Blessed is She The Gathering Place

By Jenna E Guizar

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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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This is The Gathering Place, a podcast from Blessed is She. We will gather together with you at the table to talk about what YOU want to talk about, ask about, share about. Let's take a seat at the table next to one another, dive into prayer together, and grow in love as daughters of the King.

Episode Date
Evangelizing through Stickers // TGP Episode 21
In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Megan Hjelmstad, wife and mom who is in the Army Reserves and an advocate for women suffering from endometriosis as she did for years. We talk about being witnesses and evangelizing in our own spheres of influence (whether it be at home, at work, or even at the grocery story). Enjoy and tell us your thoughts over on Twitter (
Aug 10, 2018
Tap Shoes and Stinky Feet // TGP Episode 20
This week on the podcast, Jenna and Beth chat about insecurity—from childhood rejection to stepping into new roles—and how, in the face of shame or self-doubt, we can root ourselves in the Father's perfect love for us. We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for battling uncertainty. - Living Your Strengths by Albert L. Winseman and Donald O. Clifton ( - Confident by Steffany Gretzinger ( - Teachable Tuesday episode we referred to (
Aug 03, 2018
Nudge Nudge // TGP Episode 19
In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk with Blythe Fike, one of the Blessed is She writers who shares her experience with spiritual direction, regular confession and prayer times (even in the midst of busy life). A wife, mom, and lover of the beautiful devotions in our Church, Blythe shares about the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith. (And how Mary nudges us along like only a good Mother does!)
Jul 27, 2018
Freedom Has Come // TGP Episode 18
In this episode, Beth and Jenna talk with Ike Ndolo, *husband,* worship leader, and songwriter about his new records, specifically his new song called "Your Table" ( They talk about how stories change our opinions and views of another, and the power of hearing another's story. Join in on the discussion about viewing "the other" in each one of our lives, loving our enemies (even when they're in the Church), and how freedom comes when we remember the truth about God: He is for the oppressed, the outcast, the vulnerable. He is for you.
Jul 20, 2018
You're Not Alone // TGP Episode 17
Beth and Jenna talk about how our lives turn out differently than we ever anticipated or planned. They also share about consolation + desolation in our lives and how we react to suffering and joys as they come. We would LOVE to hear how your life has worked out differently than you ever thought it would. Tell us over on Twitter or in our Facebook Regional Groups (
Jul 13, 2018
Let's Not Sugarcoat It // TGP Episode 16
Beth and Jenna talk with Father Timothy Seavey to answer Alessandra's question about the Sacraments, Scripture, and the humanity of the Church. If you or someone you know has ever been hurt by the Church's hierarchy, this episode is for you. We are praying for you. Please share.
Jul 06, 2018
From College to Sin to Vulnerability // TGP Episode 15
Today Beth and Jenna chat with Sarah Erickson, junior in college at The Catholic University of America. Today's talk is all about Sarah's surprise when she got to college, how we approach sin as Christians, and how vulnerability is simply about being uncomfortably honest. Take a listen and share!
Jun 29, 2018
Have a Sip of Sprite // TGP Episode 14
In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Lindsay, Blessed is She's virtual assistant, bestie, and Protestant Floridian. We chat about Lindsay's experience with her introduction into the Catholic faith via Blessed is She, taking leaps with the Lord, and being grateful to Him for the small ways He loves on us.
Jun 22, 2018
Let's Go On a Long Walk // TGP Episode 13
In this episode, we have a frank conversation with Anna and Shannon of Eden Invitation, which is a ministry devoted to celebrating personal integration and promoting solidarity beyond the LGBT+ paradigm. We are honored to have Anna and Shannon on to share their hearts for LGBT+ in the Church as well as how all of us as Catholic Christians walk alongside the people in our lives, no matter if we assume differences or not. You are a gift. Thank you for your presence. We look forward to walking alongside you, learning from you, and growing with you. As stated on this show, we keep reminding ourselves and each other to say over and over again, "You belong to me." We belong to each other. So let's go on a walk.
Jun 16, 2018
Be Saints (The One with Bishop Barron) // TGP Episode 12
Beth and Jenna chat with a VERY special guest this week, Bishop Robert Barron, all about prayer, miracles, the incredible female Saints in our Church, and so. much. more. Some of the topics we discuss: - The Daily Examen from Ignatius Spirituality ( - Pope Saint John Paul II's Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris (on the Christian meaning of human suffering) ( - Bishop Barron's reflection on the Irish Referendum ( Take a listen, share with a friend (or two!), and share your thoughts over on Twitter (
Jun 08, 2018
Remember His Tenderness // TGP Episode 11
Beth and Jenna talk with Brigid Hogan, teacher and devotion writer for Blessed is She. They answer Miriam's question all the way from Australia, asking about finding the tenderness of God even in dry or desolate moments.  Take a listen below and share with your Twitter buds!
Jun 01, 2018
Still Lakes and Filled Up Cups
Beth and Jenna talk about P E A C E today. We talk about practical tips to do when your peace is shaken, what Father Jacques Philippe says about peace in his book, Searching for and Maintaining Peace (, and how to recognize if it's time to let things go in our lives so we can make more space for the Lord and His peace. Take a listen and share with a friend.
May 25, 2018
Let's Get Some Air in Our Parachutes
We chat with husband, dad, author, life coach, and parachute extraordinaire, Paul George about all things happiness and discernment. Find his book, Rethink Happiness right here on Amazon: Let us know your thoughts on this week's episode over on Twitter:
May 18, 2018
Opening the Doors of Our Squeaky Hearts // TGP Episode 8
In this episode, we talk with Nell O'Leary, the Managing Editor of Blessed is She. She is a wife, mom, recovering lawyer, and sometimes-blogger at Whole Parenting Family (! In this episode we talk about friendship, how important friendships are, how to cultivate friendships, and what it means to open the doors of our [squeaky ] hearts. Share this episode with your favorite friend!
May 11, 2018
The One Where Beth and Jenna are Opposites // TGP Episode 7
In this episode, we chat about how we both got involved in ministry life, how to keep from getting burned out in life, and visioning with God for our ministries and lives. Hit us up on Insta and tell us your thoughts!
May 04, 2018
Even the Kitchen Sink // TGP Episode 6
In this episode, Beth and Jenna chat with Blessed is She's spiritual advisor, Father John Parks, who is the Vicar of Evangelization for the Diocese of Phoenix. We chat about evangelization, testimonies, raspberries, people who influence us, joy in suffering, and more (everything AND the kitchen sink). Fav quote: "Tell your story, but Jesus is the hero." Find out more about Blessed is She:
Apr 27, 2018
Unwrapping the Gifts // TGP Episode 5
In this episode with Shannon Evans, we talk about what *keeps* us in the Church and what each of us loves about it. What about you? Not only how did you fall in love with the Church, but what KEEPS you here? Continue the conversation here:
Apr 20, 2018
Coming Back to the Well // TGP Episode 4
Here is our latest episode with the lovely Anna Coyne, a writer for Blessed is She. Read more about Anna on her blog, The Heart's Overflow ( Join us as we talk about the moments that brought us into and in love with the Church, those memories that we can always go back to in prayer. Continue the conversation with us over on Twitter:
Apr 13, 2018
The Name of the Game Is... // TGP Episode 3
In this episode we answer Jessica's question about studying Scripture in a group setting (and we have a great discussion about who we relate to more: Father, Son, or Holy Spirit). Continue the conversation with us over on Twitter: Send us over YOUR question next!
Apr 05, 2018
Let's Get Bumper Stickers // TGP Episode 2
BIG thank you to Dara (and Dara, you're amazing! Working, mothering, praying, you are our hero!) for your question this week. We dive in to how to find time for prayer as busy women (no matter your state in life). When is your favorite time for prayer? Let's continue the conversation over here: using #BISpodcast. Get involved with the Blessed is She community right here:
Mar 30, 2018
Sidekicks and Cool People // TGP Episode 1
Here is our very first episode of The Gathering Place! In this episode, we called our good friend Heather Khym: wife, mom, and podcast extraordinaire! Check out her amazing podcast at Abiding Together ( Find out more about Heather: Remember to send us over your questions for our next episode! We can't wait to hear from you and continue the conversation.
Mar 29, 2018