actually take action against certain kinds of content these fake news smears could lead to people lobbying social media to ban people like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, or even myself. We even saw Kara Swisher discuss banning Ben in an interview about Youtube.

It is important to fight the fake news from the regressive left, feminists, and social justice activists otherwise it ends up on Wikipedia and is then used to justify banning you.

Mar 28, 2019
CNN And MSNBC Ratings COLLAPSE After "No Collusion" Report

Rachel Maddow MSNBC Ratings TANK After "No Collusion" Report and Fox news ratings are up Across the board. Its not just MSNBC though, CNN ratings also took a huge hit.

Rachel Maddow had been close to taking the 1st place slot in primetime cable before news broke of "no collusion" and "no obstruction" but is now fallen to 6th place.

Many Democrats and people on the left bet so much on the Russia narrative and Russiagate hoax that when news broke they are facing the repercussion of chasing the "trump bump."

Donald Trump has been mostly exonerated by the Barr summary. While it is possible there will be damning information in Robert Mueller's full report it would seem that we are done with the narrative. Yet those on CNN and MSNBC can't let this go, they staked too much on this.

Mar 27, 2019
Police FURIOUS After Charges Against Jussie Smollett DROPPED

Police FURIOUS After Charges Against Jussie Smollett DROPPED. All charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped leaving the Mayor calling this a "Whitewash of justice."

Smollett claims he has been honest and truthful this whole time yet he initially claimed the men involved were white but now we learn that the Osundairo brothers were the men but are not white, they are black. Did these two black men yell "this is MAGA country?" What was their motivation? We see them on video.

Rahm Emanuel and Eddie Johnson are furious but will they come out and say that this dismissal was part of an agreement? Will they said YES Jussie did this?

Mar 26, 2019

RussiaGaters REFUSE To Give Up, Cry COVER UP! CONSPIRACY! And it will never be enough. No amount of information, no investigation, no amount of time will ever satiate them. The world view of the far left Russiagate conspiracy believers was shattered when "no new indictments" was announced and made worse with the summary by Bill Barr. "No Collusion, No Obstruction"

Trump was exonerated but of course they have no choice but to keep pushing, otherwise they have to admit that they are wrong, their world is wrong.

In 2016 Hillary was supposed to win, the media was wrong. They blamed Russia but no they learn they are wrong again.

It's done. But they will never stop

Mar 25, 2019

UPDATE: NO COLLUSION FOUND. This Video Was Produced BEFORE The Release of the Mueller Summary. STAY TUNED FOR An UPDATE
Democrats Will Subpoena Robert Mueller, MSNBC Claims COVER UP. Of course no one would back down. Democrats say they will now subpoena Robert Mueller himself and force him to testify before congress about his investigation. Media, MSNBC specifically claims this may be the seeds of a "cover up" and say congress should ignore the report.

Bill Maher, shocked to find out there are no more indictments says he Doesnt need the report because he has a TV so he knows Trump is a traitor.

The Mueller probe has ended and we await the findings but with no new indictments coming from Mueller it seems as though 2+ years were wasted on a conspiracy theory. With many in media staking their careers on the narrative they have no choice but to double down.

Mar 24, 2019
Russia Collusion Conspiracy BACKFIRING On Democrats??!

Russia Collusion Conspiracy BACKFIRING On Democrats??! The report was submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller and a senior DOJ official said no new indictments will be filed and according to NBC news there are no sealed indictments either.

You would think that if President Donald Trump colluded with Russia there would be at least one indictment, certainly other people would be involved. But as Glen Greenwald put it "they didn't even get Carter Page!"

Not ONE indictment at all in this investigation having to do with Russian Collusion. 

From this it seems Democrats and other "resistance" personalities have given Trump and conservatives all the tools they need for his re-election come 2020. In fact many top Democratic candidates are steering clear of mentioned Russian Collusion.

Democrats are other far left personalities will likely regret chasing this conspiracy theory so heavily for the past two years.

Mar 23, 2019
Books BANNED, Ideas CENSORED, We Are IN The Dystopian Future

We Are IN The Dystopian Future, Book Bannings, Censorship, It's All Getting WORSE. Digital book burnings, thats how people refer to the banning of books in the digital world. When Jordan Peterson's book is banned from a major distributor what is the difference?

The Far left, regressive left, dangles the worst of the worst in front of us. They scream that we are being threatened and oppressed. In turn they show people yelling back "save us." They push lies and fake news in order to get you angry and scared and then use that to increase their authority, to ban information.

There was a time when cigarettes were healthy, when asbestos was safe. With new information we can change our understand and make things better. But there are those that seek to restrict information, they seek to take away your right to know and learn.

They use social justice, feminism, promises of a safer better world things that at heart are good and moral. But they use the good to demand power, and invariably once given that power they turn it back on you.

You best start believing in Dystopian Future Stories, You're in one.

Mar 22, 2019
Jordan Peterson's Book BANNED By New Zealand Distributor??!

Jordan Peterson's Book BANNED By Major Distributor??! Currently it is being reported that Whitcoulls, one of the largest distributors in New Zealand has pulled Jordan Peterson's book, 12 rules for life, following the major incident which occurred recently. A local media outlet reports that when calling the retail shops to follow up they were told his book is unavailable.

Jordan Peterson is actually rather tepid in terms of politics but due to the constant lies and smears from the far left it has come to this, a kneejerk and overly emotional response. It would seem the culture war has dangerous ramifications and though the far left may be small they do have the power to cause serious harm to people.

The regressive left and the far left in media may be facing industry collapse but the lies and smears can have lasting effects even now.

Mar 21, 2019
Journalist Faces Hate Crime For Using WRONG Gender Pronoun

Journalist Faces Hate Crime For Using WRONG Gender Pronoun. Jordan Peterson said it, you could be arrested for using the wrong pronoun. Many said it was silly but now in the UK we have seen many stories of people being arrested for misgendering.

Now we have a story of a religious journalist facing an investigation for using the wrong gender pronoun. The conundrum here is which do we protect the religious or the trans individual?

Does social justice prioritize religion or identity and depending on which, why? 

Mar 20, 2019
Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias

Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias. I told Jack Dorsey lawmakers would be coming for them and here we are only a few weeks later. Devin Nunes has filed a 250 million dollar lawsuit against twitter over their bias against conservatives.

Nunes argues that Twitter is essential in American Democracy and they must uphold fair standards and stop shadow banning conservatives and republicans.

Twitter does seem to hold a bias against conservatives and in favor of left wing, far left, and intersectional feminist accounts having let many of the worst offenders off with a warning while suppressing people on the right.

In response to this we are now seeing a Florida Lawmaker push forth a bill to make it illegal for a social media giant to censor views based on subjective reasons.

Mar 19, 2019
Our Generation Is FAILING, Why Jordan Peterson Is One Remedy

Our Generation Is FAILING, Why Jordan Peterson Is One Remedy. Our greatest threat may be our own success. Bulldozer parents give rise to the regressive left, calls for massive government intervention, and censorship.

It seems that in our own success we have lost risk and responsibility. Without risk young people grow up overly sensitive and scared. They demand authority solve their problems. Without responsibility we become dejected and angry.

Jordan Peterson's rise to prominence can be explained by the need for guidance and responsibility. His lessons can help guide young men toward solving their problems and finding their mission. But this is only one side of the culture war.

On the social justice and feminist side we have utter outrage and in our desire to protect the weak our society has caved to the demands of petulant children who can't fathom dealing with struggle.

It isn't simply conservative vs liberal, authority vs liberty, the culture war is extremely complicated and encompasses many ideologies and factions. But one thing is certain, helicopter parenting, bulldozer parenting is paving the way for violent and angry children who never experience adulthood to take over society.

Mar 18, 2019
Conservatives Face MAJOR Bias As Media DEFENDS Far Left

Conservatives Face MAJOR Bias As Media DEFENDS Far Left. It seems to play out the same way over and over. A Conservative says something offensive and gets in trouble meanwhile far left activists have journalists run defense for them.

Tucker Carlson loses Sponsors, Jeanine Pirro is condemned, and while they should be criticized when they cross the line leftist media actually gives far left activists a platform to write offensive articles.

Buzzfeed recently allowed two far left activists and bigots to write an op-ed explaining why they confronted Chelsea Clinton. This appears to be the opposite of what we see happen to conservatives.

So why is it that media will allow bigots to speak up so long as they are far left or so called "social justice activists?" Why won't they condemn far left bigotry?

Mar 17, 2019
Facebook Is DYING And Taking Buzzfeed Down With It

Facebook Is DYING And Taking Buzzfeed Down With It. With Facebook's loss of millennial users to Instagram young people are sharing less and this means digital sites that cater to woke young people are losing traffic and in turn ad revenue. At the same time Facebook deranked publisher content just about a year ago and it hasn't fared well for these outlets.

Since the start of 2019 we have seen 2,300 media layoffs mostly at woke and far left media. It would seem in all likelihood that these sites were built off of leftist outrage and as Facebook ceases to cater to them and loses the audience it takes out leftist media with it.

Mar 16, 2019
Facebook Is On Its DEATHBED After Millions FLEE And A Wave Of Scandals

Facebook Is On Its DEATHBED After Millions FLEE And A Wave Of Scandals. It was recently reported that the social media giant lost 15 million users in the past few years, but most of these users are young people. This paints a terrible trend for the platform that is rapidly trying to transform itself into a privacy focused network.

But amid this crisis they are being criminally investigated by Federal prosecutors, losing two of their top executives, and being hit by a massive global network outage.

Mark Zuckerberg's plans seem to be failing and his actions only seem to be making the demise of Facebook happen sooner. While this is bad news all around it seems Facebook is still growing users on Instagram which may be its saving grace. All of this news comes as we also are learning that Twitters user base is shrinking as well. Could this be the end of the Social Media Giants?

Mar 15, 2019
"Drag Kid" Family Investigated By Child Protective Services

"Drag Kid" Family Investigated By Child Protective Services. Desmond Is Amazing's family announced on Instagram that they had been under investigation by Child Protective Services as well as many other law enforcement agencies. Many complaints were filed with the local and state government over videos depicting children removing clothing at a bar in exchange for money from the audience.

While many on the left and far left downplay this as a simple drag show others have likened it to adult performances. 

Currently on Youtube comments are being disabled for wholesome family channels over a fear of bad people on the platform yet Desmond's Youtube channel remains untouched and fine.

Some have argued that social justice activists and the far left are blinding people to the obvious and allowing "drag kid" performances while banning other innocuous content.

Mar 14, 2019
CNN Hit With $275M Defamation Suit Over Covington Fake News

CNN Hit With $275M Defamation Suit Over Covington Fake News. The lawsuit over the Covington incident has hit CNN. They now face $275M in compensatory and punitive damages for their incorrect reporting about Nicholas Sandmann.

People were outraged that CNN would push fake news and lies from Nathan Phillips without question and smear the Covington kids without investigation. The suit claims they made several videos, tweets, and reports that were incorrect and CNN failed to do basic journalistic work.

But why do media companies push this kind of news without checking facts? Its the "Trump Bump." Even if the news is fake they still get clicks and still make money. There is nothing but money to be made form posting this fake news about Trump and the MAGA Kids.

Mar 13, 2019
MAJOR Labor Unions SLAM Green New Deal, Would HURT Working Families

MAJOR Labor Unions SLAM Green New Deal, Would HURT Working Class. The AFL-CIO issued a letter to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey saying that the Green New deal would hurt millions of its members and they would not allow these issue to go unanswered. The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of labor unions and historically supports Democratic and leftist proposals.

With so many major 2020 Democratic contenders signing on to AOC's Green New Deal it seems there is a major disconnect between what working Americans and the left actually wants and what high profile progressives think they want. Far left and social justice rhetoric seemingly creates a tiny bubble on social media where these politicians occupy and they don't actually think about working families and their needs.

Mar 12, 2019
Dave Rubin DESTROYS Tim Pool With LOGIC and FACTS

Dave Rubin DESTROYS Tim Pool With LOGIC and FACTS. No but in all honesty I didn't know how to title this video as its a general discussion over Dave Rubin's critics and things he has been criticized for. 

Obviously as Dave and I challenge many on the far left we will get anger, criticism, and smears from far leftists and social justice activists who don't that we call them out.

In this video Dave and I address lies, smears, and criticisms, from not just the regressive left but also some moderate thoughts on Daves work and to a small extent mine.

Mar 11, 2019
Tucker Carlson REFUSES To Apologize To Outrage Mob Trying To Get Him FIRED

Tucker Carlson REFUSES To Apologize To Outrage Mob after they call for him to be fired from Fox News. Far left activist group Media Matters for America published comments from over 10 years ago where Tucker Carlson said offensive things on a shock jock radio program. Following this #firetuckercarlson began trending on Twitter as activists demanded he be fired and supporters rejected the demand using the same hashtag.

Activists have repeatedly tried to drum up old comments to get people in trouble but these comments, like other comments used by activists for political reasons, were made publicly on national radio. Far left activists try to use old out of context quotes to push their agenda because it seems our culture has not yet become resilient to bad faith attacks.

In December activists targeted the advertisers of Tucker Carlson in an attempt to destroy his show and this seems to be another political hit job in bad faith by faux social justice activists.

Mar 11, 2019
Tim Pool EP70 - Democrats Vote To DEFEND Non-Citizen Voting In Local Elections

Democrats Vote To DEFEND Non-Citizen Voting In Local Elections. Dan Crenshaw sought to reaffirm a bill stating that only US citizens can vote in elections in the US but the Democrats in the house rejected the bill.

There is a growing concern among Republicans and conservatives that leftists in the US are encouraging open borders in an effort to get new voters for the Democrats. But Democrats feel that it is unfair to tax some non-citizens without giving them a say in elections.

With the calls to abolish ICE, to create sanctuary states and cities, refusal to build a border wall, and now a vote by Democrats in favor of non-citizen voting, man people on the right are having their fears confirmed.

Mar 09, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez HIT With FOURTH Ethics Complaint??!

Ocasio-Cortez HIT With FOURTH Ethics Complaint after a group said her providing her boyfriend Riley Roberts with a house.gov email address broke the rules. This is the fourth complaint we have seen in the past week or so with several complaints over campaign finance and internet use.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is definitely facing an uphill battle by challenging Republicans and Democrats alike so it is entirely possible this is just extreme scrutiny to push back on her rapidly growing brand. However, at the same time these complaints are not completely without merit and it is entirely possible that AOC and her staff have repeatedly broke the rules and campaign finance laws.

Is this wave of complaints simple opposition to her far left policies and calls for social justice? Or have people actually found hypocrisy and wrongdoing from the Democratic Socialist Candidate?

Mar 08, 2019
Tim Pool EP68 - Twitter Is DYING And Jack Dorsey Is Just Making It Worse

Twitter Is DYING And Jack Dorsey Is Just Making It Worse. Was Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, and Gad Saad's channels because he is desperately trying to stop Twitter from dying?

In the past several months Twitter has been experience a loss in users. So much so the company changed the way it reports active users so it looks like they are actually growing. 

It seems that jack enacted far left and leftist policy in order to "create healthy" conversations but what they really means is that he is playing a numbers game. More people on, less people off.

But Twitter's biased rules means that he is going to lose people no matter what and he doesn't care how it impacts society and our government. It may not be that Jack himself is far left but that he is catering to the regressive social justice crowd in an effort to maintain user growth. Conservatives will stay on if they can but the regressive left won't, they will leave like Wil Wheaton did with a temper tantrum.

Mar 07, 2019
Gay Rights Educations SHUT DOWN After Muslims Protest in UK

UK Muslims Protest LGBTQ Education, Threaten To Leave UK. Hundreds of Muslims were joined by Christians in the UK to protest an LGBTQ curriculum being taught to kids ages 3 to 11. Many Muslim parents were offended and upset that the school would teach these issues to young children. Some even threatened to leave the UK altogether.

Many people on the far left believe that Muslims and the LGBTQ communities can intersect but Islam is an abrahamic religion in the same vein as Christianity. It is likely then you will see Muslims agreeing with Christians and Conservatives on certain issues.

So which group is more deserving of social justice? Should the far left defend Muslims or the LGBTQ community? How do we determine who is more oppressed, migrants or the LGBT community?

Mar 06, 2019
Far Left Activists Have DESTROYED Journalism From Within (Ft. Joey Salads)

Far Left Activists Have DESTROYED Journalism From Within (Ft. Joey Salads). When Joey Salads was caught faking videos everyone descended on him like hawks. He was called out and dragged even by me. Since this Joey has moved away from dark, political, and manipulative content to more hokey and pg-13 style pranks. 

But while his transgressions were obvious, the far left in media pushes fake news everyday. They lie, exaggerate, mislead and no one is there to stop them. Activists inside media push smaller scale fake news stories in order to make money in almost the same way that Joey did.

These activists often claim to be acting in the name of social justice but it seems the motivator is more likely to be money.

As far left activism continues to spread throughout media the age old institution of journalism is being destroyed by far left political agendas.

Mar 06, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez SLAMMED For Green New Deal HYPOCRISY

Ocasio-Cortez HYPOCRISY Over Green New Deal Exposed. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore slammed Ocasio-Cortez and her far left policies as unrealistic and called out her hypocrisy.

AOC was recently dragged by the NYPost over her massive ride sharing bill of over 29,000$ which was massive compared to another freshman representative from South Brooklyn.

Ocasio-Cortez and other far leftists want to demand others be restricted in terms of environmental protections but don't take actions themselves. On top of that, the Green new Deal seems to be more about socialism, social justice, and far left policy than the environment anyway.

Mar 04, 2019
Buzzfeed Caught LYING, REFUSES To Apologize For Trump Cohen Fake News

Buzzfeed Caught LYING Pushed Fake News About Trump And Cohen. In a January story Buzzfeed claimed that Trump directly told Michael Cohen to lie to congress. Robert Mueller's office, in a rare move, directly refuted the claim in a statement. But following this Buzzfeed News doubled down and defended their story.

Following Michael Cohen's testimony to congress this past week he stated clearly and definitively that Trump never directed him to lie to congress and that he just thought Trump wanted him to. This combined with past statements that Cohen lied "out of loyalty" flies in the face of Buzzfeed's report.

But instead of apologizing for publishing fake news, the editor in chief and a reporter on the story just claimed they were right and even tried twisted their original wording to protect themselves.

Leftist media outlets like Buzzfeed seem more interested in protecting their brand even if it means being dishonest than to admit when they are wrong. We now have Cohen even refuting claims of Russian Collusion in his congressional testimony and in response media outlets blame Trump somehow.

While it may be hyperbolic and even dangerous to call the press the enemy of the people it is true that the media doesn't care about facts in many cases and just wants to protect their tribal or often far left narrative.

Mar 03, 2019
Far Left Democrat Slammed AGAIN Over "Anti Semitic" Comments

Far Left Democrat SLAMMED AGAIN Over "Anti Semitic" Comments. This may be the third or fourth time that Ilhan Omar has been condemned for comments that were considered deeply offensive by the Jewish community. Recently she deleted several tweets that outraged democrats and republicans alike. But now she has made another gaffe after calling out people with "allegiance to a foreign country."

This is a common trope that targets Jewish people, implying they do not care for their home countries only Israel. The reason this is called out specifically is that the US provides aid to dozens of countries and Israel makes up only around 6% of total foreign obligations.

We dont see the far left or other leftists calling out the US for funding Ethiopia or Kenya, so why is it only ever Israel? In January Rashida Tlaib, another far left Democrat, was called out for similar comments.

This issue doesn't even divide conservatives and liberals as both parties and factions have been quick to call out the comments as offensive and misguided.

Mar 02, 2019
Far Left Democrats Declare WAR On Moderates Threatening The Democratic Party

Democratic Party FAILING Due To Infighting With Far Left. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is outraged after 26 democrats sided with Republicans on new provisions. She is threatening to add them to a "list" of names to be ousted through "primarying."

This is a far left tactic of putting in unpopular politicians with an extreme minority of voters by exploiting biases in districts. Ocasio-Cortez's district voted nearly 60 points against the progressive Cynthia Nixon in favor of Cuomo who is more moderate showing that she only got elected because people blindly voted Democrat.

This tactic is being wielded against the moderates who seek to unify the country by a fringe faction of the far left. As more Democrats show they are willing to work with the Republican Party to bridge the divide, far leftists are outraged and demand they fall in line or get removed.

Mar 01, 2019
Youtubers CENSORED after Far Left Fake News Hit Piece?!

Youtubers CENSORED after Fake News Hit Piece From The Far Left?! After a group called Data and Society published fake news about several youtubers in an attempt to get them censored from the platform a new study has emerged claiming that is exactly what happened.

But this might be the weirdest fake news in the story. The study tracking "alternative right" channels seems to have no public data and makes claims about several people who were smeared by the regressive left that just are not true. While leftists may be celebrating a victory lap I couldn't find anything to support the claims made by CNET who wrote about the "study"

After a random sampling of channels it appears that many of the people who they claim were censored are in fact thriving. So what is this? They smeared Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, and myself but all of our channels are doing well.

Feb 28, 2019
NEW Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives

Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives At Facebook. In an interview with a former Facebook insider Veritas discusses ways in which Facebook was targeting meme culture and conservative users. Documents published show that using certain words could get you listed as a troll and high profile conservatives like Stephen Crowder and Mike Cernovich were being suppressed by Facebook.

The main issue here is that so long as these tech giantslike Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube embrace the far left, and social justice intersectional feminism while banning conservatives and the right they are forcing the creation of alternative or parallel economies which is the next step in civil conflict.

If the censorship continues and alternative platforms continue to grow we are heading toward a very unstable future.

Feb 27, 2019
Tommy Robinson BANNED On Facebook, BBC Host Claims Responsibility

Tommy Robinson BANNED On Facebook, BBC Host Claims Responsibility. Following the release of Panodrama, a documentary by Tommy Robinson alleging collusion between BBC and an Activist organization, his accounts on Facebook and Instagram have been permanently banned.

Robinson apparently found out only after major media outlets published stories about it. This led Robinson to assert that media and tech are colluding to remove him for exposing them. 

While it is strange that Facebook notified the press before Tommy himself we may have actual evidence of at least some type of colluding. A BBC presenter has claimed responsibility for Tommy's ban and asserts he is actively pursuing further action against him.

Feb 26, 2019
Transwoman Sets NEW RECORD In Women's Sprint, Is This Fair?

A Transwoman Sets a New Record In Women's Sprint and many people are arguing if it is fair or not. Trangender scientist Joanna Harper for instance states that biological males do have an unfair advantage up until they complete hormone replacement therapy. Others argue that regardless of HRT males will still have an advantage and it is not fair.

Elements of the far left seem bent on arguing against the science even as transgender people speak in agreement with others in the scientific community. Academics like Nicholas Matte actually argue biological dimorphism doesn't exist.

There are important social and scientific arguments to be made for the issue and regardless of what regressive leftists want to believe it does need to be discussed.

Feb 25, 2019
Conservative States Now VASTLY Outnumber Liberal States

Conservative States Now VASTLY Outnumber Liberal States. According to new data from Gallup the number of states where liberals and the far left outnumber conservatives and the right are down from 9 to only 6. The data shows that conservatives outnumber leftists in 25 states. Many of the states that are tied are key battleground states going into 2020 so democrat and republican alike will be focusing heavily on winning these states.

As the Democrats pursue feminism, identity politics, and far left policy they leave behind moderates. This to me shows why more states are now becoming conservative. As more moderates feel left behind by far left democratic policy they begin to identify as conservative as vote republican.

Feb 24, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of MULTIPLE Ethics Violations, Paying Boyfriend

Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of MAJOR Ethics Violation, Paying Boyfriend. Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend was granted an official house email and people began to question if she hired her boyfriend. She denied this.

But now questions are arising around payments her boyfriend Riley Roberts received while presumably living in Arizona. The payments came from the PAC that was supporting AOC and shortly after getting paid it is alleged that her boyfriend moved in with her in NYC, indirectly benefiting her.

The far left candidate has denied any wrong doing and called this all lies and rumors. That may be the case but at any rate this does look like more DC swampy behavior. The criticism partly stems from the idea that the democratic socialist would oppose these types of behaviors.

Feb 23, 2019
Jussie Smollett REMOVED From "Empire" Over FELONY Arrest

Jussie Smollett REMOVED From "Empire" Over FELONY Arrest. The show Empire and its head staff have made the decision to remove Jussie Smollett following his released on $100,000 bond over an alleged hoax and false police report.

The actor was allegedly dissatisfied with his salary and staged the social justice incident in order to gain leverage in negotiations or to amplify his press attention.

Many people on the left and far left came to his defense even without evidence but as the police continue to release new statements and evidence it is becoming increasingly clear that this may turn out to be a proven hoax.

Feb 22, 2019
Police Say Jussie Smollett Staged HOAX For More Money

Police Say Jussie Smollett Staged HOAX For More Money . Apparently Jussie Smollett was getting 65,000$ per episode and was dissatisfied with his salary according to Chicago Police. They stated that Smollett staged the fake letter and the hoax attack presumably as a publicity stunt.

Social Justice has made victim hood lucrative and the presumed hoax allowed Jussie to appear on Good morning America as well as get significant national attention. So long as the far left, intersectional feminists, and social justice activists choose to always believe the victim even without evidence there will people set to exploit the good nature of those seeking to protect others.

Feb 21, 2019
What I Mean By "The Left Is Going INSANE"

What I Mean By "The Left Is Going INSANE." I made a video about the left being overrun by far left and leftist insanity a few weeks ago but wanted to go in depth on several instances I think exemplify why I feel the left has become insane.

From science denial, extreme social justice hysteria, banning people from banks, staging hoaxes, and the media piling onto kids there have been several moments in recent history that have not been called out by the mainstream left.

To the contrary, establishment left has been ignoring often defending the insane behavior from the regressive left and letting it run wild. Intersectional feminist has become prevalent in the Democratic party and now they advocate for extreme positions or even target people with outright physical intimidation.

Feb 20, 2019
Bernie Sanders Will LOSE 2020 Because Hes a WHITE MAN

Bernie Sanders Will LOSE 2020 Because Hes a WHITE MAN. For months now we have heard this sentiment, white men cannot win in 2020. With Bernie Sanders officially announcing his bid for the presidency I have to wonder if the intersectional feminists would get behind an old white man. I would have to conclude they would not.

Bernie is a victim of his own success. As he calls for equity and social justice it just means he is advocating against himself as a white man to be president.

But he is still a favorite and polling in second place behind another white man Joe Biden. This makes sense considering in several polls democrats want more moderate policy, not far left identity politics.

Is this rift real? Will the far left feminists get behind Bernie?

Feb 19, 2019
The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun

The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun.  While politicians either refuse to comment or outright delete tweets many high profile journalists from CNN and The Washington Post are claiming that journalists reported this correctly.

However, this is just plain not true. This appears to be Covington all over again as Mediaite produced a massive list of journalists from organizations such as Reuters, ABC, NBC, who pushed the narrative as fact. Many others from digital outlets acted as activists pushing what we believe now to be fake news.

Leftists and far left personalities defend the media claiming it was only activists and celebrities pushing the Jussie Smollett's narrative but its just not true.

The Jussie Smollett story continues to expose activists pretending to be journalists.

Feb 18, 2019
Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes

Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes. New evidence and reporting suggest that Jussie Smollett may have PAID two men to stage the crime against himself and this has left many people wondering why.

The answer may be relatively simple. Media reports the claims without verification, activists parade the story around to push for policy, and many people just seek to gain power and a following.

Jussie denies any wrongdoing but his claims about two men yelling "this is maga country" seem absurd now that we know who the two other men involved are.

The question we are left with is why would he stage this hoax and risk his entire career?

Feb 17, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Is Dangerously Ignorant, Hurting Democrats

Ocasio-Cortez Is Dangerously Ignorant, Hurting Democrats. Her repeated gaffes and protests against Democrat plans is extremely damaging and is exemplified by the collapse of the Amazon HQ2 deal in New York City.

At first AOC took a leading role in protests against Amazon but later went on to claim that she had little to do with it at all. She cheered for the collapse of a massive investment into New York but more importantly fundamentally misunderstands basic economics.

The Amazon deal would have been historic but Ocasio-Cortez was upset that NYC was "giving away 3 billion dollars." She claimed NYC should invest that 3B into teachers and the subway because she doesn't seem to understand that a tax break is not the same as liquid resources to be spent.

Republicans and conservatives are often accused of being obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but in reality they may just be using AOC against the left and Democrats to make the Democrats seem inept and insane.

Feb 16, 2019
Trump Accused Of HYPOCRISY Over National Emergency

Trump Accused Of HYPOCRISY Over National Emergency. This morning Trump declared a National Emergency in order to secure funding for a border wall. Many critics pulled an old tweet from the president where he was critical of Obama over his declarations of national emergencies.

Even before Trump made his announcement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she and Joaquin Castro would present a bill to block Trump's national emergency.

But is it really hypocritical and will Donald Trump win the legal challenges against him?

Feb 15, 2019
Covington Catholic MAGA Teens EXONERATED By Investigation

Covington MAGA Teens EXONERATED By Investigation. An independent investigation has concluded that the "MAGA Teens" in the Covington scandal did not engage in hateful conduct, they did not confront Nathan Phillips, and ultimately did nothing wrong.

We also learned that one of the offensive statements heard on video was made by a young man who did NOT attend Covington Catholic.

Many media outlets are far left publications however have not corrected or retracted their fake news about these kids. On Twitter leftist and social justice activists tweets remain up and even completely false claims by major news outlets have not been deleted or retracted.

Why are mainstream and traditional news outlets not taking down all of this fake news?

Feb 14, 2019
Democrats FRACTURED Over Far Left Policies, Green New Deal

Democrats FRACTURED Over Far Left Policies, Green New Deal. Mitch McConnell has called for a Senate vote on the Green New Deal and many Democrats are accusing the Republican of trying to sabotage the bill. Conservatives counter that allowing Democrats to vote on their own bill is what they should want, right?

The issue is that the Democratic Party is split between moderates and the far left. Far Leftist wants socialist policy, which is attached to the Green New Deal, and Moderates just want reasonable policy they can get done.

A vote on the Green New Deal will force Democrats to show which side of the line the stand on, and with more polls showing most Democrats want moderate policy it could hurt Democrats and further the split in the party.

Feb 13, 2019
Feminist BANNED For "Misgendering" Files Lawsuit Against Twitter

Feminist BANNED For "Misgendering" Files Lawsuit Against Twitter. Megan Murphy was banned a few months ago for "targeted misgendering" of a transgender individual on Twitter.

The social platform insists that it doesn't use politics when determining if someone should be banned but this clearly is not the case considering misgendering and deadnaming are specific only to a small political and feminist ideology. This would specifically be political censorship considering what is deemed to be right or wrong on Twitter.

Twitter is essentially enforcing social justice activism within its rules and is clearly in favor of a regressive left wing ideology.

Feb 12, 2019
Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN

Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN. Omar tweeted "it's all about the benjamins baby" which was seem as an anti-semitic reference to jews being greedy or using money to control politics.

While it is important to point out that regardless of being a democrat or republican you can criticize Israel without being an anti semite, it is odd how often the new progressive, far left Democrats use certain tropes to make points.

The new far leftist and progressive Rashida Tlaib have been accused of using stereotypes and offensive tropes in the past which leads people to believe that maybe it isn't on accident.

Feb 11, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez Staff In DAMAGE Control Over False Statements

Ocasio-Cortez Staff In DAMAGE Control Over False Statements after her policy adviser went on Tucker Carlson and falsely stated that their FAQS on the Green New Deal were not in fact real.

Following this an activist with Media Matters spread a snipped video only showing the adviser denying the FAQ and not Carlson correction leading many to believe that the FAQ was fake.  To make it worse, Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the activist propaganda.

Now we have a staff member for Cortez saying "unwilling to work" WAS supposed to be included we just didn't understand what they meant. The damage control for the far left bill seems to be not working as it just makes the press on the issue worse.

Feb 10, 2019
New York Muslim Community Patrol Faces BACKLASH From Locals

Muslim Community Patrol Faces BACKLASH From Locals. Some feel that this group may appear too much like NYPD while even local muslims are concerned that this group could cause a major backlash against their community if they are seen doing something wrong.

The fears are not without merit. A few years ago a jewish group called Shomrim was criticized for being "judge and jury" after beating a man they say was committing a crime.

But while many conservatives and republicans are concerned that this may be a sharia law police force the group says they are just a "community watch on steroids." They also aren't the only group with the Asian patrol and Jewish patrol groups having existed for years.

Feb 07, 2019
Americans APPROVE Of Trump's State Of The Union Address

Americans APPROVE Of Trump's State Of The Union Address. Polls released by CBS with YouGov show that 76% of viewers approve of what President Donald Trump had to say in his speech.

While it is important to note that many Democrats didn't actually watch the speech, among Republicans and Independents they overwhelmingly approved of what he had to say.

The data is interesting when you contrast it with Trump's job approval and favorability which have taken hits following the government shut down. But with the warm reception to his speech it would seem that his polls might swing a bit more favorably in the near future.

Another interesting point of criticism on the Democrats part is that Stacey Abrams is reported to have not even watched the address before offering a rebuttal 

Feb 06, 2019
Patreon Is Falling Apart, Is Unsustainable Says CEO

Patreon Is Falling Apart, Is Unsustainable Says CEO. A few weeks ago the CEO of Patreon said that his company is not sustainable and that they needed to find ways to generate revenue. Only a week or so later a massive site failure affected everyone on Patreon.

The site was frequently up and down, Patreon kept claiming to know the problem, but every time they claimed it was fixed it shut down shortly after. Patreon eventually issued an advance due to the errors putting man accounts negative.

This has been a pretty bad couple of months for Patreon. Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Sam Harris have all left and were some of the top accounts on the platform.

Since the banning of Sargon of Akkad it would seem that Patreon is facing rough waters ahead.

Feb 05, 2019
Masculinity Report Shows Why Gillette Ad FAILED

A report from Harry's, A Gillette competitor, showed us in 2018 what makes men happy. Gainful employment was the major criteria for whether a man would be happy or not.

But the report also showed that men are moral and good and that they strive to be heroes, fathers, and father figures. They strive to be the best and to protect. 

But Gillette's ad depicted men as bad, evil, as "toxic."
This is likely why the social justice ad was so controversial.
Instead of highlight positive masculinity, it showed men as bad and as aggressors.

Feb 04, 2019
Leftist Celebrities And Media Face MASSIVE Covington Lawsuit

Leftist Media And Celebrities Face MASSIVE Covington Catholic High School Lawsuit. The lawyers representing Nick Sandmann have sent over 50 letters as the first step in libel and defamation cases in the MAGA hat / MAGA Teen incident in Washington DC.

Many leftist and far left personalities produced false statements or encouraged people to harass the Covington Catholic High school students following their incident with Nathan Phillips, the native american who lied about what happened in DC. These individuals can expect letters as well as major news outlets.

The media uncritically parroted activist rhetoric and falsehoods and will now face the repercussions of publishing fake news.

Feb 03, 2019
Venezuelan General DEFECTED, Socialist Government Could END

A Venezuelan General defected spelling bad news for Maduro's Socialist government. Without complete military support his government will not be able to withstand protest and calls for Juan Guaido to assume the presidency.

Socialist Venezuela has been rocked by protests for years and the problems have only gotten worse. But last month saw Juan Guaido declare himself interim president of Venezuela and garnered him massive support from Western Nations.

Far leftist Pro-Maduro protesters are not bowing out and due to propaganda it is hard to know what is actually happening. But with the defection of a General we may be seeing the end of socialism in Venezuela.

Feb 02, 2019
VICE Has Been CANCELED, Mass Layoffs Hit Company

VICE Has Been CANCELED, Mass Layoffs Hit Company. About 250 people are expected to lose their jobs starting today which is about ten percent of VICE media's workforce.

This comes almost immediately after Buzzfeed and Huffington Post laid off significant portions of their staff. For VICE The news is particularly bad as they have had their flagship show "VICE" canceled from HBO.

Far left, ragebait, "super woke" content doesn't seem to work in the long run and many of these companies are looking to reduce staff in particular areas. Vice will see layoffs affect every division of the company however, not just digital media.

Feb 01, 2019
The Far Left Is Tearing Buzzfeed Apart, Staffer Leaks Audio of CEO

The Far Left Is Tearing Buzzfeed Apart, Staffer Leaks Audio of CEO. In the leak the CEO Jonah Peretti is talking about how leaks caused them to speed up the layoff process and caused undue stress for the staff. In a hilarious twist someone actually leaked a recording of him asking staff not to leak meetings.

But the people coming at Buzzfeed are not conservatives its the far left. The leftists are now accusing Buzzfeed of mostly targeting people of color and other marginalized writers in the layoff process.

Many of these leftist writers wrote on social justice and feminist issue as well pushing the idea that Buzzfeed is getting rid of the overly ideological or subgroup writers.

Jan 31, 2019
Antifa Leader Arrested Charged With FELONIES, Fired From job

Exposed "Antifa Leader" Charged With Multiple FELONIES. Joseph Alcoff who was exposed by the Daily Caller was recently arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including ethnic intimidation, after police and the victims pointed to his photo in connection with the Antifa attack on innocent people in November.

The "Antifa Leader" has plead not guilty and was released on bail.

The incident in question involved an innocent jewish man being attacked by Antifa and far left protesters as well as two marines being attacked just outside of a rally where people claimed Proud Boys were attending. Alcoff is also allegedly associated with Smash Racism DC, the group that protest in front of Tucker Carlson's home recently.

Jan 30, 2019
The MeToo BACKFIRE Is Only Getting Worse For Women

The MeToo BACKFIRE Is Only Getting Worse For Women. Once again the narrative emerges that the feminist movement against awful men has resulted in fewer male leaders wanting to mentor women.

This time in Davos at the world economic forum we see many men express concerns over working with women due to false accusations. While many women and feminists believe the criticism of the social justice movement is wrong they fail to realize that social norms between men and women are very very different.

Jan 29, 2019
Far Left Democrats are Losing Power, Democrats Move Moderate

The Far Left Is Losing, Democrats and Republicans MOVE RIGHT. New data from Pew Research shows that Democrats and Republicans are moving to the right. Democrats want to be more moderate for the most part and Republicans want to be more conservative.

This shows both major political parties are moving away from the far left but this wont stop the Democrats from adopting far leftist rhetoric which means that in the end the Republicans and the right wing might have a huge advantage going into 2020.

Social justice, feminism, and the regressive left have bred a divisive outrage culture that seems to be angering regular folks which I believe is driving this push to the right.

In the end most Americans are moving away from the Far Left leaving them in the dust.

Jan 28, 2019
NBC Published MAJOR Conflict Of Interest For Personal Gain

Calling Out UNETHICAL Journalists Following Mass Layoffs at Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. Following the news many people began posting "learn to code" on twitter at these former clickbait writers. "Journalists" were outraged that anyone would dare be mean to them on social media and instantly began demanding twitter take action.

But no action was coming.

None of these users broke any rules by criticizing leftist writers for being bad at their jobs and Twitter agreed. But following this a new narrative emerged that it wasn't simply means tweets, it was a coordinated far right campaign against journalism.

This is just another biased narrative pushed by activists to gain personally from the controversy. They use massive platforms to make changes at these companies that would benefit themselves and far left activists.

Jan 27, 2019
Yellow Vests Escalate, Experts Warn Populism DESTROYING The EU

Yellow Vests Escalate, Experts Warn Populism DESTROYING The EU. As we enter "Acte 11" of the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protest in France the question arises as to whether this is the beginning of the end of the European Union.

Many experts, even George Soros, have said we are witnessing the collapse of the European union before our very eyes as populism takes hold in several EU member states.

The narrative was made ever more dire when 30 historians and Nobel laureates penned an op-ed for numerous papers begging people to reject the populist narrative.

But with the rise of the yellow vests protest and the expansion of nationalist parties one can only assume the experts are right and we are seeing the beginning of the end of the EU

Jan 26, 2019
CNN and FBI Collude In Roger Stone Raid Media Spectacle?!

CNN and FBI Colluded In Roger Stone Raid Media Spectacle?! How was CNN able to be right up front at a pre dawn raid by the FBI at Roger Stone's house?

Many people on the right are speculating that the raid on Roger Stone was coordinated by the FBI with CNN to set up a huge media spectacle. CNN claims they just happened to be there at the right time due to having their ears to the ground.

But even still it seems like we constantly have these huge media events for Trump Russia stories that typically seem over hyped and end up fizzling out. Is this the case or was it just coincidence on CNNs part?

Jan 25, 2019
Mass Layoffs Hit Leftist News, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed

Mass Layoffs Hit Leftist News Websites, Journalists Fired. Buzzfeed will lose 250+ staff in a massive round of layoffs Huffington Post will lose an unknown number of staff but it could be comparable.

It won't end here, leftist news sites have continually felt failure over the past few years with many far left sites and left wing digital publications losing money and laying off staffers. This was all predicted by former VICE CEO Shane Smith years ago.

But BUzzfeed has a strategy for survival, cookware. I kid you not Buzzfeed has been selling two different brands of cookware online and in Wal Mart to make ends meet.

Jan 24, 2019
Democratic Party Has Been Fractured By Far Left Extremists

Democrats Have Been Fractured By Far Left Extremism. Notable individuals like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez have all made questionable statements as of recent which show a clear split between mainstream democrats and the new far left extremist branch.

The Progressive democrats, as the media calls them, have said things in defense of detestable groups, spoken out against their own party, or even protested Democrats. This seemingly in defense of social justice or feminist tribalism instead of direct politics.

If regressive leftists within the democratic party will protest other democrats and publicly speak out against their plans it is safe to say that the new faction are at odds and probably a party unto themselves.

UPDATE: It looks like Omar deleted the Tweet in question following a statement of potential legal action.

Jan 23, 2019
#CovingtonGate: We Are Entering The Real CIVIL WAR 2.0

#CovingtonGate is the most extreme culture war battle we have ever seen. Never before have so many far leftists, celebrities, news outlets, joined in a campaign against kids.

Even after thousands of high profile blue check personalities called for action against the Covington Catholic kids Twitter has done NOTHING. If this behavior is acceptable we can only assume it is about to get as bad as it could get.

Nathan Phillips has lied repeatedly about what happened, and now activists are using old photos and out of context videos to try and justify their mob against these kids.

The left is refusing to back down and we can only assume it will get worse from here. We are going to see be entering the real civil war 2.0

Jan 22, 2019
Native Activists Lied, Media Covered For Them in MAGA Incident

Native Activists Lied, Media Covered For Them in MAGA Incident.
Why didn't major new outlets look for proof? Why didn't they try to get a statement from the Convington kids themselves?

Media outlets pumped out fake news without doing any work to fact check any of it. The lies were even provably false in the main videos yet regardless CNN and others put Nathan Phillips on TV and let him lie about what happened.

We now know as the story unravels that it was all fake news and that the activists were acting in solidarity with the Hebrew Israelites and later lied about how it all went down.

Jan 21, 2019
The Truth About "MAGA Kids" And The Native Americans

The Truth About "MAGA Kids" And The Native Americans.
Its a complicated situation but its certainly fair to everyone is losing their minds of fake reports and fake news. The Trump supporter kids did not approach the native american man Nathan Phillips, in fact it was the other way around.

The kids ere arguing against a known group of hateful people when the Natives approached about an hour later.

Please watch the video before making your judgement and know that this video is not presenting every single point of argument. I simply wanted to create a timeline of events and present some context.

Jan 20, 2019
Conservative Generation Z Is Breaking The Trend Toward The Left

Conservative Generation Z Is Breaking The Trend Toward The Left. New data from Pew shows that while Generations Z does hold many similar views to millennials they have reversed the trend in some areas that goes back several generations.

Typically as time goes on society skews liberal but for the first time in 5 generations we can see some areas have flipped toward conservatism and the right.

While the millennial generation may be very much so far left, feminist, and social justice activists, generation Z is moving the other direction in some areas and further left in others.

Its hard to know for now if Gen Z will end up overwhelmingly conservative as they age but that tends to be the trend. Typically groups become more conservative with age, if this is true than Gen Z is set to be even more right wing in the coming years

Jan 19, 2019
Buzzfeed's Report on Trump And Russia Has NO EVIDENCE

Buzzfeed dropped a "bombshell" report claiming that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to congress about a Russian Trump tower meeting. However this isn't the first bombshell report we have seen or heard about and the others were mostly retracted and found to be false.

One of the reporters from Buzzfeed actually said on CNN they have NOT seen any evidence but trust their sources. How many times do we have to hear this without any evidence to back it up?

Jan 18, 2019
Tommy Robinson, Count Dankula, LOSE Major Income Source

Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula have been demonetized on youtube. Tommy has been directly stripped of all ad revenue while Dankula has been found "not suitable for all advertisers"

This means that Tommy loses all of his Youtube income and Dankula loses about 90%.

The hard reality is that Youtube is under fire form social justice and feminist activists in media who lie and smear people for political reasons. This puts all youtubers under threat of another adpocalypse and we can all lose a significant portion of our income.

Youtube is in a bind but I think they are doing the best, relative to Facebook or Twitter, to protect free speech. Unfortunately the far left and leftist activists do have power in media and will do everything they can to "deplatform" people in an effort to push politics. Although Youtube has done things wrong and Although they may try in some cases to defend speech it may just be a losing battle.

Jan 17, 2019
The Left Has Become Psychotic, And I'm Truly Terrified

The Left Has Become Psychotic, And Its Truly Terrifying . The evidence has become overwhelming, we can see "the left" completely abandon its principles.

The ACLU openly endorsing racial discrimination, refusing to defend free speech, hacker conferences getting shut down, and now we have "The Free Press" a non profit advocating AGAINST a free press.

Today I saw the left wing group Free Press openly call for banning Alex Jones and I thought it was funny, the extreme irony. But after thinking about how they used to be and all the examples we have seen of the media openly defending Antifa and other fringe extremists it feels like the left has been over run by dogma and completely abandoned its principles.

This is in no way a defense of the right but this is something that today truly terrifies me. They have abandoned reason and logic in favor of identitarian social justice and feminist zeal.

Jan 16, 2019
Gillette Faces Boycott, Backlash After Toxic Masculinity Ad

Gillette Faces Boycott, Backlash After Toxic Masculinity Ad. The commercial is slammed for stereotyping men and being condescending. 

Though the video only mentions Toxic Masculinity briefly it was a clear dog whistle to the far left, that and showing Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks is immediately viewed as a political act that targets only certain people.

It is likely Gillette will face little to no real repercussions from the ad but suffice it to say this is a good example of political commercials done wrong. The company created an overtly political ad targeting men with feminist and social just rhetoric that they likely do not care about or will be angered by.

Jan 15, 2019
The New Trump Russia Narrative Falls Apart... AGAIN?!

Trump was investigated by the FBI for firing James Comey because they thought firing him meant Trump could be directly working for Russia and Putin or at the very least a threat to national security. but once again this narrative turns out to be nothing and once again there is zero evidence of collusion.

Now we hear form ABC that Robert Mueller's report will be "anti climactic" which is what we keep hearing.

Democrats and the left push this narrative but it just seems to be without merit for the most part.

Jan 14, 2019
The Women's March Just Lost Major Sponsors Over Antisemitism Scandal

Women's March Is Falling Apart, Major Sponsor Pulls Out. The Southern Poverty Law Center has removed itself as a sponsor of the Women's March following the controversy over leaders Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory. The SPLC cites other projects as the reason but one can only assume it is due to their ties to Louis Farrakhan.

Following this we are hearing that the Women's March is infighting among its local chapters with NYC set to have TWO competing marches and Chicago having been announced to be canceled.

Yet in spite of all the negative press and evidence of abhorrent behavior and anti social justice rhetoric the feminist organization Women's March still has a huge list of sponsors including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Jan 13, 2019
Professor Who Exposed Feminist Ideology In Colleges May Be Fired

Many people are concerned that Dr. Peter Boghossian could be fired for exposing the shoddiness of gender studies and feminist academic journals.

As one of the perpetrators of the Sokal Squared or "Grievance Studies Affair" hoax he faces disciplinary action over hoaxing peer reviewed journals. Often what people call social justice gets conflated with an ideology called intersectional feminism and the two could not be more different.

Jan 12, 2019
Yellow Vests Protests Escalate, Present Serious Threat To Macron and the EU

The Yellow Vests Are Winning and Causing Damage To The EU.
Speed light cameras have been wiped out, the French government is spending billions to try and deal with protests and now the EU bond market is being rocked by the Yellow Vests protests.

At this point it seems the only course of action for the French government and Emmanuel Macron is capitulation. If they don't give in to the yellow vests protests the strife could continue and cause serious destabilization in the EU.

Jan 11, 2019
Western Population Is In Decline, America Gets Bad News

Western Population Is In Decline, Americans Not Having Kids. Past forecasts were favorable for America but a new report from the CDC shows that America has fallen below replacement levels. Similar trends can be seen across Europe and other Western nations.

Millennials are not getting married or having kids with some people saying they are a stunted generation. 

Population decline will have severe economic ramifications, without a young workforce  paying taxes into pension and health systems the aging population will be without support.

Many countries have looked to immigration in order to off set the population decline but in the long run the issue is our culture. What made the West less likely to have children will absolutely impact people who migrate as well. Some countries, like Japan, have been unable to use migration to offset the decline in population.

Jan 10, 2019
Trump VS Mainstream Media Pushing Opinion As "Fact Checking"

President Donald Trump gave an oval office address last night discussing immigration and border security. Afterward several mainstream outlets "fact checked him." However much of this fact checking was just opinion masquerading as fact. It was actually just more fake news

To make it worse many mainstream news outlets didn't even agree with each others "facts"

The one fact that most people agree on, however, is that Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer's response to the president was creepy and weird. Typically democrats don't respond to republican's in this way and vice versa.

Jan 09, 2019
Trump VS Democrats, National Emergency At The Mexican Border

Trump CAN Bypass Congress With National Emergency Powers To Build The Wall. In a press conference a few days ago President Donald Trump stated he considered declaring a national emergency to build the wall on the southern border with mexico.

He later announced plans to address the nation on issues of national security citing a humanitarian and security crisis at the border.

According to NBC News Trump can bypass Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Democrats to build the wall with emergency powers and using funds from the department of defense.

Jan 08, 2019
Shaun King Was Wrong Again, Young Turks Delete Their Videos

Shaun King Was Wrong Again prompting the Young Turks Delete Their Videos.

Initially the left wing activist sought out a 40 year old white man as a suspect. But it turned out the white man was likely a witness to the event and was fleeing for his life. Police eventually arrested a suspect thanks in part to a tip received by Shaun King.

But the social justice activist has now repeatedly pushed false narratives likely creating more harm than good. 

Jan 07, 2019
Conservatives are Memeing Ocasio Cortez Into The Presidency

Conservatives are Memeing Ocasio-Cortez Into The Presidency. It's not intentional but the Ocasio Cortez critical mass is upon us.
They call her "cortex" they mock her gaffes. But this is all reminiscent of the mocking of Trump.

They said Trump could never win, they called mocked him with silly names too. Yet for all the whining and laughing Trump won the Republican Primary and then the Presidency.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing a similar trajectory. While she still can't be president for another 6 years it is possible that with her rising fame, massive following, and the media's obsession with writing about her she will have tremendous support for her policies and for her future political campaigns

She really is a left wing version of Trump.

Jan 06, 2019
German Nationalists Office Bombed, MASSIVE Hack Exposes Politicians

German Nationalists Office Bombed, MASSIVE Hack Exposes Politicians. Two major incidents have just hit the news.
The first was that overnight an explosion hit the office for the German nationalist party "Alternative for Germany" in Saxony, police believe this was meant to harm people and was an escalation in political tensions. Many people speculate this was the far left targeting AFD.

However, alongside this was news of the largest cyber attack in Germany history. Politicians, celebrities, journalists, and even Angela Merkel had private information released to the public. But what made this alarming was that only the AFD was not victim to the leak.

This led people on the left to believe far right interests have perpetrated the hack.

For now, the only thing we know for sure is that political tensions are escalating.

Jan 04, 2019
Bernie Sanders Apologizes Following #MeToo Allegations

Bernie Sanders Apologizes Following #MeToo Allegations after several women came forward with complaints about his 2016 campaign. Feminist activists and organizers were quick to condemn "bernie bros" as they were called for rampant discrimination in Bernie's 2016 campaign.

This shows us the pitfalls facing Democrat men coming into 2020, a hungry media looking for anything salacious to go after people with.

Donald Trump's supporters don't care for or trust the media so this issue is likely going to present a massive advantage for Trump and Republicans in the 2020 presidential race

We still have yet to see who the democratic 2020 presidential candidates will actually be so for now we can only speculate.

Jan 03, 2019
Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal?

Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal?
After a story went viral of a woman's roommates searching her room after finding a MAGA hat people cried foul calling this clear political discrimination. 

But a second story has emerged this time in Washington DC after a former Fox News staffer revealed she was denied housing twice over her job and her personal politics.

What made this interesting is that political affiliation is a protected human right in DC and this might actually be illegal.

For left wing and right wing activists, I think the issue is pointless as both probably would not want to live together anyway. But we do have evidence showing that Democrats and Republicans are more likely to mistrust each other over politics than over other factors such as race or gender.

Jan 02, 2019
Populism Has Won, Democrats Embrace Populist Rhetoric and Style

Populism Has Won, Democrats Embrace Populism, Reject Elitism.
We now see rising stars in the Democratic party trying to appear down to earth and relatable by using livestreams or posting pictures in normal clothes and cooking dinner.

The idea of suited elites is over and the idea of the down to earth politician is here. Elizabeth Warren just announced her 2020 exploratory committee and almost immediately got on Instagram and cracked a brew.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started the trend which was repeated by Beto O'Rourke and now Elizabeth Warren. It would seem that regardless of what the media says Populism has won and the Democrats are embracing this idea full force for 2020.

Jan 01, 2019
Louis CK Audio LEAKED, Leftist Media Smears Him As Alt Right

Louis CK Performance LEAKED! Media Smears Him As Alt Right.
Why? Because he made taboo jokes?

Louis CK has always been offensive yet for some reason now the left is accusing him of being alt right or right wing, some have compared him to Milo Yiannopoulos.

In realty this seems to be anger over Louis' refusal to go away following his fall from grace. In the past few months regressive left wing activists expressed outrage that he would dare return to work.

Dec 31, 2018
Debunking The Narrative Of Right Wing Radicalization On Youtube

In September a report was published by Data and Society making false claims about people like me, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro. The report claimed that Youtube was radicalizing young people toward the extreme right. The story was carried by almost every mainstream media outlets and pushed as fact, even though there was no data. It may just be that, like PewDiePie, the left is looking to smear anyone using a competitor or is opposed to their ideology of social justice.

But new data has emerged from Software Engineer Mark Ledwich which disproves this narrative. There is no clear path to radicalization. In fact you could argue that if politics is flowing in any direction, it is to the left.

Left wing channels get more than double the views of right wing channels on youtube, and the idea of radicalization is simply false and in all likelihood a smear against those who oppose intersectional feminist and the regressive left.

Dec 30, 2018
Ocasio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy

Ocasio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy. When it comes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez her repeated gaffes and nonsensical statements becomes easy targets for the right to go after policy positions. 

Ocasio-Cortez was paraded around by Democrats so much that she became to prominent for her experience level. Thus we see it again and again. Twitter flame wars, nonsensical gaffes, and a mainstream media that enjoys calling her out as much as Conservatives and Republicans do.

Her policy positions and rhetoric is speaking to a tiny minority of the US. If Democrats want to see change and bipartisan support for certain bills they need to recognize the damage Ocasio-Cortez does to these plans.

Dec 29, 2018
Gamers Are Culture War Test Subjects, Speech Policing Escalates

Gamers Are Test Subjects In The Culture War, Speech Policing Escalates after Blizzard announced you would have to tie your gaming account to a separate platform if you wanted to chat.
This opens gamers up to the risk that if they say bad things they could have their games revoked.

Far left activist types push for ideology in gaming and esports which results in formerly apolitical people becoming active against these ideas. But why is it always gaming and where are those on the Left speaking out against this terrifying authoritarian push?

Previously we saw Overwatch league crackdown on "pepe memes" which is downright strange. It seems like the Culture war is someone personal and there are people targeting gaming culture for malicious reasons.

Dec 28, 2018
New Report Shows Almost ALL Colleges Restrict Free Speech

New Report Shows Almost ALL Colleges Restrict Free Speech. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education issued a report recently showing that 9 out of 10 colleges are restricting speech to some degree.

While the trope tends to be that the far left and social justice activists are the ones causing this problem, often they are victims of these policies as well. A story from Vox showed that of faculty who were fired from a College for speech it was mostly liberal identified staff.

Why then does mainstream media and the left claim there is no free speech crisis? Well for one whether there is or is not a crisis is an opinion, but it is likely just tribal.

Conservatives have been complaining over restrictions on speaking events and it would seem like the left wants to deny them this claim. But in the long run, the defense of speech may actually benefit the right.

Dec 27, 2018
Far Left Media Is Dying Because Gen-Z Is Too Conservative

Far Left Media Is Dying Because Gen-Z Is Too Conservative. Study after study shows the trend, generation z is becoming conservative and mostly resembles libertarians or moderate Republicans. This is a dramatic shift from Millennials who are overwhelmingly progressive.

What happens then is that these companies cannot grow or attract new readers because young people do not want far left media. The outcome is obvious, these companies are laying people off and collapsing.

While social justice is something most people agree with, the regressive left is too authoritarian and off putting.

Dec 26, 2018
Patreon News Gets Worse, User's Payout FROZEN Without Notice

Patreon News Keeps Getting Worse, User's Money FROZEN for 'suspicious activity"

Following news about a user having his account suspended "in secret" a story in the New York Times emerged with statements from Jack Conte and their head of Trust and Safety. The statements seem to be directly antagonistic toward the community, specifically Sword and Scale, Dave Rubin, Me, and Sargon of Akkad.

They imply that Sargon broke the rules on their platform and Conte implies many of us are simply trying to generate support for a cause of some sort.

But all this is only made worse by the original story of a man who had his patreon account suspended without notice. He only found out because patreon had not paid him in about a month.

Dec 25, 2018
Russian Bot Narrative Completely EXPOSED As Fake News??

Evidence Suggests Massive Smear Against Republicans EXPOSED after new evidence as come to light. 

The New York Times previously reported that Democratic operatives engaged in a false flag to smear Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Initially the Chief executive of the company in question said "it doesn't ring a bell" but later claimed it was just a research project.

But in a past tweet he directly pushed the false flag narrative using his "russian bot dashboard" as evidence.

If this has been outed as a smear on republicans then what about every other story which cites the Russian bot dashboard as evidence? At the very least ALL of these stories are now questionable and at worst completely fake news and propaganda.


Dec 24, 2018
Thank You Patreon For Destroying My Income -$5,219.75

 Patreon's Actions have led to my income falling over $5,000 per month and they know it. Banning Sargon was a push on the line, action against the center.  They stated that certain people don't want to be associated with "free speech" but they leave up much worse offenders. This means that they are siding with regressive social justice activists who just don't like Sargon. In doing so they have damaged ALL of our incomes.  After many people moved to Subscribe Star I was actually doing better. But with far left activists getting them shut down my subscriber income is now in question. 

Dec 23, 2018
Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot "False Flag" Smear Campaign

Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot "False Flag" Smear Campaign in the Alabama special election. A group called new Knowledge is claiming that the admitted false flag against Republicans was just a small experiment.

They were responsible for a mas amount of presumably Russian bots following the Roy Moore campaign on Twitter to trick people into thinking the Russians were propping him up.

National media fell for the ruse and the narrative went viral. Left wing writers mocked the Moore campaign for suggesting this was a democratic ploy to smear him. We now know it was.

They can claim it was an experiment but this reeks of democratic operatives serving engaging in a political con job and may have actually swung an election.


Dec 22, 2018
Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover

Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover and that Activists don't really care.

Nate Silver came to the defense of Tucker and social justice activists accused him of just being a white male and not understanding marginalization, except he does as an LGTB Jewish man.

These far left activists don't actually care about these causes as evidenced by the Tucker boycott or with Patreon defending the right over Sargon. It shows that this is a tribal action not a political one, that these social justice and feminist activists just want to "win" against their perceived opponents. 

Dec 21, 2018
Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle

Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle. YoutuberLaw and I discuss the issue of Anti Trust laws and whether or not there was collusion to shut down competition following the ban of Sargon Of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin.

There doesn't seem to be a reason for payment processors to shut down a deal with a Patreon competitor other than to protect Patreon from the damage it caused itself.

Youtube Law is a tech lawyer who weighs in on the issue.

Perhaps its an issue of social justice activists targeting Sargon but it could also be a greater attempt to stifle competition to their platform.

Dec 20, 2018
Activists Target Top Patreon Accounts, Proving Hypocrisy Over Sargon Ban

Activists Target Top Patreon Accounts, Proving Hypocrisy. A few top podcasts have histories of breaking Patreon's rules and some activists have begun to highlight these channels. 

One thread on reddit was recently removed as it provided proof of a top Patreon podcast overtly breaking the rules. This has created an interesting problem as people in favor of free speech won't resort to the same tactics employed by those seeking to deplatform people.

Patreon has made itself a battlefield in the culture war by entering the fight but the left and social justice activists have no sympathy for Patreon. Some on the left have already been highlighting podcasts that break the rules.

The Number 5 largest account has recently joined in to support Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, over the banning of Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin. Could this start a cascade that ends with Patreon facing its end?

Dec 19, 2018
Activists Are Targeting Tucker Carlson, Show Losing Sponsors

Activists Are Targeting Tucker Carlson, Show Losing Sponsors. Following statements made by Tucker Carlson about immigration and the migrant caravan social justice activists began sending letters and complaints to companies running ads on his program.

Several sponsors have pulled out of the show so far.
The primary criticism started after Carlson questioned diversity on a program in September and it would seem far left activists have maintained the campaign against his show.

Fox News and Carlson have refused to back down and issued a lengthy statement about defending their free speech from left wing activists.

Dec 18, 2018
Patreon Takes MAJOR Hit After Banning Of Sargon of Akkad

Patreon's Takes MAJOR Hit After Banning Of Sargon of Akkad. Sam Harris, the 13th largest Patreon account, shut down his account abruptly following a statement by Dave Rubin and jordan Peterson over the banning of Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad.

Either Patreon are liars or they are grossly incompetent as their platform is rife with racial slurs and hate speech. Yet for some reason they were able to find an obscure reference to shut Sargon Down.

Many people say this was not social justice or feminist activists targeting Sargon, in fact it was the far right. But after Sargon moved to SubStar far left activists got the entire platform effectively shut down harming dozens of unrelated and innocent creators.

Dec 17, 2018
Leftists LIE About CBP Officers Who Tried To Save Little Girl

Leftists LIE About CBP Officers Who Tried To Save Little Girl. The story is sad, a little girl lost her life after a long journey to the US. But Customs and Border Protection officers did seemingly everything they could to save this little girl, even bringing in an air ambulance.

But Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and the ACLU are painting CBP as the culprits in this story. 

I can only assume the fake news push is an attempt at fundraising, getting attention, or general tribalism among the social justice and open borders activists they want support from. 

Dec 17, 2018
Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing, Investors Pull Out

Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing, Investors Pull Out. Vice and Vox have both missed revenue projections, Disney has written down their investment in Vice by 157 Million dollars, and Buzzfeed resorted to selling cookware at Walmart.

Social justice, the far left, and intersectional feminism were easy ways for companies to generate anger to get clicks but as Facebook and Google derank this type of content these media companies are losing money and slowly collapsing.

Will this mean regressive leftists lose mainstream appeal as the media activists that support them lose their jobs? Or will these companies double down to the extreme in an effort to scrape what little money they can from the bottom of the digital barrel?

Dec 15, 2018
Patreon Alternative SubscribeStar Disabled Paypal Payouts Following Activist Outrage

SubscribeStar Already Hit By Activist Outrage, Paypal Payouts FROZEN which means I likely will not be able to collect donations through SubscribeStar. The company said that they will get your money to you no matter what so we will see what happens.

Following the banning of Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, a few dozen creators moved to SubscribeStar. Shortly after that activists began posting and calling groups to action to target the service. Following this SubscribeStar removed Paypal from its website and no longer allows payouts with the service, claiming that Paypal had requested its removal.

Eventually all that will be left of these platforms

Dec 14, 2018
Dark Comedy Is Next To Be Censored, Mumkey Jones BANNED

Dark Comedy Is Next To Be Censored, Mumkey Jones BANNED.
Two of his channels completely terminated for violating the community guidelines. It appears that at least one or two of the strikes on his channel were overtly false but Youtube disagrees and has maintained the channel termination is correct.

Mumkey makes dark comedy and sometimes offensive jokes but many of his videos were just documentary  type content that was interesting and in no way offensive. 

But social media censorship tends to go to the extreme when dealing with bad content. Instead of issuing warning creators often get hit all at once and have their channels and careers completely wiped out without warning.

Censorship will only get worse and we can see the sanitation of the internet happening all around us every day. Make no mistake it won't stop here and eventually social justice activists themselves will be banned for being risky as well.

Dec 13, 2018
Pewdiepie, Elon Musk SMEARED By Desperate Mainstream Media

Pewdiepie, Elon Musk SMEARED By Desperate Mainstream Media.
60 minutes edited an interview of Elon Musk to make him look bad and more smears come at Pewdiepie over his recommendation of another youtube channel.

The fake news stories are clickbait meant to drive traffic to a desperate mainstream media facing collapse. Not a day goes by we don't hear about layoffs at another media company.

As they struggle to make money they target high profile people like Elon Musk and Pewdiepie so they can get traffic and make what little money they can as they lose relevance.

Make no mistake it will only get worse as these companies gasp and struggle for air.

Dec 12, 2018
White Men Get Social Justice Benefits as New "Minority Group"

White Males Become Minority Group, Get College Diversity Benefits. New recruitment drives have been launched to increase the number of white males at several UK universities as white men are now a minority group.

In an effort to increase diversity these institutions need to maintain a certain number of white men. However social justice, diversity, and feminist activists are upset as they don't seem to understand what the rules they created do. If rules are created by feminism and social justice to maintain equality of outcome then this is the result when white men don't enroll.

But why are men not going to college? Is it really about white men being oppressed or did they just go a different route?

Dec 11, 2018
Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Nick Monroe Has a Thread About Gavin's Comments

Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform.
Yesterday we heard that the Proud Boys Founder was removed from BlazeTV, formerly CRTV, for reasons that are unclear.

Over the past few months the proud boys and Gavin have been banned from various platforms. With Youtube banning him he has now been removed from every major social media platform.

However it appears that Gavin was banned for copyright issues so it is unclear if this is a legitimate ban or activists targeting him to push their censorship or people they don't like

Dec 10, 2018
The Regressive Social Dystopia Is Upon Us And Will Get Worse

The Regressive Social Dystopia Is Upon Us And Will Get Worse. Sargon of Akkad was banned from Patreon over saying a naughty word, regardless of context. This means that the idea he was trying to convey will be stunted even though his intent was to argue against something deemed morally repugnant.

Social Justice moral outrage is resulting in computer algorithms that can't tell the difference between what is good or bad. Trust and safety teams are removing people's incomes for one bad word.

We are in the regressive dystopian future. Wrongthink will result in a loss of income, robots are banning socially acceptable content because they don't understand context and as more of our world becomes virtual we are losing out rights.

Dec 09, 2018
French Protesters Say "Leave EU" And Demand Less Immigration

French Protesters Say "Leave EU" And Call For Less Immigration among many other demands in a list being shared by many journalists. Most say there is no official demand so its important to note that this may come from a random individual.

But it is also important note that this may be the most prominent demand list and one of the best clues as to why so many people in France are upset and demanding the resignation of Emmanuel Macron.

Whether the list is an accurate depiction of protester desire is unclear, but what is clear is that the people of France are fed up with Emmanuel Macron and want his resignation.

Dec 08, 2018
Social Justice Outrage Mob Ousted Kevin Hart From Oscars

Kevin Hart CAVED To Moral Outrage Mob, Apologizes Twice.
People pulled up old tweets from comedian Kevin Hart to drum up controversy over him hosting the Oscars. At first he refused to apologize stating that he had already apologized years ago and wasn't going to apologize again.

Defiant at first he eventually caved in and issued two apologies on Twitter. But he should know the apology will do nothing, he only admitted further guilt. Apologies did nothing for Roseanne, for James Gunn, and for many others.

Giving in to the social justice outrage mob will not result in forgiveness for past transgressions.

Dec 07, 2018
Famed Game Dev to Leftists "PLEASE wake up You are evil"

"If you're still on the left, PLEASE wake up. You are evil"
Famous Game developer Notch recently tweeted out how the left is evil. In talking about the regressive left and how social justice and feminism have caused harm to others with lies, Markus Persson said that even those who follow the regressive left are evil as well.

But is it true? Well according to a new study narcissists do not believe in democracy and oppose diversity of opinion. Perhaps then we can start to see a picture of leftists elites who think they are better than you decided to use force to get their way.

Dec 06, 2018
Macron Has Failed, French Protesters Call For Act 4 Saturday

Macron Has Failed, French Protesters Call For Act 4 Saturday.
The French Government announced they would suspend the tax hike and they would halt the rising cost of electricity and gas. But the "yellow vests" have said this is crumbs and rejected the appeasement.

Now protesters in France are calling for an escalation, for "act 4" of the protest to happen this Saturday in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron's approval rating hit record lows amidst talk of hypocrisy now tied as one of the worst leaders in modern French History.

Dec 05, 2018
Social Justice Has Become The Left's "Non-Theistic Religion"

Social Justice Has Become The Left's "Non-Theistic Religion."
It has gotten to the point where Apple CEO Tim Cook actually said not banning people form their platform would be a sin and that our internal morality is what he finds most sacred.

The rules of social justice and intersectional feminism are contradictory and hypocritical. Even as Tim Cook claims to want to band certain speech his platforms sells that very speech in movies and music.

Dec 04, 2018
The MeToo Movement Is Backfiring Against Women... Again?!

The MeToo Movement Is Backfiring Against Women... Again.
The latest from Bloomberg shows how many men are actively avoiding women and even canceling work related social events out of a fear they could be falsely accused or taken out of context.
This is resulting in fewer men working with and mentoring women. 

But in response many women have simply said that its men refuse to work with them they could simply file discrimination complaints.
It seems that the push for social justice has no reasonable solution as feminists push from all sides. The only outcome that seems like would be gender segregation.

Dec 03, 2018
The White Working Class Are Rising Up To Revolt In Europe

 The White Working Class Are Rising Up To Revolt In Europe. The yellow vests protests began after the French government imposed a tax on gas and diesel. The citizenry was furious, the rising tax would affect those from rural areas more so than those in cities.  This meant that once again the urban areas would continue unscathed following government action on climate change and be immune to the economic ramifications of a globalized economy.   In response white working class people from the rural areas rose up and began to revolt in major cities. They called themselves the forgotten majority, similar to Trump's silent majority.    Now entering week three, it is expected to continue as French president Emmanuel Macron refuses to negotiate. 


Dec 02, 2018
Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron

Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron shows that the president of France has screwed this one up pretty badly. To rally the middle class, nationalists, and antifa to riot against you takes some serious failure.

But the reality is that even though you have elements of the far left and right in the "yellow jackets" protest, the majority of those in the french fuel protest are middle class citizens. I'm told by a journalist in France that these are people you don't normally see protesting. 

So why is this? Why have people started to stand up when they normally bow out? And is it true what some are claiming, that this is a rebuke of globalism?

Dec 01, 2018
Twitter Stock Falls Amid Laura Loomer Protest, Conservative Backlash

Twitter Stock Falls Amid Laura Loomer Protest, Conservative Backlash. Yesterday the top story in the US was Laura Loomer protesting at Twitter HQ but at the same time Reuters reported that Twitter stock was falling amid conservative backlash. It started to recover but took another hit after Loomer began protesting.

At this point it should be irrefutable that Twitter is biased against conservatives in fact its even in their rules. Twitter rolled out ideologically driven rules based not on facts but on intersectional feminism and social justice.

With the banning of Jesse Kelly, CJ Pearson, Laura Loomer (Pearson and Kelly got their accounts back) and The Fox news Boycott Twitter is in trouble if they lose half the population.

Nov 30, 2018
Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word "Womxn"

 Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word "Womxn." Various groups have decided that the word is more inclusive and should be adopted yet many people within Feminism feel that 'woman' is sufficient to include all women anyway and its resulting in an untenable backlash.  H&M was criticized and a museum apologized over using the word but now people are claiming it isn't offensive so what do you do?  If you try to support social justice eventually you'll be criticized for being problematic and "womxn" shows us that no matter what you do there is no appeasing the social justice crowd because there are no rules. 


Nov 29, 2018
Why Social Justice And The Far Left Are Doomed To Collapse

Social Justice And The Far Left Are Doomed To Collapse due to internal inconsistency within itself. They advocate for the rights of groups at odds with each other and for positions that can't be brought together.

You can't advocate for Abrahamic fundamentalists while also advocating for the rights of women and other marginalized groups. You can't support health care for all but also open borders as resources are finite

Social justice groups and feminists constantly fight among themselves over issues yet still try to bring in more groups and ideologies. 

We are left wondering which is the real feminists? Second wave feminism? Third wave? Fourth?

Nov 28, 2018
DHS Claims Migrants Used Women and Children As Human Shields

DHS Claims Migrants Used Women and Children As Human Shields while storming the US border. These claims may be hyperbolic but we have also heard from CBP that they have witnessed things that corroborate these claims.

DHS reported weeks ago that the migrant caravan was mostly men and was putting women and children in front of the group for good press, they also said the group would try to rush the border. Most of the claims, while maybe hyperbolic, have been proven or corroborated to some extent.

We now have more evidence as MSNBC reports the caravan is mostly economic migrants and not asylum seekers as many are trying to claim.

Nov 27, 2018
They're LYING, Migrants Storming Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers

They're LYING, Migrants Storming The US Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers. These people broke off from those actually being granted shelter and aid in an effort to illegally enter the US. 

They refused asylum and refugee status in mexico, they refused job offers Mexico.

Yet still we see people on the far left and even politicians lying by trying to claim this group is refugees and asylum seekers when they are actually economic migrants.

Trump has characterized this as an invasion and many disagreed but with the group rushing the border, some waving the Mexican flag and throwing stones at law enforcement, it is becoming hard to argue against him.

Nov 26, 2018
Gamers VS Thots, The Culture War Is Escalating (Ft. Sargon Of Akkad)

 Men have recently begun reporting "thots" to the IRS. Today Sargon Joins me to discuss underlying issues as to why many young men are upset with online "thots" or women who make money online or through snapchat by showing body parts to men.  Sargon and I discuss changes hitting society and how feminism and mens rights clash as social values and perceptions change. 

Nov 25, 2018
John Kerry Says Migration Crushed Europe Warns Of Migration Chaos

Immigration Crushed Europe, Migration Is Bad Says John Kerry at an event. When talking about the problems of climate change he warned that if we don't get a handle on the issue you will have climate refugees and "hordes" of people "knocking on your door."

He said that Europe was crushed by a transformation caused by migration seemingly implying that migration was bad and that they would face "migration chaos" if they don't deal with climate change.

Kerry's statement came one week before Clinton made similar remarks about stemming mass migration into Europe.

Nov 24, 2018
Migrant Caravan Plans "Human Stampede," Confirms DHS Report

Migrant Caravan Plans "Human Stampede," Confirms DHS Report.
We are also hearing that now a SIXTH migrant caravan has been apprehended in Mexico as more economic migrants seek to come to the US for work.

While many claim that people are seeking asylum we have more interviews suggesting that many may just be migrants looking for work. 

The group in Tijuana has swelled to 6,219 according to some reports and may soon exceed over 10,000 creating what Tijuana's mayor calls a humanitarian crisis.

Nov 23, 2018
Hillary Clinton Calls on Europe To END Mass Immigration

Hillary Clinton Calls on Europe To END Immigration in an interview with The Guardian over fears that right wing populists use the issue to gain power.

She says that Europe must send a clear message that they will no longer provide refuge and support to people entering the country.

With rumors and statements about Hillary possibly running in 2020 I think she is trying to win back the American working class by inching her way towards immigration control.

With the far left calling for open borders Democrats will have to make strong statements to win back moderates after 2016 and the 2018 midterms.

Nov 22, 2018
Ocasio-Cortez's Ignorance and Gaffes Are Weakening The Left

Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Should Be Criticized For Her Ignorance. She has made gaffe after gaffe and yet when the right calls her out they get accused of being obsessed. 

Who cares what clothes she wears, who cares what she eats. Republicans should talk about her gaffes and errors. If youre on the left this should alarm you as one of the most famous advocates for left wing positions and for the democrats in congress has no idea what she is talking about.

For whatever reason the democrats don't want to call her out even when she calls for "primarying" her fellow democrats

Nov 21, 2018
Mexican Protesters: "Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion"

Mexican Protesters say "Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion" as protests escalate in Tijuana.

Currently the migrant caravan is about 3,000 strong in Tijuana and residents are upset as more and more people show up everyday. We are starting to see protesters use Trump rhetoric calling for Tijuana first and for migrants to be sent home.

Trump has responded in agreement with the Mayor in the mexican city by saying it was an invasion and the US cannot support these people. At the same time some in the media are blaming Trump for the rhetoric and claiming that people are simply being influenced by Trump.

Nov 19, 2018
Far Left Ideology Is Infecting Science And Becoming Policy

 Far Left Ideology Is Infecting Science And Becoming Policy. We can see it in various forms. Fighting against Nuclear energy, fighting against GMO, and the most recent example denying biological dimorphism in humans.  These beliefs then get pushed into the mainstream and become policy and sometimes even law. But the news and most people would tell you its conservatives who deny science when the truth is science denial is prevalent in all political ideologies.  Social justice ideologies are apparently becoming prevalent in Universities where academics are predominantly left wing and hold regressive and ideological views that interfere with science.  

Nov 17, 2018
Migrant Caravan Clashes At Border, Try To Illegally Enter US

Migrant Caravan Clashes At Border, Try To Illegally Enter US.
About a dozen or so migrants have been arrested after trying to illegally enter the US at the Southern border. Meanwhile local Mexicans residents have clashed with the migrant caravan demanding that they leave and go home.

Many in the media are criticizing Trump for talking about the caravan less even though the coverage is still in the news at a local and national level. With clashes erupting and migrants arrested who was right?

Was Trump right about the caravan?

Nov 16, 2018
Women Do Make False Allegations Avenatti Learns The Hard Way

Women Make False Allegations and Due Process Must Be Upheld.
Michael Avenatti is learning the hard way why due process is so important even after the accusers he brought forward against Brett Kavanaugh have partially or completely retracted their claims.

Avenatti is the big news but what you don't hear are the stories of everyday men who get falsely accused.

Nov 15, 2018
Progressives and Far Left Start War With Democratic Elites

Ocasio-Cortez Leads Protest Against Democrats after she lead a sit in at Nancy Pelosi's office. Many people were left wondering why the newly elected representative would protest democrats over climate change instead of republicans.

Nancy Pelosi supports climate change legislation so why are far left activists protesting her? More importantly, why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez protesting he fellow Democrats?

It seems like internally and externally Democrats are facing a new challenge with far left activists and candidates. Meanwhile we can see Kyrsten Sinema winning in AZ even after she said she supports 60% of trump's agenda.

Nov 14, 2018
CNN Suing Donald Trump Over Jim Acosta Ban, Can They Win?

CNN Suing Donald Trump Over Jim Acosta Ban, Can They Win?
Jim Acosta had his press access revoked after years of confrontational and disruptive behavior that has been called out numerous times by mainstream reporters. The final straw was when he got, lightly, physical with a White House intern over a microphone.

The left is calling this an attack on the press while the right is saying its about time Acosta got removed over intentionally trying to make the story about himself.

Trump called Acosta rude and called out CNN over his repeated behavior. In the past year we have seen The Washington post, The Atlantic, and even MSNBC call out Jim Acosta.

Nov 13, 2018
Hillary Clinton Will Challenge Trump In 2020 Adviser Says

Hillary Will Run In 2020 Says Former Clinton Adviser.
With the announcement from former Clinton advisers that Hillary will run in 2020 most people believe this is as close as Hillary can get to a formal announcement.

Donald Trump supporters are cheering as they believe it will be an easy victory for Trump. But it would be unwise to underestimate your opponent especially with Democrats reclaiming many state governorships and the House. It is possible that Democrats just show up in larger numbers than Republicans in 2020 and things could actually shift in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Nov 12, 2018
Antifa Groups Banned Following Tucker Carlson Incident

Antifa Groups Banned Following Tucker Carlson Incident. We also learned that Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys were banned from Amazon. This is relevant when you recognize how the media plays a roll in these groups getting banned.

It was only after Buzzfeed contacted Amazon did McInnes get banned and after journalists contacted PayPal Antifa was shortly banned.

It is likely that the high profile targeting of Tucker Carlson resulted in journalist scrutiny and the banning of Antifa groups.

Nov 10, 2018
The Blue Wave Failed, Republicans Won Out Overall

Democrats Will Take the House and the GOP Sees Historic Senate Win. Not since Kennedy has a President's party been able to gain this many seats in the Senate and hold a majority.

Though the Democrats should be very happy with their winning the House majority their gain was actually very slight. As of the making of this video Democrats only gained 27 seats. They needed 23 to gain a majority.

If this was a referendum on Donald Trump I would think that he passed with flying colors. Winning more Senate seats and Holding ground in governorships.

Nov 07, 2018
Study Says Trump Gave Democrats PTSD in 2016

Democrats Have Become So Weak Trump Gave Them PTSD in 2016. A new study shows that 25% of young people experienced symptoms of PTSD. This mostly affected Democrats for obvious reasons. 

Democrats seem to be so weak they can't even handle losing an election. How are they supposed to defeat Republicans if this is the reaction they have to normal politics in the US?

Losing an election is a common occurrence. If this is the response why should I believe they can win the Midterm today?

Nov 06, 2018
Republicans Will Win Midterms, Polls Are Wrong

Republicans Will Win Midterms, Polls Are Wrong at least in my opinion. Many people asked why the Democrats lost the 2016 election when polls shows them heavily favored to win. One reason is that people polled did not reflect the new republican base voting for Donald Trump.

I don't think the polls were able to solve the problem of not reaching Trump's base and because of that I think the Republicans will maintain a majority over Democrats in tomorrow's election.

Nov 05, 2018
Republicans Are Losing Their Midterm Advantage

Republicans Are Losing Their Midterm Advantage. Though they still do have a gain of around 400k votes above the Democrats, Republicans percentage lead compared to 2014 is much lower.

This may be due to a massive increase in young voters and new voters. According to early voter data Democrats have gained 1.1M votes among the youth demo compared to about 500k for Republicans.

If Early voter turnout favors Republicans this could be Good news for Democrats going into Tuesday.

Nov 04, 2018
Kavanaugh Accuser CONFESSED To Making False Accusation

False Kavanaugh Allegations Are Backfiring On The Left as we now learn of a fourth person to recant on their allegations. This means there are three complete retractions of claims against Brett Kavanaugh and one partial retraction.

Throughout the process Democrats tried to use claims against Kavanaugh to derail him but many thought these allegations were to absurd to be true. We now have a woman completely confessing to making everything up. According to Grassley this woman is a left wing activist who intended to derail Kavanaugh

Nov 03, 2018
Third Migrant Caravan Is Reportedly Armed, Clashed At Border

UPDATE: Trump clarified they do not intend to fire on the migrants but will arrest them.
Mexican Official Claims Some Migrants In the third Caravan Are Armed . This news comes as Reuters reports a third group has started to make its way to the US. Now we have reporting that there are three caravans and according to a Mexican Minister some of those in the third group are armed.

Following clashes at the Southern Mexican border Trump escalated rhetoric and may send up with 15,000 soldiers in total to the southern US border.

Trump's statement that he will treat rocks as firrarms has people alarmed and some enraged. The Honduran Caravan, which was the first headed to the US is not believed to have any arms or many criminals.

Nov 02, 2018
Social Justice Ideology Within Google Escalates, Huge Protest

College Social Justice Protests Have Entered The Workforce. Among their list of demands over abuse allegations, google staffers around the world demanded that the company institute a policy of hiring people based on gender and race at all levels of the company and be penalized for it.

These appear to be the same type of protests you would see at college only now its happening at google. Typically these types of diversity and social justice demands were seen at schools but now we see the same phenomenon happening at Google offices.

The demands being made are not compensatory ones but demands of ideological changes within the company.

Nov 01, 2018
Robert Mueller Accused By Women? Is This a Hoax?!

Robert Mueller Accused By Women? Is This a Hoax?! 
We just don't know but man is this story confusing. 
Many outlets are reporting that multiple women were offered money to lie about Mueller. But one of these women's emails cant be corroborated and she refused to speak by phone.

NPR now says this may be a hoax on Washington reporters and not actually meant to discredit Mueller.

The response tomorrow's press conference will be interesting as we see a different reaction from democrats and republicans as to what this accusation actually means.

Oct 31, 2018
Democrats Caught Trying To Register Non-Citizens To Vote

Democrats Caught Registering Non-Citizens To Vote according to the Associated Press. Democrats were sending out voter registration forms to non-citizens who then, in confusion, called the state asking if they were allowed to vote. They were not.

This is compounded by recent stories of non-citizens being registered to vote in Texas and in California.

Republicans believe that voter fraud is a huge issue and Democrats claim it isn't. But with the latest news from the AP, while it may not be as widespread as republicans believe, we have proof that it is an issue.

Oct 29, 2018
Censorship Has Won, The Banning Of Gab Proves It

Censorship Has Won, The Banning Of Gab Proves It. One by one various companies cut off Gab even though according to a study 94.6% of their content would not violate the rules of any other social media platform. Yet because of negative press the site continually gets banned or removed.

How can the solution to censorship be to create your own site if you can't even run that site due to the numerous other companies that provide infrastructure?

How can you make your own platform if the media will smear you and lie about you?

After getting censored and smeared they will come for your company and this is proof.

Oct 28, 2018
Migrant Caravan Refuses Mexican Offer of Refugee Status

Migrant Caravan Refuses Mexican Offer of Refugee Status and insist on making their way to the US. 

This will present an issue for democrats entering the mid term as Trump has rallied around the idea of border security and the wall in response to thousands of migrants making their way to the US border.

The latest news is that a section of "the wall" is completed near Calexico and a debate rages as to whether or not its a wall or a fence. But semantics aside a barrier is being constructed and we are entering a heated debate about immigration in this country.

Oct 27, 2018
Kavanaugh Accusers Lied, Referred To FBI For Investigation

Kavanaugh Accusers Lied, Referred To FBI For Investigation.
While we don't know the full details we can now say according to NBC News that Julie Swetnick and another unnamed witness provided statements under penalty of felony but later recanted some of those statements. One woman claimed that Michael Avenatti twisted her words and she recanted some of the statements she made in her sworn declaration.

The two possible scenarios both involved the accusers having lied. Either they lied in their sworn statements or they lied to NBC news. 

Lying to the press is not a crime so the FBI will likely go off of the sworn statements but with one woman claiming Avenatti twisted her words he might be on the hook for some of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Oct 26, 2018
U.S. Troops Being Sent To Southern Border, Migrant Caravan

U.S. Troops Being Sent To Southern Border, Migrant Caravan.
As the migrant caravan makes its way closer to the US border, albeit very slowly, escalating calls for security have come from Trump. It is reported that today officials are planning to send 800 US troops to the southern border to provide logistical support and help secure it.

The caravan is bad news for democrats going into the midterms and a very strong play for Trump and republicans as working class Americans find the issue to be extremely important.

Oct 25, 2018
Clinton, Obama, Soros, CNN, And Others Sent Live Explosives

 Clinton, Obama, Soros, CNN, And Others Sent Live Devices. As of the filming of this video everyone appears to be safe and the USSS has everything under control. The devices were intercepted at the post office it seems.  But many people are speculating as to what this means and how it will impact the midterm elections. Whenever things like this happen liberal minded people become more conservative so this might actually push people toward voting for security and safety. 


Oct 24, 2018
Democrat Blue Wave Is Failing, Republicans Gain In Midterm Polls

Democrats "Blue Wave" Is Failing, Republicans Make Gains.
Polls are showing that republicans are making gains in the Senate and have a chance to maintain a majority in the house.

 For all the talk leading up to the mid terms from the democratic party about a blue wave there is very little to show for it. New data from NBC News shows that Republicans are outpacing Democrats in early voting.

Have the Democrats dropped the ball? I think so, and their failure to be civil and embrace sound policy is likely why.

Oct 23, 2018
Trump Threatens To Shut US Border To Block Migrant Caravan

Trump Is Threatening To Shut The US Border With Mexico as a migrant caravan of 4,000 people is making it's way from Honduras.
Trump has demanded that Mexico and Guatemala do everything they can to stop the migrants from coming to the US. He has even threatened to suspend aid to these countries.

This could be bad news for democrats going into the Mid terms as immigration is a core issue for moderates and conservatives. If the Democrats appear weak on migration and illegal immigrants it could bolster the republicans.

Oct 18, 2018
The NPC Meme Perfectly Explains Why "The Left Can't Meme"

 The NPC Meme Perfectly Explains Why "The Left Can't Meme." NPC is meant to describe someone who doesn't think critically. Memeing requires a mass amount of individuals constantly evolving an idea and constantly making it funnier. The right has embraced the humor and fun while the left has rejected it.

  Among the left social justice activists tend to follow the collective narrative or identity this means their thoughts are more likely to be homogeneous where as the right is more individualist and this allows ideas to evolve much more quickly. 

Oct 17, 2018
Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Will Backfire On Democrats

Elizabeth Warren Just Hurt the Democrats, Bad. There are only about 21 days out from the midterms and Warren just published dubious data to counter Donald Trump's insults and it proves literally nothing.

The only thing Warren did was prove that Democrats will lose focus and waste time on complete nonsense so long as Trump directs it. 

The democrats are too weak to stay focused and Trump is just toying with them. With the election so soon Republicans need every advantage they can get. If the Democrats can't stay specific as to why they are better than Republicans then they will keep losing.

Oct 16, 2018
Meme Magic, How Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning

Meme Magic is real, its how Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning. It is their not so secret weapon. Memes are meant to be fun and funny. The right is constantly making inside jokes (the latest is the NPC meme) and funny images to spread ideas. It makes hard to swallow political ideas fun and exciting.

For the average person they can participate by iterating and changing memes. This makes jokes constantly evolve and allows ideas to spread even further.

This works because their counter parts on the regressive left constantly restrict and police language. Social justice activists and feminists are known to call things bad or problematic restricting their virality. 

This means that so long as conservatives are having fun and inviting people in and the regressive left is angry with people and restricting language, conservative ideas will travel further and be more appetizing to regular folks.

Oct 15, 2018
Antifa Beat and Robbed Man Leaving Gavin McInnes Event

Antifa Beat and Robbed Man Leaving Gavin McInnes Event. According to Buzzfeed news three men were arrested and police witnessed them beating a man. According to Witnesses they were chanting things in line with Antifa protests that had been going on nearby.

This happened at the same time as the Proud Boys were filmed in a fight with antifa and were seen kicking them while they were on the ground. Naturally the left takes the narrative of Proud Boys starting the problems but omit Antifa robbing a man.

Oct 14, 2018
Video Proves Women's Groping Accusation is FALSE

 Video Proves Women's Groping Accusation is FALSE. The video clearly shows the small boy she accused simply brushed against her with his backpack. But we need to realize something important. The woman was not lying, she was touched.  This puts social justice activism and "listen and believe" in a strange position. Was this woman just arbitrarily calling the police or should we just believe all women? its not so simple and this is why false accusations are a thing. Sometimes the women is wrongly identifying someone or mistaken about what happened.  All in all this shows exactly why we need due process for the accused 

Oct 13, 2018
Mass PURGE Of Alternative Media On Facebook and Twitter

Facebook Just PURGED Over 800 Political Accounts for what they call spamming and inauthentic behavior. Many of those banned are crying foul saying they didn't break any rules. Some believe this is Facebook purging political content just before the mid terms to prevent "meddling."

Is this a case of censorship or is Facebook actually doing the right thing?

Many of the pages removed were left and some were far left but they did happen to remove many right wing pages as well. 

Unfortunately as many people were calling out this behavior in the past social justice activists and feminists cheered when major social media banned people, now that it is affecting pages they like they are upset. But this is exactly what we said would happen.

Oct 12, 2018
Study Shows Conservatives Outnumber Progressives 3 to 1

New Study Is Bad News For Progressive Activists as it shows 80% of Americans think political correctness is a problem. It shows that progressive activists only make up 8% of the country but conservatives make up 25%.

Even more interesting for those focused on social justice and diversity is that the "politically disengaged" group actually shares its values and concerns with conservatives. This probably explains why media companies and politicians that chase social justice and progressive issues don't do that well

Oct 11, 2018
Gender Diversity Initiatives BACKFIRE, Get Canceled

Gender Blind Diversity Initiatives BACKFIRE, Get Canceled. The latest news is that Amazon used an artificial intelligence to bring about greater diversity in the hiring process. However the social justice initiative had the opposite effect with the AI slowly learning to discriminate against women.

Other studies have shown similar results. In Australia a gender blind social justice initiative resulted in more men being offered interviews. Interestingly without the initiative women received an advantage. The results of the diversity study was replicated according to Harvard Business School.

In the past feminists have championed gender blind hiring as a way to increase gender diversity but a few studies and the latest news may prove it to be detrimental to feminism.

Oct 10, 2018
Conservatives Are Winning The Media War

 Conservatives are Dominating the Media Landscape by most metrics. Cable TV ratings shows that Fox news has THREE times thew viewership of MSNBC and CNN combined in primetime ratings. Across Digital, Daily Wire has more engagements on social media than ALL Top left wing publishers COMBINED.  How this translates into liberal and democrat voting habits is to be seen but it seems conservatives are substantially more active in news and politics than liberals by and by a wide margin. This could forecast the outcome of the mid terms if the right wing is more active. 

Oct 09, 2018
The Truth About False Accusations in The US

False accusation doesn't specifically mean the story was made up* It could be that someone was wrongly identified as a criminal The truth about false accusations in the US is that we really don't know for sure what the percent of false claims are. We have estimates from 2-10% with the FBI saying it is 8% But this only includes cases that were PROVEN to be false by investigation. That means there are people in prison today who committed no crime but are being punished. What is unnerving about the data is that one study suggest black men are more likely to be innocent of the crimes due to misidentification and due to implicit biases from victims. As social justice groups and feminists rally for people to listen and believe perhaps we should but we should verify before moving forward.

Oct 08, 2018
Democrats Are On A Losing Streak And Keep Doubling Down

Democrats Are On A Losing Streak And Keep Doubling Down. Even in the face of prominent leaders on the left telling them to change certain tactics it seems like they are their own worst enemies.

Right now people on Twitter are freaking out about Kavanaugh winning. They call for more incivility, the tactic that failed them already. They can't seem to understand why they lost Bernie voters to Trump.

Bill Maher recently called out "social justice warriors" for helping get Kavanaugh confirmed, Michael Avenatti is accused of helping the Republicans, and Democrats are now calling to act "more rudely." 

Maher is right but as long as other Democrats don't reflect they will keep losing.

Oct 07, 2018
Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring as the far left keeps taking actions that results in Republicans making gains.

As more people on the left eschew Liberals for Leftists we can see the Republicans making gains in the polls. Most Americans support general social justice and feminism, but authoritarian tactics causes moderates to move to the right.

Even if you support certain ideals embracing the far left means you will lose the support you need to get you ideas into politics.

Oct 06, 2018
Calls For Militant Escalation If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed

On Twitter many people are calling for militant escalation if Kavanaugh gets confirmed. Even Michael Moore joined the chorus by praising militant protesters. 

But we know how the protests went on January 20th at Donald Trump's Inauguration; a limo was torched, windows shattered, and hundreds arrested.

If it possible that following Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation we see a repeat of J20? Will the hearing end with Antifa taking to the streets or is this just random noise on Twitter?

Oct 05, 2018
Major Hoax Proves Regressive Left Rampant In College

A Major Hoax Proves Regressive Ideology Rampant In College. Three academics spent a year writing fake papers and submitting them to major academic journals. In one instance they used an algorithm to generate "rambling nonsense" and the paper was accepted. Some of their papers are much more alarming, advocating for white people to be chained up in the classroom. Their essay talks about "grievance studies" or what most people would call "social justice warriors." They look at how social justice and intersectional feminist dogma is a preferred moral framework in academia. But they stress that the need for good social justice is a driving reason as to why they perpetrated the hoax. Either way this is more evidence of the dark times ahead as science and academia are increasingly under attack from ideological forces.

Oct 03, 2018
The Regressive Left Is Eating It's Male Feminist Allies

The regressive left is a world where you are guilty until presumed innocent. This means that their easiest target are the male feminist allies who agree with this worldview. When they make an accusation against one of their own there is no defense, there is no way to come back. The accusations are evidence and there is nothing you can do to prove your innocence. Jack Smith IV is the latest in a long line of male feminists who have had their careers destroyed or hindered by accusations from "social justice warriors" and have been unable to mount a real defense. For those of us outside the regressive left, we believe in the presumption of innocence and that means even if we are accused of doing wrong we will survive.

Oct 02, 2018
Has Social Justice Become Too Extreme?

Can Social Justice Go Too Far? Recently a professor gave a presentation about how men are being discriminated against in physics due to ideology and not merit. His talk was pulled from the CERN website due to being offensive. My opinion is that social justice is great when it helps to promote equality of opportunity. But when we try to regulate for outcome we only end up discriminating against people based on race or gender, among other identities. This means that sometimes the drive for social justice can push us into creating similar laws but in different ways. We end up in a society promoting people based not on merit but on appearance.

Oct 01, 2018
Michael Moore's Anti-Trump Film Is Unhinged And Ridiculous

Michael Moore's Anti-Trump Film, Fahrenheit 11/9, Is Unhinged And Absurd. He actually claims that Gwen Stefani is the reason Trump ran for president. He actually shows historical footage of Germany to compare Trump and his supporters to the people then. The film is an attempt to cater to the modern left but Moore seems at odds due to his anti-globalist stance and his support for globalist Democrats. It becomes difficult, in my opinion, for Moore to support illiberal social justice reactionaries and white working class union members at the same time. The base in the US seems split with the forming of a new left and a new right and Michael Moore right in the middle struggling to stay with a left that has left him behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCkSAtqt2LY&index=2&list=PLxQaod7tWvYKPWKxGRRL1yf78WdyBRuvD&t=0s

Sep 30, 2018
Republicans Are Losing Women To The Democrats, But Why?

What is making most women become democrats? There are many reasons people have. For one they feel Trump has been too disrespectful to women. Many others believe that Democrats support of social justice and feminism is what is causing it. However there are studies showing that marriage is a big factor in whether women are democrat or republican. Divorced women tend to become democrat and women become republican upon getting married.

Sep 29, 2018
We Are In A Cold Civil War And It's Getting Worse

We are in what is called the Cold Civil War. The partisan divide has been growing steadily since the beginning of the decade and we can now actually see just how bad it is based on Pew Research data. Carl Bernstein said we are looking at the great battles of the cold civil war. Historical moments that will be looked back upon. But did this really begin with president Donald Trump? Will it end if the democrats win? Or will our country continue down an authoritarian path regardless of who is in power?

Sep 28, 2018
Julie Swetnick Claims About Kavanaugh Are Crazy, WTH is Going On?

New allegations have been made against Brett Kavanaugh and they are some of the most insane things I've ever heard. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they aren't true but man does this sound ridiculous. Many are now demanding that the confirmation hearing be postponed or even canceled as they feel these claims against Kavanaugh should disqualify him for SCOTUS but some believe that the claims are so absolutely ridiculous they can't possibly be true. At this point I have no idea wth is going on. Im over it... I'm going to talk about movies or something tomorrow...

Sep 26, 2018
Proof Of The Deep State Exposed?! DOJ Responds to O'Keefe

Proof of the Deep State has been exposed! At least if you follow Project Veritas as this is what they claim in a series of videos documenting members of the Democratic Socialists of America doing work inside the government. But is it really proof of the "deep state?" These people working in government appear to be engaging in unethical and maybe even illegal activity but they aren't necessarily high ranking members of intelligence angencies. However, this doesn't mean that O'Keefe is wrong. Veritas is showing us that, yes, there are people within the federal government who are working to "destroy capitalism" 

Sep 20, 2018
Media Is Smearing Me And People Like Joe Rogan as Far-Right

A study was published falsely linking me to channels I have never interacted and included me in a list of "far right reactionary" channels. The study is rife with factual errors and misleading statements. It makes contradictory and conflicting statements in its presentation and is woefully confusing. But nonetheless it is being spread as proof of "Far right extremism" on youtube even when the study concludes the "network" is of varying ideologies. 

Sep 19, 2018
When Fake News Uses Social Justice To Deflect Criticism

Fake news often uses social justice to deflect criticism but this only works when talking about abstract concepts and intangible subjects. When the Verge built a PC wrong they got called out, the producer tried to use some kind of social justice defense but it just doesn't work when we can actually see just how your video was misleading and factually incorrect. Imagine how this works in issues of politics and culture. If we can't see the actual subject it's hard to prove the story is fake or misleading.

Sep 17, 2018
Venezuela's Minimum Wage Hike Forces 40% of Stores to Close

Venezuela just enacted a 3,500% increase to salaries and are not allowing businesses to increase the cost of goods and services to cover the increased wages. This is resulting in 40% of businesses simply shutting down due to an inability to function. Many people in the US advocate for higher minimum wages but there are those who say simply increasing wages will only hurt and not solve any problems. Recently Alexandria Ocasio Cortez lamented the closing of her old job, however the coffee shop closed because they couldnt cover the cost of increasing wages, something that Cortez actually supports. Will increasing the minimum wage help or hurt in the long run? Unfortunately current data is conflicting. 

Sep 16, 2018
Dalai Lama Sparks Outrage, Says Refugees Should Go Home

Recently at a conference the Dalai Lama, a renowned spiritual and world leader, said that "Europe Belongs to Europeans" and that refugees should go home and rebuild their own countries. The comment was made following large gains by Sweden Democrats, who are considered to be Sweden's "far right party" Naturally this comment sparked outrage with people calling the Dalai Lama a "bigot of the first order" due the comments similarities to nationalist talking points. But if Europe does not belong to Europeans then who does it belong to?

Sep 15, 2018
Should The Government Force Companies To Promote Women?

A new law would require companies to maintain a minimum amount of women on their corporate boards. Many argue that discrimination is keeping women out of STEM fields while others argue that men are just more interested or more likely to take these jobs. Regardless of why, California has passed a bill mandating companies promote and hire women to their boards. Is this just social justice gone too far or are women really being held back by discrimination that a feminist push could alleviate? Was this the right move or will it just make things worse?

Sep 14, 2018
This is Why Republicans Are Going to Lose The Culture War

A google video leak shows just how biased they really are but even after numerous examples of social media being biased against conservatives Republican politicians do almost nothing to combat this. A new forecast from Nate Silver shows that Democrats will take the House. As republicans ignore the bias from massive tech giants they are free to push far left ideology unabated. So long as "social justice warriors" and the far left reap benefits from these tech companies they will never call them out for manipulating public discourse.

Sep 13, 2018
Norm MacDonald Canceled, Why Me Too Has Gone Too Far

Norm Macdonald's appearance on the Tonight Show was canceled because he made tepid comments about the MeToo movement. All he simply said was that it was good that things slowed down because some innocent people have faced the brunt of false allegations. Some say this is Social Justice Warriors going to far and others say he made rude and "ton-deaf" comments and should have his Netflix show canceled. But for me, This story , Aziz Ansari's Story, Hardwick's story, and The Asia Argento Scandal say to me that things have gone too far and need to be criticized.

Sep 12, 2018
Why Are They Saying The Serena Williams Caricature Racist?

A comic was published depicted Serena Williams as having a temper tantrum and people are decrying the comic as a racist caricature. But what exactly makes it racist? We are now even hearing that umpires may boycott Serena over her sexism claims after the US Open Final. Is this issue really about gender and race or is it about someone breaking the rules and complaining about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBynDg1TnQI&list=PLxQaod7tWvYIujAxNsDkb6iP-S9wTKS4W

Sep 11, 2018
Is Sexism Really To Blame For Serena Williams' Penalties?

Serena Williams broke the rules and was penalized for it but she says that men get away with breaking the rules all the time. Following the match she decried what she says is sexism and many agree. However when I look into archives I can see that Serena has a history of bad behavior, men do get penalized, and so do other women. Why would this incident be worse than others? Is this an incident of unreasonable feminist "social just warriors" in action or a just and honorable call out of bigoted behavior from the ump? Sexism in Tennis does exist and we have even seen recent examples, but is it fair to say this incident was the same?

Sep 10, 2018
The Far Left Opposes Science Even When They Think Its True

Vox typically takes the stance that differences in race based statistics are due to environmental factors. But in the past they have published a few op-eds that argued in favor of race realist beliefs but simply argued they were morally wrong to pursue. We have had a few issues of political take downs of scientific articles in the past week or so and this led me to look at why the Left would push for articles to be unpublished. It would seem that even though they might agree with the science they view it as morally wrong.

Sep 09, 2018
Conservatives Win? Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Is Backfiring

Nike sales are up and people are claiming that this is proof they did the right thing with hiring Colin Kaepernick. But market research data shows that ALL demographics, even democrats, view Nike less favorably following their campaign. The controversy may have resulted in a temporary sales increase but this may be due to tribalists buying products to show support. It would seem that by entering the culture war on the side of Social Justice they have only damaged their image in the long term. Even among Democrats Nike favorability has declined. They sacrificed their entire Republican base on this campaign and even Gen Z and the Democrats have pulled back.

Sep 08, 2018
How CNN Contributed to and Profited from Banning ALex jones

Yesterday Twitter gave advanced notice to CNN about a story they are a subject of allowing them to break the news on a controversy they pushed for Darcy said Jones was only banned due to media pressure which means CNN profited off of an issue they created 

Sep 07, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh Protesters Caught Being Paid At Hearing?!

Photos have emerged allegedly showing protesters receiving cash from an organizer outside the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Many are now decrying the action as they claim protesters are being paid to protest. But what is actually going on? Are they really being paid or is this something else entirely? 

Sep 06, 2018
The Far-Left "OK" Conspiracy So Nuts Even CNN Calls Them out

The far left is once again claiming that the ok sign is a secret dog whistle and that Zina Bash, by simply crossing her arms in an odd way, was signaling a certain group of people. But this is insane nonsense. They are sharing a simple video of a random woman crossing her arms, thats it. Whats funny here is that some of these people pushing the conspiracy have, in the past, called for Alex Jones to banned over pushing a conspiracy theory. It seems like we have another case of "its ok when we do it" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li7xxMaKqlo&index=2&list=PLxQaod7tWvYKEVcKAEvH3BVpeqbAlhSdR&t=0s

Sep 05, 2018
Conservative Boycott of NIKE May Already be Working

Conservatives are calling for a NIKE boycott after the company launched an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. In the early morning we saw NIKE stock fall with some outlets reporting a connection to the boycott. So is the Nike boycott actually causing the stock fall or is it just a coincidence? Some people say Conservative Boycotts don't work but there are some examples of companies who have seen sales drop offs and shares fall amid the types of political issues, 

Sep 04, 2018
Women Are Getting Attacked in Gender Neutral Rooms

New Data out of the UK says that nearly 90% of incidents against women happen in Gender Neutral rooms. The debate over how to best accommodate people has floated between gender neutral rooms and allowing anyone to use whichever room they choose. but with this new data and some high profile stories about people being accused of being the wrong gender we can see there is no easy solution to the issue.

Sep 03, 2018
Conservatives May have Just Won Another Culture War Battle

Conservative may have just won another battle in the culture war as many people are reporting that their QFD shadow bans have been lifted. While it is possible that the lift is not political it was an issue being decried by mostly conservative voices with many people on the left saying it was a conspiracy theory and not really happening. So why did Twitter remove the bans and does it have anything to do with Jack Dorsey testifying before congress in just a few days?

Sep 02, 2018
This Was An Ignorant Response To Jordan Peterson (Lawsuit Update)

Wilfred Laurier responded to Jordan Peterson and it was particularly ignorant. They claimed that Peterson should be suing Lindsey Shepherd because she published the recording of the incident. However this is wrong, Shepherd did not publish the recording, it was the National Post and Global news. The statement was Laurier's defense against defamation but they made a huge error in being factually incorrect.

Sep 01, 2018
Muslims Forced to Eat Pork Islam Treated as "Mental Illness"

Around one million muslims have been detained in Chinese internment camps over the view that their religion is a "psychological disease" American Lawmakers are now speaking out demanding that the US government impose sanctions to end the mass incarceration of Uighurs over their religious beliefs. Many view what is happening as torturous, where Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol. Many are calling this an extreme human rights violation that must be stopped.

Aug 31, 2018
Far Left Eats Its Own, Wil Wheaton Censored, Suspended

Wil Wheaton has been smeared and lied about, insulted to the point of deciding to leave social media. After leaving Twitter he went to far left Mastodon which went after him to such an extent that even though he broke no rules they decided to suspended him instead of those targeting him. Wil is now echoing the rhetoric of so many conservatives who have been banned or lied about.

Aug 30, 2018
Are Kids Becoming Transgender Because Its Trendy?

A study published by Brown University argues that it is possible some youtube experience gender dysphoria due to peer pressure and trends among their peer groups. They call this "rapid onset gender dysphoria." Brown has pulled down a press release about the study due to community pressure, with people saying it could undermine trans rights. But is there truth to the study? Is it possible that young people are simply trying to be trendy, or is it just that our society is more accepting of trans people and now our youth feel safe and comfortable expressing how they really feel?

Aug 29, 2018
Why Democrats are Embracing Anti-Capitalism and Socialists

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been called the future of the Democratic Party. Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that calls for an end to private profit and end to capitalism. Many people don't understand that under socialism you do not control the fruits of your labor, rather the state or collective gets to decide where your value gets put. Without private profit the individual cannot decide what they get to purchase or trade. Understanding this we can see that many people do not actually look at the values of the DSA and what they advocate, if they did many people would likely not align themselves with the group as most Americans, even on the left, are Capitalists.

Aug 28, 2018
CNN Called Out For Fake News About Trump, Refuses to Correct

CNN has been called out by Washington post and many others that their reporting on michael Cohen and Trump's knowledge of a Trump Tower meeting is in fact incorrect. Lanny Davis, lawyer for Cohen, says he should have been more clear when he made claims about Cohen in the past and many others confirm that Cohen testified in a sworn statement that he had no knowledge of Trump knowing about the meeting. So why won't CNN correct? Why would they keep pushing this story even after several sources refute their claims?

Aug 27, 2018
Mainstream News Caught LYING About Trump and Fox News

News outlets are reporting that Fox news reporters have quit over "Trump" support and the direction of the network. However upon some digging you can easily see this is a lie. One reporter quit because he felt the network was doing too much opinion and there wasn't enough funding for real journalism and another simply quit to spend time with his family. The mainstream news reporting this have been caught lying but the question is why are they lying? Probably because they want partisan fuel, they want to smear Fox news and Trump as not being real news. Unfortunately for them, Fox News is the number one cable network right now. 

Aug 26, 2018
The Culture War is THE END of American Culture

The Culture War has no rules, it is simply a no holds barred fight over the power of various tribes. People lose their jobs over political opinions and now people are losing jobs and opportunity over the actions of their parents and grandparents. This insanity can only lead to total collapse. How do you mend the divide when there are no rules to abide by? When the left can deride white people but claim it's not racism how can you oppose racism? There are no rules only attempts to empowering the tribe and that means the war cannot be won. 

Aug 25, 2018
Why is CNN Dying? Why is Fox News Now The #1 Network?!

CNN ratings are down 24% over last year and Fox News ratings are up 12%. What did CNN do that is causing them to slowly disappear and why is Fox doing so well? Not only is Fox up but it is the #1 cable channel in prime time. While many people might cheer for an end to "fake news" I assure this is actually not a good thing. As news dies off partisan websites and outlets grow causing the American divide to get worse and worse. I can't blame people for hating CNN, they made their bed. But journalism is dying too and with it honest reporting. 

Aug 24, 2018
The Truth About White Farmers in South Africa

What is the truth about white farmers in South Africa? Donald Trump instructed Pompeo to look into the issue after seeing a story on Fox news. Immediately the far left said this was just a conspiracy theory but is that true? What is actually going on in South Africa? Is it just more political posturing from either side or is there something really happening here? Is land expropriation actually happening and if it is, is it really about race?

Aug 23, 2018
Feminists Say Mollie Tibbetts Was a Victim of Catcalling

An Illegal Immigrant Took The Life Of Mollie Tibbetts and naturally the right has highlighted this as a reason to "build the wall." Interestingly the left has shown this as an issue of catcalling and violent men over immigration issues. Today I'm going to take a look at the issue and discuss whether it is true that Illegal Immigrants do commit more or worse crimes. 

Aug 22, 2018
The Guy Antifa Put in the Hospital Was A Bernie Voter?!

Antifa got physical with a man carrying an American flag at the recent Patriot Prayer / Proud Boy Rally in Portland. They took a club to his head and put him in the hospital with a concussion. Most people assumed this man was a Trump supporter but in fact he voted for Bernie and Hillary. This man was protesting Patriot Prayer and was on the side of the left. 

Aug 21, 2018
#MeToo Feminist ACCUSED, Allegedly Paid Victim For Silence

Prominent #MeToo activists and feminist Asia Argento has been accused according to documents received by the New York Times. The accusation is that she gave alcohol and engaged in acts with a then minor. The report says she paid off the victim with 380,000$. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51-DznmPmr4&list=PLxQaod7tWvYLe4sQJnNi_gKdQdn3buw6n

Aug 20, 2018
Ocasio-Cortez Called Out Over MAJOR Public Screw Up

Journalists are calling out Ocasio-Cortez for a major campaign screw up. At two events Cortez BANNED the press outright from attending, a move not even Donald Trump has been bold enough to pull off. The left routinely calls out Trump for his bad rhetoric on the press, Trump has even banned SOME press form his events, but not all. Its bad enough that Trump has banned some journalists but for Cortez to ban the press outright is a step far beyond Trump. So do you think the left is outraged over this? Or do you think they justified it?

Aug 18, 2018
"The Resistance" and Wil Wheaton Promoting Hate and Fascism?

Wil Wheaton and many members of "The Resistance" are advocating joining Counter Social, a website created by The Jester. The Jester is a known American patriot hacktivist who targets anti american actors such as Anonymous and Fundamentalist Muslims. His behavior is usually associated with the right and even Mastodon called Counter social Fascist and "pure raxism." If even the far left says the site is bad and disconnected form it why is Wil Wheaton promoting it? 

Aug 17, 2018
BAN Alex Jones or The Leftists Will Delete Their Accounts

Socialists, Communists, and Anarchist have always been undesirable in the eyes of the government yet for some reason its the far left advocating censorship on social media. They seem not to realize they will get the ban first. Now we have Wil Wheaton and other high Profile leftists threatening to delete their twitter accounts unless Jack Dorsey bans Alex Jones. Why would people want Jones banned if they can just mute him anyway? They claim it is to stop "abusive information" but what does that mean? Does that mean there must be an arbiter of truth who can guarantee something is not a lie? Many on the left call for censorship but then cry foul when their side gets censored. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtfaXlmLoiM&list=PLxQaod7tWvYLYmszYH2QVZbaCZTfh3yIQ&index=1

Aug 16, 2018
Why Men Are Refusing To Work With Women

Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, recently said he would not stream with women because people would then harass his family and accuse him of having an affair. People called him names and made accusations about Ninja over these statements. But is part and parcel of the social justice metoo era. Men don't want to be perceived as doing something wrong or inappropriate with women so they avoid interactions. In fact according to Lean In the number of men refusing to mentor, work with, or even socialize with women is going up, dramatically. So just why is it that men are refusing to work with women?

Aug 15, 2018
Why Did They Censor Another Independent Journalist?

An Independent Journalist, Ford Fischer, had his livestream shut down in the middle of a broadcast for dubious reasons. Its possible it was an accident but the reason given why they deleted his broadcast seems totally incorrect. This isn't the first time Independent media has faced social media censorship and I have to worry that this is part of a trend.

Aug 14, 2018
How Activist Journalists Run Defense For Antifa Violence

CNN and Vox actually called out Antifa violence which some found surprising. Following this however activists in media called them out and criticized them for presenting a "false equivalence." The media tends to report the right as the violent ones but this is usually activist journalists at Huffpo and The Daily Beast. Larger outlets really are left with no choice but to report on this when 95% of the violence is from Antifa.

Aug 13, 2018
Antifa Attacked Journalists, Why Is Media Staying Silent?

Antifa attacked journalists with NBC last night. It was just a quick hit and it seems everyone is ok. But this type of behavior is prevalent among far left protests so why doesn't the media talk about it? We heard that CNN personalities have faced threats and many people are upset with Trump for his rhetoric about the press. But the issue goes both ways. 

Aug 12, 2018
Censoring Conservatives Is a Political Move, It's On Purpose
There have been several instances where conservatives have mimicked tweets from liberals and been banned for it. Why does Twitter allow some speech and not others? Why do activists, who dont follow conservatives and even had them blocked, want them to be banned entirely? Its odd isn't it? If they and their friends can't see the content what is the issue? The issue is that these ideas can influence others and they don't want people to be able to hear what conservatives have to say. Plain and Simple.
Aug 11, 2018
Ocasio-Cortez Likens Ben Shapiro Debate Offer to Harassment
Ben Shapiro's offer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was rebuffed with a comment likening it to catcalling. This caused an eruption in the hellscape that is twitter with people on both sides hooting and hawing. The left said it was a sign of male entitlement, the right said it was obvious fear of losing a debate. To me it says that the left is fractured in more ways than one. There needs to be more liberals willing to engage conservatives. UPDATE: After filming this video Ben responded to my questions "did he reach out to Cortez through traditional channels before making the appeal" by saying "No, we didn't. It was a rather spur-of-the-moment thing."
Aug 10, 2018
Berkeley Bike Lock Antifa, Eric Clanton, Gets No Jail Time
Eric Clanton, aka the Bike Lock Basher, received no jail time. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge and will face 3 years of probation for his alleged attacks on several individuals with a bike lock. We need to look at how the media is framing the narrative, that its always violent right wingers. In reality the right rarely protests and it is the far left that engages in the bulk of political street conflict
Aug 09, 2018
The Left Keeps Blaming Russia When They Lose Elections
The Democrat in Ohio lost by 1,754 votes and high profile leftists and democrats are blaming the Green Party even though they only got 1,120 votes. Not only are they blaming the green aprty but they are implying that the Green Party is... the Russians... Yes, they are saying Green Party votes are Russian meddling...
Aug 08, 2018
CNN Credits Media For The Banning of Alex Jones / Infowars
CNN Reporter Oliver Darcy said that it was not the social media companies that got Alex Jones and Infowars banned but weeks of pressure from the media. Darcy was one of the loudest voices critical of these platforms for supporting Infowars. But these companies are claiming Jones violating community standards, so which is it? Did the media pressure companies to ban fake news or did Jones violate community guidelines?
Aug 07, 2018
Alex Jones / Infowars Banned on Youtube, Facebook, Spotify
Alex jones / infowars has been banned across the board. I think its wrong. I do not like jones work, I do not think Infowars is a good source of information, but Jones has a right to speak and right to platform. They say he tried to circumvent a livestreaming ban by promoting a second channel.
Aug 06, 2018
The New York Times Hired A Racist Troll And Defended Her
The New York Times is under fire after announcing the hiring of Sarah Jeong. Over two years Jeong made a serious of racist statements, in one instance calling white people "groveling goblins" among other offensive terms. The New York Times says this was just trolling and that she won't do this again, but they also mention that they knew she had made the posts. This is in stark contrast to the firing of Quinn Norton who did not make direct racist statements like Jeong yet was fired following a controversy over her use of certain words. So is this NYT being hypocrites or have outrage mob tactics stopped working?
Aug 02, 2018
Russian Meddling IS NOT An Attempt to Help Donald Trump
Facebook has recently taken down 32 accounts that they believe were fake and pushing propaganda designed to target the left AND the right. The goal seems to be to get everyone to fight each other. When the media frames it only as Donald Trump and Putin colluding then people on the right assume its more trump derangement syndrome and don't take it seriously. When we hear about Russian trolls meddling too many people only hear about it targeting the right. But they want us fighting, they want the left and right at each others throats. And its working... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo8GrUNg0Y&list=PLxQaod7tWvYL-svWumeiRiecB2yrXODIR&index=2&t=0s
Aug 01, 2018
Conservatives Have Won A Major Battle in The Culture War
Comedians are refusing to apologize for extremely offensive jokes and in some instances companies are backing them up. The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy have even come to the defense of James Gunn asking for people to stop weaponizing moral outrage. It would seem that regardless of whether the right acted in bad faith they have neutralized the left's moral outrage tactic and now high profile individuals like Trevor Noah are even pushing back on left wing activists. Political correctness and social justice outrage can only go so far if celebrities have to defend against the same tactics from conservatives and liberals.
Jul 31, 2018
Police Exonerated by Body Camera, Family Still Want Charges
Minneapolis Police have released body camera footage exonerating police of claims that they had shot an unarmed man. The footage shows the man was armed and fled from the police. it contradicts witness testimony and family testimony. But even with the footage the family is still calling for the officers to be prosecuted and fired. What causes people to believe these narratives and why don't outlets report on the conclusions and proof about what really happened?
Jul 30, 2018
Why Trump Will Win in 2020
There are many factors playing in Donald Trump's favor right now. Democrats are fighting themselves and have no strong candidates, the economy is booming, and millennials are leaving the Democratic party. On top of this many high profile personalities on the left and the right are predicting a 2020 victory for Trump. So are they right? Will Trump win in 2020 or is he being set up for a big fall in the next two years?
Jul 27, 2018
Confirmed: Conservatives get Shadowbanned, Democrats Do not
Vice News has confirmed that prominent Republicans are getting censored and their Democratic counterparts are not. Twitter denies any intentional targeting saying its about behavior and not politics. but upon inspection Ronna McDaniels, the GOP spokeswoman was was shadowbanned, doesn't engage in any noticeable bad behaviors. So why is she banned and the DNC spokesperson is not? In the past video leaked showing Twitter engineers talka bout how they target Trump supporters "because they are all Russian." So is it possible twitter is lying? Or is it an accident that Twitter is targeting behaviors more associated with conservatives?
Jul 26, 2018
False Accusations Got Innocent People Attacked in Oakland
Activists including Oakland's mayor and Shaun King made incorrect statements about the Proud boys and events in Oakland leading to innocent people being attacked by a mob of protesters. This stems from false claims that an attack in Oakland was carried out by Proud boys with no evidence. Gavin McInnes and the proud boys deny any involvement in the event and state they had no intention of being in Berkeley and denounce racism. The group attending the event was actually a Donald Trump support meet up.
Jul 25, 2018
Trevor Noah Caught in Another Racism Scandal
Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, has been caught in a second racism scandal this week as an old joke he made is being called racist and sexist. Noah made the joke about indigenous Australians in 2013 and now activists are calling for a boycott. Noah has apologized for the joke but has doubled down on his ethnonationalist argument about "africa winning the world cup" and argument that white nationalists have agreed with. So is Trevor Noah actually racist or have the social justice rules just gotten so out of hand that everyone will be destroyed by old comments and jokes?
Jul 24, 2018
Julian Assange Is About To Lose Asylum, Arrest Imminent
Julian Assange Is About To Lose Asylum And Be Arrested according to the intercept and Glenn Greenwald. Ecuadorian president Moreno says that Assange violated the conditions of his asylum by being political but many say the real reason is that he wants to gain favor with the US, Spain, and the UK. Assange was once a darling of the left but for many reasons that has flipped with the left attacking him and the right praising him. What does his loss of asylum mean for journalistic freedom and is Assange more than just a publisher? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ayEV9RGFFg&list=PLxQaod7tWvYICaWgUIpKLZqfs3NRmKkCY&t=0s&index=2
Jul 22, 2018
The Right Weaponized Social Justice Rules Against the Left
James Gunn was fired based on rules created by the far left. The right, like Mike Cernovich, is wielding moral outrage mobs against the establishment and many people feel it is in bad faith. In many instances the right is actually directing left wing social justice mobs against themselves, its not even just the tactic its actually the left eating its own But regardless of the intention the rules work. The moral outrage mob will consume anyone for any transgression and it has affected people on both sides. Offensive comedy is not allowed anymore and because of it people like Gunn are fired for saying things online. So is this really about James Gunn saying the wrong thing? Or is this right wing personalities like Cernovich and Posobiec wielding the left's own rules against itself?
Jul 21, 2018
The Far-left Advocates Censorship Up Until They get Censored
A left wing youtuber who has advocated for banning hate speech as found his criticism of Lauren Southern placed in "limited state" by youtube effectively censoring the content. in response another far left youtuber mirrored the video in an attempt to bypass the censorship. If these people feel no one has an obligation to host your content and that content that could cause harm should be removed why would they try to bypass censorship? if youtube says their video causes harm shouldn't they agree? Or is this actually about politics and not principle
Jul 20, 2018
The Young Turks Are Being Sued For Being Racist
The Young Turks are facing more accusations of racism, this time from a former employee who accused them of making veiled threats and holding them to a different standard because they were black. Cenk denies the allegations. But this isn't the first problem TYT has had with racism. Cenk had to apologize for racist and sexist blog posts less than a year ago and the name The Young Turks is the name of the group that committed the Armenian Geno****
Jul 19, 2018
A Secret Plot By Democrats To Stop Ocasio-Cortez?
Ocasio-Cortez is accusing incumbent Joe Crowley of planning a third party campaign against her because his name is going to appear on the ballot for a third party. If they are so sure her politics as a democratic socialist are what the people want why are they so worried about Joe Crowley being on the ticket? Crowley says he is not running but refuses to have his name removed from the ballot. Could Cortez be right? Are Dems staging a secret plot to run a third party campaign against her?
Jul 18, 2018
Trump Supporting Group Called Hate Group, Booted from Bar
A group of Trump Supporters called the Proud boys, a self described "Western Chauvinist" group, was removed from a bar after activists started chanting and an altercation broke out. Police were called and requested both groups leave due to the conflict. In response to this activists are attacking the bar accusing them of supporting a "hate group."
Jul 17, 2018
Chicago protesters were Wrong, Black man Shot and Killed WAS Armed
Protesters in Chicago accused police of lying and once again taking the life of an innocent unarmed black man. After releasing body cam footage the evidence became clear that Harith Augusts was armed and in the video appears to reach for his waist prompting officers to fire. Even with the evidence activists are doubling down calling for the resignation of the Superintendent. While the black man killed is a tragedy the protesters were wrong to claim he was unarmed.
Jul 16, 2018
Professor is Using Title IX to End Sexist Women Only "Diversity" Programs
Professor Mark J. Perry has filed a complaint against sexist women only "diversity" programs and awards. He says that by only allowing women they are excluding male and non-binary people from these programs and under Title IX it is illegal. In many instance he has won and certain programs and spaces have been closed. Some programs kept their name that said "women's" in the title but opened up to all genders. These programs are typically viewed as fighting for social justice and diversity but when women are the majority of college campuses it is only benefiting those who are already in a position of privilege.
Jul 15, 2018
New Federal "Unmasking" Law Targets Antifa
A new bill proposed in the House called "unmasking Antifa" seeks to make it illegal to disguise yourself while depriving someone of their rights. Even though this law targets Antifa it would in turn work against any group regardless of politics. So is a law like this necessary and how does the far left feel about being called out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2zwHNAgvL4&index=2&list=PLxQaod7tWvYKH3oeiZV7w6jo6QpDp9P6j&t=0s
Jul 11, 2018
Why News Sites Propagate Angry Feminism
News Companies know that women share more content than men, use social media more, and that people are primarily motivated to share if something makes them angry. Many news sites seem to push stories that would make women feel like victims. The reason may be simple, it will generate shares and make them money.
Jul 10, 2018
The JournoList: How Journalists Conspire to Push an Agenda
KEEP IN MIND - These private groups are only HUNDREDS of people out of the probably hundreds of thousands of Journalists in the US (32k full time, then freelance and part time) It is not to say ALL journalists are bad or that journalism is bad. Journalists have been caught conspiring to push political agendas in the past. Today we look at the "journolist" the "cabalist" and new evidence that the group of left wing journalists, intellectuals, and academics may have never actually disbanded at all.
Jul 09, 2018
Social Justice Media Companies Are Falling Apart
Social Justice Media Companies are failing. Univision has been buying out staffers and laying people off for a while now. Recent reporting from the Wall Street Journal says that Univision is trying to sell the Fusion media Group, which includes the former Gawker properties. So what is happening to cause this collapse and is regressive leftism the reason?
Jul 08, 2018
Justin Trudeau Accused of Sexual Assault Fails Purity Test
Justin Trudeau was accused of sexual assault stemming back from a story published nearly 20 years ago. He at first denied the allegations but then stated that the woman experienced the situation differently from him and apologized. This is another instance of the purity test. Often people's careers and livelihood can be destroyed over accusations and they don't recover. So will this be bad for Trudeau in the future?
Jul 07, 2018
Buzzfeed Defends False Rape Accusers
Buzzfeed has run two stories seemingly defending women who falsely accuse men of rape even when there is clear evidence the accusation was false. False Accusations can have devastating affects on people's lives, they can lose jobs, friends, or even go to prison for decades.
Jul 06, 2018
Teens Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat / Is This a Trend?
Teens eating at a burger joint got attacked by a man because they had a MAGA hat and supported Donald Trump. The man took the hat, splashed the kid with a soda and said the hat would be going into his fireplace. How common are attacks like these and is civility going out the window?
Jul 05, 2018
Why The Future Will Be Conservative
Trump has a good a chance to win in 2020 and if he does he has the chance to nominate a total of 4 supreme court justices. If Democratic Socialist rhetoric does scare middle america and the republicans take a super majority and the presidency then every branch of government will be stacked against the left.
Jul 04, 2018
Why Liberals #WalkAway From The Democratic Party
A viral campaign called #walkaway has people all over social media talking about why they left the Democratic Party. Started Brandon Straka over his grievances with the mainstream left and carried out into this month the trend has really pick up.

But some are saying its fake and that people are not really walking away. So whats really going on with #WalkAway, is it real, and if so can it have an impact this November?

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Jul 03, 2018
Far-Left Rhetoric Might Actually Help Trump
The Far left is calling for no borders and an end to immigration and customs enforcement. With the win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez many mainstream democrats have embraced some of the far-left rhetoric.

The Democratic Socialists of America are calling for no borders, most Americans won't get behind that and with Dems now embracing similar rhetoric I have to wonder if the far-left is actually helping Trump and the republicans in the upcoming elections.

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Jul 02, 2018
Europe Is Rejecting Migrant Ships, Shutting Ports
Italy has blocked several ships and ultimately closed its ports to migrant ships. Following this Spain has also blocked ships from disembarking and called on Europe to solve the migrant crisis.

Now even Emmanuel Macron has said that NGOs are breaking the rules and playing into the hands of human traffickers. Are these refugees or immigrants and does this spell the end of mass immigration into Europe?
Jun 30, 2018
Title IX Complaint Filed Against Gender Studies Professor
An economics professor has filed a request for a Title IX investigation into a feminist gender studies professor who wrote an op-ed titled "why can't we hate men?" in which she argues that hating men "seems logical."

Mark Perry argues that she shows clear prejudice and bigotry in her op-ed and that no male should expect fair treatment under or around her in the University.
Jun 29, 2018
Anthony Kennedy is Retiring and The Left is Freaking Out
Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement and the left is freaking out. Kennedy is seen as a swing vote who has sided with some pretty impactful left wing issues. But with his departure Trump has his second chance to nominate a supreme court justice.

The left has responded in the obvious way, yelling and swearing, but the right has also responded in an obvious way, gloating.

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Jun 28, 2018
A Democratic Socialist Has Just Won In Congress
A Democratic Socialist has just defeated 10 term incumbent Joe Crowley. This isn't the first time a socialist has held a seat in congress but it is an upset considering the massive difference in campaigns and experience. Crowley outspent Cortez 10 to 1 but still lost in the primary. However, I think this may backfire on the left as many people find socialism too far left and might move to the republican party as an alternative.
Jun 27, 2018
From Culture War to Civil War
Rhetoric about the 2nd civil war is escalating. A mainstream funded website has even gone so far as to advocate for things to become more extreme. But is all of this just rhetoric or are the factions of the regressive left, the authoritarian left, and the "fascist government" becoming a much more serious issue?
Jun 26, 2018
Conservatives Are Winning The Red Hen / Sarah Sanders Battle
Conservatives and Liberals are battling online over the Red Hen restaurant and whether or not it was right to kick our Sarah Sanders. But at least by one metric the right is winning, the Yelp rating for the restaurant is declining rapidly due to fake reviews by people who support Trump.

Even with the left counter brigrading the average ratings continues to decline

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Jun 25, 2018
The ACLU Is Becoming a Far Left Advocacy Group
The ACLU has been backing away from free speech in areas where it could impact marginalized communities. A memo was recently leaked showing that not only will they take "special consideration" when dealing with certain speech but they won't support being armed at a rally either.

It would seem that based on the rhetoric the ACLU is pushing far left talking points and actually stating they must consider whether defending absolute free speech is worth it. They claim to defend the constitution but would back away from the first amendment and the second amendment.

What happened and why is the ACLU backing away from free speech?

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Jun 22, 2018
SPLC Faces Wave of Potential Lawsuits After Legal Defeat
After a massive multi million dollar settlement by the SPLC to Maajid Nawaz over a demand letter, not even an actual lawsuit, over 60 groups are discussing bringing about defamation cases against the SPLC.

To discuss how this happened and why and if the SPLC is really at risk I joined Lawyer Will Chamberlain to discuss legal issues surrounding defamation and why the SPLC caved to such high demands.

Will's Twitter - https://twitter.com/willchamberlain

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Jun 21, 2018
Why Affirmative Action is Racist
The social justice left defines racism as "prejudice plus power" and by this definition Affirmative action is racist. I'm not talking about "reverse racism" or whatever nonsense they want to call it, I'm talking about Asian people being penalized simply for being Asian even though they are one of the smallest demographics in the US.

So if the dominant culture is oppressing a minority culture why isn't the far left fighting for justice in this regard? Why aren't they calling for reform of affirmative action or its removal?

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Jun 20, 2018
How An Activist Journalist Smeared a Wounded Marine Veteran
An Activist Journalist with the New Yorker falsely accused a wounded marine veteran of having an iron cross tattoo. This led to a wave of attacks on social media and ultimately ICE, where the man now works, had to issue a statement demanding an apology.

The woman, Talia Lavin, made her twitter private following the incident and the New Yorker apologized for the error.

This woman is employed as a FACT CHECKER at the New Yorker and she couldn't even fact check the tweet before sending it out and causing real harm to an innocent man.

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Jun 19, 2018
SPLC Must Pay MASSIVE Settlement for Defaming Maajid Nawaz
The SPLC has agreed to settle with Maajid Nawaz and Quilliam for defaming them by calling Maajid an anti Muslim extremist. The legal battle has been going on for nearly two years and finally ended to day. Several weeks ago we saw the SPLC pull down the original article and this to many was a sign of something about to happen.

We now learned that it is part of a full apology, retraction, and multi million dollar settlement.

Full Disclosure, the SPLC has lied about me in the past and was forced to apologize for it.
Jun 18, 2018
Ocean's 8 Actresses Are Blaming White Men For Bad Reviews
Ocean's 8 has received mixed reviews and almost immediately some of the lead actresses are blaming white men. They said that the media hasn't shifted towards gender equality and that the reviews are a sign of not understanding or liking things that women like.

But this is not likely the case as the same reviewers loved The Last Jedi and hated Deathwish.

So what is the real reason for the bad reviews and is it possible its just a bad movie?

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Jun 16, 2018
The Media's Misogyny Narrative about Star Wars Fans Is Fake
Stars Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran deleted her instagram content and immediately the narrative is that she did this due to harassment. However we don't really know what happened or why she deleted her account. Regardless the media has pushed the story to the extreme, stating definitively that Star Wars fans are misogynist trolls who want to make Star wars "white and male again"

But the truth is that women are not harassed on the internet more than men. But if that's what the research shows why is the narrative inverted?
Jun 14, 2018
Lindsay Shepherd Files Massive Lawsuit for Free Speech Abuse
Lindsay Shepherd is Suing Wilfrid laurier over the incident last year where she was chastised over the airing of a debate between Jordan Peterson and others about gender pronoun use.

She alleges that she has become unemployable due to the attacks against her and is seeking 3.6 Million dollars.

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Jun 13, 2018
How The Left has Gone Too Far
Jordan Peterson often asks what the indicators are of a Left that has gone too far and I started wondering this myself. No this video is just an opinion piece about how the left has gone too far and take it for what it is. But when we see this faux anti racism, appropriation of public resources, and the breaking down of protections for marginalized groups it is safe to say that the left is going to far, well at least in my opinion.

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Jun 12, 2018
Knife Control is a Scapegoat for London's Real problems
London is coming for knives, kitchen knives, because they shouldn't have points! Or maybe there is a practical reason they should.

I can't believe I actually have to explain to a judge why knives in the kitchen have points... its called cutting food. But all this talk of sharp knives seems to just be a scapegoat for the real cultural problems facing London.

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Jun 11, 2018
Riots Erupt at Tommy Robinson Protest (w Roaming Millennial)
Protests for Tommy Robinson turned violent in the UK and at one point a guy threw a street cone at a horse... I have no idea why...

But many are quick to condemn the violence likening it to Antifa as we have seen the same arguments in support of violence from both sides.

But what do you think, is this the same as Antifa violence, is this justified, or is this still bad but very different from what we see Antifa doing?

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Jun 10, 2018
Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games
A game that allowed you to play as an active shooter was pulled from the Steam Store and many on the left started praising Valve for doing so. But the game wasn't pulled for being offensive, it was pulled because the developer was banned from the service. Following this Valve clarified they would allow any game on Steam so long as it was legal and not trolling. Naturally the Social Justice left is furious over this refusal to censor legal content. But why did Valve do it? Are they really standing up for free expression? SUPPORT JOURNALISM. Become a patron at http://www.patreon.com/Timcast
Jun 09, 2018
Mystery Illness or Sonic Weapon? US Evacuations Ordered
The US has ordered evacuations in China following mysterious illness affecting consulate workers. But some think this is actually an attack, some kind of new super weapon meant to disable people with concussion like symptoms. Is this a natural phenomenon, an accident, or is this a new weapon being used against US interests?
Jun 07, 2018
Why Men Are Refusing To Help Women and Children?
A recent story talked about how a woman being attacked on a subway in London and two men refused to intervene. Is something happening that is making men worried about coming to the aid of others? if so, what is it and will this trend get worse or is it all just blown out of proportion?
Jun 06, 2018
David Hogg Has Been Swatted
Parkland Survivor and Activsts David hogg's home was Swatted today. As of the making of this video I have limited information so expect updates beyond this video as the story develops. In an update on the Swatting case from December another man has been charged in the death of Andrew Finch after a swatting incident led to the police shooting Finch on his porch.
Jun 05, 2018
Tommy Robinson Arrested, Press Gag ordered by Judge
Tommy Robinson was arrested while reporting on a grooming gang trial in the UK. Shortly after a judge ruled that the press in the UK cannot talk about this. The ruling goes so far to even block people from posting too much on social media about what happened.

Can the UK really do this? What does this mean for free speech in the UK?
May 26, 2018
Are Universities Discriminating Against Men?
The Department of Education is investigating universities for alleged discrimination against men after a student complained about several different programs. The idea is that if woman are the majority of degree earners and college attendees than programs that benefit women are helping the majority and discriminate against the minority.

But what do you think? Are Colleges and universities discriminating against men?
May 23, 2018
How Mentally distressed activists have taken over Journalism
Please Share this with anyone who doesn't know what is happening to journalism.

The Media industry is collapsing. Employees are slowly becoming more and more mentally distressed due to their workload and actual journalism is being replaced by activism.

The result of this is mentally distressed activists writing stories from a skewed perspective to make you behave the way they think you should behave.

Mentally distressed activists have taken over Journalism.

Note: Mental Distress is the actual term used to describe those who dont sleep enough, take drugs, or are overworked and not intended to be derogatory.
May 21, 2018
Why Are They Lying About Trump?
Why are they lying about Trump? Recently the president made a statement about criminal gangs trying to get into the US but for some reason several outlets tried making it seem like he was actually referring to all undocumented immigrants.

Politicians and activists are hopping on the dishonesty train for obvious reasons, they want to score points for their side. But will this actually convince people Trump is bad or will it just make people double down on their support for the President
May 17, 2018
Hate Speech Law Backfires on Far Left
A city in Canada has determined that the "A" symbol that represents "anarchy" is a hate symbol and can not be displayed on a building. While Anarchists by definition oppose government controls it tends to be the far left that advocates for these types of hate speech laws.

The far left is typically a reference to anarchists, communists, and socialists and it is these groups that often advocate for censoring "hate speech."

In turn we are seeing progressive and anarchists face the same censorship they advocate for.

UPDATE: After making this video PJW's video was unrestricted.
May 16, 2018
The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson
The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson has to be by Forward.com asking if he was "enabling jew hatred." The article even used Petersons photo next to a Photo of [Really bad German Leader from WWII] which had to be retracted.

But we also have a string of new outlets calling Peterson alt right or implying that the alt right likes him, they dont. Peterson regularly speaks out against the alt right and Identity Politics.

So what is going on with this wave of smears against him?
May 15, 2018
Sargon of Akkad, Jordan Peterson In The Crosshairs