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By John Lanza

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Category: Kids & Family

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The Art of Allowance Podcast is hosted by John Lanza, the author of "The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids." John is also the Chief Mammal and Creator of The Money Mammals, the award-winning DVD and picture book series that helps get kids excited about money smarts. In the Art of Allowance podcast, John interviews parents and other youth money experts to discuss tools, tactics and tricks that families can pick and choose from to help them raise financially literate, money-smart and money-empowered kids (from birth to teen).

Episode Date
AOA 072: Evan Wilson on Teaching Our Kids to Invest
Jun 03, 2024
AOA 071: Researcher Ashley LeBaron-Black on the Importance of Experience, Modeling and Open Conversation in Raising Money-Smart Kids
May 06, 2024
AOA 070: Colin Ryan on Money Psychology, Emotion and Humor
Apr 08, 2024
AOA 069: Joe Saul-Sehy's Journey from "Money Disaster" to Raising Money Smart Kids
Mar 18, 2024
AOA 068: Building Wealth Wisdom: Vince Shorb on Youth Financial Education
Feb 19, 2024
AOA 067: Money is a By-Product of Great Work - Featuring Guest Kevin Kelly
Jan 08, 2024
AOA 066: Grow Massive Money Trees with the Power of Patience - Featuring Guest Will Rainey
Dec 04, 2023
AOA 065: How Can Parents Get on the Same Page Financially? With Guest Megan McCoy
Nov 20, 2023
AOA 064: Empowering Financially Independent Teens: A Parent's Journey - With Guest Samantha Paxson (And Guest Co-host Robin Taub)
Oct 16, 2023
AOA 063: An Age-Appropriate Approach to Allowance With the Smart Money Mama - With Chelsea Brennan
Sep 18, 2023
AOA 062: Demystifying the Costs of Sending Kids to College - With Ann Garcia
Aug 21, 2023
AOA 061: Navigating Your Emotional Journey with Money – With Veronica Dangerfield
Jul 24, 2023
AOA 060: Making Money Conversations Meaningful - Featuring Tom Henske
Jun 26, 2023
AOA 059: Patience on Your Money-Smart Journey - Featuring Kelly Mindell
Jun 05, 2023
AOA 058: What is The Art of Allowance?
May 29, 2023
AOA 057: Money Smarts in the Metaverse - Featuring Brett Wooden
Apr 17, 2023
AOA 056: Inflation Highlights Investing's Importance - Featuring Jedidiah Collins
Feb 27, 2023
AOA 055: Grow Kids' Wealth with Non-Monetary Deposits - Featuring James Robert Lay
Jan 23, 2023
AOA 054: Getting Started on Your Money-Smart Journey Matters More Than Getting It Right - Featuring Jessica Willis
Dec 19, 2022
AOA 053: Helping Almost Adult Kids Become Money Smart - Featuring Bobbi Rebell
Dec 05, 2022
A0A 052: No Single Point of Failure
Oct 31, 2022
AOA 051: How an Entrepreneur Is Raising His Kids to Take Ownership - With Guest Kirk Drake
Oct 17, 2022
AOA 050: The Money Mammals Maven - With Special Guest Eileen Lanza
Feb 14, 2022
AOA 049: The Hybrid Allowance System - With Guest Kennedy Reynolds
Dec 13, 2021
AOA 048: Family Values and Money Conversations - With Guest Robin Taub
Nov 08, 2021
AOA 047: The Key to Investing: Be Boring - With Guest Chris Browning
Sep 13, 2021
AOA 046: Empowering Kids Financially by "Saving to Invest" - With Guest Gayle Reaume
Aug 10, 2021
AOA 045: Consistency Is Essential When Raising Money-Smart Kids - With Guest Courtney Moran
Jun 24, 2021
AOA 044: The Free Lunch that Is the Roth IRA - With Guest Gene Natali
May 26, 2021
AOA 043: What Families Need to Know to Cultivate a Culture of Prosperity - With Guest Ellen Rogin
Apr 19, 2021
AOA 042: Understanding Our Own Money Scripts to Be Better Financial Role Models for Our Kids - With Guest Brad Klontz
Mar 09, 2021
AOA 041: Three Ways of Framing the College Conversation - With Guest Ron Lieber
Feb 01, 2021
AOA 040: Noise, Choice-Fullness and Monetary Control — With Guest Robert Reiher
Sep 18, 2020
AOA 039: Five Jars and Many Teachable Moments Raising Money-Smart Kids — With Guest Robin Taub
Aug 21, 2020
AOA 038: Raising a Money-Smart, Commercial-Free Child - With Guest Josh Golin
Jul 31, 2020
AOA 037: The Correlation Between Physical and Financial Health - With Guest Barbara O'Neill
Jul 10, 2020
AOA 036: Raising Money-Smart and Time-Affluent Kids - With Returning Guest Ashley Whillans
Jun 19, 2020
AOA 035: How to Turn Your Kids into Smarter Shoppers - With Consumer Expert Guest Trae Bodge
May 29, 2020
AOA 034: Is there a case for tying chores to allowance? —With Guest Cameron Huddleston
May 08, 2020
AOA 033: Merging Money and Hip Hop to Help Children Define Money Values and Encourage Entrepreneurship — with Guest Andrea Ferrero
Apr 17, 2020
AOA 032: Conversations, Questions and Self-Care — How Parents Can Help Their Kids Through a Crisis — With Special Guest Lucy Rimalower
Mar 24, 2020
AOA 031: Cultivating Intentionality and a Growth Mindset in Your Allowance Program - With Guests Mark and Kimberlee Barnes
Feb 21, 2020
AOA 030: Personal Finance Education Program Efficacy and Student Loan Debt Perspective — With Guest Carly Urban
Feb 04, 2020
AOA 029: Raising Money-Smart Kids by Giving Them Total Control of Their Money — With "First National Bank of Dad" Author David Owen
Jan 10, 2020
AOA 028: How to Have More Fun and Less Stuff This Holiday Season with Guests Guinevere Higgins and Kelley Dennings of New Dream
Dec 06, 2019
AOA 027: How Over $100k in Student Loan Debt Sparked an Educator's Passion to Teach Financial Literacy to Families (Including His Own) — with Guest Kyle Osborne
Nov 22, 2019
AOA Small Change 002: What Does Money-Empowered Mean to You?
Nov 07, 2019
AOA 026: Facing Your Fears, Working to Earn and Having Money Conversations with Your Kids - With Guest Ruth Soukup
Oct 11, 2019
AOA 025: Materialism, Well-Being and the Human Value System - With Guest Tim Kasser
Sep 20, 2019
AOA 024: College Funding and Financing 101 - With Guest David Flores Wilson
Aug 30, 2019
AOA 023: Navigating the College Admissions Process Waters with The Scholarship Shark - With Guest Pam Andrews
Aug 09, 2019
AOA 022: Discussing Financial Literacy at Home and in the Classroom - With Guest Breanna Reish
Jul 12, 2019
AoA Small Change 001 - Top Takeaways from the First Five Episodes of The Art of Allowance
Jun 21, 2019
AOA 021: Navigating the Breakthrough Allowance and Raising Money-Empowered Kids with the "Dad Edge" - With Guest Larry Hagner
Jun 06, 2019
AOA 020: How Science Can Help Us Make Better Money and Time Decisions with Our Kids (and Ourselves) - With Guest Ashley Whillans
May 24, 2019
AOA 019: "The Formula" for Parenting Successful Children - With Guests Ron Ferguson and Tatsha Robertson - and How Their Plan Can Help You Raise Money-Smart Kids
May 10, 2019
AOA 018: Getting Your Kids Started with Investing and Facilitating Money-Smart Conversations with Allowance - With Guests Evan Wilson and Todd Yuzuriha
Apr 26, 2019
AOA 017: The Importance of Intentionality in Raising Money-Smart Kids - With Guest Kelsa Dickey
Apr 12, 2019
AOA 016: Your Kids as Your Business Owners with Dave Hanley, CEO of Tomorrow
Mar 26, 2019
AOA 015: The Importance of an Allowance in Opening Up a Money Conversation with Your Kids — with Guest Ashley LeBaron
Jan 25, 2019
AOA 014: What ‘Doggie Donations’ and Protection from Bears Taught a Moose About Family Finances — With Guest Morgan (‘Moose’) Wright
Nov 30, 2018
AOA 013: Toxic Stress, Executive Function and Why Videogames Might Teach Financial Literacy Better Than Books – With Child Psychology Researcher Chuck Kalish
Nov 16, 2018
AOA 012: An Early Savings Habit Leads to More Money-Smart Skills - with Youth Financial Literacy Pioneer Sam Renick
Oct 28, 2018
AOA 011: Financial Education in the Schools and at Home with Jump$tart Coalition Executive Director Laura Levine
Oct 12, 2018
AOA 010: Financial Well Being for Your Kids Based on the Current Youth Financial Literacy Research with Elizabeth Odders-White
Sep 27, 2018
AoA 009: A Conversation About Kids (of all ages) and Money with Personal Finance Columnist and CNBC personality Kelli Grant
Sep 13, 2018
AoA 008: Essential Money Lessons a Financial Advisor and Dad has Taught his Kids — with Tom Henske
Aug 06, 2018
AOA 007: Financial Education Tips for Teens and Kids of All Ages from an Expert Dad – with Bill Dwight of FamZoo
Jul 03, 2018
AOA 006: An Award Winning Financial Educator on the Importance of Starting the Money Conversation and Creating "The Family Jar" – with guest Tabatha Thurman
Jun 12, 2018
AOA 005: Learn the Importance of Balance to Help Your Allowance Program Grow with Your Child into Her Teen Years – with guest Atsuko
May 15, 2018
AOA 004: How a $100 Per Month Allowance for your Tween or Teenager Can Save a Parent Money - The Art of Allowance Podcast - with guest Melissa Disharoon
Apr 10, 2018
A0A 003: How a Financial Educator Plans to Teach His Young Son to Become Money-Smart - The Art of Allowance Podcast - with guest Jeremy Cybulski
Apr 10, 2018
A0A 002: A Mom Discovers an Allowance System that Finally Works - The Art of Allowance Podcast - with guest Sondi Sepanuk
Apr 05, 2018
AOA 001: What to Expect from The Art of Allowance Podcast - A Short Primer - The Art of Allowance Podcast - with host John Lanza
Mar 25, 2018