Pull Up with CJ McCollum

By CJ McCollum & Cadence13

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Portland Trail Blazers star - and former journalism major at Lehigh – CJ McCollum hosts Pull Up alongside Jordan Schultz, of "The Boardroom" on ESPN+. Pull Up is a one-of-a-kind show that will give an unmatched look into the NBA and the life of a basketball superstar. CJ has been lauded as the next breakout star in sports media. But why wait till he retires to begin his next career? In Pull Up, CJ will talk about everything from where star players will go in free agency, to what it’s like to drop 50, to his favorite glass of wine. Pull Up will provide unmatched NBA access, plenty of laughs, and world-class guests in an unprecedented sports podcast showcasing an NBA and media star at the height of his career.

Episode Date
Kevin Love, Part 2: Mental Health in The NBA
CJ and Jordan are joined by former NBA Champion and current star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love! In the second edition of this two part series, Kevin, CJ and Jordan talk about what motivated Kevin to become such an outspoken advocate of Mental Health. Learn about what he does to take care of himself mentally and how mental health plays are role for many players in the NBA.If you haven’t heard Part 1 of the interview, be sure to check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your shows!
Aug 20, 2019
Kevin Love, Part 1: The Three Phases Of His Career
CJ and Jordan are joined by former NBA Champion and current star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love! In the first edition of this two part series, Kevin, CJ and Jordan talk about each phase of Kevin's career. From his humble beginnings in Oregon to winning a championship with Lebron James, find out who and what motivated Kevin Love to become the player he is today!
Aug 14, 2019
“Rich Paul Rule,” Adrian Wojnarowski
On this special episode of Pull Up, CJ and Jordan talk about the controversial “Rich Paul Rule” and what that means for the NCAA. The also talk about Metta World Peace’s chances at making the NBA Hall of Fame and the legacy of Vince Carter. Plus, CJ is very excited to welcome on Mr. Woj Bomb himself, Adrian Wojnarowski!
Aug 08, 2019
Contract Extension, Gary Vaynerchuk
CJ talks about his recent extension with the Portland Trailblazers and how grateful he is to play the game he loves. CJ and Jordan also talk about David Griffin’s comments regarding Lebron James’ competitiveness. Also, the Pull Up Pod is happy to welcome special guest Gary Vaynerchuk to the show! Gary is here to talk about the NBA, Basketball Cards, and the first Uber ride ever taken in New York City.
Aug 02, 2019
FIBA World Cup, Zion's Shoe Deal, Dawg Pound
On this episode of Pull Up, CJ and Jordan discuss why so many NBA stars are dropping out of the FIBA Basketball World Cup. They also talk about Steve Kerr's criticism regarding the Anthony Davis trade and they have a lively chat about whether Odell Beckham Jr. has the right to feel disrespected by the New York Giants. Plus.
Jul 26, 2019
Westbrook Trade, Tim Anderson
CJ and Jordan are joined by star shortstop for the Chicago White Sox, Tim Anderson! They talk to Tim all about his career, his charity work, and why baseball needs more entertaining players like him (bat flip!). CJ and Jordan also break down the epic Russell Westbrook trade and discuss why his pairing with James Harding will work out well for the Houston Rockets.
Jul 18, 2019
Kawhi Heads West, New Rules Reaction and Vacation Rewind
On this episode of Pull UP, CJ and Jordan react to Kawhi’s decision to take his talents to the LA Clippers and the effect it had on the entire NBA landscape. Plus, they discuss the new NBA review rules, the US Women’s National Team and of course, head to wine corner for some new recommendations.
Jul 11, 2019
NBA Free Agency, NYC’s New Team, CJ’s Wine Corner
On this episode of Pull Up, CJ and Jordan discuss all the major free agency news the spilled out of the NBA this week - including the emergence of the Brooklyn Nets as New York City’s new favorite team. CJ and Jordan also praise Utah for their offseason moves, discuss how Jimmy Butler will fit in Miami, and reveal what wine they’ve been drinking lately in “CJ’s Wine Corner.”
Jul 04, 2019
NBA Free Agency, Errick McCollum, Wonderland
CJ is coming to you from Toronto, Canada! CJ and Jordan recap and review all the latest NBA free agency news and rumors including which star might join Lebron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles. CJ also provides insight as to what it’s like being a free agent what he tells other players about living in Portland and playing for the Trailblazers organization. Spoiler alert: He loves it! Plus, CJ and Jordan are joined by CJ’s brother Errick to talk about what it’s like playing overseas and how his bachelor party weekend is going!
Jun 28, 2019
NBA Draft Recap, China Trip Update, Dame’s Diss Track
CJ is still in China, but that’s not stopping him from delving into the results of the 2019 NBA Draft! Join CJ and Jordan and they take a deep dive into all the biggest picks, reactions and developments that surrounded Thursday’s monumental NBA draft. The two also discuss CJ’s epic tour of China and Dame Lillard’s diss track he dropped on Marvin Bagley III. Also now that the offseason has officially begun, CJ recommends the best wine for your budget in “CJ’s Wine Corner.”
Jun 21, 2019
Kevin Durant Injury, CJ in China
Welcome to a special episode of Pull Up, coming to you all the way from Beijing! CJ gives an update on his tour of China and talks about the passion the country has for the game of Basketball. CJ and Jordan also discuss Kevin Durant’s unfortunate injury and the distasteful reaction by the Toronto fanbase.
Jun 13, 2019
Andre Iguodala is a First Ballot Hall of Famer
On this episode of Pull Up, CJ and Jordan discuss the NBA Finals and analyze the sacrifices the Golden State Warriors have made to get to this point. They also discuss the incredible impact that Andre Iguodala has made throughout his entire career. The question isn’t whether Iggy is a Hall of Famer, it’s whether he’s a FIRST BALLOT Hall of Famer. Finally, CJ and Jordan discuss Anthony Davis trade talks and where the All-Star might land this summer.
Jun 05, 2019
Special Guest RJ Hampton!
In case you’ve been living under a rock this week, Five-Star basketball recruit R.J. Hampton has decided to forgo college and play one year of professional basketball overseas in New Zealand. Join CJ and Jordan for an exclusive interview with the NBA prospect and hear about why they think this is the best decision for RJ and NBA prospects as a whole.
Jun 01, 2019
Lakers Developments, NBA Finals, Scrap Bayless
On today’s episode, CJ and Jordan break down the latest drama surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers. Also, “Scrap” Bayless had some words for CJ, but CJ only has one thing to say back – it’s spelled M c C o l l u m! CJ and Jordan also preview the NBA finals and predict who will win the championship series.
May 30, 2019
Post-Season Address, Drake Sidelined in Toronto, All NBA Snubs
CJ has had a few days to recover since the Trailblazers were defeated by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. On this episode, find out how he feels about the season as a whole, Portland’s overall playoff performance and his plans for the upcoming offseason. Plus, Jordan thinks Drake’s antics in the Eastern Conference Finals are a little distracting, but does CJ agree? Finally, Jrue Holiday was snubbed for the NBA All-Defensive First Team, much to the dismay of the Pull Up Podcast.
May 23, 2019
Portland’s Game Plan, CJ Meets Jennifer, NBA Draft Lottery
CJ and Jordan preview the rest of Portland’s series against a tough Golden State Warriors team. Also, it finally happened - CJ discusses what it was likemeeting the now famous Jennifer after their Twitter exchange went viral! Plus, CJ and Jordan preview the top NBA prospects after what has most shocking draft lottery in years.
May 18, 2019
EPIC Game 7 Recap, Western Conference Finals Preview
CJ McCollum and the Portland Trailblazers are heading to the 2019 NBA Western Conference Finals for the first time in 19 years! On this special episode CJ and Jordan talk about his EPIC game 7 performance, preview the Western Conference Finals against a tough Golden State Warriors team, discuss Kawhi Leonard's insane buzzer beater, and theorize what's going to happen on the season finale of Game of Thrones!
May 13, 2019
Blazers Ready For Game 7, Boston’s Ugly Playoffs, Kawhi Leonard’s Dominance
What does Portland need to do to advance to the Western Conference Finals? Tune in and find out as CJ and Jordan dissect the Trailblazers game plan going in to Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets. Plus, CJ and Jordan look at Boston’s ugly exit from the 2019 NBA playoffs and Kyrie Irving’s future with the team. CJ and Jordan also break how Kawhi Leonard has been so effective throughout the 2019 NBA postseason.
May 11, 2019
Introducing Sports Wars
Sports rivalries can fuel fans and athletes to fight and argue for years. But what’s the real story behind these epic rivalries? From Wondery, the company behind “Business Wars” and “American Scandal” comes Sports Wars, an electric new series that offers an immersive, courtside look at some of the greatest athletic rivalries of all time. Subscribe to Sports Wars at <a href="http://wondery.fm/pullup">wondery.fm/pullup</a><br><br>
May 06, 2019
Blazers vs. Nuggets Analysis, NBA Referee’s Are Only Human, and an EPIC Game of Thrones Theory
Welcome to this week’s Pull Up Pod, episode Number 55 – shout out to Lawrence Taylor! On this episode, CJ analysis what went wrong in Game 1 against the Denver Nuggets and what the Trailblazers need to do to rebound in Game 2. Also, CJ and Jordan discuss the controversial foul calls that has surrounded NBA post-season and what players and referees can do about it. Plus, CJ and Jordan try to cast NBA players as Game of Thrones characters!
May 01, 2019
Damian Lillard Joins The Show To Break Down His Epic Buzzer Beater
CJ and Jordan are joined by Damian Lillard to about his epic Game 5 buzzer beater that eliminated the Oklahoma City Thunder from playoff contention. CJ, Jordan and Damian also discuss Paul George’s post-game comments, OKC’s ongoing smack-talk throughout the series, and what this win means for the city of Portland.
Apr 25, 2019
Blazers Make a Statement, Round 1 Playoff Insight and Tiger’s Comeback
Welcome to this week’s Pull Up Pod – NUMBER 54 – shout out to Horace Grant. This week, CJ and Jordan discuss CJ’s big night in the Blazers Game 2 victory over the Thunder and how the team is preparing for the hostile atmosphere in Oklahoma City. Plus, the guys take a look at the First Round of the NBA Playoffs thus far, talk about Tiger’s big win at the Masters and review Episode 1 of the final season of Game of Thrones.
Apr 18, 2019
CJ Returns to the Court, NBA Playoff Prep and Reaction to Kyle Korver’s Article
This week, CJ and Jordan discuss CJ’s long-awaited return to the court as the Blazers get ready for the postseason. What’s it like to prepare for the playoffs? Is the preparation focused on individual matchups or teams? How vital are video staffs to team’s prep? The guys tackle these questions and more. Plus, reaction to the Kyle Korver article and the discussions it sparked in the locker room; thoughts on Magic Johnson’s resignation in LA; and an homage to Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki as they play their final games in the league.
Apr 11, 2019
NBA Deep Dive, Toughest Guys to Defend and the Game-Within-The-Game
Welcome to this week’s Pull Up Pod – NUMBER 52 – shout out to CC Sabathia.&nbsp;This week, CJ and Jordan take a deep dive into the game-within-a-game in the NBA. Who is the toughest cover in the league? How do you adjust your game to see things before they develop? What’s it like to defend against a team like Golden State? Which players are the most creative with the ball in their hands? CJ answers these questions and much more.&nbsp;&nbsp;Plus, some predictions for the Final Four, an update on the Blazers recent run and a return to Wine Corner.&nbsp;PULL UP.
Apr 03, 2019
Tennessee Star Grant Williams, More March Madness, Get Well Nurkić
Welcome to this week’s Pull Up Pod – NUMBER 51 – shout out to Metta World Peace. This week, CJ and Jordan are joined by Tennessee star Grant Williams before the Volunteers Sweet 16 showdown with Purdue. Williams – the SEC Player of the Year for the second consecutive year – talks in depth about the team and their close bond as they aim to continue their postseason run. He also discusses choosing Tennessee, his adjustment from high school to the college game and his many talents and interests off the court. Plus, CJ and Jordan talk Zion, Ja Morant and more from March Madness, send their best to Jusuf Nurkić after his injury and weigh in on some NFL news. PULL UP.
Mar 28, 2019
MARCH MADNESS with UCF's Tacko Fall
Welcome to this week's Pull Up Pod--NUMBER 50--shout out to The Admiral, David Robinson.&nbsp;<br><br>This week, CJ and Jordan were joined by UCF's 7'6 big man, Tacko Fall. Tacko talked in depth about coming to America to learn how to ball, what it meant to have his mother there for Senior Night, and UCF's mission statement for this year's Tourney.&nbsp;<br><br>Also, CJ provided Tacko with some advice and remembered the epic Lehigh-Duke upset, before making some March Madness predictions.&nbsp;<br><br>Plus, a quick update on CJ's knee and how things are progressing.<br><br>PULL UP.
Mar 21, 2019
Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo and CJ Celebrates the New Look Cleveland Browns
Welcome to episode 49 of Pull Up. On today's show., CJ celebrates some of the Browns' new acquisitions, before he and Jordan talk to legendary Michigan State coach, Tom Izzo. Coach Izzo talked to the guys about...<br><br>- Compensating college players<br>- What it takes to get his team ready for a March Madness run each year<br>- Keeping in touch with his former players<br>- Coaching in the NBA and why he's stayed in the NCAA<br><br>...and much more. Coach Izzo and CJ even reminisced about CJ almost pulling off an upset of Michigan State with Lehigh, back in the day.<br><br>PULL UP.
Mar 14, 2019
Mental Health Within the NBA: The Downside of Social Media, Coping with Pressure and Anxiety, and the NBAPA's Mental Wellness Program
Welcome to another episode of Pull Up--number 48!<br><br>On today's show, CJ and Jordan are talking about:<br><br>- LeBron. Is this the most backlash he's faced from a home crowd? Could the state of the Lakers deter Anthony Davis from wanting to play there?<br><br>- The Blazers' road trip.<br><br>- Antonio Brown's landing spot.<br><br>- And most importantly, mental health. The guys take a long look at the state of mental health around the league, and the impact that social media has on mood, self esteem, and overall happiness, Plus, what needs to be done to help players who are struggling to get help for themselves? This conversation was both insightful and useful, and stemmed from Adam Silver's recent talk with Bill Simmons at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.&nbsp;<br><br>PULL UP.
Mar 07, 2019
CJ's Big Night at Lehigh, Nurk vs. Simmons, the Pros and Cons of Playing Ball Overseas, and The Blazers Get Stuck in an Elevator
In honor of the start of Spring Training...welcome to the Tom Glavine episode of Pull Up--number 47!<br><br>On this week's show, CJ and Jordan talk...<br><br><br>- CJ getting his number retired at Lehigh&nbsp;<br><br>- Nurk vs. Simmons<br><br>- Enes Kanter and Rodney Hood adjusting to the Blazers<br><br>- And whether or not kids would benefit from playing in Europe until they're NBA eligible<br><br><br>Also, the guys talk player-ref relationships, LeBron's Lakers, and CJ's role within the NBAPA.<br><br>PULL UP!
Feb 27, 2019
Vin Baker Talks Zion Williamson and Paying College Players, Working with Giannis, and Big Men Shooting Threes in Today's NBA
Welcome to the Aron Baynes edition of Pull Up--number 46!<br><br>On today's show CJ and Jordan are joined by Vin Baker, and talk about...<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; - Zion's injury and the case for paying college athletes.<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; - Vin's job as an assistant coach in Milwaukee, and getting to work with Giannis on a daily basis.<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; - The stigma attached to big men who shot threes in the 90s<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp;...and much more.<br><br>Plus, Jordan recounts All-Star weekend and CJ spent some time in the Bahamas.<br><br>PULL UP
Feb 21, 2019
The NBA's MVP Race, Trade Deadline Aftermath, MJ's All-Star Press Conference, and Your Questions
Welcome to the 45th episode of Pull Up. This week, CJ and Jordan assess the trade deadline, now that the dust has settled. Who got better? Why didn't the Pelicans trade AD? Is it hard to go to practice after knowing that your current team tried really hard to trade you, but couldn't?<br><br>Also, the guys talk through this year's MVP race, Bradley Beal's non-travel, and MJ's reaction to milestones by James Harden and Russell Westbrook.<br><br>Plus, a few of your questions from Twitter and Instagram, and CJ's Wine Corner.<br><br>PULL UP.
Feb 13, 2019
Draymond Green Talks NBA Trade Deadline, Rudy Gobert's All-Star Game Reaction, and How the Warriors May Look Different After This Summer
On this week's show...<br><br>We had on three-time NBA champ and 2017 Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond Green. Draymond talked about being fueled by doubt, the role luck has played in Golden State's success, the upcoming trade deadline, and why Boogie Cousins is so misunderstood.<br><br>He also elaborated on his Rudy Gobert All-Star tweet, and talked about the possibility that Golden State's roster sees significant changes after this upcoming summer...<br><br>...PULL UP.
Feb 06, 2019
The Anthony Davis Situation, CJ's First Triple-Double, Vince Carter's Thoughts on Winning a Ring, and Super Bowl Predictions
On this week's show...<br><br>CJ is fresh off his first ever triple-double and talks about the entire experience. Also, the guys break down the AD situation--why does he want to be traded now? Is LA the best landing place? Plus, Vince Carter has strong feelings about ring chasing,, CJ talks about the importance of keeping your circle tight and knowing when to say no, and Jordan briefly weighs in on his family's big week.<br><br>PULL UP.
Jan 30, 2019
Dame and Nurkic vs. Russ, Dealing with the NBA Trade Deadline as a Player, and Early Thoughts on the Super Bowl
On this week's show, number 42--shout out to Jackie Robinson--CJ and Jordan catch up on all things NBA, including...<br><br>- Dame and Nurkic getting into it with Russ Westbrook<br><br>- Devin Booker getting into it with Gorgui Dieng.<br><br>- The NBA trade deadline, and the ways in which trade rumors, and eventual trades, impact players.<br><br>...and much more.<br><br>Plus, the guys talk about the brutal calls in the NFL's Conference Championship games, Mahomes not getting the ball in overtime, and Todd Gurley's usage in the Super Bowl.<br><br>PULL UP!
Jan 24, 2019
Jay Williams on This Year's Duke Team, James Harden's Ridiculous Season, and the Team He'd Want to Play For in Today's NBA
Welcome to episode 41 of Pull Up--shout out to Dirk Nowitzki. On this week's show, CJ and Jordan talk to former Duke legend and Chicago Bull, Jay Williams. Jay was ready for an interview full of Duke-Lehigh jokes, but instead the guys talked about the current state of basketball--Zion and Duke, James Harden's monster year, and which team Jay would want to play on in today's NBA. Plus, thoughts on Kyler Murray's decision, Jay's relationship with Coach K., and the best trash talkers from Jay and CJ's respective eras. Let's go, it's time to PULL UP.
Jan 16, 2019
Jimmy Butler's Retirement Timeline, Thoughts on T-Wolves Next Coach, the Importance of Diet at This Point in the Season, and Would CJ Ever Coach?
Welcome to the 40th edition of Pull Up (the Kurt Thomas episode). On this week's show CJ and Jordan are talking... The young talent on the Knicks rosterJimmy Butler's thoughts on retirementHow NBA players are usually feeling at this point in the seasonThe importance of diet, especially for rookiesAnd would CJ ever coach? Plus, Thibs' replacement in Minnesota and predictions for all of the NFL's upcoming divisional games, and would CJ. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP
Jan 09, 2019
Tobias Harris Talks Preparation, Words of Wisdom From Stan Van Gundy and Channing Frye, and the Bobi and Tobi Show
Happy New Year! To kick off 2019, CJ and Jordan are joined by another Long Island native, who's having a great season out in LA--Tobias Harris. Tobias talked about advice he got from Stan Van Gundy that changed his game, offseason preparation, minimizing social media use, and how Channing Frye, his cousin, helped keep the young players loose when they played together in Orlando. Plus, CJ and Jordan make predictions for the College Football National Championship game and the NFL playoffs. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Jan 03, 2019
Danny Green Talks About Being Traded to Toronto, His Time with the Spurs, and the Hardest Players to Guard in the NBA
'Twas the night before Christmas...so why not drop a fresh episode of Pull Up?! This week, CJ and Jordan are joined by a man who's playing in his first season with the Eastern Conference-leading Toronto Raptors, Danny Green. Danny talked about getting traded with Kawhi this past offseason, what playing in Toronto has been like, and how it's differed from his time in San Antonio. DG also weighed in on how he's shooting this season, the NBA's top shooting guards, and the toughest players in the league to play D against. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Dec 24, 2018
Special Guest Earl Watson on Teaching a Young CJ and Passing the Torch to the Young Guys in Portland
Welcome to another edition of Pull Up, the Shaun Alexander episode. This week, CJ is joined, friend and former teammate Earl Watson. Earl spoke about being a big brother to CJ the younger guys on the Blazers when they player together and what CJ learned from Earl and the wisdom he imparts on the rookies and bench players. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Oh, and don't forget: Answer the trivia question from today's show on the Pull Up Twitter feed (reply under the pinned tweet) for a chance to win some CJ Li Ning gear. Good luck!
Dec 19, 2018
Evan Turner on Talking to CJ Before Signing with Portland, His Time at Ohio State, and Whether or Not a Man Landed on the Moon
Welcome to another edition of Pull Up, the Marcus Smart episode, to be exact. This week, CJ is joined, in person, by Blazers teammate, and former Buckeye, Evan Turner. Evan spoke about his childhood in Chicago and evolving into the player he is today, the conversations he had with CJ prior to signing in Portland, breaking his back, and his love for Ohio State University. Also, ET weighed in on the best Christmas song of all-time, his love of art, and whether or not man has ever set foot on the moon. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Oh, and don't forget: Answer the trivia question from today's show on the Pull Up Twitter feed (reply under the pinned tweet) for a chance to win some CJ Li Ning gear. Good luck!
Dec 12, 2018
NBA Player Superstitions, Bumpy Plane Rides, Thoughts on the Hezonja Step-Over, and Impressive Rookies CJ's Played Against This Year
On this week's show, CJ and and Jordan are talking:NBA player superstitions, and where CJ would draw the line.Bumpy plane rides, and traveling as an NBA playerHezonja's step-over--would CJ have done the same?Impressive rookies that CJ's played against this year Also, a handful of your Twitter questions, CJ's Wine Corner, and Dennis Smith's reaction to losing his teeth. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP.
Dec 05, 2018
Markelle Fultz's Strange Season, JR Smith's Next Landing Spot, and How the Hue Jackson Situation Would Play Out in the NBA
After a one week hiatus, for Thanksgiving, CJ and Jordan are back and have a lot to catch up on. Markelle Fultz's season gets stranger by the day, Hue Jackson had an eventful Sunday, and which teams would benefit from adding JR Smith to their squad? Plus, a new Wine Corner and CJ breaks down his finger tip dunk from last week's game at MSG. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP.
Nov 28, 2018
Common, Plus a Jimmy Butler Trade Breakdown and Analyzing the Carmelo Situation in Houston
This past weekend in the NBA was a big one so, naturally, this week's Pull Up is a big one as well. CJ and Jordan talk through the Jimmy Butler trade--is Philly the team to beat in the East? Also, the guys touch on Tyson Chandler's instant impact in LA and the Carmelo situation in Houston--where could he land next? Plus, CJ debuts a new segment called "Play Breakdowns," and celebrates the Browns' third win of the season. Also, Common joins the show, talking about his relationship with Kanye, the time he spent around Michael Jordan as a kid, his career as an actor, and about the importance of investing in mental health. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP.
Nov 14, 2018
Michael Rapaport, Shammgods, Le'Veon Bell's Tweet, and Some Early Season NBA Thoughts
Welcome back, once again, to another episode of Pull Up. This week, CJ and Jordan were joined by one of the best trash talkers, and one of the biggest Knick fans, in the game, Michael Rapaport. Rap had a few questions for CJ, off the jump, about life in the NBA, before commenting on this Summer's KD interview and challenging the guys to play him in fantasy football. He also touched on rooting for New York teams, what his Knicks need to do to reach the next level, and what it was like to spend some time with Tupac, back in the day. Also, CJ and Jordan talked teams that have surprised them around the NBA thus far, Le'Veon Bell's cryptic tweet, and Omri Casspi's wild Shammgod. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP.
Nov 07, 2018
Kemba Walker on Tony Parker's Impact, Coach Calhoun, UConn's 2011 National Title Run, and NBA Halloween Costumes
Happy Halloween! Well, this episode of Pull Up was recorded on Halloween, at least, and featured the pride of The BX, UConn legend, and Charlotte Hornet star Kemba Walker.  Kemba talked CJ and Jordan through UConn's 2011 title run and his mindset during that time, when it was obvious to the world that he was ready for the NBA. He also spoke on what it's going to take for the Hornets to be consistent and successful, how he trained during an offseason where he was fully healthy, and the profound impact that Tony Parker has had on the team, since coming over from San Antonio.  Plus, CJ, Jordan, and Kemba talk a little Halloween, and we take you to the wine corner. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP.
Nov 01, 2018
Stephen A. Smith Talks Markelle Fultz, Darius Bazley and the G League, His Bond with Skip, and KD vs. The Brow
This week's show is a day late, but it'll be worth the wait because CJ and Jordan got to spend some time with one of the most outspoken and charismatic men in all of sports, Stephen A. Smith. As you may imagine, Stephen A. had plenty to say about plenty...The 76ers and Markelle FultzThe teams that will make the playoffs from the Western ConferenceThe Darius Bazley SituationWhether he'd prefer Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis, over the next five years ...and much more. Prepare to be entertained, it's time to... PULL UP.
Oct 25, 2018
Donovan Mitchell on Being Compared to Dwyane Wade, Why He Wears Number 45, and His Approach to Year Two in the NBA
NBA basketball is back! And before settling in to take in the first night of the season, CJ and Jordan caught up with second-year Jazz guard, Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell spoke about his rookie year in Utah, after being traded by the Nuggets, why he wears number 45, being compared to Dwyane Wade, and what he'd like to improve upon in year two. He also touched on how he would pick Kobe's brain, if he had the opportunity, and his connection to the New York Mets. Plus, CJ shares thoughts on some of this year's rookies, and on the recent passing of Blazers and Seahawks owner, Paul Allen. PULL UP.
Oct 17, 2018
Steve Nash Talks About His Hall of Fame Induction, the Impact Tech Can Have on Basketball, and the Most Important Trait an Athlete Needs to Have
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan caught up with former NBA assist machine and newly minted Hall of Famer, Steve Nash. Nash and CJ shared stories about being undervalued and overlooked, and Steve emphasized the correlation between success and resilience before talking about his new app, HomeCourt, which uses mass amounts of data to make you a better basketball player. Also, CJ revealed that Steve was instrumental to his success during one of the most memorable games he's ever played. Let's go, it's time to ... PULL UP.
Oct 10, 2018
NBA Players and Social Media, Training Camp Updates, LeBron's New Shows, and a Fan Q&A!
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan talk...Blazers training camp and CJ's role on the teamSocial Media addictionLeBron's new showsNot being able to earn money as a college athlete ...and much more. Plus, a Twitter Q&amp;A and the return of CJ's Wine corner. Let's go, it's time to ... PULL UP.
Oct 03, 2018
Stephen Jackson Talks Jimmy Butler, What Really Happened with Andrew Wiggins, and the Impact Stephon Marbury Had on His Career
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan are joined by a former NBA veteran, and one of the realest dudes out there, Stephen Jackson. Stak gave his take on this year's Sixers and what teams are going to have to do if they want to beat the Warriors, before revealing what really went down with Andrew Wiggins, and what he thinks of the whole Jimmy Butler situation. Plus, Jackson told some amazing, eye-opening childhood stories and explained the impact that Stephon Marbury had on his career, when he arrived in New Jersey. Let's go, it's time to ... PULL UP.
Sep 26, 2018
Damian Lillard LIVE From the Portland Boys and Girls Club
This week's show (number 25--the Nick Anderson edition of Pull Up) is a special one. It took place at the Portland Boys and Girls Club, where CJ was opening up the Dream Center, a room for kids to learn the ins and outs of media and journalism. And in front of a small audience, CJ and Jordan christened the Dream Center by interviewing another Blazers fan favorite, Damian Lillard. Lillard talked about a lot, from his recent workout video to Vontae Davis retiring mid-game, and his life as a new dad. Also, during a Q&amp;A, he spoke about NBA 2K ratings and what it really takes to make it as a D1 athlete. Let's go, it's time to ... PULL UP.
Sep 19, 2018
CJ's Experience at the Browns Opener, the Le'Veon Bell Situation, Serena Williams' Controversial Weekend, and Playing Against Big Bro
On this week's show...CJ was in Cleveland for the Browns opener, and got to spend some time with Jarvis Landry.The guys talk about the Le'Veon Bell situation in Pittsburgh.Cj played one-on-one against his big bro.Jordan and CJ talk about the Serena Williams controversy--was Serena treated unfairly?And Andrew Bynum is attempting a comeback. Also, CJ and Jordan are doing a live podcast in Portland next week with a very special guest, and the Pull Up Pod has its own fantasy football league! Sign up to play against CJ and Jordan at FanDuel.com/PullUp. The game is free, with cash prizes for our listeners. If CJ wins, he'll be donating the money to charity. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP.
Sep 12, 2018
Former NFL TE Julius Thomas on His Retirement, CTE, Going Back to School, and Colin Kaepernick
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan were joined by former Broncos, Jaguars, and Dolphins TE, Julius Thomas. Thomas, who just retired to pursue a PhD in psychology, spoke about his decision to stop playing football, his quest to learn more about CTE, and the steps that can be taken in order to make the NFL safer. He also spoke about Colin Kaepernick and Nike's decision to use him in their latest ad, before weighing in with thoughts on how CJ's Browns are going to do this season. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP.
Sep 05, 2018
Jahlil Okafor Talks About His Offseason Transformation, Duke's Young Stars, and the Advice He Would Give Markelle Fultz
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan were joined by Pelicans big man, Jahlil Okafor. Okafor, who already has four years in the league at the age of 22, spoke on his summer of transformation, the uncomfortable process of changing his shooting motion, and being excited to play with Anthony Davis. He also touched on Duke's young stars and their NBA comparisons, the advice he would offer to fellow Sixers lottery pick, Markelle Fultz, and why Kevin Love's Players' Tribune piece meant so much to him. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP.
Aug 29, 2018
Blake Griffin Talks Building Chemistry with Andre Drummond, Being Labeled a "Dunker," and His Favorite Comedians
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan were joined by Detroit Pistons Forward, Blake Griffin. Griffin spoke on what he's doing to prepare for the upcoming season, how amazed he is by Andre Drummond, and why it's crucial to have a healthy Reggie Jackson in the Pistons lineup. He also touched on being labeled a "dunker," his love of comedy, working with Kevin Hart, and his upcoming fundraiser, Comedy By Blake (September 13th!). Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP. Special thanks to this week's sponsor, Daily Harvest (Use promo code PULLUP)
Aug 22, 2018
A Twitter Q&A, Talking HBO's Hard Knocks, and Baker Mayfield's Potential Impact on the Browns
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan take a look at the HBO series Hard Knocks, featuring CJ's Cleveland Browns. So far, during this year's camp, there's been fights, passionate speeches, trade requests, and a secret QB clubhouse--plenty to talk about. Also, on the field, what impact will Baker Mayfield have on this team? Plius, the guys answer some of your most pressing Twitter questions. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP.
Aug 15, 2018
Jaylen Brown on Being "Too Smart," Writing a Book, NBA 2K Ratings, and What to Expect From the Celtics in 2019
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan are joined by Boston Celtics shooting guard, Jaylen Brown. Brown talked to the guys about entering the draft without an agent, being considered "too smart," the impact mediation has had on his life, and his desire to write a book. Also, Jaylen and CJ discuss NBA 2K ratings, Booray and plane gambling, Jaylen's free throws, and CJ's time as a karate master. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP.
Aug 08, 2018
Eagles DE Michael Bennett, LeBron's School, and Catching Up on the NBA Offseason
On this week's show... CJ discusses his trip to China, and the now legendary KD podcasts, before talking with Jordan about Melo to the Rockets, Kawhi to the Raptors, and LeBron's new school. Eagles DE Michael Bennett also joined the show to talk about his book, the current state of the NFL--from National Anthem rules to CTE--and how much longer he plans on playing. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP. Special thanks to this week's sponsor, Wolf and Shepherd. Get 10% off your first order by using the promo code PULLUP.
Aug 01, 2018
Kevin Durant, Part Two: NBA Mount Rushmore, Playing College Ball, and the Toughest Players to Play Against
On this week's show, CJ is joined, once again, by the one and only, Kevin Durant In Part Two of their interview, KD weighs in on his NBA Mount Rushmore, talks with CJ about what it was like playing college ball, and lists some of the league's toughest players to play against. Also, Kevin and CJ debate whether or not being a starter matters, and Jordan, who's still on vacation, has a question for KD about Golden State's continuous drive to win. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP. Special thanks to this week's sponsor, Wolf and Shepherd. Get 10% off your first order by using the promo code PULLUP.
Jul 25, 2018
Kevin Durant, Part One: Adjusting to Life as a Warrior, Dealing With Social Media, and Thoughts on the Addition of Boogie Cousins
On this week's show, CJ is joined by two-time NBA Champion and Finals MVP, Kevin Durant In Part One of their two-part interview, KD talks about his decision to sign with the Warriors and acclimating to a new life out west, navigating social media, his offseason routine, and how he reacted to the news that Golden State signed Boogie Cousins. Also, Kevin touches on his relationship with Russell Westbrook, and Jordan, who's on vacation, chimes in with a couple of questions. Let's go! it's time to... PULL UP. Special thanks to this week's sponsor, Wolf and Shepherd. Get 10% off your first order by using the promo code PULLUP.
Jul 18, 2018
Summer League impressions, More Free Agency Talk and Where Does Melo Land?
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan are joined by Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League. The guys give their take on what they have seen from some highly touted rookies. Trae Young's early struggles and Kevin Knox's quick success are among the topics covered by the guys. Plus, Boogie's impact in Golden State and where is the best destination for Carmelo Anthony? Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Jul 11, 2018
The King Goes West, Boogie Joins the Champs and Who Wins? Lehigh vs. Duke in a 7 Game Series
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan break down all of the NBA Free Agency moves, what they means for the rest of the league, Boogie Cousins mindset in joining the Golden State Warriors, LeBron's supporting cast in Los Angeles and who would win in a 7 game series: Lehigh or Duke. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Jul 04, 2018
The NBA Awards, Draft Reactions, Free Agency, and a Bunch of Your Twitter Questions!
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan recap the draft, from the players headed to Portland and Michael Porter's draft stock, to how Trae Young will fit in Atlanta. Also, the guys talk about the NBA Awards (was Simmons the right choice for ROY? How about Harden for MVP?) and free agency, before answering a bunch of your Twitter questions. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Jun 27, 2018
CJ Remembers His NBA Draft Experience and Talks About This Year's Standouts
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan are getting ready for the NBA Draft--talking Mikal Bridges, Mo Bamba, DeAndre Ayton, and some of the other college standouts whose lives are about to change in a big way, this Thursday. Also, CJ remembers, in detail, his own draft experience, from the workouts to signing a shoe deal, and everything in between. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Special thanks to this week's sponsor, LinkedIn ($50 credit toward your first job post).
Jun 20, 2018
NBA Finals Aftermath, Draymond’s Next Deal, and Thoughts on the NBA Draft
On this week's show... CJ and Jordan put a cap on this year’s NBA Finals—LeBron losing his cool, KD’s greatness, and where both teams go from here. Where does LeBron play next year? Does Draymond get a Super Max deal? Also, some early news, notes, thoughts, and wisdom about the NBA Draft, and life as a young player. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
Jun 13, 2018
Billions Creator Brian Koppelman, the NBA Finals, and Where Will LeBron Land This Offseason?
On this week's show, CJ's back from Turkey and is joined by Brian Koppelman, the creator of one of his favorite shows, Billions. Brian talked about his upbringing, breaking into the industry, finding balance through daily meditation, the impact Rounders had on poker culture, and, of course, Billions. Also, CJ and Jordan talked about Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and a Twitter conversation CJ had with Jared Dudley about where LeBron could land next season. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Special thanks to this week's sponsors, LinkedIn ($50 credit toward your first job post) and Away Travel ($20 off a suitcase with promo code PULLUP)
Jun 06, 2018
Cavs vs. Warriors, Pusha T vs. Drake, and the Bryan Colangelo Saga, Feat. Errick McCollum
On this week's show, CJ is in Turkey visiting big bro, Errick McCollum. CJ, Errick, and Jordan spoke a bit about Errick's career and the influence he had on CJ growing up, before covering what's been an all around WILD week. First, we've got the Cavs and Warriors, again. What does LeBron's supporting cast have to accomplish in order to give Cleveland a shot in this series? Also, we covered Pusha T vs. Drake. Did things get too personal? And finally a few thoughts and comments on Bryan Colangelo's alleged Twitter accounts. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP!
May 31, 2018
Predicting the Rest of Cavs-Celtics, What the Suns Should do with the First Overall Pick, and Which Warrior Would You Build Around?
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan take a look at the Cavs-Celtics series, and give their thoughts on which team is going to the Finals. Also, CJ talks about the toughest defender he's gone up against and covers his offseason workout plan, before debating with Jordan about what the Suns should do with the first overall pick in the draft. Plus, James Harden's defensive issues, CJ recommends a new wine, and a fan question about which Golden State star to build around. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Special thanks to this week's sponsors, Travel Portland and SeatGeek. Get $20 off your first ticket purchase by using the promo code PULLUP.
May 22, 2018
Andre Drummond, Rockets-Warriors, and How Gambling Ruling Could Impact NBA
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan are joined by Pistons Center Andre Drummond, who talks about his offseason training, shooting more threes, and his rap career, before answering a bunch of rapid-fire questions. Also, the Rockets are already having a tough time with the Warriors, how legal gambling could impact the NBA, and what would it take for KD to enter the GOAT discussion? Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta.
May 16, 2018
LeBron is on a Wild Run, Thinking About Childish Gambino's "This is America," and What's Next for Raptors?
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan have a ton to cover. This one could have been a double episode. We talk Rockets-Warriors, the Met Gala, Childish Gambino's new video, Rodney Hood and David Fizdale rumors, next steps for the Raptors, and whether or not LeBron is currently playing the best ball of his career. Plus, CJ's weekly Wine Corner and the debut of his "J. Cole Quote of the Week." Drop what you're doing, it's time to... PULL UP! Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. Special thanks to this week's sponsors, Travel Portland and SeatGeek. Get $20 off your first ticket purchase by using the promo code PULLUP.
May 09, 2018
James Harden is a Monster, Horford is Underappreciated, Lance vs. LeBron, and Will Baker Mayfield Thrive in Cleveland?
On this week's show, CJ and Jordan talk LeBron vs. Lance, Russ' interactions with Jazz fans, Al Horford being underappreciated, and Terry Rozier's Drew Bledsoe jersey. Also, Jordan tries to get CJ to compare himself to James Harden, we play a new game called "Bet or No Way," and the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield! Was that the right pick? We've got a lot to cover... PULL UP! Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. Special thanks to this week's sponsor, Travel Portland.
May 02, 2018
Thoughts on the Blazers' First Round Exit, the Jazz are Legit, and Talking J Cole's New Album
On this week's show, CJ reacts to the Blazers getting swept by the Pelicans, and talks about the adjustments he plans to make heading into next season. Also, the gift and the curse that is social media--is it a problem for players come playoff time? Next, CJ and Jordan took a look at the rest of the playoff picture, breaking down the Jazz offense in great detail, and showing Anthony Davis a ton of love. Plus, the return of CJ's Wine Cellar, a new game called Pick Your Poison, some fan questions, and thoughts on J Cole's new album. PULL UP! Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. Thanks to this week's sponsor, SeatGeek. Get $20 off your first purchase by using the promo code PULLUP
Apr 25, 2018
Reactions to Round One of NBA Playoffs
In this episode of Pull Up, CJ McCollum recaps the Blazers tough Game One loss and explains how he and his teammates plan to turn it around for the remainder of the series. Then Jordan Schultz and CJ run through other compelling storylines across both conferences, including: -How Victor Oladipo re-invented himself -The 76ers threat to go deep in the postseason -How Rajon Rondo and Jrue Holiday are difficult to match up against We want to thank our sponsor this week, Away Travel. Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your shows. Please rate and review the show (it helps us get the word out)! Follow us on FB/Twitter/Insta @PullUpPod. Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. PULL UP!!!
Apr 17, 2018
Dwyane Wade + Playoff Preview
In this week's episode of Pull Up, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade joins CJ and Jordan. First, CJ reflects on the crazy push for the playoffs in both conferences (0:30) and the tough stretch that the Blazers have faced, and the guys talk Ben Simmons and the 76ers (4:00) in the playoffs. Then they try to decipher the latest with Kawhi (8:00) and how CJ relates to going through a difficult injury. Then, D-Wade joins to discuss a whole variety of topics, including his time with LeBron and the Cavs this season, whether LeBron is better now than he was with Miami, the differences between playing ball in the social media age and in previous generations, the responsibility of athletes to speak out, mental health and the value of seeking therapy, the lack of African-American front office members in the NBA, LaVar Ball, the future of marijuana in the NBA, where key free agents will go, and so much more. Follow the show at @PullUpPod on FB, Insta and Twitter. Send us questions and CJ and Jordan will answer the best ones on the show. Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. We're grateful to our sponsors this week, Audible and SeatGeek. Please subscribe to the show and leave a rating and review for us. It helps spread the word. PULL UP!
Apr 11, 2018
Kawhi, MVP Race, and is LeBron In The Matrix: Ep. 1
Welcome to the series premiere of Pull Up w/ CJ McCollum and Jordan Schultz! In this episode, CJ talks about his fifth straight playoff berth (2:00), Jordan and CJ run through the seven teams vying for five playoff spots in the Western Conference (6:00), CJ weighs in on Hassan Whiteside's remarks and Kevin Durant's newfound temper (30:00), then a reaction to Jeff Van Gundy's confusion about second cousins (37:00) and Jordan asks CJ the tough questions (38:00) about Kawhi and LeBron potentially going to Philly (?!). Then we take a trip to CJ's Wine Cellar (40:00) and get some recommendations for TV, books, and more. Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your shows. Please rate and review the show (it helps us get the word out)! Follow us on FB/Twitter/Insta @PullUpPod. Follow CJ @CJMcCollum on FB/Twitter and @3jmccollum on Instagram. Follow Jordan @Schultz_Report on Twitter and Insta. PULL UP!!!
Apr 04, 2018
Trailer Episode
Series launches Wednesday April 4th!
Mar 30, 2018